Prison Labor is Industry’s “Best Kept Secret in Outsourcing” and What Has Killed Your Job

by | Apr 20, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 111 comments

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    There’s “free trade.” There’s “fair trade.” And then there’s what’s really happening.

    The realities of globalization have made the price of labor somewhere between rock bottom and worthless.

    Since the days of NAFTA, the WTO and a flood of cheap Chinese goods, major corporations – American-based and all the rest — have offshored production, taking advantage of virtual slave labor and the only edge that this kind of competition brings.

    But now, American companies are taking advantage of something better than low-wage offshore labor – straight forward prison labor may be the best of both worlds for mega-corporations.

    Don’t think they think they see it that way?

    Now they are proud of it. Just see this promotional video:

    They boast the ‘advantages of domestic contact centers at offshore prices.” It just isn’t fashionable to call it slave labor anymore.

    Bad news for the honest, law abiding worker.

    Of course, the inmates aren’t getting rich. They work for pennies which gradually go towards heavy fines and fees levied on inmates inside the private prison system that must be re-payed, along with the time they are doing.

    This treasure trove of privatized slavery is managed by UNICOR, a government corporation managed under the Federal Prison Industries, who are officially “dedicated to employing inmates across the U.S. and providing them the job skills needed to succeed in life.”

    Ludicrously, the program promises benefits to the prison workers too, offering them job skills and experience – for jobs that won’t exist outside of prison because they are directed through the corrections system. The Intercept writes:

    That’s the message of Unicor, also known as Federal Prison Industries, a government-owned corporation that employs federal workers for as little as 23 cents an hour to manufacture military uniforms, furniture, electronics and other products.


    What’s more, businesses that partner with FPI are organized and regularly lobby the government on prison-related issues. Their trade group, the Correctional Vendors Association, lobbied Congress last year on the Justice Safety Valve Act, a bipartisan bill giving judges the power to impose a sentence below the mandatory minimum, including in drug-related cases.

    The entire program allows companies – including Victoria’s Secret, IBM, Motorola, Microsoft, Boeing, AT&T, Texas Instrument, Revlon, Macy’s, Target Stores, Nortel, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Compaq, and Honeywell –  to exploit inmates while shafting middle class workers across the country.

    Then, the products from these giants businesses in turn drown out any meaningful competition with rock-bottom prices that no mom-and-pop or honest business could match.

    Not only is it a shame that this has become reality, but that those running the system are proud enough of it to advertise it as the industry’s “best kept secret.”

    How many other dark secrets are lurking behind the stagnate and hopeless job economy?

    Don’t bother asking, just keep on buying up cheap plastic goods and reaching for a government hand out. Yeah… the good life?


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      1. This has been going on a long time. Those huge CRT monitors are from the 90’s / early 2k.

        • “What we’ve got here is… failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it… well, he gets it. I don’t like it any more than you men.”

          • I’ve been working on the chain gang all my life
            and never set a foot in prison ……

          • 1/4 of our work lives, January through April is under slavery in the form of Government Taxes. As 4 months of our wages are stolen fir Gubberment Taxes. Call them the Grabberment. GRAB Everything you got and more.

        • “Those huge CRT monitors are from the 90′s / early 2k.”

          Those monitors are the exact same monitors that were sitting on my desk not more then a year ago.

          • Wow, I haven’t seen those for many years. I really didn’t know that there were any in use these days. I’m not a kid either. I’m in my 40’s and have worked in technology since the early 90’s.

            Something to keep though I might add. I have a bunch of old computers. 286, 386, etc. I wish I still had my 17″ Sony CRT – even though it weighed a ton!

            • CRTs are a fire hazard, unless you open them up occasionally and blow the dust out. Where I used to work, I saw two of them start smoking and almost catch fire. The dust collects and gets damp from humidity. Then you get high voltage arcing.

              CRTs are built like tanks though. I had a lightning surge through my phone line years ago. It destroyed the computer, the drives, the keyboard, even the mouse, but it didn’t hurt the CRT.

              I have a couple stored away, just in case, along with some extra old computers and hard drives.

        • I thought the video of all the serfs packed into their drab cubicles, wearing their drab prison garments, with their forced smiles, while being supervised by the Asian man in a suit, was a very poetic reflection of America, at the very least an ominous glimpse into our future

          • Puff puff pass muh brutha

          • Sir, you do not know the half of it. As a former federal prisoner I am very familiar with UNICOR. I was worked and worked hard for as little as $18 a month. The whole prison/industrial complex is so rotten and exploitive; if I were not now financially ruined I would gladly expatriate and the Empire of Amerika can go to HELL.

          • It seems old Eisencrap is back under a pseudo-name: Acid-face!!

          • Wrong. Floridians voted down a piss-poor written, full of loop holes, “medical” marijuana
            bill that was designed to push full legalization down their throats. You want medical marijuana in Florida find some non-stoners to write a comprehensive bill designed solely to allow the use of pot for true medical situations.

            BTW, aren’t these “wrinkled old shitbags” the ones with glaucoma who would benefit most from medical marijuana? Of course, you’re not really interested in its medical application are you?

        • If prisoners get out and can’t pay off their debts to the prisons, they have to go back to prison. They have to pay for their own medical care in prison even though they make only a little over a dollar/per day! And pay for their own clothes, envelopes($7.00/box) (or is it, $15/box?) all sorts of necessities and often end up in debt before leaving prison. Basically, the corporations never had it so good!

          I keep thinking of that movie, “Shankshaw Redemption” in which this guy was kept in prison because he was an asset to the prison– was really smart– and so they kept making excuses to keep him in prison. The whole system is so totally corrupt!

