“Putin’s Not On Our Team”: Obama Worried Americans Trust Putin More Than U.S. Gov

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    The people are no longer buying the lies.

    Period, end of sentence.

    And it has outgoing-president Obama all worked up.

    So does this mean war?

    Underlying the post-election hysteria surrounding “Russian hacking” and “fake news” is the basic issue of trust – the U.S. Government, the Congress, the media and most leaders in Washington just don’t have it. So that have to make up reasons.

    Anyway you slice it, the complete lack of trust was a major reason for the defeat of Hillary Clinton – widely perceived as corrupt and untrustworthy.

    In his most recent statement, an exiting Obama expressed his concerns that Russia’s alleged-meddling in the election went so far as to win over the hearts and minds of the American people – in what would supposedly amount to the ultimate blowback of disinfo and propaganda after decades of pure B.S….

    At heart, it is one of his most ridiculous assertions yet.

    via RT:

    Outgoing US President Barack Obama has warned Americans and his successor Donald Trump that Vladimir Putin is an “adversary” who should never be trusted over the US intelligence community.


    “I think that what is true is that the Russians intended to meddle and they meddled. And it could be another country in the future,” President Obama told the host of ABC’ ‘This Week’…

    The outgoing president spoke of a need to unite the country amidst the cyber hysteria that has split the country over the extent of Moscow’s influence in the US presidential race.


    “One of the things that I’ve urged the president-elect to do is to develop a strong working relationship with the intelligence community,” Obama said. “We have to remind ourselves we’re on the same team. Vladimir Putin’s not on our team,” Obama added.

    “If we get to a point where people in this country feel more affinity with a leader who is an adversary and view the United States and our way of life as a threat to him, then we’re gonna have bigger problems than just cyber hacking.”

    It appears to him that some politicians and reporters “seem to have more confidence in Vladimir Putin than fellow Americans because those fellow Americans are Democrats… That cannot be,” Obama stressed.

    “[I]n this new information age, it is possible for misinformation, for cyber hacking and so forth to have an impact on our open societies, our open systems, to insinuate themselves into our democratic practices in ways that I think are accelerating,” he said.

    In this last sentence, President Obama makes a clear reference to George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and his general hacking of U.S. foreign policy – and his extensive influence over the Democratic party, numerous protest movements (including Black Lives Matter) and color revolutions aimed at toppling regimes in the soft-coup style that Hungarian-born billionaire seems to prefer.

    That’s ultimately whose agenda you’re supposed to believe.

    More broadly, Obama has felt the need to justify Putin’s influence because the administration sees a clear threat to the narrative – as the credibility of the intelligence community, mainstream media and ruling establishment drops to zero.

    Despite the fact that they continually pump out fairy tales – about 9/11, WMDs, Benghazi, death of bin Laden, ISIS, Syria, and most recently the claim that Russia hacked U.S. elections – this group of sacred cow spy agencies insist that they must be believed above all?

    Here is President Obama’s full statement:

    With the CIA openly attempting to pick a fight with Putin, and basically the entire Middle East region, who would even pretend to take what they have to say seriously? It is all propaganda.

    What the CIA Does When The Other Side Won’t Fight

    President Obama depicts the tyranny of a cold and calculating Putin who dares to pick of the shattered pieces of the faith and credibility of U.S. leadership and media reporting… and that just should not be.

    Lies they may be, but lies that must come from Americans’ own government – through the official channels for lying.

    It is the lying and misrepresentations of Vladimir Putin and Russia that must be rejected, because those our dangerous lies. Domestic lies are caring, nurturing, patriotic – and for the good of the many.

    Losing Hillary’s assumed and ‘deserved’ term at the Oval Office is just the beginning of the injustice. Soon, other Soros puppets won’t be believed either, and what about the plans for war?

    It is as if the hot air and noxious gases of the last eight years of foreign policy were supposed to intoxicate everyone into pretending that they don’t see all the naked corruption, overreach and abuses.

    That this is normal, and that lies are our staple diet, our chief export and our greatest achievement. But from our enemies – unacceptable.

    Just take Obama’s word for it.

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      1. Obama Worried Americans Trust Putin More Than U.S. Gov.
        You damn straight!!!! That POS POTUS I wouldn’t trust if he told me the sun came up in the east.

        Remember You can keep your own Doctor???
        Save $2,500.00 a year.
        I could go on and on, but I’m not going to.
        Yeas I trust Putin more that Obullshit.


        • Shalu Shalom Yerushalayim, Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem! Trekker Out.

          • “Obama Worried Americans Trust Putin More Than U.S. Gov”

            Obama Worried Americans Trust Putin More Than Obama, there I fixed it for you.

            • i trust putin anyday than that ignorant obama….this moron obama want to start a nuke ww3 war with russia and china…..all for clinton…..the people are pissed….watch out obama….they will hunt you down like a dog if we go to a nuke war with russis…watch

            • “In Putin We Trust”

              • In ‘anyone but the shoeshine boy and his minions’ do I trust. LOL!

            • I tell you people this…I trust President Vladimir Putin a heck of a lot more than I do that Muslim president we have! Obama is a coward and Obama is worthless! Obama isn’t nothing but a terrorist too the American people!

          • Get the murderous squatters out of Palestine forever, and stop shooting their children for sport. Then you may have peace. Kapish!?!

          • I do not trust the US gov or the ruskies. Only a fool trusts either.

        • No Putin is NOT on our team. Eight years of Obola has PROVEN that he is not on our team either. 🙂

        • Hey Sarge…old cop to old cop, will see if this fits”

          DNC Russian Hackers Found!

