PROOF: The LVMPD And FBI Failed To Catalog At Least One Deceased Las Vegas Massacre Victim As Death Toll Rises

by | Jan 20, 2018 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    In what can only be described as gross negligence or a massive cover-up of the truth, the F.B.I. and LVMPD have failed to record the death of at least one shooting victim killed in the massacre

    LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have failed to catalogue at least one deceased victim of the 1 October massacre which reportedly only left 58 people dead.

    The 59th victim, who is currently unnamed by the completely botched investigation and cover-up, was shot and killed in the parking lot of nearby business during the attack.

    The woman’s lifeless body can be seen being drug across the parking lot by several men who placed the body behind a pick-up truck while the gunfire continued.

    The event was reported by Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas on Nov. 11, 2017, in the article titled Private surveillance footage reveals “helicopter hovering overhead” at time of Las Vegas Massacre, FBI never asked for tapeafter an excerpt of the footage aired on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

    At 10:16 p.m., two men drag a “fallen victim” across the parking lot. The men position the victim behind a Ford pickup truck, presumably to shield themselves and the victim from taking any further incoming rounds as they attempted to give the victim medical assistance.

    “Later at ten-twenty-four p.m., one of the men places his shirt across the victim’s face and then at ten-thirty-two a man places what appears to be a blanket or towel over the body after they had given up hope,” Tucker Carlson said. “Police only arrive in this area for the first time around ten-forty-five p.m. when the body is still there.”

    The victim’s body was eventually was loaded into the back of a Ford Raptor pickup truck at 11:50 p.m. and taken away.

    Astonishingly, between the times of 10:13 p.m. and 10:16 p.m. a good amount of debris can be seen being pushed downward and sideways in front of the camera which Carlson claims is from a “helicopter hovering overhead.”

    A quick review of flight records during that time reveals that a squadron of EC-130 Eurocopters departed from Maverick Leasing LLC at 10:12 p.m., several of which appear to have overflown the parking lot where the victim and debris were seen. However, the departure of the choppers and the fact that several of them overflew the parking lot does not explain all of the debris being kicked up from by a heavy downdraft, prop wash, possibly from a helicopter hovering in place much closer. In fact, the downdraft appears to be constant from 10:13-10:16 p.m. and not intermittent as if several choppers had just passed overhead.

    According to Carlson, the owner of the tape maintains that law enforcement investigators have never asked to see the footage.

    A preliminary report on the shooting released by the LVMPD on Friday only lists seven victims as being “placed” outside of the venue, two of which were over a half mile away.

    However, the official report failed to catalogue the dead woman who was shot in the parking lot of a Haven Street business.

    The following image is taken from page 34 of the LVMPD preliminary report which shows the seven victims and their locations of death numbered in yellow.


    The next photo shows where the unnamed victim was located.


    The victim can be seen being dragged in the following video.

    The following day, several men, one of which presumably was Fox News anchor Sean Hannity (who was heavily guarded by a five-man security team), received mobile haircuts in the very same parking lot, in nearly the same spot the victim’s body was dragged to.

    Who was this victim?

    Will the F.B.I. and LVMPD please explain what in the Hell is going on here? How was this victim overlooked by investigators but known by Intellihub? Who was this victim?

    Why were people getting haircuts at the crime scene? How many more victims went ignored by investigators?


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      1. the fbi is run by criminals so what good is the info they distribute to the maases.

        • Another FBI error…

          FBI “loses” five months of text messages between ant-Trump agents, blames “glitch”


      2. she was prolly just passed out drunk.

      3. look, i just want to know if the slot machines were paying out better during massacres.

      4. Nobody cares anymore.

        • what massacre? the only ones who cared were NRA members wanting to ban bump stocks.

          • The idiots are not smart enough to know you can bump fire an AK without a bump stock. I do it all the time. Easy to do. Their real goal is to outlaw all guns, they’re just not going to tell you this.

        • Off topic but absolutely no back salary for any government employees for the time out of service. These fuck’s need an ass whoopin!

          • All but essential workers are cut off. WHY THE FUCK DO WE NEED ANYTHING BUT ESSENTIAL WORKERS? Govt. employees can fuck off and die… GET A REAL JOB YOU FREAKING LOSER!

            • Ok, I’m going way off topic here but…today marks 4 months since the hurricane turned things upside down in our corner of the world.
              We are still without power. A little solar and a generator are making life quite livable.
              Been having trouble posting lately… some just vanish. I will try to post these parts on weekends.

              Here is Part 1 of the story.
              One Version of a SHTF Event.

