Putin Warns: The Situation In North Korea Has “Seriously Deteriorated”

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Headline News | 55 comments

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    While it’s easy to dismiss the rhetoric of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as the ravings of a madman, world leaders appear to hold a different view.

    With President Trump having deployed a Naval strike fleet to South Korea, China mobilizing over a hundred thousand troops to the border and Russia following suit with a mobilization on their southern border with North Korea, it appears a conflict is imminent.

    Whether that comes in the form of a de-escalation should North Korea eliminate their weapons program, or all out war in the form of ICBM’s, Tomahawks and boots on the ground, a resolution to the problem will likely be seen in coming weeks and months.

    And while we hope that cooler heads will prevail, it appears, evidenced by statements from the Trump Administration, as well as Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, that war may be the most likely scenario:

    Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear program is deepening after the issue dominated talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Moscow.

    He and Abe believe the situation on the Korean peninsula has “seriously deteriorated,” Putin said Thursday after the Kremlin meeting. “We call on all states involved in the region’s affairs to refrain from military rhetoric and seek peaceful, constructive dialogue.”

    Source: Bloomberg

    Dialogue is certainly one approach, but if a video released by North Korea today is any indication of the kind of dialogue the rogue state wants to hold, then it’s time to prepare for war.

    Via Zero Hedge:

    The video was released just days after North Korea conducted large-scale artillery drills, showing off conventional weaponry that can easily reach South Korea’s capital, Seoul. It also comes one day after the entire Senate was gathered at the White House to receive a briefing from Trump’s top generals on the situation in North Korea. At the same time, the US sub, USS Michigan, which carries Tomahawk cruise missiles, docked in the South Korean port of Busan this week. The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, along with the destroyers and cruiser that make up its strike group, will arrive in the Korean Peninsula area this weekend.

    Should a war with North Korea be initiated it will likely be over fairly quickly, especially since the first order of business will be the elimination of Kim Jong Un by U.S. special forces and China appears to be backing President Trump with troop support on the border.

    The unknown in this scenario, however, is whether or not the North Koreans have nuclear capable war heads on their submarines, which could lead to a massive nuclear exchange with South Korea, Japan and the United States. Incidentally, submarine hunting aircraft and vessels were deployed off California’s coast just two weeks ago, with speculation mounting that they were looking for a North Korean sub.

    While their nuclear capabilities are limited and the country likely only has a handful of such weapons, it really only takes one and the entire world could be throw into panic.

    Perhaps even more alarming is that North Korea has sent two satellites into space, with some positing that they could hold EMP-capable nuclear weapons on board. Should such a device be detonated 200 miles over the central United States it could render our entire grid infrastructure useless. Researchers have theorized that such a scenario could lead to the deaths of 90% of Americans within one year due to starvation, disease, and civil conflict.

    Such scenarios throughout history have often been an event horizon of sorts – no one really knows what comes out the other side, which is why we urge our readers to prepare for the worst just in case.


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    The Threat is Real and Imminent: “Two North Korean Satellites Orbiting Over U.S. May Be Armed With Miniaturized Super-EMP Weapon”

    EMP Threat: ‘Within One Year 9 Out of 10 Americans Would Be Dead’


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      1. The situation at fucashima has seriously deteriorated? We need a coverup? sue the North Korean gov. Or the nuke industry? They pay or we pay? Take your pick?

        • Now that’s an interesting theory, isn’t it.

          If “they” nuke Japan… huh. Can you tell where all the radioactivity is coming from? I’m sure experts can but that’s easy to put a leash on…

          Interesting thought…

          • It’s easy to figure out the difference in radiation. Weapons have different fingerprint than a reactor.

        • “Dialogue is certainly one approach, but…”

          Well, I just saw on TV, Trump said that dialogue is certainly preferable but he realizes from the past that it is not going to work regarding N Korea. So, what does that mean? He (Trump) has given up hope regarding meaningful dialogue to solve the problem… so what is next?

          If I was Kim Jong un, I would assume the US is going to attack and I would strike first. Wouldn’t you?

          • He doesn’t have the capability to do it with nuclear weapons yet, but that intense push to develop them he is engaging in has been intended as a first strike intention since he started developing nukes. It isn’t something new as a result of anyone else or what they are doing, it is his original intent.

