Pressure: “Culpable For Our Bubble Economy And Trying To Shift Blame Before A Collapse”

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: What goes up must come down. This action has been planned for sometime. It is clear that the Federal Reserve pushed the QE liquidity bubble to its absolute extremes during the Obama years, knowing all along that it would simply raise rates once the ride was over. Now that this is beginning to happen, at the timing of the Fed’s choosing, it is being dumped on the Trump Administration. And President Trump has been shaping the narrative for his fight against the bank’s policies since the during his campaign.

    Who really is pulling the strings in such a battle? Will there be any meaningful reforms (The Dodd Frank Act was a half-measure at best)? Will the popped bubble crash the economy and leave Americans stranded? Only time will tell.

    In A Battle Between Trump And The Federal Reserve, Who Really Wins?

    by Brandon Smith

    As a part of the increasingly obvious set-up of conservative movements by international banking interests and globalist think-tanks, I have noticed an expanding disinformation campaign which appears to be designed to wash the Federal Reserve of culpability for the crash of 2008 that has continued to fester to this day despite the many claims of economic “recovery.”  I believe this program is meant to set the stage for a coming conflict between the Trump Administration and the Fed, but what would be the ultimate consequences of such an event?

    In my article ‘The False Economic Recovery Narrative Will Die In 2017’, I outlined the propaganda trap being established by globalist owned and operated media outlets like Bloomberg, in which they consistently claim that Donald Trump has “inherited” an economy in recovery and ascendancy from the Obama administration.  I thoroughly debunked their positions and “evidence” by showing how each of their fundamental indicators has actually been in steady decline since 2008, even in the face of massive monetary intervention and fiat printing by the Fed.

    My greatest concern leading up to the 2016 election was that Trump would be allowed to win because he represents the perfect scapegoat for an economic crisis that central banks have been brewing for years. Whether or not Trump is aware of this plan cannot yet be proven, but as I have mentioned in the past, his cabinet of Goldman Sachs alumni and neo-con veterans hardly gives me confidence.  In the best case scenario, Trump is surrounded by enemies; in the worst case scenario, he is surrounded by friends.

    Trump’s loyalties, though, are a secondary issue for now.  The primary focus of this article is to discern whether or not a battle between Trump and the Fed will result in a net positive or a net negative for the public.  My position is that any action against the Fed should have happened years ago, and that today, the Fed is nothing more than a sacrificial appendage of a greater globalist agenda.  Meaning, conservative groups should be aware that a victory over the Fed is not actually a victory over the globalists.  In fact, the globalists may very well WANT a war between the Fed and the White House at this time.

    First, some facts need to be established to counter the propaganda claims that the Fed is some kind of  innocent victim of a rampaging President Trump or “misguided” conservative rhetoric.

    The Scapegoat Setup Continues

    The latest extension of the Fed’s propaganda has been initiated, of course, by the mainstream media and liberals in general; you know, the same people that were applauding the (in some cases misguided) efforts of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  With Trump’s negation of the Dodd-Frank Act, the media has been looking for any opportunity to assert that Trump is either acting to enrich his corporate friends or that he is an idiot man-child when it comes to matters of business and economics.

    This led to some sniping by Elizabeth Warren and Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen‘s testimony before congress last week.  The argument?  That Trump was wrong or “lying” when he said that Dodd-Frank had frozen loans from major banks.  You can see the glee in media outlets over the stab; a recent article by Vanity Fair, which seemed to focus more on snide ankle biting of Trump than concrete evidence, is a perfect example.

    Now, in Trump’s defense (or at least, in defense of his position), Yellen is actually the one lying, here.  While it is true that commercial lending has expanded, her claim that small business loans have improved is simply false.  Even Bloomberg begrudgingly acknowledges that small business loans have fallen by at least 6% since the passage of Dodd-Frank.  In Obama’s favorite liberal home-base, Chicago, loans to small neighborhood businesses declined by 49% between 2008 and 2014.

    In 2015, Yellen herself argued that small business loans were in decline because small business owners “don’t want loans anymore.”   This is a bit like the Bureau of Labor Statistics arguing that over 95 million unemployed working age Americans should not be counted as unemployed in their stats because they really “don’t want a job.”  It is an attempt to muddy the waters on the greater issue, which is that the U.S. economy is in considerable danger.

