Putin Strikes Back: Russia Cuts Off European Gas Supplies, Starts Selling Dollars: “The Decision Has Been Made”

by | Jan 15, 2015 | Headline News | 256 comments

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    Vladimir Putin has been silent lately. But if anyone thought he had been shamed into defeat or marginalized, then think again.

    In the last few hours Russia has announced two key strategic decisions that show they are not going to stand idly by while their economy and way of life are destroyed by Western forces.

    First, presumably in response to stiff sanctions leveled by the United States and the European Union after the annexation of Crimea last year, Russia has cut off 60% of Europe’s gas supplies right in the middle of winter. This has caused an almost immediate crisis in six European nations that have seen a complete cut-off to their supplies – Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Croatia and Turkey – with more to follow. According to reports via Zero Hedge, the effect has been almost instantaneous.

    Without Russia residents across Europe have no way of staying warm.

    Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian state energy giant Gazprom to cut supplies to and through Ukraine amid accusations, according to The Daily Mail, that its neighbor has been siphoning off and stealing Russian gas. Due to these “transit risks for European consumers in the territory of Ukraine,” Gazprom cut gas exports to Europe by 60%, plunging the continent into an energy crisis “within hours.” Perhaps explaining the explosion higher in NatGas prices (and oil) today, gas companies in Ukraine confirmed that Russia had cut off supply; and six countries reported a complete shut-off of Russian gasThe EU raged that the sudden cut-off to some of its member countries was “completely unacceptable,” but Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller later added that Russia plans to shift all its natural gas flows crossing Ukraine to a route via Turkey; and Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak stated unequivocally, “the decision has been made.”

    Russia has taken similar steps in the past because of non-payment but turned the gas supplies back on once deals were reached.

    This time, however, there won’t be a deal.

    Russia says it will deliver the gas through Turkey, and then it’s up to the European Union to build the infrastructure that will transport it to the rest of the continent, as noted by Bloomberg.

    “Transit risks for European consumers on the territory of Ukraine remain,” Miller said in an e-mailed statement. “There are no other options” except for the planned Turkish Stream link, he said.

    “We have informed our European partners, and now it is up to them to put in place the necessary infrastructure starting from the Turkish-Greek border,” Miller said.

    “The decision has been made,” Novak said. “We are diversifying and eliminating the risks of unreliable countries that caused problems in past years, including for European consumers.”

    Europe, of course, does not have the necessary infrastructure in place for this, and Vladimir Putin most certainly knew this before he shut off the spigots.

    Second, and perhaps even more significant than the overt move to show Europe who’s boss, Putin took a direct shot at the United States.

    Also from Zero Hedge:

    As Bloomberg reports Russia may unseal its $88 billion Reserve Fund and convert some of its foreign-currency holdings into rubles, the latest government effort to prop up an economy veering into its worst slump since 2009.”

    These are dollars which Russia would have otherwise recycled into US denominated assets. Instead, Russia will purchase even more Rubles and use the proceeds for FX and economic stabilization purposes.

    “Together with the central bank, we are selling a part of our foreign-currency reserves,” Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said in Moscow today. “We’ll get rubles and place them in deposits for banks, giving liquidity to the economy.

    Call it less than amicable divorce, call it what you will: what it is, is Russia violently leaving the ranks of countries that exchange crude for US paper.

    What we are seeing are the strategic moves that will eventually catalyze the next great war. And make no mistake, this is exactly what’s in store for the world should these escalations continue.


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      1. This is huge!!! Putin has declared Economic Warefare on the West. This won’t end well.

        • Putin is as broke as a joke without his oil revenues which have plummeted with the fall in oil prices.

          • For some gas today, I’ll gladly pay you on Tuesday …..
            ~European Wimpy~

            • Russia can’t eat their oil. The U.S. along with the rest of the world should cut off their food imports. They forget how beaten and starved they were before the U.S. and Europe bailed them out of WW11.

              • @ joe america

                You’ve got it exactly backwards dude. Read some history that wasn’t written by the neocons. if the Red Army hadn’t decimated the Wehrmacht in their Great Patriotic War the Germans would have pushed the Normandy invasions back into the sea.

                No place in the US, including Atlanta in the War of Northern Aggression, has taken the pounding or suffered as long as the Russians. Stalingrad. Leningrad. But they rallied to pound Hitler to paste. And most of their victories were after Lend Lease began, which was too little and too late to make a difference.

                Don’t like the sound of that? Russian casualties in their GPW were 30 million: 20 MM civilians and 10 MM military. The US casualties for the entire war were 427,000. It’s crystal clear who bailed out whom.

                • Thanks for the history lesson. I did not know that. I’m adding it to my miscellaneous info files.

                  • “The EU raged that the sudden cut-off to some of its member countries was “completely unacceptable,””

                    What is unacceptable, is that the EU leaders put their own people in jeopardy, because they like getting regularly ass-fucked by the United States. They got exactly what they deserve for their incompetence…and obedience.

                    Russia does not have to take this shit. No country does. If the U.S. was in Russia’s shoes, that gas would’ve been gone a year ago. The U.S. clearly isn’t the only ones who have sanction powers and a right to use them.

                    “Europe, of course, does not have the necessary infrastructure in place for this, and Vladimir Putin most certainly knew this before he shut off the spigots.”

                    And the west was also hoping their calculated attack would be effective, or they wouldn’t have done it….SO HOW IS THIS ANY DIFFERENT?

                    Only one reason. BLIND, PREPROGRAMMED HATRED. People who hate Russia, they don’t know why they hate Russia, they just do that’s all. Or my favorites, they allude back in history to a Bolshevik revolution that had absolutely nothing to do with them or their country.

                    I would like to ask two questions for anyone who cares to answer one or both:

                    WHY DO YOU HATE RUSSIA? And I stipulate that you use NO HISTORY or any incidents involving OTHER PEOPLE in your excuse. I specifically want to know what Russia has done TO AMERICANS, to makes you hate them so much, as to want to see them all die.


                  • Sixpack, John_Allen is on target. There is a question about Lend Lease as it provided huge amounts of materials and arms including airplanes, ammunition, vehicles, and more. In the end, Hitler’s decision to invade Russia before he had completely decimated England was a huge mistake that cannot be underestimated as to its importance to the outcome of WWII.

                    Had Hitler defeated England first, the USA would have had no good place to stage for an invasion. That would have effectively meant that Hitler could then devote the entire force of Germany against the Russians. It is likely they would have won, not because of Hitler, but because of the leadership of the German military which was exceptional.

                    Few people doubt that if Germany had the resources the USA had, they might have completed their conquest of Europe, Africa, and Western Asia. With those combined resources at their disposal, it is doubtful that they would ever have been defeated militarily.

                    On a side note, many historians credit the oil production in Texas, specifically at Spindletop, for being a significant reason America was able to fight and win a world war on two fronts simultaneously. Certainly an abundance of raw materials had a major impact on the outcome of the War.

                • Don’t forget the 10,000,000 plus soviet citizens who were killed outright or purposefully starved to death during the Stalin years. Joe America is somewhat correct in that Russia struggles to feed its people. With the lily-livered Obola in office don’t expect the U.S. or her allies to do much about Putin’s aggression.

                  • Stop living in the past. This is not Stalin or the Soviet Union we are dealing with here. It is the Russian Federation, A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ANIMAL. (For instance income taxes in Russia are a flat 16%…period.).

                • You’re right. Russia is a very tough country with a smart, calculating ruler and America is asking for trouble. I have very little doubt that Putin will not resort to atomic weapons when his back is against the wall. The ruling Luciferians want this war and it has been planned for a very long time. Don’t think it will not happen.

                  • 0B0Z0 has been supporting Muslims, Aborntionists, Homosexuals, Gay Marriage, Free Loaders, and Illegal Invaders around the world, while squeezing the Russians and American Workers.

                • 0B0Z0 has not learned anything about the Real World and its people. If an non-agressive animal is pushed too much, it will attack!

                  • Russia is on the edge of no return.they will partner up with china and dump the dollar while china completes its fourth aircraft carrier and supporting destroyers,what comes next.the next big war no country is really stable with their financial situation.china is spending 200 billion on defense

                • Absolutely not true that “most of their victories were after Lend Lease began, which was too little and too late to make a difference”

                  Together with other recently published sources, including the wartime diaries of N. I. Biriukov, a Red Army officer responsible from August 1941 on for the distribution of recently acquired tanks to the front lines, this newly available evidence paints a very different picture from the received wisdom. In particular, it shows that British Lend-Lease assistance to the Soviet Union in late 1941 and early 1942 played a far more significant part in the defense of Moscow and the revival of Soviet fortunes in late 1941 than has been acknowledged.

                  Particularly important for the Soviets in late 1941 were British-supplied tanks and aircraft. American contributions of the time were far fewer. In fact, for a brief period during December 1941, the relative importance of British aid increased well beyond levels planned by the Allies as a result of American reaction to the outbreak of war with Japan; some American equipment destined for the Soviet Union was actually unloaded from merchant vessels and provided to American forces instead.

                  Even aid that might seem like a drop in the bucket in the larger context of Soviet production for the war played a crucial role in filling gaps at important moments during this period. At a time when Soviet industry was in disarray—many of their industrial plants were destroyed or captured by the advancing Nazi troops or in the process of evacuation east—battlefield losses of specific equipment approached or even exceeded the rate at which Soviet domestic production could replace them during this crucial period. Under these circumstances even small quantities of aid took on far greater significance.

                  According to research by a team of Soviet historians, the Soviet Union lost a staggering 20,500 tanks from June 22 to December 31, 1941. At the end of November 1941, only 670 Soviet tanks were available to defend Moscow—that is, in the recently formed Kalinin, Western, and Southwestern Fronts. Only 205 of these tanks were heavy or medium types, and most of their strength was concentrated in the Western Front, with the Kalinin Front having only two tank battalions (67 tanks) and the Southwestern Front two tank brigades (30 tanks).

                  Given the disruption to Soviet production and Red Army losses, the Soviet Union was understandably eager to put British armor into action as soon as possible. According to Biriukov’s service diary, the first 20 British tanks arrived at the Soviet tank training school in Kazan on October 28, 1941, at which point a further 120 tanks were unloaded at the port of Archangel in northern Russia. Courses on the British tanks for Soviet crews started during November as the first tanks, with British assistance, were being assembled from their in-transit states and undergoing testing by Soviet specialists.

                  The tanks reached the front lines with extraordinary speed. Extrapolating from available statistics, researchers estimate that British-supplied tanks made up 30 to 40 percent of the entire heavy and medium tank strength of Soviet forces before Moscow at the beginning of December 1941, and certainly made up a significant proportion of tanks available as reinforcements at this critical point in the fighting. By the end of 1941 Britain had delivered 466 tanks out of the 750 promised.

                  A steady stream of British-made tanks continued to flow into the Red Army through the spring and summer of 1942. Canada would eventually produce 1,420 Valentines, almost exclusively for delivery to the Soviet Union. By July 1942 the Red Army had 13,500 tanks in service, with more than 16 percent of those imported, and more than half of those British.

                  Lend-Lease aircraft deliveries were also of significance during the Battle of Moscow.

