Putin Threatens “Lightning Fast” Reaction If The West Continues To Intervene

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    Russia’s President Vladimir Putin warned the West of a “lightning-fast” response to any country that intervenes in its ongoing conflict with Ukraine. Putin also declared he has “instruments” to retaliate in any way he deems necessary.

    “We have all the instruments [to respond] that no one can boast of … we’re going to use them if we have to,” he said, in what has widely been seen as an allusion to Russia’s arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.

    Putin’s warning comes as tensions remain high between Western allies and Russia after Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Monday said the threat of a nuclear war is very significant and the risks should not be underestimated. According to CNBC, United States President Joe Biden has asked Congress to approve $33 billion in additional money for the Ukraine war, which includes funding for U.S. military support to the embattled nation and a mix of direct cash and supplies for Ukraine.

    Biden said the Lockheed Martin employees’ “hard work has played a critical role in assuring Putin’s strategic failure in Ukraine, and they should know that we know it.” Biden’s remarks were part of a broader announcement that he is seeking a massive $33 billion aid package for Ukraine. –CNBC

    This rhetoric is never-ending. Neither side appears to want peace, but peace is not profitable. After all, Biden applauded Lockheed Martin for creating weapons that kill other human beings with fiat currency he provided to them.

    Biden said the Lockheed Martin employees’ “hard work has played a critical role in assuring Putin’s strategic failure in Ukraine, and they should know that we know it.” Biden’s remarks were part of a broader announcement that he is seeking a massive $33 billion aid package for Ukraine.-CNBC

    More Inflation Incoming: Biden To Announce Another $800 Million Aid Package To Ukraine

    Pentagon To Keep The War Going, Sends Weapons To Ukraine


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      1. Ha! we’re not afraid. We have
        creepy Joe on our side.
        He also has quite a great
        deal many “instruments”
        at his disposal. Of course, he
        may not know where those
        “instruments” are, or how to
        use them, or even where he
        is at any given time but one
        thing at a time – baby steps…

      2. Rest assured that is the LEAST of the problems of the West,


        For years, the possibility of another major power electing to actually BACK it’s currency has been regarded broadly as the final nail in the coffin of the Western Finacial system.
        The sky IS falling per this announcement…it only remains to determine WHEN the IMPACT occurs.

        Well, it was nice knowing everyone…lots of luck everyone; SHTF is on the doorstep of the West as of today.


      3. You have to wonder if this silly ass is really serious or what ? Or just insanely stupid ? either way it doesn’t look good.

        • You have to wonder if Putin is sane. Even with his hypersonic weapons he cannot win. The US, England, France, Israel, Pakistan, India, China and North Korea all have nukes, and mutually assured destruction is still a thing. Even if Putin could hit all land based nuke, there are to many on ships and subs to win. So only insanity by Putin and his advisors would bring a nuclear strike on the west. Remember the USSR wanted to launch a nuclear strike on the US and the sub commander refused to fire the missile.

          Vasili Arkhipov, who prevented escalation of the cold war by refusing to launch a nuclear torpedo against US forces,

          Two of the vessel’s senior officers – including the captain, Valentin Savitsky – wanted to launch the missile. According to a report from the US National Security Archive, Savitsky exclaimed: “We’re gonna blast them now! We will die, but we will sink them all – we will not become the shame of the fleet.”

          But there was an important caveat: all three senior officers on board had to agree to deploy the weapon. As a result, the situation in the control room played out very differently. Arkhipov refused to sanction the launch of the weapon and calmed the captain down. The torpedo was never fired.

          Are all the Russians insane? I don’t think so.

          • “Remember the USSR wanted to launch a nuclear strike on the US and the sub commander refused to fire the missile.”

