Progressive Magazine Asks: “Are Pedophiles Too Sick For Punishment?”

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Headline News | 77 comments

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    In recent months there has been a push, especially on social media platforms, to make pedophilia an acceptable activity in American society.

    Rather than considering the molestation and sexual assault of children a crime, some are suggesting that pedophilia is a sexual orientation, like being straight or gay.

    And though that may sound completely ridiculous to the casual observer, California Democrats actually introduced a bill in their State legislature ensuring that convicted pedophiles and those who commit sexual crimes against children do not have to register on the sex offenders registry so long as the child in question is within 10 years of age of the perpetrator.

    Slowly and methodically, those who want to decriminalize the predatory sexual abuse committed by pedophiles are tacitly doing so one state government bill at a time.

    [TWP Editor | The Washington Pundit] State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Assemblywoman Susan Eggman (D-Stockton) introduced recent legislation “to end blatant discrimination against LGBT young people regarding California’s sex offender registry.”

    However, under their bill, SB 145, the offenders would not have to automatically register as sex offenders if the offenders are within 10 years of age of the minor.

    Full report via Pulpit And Pen

    As if that isn’t bad enough, we now have one of the nation’s most well known online publications asking what is perhaps one of the most ludicrous questions we’ve ever heard asked: Is Pedophilia a Crime or an Illness?

    We’d like to think that the answer to this question is, “both.”

    But Slate takes takes this even further, asking whether pedophiles should be punished for their mental illness.

    That’s like asking whether a deranged serial killer should be punished for his or her actions. A serial killer has a mental illness, but does that mean it’s okay to let them walk among us so long as they seek treatment for their crimes?

    Protections for children are slowly being eroded and if the extreme Left’s “progressive” agenda continues chances are that claiming pedophilia is an evil crime could one day become grounds for censorship and accusations of “hate speech.”

    That this is even a conversation to be had is ridiculous on its face.

    Editor’s Note: Please note that we believe the vast majority of Democrats AND Republicans are against the idea of legalizing pedophilia. This appears to be originating from a very small but vocal group on the extreme Left of the political spectrum. 


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      1. They are in fact so sick they should not be allowed to live.

        • A country that wont even protect children doesnt much less its borders doesnt deserve to exist.

          • Eisenkreutz, yes we are seeing this play out as we speak in a myriad of ways !

          • You racist, sexist, bigoted homophobic islamophobe! Legalizing same sex marriage couldn’t POSSIBLY lead to normalizing pedophilia!

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            • Checked out the vid. Interesting stuff a person can get for their phone for free.

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                • Uhhhh, I have an old flip phone with no text… will it work?
                  I keep my apps in my head lol. I have many old skool books too. Want a thumbdrive with a SHITLOAD of info (including many many black type subjects)? go to freedomslips dot com and check out the thumbdrive unit. It’s what a genius goes to for info lol. 😛

                  • FYI, Don’t plug in in your comp while connected to the internet. It is offgrid only. I don’t trust them fooks for anything. Print hardcopies of what you want just in case too. The best tool you can have for 50 bux!

                  • Thanks Genius!

                    • Yer welcome! I just wish more peeps would get off their ass and look at it. But hey, it’s a world of apathy and we can’t wake the dead ya? Perhaps you are one of the few that can actually read it and make stuff with it! Stay asleeeeep assholeesssss…zzzzzzzzzzz

              • free if you don’t mind handing over your privacy.

        • Gee, that’s so narrow minded…
          Everyone has right to live, even these poor souls…

          So, let’s all get together and get an act passed in the Congress to get them ALL FREE land where they can have their own community!

          I’m thinking that the ideal place that they can live their lives in peace would be say Attu or Kiska Island(s)in the scenic Aleutian Islands…

          More precisely, at the FAR end from the mainland…right next door to Kamchatka….Russia.

          Those Russians are SO friendly…and they just Luv that sort.