                  British and Commonwealth deliveries to the Soviet Union in late 1941 and early 1942 would not only assist in the Soviet defense of Moscow and subsequent counteroffensive, but also in increasing Soviet production for the next period of the war. Substantial quantities of machine tools and raw materials, such as aluminum and rubber, were supplied to help Soviet industry back on its feet: 312 metal-cutting machine tools were delivered by convoy PQ-12 alone, arriving in March 1942, along with a range of other items for Soviet factories such as machine presses and compressors.

                  Once again, raw figures do not tell the whole story. Although British shipments amounted to only a few percent of Soviet domestic production of machine tools, the Soviet Union could request specific items which it may not have been able to produce for itself. Additionally, many of the British tools arrived in early 1942, when Soviet tool production was still very low, resulting in a disproportionate impact. The handing over of forty imported machine tools to Aviation Factory No. 150 in July 1942, for example, was the critical factor in enabling the factory to reach projected capacity within two months.

                  Lend-Lease aid did not “save” the Soviet Union from defeat during the Battle of Moscow. But the speed at which Britain in particular was willing and able to provide aid to the Soviet Union, and at which the Soviet Union was able to put foreign equipment into frontline use, is still an underappreciated part of this story. During the bitter fighting of the winter of 1941–1942, British aid made a crucial difference.
                  ~ http://www.historynet.com/did-russia-really-go-it-alone-how-lend-lease-helped-the-soviets-defeat-the-germans.htm

                  Far more critical to the Soviet war effort was the supply of tactical vehicles, primarily from the United States. During the war, the Soviet Union produced only 343,624 cars and lorries due to the heavy commitment of major automobile factories like GAZ to armoured vehicle production. The USA alone provided the Soviets with 501,660 tactical wheeled and tracked vehicles, including 77,972 jeeps, 151,053 1-1/2-ton trucks, and 200,622 2-1/2-ton trucks. The aid was vital, not only because of the sheer quantity, but because of the quality. While Soviet auto­motive production concentrated almost exclusively on antiquated copies of American 1930 lorry designs, the vehicles provided under Lend-Lease were modern military designs with multiple powered axles and useful cross-country capability.

                  In addition, 15,631 artillery guns and 131,633 sub-machine guns were supplied by the Allies to the Soviet Union.
                  ~ http://ww2-weapons.com/History/Production/Russia/Lend-Lease.htm

                • The Russians did not DECIMATE the German army.
                  The lend lease program gave Soviet union the ability to try to resist. Without it Russia wouldn’t even had begun to Resist. The Russians lost 6 men to every German that was killed. Thats a very real statistic and its backed up by numbers from Germany and Russia. Before the invasion came the other actions by the Allies in the West. the massive bombing campaign that rid Germany of its factories. The Desert Campaign that took its oil. The Naval campaign in the North seas. You are no student of history I can tell you that much. Russia hefted a great deal of slaughter because they were not ready for Hitler to break their deal.

                • You left out an important point, John. Russia, as the core of the Empire and the epicenter of the Soviet Union, murdered many many millions of its own people, decimated millions in neighboring countries for noncompliance as in the Ukrainian Holodomor, and has in essence been a rogue nation in its region for a long long time. She is a natural born invader.

                  Ask Ukrainians how they feel about the US supporting Putin’s reclamation plans for Ukraine. He’s nothing short of a mafia don and a thief, who funnels all big business through his own slimy little hands.

                  Your portrait of Russia as an ally and a victim is a little cockeyed. Russia never paid for its genocidal history in its own front yard. Germany paid, Japan paid, dearly.. how has Russia paid for all that death and destruction, ruination of entire cultures?

              • Amerika can’t eat their monopoly funny money either once Putin dump the dollar. Troll like you will be eating dirt.

              • Guess you’ve never heard of China or the other BRICS nations. Duh.

              • america will collapse sooner or later dont worry… its matter of time. (months)..

              • The Russians are FAR more self-reliant than most Americans are! Backyard gardens are common in Russia much like there used to be 50 years ago in the US. Plus, for all their land area, Russia has about half the population of the US. If they need to forage and hunt there is plenty of land for them to do so. They also probably don’t have a government that has gone full retard on environmental restrictions on the average person, so they have more room to maneuver than we would. (Civil liberties though… not so much.)

          • Well now we know who the trolls are funded by. Not Soros or mr. Bloomberg.

            16 red thumbs?
            If you want to know who your enemy is, ask only who you are not allowed to criticize.

            • Putin is simply responding to a series of events that the United States put in motion as retaliation for his counter of the CIA installing their puppet government in Ukraine. He counters western economic sanctions with cutting off the gas line. He counters the manipulated free fall of oil prices with dumping the petro dollar. C’mon…the central bankers that run the zionist west had to see this coming.

                • There it is! Just like I knew it would be.

              • Insightful comment and I’ll give you a pat on the back for the misdirection. Nevertheless the most fierce of red thumbs I’ve seen in a long time–have come at the mockery of Russia.

                Perhaps the other non-Russian trolls are just lazy.
                Or perhaps most-all the trolls were Russian to start with?

          • Yea, well, I don’t think you have a clue as to what is going on……Putin (Russia) are not as broke as you may think….. but that’s ok, just keep smoking the crack dude, you will be fine

            • Right on, many people don’t realize that the goal is having the white race fight each other, the enemy is not Putin, it is among us, right here. Who has declared the people hanging on to their guns and religion as the enemy? Time to wake up!

          • Bad news for Europe in the short term, bad news for Russia in the long term. Putin just cut his nose off to spite his face and shoy himself in the foot in the process.

            Great news for US Shale oil & gas producers. 🙂

            Europe will remember the cut off of its heat by the landlord, so they will move to a new apartment building with reliable vendors.

            This opens the DOUBLE DOORS for American LNG and Israeli LNG from its new oil & gas fields in the Eastern Med. Gazprom will lose 600 million customers at a time when Russia relies on its oil & gas exports to fund its economy and military buildup.

            Obola was right when he said: “Putin is no genius.” 🙂

            • HOLY BLATANT GOVT PROPAGANDA BATMAN!!! KIss my freedom-loving ass St.Sgt A-hole!!

              • Follow the money dumbshit. Its basic macroeconomics. This action by Putin DOES NOTHING to strengthen the Russian economy, NOTHING !!!

                How long can a nation last without adequate income? The Russian economy is funded by 40% of Gazprom’s income. Russia will be required to print tonnes and tonnes of roubles to sustain its economy while generating ….. ready?

                NO FOREIGN EXCHANGE!!!

                The Belarussian Rouble follows pretty closely to the Russian Rouble. A picture is worth a thousand words. From Zero Hedge:


                Got the picture dumbshit??? Shades of the Soviet Union!!! 🙁

                  • Russian: Follow the pipeline dumbshit! Oh wait, that pipeline had the ceremonial shovel turn last month. It will take YEARS for the Chinese to build that pipeline.

                    TEN YEARS!!! That doesn’t do anything for Russian cash flow now. 🙁

                    We are in the middle of an energy technology revolution. In ten years, oil & gas may be obsolete and you may have a very hard time finding petro for your 2015 Corvette that you bought and stuck up on blocks in your garage. 🙂

                    • Think dip shit what does russia have a surplus of they could sell to bad rich camel riders

            • Putin is adopting the same attitude I would: If I’m going to suffer, I will take some company with me, and there’s room in my boat for the people who helped engineer my suffering.

              • sixpack: Unfortunately, the company that Putin is adding to his boat is the Russian and Ukrainian people. 🙁

            • Too bad they didn’t get complete control of all of Ukraine, as they planned, huh?

            • Do you really understand what’s going on? Russia is closer to Turkey than the US is. EU has no infrastructure in place from Turkey, let alone across continent(US). Now, rethink your comment.

              • ANON: I know EXACTLY what is going on. LNG tankers will carry US oil shale condensate to Northern Europe, AS PLANNED!!!

                And LNG Tankers will carry Israeli LNG to Southern Europe ….. AS PLANNED. Putin just showed the world that it is not physically impossible fucked yourself. 🙂

            • Hey kid, find another conversation more in line with your level of intelligence – you know very little about the Russians.

              • NAC: I probably know more about Russia than you do. I was there having breakfast in the Aerostar Hotel having breakfast when “shaka the walls fell”.

                I kept one of the wooden hangers emblazoned with the Hotel logo that still hangs in my closet.

                How about you??? 🙂

            • Anyone who labels themselves as the “durango kidd” is already mentally deficient. Once you read his comments you’ll be ready to agree with me…

          • He can have a few less revenue …after all he has lots of reserves to last for years.

            Meanwhile can you last a few months without gas?

            Putin has been very very patient… so far. Now … this is first response with more to come.

          • Putin is Broke?

            Robert Mugabe has more money than the USA, Mugabe has nothing….which makes him ~$180,000 richer than any man woman and child in the USA. That’s what the sheeple are on the hook for over the next 75 years….and you call Russia broke?


            • Squif: You obviously know less about money and banking than you do about oil & gas. 🙁

          • Did they not just sign a huge energy deal with China in there own dollers

        • This is not huge. Russian FX reserves are around $300B right now (gov official number) and they are being burned propping up the ruble and funneled to Putin’s circle in variety of ways. As the trough gets smaller the stealing only increases. Google the 1999 Moscow Apartment Bombings to see what i think he will do next. It was a series of false-flags to get public support for an invasion of Chechnya.

          • You hit on two key words here, Jay.

            Those are, “public support”.

            Putin is a power hungry politician, first and foremost. If reports are correct about his personal finances, he is definitely not staying in his position for the rubles.
            Public opinion is always a priority for a politician. If it begins to wane, then comes a big political move to cause a stir.

            With men of much worse character, just waiting in the wings for Putin to stumble and fall upon a dagger, the results could be catastrophic for the world, and in particular the USSAG. (united socialist states of abortion and gaymorrah)

            Worse men have been players recently, and are just as power hungry. One such individual is Igor Strelkov (Girkin). He has claimed responsibility of shooting down Malaysia Airlines Plane MH17. He is self proclamed Defense Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic.
            He has been referred to as one of the many “Hitlerites” in Russian circles.

            One look at this person and his views would cause one to see him as such. His biography says he is a ruthless and heartless killer, with a right wing approach to his madness by invoking God into his conversations.
            Another “chosen” one that wants a return to monarchy rule.

            Putin may be evil and deceptive, but I don’t think he is a maniac. Some of those wanting to fill his shoes, are indeed maniacs.

            • Good points oicu812. Just like we saw after Sadaam Hussein was toppled…ISIS seems to be working out so much better.

              • But, there was some guy between the fall of Saddam and ISIS, wasn’t there? Does he get any blame or just Rumsfeld?

              • Saddam Hussein was killed for two reasons. A) He was a CIA asset and knew too much. B) he failed to comply and was going to nationalize the oil in his country, leaving greedy western corporation out of it.

                Neither option was acceptable to the globalist elites. Saddam’s death HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW HE TREATED HIS DETRACTORS OR PEOPLE.

                Let’s not forget the west put him in power in the first place, to brutalize his own people. And we dutifully turned a blind eye to it.

                He just got tired of being a puppet. He should be a lesson for all the other world leaders who suck the western teat and bend over willingly for a few petro dollars.

                • Saddam Hussein dared to trade oil in Euros. Iraq oil had been nationalized for decades. Libya has nationalized oil too. They were going to sell theirs in an african gold backed currency. That is a no no.

