President Mobilizes Four Aircraft Carrier Groups to Persian Gulf

by | May 21, 2010 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    Every time the US has initiated and carried through with a military build up in the middle east in the last 20 years, we’ve eventually ended up invading a country. The DebkaFile is reporting that President Obama has begun mobilization plans for a military build up off the cost of Iran:

    Debkafile’s military sources report a decision by the Obama administration to boost US military strength in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf regions in the short term with an extra air and naval strike forces and 6,000 Marine and sea combatants. Carrier Strike Group 10, headed by the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier, sails out of the US Navy base at Norfolk, Virginia Friday, May 21. On arrival, it will raise the number of US carriers off Iranian shores to two. Up until now, President Barack Obama kept just one aircraft carrier stationed off the coast of Iran, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Arabian Sea, in pursuit of his policy of diplomatic engagement with Tehran.

    For the first time, too, the US force opposite Iran will be joined by a German warship, the frigate FGS Hessen, operating under American command.

    It is also the first time that Obama, since taking office 14 months ago, is sending military reinforcements to the Persian Gulf. Our military sources have learned that the USS Truman is just the first element of the new buildup of US resources around Iran. It will take place over the next three months, reaching peak level in late July and early August. By then, the Pentagon plans to have at least 4 or 5 US aircraft carriers visible from Iranian shores.

    Debkafile’s military sources disclose that the 6,000 Marines and sailors aboard the Truman Strike Group come from four months of extensive and thorough training to prepare them for anticipated missions in the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean.

    The carrier groups will be in place by August.

    Does anyone think we’re going there for naval exercises or just to flex our muscles in front of Iran?

    Iran knows full well what the US military is capable of and flexing our muscles thus far has not changed anything regarding their nuclear program.

    As we saw with Iraq, it really doesn’t matter whether or not the Iranians are building nuclear weapons. If the powers that be find it in their interests for the United States to go to war then we’re going to war.

    Of interest is that one of the carriers to be deployed is German and will be under US military command. There sure is a lot of money involved in this European bailout package. We wonder if that has anything to do with the Gerries joining the fight in the middle east.

    In previous articles we opined that any Israeli attack on Iran would be construed as bilateral action involving the United States, which means that even if the US chose to sit this one out, Iran would assume the US was involved and respond accordingly by attack US troops on the Iraqi border. We also suggested that if an Israeli attack was imminent, that the USA would likely engage Iran with the Israelis to ensure as much damage to Iranian military infrastructure and nuclear facilities as possible.

    We don’t see any way out of this mess for Iran, save complete dismemberment of their nuclear programs, be they for energy production or weapons development. Iran has stated that they will continue to move forward with their plans.

    Will President Obama, like his predecessor President Bush, allow another “rogue” state to go nuclear? Or will the United States strike preemptively to decapitate the Iranian regime?

    Our view is that war is unavoidable for a number of reasons.

    Make no mistake, the United States needs oil, and if peak oil is a reality, which we believe it is, then the United State will move in the interest of national security to conquer another oil producing nation. A quick look at a map of the middle east will make it clear that the United States has been positioning allies and troops around Iran for quite some time. It really boils down to who ends up with Iranian oil? The United States or China? The Western powers will do whatever is necessary to maintain control of this critical commodity. Without it, we’re doomed. See the Collapse movie for more.

    It’s also no secret that the US economy is a train wreck just waiting to happen. As the economy slides and animosity towards government officials and policies builds, likely leading to civil unrest here at home, the attention of the American people will need to be diverted elsewhere. What better way than to start World War III?


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      1. Quote: “For the first time, too, the US force opposite Iran will be joined by a German warship, the frigate FGS Hessen, operating under American command.”

        It’s a frigate, not a carrier – huge difference.  Allied nations have supplied naval units to join American forces countless times in the past, so that the navies of both sides gain experience in combined operations in the ways their fleets are utilized. 

        Reading into any supposed German participation at this juncture is pointless, as even the Dems wouldn’t be stupid enough to try to invade Iran at this point.  We’re much more likely to be dragged into a shooting war on the Korean peninsula first than open up a third front in the middle east.