          Keep on keepin’ on Y’all, the clock is counting down quickly don’t you know…

        • Menzoberranzan, I cannot think of one valid reason to keep these people in our gene pool for one second !

          • The problem is how to rid our gene pool of them. How are you going to figure out who they are? You can’t identify them by sight. They keep their activities secret. How do intend doing this?

            • rub123, many of these people get caught and openly admit what they did and sit in jail for years before they get convicted because we are more concerned with their rights than the victims. . Others are released back onto the streets and of course re commit their heinous acts. My solution is a simple one. If this comes into your life and family, simply take these sick bastards out as you wish and throw yourself to the mercy of jury nullification. It is called standing up.

      2. They’re not too sick for bullets. One bullet to the head each and be done with it.

        • See, that right there could get you banned on certain platforms. But being an admitted Pedophile who shares the “benefits” of pedophilia will NOT get you banned!

          • ““Are Pedophiles Too Sick For Punishment?”

            No, but they are too sick for incarceration. Pedos can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. 🙂

            • Of course they are not too sick. Cold, flu, whatever it is they are still well enough for a nice long acid bath! Thats like that stupid shit about people on death row having to be made well before execution. That reminds me… I need to get more muratic acid…..

              • agreed!

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            • DK, I got a hunch you might want to sell your palladium pretty soon. I don’t think it will get much higher and probably take a big dive soon. IMO.

              • Genius, there are those who believe that the rise in Palladium examples what the relative rise in gold should be if it were not manipulated.

                I sell just enough precious metal to cover “costs” & “expenses” as production is taxed upon sale. 🙂

          • Well MAC I reckon so. But I damn sure could stretch it out and make it more interesting with some different tools to which those chosen would have to endure. The buzzards could finish it up for me.

          • Thank you Mac for such an open forum. I occasionally fear some here say things here that get them onto undesirable lists. If you sensor them, they’d still end up lists. Censoring is worthless after they have hit the enter key, their words are forever written in stone. What they said, still went across the Internet, the Internet is backed up ten thousand times, it can never be erased. What people post on the Internet lives forever, that is their foolishness, and I can’t fix that.

            I suggest that people posting on-line consider they measure their speech. What you think and believe need not be written in stone. If you Mac, stop them, it does little but superficial good. Their words in stone/silicone can never be erased. Ever.

            From another perspective once written, can a truth be removed, and it will be used in a court against them. That is stone in this world.

            What am I saying, don’t drink/ smoke, take pills, etc and post. As funny as it sounds, lots of Americans sipping JD etc post all kinds of politics they don’t remember in the morning. Just don’t do it people.

            • Well damm, so I cant post? LOL

        • A nickels worth of lead can be a cure for pedophilia.

          • Well, when you 18yr old daughter gets caught playing house with her 16yr old cousin, at the next family reunion, then you can do the honors.
            The reason it’s being pushed in CA, is to accomidate the ‘catholic culture change’ so prominent at the wall.

          • I agree that Michael Jackson was a grotesque monster and that the act of child molestation is repugnant and should be stopped, to say the least.

            But I’m not commenting just to increase my popularity with people who like to read and write comments. I prefer to say what I know is true, even if it is controversial and if a lot of people don’t like it.

            If you set out to kill pedophiles, several problems you will encounter which you will not be able to resolve. First, you will not be able to identify all of them. There are more than you think there are, and they go to great lengths to keep their activities secret. So if you kill ten thousand people that you know are pedophiles, there will still be many remaining, and they will be the most secret ones, the hardest ones to get rid of. So then you will have created an additional problem. Second, pedophilia is a behavior. You cannot eradicate the possibility that a behavior can potentially be engaged in. It would be like trying to kill everyone who scratches their own butt. Everyone has a butt, and every human whose physical configuration is noramal is capable of scratching their own butt; therefore, some solo butt scratching is always going to be extremely likely to occur. Third, let’s say you succeeded in identifying every solo butt scratcher and killed all of them. The potential for solo butt scratching is nonetheless unchanged, and the next generation of humans that comes along, some of them are going to scratch their own butts, because it is just the character of the natural world that some people are going to do whatever they can imagine or think of. So killing pedophiles might make you feel good, and I do mean you –not me, because I know it wouldn’t solve the problem– but it wouldn’t have an ultimately consequential outcome, except in terms of making everyone afraid of everyone else because everyone would know that the killers –killing also being a potential human activity that you can’t wipe out– cannot be identified and therefore everyone has to worry.

