Promises Broken: If Moderate Voters See This Video, It’s Over for Obama

by | Sep 10, 2012 | Headline News | 173 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Take a good look. This is who we elected to be our leader. When you take away the pre-written speeches, the teleprompters, the flashy stage lights, the thousand dollar suits, and the star power, you’re left with just another political sycophant and his rhetoric.

    His actions speak much louder than the words that convinced tens of millions of our countrymen that he would act in our interests.

    Barack Obama’s administration is plagued with one promise after another being broken.

    For those who have not yet been hypnotized into submission by his words, the following will be infuriating.

    Via The Daily Crux:

    This is a stunning thirteen minute video that shows Obama in his own words, with commentary from mostly mainstream media sources. If this video goes viral and reaches moderate and independent voters, it would be a big blow to the Obama re-election bid.

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      1. See this and do what???? Vote for Romney? Yeah, that’ll make a huge difference…I can see the storm clouds dispersing. No matter who wins NOTHING changes, folks. Any true American that doesn’t have their head up their ass has already seen this video unfold in real time. This countery is natural selection in motion. Use what time you have left wisely.

        • Hard times are coming that’s for sure.

          I’d rather have Romney at the helm than obama. Any day of the week.

          Anyone who believes collapse is coming and doesn’t cast a vote for Romney will get Dictator obama as an outcome. He hates America and wants to “fundamentally transform it” into Marxist & Communist eutopia. And he’s well on his way.

          You can absolutely count on that.

          • “”””This is who we elected to be our leader””””

            If I see one more time where ANY politician is cited as OUR leader, I’m gonna get sick.

            Obama was elected to run the government. Nothing more.
            Please people, those elected are elected ONLY to run the government. They are not leaders of anything, especially the People in the Republic. They are NOT your leader. They are no ones leader.

            Remember these bureaucrats are NOTHING to you if they are not your servants. Treat them as servants, don’t blindly follow them because they PRETEND to be your leader. If they are not your servants, they are criminals and should be treated that way.

            Of course, if you need to be lead by the least qualified people available for the job, feel free to continue calling them YOUR leaders. Just quit referring to the as mine.

            • this comment is,On the Money!..yes people ..these people work ( or are supposed to be) for us!

              this clown and all the clowns before him, and including all the clowns that they are surrounded by are not my leader, and dont even represent me and my view of the United States, not even close.

              these shulbs couldnt even lead a train to the station…

            • Gods Creation I couldnt agree more, I dont need to be lead I had plenty of that in the Army. Besides if we have leaders it would imply that we are going somewhere or persuing something neccessitating a leader, the top govt executive has realy one job – executing the laws of the land(congress)on behalf of the public (re-public)beyond that all his other persuits are hobbies we have entertained at our expense. Not going very well is it?

            • Gods Miscreation,
              You are very amusing. Whether you or anyone else wants them as your leaders leaders they will be or tyrants. Maybe you have not noticed that they don’t give a shit what you/we want. It’s all about power and they have to they will roll over us to get and keep it.

            • John dubya,

              What is amusing is spineless little cowards who are afraid to stand up for themselves, yet seem to believe because they are afraid and helpless that everyone else must be too.

              You can submit to your “leaders”, lick the boots of your tyrants, or whatever else makes you feel like enough of a victim to justify your feelings about yourself.

              As for me, and apparently many others, we will not surrender our power to your leaders. When they try to roll over us to keep their power, it will be far more of a bump than they imagined.

              But I am sure you will be there to help Obama wipe his ass when we pull his arms off and beat the crap out of him with them. Figuratively speaking, of course.

            • Is the same person collecting sound bites from Romney now so they can do the same comparison in 4 years should Romney win in November and seek a second term in 4 years?

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            • I said this exact thing….”you are my servant and I pay your salary”….to a cop and got a ticket.

          • Packaging and semantics mean nothing. Mittens is a shill for the parasites too, just in case you’ve missed him groveling to them. His installation will only mean the backbone of America will think it’s OK to go back to sleep, and the continued destruction will just wear a White republican face. The end result will be the same. If you have’nt been watching, all the relavent UN treaties have already been signed, Constituional, or not.

            With Obummer, you get in-your-face marxism. With Mittens, you still get death by a million cuts.

            What we are witnessing in all of this was outlined in a little book over 100 years old, describing how America would be destroyed from within. The loss of faith in the election system, and political officials has even been carefully orchestrated, so you would accept socialism, and eventually marxism, instead of continuing lies and manipulation.

            Anyone who believes Obummer was duly “elected”, or any such replacement will be, if you’re interested in some real-estate, let me know. I have this big bridge I’ll sell you real cheap…

            • Just counting the boomer generation alone and the fact that it is retiring, some many years early since they cannot get work dooms the system. There is already a huge shortfall in revenue and this will make it fatal not to mention the stupidity of cutting witholding to Social Security so it goes broke even faster. There is no way out of this train wreck but I prefer to have Romney who will not be looking for ways to use the collapse for a Marxist coup like Obama will. I estimate we have two years until everything just stops working.

            • You know for sure what you’re going to get with Obama. You can guess what you’re going to get with Romney. Take your pick.

              Then there’s that guy Ron Paul who strictly follows the Constition. But what politicians do that anymore and why would we want to do that anyway? It’s “Just a G D piece of paper” according to the highest politician in the land at the time, former president George Bush.

          • And the thirteen dumbasses that gave infidel 13 thumbs down, I hope you’re the sonsovbitches to be the first to get their front doors kicked in and hauled off to camp Fema.

            • ….and your little dog too!

          • I will vote for neither. I will probably write in my own name because it truly doesn’t matter.

            Happy Prepping!



            • You must be an IDIOT! Obama is killing the country, but you can’t bring yourself to vote him out? Stupid! Its people like you that are the PROBLEM! You may not like Romney, but he understands economics WAY MORE than Obummer! And he does not LIE through his teethe to get his way and to dupe the American people!

          • Obama and Romney are (Both “republicrats” there is no two sided coin to choose from, and limiting oneself to two sides even if it was true is beyond insane ((two sides were created and are upheld to give each oposing side the feeling of good vs evil)) working for the same boss. If this still hasn’t been accepted then we will all lose in the ongoing circus show. If one is still thinking that anyone in our government cares about which way ones life goes, one deserves what one gets when participating in the game of their choosing. These theives liers and murderers need to be completely ignored. We need to put focus on ourselves as it is only the individual who can make the necessary changes within themselves for society to progress. What is at hand is not an issue of the government causing decay from the top down, it is the the individual causing decay of society from their own actions directly or by proxy to another. It is each and every singular action of one’s self that must be thought of, not the many actions of others as we are always quick to blame all but ourselves. Society is made up of many individuals and in respect to those individuals we must not see society as a “collective” less we forget the natural right of one. Force of another by proxy is no more moral than direct force by yourself to your neighbor. Stick a gun to your neighbors head and tell them what to do, tell them it is right, but death will follow if your idea is rejected. Have a gun put to your head by your neighbor and know they are right in every action due to the physical force they are able to place upon you and the possibility of losing your life. This is exactly what government/voting/law enforecment is, less the shame to yourself due to hiring of another and placing it as their job so they can skip the guilt and any moral obligation to themselves or fellow man as well (“I’m just doing my job, I’m just following orders”) Fear of death by proxy if the majority or “official” deems your actions or beliefs wrong. That it has been said it is right by those who came before us makes the earth again the center of the universe as well as flat. Welcome to the worlds unwavering most holy religion, welcome to government.

        • Vote for Obama so we can get it over with. we all know romney wont be much difference. wouldnt you rather go through SHTF now or when your old and cant defend yourselves?

          • SoWhat..
            I agree…..(IMHO) It’s the evil of two lessers.

            At lease with this turd (The Obama Turd) we know what kind of turd we have.