              Sept.19, 2017-Dec. 2017
              This account is basically taken from random notes made over the course of this event, Hurricane Maria, and the weeks that followed. It’s a bit personal at times, (a diary if you will) but it’s hard not to be when life changes overnight. Other times it’s just the facts from observations. I jump around on the timeline but that’s the nature of random notes…
              My wife and I had not experienced a hurricane despite living in hurricane zones for 20 years.
              Weather reports gave everyone the knowledge that it was coming right at us. A week out, so…it’s a different type of emergency, because everyone knows in advance of it. Different because you have about 7 days to prepare.
              For us, we had about 7 years to prepare.

              And unlike your Armageddon/EMP/Nuke/ type disaster, which can happen instantly without warning, you know with the right shelter you will come out the other side, and that this isn’t “the end.”
              But the collapse is real.
              No electricity.
              No water.
              No phone service, cell or landline.
              No doctors, no hospitals.
              No gasoline, nor diesel or propane
              No internet.
              No banking.
              No mail.
              No radio.
              No emergency services, no police, fire dept.. None, unless you live across the street from them. And even then, it’s questionable. Most are home with family.

              So, backing up a bit, since there was time to prepare…..
              In any last minute grocery shopping, if possible, you want fresh vegetables and fruits; things like cabbages, potatoes, onions, garlic and similar that will store a while. Fruits will not keep as long but you’ll want all you can get. You’ll never know when those items will be back… days, weeks, months..? Of course, you already have a full pantry, and more, of long term canned foods, so try to secure those fresh items.

              Our shopping was done well in advance, so we stayed home and tied things down and stored all outdoor items, everything, in the house, basement or shed. Think about how many things are outside your home that you might want to keep. Find a place for them.
              There will probably be things you forget. Doesn’t matter, too late now…
              Some things left unfinished did not backfire on us. Solar panels and TV arrays, two of the last things to be taken down, didn’t make the cut in time. They didn’t blow away, either.

              9//20-2017- 2- 3AM, winds increasing quickly. We thought we had 5-7 hours the next morning to make last minute preps. Wasn’t to be.
              Wind speeds were difficult to find as most instruments were wiped out. By most estimates they were 130-160 mph.
              Update, 1-2-18 a news report stated wind speed at 154 mph. Tornadoes spinning off have brought speeds reported to be 194-210 mph.
              Rainfall totaled approximately 36 inches in 48 hours.

              Being in an enclosed space, even a decent sized basement shelter, is a different experience. You know you cannot go outside, and stress begins to set in.
              Have things to do. Books, hobby work, games, playing cards, music, adult beverages. And don’t forget plenty of light sources. You might be there awhile. I cannot imagine what 6-8 weeks would be like. A deep underground bunker? Forget it
              Emerging after spending over 26 hours inside with our two dogs and the windows boarded over, we knew it was serious.
              Whatever the disaster, tornado, flash flood, hurricane, landslide, earthquake, etc., one word that describes it well is shock.
              To see the destruction all around you.
              Most of the leaves on every tree are gone. It looks nuclear.
              Power poles and trees down everywhere.
              Many birds and wildlife dead and gone.
              In a forested area such as this you couldn’t travel more than a hundred feet because downed trees blocked everything.

              We got used to it rather quickly, because we knew winds were most likely to be near 150 miles per hour. And we knew from pictures and videos what it might look like, but it’s still hard to comprehend.
              You’re stunned and overwhelmed, in slow motion, because there is so much destruction to take in. The brain reaches sensory overload, because you know you need to do things, many things, right away. But prioritizing them is an issue.
              Where to start?
              Start with the basics. Slow down. Whatever you need to do immediately will come to mind. Water. Food. Defense?
              Secure family and animals? You’ll know, but think things through because staying injury free is critical.
              Remember, there are no doctors now.

              • thank you for posting that !! 🙂

                • Thank you Ketchup! Great post!

        • You’re right, John. Other than the families that lost loved ones, America has moved on. And why? Because eventually (a moment it seems that comes sooner and sooner in this new world of ours’) being lied to has become accepted. But like all listeners to lies, it becomes tiresome and futile to do so. So, knowing no truth is forthcoming, we cut our mental and emotional losses and live again in the present, not the past.

      5. they failed to catalog whole buildings that fell on 911 like bldg 6

      6. Yawn?

      7. Keep reminding people about this event! – some stories should be repeated over and over and over again. TPTB want us to forget. Keep demanding the truth because . . . IT MATTERS.

        • They want us to forget, but I will never forget this staged travesty, brought to you by the evil Soros/Bloomberg/Clinton gang.

