Prohibition NEVER Works: Banning Alcohol Didn’t Work, And Banning Guns Won’t Either

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Headline News | 38 comments

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    They say those who don’t pay attention to history are destined to repeat it.  It seems like even though humans have paid attention, they somehow think the same things that failed in the past, like prohibition and communism, will magically work now.

    Alcohol kills almost three times as many Americans as guns. Last year, about 33,000 people died of gunshot-related injuries, including those who shot themselves; suicide. When removing those who killed themselves only (again, suicide), that number drops to 15,549, by even anti-gun activists estimates.  To put that in perspective, this year’s flu and the vaccine to “prevent” said flu is more deadly. So far, it’s been killing an estimated 4,000 Americans per week. That’s roughly 16,000 per month, a number already higher than last year’s total “gun deaths” which include justified homicides (or self-defense.) You don’t have to be a genius at math to understand that “gun violence” isn’t really the epidemic the media wants you to believe.

    By comparison, alcohol abuse killed nearly 88,000 people in 2015 in the United States. So why not ban booze? Because the United States tried that.  It was called prohibition, and it didn’t work.  It resulted in the government poisoning their own people: yes, the US government.  The same government that the anti-gun activists say wouldn’t do that to us. Rational humans would rather not see the government get a monopoly on guns. But the US has strayed rather far from logic, relying on emotional outbursts and teenage angst temper tantrums. 

    Joe Joseph from the Daily Sheeple also brings an interesting point to consider. “Did you know, that alcohol is the number one underlying cause and factor behind crime in the US?” Alcohol is alone causes more harm to society than heroin, cocaine, and marijuana combined.

    So where’s society’s outrage over alcohol abuse?  Why aren’t kids marching for alcohol control? Because prohibition doesn’t work. People who want to break the law and drink will do so.  People snort cocaine regardless of the fact that it’s illegal.  Where is society’s outrage at the right thing?

    “Where are all the millions of dollars and campaign contributions and television ads trying to save people’s lives from the dangers of alcohol?” Joseph asks. “This is huge because we have to look at the facts. And the facts are: while it’s awful that these events take place, they’re anomalies in the grand scheme of things. Alcoholism is not an anomaly. It’s very present, ever present in our society and substance abuse is getting worse and worse and worse because the root cause isn’t being tackled.” The root cause is pain and voids within a person. The problem is that social engineering has created a god for people and that god is the government. And it’s a very poor substitute for actual spirituality, says Joseph.

    Americans don’t “pull themselves up by their own bootstraps” and rely on their ingenuity and faith and individual strengths.  Americans now rely on the god created by social engineering: government. Simply suggest that humans could run their own lives just fine without a government, and most people will act as if you actually insulted their god.

    “Freedom is not free,” says Joseph. “Freedom comes at a great cost. It takes a lot to maintain freedom….people are being pushed to the point of rebellion in this country and on purpose.”

    Follow Joe Joseph and his News Shots here, on The Daily Sheeple’s YouTube channel. 



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      1. The key is education. The problem is you are thinking like you have been around a while. Older America / ns. Our brain washed youth are thinking like younger amerika / ns. The Dems / libs know this and they have been patiently waiting and educating to get their point of view across / enacted. The problem is they have been educating for around 70 years and we have been sitting on our a$$e$ living life, working, etc, etc. Now the Sh-t is going to have to hit the fan or somebody is going to have to get to educating our youth. True HISTORY. The only real hope that we have is that they do it earlier rather than later, while we still can. The only other thing that you can hope for is they wait until your gone.

        • Fishandmud, we shouldn’t be so shocked that the scum antigun lobby uses today’s youth to help carry on their evil agenda. Kids have been getting brainwashed by the ‘institutions of higher learning’ since the 60s. [I’M TRYING TO AVOID THROWING UP MAIKNG THAT STATEMENT]. I think it’s too late to attempt to ‘deprogram’ them all in general. Maybe we can rescue a handful here and there but I’m afraid the majority of them will never wake up. They have no idea of the hell that’s awaiting them.

      2. If banning firearms is under the constuition of 1871 and after it has no effect.

        • You might be surprised at the effect it would have, like people with guns showing up at your door and taking them from you or killing you first then taking them if you try fighting with them about it.

      3. I think this country is completely screwed guys!! There is just such an unbelievable amount of utter bullshit and nonsense going on, my God, the list is so damn long. I think this nation will definitely FAIL period!!

        • Me to.

      4. I think my issue with all the problems is that the nuclear, and by nuclear I mean, Parents and children under the same roof, family is a minority these days, especially on the east and left coast and in urban areas. If people understood the Constitution, the second amendment is to protect against tyranny – in one of its many forms, whether from a group of people (gov.) or an individual. Faith and moral family values need to make an epic return. I’d say this is just the beginning, but when you have teen age children front and center yelling at a US Senator and an NRA spokeswoman, I think the parents need to get whupped.