            Here is the problem, as I see it, and the solution.

            Two things. First, make sure that your children know what a pedophile is, and teach them how to avoid them. Second, make sure that your child is encouraged, by you, to engage in sexual activity properly, that is, with someone of the opposite sex within a context that seems normal and healthy to you (but not with you) at a very early age. This is done in some societies around the world and it is very successful. Of course the best solution would be to ensure that all boys and girls be allowed to experience sexual activity stemming from their own curiosity with members of the opposite from a very early age. (I am not guilty of this. I’m only pointing out what will work. Others know this will work but won’t say so out loud to anyone because they are afraid that other people will attack them for saying so.) I know this statement is outrageous in the opinions of many, but that is part of the problem. Sex is the way we all got here, and therefore it cannot be inherently evil, at least not in and of itself, and if you want our species to survive somebody is going to have to engage in sex; therefore, stop making it evil.

            Just one more thing. Michael Jackson became a pedophile because his normal sexual development was in some way denied, obstructed, or interfered with. This happens to many persons who are born into psychologically abusive families, and who also set their minds at an early age on goals that are extremely ambitious. He was not alone in this. Study history and you will see. Before you can ever address the problem of pedophilia satisfactorily, we are going to have to become morally equal to enabling the normal sexual development of our own children, without creating within them feelings of guilt or fear of eternal condemnation, and without interfering with their normal development.

            • I think with your first point you are missing the root cause of this issue. Many pedophiles are family members or friends of the family. Many people know that one particular person is not right in the head or they are told that said family member or friend did something to their child and they turn a blind eye and ignore the problem. So a lot of the reason that pedophiles are able to abuse is because adults are not willing to do something about these people that are in their own families. Adults are supposed to protect their offspring and unfortunately many do not because they are so twisted mentally themselves that they allow it and sometimes encourage it.

              • Not only that. Some families believe that pedophilia is right, and some even believe it is necessary, and they teach their children that, and they all the family members know it and they’re not ashamed of it (nor am I to blame for this fact, so don’t get mad at me). How are you going to deal with them? Humanity as a species is characterized by possessing the ability to think and act in all possible ways. Whatever can be imagined someone will do. There are many causes. My first point was that Michael Jackson was a grotesque monster. I don’t think I missed anything on that point.

                • Not only that Michael Jackson’s father was an abusive piece of garbage. It made me sick to see all of the children talking about how great this man was and waxing poetic about him when he was dead. I mean c’mon. How twisted are you? They knew what he was because they lived it and saw what he did. And yet the dead become saints. Pathetic.

                  Not to mention Tyler Perry also had an abusive stepfather. Really bad and his mother stayed with that piece of trash and even made Tyler promise to always take care of the father once she passed. And he has. Perry’s logic is the man always provided food and shelter no matter how much he beat him physically. I don’t get it.

                  Or what about Chester Bennington of Linken Park. His father was an investigator for child abuse and pedophiles and Chester himself was sexually abused. He said he would not name his abuser because his abuser told him he was also abused (as if that makes it OK to do to someone else). He committed suicide and protected the abuser till the end (knowing full well this man was probably still doing this to other kids). With Chester I have to wonder if the step brother was his abuser and the father told him not to bring charges.

                  So the tragedy in our society is you have victims being made to feel sorry for their predators. This turns the victims into druggies, mentally unstable adults, suicidal and more to cope with these things.