      2. Chris, thanks for the update on that.. My bad, i either mis-read or mistyped – I can’t remember which.

        Korea is definitely a hot spot and if the powers that be wanted to go to war right now they already have a reason with the NoKo / SoKo ship attack. They passed up this “golden opportunity”, so perhaps it is not yet time.

      3. The Iranian “nuclear crisis” is really a phony and manufactured crisis to aid Israel’s objective of eliminating all of its potential enemies (real or imagined) and rivals for influence in the ME. That’s why America invaded Iraq and is fighting another “war” on behalf of Israel in Afghanistan. All of these “wars” are to benefit Israel, at the cost of American blood & treasure. So that makes Bush AND ObamaRahm-a  (once the “war” with Iran starts) TRAITORS. Starting these “wars” are not the only TRAITOROUS actions of these presidents!

        Look for 911-II (another Zionist “false-flag” event, like 911-I) as the trigger and “justification”  for the attack on Iran.

        Look for China (possibly Russia) to intervene on Iran’s side!

        There will not be peace in the ME (or on Earth) until Zionist Israel is ANNIHILATED!

      4. Any barrel of oil that China gets from Iran is a barrel of oil that it doesn’t buy somewhere else in a world market for the commodity. No harm no foul.

        Obama is trying to avoid war with both NoKO and Iran. He is not likely to be successful in either case, as events overtake the economy, and this much firepower in the Gulf means that Israel has given the President a deadline for preventing a nuclear Iran prior to an attack on Iran. Deadline is probably September 1st. 

        Expect a pre-emptive strike by Israel on Iran in September that drags the US into it with Iran, and then Iran is joined by NoKo.  Shock and awe.

      5. Ever depression has led to a major war.  This is a major depression, despite what the MSM tells you, and it will be a major war.

        Another reason is the Iranian Oil Bourse is now fully functional, which spells death to the already fragile dollar.

      6. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called the U.S. dollar a worthless piece of paper. Perhaps that why the fedgov has been rattling its saber at Iran. But no, our rulers are far too stupid to fight a war in America’s own interest. I expect that they just received orders from Tel Aviv.

      7. Once again a lame ass president is going to put our service men and women in harms way simply because the president took a job he can’t handle and wants to deflect attention from his own sorry performance and on to that of a foreign battlefield of his choosing.    

        The current and recent presidents are more concerned about their popularity in the polls than about the widows and orphans they create by waging illegal and undeclared wars.

        Many laws are being broken in the process of engaging in these proxie wars and more importantly many innocent lives and families destroyed. 

        Clinton, Bush, and Obama should be ashamed of themselves for abusing the law of the land and the patriotism of Americans in their quest for self gratification and self glorification.  

        Divine justice has a place for men like these.  

      8. I used to marvel at the twisted thinking of the libtards, but some of you libertarian/conspiracy theory types are pretty good too.

        If we conquered Iraq for oil, why don’t we own it? Every drop of oil ever imported to the USA was purchased in the free market. If we can take out the Persian Mullah nutballs, Iran’s oil will continue to sold in the free market.

        Oh, and of course Israel is behind the whole plot and in complete control of the US Government, despite the fact that little Barry , in his leftist delirium, hates them. I’m sure godsend will be along soon to add his ‘zionist’ drivel.

      9. PR , Agreed , Our service men and women will be in harm’s way .  The US Navy is going to get a bloody nose in the gulf . The  small missile boats the Iranians will use are going to be a royal pain in the backside , and a formidable foe .  The navy has nothing to counter the fast attack boats of Iran . This was brought to light over two years ago .

      10. Anon 10:21 pm:

        You rang?

        Sorry I’m late BUT

        Barry kisses every Zionist ass that comes within kissing range – no matter what gender they are. To start with, there is that Zionist Irgun terrist Rahmbo (the “finger”),  who pisses in Barry’s pocket in an endless stream. Then there is Axelrod, then there is Benny, then there is “Bibi”, then there is Timmy, ad infinitum and all of them hand Barry his (and our troops’) marching orders every day. “Bibi” says: “Hey, Barry – got a few bucks for our Iron Dome?” and Barry looks at our multi-$Trillion deficit and says: “Sure, “Bibi” – how many millions would you like today?” Then he adds: “We’ll pay you 10 million for every bucket of American blood that we spill for you in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran – and any other country of your choice! Just don’t drop my Kenyan birth certificate on my lawn, OK?”

