Price Of Diesel Reaches ALL-TIME HIGH Impacting The Supply Chain

by | May 3, 2022 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    The price of diesel has reached an all-time high and it won’t take many more weeks before the supply chain starts to feel the pressure. On Monday, the average price of a gallon of diesel fuel reached $5.321.

    The trucking industry relies heavily on the use of diesel fuel. The trucks that deliver food and other supplies from warehouses to retail stores require diesel and the more expensive it gets, the more it costs to eat and live.  With food prices already skyrocketing, this is just one more nail in the coffin of our society.

    Compared to a year ago when the average price of diesel was $3.086 a gallon, prices now are about 72 percent higher, according to data released by AAA. Craig Fuller of Freight Alley says that the average owner-operator doing 7,000 miles per month at around 6.5 MPG has seen his fuel bill jump by about $1,800 per month since the beginning of 2022, according to a report by Natural News. 

    Costs are going to be passed down to consumers. “I really don’t see the situation improving drastically anytime soon,” warned Patrick DeHaan, the head petroleum analyst at GasBuddy. “It certainly will take time and additional refining capacity to boost up the supply of diesel and jet fuel back to adequate levels.”

    While the situation in Ukraine is certainly not helping matters any, Faulkner emphasized that the problem is also a result of “policies right here at home.”

    “If truckers cannot afford to drive, then goods do not move,” Faulkner warns as the bottom line. Runaway inflation, it turns out, is a product of the Federal Reserve’s corrupt monetary policies, which date back more than 100 years to the time when it was first created.

    Eventually, the shelves will empty at most grocery stores. It will become difficult to find the things you normally have ease in purchasing.  The writing on the wall was there once lockdowns were used to “slow the spread” of the scamdemic. It became obvious at that point that the ruling class is coming for both our food and our health and they will enslave us using the fear of starvation or death.


    Get your preps. Time is running out to stockpile nutrient-dense high-calorie foods for the upcoming food supply shortages.


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      1. Drive electric trucks instead of diesel ones and you solve the problem.

        • Electric vehicles are nice but are not economical to make or buy. Reliance on fossil fuel power from the grid to run them. Some of the grid is renewable, but most of it is Natural Gas, Coal and nuclear. The batteries are made from mined minerals that are labor and power intensive to get, along with fossil fuel powered manufacturing… Not as green as you have been led to believe. Power and batteries are not free.

          • ” Power and batteries are not free.”

            Well, they should be.

        • hang yourself and a bigger problem solved

      2. Hmm, I bought a mid size pickup 4 yrs ago just for the heck of it that has a 4 cyl diesel in it. Great mileage, great road handling, probably one of the best pu’s that I’ve purchased or drove in a lot of years. I could drive my wife’s 10 yr old Chevy equinox , it gets the same mileage as my pu, but the way Biden and his liberal democratic communist handlers is screwing up the economy, even that will be too expensive to drive.

      3. “Get your preps. Time is running out to stockpile nutrient-dense high-calorie foods for the upcoming food supply shortages.”

        agree. the time is short now. between fuel costs and prices and coming food and agriculture shortages; its not going to be year end before enough of the public is aware that hoarding starts and you better be able to make it a month if you dont have the funds to pay the food prices that shortages, inflation and production/transportation costs turn out to be. i would not be suprised to see a pound of ground beef double or triple and only be available for about 24 hours when the truck comes in until it is bought out.

      4. I’ve been saying since last year on this site and others – $280/bbl crude by May, ’22. $28/gallon fuel price; another way of saying “fuel for the masses will be long gone by May – or very soon”.

        • Things would fall apart and drastic, most likely totalitarian, governmental changes would take place before that price is reached.

          Things could even get violent, if such a thing is possible in a nation such as ours. And when things get violent it is the most unhesitatingly violent that come out on top, they’re the winners of the situation.

      5. Mass starvation. Coming soon to your plate too. Have been describing the genocide/depopulation by STARVATION TO DEATH on this site and others for many years. Starvation “does not discriminate”!!
        Happy starvation folks, because here it comes! No oil, no food, no more grotesquely morbidly obese whales. In fact, the actual (great) whales in the oceans are actually washing up on the world’s shores dead in mass numbers – emaciated, STARVED TO DEATH!!! Common theme.

        The powers that be realize there are not enough recoverable oil reserves left to continue allowing the masses a cut of that oil each day. SOLUTION: get rid of the useless consumers. Starve them to death. By the time the useless consumers finally realize they’re being eliminated, they’ll be to weak from malnutrition to put up any fight. The stupidity and cognitive dissonance today is mind boggling. Good riddance.

        • I agree. There is a million plus tons of grain in ukraine waiting to be shipped but can’t. People refuse to be responsible so It looks like the rulers have to step in and make them be. God damm I hope after I die I get sent to a planet with intelligent life!

          • With my wife and my doggie too of course!

      6. If you idiots want to blame someone for high gas prices, start with the oil companies. Of course, you dipshits only want to blame EVERYTHING on Biden, so anything will do, right? Truth be damned! Gas prices are up GLOBALLY, dumbasses. Last time I checked, Biden was not president of the world…

        • So what would you have the oil companies do, and how would they do it?

          Drill, baby, drill?

