Putin Sends Nuclear Bombers Over English Channel: “Transponders Turned Off… Invisible to Air Traffic Control”

by | Jan 30, 2015 | Headline News | 187 comments

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn’t been one to back down in response to sanctions against his country and attacks on his economy. Rather, he has stepped up not only his rhetoric, but his military activities as well.

    His latest move is yet another show of force to let the West know Russia is prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect its interests.

    The U.K.’s Royal Air Force scrambled fighter jets on Thursday after a pair of nuclear-capable Russian bombers flew across a busy civilian air traffic corridor above the English Channel. The bombers had their transponders turned off, British officials said, making them invisible to many air traffic control systems. The incident disrupted multiple flights – and ended with the U.K. government demanding the Russian ambassador appear at the Foreign Office to explain the actions.

    This latest incident comes on the heels of similar flyovers by nuclear bombers along the west coast of the United States from Alaska all the way down to California. It has even been speculated that Russia may have tested a new weapon last year leading to a shut down of Los Angeles commercial air traffic control systems.

    Earlier this morning former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev said that the U.S. and Russia are engaged in another cold war but warned that it could well go hot should tensions between the two nations continue to escalate.

    Late last year Vladimir Putin made similar remarks:

    He accused Barack Obama of adopting a “hostile” approach in naming Russia as a threat to the world in the U.S. president’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 24.

    “We hope that our partners will realize the futility of attempts to blackmail Russia and remember what consequences discord between major nuclear powers could bring for strategic stability.” 

    Putin said that Obama had identified Russian aggression in Europe as one of the three “major threats facing humanity,” alongside the Ebola virus and Islamic State.

    “Together with the sanctions against entire sectors of our economy, this approach can be called nothing but hostile,” Putin said.

    Russia’s ally against the West, China, also seems to be making some bold moves. According to a new satellite photo taken over the Nanji Islands they are building a refueling complex, the design and location of which indicate they are positioning military assets in anticipation of a war with Japan. In 2010 a missile launch off the coast of California was attributed to China by some observers who believe that they, too, are signaling their willingness to engage in a global conflict should it become necessary.

    With the economies on both sides of the pond unraveling, Russian influence in former East Bloc regions growing, and U.S. boots already on the ground across Europe, it may only be a matter of time before the relatively innocuous poking and prodding goes critical.

    That nuclear weapons are even on the table is frightening. What’s even scarier are the psychopaths who have their fingers on the buttons.


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      1. when you push a country as powerfull as the Russian bear into a corner he will fight, granted there is speculation that all is part of a pre-planned agenda, but either way it is a sign that things are getting closer to something nasty happening, where and when is the question?

        • Whatever happened to MAD theory? MAD stands for Mutually Assured Deterrence.

          Basically, it was understood by both the U.S. and the USSR that if you eff me up, I will still have enough to eff you back up too. And then we’ll both be equally effed up. So then, the wise thing for us to do is not to eff each other up. Agreed?

          Makes perfect sense to me.

          So, we, as common Americans, don’t want to see Russia effed over. Because if they get effed, we get effed. And that’s not good for me, not good for us.

          So what the eff is Obola doing to make sure that the Russian Bear is doing okay?

          • Obama does not believe in MAD .
            He thinks the US should be destroyed just as a matter of principle. He believes the US should not even exist.
            I am sure he will call Putin some day soon and apologize for something and offer up a bunch of consecions that the American people can pay.
            I do not trust that POTUS has our best interests at heart.

            • “I do not trust that POTUS has our best interests at heart.”


              • “Invisible to air traffic control” is not invisible to radar.

                The sleek Russian bomber pictured, is not the slow Backfire PROPELLER bomber used for these long range flights; including the one over the Channel, which is the basis for this article.

                FEAR MONGERING. 🙁

                • Alex Jones says full out nuclear war with Russia within 48 hours! And he’s never wrong!

                  • i hope so! Putin should shit bombs all over UK and US
                    Big shitty Tsar Bomba’s
                    Fuck up the banker pigs. Fuck the power fight the power fuck the banker asshold mofo

                    • Hey frog.

                      right on!

                • Dk—

                  The one pictured (a variable geometry/swing-wing) at the page header/lead-in, is tagged a Tu-160 “Blackjack” (NATO designation)..the swept-wing, contra-rotating turboprop Tu-95, is designated a “Bear”, per NATO I.D.

                  ..the (variable geometry/swing-wing)Tu-22 & Tu-22M are known as “Backfires”.

                  The Blackjack and the Bear are real threats to the Continental United States.

                  ..The Backfires have shorter legs (less range)…although the Tu-22M3 series, could become a real pain in our ass, as it’s claimed her operational range is roughly 4400 miles..hence a polar attack route w/ on-board strategic cruise missiles, would cover much of the USA mainland.

                  The Russians are “No Joke” ..they pack a heavy punch!

                  • Hunter, something needs to happen to that African Virus before he gets us into WW3. Putin is NOT playing games.

                    • he knows exactly what he is doing

                    • Maverick/Brave–

                      I agree sir!

                      ..problem is Lee Harvey Oswald is…unavailable!

                  • It’s also a short flight from Cuba and Venezuela.
                    Not to mention off shore Yakhonts.

                    • Agreed sir!

                  • Hunter: I agree, the Russians are no joke and the NWO West has made a big mistake by not treating them as equals; as they deserve.

                    I think you are right that the bombers over the Channel were “Bears”. That is my label mistake, and they are primarily older bombers used for observation.

                    My point is that the bomber pictured was not the bomber over the Channel, and when a picture is worth a thousand words, it sends a false message. 🙂

                    • Dk—

                      My post was not intended as chastisement…merely a clarification of Russian aircraft I.D.

                      ..and ‘copy that’, per the false message!

                      +1 to ya!

                • durango kidd says:

                  “The sleek Russian bomber pictured, is not the slow Backfire PROPELLER bomber used for these long range flights; including the one over the Channel…”

                  “PROPELLER bomber?”

                  Are you really this dumb??

                  Tu-22M BACKFIRE (TUPOLEV)

                  “The Tupolev Tu-22M (Russian: Туполев Ту-22М; NATO reporting name: Backfire) is a supersonic, swing-wing, long-range strategic and maritime strike bomber developed by the Soviet Union. Significant numbers remain in service with the Russian Air Force.”

                  Google it.

                  Hey DK, that image is mostly correct!

                  BTW: Where did you get the intel that said it was a “prop” over the Channel?

                  Oh… I know the answer to that.

                  It was gleaned from your ass.

                  • Fuck you cocksucker!!! 🙂

                    • How many little boys did you molest today? :-0

                    • DK, YMWW forgot to douche this morning.

                    • durango kidd says:

                      “How many little boys did you molest today? :-0”

                      Hey Slavo,

                      I thought you said you were going to clean up your site!


                  • @yourmotherwasgrumpy; Per the attached reference, the sightings were of two TU-95 BEAR bombers…i.e. propeller driven aircraft. Re:


                    Since you seem to be “well versed” in strategic policy and weapons system platforms, you would know that you are wrong about the Backfire bomber designation. You would also know then, that per the SALT agreement, all Backfire bombers were rendered as “non-air refuelable” and ONLY have an anti-submarine maritime mission that can be mounted from a land base. The bomber shown is a Tu-160 Blackjack, of which there are ONLY 10 usable as strategic bombers, depending on upgrade status. The picture shown, stock footage, was at the 2009 Paris Air Show, I was there, is a Blackjack. And, as you know, the Russian air force, at this time, is having substantial problems in its’ upgrade program to the Blackjacks, to the point that of the 16 available, less than 10 MAY be usable by 2019. The Russians have 50 Tu-95s, maybe 10 Blackjacks. The Backfires are not heavy bombers, and if even modified back to refuelable, they are not really strategic bombers. So in summary, the Russians have maybe, maybe 60 useable strategic bombers vs 90 plus B52Hs that the U.S. has, NOT counting the B1Bs and the B2s. We have a 3 or 4 to one edge over the Russians in strategic bombers, but I’m sure you knew all that and were just testing us to see what we knew…you sly dog you…hahaha.