            Both NK and its ally Iran have both been declaring an intent to strike and destroy America and the West for years now and they are making the final push to carry that threat out.

            As soon as they get viable nukes and the means to deliver them, they will strike. That have declared that numerous times over the last few years.

        • I will tell you what I think is going to happen: North Korea will shoot an EMP over the US and we will have World War 3– the Russians, China and North Korea versus the US and its puppet states. In other words, death and destruction are on our doorsteps.

        • From Business Insider on the recent 9th missile test:

          “The missile was said to have failed by failing to reach the Sea of Japan, and instead, blew up over land. It was also estimated to have traveled for 25 miles in 15 minutes at an altitude of 44 miles.”

          Note that this missile was 44 miles high …. and likely within the range of the laser/particle beam cannon on the Space Plane in the vacuum of space.

          Yeah, that could have happened. 🙂

      2. OK… can’t we just give Mentally Il Kim the People’s Socialist Republik of Kalifornia and please go away?

        Wait… that won’t work. Sorry. Kalifornia would be too communist and too bankrupt for them… even Venezueala would be a darned sight better

        • Judicial Watch is the best group in the world. Thanks for posting this.

          Sorry, I can’t type. Venezuela, of course, was typed in wrong. Yet another in my long line of typos.

      3. Ok: Putin he lives next to you, and if he starts something you get all of his people running over your border.

        He keeps up the shit we will send in the Girl Scouts to kick his ass. Because he wont by any cookies.


        • Sarge, that fat dickhead would steal the cookies and…..only God knows what he would do with the girl scouts.

          • No, I know what he’d do with the girl scouts.

      4. NOT worried. But one should be prepared because should the grid go down, those who survive the first 90 days or so will come out “ok”. And we all should be prepared ALREADY.

        • Liberty556, I’m not so sure a ninety day period would be some time frame benchmark. It might just get worse beyond that. Most nuclear power plant cooling pumps might be out of back up diesel fuel to run those pumps causing the rods to overheat and……we become backyard Chernobyl. Plus we’ll be figthing each other, what army that might be left over, and those streaming across the border trying to fill the vacuum. Damn sure ain’t gonna be pretty.

          • Just found out that the cooling ponds of water are only about 15 to 20 feet above the rods and will begin to boil after only a couple of hours without water circulation. The Nuke plants are capable of self powering themselves but are by law required to shut down in case of emergency and cooling systems to be powered by power brought in externally, even if that means by other nuclear power plants. But if all plants are down, will they ignore the law? If one plant melts down the fallout could make it impossible to take care of other plants and it could cascade into a cluster circle.

      5. Kill em all and let God sort it out

      6. Bill Nye,s sex junk rap video. .?

      7. Submarine hunting aircraft have been deployed around our coast and in the sea lanes since 1941. As far as i know they have been searching for enemy subs ever since. I was a part of that search team in the 60’s and the Navy is still actively flying patrols every day keeping track of hostile subs.

        • Cee:

          Is it true that there is some type of facility about a mile long built on the ocean floor off the CAlifornia coast at Malibu ??


      8. NO SHIT !!!!

      9. Acts:16:31
        So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

      10. I took my supplemental iodine/iodide and ate a half ton of Brazil nuts for Selenium. I may die. But my thyroid will still be good to go.

        Taking water with Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and honey and/or molasses. Every day for two weeks I’ve been cutting up raw garlic and swallowing it down with the Vinegar drink. If there is trouble, I’ll do this to fight virus, bacteria, and parasites. It cured my chickens. I think it is making me healthier. I feel morally upright taking it on an empty stomach in the morning. So, it could be just the placebo effect. Anyway, it is said to cure a number of ailments. Fresh organic blueberries had an extraordinary effect. There is some magic in blueberries.


        • Please write down the dosage rates … thank you!

          • Ranger48:

            I make no suggestions for dosage, as that is a personal choice between you and your medical doctor or professional health care provider.

            Right now my pills are 12.5mg of 5mg. iodine and 7.5mg. Iodide. I took one every day but then tapered off to half a pill at half the above dose daily, then every other day or twice a week.

