Radiation Alert: L.A. Gas Well Spewing LETHAL LEVELS Of Breathable Nuclear Material: “Fukushima Class Disaster”

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    In a breaking development that has been completely ignored by mainstream news sources, the leaking natural gas well near Los Angeles, California is now reportedly spewing lethal levels of radioactive material, according to a report from Steve Quayle and a group with expertise in nuclear material.

    A leaking natural gas well outside Los Angeles is spewing so much naturally-occurring Uranium and Radon, that “breathable” radiation levels have hit “lethal levels” according to a Nuclear Expert group.

    Hal Turner of Super Station 95 reports that the well is releasing 1.91 Curies (Ci) of radiation per hour.

    This rogue well is spewing huge amounts of natural gas and about 1.91 curies an hour of natural radioactive material in the natural gas… 1.91 curies an hour is about 45.9 curies per day… It’s a really, really big leak.

    A curie is a unit of measure in the U.S. to describe very large radioactive releases.

    The French utilize a unit of measure called a Becquerel to measure radiation levels. A single Becquerel measures the activity of a quantity of radioactive material in which one nucleus decays per second.

    To put things into perspective, Turner explains that a single Curie is equivalent to about 37 Billion Becquerels (Bq) of radiation:

    A Becquerel is a much more human sized unit of measure… it’s one radioactive burst of energy per second… One Curie is 37 billion Becquerels per second.

    That’s 1.7 trillion Becquerels per day coming out of that natural gas well.

    This is a real Fukushima class disaster and it’s happening right here in the USA.

    In 80 days of fumes at a pace of 1,115 tons per day coming out of that ground… could carry with it 301.2 terra-Becquerels of natural radioactivity… This converts to a resperable… a breathable emanation of 12 million Sieverts (Sv)… 2.4 million times the lethal dose by inhalation.

    Full audio report via Hal Turner (begins at approximately 49:00 minutes)

    In short, the leak is massive and researchers at UC Davis have indicated that they have never encountered as much methane in the air as they have over suburban Los Angeles in recent months.

    While resident complaints of feeling ill, vomiting and nausea have been chalked off by officials as the result of breathing in the natural gas, it is quite possible and increasingly likely that what they are experiencing is actually radiation poisoning.

    According to one report, the radiation levels in the Chernobyl control room following the 1986 disaster reached about 300 Sv per hour. That was enough to provide a lethal dose to anyone in the room within 1-2 minutes.

    While the Los Angeles leak is widespread with radiation disbursing across the city, the fact remains that millions of Sieverts of radiation have been released and will continue to be released until such time that the well is permanently sealed.

    The following map shows the spread of methane over the Los Angeles area and researchers from Eco Watch report that elevated levels of natural gas have been detected as far as 10 miles from the leak:


    For those living in the area, be warned: you are inhaling deadly radiation. And while the dose is not immediately lethal, prolonged inhalation and exposure may lead to a spike in cancer-related disease and deaths over coming years.

    The Prepper’s Blueprint author Tess Pennington provides a variety of strategies and preparedness considerations to help prevent and/or mitigate radiation exposure, including Four Proven Supplements for Treating Radiation Sickness and nuclear/chemical preparedness supplies like potassium iodate pills and gas masks with extra filters.


    Hattip SteveQuayle.com

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      1. Well what do you know?

        • nothing….because there is nothing to see here.

          Just…. “TAKE A DEEP BREATH” and relax 🙂

          • Yep and keep eating seafood from the pacific and gulf, all is well 🙂 Go for a swim or surfing dudes! Maybe pick up some dead creatures for dinner too…

            • It is not a well blow out. Rosie O’Donnell just cut one.

              • Or the elite built a bunker there lol.

                • Has been an interesting range of comments tonight…

                  All be well…

                  • Eppe,
                    what i am wondering is, that whole underground gas storage vault has been in use since the 50’s SO HAS the radiation been coming out since then but of course only in smaller amounts ALL this time into the people houses that have been on that systems gas lines infrastructure ? and there are MORE well heads that get gas from this storage , so what about those?

                    • This is a bit different from reactor leaks:

                      This is largely radon and it’s byproducts. Radon is a gas, and releases largely alpha and beta radiation instead of gamma. Alpha and beta are far more energetic, and can do far more harm more quickly, but they are more easily shielded and by even a few inches of air. Being more energetic, it also has a much shorter half-life: 3.8 days. When it decays, it forms solids with much lower radiation energy, but harder to shield gamma emitters of much longer half-life.

                      Oddly, radon has a boiling point annoyingly close to that of propane, and equipment that deals with propane that has been out of the ground less than a week will build up a plaque of radioactive byproducts. (gamma emitors) I once had a detector note over 100 times backgroud from each of two large propane trucks on I80N, measured from a lane away. I didn’t know of the boiling point then, and didn’t want ot believe it until I passed the second truck. Wouldn’t want to be one of those truck drivers.

                      So, yeah, wouldn’t want to live near there right now, but the long term prognosis is far better than from a reactor leak.

                    • reason number 73456 I don’t live in California.

                    • Alpha particles are not a danger to you outside the body. However if the material that generates the alpha radiation gets inside your body (breath or eat) now you have problem!

                    • Maybe that explains why so many wackos are in California?

        • http://www.naturalnews.com/052858_Japan_economy_Fukushima.html


          “This will not affect consumers, only banks.”


          “The global recession is being driven by falling oil prices.”


          • It’s contained… it’s all contained! Including the radiation at Fukushima!

            CONTAINED, Acid, CONTAINED.

            • i live in the hi-desert of so cal, about 120 miles…DOWNWIND from there…i have been feeling nausea every day or two for several months now. i have always had a cast-iron stomach…it’s usually years between times that i throw up, but this is very often i feel this way for several months now…i THINK it goes back to a little before they FOUND the leak. i mentioned to a friend i walk with a few weeks ago, and SHE says it’s been like that for her too…it only lasts a few minutes at a time, but SOMEthing is wrong with me…and her…i THOUGHT it was the methane, possibly, but now it all makes sense… i will be passing this story around to friends in hi-desert area to see if anyone else has seen this stuff happening. when i saw this story, i immediately realized it’s been happening to me….time to move out of this hell-hole ANYway!…glad i sold my house a year and a half ago, i still got money for a place elsewhere now, without seeing my property value plummet, unable to sell…god, i love it when a plan comes together!

              • I live up in north eastern Utah in the mountains and the jetsream carries all this methane and NORM right overhead. Had bronchitis for 2 damn straight months now

                • Been to blessed Zion, Arches, and Canyonlands.

                  Want to come back to see more.

                  Love Utah. A great, great, family values state to raise a white family. Really a blessing to this country.

                  Loved the fry sauce.

                  • Damn right. Gotta watch for those Mexicans though. Yeah if you had fry sauce you really were in Utah

                  • i feel the same, asshat…wouldn’t mind livin’ there.

                    • It has got to be the Butt Crack of Doom emitting all that Methane!

                  • Lots of RADIATION in Utah, high rate cancer state, Nevada Test Site due west of Cedar City, google it… radiation has 10,000 year half life … not so wonderful a place to live …

              • Buttcrack, you are one of the few I want to move out of cali. The rest read my comment below…

                • a friend here in hesperia is fighting another battle with it….after getting well for a few weeks now…he’s back to hackin’ up seamonkeys.

                • and thanks for the compliment, you genius!

                  • BCOD, if there’s any way you can get out of there, do so. Most anyplace but cali. That part of cali is doomed if not the rest of it.

                    • yup, i agree, we are lookin’ at the buttcrackofdoom!

                • actually, genius, there are many good californians that need to be relocated. i’ve lived here almost 40 years, and i’ve found 2 dozen of us….possibly mor….no, never mind….it’s just the two dozen.

              • If you mean Lancaster. That feeling is normal. 😀

                • lancaster, victor valley,….it’s all the same….a friend moved to sacramento about 15 years ago, and when i visited him, he said “randy, you gotta get out of that ghetto”, and i thought he was nuts at the time…but when i got home i started lookin’ around, and realized he was right…it wasn’t this way when i moved here 40 years ago, but right about now, i’m thinkin’ “don’t SOMEBODY have a match to throw onto this sumbich?”…maybe THEN we would fall into the ocean….it would be WORTH it.

                • I hate lancaster…used to live and work in the high desert…hell.on.earth

              • OMG, I’d go buy myself a radiation dosimeter to ensure I wasn’t getting acute poisoning! Your illness is happening pretty fast, that’s acute, not cumulative.