                • Backfire bombers are jet propelled. Thinking the picture is of a Blackjack though. The long ranged propeller planes are Bear bombers.

                  • Indeed, the bomber pictured is a Tupelov Blacljack with a range of roughly 7,000 miles.

                    • @Mac; That is true. The range is about 7300 miles without refueling. Part of the USSRs strategy was to refuel north of the Arctic Circle. Then land at Cuber instead of having tankers subject to being shot down by us. Even as far back as 1988 there were plans to land in Venezuela also. That range comes at the loss of the Mach 2.0+ speed, down to .77 Mach. The bird comes as a “loss leader” of a sort, as at standard afterburner speeds, “it can’t get here”, as the Mach 2.0 fuel burn rate is 3x the .77 Mach. The picture shown is a picture taken at the 2009 Paris Air Show. I happened to be there for other reasons and was with the U.S. military contingent touring the show. We were with the Russians for some of the time. The Obummer years have changed things. We used to have joint exercises with some of the Russian squadrons. But alas, no more. Be Well.

                    • Tupelov Blacljack never existed in Russia. Every time we have Tu-95 and Tu-160. Nato classification is crasy. More over, they are not so old like B-1,2,1234.

                • The prop plane is the Bear. Been around for sixty years. still deadly with stand off weapons. Most likely our demise will be smuggled in.

                • DK- Not I KNOW you’re an idiot. The Tu-160 has an operational range of 14,500km with nuclear tipped cruise missiles with a range of 2,000 miles. To say that those sub-sonic bombers hitting the US or anywhere is fear mongering means you are a complete idiot or willfully ignorant. Maybe both.

                  • @DMONIC; That isn’t exactly true. The RK-55 and the KH-55 are the longest range cruise missiles the Russians have fielded. They have a range of 1600nm. The Tu-160 Blackjack is a supersonic bomber, though to get its max range, it has to fly at .77 Mach. Your 14,500Km range is a little high, it’s more like a little over 12,000Km. BUT, at Mach 2.0 its range is more like 3500Km and requires refueling….over U.S. airspace. Last time I checked, we didn’t allow that. The Tu-95 Bear has a top speed something under 600MPH and IT has a range of 15,000Km. It has range but no speed. The Blackjack (all 10 of them) can carry the the 6x rotary ALCM launcher. The Bear (all 50) cannot. It can carry the KH-55 but has to drop it as a single munition. If you’re going to talk shit, have your shit in one sock, please. It’s embarrassing to say you’re a prepper or survivalist, when you have to associate yourself with people that don’t get their facts (and spelling and possessive and verb declensions) correct. So, hope this info helps.

              • @FreeSlave; While I don’t believe that Obama would purposefully allow harm to come to the U.S., he doesn’t have the “belief system” that people would do this. He’s befuddled. He doesn’t have the cojones to do what has to be done to CAUSE MAD to work. He is a feckless, anti-colonial, clown, in way over his head. He had a term or two in the state gubment and HALF A TERM IN THE SENATE and never had a job outside of academia. He is the least qualified president we’ve had in a LONG time. He still doesn’t understand why he can’t just “wave his hand as POTUS” and it is done, so be it. He’s that…oh what’s the word….oh, that FUCKING STUPID. He thinks “surely if I say a ‘red line in the sand’ they will listen and not do that.” I honestly believe he just doesn’t get it. He just can’t figure out what the magic words are that every other president knew how to use..well not Jimmy but anyway. Now having said all that…if you’re going to play Mexican sweat, YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO TURN OVER THE CARDS, that is what makes MAD work. He doesn’t know how to play. There’s even some speculation (not unfounded) that he’s never read the “Black Book” for the nuclear football. As such he doesn’t understand the scenarios of retaliation and the details of how to implement the EAS, since he has never asked for a briefing. I personally think he should be impeached for being useless, less than incompetent. He gives incompetent people a bad name. Be Well.

            • “I do not trust that POTUS has our best interests at heart.”

              No POTUS shall have your best interests at heart, unless you’re an Israeli.

              • Not Israeli, a rag head muslim.

          • Obamalamadingdong better pull his head out of his azz and pull his Big Boy pants on or we are all in for a REALLY rough ride!

          • free slave,
            problem is Obama is MAD, and doesn’t have America as his best interest!

            • Ya like obmaaah is smart enough to do any of this shit. When will people realize obamaaah is just an asswipe installed by the ptb to be the front guy for theyre plans? Same with every president in the last 50 years. Go out and vote the bastards out then go watch football and make sure to get your news from CNN. Fox news is great too, balanced and conservative lol. Rush will give you the latest scoop and Hannity too. Mutherfuckin retards make me wanna puke, get this shit over with so maybe people with some critical thinking skills can start over. Right vs. Left idiots go this way>>> FEMA CAMP Oh and don’t forget that if you survive all this shit to reinstall the same system we have, after all we MUST have govt. because without it men would be free… 🙂

              • @Genius; So who exactly “installed” Obama, as that was not clear in your comments. What “system” is it that is so bad? Are you suggesting that there be NO government? You seem to imply, as I infer, from your statements, that you are unhappy with the “system” our forefathers gave us. Which of us are the “Mutherfuckin retards”? Is it the ones that give a shit and understand how the government works and seek to change it through legal means? Or is it the “retards” that can’t think past the spittle flying out of their mouths, as they rant against tptb, over the two party system that makes our government work (yes, it’s a stretch)better than all the other gubments in the world? Or is it the rabble-rousers that seek active and armed rebellion against tptb? You know, back in the 60s, you could tell who the FBI informants were back in Mizzzippi real easy. They were the ones going “we need to bomb these Mutherfuckin retards”. If the ptb are controlling all of this from their “shadow government” control center, and since it does such an amazing job, as many have said, why don’t we hire some of “those people” to work in OUR government? So it would work at the efficiency level of “those people’s” government, since theirs works so much better…as a lot of people say they do. All this critical thinking has me all hot and bothered and sweaty, and the confusion over who the “Mutherfuckin retards” are. Whew! I need a sandwich. Be back later.

          • Mutually Assured Destruction…so, hopefully, not put into play..

          • Not so; It is Mutually Assured DESTRUCTION!

            • @ExRegAF; Since you appear to not understand the fine points of the doctrine, that would indicate that you were not in the USAF prior to 1989. The point of MAD isn’t the “DESTRUCTION” part, by itself. It is Mutual (both of us, as in the whole world), Assured (guaranteed above all doubts, we have the power), Destruction (nothing left, no stone unturned, you kill us and we fucking kill you right back, even if we are all dead). SO, now you should have a working knowledge of MAD, assuming a nominal IQ and grasp of adversarial international policies. MAD worked for many years. Not because of any SINGLE WORD…but because of ALL the words. Be Well.

        • Yeah, how does that go… currency wars, trade wars, and then war war? Or is it trade wars, then currency wars and then all out war? (World War)?

          • Recession, depression, currency wars, trade wars, world war.

            Looks like currency wars into trade wars now.

            “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.” – Gerald Celente

        • More of the little fuckassed posturing dance from pussies who would never actually fight the war themselves.

          How much better would the world be without these “leaders”? We “need” the government to protect us by pissing people off all over the world and killing people. You boomer turds keep telling me to support our troops, don’t you? Assholes.

        • 10% of protestants, 20% of catholics, and 50% of joos are atheists. The average amerikkkan believer goes to services once a month.

          • Acid DICKHEAD, time for mommy to put you back in the basement and give you your meds.

        • The NATO incursions into Russian Airspace has been a standard daily operation since the early 1950’s to check the response protocol.

          Similarly the opposite.

          Is it only me who recalls the picture of the Russian Bear rear Gunner pouring a bottle of Coca Cola for the benefit of the RAF pilot?

          • squodgy—

            I had to chuckle, per your referencing the Russian tail-gunner drinking coke for the RAF pilot, on a boogie I.D. scramble…as it reminded me of a similar story I heard from a retired USAF F-4E pilot..a few years back!!!