          You Won’t Believe Who They Work For
          By the Anonymous Patriots
          SOTN Exclusive
          Russians did not hack the DNC system, a Russian named Dmitri Alperovitch is the hacker and he works for President Obama. In the last five years the Obama administration has turned exclusively to one Russian to solve every major cyber-attack in America, whether the attack was on the U. S. government or a corporation. Only one “super-hero cyber-warrior” seems to “have the codes” to figure out “if” a system was hacked and by “whom.”
          Dmitri’s company, CrowdStrike has been called in by Obama to solve mysterious attacks on many high level government agencies and American corporations, including: German Bundestag, Democratic National Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the White House, the State Department, SONY, and many others.
          CrowdStrike’s philosophy is: “You don’t have a malware problem; you have an adversary problem.”
          CrowdStrike has played a critical role in the development of America’s cyber-defense policy. Dmitri Alperovitch and George Kurtz, a former head of the FBI cyberwarfare unit founded CrowdStrike. Shawn Henry, former executive assistant director at the FBI is now CrowdStrike’s president of services. The company is crawling with former U. S. intelligence agents.
          Before Alperovitch founded CrowdStrike in 2011, he was working in Atlanta as the chief threat officer at the antivirus software firm McAfee, owned by Intel (a DARPA company). During that time, he “discovered” the Chinese had compromised at least seventy-one companies and organizations, including thirteen defense contractors, three electronics firms, and the International Olympic Committee. He was the only person to notice the biggest cyberattack in history! Nothing suspicious about that.
          Alperovitch and the DNC
          After CrowdStrike was hired as an independent “vendor” by the DNC to investigate a possible cyberattack on their system, Alperovitch sent the DNC a proprietary software package called Falcon that monitors the networks of its clients in real time. According to Alperovitch, Falcon “lit up,” within ten seconds of being installed at the DNC. Alperovitch had his “proof” in TEN SECONDS that Russia was in the network. This “alleged” evidence of Russian hacking has yet to be shared with anyone.
          As Donald Trump has pointed out, the FBI, the agency that should have been immediately involved in hacking that effects “National Security,” has yet to even examine the DNC system to begin an investigation. Instead, the FBI and 16 other U. S. “intelligence” agencies simply “agree” with Obama’s most trusted “cyberwarfare” expert Dmitri Alperovitch’s “TEN SECOND” assessment that produced no evidence to support the claim.
          Also remember that it is only Alperovitch and CrowdStrike that claim to have evidence that it was Russian hackers. In fact, only two hackers were found to have been in the system and were both identified by Alperovitch as Russian FSB (CIA) and the Russian GRU (DoD). It is only Alperovitch who claims that he knows that it is Putin behind these two hackers.
          Alperovitch failed to mention in his conclusive “TEN SECOND” assessment that Guccifer 2.0 had already hacked the DNC and made available to the public the documents he hacked – before Alperovitch did his ten second assessment. Alperovitch reported that no other hackers were found, ignoring the fact that Guccifer 2.0 had already hacked and released DNC documents to the public. Alperovitch’s assessment also goes directly against Julian Assange’s repeated statements that the DNC leaks did not come from the Russians.
          The ridiculously fake cyber-attack assessment done by Alperovitch and CrowdStrike naïvely flies in the face of the fact that a DNC insider admitted that he had released the DNC documents. Julian Assange implied in an interview that the murdered Democratic National Committee staffer, Seth Rich, was the source of a trove of damaging emails the website posted just days before the party’s convention. Seth was on his way to testify about the DNC leaks to the FBI when he was shot dead in the street.
          It is also absurd to hear Alperovitch state that the Russian FSB (equivalent to the CIA) had been monitoring the DNC site for over a year and had done nothing. No attack, no theft, and no harm was done to the system by this “false-flag cyber-attack” on the DNC – or at least, Alperovitch “reported” there was an attack. The second hacker, the supposed Russian military (GRU – like the U. S. DoD) hacker, had just entered the system two weeks before and also had done “nothing” but observe.
          It is only Alperovitch’s word that reports that the Russian FSB was “looking for files on Donald Trump.” It is only this false claim that spuriously ties Trump to the “alleged” attack. It is also only Alperovitch who believes that this hack that was supposedly “looking for Trump files” was an attempt to “influence” the election. No files were found about Trump by the second hacker, as we know from Wikileaks and Guccifer 2.0’s leaks. To confabulate that “Russian’s hacked the DNC to influence the elections” is the claim of one well-known Russian spy. Then, 17 U. S. intelligence agencies unanimously confirm that Alperovitch is correct – even though there is no evidence and no investigation was ever conducted.
          How does Dmitri Alperovitch have such power? Why did Obama again and again use Alperovitch’s company, CrowdStrike, when they have miserably failed to stop further cyber-attacks on the systems they were hired to protect? Why should anyone believe CrowdStrikes false-flag report?
          After documents from the DNC continued to leak, and Guccifer 2.0 and Wikileaks made CrowdStrike’s report look foolish, Alperovitch decided the situation was far worse than he had reported. He single-handedly concluded that the Russians were conducting an “influence operation” to help win the election for Trump. This false assertion had absolutely no evidence to back it up.
          On July 22, three days before the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, WikiLeaks dumped a massive cache of emails that had been “stolen” (not hacked) from the DNC. Reporters soon found emails suggesting that the DNC leadership had favored Hillary Clinton in her primary race against Bernie Sanders, which led Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC chair, along with three other officials, to resign.
          Just days later, it was discovered that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) had been hacked. CrowdStrike was called in again and once again, Alperovitch immediately “believed” that Russia was responsible. A lawyer for the DCCC gave Alperovitch permission to confirm the leak and to name Russia as the suspected author. Two weeks later, files from the DCCC began to appear on Guccifer 2.0’s website. This time Guccifer released information about Democratic congressional candidates who were running close races in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. On August 12, Guccifer went further, publishing a spreadsheet that included the personal email addresses and phone numbers of nearly two hundred Democratic members of Congress.