                • bought a meter a couple years ago…it’s in the house, so i get very low readings…i don’t take it everywhere i go…but maybe i should.

                  • Go outside an place the meter above a lawn chair or any objects that sit outside. That is an accurate way to measure for radiation in the area. I’m a retired fire fighter w/ a long history of hazmat work. I would NOT live in that area. Good luck will prayer for you.

                  • What kind of meter? Not all measuring devices for radiation do the same thing, so it’s important to know what they can and cannot do. For a long time, one of the cheapest things you could buy was a ion chamber survey meter, like the government surplus CDV-715 or CDV-717. However, they are of little use in a situation like this as they were only designed to read anything in an extremely radioactive place like near an exploded reactor or the site of a nuclear weapon detonation. This would read NOTHING for most people near this gas leak and could give a false sense of security.

                    Another popular item is the old CDV-700 geiger counter. If functioning and calibrated correctly, this could give you an idea of just how bad things are in your area. However, most of these are around 50 years old by now, and can have reliability issues. This is due to a number of things. The most likely are either a cold solder joint or a failed capacitor. The cold solder joints happen because the traces and components were not tinned before soldering, so sometimes they lose their bond with each other. The capacitors fail due to deterioration over time. You also have to worry about a collapsed geiger mueller tube, which can happen because of the vacuum inside getting crushed by atmospheric pressure. Now some of them use glass tubes and those seem to stand the test of time better. I think the Anton tubes are glass, but am not 100% certain. The limitation to the CDV-700 is that it can over saturate, causing the needle to drop when exposed to very high radiation fields. Also, this is more of a low level survey meter than an actual geiger counter as it doesn’t actually count anything. Rather, it uses a circuit to perform an integration function and give an estimate. For an actual counter you need a more modern device. These devices let you do a timed count, which lets you get an average by dividing total count by the time of the count.

                    The problem with ANY of these devices though is that most people do not know how to read them properly. One of the main issues is that they are calibrated for a specific isotope and can only accurately measure that isotope. Most of the time this is either Cobalt 60 (older civil defense instruments) or Cesium 137. For Radon (the most likely isotope to be found near this gas leak), the calibration would be totally different. Why? Well, not all radiation is the same. There are 4 basic types you can measure (if you include X-Rays), but we will talk here about three of them: Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Alpha, which is a stray electron, is the least powerful and can only travel about an inch in air. However, it is up to 20 times more biologically damaging if ingested. Beta also doesn’t have much punch in air, but it does have the most mass as it is a Helium 4 nucleus. Gamma is pure energy (a photon) and as such has no mass but travels the farthest and penetrates the deepest. Beta and gamma are what is measured by most geiger counters. Alpha can only be measured with a mica end window tube because the tube casing on normal tubes is enough to stop 100% of penetration. However, most isotopes do shed some gamma as they shed electrons (think of gamma as the energy binding the electron to the atom. Lose an electron, and you lose the need for that energy.(Yes, it’s more complicated than that, but this is a layman’s explanation and not a doctoral thesis!)) so most alpha emitters can have their presence detected by the presence of gamma even if you can’t see the alpha.

                    What do I have? Well, I am a collector so I have a complete set of working Civil Defense instruments from the US, as well as a surplus modern geiger counter (Radalert 50) that I keep in the car. I also have a Soviet DP-5V set, which I consider superior to the older American equipment in many ways. However, I have gone a bit long for a simple blog comment so this is where I’ll stop.

                    • i appreciate the replies, both very informative…i have a mazur prm-9000…and several DOD devices that i really don’t use….one of them had batteries turn to crap in it and totally ruined it…a reminder to change batts in flashlights and other devices every once in a while.

                    • The PRM 9000 is one of the best and is on my short list of geiger counters I want to own. I’ll also add another thing about the old civil defense instruments for those who own them: They do require maintenance. They should have a desiccant pack in them since the high voltages inside make them susceptible to arcing if there is any moisture present. Also, if you have a CDV-715 or 717, it does need to be turned on and left on for a few hours once a month to recondition the electrometer tube. There is a whole procedure for this that also lets you judge if the instrument is working properly. Most are not. I was going to do a Youtube video series on these instruments and their use and care, but I got lazy and never started my channel.

                    • again, thanks for posting USEFUL info…it keeps U.S. comin’ back!

                    • “The cold solder joints happen because the traces and components were not tinned before soldering, so sometimes they lose their bond with each other.”
                      I kinda doubt the accuracy of this statement.

              • I have a sister and nephews out thataway – spent about 15 years in Ridgecrest. Mustered out from China Lake, in fact.
                I did a lot of rock climbing out there – Robber’s Roost. Sewed up a lot of Marines in from 29 Palms and El Toro, too. I worked ambulance in the desert, too, come to think of it. Several years worth, a few at a time. I don’t miss those 116 – 120 degree days a bit, either!

                • my son works ambulance in riverside county, but he just got a job in albuquerke(now where’s my spellchick?)…so i might just be lookin’ in that direction, but it’s still downwind from LA. GAFB sent our bombs to china lake back in the day…i was a 462 in the 70’s.

              • It’s the chemtrails that cause the pre-nausea. Just look at the sky when you feel like you just might throw up, and you’ll know why.

            • Mac, If you want to know where the Fukushima radiation is??
              Check out https://netc.com/

              Most of you probably know that the rain is NOT good!!

              Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center – Netc.com is an Early Warning Radiation System that takes data from private radiation monitoring stations and EPA network and creates a RBL ( Radiation Background Level ) for each 3000+ stations everyday.

              Good for people that are relying on rain catchment systems… You can also buy Geiger counters from Amazon, or on ebay.. Their really quite handy to keep an eye on produce, fish, beef or your water, ect ect..

              • you can’t just wave a wand over a fish to find radiation. i read a story about them testing ten different tuna caught near cali, i think. and to get readings, they fillet the fish, then incinerate the bones, then measure the radiation in the ashes…it’s complicated, remember, there’s 4 kinds of radiation, and certain things that radiation can’t pass through determines what kind of radiation it is.

                • wots da fourth besides alpha beta and gamma?

                  • x-rays, according to winston…it’s been a couple years since i got the meter…read a lot of crap i didn’t understand…probly can go to the mazur site and read allll about it…or just googoo it!

                • Yep, the one I have just measures beta and gamma, basically what Fukushima put in the atmosphere… When testing the rain just put it in a ziplock , put it by your down spout, you’ll find out that its cumulative.. Also try setting it in just your yard, try a puddle, you’ll get different readings.. The meter I have doesn’t measure radon.. Their not cheep either, a mediocre one is around $200.00 to $250.00

              • However it was done, one analysis at least showed 17 of 17 tuna too radioactive to eat. Here’s a test: turn out the light, and if you can read by the light from the fish, you’ve got a night light, but no food. *sigh*

                • you can give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. give a man fishnet stockings, and he’ll always find someone to feed him!….i THINK that’s how that saying goes?

                  • It is now, especially in L.A.

                  • BCOD, is that about acid?

                    • i figguh the nigguh needs a little spankin’ every so often,…he’s so good at insults, i gotta give some back to him….i hope nobody takes it tooo serious…it’s all in fun. aint seen no all-caps lately, so maybe we made some progress with the dumb muhfugguh….you know he thinks Boyz2Men is a day-care center! what can you expect from a guy that steps out of the shower to take a piss?

                  • bcod,
                    I hope you didn’t take my comment above personally. I was trying to be funny but no one picked up on it. Hahaha.

                    The issue of radiation is a serious one since it is being distributed throughout the world through natural phenomena. Our only hope is to avoid being downwind or downstream to a reactor when it releases radiation. I live approximately 30 miles away from one as the crow flies and we could be in a heap of trouble if ever something like that happens. As we were cleaning a macerated wound after a bike accident, a surgeon taght me once that, “the solution to pollution is dilution”. I still teach this very important principle I learned many summers ago. Distance from the source of radiation is another critical factor. For many of us that may be harder to accomplish. This is a a subject (radiation exposure and survival) that would behoove all of us to learn about more. There is a lot of free material available on the internet as has been given by others at this site. Radiation exposure is not a matter of ‘if’ but a matter of ‘when’ and ‘how much’. Sooner or later we will all be dealing with the issue.

                    Thanks to everyone contributing to the discussion.

                    Louisiana Eagle

                  • You are what you eat.

                    • Great point in more ways than one!

          • http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-02-04/obama-proposes-10barrell-oil-tax-fund-government-transportation-investments

            Shrinks have argued over which IQ test is the best measure of your ability.