            The story goes, said pilot was on rotation outta Keflivik(sp?) Iceland years ago…when he gotta scramble alert one morning.

            Hence, he & his wingman scramble & intercept a (then) Soviet Airforce Tu-95 “Bear” on an ELINT run/mission.

            ..now the F-4 Phantom was a two seat fighter(pilot in front-seat & the WSO in the back)..

            The Tu-95 is a MUCH larger aircraft..it also had two large blister canopies for observation on either side of the fuselage.

            ..anyway the F-4’s WSO had grabbed a few copies of “PENTHOUSE” magazine on his way outta the Alert-shack…and once they formed up w/ the BEAR, this particular pilot closed in abreast of the portside canopy…& the WSO proceeded to “gift the Russian crew w/ a center-fold view of Miss August & Miss September”!!!

            ..according to him, the observation canopy was soon filled w/ 3-4 Russian crewman, who were passing around a pair of binoculars for a closer look at…

            …Imperialistic pussy, from the West!!!!

            Pilot also stated the Russians were very appreciative..giving him several enthusiastic “thumbs-up”!


            WSO = weapon systems operator.

            Timeframe = ..back in the early/mid 1970s (I think).

        • Approaching climax during the zionist wet dream of WWIII

          • Joe,
            Why do losers like you always have to do the Jooo hater dance? Did your daddy catch your mommy boinking one

      2. Please unload the cargo on top of the Rothshild’s mansion. This will kill the global zionist virus.

        • I see we have a Jew hater. Good luck with your deprogramming. 😉

          • Rodster,
            I for one know how evil the Rothchilds are, but I have nothing against the Jews, so his comment might not be what you think it is!

          • Interesting that Rodster said “Jew Hater”. Where did Stolz say “Jew” in his comment? Can’t a Zionist be a Christian?

            Who’s the programmed one here?

            • @ea; While the premise of your objection is tacitly true, the more likely context of “Zionist” is one of direct association with Jews. Now this would be the context, as given by the Stolz (isn’t that an eastern europian jew name) and others of his ILK, where they predictably make the association of Jews and Zionism, as being a one for one association. Of course, to accede your point, if Zionist means the coming of the Jews in the fulfillment of the coming of the Christ, then in that case, Christians could be Zionists. However, when one takes stolz’s other historical references to Zionists, it is never in association with Christian ideals and therefore, would not make your assertion true, therefore it would be false. BUT, the word Zion’s major connotation, historically, is that of Mt Zion, which is the “temple mount”(also associated with Jerusalem), the most holy place of the Jews, and hence the place that the Temple must be rebuilt to comply with the prophecy of the book of Revelations, a part of the Christian Bible. So, in that sense, as most Christians look forward to the coming of the Christ, and most Jews look forward to the coming of the Messiah, on Mt Zion, after a new Temple is built (for both Jew and Cristian belief)it would then actually be true that Christians, THOSE THAT BELIEVE IN CHRIST’S RETURN AND HIS SALVATION, would also be, by default, Zionists (if A=B and B=C, then A=C) and the argument that all believing Christians are Zionists would, therefore, be unassailable and absolutely true. So Bible believing Christians, that depend on the salvation of Jesus and the return of the Christ on Mt Zion, the site of the rebuilt temple, are certainly Zionists, without a doubt. Wow! Man, that’s a lot of people to hate. So I guess stolz is a jew, christian bible believing hater. Oh man, is he in deep shit. Okay, need another sandwich…dang this makes me hungry.

          • Rodster,

            Despite any claims to the contrary by Stolz Vorfahren, he is definitely a rabid Jew-Hater.

              • Stool for Brains,

                Just own your unhinged hatred of Jewish people.

                • FS-
                  Dont engage the facist neo-nazi trolls.
                  Let em spew .
                  Mac can sort it out , if he so chooses.

                  • It is overdue for decent people to resist the genocidal warmongering Anglo-Zionist looters.

                    It is foolish to pretend that Russia or China started the trouble.

              • Stolz
                Don’t engage in trolls who are overshadowed by Denial. (It’s rampant, even at this site)
                Let’em stew in their arrogance and ignorance. As the Light of Reality shines brighter exposing the Truth, denial will no longer be a legitimate excuse for justifying their disorder. They’ll eventually learn their lesson, one way or another. At this dark moment in time, it’s their EGO’s and False Pride that prevents them from seeing, and really, experiencing the Truth. It’s not easy discerning the Real, from the unReal.

                Sadly though, the longer they stew, i.e. cook, the mushier the brains get.

                • EA…well stated. The TRUTH will prevail regardless of name calling.

                • EA, great reply, I love it. TRUTH!

              • @Stoolz; I religiously go to all your worthless references, looking for a challenge. This one is the most anemic one you’ve ever provided. I’m truly disappointed. Is this the best you can do? C’mon dude up your game some. This is sooooo weeak!!! I need something that’s a challenge.

          • you need to read Jim Marrs’ “Our Occulted history”, he explains Zionism and where it comes from

          • Don’t talk to the troll
            If he fails to throw us off I’m sure they will take him in a back room and make him or her dog food for the 1 percent

          • Him and 6 billion others.

        • I don’t hate Jewish people but modern banking is evil and so is Hollywood! It seems like a common denominator is present.

          • @Justice; You are prescient. What you say is true. However the truth of your statement, that there “seems like a common denominator is present” is not the truth that the “minions” spout out as Zionism. I don’t hate ANY category of people, other than the so called, sick, lame and lazy, who take advantage of the system. I begrudge no one a legitimate shot at life…be well. The Jews were the ONLY people that would go to Hollywood at the turn of the century (the last real one 1900) and RISK THEIR MONEY ON THESE NEW “MOVIES”. As in Metro, Goldwyn and Meyer (MGM). And then later those “talkies”. They risked their money to MAKE THE FILM INDUSTRY. Do you suppose there would be a lot of Jews in this industry, when it started like that? There was NOTHING THERE when they went out there. THEY CREATED THE FILM INDUSTRY. So yes, there are a lot of Jews in the entertainment industry, just like there are a lot of Irish Catholics in the Boston PD. Go figure. Are there a lot of Jews in the banking industry? Well, the history of modern banking depends on the history of money. Modern banking goes back to the Medici’s of the Renaissance, in Italy. I has nothing to do with the Jews. Are they in it? Yes. Did they start it? NO. Are there a lot of Jews in it now? Yes. Are there a lot of Jews (more than anywhere else) in NYC? Yes. Since there are more Jews per capita in NYC and there is more banking in NYC, then it stands to reason, there will be more Jews in banking in NYC than anywhere else other than Israel. So is that true? Yes. Is it a “common denominator”? A common denominator of what? They have the thing called the “7 degrees f separation”, which is the premise that there are no more than 7 people between you and anyone else on the planet. My mother was invited to the Whitehouse 3 times. Therefore anyone the president at that time shook hands with was only one degree away from my mother. I am 3 degrees away from Menachim Began and Anwar Sadat. Oh, well. I am 5 degrees away from Mao Tse-tung. Therefore I am 6 degrees from Kim Jong Il (while he was alive). Does that make me responsible for what they do (did)? NO. Obviously not. Yes, there are a lot of things that seem congruous and yet they aren’t. IMHO. Be Well Justice.

        • Why stop at the Rothschilds mansion? The Russians could do the planet a massive favor by “cleaning up” the plague of all global countries: The City of London, i.e. the cesspool den of the venomously vile, viper vampires and “other” infected types. It’s the darkest, most hideous plot of land on the planet, bar none.

          If Americas psychopathic politicians, and their ZIonist Parasite (joined at the hip) comrade, would just mind their own fucking business and get out of every sovereign country they’ve infected, maybe global tensions wouldn’t be so volatile. Just think of all the money and suffering we could save. Just bring all the military home. Build up a wall on the southern and northern border. Kick any illegals out. Follow the US Constitution to the “T” and execute any traitor, from The Very Top, to the bottom.

          • The City of London is just one measly square mile European American. The British people are as fed up with the bankers shenanigans as the rest of humanity.