            • Oicu812, excellent post. It was only a matter of time before the Russian Bear lashed out. You don’t keep poking a bear with a 10-ft. pole and expect it to do NOTHING AT ALL.

              • What the U.S. is doing in Russia with these sanctions is the equivalent to confiscating our bank accounts, then coming into our homes and confiscating our preps after getting us fired from our jobs.

                I think most of us would’ve gone ballistic over it…tell me you’d just lay there and take it, with a straight face…go ahead.

          • Jay, that is what people said when FDR cut off Japan’s oil. We all know how that turned out!

            • theni say lets stop f#$kng a round and get this war on its going to happen sooner or later so why wait

              • Really? Are you ready to die? I am not.

          • US debt is 18 trillion. Just sayin’…

        • And there you have it. Putin puts the world in check. Europe’s move now. This could be very interesting. Quick action will be needed as well. And here I thought the Saudi’s would screw around and break the dollar. WoW!


          • Time for the EU to cry “UNCLE” and drop the stupid sanctions they put on Russia; under pressure from the African virus.

          • BigB: This does not put the world in “check”. It just exacerbates an economy (Russia’s) plunging into recession; and destroys Russia’s major source of revenue.

            Now its GDP will tank, its Rouble will crash further against world currencies, and Russian currency reserves may be depleted by Valentines’s Day.

            None of you hyper-inflation fans should blink or you may miss Russia’s descent into chaos. 🙁

        • Look stop posting fear BS. Look up the facts. Europe Ukraine failed to pay for energy and was behind like $1.2 Billion in payments to Russia, and unless thy paid up Russia said they would cut them off. So putin cut off gas for 13 days, Iposted this fact a week ago. So stop making this Bullshit up like Putin did that for nothing. Hell you can’t even get gas at a pump unless you prepay. Tell the gas station you want credit for $1.2 billion in gas and see what he says in response. So either tell the whole truth or go back to Journalism 101. Another BS misinformation article. Wikipeddia lays the facts out on Russia cuts off gas supply to Europe
          Look it up. Sheesh!!!

          • Yea I wrote the Anon Post above, forgot to sign in. I claim it. WWTI Its about Ukraine’s Debt to Russia and defaulting on its $3 Billion payment plan structure.

            • I would pat you on your bald ass head for that info, but you seem to do enough of that on your on, wwti.

            • It’s also about them siphoning off some for themselves on the way through, too. I know if the pump jockey at the gas station filled a gas can for himself on my fill-up, without my permission, I’d be pissed too…especially if it was THAT BIG of a gas can.

          • Wow… Get back on the mess and chill

            • @Anonyumous. If Russia’s cut of the gas is simply over a payment default, then why are saying that the “decision has been made” and there will be no negotiation? They seem rather firm in their resolve to reroute the gas to Turkey regardless of payment at this point.

              • Russia has been already negotiating about gas siphoning in Ukraine. Only thing they got was a few hundreds thousand dollars from Europe and a promise it would not happen again. This type of behavior can not be tolerated forever. And Russia warned about the gas cut-off in this siphoning continued. You should know that Joe Biden son owes 51% of Ukraine gas pipeline system. Without his permission siphoning wouldn’t be possible.

          • Detroit even cut off the WATER service, didn’t they? That didn’t escalate WWIII.

          • Correct. When the Ukraine passed their 2015 budget, they did not include payment that they agreed to pay for the gas they had stolen so Putin cut them off.

        • Well .. perhaps Putin has called ‘check”..

          Question is

          who ,or what, will call “checkmate’?


          while all this grand geo political game ensues

          the clearing houses of world wide credit and fiat are raking in the profits as the markets rise and fall at precipitous volumes..

          all manipulated of course

          best we get our own individual houses in order

          prepare accordingly


          • “best we get our individual houses in order”

            Agreed, I just spent most of the last 3 days reorganizing, inventorying, checking and re-checking stuff. Fortunately I could look my significant other in the eye and answer “no” when asked if there were things we needed to buy, or stock up on, were short on, etc. It is nice to know what’s on hand. Take some time to get things in order it’ll make it easier if and when the chaos arrives.

          • Excellent observations, posse.

        • You didn’t actually read it, did you? The title is misleading, typical for this BS site.

          • Hatch,, our site is NOT BS. Go to the MSM sites if you’re looking for BS. Don’t need some BS troll here.

            • hey brave, what the hell is this “our” site you mention, are you a part owner here? Since when were YOU appointed as the doorkeeper as to who can post here?

        • BS article: Want the real Truth?? This is NOT about Putin or Russia being a Bully, its about Ukraine Defaulting on its debts. Then our Psychotic Government is going to make US Tax Payers Guarantee pay Ukraine’s Default. These articles should help clear this up.

          With Ukraine Default Risk At 6 Year Highs, US Taxpayers “Volunteer” …
          01-14-2015 • http://www.zerohedge.com, by Tyler Durden
          Just two days ago we detailed the possibility that Russia could accelerate debt repayment on a $3 billion loan it granted to Ukraine that has broken its covenants. While there is no word yet from Russia on a decision whether to demand the payment, it appears, as Reuters reports, the US taxpayer – just as we warned – is quite willing to step up (thanks to their leaders in Washington) and guarantee $2 billion in loans to the world’s 2nd most credit risky nation (after Venezuela).

          Entire Link: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-01-13/ukraine-default-risk-6-year-highs-us-taxpayers-volunteer-guarantee-its-debt

          See what happens when you fail to make your Car Payment. The Hook and Tow service come and take your wheels away.

          Here is the link to Wikipedia for the first Ukraine default with resulted in Russia cutting off energy to Ukraine back in January 2006 for 13 days. If you want the truth just do the research, everything else is BS.

          Russia–Ukraine gas disputes
          A serious dispute began in March 2005 over the price of natural gas supplied and the cost of transit. During this conflict, Russia claimed Ukraine was not paying for gas, but diverting that which was intended to be exported to the EU from the pipelines. Ukrainian officials at first denied the accusation,[2][3] but later Naftohaz admitted that natural gas intended for other European countries was retained and used for domestic needs. The dispute reached a crescendo on 1 January 2006, when Russia cut off all gas supplies passing through Ukrainian territory.[4] On 4 January 2006, a preliminary agreement between Russia and Ukraine was achieved, and the supply was restored. The situation calmed until October 2007 when new disputes began over Ukrainian gas debts. This led to reduction of gas supplies in March 2008. During the last months of 2008, relations once again became tense when Ukraine and Russia could not agree on the debts owed by Ukraine.[5]
          In January 2009, this disagreement resulted in supply disruptions in many European nations, with eighteen European countries reporting major drops in or complete cut-offs of their gas supplies transported through Ukraine from Russia.[6][7] In September 2009 officials from both countries stated they felt the situation was under control and that there would be no more conflicts over the topic,[8][9] at least until the Ukrainian 2010 presidential elections.[10] However, in October 2009, another disagreement arose about the amount of gas Ukraine would import from Russia in 2010. Ukraine intended to import less gas in 2010 as a result of reduced industry needs because of its economic recession; however, Gazprom insisted that Ukraine fulfill its contractual obligations and purchase the previously agreed upon quantities of gas.[11] Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russia%E2%80%93Ukraine_gas_disputes

        • I think you have that backwards. I think Putin is RESPONDING to the economic warfare declared on Russia from the West.

          • I ah.gree. He finally had enoug


          • OK…too funny.

            I did think the hunter lady was hot.

        • I would say this is his response to the west declaring economic warfare on Russia. And no, it won’t end well but the coon in the White House should have thought about that.

          • In my limited experience with racoons, I’ve found them to be highly adept at learning, whereas our current Organizer-in-Chief is a complete dolt and narcissist. The World revolves around HIM, so be truly believes Putin’s “antics”, don’t concern HIM at all. (unless CzarinaValerie tells him it does!)I’ve never seen a ‘coon that was a narcissist.

        • Correction
          This is what you get when you poke a bear, Napoleon and Hitler learned it the hard way.
          Now it is our turn to learn the same lesson, maybe this time it will resonate .
          BTW Tell that to the idiot John Mc cane who said Russia is just a gas station.
          It says a lot about how Stupid We are when he and Obozo are representing us.

        • I imagine when Europeans start freezing to death they will first come with strong rope in hand, looking for the little bastard politicians who did this to them: the rogues who got paid off for doing America’s bidding..

          Then we may very well see what Mac predicted, “Revolutions, Economic Crashes, Depression” etc.

          • Sounds about right to me.

        • Yeah, wonder what the a- hole in the White House will do now? Probably go after that pipeline in the Black Sea… but then we would REALLY see war between the West and Russia.

          • THEY ALREADY WENT AFTER THAT BLACK SEA PIPELINE…they just didn’t get control of it like they planned.

        • I can just hear Van Rumpoy; ♫ Iwill gladly pay you Tuesday for a barrel of gas today ♫ rotfl..

        • Putin has what? Us and eu had already declared the war 3 months ago…

        • Correction: Putin responds to the Wests economic warfare against Russia.

          You have to have been living in a cave or hopelessly uninformed to not know they were going to do this.

        • Not true, in Romania we produce 85% of our gas needs and 60% of Oil. Romania will not be that affected. It happend in 2004 Ukraine stoped sellin gas to Romania for 2 months. We bought our gas from Bulgaria witch in turn they bought from Turkey. The most effect will be from the oil cuts.

        • This is exactly what should be done.if the tables were turned, would we do anything different? it is their gas and they have the right to do what they want with their resources.

        • Many may not see the truth in what is happening……Putin is resisting the NWO . Putin is defending itself against the West and has been going after the corrupt bankers…..This does not bode well…

      2. Western leaders are arrogant, THAT will cause our downfall, that “it could never happen to us” crap.
        Keep poking the Russians, many fates are far worse than armed conflict.

        • I think it’s more accurately like they don’t CARE if they cause our downfall, because the know they’ll be safe in their villas in Switzerland or wherever. THEY KNOW IT COULD HAPPEN TO US, and they count on it as part of their depop plan.

          That’s my take on the complete stupidity I see today.


        • From all your past hints its apparent that you prefer the “face down on the ground position”.

        • Acid Alert! Acid Alert! Man got out of the basement without meds and is spewing again. He’s capitalizing all his words…..all hands on deck!

          • Yes, he is on medications,self-administered, self-prescribed. No one has the omniscience that AE has, no one else has the “enlightenment” AE has, no one else has the rather subjective “experience” with law enforcement he has.OOPS! Nope,I spoke to soon. Every single law enforcement jurisdiction has at least one AE-type of criminal failure in their agency’s are of responsibility. An incompetent who has failed at everything he has ever tried, so, now, he doesn’t try to do anything out of fear or more failure. AE is so wrong on so many fronts, it is no longer “funny” or even satirical, it’s just pathetic. Sooner or later, he will figure out how to end his own pain, and will eat his own gun(if he hasn’t pawned it already)or will “self-medicate” himself to the point of vomiting in his sleep and thereby causing himself to choke to death by aspirating vomitus into his trachea. Have seen too many of these failures like AE, go out the same lonely, pathetic way. It is ALWAYS, “someone else’s fault” never his own. Ah well, such is life’s way of ridding itself of the detritus of society.

