Putin Stockpiles Nukes And Tanks Ahead Of WW3: ‘The Main Target….Is The US’

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    Russian president Vladimir Putin is bracing himself and his country for a third world war by stockpiling tanks and nuclear weapons. Russia has also carried out joint military drills with China, Russia admitted the main target of the joint exercise is the United States.

    As tensions around the globe rise to almost intolerable levels, some nations are preparing to take the United State’s place on the top as a military superpower.  The country’s Defence Ministry will prioritize the stockpiling of nukes, tanks, and army hardware until 2027.  But this isn’t the first time Putin has decided to stockpile weapons of mass destruction. In 2016, the Daily Beast reported that as Barack Obama disarmed the United States’ nuclear weapons, Putin added more.

    Russia will also expand, modernize, and upgrade their underground bunkers in preparation for a devastating third world war.  Russia is fortifying the underground facilities for command and control during a nuclear conflict. One official said the alarming expansion indicates Russia is preparing to break out of current nuclear forces constraints under arms treaties, including the 2010 New START and 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaties. Russia has since violated the INF accord by testing an illegal ground-launched cruise missile.

    Beijing and Moscow also just completed a week of exercises in preparation for “sudden and provocative attacks” from North Korea and the US. China has forged strong links with Moscow, prompting Beijing to call for a war pact should an all-out clash happen on their doorstep. “The exercise focused on how to jointly cope with any sudden and provocative attack from ballistic and cruise missiles on the two countries’ territories,” stated the Russian Defense Ministry.

    Military experts believe the drills, which finished on Saturday, were carried out in response to escalating tensions over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programmes. Analyst Song Zhngping said the drills were aimed at provoking the US. “The main target of the joint exercise is the US, which has both ballistic and cruise missiles that could pose a real threat to both Beijing and Moscow,” said Song.



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        • The missiles are for the US & China. The tanks are for Europe. 🙂

      1. “As tensions around the globe rise to almost intolerable levels, some nations are preparing to take the United State’s place on the top as a military superpower.”

        Of course nations are preparing to be attacked in a first strike too. The US abandoned MAD for first strike two decades ago. The US has 800 bases worldwide while Russia has two. The US staged a coup in the Ukraine overthrowing a sovereign democratically elected government and had the banksters loot its gold and then have the MSM claim that Russia is the aggressor.

        h ttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-11-18/ukraine-admits-its-gold-gone

        Looking at Iraq (no WMD), Libya (creating ISIS to overthrow a nation with the highest standard of living in Africa) one need not be a genius to figure out who the aggressor is.

        Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

        h ttps://youtu.be/EpzaLCPdbUs

        • I see that you are aware of the Ukraine situation better than most people I came across.

          The plan for regime change was to put the puppet in place and probably hoping to put US base in Crimea but the plan backfire when Crimea voted to “REUNITE” with Russia.

      2. KEVIN

        WMD was in Iraq there was a gag order.

        • Really? They had nuclear weapons facilities and it was hid? You have any idea what you need to make a nuclear weapon?


          Saddam in 2000 started trading oil in Euros. That gets you either (A) overthrown or (B) invaded. Libya made the same mistake

          • Kevin – I didn’t agree with the invasion of Iraq, but there were WMDs in Iraq. WMDs are not just nuclear. The category also includes chemical and bio weapons and there were chemical weapons found in Iraq.

            • bullshit. only WMD’s you sold them.

          • Kevin, you got that right; that was the mistake they made trying to drop US dollars.

          • There are other types of wmd’s aside from nukes. There’s biological and chemical weapons.

          • KEVIN

            Saddam had YELLOW CAKE………

        • Zombies will zombie!

      3. The Russian and Chinese Communist revolutions had similarities to the Federal Reserve Act. England has been crazy for centuries to run the world. Included in that is “recovering the American colonies” accordingly in 1902-1903 The Pilgrims Society was founded and gave rise to the Federal Reserve Act http://nosilvernationalization.org/128.pdf USA members like Jacob Schiff and English members like Lord Milner financed the Red Revolution in Russia. In the 1920s two members, Albert Wiggin of Chase National Bank and Alvin Krech of Equitable Trust, sold Bolshevik Bonds and kept the Reds in power at the same time another member, Charles P. Coleman, ran the American Russian Chamber of Commerce. In the 1970s, members like Harold P. Scott, David Rockefeller and William Hewitt (married into the Deere & Co fortune) ran the US/USSR Trade & Economic Council and the National Council for US-China Trade. These Pilgrims ran the Lend-Lease Administration in WW2, greatly building up Russia. This is all by design so these Pilgrims can recreate the British Empire by amalgamating most of the rest of the world to fight these twin superpowers THEY created and feel they can defeat, and in so doing reduce world population to around 500 million, a goal Prince Philip has implied with his “coming back as a deadly virus” remark. Now, is anyone out there curious as to why this group gets almost zero coverage? Jacob Schiff’s grandson also became an official of The Pilgrims and he states his religion as “Episcopalian” (Church of England!) Who’s Who in the East, 2014, page 1247. His maternal grandfather was also Episcopalian (George F Baker) of what is now Citigroup.