            • Lonelonemum:

              Yes, Lonelonemum, but it tentacles are rapped around every nation on the planet, including Russia.

            • “England is in fact a financial oligarchy run by the “Crown” which refers to the “City of London” not the Queen. The City is run by the Bank of England, a /private/ corporation. The City is a sovereign state located in the heart of greater London. Considered the “Vatican of the financial world,” the City is /not/ subject to British law.”

              • The Yehuda Triangle
                (New York – London – Tel Aviv)

                • LOL..!!!!!!!!

                  That’s funny, hp!

                  ..’tis true also.

          • European American—

            -(snip)- “..If America’s psychopathic politicians, and their Zionist Parasite (joined at the hip) comrade, would just mind their own fucking business and get out of every sovereign country they’ve infected, maybe global tensions wouldn’t be so volatile.


            A quick review of the number of countries & locations that have expelled “the tribe”, currently stands at 109! See (linking) list below:

            ht tp://biblebelievers.org.au/expelled.htm

            Funny how they whine/piss and moan..’persecution’!

            When in reality, ’twas “PROSECUTION” BY MANIFOLD HOST CULTURES..who became sick & fed-up w/ their evil clannish parasitical behaviors.

            I believe you could deport them to ANTARCTICA for the rest of humanity’s sake..and within a generation or two..

            ..the Penguins would rise up and toss ’em into the sea!

            • HUNTER…..Those darn Neo Nazi / Anti Semite Penguins.

              Freeslave calls them rabid Jew-Hater Penguies.

            • @cunter; If you actually research the subject, as opposed to go to the cited site, and drink the coolaid, you find that the impetus to “expel the Jews” is a movement promulgated and initiated by the Muslims in Australia. So I have this question. ARE YOU SUPPORTING THE MUSLIMS? ARE YOU SIDING WITH THEM? The Australians have not expelled the Jews as the site, you cited, suggests. It just isn’t true. You know, when all the facts are actually looked at. So are you SO AGAINST THE JEWS THAT YOU AGREE WITH THE MUSLIMS? Is that the case? That must make you have difficulty trying to figure out if you want to shit or go blind. Hahahaha. Gotta love it. Good night cunter. You are soooo full of shit you could be a Christmas turkey. You must be one of those Muslim Democrats. Wow.

              • Piss-potXS—

                Damn, you’ve got a serious hard-on for the Arabs, don’tcha???
                Just curious..are you “into” little rag-head / turbaned kiddies, maybe???

                Let’s cut the crap, asshole & deal w/ stuff..like real GENTILES…OK?

                That is..”IF”..you’re a GENTILE!!! ..as I & others..have our doubts…just so you know, of course!


                Per your accusation.. my source was “inaccurate”..relative the +109 expulsions of the “nefarious-tribe”..throughout history..was in fact corroborated & confirmed via..a jewish encyclopedia, as well.

                ..nice try ass@%#*..better luck next time!


                I think there is something to the claim that the Jew is condemned to walk alone and be shunned…as evidenced by the Savior’s condemnation of their satanic-seedline..(see pharisees for details)..

                Hence, they are incapable of civil reciprocity or honest fellowship toward the non-Jew…as they always manage to rack up new enemies, with each succeeding generation amid whatever host’s culture…they contaminate!!!

                I’ve said all of this before. When things change, I’ll be back to say some more.
                In the mean time, speak up, speak out, and don’t be afraid to resist the Jew.
                He cannot be allowed his appetites, or the civilized world will be diminished and possibly destroyed… by his infestation.

                A clue for ya!!..look real hard, at the ethnicity of those who challenge our pledge of allegiance, via federal-court lawsuits..or Christian crosses of public property..
                ..ditto, for straight-heterosexual marriages between male & female only…

                ..and the word “God” on our monies.

                These and most other debilitating fractures amid our civilization….are the acts of Jews, hostile to Christian culture, yet unidentified as jews, in media press reports….as they own the media outlets.

                Thus…anti-Jewish sentiments are a product of Jewish domination and deliberate/evil malfeasance….combined with the frustration of being labeled a “bigot and a hater”..should the awakened complain overmuch.

                Traditional anti-Semitism is about the EVIL Jews do…to seize and defend disproportionate power..over the populations they exploit and terrorize.

                ..its about raw/wicked POWER & CONTROL.. its use and misuse – NOT religion – unless POWER & CONTROL….IS their religion!!!

                ..which likely goes a long-long way..in explaining their appetite for…and their business endeavors…per organ harvesting amongst the gentile countries…and amid the children of GAZA.

                Methinks..its a poisonous group identity that stimulates their aggressions..and requires a shared belief system and a mechanism for self-perpetuation. Strict matriarchy and a meticulous fortification of their group persecution complex….fuels their xenophobia and a hyperactive sense of entitlement….to our stuff!

                ..hence, they believe they own our livers & kidneys too!!!!

                This grandiose sounding scheme is mocked by their membership/kindred..and their apologists like you…who willingly garner calloused knees, throats and buttocks…while dutifully servicing them.

                ..better you…than me, chump!

                OH!!!..and just for the record..I’m not a Muslim..nor am I a fan of Mohammed.

                ..but I have noticed, that prior to the USA becoming israel’s bitch…we had no enemies in the SANDBOX region.

                Live & let live..I say.
                If Achmed leaves me/mine alone…I’ll do likewise.
                ..sadly, its those whom you so ardently defend, that are responsible for the creation of ISIS & other Wahhabist hoodlums.

                Thankfully, the “tribe” doesn’t own every avenue of discussion anymore.
                They don’t own the Internet. Not that they aren’t trying…imminent internet censorship may still be too late for them. as they have too many enemies, crying for too much vengeance/blood..on too many continents.

                But that’s for another post entirely…some other time too!


                Readers have noticed that manifold posters here..have struck one of those universal chords…call ’em the highest notes..

                ‘Tis one of those indignations that self sow, and ripple effortlessly across the ethers…to ears that wait to hear the truth.
                ..and when that call goes out, all that’s gone before is listening. And you are either on the right side of a wrong or not.


                It’s called righteous indignation. And it can summon the angels out on patrol. It’s the call to the lost/fallen when it’s time to come home. Once you know they’re there, the world is not the same.
                It’s the real course in miracles – even for crusty old Catholics like me. One day, the Jew will run out of real estate and places to hide…for his wickedness and treacheries.

                ..as one at a time, members of the human race..will reject ’em.

                • Well, it looks like somebody is trying to take away Condor’s old ” nuttiest motherfucker on the internet” title. Hint- Make sure spittle flies from your mouth violently while typing, and while you’re at it, learn how to put together a basic sentence, than we can graduate you up to paragraphs,now won’t that be fun.

      3. Rodster… not a jew hater. Just a Global Virus hater. Any Questions?

        • I have a question Stolz. How many responses to your post came from the brainwashed suckers that continue to believe the sputum coming out of the Blaze Networks Zionist lackey, Glen Beck?

          He continues to blanket his listeners with just enough fog to keep them from seeing the truth.

          You can tell a Beck supporter by the rah, ah, rah for his pick for POTUS in 2016; you know the one whose wife works for Goldman Sachs. But not to worry; husband couldn’t possibly be influenced by that SMALL fact. Couldn’t possibly be given any campaign funds from that den of vipers.

          Don’t pay attention when Beck calls MLK a great man, take his word for it. By all means don’t do a little research and find out he was a communist rabble rouser. What could Beck possibly gain having that Commies picture hanging beside the Father of Our Country?

          You cant nail down the true PTB on your network. or you wont have a network. Support Israel, or you will be brought to your knees in one fell swoop.

          Beck is a player, he is playing some of you very well.

          • Right, I’m sure tptb are just quaking with fear when they read all these threatening postings on internet chat rooms.

          • POG…Many comment / responses to my post is mainly from two categories of people:

            1- Those without a formal education but most importantly lack of readings and
            researching the current and historical events.

            2- Those who are simply the special interests supporters and by special interests I mean
            the criminal banking cartels and their Godless and Soulless minions in every country.