            I maintain that the best IQ test by far is your critical analysis of statements made by authority figures. This all goes back to the Milgram experiment. 3% of college professors have ever taken economics 101. And yet the idiot populace takes the articles published by academia as Stone Tablets from Moses. Most all college professors are fucktarded, given what comes out of their mouths.

            I have found that Stefan Molyneux is my favorite philosopher working on youtube today.

            Intellectualism is by far the most important dimension of the liberty movement.

            My dream is to own my own Ph.D. program, bereft of any teaching certifications, licenses, accreditation, approved syllabus, curriculum, or any government oversight in any form. The literacy rate was higher before there were any public schools in America. And that’s a fact.


            “Degrees from unaccredited programs will not be accepted because we can’t verify any rigorous academic standards therein.” Uh-huh. Right. THATS WHY A MASTERS HOLDER FROM FUCKING HARVARD TODAY COULDNT PASS THE TEST TO ADVANCE PAST THE FUCKING 8TH GRADE IN 1910 IN KANSAS. Publik skoolz.

            O’Bullshit announced today that he wants to spend $300 billion over the next 10 years on self-driving cars, high-speed rail, and the devil knows what else, to be funded by a $10 surtax on each barrel of oil, increasing price at the pump by .25 cents to the gallon.

            Ultimately, resources have to move where the free market wants them to move. Any government designs upon stimulus are certainly damned to failure in the long run.

            • You have hit the nail on the head on all points you made.
              Higher education is a big joke now. There’s too much social engineering and indoctrination.

              Zimbabwe and Rhodesiaare indeed great examples of how these kids are being dumbed down. Charlotte Iserbyt was right. These are some sad and ugly facts.

            • Common Core is going to dumb them down even more.

            • +1000 for the Stefan M shout out.

            • And you think you are going to teach what, exactly? How to be a white supremacist hating fuckhead and you think people will pay you?

              Like I said you are psychopathic and delusional. No one is going to pay you squat. Be happy that no one has kicked in your door and hauled you away fuckhead.

              • So much for the apology you gave regarding your foul mouth.
                Why am I not surprised!

              • Getting philosophical or getting hysterical? Everyone has their place in Creation.

            • So obullshit thinks he’s going to he there in 10 years? Now that scares me more than the Russians, Chinese AND North Koreans put together!

              • HEman! Bwahahahahahaha.

                • It may all come down to Estrogen vs Testosterone. I am noticing a lot more Estrogen lately, perhaps a good thing!? A lot of ‘alphas’ too!

            • Acid, you’re a teacher? ROTFLMAO! GMAFB! Acid Etch a TEACHER? No, it can’t be!

              • Good way to stay close to young ass…literally.
                Kinda like some Cat-o-lick priests.

                I know rude and crude but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

              • BH, IMHO, AE has given this forum a lot of useful information, including primary research data and observation on survival skills and equipment and clothing. He does his homework and has provided useful and informative hyperlinks. Better choices of words would go a long way to improving the quality of his lessons and observations but he has taken a lot of abuse from us as well. He deserves my respect and appreciation. Kentucky Mom he is not, but he does try, and he does provide some useful information. None of us are inherently superior to other races or gender. We were all created to compliment each other.

          • I watched in awe as the talking heads on CNBC today had a serious open discussion suggesting the FED follow suit and set negative interest rates in the US just like Japan.

            The guest economist when asked what this would do to the global economy said “this is unknown territory like the world hasn’t seen since the 1930’s, but they have to do something”.

            • Re…the economy…

              Mass layoffs to return with a vengeance

              See the list of layoffs since January 1st.


              • Direct link…

                “Note that nearly all of these companies are in the Energy, Finance and Tech sectors — the three biggest engines of growth, profits and market value appreciation within the economy over the past 7 years.

                What will the repercussions be if those three industries go into contraction mode at the same time?

                Whatever the specifics may be, the general answer is easy to predict: Nothing good.”


              • KY Mom, Baltic Dry Index just fell below 300….now at 298

                • Trailblazer,

                  298 – This is almost 50% below the previous record low.

                  • I don’t think it will take too much longer for even some of the larger stores to start running out of normally “fully stocked” items …because (as y’all have been pointing out everywhere), without any way to get food ANYTHING Uncle Sam may offer you is prolly gonna sound mighty good …THEN you are really F’ed. It is ‘odd & unsettling’ to watch it transpiring right before my eyes yet the “normal folk” act as if nothing is wrong …just a lull in work, that all. Everything’s fine cuz Obama said so. Gee, we even have enough so that Kerry can GIVE Iran what, $1.7Billion? See? We have tons of ‘scoots’ …so why worry huh? huh?

                    • I don’t want anything from uncle schmuel.

            • I suspect what they’ll do is head for some large holes in the ground and pull it in after ’em. Apparently the goal for which the Dept. of Ed. was created in the first place has been achieved. Graduating, from high school, college, or University gets you exactly NOTHING but in debt, in the latter case for LIFE. None of them necessarily even mean you can read or spell these days, never mind think!

        • There are natural gas deposits all over the Midwest.

          Only where there are 40% whites and 50% beaners is this a problem.

          Non-whites are not capable of maintaining civilization.

          • your mother is an idiot for banging your uncle and giving birth to the trash that you are..


        • Got a light? Bawawahahaha

        • I would just get a huge box of popcorn and sit and eat it and read about the collapse as everything falls apart around us… only thing is…even the popcorn is contaminated!!! Corn has GMOs in it!!!! Unless you are lucky enough you can afford organic…:(

          • Popcorn is fatting and gets stuck in your teeth, better to just buy a fiddle..

          • I wonder if distilling takes the gmo out of corn? But then gmo corn wouldn’t sprout anyway so….

            • Alcohol is alcohol.

            • The GM corn will sprout, thats why the seed companies make growers sign the end user agreement that states that you wont save the seed, typical practice used to be to save a portion of a field corn harvest to re plant the following year,

              • It will sprout once. GMO corn is missing the reproductive link. Which is why so many African farmers went broke after one year of planting. The seeds will not reproduce a second year, you must buy new seed. I have heirloom seeds of Cherokee corn that is more than 80 years old. I continue planting it every year to keep fresh stock for many more generations of my family to come.

          • You can make that shit with corn off the stalk!!!! Sheesh.

          • I have been reading here for years but here is my first comment. Pop corn is not genetically modified as far as my research suggests. Here in Calgary the pop corn is sometimes labelled non gmo. This is just a promo gimick I would I think. Check out the doc. “GMO OMG”.

            • GMO or not it is still loaded with aflatoxin.

            • Some is GM, theres a few seed varieties that are GM with the BT to supress ear worm, generally the stuff that ends up injested directly isnt the roundup ready stuff but they do a lot of the BT, the Roundup ready varieties or similar are usually field corn, mostly used for animal feed, or corn sugar etc,,,but green giant like canned corn or similar usually not that type of GM

          • I’m pretty sure popcorn is not GMO.

          • And GMOs of course mean LOADS of glyphosate. Lessee… GMOs AND glyphosate are both carcinogens, too. It’s enough to make someone think that somebody’s out to get us…

        • http://www.returnofkings.com/32053/this-accidental-experiment-shows-the-superiority-of-patriarchy




          Without patriarchy to guide them, women at large are not intellectually capable of sustaining civilization. All they are good for is bitching and whining endlessly.

          Lara Croft is fucking hot, but Lara Croft is not realistic. Lamebrained Hollywood movies have convinced everybody that women are just as resourceful as men. FORGET IT! Anybody who has been with them in the wild knows its all a fairytale.

          And women on this site like Rebecca, Philosopher, et al. are but a microcosm of this phenomenon. Endlessly getting into petty squabbles about nothing and demanding that people be censored for not bowing to the power of the pussy. I grant you that in normal times you can find white knights in abundance, yet in SHTF women will be almost useless except for the few who know nursing, cooking, sewing, or some other useful skill. Almost all of them are very old now; young girls don’t know jack shit except how to watch sitcoms and go on benders.

          In SHTF the women around you will not be of service. They will be one big Rebecca.

          Of course nothing is absolute, I know one women who sailed from San Diego to Hawaii to Alaska singlehanded. But she is a rare gem indeed.

          You motherfucking wrinkled old bastards think I post here to get attention?

          That ignoring me will drive me away?

          You bitches need to understand that only death will stop me from speaking the truth.

          ‘Murica motherfuckers, I’ma see you in hell.

          • Wow,
            Little heavy on the generalizations there,
            Kinda like saying all dick suckers are flamers,,,huh

          • Do you have anything to whip out that is worth a look? I doubt it.