          Once again, Guccifer 2.0 proved Alperovitch and CrowdStrike’s claims to be grossly incorrect about the hack originating from Russia, with Putin masterminding it all. Nancy Pelosi offered members of Congress Alperovitch’s suggestion of installing Falcon, the system that failed to stop cyberattacks at the DNC, on all congressional laptops.
          Key Point: Once Falcon was installed on the computers of members of the U. S. Congress, CrowdStrike had even further full access into U. S. government accounts.
          Alperovitch’s “Unbelievable” History
          Dmitri was born in 1980 in Moscow where his father, Michael, was a nuclear physicist, (so Dmitri claims). Dmitri’s father was supposedly involved at the highest levels of Russian nuclear science. He also claims that his father taught him to write code as a child.
          In 1990, his father was sent to Maryland as part of a nuclear-safety training program for scientists. In 1994, Michael Alperovitch was granted a visa to Canada, and a year later the family moved to Chattanooga, where Michael took a job with the Tennessee Valley Authority.
          While Dmitri Alperovitch was still in high school, he and his father started an encryption-technology business. Dmitri studied computer science at Georgia Tech and went on to work at an antispam software firm. It was at this time that he realized that cyber-defense was more about psychology than it was about technology. A very odd thing to conclude.
          Dmitri Alperovitch posed as a “Russian gangster” on spam discussion forums which brought his illegal activity to the attention of the FBI – as a criminal. In 2005, Dmitri flew to Pittsburgh to meet an FBI agent named Keith Mularski, who had been asked to lead an undercover operation against a vast Russian credit-card-theft syndicate. Alperovitch worked closely with Mularski’s sting operation which took two years, but it ultimately brought about fifty-six arrests. Dmitri Alperovitch then became a pawn of the FBI and CIA.
          In 2010, while he was at McAfee, the head of cybersecurity at Google told Dmitri that Gmail accounts belonging to human-rights activists in China had been breached. Google suspected the Chinese government. Alperovitch found that the breach was unprecedented in scale; it affected more than a dozen of McAfee’s clients and involved the Chinese government. Three days after his supposed discovery, Alperovitch was on a plane to Washington where he had been asked to vet a paragraph in a speech by the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.
          2014, Sony called in CrowdStrike to investigate a breach of its network. Alperovitch needed just “two hours” to identify North Korea as the adversary. Executives at Sony asked Alperovitch to go public with the information immediately, but it took the FBI another three weeks before it confirmed the attribution.
          Alperovitch then developed a list of “usual suspects” who were well-known hackers who had identifiable malware that they commonly used. Many people use the same malware and Alperovitch’s obsession with believing he has the only accurate list of hackers in the world is plain idiocy exacerbated by the U. S. government’s belief in his nonsense. Alperovitch even speaks like a “nut-case” in his personal Twitters, which generally have absolutely no references to the technology he is supposedly the best at in the entire world.
          Dmitri – Front Man for His Father’s Russian Espionage Mission
          After taking a close look at the disinformation around Dmitri and his father, it is clear to see that Michael Alperovitch became a CIA operative during his first visit to America. Upon his return to Russia, he stole the best Russian encryption codes that were used to protect the top-secret work of nuclear physics in which his father is alleged to have been a major player. Upon surrendering the codes to the CIA when he returned to Canada, the CIA made it possible for a Russian nuclear scientist to become an American citizen overnight and gain a top-secret security clearance to work at the Oakridge plant, one of the most secure and protected nuclear facilities in America. Only the CIA can transform a Russian into an American with a top-secret clearance overnight.
          We can see on Michael Alperovitch’s Linked In page that he went from one fantastically top-secret job to the next without a break from the time he entered America. He seemed to be on a career path to work in every major U. S. agency in America. In every job he was hired as the top expert in the field and the leader of the company. All of these jobs after the first one were in cryptology, not nuclear physics. As a matter of fact, Michael became the top expert in America overnight and has stayed the top expert to this day.
          Most of the work of cyber-security is creating secure interactions on a non-secure system like the Internet. The cryptologist who assigns the encryption codes controls the system from that point on.
          Key Point: Cryptologists are well known for leaving a “back-door” in the base-code so that they can always have over-riding control.
          Michael Alperovitch essentially has the “codes” for all Department of Defense sites, the Treasury, the State Department, cell-phones, satellites, and public media. There is hardly any powerful agency or company that he has not written the “codes” for. One might ask, why do American companies and the U. S. government use his particular codes? What are so special about Michael’s codes?
          Stolen Russian Codes
          In December, Obama ordered the U. S. military to conduct cyberattacks against Russia in retaliation for the alleged DNC hacks. All of the attempts to attack Russia’s military and intelligence agencies failed miserably. Russia laughed at Obama’s attempts to hack their systems. Even the Russian companies targeted by the attacks were not harmed by Obama’s cyber-attacks. Hardly any news of these massive and embarrassing failed cyber-attacks were reported by the Main Stream Media. The internet has been scrubbed clean of the reports that said Russia’s cyber-defenses were impenetrable due to the sophistication of their encryption codes.
          Michael Alperovitch was in possession of those impenetrable codes when he was a top scientist in Russia. It was these very codes that he shared with the CIA on his first trip to America. These codes got him spirited into America and “turned into” the best cryptologist in the world. Michael is simply using the effective codes of Russia to design his codes for the many systems he has created in America for the CIA.
          KEY POINT: It is crucial to understand at this junction that the CIA is not solely working for America. The CIA works for itself and there are three branches to the CIA – two of which are hostile to American national interests and support globalism.