            The net is:

            In order to have an absolute dictatorship, the dictators only need:

            Majority of uneducated herds and well educated tyrannical minority.


          • Ted Cruz gets booed off stage at Middle East CHRISTIAN Event in DC on Wednesday night.

            Invited to give the keynote address the audience turned hostile when Cruz said “Christians have no greater ally than Israel”.

            “I will say this. I am saddened to see some here, not everyone, are so consumed with hate”, he said as more members in attendance began to boo.

            “I will say this, if you will not stand with Israel, the Jews, then I will not stand with you. “Thank you and God bless you”, he said before walking off stage.

            In a statement following the incident, Cruz said the event “unfortunately deteriorated into a shameful display of bigotry ad hatred”.


            Don’t have to guess anymore whether Cruz is in AIPAC’s pocket, do we? Just another politician with the AIPAC insanity plea…..show me the money, you will have my vote.

            • POG, He had to say it. Else his wife would be another bankster jumping off the 50th floor or being shot by nail gun.

          • Watch for my article on Ted Cruz getting booed off the stage at the Middle East CHRISTIAN event in DC Wednesday night.

            It is hung up in moderation….I didn’t put my email address in….

            He was the invited keynote speaker but made the mistake of saying “A Christian has no greater ally than Israel”.

            It all went downhill from there; he walked off the stage.

            Seems some Christians are waking up to reality, politicians beware!

          • MAC??Stand for something.

        • Obama is a Jew? Never would have guessed.

        • @stoolz; You don’t hate Jews? I have a question then. Please, respond.

      4. Non violence is the solution. Not that either side will try it!!

      5. I saw the news about China supposedly building some forward air bases near Japan. Also saw a headline (didn’t get the whole story) saying the west would ‘welcome’ Japanese air patrols along the Pacific. No telling who the real target of the Chicoms might be, but they’d be a lot dumber than I think they are if they tangled with Japan. I’ve long had a hunch (no proof) that the Japanese have many, MANY hidden surprises. Those thousands of underground bunkers aint filled with Sony tv’s….

        • Okie a few more years and those Chinese bases funded by American taxpayer dollars will be under water anyway. The East Antarctic Ice Sheet is unstable and melting at an exponential rate.

          Enough water locked in that ice sheet to raise sea levels by 20 feet worldwide. One foot of sea level rise, allows water to flow 20 miles on a level surface.

          Take a scuba class as part of your preps. 🙂

          • Scuba class- check

            If the water rises suddenly on, say, a Saturday night, can I use a handful of swizzle sticks as a snorkle tube? Just wondering. Gotta be prepared!

            • LOL

          • DK –
            Dont buy the global warming BS.
            Unless you think your gonna be seaside in AZ !
            Big bet on real estate ? LOL

            • HH: The weather IS changing. Whether it is actually getting warmer or not is anyone’s guess but the change in the position of the Poles has changed the weather patterns and the ice packs in Greenland and the Antarctic ARE melting.

              Just as they have periodically for millennia. 🙂

              • The magnetic poles may be within 15 years of flipping and the sun is going into a quiet period like the Maunder Minimum (a.k.a. Little Ice Age, 1645-1715). Either of these events alone would cause a major disruption of agriculture worldwide; combined they will likely kill millions. The upcoming “grand solar minimum” is projected to last through 2035 before it starts warming. The pole shift is happening faster than science thought possible (ht tp://earthsky.org/earth/earths-magnetic-field-could-flip-within-a-human-lifetime), remember these are the same clowns who brought us AGW and there is research showing it may happen as soon as 2018. If the bankster ponzi scheme doesn’t collapse from another cause, this will certainly do it. Hang on tight.

          • @dICk; and you’ve done the calculations of the volume of ice melted into water versus the above ground volume per inch of water level increase (as melted ice) over land and have figured this out. OR ARE YOU JUST USING THE LIBERAL LEFT’S stats as lying weathermonger’s to justify your BS premise. You wouldn’t know the “east antarctic sheet” if you were sheeting on it. That’s why NYC, Boston, Chicago and other areas are getting RECORD SNOWFALLS AND TEMPERATURE RECORDS SET. Twenty feet world wide…you been listening to Algore? If every bit of above ground ice in the world melted, it would raise the seas, if you use the MOST bizarre measurements, 80 inches. Less than 8 feet. WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GET THOSE NUMBERS. DID YOU CALL ALGORE? SERIOUSLY, YOU CALLED ALGORE, DIDN’T YOU? You fuckers need to get on the same page. You either agree with the Muslims, or you don’t. You either hate the Jews or you don’t. You either side with conservatives or liberals. Which is it? PICK A FUCKING SIDE AND STICK WITH THE ARGUMENT. YOU CAN’T PICK AND CHOOSE SHIT ACCORDING TO WHAT DAY IT IS, BITCHES. You guys are schizoid. You don’t know whether to shit or go blind. Just sayin. If you’re going to have a platform, it has to be consistent. No one on the faaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr riggggghhhhtttt where you are would every entertain such BS as you just did. WTF were you thinking ……did you check with the stoolz before you shot your mouth off. Pick it up and start talking. You guys are……well, not very coordinated…just sayin.

        • If I was Japan, I’d make sure no one ever “Nagasaki’ed” my country again too. Bunkers and bomb shelters only make sense, especially for Japan.

      6. I just read an article that indicated that China has energy based weapons that can shoot down drones. When Nations start releasing that kind of information they are sending signals. I think that is what people call “Sabre Rattling” or talking smack.

        I think that Russia is on board with the PLAN, they just want a bigger slice of the NWO pie. Anyway big stuff is happening.

        • Why Mr Justice that comment is as dark as the USS Donald Cook. You should be silent, like a Russian Sub. Just joking, may you fare well. Big stuff indeed. But remember, the hubris of exceptionalism make others want to call that bluff. Putin is all in. Gas for Europe through the Turkey hub with delivery through Greece. Rubles for the gas, Drachmas for the transit. Take that Mario & Angela. Barry, you take this. I haven’t seen a real politician at work in a long time. Refreshing, but scary. I would like to see the pipeline protesters take him on. Putin could say “We Belarused some folks” as he backfills the pipe. Gotta go, the popcorn is ready.

          • “the hubris of exceptionalism ”
            In what other country could you speak so openly ?
            In what other country could you own all them guns ?
            What other country has acomplished so much in the last 250 years ?
            I could go on , but it would appear that just these three things make the US pretty damn exceptional.

            • Nothing exceptional about the US gov and its backers except they are filled to the brim with hubris…the destroyer of empires!

              • Correct FRANK-
                Nothing exceptional about the government.
                Just a bunch of wanna dictators.
                But the country as a whole , the determination of the American people as a whole is exceptional.
                Look at Europe , they have allowed their borders to be come insolvent and have completely lost all national identity.
                That may happen here, but it hasnt yet.
                Prople in the US will/are wakeing up to the realization that all is not well .
                It may take a generation to sort out some of this , but it WILL happen.
                And thats exceptional.

                • Its all about the bill of rights.
                  We cannot allow the continued erosion to go unchecked.

                • Hammer, the country as a whole are a bunch of apathetic, retarded, fat, stupid lazy, Iphone addicted, walmart shopping, zombies who only care about being entertained. Have you been out in public lately? It’s fukkin scary! 🙁

                  • Take their iPhones away and see the “giant you have awakened”. Hahahahaha.

            • “The only things exceptional about America is it’s exceptionally ignorant population, it’s exceptionally large national debt, it’s exceptionally decadent and hedonistic culture, it’s exceptionally corrupt federal government, and the exceptional lack of compassion that its citizens have for each other, or for the rest of the world.” Commenter Antodav (copied from a blog – We’re Just Not That Special-Andrew J. Bacevich

              • Andrew J. Bacevich is an exceptionaly ingnorant socialist.

        • Justice, obviously you don’t understand the final goal of the NWO. THERE IS NO SLICE OF PIE! The goal is for THE ENTIRE WORLD to be subjugated to the bankster elites—all nations big and small, equally enslaved and neutered.