            A socialist turd using the “Cloward and Piven strategy he learned as he studied under the tutelage of his communist grandparents and early associates (Bill Aires).

            It’s arithmetic, as “Horny Old Willie” put it the other night on the ol’ boob tube, problem is it the aromatic of collapse.

            No one guy can fix it now, and my concern is even though Romney thinks he can fix it, all he is going to do is drag out the inevitable.

            Maybe that’s good for those still waking up to get more prepared, but to me it seems like it will make the distance we fall much larger and the landing much harder.

            I could be wrong, oh and……
            Malcolm, you are also a turd!!!

            • WallyDog: You are absolutely correct, we’re hosed no matter who’s sitting in the Oval Office. This kabuki theater they call the ‘election’ is merely a distraction for the masses who have forgotten that the debt crisis was kicked down the road until after the election. Since neither man is going to have control of both houses of Congress, we’re going have a really big financial train wreck by the end of the year. All polls and other stats show some changes, but the Dems still keep the Senate and the Reps keep the House. The cuts in spending and tax hikes needed to avert this catastrophy will be so sever that nearly everyone will complain because everyone will suffer in some way. And Congress won’t have the guts to do it because every one of those whores wants one thing-to get reelected. Keep prepping folks, time’s getting short. If we plan well enogh not only will we suffer less, when all the smoke clears many of us will be the new merchant class like some of those after the American Revolution or the Great Depression. You must find the good in any situation if you are to survive and even thrive.

            • @Wallydog – I’ve been following politics since during Nixon’s first term. It’s always bee a choice for the lessor of two evils. I’m convinced it’s either true, or it is because our media and the politician’s running paint it that way. When a politician’s first amendment right allows them to spew half truths or downright lies, everyone ends up stinking and the American people suffer the consequences.

              No true leaders surface and we are left with political hacks…..

            • Nothing could be as bad as Obama, a foreigner every step of the way. At least we know what we have. Buddy you obviously have no idea of what we have if you think Obama for another four years would by any stretch be better than allowing Romney to run things. Why do you assume Romney will fail? You just admitted on one hand, we wont know about what we will have in Romney yet you are sure he will fail. WORTHLESS COMMENT!

          • I wont vote for Obama but I will write in Ron Paul and be content in knowing that I did all I could do for freedom and America. Voting for Romney will give you a possibility of 8 years of failed policy instead of 4 years of the same failed policies of Obama. Romney will not repeal Obamacare. And the crash will happen either way.

            Sounds as though Limbaugh is not too happy with the choice either.


            Obama will be our LAST President. What happens after that only God knows for sure.

        • Vote for me!!

          At least I’m the slow train to hell! It’s very scenic, and cheaper than Obama’s bullet train!

          And my lies are only 1/2 as bad as the other guy!

          ROMNEY in 12!!

          PS I kiss babies too!

        • Let’s use some common sense here. If the nation/economy is destined to collapse, which of the two men would you prefer to be President at the time? In other words, which of them as President would increase the odds of you surviving, by using less totalitarian means to deal with the situation?

          I think we know the answer.

          If you wanna play the “they’re both the same”, “collapse is inevitable” game, so I’m not voting, then think about who is less likely to take your guns. Less likely to use the federal government to put you in a camp or destroy your house with a predator drone. Less likely to confiscate your gold. Less likely to treat you as a terrorist. I could go on and on.

          Folks. Think!

          • On point

            Many Americans have given up on the future; too many on this site seem to want a collapse so they can play out some BS Rambo fantasy, yet they have no idea what real combat is like.

            It has taken slice by slice of our liberties to get here and it will take a generation or more in order to get back what we’ve lost.

            You conspiracy theorist who are older than 50 STFU and take responsibility for your part in the mess, stop acting like you have to much integrity to vote for one step forward.

            • You nailed it. I’m sick of this “I’m too smart to vote” crap! Anyone who says Romney and Obama are the same are deluding themselves. Anyone who says the Dims and the Republicans are the same are deluding themselves.

              Ogabe and the Dims will definitely screw us, and screw us hard. They will be our enemies in a struggle to survive. Romney and Republicans will just fail. But will be much less of an enemy to our survival.

              Think clearly about this folks. It’s not about your ego.

            • @ y99-Some of fifties somethings have been trying to wake up the 30’s-50’s somethings for a long time. What the fuck have you done?

            • Y99: At age 59 I don’t believe in any conspiracies of some cabal of super-secret organizations, or any other such nonsense; that’s for paranoid people with way too much time on their hands because they read and believe every nutty website out there. What we have is the culmination of nearly two centuries of one group of greedy pricks against another groups of greedy bastards who are both using their political puppets (politicians) to do their bidding so that they can make more money by getting over the other group. This stuff isn’t complcated folks, just go back through our history and see who was backing the major candidates. Follow the money! There is no conspiracy other than the greed of certain men. And no, I don’t have any Rambo/Road Warrior fantasies; that too is for guys who’ve spent too much time watching this crap from the comfort of their homes on tv or their computer. But the fact is we’ve been on a financial downward spiral, albeit a slow one, for quite some time and it will continue until, we as a nation, stop spending more than we take in. If not, we’ll go bankrupt just like any business or household that can no longer pay its bills. The future looks grim for all of us, especially for those who aren’t prepared.

          • How can one be less likely than the other, to do anything, if they are the same? Neither one is the answer. I don’t understand why that is so difficult to grasp.

            • As a career military man I see two objectives, when you plan your mission in order to take advantage/ leverage the enemy you choose the one you believe you can control the most.

              Not the one who is so ideologically entrenched with the backing of the most brain dead people who are just as crazy as he is?

            • “As a career military man I see two objectives, when you plan your mission in order to take advantage/ leverage the enemy you choose the one you believe you can control the most.” <<<<< this is strategically logical based in other words 'it makes sense'…not to mention it buys you time to position yourself as ideally as one can…

            • Good luck at your controlling either one y99, cause you ain’t got near enough money. The controller will be the one holding the rifle and the “Controllee” will be in front of the muzzle.

          • Best difference I’ve read to date! Thanks Lemmings!

          • Well said….Who is least likely to call in UN troops to restore order???????

          • @Lemmings:

            I suspect, and very strongly, that neither of these guys will be present when it collapses. The guy after that may be, but not either one of these clowns.

            FYI: The past 24 years have shown me a massive increase in governmental power, and a massive decrease in individual liberties. During that time, both parties held the executive office, and both parties held congress. Most importantly, both parties perpetuated this.

          • Remember, judge people by their actions, not their words. Past actions speak far louder than future actions from a person trying to get something from you. A quick google search reveals quite a lot of interesting things about Romney’s past actions on the topic of gun control.

            I’m not saying he hasn’t changed, I’m saying be careful of a politician trying to win votes.

            —— Random page hit on “romney’s gun control record”

            “The Second Amendment protects the individual right of lawful citizens to keep and bear arms. I strongly support this essential freedom,” Romney assures gun owners these days.

            But this is the same Mitt Romney who, as governor, promised not to do anything to “chip away” at Massachusetts’ extremely restrictive gun laws.

            “We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts; I support them,” he said during a gubernatorial debate. “I won’t chip away at them; I believe they protect us and provide for our safety.”1

            Even worse, Romney signed a law to permanently ban many semi-automatic firearms. “These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense,” Romney said in 2004. “They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.”2

            Romney also spoke in favor of the Brady law’s five day waiting period on handguns. The Boston Herald quotes Romney saying, “I don’t think (the waiting period) will have a massive effect on crime but I think it will have a positive effect.”3

            Mitt Romney doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

            ——– Random page hit on “romney’s gun control record”

            Gun rights are a classic example of the notorious “Mitt Romney flip-flop.”

