Propaganda War Exposed In Aleppo: “About To Die, Saying Goodbye… But Available for Interview”

by | Dec 23, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 32 comments

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    At some point, we have to question what’s going on.

    Each new event brings questions about what is real, and what is perception. When did the “media” bring an eye to action of war in Syria, etc. and the attacks of terrorism in Ankara, in Berlin, etc., and when did the “media” create stories and stage crisis for audiences?

    Somebody is wagging the dog, and there are plenty of questions to be answered about what is really going on.

    Obviously there are many pivotal, deadly events taking place in hotspots across the globe; obviously not all news is manufactured.

    But someone is, indeed, wagging the dog. If you haven’t ever heard of, or [amazon text=seen the 1997 film %22Wag the Dog,%22 with Dustin Hoffman and Robert Deniro&asin=0780622561], it is well worth the watch – because it contains a lesson worth knowing.

    Hoffman plays a successful Hollywood producer who is recruited by a senior aide of the president to anonymously stage-manage a made-up war in Albania, complete with green screens and actors playing refugees fleeing bombs. Though no conflict was actually taking place at all in reality, the team successfully sold the American public on the phony story in order to draw attention away from a sex scandal.

    How closely it resembles the modern state of war remains up for debate… but the implications are clear. Technology makes this deception possible.

    Again and again, the coverage of Aleppo, and the humanitarian crisis of the Syrian war has defied credibility and shown many aspects of complete falsities. White Helmets have been disingenuous in “rescuing” small children from rubble only to feature prominently in photo ops. Twitter has been flooded with a constant stream of images of victims, etc. that were later proven to have taken place at a completely different time and under a completely different circumstance – in other words, faked for the propaganda effect.

    Propaganda, by the way, has been officially legalized inside the United States – and entities both obvious and covert inside the media, State Dept. and government have been shoveling into the minds of the American people non-stop.

    The real connections between terrorist groups like al Nusra and ISIS to the “moderate rebels” that have been backed by the U.S. and other Western proxies are deliberately obscured, while the perceived crimes and misdemeanors of Assad and Putin are circulated for maximum effect, in spite of a lack of evidence or a firm grasp on the facts.

    For years now, reality has been completely contorted to fit the “mirror, mirror, whose the most beautiful empire of all” narrative that the U.S. wishes to uphold… truth has been a complete casualty, and every official channel has warped good strategy, moral high ground and common sense to create war death, destruction and chaos, and tempt Americans and their allies into ever more war and conflict.

    And now, as the rebels are being driven out of Aleppo altogether, CNN and other mainstream U.S. news outlets have been featuring reports from embedded individuals who have all been broadcasting their “final reports,” announcing that they death is imminent, and regurgitating talking points about how they are being exterminated, systematically killed, etc.

    The only problem is… these reporters are still alive. And they keep reporting, dramatizing, and even glamorizing terrorists suicide bombers.

    This is truly too much to believe… this is perhaps the most blatant and forceful propaganda ever seen in warfare. The 21st Century digital media stream is being used in ways never before attempted in live format.

    In this powerful piece of journalistic blowback from state-run media outlet RT – who have been categorically beaten up and ostracized as “fake news” trendsetters for Putin’s agenda – now turning the lens around the total bullsh–– being broadcast as truth over the television and Internet:

    People extensively cited by the Western media last week as saying their last goodbyes from eastern Aleppo appear to be well and still reporting. Among the latest videos, one of the ‘departed’ is showing off a rebel fighter wearing a suicide vest.

    Last week, as the fighting became intensive for the remaining pockets of insurgent-held areas of eastern Aleppo in Syria, numerous reports in the mainstream media cited activists on the ground. Their message was more or less the same: we are about to die under bombs, so we are saying our last goodbyes.

    The 10 days of rebel evacuation from eastern Aleppo is wrapping up, and the journalists and activists appear to have survived quite well the ‘Russian bunker busters’ and other threats they reported.