            • He was bragging about his ole meat pole last year and said he wished everyone could see how big and nice it is.

              I laughed my ass off when I read that and pictured him holding up a stiffie with his thumb and index finger and it barely showing.

              • there’s a meeting for ALL the guys in the WORLD that aint never bragged about their pole today at 6pm at the phone booth on the corner of 6th and pine streets in Los Angeles…don’t bother to RSVP, as there’s not expected to be much of a crowd…i DID talk to one of acid’s ex wives, and she told me if he had an inch cut off his dick, he would have a scar on his back.

          • Acid, I don’t like what you said about Rebecca and Philosopher. While what you say about today’s women is true up to a point, there ARE exceptions. I know that the women in my family are definitely exceptions. I believe women here like KY Mom, Sixpack, Laura M., Robin Sage, Rebecca, and Philosopher are also exceptions.

            • Thanks Braveheart. I can stick up for myself. I am an adult. This fucking freak has obviously fried his brain on something and is out in la-la land. What adult thinks a cartoon character is hot? Answer: none that are rational.

              • Philosopher, you’re welcome. I don’t doubt for one minute you can hold your own and more. I just have a real problem with acid painting with too big a brush. He did end up in that ‘alternative lifestyle’, so that alone speaks volumes.

              • it’s obvious to me you aint never got a look at jessica rabbit….

              • I just picture what I think Acid etch might look like – on his knees with a spiked collar around his neck.

                • yes, i got a friend with a son like him….looks like he fell face-first into a tackle box, he’s got so much metal on his face.

          • Acid;
            I must hand it to you you are not afraid of rejection or stirring up the shit. I think the local amazons are going to stomp on your dick and hand it to you.

          • Whoa ….Some one just got dumped , kicked out , or served divorce papers. Ugly rant

            • No just the truth

          • AE, you’re a breath of fresh california air…LA way.

            • EA, LOL! Good one and welcome back. That gas leak is the perfect place for acid.

              • Good luck out there, BH, entropy appears to be increasing.

          • Maybe that can be arranged.

          • Damn Acid, are you getting in touch with your feminine side, so you can have a cat fight with Bruce Jenner?

            Bar tender, cut this dude off!

          • I appreciate that Mac allows you to post your bullshit because it shows there are complete asshole like you out there walking around.

            As I have said before you will probably die in a hail of gunfire or with a single gunshot wound to the head. Self-inflicted.

            Go back to your video games. You already spilled the beans. The only sex you have had is with online with a cartoon character. Fucking freak.

            • Or with HIV and pneumonia

            • Mac allows a freak, hating women dick to post? What does that say about Mac? AE is a sick dick who has emotional issues esp. towards women……..yet Mac lets him post? Mac/..u r the jerk!!!!

              • Anon, while I agree about acid, Mac is not a jerk. Be careful, he might just stop YOU from posting here.

                • Apparently you can hate women all you want, BUT DON’T YOU DARE SAY THE J-WORD! I got moderated for the word J-€W€L€RY, because it has the three letter J-word in it!

              • acid does have something useful to say sometimes…..at least i heard somebody say that once…err, well….i thought i heard somebody….

            • Philosopher, I think acid is so sorry even the cartoons don’t want him!

              • even AT%T wouldn’t take HIM back!

                • I heard he still practices ATM.

                  • and i know someone is going to say..wtf is atm?

                    A$$ to mouth…..puke me silly.

          • It’s truth as you see it, maybe. I happen to know a lady who is an extraordinary person to start with, and maybe one of THE most all-around competent human beings I’ve ever known. IF she doesn’t know something she needs to know, she finds a book and learns it, then jumps in and DOES IT. This runs from carpentry to accounting to camping, to in-the-wilds survival… The list goes on. I’ve only EVER seen her commit one lapse in good sense: she married me. I tend to let her slide on that one.

          • Very wrong. Women are needed to repopulate the world. I’m a retired female fire fighter. Mother of three. I teach farming and Native American medicine. No clue why you spew such BS about women. Good luck with that. Everyone has their weakness. Anyone can be tough, especially hiding behind a keyboard.

            • AE has yet to learn how to contain the Fire within. An extreme example, for the rest of us to heed, during a “red flag warning”.

              Look out
              Escape route
              Safety zone

          • Awwwww honey…..go see your mom….sounds like you need a hug

          • What an idiot! I love reading this sites informative comments. I try to just ignore you. Let me just say this in the event you get your stinking ass shot I might just be the one stitching it up or giving you life saving medication. I’d rather see you suffer but I did take a oath. You have no idea what women like myself are capable of. Oh and I own a pretty nice size cattle farm. So you see all us women are not the dumb asses you think we are.

        • Superstation95 is completely full if shit!
          They are a bunch of moroons nuff said.
          Had a go around with them 2 weeks ago about another bs report. Which turned out to be totally false. They are total click ho’s nothing more.
          Mac. In the future source your stuff better.



        • One must take yoga classes in order to be able to bend all the way around….hug your behind…then kiss it good-bye!

        • http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/news/tpp-signed-amid-mounting-public-opposition

          TPP will now have to be ratified by the Senate within 90 days.

          McConnell has flip flopped on TPP a few times (i.e., the fuckers are certainly going to pass it).

          Kiss your ass goodbye, Amerika.

          You make fun of me for wanting to build a colony? What the fuck do you think is going to happen? Think about it you dumb fuckers. Amerika is going the way of Zimbabwe. What’s left for us?

          “If goods don’t cross borders, armies will.”





          • It wasn’t the media who screwed Perot – it was the “elites”. Who else could threaten him, his family and businesses and have him believe that despite his wealth, he’d have NO chance? Whoever it was, he believed them implicitly! They didn’t DARE let an honest, skilled businessman into the Oval Office; he’d have actually started fixing the problem. Can’t have that; he’d have undone over a century of hard work on their part!

            • They did the exact same thing to Ron Paul – interesting that their initials are the same – RP…

          • Yep.

          • Citizens United, anyone?

        • So when are they going to tell the poor slobs living in California to evacuate? Or have they written off everyone living there? The people that live there are just expendable?

          Someone should do the right thing and let them know. This is really bad. Damn. So much for the EPA. Fricken losers.

          Great article. I didn’t realize it was this bad.

          • You friggin’ schizo.

        • I do not choose to be a common man.
          It is my right to be uncommon … if I can.
          I seek opportunity … not security.
          I do not wish to be a kept citizen,
          Humbled and dulled by having the State look after me.
          I want to take the calculated risk,
          To dream and to build. To fail and to succeed.
          I refuse to barter incentive for a dole;
          I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence;
          The thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of Utopia.
          I will not trade freedom for beneficence
          Nor my dignity for a handout
          I will never cower before any master
          Nor bend to any threat.
          It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid;
          To think and act for myself,
          To enjoy the benefit of my creations
          And to face the world boldly and say:
          This, with God’s help, I have done.
          All this is what it means to be an Entrepreneur.

          • All that, is what it means to be A FREE MAN.

      2. Well BLM can go ahead and have that piece of land. Sell it to Bill an Hilderbeast.

        • OF course the MSM will not cover it. This i may be part of a future land grab, or a depopulation effort.

          BTW, the BDI is 298 today. Keep prepping.

          • Will do Watchdog. Nice to see you here!

        • PO’d Patriot, I’ll go one better. Why not put all the feds, banksters, politicians, etc. on that land? Damn, where did I put that old Zippo? [SARCASM]

      3. Eh.

        It’s only the valllaaaay, Beckaay.

        Place hasn’t exactly been a bastion of intelligence since day 1 anyway…

        • Whoa dude! Like don’t be torchin yer spleef near that!

          • Spleef? Whoa, I ain’t even gonna ask what that is. LMAO.

      4. I do not think the BLM or anyone else will be occupying anything there.

        I guess monsters from beneath will be rising soon.

        • Rodan. My older brother ran out of the movie theater when Rodan appeared. Rodan was too intense for my brother. 🙂

        • One day little Jonny and Timmy were sitting down for breakfast…
          Mom: Timmy what do you want for breakfast?
          Timmy: I want some fuckin wheaties.
          Mom slaps the shit out of Timmy….
          Mom: Jonny what do you want for breakfast?
          Jonny: We’ll I sure as hell don’t want no fuckin wheaties! 🙂

          • Genius, LOL! Good one.

        • Thanks IWT!

        • Well, thats what you get for building a subdivision on top of a underground natural gas storage site. When the built Porter Ranch the Gas Company fought against it just for this reason.