            During his 1994 campaign for the United States Senate, Romney voiced his support for an assault weapons ban and the Brady Bill, which were both strongly opposed to by most gun-rights advocates. As a governor, Romney signed legislation to extend the existing assault weapons bans in Massachusetts.

            In a strategic move, Romney signed up for a lifetime membership with the NRA leading up to his 2008 presidential campaign. However, he has said on multiple occasions that, while he supports the work of the National Rifle Association, he doesn’t “line up” with them on every issue. Based on Romney’s history and own words, it seems the only thing that he and the NRA agree on is that the Second Amendment exists.

            Romney’s inconsistency on gun rights is cause for alarm. This is only one of the many issues that Romney has taken opposing, hypocritical stances on. His inability to commit to one position demonstrates a complete lack of principles and values. Although he preaches conservatism, there doesn’t seem to be any guiding ideology behind Mitt’s beliefs.

            Bear in mind – President Obama is a self-proclaimed advocate of second amendment rights, as well. Under his administration, the consistently useless and corrupt Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has run wild. President Obama has also voiced his support for the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, which would effectively lead to the unconstitutional confiscation of firearms from United States citizens.

            Just like Obama, Romney talks the talk, but that’s about it.

          • Mormons believe that the Constitution is devinely inspired. If Romney gets elected, it will be very interesting to see how he squares that belief with where this government (both parties) is taking this country, which is away from God.

          • If you do not vote for Romney (against tyranny) in November, then you are as guilty as the Socialist in the White House. If your children and grandchildren have all of their constitutional rights taken away, especially gun ownership, you will be responsible. Perhaps you can start writing your book today to explain to your children and grandchildren why you sat out the 2012 election and allowed it to happen to them. You will allow the greater evil to take over by not voting for the lesser evil. There will be no holding back in a secon term.

          • AMEN BROTHER, The only problem is that you are asking some of these morons to think and that ain’t gonna happen. They cant think!

        • Storm clouds, time you have left, heads up their asses…

          We watched the same video right? This video won’t scare independents. Any video from infowars would scare any independent straight. Just saying.

        • Clint Eastwood said it best:

          “Obama is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated upon the American public.”

          • No, that would be the IRS.

            Search the Great IRS Hoax and learn the truth.

          • Yes to DK and GC but I would add the Federal Reserve.

            They are the reason we are paying illegal taxes on our wages ( the Constitution says taxes may be levied on business or corporations profits or their capital gains it does not allow taxes on wages. A wage is what you and I are paid from our employers. A wage is an exchange of money for time and talent. It is an exhange not a profit. An income is a business profit or profit made from owning a share in a business like your 401K or stocks when they go up and you get paid or sell at a profit and are paid.) Ask an accountant which specific law is it that allows the government to take taxes out of our wages. They will never find it.
            Our founding fathers set up income taxes from businesses and none for wages of individuals. Ironically it is the other way around now. Huge wealthy corporations pay no taxes year after year on millions of dollars of profit and capital gains while our illegal taxes go up year after year.

            • “Our founding fathers set up income taxes from businesses ”

              Are you reading the same Constitution I am ???

              The founding fathers, via the Constitution, only set up two TYPES of taxes….direct and indirect.

              A direct tax is a bill sent to the States, apportioned by population. It’s up to the States to figure out how to pay the bill, and send it on to the Federal govt.

              An indirect tax is a duty, excise tax, sales tax, and so on…..a % tax set forth on goods, paid equally by all that purchase those goods.

              NOWHERE, until the 16th amendment, did it set up a tax on income. And the passage of the 16th was suspect at best, and fraud at worst.

            • “””Ask an accountant which specific law is it that allows the government to take taxes out of our wages.”””

              There is a very specific statute (don’t ask me the number right now) in the CFR that says any pay earned under a voluntary in force form W-4 is considered wages under the tax codes. If you have a W-4 in force, your “income” is taxable, without one it is not possible to earn wages under the Internal Revenue Code. It’s as simple as that.

              JO, the 16th Amendment did not change the taxing powers of Congress. It merely codified the VOLUNTARY income taxation system the banksters had in mind and gave it the “appearance” of legitimate law.

          • That would be Reagen “The great communicator”.

          • The Ron Paul Revolution was the bigger hoax. A transparent illusion that allowed more time for the PLAN to organize. AS IF, this EVER had a chance. I’ve said it since it began…and now that it is DEAD, many still speak as if “voting” will matter.

            Let me say it ONE MORE TIME: The left/right paradigm is a SINGLE PATH to the same slaughterhouse. THE SYSTEM, AS IT NOW EXIST, OPERATES, AND DECEIVES…MUST BURN TO THE GROUND.

            Nothing LESS will EVER matter. So simple, so obvious, and so TRUE! And so far beyond the willful ignorance of SO MANY! That which IS COMING…YOU had a hand in crafting. WE ALL DID! (Some more than others)

            One question: Will YOU have a hand in standing-up to it and stopping it…even at the PRICE that MUST NOW be paid?

            • @yental
              I read this opinion on this site often and I am skeptical of it. Convince me that what your are posting is true.

              I believe that your view is a trick of the Left to mislead the less mature into buying into some conspiracy. Thus, if “The whole system is rotten” it must be replaced.

              Then once that begins, Barry does the “Dictator for life” dance…game,set,match…Commies Win!….Commies Win! As Marxism almost always comes to full power thru violence.

              If you read the book “The Sword and the Shield” which is a history of the KGB’s “active measures” program in the United States, you’ll see that it would not be the first time that they have done this sort of thing, with the help of our infiltrated media.

            • @ not applicable, my opinion has never changed. I DO NOT endorse either candidate and fully believe the “selection” has already been made…the ELECTION is a circus sideshow to maintain the illusion of choice. Tell me you cannot see that Obama is an extension/expansion of Bush Jr.s policy and intent on every front, and then some.

              FOREIGN influence via banks, countries, and monarchies are the “powers behind the curtain”. OUR ENTIRE SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT AND FINANCE are bought, paid for, and completely controlled by faces/factions NEVER SPOKEN OF OR REPORTED ABOUT. Tell me you believe your “representatives” in “government” are the least bit interested in your opinion/input/objections.

              “Barry” needs to be impeached immediately and tried for “high crimes and treason”. That eliminates the possibility of an “Obama dictatorship” expanding further than it already has. The VAST majority of congress and the supreme court should be next on the chopping block. If WE DON’T STOP THIS NOW, who will? Perhaps Israel?!?

              “Dual citizens” with ANY power/authority in this country is an oxymoron and ATROCITY.

              THE WHOLE SYSTEM AS IT NOW EXIST IS “ROTTEN”. If that sounds like a “trick of the left”, then what is the “right” solution? The election illusion of 2012?

              You certainly are not obliged to agree with my opinion/assessment, but you offer nothing else…unless business as usual is your opinion.

          • No DK, The voters who placed him in office are the biggest American citizen frauds that could ever be.

            • POP: You can hardly blame the voters themselves, I mean after all, what was the alternative? McLame with the other two “Amigos” Phil Graham and the Senator from Israel, what’s his name?

              It has taken some time but America is awake, now the sleeping giant of the Silent Majority must be aroused to action. If that is possible. I think it is.

              Only a third political party of NEW Patriots (ie 90 million Gun Owners) focused upon the US Constitution can return American Sovereignty to US and restore sanity to the nation.

              OUR institutions are being run by the inmates!!!

          • GC & C: Trifecta!

            • Actually there is a good case for FREE TRADE too.

        • INFIDEL

          Couldn’t agree more.

          Red team
          Blue team

          It makes no difference ever!

          Obama will excel the agenda
          Romney will excel the agenda with a facade

          The left will embrace ob to the death’
          The right will embrace Rom mittens to the death.

          It is indeed sad that so many many here, to see the contributions are the same for both candidates.

          It is all for our demise..period.