    Journalist who sent ‘last message from Aleppo’ alive & well with suicide bomber

    A few weeks ago, SHTF reported on the bizarre case of a 7-year old girl and her mother who were on a tweeting spree while fleeing from rubble and bombed out homes in Aleppo – they, too, kept describing their every move as being their last for death; their final message; their goodbyes before death, etc.

    After so many repeated tweets warning of their imminent demise, it became apparent that it was something more like a propaganda campaign – picked up by Western media as “real news” when it isn’t. The girl’s most recent tweet was yesterday… alive and well like these other bizarre ‘activist reporters’ featured by CNN and co.

    Perhaps Americans have a great deal to fear from Putin’s forceful Russian agenda, and perhaps they do not.

    But one thing is certain. the people of America have a major problem in that they CANNOT trust their media. They are broadcasting propaganda and outright lies on behalf of a very lopsided agenda – and yet have had the audacity to initiate a witch hunt against alternative media outlets and independent publishers for what has been so crudely termed “fake news” (WTF ever happened to “op-ed,” critique and analysis anyway?).

    CNN is now a clear and apparent propaganda arm of the U.S. government… and there is much wagging of the dog.

    h/t David Icke


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      1. Surrounded by Bullshit

        Merry Christmas all

        • Nailbanger,
          AMEN, to that!! B.S. is everywhere these days!! and Happy HOLIDAYS to YOU! HEY, wait a minute! that was politically corrrect so I retract that and say MERRY CHRISTMAS to YOU !!

      2. Eustace Mullins said the war on terror, 911, and terror itself is aimed at the citizen by their own government in order to keep the people so terrified and so preoccupied that the people can not figure out what is really going on.


        • ??? Merry Christmas ???


        • B from CA, Eustace Mullins always hits the nail on the head. The ‘terror’ always comes from governments. Nothing they do has any legitimate basis. We will be in a shooting war with our own govt. before this is all over with.

      3. Guess the old saying still stands, “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” Then again, maybe we can’t even believe half of what we see anymore either. Question . . . where does one find the truth in these crazy mixed up times? In the movie “Wall Street,” the character played by Michael Douglas makes the statement that, “Information is the most important commodity I know.” If you can’t trust your information, how do you make informed decisions? Lots of questions . . . mighty few answers.

      4. Western news media is constantly quoting some Syrian information/humanitarian group. Only problem is the group is actually just one guy, operating out of his apartment in London. He has no direct info of what’s going on in Syria. He merely reads what his anti-Syrian handlers tell him to read. “Fake News”. Propaganda. Every day, all day.

        • Him, the juden-run MSM ALWAYS puts out fake news.


        My scientist friend says that this is real and all the info on this one is real. So 2017 is when all the environmental stuff starts to hit. So trolls, I hope you have preps and have secured your ticket to the DUMBS. Because you wont be surviving.

        Sarge, Genuis, Brave, Buttcrackofdooom, and many other legitimate posters, this is one up you ally.


        • More ramblings from a raving lunatic. There will not be a pole shift next year. Please go back on your meds.

        • HCKS
          Merry Christmas.

          Unplug. Drink a beer. Better drink 6. You will feel much better.
          Fire up the bar B Q grill. Quality Brattwurst are a good choice. Bratts go well with the cold beer.

          Call some friends while drunk. Will give them something to talk about.
          I always call ex wives and girlfriends. Usually one of them will invite me over for thrills and none of the hassels. Take her a bottle of wine and flowers.
          Getting Laid on Christmas is always nice. How is that for Christmas cheer?

          Unplug. There will still be plenty of time for Nato troops, China troops, Cartel troops, Russian troops, comet, asteroid, or anything else. R&R is good for morale and mental health. Will make you more combat effective. Primed for a good hit ratio.

          Yes the sky is falling. But it won’t dare fall until Mr. Trump has taken office.
          So grill, drink beer, get laid, have a very Merry Christmas HCKS and Everyone here.