        • Acid, Did you realize Praying to God on your Knees is the same suicidal position of an execution when you get a bullet in the back of your head. They train the sheep early on to submit to their master. And willingly they do.

          Same Sheep Different Day.

          • I will not kneel
            when they threaten me with death
            For liberty is all we have
            when liberty is all thats left

            • I would like to think that if I was faced with certain, imminent death, that I’d have the courage to face it on my feet eye-to-eye…but in the end, I believe it will be my mean, nasty belligerent side that would allow me to stand there and stare them down.

              I’ve been on the business end of a gun before, but I was pretty sure they didn’t really want to shoot me. It’s easier to stand your ground in that situation. I don’t know how I’d act at my own execution, but I’m pretty sure I’d make my peace with God, and refuse to beg for my life.

      4. “Without Russia residents across Europe have no way of staying warm.”



        • I imagine your idiot family is grateful to not have you around.

      5. We are all being played. Get it. They are all in bed together, Why is this so hard to understand?

        • Yup, so hard for many to understand that this is all a plan to institute a one world currency followed by a one world govt. Just wait when the SHTF and the IMF comes riding in on their white horse to save the day.

          • There will never be a “one world government”. Too many competing interests. Like Russia vs. Saudis on the oil/gas markets. Big business uses “sovereignty” as a tool, just like they use the “global warming” fraud, or the “endangered species” frauds. They will never give up those tools.

            • All they need for a One world Currency is to freeze all of the exchange rates and have a single issuing authority. Regardless if the currency has pretty pictures and local historical figures in essence its just another denomination of a single currency. The very citizens handling it would never suspect that they were holding, “World Money”. The US Federal Reserve is getting closer to that goal. Joint military action under direction of the UN is another step that is being accomplished. The inherent cultural differences in nations are meaningless once the wealth and military might are under international control.

              The above is slowly being facilitated right before everyones eyes. In the end a President or Prime Minister is in essence a Governor unable to truly implement independent actions that have an effect on the collective.

              • K2: I use to think that the NWO wanted a OWC. They don’t. There is no profit in that. The currency market is the biggest market, run directly by the banks who front run each trade (read: SKIM) in a heads I win, tails you lose program.

                Its a $50 trillion a day market with two dozen different ways for the Gangster banksters to make a buck. Its not gonna go away. In the meantime the FX traders are salivating at the prospect of a fungible Chinese Yuan to join the process and add another dozen ways to profit. 🙂

                • I can’t read their minds but I can watch their actions. Every move they make increasingly intertwines go-politics / geo-economics so for practical purposes they act as one.

        • Here is how Americans are being Played at the tune of Trillions of Dollars.

          How could trillions of dollars be laundered from the Wash DC regime to Saudi Arabia? Why, through Citigroup, of course.

          Is the US laundering money to Saudi Arabia through Citigroup in order to “hedge” against, or compensate Saudi Arabia for the drop in oil prices?

          Well, it sure as hell looks like it.

          I recently tweeted the reportage on the massive derivatives position being accumulated by Citigroup (the parent Holding Company) and Citibank (the bank held by Citigroup HoldCo) – $135 TRILLION. Citi is adding roughly $10 TRILLION PER QUARTER, and the bank is now holding MORE derivatives than the parent HoldCo, which is unprecedented and shocking. Even worse, the bank – the derivatives holdings of which are now “guaranteed” by the FDIC, which is to say the US TAXPAYERS, thanks to the Cromnibus bill – is where the exposure is being added – $9 TRILLION was added to the Citibank portfolio within the third quarter of 2014 alone – the latest available data. Citi is the only big bank that is INCREASING its derivatives position, all the other big banks have modestly reduced their derivatives exposure in the same time period. But Citi is piling it on as hard and fast as it can – NINE TRILLION $ IN ONE QUARTER!!

          Do you know who the largest private shareholder of Citigroup is?

          Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud. Mister Saudi Arabia.

          So, I’m going to indulge in a little dot connecting here. I don’t think this is terribly far-fetched.

          I hypothesize that the Washington DC regime is providing Saudi Arabia with a “laundered short hedge” on oil prices through Citi. Citi “borrows” money from the Federal Reserve at next to zero percent, plows it into swaps (a form of highly leveraged derivative wherein cashflows, not assets, are the underlying “commodity”) at this stunning clip because all swaps are held “off balance sheet”. Remember that term from MF Global?

          The position is such that it makes money when oil prices drop, thus “hedging” Saudi Arabia. If the poop hits the fan, thanks to the Cromnibus, 100% of Citibank’s derivatives portfolio is now under the umbrella of the FDIC, which we all know means the Federal Reserve printing dollars to bail out their friends. The FDIC is only sitting on a few billion in assets. It’s a joke.

          So, the Washington DC regime has essentially posted YOU AND SEVERAL GENERATIONS OF YOUR PROGENY as the collateral guaranteeing a short hedge on oil prices that it is providing for Saudi Arabia through its ownership of Citigroup. In other words, MONEY LAUNDERING, EXCEPT ON A MULTI-GENERATIONAL, CIVILIZATIONAL SCALE.

          • I’m sorry whatever it is that you think that ‘God’ did to you. God is whatever is the greatest thing in your life is. Just like a piss ant is limited to what it can see, taste, or smell, we are limited by what we can see, smell, taste, hear, or feel. There is another sense which is beyond the 5 senses. It is also beyond the speed of light which is why we cannot detect it. It is just like the piss ant. If he cannot detect it, it does not exist. Really? I am sorry that this information may piss you off, but it doesn’t matter as far as reality goes. Truth is outside the one who wants it, but not outside the one who humbles himself/herself to it. Egotism is its own condemnation & destruction. If one wants the truth, it is available. Try http://www.theway.org

        • Most people would rather die than think. In fact, they do.

          Ralph Waldo Emerson

          Larger pile, new sunrise.


          • LMAO!

        • If they really had consensus, THEY’D JUST DO IT. They do not have all leaders in agreement to hand over their sovereignty and power to a central bankster family. If they were truly “all in bed together”, it would be over and we’d be citizen-slaves of the new world order right now.

          THERE IS STILL HOPE…TRY NOT TO DASH IT SO EASILY with baseless rhetoric.

      6. Why would you not let comment post? Censorship starts with the msm, please don’t let it happen here!

      7. “GAME ON!”



        *”russia has a long history of sacrificing millions of their people, entire russian cities and states to suck in their enemies and then grind them down!”


        • WOW, Crazy much???

          • @sw g.f.y. ya’ ma’roon…

            * 20,000,000/ ’20 MILLION’ Russians Died defending Mother Russia from the German Nazi horde Invasion and occupation of WW2!


            “THEY CAN’T KILL ALL OF US!”



            • Right….

              (bugsy’s mom)

              Bobby! What are you doing down in the basement again! You know your father forbids you going down there!!!!

              Bobby… (I mean bugsy)

              Yes Mom……

            • You are not allowed to say anything good about anybody but the special ones in the USA, USA, USA! They’re the only real people on this fucking planet, dontcha know? Their govt is the only voice that counts in the world. They get what they want, when they want it, by any means necessary, including sacrificing their own people…and don’t ever forget that the United States IS ALWAYS RIGHT!


            • You’re absolutely right, Bugsy; Russia does, indeed, have a very modern nuclear army with better, more advanced fighter jets and ballistic missile systems than ZOG Amerika. The USSA’s F-35 “stealth” fighter jets are nothing more than DUDS; their weapons systems are incapable of firing unto 2019, due to some computer glitch. How stupid can these Yanks get?
              Yes, the Russian national game is Chess. Even kids age 5 play chess; girls and boys alike. Chess is one of the most strategic games there is; it surely helps develop skills in geopolitics.

      8. The Canadian sheeple should be awake by now.

        The explicit Sexual Education programme is about to be enforced in Ontario in September 2015.

        Organized institutionalized pedophilia is a huge concern in Canada, and the parents are wondering why is the Toronto District School Board so determined to teach Gay Pride to 5 year old students?

        Not to forget that a majority of Canadian public school teachers these days are feminists.

        As much as Russia is Canada’s enemy, at least modern Russia is strictly against feminism, institutionalized peophilia and the corruption of minors.

        • Why is Russia Canada’s enemy? What did they do to your country?

      9. It’s funny to hear from all of you that have such hatred of the West that you are willing to grab onto the coat tails of mafia-regime dictators like Putin. I’ve been doing business in Russia and Ukraine for 10 years and can give you the educated opinion here. I am just as anti-banker cartel as any clear thinking individual these days. But that doesnt mean you need to support Putin. Come over here and get to know the situation for a few years then lets see how your views change.

        • Yea, I agree with you jay, I think in some ways the russian gov/leaders are just like the islamic leaders.

          Openly they may oppose homosexuality and pedophilia, as well as other liberal platforms, but under the surface of media attention, it is a different story.

          Just to “appear” morally correct, doesn’t necessarily mean a group is Godly.

          I guess you have witnessed much proof of that in your 10 years of visiting.

          • BTW…

            In 2001, 1.31 million children were born in Russia, while 2.11 million abortions were performed.[28] In 2005, 1.6 million abortions were registered in Russia;[4] 20% of these involved girls under the age of 18.[29] Official statistics put the number at 989,000 in 2011,[4] though Russian pro-life activists say that number is much higher.[27]

            Russia had the highest number of abortions per woman of child-bearing age in the world according to UN data as of 2010.[2] In terms of the total number, in 2009 China reported that it had over 13 million abortions,[3] out of a population of 1.3 billion, compared to the 1.2 million abortions in Russia,[4] out of a population of 143 million people.

            Apparently, the Russians have no problem with murdering babies.
            A whole lot of fuckin’ and killin’.

            Just sayin’

            • oicu812: Yes we have been hearing about the demise of the Petro Dollar from the dollar haters for YEARS. Rummy Jim Willie, the biggest dollar hater of all, has been ranting about its imminent demise since at least 2009. That’s six years and counting.

              Saudi Arabia is the Petro in the petrodollar and the FRN is as much theirs as it is ours: by choice.

              Its still here and getting stronger. Rummy Willie needs to sober up. His analysis is totally bullshit but there are many fearful, ignorant people (many right here at SHTF Plan) who believe him because they don’t know any better. Then there are those who want him to be right because misery loves company and they don’t have any extra dollars. (read Penis envy).

              The metal barrons push this FEAR, and they profit from it: FEAR is THEIR currency to get you to buy gold and silver from them, and they will gladly accept your DOLLARS for the metal and save you from financial collapse. How convenient!!! How altruistic can you get???

              The petro dollar IS the currency of choice of the NWO. It is not going away, it is not going to collapse, there is not going to be any hyperinflation without a pole shift or emp or nuclear war. Even then there will be a LACK of dollars and a demand for them if you got ’em.

              Save ten dollar bills in plastic coffe cans in your back yard. 🙂

        • Jay, is’t not that they hate the West, it’s that they hate what the West has become due to it’s govenments encroachment on liberty. Putin just happens to be th thorn in the side of govenments That liberty loving people hate.

        • I don’t have a “hatred of the west”, but I do not in any fashion agree with what this govt is doing and I’m not afraid to admit when our country is clearly in the wrong…it’s not even OUR GOVT after all, is it? It belongs to the elites and banksters at the IMF now.