            The point being to saturate then maintain. I Hope that answers your question.


        • Well if you haven’t any more need for that thyroid I’ll barter for it.

      11. IN other words, Putin thinks he can sell more worthless military hardware to NK.

        • Sean says: “IN other words, Putin thinks he can sell more worthless military hardware to NK.”

          Spoken like a true ignorant.

      12. 70% of South Koreans want(ed) more diplomacy. Siccing the MIC DOGS wasn’t an escalation? In light of current, and past events, what exactly makes DPRK THE rogue state?

        • If you have to ask that, you won’t be able to understand the answer.

      13. All those “welcome illegal refugees” signs… I wonder how welcoming they will be when they realize that almost a quarter of a BILLION women have experienced female genital mutilation? Of course, after what the vile feminists did with all of Slick’s rapes, I guess nothing. And there was just a woman doctor arrested in Detroit (Muslim, of course) doing this despicable act.

        Here are a couple sources from left leaning sites about the subject if you want to ask your leftist neighbor to show some intellectual honesty … for once.


        And from the World Health Organization: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs241/en/

      14. If anyone really believes that Xi is on board with Trump on NK, they are seriously delusional.

        It is what the West and Trump want you to believe. It is part of the propaganda package to “help you” get on board, if it happens, a war with NK. Try reading Chinese English language news sites (and Russian). Xi is a cool customer, unlike our U.S.A. Bigly “God-Emperor” Trump.

        And relations between China and Russia couldn’t be much better.

        And LMAO about SEAL’s infiltrating NK and assassinating out Kim. You can be assured that any full-on conflict with NK will be a disaster, especially for SK.

        • SK who?

      15. Should American commence any Military Action against NK, be assured sleeper cells in America would be activated, and Biological Agents the nasty type would start being added to water supplies, air ducts in subway systems, airports train stations, shopping malls, and any location populated by crowds.

        NK does not believe in any Rules of War, it would be total War.

        People can get along with each other, isn’t time we elected leaders who can understand this.

        Did 25+ Yrs in Green/Black, until I opened my eyes now I wear Saffron Robes.

        Go in peace and remember “Every stranger is just a friend you have never met”

      16. NEWSFLASH: The situation in the United States has deteriorated rapidly too….

        • NJ we still got a long way to fall.

      17. The only real bad-guy here is Trump. He launched an unprovoked attack on Syria and now he’s rattling sabers at NK. Notice that I did not say NK were angels. NK was/is simply reacting to what he perceives is the threat.

        If I were NK, I’d launch a preemptive strike. In the first few minutes, I’d take down the docked USS Michigan, the carrier groups, SK Thaad and every unfriendly satellite from horizon to horizon.

        While it’s true that NK probably would not survive, it’s entirely possible that they could collapse the US empire in a single day. The world will never be safe or free until the US empire is gone.

        • Jess

          Have you bothered to consider, NK is part of the Elites plan to de-legitimize DJT and maintain the status pre-quo; The Marxist Takeover!

          I challenge you to locate elsewhere and post on this site DJT’s accomplishments since elected. There are quite a few that are excellent. I know what they are and where to locate them.
          So put up or shut up! Quit watching MSM we don’t swallow the swill here!

          I surmise based upon your statement that you preferred HILLARY?

          • We would already be in a war if Killery attained the White House — she openly campaigned on it. Trump campaigned on stopping Washington’s worldwide rape, pillage and plunder. He also said NATO was no longer useful.

            He did not go for a straight repeal of Obamacare and instead tried to implement some garbage system. Government has no legitimate function in healthcare.

            He is still allowing UNVETTED muslims into the US and whistleblowers are talking:



            Plus he flipflops at every turn.

            Let’s face it — he’s been turned to the darkside. Probably blackmail for some of his joyrides on the lolita express. I would support removing this jacka$$ from the White House.

            As the federal political machine is completely corrupt, the only real solution is to shut the damn thing down.

          • Seriously interesting that you refuse to print my counterpoint to CharlieBrown. I guess you can’t tolerate the heat for your presidental puppet?

      18. @ Curtis

        Where do you get such valuable intel… you must have access to Russian and Chinese top secret meetings or have personal relationships with those 2….