        • Thus explains the phony “War on Drugs.” Occupancy rates are everything in Private Prison USA INC. The Corporate Aholes invent crime laws to keep the prisons full. FEMA Camp has the same policy. Free Work

          • Excellent comments. The worst of the worst of the exploiters of prison labor is Keeton Corrections Inc. based I believe, out of Tallahassee, Fla. They run misnamed “halfway houses”. I can tell you from experience that KCI is the pinnacle of abusers of prisoners in the Western world. Just the biggest bunch of assholes you can imagine. They make the Bureau of Prisons staff shine by comparison. A man comes out of prison, God knows thats bad enough, then he has to deal with the pack of Devils that run Keeton.

      2. The prison system supports more than just a few US Corporations. It provides jobs for guards, judges,lots of administrative staff, police, DEA agents, etc. Most of these jobs depend on keeping drugs illegal. There are other scams within the prison to extract money from inmates. For example, use of the payphone costs $2.60 for the first minute and 10cents per minute after that (see . There is also the commissary that sells high priced goods that the prisoners covet because the food they get is terrible. The prison system generates lots of jobs and revenues. Could that be the explanation for why the US has the largest prison population in the world? Be very, very careful. You don’t want to end up there, because the police state is always trolling for more victims.

        • One of the biggest myths in American history is that slavery was abolished with the 13th amendment. It says in part – “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

          So what happened is that slavery wasn’t really abolished, the plantation location just changed. And by putting that little phrase in the amendment it incentivized government to enslave people for non violent “crimes” such as smoking naturally occurring plant matter.

          In my opinion the 13th amendment, the 16th amendment and Article 1, Section 8 are an evil trinity of enslavement in the US.

      3. In the history of the world there has never ever been a more evil vile disgusting shithole as the evil Orwellian Corporatist Fascist Police State filthy shithole of collapsing Murica, where brain dead dumbed down chemically altered COWARD PUSSY BOOT LICKING SLAVES fly that disgusting Corporatist Fascist Murican Flag, while they fill their chemcially altered fat asses with disgusting poisonous toxic processed food while consuming useless materialistic shit and watching mindless entertainment and sports. The sad and sickening part is the dumbed down chemically altered toxic dump COWARD PUSSY SLAVES still live in the programmed fantasy that they live in the “Land of the Free, home of the brave”. At what point will the COWARD PUSSY SLAVES wake up and finally realize Murica is the:


        • Ron Ahrens,

          You’re right. Several years ago, I was arrested and charged with misdemeanor disturbing the peace.

          I spent two days in jail before I saw a judge. They appointed me a public “defender” and he recommended that I plead guilty and spend 30 days in jail and then 30 days “community” service. I declined and told the judge that I would hire my own attorney. They immediately let me go with zero bail. I spent about a thousand on an attorney and after three more appearances in court, they closed the case after I agreed to pay over $600.00 in court fees.

          It’s a racket. It really is. All they want are slaves and money.

          • JD
            You got that right, it is a racket.

            30 years ago when I first started, it was you break the law you get a fine. Speeding was $50.00, Battery was $75.00. Hell 5 years ago if you let your dog run at large it was $35.00 now it is $120.00. CAN YOU SAY B.S.

            Today it is $120.00 plus court cost for 20 over the limit. That is why I don’t write tickets any more.
            You have to dig into it and find out where the money goes.

            Todays fines goes to taking care of the animal shelter, to Domestic Battery shelters, To the County for roads (along with county property tax) And the list goes on and on and on!!!

            Today I just give warnings. Now if someone wants to sign a complaint I try to talk them out of it first and then if the can’t be talked out of it. I take it and serve it. 90% of the time when I tell someone that they have to appear in court to testify. They back down, because I tell them it is there complaint and I’m not going to court. Now saying that if it something real bad I will go to court.

            After almost 30 years of doing this job (29) This wasn’t what I had in mind. BEING A REVENUE COLLECTOR! 8 months to go.

            • SGt Dale,
              that is ‘funny’ you say that, My ex, who is USMC vet, served in Vietnam, managed to come back in one piece. Last time I dealt with him, he managed an entire branch of one those Airport service companies. He used to give hell to the police dept and used to call them “revenue agent” LOL. Back then my head was in the clouds, so I disagreed with him.

              • MS. Daisy
                Good to hear from you.
                Wise Marine! Should listen to the man.

                Please tell him thanks for his service.

                Also tell him our generation that fought in Nam in my heart are the Greatest Generation. What other generation has given so much for so little because TPTB wouldn’t let us win, but they did what had to be done not asking for anything in return. Some of our generation gave, but the best gave all!

                • Sgt. Dale,

                  No need for the “Ms.”, Daisy or D. will do. I didn’t know much back then, not that I know now, but I am little bit more aware about certain things. He was awesome and extremely capable guy. I am pro-troops type of person. I don’t care about corporations, government, etc. But I believe the troops need the other half to stand with them because they have no one else. For what it’s worth: May God bless and protect each and everyone of you. You certainly earned it to say the least.

            • got caught with MY dog outside the fence a year or two ago in hesperia, ca, and it cost ME 241$….i asked what if she gets out again?…..fines DOUBLE next time, she said!….needless to say, i don’t have a dog any more.

            • Sgt. Dale,

              I also forgot to mention that the court made me pay for the two Sheriff’s wages for all the time they spent dealing with me. Even fuel costs for the vehicle, etc. They itemized everything to the cent!

              Being obnoxious can cost a lot of dough these days! But, I did learn a valuable lesson for sure and life goes on.

            • The 1968 gun laws began a major change in the criminal justice system. They passed a law that felons couldn’t own guns, and in those days you had to commit a major crime to be classified as a felon, things like murder, rape, attempted murders, armed robbery.

              Once that gun law was passed, the number of crimes being reclassified as felons began growing. They even added victimless crimes. They say there are so many obscure and crazy laws on the books that the average American unknowingly commits dozens of felonies each year that could get them banned for life from owning firearms.

              Creating fascist regulations and laws that strip you of your civil liberties is the ultimate in slavery. Many of these regulations were created out of thin air by unelected bureaucrats. In some cases the police will swat you, confiscate your firearms, ban you for life from buying firearms on the claim of a single individual with no other evidence, but the claim. And you may never get to face your accuser in court.

