Putin Unveils New Russian Missile That Can Reach ‘Any Point In The World’

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 22 comments

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    On the heels of news that the United States is posturing ships in the Black Sea near Russia’s border, Vladimir Putin revealed a slew of new defense systems Thursday, including a new prototype missile that “can reach any point in the world.” He also has a supersonic weapon that cannot be tracked by anti-missile systems.

    According to CNBC, Putin joked that the two new strategic nuclear weapons he described (the global cruise missile and the subsurface unmanned vehicle) did not have names yet and lawmakers could submit their suggestions via the Defense Ministry website. Also alarming, was his speech on when the Russians would use nuclear weapons. When delivering his annual State of the Union address, Putin also said that, if attacked, Russia was ready to use nuclear weapons in defense.

    “We see increased opportunities with the armed forces,” he said. “We’ve done a lot to strengthen our army and navy and they are equipped with modern weaponry.” He then showed the audience a video of how one of the prototype missiles would work, explaining that the new system would have no limitations on its range. “It can attack any target, through the North or South Pole, it is a powerful weapon and no missile defense system will be able to withstand,” the president said.

    Putin also said Russia had another weapon that was a “small nuclear power energy system”  (a nuclear warhead) that can be deployed on a cruise missile system that can also, he claimed, “avoid all interceptors.” He said the country had tested this cruise missile with the “nuclear power energy unit” in 2017 and it was successful. Russia would also start manufacturing this weapon right now, he added. “This is unheard of and nobody else has such a system in the world. They might create something like this in the future but by then our guys will have created something new as well.”

    Putin also declared to his audience “but even this is not the end,” unveiling a system capable of destroying intercontinental targets with “hypersonic” speed.  “I’m pleased to inform you that after certain experiments, we are sure that soon Russia’s strategic missile forces will have a new system capable of destroying intercontinental targets with hypersonic speed and high-precision, able to maneuver both in terms of its course and altitude. There are no systems like that in the world.” He said Russia had been open about the development of such a system but that “nobody listened to us, but listen to us now.” Lawmakers then gave Putin a standing ovation.


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      1. Amen. aim it to the center of world corruption and criminality…..DC and Tel Aviv and London.

        • That would, of course, take everyone else in the world including yourself and your family out along with them.

        • Ya that’s great kill millions of civilians just to get a handful of scumbags… Why don’t you grow balls and go take them out personally if you’re so wise?

      2. Next headline will be… US to spend $5 trillion more by 2030 on new defense weapon system development.

      3. Putin didn’t announce this to show his hand. He announced this to get us to show our hand.

        • “Putin didn’t announce this to show his hand. He announced this to get us to show our hand.”

          This wasn’t announced to gather information to potentially win a nuclear war but to prevent one from occurring.

      4. Well, someone’s going to have to take out just enough to win…

      5. The race to blow up the world transitioning to complete ignorance or merely fear tactics? Inquiring minds baffled by nonstop lunacy. Whatever happened to the US Department of Peace proposal? Too radical and no mucho macho profit. Are these people even human? Highly doubtful.

        • Exit from the missile defense system unilaterally in 2002. The US has broken the balance of power in the world .In order to remove the hope of impunity, a system of reliable destruction has been established .Can now reach Americans that force with Russia, saying it is dangerous .

      6. Oh my, same old story with all of this, spend and build and spend and build. The US will have great weapons but dangerous and broken bridges, tunnels, roads, highways, airports and on and on. Our damn country is becoming a 3rd world shithole and what do we do – build more bombs.

        • Indeed. Seeing lots of potholes lately.

      7. This reminds me of a basic navigation question. If I asked any of you how far it is to say “Tampa”, you each have a different response. In truth, you all should’ve asked “from where?”. That is the only correct answer – a basic question first before some calculated distance. I’m asking then – “from where?” as to the reputed range of these new missiles. What are their ranges?

        • On the post written ,don’t get killed , that does not mean that he is not flattery. An attempt to use nuclear weapons of any capacity will lead to the destruction of the state . But this does not mean that you can not try .

      8. This is Russia’s payback for our bankrupting Soviet strategy of Star Wars.
        I have no idea if Trump will fall for this crap or not.

      9. Russia has very little debt, quite a bit of gold, a healthy economy, and lots of R&D money.
        We have massive debt, corruption, crumbling infrastructure and many social cancers.

      10. Russia wants to sell its oil for currency other than the Fiat petro dollar. And I making certain that the USA military cannot force Russia to sell oil for Petro dollars, Checkmate. Good for Putin and Russia. Bad news for the USA petro dollar.

        • Russia does not care for what currency to sell ,it is important that trade was conducted according to the rules for all the same .And if it does not work in dollars ,you will have to go to yuan.

      11. You mean they just got one. the USA has had one for many years.

        • Both sides had and have rockets that could reach the entire globe for decades. This is a missile, air breathing, nape of the earth flying, different weapon.

      12. I have a hypersonic urethra.

      13. Someone told me that the headline on the front page of the Tampa Bay Times Friday March 2 stated Putin threatens to rain down missiles on Tampa Bay. Fear mongering gone berserk in my opinion. I think McDill AFB was headquarters for the assault on Iraq. Trying to whip the American people into a frenzy against Russia. I call it all fake news BS. The American people have to be smarter than to fall for this, look around maybe not.

      14. AFAIK, the ICBMs have been able to do that since the late 1970s.

        Does not change MAD or Mutual Terror.

        Once they start flying, WW3 is over on day.1.

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