          I think the U.S. leaders have made the same mistake, having been lied to, thinking that if they did as they were told like good little puppets, that there would be a special place reserved for them above the rest. THERE IS NOT.

          That is the biggest lie of all, designed only to gain unwitting compliance…ALL OF HELL IS ON THE BOTTOM. ALL WILL BE EQUALLY SUBJUGATED, regardless of how well they cooperated in their own demise.

          THERE WILL BE NO HIERARCHY IN THE NWO. Only us against them.

          The NWO is getting nervous as the world is waking up to that fact. There are no “good citizens” in the NWO. Only masters and slaves.

      7. Hello to you good old Yankee chaps… I say old bean, there really isn’t anything to be overly concerned about with these Russian aeroplanes buzzing the UK you know… The Rudy Ruskies won’t get very far trying to pull the wool over our eyes, our brave RAF Boys soon got up there and gave the beetroot munching Ivan a jolly good shake of their fists… “go on, be off with you, you naughty rotters” hah hah, that soon sent them packing. Anyway its time I was having a few drinky poos down at the local pub so I must go…Tata for now. God save the Queen. Long live the Queen.

        • British Tommy, welcome aboard, old bean.

        • The Queen is part of the problem. ALL royalty is.

      8. And we’ll move my Knight to Queen’s Rook 4.

        Your move Mr.Putin.

      9. The UK is not defenceless. If the Russian planes are over the UK’s Air Space, shoot them down. If Russian Military planes are over the US Air Space, shoot them down. Thats what Russia would do, they would even shoot down a Commercial air plane, they have done it before. If their in international air space thats a different story. Most countries play war games, and sometime push it to the limit, thats just the way life is. Trekker Out. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!

      10. This is the one thing that scares me the most. Russia is not a small middle eastern country. It’s a major nuclear power that is not intimidated by American political stupidity. Ukraine is what the Russians would call a “buffer country” between itself and the rest of Europe. Such a buffer is what Stalin tried to accomplish with the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and eventually secured at Yalta and cemented with the Warsaw Pact. It was also part of the agreement between Gorbachev and Bush when Gorbachev agreed to allow the USSR to break up. This is why the CIA fomenting revolution in Ukraine to try to snatch it from Russian influence is an act of war, and is seen as such by the Russians.

        Yes, some would argue that the US can win a nuclear exchange with the Russians but then again I really don’t care. I will still lose in a nuclear war as will tens of millions of other civilians. I also do not see it as survivable for the planet in general due to nuclear power plants. In a war, I believe that most of them will go full Fukushima, releasing hundreds of tons of highly radioactive elements like plutonium and uranium into the atmosphere. Thus, nuclear war is not survivable in the long term.

      11. Why, Why, Why are we (FUSA) provoking the Russian Bear? As I understand it, every nation that thought they could subdue the Russian, has learned the hard way or the very hard way that it was NOT good plan. This latest incident was their way of saying; Back Off. Should this go from bad to worse, their military hardware is just as good as what we have, they are willing to take heavier loses than we are willing. Lastly they have the will to win, which we do not. They also have the advantage of our (FUSA) past history, since 2008, to know we’re good at talking but poor on the action.

        • they also have a leader.obozo couldn’t lead a pack of cub scouts out of a half acre woods!

      12. iSnt a qwueEn a dOwgDarN FaggOt

      13. “No ones right when everybody’s wrong”. Buffalo Springfield.

        We’re playing games in Putins back yard. Putin retaliates by deploying his military in a threatening manner. Are we all being governed by children? Its a very dangerous game that they’re playing.

        • …and they’ll sit out the fallout in their million dollar bunkers, while the rest of us die of radiation poisoning. People really need to get a clue and put a stop to this march to oblivion.

          • Yup! The Russians are not fools and have seen this coming for quite some time. This is why they upgraded their civil defense bomb shelters a few years ago to be ale to shelter the entire population of Moscow. The US govt does NOT care about it’s civilian population like the Russians do. At least their population has shelters. The US stopped trying to protect the average man 40-50 years ago.

      14. We are in a weak position. Broke,diminished military,no jobs and looking like a future Greece. Better that then an irradiated homeland that can’t support whats left of its population. I’m sure we would do the same to China and Russia and what would we gain? Just a slow and painful death.

        • JIM-
          I think the whole world is in a weak position.
          And thats the problem.
          Everytime the world economies start to crumble it always ends with war , just history .
          But hopefully not the future.

          • The globalist elites long term plan has been to bring the world to disaster, scoop up as much of the resources for cheap as possible, then bring in the NWO.


            So, why are we still facilitating it? Why are we, the people of the world, not standing up together to stop this?


            We collectively deserve what we get.

            • (hangs head in shame)

            • . . . but it was damn good kool-aid

        • Jim in Va

          The US “diminished military” is second to none. With a dozen super carriers and air bases throughout the globe the US has a reach that is unrivaled. This does not imply that the power is omnipotent but every other nations power is regional. Regarding technology as a force multiplier, with the weapons and targeting that the US can employ and its destructive capability far exceeds mere numbers.

          • Carriers are as obsolete as muzzle loaders.

            • Depends on the type of engagements they end up in.

              I doubt they’ll be much use at all if things go nuclear, but they have quite a bit of firepower in limited warfare.

              The Chinese are developing some new very high tech cruise missiles to use against carriers, I wonder how effective they will be against one of our carriers defenses? Carriers carry a lot of defensive capabilities and anything short of a nuke may not threaten them.

              But then I have to recall the USS Cole and what a single guy with what amounts to a row boat and some dynamite can do.

              • Nuclear crosses the threshold; school is out.

                The US can put air power anywhere in the world in abundance. That manages the battlefield. That shapes the conflict. China and Russia owns that area they can deploy to. US power is not omnipotent but its reach and capabilities are global. This is the reality.

          • IT IS EXACTLY THIS KIND OF DICK-STRETCHING MENTALITY THAT WILL DESTROY THIS PLANET. Who cares whose military is bigger/better? Who cares whose tech is supposedly more advanced?

            ALL THAT MATTERS, is that there exists on the planet, TODAY AS WE SPEAK, enough weaponry TO DESTROY THE ENTIRE PLANET AND EVERYBODY ON IT MORE THAN ONCE.

            Nothing else matters except for the level of sheer stupidity around the globe. I HOPE THE CONTEST ENDS UP BEING WORTH THE RESULTS…

        • Ah… but the Greeks are finally acting like… Greeks! they are finally standing up to the predatory lenders (IMF/ EU/ US)!

          I kept wondering why in the world the Greeks didn’t just “off with their heads” — their corrupt government which sucking the life out of Greeks.. but they are finally standing up to the IMF, THE EU AND THE WEST… they are fighting back. Look at Paul Craig Roberts website to see… or better still, go to World King News (has pictures!!)

      15. So Putin rides bears and Obama wears mom jeans.

        No contest at all.

        Putin is surely terrified.

      16. Spot on them hogs. Russia and china together, we’re screwed!
        China sets off a couple emps from there satellites floating around. Then just walk on in.
        Conspiracy I know,but has crossed my mind many times.

      17. Close approaches to Britain must also be useful intelligence-gathering opportunities because Orwell was right when he called us [America’s] Airstrip One. The Russians will know if US jets loitered nearby; how many jets were scrambled and from which bases, near or far; how long did it take to get noticed, how long the response time and how close to the coast (useful for deploying airborne missiles); the readiness of the aircraft and whether fully-armed and ready to engage; did other European air forces respond likewise? Russian Air Force intelligence might have gathered so much other information we wouldn’t think of. Maybe they call these fly-by’s provocative because what the Russkies learn must really piss the top brass off.

        • All very good points MICK.
          What other purpose would these flyovers serve , other than to show aggression.
          Intel is so important.

        • These types of events have been going on between possible adversaries since the beginning of time, and the Top Brass have been through this many times before. Many decades ago when I was in the Navy and we were steaming in a convoy in the North Atlantic with 15 or 20 ships and a Russian Cruiser soon got right in the middle of our convoy, they were asked to leave, which they refused to do, so we sent a Heavy Crusier on a crash course with their Cruiser,(Game Over) they departed. Another game of chicken, push it to the limit. Trekker Out. Whats The Limit?