              The system is totally corrupt!

          • JD,
            …and if you let them believe that you had no money and accepted that rotten deal. While inside, they probably would have set you up for an extension of 60 and another 90 days, etc. to maximize the benefits they suck out of you. They routinely do this to the inmates, even to juveniles. They go in there for say 6 months “behavior modification”, they get set to stay another 11 months, etc. It’s absolutely rotten. Thanks to the good article of the saint who wrote it, I have a better wider perspective as to why I cannot find a Job as hard working, willing to work any job and any pay as I am.
            May this site, it’s management and the great investigative authors be Blessed 1000 folds and every way conceivable to their beautiful amazing minds.

            • Daisy D,

              Yep, they really wanted me to spend time and plead guilty. Sure, I did disturb the peace, but that’s was all. No one got hurt, nothing damaged, etc.

              The moment they heard that my lawyer was coming to pick me up, they fast tracked me out of there so he wouldn’t have to wait – I suppose.

              It took three appearances because after we got the DA to lose the doing time idea, he still wanted community service and getting rid of that took another appearance.

              It finally ended after I agreed to just pay their “costs”.

              • That’s great, man I am so happy for you! You’re a smart guy.

      4. This is wrong!
        Slave labor taking jobs away from Americans.
        If I was a prisoner, manufacturing products and getting paid pennies, I would make sure every item I made was DEFECTIVE, and break the machine I am working on.
        Take away the profit from these greedy bastards!!!

        • All of Murica is a slave labor camp, where brain dead dumbed down fat ass chemically altered toxic dump fascist boot licking COWARD pussies work for Corporatist Fascist money pig filth until they die from processed food chemical poisoning, so no Social Security or retirement needs to be paid out to the COWARD PUSSY BOOT LICKING SLAVES in the evil vile shithole of Corporatist Fascist collapsing Murica.

        • …and once they find out as they will, they’ll then throw you in solitary confinement for a month or 2 to give you the opportunity to “reconsider”. By then, you’d be more than glad to do a good job for maybe even less pennies. I saw a documentary that covered such segment, but in it they said that’s what they do to inmates who refuse to work for a quarter an hour. I can’t remember the title, otherwise I’d post it here.

          Do your best to stay free and with no legal problems.

      5. Civilian inmate labor is cheaper. Their pay is breath. “You want a raise? Then work harder”.

        • Now your talking about a subject I’ve been following since Neil Goldschmidt signed it into Oregon law, turning our prisons into state profit centers.

          It’s hard to study Oregon prison building and corruption, and not wander upon the names Michael Franke or Gov Goldschmidt.

          All calls to the Dept of Motor Vehicles in Oregon are handled by female inmates at a little hole-in-the-wall at the Oregon Women’s Correctional facility. The much larger Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville was built. They quadrupled the space and number of work stations when they moved the women to the new facility.

          There is also a printing shop located in the prison for the men. They make their own prison furniture, as well as office furniture for sale to the public. They pull inmates out for construction jobs, cleanup and road work. The female inmates also make quilts to sell to the public. They consider these low-wage prison jobs “training” and “rehabilitation.”

          There was a commercial blue jeans line called “Prison Blues”. The line was started back in the 80’s by a woman in her home. The product became wildly popular for a while. So popular, in fact, that the DOC (Dept of Corrections) started pulling strings in local govt, ran the woman out of business, then bought her out. “Prison Blues” then became truly, prison blue jeans made by inmates, at prison labor prices. Oregon inmates still wear those jeans today.

          Michael Franke was murdered for his efforts to route out prison corruption at the highest levels. Google the name sometime. You’ll see just how corrupt the entire industrial prison complex really is.

          • That civilian of which I speak is in the mirror, sixpack. A post martial law premonition, so to speak. But I hear you. Anticipation seems to be a lost art.

      6. So I know a middle aged man who is a master machinist that learned his trade as prison labor when he was a youth. He managed to get some college level education there as well and continued it after he got out.

        This is not necessarily bad since it gives real work training to those that may not otherwise get any and provides something useful for the prisoners to be doing. Doing something useful gives a man a sense of self worth, even in prison.

        • Anon,

          Where is he working now? In China?

          • Colorado, in Aerospace work.

            • He’s lucky then.

              A good friend of mine worked for Boeing and MD on the MD-11’s. He was an airframe mechanic. After 20 years, they let him go and hired gangster types to replace him at $8.00 and hour. He was making $25.00 per hour.

              There aren’t enough jobs in this country outside of the military industrial blah, blah.

              • That’s really what they’ve been doing, isn’t it? You either work for the got or you starve.

                While they’ve out-sourced and out regulated our civilian jobs, they’ve greatly expanded the number of govt positions. Anything else available, is low-wage, low to no benefits jobs. Jobs where you still qualify for govt assistance.

                I think this is also by design.

                • I meant, you either work for the govt or starve.

              • “There aren’t enough jobs in this country outside of the military” – and what’s amazing is that the taxpayers pay for the military! They survive on government handouts, yet still use that money to further enslave and profit from you!

        • IN a DEMOCRACY, that’s supposed to be available to everybody, and that’s how people’s chances to stay out of jail are maximized at the first place!Be sure to never utter that crap you just have to a little kid, because he might otherwise decide to kill someone or rape a woman just so he go to prison and “have access to a valuable professional training”.

      7. If you want to end this system, the key is to legalize hemp. Approximately 75% of the inmates in the US prison’s are there for marijuana possession/trafficking. Without this source of cheap labor the ‘privatized’ prison system collapses. The mega law enforcement and drug cartels will collapse as well. Pot is the fuel that powers this un-Holy system and is the key to destroying it.
        Go to Netflix/documentaries/The Culture High for a better understanding of what I am saying.
        Pease and God bless

        • Legalize HEMP???