    You see, I don’t think Trump was debating that major corporations and banks were not receiving ample loans, I think he was primarily pointing out the disparity in small business loans and personal loans.  Yellen and the mainstream media attempted to use one data point — commercial loans, to dismiss the entire debate over loan stagnation.

    The Fed Is Culpable For Our Bubble Economy And Trying To Shift Blame Before A Collapse

    The fact is, we all KNOW that major corporations and banks have been flooded with ample loans, and much of this capital was conjured out of thin air by the Fed itself through fiat creation and near zero interest rates.  We know this because of the $16 trillion in loans made to companies around the world exposed by the revealing (but limited) TARP audit.  We also know this because much of these loans have been used to inflate the stock market bubble for the past few years through endless stock buybacks that most companies never would have been able to afford otherwise. We also know that the mainstream investment world is aware of the importance of these loans because they started to panic as the Fed announced its ongoing program of interest rate hikes.

    Beyond that, we know that the Fed’s low interest loans and culture of circular inbred lending between corporations and banks have been instrumental in keeping stocks hyperinflated, because Fed officials have OPENLY ADMITTED that this is the case.  As Richard Fisher of the Dallas Fed stated in an interview with CNBC:

    “What the Fed did — and I was part of that group — is we front-loaded a tremendous market rally, starting in 2009. It’s sort of what I call the “reverse Whimpy factor” — give me two hamburgers today for one tomorrow. I’m not surprised that almost every index you can look at … was down significantly.” [Referring to the results in the stock market after the Fed raised rates in December 2015.]

    “…I was warning my colleagues, “Don’t go wobbly if we have a 10-20 percent correction at some point. … Everybody you talk to … has been warning that these markets are heavily priced.”

    So, again, the issue is not whether or not banks are lending, we know they are lending, they just aren’t lending to the people that need it most.

    I think Fisher was dishonest in his evaluation of the extent of the consequences of the Fed bubble and that a 10% to 20% drop in equities is an absurd underestimation.  But setting aside the “little white lies”, it is at least widely available knowledge that the Federal Reserve initiated a corporate loan free-for-all, knowing that the supposed benefits were limited in scope as well as in duration.  They know that a crash is coming, and they have been stalling until they can find the right scapegoat to divert blame.  That scapegoat is Trump, and by association, all conservatives.

    As far as Dodd-Frank is concerned, the act was supposed to be a primer for stopping destructive behavior in the financial sector, more specifically in derivatives.  Yet, in spite of Dodd-Frank, banks like Citigroup are STILL bloated with derivatives after receiving at least $476 billion in taxpayer funds to stop them from going bankrupt for the very same irresponsibility.

    Dodd-Frank accomplished absolutely nothing in terms of what it was mandated to do.  I believe the only true purpose of Dodd-Frank was to distract everyone from Ron Paul’s Fed audit bill, which was gaining major traction at the time.

    Liberals And The Fed Become Bedfellows?

    So, why does Trump’s undercutting of Dodd-Frank even matter?  As outlined above, it is a propaganda point for the establishment to perpetuate the narrative that Trump is incompetent, that the people who support him are incompetent, and that when the economy does shift into greater crisis it will be his fault and the fault of conservatives.  It is also a springboard for the Federal Reserve to “attack” Trump, as shown in Yellen’s congressional testimony.

    I also find it interesting that through the Dodd-Frank issue as well as others, leftists are being galvanized in support around the Federal Reserve, something that they probably would not have done a couple of years ago.  This is all culminating in what I believe will become a titanic battle not only between Trump and Leftists, but also between Donald Trump and the Fed.  But why would the establishment want to incite a conflict between the president and the central bank?

    This is something conservatives and liberty activists have wanted for decades — a president that would be willing to take on the Federal Reserve and expose its innards.  The problem is, the time for the effectiveness of such an action is long gone.  Auditing the Fed under Obama (an openly pro-globalist president) would have been a disaster for the powers that be.  It would have thrown their entire agenda into disarray and killed any chance that they could complete what they call the “great global economic reset.”  Auditing or shutting down the Fed under Trump is another matter.