          Those who have heeded the warnings of our good friend manos will understand..

          We are in the cross fires as well..

          Just the last to fall..


          • I don’t think it is that people fail to see as you say. I see fine thank you. I think there are just some who do not agree with your conclusions. I wouldn’t vote for Obama for a million dollars and I could really use a million bucks right now. I have little to no hope in the Repubs. to fix this mess, but I’ll take em every day over Obama.

          • Think about this everyone. The collapse is going to happen no matter who is president.
            If it happens under obummer most people will not accept matrial law. If it happens under romney people will cry “bring on the martial law”. look how easy the patriot act was passed under a republican president.
            I will NEVER vote for obummer, but dont think the collapse will be better under romney. It will just be accepted by the masses. People like us will be rounded up with the support of both the right and the left.

            • Thousands of amoured vehicles being distributed around the country, but nothing to be worried about…


        • Mac

          At least we are all albeit somewhat awake here at this site.

          Obama is the king of hypocrisy and deceit..that is a given!

          He is but the culmination of puppets elected(or should I say chosen)over the last century to placate the masses with the mastery of deception and yet somewhat exposed by those who have awakened to the art of said deception.

          Mind you, and all of us,the upcoming election will be decided by one of his many masters George Soros..whose underling company will tally the results and is offshore..the name escapes me at his point in time.

          We all know it is all a scam..all of it!

          So where do we go from here?
          Be it Obama or Romney..given your links to other altmedia pundits..just wtf is headed our way?

          Personally..after reading and contributing to this site and many others..

          I believe the likes of n.o./be informed and others are dead on..

          Get ready!
          People get ready..
          the train’s a comin.


          • Posse:
            ‘When the Spanish online voting company SCYTL bought the largest vote processing corporation in the United States, it also acquired the means of manufacturing the outcome of the 2012 election. For SOE, the Tampa based corporation purchased by SCYTL in January, supplies the election software which records, counts, and reports the votes of Americans in 26 states–900 total jurisdictions–across the nation.

        • jayjay

          “Read their lips!!!””

          Why read their lips? They are lying. It would be far better to just sew their mouth shut so we didn’t have to hear about the lies anymore.

        • Anyone know a cheap way rid ones self of crabs !

          • Quit hanging around HO’s.

        • Off topic

          Each year on September 11 at 1.38 pm we stand in silence regardless of where we are to remember the victims of 9/11.

          I am using my two minutes silence to send this.

          Thinking of you all today

          Take care

          • Thank you, Burt.

        • Seems to me that SHTF Plan has a significant pro-Republican bias — not just in this post but in general. As Infidel points out, the two annointed parties are in collusion. If ever there was a time to scrap both the Republicans and Democrats across the board it’s now. Wake up people. Stop regurgitating the official party koolaide (from either side). Break the cycle and go third-party. You all SAY you want change. Well make it happen then. Vote third-party. Vote Gary Johnson. Do something, ANYTHING different for once.

        • You can always “write in” Ron Paul. There is nothing preventing anyone from voting for who they would like to see in office.

        • He said he will repeal it…and then reinstate the pre-existing conditions so you can still get healthcare and he will re-instate that kids can stay on their parents plan until 26…He said that, because those are the only two parts that more than 50% of Americans support

        • Not true, there will be several Supreme Court judges to be appointed during the next term. Unless you care nothing for the constitution you need to vote for Romney!

      2. This is really no surprise. Ovomit works for the bankers/globalists. He does not work for the people. What amazes me is that with all of the broken promises and tyrnannical laws he has signed, people still adore him. The blind party loyalty abounds to no end.

        • I know that they all LIE but he is the biggest Hypocrite I have ever seen and his “I must not have explained it good enough” …”Let me explain it again” attitude has gotten the best of me.

          I can’t stand to listen to him…not even for a minute.

        • It is not just that they lie, it is that so many of the people think infomercials and shows about their favorite movie stars are news. And the media has set it up that way. And if you do watch the news on any of the networks you will hear their spin on a very limited number of subjects. If you only listen to them you might as well just not listen.

        • This country of sheeple are under an intense case of hypnosis mixed with “Stockholm Syndrome.”

      3. It is over for this country with BO or romney. Neither one of these characters are going to change anything or alter the course towards the abyss. I liked what rush limbaugh said today that it is not about romney, it could be elmer fudd in there, it is about getting rid of obama. The problem is the country, and NO ONE from either of the two parties would do anything to change course from the jagged rocks ahead. This country is toast and NO ONE from the jackasses or elephants is going to do anything to stop this.

        This election is a distraction from the chaos soon to begin. Hope should be in each person’s survival supplies and their knowledge on how to survive after this happens. That is what I call true and real legitimate hope for the future.

        • @BI
          You put into words all of my thoughts and feelings concerning our Country’s future. The thing which concerns me the most is that events like this, (Fall of Rome, Marxist take over of Russia, or The Spanish Empire as examples) usually end in a violent manner.

          Like a sucker punch in a bar fight, we preppers need to keep an eye out for what is coming and be ready to duck if it comes our way.

          In Viet Nam they used to tell the troops, “Stay cool, stay alert, stay alive”.

        • Be informed

          You are dead on my friend..

          Chaos has already begun across the nation

          It is a smoldering brush fire awaiting to erupt.

          All the signs are there for those who choose to see.

          It is written from the prophecies.

          It is felt from those who understand basic gut instincts.

          It is seen by those who have the ability to trust their intuitiveness.

          We all contribute to this site on a daily basis with our conjectures and they right or wrong.


          We all know it is coming..

          Whatever it may be..

          It will be life changing.

          It will be devastating.

          It will require 1000% + of our basic instincts to survive.

          May God bless us all..

          even if we don’t believe..


          • Possee, very cool post.

      4. put on your tinfoil hat and share this with all of your moderate to left leaning friends..chances are real good that they wont be your friends any longer but then maybe a miracle will happen and they will actually get their heads out of the sandhole and pay attention.

        • At the recent “ATM Withdrawal Fest” for Obama in California on June 6th, hundreds voiced their support for the President.

          Here–in their own words–are the top ten reasons to re-elect Obama:

          Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Obama
          (1) He has a nice voice (very important when all you do is talk);

          (2) He’s likeable (unless you are in the crosshairs of one of his drone attacks);

          (3) He’s black (and, as the post-racial President, only He can cure our racist nation of its racist ills);

          (4) He’s the first Black American (what?);

          (5) He stopped the wars (and stemmed the rise of the oceans);
          (6) He put an end to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (and has evolved from supporting gay marriage to campaigning for traditional marriage to embracing Gay Marriage…);

          (7) He…I don’t know (that’s probably the only accurate response yet);

          (8) He’s awesome (when using his nice voice to sing Al Green songs and attend over 150 fundraisers…while Rome burns);

          (9) He’ll tax the G-D rich and make those selfish people pay their fair share (until he runs out of other people’s money. Hey, Michelle! How about another $2,000 sundress, $500 pair of gardening shoes or $400,000 vacation with 40 of your BFFs?);

          (10) He needs four more years to…put it all together (because he messed up so badly during the first four years–during his practice round as President).


        • Not likely. They are absolutely hypnotized by this fool. I’ve never seen anything like it before in my almost 50 years.

          I’ll keep trying though.

      5. All so true. Obama said he would be the most transparent president ever, and he is. We see him for exactly what he is. The problem is, those that are brainwashed and hypnotized will not be able to see him until the day comes that they have no food on the table, no gas in the car and no bullets in the gun they will wish they bought.

        • Oops, I meant to hit the thumbs up!! Great comment!!!

      6. Romney or Obama, while their foot on the gas may vary, neither will steer the bus away, much less jam on the breaks, as it races towards the cliffs edge. Banksters, FED, Foreign wars, patriot acts, immigration & borders, 2A assaults, all will continue eroding our freedoms & wealth. Going over the cliff at 120mph or 80mph will make little difference at the bottom of the cliff.