          And Jay, “doing business” in Russia does not even give you any insight into anything about Putin. For pete’s sake, if I buy stuff from Russia on the internet, does that mean I know about all of their complex govt issues? NO. Unless you are a billionaire involved in massive, secret govt deals, you don’t know your hat from a condom about Russia. Being a minor consumer gets you nothing. Nice try though.

      10. Interesting, but not relevant, do a google search on (County 10) The Original Marlboro Man dies at the age of 85, the smokes must have killed him. But a car will kill you quicker. His Great Grandson was 19 and was killed 1 day before his death in a car wreck. Trekker Out.

      11. DA Nyet…mofo’s

      12. This will hurt Russia more. Why? Think about it: they are converting rising-value US dollars for worthless Rubles: that is like flushing your remaining wealth down the toilet. Rubles are only useful for wiping your ass in the morning. As for stopping selling gas to Europe, this will just make the US and UK fracking markets profitable again and will also make Norway even richer. National security will make this market and European countries will choose national security over being blackmailed by Russia. As for Russia, look for massive internal destabilization efforts launched by the CIA/CSIS and Europeans. Putin will be spending his last days facing off with angry Russians on Red Square.

        • Western Europe has to make it through the short term to get to the long term. They don’t really have a short-term solution. China will probably be willing to buy Russia’s surplus gas. Saudi may well have a few ‘accidents’ in oil fields coming their way.

          • It’s because they all know who is creating this mess. Global opinion does not trump Putin’s popularity IN Russia. Its more important what the Russian people think of him rather that ‘global’ opinion. Those outside of Russia, in many cases, do not know a damn thing about Russia and are therefore at the risk of believing or falling for what any hit piece news story says about him from the western corporate controlled mainstream media.

            Part of starting a war is psych warfare and demonization of leaders who are not going along with the DEMONIC New World Order and actually work to build a strong independent sovereign nation for their people without external globalist interference from outside said nation. Its all about the emerging BRICS(Brazil,Russia,India,China,South Africa) bank, Gazprom and the inevitable collapse of the U.S. dollar as the world’s Reserve currency.

            The Russia people do not forget as easily as the doped-up masses of American sheeple.

            WHEN PUTIN WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT of Russia in 2000, Russia was bankrupt. The nation owed $16.6 billion to the Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund while its foreign debt to the Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club Of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars.

            But Putin took advantage of the current boom in world oil prices by redirecting a portion of the profits of Russia’s largest oil producer Gazprom so as to pay off the country’s debt. The continual surge in oil prices greatly accelerated Russia’s capacity to restore financial sovereignty.

            By 2006 Putin had paid off Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds. Russia’s financial dependence on the Mafia financiers was now over. Putin could then establish what became his Russian Unity Party’s campaign slogan: Putin’s Plan Means Victory For Russia!

            This slogan continues to make the New World Order Bankers very nervous. THAT IS WHY PUTIN IS SO POPULAR IN HIS OWN COUNTRY. Top that America.

          • I have NO DOUBT that Stalin was once the most popular man in Russia at one time too. Then of course the popularity of Chairman Mao was unprecedented. 🙂

          • Satori, I’m sure you don’t realize that the Kremlin popularity pols are conducted via land-line phone calls. Russian residents don’t dare speak out against the Czar Putin on their own land-line telephone. Anyone over 35 remembers how your honest opinion can end you up in places unknown in Russia, USSR.

            The pols are laughable. The better place to do the polling would be outside a few Moscow bars at 11 pm Friday night. That’s where you’d hear the real numbers.

        • Frank says:

          ” Think about it: they are converting rising-value US dollars for worthless Rubles: that is like flushing your remaining wealth down the toilet.”

          I say:
          Unless, Putin knows something is coming down the pike later this year that will completely crush the dollar/petro dollar. Then he looks like a brilliant leader and the ruble gains along with the yuan.
          …ummm…could it signal game over for the dollar?

          We hear of the dollar’s demise everyday. We hear 2015 is the year. We hear September/October is the season.
          We see the cheap prophylactic balloon called the US dollar, getting bigger and bigger everyday.

          When will it pop?

          • Just to add,

            Russian leaders are in bed with China’s leaders on economic and military issues. They see the petro dollar as a threat to their investments and future expectations.

            The Chinese have been making moves for several years, like buying massive amounts of gold, building refineries at breakneck speed, and here is the biggie, hedging their “inevitable” losses of those dollars by incrementally making trades for oil in their own yuan.

            Putin may be doing a restructuring of his countries own investments, by following suit, and banking on his “strange bedfellow’s” monetary system taking over as the petro currency.

            Russians may go into a deep depression economically, but the wealthy investors into the country’s main exports, which are oil and gas, will still be making money. Being the worlds largest exporter of energy resources, is a pretty strong support system, for any government to maintain a powerful position.

            • …and all the western demonization in the world will not change the facts.

      13. If you keep prodding a bear with a stick, you shouldn’t really be surprised when he turns round and chews your head off.

        I never cease to be amazed at the stupidity of the political classes and their paymasters. Long overdue a kick up the fundament and Putin, for all his faults, is the man to deliver it.

      14. US is a very arrogant country with an arrogant president.
        All what counts for them is money, money and money again.
        I once had warm feelings for this wonderful country and
        their people but nowadays everything has changed. Not one single war since WORLD WAR !! was won, only millions of innocent people in THEIR Countrys killed and bombed.
        No wonder that the US seems to be hated by many nations. Even GOD has left that nation and I wonder what will happen next.
        The russian wiil to defend their country should not be underestimated. Napoleon, the Germans and others had to
        make their bitter conclusions already.
        The only way to save the world is to PRAY to the ALMIGHTY, to be kind to everyone and live as Jesus told us.
        God bless you all

        • I would not be too quick to jump on the pro russian ship.

          Yes, Americans and Canadians have their faults, and the biggest has been from the predominately claimed Christians.

          With about 75% claiming to be christian, somewhere, somebody has dropped the divine ball and played church by playing along to a pc agenda.

          There are many christians in Russia, but to just jump ship because of what has become of this America, would be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire, cause Russia as a whole is not a morally productive nation.
          In recent years, the gov of russia has become less tolerant of Christians/Protestants, and Catholics.

          To become a Russian sympathizer just because one has become distraught over America, and jump ship, could be a fatal mistake.

          Just follow what God says of Rush/Russia/Gog and it’s people/nation as a whole. The government of Russia will do a bad thing in the near future by leading a federation army against North America.
          God says he “will” handle them and it ain’t gonna be a pretty picture.

          It will transpire as foretold.

          I’ll take my chances here in my country/land that was God given; and all the putin/communistic lovers can kiss my rosey red cheeks, and not the upper ones.

          • OMG! “a morally productive nation” REALLY?

            DO YOU MEAN LIKE BOMBING INNOCENT PEOPLE INTO THE STONE AGE TO SPREAD “FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY”? The United States has declared it’s their “moral obligation” to do just that.

            Or perhaps you mean like destroying countries so that big corporations can eviscerate their natural resources and exploit their people? Do you know anything about the entire middle east? Or Ukraine? Shit. They had the resources in Ukraine divvied up before the presidential seat cushion even got cold….then went ahead with a war, because they didn’t get everything they put dibs on.

            Or maybe you mean like claiming “humanitarian” goals like in Africa, while they subject the population to vaccines that spread horrible diseases and sterilize the women? Or maybe paralyze thousands of young children.

            The United States, UN and NATO have done those exact things. If that’s your idea of “a morally productive nation”, no thanks. MY GOD does not consider those acts in any way “moral”.

      15. Does this sound filmier ?

        70+ years ago ???????????????

        HINT HINT ?

        December 7, 1941

      16. interesting.

      17. The west was a bit foolish to think Putin would not react. I only hope that the solution reached by our leaders does not lead to an increase in hostilities. It does make you wonder if co-operation might be better than confrontation.

        • THE Exceptional people to not “cooperate.” It’s our way or the hard way. Don’t forget you’re dealing with the United States, a government totally usurped by globalist elites and powerful foreign interests…lapdogs to mass murderers.

      18. The thumb just could be on the reset button. Will it be pushed, odds on it will be soon.

      19. I find it interesting that “so called Patriots” on Zero Hedge, and elsewhere, are always looking for the collapse of America with baited breath. One might conclude that some “FSB propaganda” is being inserted into the brains of dumb as a box of rocks Libertarians.

        The FSB is working on “The Right” both in the U.S. and around the world, as they already own “The Left”. Anyone who believes the crap on RT, or coming out of the brain dead Ron Paul is an useful idiot! They need an unstable United States to secure martial law. Stage #3 of a Communist takeover.

        The goal is to destabilize America and break it up into smaller countries, while crushing Evangelical Christianity and replacing it with a “State Church”.

        Putin is no more of a Bible believing good Christian than Homo-Barry is. They’re both EVIL!!!!!

        The smart thing for we Preppers to do is stay out of this political fight, hunker down, and Pray without ceasing.

        If you’re looking to a Savior like Putin, Mohammed, or even some “Super Prepper”, you’ll only end up disappointed.

        Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. God takes care of His kids!

        • I have known a few of “Gods kids” who got themselves blown to bits over in the sandbox,,,,
          apparently even his power has its limits.

        • I second that!

        • “The goal is to destabilize America and break it up into smaller countries”

          Like the U.S did, and has been doing for decades over in the east and Europe, then uniting under the NWO/EU?

          I don’t WANT to see my country go down either, but I’m awake enough to know this govt is not my friend, and that this country is no longer ours. I know it is under the control of globalist elites who do not care if we live or die.

          I would gladly learn to speak Russian, if that is what it took to dismantle the New World Order and get this country away from the globalist banksters grasp.

          I also know we’ve got to fall down, before we can get back up. Whatever it takes to be free of the NWO, which is our TRUE ENEMY…Not Russia. Not China. Not Cuba, Not the entire Middle East…etc.


      20. I could see this coming as soon as they signed the deal with the devil. (Putin) I have already made a wood stove from a propane bottle because the most likely scenario in the US is the power grid going down. I wonder how many europeans even had enough forethought for even a couple of extra blankets?
        Not enough I suppose.

      21. Russian oil revenues are falling and Putin wants to cut Europe off. Is there some reason Europe can not buy oil elsewhere? Seems to me the little bastard is overplaying his hand. Time to crush the Russian-Chinese threat for good.

        • Its not oil but rather Natural Gas which importers require vaporization facilities at ports tied into the pipeline distribution system which at present do not exist in Europe. Natural Gas exporters need liquefaction facilities to convert the gas into a dense transportable liquid. These are not available in sufficient capacity either I believe.

          Its a big game of global Chess. Beware of the Knights.

      22. All the world wars started in europe so far. Are they going to make it a 3peat?

        • @nlightened2

          Yes all of the World Wars started in Europe AND Russia played a huge part in starting them.

          One: Mobilized to help Serbia against Germany
          Two: Allied with Hitler against Poland

          • ANON
            #3 allied with Iran-China-Syria-N Korea.
            We will see, I think very soon! Everything is coming together, economies are crashing (Russia Iran), food in short supply in some area (Korea), Water in short supply in some area (China), and how has all of this the USA. Even though are economy sucks it isn’t as bad as the rest of the world!

            • That’s bullshit dude, a year from now everything will be pretty much the same as today.