            That is not the story. The sub had no orders to fire as its communications system was damaged by a “practice depth charge” used in a very grey of area of US orders from JFK. Believing that WWIII started the Soviet Sub used their procedure and Arkhipov cast the no vote. The danger isn’t within orders being followed but rather orders not being followed by a regional commander. Interestingly the SAM that shot down the U2 over Cuba violated specific orders from their Soviet command not to fire but as the field commander witnessed the Cubans firing AAA and “assumed” that the orders were changed. Likewise a US U2 overflew the USSR (in violation of orders from JFK) complicating negotiations. The military leaders, by their nature, despite comforting words to the contrary, too often long for wars.

        • GOOD!! Go git these POS Globalist War Mongers who live off of the Military industrial complex profits to fund their crime families. Start with that coward POS Basement Boy hiding in his Delaware Home with his Pedophile rapist son hunter. Putin is fighting the Nazi Globalists. Who’s side are you on?

          • TharHeBlowsGoats is THE dumbest motherfucker on this entire site. THAT is a huge feat, btw.

            • Darwin, do the world a favor and just shut up. Honestly each and every post of yours just proves how sad your are! TSB has been here a long time. And has good input! I don’t come here much, I have a life? but it never fails you are here putting a stupid childish comment up? Honest get a life dude!!! Get out of your dark hole and live? And I don’t know TSB, but I think cursing him to his face would not be a healthy decision for you? Easy to talk trash when your setting at your computer, when your are there all along with a glass of warm milk, mom just brought you? GO AWAY, don’t go away mad, just go away!!

      4. Read and reread Psalm 9:17, Isaiah 45:6-7, Amos 3:6-7 and Job 12:20-25…it may shock some sense into you… yet it most likely will make your heart harder than flint.

      5. So far, Putin seems th be overestimating his own abilities and underestimating those of his chosen enemies.

        If he can’t even defeat a smaller country with less military capabilities, how is he going to follow through on his threats against a much larger and more capable European one?

        He loses credibility every day he remains unable to win his current war, will his ego and pride make him do something stupid and get himself completely destroyed in the process?

        As for US, we really need to just stay completely out of it. It’s their war, it’s their problem, it needs to be their solution.

      6. Just make sure it’s the District of criminals first and then we can build back better lol!

      7. Bullshit. The bible is so useless!!!! Who can read that cursed thing?

      8. Everybody was nuke fu fighting
        Those cats were fast as lightning
        It was extremely frightening
        I felt my bumhole tightening….

      9. Remember, the Globalists are at war with Russia. You are all subject to intense propaganda. Globalism/Communism has destroyed our country and most of the Western countries. We are in a terrible position. The Ukrainian government and Zelensky are Globalists. The Russians are the only ones standing between the Globalist take over of the entire world and our only chance to destroy the Globalist/Communist onslaught. What a mess. Not looking good for us.

        • As long as we can keep people like “Citizen Shmo” out of political office, we should be ok. Fucking moron.

      10. WHY is anything being sent to Ukraine. Zelensky is an actor look up who he is before he was put in. You can also see Zelensky dancing in spike leather Hi heels and leather pants and his shirt pulled up in a GAY dance on film. The guy is a puppet for Soros and the Biden Regime. Now you see who wants war.

        • You are a very close second to TharHeBlowsGoats for the dumbest dumbfuck on this site. Impressive.

      11. Yep, Scarry how many low IQ American Imbeciles believe the MSM Hate Putin Propaganda. You dopes are cheering on the demolition of America and you idiots just can’t help yourselves from your own stupidity. Wake up stoopid sheep. You all been duped. Of course its the same hate Putin sheep who also lined up for the poison jab. They believe anything the Commie MSM tells them. Sad, Truly Sad….

        • Go. Fuck. Yourself.

          Your stupidity, ignorance, and pure evil is beyond repugnant. I truly hope your were never able to procreate. The world needs fewer people like you. ??

      12. I shudder to think of our state of preparedness, with Biden in charge, another pearl harbor.

      13. I shudder to think of our state of preparedness, with Biden in charge, another pearl harbor.

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