        – Shane

      7. Meanwhile, other major events are occurring

        Today’s Headlines

        Good news! Chicago teachers are on strike. After only one day off the job, their students’ reading comprehension is up 7%. If we can keep the teachers out all year, maybe some of those graduates will actually be able to read their diplomas.

        Teachers in the Windy City already have the nation’s highest average teacher salaries, at $76,000. And that’s BEFORE you count their benefits. The union has turned down an offer of 16% in pay raises, saying it isn’t enough. A frustrated mayor Rahm Immanuel has given the teachers an ultimatum: “If you want more of the taxpayers money than that…you’re gonna have to go into politics.”

        Government Motors is losing nearly $50,000 on each and every Chevy Volt they sell. Analysts say the start up costs for the car have been too high, and the volume of cars sold isn’t paying much of that development money back. But that’s not the only reason they’re losing money. Any fool could have told GM that including a free 700 mile long extension cord with each car was going to take out all the profit.

        A somewhat confused brown bear has wandered down from the mountains of southern California…and right onto the 210 freeway, causing a bit of a traffic jam, before staggering into a nearby neighborhood. Eventually, the creature was tranquilized by state game wardens. Evidently the bear was a democrat. How can we tell? Well, he was running through town naked and nobody said a thing. He took whatever he wanted and seemed to think he deserved it. And most of all, as he was being carted off, he was heard mumbling about free government transportation, free food and demanding to be taken to a multicultural forest.

        This years election is the best yet when it comes to using the internet and social media. President Obama set a new twitter record during his speech the other night at the convention. And Romney has raised more money via the net than any republican ever has. Best of all are the new web sites constantly popping up from each campaign. Sites like,,, My favorite is actually not from either candidate, but from a tea party style patriot group. Check out ‘’

        • I saw a quick news item on chicago school strikes. News guy said while teachers remained Out from school etc, they Had to Keep the FREE breakfast AND FREE lunch programs Open! Since so Many of the Kiddies needs free shit!

          He forgot to mention how a vast majority of free food kids is probobly illeagles and welfare monkys. Whose FAT Ass Moms are too bust viewing Oprah tv to bother to actually Cook meals for THIER kiddies!

          I Thank God My mom was so swell!!! She always went that extra mile for me and my sister.

          • 🙁 you may have characterized the parents correctly, but of all the government waste (even in the schools), preventing a child from going hungry — I can live with that one. EBT for those parents … not so much.

            • I can live with that one.

              And that is how it all started in the first place.

          • Well, I can almost see the teacher’s point on the teacher evaluations being tied to test performance. Afterall, crack babies are only capable of learning so much.

        • Couldn’t have happened to a better mayor (SAR)….

      8. He’s a dumb ass that should be sent back home.

      9. BI, I couldn’t agree with you more. The current system is on its last legs and collapse and SHTF are only weeks away at best. I dread SHTF and the aftermath as much as anyone else and I’m still prepping getting everything I can up until the last minute. Some of the things I’m getting now are hurting some but I’m determined to get all I can while our FRNs will still buy anything period. Once the balloon goes up, that’s when the fun really begins. I put my faith not only in my preps but also in God which is the most important thing to have faith in. What’s coming will not be nice or pretty. Everyone take care and keep prepping.

        • Do you want someone who hates America in charge when it happens (obama) or someone who loves America in charge when it happens (Romney)?

          • romney loves america so much,he keeps all his money in another country I got it that means he loves america

          • Sorry dude, Obama and Romney both kneel before the same elite rulers. Nothing but puppets.

            • And the fact there is even a debate about which one of the twits is better shows how successful the rulers have been at fostering the illusion that voting actually matters.


        *** the homo druggy commie muslim kenyan born cia puppet manchurian candidate barry soetoro is the son of a black male Hawaiian XXX pornographer who knocked up impregnated a white nude XXX model female cia agent whore who intentionally birthed barry in kenya FALSELY CLAIMING HE WAS A KENYAN ROYAL BABY as a british territory kenyan citizen in hopes he’d one day become a cia puppet leader in kenyan royal politics … didn’t work out though .

        so they made him a cia puppet prez of amerika instead .

        aren’t we so lucky ???

        Welcome too Commie Homo Muslim AmeriKa Comrades !!!

        “PAPERS PLEASE !!!”



        • REAL EYES

          SEE REAL LIES


          • Personal Note to the ZOG Freemason AmeriKa CIA and their Illegal Alien Kenyan British natural born citizen chicago mafia Commie Terrorist weather underground Unconstitutional Illegal CIA Puppet Prez straw-man empty-suit Dicktator Barry Soetoro …

            Global Thermal Nuclear War , Even Regional Thermal Nuclear War is NOT a Option to you Mr. CIA Puppet Prez !!!

            Thermal Nuclear Bomb CIA FEDGOV Al-CIA-Duh Domestic Terrorist FALSE-FAG Attacks on AmeriKan soil is NOT a Option to you Mr. CIA Puppet Prez !!!

            If you Do Release Your “Obvious Sociopath Madness” Barry upon the World … there will be no where for You and your CIA ZOG Puppet Handlers too hide from us American Veterans !!!

            No matter how deep you dig your D.U.M.B.’s military bases !!!



      11. Greetings!
        Mitt is a selfish rich guy w\o compassion for anyone poorer than himself.Having said that,Obama has failed to live up to half of what he promised(unfortunately the most important half).Of course you have to remember with the likes of the Koch brothers out there doing THEIR damn level best to either bribe\sabotage\ruin what he does try to do,very little positive can get done.We’re on the Titanic,hit the iceberg and the ship is starting to sink.The differences in our scene are that the UBER-Rich have not only taken most of the lifeboats,they planted timed charges to ensure the boat sinks faster.And they’re trying to avoid any crew efforts to save anyone else.Do you have YOUR life-jacket or raft?

        • No life jacket…but I do have a towel.

        • GrayFoxGreen,

          Not really sure why you got so many thumbs down.. But I can say yes we have hit the iceberg, thank god most here have our life vest handy.. On another note I think it was you how talked about the BDI Baltic dry index, Funny thing when looking at it today not only is it past 2008 stats but what struck me as odd was the closing numbers
          (666) humm something to think about.

          Have a great night Sir,


        • Greetings Everyone!
          I did it,I finally did it!
          received a “poorly-rated” status!
          And for what?
          making lewd remarks to Birt the Brit or other gendered folks?
          Nope again!
          Advocating in favor of a Gender-bending government policy?
          Nope(but so close!)
          Let’s see hummm,I stated the facts(Mitt keeps much of his wealth overseas while EVERY company his “private investment co.” took over then shafted the employees,stockholders and took as much money out as he could and left nothing but misery behind.Just read any article on them to see the machinations of those o-so-lovable Koch brothers.I’m no lover of Obama either.If they took notice before the thumbs down,I stated what the human sources of our problems are(The UBER-RICH).And what’s happening because of their mindset.If you still think things are just fine,then my hat goes off to you for your happyland-mind set.I live in the real world where TPTB want to keep their lavish lifestyle and make the rest of us peons,poor people are getting desperate and criminals are becoming even more savage everyday.
          Of course I may be wrong,the UBER-RICH truly think and care about the rest of us,Mitt NEVER bullied anyone and his “barbie doll” wife really knows what she talks about when they pull the string.
          On a lighter note,
          I’ve got BOTH my towel AND lifejacket.My own raft nears completion.The water is VERY cold and sharks abound.How you doin’?