    As I examined in detail with evidence in my article ‘The Economic End Game Explained’, the Federal Reserve has a shelf life.  It has already served its purpose, which was to undermine the American economy and our currency system.  The Fed will now begin deflating the bubbles it has engineered in stocks, Treasuries and the dollar through continued interest rate hikes and rolling out the over $4 trillion (official amount) on its balance sheet.  The goal?  Sinking America and reducing it to third world status over the course of the next several years to make way for total global centralization of economic administration, eventually leading to global fiscal management under the IMF and perhaps the BIS, and a global currency system; all while making conservative movements look like the monster behind the crisis.

    To summarize, the U.S. economy and the dollar are slated for a controlled demolition.  The Fed will do everything in its power to prod Trump and conservatives into war with the central bank, because the Fed is now ready to sacrifice itself and the dollar’s world reserve status in order to clear a path for a new global system and ideology. The Federal Reserve is a suicide bomber.

    If this takes place as I predict then the international banks and the establishment elites will be able to lay the blame for the death of king dollar squarely at the feet of Trump and conservatives, and at least a third of the country (leftists) will buy into the narrative lock, stock and barrel because they desperately WANT to believe it.  Remember, the tale being scripted here is that Trump is a rampaging maniac that does not know what he is doing.

    To be clear, I am not supporting the continuing dominance of the Fed, or the existence of the fiat dollar.  What I am saying is that conservatives may just get what we have been wishing for all these years but not in the manner we had hoped.

    To counter this threat our list of targets must expand to meet reality.  The delusion that the core problem is the Federal Reserve must stop.  The Fed is a box store, a franchise in a chain of franchises, nothing more.  If we do not also turn our scrutiny and aggression towards root globalist institutions like the IMF and the BIS as well as international banks, then our efforts will only serve to bolster the enemy we are trying to fight.

    In a battle limited to Trump versus the Fed, only the bankers will win.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at


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      1. RE: Trump and the Fed. Right now the Fed Reserve (((Private Family Corp))) has enjoyed a 100 Year Monopoly on the US currency. Until we break up that Monopoly we will be a slave to their Debt system. JF Kennedy tried to unlock that Monopoly with EO-11110 by issuing a competing US Dollars backed with Silver.

        That is what we need to go back to, Money backed by real tangible assets. Running with a Fiat currency backed by nothing but thin air of the US Tax payers is not a solid plan. If you also let them run the printing presses, creating unlimited IOU’s, it is set up for massive abuse. And that’s what we have today.

        Get your Gold and Silver in place to preserve your wealth or suffer when this house of Ponzi Fraud collapses. And that is coming very shortly. You have been warned here for several years now, Get your PM’s in place.

      2. my guess is that pretty much EVERYbody reading this site knows that the federal reserve is the root of damn near ALL of our problems….with CONgress running a close second.

        • buttcrackofdoom,

          YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!! got to get enough PUBLIC rousing to STOP the FED reserve,
          IF you loved mice, would you have a CAT guarding yuor mice?? well folks, we have the fed reserve guarding us the mice!! wake up and spread the word coontact ALL politicians and demand the fed be removed!!

          • The head of the snake quarters in Basel Switzerland, do not be distracted by its slither. That dies with the head.

      3. Brandon Smith, your right on the money. I was told the same thing.

        Something is coming, and its not looking good. By October of 2017, I am told is that the Donald Trump high will ware off and the American citizenry will suddenly wake up to find out that the same bullshit was re-branded under Donald Trump. This is basically saying that, the cabal expected a violent up rising and needed time to bring in the military state, and to get it ready. Jade Helm 15 was the planning ahead to place the equipment into Texas and other states to prepare for the complete military takeover between now and 2025. I do support Trump, and I believe that its possible that he is the real deal, but I have to be realistic. Like I was told, this was the ultimate false flag to make it look good, make us think that we need to relax, and now all we keep hearing about now is ww3. I am still prepping, upgrading my bug out bags, etc. NOTHING THAT GOVERNMENT SAYS, NO MATTER WHO IS PRESIDENT WILL CONVINCE ME TO LET MY GUARD DOWN.