      11. Now that’s the kind of Zionist drivel you can SEE a lot more of on my Blog! 😮

      12. It’s the kind of Zionist drivel that before long will inspire every red-blooded American patriot with an AK-47 to load it and run into the street, shouting: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore! Where are those Zionist Slimeballs hiding?”

        Of course, almost all of those red blooded American patriots will be out of a job by then – and their families will be on Food Stamps, starving, or dying in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran or elsewhere, fighting Zionist Israel’s wars.

        OK, that’s 4 in a row – 1 more and someone here will start to get annoyed – Darn it! Those millions of outraged American patriots will not just be annoyed – they will be ROYALLY PISSED OFF!

      13. Godsend:   American patriots don’t use ak-47’s as a rule, they use ar-15’s. And we don’t get “royally pissed off” because our common touch abhors the very idea of “royalty”. We get do get even. Take out two towers, we take out two countries. Seems only fair.

      14. Oooops – I forgot to mention that Zionist Israel did 911. Thank you, Dr. Alan Sabrosky – but those WTC towers were a real eyesore! And those 3000 or so people that burned to death, or jumped to their deaths, or were crushed to death, won’t be among those 39,000,000 sucking on the Federal teat with Food Stamps, will they?! 🙂

        If my math is correct, that’s 5 in a row! 😮

      15. Hey, zukadu, did it occur to you that we might have taken out the wrong countries??? Or are you also one of those deaf, dumb and blind American patriots who love Zionist Israel?

        To those who are wondering: my 5th comment in a row (actually, zakadu screwed it up) is “awaiting moderation”. Mac must be up to his old, moderating tricks again!

        TESTING: Here is a sneak preview of my 5th comment:

        “Oooops – I forgot to mention that Zionist Israel did 911. Thank you, Dr. Alan Sabrosky – but those WTC towers were a real eyesore! And those 3000 or so people that burned to death, or jumped to their deaths, or were crushed to death, won’t be among those 39,000,000 sucking on the Federal teat with Food Stamps, will they?!
        If my math is correct, that’s 5 in a row! “

        Hey, Mac – don’t get sore. While things are quiet, I’m just having a little fun between ballgames.

        Italy beat the Krauts 2:0 (UEFA Cup). Baseball is next. Gotta get some joy before the BIG ONE ruins our whole day, right xanadu?

      16. GS: Screwed it up? I was trying to give you a break between the extra posts. I love your rants, makes me look sane and civil by comparison against the Satanic Catholic Priesthood. Thanks.

        I am a Christian and American Patriot, and in general, do not  judge jews, arabs, catholics or any other religious and /or ethnic group by the actions of some individuals within that group, whether those individuals are jewish bankers, arab jihaddists, or mexican narco terrorists. I checked yourwebsite and did find some interesting links. I do not agree with your views, but I do agree with your right to express your views.

        Like Rush Limbaugh, Al Sharpton, and others who ALWAYS take an extreme view for their cause, even in support of indefensible positions, I believe that your rants distract from a rational kernal of truth which might be found in your views. Therefore you do your views an injustice.

        In my own rants against the 30 million mexican nationals that have invaded America, directed by the perverted catholic priesthood, I want the PTB to believe that all hell may break out on the border; because it might. If there is anyone who thinks that mexican peasants developed this strategy and supply line to disperse throughout the country on their own, I have some land for them in Temecula California.

        Amnesty for these Foreign Nationals is on the table. The squeaky wheel in this case will get the grease, and angry citizens, who ought to be angry, are standing up and just saying “no’ to the invasion. Because public opinion in the southwest is very much against the invasion and that is evidenced by the up or down votes on the issue in the posting votes that register 7 or 8 to 1 against the various issues related to the invasion, the politicians will not be able to push this issue down our throats. They are listening.

        In your rants, public opinion lags considerably, and you state your case so vehemetly, that the public dismisses any facts that might be found with a serious scrutiny of the issues, and you fail to sway any listeners to your cause.

        I do not support jewish bankers who control the money supply of this country and have used their power to destroy American industry, American jobs, American sovereignty, and the middle class.  I believe the FED should be repudiated. The debt of the FED repudiated, and a new central bank owned by the citizens of this county empowered.
        That chance will come with the crash, flash, and splash.

