President Obama On Wheel Of Fortune… The Funniest Meme You’ll See All Week

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Headline News | 22 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Though a serious issue, here’s a pretty hilarious meme we thought would put a smile on your face…

    wof-obama1Hattip Lily Dane @

    And just in case you’re looking for more Wheel Of Fortune humor, here’s a recent viral video of a guest who incorrectly solved for the title of a book by Tennessee Williams.

    Some are calling it the worst Wheel of Fortune fail ever, but here’s a quick compedium of some others that could make that list…


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      1. Too funny! Nice to see a good sense of humor during hard times!

        • Moxie, if you think we are in “hard times”, you’ve had it easy.

      2. MAC
        Must be a slow day. Wheel of Fortune?

        • Not really… These days it’s never a slow news day. But I did actually laugh out loud when I saw this one, so figured others might too!

          • Dig up the one “Clamdigger”. The dude asks for an “N” for the “D”. Pat’s reaction is priceless.

          • bullcrap “never a slow news day”.

      3. Man, I tell you guys, there is so much bullshit going I can literally taste the crap in my mouth.

        Everytime I come into my office and log on to this damn computer, I see them attacking Trump. Now it’s bullshit about Trump is doing business with Putin, and that this is treason, and all sorts of bullshit, just flat out fucking lies about the president. Now the bastards are attacking Roger Stone, thinking that after what we learned from Robert Steel, Stone and others that we are going to listen to this BULLSHIT. I have fucking laugh.

        I am so sick of seeing this shit, my stomach is sick. Do these dumbass globalist think that this will make Me change my mind. I VOTED FOR THE PRESIDENT YOU DUMB FUCKS AND I STILL SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT YOU PEDOFILE DUMBFUCKS.

        Talking crap about the president will not change my mind.

        Let me tell you agency ass clowns something. There is nothing you can do to turn us into liberals, and to swing to the left, it ain’t happening, and will not happen.

        No one is watching your wheel of fortune, now they are getting perverted to get our attention, totally laughable.


        Molon Labe, come and get me if your tough enough.

        • HCKS< I understand the feeling, but the libturds will keep attacking Trump as long as he's in the WH and even after he's gone. The only way to avoid it would be leave the computer off all the time. I have to use the net to keep track of what's up in case I have to bugout early and that's looking more likely as time goes by. Now with the weather improving all the libturd groups, especially Black Criminal Lives Matter, will really start acting up, It's going to be a long hot spring and summer. I'm fully expecting a conflict with someone this year.

      4. REAL EXTRA TERRESTRAIL ARCON ON VIDEO IN DISGUISE. Per my source, I was told that this women is a reptilian. I was told to watch her body language..

        Here is also the Tony Sanchez and Jay Weidner, Kerry Cassidy interview exposing the arcon shape shifter and also the info I got from the scientist. They have taken over our governments. This lizard bitch is trying to push Nuclear plants and is the one responsible for building the plants on the faultline in Yellowstone to trigger the nuclear SHTF EVENT to wipe us off the map off the US continent. Also the chi-coms and russains are in contact with this reptilian race, and will be targeting Yellow stone. Don’t bother to ask me how I know this, I told you all while back that I would begin some severe leaks.

        Tony Sanchez./Weidner interview that outed the reptilian Arcon bitch. They are walking among us. Look at here body language and tell me if you think this is normal. Reptilians require higher radiation to survive on Earth, and this is why they did fukashima, not they want to do Yellowstone. That woman is not human.


      5. They’re coming to take me away ha ha. Antidepressants for you sir.


        She really knows her nuclear physics doesn’t she? Certainly, the royal family of Arcon reptilians run the world and now they have lost control over the human slaves who provide the DNA that they do desperately need to survive. Now they are so desperate they are going on TV to convince us that Free energy is bad, that Nuclear is the way to go, that radiating us, to slow kill us, will get rid of most of us. So this is why the radiation levels are increasing all over the American continent. Sorry trolls, I just outed your alien overlords. Your too late. You didn’t think I would do it, did you. Fuck with me and its only going to get worse.


        Lizard Arcon bitch.

        • Agent 76, You’ll never see THIS meateater act like a damn vegan.

      7. Ever see the television shows about alien abductions? Outer-space aliens. Supposedly the aliens are creating a hybrid race of part human and part alien. Could the leadership of the Democratic party be some of these aliens?

        • Brian,those are the grays,created by the reptillians as slaves with a bio clock designed to time out,hence the splicing.The grays despite some,hmmm….,invasive probes are actually humanities friend/ally against the reptillians,they make up many of leadership in both parties and nwo groups ect.

          I am glad could clear that up and steer your thinking in the right direction regarding the grays.

      8. I think this Website host has been hijacked by the lefties. All BS for months and month now. Lost your way? But the lunatics still show up to rant.

      9. You want a good laugh check out the medicare part G plan over at Zero Hedge,as funny as it is a real element of truth to it.

      10. This show “Wheel of Fortune” is based on a little game played with pen and paper called “Hang Man”.

        The shows owner was a famous comedian who was also a billionaire and sold one of his buildings to President Donald Trump when the President was just a rising businessman and Real Estate Investor/Developer.


      11. the ad at the top of the page under the copy right warning has made it impossible to read this site or to post. gone until the ad is gone.

      12. I want to see Obama on Jeopardy.

        Yes, I’ll take the spying for $200.

        I’ll take the economy for all you got!

        Obama will no doubt finish the game with a record deficit.

      13. Aljamo, I don’t need anti depressants, my girlfriend takes care of my stress. You would be supprised what a 5’11 130 lbs 8.5 brunette can do. I have had to increase my protein requirements to keep up. I don’t have stress.


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