      6. they have been building a case for WW3 for years between Russia and the usa/nato and this Aleppo nonsense is just the latest brick.
        journalists could find all sorts of people threatened all over the middle east if they looked, but no; they are focused on an area where Russia and the usa are both involved in at the same time for different reasons and I’d say the main reason is that fed banks and govts worldwide have a lot of debt they need to get rid of and world wars creates all sorts of black holes for such things to go away.
        remains to be seen if trump will put “America first” in this case. I supported the Iraq war and still do, but Syria gives the us nothing and Russia very little when considering the usa has had bases setup all over the middle east for 10 years.
        hopefully trump sees this also and lets Russia have Syria. yes a lot of innocent people will die under the lawlessness that is Syria but if the usa were to stop things like that, it should’ve toppled north korea, venezula, Egypt and a lot of others long before Syria. it’s a bit cold, but if there is no threat to the usa manifesting in the country into something really big, those people need to make it on their own.

        • Syria protects its 10% Christian population while the Islamic Fanatics the US is arming lops off their heads. This fights isn’t about right and wrong nor good and evil for if it was the Us is on the wrong side if it as ISIS is being armed directly and indirectly by the US and its allies. This is all about a natural gas pipeline from Qatar through Syria and Turkey into Europe. This cuts into Russia’s natural gas market hence their involvement. None of it, zero, zilch has anything to do with terrorism when the US is literally using them, funding them, supporting them to achieve regime change.

          There is a Congressional Bill to stop the above but it conspicuously missed the main stream news.

          Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

          h ttps://

          • Kevin2, right about the pipeline.

      7. Like they say if it Bleeds it Leads.
        Maybe the should change it to. If it going to Bleed it Leads. How about this one. All Bullshit All the Time. You sort out what is Shit and what isn’t. How about this one Bullshit you can believe in.


        • Sgt. Dale:

          Bullshit You Can Believe In


      8. A good take on the future is from The Common Sense Show (and you tube) called Chaos In Colorado, posted by Zeus a couple days ago.
        It’s 51 minutes but you can listen to it without having to watch.
        If I lived anywhere near Colorado within 1000 miles (and distance may mean nothing) I’d be leaving…check it out.
        Oh, and Merry Christmas.
        Wife and I are buying nothing this year.

          • “How do you get troops from a Slavic language background with the ability to switch to smooth Nebraska English… Start at age 5”

            Been going on for a while then.

            Merry Christmas everyone. Stay warm and safe. From Denver area…


          • Is Dave Hodges Legitimate.
            Never heard of him. Never heard his show.

            I was once foolish. OK twice. (I also got y2k’ed.)
            Steve Quayle is an ass that preys on peoples fears.
            He almost got me divorced. Maybe he did get me divorced?
            Quayle said “Russian troops were massing. He claimed he had ground confirmation.”
            “WW III about to begin.”
            I was packing up all 7 kids, dogs, goats, and about to vamoose and start digging a hole deep. Scared the hell out of the wife. She thought I’d gone nuts.

            One ass hole on short wave. Claimed to be a Christian. Chicken Little is more accurate. Steve Quayled. He also has show of idiocy.

            Well live and learn. NEVER again. Now I believe NOTHING.
            Nothing in media. Nothing on TV. Nothing on Internet. Nothing on SHTF.
            ALL seems to be “Fake News”. ALL TV stations said Hillary had already won election. Trump could Never win, according to ALL media Experts on TV. “How did that work out? TV is FAKE NEWS.”

            I am now from Missouri. “SHOW ME.” If I’m not there I don’t believe it.
            For example. Was there a real Sandy Hook shooting? Or was it a drill/exercise missreported? I still don’t know? Expert in Florida says Obama made it up. Was just a drill not properly reported as such.

            Who did 911? Israel? US government? Ragheads in dirty night shirts? Saudi Arabia?
            Some guy wanting to collect insurance on real estate?

            Any way. Is the video Zeus posted Factual? Or fear porn? Regular drills or is Obama still planning coup? “Out of chaos comes NWO.”–per Bush
            They are ALL NWO. Not just Obama.