        • Thanks for the link.

        • IWT, thanks for that link. Everyone check out that article. Forget about ‘the big one’ or a tsunami, sounds like LA will blow up instead.

      5. Like a lot of other stories, something just doesn’t sound right about this. I don’t know much about stuff like leaky natural gas wells other than it’ll require a flammable gas 2 placard but if natural uranium and radon are leaking out as well, why wasn’t that little tidbit of info disclosed till now? Hmmm

        • Wouldnt want the millions of sheeple living near there to panic now would we, nor would we want anyone questioning the natural gas industry or EPA either hmm,,,

          • If you buy a house there the required disclosures that you have to sign include a Radon exposure hazard document.

            • Interesting,,,
              Its all the fine print!

        • Seems to me there is something underneath “everyone in Califor-I-A” that seemingly extends to at least Burns, OR …and the feds are pulling every trick in the books to gain access to all of it. Wouldn’t surprise me to see LA 100% evacuated (on purpose), then “the dig” to fix the ‘superdeep’ leak and THEN THEY DISCOVER TONS OF URANIUM …without that (or Cesium235) it’s hard to get radon.
          MAINE has high radon ‘hot spots’…up North in Indian country. Let’s see them tangle with The Passamaquoddy Tribe for THEIR land (feds will get scalped first day). lol….

          • BINGO! My thoughts exactly. I guess we’ll find out what it is, once everyone evacuates or dies. Seems to me if there uranium or radon spewing in the gasses, there;s probably more where that came from. Isn’t the govt becoming rather predictable?

      6. I’m confused. The gas leak is from a underground storage “tank”, not a well.
        They use a natural formation as a storage tank. It is leaking.
        If the gas stored there is now highly radioactive, they could not have sold it to the public through the utility system, right? That would have send the radioactivity all over the state and into millions of homes.
        Am I missing something? Killing of millions of California Democrats may be desirable, but I don’t think we can be that lucky.

        • Oh that’s OK, THEY sell plenty of other poisionous shit to make up for it – Florinated water/toothpaste, GMO Cropstuffs, tainted fuel, nuke power plants, vaccinations, agro-chemicals, radioactive alcohol, and on and on…

          Even redneck ass-hats get their fair share of poison. Don’t hate the state, hate the L.A.I.C who make the policies

        • Don’t understand either. It seems that if this was dispersed as intended, the population would just be burning the gas in the homes. Is this just dilution of the radiation at very low levels and now it is leaking and more concentrated in one area? Not sure, but it does sound bad.

        • The EPA is too busy trying to get the people in hawaii to spend billions converting their cesspools to septic fields,,,, like that really makes a difference, shit in shit out

        • Wheres an environmental impact study when you need one? Damn

        • If Ige signs that bill im moving to Alaska,,,

          • That would be cool (literally). You could have your own alaskan reality show lol. I know you are 10X smarter than the idiots on the show “Alaskan Bush People” 🙂

            • Yeaa, thats nuts,,,
              Actually be downright cold!
              I was thinking more like equipment operator/ cabinetmaker etc, something along those lines, i got to work,
              Cant go live in the weeds.

              • I have family in SE Alaska. My advice is to stay where you are.
                I’d be there but my wife would kill me. She’d have to take a ferry to get to COSTCO.

                • The problem is these fucking politicians just wont stop, just keep on pushing us,,,
                  I want no part of any of it, so the best place to be to wander off into the sticks and disappear seems to be AK,

              • Might wanna read the story couple weeks back where a storm hampered one delivery of food which caused a run on the supermarkets and they were without for a week.

        • A couple of well placed road flares should clean things up.

        • can’t SOMEBODY put a MATCH to this muhfugguh!!!?

          • BWAHAHAHA..Das wat I’m saying BCOD!

        • This article is a laughable load of lies.

        • If the gas was dangerous it would have the Prop 65 label.

          WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


          • It on there. You just need a microscope to find it. 😀

        • Rellik,
          Ding ding ding we have a winner!

          Nuclear contaminated gas should not be sold, to anyone. This is our obscene, crazy, psycho government at work.

          You are the first to state the obvious.

          • Yea well up in montana and dakotas people can light their well water, bet they never thought to check it with a freakin geiger counter

            • Radon often enters homes through well water.

              Radon is a primary cancer cause, and when combined with cigarette smoking or certain Chemicals, cancer is almost assured.

              I always thought quarried aggregate used in concrete should be certified at its source for radon. They dig this stuff up, build a million dollar house around it, and then test the finished house for radon. Like you can really fix it after the fact?

              If a quarry’s aggregate turned out to be too high in radon, just certify it for building roads only.

              • Granit countertops also emit low levels of radiation….

            • Where do you think the Bakken gas field is? When I was stationed in Minot, North Dakota, it was common when we went camping to go out out and pick up Coal laying on the ground, to
              make a fire to keep us warm through the night. There isn’t many trees in North Dakota. Most all the radioactive stuff there was in Missiles.

              • Rellik,
                One of great grand dads chores as a little kid in their ND claim, was to roam the plains looking for buffalo pie to burn for heat. Most of the Buffalo were gone by then, but the pie was everywhere since things in the plains decayed so slowly. He said it was on of the worst smells he ever encountered, when it burned, but was better than freezing.

                Are you sure you weren’t burning petrified buffalo pie?

        • Um, is it even possible to expose natural gas to ‘rad’ so that the gas DOES become radioactive? (There’s no mass you see…but I’m no rocket scientist either). The ‘rad’ must be secondary (but I wonder just how much pressure can be ‘relieved’ before something huge starts “moving”? omg…

          • First question – Realistically, no.
            Gas does have mass. You’re breathing gases so heavy they exert a pressure of 1013 millBars( 101.3 kiloPascals) at sea level or around a ton per square foot.

            ht tp://www.eia.gov/naturalgas/storage/basics/
            interesting reading. unless you are a environmental, GMO, fluoride nut case.

        • 🙂 LOL

      7. Evil is always lemon scented.

        • It covers the sulfur better than roses.

      8. Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)

        Excluding uranium mining and all associated fuel cycle activities, industries known to have NORM issues include:

        The coal industry (mining and combustion)
        The oil and gas industry (production)
        Metal mining and smelting
        Mineral sands (rare earth minerals, titanium and zirconium).
        Fertiliser (phosphate) industry
        Building industry


      9. If this were true, they would be saying evacuate immediately and it would be all over the news instead of saying go to the drug store and pick up some supplements. Gosh, what horrible people in the media and government now.

      10. SoCal Gas owns the well; Gov. Browns sister sits on the BOD for SCG. You connect the dots….

      11. Back in the late 50’s or early 60’s around 10 miles to the west, there was a nuclear power plant that supplying power to the area. It had a meltdown and was dismantled and buried on the spot.
        I wonder if this could be leakage from the remains.

        • Maybe one of the recent tremors released it?

      12. Of course nobody wants to report on it. They have already reported that they don’t know how to stop it, so this might cause a panic. The worse part is, it may make California unlivable and they may have to move near us.

        • JAS,
          Don’t know how to stop it or don’t know how to stop it without losing the money stored there? BP in the Gulf was the second.

          • Becca Troll,

            Explain to me why no BLM agents were sentenced to prison for the fires they started in New Mexico that got out of control and destroyed people’s property.

            Explain to me why the federal government owns 50% of fucking Oregon, 90% of Utah, and so on.

            Shut the fuck up you babbling blabbermouth. Get your big ass in that kitchen and bake some pies for your men.

            • If that wasnt so damn rude it would be funny,
              Still funny,,,,
              As you would say BWHaHAHA

            • Acid, f#$% you! Where the f#$% do you get off bashing Rebecca, you stupid faggot? Go f#$% yourself!

              • Grow up dickhead

              • Amen, Braveheart, amen.

              • Take a chill pill dude!

            • Rebecca has a stalker!

              Me thinks you are getting very personal and creepy Acid.

        • AAAAAKKKK! Don’t say a word about it anymore! I don’t want those commie rat freakshow idiot bottom feeding scum of humanity moving HERE! STAY IN CALI, YOUR NEIGHBORS ARE SICK OF YOU MAGGOTS INVADING US! Deal with your shit or die from it but stay there!

          • Amen Genius. They’ll move inand whine that our states aren’t like California and proceed to trash them.

            • Bernie Sanders parents came from Poland and now he wants to make Amerika like Poland. I fucking hate immigrants.

              My ancestors were not fucking immigrants. They were colonists.

          • Genius, AMEN. They won’t be welcome in the South, that’s for sure.