      3. “The Night of Long Knives”

        Hitler personally gave the order for Ernst Rohm and his band of homosexual bullies in the SA to be executed when told that homosexual members were pedophiles and contaminating the youth. Hitler loved children and he wa
        s straight and believed that it was better for a man to be killed than to allow him to hurt a child. I concur.


        • Interesting.

          • Hitler realy wasn’t as bad as the eews make him out to be.

            • No it has taken me awhile to realize that. However things went pretty much sideways for him and his finalization. Dude, one things for sure, we gonna have to give an accounting for everything we’ve done and I damn sure gonna just make the bottom of the list. Maybe……

        • Jesus and Hitler both taught us the same thing: No matter what kind of ideas you are trying to espouse, you will nonetheless have both adherents and detractors.

      4. I think Michael needed something stuck up somewhere, and

        I refuse to watch any of his videos anymore.


        And to the parents of the children that let their children be with this piece of S–t YOU SHOULD DO JAIL TIME SHARING A CELL WITH BA, BA !!!!

        • And he was a fraud. Lip-sinced just about all his performances.

      5. 100% death penalty. Any creature who would do harm to a child to satiate their sexual deviance doesn’t deserve any quarter. Lowest of the low.

        • REDNEK101

          Where were you when I was being abused by a boy who was supposed to be my best friend, his older brother, and another mid-teen? And people wonder what makes some people become random or serial killers. Who do you trust when that happens? You know you can’t go home with it-they’re just as dingy in their own way, And every time you trust somebody and they end up doing something rotten to you, there is the core of anger as hot as the center of the Sun, which is 28,000,000 degrees. As you age, you become mean and vicious, and really do try to hurt people who screw with you. A knife, a chair, table leg, ball bat-everything is a weapon and I know how to use it. There is no statute of limitation on some of the things I’ve done, but I think you can see where I was. Through a friend I met a guy on a “crew” in Chicago. Told him I was a long range worker, he said “We’ll have to see how that goes over. Face to face is really our way”. I said “If you don’t see me here in 60 days right here in this bar, you’ll know I never met you and don’t know anything about you or even heard of you. As far as I’m concerned you don’t even exist’. To which he said” That’s a good way to have it”. Shook hands, walked out, and never went back. That’s why I think there is only one appropriate punishment for child sexual abuse, and that’s 1,000mg of cyanide straight into the ascending aorta. Play dirty, die dirty.

      6. Too sick to live is what they are! Break their necks by hanging then leave them strung up till they rott and fall to the ground. Then leave them lay and string up new ones. Wash rinse repeate just like the shampoo bottle says. Good logic lol

        • No no no…. Thats way to fast! An acid bath might take a week or so and be excruciating the entire time. Much more inhumane and satisfying lol. 😛

          • Islamic Invading armies, walked along tens of miles of corpses inpaled by Vladimir the impailier. They turned around and went home. Terrorists can be out terroristed.

      7. Child abusers — for that’s what pedophiles are — often were themselves abused as children. The cycle has to STOP. Either by execution or longterm incarceration.

      8. Nuking Hollywood would be a good start to ending these blatant and insidious sexual crimes against the innocent.
        We are rapidly approaching Sodom and Gomorrah folks.

        • george, so right “We are rapidly approaching Sodom and Gomorrah folks”. God’s judgment cannot be far away because he is Justice. Between Abortion and Pedophilia we are rightfully damned as a country.

          Pedophilia is a major problem and it’s connected with Sodomites (I refuse to use the politically correct term for them). I hope the light of truth uncovers their degenerate practices.

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          Eneloop makes the best but they are expensive. Consequntly I am trying these out. 10 for only $7.89!

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          • The country is in sad shape! Justice said like Sodom and Gomorrah. You are very right! Abortion is nothing more than butching childern for the gratification of someone that don’t want the responsibility of child? It’s child sacrifice, plain and simple! Just like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah? Grown men have sex with children is sick! Only one cure death! The people that can justify abortion all the way till the child is born, will have no problem with justifying have sex with them? The country has no moral compass? God will not let us keep going on this way! I hope and pray people wake up? God help us!!