          HEMP and marijuana to two totally different things. They mey both be members of the cannabis family, but the level of THC in HEMP is so low, you’d have to smoke a bushel of it.

          HEMP should be lagelized, but not to keep people out of prison, but to add a valuable product to be grown be American farmers that could be used by the clothing and other industries.

          • “HEMP and marijuana to two totally different things.”
            Don’t be obtuse old man. Yes there are many varieties of hemp. But marijuana is the one that is used as the excuse to outlaw all hemp, and you cant have one without the other in legalization.
            Go watch that video and then come argue with me. Or not.

            • I agree with you that marijuana is an excuse for outlawing HEMP.

              HEMP wasn’t made illegal because it was related to marijuana, HEMP was made illegal because it was a threat to industry. One of the biggest ones pushing for HEMP to be outlawed was DuPont, because it threatened their business.

              But it doesn’t have to be. The USDA could very easily test the THC level of the HEMP being grown by farmers. The USDA does numerous test on crops now and has inspectors at meat processing plants doing constant inspections.

              • “AOWG”
                Don’t for get the oil industry. Hemp oil burns cleaner and better than oil. It doesn’t cost as much to produce a gallon of hemp fuel as it does making gas out of oil.

                • …and we all know what happens when you threaten the profits of big oil…

        • The gov’t does not want to legalize marijuana on the federal level because they control the illegal drug trade. If it was legal it would take away their huge profit margin and put the power back into the citizens hands. Why else would the feds spend so much time busting up legitimate operations in states where it has been legalized?? Maybe it’s just my theory, but I could just about guarantee you the US gov’t controls a very large portion of the illicit drug market. Think about…the only way to control the drug trade is to CONTROL

          • Think about it the only way to control the drug trade is to CONTROL the drug trade. Its a multi mazillion dollar industry, do you really think they wouldn’t want to get their hands on it. Plus they have the added benefit of using it to fund the prison industrial complex here at home, how people are still able to accept the illusion of freedom is beyond me. Anyone who doesn’t believe this is not only possible but extremely probable, needs to get their head out of the sand

            • Richard Head, I’d say there’s ample information available to prove your theory is true.

              How better to fund black ops, than with dark money made completely off the books? How do you think we fund ISIS and the like?

              The opium business in Afghanistan is absolutely booming, now that he U.S. govt runs it. The truth is, before the U.S. military moved in, Al-Qaida had almost stamped opium production out in Afghanistan….just look at it now.

              All of our supposed efforts to stop the cocaine trade in south America, is simply to destroy the competition. Everyone knows the CIA owns the cocaine trade as well and they damned sure don’t want a bunch of little farmers threatening their profit margin.

              That’s why we have the war on methamphetamine. The govt couldn’t get it’s cut from mom-and-pop labs that it didn’t control, so they pretty much stopped it here, so the Mexican cartels can take over and cut the govt in on their deals. Isn’t that exactly what has happened?

              THE UNITED STATES GOVT IS THE BIGGEST DRUG DEALERS, both pharmaceutical and illicit, in the world.

              And they intend on keeping it that way, no matter how many innocent people they have to bomb.

              • 😉 yep

          • Well someone has a idea of whats really goin on? Govt is biggest drug dealer in country?

        • I wouldn’t mind seeing your sources for that 75%.

          I’m guessing there was substantial criminal activity involved other than just marijuana in the overwhelming majority of them, but I’m fully open to examining any comprehensive factual data you may provide.

          Slanted documentaries trying to push an agenda are not comprehensive factual data, they are slanted documentaries trying to push an agenda. The problem with them is they tend to both be highly selective about what they present and how they present it while also leaving out all the facts regarding what they *do* present on top of it.

          AFIK, mega law enforcement and drug cartels haven’t collapsed in places like California, Washington, and Colorado, they’re still the same or larger than they were before legalization.

          • Go to Netflix and view the documentary ‘The Culture High” hosted by Woody Haralson. Its quite the eye opener and presents facts that I was not aware of. (ps; I’m not a fan of Woody)
            Also please note that in my comment I did say “approximately.”

            • I am not a subscriber to Netflix, and don’t intend to be agains since I got tired of popups trying to get me to use social media and register new profiles, but you and everyone else promoting this ridiculous myth might want to review this article in Rolling Stone: ht tp:// (remove the space between the two “t”‘s since I don’t know how to make an active link post in full)

              From the stats in their article (Myth #8).

              As they point out only about 40,000 inmates have a marijuana conviction (there are 2.2 million in prison in America, and 40,000 isn’t anywhere near 75%, it’s less than 2%) and of those 40,000 only 20,000 are for marijuana alone and they mostly involve trafficking (which means criminal drug gangs) and of the 20,000 total only about 1% are in for possession alone which means that of the 2.2+ million inmates in combined State and Federal prisons only about 200 (roughly .0001%) are in for simple possession and I’d venture most of those are in State prisons and for multiple offenses or possession of large quantities that were plea bargained down to that charge, not first offenses of reasonably small quantities for personal use.

              Actual facts and figures lend themselves to accurate opinions, and it’s never a bad thing to base your thinking on accurate opinions.

              Keep in mind that this is from the Rolling Stone which would be hard to consider an anti marijuana publication.

              • Netfliks don’t do dat, you be thinkin of hulu.

                OOOOOO!! To be shot down with ‘fact’ fron Rolling Stone Mag! The height of irony. Jew owned, Jew edited. Jew disinformation specialist. Liberal PR outlet.

                You need to do some real research and stop swallowing their swill.

                As a side note, anyone who uses the moniker ‘anonomous’ is a shill/troll. Get a real moniker that will stay with you as a identifier in future post’s or risk not being taken seriously.

                • Well. as I said, I’m waiting for some facts to be presented by you and they aren’t.

                  I’m assuming you won’t take issue with those stats and present your own along with sources since you’ve found out they are valid and you’re now backed into an ego corner and don’t want to admit it.