      13. Im sure the EPA has it well in hand,,,
        Just like their peckers

        • Yup just like the EPA has the lead problem in Flint, MI under control!

          • Yea, and thr “Super Fund” sites,
            That still havent been cleaned up

        • Does anyone else not believe in coincidences? All three major land related incidents, back to back.

          Michigan – Oregon – California.

          But what’s the connection?

      14. I work in natural gas and this is the most retarded thing I’ve ever read.

        • Can you elaborate?

      15. Does this mean that we will see a New Godzilla monster that comes from Kommiefornia.

        Look at the big picture. It is a sneak attack on the Undocumented Democrats. I mean aliens.

        Don’t we wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • “THEM! THEM!”

          ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2PLls02gOU

          • THEM! was a great sci-fy movie when i was a kid, it was my favorite, and it scared the everlivin’ SHIT outa’ me!!…thanks for the memory!

            • It was good, wasn’t it.

              • Grand and Butt,was not going to post tonight but you mentioned”Them”.I love the beginning in the desert!I saw as a young lad on Creature Feature and actually kept me up half the night.

                Done right would be worthy of a remake with todays FX,just as “Attack Of The Mushroom People”,another classic as a kid(and in colkor!).

                • funny, i was thinking the same think….just today i saw alice in wonderland remake….AGAIN, but we can’t get “THEM” to be remade….nowdays, it seems everything’s being remade….patience, glasshoppuh, patience

                • i had my 12y/o watch it a year or so ago…no idea what he thought of it…probly thought it was hokey. oh well, i enjoyed it, even if he didn’t.

            • I walked through the dusk of a summer evening to see that movie. Dad had said if I went I would have to walk home. I RAN home. I bet I set a record.

          • Thanks for the plug. I love old horror.

            The Old Dark House

            The Universal Monster Movies:



            Creature from the Black Lagoon

            The Mummy

            • No one cares what you thinks fvck face.

              • Or you for that matter troll!

          • G
            How about the one with the giant spider.

            I would like to see an movie made with Praying mantis attacking D.C. I would route for the bugs!!!!


        • Godzilla is underneath the bulging caldron at Yosemite. Hillary’s elected to the whitehouse will be the trigger for him to rise like the Great Pumpkin.

        • Unfortunately Dale, it looked like this wasn’t happening to little tijuana or the projects, it’s looked like a more upscale (white) community neighborhood.

      16. The potassium Iodide pill is only good for 1 type of radiation Iodine 131, and that is only a concern after a nuclear explosion or nuclear accident and only a concern for 80 days.

      17. couldn’t happen to a better bunch of gang banger’s and over priced shit houses.

        • Very well said. I’m glad we live in the sticks.

      18. My wife said this started about 4 months ago, plus the underground fire near St. Louis that started about 6 months ago. I think the St. Louis fire is near a nuclear storage facility, I’m not %100 about this. Will have to dig more.

      19. You have an INCORRECT LINK in your article above. The SuperStation95 link presently goes to the Hal Turner Show spot instead of the coverage of the Radiation Leak in L.A.. The correct link is (one number higher than what you have)

      20. NORM


        This well is spewing airborne radiation that is carried by the jet stream far from just so cal.

        Anyone else live in Utah and still have bronchitis?

        Or Idaho? Or Colorado ? Or Texas? Or anywhere the jetsream passes?

        • Speaking of the Jetsons.. Have you ever noticed that there are no blacks on that show? The future looks pretty good huh lol. (waiting for the thin skin weenies to reply now).

          • Aufmerksam keit! Stop that right now, Genie

          • I am not thin-skinned. But I have no tolerance for racists like you. Fvck off.

            • I

              How can I be a racist if I don’t watch nascar? I just pointed out some facts lol.

          • It’s because even in the future, they couldn’t engineer a Cadillac worth a f^ck.

        • I have found that a great cure for bronchitis is to get a fine mist sprayer or nebulizer and fill it with nano colloidial silver and inhale the mist 4-5 times a day. It cured mine in 1.5 days…

        • I would look more at chemtrails causing bronchitis. Heavy spraying effects us with bronchitis type symptoms almost everytime. Taking bentonite clay will absorb some of the shit but if your in a bad area you need steady detoxing with it.

          • Maybe try raw garlic? The stuff works. Or, try detoxing for metals. Get your probiotics, too. Your immune system is in your gut. I’d post some links but I have no time at the moment.

            Also, could you imagine if Southern California had to move? Would it answer the prayers of upside-down howmeowers everywhere else who are trying to sell with too high of asking prices? I mean, radioactivity doesn’t just fade away overnight. …But, then again, all those above ground nuclear tests they’ve done over the decades didn’t get anyone to move, so why should this?

        • Captain
          I am in your area, yes breathing SUCKS.

          • Yessir. I’m in Roosevelt and our air sucks. Wish I could be up in tabiona this weekend but a comedy show in the city with the wife instead

      21. Anybody living, breathing, and driving in and around there, or downwind, can easily confirm if there’s any airborne radioactive contamination or not. Send us your used car air filter, next time you want to change it, and we’ll run it through our lab isotope identifier for free here… http://www.radtest4u.com/ Checking an air filter like this is very similar to what the govt does, though from a stationary monitor. We started doing this after Fukushima and confirmed, mostly on west coast, elevated levels, above normally occurring background radiation, of radioactive iodine, cesium, strontium, etc., though they were still far below level where you would not want to breathe the air or drink the water unfiltered.

        • Thanks for the information and the link! Excellent information.

          • Shane has a terrific website full of very important information.

        • Yes thanks. Have a use for one from central Oregon?

      22. What is your source?

        Because Steve Quale’s website is refering to this website as the source and you point to his website as the source.

        So I gues this is a hoax?

      23. The probability of effective government action is directly proportional to the wealth (or lack of) the people effected.

        • “affected” not “effected”

      24. I wonder what would happen to the fault lines if the gas ignited…scary to even consider.

        • The natural gas would burn as far back as there is sufficient oxygen to support combustion.

      25. ALERT


        Marco Rubio is gay, see stevequale.com and see for yourself, he is dancing with faggots and has some sick?ng.damning photos that have surfaced. They are trying to put another fag in the white house.. so he is a faggot and feels that he has earned the right to be president..

        This is getting Phucking ridiculous..see for yourself and end the article on Stevequale.com they are really the people and making and ass our of us..this proves why Joan Rivers ended up in a body bag and 6ft under. The fact that Trump is winning very state and he cabal thinks that they wik be able to bulsh..t their way in is really stupid on their part.. so who will get in, the lesbian..or the faggots, you be the judge.



        • Acid said Marco was gay and I asked him why he thought that and he told me “because his dick tastes like shit!” lol

          • Will you people EVER shut the fuck up about sexuality? What fucking difference does it make? Give it a rest.

            • I knew you were a faggot. The only people I know that talk the way you do, and use the type of language you use when talking about woman are all flaming faggots. My guess is you are a raving lesbian and this is the only site that hasn’t kicked you to the curb.

              • Philosopher, GO GO GO! Like I said earlier I love style!

                • Apparently Acid’s but plug fell out and now he / she / it is grumpy.

              • And you are a fucken old crazy cat lady

            • Acid Etch.
              It doesn’t bother me anymore but you can say the same thing about “Wrinkled Old Bastards” But it does have a nice ring to it. Buy them at your local grocery store.

          • Genius, ROTFLMFAO! So acid had a date with Rubio? They sound right for each other.

            • Acid was the one on his knees making a sucking sound.

              • For God’s sake stop the AE comments. You guys got me laughing so hard I’ve damn near pissed my britches. Bravo!

                • acid was smelling his finger the other day and somebody said “what are you doing?”….he said “oh…i was just missing my cousin”.

                • y’all know how he GOT that date with rubio? he was at a rally, and acid said to rubio “i sure would like to get you on canvas”..so rubio says “you want to paint my portrait?”…and acid says “no, i got an army cot in my winnebego”!

                  • he probly just needs a change….like bruce jenner.

                    • BCOD, ROTFLMFAO! Damn good ones!

              • Philosopher, I thought that sound was our nation going down the drain. My mistake.

              • you know what acid’s teacher told his mom when he was in the second grade…”you know….education aint for EVERYBODY.”

            • i hear acid fucked his first cousin at 15….he fucked his last cousin just yesterday.

              • show me a guy that thinks nigger jokes are always inappropriate, and i’ll show you a guy that’s never heard of obama.

              • BCOD, I just spit up some soda on my keyboard with those last two. Once again, kudos to you for coming up with those.