          That’s what they were doing before Biden reversed the Trump era decisions that allowed them to do it, taking us from a petroleum exporting country to a petroleum importing one that is dependent on others for our oil.

          You can show otherwise by presenting real facts if you disagree, and I will consider those facts in my future opinions.

          • The oil companies price their product on the world market. They sell to the highest bidder and not just to US customers. It doesn’t matter if the US oil companies find more oil or not if the rest of the world is finding less. It will always be sold to the customer who pays the most. It’s free market capitalism.

            The only way you can have lower prices here is if the oil companies are nationalized. Russia has lower domestic fuel prices. So does Venezuela and Iran and Saudi Arabia. Their oil production is all nationalized. They also subsidize the fuel prices for their own population. But that is called socialism.

        • it’s called the petro-dollar, world reserve currency.

          • The petrodollar is likely to become a thing of the past soon, no matter how hard we fight to keep supreme.

            And as the petrodollar disappears, the United States as we know it goes with it. It won’t be a pleasant to time live through (a decent chance most people won’t).

        • Don’t blame us for your voted-for-Brandon BUYER’s REMORSE. I visited CA recently and paid over $6.00 per gallon for diesel – not fun. Any sentient being knows Brandon & his Parade of Idiots ruin darnn near everything they touch (think the reverse-Midas-touch).

          Research the electric-semi-truck proposal. It is NOT economically viable and likely does not conserve.

        • Its not the oil companies u dumb bastard. Biden decided to stop pipelines from Canada an ally and you go on your hands and knees to get more oil from Venezuala a country that nationalized oil a few years ago. whether you like it or not, the world still requires petroleum products for 95% of energy needs. And for idiots like you, you can’t fix stupidity.

        • Dipshit, Resident Poopy Pants first day in office cancelled the keystone pipeline, banned all new drilling on federal lands for fracking so tell us another good one DarTard!

      7. If someone wants an electric vehicle they can go get one, I don’t care. But electric vehicle technology is still a very long way off to replace a diesel or even gasoline engine. And the cost to own one is still prohibitive for 90+% of the population. And just as we are all subject to high gas prices, if we all drove electric vehicles we would be subject to extremely high electric rates. The cost of the necessary rare earth metals to build electric vehicle would also hugely increase.
        I keep hearing the gov’t and MSM call electric vehicles “emissionless”, this is false and they know it. The tail pipe is the stack at the power plant. Let’s think about this, if electric vehicles are the panacea for all modern traveling and transport problems then let’s have electric trains going everywhere, electric semi trucks, electric conveyers for people in cities instead of traffic, etc. Of course that would mean start building hundreds and hundreds of new power plants every decade (wind and solar would produce far too little and not be as reliable). But the cost of electricity would be many times what it is now (the permitting process to build a single conventional power plant is up to 10 years, a nuke plant can take up to 20 years, a nuke disposal facility can take 40 years and cost untold millions of dollars). Since the US refuses to build breeder reactors nuke waste would also increase much.
        Coal is the byproduct of millions and millions of years of accumulated ancient forests. However, it is erroneously taught oil is from ancient prehistoric animal life. Many geologists now believe it is abiotic, that it does not come from ancient animal life. Though carbon based, it is slowly formed in the geologic processes down in deep fissures in areas of the earth and works its way up. Oil fields may be pumped out faster than it is being replaced so the assumption was that oil is not renewable. However, if left alone many areas gradually replenish. Rightfully, oil should be used efficiently, just as any natural resource.
        What all this is really all about is the globalists want to reestablish a feudal like society. Serfs were powerless, owned nothing, could only go so far on foot so they were rooted where they were, and therefore easily controlled. Authoritarian gov’ts despise the ability of people to travel (note all authoritarian regimes require internal passports to move around in even short distances).
        This is what could really happen. The PTB succeed in eliminating oil as a major power source, but at the same time only allow limited alternative electrical supply to be built. They don’t want the masses to travel, they large economies, nor large scale transport systems. Technical inhibitors would be placed in electric cars to limit distance of travel per charge.
        We’ve already heard officials bemoan the fact that the internet exists, they don’t like unfettered talk radio. They want your world to be very small and very local.

      8. Hello everybody except you Mr. DARWIN. Wanted yalls opinion, I’m drinking beer all day and pass out on friends couch around 12am, done so a number of times. So, I’d say around 2am I had to use the toilet and I get up from couch and head to bathroom. Mind u folks, I’m still plastered and somehow proceeded to open basement door which is located before bathroom door which is on right side 5 ft. away. It was totally dark and head first fell down the flight of steps with my fists in front of me and was able to stop from smashing my face into cinderblock wall. Devine intervention or adrenaline? Again, was still 3/4 drunk still.

        • Think I’ve been down the same trail – not sure I always got my fists up in time. Great story & took my mind off the darkness coming from Darwin. Thanks.

      9. Oil companies in the Gulf are also shipping Diesel to Europe creating more of a shortage here. This is all being done by design. No fuel=No Food it’s that simple.

        • Give some consideration to what no fuel will bring more of than what it will bring less of.

          You’ll find the true objective of these deliberately created shortages there, it’s one more move in the larger chess game we are all an unwitting part of.

      10. Yep. Everything’s been looking up since braindead Brandon and his jolly crew of idiots: food prices, gas, electricity, rent…

        • You do know that Trump really won.

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