        ….OR are you just full of shit ??

      19. North Korea will not voluntarily give up its nuclear program. They are nothing without it; they are not much with it. It is a sad testimony to what humanity is capable of. In the face of so much of its population in economic misery,they are wasting so many resources.

      20. Back peddling on drain the swamp, war in Syria, build a wall, Obama care, and now NAFTA. Why would anyone believe Trump? Why would anyone think he is not a Globalist Elite? Why would anyone want to fight a war under his command? Putin has some good points, but yet is another lying SOB. Your destruction is being planned in earnest. Pray for God’s protection.

      21. FUCK YOU PUTIN.


        Your Russian agent, and chi-com female soldier that showed up on my in Copperfield and FM 529/Hwy 6 area, video taping me and photo graphing me and the fact that my friends that were with me at the time, noticed your agent. And let you know you piece of shit, I reported it to my agent here in Texas.

        Putin, your ass has been put on notice, so don’t try to bullshit the American populous that you are fighting the NWO, fuck you Putin. You are sponsor of terrorism and when your people talk up against you tyranny in Russia, you have them executed and murdered. FUCK OFF PUTIN. I hope Trump has his generals bomb the fuck our your asses, along with your chi-com buddies, once the window is available.

        Russians beating up people on subways:

        Gee how brave. How may Russians does it take to beat me up, One, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6..more? Your fucking spetsnatz curved tail and jumped into his car and left the scene. Must have been your fist meeting eh Russian. fire on us and see what happens next.



        Fuck china, fuck Russian, fuck putin and your little fat Korean 3 1/2 inch dick buddy.

      22. The South Korean pacifists will blame Trump and the US when this conflict starts.
        How many years have they had to take back their country? They sat idle and did nothing
        for decades. Like the problem would fix itself. When Seoul is bombarded they will blame
        the US for provoking their northern cousins. Doubtful they will send any troops north of
        DMZ to take back the peninsula. They want the USA to do everything for them. More
        American blood will be shed for the same people that do not want us over there to protect
        their sorry asses. Same goes for the Okinawans and the Japanese. Pull out of Asia. Pull out
        of everytwhere. Let them sink or swim. Only the strong survive. Asking Americans to die
        for South Korea is asking too much. If you disagree then send your kids over there. Better
        yet, send your own ass over there. My feelings on that. Without the US as a nuclear shield,
        South Korea would be toast. They have all the latest military technology but they never use
        it. Same with Japan. I’ve been watching those two countries build their economies up
        and hide behind our coattails for all of my life. Sick of it. Then China proliferates nuclear
        technology to rogue regimes and tries to act like the elder statesman when a crisis starts.
        China is the guilty party in this. Then the US has presidents like Clinton, Bush 1 and 2, and
        Obama that did nothing about it. They kept handing the problem off to the next waiting
        administration. Now the great sacrifice begins. More American servicemen will die for
        that garlic reeking, human feces fertilizing country.

        • Were it me to say I would abandon SK, tell them to keep their hyundi’s, and let the chi-coms feed both north and south.

      23. Most nuclear power plant cooling pumps might be out of back up diesel fuel to run those pumps causing the rods to overheat and……we become backyard Chernobyl. Plus we’ll be figthing each other, what army that might be left over, and those streaming across the border trying to fill the vacuum. Damn sure ain’t gonna be pretty.

        NO….the plants will do a soft emergency shutdown. 99%Rods inserted, only 1% fission, supplying just enough power to keep the cooling pumps running indefinitely.
        Not a problem……big problem is no electricity for most folks.!

      24. I know this is off topic but it is important. I live in the Shenandoah Valley in Va. and for the past 3 weeks we have had a very strong onion odor in the air, we thought it was people mowing down wild onions in their yards and dismissed it. Then this morning I was walking dogs and the smell was so strong it made me vomit, I called the gas company because I thought we had a gas leak, no gas leak, they came out and checked. Since then I have questioned a lot of other people and they smell it too. We googled it, there is a chemical that farmers use on the fields that smells like onions but since we have had so much rain the farmers cant get into the fields to do anything. Another chemical that smells like onions is mustard gas. This is so disturbing to me that I even called the local police dept to see if any of the crusers had noticed this horrible smell since they are out all over the place day and night, they laughed at me of course, but my daughter is a nurse at the local hospital and she said they have an unusually high number of respitory illnesses for this time of year. Has anyone ever heard of this or experienced this before?

