President Trump Wastes No Time Ripping Apart the Obama Agenda: “He Has A Lot Of Work To Do To Reverse The Damage Done”

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Headline News | 42 comments

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    Though Obama promised hope and change to his supporters back in 2008, it should be clear that nothing of the sort actually happened during his eight years in the White House.

    As Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple highlights in his latest Daily News Brief, President Trump has a lot of work to do to reverse the disaster that was the Obama Administration.

    During the Obama administration we’ve witnessed an amazing loss off civil liberties… we saw the implementation of many mass surveillance programs… we saw a massive increase in the use of drones both, domestic and in warfare… we saw rampant warm… we saw health care reform… they should call it health care deform… that’s all a part of this bleak legacy he’s left behind… our foreign policy continued this whole aggressive stance and it gave rise to ISIS.

    He covered the collapse they created and he created new opportunity for those very same bankers, which if you look today you can see that the very same practices that were employed that led to the collapse in 2008 are being employed today… bubbles are being blow up and are ready to burst just in time for President Trump to roll out his agenda… there’s so many avenues for them to push the button… to pull the switch…

    Trump has a lot of work to do if he wants to reverse the damage done by President Obama…

    Watch the full News Brief at Youtube

    Visit The Daily Sheeple Youtube Channel for  more news briefs and news updates throughout the day from Joe Joseph.


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        • “Though Obama promised hope and change to his supporters back in 2008, it should be clear that nothing of the sort actually happened”

          Actually, there was a lot of change, none of it good that I can recall. As for hope, Obama destroyed it for the average American while giving hope to America’s enemies.

          • Lets not forget that W was more than complicit in the destruction of America and the gutting of American manufacturing, as 42,500 FACTORIES were offshored under this NWO President. Obola doubled down on the Bush policies to benefit his masters.

            (Blame Bush !!! We let George do it and he fucked US just like Barry did.)

            TRUMP is the first Patriot in the Oval Office since Ronald Reagan. Patriots must support him and press him to PURGE America of globalists once and for all. 🙂

            • DK

              GH Bush wanted it to happen, Bill Clinton made it happen, GW Bush allowed it to do its damage as did Obama.

              Here lay the guilt that eviscerated US manufacturing.

          • That’s because the HNIC was a LAN, LANII, and a WAN.

            • The shoeshine boy was a commie, muzzie; just an all-around scum traitor. Now we have the right kind of people in the WH who will start turning things around.

              • “THE right kind of people in the White House” – – WHITE, PURE GLORIOUS WHITE FROM HEAD TO TOE!

                • ME! Damn right! The libturds and the “quota people” had to go.

        • Has anyone here watched WWF wrestling?
          Have you seen a great movie called “The Wrestler” with Mickey Rourke and the great actress Marisa Tomei, as the stripper?

          Watch “The Wrestler” Then my comment might make more sense?
          In movie and real life:
          All the Wrestlers are Arch Enemies in the ring. But friends after they show.
          Most matches are scripted. Winner pre-selected.
          Both wrestlers in the ring cooperate to put on a Good Show for the Fans.
          Even the spots for scripted stunts are cooperatively selected, by both parties.

          I believe politics are the same.
          *****I think this is what we are witnessing.
          How much is real? How much is scripted? How much is planned to end up on a chosen course. That course is chosen NEITHER by Obama. Not by Trump.
          Both are front men. Putting on a show for their perspective “fans”. Rothchilds/Bilderbergs/Satan, pull the strings.

          And like wrestlers. Both sides are friends who dine, drink, party, together behind the scenes. they are on the same team. Their teams purpose is to put on a show for the fans. That way the performers prosper and continue to fill the seats for shows.

          Why else would Trump have Hillary and Bill Stand. Trump saying he had “great respect” for them?


          Why the glad handing of Obama and Trump saying they were “Great People.”


          All this is a only a show. Some unseen force is trying to ANGER and turn the entire world against the USA. Trump will be the Tool to do that. Mark my words.

          Obama was a tool to turn America against communism NWO UN agenda. I think that people were so angry that bullets and blood would have been result of a Clinton win. You people here act all up on a high horse about a few ineffective nut jobs protesting Trump. But if Hillary won I believe we would be at a American Civil war. Trump supporters would not throw rocks. Most likely lead and on target. “Because people had truly had enough. ”

          Trump will bring peace. Trump will bring prosperity. Then the world will collude together to destroy America for the final time. Trump is a showman. The real strings are being pulled behind the veil. Either knowingly or unknowingly. But all is just a show for the fans.

          The result is just a show. Hillary would have gotten into a direct nuclear war with Russia. Trump will help America prosper. The world gets jealous. They get together and destroy USA. Result is same. Just how you get there has changed. Time to get there is changed. Nuclear war at end of road.

          I Pray that my assessment is wrong. I Want to be wrong.