                  And Netflix doing that was why I terminated my service with them after a couple of years, when I complained to them by phone -yes, it can be done but isn’t easy- after complaining several times online they told me it was an “experiment” and they would stop doing it on my account. They didn’t stop after three calls promising they would so I cancelled, I’m not paying someone to be experimented on or to be their product. Since they are still doing fine without me (as I expected they would) I’m assuming that most people like pfishing popups on their paid for service, but I’m not most people.

                  As for Hulu, I only use their free service so I don’t know how their paid service works. I’d try their paid service if they had a better player that didn’t have a propensity to crashing and having to be reloaded to get it going again (at least it does restart where it left off). They ever get that fixed and I will probably try their paid subscription.

                  As a side note: I really don’t care if you take me seriously or not, I have expressed factual data and analysis not some personal opinion (BTW, did you follow that link in the Stone article where that stuff is listed?). But if you want someone to take you seriously, you might want to present the real and factual data when requested instead of evasions and references to restricted materials they don’t have access to.

      8. I’m thinking it wouldn’t be so bad if the mega companies would just pay for their incarceration instead of us!! Just sayin.

        • Actually, these corporation’s get paid for this. When the prisons were privatized they entered into contract with the state and federal gov’s. This contract requires that the state maintains an 80% occupancy level or the state is bound to ‘pay’ for the empty beds. Marijuana is perfect to this end. As a low level intoxicant it provides a never ending harvest of laborers while ruining the lives of otherwise good people. And this needs to stop.

          • but drugs are bad, mmmmmmkayyyy…. I mean haven’t you seen reefer madness, and besides people should be told what they can and cannot do with their own bodies, as long as the gov’t is doing it for everyones own best interests…………..wink wink 😉 😉

            • Ahh Richard, you are one of the more astute commenters on this site. Love sarcasm, keep up the good work.

            • Yes, and the more things the govt can make “illegal”, the more profit it makes off of the backs of otherwise good citizens. REAL CRIMINALS are a small portion of the prison population. They need people who behave and will work, in order to keep the inmate work groups going.

              If prisons were really full of Charles Mansons, James Holmes’, John Wayne Gaceys, Ted Bundy’s and the like, they wouldn’t have such a wide selection of viable slaves that they could trust with a hammer, torch or sewing needle and scissors…now would they?

      9. They also refill our ink cartridges for state printers to the include other things they do. They get some kind of pay, way below what a person on the outside would get.

        I for one am for inmates to learn a trade instead of working out on weights all the time or thinking or evil things to do to one another or the guards. Inmate employment is not killing your job. I suspect they they do minor tasks.

        Call it what you like, inmates have a lot of time on their hands.

        • And those inmates should be paying off their debt TO SOCIETY, to THE PEOPLE, not to big corporation shareholders. There is a big difference there.

          In Oregon, The criminal indictment, or “charging instrument” clearly states that the alleged crime was committed “Against the peace and dignity of the Citizens of The State of Oregon” for a good reason. Think about that.

        • How beauuuutiful, they committed a crime, they get to make a living in Christly Peace. I’ve done nothing and I am on the fucking streets. Nice logic. Allowing them to have a job constitute a recompense for their behavior, and not a punishment. And no wonder so many can’t wait to go back once they are out!

          • Not only that, in North Carolina, it has been if you call for example, operator assistance for help regarding vacation resorts
            and other state tourist information, you are speaking to a female inmate.

            The purpose of corrections is to correct a behavior issue. Unfortunately it is not working because criminal activity is a way of life for some.

            Hasn’t anyone ever heard of inmates pressing License plates? All of my life I’ve heard that.

            • I get that part as many have had a bad childhood full of horrors (although, who hasn’t and that is no excuse)but what about the ones that didn’t do shit and that end up shit hosed for being good as result?!?!?
              The more I learn and the more I find out everything is not what it’s supposed to be.

            • …and just about few months ago, I heard that in CA, the illegals are now allowed to apply for CA Driver’s License!!! I mean it’s not enough that these criminals defecate on the law of land, illegally cross the border, steal jobs, SS#’s, and make a living I and others should be. Now they are given DL’s. This country is becoming a shit hole.

      10. We have; the just us system, civil asset forfeiture, CPS kidnapping, core curriculum, summary execution of man and beast, unsecured bank deposits, laws to protect from liability, rogue foreign policy, rogue legislature, rigged elections, cronyism, corruption, theft by central bank, covert usurpation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, out of control companies and agencies, industry based upon war and surveillance…. It is called Dystopia. If you wanted Utopia, that left in a 57 Chevy, that a way. To a place where they only police compliance to the Constitution and the only bill is your rights. Those that cannot follow instructions turn empires into sand. No Founder could have given a cleaner hand off.

      11. off topic~ F.Y.I.

        on way to church yesterday, a convoy of 16 military vehicles of various types, some green/black, some sand colored.

        driving west on Hwy 64 in Lincoln County, Tennessee.

        Second time I’ve seen this in the past month.

        • “G”
          I’m happy you brought this up.

          Last two week ends choppers, tons of equipment and personnel have been going to the National Guard ground.

          I spoke to a Sgt. and he told me it was annual training. He also said he was happy it had warmed up. I asked him why, and he said because we are training about 6 weeks early. I asked him why and he said he didn’t know. He said that some of the guys might be getting shipped south, but that was just a rumor. I asked him for what he sais he had no idea. Can you say Jade Helm 15?


          • Sgt, This just in.

            JADE (Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution)
            HELM“Homeland Eradication of Local Militants”

            This operation is already in play and is set to go ‘live’ on 16 July 2015.

            Excellent article at titled;
            Proof of What JADE HELM 15 really is and why they are doing it. This is VERY important to read. Your life may depend on it.

            Check it out.

            • Thank you so much!… Still, May God, if He is out there Bless this Country.

              • Forget the country, it’s dead. God save His people is my plea.

