Psychic Makes 2018 Predictions: ‘North Korea Will Succeed In Sending A Missile’

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting, Headline News | 35 comments

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    Self-described psychic Susan Rowlen released a video detailing her predictions for the coming year. One of her most alarming predictions is that she says North Korea will succeed in sending a missile to the US at some point in the coming year.

    But don’t fret just yet. Within the first 30 seconds of Rowlen’s video, she admits that she was wrong about some of her 2017 predictions. She says that about 80% of her predictions for last year did come true though.

    So what exactly does psychic Rowlen see occurring during the remainder of this year? “Interesting enough, I wanna start off by talking about the tax reform,” she begins. “There’s a lot of hype and there’s a lot of communication of this and that, people going back and forth, yay or nay, some people love the tax form some people don’t. I am here not to take sides, OK? But I am gonna just tell you what I think,” she says.

    “The tax reform with the tax rate going for corporations to 21%, that versus what they’ve been paying at the 35%. Now, what is it gonna do to the economy? I actually think it’s really going to help the economy. The reason I see this is because it is going to leave room for job growth. When the corporations can save money on taxes, they can actually spend more time on the employment and growing their business,” Rowlen says.  At least we have a psychic who understands the basic fundamentals of economics.

    Rowlen has some bad news for the retailers, however. They will do OK, but they won’t flourish. The in-store purchases will dwindle. Of course, this has been going on for years, as more use the internet to do their shopping. Then she moves onto talking about the stock market and how she predicted 2017 to be a year of unhindered growth. “Second to third quarter is where I see little tumbles, little peaks,” Rowlen said of 2018’s stock market forecast. But she gets more ominous soon after:

    The stock market’s gone as high as it can go. So, it’s going to kind of fade back and forth, second to third quarter. So I do want to say that. So, but do I see anything drastic? Well, if anything ever happened to Donald Trump, that’s where you would see a real dive to the stock market.”

    Rowlen then briefly talks about the real estate market suffering. Before she moves onto the allegations of sexual harassment that have been plaguing politicians and celebrities. She sees a male figure come forward to admit he was sexually harassed setting off a chain of events which will allow men to also be more comfortable with coming forward also. She rambles off a few other predictions and says to recycle before she speaks about 2017 and Donald Trump.

    “And I’m gonna be really honest with you. I said this in 2017 and I’m gonna say it again. More people that are gonna be dropping from his cabinet and as like I go through underwear…he’s gonna have a lot of people, and let’s face it, he’s had so many that I’ve even done my homework and let’s see…I’ve got pages and pages of all the people in his cabinet that have left or been fired or both. So, the point is, 2018, is it finally ceasing does he finally have the caninet of his dreams? The answer is a big fat ‘no’.”

    “Should we worry about North Korea? Absolutley, yes! This man is very unstable and yes, he’s out to get the US…North Korea, I think, is going to actually succeed in sending some sort of missile.”

    “Everyone has asked me, do I see president Trump impeached? My answer is no.  I don’t see it. I try to get a vision that I see him leaving the White House and I do not see this man leaving the White House. So for those of you that love him, you’ll be very happy with that and for those of you that don’t like him, you won’t be very happy with that answer.”

    So, there are a psychic’s 2018 predictions in a nutshell.


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      1. Oh please. It does not take a psychic to do this and it was so generalized and is called trending. I knew all this already and even know more so I guess I am the greatest psychic out there now. What a joke!

        • There are some interesting trends & predictions made here back in 2012, when considered at the time, were hard to believe. Some have happened. Some are in process. Some yet to manifest. Coincidence ??? I think not.

          And now, in retrospect ??? It appears the best are yet to come. 🙂

          • Wow this is one of the most worthless articles I’ve ever read.

            • (Bullwinkle) “EEnie-meenie, chilee-beenie, the spirits are about to speak”!

        • I agree. I have come to the conclusion that the US would allow NK to hit one city in the US, maybe two because that is the excuse they need to pummel NK and send it back to the Stone Age without China interfering.

          Quite frankly I would have no problem if NK took out Seattle, Potland, or LA. At least the libtards would have serve a useful purpose during their pitiful lives.

      2. …she admits that she was wrong about some of her 2017 predictions. She says that about 80% of her predictions for last year did come true though.

        80% prediction rate does not constitute a person being a psychic.

        She appears to be just another “Miss Cleo” — 1-800-BIG-LIES

        • FTW, I never trust any psychics. They’re always full of it.

          • If psychics could really see the future, they would all have won the lottery instead of giving $50 readings over the phone.

      3. I have no interest in anything a “self described” so called psychic has to say about much O nuttin. I can read the Bible and it gives more than enough information on the past, present and future. Anyone claiming to be a psychic is either lying, deceived, a fraud, possibly possessed or all of those at once.

      4. Holy SH?T!! I’m a pyshic too!! That’s the exact same forecast I said!!

      5. Wonder if she knows what im thinkin?

        • Its not possible for her to know. We live in a muti verse with limitless possibilities..what you are thinking here isnt what you are thinking there..shes another snake oil salesman.

      6. And when you go to a Psychic convention and buy something, how come they have to run your credit card to verify that it is good?

        Shouldn’t they know that?


        • I’ll predict that if any libturds try to harm me they will die, and I’m NOT a psychic.

      7. Breaking! Fire at Bill and Hillary’s house in Chappaqua. Burning more evidence?

        • Him, I just saw that article at Fire started in a bedroom and was ‘quickly extinguished’. No word on where the cunts, I mean, Clintons were at the time.

