Price of Food & Gasoline Goes Higher: The Trend Will Continue

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    The price of food and gasoline will continue to creep higher as inflation has an effect on the costs of necessities. Those who are already living paycheck to paycheck will not be able to escape the effects of the government’s response to the scamdemic.

    Since the goal is impoverishment, the government knew exactly what they were doing when they shut down small businesses and allowed the big box stores to stay open as “essential.”

    The reasons behind the increases are myriad but generally can be traced back to one or more consequences of the pandemic: Logjams in the world’s supply chain are one culprit. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development found that global shipping dropped last year, the first decrease since 2009. “The short-term outlook for maritime trade is grim. Predicting the pandemic’s longer-term impact as well as the timing and scale of the industry’s recovery is fraught with uncertainty,” the organization warned. –NBC News

    Phil Lempert, the founder of, warned that shoppers shouldn’t expect any relief on their wallets any time soon. “I think food prices are going to continue to increase for probably a good year, year and a half,” he predicted. “Our costs are going to go up for food production,” he said.

    Another contributor to escalating food costs is the rising price of oil and gasoline. In order to supply grocery stores with food, suppliers must truck it in. That means there’s a higher demand for the current supply of gasoline. Once the scamdemic restrictions began to ease, the demand for gasoline bounced back more quickly than oil producers could increase production, leading to an upward march for prices, even with millions of people still not taking business trips or commuting to work.

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      1. No! Say it ain’t so. Between the pipeline getting cancelled and Bill Gates buying up farmland it’ll get worse. Stock up why you can.

      2. In a sublet, the size of an ordinary backyard, and with less than $100 worth of irrigation, I filled several pickup loads (to the top of the camper) for charity, with spotless produce.

        Until it was overrun with ungrateful invaders.

        In spite of so many conspiracy theories about soil fertility, all of the classical amendments still work, bountifully.

      3. who cancelled the keystone xl pipeline was it the jackass called biden?

      4. As a farmer and food producer, my costs have got higher and the price for what I produce has not shifted. In fact, here in the uk pork prices have plummeted. Unless, of course, your on a contract with the big boys. 150kg sows making £5 at market whilst the 3rd world starves??? It’s all geared towards either being in their pockets or get out. They may get it when they realise that food doesn’t magically appear on a supermarket shelf.

        • Long live farmers. Let’s all support them.

      5. How could politicians have known that $7 trillion in funny money would cause inflation? (sarc)

      6. That’s why I keep growing garden. This earth was created for us, to sustain us, no matter what. Also, I keep myself informed learning more amazing ways to live off the land. Eventually the elite (lol) will get the message that all their money in the world won’t save their sorry evil assholes. They will die to.

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