          Michael and Dmitri Alperovitch work for the CIA (and international intelligence corporations) who support globalism. They, and the globalists for whom they work, are not friends of America or Russia. It is highly likely that the criminal activities of Dmitri, which were supported and sponsored by the FBI, created the very hackers who he often claims are responsible for cyberattacks. None of these supposed “attackers” have ever been found or arrested; they simply exist in the files of CrowdStrike and are used as the “usual culprits” when the FBI or CIA calls in Dmitri to give the one and only opinion that counts. Only Dmitri’s “suspicions” are offered as evidence and yet 17 U.S. intelligence agencies stand behind the CrowdStrike report and Dmitri’s suspicions.
          Michael Alperovitch – Russian Spy with the Crypto-Keys
          Essentially, Michael Alperovitch flies under the false-flag of being a cryptologist who works with PKI. A public key infrastructure (PKI) is a system for the creation, storage, and distribution of digital certificates which are used to verify that a particular public key belongs to a certain entity. The PKI creates digital certificates which map public keys to entities, securely stores these certificates in a central repository and revokes them if needed. Public key cryptography is a cryptographic technique that enables entities to securely communicate on an insecure public network (the Internet), and reliably verify the identity of an entity via digital signatures. Digital signatures use Certificate Authorities to digitally sign and publish the public key bound to a given user. This is done using the CIA’s own private key, so that trust in the user key relies on one’s trust in the validity of the CIA’s key. Michael Alperovitch is considered to be the number one expert in America on PKI and essentially controls the market.
          Michael’s past is clouded in confusion and lies. Dmitri states that his father was a nuclear physicist and that he came to America the first time in a nuclear based shared program between America and Russia. But if we look at his current personal Linked In page, Michael claims he has a Master Degree in Applied Mathematics from Gorky State University. From 1932 to 1956, its name was State University of Gorky. Now it is known as Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod – National Research University (UNN), also known as Lobachevsky University. Does Michael not even know the name of the University he graduated from? And when does a person with a Masters Degree become a leading nuclear physicist who comes to “visit” America. In Michael’s Linked In page there is a long list of his skills and there is no mention of nuclear physics.
          Also on Michael Alperovitch’s Linked In page we find some of his illustrious history that paints a picture of either the most brilliant mind in computer security, encryption, and cyberwarfare, or a CIA/FBI backed Russian spy. Imagine that out of all the people in the world to put in charge of the encryption keys for the Department of Defense, the U. S. Treasury, U. S. military satellites, the flow of network news, cell phone encryption, the Pathfire (media control) Program, the Defense Information Systems Agency, the Global Information Grid, and TriCipher Armored Credential System among many others, the government hires a Russian spy. Go figure.
          Michael Alperovitch’s Linked In Page
          Gorky State University, Russia, MS in Applied Mathematics
          Work History:
          Sr. Security Architect
          VT IDirect -2014 – Designing security architecture for satellite communications including cryptographic protocols, authentication.
          Principal SME (Contractor)
          DISA-Defense Information Systems Agency (Manager of the Global Information Grid) – 2012-2014 – Worked on PKI and identity management projects for DISA utilizing Elliptic Curve Cryptography. Performed application security and penetration testing.
          Technical Lead (Contractor)
          U.S. Department of the Treasury – 2011 – Designed enterprise validation service architecture for PKI certificate credentials with Single Sign On authentication.
          Principal Software Engineer
          Comtech Mobile Datacom – 2007-2010 – Subject matter expert on latest information security practices, including authentication, encryption and key management.
          Sr. Software Engineer
          TriCipher – 2006-2007 – Designed and developed security architecture for TriCipher Armored Credential Authentication System.
          Lead Software Engineer
          BellSouth – 2003-2006 – Designed and built server-side Jabber-based messaging platform with Single Sign On authentication.
          Principal Software Research Engineer
          Pathfire – 2001-2002 – Designed and developed Digital Rights Management Server for Video on Demand and content distribution applications. Pathfire provides digital media distribution and management solutions to the television, media, and entertainment industries. The company offers Digital Media Gateway, a digital IP store-and-forward platform, delivering news stories, syndicated programming, advertising spots, and video news releases to broadcasters. It provides solutions for content providers and broadcasters, as well as station solutions.
          Obama – No Friend of America
          Obama is no friend of America in the war against cyber-attacks. The very agencies and departments being defended by Michael Alperovitch’s “singular and most brilliant” ability to write encryption codes have all been successfully attacked and compromised since Michael set up the codes. But we shouldn’t worry, because if there is a cyberattack in the Obama administration, Michael’s son Dmitri is called in to “prove” that it isn’t the fault of his father’s codes. It was the “damn Russians”, or even “Putin himself” who attacked American networks.
          Not one of the 17 U. S. intelligence agencies is capable of figuring out a successful cyberattack against America without Michael and Dmitri’s help. Those same 17 U. S. intelligence agencies were not able to effectively launch a successful cyberattack against Russia. It seems like the Russian’s have strong codes and America has weak codes. We can thank Michael and Dmitri Alperovitch for that.
          It is clear that there was no DNC hack beyond Guccifer 2.0. Dmitri Alperovitch is a “frontman” for his father’s encryption espionage mission.
          Is it any wonder that Trump says that he has “his own people” to deliver his intelligence to him that is outside of the infiltrated U. S. government intelligence agencies and the Obama administration? Isn’t any wonder that citizens have to go anywhere BUT the MSM to find real news or that the new administration has to go to independent news to get good intel?
          It is hard to say anything more damnable than to again quote Dmitri on these very issues:
          “If someone steals your keys to encrypt the data, it doesn’t matter how secure the algorithms are.” Dmitri Alperovitch, founder of CrowdStrike
          Originally posted at: http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=62536
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          U.S. WAR CRIMES IN SYRIA: The True Reason For So Much Russia Bashing
          DNC Russian Hackers Found! | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