        Survival is about me, and me only. Its always about me. Listen to Pete Petersen tell you what he heard and what’s coming. Its not a matter of if, its a matter of when.

        Manufactoring plants returning will not be saving jobless Americans by October 2017. People have lost homes, cars, jobs, and what happened to these people. I recovered from it, but I am the exception, and am a little stronger and am in Houston, so I have a little more flexibility, the economy is stronger, all you have to is take customers from other idotic business owners who don’t care, and you will make money and pay your way, been there done that, off the streets, living indoors in AC, and re-fridgerator is full of food. Now what. What about the people that did not make it. Where are these people now, homeless, outside, in the streets, women prostituting themselves toe make ends meet? what?

        2 years, lets see what happens by October 2018. If things completely turn around, I will be proven wrong and get laughed at, right here on shtf. And you know what, everyone will be happy, have jobs, have plenty of money, have more babies, breed and over populate the entire country, increase it from 350,000,000 to 500,000,000, bring in tons more mirgants, etc. What a wonder productive life and resource depletion and reckless abandonment. GET FUCKING REAL, IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN.

        Less talk 2018, by the time 2018 roles around, the people are going to wake up even more. Now Veterans, and Indians are being arrested at the Keystone pipeline. Who is partners in that project, Donald Trump. Who has business in Saudia Arabia, Donald Trump. Who has business in Europe, Donald Trump. No Multi-billionare sits around thinking about everyday people, its always about what’s good for them. Don’t misunderstand me guys. This is about reality. I am no Clinton supporter, Yes I voted for Donald Trump and still support the president, but I have to look at the factoids. Every president keep repeating the same bullshit. Just watch, mark my world, lets see how long they can maintain that high, with Spicer coming out talking fell good porn bullshit at press meetings. I have to just laugh my phucking ass off.

        The fact is that BIG BITCH SLAP WILL HIT ME IN MY FUCKING FACE BY YEARS END THAT NOT A DAMN THING HAS CHANGED , coupled with the fact of WW3, and UN soldiers, and chi-coms up in our fucking faces in my city. Good one Brandon, shove a dose of reality up the SHTF populous and the general dumb down dumb phucks, because by the time October 2017 roles around, we will be HIT IN FACE WITH SHTF TYPE COLLAPSE OF SOME TYPE OF events.


        Everything will alright from not on my ass, yea right, BULLSHIT.

        • Yes Hcks, everything is all about you in your polluted mind, that’s why nobody listens to your Meth induced rant.

          • Sounds like you’re jealous. Maybe you need a bitch slap too.

        • “Survival is about me, and me only. Its always about me.”

          Typical Katy girl post pretending to be the hard man. You’re like that other useless waste of sperm who posts on here…”Frank Thoughts”.

          Yes basement dwelling boy/girl (in your mom’s house). Whatever happened to your woman that you f**ked six times a day? The woman who saved you from the pit of despair after you were made homeless? You aint going to save her? That’s what normal guys will fight for, for their families and loved ones! That’s SHTF! It’s not only about you, you 14 year old retard!

          Zeus is right The more I see of your imbecilic comments the more I’m convinced that you’re a plant/shill/whatever. Your Serious value is minus 20. Amusement value 20 plus. Keep on posting boyo.

          • Frank Thoughts. The guy that thinks old people are just a waste of space.

      4. Pressure: “Culpable For Our Bubble Economy And Trying To Shift Blame Before A Collapse”

        We have been told it is coming for around 10 years now. Ok we know (I think) so we can blame the Fed or Congress. Why don’t we blame our self because we have done nothing to stop it.

        If we had the sprit of BLM over this the Fed would be GONE. WE have no one to blame but our self! This includes me!


      5. More graffiti on the vomitorium.

      6. Jesse Jackson Jr. gets over $134,000.00 a year from the government for his BIPOLAR
        DISORDER???? After he got out of prison, they should have gave him a styrofoam cup
        so he panhandle on the street! No wonder this country is 200 trillion past broke!!!!!!!!!
        Tell me what other person gets that much in disability from the government for a
        bipolar disorder. After felony convictions. This is FU%&ING OUTRAGEOUS!!! Condolences
        to the people of Illinois for putting up with that parasite.