        • HCKS, It doesn’t matter who you vote for, they will put in whoever is pre-planned to be prez.

        • I have no idea one way or another if this is true but one thing is certain; TPTB desire having “Something On Them”. A venerable person, frightened of exposure, is more easily and reliably controlled.

        • Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

          “Running With The Devil”

          Van Halen.

          • Marco.

            • Rubio.


            • Polo

              • Why do I have an image of Trump running around on some South Pacific island yelling. Boss, Boss. The Plane, The Plane.

                • Slingshot, are you sure that’s not acid instead?

      26. To the comentor on gmo corn please note to the best of my research pop corn is not a variety of corn that is gmo. Do your own research but my info suggest there is no gmo pop corn

      27. … except for school choice, guns, trade, health care, energy, smoking, union membership, light bulbs, plastic bags, Walmart, what kind of foods you can eat, what you can say on campus or not per the campus thought and speech police, and 20 gazillion other things

        “If all that Americans want is security, they can go to prison. They’ll have enough to eat, a bed, a roof over their heads. But if an American wants to preserve his dignity and equality as a human being, he must not bow his neck to any dictatorial government.” – President Dwight D. Eisenhower

      28. Whoops. Forgot the title!


        … except for school choice, guns, trade, health care, energy, smoking, union membership, light bulbs, plastic bags, Walmart, what kind of foods you can eat, what you can say on campus or not per the campus thought and speech police, and 20 gazillion other things

        “If all that Americans want is security, they can go to prison. They’ll have enough to eat, a bed, a roof over their heads. But if an American wants to preserve his dignity and equality as a human being, he must not bow his neck to any dictatorial government.”

        • ❤❤

      29. Genius you ain’t kidding. Acid talks some crazy sh…t that unfortunately is true.. talk about the environment, that big problem, the scientist kept warning us about environment SHTF..California is phucked..anyone living their is dead and in fact I was told that the first large population masses that will pay the price is california citizens..my brother lives there and told me that I don’t know sh…t and that I am stupid.. I have to laugh sometimes.. you guys in the site will start to see all the crap I have been posting just happening from Feb 20-24, time frame unward..i was so told that the reason why they have to get the army’s in the streets is to allow the elite to say exist…and the stupid soldiers who following orders have no idea that they are already destroyed their own future..one guy I know said the feds told them in a meeting that that they are going to take out Texas and kill the gun owners and patriots and remove the state government ..and I am not making this up folks..I hear some really bad stuff..



        • HCKS, I was just kidding about Acid lol. But the environmental thing is not a big problem, it is a HUGE problem! In my opinion and observation they are killing the sea life and contaminating the water and ground and air in order to drastically reduce the food supply without the finger being pointed at them by the masses of morons. Soft kill by both poisoning, radiation, food shortages. This makes perfect sense. Throw in mandatory and voluntary vaccines, gmo food, man made viruses and epidemics, obamacare, water poisoning (including added shit like flouride and lithium), banning of off grid living, chemtrails, weather control, and a shitload of other things the agenda is crystal clear! Only a total moronic asswipe couldn’t see what is going on. WW3 coming to a theatre near you and a new conscription and activation of exec. orders will take the population waaayyy down. I know you probably are against population control but I am all for it as this planet cannot survive the masses of consumers of resources. Like I have said in many posts, man will either learn to control his population or their leaders will do it for them. Looks like the leaders are having to take the matter into their own hands. I just hope the piece of shit (elite so called) ones perish also. Man has always (as far as I know) been to stupid to be free. Anarchy is what the definition of freedom is (anarchy= lack of rulers or masters). Seems humanity cannot function without having rulers of one sort or another. They say the poor will always be with you but it should have said the psycopathic control freaks will ALWAYS be with you. FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK… We just can’t win 🙁

      30. Everyone here should own a Geiger counter or radiation monitor. Especially the people downwind of this gas plume or any nuke plant. When shtf there will be a time when you need to know if you can come out of the house or not.
        Molon labe

        • WIprepped

          Somebody has to go out to get a reading. :0)

        • WI,

          I never threatened your family at’ll.

          You told us all your little college girl was a beauty queen.

          What I said was that I could definitely talk the panties off her. I’m a stud, old man. White birth rates are low, you know.


          • Says the fucking freak that thinks a cartoon character is hot. Loser.

            • Your the loser bitch!!! Fvk off!

              • DN, go f#$% off your damn self, troll.

            • It takes one to know one, and AE is definitely a cartoon character.

      31. With all due respect, Mac, this article in complete nonsense. I’m a nuclear engineeer with thiry five years in the business. I’ve delt with radon issues many times. There is no radiation problem here.

        The gas is being vented directly to the atmosphere and is dispersed very quickly. If the gas was being released in a closed area then radon may be a problem but the gas itself would be a thousand times worse.

        Radon is released from the ground all over the world every second. The amount being released by this well is totally insignificant – like a few rain drops in a thunderstorm. The attached link ranks the areas around the U.S. where radon is present. Click on an any area.

        Whenever there is a low pressure system over any area radon comes pouring out of the ground. I was working at a nuclear power plant in the 70s and we got a high alpha reading. It turned out to be natural radon from outside of the plant. Once the low pressure system moved on the radon concentration levels dropped.

        The chemical nature of the gas itself is the problem, not any radioactive materials in the gas, believe me.


        • The gas is not dispersed very quickly you dumbass.

          One third of the greenhouse effect comes from methane even though it’s miniscule in terms of partial pressure.

          Methane was a major reason the primordial Earth was able to develop biochemically during the time of the low intensity sun.

        • I do believe you; hence my post at the bottom.

        • Oh, the EPA – same folks who brushed off that little mess of a spill from that mine into the Colorado river…what was it, 880,000 tons of metals?

          “EPA-led cleanup crew inadvertently triggered the spill on Aug. 5 while doing preliminary cleanup work at the inactive Gold King Mine near Silverton, Colorado.”

          THEN JUST LEFT IT?


          Oh yeah, That’s just who I want to get my info from on issues like this…LOL

      32. Off topic,,,
        So theres always talk of NWO this and NWO that and the elite want to reduce the population,,,,
        So think about that for a moment,
        Who you think they rather have?
        A bunch of whiny entitlement pricks who know not but hands out dont work? And everyone godda be equal? Of witch makes up a huge majority?
        Ya think they might rather have independent free thinkers who can pretty much take care of themselves as well as others most likely, and who can work, and innovate and think practical?
        And who make up a much much smaller segment of society….
        What do you think?
        Perhaps the political elite are part of the bottom feeders who know they are in jeopardy and thats why they are slways trying to attack us..
        Maybe, just thinkin on my feet here, but maybe WE are who the true NWO peeps want sticking around, but the message gets garbled by the ones they want to get rid of who at the moment seem to control the media, (not yours Mac)

        • Kula….
          I also have thought on this…especially when all the chaos will be perpetrated by the “gimme dats”.
          But this could be just the first phase…
          The compliant who clamor for strong government action will also find themselves at the business end of a gun. These two groups are NHT (no hesitation targets). There will be carnage.
          Will phase two involve direct aggression against those who prepped? Is all this talk on gun control just designed to put the masses into hypnotic compliance…just to set them up for the kill as they cheer on there eventual executioners?
          What a strange twist, if the NWO really wanted to get rid of the useless eater who produces nothing and preserve folks like you, me,…all of us who were diligent and kept our oil lamps filled.
          Given the approval rating of politicians and government as a whole…they may indeed be seeking distraction away from their inevitable demise…the internet has been a great medium to expose them and for them…it’s too late…they are the bottom feeders.

          Live Free or Die….we shall see

          • I agree. There are plenty of people with no resources, no savings, no skills nothing. They will be easy to round up. The day they set up feeding stations is the day I head the opposite direction as fast as possible. No bloody way am I ever going to agree to be fed by FEMA or HS or anyone else. Fuck those bastards. I will eat critters and wild stuff in my area before I agree to show up for a government fucking handout. Lots of possums, racoons, squirrels, frogs, and small birds to eat. You don’t even need a big gun. A sturdy pellet rifle is good enough for all of the critters I just listed. I am a good cook so I will be able to make them taste good too!

            • Ditto,,,
              Thats the time i bug out, line in the sand as it were,,,if we are to that point i would rather be out in the sticks, and die of exposure than be among the masses,

            • Go to Huff Post troll!

              • Agreed, though she’s probably outstayed her welcome there too!
                The meds don’t appear to be working too well for her.