      4. Brilliant reporting. You could of run this story every second since 1950. Keep making the good white Russian people into monsters that will destroy the USA. Actually the USA will destroy itself from within. Ought to rename this website ‘Obey the Neocon Plan’ OTNP. There is no threat from Russia. Actually the US ought to get the hell out of the UN, NATO, NWO; end the industrial war complex, become nationalist conservative AND ALSO join China and Russia and form a coalition to actually end war altogether. But if that would happen the national debt would be paid off by 2100 and Wall Street would crash with the war monger stocks that profit in destruction and death all go belly up.

        • The Russian leadership is sociopathic scum, just like our own.

          WW3 is to be the “war that ends all wars”, going by “How The End Begins” by Ron Rosenbaum in 2011. The thinking is that a nuclear war would revolutionise grassroots political thought the world over and pave the way for a one world government that would insist on “Global Zero” (no nukes any more).

          The downside? A ban on freedom, organised religion, cash, pretty much everything that the elites presently want to do away with.

        • The truth at last! Thank you.

      5. Regurgitated propaganda

      6. Trying to convince us to kill off the rest of the White people. Keep in mind, Russia only has about 140 million people. Less than Brazil. Less than Indonesia. The US politicians want to get their grubby little fingers on all of the Russian natural resources. For themselves, or course.

        • We intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed, not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.

          Even if reason tells us, even shouts with all its force the very absurdity of this confrontation between the small and insignificant people of Israel [i.e., all J3wry worldwide, not just “the State of Israel”] and the rest of humanity… as absurd, as incoherent and as monstrous as it may seem, we are engaged in close combat between Israel and the Nations ~ and it can only be genocidal and total because it is about our and their identities.

          ~ Yitzhak Attia, Israel Magazine, April 2003

          • Fuck Israel and everyone in it. We need to cleanse America of them forever. There’s not a gew in America that doesn’t put Israel first and they should a) be deported home.

      7. And the USA also stockpiles weapons. The USA doing the bidding of the NWO is the bad guy in the Korea mess. All we need to do is leave. The Russians aint going to attack the USA.

      8. Oh come on all you big strong men uncle Sam needs a helping hand, got himself in a terrible jam way over yonder in Asiastan. Be the first one on your block to come home in a box.

      9. You could see this coming in the late 90’s if you researched and followed. I did. Russia has never lived up to the salt treaties. It got really bad when Obama was in. Obama is a complete traitor to the American People, and deceived millions. So is Hillary and Bill Clinton, and lets not forget the NOS, Beohner and Patty Murray and what they did to our military, or George Bush Senior and Jr. How they pushed for a one world government. America, you have been screwed by these Traitors and it is all coming down now.

        • salt treaties were never ratified by the Soviet Union or the United States at that time. What you claim to be as the USSR being in violation is “null & void”. These treaties finally became ratified in the year 2011.

          You are very much correct about the Obama’s, Clinton’s, & Bush’s too.
          Don’t think for a minute that Trump & Gang are any different. Granted, Trump has never been a Politician … but he has years of rubbing elbows with them – which makes him part of their “circle of friends”.

      10. Didn’t Russia do the same thing with Germany before WW2. And look what that got them!!!
        Russia better watch China, because they will turn on them in a heart beat!!!!


        • Russian women are hawt!

          It’ll be fun to see the ads for fat assed American women with bad attitudes looking for foreign husbands.

          When it comes to mates, the only females less desirable than Americans are American negresses.

      11. Let’s all move to Switzerland. You won’t have to deal with this bullshit.
        America is PHUCKED. Prep all you want. If you ain’t leaving, you ain’t too bright.
        You retired baby boomer fucks should leave today if you can.
        All that patriot, John Wayne shit is for DUMBASSES.

      12. Ever get to wondering if we are really ready? Not the Pentagon’s hype, in reality? I’d say we’re operating blind, no plan. Not one that is thought-out. The drums of war are getting louder and the dogs of war are snarling straining at their leashes. It’s about time. Yeah, it’s about time.

      13. I don’t understand the focus and headline for this article. “PUTIN stockpiles Nukes?!” The U.S. and NATO ring Russia with troops and “anti-missile” missiles that Pentagon procurement admits can be converted with nuclear warheads. The lapdog commercial press attacks Russia as the Evil Empire all-day every day. Yes this information is essentially right, but the headline reads like it’s ripped from the front page of the NY Times.

      14. Why would they stockpile tanks and nukes, neither would be any use after the first day.
        Most of their tanks in storage are old T72s whose crews are all retired by now, and nuke missiles would never get to the launch site.

        • Are you really as stupid as your post makes you out to be??

      15. Posturing only. Russia and China are trying to stop a war by trash talking.

      16. Show me the proof. Heresay is not journalism.

      17. Re run the story change all the “Russia” to blanks, copy paste and viola…more NEOCON garbage.

        So sick of the propaganda that flows out of every orfice. No f**king news or website puts out anything in touch with reality anymore.