        • Never mind the huge pyre in the back yard…

      8. This lady is an idiot. I just watched her 2017 prediction video… it’s seriously cringe-worthy how dumb this lady is, and her 2017 predictions were basically all wrong.

      9. 4 out of 5 predictions right, yeah right.

      10. I’d like to see her in her underwear.

      11. Psychics are like politicians.

      12. I stopped watching her video after 30 seconds. She was laughing – not cool. I have had clairvoyant experiences myself, but I don’t like to say “I predict…”. I get certain words or visions sent to me, but they are not supposed to be used as a “confirmation” of something happening. Mostly they communicate what “could” happen. Bible is loaded with prophecies, symbolism and numerology. Very interesting stuff and has to be deciphered with best intentions, and not solely for monetary gain.

        • There are people in my family that have that gift as well. Usually don’t mention it to people as it scares some. I know it’s more than gut instinct or intuition.

          You are so right about the laughing. It was a little too raucous for enjoying her own jokes.

      13. The term “blue moon” when used in speaking means a rare event … as in -once in a blue moon.

        There are two blue moons in2018.
        One in January and the other in March.
        Both are super moons but the one in March will also produce a lunar eclipse sometime just before dawn.

        I predict you will see events take place in 2018 that are rare or possibly never been seen before by mankind…..

        Also I predict that you should hold on tight to the ones you love and enjoy life while you can…. Life is short ….

      14. Psychics are pure bullshit.

      15. Trumps plan is to really start a full on conflict with North Korea. You could say nothing new there, but there’s more. He plans to either get them to attack us and if that fails he starts attacking them.

        He then plans to place us under “A State of Emergency” thereby stopping freedom of the press and media. He can then introduce all kinds of restrictions, including but not limited to Martial Law, so that he and his corrupt cronies can take complete control, in essence creating a *Dictatorship* that cannot be stopped. Clearly a page out of Hitlers playbook in the 1930s.

        Now some will think this is not how coming events will unfold but then people still question and wonder why on earth people did not listen to Churchill’s warnings about Hitler in the late 1930’s.

        Let’s also not forget Trump supports civil asset forfeiture/seizure. He was also very critical of Goldman Sachs during his campaign and quick to connect his opponents to Wall Street. Yet James Donovan, a Goldman Sachs Managing Director, was asked to serve as Deputy Treasury Secretary (among many other GS Execs) although he declined Trump’s offer.

        Since the election, Trump has selected two current and two former Goldman Sachs executives for senior administration posts. So much for draining the swamp.

        Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, (who is going to destroy Medicare & Social Security) and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon are both former Goldman Sachs top executives. Gary Cohn, who was Goldman Sachs Chief Operating Officer, serves as director of the White House National Economic Council.

        Trump picked Goldman’s head of impact investing, Dina Powell, White House Senior Counselor for economic initiatives so she is also a former Goldman employee, although she is stepping down within the next month.

        So much for his campaign criticisms of Goldman Sachs and Wall St and promises to drain the swamp. And build a wall. And have Hillary locked up, and on and on. Never trust a liar.


          Trump is a Patriot. He will purge the US Government of NWO Socialists, restore the rule of law, and repatriate American jobs.

          As far as appointing former SQUIDS to run the economy, who are you going to appoint to the post if you want to reinvigorate the American Middle Class ??? Ron Paul ??? Paul Krugman ??? He knows nothing !!! Tell me, WHO ???

          Guantanamo is being prepped for the Swamp as I pen these lines. I said LAST YEAR at this time the purge would begin in 2018 to coincide with the midterm election cycle. It will be a landslide for TRUMP allies as the OLD GUARD retires.

          Yeah, its in the archives. 🙂

          • DK, agreed about Marie. She needs to get away from the MSM koolaid.

      16. I predict that the federal government will spend approximately one million bucks a minute.
        Hey, it came true! They are already doing it.

        • This ruling is DESIGNED to crush the California, Oregon, and Washington (blue states) economies. It’s that simple.

          Rule No 1. Follow the money. 🙂

          • DK it’s also to halt or completely end the legalization of recreational marijuana in MASS, Maine, NJ and other states with plans already in the works to legalize recreational mj within the next year or so. As far as CA, OR and WA where it has already passed legislation, not sure what will happen there but don’t think it’s going to be pretty.

            That was my prediction during Trump’s election campaign and again when he named Sessions for AG. I had warned people many times the only reason Trump said in his campaign speech he would “leave it up to the States” was so that he wouldn’t lose votes on either side of the legalizing pot issue. Trump knew Sessions would put the kabosh on pot and since Sessions hates mj, that was one of the main reasons Trump appointed Sessions to AG. To do the dirty work for him.

            Trump does not like pot and made a big stink about it in the 90’s. He didn’t want it legalized but he didn’t want to be known as the bad guy or risk losing votes, so he used Sessions to make sure it remains illegal or if already legalized in certain states, the decision is reversed.

            Even though I don’t smoke it, I want both the Black Market and the futile Drug War to end, and also free up the prisons for the real criminals, not people who are smoking it in their homes behind closed doors or selling it to adults.

          • I predict that I am going to get up of bed today, go do a number 1, eat breakfast, and later on I will return to bed and sleep. There, I’m a psychic too.

      17. really bill gates the murderer is awesome. You are an idiot lady

      18. Always in motion the future is…..difficult to see….

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