        I do support Israel and their right to exist. I believe that God is real, that He has given that land to the jewish people, and that their prescence there, in the land of Israel again, is but one example of His activity in the affairs of men and women.

        Guess that makes me a zionist.

      17. Also noted rumors that massive shipments of armaments were arriving almost weekly in Diego Garcia. Hmmmm…okay, lots of ammo. Check. Battle Groups arrive in August.  Check.  Possible action in September probably lasting for some time….or at least past the Nov ’10 mid-term elections. Check. How convenient…eh?

      18. zukadu:

        You need to hone your intellect with more facts (dots or “bloody blobs”, I call them). There are many interesting facts, dots and “bloody blobs”, illustrated and connected on my website and Blog. The Truth is not everyone’s “cup of tea”. The road to Truth is narrow and difficult – and there are few who find it! Some find it and choose not to travel on it because it’s sooooooo uncomfortable.

        You (and I) have no idea who is benefiting by what I have to say – but there are many thousands who have visited and who return on a regular basis (from all over the world). I’m merely a messenger. Those who have ears to hear, will hear – and those who have eyes to see, will SEE! Sometimes it takes time and repetition for the light to go on.

        When you learn all the facts about Zionism and Israel which are readily available in cyberspace (including on my website and Blog, plus the links), you will STOP being a supporter of Zionism and Zionists (and the Rogue State of Israel) – just like True Torah Jews!

        We live and learn – until the lights go out. The trick is to learn the IMPORTANT stuff – before the lights go out! 😉 The clock is constantly ticking – UNTIL (it just stopped ticking for 158 unsuspecting people in India, etc.) It can be GAME OVER! for anyone on any day and at any time – including 5/24 at 4:02 PM.

        As I stated earlier, I present the Truth – take it or leave it! Next!

        PS I used to think that Israel has a right to exist. No longer. By their actions, they have forfeited any right which they may have been able to lay claim to. I found a great photo of a Black Hat Torah Jew holding up a sign which says: “The End of Zionism = Peace” (it’s all over my Blog)

      19. Wow!  A picture of a guy holding a sign!  Well, there’s proof positive!

        (Proof you’re a nutcase…)  You really need something CONSTRUCTIVE to occupy your time.

      20. godsend says:
        PS I used to think that Israel has a right to exist. No longer. By their actions, they have forfeited any right which they may have been able to lay claim to.

        Please tell God what you have discovered so he can edit scripture.
        ps  also send  him your web address he could probably use this information.

        And the truth,  who believes  the Bible being the word of God? Why would they believe your truth. The Bible 3500 years and 1 billion members
        godsends truth 2 years , subscribers ? ( I really don’t know how long you have been spreading the truth. 2 years was just a guess. and members, well there’s you) . And you can ask your members who of you are willing to die for your truth?  Not that dying is a prerequisite  for following someone who knows the truth but it sure lets you know who will be standing beside you when tshtf.

        Just some thoughts.
        Being a god can be pretty tough. People just don’t want to believe what you say.

      21. Hey ray:

        I’m still mulling over your comments, looking for the plot. I can’t seem to find the plot – or the logic! Here are a few facts for your edification:

        My website has been around since 1996.

        During the typical month, there are around 3000 visitors to my website. (I have no idea how many visit my Blog). They are located in around 100 countries.

        God already knows what I have discovered. He helped me discover it.

        If you study my website diligently, you will find MANY relevant passages from Holy Scripture – honest!

        Like the Blues Brothers, I’m on a mission from God – delivering messages.

        Just some facts. Believe them or not! 😉

      22. The leaders of Zionist Israel (“New Khazaria”), and many of its residents, are descendants of the Khazars (Barbarians who were forced to adopt Judaism by their ruler a few hundred years ago). They are NOT related to the tribes of Israel. Read Benjamin Freedman’s speeches  (Messianic Jew) who revealed the true history of the Israeli “Jews”. When you get done with that, Google ‘Michael Hoffman’ (RevisionistHistory) and learn all about Talmudic Judaism – it will knock your (goy) socks off!