        I can’t wait until the mushroom clouds go up, get rid of 99% of the stupid MFers that keep pandering to this corrupt tiring paradigm of stupidity. The stupid human race can’t suicide fast enough instead it keep hesitating to push the final button or pull the final trigger.

      18. Is Putin a descendant of Rasputin ?

      19. What a shame that there can only be world peace after the religious USA and their jews handlers have disappeared.

      20. of course it is. how could he use tanks? he has all the nukes he needs so why stockpile more? who is he stroking?

      21. Tanks are used to patrol the borders to keep out undesirable invaders. The NWO use spin and call them Refugees but they are invaders. almost all males and most of them are young men.

      22. Claiming Russia violated the INF as fact isn’t supportable. There is no proof the Iskander can fly beyond prohibited ranges. Point in fact, the US and NATO are the ones that demonstrably have violated the INF with the Aegis ashore launchers. The launchers can fire both the standard air missile for ballistic defense as well as a Tomahawk with prohibited ranges in the INF class.

        Further, it can be argued the INF is entirely useless anyway since sea and air launched weapons can fly in the prohibited range for ground launched weapons. The INF really is useless at this point.

      23. Lots of claims; nothing of substance and some very skewed reporting of so called facts.
        A US propaganda site?????

      24. Russia and the United States, actually, the United States COMPANY 1871, and though we have been so good for the Banker King and his Family, oh well, time goes on and nothing stays the same.
        Look at poor old England and Germany today, both of these were so good to and for the King and his Family, white people weren’t so bad back then it seems, but, hey, business is business and the rest is just collateral.
        Russia, since Nathan swore revenge against the Tsar and his family, seems Nathan really wanted that League of Nation thingy. So the Russian people, well, I guess they are sort of like the Tsar and his family, a big family, to trim down.
        They, the Russian people that is, suffered, the Tsar and his Family ruthlessly, horribly, terribly violated and, murdered; starvation, tens of millions of Russians like in Germany, like the Germans before Hitler, starved to death, hey, it doesn’t pay, to make the King mad.
        Russia and now the Company, formerly, the American Republic 1776, not worth much to the banker King or his family anymore, bled nearly dry, by the banker King and his Family, his army, with bases in nearly every city in our nation.
        Time to switch the scheme toward Asia, fresh fields to plunder and man do they work cheap. Gotta, get these other two off our backs first, set them against each other, teach them to hate their own kind, insist they must murder each other to please “Jesus.”
        Oh boy, is it ever working, pretty soon the only white people on Earth will be the King, his family, and, his soldiers, and man, are they happy about that. Unique, on their own flat Earth, all of it, like Daffy Duck says, for me, me, me.


        Radiation Bombing Serbia

        Radiation Bombing of Syria

        the Bush Premptive Strike Policy


        must be viewed as the culprit of many of the United States problems the nation faces today including the issues and

        sanctions regarding Russia. The Bush doctrine is by law enables a US Government Committee to determine whether any country

        is a potential threat to the United States, this policy was used to invade or run a coup in the following countries:
        IRAQ 2003-11 Troops, naval, bombing, missiles Saddam regime toppled in Baghdad. More than 250,000 U.S. personnel

        participate in invasion. US and UK forces occupy country and battle Sunni and Shi’ite insurgencies. More than 160,000 troops

        and numerous private contractors carry out occupation and build large permanent bases.
        LIBERIA 2003 Troops Brief involvement in peacekeeping force as rebels drove out leader.
        HAITI 2004-05 Troops, naval Marines & Army land after right-wing rebels oust elected President Aristide, who was advised

        to leave by Washington.
        PAKISTAN 2005-? Missiles, bombing, covert operation CIA missile and air strikes and Special Forces raids on

        alleged Al Qaeda and Taliban refuge villages kill multiple civilians. Drone attacks also on Pakistani Mehsud network.
        SOMALIA 2006-? Missiles, naval, troops, command operation Special Forces advise Ethiopian invasion that topples

        Islamist government; AC-130 strikes, Cruise missile attacks and helicopter raids against Islamist rebels; naval blockade

        against “pirates” and insurgents.
        SYRIA 2008 Troops Special Forces in helicopter raid 5 miles from Iraq kill 8 Syrian civilians
        YEMEN 2009-? Missiles, command operation Cruise missile attack on Al Qaeda kills 49 civilians; Yemeni military

        assaults on rebels
        LIBYA 2011-? Bombing, missiles, troops, command operation NATO coordinates air strikes and missile attacks against

        Qaddafi government during uprising by rebel army. Periodic Special Forces raids against Islamist insurgents.
        IRAQ 2014-? Bombing, missiles, troops, command operation
        Air strikes and Special Forces intervene against Islamic State insurgents; training Iraqi and Kurdish troops.

        SYRIA 2014-? Bombing, missiles, troops, command operation
        Air strikes and Special Forces intervene against Islamic State insurgents; training other Syrian insurgents. Missile strikes

        against Syrian military begin April 2017.

        Ukraine: United States operation launched a violent coup against the leader, today heavy arms are being shipped in by the

        United States to attack Ukrainians who disagree with the regime installed by the United States.

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