      7. The root cause is correctly identified here. Welcome to the end game. If we taste what they have in store it is too late, we must go there. I see a lot of discipline in our future, one way or another.

      8. SGT Dale

        Not happening fast enough is the problem and President Trump can’t fix everything in a month. I’m pretty sure the battle lines are drawn. What we need is a spark to set it all in motion. Tired of arguing over what gold is worth or who is a racist. Nothing gets done. Don’t care if people are in debt up to their ass and hiding in their parents basement.

        What I do Have is a plan to deal with ALL the Bullshit coming my way and to tell you the TRUTH, the worse the world becomes the better my plan works.

        Yes, we have the would of, could of, should of, blame.

        But this next go round is all about being survival ready.

        • ANNO
          You are right!
          President Trump can’t fix everything in a month.
          We have to do our share, and we aren’t is the problem.


      9. Question to all and to Brandon Smith. I am an ABD economics professor who supports scrutiny of the Fed and the BIS. I had never heard of the BIS in my doctoral study at Fordham in Monetary Theory and Macroeconomics. What is the current literature about the affect of the BIS and IMF in US monetary policy and on the dollar? Who would be able to write and article on this? Paul Craig Roberts, are you out there?

        • Google “Red Shield” and behold the zookeeper. The Davos white shoe boys are the henchmen, the Bilderbergers are the enablers that come and go. We need more people like you, sorry to enlighten you.

        • Lawrence:

          That which you said is a perfect example of the dumbing down of America and the blind leading the blind. I am no authority. I have no PHD in economics. But I know the basics of sound finance which was taught to me by my parents and elementary school teachers. One way to keep people ignorant is to feed them so much trivial facts that they never grasp the simple truth.

          If someone is ripping you off, stealing you blind; do you want to monitor his activities, or do you want to cut his throat, or at least have him arrested and thrown behind bars. While you are more sophisticated, I and many like me, are more direct. We don’t want to scrutinize the Fed, we want to KILL it.

          __ Good luck. If scrutiny gets us closer to what we really want, I’m all for it, too.


      10. I’m wondering, if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?

        Therefore, if an idiot is duped, is that still considered stupid?

        • I have seen and herd trees fall in the woods and it is frightening to experience, if you are close. Reduce your exposure and set up camp in the open and way from any dead falls, and certainly don’t park your vehicles under trees. They do NOT provide protection for them either. Lightening goes right down the trunk to the ground. Just saying, Prepper Tip when bugging out.

      11. This is the time to get your shit together. To purchase those items that will last and perform the needs in a financial collapse. Get your hands tools ready and add a few material supplies if you are able. Nails, screws, bolts and nuts. A couple of thin sheets of cheap plywood.
        If you have read here at SHTF for a couple of years, you know there is a huge survival library in the achieves and a wealth of information for what works and what does not work. Our interaction with TROLLS gave us info of their thoughts of the world and how people will react to difficulty.

        Not as many Newbies commenting. Must be tapped out.

        • They work for Soros now.

          • Grandpa Speaks

            Scary thought.

        • Don’t forget the gun turret on the roof. And the tire spikes in the driveway. And the
          underground tunnel that surfaces in the neighbors dehy food cupboard. Oh, and
          punji sticks around the garden to keep the zombies out. RRRRIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTT.
          After everyone is finished eating their nasty dehy meals, MRE’s and Cliff bars, they can
          crawl out of their bunkers reeking like b.o. and attempt to repopulate the world with
          more low IQ inbreds. Yeah, thats something to look forward to. Good luck with all of
          that plywood. Get real.

          • JBODAB

            Different strokes for different folks. Never know till you need it.

          • Stopped a crack head from getting in my garage with plywood and nails. Saw it in a Charles Bronson movie. I was going to set up a vintage bear trap but being female and never setting a trap scared me off. I am totally against trapping beautiful animals but human animals are a different story.

          • JoeyBag….,
            On behalf of all low IQ inbreds, I’d like to direct you to the financial geniuses of Wall Street and banking who can’t go ten years without crashing the economy. If we drove our cars the way Bankers operated and produced as many crashes, we’d all be on the DMV revoked list.