          • GFG, They can’t handle the truth! (Always wanted to say that)

      12. This is a sweet video. Too bad none of it makes any difference. You can replace this wanker with Mittrack Obamney and nothing will get fixed, nothing. All you morons thinking you have any say as to what goes on in the upper levels of the country are living in a delusional fantasy of rainbows and unicorns. The whole system needs to be dumped and a complete overhaul of the political system needs to occur, all based on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, we’re not going to get any of that until this system does one of two things that both start with a near extinction level of pain.

        A) The system crashes, hot tyranny is released, civil war breaks out on a world-wide scale, the tyrants end where they always do, and we rebuild this country based on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

        B) World war breaks out and everything gets destroyed. Those handful remaining rebuild after a 100 year nuclear winter.

        Either way, there is going to be a terrible amount of agony coming to a lot of stupid people too blind to see their own slavery. I now loosely quote George Carlin on how the elite perceive your function in this country.

        “They want you just smart enough to run the machines and to do the paperwork, but just stupid enough to accept the increasingly shittier jobs with shittier pay. All the while too blind and numb to notice the red, white and blue cock being shoved up your ass.” -George Carlin (not verbatim)

        You are now free for a little while longer to thumbs me down and return to your cozy little fantasy world of cognitive dissonance. It may not be tomorrow, it may not be in a decade, but sooner, rather than later, this house of cards is coming down faster than a false flag terror attack on September eleventh.

        • When it all goes down I do not want to hear it. If you persist, I am going to put a rifle butt to your head because your were to damn stupid to pay attention in the first place. Bring it on!

        • Wait a minute…You mean Blue Unicorns are’nt real!?

      13. Like I have said before, NOT ONE OF THESE MORONS HAVE ENOUGH SENSE TO HAVE A HEAD-ACHE! We are totally screwed no matter whom is elected. TPTB have our future all mapped out and it is not in anyones best interest but their own. I will live out my remaining life free and proud of what I have done,and if any S O B try’s to stop me, they will be stareing up at the roots as long as I have a breath in me.
        When they come I will stand my ground!
        Live Free and Standing Tall every second of your life

      14. Proverbs 6:16-19

        There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to Him: Prideful eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart the devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a man who stirs up dessenion amoung his brothers.

        • Looks like Barry will have some ‘splaining to do when he has his time before God.


      16. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

        All those that wont look at the facts,those that will let this man lie right to their face and turn around and defend him to anyone with a good argument against him, calling them a racist bigot even when the evidence is overwhelming are suffering from the same condition as battered wife syndrome.

        You can ask them gently, “why do you keep defending him after he has hurt and lied to you over and over,” and their response is “because I love him”.

        And if you are adamant and keep try to convince them, they will lash out at you and call you names.

        Just try and tell me I am wrong.

        • @glacialhills

          What you said is very true. They do turn violent fast! I don’t mean to get all “preachy” on your ass, but the Bible tell us to avoid idiots like this, as some of their “crazy” might effect you.

          They’ve bought the lie and will some day pay the price for it.

        • You’re Wrong! Ha! See, I did it!

          Of course you’re not wrong, but, you’re the one who dared me!

          No, really, its true. Not only with the worshippers of The Kenyan, but also with the worshippers of “The Right”. Jeeze! I was told for many years I was conservative. When I finally saw the light I started finding out that the left/right liberal/conservative paradigms are one thing: a way to divide people so the good things don’t get done and the people are none the wiser.

          Here is how it works. I’ll use abortion as an example:

          Abortion is bad. Many on the left know this but if you’re a democrat, you don’t dare say it. HOWEVER, a woman should own her own body, tell the government where they can stick it when it comes to having an abortion or not. None of their business. But, if you’re a republican, you can’t say that.

          What comes out of all this? A bunch of squabbling and the sanctity of life and the sactity of a woman’s worth and self ownership are smeared and never give due process. They do it so you never realize that the government just doesn’t have the right to tell you how to live your life.

          Left/Right paradigmists is so Duuuuummmmmmb!

          Everyone needs to get a clue. I’m to the point where I’m not really even compelled to vote. I’m standing with GC. There is nothing they can do for me since they don’t appear to serve me so they can play their silly games. I’m ignoring them.

          • Fuck voting. Im not voting. Never.

      17. I would rather have pole polishing prez again with a great record, than to even think that either candidate will meke a glowing impression now. Far to gone to expect andything else. Preppers are now the ones on power!!!!

      18. Blaming the executive office, no matter who is in it, is forgetting the other 2/3 of the govt. Oh, and also the corps that bankroll them.

        I’d be far more interested in the election outcomes for congress come election time. Well,if not for the same reason listed above.

        I figure either one of ’em will continue the office’s role in the game the same way it’s being played now. Just trying to decide which one will outsource me faster.

      19. Seems to be a hatred for Democrats on this site. I’m registered “not affiliated” but my dog is a Democrat. He gets free food, free healthcare and free housing. “It’s not left vs right, it’s you vs the state.” Ludwig von Mises.

        • That Ludwig dude was purdy smart!

        • Damm your dog to hell! (Doggy hell?)

      20. Ever hear that song from Lynyrd Skynyrd

        “Things Going On”

        Well, if you don’t know what I mean
        Won’t you stand up and scream?
        ‘Cause there’s things goin’ on that you don’t know

        They’re gonna ruin us all, by and by
        I’m telling all you beware
        I don’t think they really care
        I think they just sit up there
        And just get high

      21. Please do not include me in the “we” category because I did NOT vote for The Dark Lord in 2008 (and won’t vote for him in 2012, either). And I completely agree with God’s Creation on the title “leader” because it does signify more importance than the voted-in title of the Office of the Presidency. Let’s stick with “President” and determine their performance with words such as “leadership” or “effective”.

        Today while canning tomatoes and tomato jams, I got to listen to Rush — what he said could be an article here:

        “If Obama’s re-elected, it will happen. There’s no IF about this. And it’s gonna be ugly. It’s gonna be gut-wrenching, but it will happen. The country’s economy is going to collapse if Obama is re-elected. I don’t know how long: a year and a half, two years, three years.”

        “California is going to declare bankruptcy and you know what Obama will do? He’ll go to states like Texas or Arizona, Florida to bail them out. That’s what he’ll do, and that’s gonna precipitate this stuff. California is showing where we’re headed in every which way.”

        “This can’t go on, folks. We’re on an unsustainable course.”

        “You simply can’t pay people who aren’t working. You just can’t. You cannot pay them anything, much less full-fledged incomes, lifetime health care and lifetime pensions. You can’t do it. Even if you wanted to, even if that was your definition of fairness and equality, you can’t do it. The money isn’t there.”

        “And you might be shouting, ‘Don’t these people know it?’ You have to keep in mind who these people are. These are people who don’t like the way this country was founded in the first place, who think it’s about time some of us found out what it’s like to live in the rest of the world because of what we’ve done to the rest of the world.”

        • You lost me at Rush.

          • Rush used up his TEN yr gaurenteed $10-milliom Per year salary(for 3 hrs per day Times 5 days per week only!)

            So then he got a better contract for 15 yrs at a whopping $25-Million per yr!!

            Thats “Proof” he is so worried as we are right? He may need to Fly Out to switzerlad or? on his Own 45 seat Gulfstream Private jet(new=$80-Million Bone stock model!)

            Perhaps his Boss who used to be Third from Top honcho of isreali Mosad(Their version of cia)can sneek ruhbo into telaviv to Hide whie usa melts down?….OyVey!!

            • So you don’t think wealthy people see the economic collapse as a personal threat, too? Or is it because you really don’t approve of success and capitalism, Angelo?

        • “You simply can’t pay people who aren’t working. You just can’t. You cannot pay them anything, much less full-fledged incomes, lifetime health care and lifetime pensions.’

          Was he talking about CON-gress??

          • Zoltane: No I got zero problems with a person gets wealth.