      5. We are asking for insane people to think; and, to think logically at that. Explaining, providing facts, being patient, being kind to liberals is like trying to teach a wolf to walk on his back paws and balance a ball on his nose. Just won’t happen. I don’t in any way support abortion; but, in the case of progressive Democrats I might be forced to change my opinion. At the very least, encourage all such upon the age of maturity to undergo mandatory sterilization and ‘Darwin’ them out of the gene pool.

        • Heartless, damn good points. I’ve had the same experience trying to talk to liberals with no positive results whatsoever. They are truly doomed.

      6. Irony the Prohibition also created a massive need for firearms … not to mention the creation of the mafia.

        Follow the money on these events!

        When farmers would fuel their cars and machinery with free ‘waste crops’ homemade fuel

        But the most fascinating aspect of the connection between alcohol and fuel use concerns a little known (or discussed) aspect of American history. To understand this relationship, one must examine some contextual information of the early Twentieth Century. Most people are not aware that Henry Ford’s Model T came in a variation that allowed the driver to switch the carburetor to run the engine on farm-made ethyl alcohol. This allowed the operator to stop at local farms (equipped with stills) to refuel his/her car during long trips through the backcountry. After all- the gas station wasn’t exactly as ubiquitous in those days, as it is now. The Standard Oil Company and its industrialist-founder John D. Rockefeller wasn’t too happy with this arrangement. After all, Rockefeller’s company had a virtual monoploly on gasoline at this time in our nation’s development.

      7. I’m 51 years old and I cannot believe what the US has turned in to. I can’t believe all of the changes just during my lifetime. There are SO many problems I just don’t see how it can all be turned around. I just don’t know what anyone can do. I look at the majority of the young people today and I can do nothing but shake my head. I heard one person say that 18 is too young to be able to buy a gun and I yelled at the TV… “really but you’ll stick one in their hand at 18 to die for this country!” Everything that is going on now is getting to be too much. Weak idiots, chemtrails, poisoning our water, food, air, taking all of our money in taxes, on and on and on. How can we fix all of this??

        • The over-prescription of pharmaceuticals is one thing thats causing increase in people to be fucked in the head.

      8. Seen the 15:17 to Paris movie. The Islamic nut job didn’t get those two firearms from a French gun shop.

      9. Right. Banning guns won’t work.

        But taking them away from disordered mental people will work, and not allowing them to own even one gun. A background check is very important but really only tells half the story because many horrible abusive people, and deranged ones too, have a clean background record and criminal-free history even though they’ve made the lives of some people quite miserable. They shouldn’t own a gun because they are exactly who we need to protect our self from. They are the reason we need to be armed.

        They rely solely on a background check when that provides a false sense of security because many really screwed up people have a clean background history. There needs to be additional criteria in place so they are not relying solely on a background report. They also need to crack down on underground/black market sales as well.

        In addition, Trump has always lived in gated residences, and had at least one body guard, and as of more lately security detail. He has never needed to own a gun in his entire life and has never owned one and had said so back in the 90’s when he announced “Gun ownership should be outlawed.” As a kid he was driven to and from his private school in a chauffer-driven limo before he was sent away to a boarding school for pre-teens and teens with conduct disorder.

        Trump wants all guns banned. He does not want citizens armed and able to protect themselves. He says one thing while believing the complete opposite. Watch for the signs instead of ignoring or downplaying them. I know many of you here don’t want to hear this and don’t believe it, but it’s the truth. He will stop at nothing to make sure he gets his way.

        He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the Constitution. He wants our guns, even if you don’t believe he thinks that way. He doesn’t relate to what life is like outside of his own bubble and life without a body guard or security detail. He has never needed to own a gun and has no idea what it’s like to be unarmed, especially in today’s crazy, violent world. Believe what you want, but that is the truth.

        • Just like they crackdown on Booze and drug sales…. crazy cannot go to Walmart and buy a weapon, but crazy can buy one on the street…

        • Marie, one of your best posts ever. Nothing in there I can dispute except for the underground/black market in guns. No one has ever been able to stop the underground market altogether. On occasion some cops will get lucky and make a few busts and recover X number of stolen guns but they’ll never stop the market entirely. All your points about trump are true. And yes, I was one of those who became hypnotized by the trump campaign, hoping for peaceful change in this country. I have awakened in recent months and realized my mistake. It was a bitter pill to swallow but that’s part of life and I know how to pick up the pieces and move on. I just keep stacking and praying. Trump has been putting on one hell of an act, just like Ronald Reagan did when he was POTUS. After all, Reagan did come from HOLLYWOOD. Civil War 2 will take place under Trump.

      10. This whole thing is total manufactured hype! (probably funded by a soros group somewhere) Look at the statistics! Each year 1200 to 1500 children under age 15 die in car crashes! A few children per year gunned down. Yet no school walkouts, presidential meetings, hysterical people in the news, etc about the car crashes killing our children, even though it is hundreds of times more likely to happen. It is all about gun control.

        • ronna

          No misguided cry for banning “assault cars” with stick shift and 400 HP. No “why do you NEED a car that can do double the speed limit”.

          You can’t fight tyranny with a Mustang convertible.