                • I meant that, in a sense that even with so many grave problems, we have guys like you who care to share such critical information. And I still believe that in spite of all that’s happening, we have things in this country that we should not take for granted and still continue to appreciate. This site for example. A guy in saudia started a blog to encourage discussing social issues, got busted, 50 lashes a week for a year, several 1000’s of $’s as fine and a year in prison!

          • just had a call last night that a “tourbus type” of bus full of people wearing acu’s drove into the parking lot of the apple valley, ca nat. guard complex yesterday afternoon. he says he drives by there every day, multiple times, and hasn’t been anybody there for months. this weekend he says there were a hundred or so cars(civilian) in the parking lot for the weekend….could be “yearly training”?….or???

      12. I can see giving them train only if they are non repeat offenders. People make mistakes some make worse mistakes than others and end up in prison.

        This training would be for NON VIOLENT CRIMES.

        Now if they get training and get out and work and live a model life so be it, but if they get sent back. Let them set in the little cells staring at the 3 wall and the bars.

        • A lot of us make mistakes and do things that could land us in prison if we we’re unlucky enough to be caught for them. (an across the board spectrum including our leaders and police as well as our bottom end)

          I imagine there are a number of posters here that could testify to that (myself not among them, of course). About half of the things I see school kids getting busted for today were fairly normal or at least legal when I was in school, some maybe meriting a stern talk from teachers or parents instead of being arrested the way it is done now.

          It’s like the dangerously horrible driver that never seems to get a ticket vs. the relatively good driver that almost loses his or her license because they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time too many times.

          • As soon as we coined the phrase “once a criminal, always a criminal”, we literally condemned the people of whom you speak to lifelong oppression. There is no “forgiveness” anymore. One mistake and you’re done for life, even if nobody got hurt or lost anything. That one mistake is kept on record for the rest of your life.

            I personally would like to see all non-violent crimes wiped from the record at some point. Completely wiped. That would allow those people to get a decent job again and give them a chance to live a normal life. At some point, ALL RIGHTS SHOULD BE RESTORED to those who straighten up and fly right.

            The way it is now, it’s a damned trap. A trap for life.

        • I hate to burst your bubble, but there is no such thing as the fairness you are trying to install here. I dealt with the cops, I called to do the right thing, each and every time, I have been handed a report I did not make and that these scums made me sign as I thought they wrote what I reported to them. The fairness fairy tale they display, they usually do when cameras are involved. When there is nobody to watch and report, they do whatever they please. I understand there are cops who still have A conscience. But not that many. Not any more. Just recall what happened in Ferguson. Cops were openly harassing journalists and intimidating them into not recording what was about to take place. When criminal looters were sowing complete chaos, the cops where nowhere to be found. NOWHERE. They showed in force to repress the peaceful protesters. And that is a methaphor for how thing are run throughout the rest of the country.

          • Amen to that, DaisyD.

      13. Several Large earthquakes this AM around Japan and Taiwan.

      14. It is hard to balance a penal system that is self sustaining against taking jobs away from the private sector. Worst case is the taxpayer keeps up the prison system while the corporations fatten their bottom line with cheap labor.

      15. Yesterday the MSM commemorated the bombing of the Federal Building in OKC. But no mention of the murder of the children and women at Waco. The Davidians did not set fire to their own residential building. The Feds finally admitted, under oath, that the FBI fired over 200 tear gas grenades into the building, causing the build up of highly flammable fumes. Tanks were used to destroy the exits. Then Delta Force Operators (to their everlasting shame) were brought in to machine gun people fleeing the fire out the back door. The murders were caught on infrared video taken by British SAS, flying overhead. I once knew an attorney who represented some of the survivors. I also knew an intelligence NCO, who investigated some of the crimes.

        • “P”
          Wasn’t Randy Weaver in this time frame too?

          • Yes. And the same ATF actors were also involved.

            • “P”
              The best one was the Boston TEA Party.
              I thinking it might be time for another Tea Party.

              • Only if we can dump the ATF in the drink…

      16. Time to fire the prison/court/police/jail labor cartels.Legalize ALL drugs and watch crime and bullshit drop.Some will od and die/some will still commit crimes though not for drug money to feed habit/some will still drive oui/dui,this happens regardless.I do not want to be robbed to feed someones drug habit,am robbed daily of taxes and freedoms to fight the so called war on drugs.
        The pharm industry are the worst drug dealers with bought off pols to force folks to take their poison,end this also.
        You can disagree but do not then be a hypocrite,outlaw booze and tobacco,two biggest killers drug wise in US and alcohol causes the most social programs.
        As long as not endangering others say behind the wheel stoned/drunk what another person uses is nobodies else’s business.

        • …as long as they’re consenting adults. Perfect post WCD.

      17. Don’t see a whole a lot of difference between corporate and prison slavery.

        • There is a little difference: With corporate, one gets to go home at the end of the day and still have the power to quit. Prison slavery, they are going nowhere, they can’t call in sick, they can’t quit, considering the alternative and who knows what else?

      18. This is what happens to a society that lets its government criminalize its lawful, and criminalize constitutional law ,and push negativity and set up the well-regulated militias to fail

      19. This is what happens to a society that lets its government criminalize its lawful, and criminalize constitutional law ,and push negativity and set up the well-regulated militias to fail

        Prosecutors drop robbery case to preserve stingray secrecy in St. Louis

        Prosecutors in St. Louis, Missouri, have seemingly allowed four robbery suspects to go free instead of explaining law enforcement’s use of a stingray in court proceedings.

        The St. Louis case provides yet another real-world example where prosecutors have preferred to drop charges instead of fully disclose how the devices, also known as cell-site simulators, work in the real world. Last year, prosecutors in Baltimore did the same thing during a robbery trial.

        WHY? because its a clear violation of our BILL OF RIGHTS..!