              • Anon
                Hey DUDE I hope you are right, and I’m wrong. Only time will tell.

          • @ Anonymous

            Read some history that wasn’t written by neocon warmongers.

            “AND Russia played a huge part in starting them. … Allied with Hitler against Poland.”

            Hitler then invaded Russia. In their Great Patriotic War the Red Army eviscerated four-fifths of the Wehrmacht. Without that, the Germans would have pushed the Normandy invasions back into the sea.

            As I posted above, Russian casualties in their GPW: 20 MM civilians, 10 MM military. US casualties worldwide in WW2: approximately 427,000.

            Most of the Russian victories were before Lend Lease, which was too little and too late to make a difference.

            Give the Putin hating and Russia hating a break. Or make some effort to know what you’re talking about.

      23. This is Putin capitulating. Yes, capitulating. He’s admitting that he cannot annex Ukraine as he planned, and is thus demanding that Europe use this proposed Turkey pipeline, which in turn is in lieu of the so-called “South Stream” project that the EU refused to countenance due to the fact that the South Stream pipeline would have been 50% owned by Gazprom, and would have been able to prohibit shipment of gas produced by anyone else.

        Gazprom wants total monopoly power over gas supplies to Europe. This is also the reason for the Syrian war. Putin is doing their bidding. Europe is trying to defend the concept of free market, and to avoid being hung on an meat-hook by Gazprom.

        • Sorry OC, BUT HE DID TAKE CRIMEA IN. They VOTED to rejoin their ancestral homeland. It was THEIR CHOICE, NOT OURS and there is nothing we can/should do about it.

          The greedy WESTERN corporations that had the resources all divvied up, all the way down to Crimea can go pound sand…maybe they can get their deposits back or something.

          • Taking Crimea does nothing to advance Gazprom’s primary goal, which was to have hegemony over all of Ukraine so that they could control the pipeline. As for voting, when did Russia ever have a legitimate election? Wasn’t it Stalin who uttered those immortal words, “it only matters who counts the votes?”

      24. There is an article on Zerohedge also reading the comments show that the reference material is dated. One comment to note is this which made much for a good read:

        The story is really about the European Commission Vice-Pres For Energy Union, Maros Sefcovic going to Moscow on January 14, 2015 to put the Russkies in their place over the South Stream pipeline.
        South Stream was proposed by Russia as the second part of their plan to bypass the Ukraine gas transit problems, which had led to Russia cutting off gas through Ukraine in 2006 and 2009. The first part was the “North Stream” line under the Baltic to Germany (completed in 2012).
        The US was pushing the EC to favor the Southern Corridor line proposals to bring gas from the Caspian basin and Middle East, arguing that the EU should diversify their suppliers away from Russia. The US/EC favored lines were Nabucco, TANAP, and TAP.
        After Russia signed contracts in 2008 for South Stream with the EU nations along the South Stream route, the EC tried to throw a wrench in the South Stream project by enacting their “Third Energy Package” which envisaged a gas pipeline grid throughout the EU but contained “competition rules” that said no party could both own and send all the gas via a pipeline. This was an attempt to force Russia and Gazprom to hand over a large piece of the ownership and control of the line and to give the EC leverage to force reductions in the price of gas (as well as extend the EC bureaucratic control over gas distribution and negotiations with Russia for gas). Gazprom continued with construction on the Russian end, while trying to negotiate with the EC. Bulgaria, Hungary, and Austria said they would honor their contracts with Russia and ignore the EC rules. The EC threatened to sue them. Then the head of Bulgaria got visited by John McCain and announced that Bulgaria would follow EC rules and refuse to issue permits for construction of the line (June?, 2014).
        Putin then announced on December 1st that, since the EU did not want South Stream, it would not be built. Instead the line and its 63 Billion cubic metres of gas per year would be diverted to Turkey in the new Turk Stream line. The EC went into denial, saying South Stream was not dead, that all the objections to South Stream would magically disappear, that Putin’s decision was not final, and that Russia was invited to negotiate further. Bulgaria and other countries along the route stand to lose multiBillion-dollar construction activity, direct access to gas, and transit fees of about $500 Million per year each. Russia ignored their invitations to negotiate further.
        Then ECVP Sefcovic said he was going to Moscow on Jan. 14 to explain to the Russians why South Stream would go ahead and why it would be built according to EC rules. Alexei Miller, head of Gazprom, told him:
        “FU. South Stream will not be built. You idiots blew the deal. The gas that is now flowing through Ukraine will be sent to Turkey instead once the Turk Stream line is built. If the EU wants the 63 Billion Cubic metres of gas per year, the EU will have to arrange pipelines to connect with the Turk Stream hub at the Turk/Greek border. Stuff your Third Energy Package. You can take your pompous ass and haughty attitude back to Brussels. And kiss my ass on the way out” (my paraphrasing).
        In the meantime, the Nabucco line was cancelled in June/July 2013 after Azerbaijan chose to send its Caspian Sea gas via the TAP project via Turkey-Greece-Albania-Italy, instead of via the TANAP line to Nabucco and then into the eastern EU. Nabucco/TANAP would have carried much more gas, and potential suppliers were touted as including Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Israel, Egypt, and Qatar. BUT the US ruled out Iran, Iraq is unstable, and Assad in Syria stands in the way of Egypt, Israel, and Qatar gas coming into Turkey to connect to Nabucco, leaving insufficient gas to justify construction. Hence the attempts to depose Assad. The US was ready to invade Syria and take out Assad, allegedly because Assad had WMDs, but Putin intervened and brokered a plan for Syria to surrender its chemical weapons. So the attempt was made to remove Assad via the Free Syrian Army and, when the FSA failed, via ISIS.
        Turkey has been a member of NATO since 1952, and has been trying to join the EU for about 20 years, but the EU keeps refusing to finalize entry. After Putin’s Dec. 1 announcement, PM Erdogan has told the EU that Turkey is giving up on EU membership, and is not too happy with NATO, either. It appears Turkey is now looking to increase its ties with the Eurasian trade bloc, and feels much freer to throw its weight around as the new gas conduit to the EU. Greece may be emboldened to tell the EC/ECB/IMF troika that Greece will take major write-downs of Greek debt in exchange for allowing EU pipelines to take gas from the Turk/Greek border gas hub.
        The cat is among the EU pigeons. And the pigeons are starting to see where they stand.

        • I aint reading all that. Try the Reader’s Digest version next time. 🙂

          • Sounds like you’d make the ideal Congressman.

          • Pretty much cut-and-pasted from Russia Today anyway.

            • If it’s true, who gives a damn where it comes from? Truth is truth and anybody but obama is capable of telling it.

              • When did RT start telling the truth?

                • Try New York Times perhaps? 😉

                • I read RT everyday Coach. Sometimes you have to look past the Russian phile propaganda and grasp the factual nuggets they use to promote their view.

                  Most of this post is factual. But it does nothing to help the position that Putin has put Russia in …. and that position is NOT a good one. It seems to me that he has fallen for the ZOG/CIA trap, hook, line, and sinker.

                  It does not bode well for any of US as he has painted himself into a corner. It will get messy on the way out. 🙁

        • Makes sense, these allies within the US and EU try to be bullies and push their weight around, problem is they turned into vegitarian pussies along the way and these other boys on the block are still eating steak.

        • 1 John 2:2 Excellent post!!! I normally skip long comments but I read yours and you NAILED it with the FACTS. Most of the USA/Dollar Haters here don’t want the facts when it contradicts their opinion; and when you post the truth they weep, nash their teeth, and say it ain’t so.

          Thanks for taking the time!!! 🙂

      25. This looks like a complete realignment of the Eurasian geopolitical climate. China and Russia cutting off the petro-dollar flow by dealing in their own currencies. Recent agreements between India, China & Russia. Saudi Arabia is flooding the market with crude oil depressing prices and hurting the US & south American oil producers, China investing heavily in African nations to access their resources. Looks like the rest of the world is tired of the US hegemony and has decided to take out the west. Prepare to become a third world nation.

        • The rest of the world is well aware that the USA is In decline. They can see that the USA is weak & vunerable. Putin cutting off oil to customers who are not paying anyhow isn’t going to hurt financially.

      26. Pay attention to what the asshats in congress and the government are up to,
        increasing numbers of islamist tied reps being named to higher ranking posts and committees, officials inactive on islamist groups creating their own personal compounds for training, congress giving the president sweeping powers by stipulating where he can imbed his agenda without interference,
        THESE assholes are supposed to represent us, from where I am sitting they are enemies domestic,

        • Amen to your comment…

      27. Sorry, Not buying all the “this is the beginning of a war” talk… This is bluster and posturing which Russia has done Many, many,many,many,many,many,many,many times in the past. Until I see missles flying or bombs dropping it is NOT the beginning of a “war”…sorry

        • Yes Spud, it’s the exact same thing these keyboard commandos do on this site, bluster and posture, bluff and bullshit, talk talk talk till the end of the world, but never leave the sofa.

      28. if you ever read the story about Chris McCandless INTO THE WILD by John Krakauer

        you may be interested in THE WILD TRUTH by Carine McCandless his sister
        this just came out

        “In the more than twenty years since the body of Chris McCandless was discovered in the wilds of Alaska, his spellbinding story has captivated millions who have either read Jon Krakauer’s iconic Into the Wild or seen Sean Penn’s acclaimed film of the same name.And yet, only one person has truly understood what motivated Chris’s unconventional decision to forsake his belongings, abandon his family, and embrace the harsh wilderness. In The Wild Truth, his beloved sister Carine McCandless finally provides a deeply personal account of the many misconceptions about Chris, revealing the truth behind his fateful journey while sharing the remarkable details of her own”

      29. Semi off topic.

        The Swiss severed the ties of their internal currency with the Euro.

        I don’t have a financial background being self educated in these matters but it appears that the Swiss believe Europe is falling and they are protecting themselves as best they can. I do know that the Swiss tend to protect the Swiss and that they know a lot about finance.

        Watch for developments.

        • Kevin2, that’s interesting about the Swiss and not surprising. They’re the only country in Europe with any sense.

        • K2: It means they are expecting MASSIVE QE from the ECB. 🙁

      30. War cures many problems.

        For both sides.

      31. Russian government selling off Dollars for the 50% degraded value of the Ruble where their public is buying Dollars because the Ruble lost its value. Makes no sense.

        Russia supplies 30% of the EU’s gas. Prices are going up in the EU, and with the abundance of gas in the world with prices so low, you would think the EU would get oil from other plentiful sources shipped in oil tankers. The world’s three largest regions for crude oil refining for gasoline, diesel, and home heating oil are Asia, North America, and Western Europe, so what is the problem?

        • If you set up for gas its not an instantaneous change to go to oil.

          If 30% of Europe’s NG demand was transferred to oil Russia makes out as global oil prices rise.

      32. Those that know history know this is the same B.S. we pulled with Japan in the late 30’s and early 40’s. Pearl got its ass handed to it, and there were almost 4000 killed in one strike with just simple torpedoes, and 500lbs. bombs. Just think what the Russians can do to us today with a simple EMP.

        I hate to say this but quoting from the original Red Dawn. ” I guess they just forgot what it is like, and the two toughest kids on the block just have to fight”.

        The way I see it is the first wave will be EMPs, second wave will be limited nuke strikes, military large cities, third wave, plants in the country all ready.