      9. Merry Christmas everyone.

      10. Called this Globalist Fascist stunt a long time ago…It is “Incubator Babies” 2.0 courtesy of the psychopaths controlling the US Government and their propaganda arm in the Corporatist Fascist Media, so we can expect more death and destruction from the Military Industrial Complex to “save the Aleppo children”, who are being murdered and left homeless, as millions of other innocent victims in the Middle East, by the psychopaths controlling the US Government in the first place.

      11. Bottom line is YOU CANNOT trust ANY media outlets !! many are bought and paid CIA funded or by some other nefarious funded group. WAR is and always has been a terrible thing, there is NO mister nice guy!! granted some groups are VERY sick and cruel and you name it and they will do. and THOSE are the reasons of why we should eleminate that type of scum, not because the leader of the country would NOT allow a oil pipeline in his country!! IF we the people of the world would OR could remove the scumbags then maybe we could have some peace of course you have to eleminate the radical religious secs as well and since this will NEVER happen! all you can do is what we on this site do and that is prepare for it!!cause it is coming!

      12. MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE! Except for trolls, fascists, juden, libturds, etc.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart,
          Merry Christmas to You!!!
          and everyone else on this site that are REAL!

      13. Happy Holidays to all here.

      14. Please visit read it, download it, spread the word. I believe it is the real solution to the current social, financial, political systems.

        To transition from the current systems to HANOMY will take just few short years. Hanomy turns the concept
        of money upside down. Immigration crisis will be resolved, wars will end,and inflation will be things in the past. It has lots of number crunching and it works as you will see.

        Please make it goes viral so people aware that there is a
        sounded alternative and that we won’t be forced into another elites’ designed system. All the steps to implement Hanomy are in the manifesto. Hanomy can
        becomes a worldwide movement, people from around the world can flood streets and demand Hanomy, say on Feb 14. Nations will come together and have discussion on
        Hanomy because the citizens demand it.

        Elites can still participate in the system, they just have to earn money, respects and power the honestly and productively.

        I have tried to contact many alternative
        media all week last week, no result. I
        need help to make it go viral. We don’t
        have much time left. The clock is ticking!.


        Watch this newest entry to the FBI YOUTUBE CHANNEL titled “The Coming Storm”. It involves an active shooter situation at a College Campus where the FBI, or any other TREASONOUS Federal Agency has ABSOLUTELY NO JURISDICTION, but watch how they slowly takeover the entire scene and command of the incident. All a prelude and propaganda piece for COMPLETE FEDERAL GLOBALIST CORPORATIST FASCIST CONTROL AND “FUSION”OF ALL POLICE AGENCIES IN THE UNITED STATES!!!!!The psychopaths know their planned collapse of their Ponzi Scheme fiat money driven economy is near, and they want ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT UNDER THEIR BOOT before the Final Phase of the planned collapse of America and Final Solution of the dumbed down toxic dump programmed indoctrinated slaves. They are almost there with their Stasi Fascist Fusion Centers of TREASONOUS boot licking dystopian Orwellian horror!!!

        This propaganda piece of the Globalist Fascist psychopaths controlling the FBI is clearly meant to show how local Law Enforcement benefits from having their “expertise” and access to other Federal psychopath controlled agencies, like “shutting down airspace” to stop helicopters, and their “direct access” to the Corporatist Fascist treasonous criminal US Government propaganda vomiting media they control.

        God help us all when their dystopian Corporatist Fascist plan is complete and they have full control of all Police Agencies, we are only a very short step away now!!!!

      16. Merry Christmas everyone! Except nutjobs off their meds- HICKS. LOL

        • and a merry Christmas to you Zeus/wwti

      17. “Bana Alabed ✔ @AlabedBana
        Under attack. Nowhere to go, every minute feels like death. Pray for us. Goodbye – Fatemah #Aleppo”
        yep, building falling on our heads, take a moment to tweet before evac..

      18. Surprising number of Stormfronters commenting here.
        When did Idaho compounds get the internet?

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