      18. Turnthekeys…………..

      19. Not related to the subject.

        When SHTF happens I realized that all the white girls who have gone black are seriously going to be screwed when their black men leave them to defend the ‘community’. Why do white girls ‘go black’ anyhow, the thought of a black ‘man’ repulses me.

        God bless you all


        • They have bigger dicks and more stamina

          • “They have bigger dicks and more stamina ”

            So does a race horse, but that doesn’t mean I’d want to have sex with one…or the other for that matter.

        • Susan, you are so right.

        • Once you go black, you’re a single mom.

          • Once you go black, we don’t want you back!

          • Just not true as a one-size-fits-all assumption. There are always exceptions to such prejudice.

      20. When transponders are off, the identity of the craft cannot be determined, but they still will show up on civilian air traffic control radar.

        • …but a much reduced signature, especially so for “stealthy” craft. Also, when transponders are off, ARTCC no longer has the benefit of altitude encoding. The reduced signature will only be an azimuth.

      21. Obama has put us all on the path to nuclear destruction— “Change you can believe in…” 🙁

      22. Russia is like Greece, going down the money ( or no money) hole. The only differents is that Russia has a millitary.
        Putin is just wagging his tail to keep the people in Russia thinking everything is ok.
        Russia and several other EU. nations are in the same shape money wise, it really starting to hurt and is the start of the depression that is heading are way.It has to start some were.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

        • The difference is, while the HNIC is lying to all of us, pretending like we are recovering with fake charts and figures, The Russians are being told to tighten their belts, because it isn’t over yet.

          I’d take Putin over oblunder any day.

      23. *** The following comment has been deemed to be 17.4% true by the Internet Veracity Bureau. It has been altered from it’s original version. It has been formatted to fit your screen. No part of this comment may be reproduced without express written permission from… Oh forget it! ***

        Been listening to some Dwight Yoakam CDs last couple days and figured it was time for an ear flush. Had some time off and parked near the truck fuel islands. So… there I am, sitting in the truck, minding my own business, and cruising youtube. Got the windows down to enjoy the breeze.
        I sampled a few classic Strait songs. The Cowboy Rides Away is a favorite. And, of course some Vince Gill. Best danged guitar picker I ever heard. (no offense to fans of Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn but, you gotta admit, Vince is good). Then over to the classic rock department… Sweet Home Alabama is a great place to start. Later- some Stones. Love the rhythm of Start Me Up.
        Then I recalled mentioning the Bee Gees in a recent comment. Don’t have any soft rock on CD but I do have many fond memories from back in the day… My late brother and I used to double date some college girls from Oklahoma and they loved it. So, naturally we kept plenty of 8 tracks of the Carpenters, Bread and the brothers Gibb. For getting a girl in the mood, music is almost as important as alcohol.
        So, anyway, there I am. Just minding my own business and enjoying the tunes. Several drivers had walked by while the music was playing. Strait, Stones, didn’t matter. Nobody said anything. Then- just as Too Much Heaven is playing and I’m about to get lost in a reminiscence of wasted youth and lost virginities…
        Some asshat young punk walks by with his co-driver. (an older guy, probably his trainer). He hears my music, looks at his partner and says, rather loudly, ‘That’s sure is some pussy sounding music.’
        His trainer elbowed him and gave him a stern look. Neither of them looked at me. “You want a repeat of what happened in Amarillo the other day!?”
        The young guy looked at him kind of sheepishly, “Well, no.. I guess I…”
        As they kept walking I heard the old guy say, “You keep running your mouth about peoples music, hats or women and you’re gonna keep getting your butt kicked. And remember, I ain’t gonna be there to save you…” They walked on, out of ear shot.
        I just laughed inwardly, and went back to my memories. A few minutes later I saw them coming back from the truck stop. On a whim, I picked up my cell phone. There was nobody calling but I held it to my ear in a fake conversation. I never looked their way, but as they passed my truck I said to the phone, “No, I DID NOT assault him! I simply told him if he kept playing rap music on the radio, I’d throw his ass out of the truck! He wouldn’t and I did. Poor bastard’s probably on a bus back to Cleveland by now….(fake pause) No! He broke it when I tossed him out…. (pause) Let him sue!! Next time I see him I’ll break his other arm!….”
        By the time they passed out of hearing, the young punk was 50 feet in front of his trainer. He was practically running to their truck!

        Note** I’m not a tough guy. Never would start a fight over pride, or music, or any other silly thing like that. I just occasionally like to have fun with people. Especially the young mushy headed ones! Cheers everybody. Keep stacking the preps.

        • Lordy Smokin’-Oh….you’d make a damn fine “Psychological-Warfare” officer!

          ..mega up-thumbs to ya!!!


      25. Them Hogs:
        You have made some good points. Russia and China, together would give us fitts.
        Russia is broke they have no money, and a lack luster military and ecconomy, they do not have the man power to fight a large scale war.
        China has the man power, but not the machines to fight with like Russia has, but there is ecconomy is tanking badly right now.
        They are still 20 years behind us on technology, but they are closing the gap very fast.
        I don’t know if it is true, but there was a several border clash between China and Russia early in 2014 over an area rich in minerals. I’m not sure if there is any oil envolved.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

        • Russia has anything BUT a lackluster military. All the have is manpower from a nation of people loyal to their beloved country. They love their leader and will die for national sovereignty.

          WE don’t have that edge. You still keep buying into the propaganda that Russia is our enemy. The opposite may be true…they may be our greatest hope for freedom from the NWO, because the walking brain-dead americans sure are not.

      26. Lovely— NYC COPS WILL NOW BE ARMED WITH MACHINE GUNS!! (At Collapsenet.com).

      27. This just cannot be true. We have been assured by The One Who Can Do No Wrong that if we’re nice to others they’ll be nice to us.

        • Is he any relation to “He Who Must Not Be Named”?

      28. You don’t think it works both ways? I would imagine some B-1s and B-2s(and who knows what else) regularly fly right up to and into Russian airspace. US attack subs probably torment the Russian and Chinese navy on a regular basis.

      29. With our cowardly Quisling in the WH still POTUS for two more years, it would not surprise me if Putin or Iran told him to cancel all US missile sites or they will continue to buzz our coasts and practice with EMP weaponry. Obama would cave of course.

      30. It doesn’t matter if we have nukes as well. the person in charge doesnhave the balls to go nuclear. we will lose if theres a challenge. Putin would not back down.

        • Brinkmanship will get us all killed…right after pride and ego.

      31. This stuff happened all the time during the cold war. The Brits knew the ruskies were going to do this before the Russians did. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if the British pilots dialed the Russian pilots cell # and told him to leave. And don’t believe for 1 minute that the U.S. doesn’t have weapons that have never been seen before.
        The real question should be “why are the central banks doing this”?
        They are definitely going for a socialist world government, but why take the war route? This country has been socialist leaning for almost a century.
        I think they feel they need to totally crush this country. The only way to do this once and for all is to get all the gold into vaults where it can not be used as a backing for money. The central banks of this world rule everything and have no sense of patriotism or love for anything but money and power. A gold backed currency would give a country a some hope of freedom, but without it, there would be no alternative to fiat currency and no hope. A gold backed currency is the only thing that scares the banksters.
        This may actually be the reason they are trying to turn people against religion. With faith in a higher being a person has some hope in something better. When people have no hope they give up trying to make things better for themselves and accept things for how they are. Break the spirit of a person or people and you can do anything you want to do and they will go along with it. They have no choice.
        Sorry for rambling, I guess I was just thinking while typing. Peace.

        • Thanks for your post ed, I really enjoyed it. You’re right about the RAF & the Russians buzzing each other for decades. Your other points have depth… Its made me stop and ponder. Thanks again.

        • That just means we must not forget to repatriate our gold after the NWO elites are dead and gone.