        • George is correct. But let God deal with Sodom. We need to walk away from these red states and most metropolitan areas. If the pockets of Sodomites within our new borders are smart, they will leave Dodge on the first boxcar. If we are forced to fight, we fight in our time.

      9. First offense -CASTRATION
        Second offense – DEATH

        • That will do it. No exceptions.

      10. “Pedophile” may be an overly broad category to discuss in universal terms.

        I see a big difference between someone finding 17 year old women desirable and someone finding 7 year old girls the focus of their sexual drives.

        But they are both considered “pedophiles”.

        • Agree. The waters were muddied in the 1990s as part of the political correctness agenda. A child was rebranded to be anyone up to the age of 21.

          This has created great confusion. The line should be clear: a child is somebody before puberty. Teenagers are not children and we are wired to be attracted to matured youth ( post puberty).

          By acknowledging that a rational debate can occur.

          • THIS ^^^^^

          • FT,
            Post puberty is generally age 16 or older.
            PC police tend to mix up sexual and emotional
            maturity and we all know they are not the same
            so our laws are really screwed up.
            I agree with you in that a child is someone
            that has not yet entered puberty like kids younger
            than age 12.
            In most states you can get a hunting license at
            age 12( after some classes) if we trust a 12 year
            old with life and death decisions, with a gun,
            I’m sure they can figure out, when they are being
            victimized, pretty quick. We have laws for rape,
            marriage age et al for those problems.
            As to what to do with pedophiles, messing with
            kids under the age of 12. They are mentally sick,
            it is an easy decision, like killing
            a rabid animal. It is a distasteful task that must
            be done for everyone’s safety, however it must be done
            to prevent the spread of the illness and further harm.
            We really don’t have to torture them, just after conviction,
            release them into the prison general population, making sure everyone knows what they were convicted of and details of the
            crime, while they go through the death penalty appellate

            • relik, I seem to recall that mexico has an age of consent at 12 years old! I may be wrong but I think thats the case. I don’t think I knew what to do with a girl at 12 but hey….14 was a different story.

              • Gen,
                I think you are right about Mexican age of consent.
                It was only a few years ago that Hawaii raised the
                age of consent to 16 from 14. A 14 year old can get married
                with parental permission to anybody of any age 14 or
                above today. A 14 year old can mess around as long as the
                partner is no more than 5 years older.
                Micronesian population influence.

              • The age of consent in Yemen is 9! Mohammed bagged his bride at the age of 6: Islam clearly has a different view on these matters.

                The definition should be biological and simple to understand. Puberty defines either a child or a young adult. The mess started when people threw in mental fitnesss for sex and relationships. Yet that is a personal and sui generes factor. A person can be mature at 16 or immature at 40.

                As for non consensual sex, that is already covered by the law.

                While people argue about this, real abuse of children across the Islamic world goes on on an industrial scale, just as it did with the Catholic Church.

      11. Isa 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

        21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

        • grandee it really seems that “they” are ANTI-GOD. If God did anything they are seeking to undo it. God made man and women, they will undo it and make gender “fluid”. No more man or woman, now everyone is merely somewhere on the sliding scale of “Gender”.

          God made each of us as separate and special INDIVIDUALS, they want us to be merely an interchangeable until. No more special and unique than an insect. A drone in the hive. If we are all the same the we must all have the same outcomes.

          God made the races and scattered the people, they will make everyone look the same. Everyone will be a mongrel. A mixed breed of man. They openly seek making everyone a hodgepodge of ethnicity’s.

          I could go on and on, but Isaiah said it infinitely better. Thanks for the post.

      12. One certain fact if they where all executed. that makes certain they do do that no more times. and If the legal age is 18 you better be certain that the person you have sex with is 18. Its your responsibility.