          END QUOTE

        • Sgt. Dale,
          HELL yes, Russians built LOTS of bunkers for the public, our government built NONE for us!! and you can never totally trust any government, but i would trust Putin over obutthead ANY DAY!!

          • Putin even looks out for American ambassadors and their kids:

            No Expulsion for American Diplomats; Putin Invites Their Kids to a Kremlin Holiday Party

            Putin has the decency to take the high road, even while the obnoxious petty little Kenyan is trying to goad him into WWIII

            Putin: “It is unfortunate that the Obama administration finishes its work in this manner, but, nevertheless, I wish him and his family members a Happy New year, – reads the statement of the head of state. – Happy New Year to the President elect Trump and the American people!

        • yes we have more trust in putin than obama ,cnn nbc,

        • Darn Straight.
          I trust Putin more that I ever trusted Osama.
          I know that Putin works for the best interest of Russia (and possibly for the interest of Mankind ? – but –
          I know that Osama works for his best interests and not much else.

      2. “Our”? As in globalist secular anti-Christian?
        V.s. Putin which is a Christian Nationalist.
        Trump is close to a Christian nationalist (America, not Russia), but I can see how Putin is on his nation’s version of the USA Deplorables.
        Putin’s Russia is better than Obama’s Globamerica.

        • TZ
          Very well stated!
          Putin’s Russia is better than Obama’s Globamerica.

          • I dunno guys and gals,

            Most of us on here can remember the old Soviet Russia.

            Leave us not forget that.

            The old bear just been hiding in the woods.

            • When I go into the woods I know to keep a sharp lookout for bears, lions and tigers – Oh My!
              Oh ya – AND – Osama

          • I dunno guys and gals,

            Most of us on here can remember the old Soviet Russia.

            Leave us not forget that.

            The old bear just been hiding in the woods.

            • You’ve got that right. I’m 65 and grew up during the cold war. I spent my entire adult life in defense of this country and don’t trust Russia or putin. This is the one thing that currentl worries me most. Too many Americans think we can get along with putin and that he is our friend.

              • People are trained to think in black & white. Good & bad. The reality is that yeah, Russia is no good. They are ruthless and cunning and have zero respect for human rights.


                The same goes for the US government. They respect nothing but corporate interests and the interests of the elite. Now, thanks to the Internet the public can see exactly what’s been going on and there are no more secrets.

                The hilarious part about the Russian “hacking” story is that the accusation is that Putin released *real* emails to the *media*. Think about the absurdity of that situation. We’re not talking about “fake news” or “propaganda”. We’re talking about actual emails being released to the media.

                These emails made the powers-that-be look bad. And so the powers-that-be are now shooting the messenger instead of taking the blame themselves.

                There are no good guys. Putin’s evil. The US government is evil.

                Where do we go from here?

      3. Obama Worried Americans Trust Putin More Than U.S. Gov

        Finally … “shoeshine boy Obama” said a truthful statement!

        Took him almost 8 years to do it … but I guess it’s better late than never I suppose.

        • obola is a muslim why would any one trust a muslim?

      4. Yes, eleven days left. And the most dangerous eleven days in the history of the Republic. They know the time is short, and these traitors are about to go all-in. I expect something horrible (false flag or real) to happen soon.!!!

      5. FTW, I trust Putin before I’ll ever trust that shoeshine boy or anyone else in DC. BTW, RT and Sputnik are 2 good sources for news.

      6. Eat shît mongrel obama

        KEK Bless Emperor God King Trump

      7. What do you all think will go down on the 20th inauguration day?? I read where the coalition for legalization of cannibus is giving away 4200 joints out side to all the protesters so we gonna have a buch of high lgbt freaks along with a bunch of black lives matter protestors and dont forget the million femma nazi marchers this could be a good show

        • 4200 joints to bring out even the laziest of proud Obola’s street apes, courtesy of Soros.

        • “G.S.”
          I don’t think anything will happen. Yes there will be some protest, and marches but they won’t get their way.
          Trump will be the Prez.

          What I would like to see is the Scum burn down their shit and homes, and their Booze stores. Then get into a all out fight with the Bikers and the Cops. Like to see a lot of Rubber bullets used, and Pepper sprays, paint ball guns with pepper spray in them. Then bring in the End loads and pick up the Scum that are laying in the street. Take the Scum to the steps of Congress with a sign on them stating. “If you don’t stop Fucking with all of the American Patriots you are next”!!!

          One could only hope and dream!!!


          • Sgt. Dale –

            Cops need to go “old school” on such disrupters … as in –

            Paddy Wagons
            Billy Clubs
            Water Hoses
            German Shepards

            Law & Order needs to be re-established into todays society.

          • Sarge, that would make one helluva show. Oh, that reminds me, need to get some more popcorn. LOL!

        • Ultimately, I think – just like the fascist left media did a few months ago – they will marginalize themselves with Main St. America. And that is a very good thing. Next they will have Islamofascist Keith Ellison leading the House, and fake Indian Pocahontas the Senate. Yes, a big % of leftist pinheads will be all over this like a cheap suit, but long story short, the left is marginalizing itself out of existence.

          Good riddance.

      8. so he’s had a revelation eh?
        he is telling me he realizes hes a huge POS if Putin is above him in trust

        hes had a revelation , as some of us get ready for the revolution

      9. Don.t trust Putin and trust the globalist fools like Obama less. My enemies, enemy is my friend

      10. Putin got it right about Obama.

        He is like a pigeon that lands on a chessboard. Struts around knocking over the pieces. Then shits all over the place and expect others to clean up his mess as he flies away.

        Obama had a chance to do something great but squandered it. His legacy is a joke and will be known as one of the most inept presidents who divided the nation by thinking more of his image than what was good for the country.

        Like he was a Great Black Washington or something.

        • How can he do anything great when he’s always on vacation, or golfing. Obama is the most worthless POS POTUS in history.

          January 20, 2017 = 1776 v2.0, a new Independence Day

          • You forgot Obama getting repeatedly anal-raped my Michelle … oops … I mean Michael.

      11. I felt strongly that I had to take action when Putin was accused of influencing our election by publishing Hillary’s emails. So I sent him a Thank You card!