      32. “Nuclear bombs” really? Where did you get such bullshit? Hyperbole is one thing. But bold faced lies are inexusable and puts you in the same cesspool depths as all our politicos

        • D and C, where do you get your info? MSM? you’re the one who is full of it.

      33. Wouldn’t be that surprized that a russian military aircraft is shot down in the near future sparking a nuclear confrontation. would be a small exchange first with maybe a u.s. or NATO warship taken out in return. Then its a tense waiting game to see what happens next. If that scenario plays out it will be pandemonium is U.S.

      34. oh forgot, If we had a nuclear confrontation today many sheeple would be whining ” can’t they wait until afterthe super bowl ??”

      35. YOUTUBE




        LT. HANLEY
        PVT KILBY

        LEE MARVIN
        JOHN WAYNE
        FORCE 10
        ODD BALL

        THE BONDS



        SUPER MAN






        WOLF MAN



        BULL DIKES



        ARE NOT WE SOON ?

      37. As a prior Air Traffic Controller I know for a fact that turning off your transponder does not make you invisible to radar. I worked radar for four years and disabling the transponder doesn’t effect the primary radar return. Even the four years I spent in the control tower proved that even the ARTSIIIA radar system would display a primary radar return, so Russia isn’t fooling anyone! We see you Putin!

        • Correct.

          Turning off the transponder’s ‘squawk’…does NOT negate a radar skin-paint echo/return!

        • but it sure made good media fodder, didn’t it?

      38. The Russians are currently reminding everyone that their nuclear arsenal still makes them a player on the world power stage. Am I alarmed that we have returned to Cold War level brinksmanship with Russia, yes. I do not however think nuclear war is any more likely today than it was in say 1972. The truth is that nuclear war has been a reality since 1945. As the “nuclear club grows the likelihood that someone will use one grows. That many Millenials are suddenly waking to this reality is somewhat amusing. Born in 1959 my generation has been painfully aware of this reality our whole lives. I remember the old Duck and Cover drills in grade school. I remember the thousands of fallout shelters people built in the 1960’s. I remember Nixon taking us to Defcon 1during the Yom Kippur War. The truth is Russia is broke and cannot support the vast army it once fielded. What it can and IS doing is allocating the money it does have into modernizing its strategic forces. Our military on the other hand is vast and unwieldy. It reminds me very much of the stae of Soviet forces during the early 80’s, big bloated ,and supported by a failing infrastructure and a failing economy. My biggest fear is we HAVE NOT modernized our nuclear capabilities since Reagan was in office. 30 years of inertia in our current technological environment might as well be 100. Finally the foundation of MAD is the belief that each side has the WILL to use this weapons. Does each side believe the other side would retaliate massively if the other attacked.. THAT is the one scary factor in this equation. Should Putin ever decide that America lacks the will to defend itself by any means at its disposal then all bets are off. Would Barak Obama go to the mat, would he engage in what Major Kong called, ” toe to toe nuclear combat with the Russkies”
        . A frightening question, and one I pray Putin can never definitively answer.

        • …just what we need, more dick-stretching and ego-fluffing…

      39. Turning the transponder off is more symbolic than a real threat.

      40. Putin has already decided that the guy in the white house wont go nuclear. Obama thinks he can negotiate and manipulate his way out of everything. Obama views
        himself as a worldly man of peace. He would never want to go down in history as a president that used nuclear weapons in a war That is what is scary. Putin knows that and will exploit that. The russians are experts in strategy. Obama has underestimated every foreign policy situationand crisis to date

        • yeah, yeah, whatever…Russia does not want to fire any nukes, nor do they want to dominate the world. Propaganda is a bunch of shit, and it seems to be smeared on a lot of faces these days.

      41. Perhaps what should be added to the article is the fact that the Typhoon (and Tornado) jets that the RAF use are also a major threat to civil aviation, as they do not have ACAS (Airborne collision avoidance system) fitted. This was confirmed by the head of the RAF recently. So, despite Putin flying his aircraft in international airspace, the RAF are more of a danger since they are flying around the UK airspace, and civilian aircraft can’t see them!

      42. Does anyone want to exchange bodily fluids.? Muhahahahaha

      43. This world is so fucked up! Mankind has gone insane! My generation didn’t even create this mess and now there’s NOTHING left for us!
        Sometimes I want to blame baby boomers and ask them “How the fuck did you let a bunch of Ivy League DC bureaucrats betray the Founding Father’s legacy and hard work?? How?”

        Right now, the only comfort I have in life are my 4 dogs. They’re always happy to see me when I come home and never have evil thoughts like humans do.
        Humanity, in essence, has DEVOLVED into materialism, junk food, air/water/soil pollution, idiot box TV programming from the Hollywood Dream Factory and consuming vast quantities of Big Pharma meds.

        Yep, it’s just me and my 4 babies. I would never want to bring children into this evil, god-forsaken world. It’s just too unstable.

        Sometimes, I feel like I don’t belong in this MAD world that is my current reality. If only I could get the fuck OFF this planet. Any know of a stable worm hole??

        Oh well, if it’s my time to go, so be it! PUSH THE FUCKING BUTTON!

      44. I would recommend watching the high-definition video on Liveleak of Russian forces in combat in Ukraine. These guys are sharp and tough fighters. I have always thought the Russians to be a formidable foe and best avoided in toe-to-toe combat. They – literally – take no prisoners in combat and if they do catch your sorry ass, they humiliate you, beat you and then pop the top off your head like its a watermelon. Ukrainians are getting the mother of ass-whuppings for trying to screw with Russia.

        My personal view is we are slunking our way to World War III. Right now, it is on but mostly being fought through proxies and via economic and social warfare. At some point of Putin’s choosing, it will go mega-hot, as the Russians roll right across Eastern Europe and push into Western Europe. The Russians are out to right all the wrongs done to them and they are not going to stop until they feel they have the upper hand.

      45. Alrighty then… your president (admittedly) allows the CIA along with other alphabet agencies to instigate a change of leadership in Ukraine, perilously close to Russia. One could say that act(ion) could be regarded as aggressive toward Russia such that a large section of Ukraine is made up of people that have allegiances to Russia and the current leadership there, due to their having been protected from genocide more than once. It’s painfully obvious that the U.S. corporation is and has been supplying both sides with weaponry to facilitate the “conflict.” Then he (your president) proceeds to conspire with various parties in the EU to engage in sanctions (which was the soft beginning of WWIII) to punish Russia for so-called aggression. (One understands that Russia has indeed sent convoys into the state of Ukraine… to provide food for the victims.) The U.S. is guilty of empirical moves that threaten the safety, sovereignty, and economy of Russia, similar to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, etc., etc., etc.

        Simple physics… for every action there is a reaction. So what is to be expected? One here is unable to answer that question specifically but nuke capable jets flying over controlled airspace with their transponders off is not a surprise. It’s also not a surprise to expect that Russian stealth nuke subs might be parked off the east and west coasts since the so-called leaders of the U.S. are indeed psycopathic. You mention the “boots on the ground” in Europe. Not sure why since various knowledgable sources have confirmed that the U.S. does not want to engage in “hand to hand” with the Russian military. That scenario would be ugly… real fast.

        Think about it. Russian and China have agreed on many important issues which are important to the stability of the region in the areas of economics, military strength, etc., which are mutually beneficial long term. BRICS is only one example of what they are doing to circumvent the crimes of the empirical Zionists. A bigger question would be, how would the U.S. react to Russia creating the same kind of circumstance say in Mexico? Your president is a f*cking community organizer, not a Commander in Chief and Putin clearly knows it.

      46. hey all, don’t get lost in the minutia of detail about what kind of bomber it was.

        Listen here, these Russian Bombers have been probing UK airspace all over the British Isles and other parts of Europe.

        It happens nearly every month. NATO do air-space probes and the Russians respond in-kind – what more do you expect? (rhetorical question BTW).

        Last November I saw two of those Bomber Jets pictured in the Article at approx 26,000 ft with my binoculars very clearly making a sweeping maneuver, in formation over mainland Scotland and out across in to the North Atlantic. They look really impressive too.

        Anyways, peace to all.

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