        • Look up, check your skies as it may be chemtrails. Sometimes they have odors.
          Experienced similar here S. Appl., family member complained about it and then got sick, URI condition. The odor came at night.
          Large does of Vitamins C, D and B’s also used OTC URI designated treatments with sinus flushes- WORKED!

          Look up chemtrails if you are not familiar! If your daughter has friendly access to a lab collect samples and send them in. They are probably spraying at night and need the dew for sticking power.

          Maybe someone here could tell you if night vision would be good to view the skies to detect aircraft. My money is on chemtrails.

          Report back I’m so interested…

      25. Yes!!!the PRNK,does have a nuclear program!!!,and that’s it just a program…NO NUKES.End of story.we have all seen this show before.We will get sucked into a war,when the north attacks the south.We have an agreement with south we struck back in the 50’s,along with nato.

        • It was an armistice, and it was with the UN. NK has been in serious violation of it from the start in one way or another on numerous occasions and we have let it escalate to this point by allowing them to do it.

          Kim Jong Un is the final development, the world will not be able to avoid dealing with him now (and wouldn’t have to if we had had the sense to deal with his predecessors for their violations at the time).

      26. These Dr. Strangelove stereotypes are apparently too trigger happy to ask how a people without running water is able to have a space program.

        NK is a satellite nation, in orbit of BRICS, or, if you like, the Communist version of a red herring.

      27. Make North Korea into a damn glass parking lot !

      28. Hope we have laser weapons or something that can turn those 2 North Korean satellites
        into space junk. That should be the first order of business. Then drop every MOAB we have
        in the mountains along the north side of the DMZ. Tomahawks alone will not be enough to
        knockout all the artillery. We need the thermoberic bombs to suck the oxygen out of those
        hardened positions and tunnel complexes. Those tunnels that go under the DMZ and come out on the South Korean side should all be mined or sealed off with demolitions. Most of them are flooded anyways. Southfront did a really good comparison of North and South
        forces. North Korea is now claiming they can field a 500,000 strong force of female soldiers. Cannon fodder or propaganda. Possibly both. There has to be miles of tunnel
        complexes under Pyongyang that can withstand nuke blasts. 60 years of planning can help
        the regime withstand the first strikes. They must have enough food and weapons down there to survive for months. This will not be like Iraq. They are planning for a hard slog.
        Will the American public have the stomach for a war that is not over in a few weeks? Or
        will there be attacks on our soil (false flag or real) that will rally the patriots to the cause?
        Crazy as it sounds, I do not think North Korea will send large amounts of ground forces into
        South Korea. They would probably save them for the defense of the regime. They would be
        more capable on defense than offense. They could inflict more damage using their ground forces defending their own territory. It would also help them present their case at the UN by saying they did not go into South Korea and they are acting in self defense. Think about
        this. A million man army would last much longer if used defending its homeland. North
        Korea does not really have territorial ambitions. They are trying to hold on to what they have. It would be like the old Mao strategy of let the enemy into your country and make it as costly for them as possible. I really believe that would try to retaliate with missiles,
        rockets, artillery, whatever airstrikes they could muster, commando raids, cyber, etc. KJU
        wants a million bodyguards in his defense. I don’t think he would risk turning them into
        cannon fodder for suicide attacks inside South Korea. He will try to make it as costly for his enemies as possible. It’s almost like he is saying, go ahead, I dare you.

      29. Its all fluff to increase military spending, BIGGLY! If Clintons gave them the info than we can effectively jam it as it looks we are doing.

        Watch what the other hand is doing. What is going on in the ME? Its quiet in most rightside news reports but action is substantial. Look in foreign press or 3rd party news sites.
        US attached Turkey for them bombing Kurds. Saudi are bombing the daylights out of Yemen, brutal! They are using chemicals and burning up kids! Here is a link for starters.
        Read comments, etc…

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