            But I do have a real problem in How or What some does to gain it. Examples= Hannity-rush-jeraldo-and all them bubbleheaded blondies at fox and cnn et al, who while perhaps the lesser of them no not whats going on etc…

            I think some such as rush/hannity etc are Far too intelligent to Not know they are totally selling us all OUT!…..Like it or not every one of them in mass msm be it tv or newspapers, or all them so called .

            Demacratic or repub stragegic analcysts(I calls em hemmoroids!) all gets a pay check from the tribe.

            Perhaps the newely hired at say, fox tv, who just got out of collage 6 months ago aint wised up as yet. But Rush has to be by now….Proof is call his radio show(or any others too) and try to mention ANYTHING negative of isreal or jewish agendas or issues!

            They will Hang up phone before you can finish a fast question. Thats shows me they ALL cover for the tribe what pays em all.

            I do not believe isreal or zios has americas best intrest in mind…And I Know for 100% certain they do not have christians best in mind. History Proves it. So I got zero problems on rich folks. Just how or what they does to attain it is all.

      22. Mac,

        I hope you’re right. The key word here is “moderate”. Frankly, I believe this administrations before election push was to offer and qualify as many people as they can for food stamps and public government assistance. In addition, ridding a portion of the necessity of the work requirement to get welfare is a ploy to rachet up the government head count dependency numbers. The left will bus these people to the polls in the droves. The “spread the wealth around” crowd doesn’t think beyond their next government dole out….if that far. The frightful part is when SHTF and is an in your face reality, they will literally be cut off of the gravy train, life will get ugly not only for them, but for the rest of us.

        • Crazy, isn’t it VRF?? But who, given the TSA-Gestapo abuses, would give up their Liberty and set themself up to be there or board a plane?

        • Request that you are given the List of ingredients of the droplets, if they can not provide one for you with every ingredient it is not legal for them to put those droplets into your water or drink. For those even tho they say they are NON TOXIC they very well maybe toxic to you if you have allergies. Crayons are non toxic unless you have an allergy to an ingredient even a coloring dye.

      23. Once again I thank God and all of you who post here. To see that the majority agree that know matter who is elected were fucked. Vote Republican or Democrat it is not going to matter in the least bit. They both are slaves to the lobbyist. The only way we could have survived as a nation was to out law lobbyist. Look around the fat cats who control these people know what is coming, have no shame as to how it came to be and are preparing to protect themselves as we are. You hear that the military is training for suburbia warfare and that law enforement is being supplied with military grade equipment. You also hear how they are coming for us. NO, THEY ARE NOT coming for us. They are building up to protect themselves. 90 million people in this country own guns. They can’t put together 1 million people who will come for us. Within weeks they will start feeding upon themselves until they exist no more.

        Now is the time for all of us who have prepared for this disaster to start thinking of who and what we want to take over our country. I am still for the constitution and bill of rights as written. We just need the right people who think of country first in office.

        Had to get that rant out. Thanks, Brian

      24. I’m just tired of being told that because we live in the “greatest nation on earth” I get the honor of choosing between elephant shit and donkey shit

        • Poor Boy, are you saying that our choices are to “Eat shit or go Blind?”

          • I’m just speaking to the choice offered to us by our illustrious political parties, I guess I could have said a Marxist and an empty suit as well. But in answer to your question, pretty much as far as the dems and repubs are concerned.

      25. Isn’t it odd how I posted this video on Facebook and 5 min later it was hidden to the public…?

        • Rob, shuck facebook as fast as you can and don’t look back. All who use facebook are idiots, including immediate members of my family.

      26. Bacon prices went up 25% while Obummer was in office. If we get THAT out there he doesn’t stand a chance.

      27. I am not on Obama’s side here, nor Romney nor any president. But if I am not mistaken, ALL presidents make promises they do not keep. And there are two primary reasons.
        1) They want to be elected and will tell the people what they want to hear (manipulation 101)
        2) They can not possibly do half of the things they promise simply because they do not have that kind of control.

        I like this site for its seemingly non political biased articles and for its preparedness awareness. Perhaps I was wrong.

      28. Well the way I see it, is both parties are corrupt to the core.. Neither will make any deference in my life or for that matter any American. As far as congress and the senate,, well hell fire them all and take all the blue ribbon benefits and pay it towards the debt.Issue warrants for all the major bankers and wall street shyt heads and seize all asset and pay down the debt. Next cut all foreign aid to all countries and put that towards the debt.And last but not least DRUG TEST and verify all food stamp,welfare and Medicaid folks are in fact Americans. That should knock a nice dent into the debt clock…


        • DPS..Pay dept off?…HUH!!!??? Its mainly owed to same swindler Banksters we now got!..Hows about do as you said confiscate(Reposess is more apt) and Re-Distribute Back to Us folks who is always who Pays for EVERY Damn thing!

          Example= If that $16 Trillion passed out to EURO bankers along with the $10 Trillion handed to USA fed reserve and various GE-GM-etc corps etc…..IF that cash went to Pay Off every americans mortgages and car loans and collage loans and even credit card debts.

          WE ALL now would have a clean fresh start, And the same banks still would have ended up with that cash as thats who all private debts for homes/cars etc is owed to right.

          It all would still be as now for banksters here and in europe…BUT it would have really assisted all of us folks too.

          You know Whos rakeing it in on them 10 million foreclosed homes being sold off?…I will tell ya. Senator Diane Finestien’s Husband Bought just Over 51% of All shares in a real estate co. Then One week later us fed gov announced every foreclosed home was going to be sold off and the real estate co to handle it was….Finestiens husbands co!!

          His just over 1/2 existing sharers Netted him aprox $40-Million Profits in one weks time!…PLUS as main handler of 10 Million homes he gets a Congress or fanyma-freddiemac Mandated Minimum Six Percent(6%) of what each home sells for!! But hes Farming home sales Out to alot of smaller real estate companies while He profits!

          Anybody think this Reeks of crony intrests?..Senator Diane Finestien also sat as Head chairman of senate committee to Okay this sweet deal! Think she didn’t alert her husband to Invest into it all?!!

          • Angelo Mysteriouso,

            I think you skipped right past the arrest warrant part buddy.. And yes we all need a clean start, however I would bet my new drip system as soon as the sheeple got everything paided off they would be buy and charging everything in sight. Maybe I just didn’t make my thoughts clear enough, Throw them all in Jail and seize all property and assets…


      29. I agree JCook, It’s the last bastion of a mans heart….You can actually say that “Bacon” is a mans chocolate bro………………..Agreed gentleman ?

      30. The bus is already heading over the cliff. It really doesn’t matter if the driver and “shotgun” switch seats as far as the passengers are concerned.

        The only difference it makes is who history has to blame for the crash.

        • Southern…History, if written by the usual crowd, will surely blame Whitemen and Women and of course blame that Confederate stars & Bars flag they hate so much!

          All others will be listed as Poor little innocent oppressed Victims!

          • No doubt, but maybe the South will get to write the history books next time?

            Yankees 1, Rebels 0. Halftime.

            • Best concept I have ever read!

      31. Paranoia strikes deep, into your heart it will creep, it starts when your always afraid… step out of line, the man come, and take you away. CSNY

        • Tennis shows wears out fast, when ya runs 30mph, try to hide folks will find you. The rifle ya dont hear Is the one to Fear!….”Them Guys” 2012

      32. While both parties are corrupt, it may boil down to which is the lesser of two evils. I do feel like we’re screwed, no matter who’s in office — we may be less screwed if the Obama’s replaced. Here’s something to consider: if a citizen decides NOT to vote at all, that’s an automatic vote for Obama…. just sayin’…

        • I for one will not vote for the lesser of two evils, you still vote for evil. I agree that if you don’t vote you have no voice in the matter. The ballot box is broken, so you might as well write in Peter Pan for pres. Stick a fork in us we’er done. I don’t think Happy Days will ever return. We are all going to be in a really bad movie soon as extra’s wither we want to be or not. Oct. is going to be very, very interresting to say the least.

