Queen Elizabeth II Has Died At 96

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Headline News


Elderly monarch Queen Elizabeth II has passed away. Buckingham Palace confirmed she died “peacefully” at Balmoral.

The BBC has already confirmed the new king will be known as King Charles III.  BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell said Charles will be “the oldest person, at 73, to become King in British history.”

The Queen’s seven-decade reign was alongside 15 British and 14 US leaders. She was the UK’s longest-reigning monarch and was highly respected worldwide. Here’s what world leaders said immediately after the news of her death:

  • Trump hails queen’s ‘legacy of peace and prosperity for Great Britain’
  • France’s Macron salutes Queen Elizabeth II as ‘a friend of France’
  • India’s Modi ‘pained’ by death of Queen Elizabeth II
  • Irish president calls queen ‘remarkable friend of Ireland’
  • EU chief Michel salutes ‘Elizabeth the Steadfast’
  • Israeli PM salutes Queen Elizabeth II, sends condolences
  • Ukraine’s Zelensky says queen’s death is an ‘irreparable loss’
  • Biden pays tribute to queen as ‘stateswoman of unmatched dignity and constancy’
  • Sri Lanka president offers ‘deepest condolences’ over Queen Elizabeth’s death
  • Spanish PM hails Queen Elizabeth II as ‘figure of global importance’
  • King of Belgians mourns ‘exceptional’ UK queen
  • Obama hails queen’s ‘legacy of tireless, dignified public service’

Her first appearance in TIME was in 1929.

Earlier in the day, Buckingham Palace issued a rare statement that said the Queen was “under medical supervision” and doctors were “concerned” for her health. 

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