      12. Hmm, Ocriminal is the chief liar and criminal in the USA, never has told the truth, got the Legislative branch to allow propaganda in 2013 so the government could control MSM even more and use lies and deceit to influence the minds of the Sheeple thereby give more votes to a absolutely dishonorable and treasonous hilary clintonista. The roles of the US and Russia under this illegal Administration have reversed 180 Degrees since the Days of the USA being the shining light of freedom on the hill. I am still praying we have no additional wars before the illegal alien leaves office. THEN Bring charges against most of those in DC. LET FREEDOM RING and kick out marxist socialists out of our country before they destroy it.

      13. Anon, I was thinking more like GREAT BLACK MUSLIM TRASH myself. LOL!

      14. The public understands that Putin is looking out for Russia and not having hostilities benefits peoples. The US public just wonders if the US government, in application, is looking out for them or for special globalist economic interests. NAFTA, China Free Trade, deregulating the financial sector, wars under false if not outright fraudulent reason, arming terrorists to overthrow nations for global business tend to add reason for the distrust. The election of Donald Trump is indicative of this.

        Rank is something you wear. Respect is something you earn.

      15. guy allegedly shoots up an airport kills 5 and isn’t shot to death

        guy sells lose cigarettes on the street and is choked to death

        uhhuh .. right

        this is just one example .. there are many

        • I read that after the Ex AK Nat Guard dope in Ft Lauderdale emptied his pistol, he layed the gun down on the floor, and he too layed spread eagle, not even putting up a fight. That is why he was not shot. The airport was shut down most of the day, because they thought there were multiple shooters and they were looking for a 2nd suspect.

      16. Putin refuses to take the bait. He plays chess while the CIA plays Pokémon Go. He is not a war criminal like the last few “leaders of the free world” are. He is a nationalist and not a globalist like the ones who populate the District of Columbia. McCain said, on the Sunday shows, that Putin was threatening the New World Order that was established after WWII.

        Those from inside the beltway don’t care about the people. They have an agenda of world domination.

        And “protesting” won’t do shit to change their course. On Feb.13, 2003, 12 to 14 million people took to the streets worldwide to protest the invasion of Iraq. No one in DC cared.

        Other means are necessary.

        • I wouldn’t go as far as saying Putin isn’t a Globalist. Putin is anti-western (American) Globalist. If it were Russian centric, I think he would be OK with it. Bottom line though is that Russia isn’t as meddlesome or aggressive as the U.S. on the world stage. So yes I like Putin, because he apposes the current Globalists.

      17. Why trust either one? The Government has a lot of people whose truthfulness varies. You can’t trust the official line because they are apt to lie to you if they think it is for your own good…sometimes.

      18. If I was to match up Obama on the same level with another person. I would say he was about as effective as Billy Carter. But Billy was good REDNECK, while Obama sucked as a PRESIDENT.

      19. Do I trust Putin more than Obama. Yes.
        Actually I RESPECT Putin more than Obama.
        Putin loves his country and shows it in what he does for his country.
        Obama respects nothing American and shows it in what he does for his country.
        Would I want Putin in charge of the US? No!
        Do I want Obama in charge of the US? HELL NO!

      20. Well, I sure don’t trust the marxist/socialist/communist that’s thankfully leaving the White House on the 20th.
        I respect the fact that Putin didn’t expel our diplomats in a tit-for-tat when nobama threw his little temper tantrum. (What a pussy)The world is laughing at nobama, and, like the rest of us, can’t wait until he is just a sour footnote in history.
        Good Riddance.

      21. I suspect that all the broohaha around the alleged Russian Hacking is another lame attempt by the Primary Perfidious Prick to “get ahead” of the story that would expose him and his ilk as Putin Stooges a la the TV Series “The Americans”. Using a Chi Square statistical analysis of outcomes examining the hypothesis Was Obama incompetent or were his actions destructive to America by design, one would reject incompetence (modeled as a random walk) with a high degree of confidence. I only hope once vomitted out of power, folks will continue to investigate the Obama phenomenon and see if his “handlers” allow him to survive the scrutiny.

      22. Obama is the worst president the USA ever had! As a lame duck he has pulled every sneaky attack against America that he could! He should NEVER have been elected president of the USA. Maybe Kenya would have been a better place to plunder!

        • David I agree that Obama is one of the worst Presidents America has ever had. But those that write history will record how great he was just because he is black, which is very sad. America could have had a good black President if Herman Cain or Ben Carson had been elected but most blacks would never vote for them because they have to high of Standards. If your black and have high standards then your known as a Uncle Tom. A Conservative Black Man will never get elected. Trekker Out.

          • Agree: real, strong, smart black men like Ben Carson get a very raw deal. They are decent, hardworking and have values yet both their own community and the political system just makes fun of that and worships gangsters and black losers and whiners.

          • I hope history will record the TRUTH about barack hussein soetoro/obama.

            He is not even half Black, so he is not the first Black man to occupy the office of POTUS. He is 50% Caucasian from his mother’s side, and from his father’s side 43.75% Arabic and only 6.25% African Negro.

            He tans well because of that DNA and the fact that he spends most of his time on the golf course.

            Time will also reveal that he was never eligible to be President of the USA. I would never use the esteemed title of ‘President’ with this name.

      23. I DO trust Putin / Trump / Pence more than the NWO govt.

      24. Pft. I would trust an Ouija board’s answers before any American intelligence agencies.

      25. Russia Today, I am afraid, has more accurate reporting than anything on the mainstream American news. There’s your problem. And they throw in the sexiest women in newscasting on any network as the cherry on the cake.

        Putin understood how to bring Obama down: he just looked at the total BS permeating the US and decided actually telling the truth was the most disruptive thing you could do. RT is the only channel to show the true impact of the Great Recession on ordinary people’s lives. It also called BS on the banking bail outs.