      33. The candidates have more in common than many would like to believe. Simply pulling the lever beside the guy who has an “R” beside his name each election isn’t enough.

        Regardless of who is in office, I recommend preparing yourself and your family for uncertain times. If you lose your job, get behind on your bills, or if the economy gets turned on its ear…do you think either party will swoop in and come to the rescue?

        Life isn’t fair, plan accordingly.


      34. I can vision obama as being Putins whipping boy.
        Anyone but obama 2012.

      35. Things over there in North America (an much of the rest of the world too) are going to really derail in the near future. In terms of Obama vs. Romney the only question of real importance is whom you want to be the media starlet sock-puppet on the Federal throne when the fertilizer hits the rotating device.

        Being a White European I much prefer that Obama be the face that presides the fall, rather than Romney. This way the usual blaming on Whites, WASPs, Mormons, Conservatives, etc for the mess won’t work as well.
        You can dump all the blame on blacks, libs, dems, marxists, etc. Attack, attack, attack.

        The hurt is coming anyway, nothing will avoid it. At least this way your adversaries can be blamed and you can fane the flames of popular hatred hatred against them.

        And of course, a mulatto president and his administration running the US into the toilet will do wonders for White racial awakening, Dixie separatism, Anti-emigration sentiment, etc.

        Consider 4 more years of Obama as the darkening before the dawn.

      36. If Romney does not win it will be the end of the Republican party. It will also, as if it mattered one way or another, be the end of the Democrats before the 2016 election. Hopefuly that will leave the third largest party in power. Libertarians want limited government and allow each of us to do pretty much anything we want with our lifes as long as it does not hurt any other person. It seems to me that there is not a prepper on this site that does not want the right to be left alone to his or her own devices and have the right to create a utopia for themselves and their families in which to live in. The right to benefit from ones personal efforts and not be a slave to a government that wants to control every part life, freedom and happiness. Gary Johnson, the two term govenor of New Mexico is the current Libertarian canidate. Can’t win in this political climate but at least your not giving a vote to a system none of us believe in anymore.

      37. Do you want more deficit spending? Do you want more unionized workers helping to milk the system and drain more businesses into bankruptcy or send those businesses to centralize operations in another country? Do you want progressives,baby killers, homosexuals and far left liberals setting policy making for all Americans? Do you want to patronize and keep sending our tax dollars/deficit spending to prop up Islamic regimes? Want more gov handout programs, without worker programs? Want more dependancy of foreign oil with higher prices at the pump which further destroys our economy? Want more of Christians rights and the mention of God taken away? Then vote O-drama or stay home and don’t vote.

      38. I suspect Obama has already won the election just by looking at public opinion. It would take a major negative for Obama or an unexpected positive for Romney to change the current momentum. Maybe the debates will make a difference but I doubt it.
        I am not saying this because I support Obama. I am just reporting my observations.

        • Why the fraud will lose:
          *Black voters. His endorsement of gay marriage has alienated many black church-going Christians. He may get 88% of their vote instead of the 96% he got in 2008.

          *Jewish voters. Obama has been weak in his support of Israel. Many Jewish voters and big donors are angry and disappointed. I predict Obama’s Jewish support drops from 78% in 2008 to the low 60’s.

          *Youth voters. Obama’s biggest and most enthusiastic believers from 4 years ago have graduated into a job market from hell. Young people are disillusioned, frightened, and broke- a bad combination. The enthusiasm is long gone. Turnout will be much lower among young voters, as will actual voting percentages.

          *Catholic voters. Obama won a majority of Catholics in 2008. That won’t happen again. Out of desperation to please women, Obama went to war with the Catholic Church over contraception. Now he is being sued by the Catholic Church. Majority lost.

          *Small Business owners.Because I ran for Vice President last time around, and I’m a small businessman myself, I know literally thousands of small business owners. At least 40% of them in my circle of friends, fans and supporters voted for Obama. I warned them that he would pursue a war on capitalism and demonize anyone who owned a business…that he’d support unions over the private sector in a big way…that he’d overwhelm the economy with spending and debt. Four years later, I can’t find one person in my circle of small business owner friends voting for Obama. Not one.

          *Blue collar working class whites. Do I need to say a thing? White working class voters are about as happy with Obama as Boston Red Sox fans feel about the New York Yankees.

          *Suburban moms. The issue isn’t contraception…it’s having a job to pay for contraception. Obama’s economy frightens these moms. They are worried about putting food on the table. They fear for their children’s future.

          *Military Veterans. McCain won this group by 10 points. Romney is winning by 24 points. The more our military vets got to see of Obama, the more they disliked him.

      39. I see lots of talk about the bus heading over the financial cliff, and how the economic collapse will happen soon. Look around..its already happening!
        The only thing we are still waiting for is the mass riots, the people as a group becoming more vicious, the collapse of societal protocal. I live in a comparitively small population area, and the theft and violence is already rising. People trying to provide for their families are already doing desperate things.
        I work a good job, live moderately, and have none of the extravagant lifestyle perks..and still cannot manage to provide for my family!
        It has already become necessary to live ‘off the grid’, to sell what isn’t necessary, and to use the prepper mindset..just to survive. Bug out bag? Yep, we used the contents last week!
        The people I know that were lucky enough to have some savings, some credit or some equity in their home have used it already. They are now living paycheck to paycheck like the rest of us. They are now looking for ways to earn additional money.
        The media shows us some of whats happening, the crime, the people doing desperate things..but they continue the facade of normalcy in America. They show us the same programs, the same feel good stories, and don’t give us a clear picture of what is really happening out there.
        The fact is, its bad NOW, and just going to get worse.
        The difference between today and when the FULL collapse happens is that some people still maintain the rules of society, are still trying to play nice, are still hopeful that if they work harder it will get better.

        Personally, I’m not going to wait for it to get that bad, I’m buggin’ out now. It’ll be nice to get settled in to my new digs before the theives start showing up! ..and hey, I’ll have access to the internet a little longer!
        The time to use all our preppin knowledge is now.
        Best of luck…see you on the other side

      40. God appeared to me last night in a dream. What I saw was beyond belief. I fell to my knees before The Great I Am and could not utter a word for 30 minutes.

        Finally He said in a voice like thunder, ” ASK ME AND I WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH, AS I AM GOD AND CAN NOT LIE!!!!”.

        So I said, “Lord what is going on in our country?” and He replied, “FIRST OFF, IT’S ALL GEORGE BUSH’S FAULT”!

        weird dream huh?

      41. Get rid of the bunny.

      42. Obama said, “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

        Now that is not a lie! Y’all come in here and drink some Kool-Aid!

        At least with Mittens, I’ll be able to have my morning coffee – at home!

        Y’all Beware! Wonder what Ohcumgache thinks.

      43. And 11 years later who are concitered the terrorists….?

        US..the us citizens..according to our “leaders” and “masters” we the “slaves” are concitered the ones to look ot for.. (notice I use their labels for us)

        aint this government grand?

        quick..make up another boogie man to cover for all your bullshit

      44. So what’s the alternative, Romney? Think NOT!

      45. blow me says:

        “Fuck voting. Im not voting. Never.”

        Please excuse my direct retort.
        I think the cock in your ear missed your mouth!
        I’m sure there is another opening more attractive.

        Y’all Beware! For now, bugger off!

      46. John,

        “So what’s the alternative, Romney? Think NOT!”

        I don’t think you have ever had a size 12 up your ass for 5 years. That’s why my father fought against – Hitler. He told me in detail how they suffered!

        You don’t want to vote, go see “blow me” y’all might have something you can share!

        Y’all Beware! History is my Reality as the crooks continue in different venues.

      47. Wake up Moron’s! ALL politicians are evil! What part of
        ALL are you having trouble with?

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