      23. Found another post from a very reliable poster within the Military  with a history of being very knowledgable.  He at first said he had heard nothing and its probably nothing, now today, a few days later, he has posted this:

        “Ok, here are FACTS:

        On Friday, elements of the Georgia National Guard and Georgia State Guard, specifically Military Police, Light Infantry, and 1 of the (I’m told) 3 HAZMAT (NBC) units were issued 48 hour notice, and are expected to recieve Warning Orders. These units are to assist in possible evac of the Gulf coast area, specifically the west coast of Florida, the Louisiana coast, or Alabama. The source went into no further specifics other than that another NBC unit was placed on standby to assist if needed. The actual order to deploy has not yet been given, but this is SOP for Guard units to prepare for rapid deployment.

        Repeat: an order to evac is being considered, but has NOT been given as of yet. Please remain calm.”

        This is from a reliable source… Take it for what it’s worth.

      24. I like it. Please post when your leaving for Guiana .I’m packing now.
        I’ll bring the Kool aid .

        Wow 3000 visits, 100 countries. I’m impressed. Are you that tall guy on TBN. God must be thrilled to have a new pro fhet or is that a Boba Phet. Just a little movie  humor since the BB is your inspiration.

        We all can use the scripture to our benefit. We could even invade a country in the name of the lord.

        And to use a Hollyweird movie to describe  a calling from God well  just seems  sacrilegious. But who am I to ? who your  god picks.

        And I would rather study  scripture than a web site.
        And the scripture that comes to mind is:  Mk:13:22: For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.
        But you know this.
        Do you know who the elect is? Of course you do.

        godsend, I am not here to change you mind or  challenge  your calling.  It is what you say it is for those who don’t know scripture.
        As for me and my house I  will pass on the Kool aide

        And now back to the topic.
        I wonder why they are mobilizing these  forces?  Hmmm

      25. ray, I heartily encourage you to study Holy Scripture!

        I don’t run a cult and I don’t do signs and wonders. I present the Truth, and sometimes I reinforce it with the sword of the Word of God – OUCH!

        “The Word of God is living and powerful” (like Ezekiel 22:20) 😉

      26. It’s safe to go outside…all the crazies are here.

      27. Comments…..Are American aircraft carriers positioned in the Mediterranean Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea to threaten Iran or to  intercept Israeli aircraft?  Or both?  With American ships so positioned, how could Israel put its aircraft in range of Iranian nuclear facilities without American collaboration? Just a thought.

      28. Israel has been monitoring Iran’s nuclear progress closely for three years in the press, and there is no doubt in my mind that they have given the President a time line or deadline to achieve a negotiated settlement with Iran to halt N-development. Probably September 1st as these AC are expected on station in August.

        Having failed at a negotiated settlement, the President is moving American firepower into and near the Persian Gulf to ensure the passage of oil tankers through the strait, and to protect Arab States and US facilities in the area from the Iranian counter attack that will surely follow an Israeli first strike.

        Collaborate with Israel on the attack? No.  Interdict Israeli aircraft? No. Respond with unmitigated fury once Iran attacks US Forces? Yes.

      29. We were going to bring most of the soldiers home,this year & next …NOW WERE SENDING 25 to 30,000 more troops over there..what the hell is going on….BRING THOSE SOLDIERS HOME NOW

      30. Soon, very soon, the iranian scumbag Ahmi(whatever the fuck his name is) are going to get their noses seriously bloodied by the USN. These cameljockeys should study history. We wiped Japan’s armed forces and navy off the face of the earth and the next thing you knew every jap was genuflecting in the presence of every American soldier occupying their mainland. Warning to you Iranian loving sons of bitches, your day is coming and I predict your history will become extinct like Tojo’s and Hitler’s became extinct. You desert monkeys shoot off your stupid mouths. Better get ready to get your asses serious kicked by real soldiers who know how to deal with your type. Next thing you know, the vanquished Iranians will be seeking political asylum in places like glendale and Beverly Hills like the rest of their lowlife siblings, at our expense of course. I loathe the lot of them

      31. Agree precisely, but the calculus seems to avoid the obvious reality that Russian vital interests are also at stake. Recall the Comrade Colonel Putin is not a satrap, not is his military unable to sink ships. Yes, alas, war – but any idiot can start a war, and despite great military power, USA has devoured the strength necessary to support power

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