        Every time we have has economies go to HELL we get extremist groups sprout up and then the economy colapses and there is no other way other than surrender to the economy that is the strongest at the time, and we know how that works out. WAR!

        Prep,Pray and make ready!

        • Sgt. Dale

          Exactly how it starts, weapons and tactics used may be interesting but what is frightening is how little mankind has learned with its interactions. To push a sovereign nation, heavily armed into a financially desperate position and surround said nation with ever encroaching potentially hostile military forces is reckless at best, insanity at worst.

          • K2
            Truer words where never spoken.
            Why can’t man learn from history? Is there a better way I would think so. I guess we are just like other animals. When the Rabbit population gets big the next thing you know that the Fox population starts to grow. Then fox eat up most of the rabbits then the fox start to stave out and their population falls off.
            Just maybe it is also met for the human race?
            One thing I can say is that I lived throw some of the Best times. A couple of bumps in the road but all in all pretty damn good! I fear for my Grandkids!

            • i also think it is the inevitable course of things as proven by history. now the literacy and communication rates are up so a greater percentage of the population is more aware of what is happening. will this make a difference?

            • What good is fearing for them going to accomplish?

      33. The U.S. dollar – worth less than zero for decades – will actually gain value by being deemed “worth nothing” by the world.

      34. LONG OVERDUE! But I do understand and appreciate that Putin needed to portray himself as a reasonable, disciplined,sophisticated international leader.

        Well played Vlad!

        Now lets see how how frozen and broke Europe needs to get to remove its tongue from the globalist Jew financier’s ass!

      35. Could it be that Russia is getting ready to lunch an Blitz attack on NATO, thus Putin is cutting Eurasian ties that benefit NATO and ridding Itself of American/European currency?

        The Russians/Chinese have been practicing nuclear “attacks” on NATO countries for almost 2-3 years now, including U.S. bases.

      36. War only takes place either to achieve economic gain, or retribution for economic loss.

        Martin Armstrong

        Same shit, new day.

        • More of the same shit,,,,,,
          on top of the same shit,

          • It’s getting deep in here…


        • How does that theory explain radical islam?

          Same shit, DIFFERENT day. Get it right.

      37. Hmm, Saudi’s manipulate oil market and its seen as good business. Russia now does it and its seen as war. Huh? Seems like a stupid strategy to me but I don’t know about the non-payment. Seems he could have just jacked up the rates to offset the losses on oil. Maybe he already demanded pre-payment but got none. In the end, 178M people is more than enough to operate most every industry they would need. Especially if the country is oil and gas rich, like Russia. Of course, that is only under a good ruler. Under a bad ruler, no country can thrive.
        My projection is 10 years from now people will write book on how Russia became great. Of course, that’s unless someone goes to war to stop them. So far, Russia has been fairly peaceful, all things considered. Just look at USA in Granada and other places having almost nothing to do with us. I guess you can say USA has also been tolerant and peaceful as we even never attacked Saudi Arabia after their people bombed the World Trade Center towers and our Pentagon!

        • Here are 25 recent events, or data points, that our rulers hope we forget when they blame the collapse of the old world order on Russia:

          US spent $5 billion to destabilize Ukraine, not to mention the millions NGOs spent on “opposition groups”. The State Department was even caught playing kingmaker in Ukraine in secret recordings during the takeover.

          November 21st, 2013 – Ukraine’s President abandons an agreement on closer trade ties with EU, instead seeking closer cooperation with Russia. Violent pro-EU protests begin to organize.

          December 17th, 2013 – Putin offers to buy $15bn of Ukrainian debt and discount the price of Russian gas by about a third.

          February 2014 – Violence of coup peaks on the 20th. On 22nd protesters took control of Kiev and Parliament votes to remove president from power.

          February 23rd – New interim government named, replaces head of Ukraine central bank.

          March 6th – Obama signs national emergency executive order to punish Ukrainians that “undermine democratic processes and institutions” of the coup government in Ukraine. You can’t make this stuff up.

          March 16th – Crimea holds voter referendum to split from coup government in Kiev and ally with Russia, passes by over 95%.

          March 20th – Obama announces more unilateral sanctions on Russia.

          March 24th – Leaked tape where former prime minister of Ukraine and darling of the West, Yulia Tymoshenko, calls for wiping out all Russians with nuclear weapons.

          April 29th – Obama unilaterally expands sanctions on Russia.

          April 30th – Newly installed regime in Kiev receives $17 billion from the IMF for “economic reforms”. (December deal from Russia with better terms for Ukrainian people discarded.)

          May 3rd – Obama calls Kiev’s coup government “duly elected”.

          May 11th – Eastern Ukraine votes for independence from Kiev and for self-rule. Kiev mobilizes military to punish citizens for disloyalty.

          May 15th – US Vice President’s son Hunter Biden named to the board of Ukraine gas company.

          May 21st – Russia and China sign historic $400 billion “Holy Grail” gas deal not using petrodollars.

          May 27th – Second day in office, new Ukraine president launches military “anti-terrorist operation” against eastern Ukrainians.

          June 3rd – NATO pledges military support for Ukraine to battle dissidents.

          June 16th – Ukraine refuses to pay its gas bill to Moscow’s Gazprom, Russia cuts off gas.

          June 26th – Gazprom agrees to drop the dollar to settle contracts with China.

          June 27th – The EU signs an association agreement with Ukraine, along with Georgia and Moldova

          July 15th – BRICS nations fund international development bank to compete with the IMF, World Bank, and the dollar itself.

          July 17th – Commercial airliner MH17 shot out of the sky over eastern Ukraine. Appears to be classic false flag event after the West immediately blamed Russia citing sketchy YouTube videos.

          July 2014 – US announces yet more sanctions on Russia. EU and Canada both join in calls for more sanctions for Russia.

          July 2014 – Joe Biden’s son’s company prepares to drill shale gas in east Ukraine.

          July 2014 – Pentagon creates military plan to clear path for gas drilling in rebel-held areas of Ukraine.


          Let’s also not forget that during the coup, Ukraine’s gold reserves mysteriously “WENT MISSING”. Gee, I wonder where that went…

          • The gold was likely stolen by the Russian installed President who looted the country prior to his departure. My guess is that it is in Russia hidden among the “household items” of that guy.

            He will likely be honored with the “Hero of the Soviet Union” medal for the theft. 🙁

      38. Sgt. Dale

        I have noticed that the word, “Sandbags”, is showing up in many prepping articles.

        The New Prepper Vogue.

        • Sling:
          Sandbags? The only thing I can think of is sandbags to be used for stopping water from getting into your house. Or Sandbags to set up defensive positions. Sandbags could be used to protect the house you live in. Would look like crap but it is better than taking a bullet through a wall.
          Sandbag- to throw off course, to block, to slow down.

          • Put the sandbags inside or advertise your position.

      39. About time Putin made a move against the NWO. Swiss made a big move on their own currency today. Big reaction worldwide. I smell big trouble real soon. The numbers don’t look good. 10 year note fell to 1.81 this AM.

      40. I love to see the EU worm squirm. If you think Russia is “the aggressor” in this, you have been drinking the warmonger neocon koolaid.

        • Get yer nose out of Russia Today and read some real news.

          • You mean like MSNBC or CNN?

            • Aren’t they wholly owned subsidiaries of the Comintern?

      41. Gold jumped about $30 this AM after Swiss announcement.

        • Silver is up a buck too.

        • Gold ALWAYS increases in price at this time of year, in time for wedding presents in India. Silver for those who cannot afford ore gold. Its so cyclical that you can set your watch to it.

          I have explained this phenomena before. Its in the archives. Nothing to see here, move along. 🙂

      42. You go poking a sleeping Bear with a sharp stick and see what happens. It’s a safe bet your going to get Bear bit.
        I have been saying for ears “Hell On Earth Is Coming with a Vengeance” You can see it, taste it & hear it.
        You can make your home Self Sustainable and be self reliant for your own power, get your FREE copy of “I Plan To Survive” FREE at:

      43. Bowing to USan (read: neocon, i.e., Israeli dual-citizen) pressure, it was the the EU that invoked arcane environmental regulations, written AFTER the agreement to construct the South Stream pipeline was concluded, to stop its construction but COLD. At the time, Russia objected VIGOROUSLY to this breach of contract.

        The Bulgarian president, who may be of an alternative “sexual” orientation and slavishly admires all things USan, was instrumental in this and is rumored to have received various hefty compensations from Murka.

        Like his counterparts Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, that clown in Poland and other EU “leaders,” he callously disregards the actual interests of his nation, trading their security for dependence on Murka and all the baggage that it brings, including massive non-white immigration, Mosques, feminism, debt-based economics, LGBTQ “lifestyles,” cultural degeneration a la Pussy Riot and other pathologies.

        Murka has already promised to make up the short fall in Russian gas deliveries with fracked gas from the Amerikan heartland, a process that not only entails higher costs than profits, but which also destroys the WATER TABLE of the fracked area for CENTURIES.

        And Putin is the aggressor? Only if you ignore twenty five years worth of agreements not to expand NATO eastward, the USan neocon support of Chechen Islamist terror attacks in Russia, the NATO-puppet president of Georgia’s attack on S. Ossetia in 2008, the employment of USan funded NGOs to destabilize Russian society, the forward deployment of NATO missiles in Poland, the neocon-fomented Ukraine coup d’etat of last year (admitted by Victoria Nuland, nee Nudelman, the wife of Iraq-War neocon Robert Kagan), the deployment of the USan Navy in the Black Sea, the Malysian airliner false flag of July 2014 and — saving the best for last — the Merkin-Soros calculated attempt to destroy the Rouble.

        This is a dangerous game for Murka to play, to say the least. Just compare the fundamentals of the Merkin state and society, as well as its REAL economy (but leave out the Murkan BS Wall Street statistics which signify NOTHING, please). Once the Europeans start to FREEZE, lets hope they topple their traitor governments but QUICK and restore their rightful independence.

        The fate of the new Carthage will be the same as that of the old Carthage if it attacks the Third Rome.

        • The EU objection to South Stream is/was that Gazprom, holding 50% of the stake, was going to refuse to let gas produced anywhere but Russia transit the pipeline. That wasn’t part of the original deal, and the EU rightly stood their ground. Only people who read nothing but Russian propaganda will believe your screed.

          • Right again coach!!! 🙂

          • @ The Old Coach —

            It was my mistake not to state that these flimsy environmental pretexts were raised within Bulgaria only, though not “officially” by the the EU as such, and then to attribute them to the EU. Nevertheless, these pretexts were manufactured in furtherance of an objective pursued by the USans and their servants of the EU. Yes, the EU itself invoked “procurement” issues to block the SS pipeline, in order to keep Europe dependent on its true ENEMY. The result is the SAME.

            Various USan-sponsored NGOs within Bulgaria masquerading as “dissidents” have been raising contrived objections to the South Stream pipeline on environmental grounds, and their “concerns” have been presented in the same slippery, hysteria-generating manner as the neocon Bush administration’s arguments regarding alleged “Saddam-al Qaeda contacts,” “mushroom clouds over Amerikan cities,” etc. This follows a tried-and-true methodology.