        This revelation strongly suggests that the St. Louis Police Department has an agreement along the lines of one recently revealed in a court case in Erie County, New York. In that case, a rare unredacted form demonstrated the full extent of the FBI’s attempt to quash public disclosure of stingray information. The most egregious example from the document showed that the FBI would prefer to drop a criminal case in order to protect secrecy surrounding the stingray.
        Brandon Pavelich, one of the victims who was pistol-whipped and needed 18 stitches, told the Post-Dispatch that “he was ‘shocked’ when prosecutors told him the charges were dropped and explained only that ‘legal issues’ had developed.”

        I say its time we the people obtain one of these “sting ray” devices and start using it to listen into all the cell phones of the cops, the Judges, Lawyers, and politicians ..

        because obviously its a very useful device they are just trying to find a way to push it on us ,, we should be watching the watchers ..big time

        technology is a two way street

        • I’ve heard there is a way to defeat these devices using some sort of setting in the phone (maybe only certain phones or with certain carriers?).

          If so I’d like to hear about it from anyone here that knows the what and how of it. I’m a very light phone user myself, no smart phone and only have a prepaid 20 dollar “burner” type of voice phone that I use about a maximum of 30 minutes a month (usually less) but I would still like to know how to do this.

          I do know that I had all kinds of trouble losing my cell signal at home (I’m about a half mile from the tower, not in a fringe area) a year of so ago and had to keep calling my carrier at the time (T-Mobile) to have them do something that reset something not having to do with my phone itself in order to use it. Lately I’m wondering if it could have been caused by one of these things operating in the area. (I’m not paranoid and don’t think I’m on some sort of list to be spied on, I’m way too boring in my old age for that)

      21. Im tired now, I go away. see you in the next comments section, or tomorrow. Which ever one comes first

      22. How soon will they be importing prisoners from India on H1B visas to work for 40% of what they are paying the US prisoners?

      23. Just about every federal signage, from ‘Stay On Trail’ and vehicle license plates, to the US seal you see on the presidential podium at press conferences, is made by prison labor through Unicor.

        If you want to buy furniture for a fed office, you’d better use Unicor-sourced goods or have to justify any other vendor.

      24. IMO NAFTA was the beginning of the end for the American worker. This horror was supposed to help working people in several nations, instead the standard of living fell in all. NAFTA was signed into law on January 1, 1994 by George H.W. Bush but it was not written by him. Clinton was highly involved in the writing of the bill but left office before signing it. By the time this is all over, God help us all ! We have been sold out by both political parties !

      25. “[M]any of America’s prisons are nothing more than slave labor camps. In many prisons the inmates are employed at slave labor wages, anywhere from 22 cents to a $1.10 and hour. Prisoners are “employed” making boxes, stickers, license plates, mattresses, canned goods, textiles, road signs, etc., all to be sold on the open market. Their employer, the Federal Government, d.b.a. UNICOR (trade name for Federal Prison Industries, Incorporated), does not pay social security, unemployment, workmen’s compensation, health insurance, pensions, or holiday or vacation pay. They also do not have to pay income tax on their profits.

        “Someone is likely to respond: “So what! Why shouldn’t such criminals, at the very least, be used in this fashion? Why should they deserve decent wages in light of their crimes?” That is precisely how the Federal Government wants you to think about it. The arrangement between UNICOR and the prisons is just another means by which private enterprise is being destroyed in America. The average private businessman is unable to fairly compete on the open market against such a setup….”

        For more, see free online book “Prisons: Shut Them All Down” at

      26. I don’t think Mac is right. I stil think there’ plenty of creepy low-paying customer service jobs in the outside world.

      27. Mac Slavo: “Not only is it a shame that this has become reality, but that those running the system are proud enough of it to advertise it as the industry’s ‘best kept secret.’

        “How many other dark secrets are lurking behind the stagnate and hopeless job economy?”

        Well, isn’t this the way people want it ? How many times do you here people say: “Well, those criminals should be in jail!” and “There oughta be a law against that!” ??

        God forbid we do it The Almighty’s way. After all, “We The People” know best, don’t they ?

        The Almighty’s Law and Judgment System provides for restitution to the victim or public execution for capitol crimes. It doesn’t allow for a jail or prison system where all of society has to pay for the crimes (victim-less or otherwise) by picking up the tab for the prisons and ALL costs associated thereto, with little to NO RESTITUTION to the victim.

        Root of the overall problem: Enter The Constitution:

        This power to decide what is right and wrong and determine the punishments (e.g., prisons), was usurped by the god “We The People” via the constitution’s (fed or state) grant of this power to congress, state legislatures, etc.

        The legislative process provided by the various federal and state constitutions was the vehicle used by the enemy to corrupt over time (via gradual increments) and finally take over.

        This nation wanted to determine what was “good and evil” instead of enforcing His Perfect Moral Laws.

        Malim in se (evil in and of itself as defined by The Great I Am, the ONLY lawgiver) vs. malim prohibitum (evil because someone determines or legislates it to be evil).

        The door was opened and the process began when we decided “We The People” should be god (sovereign) and decide what is to be the supreme law of the land, instead of obeying The Great I Am.

        The result ?  Now we live under Corporate Fascism !

        Look around.  His Judgments are what you see.  As this article well exhibits.

        The only way to save this nation (as well eliminate the unjust prison system, private or otherwise) is to turn back to Him, His Perfect Moral Laws, Statutes and Judgments, i.e., His Kingdom/Will On Earth.

        “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, And I will give you rest. Take My yoke (i.e., His Law 1 John 5: 2 & 3, as well as His tithe [tax] sytem) upon you , and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart; and ‘YOU SHALL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS.’ (Jer. 6: 16). My yoke is easy, and My load is light.” Matthew 11: 28 – 30.