      8. Sounds like another Sandy Hoax fake shootout massacre. No dead listed. All to ban semi automatic AR style weapons. Never give up your weapons ever. Remember the real slaughter of Americans at Wounded Knee who trusted the 7th Calvary and then was mowed down and murdered.

        • amerikans at wounded knee had it cumming, good slaves stayed home

        • Want to really know what happed to the American Dream. Watch this 1.5 Hr video on Ytube. Type this into the search box.
          Russell Means: Welcome to the American Prison Camp (Full Length)

          This is True American History. Americans today are so dumbed down freaking clueless.

      9. The domestic enemy is at the highest levels?

      10. that body looks fake to me

        • Oh you looked in the mirror?

          • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You crack me up Cracker Jack.

      11. Surrender to the domestic enemy? It might be better to die free , then die in a cage?

      12. ISIS was involved.


        (1) You don’t earn a million dollar living outwitting casino poker machines

        (2) He was an illegal arms dealer operating with the blessing of the Shadow Government

        (3) He expected to make a sale

        (4) The “buyers” killed him, committed the mass shooting and fled

        (5) The planning goes back at least as far back as Paddock’s “income” coming from repeatedly outwitting the casinos in video poker. This implies that this was meant to occur with Hillary as President. Not letting it go to waste it occurred under Trump.

        • Ill bet it was mex

        • It was also conveniently timed to kill the vote on the Hearing Protection Act, plus Hillary’s pre written script demonizing NRA and suppressor ownership give absolutely no doubts that this travesty was staged with Hillary’s involvement. This is far bigger than Sandy Hoax.

          • I noticed that as well. Glad I am not the only one.

          • The false flags are getting larger.

            • They tried to pull off one in the Clackamas Mall in Oregon, but a CCW holder quickly put and end to it. I’ll bet you never heard about that one. Then after their failure there, about a week later they pulled off Sandy Hoax. And I thought we lived in a civilized society. Soros/Bloomberg/Hillary all need to be held accountable for their heinous crimes against humanity.

        • Usually family knows what is going on.

          Remember the Unibomber? His brother turned him in twice. The first time the FEDS did not believe him. The second time the brother submitted written proof and finally the FEDS decided to do something.

          This shooters brother didn’t suspect shit.

          The wife, on the other hand, likely did, fleeing the country and deleting facebook right before the shooting.

      13. Off subject, Check out comedian Bill Burr.

      14. Off subject . Check out comedian, Bill Burr.

      15. Over 3 1/2 months and waiting to get the whopper lies lined up to present as credible must be difficult. Most of the public attention spans have already moved on.

        • yeah man! the playoffs are on today!!
          (What attention spans?)

      16. One person overlooked does not seem to bad considering the scale of carnage. We do love a conspiracy.

      17. Question off Topic, does anyone know if it would be legal disregard California voting for national elections? If a state doesn’t follow federal immigration law, voting laws or other federal laws, why should that state be allowed to participate in national elections? And how do these people get away with just ignoring law in the first place. As an American citizen, I am positive that if I violated any federal, state or local laws, they would fine me to the maximum extent and probably throw me in prison….and tell me that it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m white, have a beard and drive a pickup truck. – Hale

      18. One set of statistics showed Mexico in 2017 had 29,123 murders, mostly with guns. These statistics must be a mistake because the gun control fanatics and gun control “experts” in the US say if we outlaw guns violent crimes will cease. Guns are very strictly regulated with private legal ownership technically nonexistent in Mexico, so how could all these shooting murders occur? To contrast, Mexico has 124 million people, 38% of US population which has 325 million. There are well over 200 million privately owned firearms legally owned here (with possibly 400 billion rounds of privately owned ammo- yes 400 billion); yet, in 2016 (the latest years for those statistics), the FBI said there were a total of 17,250 murders in the US, many committed without a guns, only 59% of the murders of what Mexico had. Among American Caucasians the murder rate is approximately the same as Belgium.
        The anti-gun politicians and their minions will never discuss these numbers, and they don’t want us to know them. Secondly, TPTB don’t see gun control as a crime issue, or a self protection issue, and not even as a Constitutional rights issue, they see privately owned firearms and the 2nd Amendment as an impediment to their goal of rendering the people of the US completely powerless. They want to render the populace as nothing more than submissive managed resources.
        In the remainder of the English-speaking world outside of the US and in Europe their societies unfortunately have been gelded, the majority of men are beta males. Their populations have been inculcated to be statist and submissive. Some of our politicians and bureaucrats are trying the same measures here. I can say unequivocally as a Southerner it won’t happen in my part of the country.

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