Public Coronavirus Fears Wane, So What’s Next?

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting, Headline News | 19 comments

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    It sure looks like Americans can only be lied to for so long before they wake up and realize they were scammed. As the fears over the coronavirus wane, it’s important to remember that the elites need you in fear to submit to their New World Order system of control, so another crisis could be incoming.

    We already know the election is going to be an ugly mess; the mainstream media has done their job of using predictive programming so the elites can model the most destructive scenario. It’s all a rigged game, and past time for us to say en masse: “we’re not playing anymore.”

    But could something be in the works even before the election since the public is becoming less fearful of the coronavirus? Without fear, people won’t willingly submit to their own slavery. The ruling class (government puppets) and the elitists (Federal Reserve banking cartel) need you to be afraid so that you will need them.  We need to send a bold message that we DON’T need masters and are unafraid of their manufactured crises.

    They Are Promising This Election WILL Be UGLY: Clinton Urges Biden to NOT Concede

    A few mainstream media outlets are saying we can “beat” the scamdemic without a vaccine, but it should still be mandatory.  This could be our next crisis especially considering the military is going to be distributing the shot. There is a vested interest in making sure every human on earth get vaccinated for a disease with a .2% case fatality rate (and we know they are scamming us with those numbers to inject even more fear into the sheep).  Other mainstream media outlets are already using propaganda to convince the public that in order for people to work, they will have to get the vaccine. It sure looks like that could literally be the mark of the beast.

    Some experts are already calling on employers to make it mandatory, which, they say, would generally be legal. But others caution against mandates, saying that they could backfire by making Americans more resistant to a vaccine they’re already concerned about and more likely to embrace anti-vaxxer sentiment. –USA Today

    Whenever you mandate something, especially for this mild flu, people will start to wonder why that’s the case prompting more research and dissent. That could put a wrench in the elitists’ plans for their global totalitarian takeover.

    Regardless of what’s coming, stay vigilant, and prepared. Brace yourself. This feels like the calm before the storm, but I really hope I’m wrong.


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      1. Obviously, they are planning to extrajudicially murder people with these vaccines. People have no way of knowing what they are being injected with. That is the only logical explanation. We know for a fact that the severity and threat of this virus has been grossly exagerated.

        Start the Nuremburg 2 Trials now!

        Andrea Iravani

        • Andrea Iranani……….”Nuremburg Trials” indeed ! Google the “Doctors Trials” and learn of the second trial after the main trial….in which doctors were tried for medical experiments on prisoners of war. The single charge brought against those doctors, written mostly by U.S. attorneys, was “Medical procedures without the person’s consent”. Under that single charge, many doctors were hanged for experiments they did during the war. With a mandatory vaccine using an untested drug, those charges could also be brought against the profession, and politicians today in this COVID “pandemic”.

          • Exactly Nancy. I have been tortured and terrorized non stop extrajudicially for over six years in an orchestrated organized campaign involving many people in an organized drime ring that has targeted me for being their victim. Illegal medical experimentation done on me to cover up false diagnosis, to cover up discovery of government crime. The amount of human resources and technological investment with vault 7 technology being used on me and directed energy weapons and the gang stalking gas lighters is totally insane. It is the equivalent of someone spending one million dollars on lottery tickets for a single $10 jackpot.

            It could only have one logical explanation – FEAR OF GETTING BUSTED!

            Andrea Iravani

      2. It pretty much appears that the DNC has self-destructed. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to criticize Trump and his administration. The DNC has chosen to focus on attacking Trump based on outright fabrications and has supported Trump’s most outrageous policies. After stacking the DNC convention with hard core Republicans and if they lose to Trump again, as it appears that that would be the case if the election were held today, with Trump support swelling in momentum, how will the DNC justify their total incompetency? If Trump wins, what will the next four years in America look like? We have been subjected to the daily charades and rantings of insane pathological liars and psychopaths in addition to the total destruction of our country in a counter-productive temper tantrum of narcisstic rage.

        Andrea Iravani

      3. Terribly inflated predictions of death in original predictions. A financial incentive for the medical community to INFLATE the tally of deaths. Ignorant tyrannical measures to reduce exposure to the disease – easily seen to be UNSUSTAINABLE by anyone capable of rational thought. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG ?