          Any way, find the movie “The Wrestler”. Good watch.

            • Mac, LOL. Thanks for that clip. Loved it.

      2. Who is the man of whom The Donald speaks?
        Wondering,… not sure I remember him.

      3. Amen. I just hope that he has enough time to reverse all the damage caused by obozo before the house of cards comes crashing down. God Bless America and God Bless President Donald Trump…

      4. W’s mistake lay in not defending himself or his policies.
        Thank God Donald is getting in their faces, it has to be this way. You can’t let your enemies define you.

      5. President trump needs a rubber stamp as far as I’m concerned cus he can not sign fast enough. Or just one document and one signature erasing every thing back to say 1929 would be OK with me.

        • GS,
          I agree whole heartedly with you. Wipe the slate clean and fix whatever breaks.

      6. A blanket presidential decree that will shut that shit down

      7. Time will tell. All things in good time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’m out of cliches.

        • When in Rome do as the Romans do. This is not Rome its the USA and we don’t dick around we do or die besides that the Roman Empire fell we may stumble (obama) but we won’t go down without a fight.

        • Easier said than done, Him.

      8. Men will be men and women will be women or they won’t be. Melt them snowflakes then let them evaporate.

      9. Trump just ended the bullshit celled TPP.. Good job, its good to know that the President has been busy getting rid of united nations bullshit policies. How does it feel you chi-coms. Get ready for your economic reset. Sun Tsao may ass. These dumbass think that we were just going to sit here and take it the ass.


        • Amen hicks

        • HCKS, damn straight. The libturds are now on the defensive. A REAL MAN is President for the first time in God-knows-how-long. THE SHOWSHINE BOY IS GONE HISTORY ZERO ZILCH NADA.

      10. Must continue to prep because hard times are coming

        Trump cannot over turn and correct overnight in what has occurred over the past 8 years to include from 2003 when we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan in regard to the National Debt.

        He has already signed a executive order to freeze Federal Hiring, which can be a good thing, but an attempt to cut the size of the Federal Government.

        But, he is going to try.

        I hope he succeeds.

      11. U.S Embassy to be moved to Jerusalem?

        O.K. a mention of the building of the Third Temple on the Temple Mount at the end.

        The J3ws will have to remove the Dome of the rock as I said a few days ago. Might as well go after Mecca and Medina too. That will be one hell of a shit sandwich for sure.

        • I heard one old Rabbi on TV, years ago, say “Perhaps there will be an earthquake.” (In ref as to how the Dome Mosque might disappear…)


          • bb in Ga.

            I have read that there is a cornerstone, ready to be placed at the temple mount for the third temple.

            There was also an attempt to blow up the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount but the plot was stopped.

      12. Shred all those executive orders that Obama issued then issue new ones to get things going!

      13. It would be more accurate to say that President Trump is ripping apart the Establishments agenda as much of it predates Obama to the Clinton Bush years. Focusing exclusively on the last 8 years ignores the realities of the previous 20.

        • I read there is a bill in the house calling for the defunding of the UN, as well as giving the UN the boot outta the US.

          • PO’d Patriot, there was a bumper sticker back in the 90s which read “Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.”

            • FYI

              If you research the origins of that bumpersticker, it goes back at least to the ’60s from the John Birch Society. That was a hot button issue for the JBS when I was a child.


              • My Dad was a member of the JBS, I remember reading the magazine each month.

                In hindsight, they were right on about a bunch of stuff.

              • BB in GA, I meant to say the 90s was when I first saw the sticker. I remember JBS talking about that issue as a kid in the 60s. They were right about everything.

            • I had one. It was from The John Birch Society which by the way seen all of the globalism coming in the late 1950s and they were laughed at.

      14. The Trumpster is channeling George S Patton and Dwight Eisenhower.
        Leave him be. It’s a good thing. Much better than the crap that just left.

      15. @ Patriot, I’ve heard the same and I hope it’s true!!

      16. Trump should deep six DHS, the fact that he is fine with the spying and expanded police state speaks loudly about his agenda. Likewise the statements that the military needs more money to rebuild forces and military hardware. Same old inhuman and fake warmongering as far as legitimacy issues. Apparently the fake total of $600 billion is like a drop in the bucket. Nothing short of a massive anti war protest nationally will get the attention needed. There is no other way to change anything. It is our civic duty to oppose war.

      17. Hope and change is not a promise. Having things improve is a promise. On the Dome of the Rock, even if it was destroyed by an earthquake, muslims are supposed to rebuild any mosque that is destroyed. The buildings of other religions is something else. A church that is destroyed or damaged requires a permit in some Muslim countries.

      18. Now when are those mass deportations coming, I was promised mass deportations of third world scum! President trump lets get those trains and buses rolling!

      19. James W. Rawles: George Soros Is Using Agitators To Stir Up A Civil War

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