        But the best way to see how Russia is doing the right thing for its people is the beauty and health of its women. Compare that with the land whales in the US getting diabetes and cancer.

          • Putin wisely went for an upgrade. If you wake up and find you are married to a land whale, the best thing to do is divorce her. The world is full of beautiful women: ditch the whale and the nagger for a better woman. To be frank, I have seen what women get like if you do not exercise your right to live with beauty. I know of one guy who has accomplished so much with his life – family, professional success, kept himself fit and handsome – whose wife still nags him like he is a loser. If I was him, I would say no more and go get an Asian babe to make my last decades sexually healthy and happy.

      26. So like what happened to pizzagate and Hillary being arrested ? I am over here now…….

        Distracted again. Make sure to debate the distraction.
        We can make believe just like Mr Rogers Neighborhood.

      27. So like what happened to pizzagate and Hillary being arrested ? I am over here now…….

        Distracted again. Make sure to debate the distraction.
        We can make believe just like Mr Rogers Neighborhood.

      28. The best thing about it all is when Obama and Trump were sitting together and discussing the transition of the White House.

        You know damn well Obama was thinking how the hell did this son of a bit@h get elected. Trump was thinking Fuck you, Mr. President. I’m going to dismantle your legacy.

      29. I trust Putin more than I do Obama. But I wouldnt give you 2 cents for either one. Obama is the traiter within. The Saudie bought and paid for stooge. I hope the new administration leaks all of the treasonous things that they find.

      30. Communism in Russia was a J*w take over. It was not the “Russian Revolution” it was the “J*w Revolution” against the Russian people. The J*ws, don’t call themselves J*ws when they are murdering and robbing and raping. They trick you people by calling themselves, progressives, or Communists, but what they really are, are J*ws. The biggest lie is that they are a religion, not true. By their own assertion “We are a people, a race”.

        Putin keeps the J*ws from taking over Russia (again). Which is why they hate him. All this nonsense about Russia, Hacking, Putin; is nothing more than J*ws having a tantrum because they can not get their way.

        Russia is white. Russia is Christian. Russia has been raped, plundered, and millions (even the entire Russian Royal Family) murdered by insane J*ws. Putin stands up for his people, the Russian people. J*ws don’t like that. Too bad. So far, Putin is winning. The J*ws are smoldering with hate.

        These evil vile J*ws are the curse of mankind. My apologies to the decent J*ws. There are some. But your people have caused so much misery, so much war, so much corruption, so much stealing the wealth of people and Nations. Shame on you, J*ws. Shame. If there is ever to be peace in the world, J*ws must own up to their crimes, and make reparations. Instead of getting reparations, you, J*ws, should instead be paying your victims. But I give you credit for one thing, you sure know how to run a scam and not only get away with it, you end up getting everybody you’ve robbed to feel sorry for you.


        • B-

          You really need to lighten up on the Jewish people. You are aligning yourself with Muslim’s and NAZI’s…. I hope you realize that 90% of the people on this site disagree with you on Israel.

        • Good post B!

        • I am at a loss to understand you blaming the Jews for everything. You need to elaborate: what Jews and where?

        • The Russians where our allies during WWII. They lost a entire generation of young men in that war. Then as a reward our leaders demonized them. If you believe all the bad things that the government says about them. Then your brainwashing by the media, government and public education system worked. And many of us know who is behind all the misleading lies. You might never admit it but the j*** are the real root cause of our problems.

          • You may call the Russians our allies during WWII but it was only because they were fighting for there lives. If you think Stalin was an ally your as blind as FDR. Trekker Out

      31. Staggering. I could never have believed a few decades ago that Russia would provide just as much truth as the West. I don’t like Putin, but he is no worse than what we have here in Hilary, Valerie Jarrett, the Vampire Squid cronies, Obungler and his incessant vacations, the lying leftist media, etc. etc. etc.

        Truth is, we may be more communist than Russia is now. And communism ALWAYS lies in it’s anti-human satanic march to universal poverty, destruction and death.

      32. Is it possible that Obozo is trying to establish an insanity defense in case he is called to justice for all the treasonable acts he has committed.

      33. The intel community is probably pretty good…There is one case they really did superb and had a major, major impact. This was my experience…and I was on the tip of the spear.

        Having said that Obama controlled the intel and employed it in American politics: The real story should have been (if the Russians did it) the DNC was hacked and it exposed the manipulation of the Democratic party primaries. And, because of the DNC actions some Bernie supporters stayed home for the national elections. (Why didn’t Obama get mad at the DNC for cheating Bernie?)

        Anyway, “W” deceived us about the Iraq and the 9/11 conection (they had weapons of mass destruction when US left after DS) and Clinton was good at implementing “the tail wagging the dog”.

        Obama controlled the Intel dissemination – parsed it out in selected bits, when it served his purposes, and broaden it to the national election.

        These “Presidents” manipulated the Americans and used Intel as their crutch. It’s refreshing and relieving that Trump is not afraid to say it as it is.


      34. I would trust Putin over obama and his administration, which is why I voted for Trump!

      35. It is because of shit eaters like chairman Maobama That good Americans do not trust them…At least putin tells us what he is..a Communist, the liberal left wing in this country hasn’t admitted it yet.

      36. Me too, I trust Putin over Obummer any day of the week. I can’t wait until Obummer takes his tranny wife and fake kids, and moves out / gets out permanently.

      37. Our commander in theft sowed the seeds for this mindset I’ll guess. Lying steadily to everybody.
        Putin may be more “legal for his office” than the obominator, but I doubt more trustworthy.

      38. How can we trust the US government? All we have to do is look at the CIA and their history, and now the FBI has seemed to follow suit. Actions speak louder than words. That goes for our outgoing President too. Congress and Senate know we are watching you.

      39. Then this current president shouldn’t lie to the American people, then this would not happen. Simple as that !

      40. You’d better believe I trust Putin more than I trust the U.S. government!! I don’t trust Obama, the democrats, 98% of the RINO’s. Heck, I am about ready to request asylum in Russia!