      11. Like it or not the hard fact is we are a nation in decline. There was not is not and never will be any viable political or ballot box solution. a nation bankrupt and keeps adding trillions in debt every year. Too many takers and too few makers. its gonna get interesting.

      12. Banning firearms will not be found at my address

      13. How about pointing out the “other” prohibition” – which not only also does not work but has hundreds of thousands of non-violent people in prison at enormous public expense – anti-drug laws.

        • Marlow, excellent point. I wish we could have a prohibition against the enemies of our country.

      14. Curious how many gun related homicides are self defense and how many are aggression. Anyone know where to find that? It’s… unsurprisingly absent where I’ve looked.

        Then we can compare overall death by any means of aggressive assault by gun vs non gun countries.

      15. don’t need to compare to booze – just watch what happens in CA and their ammo and magazine bans – just new additions to the smuggled black markets …

        the coppers in LA and other gang areas will be seeing brand new manufactured ammo showing up – these people are illegal gunowners already – think having banned ammo is going to phase them????

      16. While background checks are very important and should always be performed, (not only for weapons purchases but in employment or hiring someone for a service like babysitting, etc.) they only show half the story. A clean background does not always mean that the person is normal, safe and harmless.

        We have to be aware and mindful that there’s no shortage of screwed up in the head abusive people, textbook mental cases, and even dangerous criminal-minded people with clean background records.

        • No criminal had a record until they had one but that is not always true for the mentally handicapped. Just watch your local news tonight and see.

      17. Sorta like it’s BLATANTLY obvious that prohibition of drugs is an utter failure. And yet republitard dolts cling to that police state governance like it’s a life raft.

        • That is because it is worth trillions of dollars every year for both sides.

        • I agree Nunya, but President Trump is on board with Jeff Sessions to keep marijuana illegal and make using, possessing growing, buying, selling a crime. They want to remove it from State control and place it under Federal control.

      18. The first time women voted we got prohibition,and the BATF. Because it was believed to layoff all the revenue officers would have them go to work for the organized crime prohibition created. And now the bimbos are at it again.

      19. They want us unarmed and impoverished so they can control the masses and usher in the NWO.

      20. Comparing alcohol and gun and their relative death rate is bloody ridiculous.

        I would say it even enters the realm of retardation.

        Alcohol is a self inflicted death (if you exclude those fuckers who DUI)

        You can sure throw a bottle of alcohol at someone and he might get injured.

        Gun first function is TO KILL !!!

      21. We banned guns in Australia, and it worked fine, so why can’t it work in United States?

        • Peter Harris, the American Constitution & Declaration of Independence were conceived & written by incredible scholars that studied government structure extensively. The Bill of Rights is the first 10 Amendments to our Constitution. The “Rights” we hold so dear come from God. We don’t agree with the concept of giving away our rights for perceived safety. Let me paraphrase Dr. Benjamin Franklin, one of our Founding Fathers, that stated “those that are willing to give up their RIGHTS for perceived SAFETY deserve neither.” Please study the results of 20th century disarming of many populations (China, Russia, Cambodia, etc.)

      22. In Austrailia you never had the 2nd Ammendment. In the USA we do. Why is it important that it is the 2nd ? The 1st is for free speech. The 2nd is to protect the 1st & everything else. The may get away with bans one day, but that will take another 30 years, once all of the people that were educated in American History , Government , & their rights have passed on & all that is left are the folks that believe in the Nanny State. If they try it now, it will result in a civil war. Glad to be in Texas. There is not a snowballs chance in hell of the majority of Texas giving up their guns. A paid police or military force will learn that fighting folks that think they have nothing left to loose is an impossible battle. It is much harder to die for a paycheck than it is for something you truely believe in. Afganistan has shown that scattered groups of people can push back large military forces . The Russians did not win & we have not done much better. When the indigenous people do not wear a uniform, you cant tell who is the enemy. The only way to win is to kill everyone. Maybe it will work in Commiefornia or New Jersey … but not here !
        Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

      23. Ah, the magic panacea… Just ban it and all your troubles will go away! Outlaw distilled beverages, and you can no longer get any, and every one stops drinking, and alcohol related crimes and violence disappears. Outlaw narcotics, and you can no longer get any, and every one stops doing drugs, and drug related crimes and violence disappears. Outlaw sex for money, and you can no longer prostitute, and every one stops buying and selling sex for money. Outlaw gambling, and you can no longer place bets, and every one stops gambling, and gambling related crimes and violence disappears. So, all we have to do is Outlaw Guns, and we will no longer be able to get them, and no one will get shot anymore, and all gun related crimes and violence will disappear….. On a more serious note: It seems as if once something gets “banned”, the only thing that happens is the cost for the now “banned” items skyrocket; as does the crimes and violence related to those items.

      24. Can we add utube videos to the list? They cut all of the sites covering the Q post plus Alex Jones site. Talk about controlling the people. Prohibition on utube videos now. That would mean that they have been hitting on the truth.

      25. At my age I just want to smoke some cannabis legally and relax without police busting my door down and making my life a living hell. Not asking much.

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