      12. Brandon Smith I now take with a grain of salt too. Sometimes he makes complete sense and sometimes he doesn’t. As the story goes, they will tell you 99 truths to pass on one lie. There were older articles of his that I read when I was first becoming aware of how deep the rabbit hole goes that stuck me as a little twisted. Like they were written for a purpose. A wrong purpose. This strikes me as one of them. And I only read the first paragraph. You know, the one that says that Trump is fighting with the FED. Yeah, o.k., I guess that why he has installed all those Goldman Sachs folks around him. And for saying that I will get the folks that believe that this is just a case of keeping his friends close and his enemies closer. You know what, the way that I see it, is that his so called friends and his so called enemies are indistinguishable. Maybe Brandon says that later in the article. I doubt it.

        • Wow, you’re an idiot. Read the whole article before commenting. Smith has always been skeptical of Trump and his cabinet picks.

      13. There is one way to “Kill the Fed”. Bypass the exchange of money by not only bartering but by creating the product itself which you offer up as barter for a product produced by a free man, preferably of your own ethnic group. White Europeans should be proud of their ethnic, culture, and freely exchange with and promote each other’s creations and products, the same way other ethnic groups prefer their ethnic group, giving better deals to their own. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, you haven’t been paying attention.


        • I’ll trade these eggs for some of your apples there B. People generally do not understand the difference between currency and money but most here understand value. You are correct but there needs to be a large portion of integrity involved and that is where we tend to fail. Greed is when someone flashes a 10 oz gold bar and says I want all your apples and eggs. Value is the fruit tree and hens. Money is the gold in your pocket. Currency is the FRN’s left on the barter blanket.

      14. Look Up Trumps EO’s

        some of them will make you smile

        like this one

        Yup Mr Usurper ..Trumps got a pen too

        • What happened to the other two thirds of government? The GOP controls the house and
          senate. They need to start sending bills to the president like they are supposed to do.
          All we get is executive orders. This do nothing congress needs to start doing its damn job.
          They are about as worthless as tits on a bull. McConnell is almost as bad as McCain.

      15. I totally believe that it is far too late to stop the inevitable train wreck. HCKS, as usual, is right on the money. Now I do not know if the coming collapse was planned, but either way it is coming. now predicts the end of the Euro, and soon. Watch the elections in The Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany. As the globalist dominoes fall one by one, new fiat currencies will come into place, and global trade will crater. And we have a potential collapse/coup in NK now on the horizon. Way too many Black Swans circling out in the air above us, like a pack of vultures. As soon as one of them hits us, the rest will come diving down.

        BIS = “Bank for International Settlements” Basel. Often called the banker’s bank for money transfers between nations. Some of their “white papers” that have become public speak of a global collapse in the future.

        • thanks Tenn. never thought BIS would be so out in open. In terms of military strategy, and if we are so far gone, doesnt a total collapse mean we are vulnerable to invasion and complete colonization?

      16. Yea right, welcome to the board, you just landed youself a spot. That was one negative realistic phucked up comment and when you look at the evidence of your comment, one has to wonder what in the hell kind of financial planning is that with goldman sachs. Everytime I look at it, I keep smelling at that fart gas stinking up the administrations atmosphere. And when the gas leaks to the populous, they will know shit stinks the same, then suddenly wake up. Now that AR15’s are now banned under the Court of Appeals, now they want to test us to see if we are stupid to turn in your guns under the new trust worthy president. I wasted time and calories voting only to get my ass laughed at again, and bitch slapped.


      17. Anyone of puts dates on something like October of 2017 is in all likely hood full of crap. Myself I stated that there would be a False Flag grid down when the extreme cold hit. And guess what it didn’t happen? I was full of shit with my prediction. Many predicted Trump wouldn’t win the election. And He won. Then many predicted He would never be sworn in? and so far almost all predictions have been wrong.

      18. Same people who voted for Trump will not be stupid enough to actually fall for the the “blame Trump” horse apples. Yes, CA and NY will, but they weren’t enough to win the election, and they won’t win this scam either.

      19. Did anything change today?

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