Propaganda Alert: Birx Urges Mask Wearing ALL THE TIME

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News | 13 comments

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    The mask situation is getting out of hand. Based on no evidence, whatsoever, the idea that face masks should be worn at all times, no matter where you are, is spreading rapidly. Tyrants specifically seem to need the entire population to cover their faces.

    According to USA Today, Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force, urged all Americans to wear masks indoors and outdoors to help with the plandemic. It is becoming clear that those in power need everyone masked up as much as possible. But why? It’s pretty difficult to say. What also boggles the mind is the willingness of the slaves in the U. S. to simply comply without question. So many people are going through life as unthinking drones and not even bothering to look beyond the mainstream media’s hype.

    Wisconsin Government Agency Demands People Wear Masks In Zoom Calls

    Birx said when communities start seeing a rise in positive cases, leaders need to close the bars, restrict indoor dining, decrease social gatherings, and ensure there’s a mask mandate. Birx, speaking in Kansas City, Kansas, warned that the outbreak is not just an urban issue. The mask propaganda is getting insane. It has been crazy for a while, but now it’s just out there for everyone to see.  The elitists have taken up space in the heads of everyone and few seem to notice or care that they are being manipulated.

    Are Face Masks & COVID Rituals Occultist Symbols For Submission?

    “So we are really asking all communities, whether you are urban or rural communities, to really wear a mask inside, outside, every day,” she said. “Much of the spread is asymptomatic. I know we all want to believe that our family members cannot be positive. They are.”

    The fear-mongering will not end until the goal to own the world has been achieved. This will not be over after the election, regardless of who wins.  As we all know, the Federal Reserve chooses the president, not us, and this about control and owning the planet, not about health.


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      1. It appears as though the Federal Reserve and wealthy financiers must be telling the government that if they refuse to follow a policy of self-destruction, that they will do even more economic harm to the country, because there is no other logical explanation for a physician to say something as insane and irrational as that. This is just a guess, but there is really no other explanation that I can think of. It is insane for the government to go along with it. Terrorists should be thrown in prison, not granted control and obscene wealth. This entire society is totally backwards! After all, the United States government has never given a second thought to throwing its weight around, why should they care in instances like this and 9/11?!

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Why doesn’t Trump fire Birx and Fauci?! He has never been shy about firing people before! Why does he tolerate this psychological and economic terrorists and treadonists that belong in prison?! Free speech does not allow someone to yell fire in a crowded theater or to commit fraud! The intent is clearly and undeniably fraud, treason, and terrorism!

        Andrea Iravani

        • Here’s a thought, suppose there is a major disaster on the horizon that the Govt’s are aware of and covid 19 would pale in comparison to that event. Thus no need to up end the apple cart too much at the present time. Just a thought…..

          • I do not consider what that comment was to be a thought. I consider it to be an intimidation tactic that failed miserably.

            Back to the drawing board, “Einstein.”

            Andrea Iravani

            • A., relax it wasn’t an intimidation tactic. The possibility of bigger events is very real, i.e., WWIII.

      3. Masks must only be worn by all obese people, women that wear makeup because they look like their fathers, and democrats. And then send them all into FEMA camps so we yuppies can gentrify the innershitty ghettos with million dollar condos. A pretty face never needs makeup. Either shes got it naturally without gook on her face, or she should wear your gook on her face.

      4. Worthless “experts ” vomiting worthless lies. Stop destroying my country! The national emergency is over. Take your bs and go away.

      5. Birx can go take a flying leap.

      6. Well, first off, the Scarf Hag can kiss my @ss! Second of all, a fake medical degree obtained from a Cracker Jack box does not give one the authority to spew what passes for medical advice in this country nowadays. The obviously compromised Trump, if he had a pair, would jettison both this hag and Fauci to the moon, in one of Elon Musk’s rocket ships.

      7. Wearing the mask all the time and coming mandatory vaccines (which will no doubt be administered repeatedly) are two weapons, among others, to make people increasingly weaker, sicker and, consequently, to reduce life expectancy. Genocide spread over a couple of decades is part of the NWO agenda. It is a horribly, satanically clever plan to “subtly” kill as many people as they can. So much trouble, though. At this point, why don’t they just nuke us and get it over with once and for all.

      8. There is a TON of scientific evidence that the masks are worthless, and in fact, do much more harm than good. Not a single solitary shred of evidence that “masdksd” have ever protected anyone from the virus OR kept someone from spreading the virus. None. Period. It should interest all of us that more than 96% of everyone who has tested positive for the virus, OR Died from the virus were AVID “mask-wearers.” If only the gullible people would just TAKE a minute and THINK, they would know for certain that this is all about fauci’s and birx’s “cash cow windfall.” It has been more that 20 years since fauci ever practiced medicine. And Pelosi has her eye on being President. And she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She has already proven that with all of her past performances. (bidn is just a decoy. There is No way in hell that the democrats will ever allow him any time to serve as president if he wins. he is merely a decoy. So, this so called pandemic is pelosi’s ONLY hope of ever achieving her goal. TRUE FACT!

        • This is your opinion to which you have a right too! Do you practice what you preach? If you need a medical procedure done, do you request that the doctor/surgeon not wear a mask for the well being of their health while performing that procedure?

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