      33. Off Topic Update.


        In light of recent events that took place today and conversations with the FBI and people at the refuge, we have decided to stand down our PPN Call to Action.

        The event Saturday is cancelled. For those that are on the road to assist, we will hold a memorial service for Lavoy Finicum at the site outside of Burns on hwy 395 at 1pm on Saturday.

        • Fuck the government. Yep every last one of them

          • I feel the same way Captain.

      34. I’d buy a radiation dosimeter if I lived in this area and make sure it worked and keep an eye on it. People getting sick is acute, not cumulative.

      35. Kula you just nailed it. The elites and the useless eaters are parasites feeding off the fruits of our labor. These are the people that need to be eliminated neither group does anything. We foot the bill for everything. I don’t see a fucking thing changing about this. This is why I say hoard you$ and don’t give charity. You already pay charity by force through higher taxes and fees on just about everything. If a end of the world shtf happens these people should be rounded up and eliminated. It sounds cruel but it is the right thing to do. Be humane about it though shoot them in the back of the head when they don’t expect it. That should minimize suffering. The useless eaters won’t all the sudden become useful. They have a sense of entitlement. The elites will try to stay in control but people will abandon them when their paper $ is worthless. I won’t shed a tear for the elites they got it coming to them. All smart people know that the herd need culling but no one will mention it cause it sounds heartless. I will mention it though. Just think about not having all the useless eaters drawing off the the finite resources we have. You cannot tell me it wouldn’t make a profound difference on the planet and the useful folks. The bums are lucky I’m not the pres. I would clean house.

        • I’d have an easier time believing that those “useless eaters” were the target – IF THEY WEREN’T TAKING FROM THE REST OF US TO KEEP THEM GOING!

          To those elites – WE ARE ALL USELESS EATERS. Not just the dumb masses.

        • Thanks! I hadn’t heard of this product. I am a fan of probiotics. I like simple things that can be used for more than one thing. I have seen shows that show animals that go to certain areas and eat the clay. I will ask for this the next time I make a run to the vitamin / supplement store in my area!

      36. Just kinda wondering.. if it’s been spewing radiation for about 3 months and at doses that are lethal in a short amount on time.. uh.. what hasn’t there been a whole butt load of dead people or at least people with their hair and teeth falling out ? Just saying..

        • You can call the State BAR association and they will tell you if he is a real judge. You will need his name.

      37. Hal Turner is a FORMER FBI INFORMANT who has suddenly appeared back on radio. He cannot be trusted AT ALL!!!!

      38. Just wanted to take a moment to pass on this important public service announcement and remind everyone to cancel your cable TV and or dish network subscriptions if you haven’t already.

        We as Americans need to stop subscribing to the corporate lies, disinformation, and propaganda.

        Stop wasting your hard earned $$$$ on anti-American rhetoric and their sensationalized propaganda.

        Please send this message on.

        Thanks and have a nice day.

        Your neighborhood friend,

        Fred Rodgers

      39. Damn, I must have went to bed too early..you and that Phucking website my girlfriend tells me..man Acid you have a way with words..and I taught I was controversial, damn.. i have to back up Philosopher and Brave on you gay tolerance comment because I have no problem with guys in the population, but when they phuck with me, then I have a problem, when they try become president and it’s already happened, then we have a problem… you will never see a man like Donald Trump having gay see, blowing his lovers cock while living in the white house.. he is masculine and tough, a real American man..his wife is good liking unlike some if the current ruling administration’s gender identity crisis…those are some wide shoulders..Trumps wife is hot, trump does not marry men..instead he likes women. Sounds like My kind of president. Acid be the way I just read the website disclaimer, I try my best to follow it, but we are living in volitile perilous times.. and you may need to take it easy with the caps..

        I told you guys that the scientist warned us about the environment.. he kept telling us that they are letting all sh..t but out to use that as the excuse for martial law…it’s all making sense now..its was that trends research that waved my business when I noticed that people were leaving California and I was able to get access to those customers to save my ass and my business.. get ready for a Massive exedus..from California and I just heard yesterday that two big manufactures from California are relocating to Austin to get away from the ensuing caos that will be reaching them… even the millionaire porno POV industry giants have built underground bunkers for them and their hoes. and some of them have already moved to Texas..at least they won’t have a lack of talent “ass” if you get the drift..the only POV that I have seen recently is my own POV..since I am no longer single…so when you hear that those guys and gals are existing California you know that something big is coming..the methane is going to cause fallout, then the fault lines are bowing, and getting ready to slip, meaning that California will literally be flattening over a 2 hrs period..this not the place to be..the UN will be on hunting killing, capture missions..and lot of women and girls have been captured, and are being taken to the underground bases already, to lower the shortage since the women on the surface face mass extinction in 3 years from now.. I know you a think that I am full of crap sometimes but you will start to see a lot more of the thing I mentioned taking place..not to mention the fact that a the atmosphere of California will not be breathable and most will die from the chemicals and toxins from the falt lines and oceanic volcanoes spewing gases toward the coastline.. good luck California folks, you are phucked With a capital F.



        • All his wives,,,,

      40. ht tps://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/right-turn/wp/2016/02/04/hillary-clinton-blind-to-her-own-greed-makes-another-blunder/

      41. this article does not make things as clear as they easily could. When Chernoble gets mentions, he uses a scale that does not get defined, but when talking about the spewing radiation, if he put it in the same type we could understand how much poison is really going into the atmosphere, just saying…..

      42. Watched some of the Demoncratic freak show debate. It’s more than obvious Hitlery is the next criminal in chief, signed sealed and delivered. The entire goal of the debate on MSNBC was to uplift Clinton to move her closer to Sanders in the New Hampshire vote. Sanders continues the point about money in politics that leaves ordinary people powerless, which is true. Clinton has only disdain for the people, apparently her common followers can’t figure that out. What a complete fraud she is, perfect to maintain the status quo. I’m feeling Sanders makes relevant points repeatedly only to be mocked and laughed at by the annointed one, Queen Hitlery. Then again, Sanders has been a longtime independent who sides with the Dems. Perhaps he is just controlled opposition from his onset in government to offer increasingly unwinable hope for actual change for the younger generation. I’m going to vote Jill Stein again like last time, none of the announced candidates are antiwar and have not uttered one word about the elephant in the room taking the whole nation down. Votes don’t matter anyway.

      43. Its all fine and dandy til someone throws in a road flare

      44. Chicago Stock Exchange Says It’s Being Sold to Chinese-Led Group

        “The Chicago Stock Exchange said a Chinese investor group agreed to acquire it, giving the buyer entry into the intensely competitive U.S. equity market.

        Chongqing Casin Enterprise Group has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the company, according to a statement Friday, which didn’t give financial terms. The exchange said the deal is expected to close in the second half of the year, though that will require regulatory approval.”

        “The acquisition would be the first of a U.S. exchange by a Chinese company.”

        Bloomberg dot com

      45. This is a cover story so we wont blame the japs for an increase in cancer rates from their meltdown…

      46. ht tps://www.trunews.com/circuit-court-rules-maryland-gun-law-infringes-on-second-amendment/

        • One of the FEW good bits of news I’ve seen all week.

      47. EMP THREAT
        Potential SHTF strike.

        Check out allnewspipline.com something is getting launched and it might be a Phucking EMP, so get ready folks. No telling what they have planned..when it hits, I will piss my pants but I will be ready.



        • chances are we wouldn’t get this much heads up

          but, it could be a test run, and we all know how they like to play those games

      48. ht tp://www.cnbc.com/2016/02/05/citi-world-economy-trapped-in-death-spiral.html

        no shit? you just now figuring this out eh?

      49. Obama is a marxist communist. If he leaves the White House in January 2017…he will be the first marxist communist in history to surrender power.

      50. My theory:
        The Measles spikes were related to Chernobyl ,Fukushima ect. this seems to weaken immunity enough so that commonly occurring viruses like “Measles” thrive???

      51. Heading into Torrence California from the north for a delivery, in and out ….any local info ?

      52. Could this methane gas leak catch fire or explode if it ignited or is it diluted enough in the air that it won’t?

      53. Any local information from Torrance California ? Have to go there this week

      54. It’s a storage facility. Yet nobody nose when the gas will stop spewing or how much is inside. WTF? I think HAL just picked up a fault in the AE35 unit.

      55. While there is probably more radiation from this than from Fukushima in California, it is still a trivial amount, the levels in the story are miscalculated, way way below “lethal” levels of radiation and more along the lines of “barely detectable” levels of radiation. The fear and anxiety created by this story is more dangerous than the radiation levels.

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