      41. Have you noticed that Hillary and Bill are not in the news. So Wonderful not to hear their names. Now if only Obama would get out and shut the fuck up, it would almost be like heaven.

        • Anon it would be great if Hillary was never again mentioned on the MSM on this Site or any other place. Atleast until she is brought up on Charges and Tried for Her Crimes. Trekker Out

      42. If Putin walks into a meeting of world leaders, we all know exactly where Putin stands, we know he puts Russia first, keeping an eye on his own power and survival. Putin’s years of military and KGB service show he understands service and was willing to give his life for his nation. Putin worked hard to get to where he is.

        If Obama walks into a meeting of world leaders, we know that we the American people will likely be sold out, and first and foremost, Obama has himself first in mind, in every case. Obama had a free ride almost everywhere he went, mostly obtained by deceit and fraud.

      43. Anyone who’s willing to arrest G Soros gets my thumbs up.
        Vladimir Putin, protecting white Christian Russia from NWO Muslim invasion – yeah baby.

      44. Excellent posts, enjoyed reading – very true.

      45. Why does the ‘Jew’-ish-owned-and-operated Western MSM (Mainstream Media) ALWAYS DEMONIZE PUTIN? Because before he came to power, it was the West that put together a plan to ‘privatize’ Russia’s massive state industries. This plan eventually enabled a group of ‘COMMITTEE OF 300’ (Western) financiers to buy up previously-state-owned Russian factories and industries, mining, energy (such as GAZPROM and YUKOS gas and oil companies), gold, platinum mines, etc., for a mere pittance compared to their actual value. According to Dr. John Coleman, in his book: THE CONSPIRATOR’S HIERARCHY: THE COMMITTEE OF 300, 4th edition, revised and updated (2006), this ‘Gang of Eight’ (pg. 406) ‘who took possession of these priceless assets belonging to the Russian people became rich beyond the expectations of even their wildest speculation by ruthlessly stripping them and exporting the billions of dollars stolen to offshore banks. The Committee [of 300] hoped to severely impoverish Russia by stripping it blind of its natural resources.’ — pg. 406. But, Dr. Coleman continues, the Committee didn’t plan on PUTIN: ‘Immediately upon taking office, PUTIN set about dismantling the ‘Gang of Eight’. They were charged with serious crimes over a wide range of the Russian criminal code. Most fled the country. A prominent and public display of President Putin’s determination to stand up to the Committee of 300 was the return of GAZPROM and YUKOS to ownership of the Russian people. The robber barons involved with the Jeffrey Sachs-Wharton School of Economic Model were completely dismayed…’ — pg. 406, THE CONSPIRATOR’S HIERARCHY: THE COMMITTEE OF 300, 4th edition, revised and updated (2006), by Dr. John Coleman (Former MI6).

        So, basically, PUTIN ENFORCED THE RULE OF LAW IN RUSSIA, & returned key factories and industries to the ownership of the Russian people, and sent the PARASITES scurrying for their lives. THAT is why their ‘Jew’-ish counterparts in the West are pissed. Russia is a resource-rich country, and they would like to continue to RAPE RUSSIA AND ITS PEOPLE ~ THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This is also the problem they have with TRUMP ‘warming up’ to PUTIN.

      46. From:
        The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!
        Well no, they are not.

        Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and virtually the entire top of of the political establishment forever destroyed the “Two Party System” myth when they united with one voice to launch a bizarre and obviously coordinated campaign to demonize Vladimir Putin and Russia for “hacking” the Presidential election. Their unity made it clear that there is but one political party, the Washington Party, and it is completely controlled. No one believes it anymore. That is a real step toward restoring political power to the American people.

        They, not Putin or Russia, are the ones who have “interfered” in the politics of other countries with hideously bloody results. They are quite literally criminals, guilty of overthrowing governments, invading countries, and slaughtering hundreds of thousands of men, women and children from the Balkans through north Africa and the Middle East to the Ukraine. They have committed or are complicit in mass murder and crimes against humanity. They should long ago have been lawfully tried, convicted, and punished to the full extent of the law. That they have not yet been brought to account makes this one of the most dangerous times in human history.

        • Due to overwhelming evidence, the public is realizing that with little exception the US has engaged in military conflict not for the security of the American people, but rather the advancement and consolidation of globalist business / financial interests.

          “The trouble with America is that when the dollar only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets restless and goes overseas to get 100 percent. Then the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag”.
          USMC Major General 2X recipient of the Medal Of Honor Smedley Butler

      47. Nobody…not even the Russians, have been more dogged or more destructive to the USA and its “democracy” (sic ) than Barack Hussein Obama.

      48. “Trust” Hmmm. Something that can be bought, sold, eaten or stacked. It’s in short supply anyway, so never mind.

      49. This Friday night, Obama will give his farewell speech to the nation. I suspect he will have many parting shots and warnings against the New Administration. Along with self adorations to bolster a injured ego to justify his childish actions of revenge in his remaining days of his presidency. Still his name will not escape the trash heap of History.
        Of all the presidencies I have lived through, I have never encountered one with so much disdain for the American people. A presidency based on deceit instead of truth and the transformation of transparency into the opaque. An administration that used the words, Traitor, Terrorists, Unpatriotic, and Cowards to describe those who would not follow their agenda of subverting the Nation by the destruction of the Constitution.
        By their own words I accuse them for they have weakened the nation by failing to care for our nations welfare and a foreign policy that has made us look weak, creating contempt and distrust, in once allies and peaceful nations.

      50. The Washington Peace Center has a list of events planned for Trump’s Inauguration Day.

        Anyone seeing message traffic to this topic?

        I do not twitter of do facebook.

      51. r efusefascism.org

        link to some info to disrupt Trump’s day

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