            I am sure that you agree that the USans’ getting the Bulgarian government to “flip” was key to this affair. Here is an article from one of the USan-sponsored “Bulgarian” groups that is supposed to hold the spectre of another COLOR-REVOLUTION over the leadership of that country. The environmental line is taken, among others:


            This behavior falls under the rubric of “chutzpah,” a subject in which I am sure you and yours are quite well versed.

            It is noted that you didn’t even go NEAR attempting to refute the MAIN SUBSTANCE of my above post regarding twenty five years of zio-USan attempts to subvert Russia. And if the EU is to be admired for “standing its ground” against Russia, why is this ostensible defender of European interests importing tens of millions of Africans and Muslims into the continent, against the OVERWHELMING opposition of the peoples of its member states? Could USan hostilty to Russia be stoked by Putin’s repeated calls to the West to stop destroying its own heritage?

      44. I am very sure many US americans will not like this but I truly do not blame Putin for firing back. He has been backed into a corner and is a wounded bear which has been stated earlier. Also this was the response that was very much expected. Time to face the ugly facts the west wants the hot war with Russia. Thee are way too man things going on which the public sheeple need to be distracted from. This is going to be a very weird active year in so many ways we wont be able o keep up. I will never predict dates and never have but my gut is telling me whatever preps you think you ay still need have them done in the next 3 to 6 months. I really believe anytime past tat will be a giant blessing. Keep your faith strong in the Lord and do not be deceived by the upcoming strange events. If you don’t share my Christian faith then make sure you stay close to family and friends well. Keep your head on a swivel and keep your powder dry.
        God Bless yall, Mike out

      45. America and West complain over the deaths of a few thousands troops in Middle East, do you think the West are willing for millions to die?

      46. Fifty years ago we had a fit and almost went to war with USSR because they dare to put bombs in Cuba which was 90 miles from our border and yet we feel there no problem with idea of setting up a government in a Country that share a Border with Russia.

        Tell me why is WWWIII worth this?

        • WW 2.75?? Isn’t that yet anothe rone of Microsoft’s failed releases? Wasn’t that also called Windows Vista or Windows 98?

      47. If Russia overthrew the government of Mexico and installed one to their liking I don’t think the USA would be too happy for good reason.

        Putin may be the worst guy in the world. I personally have no desire to live in Russia and I think your average Russian would rather live in the US as know of several immigrants from there and Belarus. Regardless Russia has a very powerful military with deliverable nuclear weapons. The Monroe Doctrine gives the US a buffer zone which any nation so armed needs, Russia included.

        Civility and stability is in everyones best interest.

        • Not quite analogous. Ukraine finally broke free of Russian domination, and Ukrainians will be damned if they’ll go back. Search “HOLODOMOR” to see why.

          • Holodomor. Y’know, the same holocaust that that the NY Slimes under Walter ‘I don’t see no stinkin’ starvin’ Kulaks’ Duranty said didn’t exist. Same guy who said about the USSR:

            At the height of the Ukrainian famine Duranty wrote that “village markets [were] flowing with eggs, fruit, poultry, vegetables, milk and butter…. A child can see this is not famine but abundance.”

            Not as bad as Lincoln Steffens who wrote about the USSR during the Holodomor period: “I have seen the future and it works.”

            Another Brit journalist in New Republic declared that the Bolsheviks “stand for rationalism, for an intelligent system of cultivation, for education, for an active ideal of cooperation and social service.”

            Excuse me while I go vomit

            • And speaking of the Agenda 21… ooops, I meant the Soviets, here’s a fun story for you:

              In the late 1970s, Leonid Brezhnev’s elderly grandmother, who had lived in pre-communist Russia, comes to visit him at his communist headquarters. Leonid is beaming with pride as he introduces her to all his aides and servants, shows her his gold plated desk, his 15 Zil limousines waiting, all with engines running, pictures of all his well-appointed dachas in exclusive, VIP areas across the USSR, etc.

              Finally, at the end of the day, all the assistants, aides and servants leave. The old granny very nervously and carefully looks around to make sure absolutely no one is anywhere near, then leans over and very, VERY quietly whispers in Leonid’s ear:

              “This is all very well, Leonid…. BUT WHAT IF THE COMMUNISTS COME!?!?”

              Michelle Marie Antoinette Obama, move over!!!

          • The Old Coach

            So goes the US explanation coming from the same people that overthrowd and or manipulated governments worldwide.

            I’m sure the Ukrainian people wanted their gold reserves to disappear virtually immediately after the coup.

            Russia is no saint, but we don’t wear a white hat either.

          • The Old Coach

            “Ukraine finally broke free of Russian domination”

            You actually believe that it was a grassroots popular uprising?

            Within days their gold disappeared. Sound like a grassroots endeavor?

      48. This is Putin firing one back at the west. Obama and the middle eastern buddies have been over supplying oil to make the price crash as that would hurt Russia hardest.

        Putin can’t diectly affect Obama though the dollar reserve dump may cause a mild irritation. However what he can do is hurt the former Soviet states that still totally rely on Russian gas. This will be a real test for UK, France and Germany as they will have to pick sides between standing up for the newer EU states or siding with the USA. It will be an interesting few weeks.

        • Not the US. The Saudis/Yemenis/Qataris are the ones trying to collapse Russia. They’ve been involved in a proxy war in Syria for what, 2 years now? USA is only a bystander/enabler, by the fact that we’ve developed so much production lately.

      49. I get a kick out of folks who promote the opinion that Russa is in bad finiancial shape. When the USA is 18 trillion dollars in debt. Has a fiat currency. 50% of the population is on some sort of government assistance. Has very few producing jobs. is over run with illegals. Almost every citizen and goverment official Is fiscally irresponsible. the parasites outnumber the productive at 50 to 1. and they think the USA still needs to be the worlds police & moral compass? And we are so stupid we elect Obama twice?!!

      50. Y’all might want to check the date on the original “news” article. Comments are not a particularly strong recommendation for the shtfplan participants.

      51. People “across Europe have no way of staying warm.”

        Well, I don’t know about Europe, but in the US, all the leftists can just huddle together and chant “Yes we can, Yes we have no bananas” to stay warm

        Just a thought.

      52. Life in the northeast.
        One central room of my house is insulated on all sides, even the ceiling and floor. Then we just shut the door, light a few candles and break out the blankets and sleeping bags. No worries.

        Nice prepping tip… Invest in insulation, blankets, candles and high quality sleeping bags.

        Also, convert the house to gas if you can. If the gas fails, you have electric blankets, if both utilities fail, then prepper ville planning.

        Also, give the kiddies a glow stick and they go from scared to funville.

        A nice fat wife gives off plenty of heat also.

      53. Is this true, I can’t find any other news on this.

      54. Russia may be having a small bump in the road right now, but Russia is not trillions of in debt, printing worthless paper money with no gold in the vaults to back it up. It’s just a matter of time before the US house of cards falls flat on it’s face. Then we can thank King Obama and ALL those in Washington DC.

      55. The forces at work here are unclear to me, to covert his dollars(at a 6 year high) to nearly worthless rubles makes Putin appear insane. He is not so there has to be something unknown at work here. If I could guess I would say China is involved somehow. As for our governments part in this fiasco it also seems very murky to me what we gain by placing Russia on the verge of collapse is a mystery. They are the one country on the world stage that could really cripple us should they chose to try. Many here talk about bankers calling the shots but I fail to see how a decimated Russia and America would be profitable for them. Are these people mad enough to think a WAR between Russia and America could be controlled. I told my wife 5 years ago that we would be lucky to survive 8 years of Barak Obama and it is beginning to look like I was right. What I do know is that I am upgrading my preps, will acquire body armour and night vision capabilities next week. I plan to get ammo loading equipment the following week , followed by CW suits and a Gieger counter the week after. I had originally thought these items too expensive but watching the world spin out of control further each week I can’t see how I can afford not to get this stuff. My next prep will be trying to shield my bug out location with a couple of Faraday Cages, something I am still researching, anybody out there know any good sources of info on this topic.

      56. Salutation to the talented, and the only real statesman in the world today, President Putin.

        Did you know that were it not for the Russian Czar,s navy, sent to San Francisco and to New York in 1863, there would not have been a USA, as we know it. The Russians in effect saved the Union – a fact expunged from our history text-books. Do your homework folks!!

        And what did the Russians get for that very generous assistance?? Answer: a COLOR revolution, yes indeed, the bolshevik-communist-soviet revolution in 1917, bankrolled by the West. At least 33million Russians were wiped out, by the foreign soviet-communist-bolsheviks.
        Facts are facts.

      57. Oh c’mon, this is complete BS. Romania does not depend on Russian gas as our local production covers most of our needs.

      58. Between this and the SNB unpegging from the euro, the dominos are starting to fall.

      59. great, now lets see if the west can keep up in europe, excellent russia, tell these zionists to fu*k themselves

      60. I have nothing against Russia nor its people. But before the Ukrainian Crisis, Russia had an economy almost on par with the US State of California. Now since all of this has happened, Russia’s economy is now on par with the US State of Texas. And Russia isn’t done falling, yet. Before al of this is over, Russia’s economy should be on par with the US State of Florida. This isn’t a win for Russia or Putin. Hence, this is an economic disaster that the people of Russia must get through. I knew Russia was over, when the economy of Moscow fell bellow Atlanta, Georgia. Instead of being pro Putin people, look at economic facts and the harm Putin and his policies has put on the people and the country of Russia. I only share my concern here because I was born in Moscow to loving Russian parents. We all now live in Chicago.

      61. Overlooking the other real enemy that lacks things russia has an abundance of. And if hungry the bear may sell to camel riders what they do have and sand walkers don’t have. Back bear into corner and watch out.

      62. incidentily, have anyone noticed this news is not in the lamestream media? nowhere. not nyt,wsj. tptb are stymied once again by that russian chessmaster, now brainstorming for some sort of response but until then, no news. cant look ineffective, impotent, lame. take a look around. only alternative media reporting it.

        • The reason being that this particular “news” is OVER 5 YEARS OLD.

      63. Ever notice how republican big talkers always wipe away a fact by saying something ridiculous that’s just comical who get their own to start yelling the rebel yell… YYYYYYYyeeeeghaaaaa

        Then they start to blame anyone of color race or sex preference, and then wrap them selves in guns the flag and God.

        If you just shut your eyes for one second and change their language and flag from English to Islamic, BINGO! THEY’RE THE SAME IDIOTS Causing trouble… Don’t believe me? Just look back at all the comments, the person with a level head speaks the truth, and the republican idiot talks some fact warped with idiotic made up comical facts.

        I noticed since their gop God w bush left the F-ing USA in a mess, that Democrats talk and act very conservative, while the gun ho GOP idiots talk pure smack like hormone crazed teenagers. I think its time we change the title as Democrats beng level headed and conservative, and change the title of GOP idiots, to,,,,, well,,,,,, “idiots”.

        I grew up in Texas and idiots made me suffer because I was of Mexican decent. But when I grew up and became well know in the bicycle industry the same idiots celebrated me,,, Hum.

        Now that’s what you call a party of idiots, cause many times I was told by idiots that I would never amount to anything, cause I was a dumb ass Mexican (even though I was born in Texas).

        I gave them jobs, I helped when they were down and out… But once I helped them back on their feet what did they do? Went back to being idiots. Oh well once and idiot, You get the picture.

        Dan the Bike Man

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