        He told us that if His people ” … shall humble themselves (e.g., quit thinking we’re the sovereign, take our proper place and quit usurping His), and pray, and seek my face (e.g., He’s to be the ONLY law giver), and turn from their wicked ways (e.g., seek His Kingdom/Will and promote the enforcement of His Laws, Statutes and Judgments); THEN will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

      28. Chris,
        If he is as “great I am” as he claims, what stops him form getting off his rear and helping out?!?! People tried to follow the law of the creator and ended up in the scumbag’s hand known as the catholic church. 1000’s of people have been stripped of their belongings and burnt alive for doing things such as speaking out on a victims’ behalf or for teaching their children the “our father” in their native tongue, etc. Look up the inquisition, or better, pick up a book that covers the subject. Romans 8:28 says that “in all things, God works for the good of those who love him and who are called according to his purpose.” 1000’s if not millions of people do the right thing and pray, and shit has yet to happen in their favor. I stopped praying for at least a year now. For all the real attempts to go by the Bible, all I got is eat shit, and lots of it. 1000’s like me are doing the same thing while being accused of being “free loader” while the real scumbags who have been and still are looting the country while not doing the shit to serve the public and being sadly feared and hailed as heroes.

        • DaisyD,

          You’re correct about the Catholic church (catho = uni or one – Paganism & a little bit of Christianity mixed in to “one” or unified) being an anti God of the Bible, that it has done, and continues to do, many, many terrible things.

          Moreover, it’s pagan to the core.

          Here’s just a few things that show its pagan roots:

          HUGE Obelisk (phallic symbol) in the middle of the center court at The Vatican.

          The Vatican admits in their own brochures that the statue of “Peter” is really a statue of Zeus or Jupiter.

          It was catholicism, via Constantine, that brought such pagan holidays and rituals as the winter solstice celebration in worship of the sun god (a.k.a. Christmas) and Easter (Astarte, goddess of fertility) to the realm of Constantine’s rule, which continues to this day in direct contrast to His law forbidding such practices by most so called “Christian denominations” (e.g., Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists, etc.), which are really denominations of Catholicism, directly or indirectly.

          It was Constantine that was the first Pope in early 4th Century, NOT Peter.

          Catholicism denies The Deity of Christ, by only crediting Him with being the Son and not The Almighty incarnate.

          However, the subject matter here is what’s happened to America and how did this prison thing get out so of hand ? Catholicism and it’s reign of wickedness is a whole other subject and can’t be done justice addressing it here.

          When America was adhering to His Laws, Statutes and Judgments in the 1600s and earl to mid 1700s, we were prospering and wickedness was suppressed, for the most part.

          Go back and read my comment again as to where we went wrong via usurping the power of law making from Him via the legislative process provided by the creation by the god “We The People” (fed & state constitutions), a.k.a., idolatry. When it comes to worshiping a god, think statutes, not statues.

          As I stated above, this was accomplished over time, by gradual increments, but it started in 1789.

          From your statements in your reply, it appears as though you forgot something while praying for deliverance: REPENTANCE !

          All the praying in the world, while telling Him to kiss off and we know best isn’t going accomplish anything except His wrath.

          “God is not mocked; a man (or a woman, or men and women as a hole nation) can not sin (transgess His law – 1 John 3: 4) and get by.”

          While praying, were you trying to seek Him and His Perfect Moral Laws, Statutes and Judgments ? Were you caught up in some form of “Fundamentalist Christianity” ?

          Isn’t it the “Fundamentalist Christians”, “New Testament Only Christians”, Baptists, Methodist, etc., etc., that teach the lie that God’ Laws, Statutes and Judgments have been done away with, “are contrary to us”, etc., etc., when Christ Himself said the exact opposite (Matthew 5: 17-19) ??

          What, He didn’t get the memo ??!

          “Unless they speak to the Law and the testimonies, there is no light in them.” Isaiah 8: 20.

          This nation has become “twice the sons of hell” as those who have proselytized it.

          Moreover, this nation as a whole hates the truth (especially the so called “Christians”) and because it does, here’s what’s happened to it:

          Because they do not have a love of the truth, God has sent them a strong delusion, so that they will believe what is false in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in lawlessness. 2 Thessalonians 2: 10 – 12.

          You can’t, in essence, flip Him “the bird”, and expect deliverance by Him anytime soon. You’ll get the opposite!

          “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of The Almighty.”

          • Chris,
            Thanks so much for A Great post. And I really mean that. But(not to cancel what you said),You’ve been speaking to the Choir brother. You would not believe my story with Christ if I tell you. You simply won’t, you’d probably think I am a crook out to scam someone, it’s that wild! I am very familiarized with the bible especially the NT. And I know about repentance and 2 way street forgiveness that I have been practicing ever since I was born again.
            From what I experienced, the more I tried and persist in my walk with him and the more crushing I sustained, it simply never ends. Now all I have left is my figurative underwear, everything else he took, and I didn’t have much to begin with. The bible says (OT, …”if you obey, you will be blessed when you go out and bless when you come in”, “you will be the head and not the tail”, “your enemies will come at you from one direction and flee in 7 …”. The NT says in Matthew 7:7, “ask and you shall receive.”. In practice, it simply is not happening and I am not asking for winning lottery ticked either, nor have been sitting on my rear and waiting for things to happen as I am xtremely physical person to put it mildly. And on and one. Do you know that 2/3 of the world population is living on either a dollar or 50 cents a day??!?! and here they are, claiming that hunger, poverty and starvation are no more. Half of the people who are jailed in prison in the US probably did not do anything but just have been set up in one way or the other, so files will be closed. Many have been proven to be innocent after the DNA testing came to light, etc. Where is the goodness and the justness he links to himself?
            This nation claims to be One, and Under God. If anything it is not one and if anything it is not, under God! They give hell to anybody that shows (or DOES NOT) affinity to communism but they go out and ship jobs, entire industrial plants along with this country’s trade secrets to China!!! as if that is not f-ed up enough they go out and borrow money from the communists. Half of this country’s debts are owed to that evil empire. And the list goes on.
            And I do get your explanation of idolatry that is practiced on government level. thank you for taking time as I was unaware of it from the angle you considered.
            Thank you so much.

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