        • Funny thing is when I was 14 I was sleeping with a 19 year old woman. I was all for it!

          • You trashy dog you! LMAO! Sorry me and JD have hung out today.

            • Speaking of JD… I scored some Jack Daniels Oak barrel chips for smoking (I will char the shit out of them and use them for my wheesky cure) for half price at the store today. Much cheaper than just buying oak chips from a brew supply. I might just go back and buy all of them!

              • Does she deserve to be punished? NO! She deserves a thank you card lol 😛

          • When I was 19 I met a 35 year old at a party and we would hook up once in awhile. She was a high flyer in TV.

            Was I damaged by the age difference? Hell no. I couldn’t believe my luck. She was really cool and smart and we had a lot of fun.

            In my life, I have mostly dated and mated with people my age but a lot of that is just down to who you hang out with. I have been ‘hot for teacher’ and looked in wonderment at teen beauties at the beach. I think that is entirely normal.

      13. “He served his time” and “They paid their debt to society” is all bs. Failed judicial system that is partially run by pedophiles.

        Pedophiles should NEVER be released from prison. They WILL molest again and in fact many have openly admitted that they will.

        Incarceration does not cure that incurable disorder. Never has, never will.

        I have looked at various websites/sources which show several hundred child molesters in any given five mile radius. LE’s have told me that wherever you live you’re never more than a mile away from at least one pedophile.

        This is because they either get away with their crimes against children and don’t get caught, and the ones who are found guilty are eventually released from prison when they are a known threat to society. Screwed up system that does little to protect our children.

      14. New TV series, “Feed the Pig” where felons are fed to starving pigs on live TV [not to be confused with the 200 million morbidly obese American ‘adults’]

        • Another good show would be
          “Acid Trip” where politicians are stripped, handcuffed, legcuffed, and thrown into a bath of acid. The finally would be the masters that control or own them suffering the same fate. Damn I would pay to see that!

          • That seems to be your whole point: Just get rid of everyone you don’t like, or who says or does something you can’t stand. The problem with that is you will be identified by everyone else as being someone who kills everybody, and everyone who thinks you kill them will become extremely secretive about their perversions and activities. Is that what you want? They would not stop what they are doing. Of course if you intend to function as an agent of natural selection killing people is one way to do it, but actual non-sociopathic problem solving is not that.

      15. TEN YEAR DIFFERENCE IN AGE??? So, you catch a 20 yr old full grown hairy man raping your 10 yr old grandchild, and you actually think, this isn’t so terrible. This poor guy doesn’t deserve to be stuck on a nasty old offender list for the rest of his life! HAHAHAHA!!!!! No, REALITY is, we KNOW what real justice is, and we will kill this miserable piece of festering offal on the spot. Justice will be served. We need to force lawmakers to make just laws. Paedophiles are sick indeed, and putting one down should be seen as an act of mercy. Same goes for murderers, kidnappers, rapists, and armed robbers. If we hanged them all, and forced all the property crime perps to work to actually pay for their crimes, there would be almost no need for prisons. Just sayin.

      16. We have reached the point where it is necessary and prudent for citizens to take matters into their own hands because we have no actual laws any longer or enforcement of such events. Pedophiles are just one of the many issues at hand.

        Prepare yourselves people because it will all only get worse in every matter and event. Time to nut up and do what you gotta do.

      17. What I want to say on this subject would not be fit to appear in this blog.

      18. Lets not forget those murdering fully formed children that because their umbilical cords are still attached they can be killed.

        Lets not forget those murdering the unborn children.

        Lets not forget those murdering a human life at the instant it is formed when sperm meets egg and join together only to be killed off chemically by the pill or injection or some other type of means so that this human being can no longer develop.

        Oh that’s right, it is a persons right to murder and nobody has a right to say anything any more because everybody is so damn fine with murdering that the general population have forgotten about this evil but God has not!

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