      4. An interesting title, so indeed, “…What’s next?”

        The response in Kenosha last night is likely indicative, IMHO.
        This shit has gone on long enough, pandering to a bunch of functionally retarded fools in the hope of ‘easing tension’ is identical to negotiating with terrorist holding hostages…neither has an acceptable outcome.
        Therefore, as a matter of proper notification to both the agitators who are the BLM and the ANTIFA, be advised, YOU threw down the gauntlet, we did NOT. Hereafter under any circumstance where ANYTHING construable as a direct personal threat to life or property is involved you will be subject to the immediate use of unlimited (yes, that means LETHAL for the more retarded amongst you) force…WITHOUT ANY WARNING WHATSOEVER.
        Might you will want to dwell on that…especially in the Midwest, away from the cesspool metropolitan areas, because down here the ‘Good Ol Boys’ who have thier homes, farms and most importantly, thier FAMILIES are – in fact – going to bleed you out real quick, plant you where you can serve a higher purpose (as fertilizer…) and promptly forget every detail of what happened.
        None will EVER figure out what happened to you, where your remains are, etc, etc. Oh, and for those thinking there’ll be safety in numbers think again; 10 individuals sporting MKA-1919’s or XTR-12’s (5 rds/sec) with extended mags loaded with 0000 Buckshot are fully capable of mowing down hundreds in only seconds at close range. By necessity, there WON’T be survivors since that leads directly to unneeded, highly aggravation time consuming litigation.
        Soooooo, might wan’t to start THINKING really hard (yes…I know, thinking is just so damn hard…but someday you just have to GROW UP) about just HOW deeply-held the beliefs you claim to espouse are to you, because this ain’t the Purge, this is the RECKONING.

        It’s a WONDERFUL day in the neighborhood, a Wonderful day for a neighbor…unless you’re BLM or ANTIFA of course.

        Adios Y’all JOG

        • Dont forget the hogs n’ gators further south! The Cleaners will make sure those bodies are never found!

      5. right on Andrea

        • Thank you viper! It would be a miracle if sanity, peace, justice, and harmony, could ever be restored to society.

          Life in America is a far cry from the 70’s Coca-Cola commercials!

          There were mass riots, union strikes, and Weather Underground Marxist terrorists and Charles Manson then too.

          Somehow they managed to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes that they had everything under control while they raped and pilaged America and the world.

          Live and learn.

          Andrea Iravani

          • and liberty too of course!

            Andrea Iravani

      6. Officialdom will attempt to ramp up the “pandemic emergency” between now and the election as a measure to use in their efforts to defeat Pres. DT (won’t do any good though). Besides, big pharma will pay our corrupt officials into keeping this hoax alive because they have billions of dollars to rake in with mandatory vaccines and other treatments.
        My guess is if DT wins the election (and he should win handily) the covid hoax will gradually fade away because liberal officialdom will be too sufficiently shocked after the election to organize much resistance and keep the hoax going. If JB wins (he will likely be embarrassed by a greater than anticipated loss) the Dems./libs would use covid as a club to beat down the citizens in an effort to get them to “give up some of their rights so that gov’t can save them”.
        All I know for sure is that the coming months are going be interesting. I am not a Rep., but hope the Dems. lose the House and the Presidency, and not only fail but are crushed. I’m hoping DT will usher in changes that restore our rights, liberties, and freedoms that future administrations would have difficulty undoing.

        • Correct. But, you have only one half/side of the Big Pharma equation. They want to sell their junk, sure. But, they get paid for testing, $$$$ ka-ching. Then, they can also extract DNA, your DNA, and sell that data! So, they essentially get to double-dip. Ancestry . com just sold to an investment group for nearly 5 billion (yes, a b) $. Why is it worth that much? For a hobby? No. For the data.

          COVID testing is a scam. Think they really care how accurate it is? (It’s not) They have another objective.

          • CB- I read about A.c being sold, you’re right, it makes sense, should’ve realized it was for the data. Big Pharma not only double dips, it appears these DNA testing companies do too. You pay them to test your DNA, then they sell the data they have on you. Good thing my family and I have never did business with them. People are now the product.

        • Don’t hold your breath on DT. He’s nothing but a globalist puppet. You’re obviously still stuck in the false left-right paradigm. This is not about partisan politics. Neither side is your friend. Wake up!

      7. When they show up, don’t answer the door. If they breach it, inject them with hot lead. Everybody has a “last straw.” I don’t care who’s enforcing it, if you support evil and tyranny someday your gonna get what you deserve.

      8. Since blacks and Muslims are the most at-risk groups to the virus they should receive the mandatory vaccine first. Don’t vaccinate white people until every last black person is first vaccinated. That is racial justice pure and simple. For too long black people have been at the back of the line; this time, black people need to be the first in line.

      9. Even blacks are not stupid enough to fall for being vaccinated first. Remember the syphilis experiments? They do.

      10. Anybody see movie ( forgot name ) where military airplanes in the very beginning of movie dump black smoke substance over cities and towns throughout U.S. killing the majority of people. Cannabilism soon follows for survivors. My greatest fear is if the say F___ it and go that route.

      11. People have worked out who is most at risk and it is the people who are always at risk: the old, the very sick, the near dead, diabetic blacks, interbred Muslims.

        The stats are over inflated lies and are used to over bill the government. It is all about the bail out packages for big corporations. The ‘Rona has been played like a fiddle while power hungry bureaucrats grab everything they can and corporations take Fed printed bail outs.

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