Prepping Tips: Lessons Learned From Venezuela’s Collapse

by | Oct 19, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 24 comments

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    Prepping is about preparing for the worst when times are the best.  Those who are taking their own survival and family’s well being into consideration before the SHTF are often looked at as a little crazy. But some lessons should be learned from Venezuela’s collapse and a culture of preparedness and self-sufficiency should elevate in the United States even today.

    TIP #1: Don’t Wait To Start

    Start preparing for any situation that might possibly arise. A societal collapse over political strife, an economic crash, a totalitarian takeover, are just a few examples of instances that could occur.  These situations happen all the time and if history has taught us anything, it’s that those crazy preppers are the ones who survive. Don’t wait for the worst to happen, prepare now.  Give yourself ample time to get things in place before it all goes wrong and hits the fan.

    TIP #2: Prepare For Medical Emergencies

    There was a report in 2017 that in one of Venezuela’s biggest public hospitals in Ciudad Bolivar, that the mortality rate for newborns had reached 40%. Hospitals won’t be well equipped to help anyone if there’s no money for people to pay, no doctors willing to work for free, and no medicines to treat anyone. And if this country somehow manages to get socialized medicine, things could get ugly and very quickly.  Lack of funding for government-run hospitals would mean much higher mortality rates, dirty hospitals, and horrifying tales of pain and misery.  So take the time to at least learn some basic medical tips. Keep upgrading your first aid and trauma kits and keep reading medical survival books such as The Survival Medicine Handbook: THE essential guide for when medical help is NOT on the way.

    TIP #3: DO NOT Trust The Government To Save You

    Put your survival in your own hands. Once upon a time, Venezuelans, like Americans today, had weight issues from eating too much enjoyable food. Fast forward to anywhere past 2015 and Venezuelans have been lining up for food rations every day. The government has been unwilling to help in even the smallest way to feed the people it starved. Eventually, food rations will run out too, and you’ll be relying on what you can grow or hunt on your own. If you’ve prepared early and stored enough of your own food, no amount of empty grocery store shelves or government food rationing will be a big burden to you or your family.

    These lessons should be heard and understood by all preppers. Even though there’s much more we can learn from Venezuela’s socialist rulers who turned totalitarian rather quickly destroying a once-great nation, these three lessons are necessary to understand. It is vital that prepping begins before the bad times strike and that prepping should be taken on with a balanced and mindful approach. 


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      1. “Epic trap” pic is 1/2hr into an ebt breakdown.

      2. “Snack Center”

        Wonder how vegetables center looks.

      3. Being hungry would really suck!! I ate some black beans I put away 5 years ago in mylar bags, with O2 absorbers. Tasted just fine. Great protein for long tem storage. Put back buckets of beans and rice.

        • And multi-vitamins, lots of those bottles too. It all eventually runs out though.

          Which means it is a great time to research what naturally grows in YOUR location and learn how / when to harvest it. Why farm only to have it stolen or drought / rain destroy your crop. Natural found foods in your area I think are a better option.

      4. Thanks for the great reminders and advice. It’s a hell of a lot more difficult after the SHTF. The folks from Venezuela have given us that feedback. Forewarned is forearmed.

      5. I read a book about the Economic Collapse in Argentina and living through it. Gold became the currency of choice and its best form was in chain of 14k purity. The merchants were set up for it, the links were small enough to be useful and it was their standard. If you had 24K coin you lost out because the denomination was 14K.

        • Often necklaces and bracelets are only marked (“10K” or whatever) on the clasp or on a small tag attached to the clasp. Such things can easily be added to jewelry that is not actually fine gold; but is plated, or covered in rolled gold. For this reason, I would advise against these items.

          Far better than these, or individual links from these, would be plain gold bands (no stones) that are hallmarked and clearly stamped 10K or 14K. You can often buy these from somebody who has gone through a bad divorce and REALLY wants to get rid of their wedding ring. Pawn shops will offer between 80% and 95% of spot value, so if you pay straight spot, people will prefer to sell to you. You’ll be getting small, convenient, hallmarked gold pieces for the cost of the gold content.

          Also…. I believe that jewelry items were exempt from Executive Order 6102.

      6. Relocation experts said Venezuela was a great place to move to.

      7. Granted our family members and friends (most thousands of miles away) are not a statistical sample size but I see none of them waking up and taking action. Aside from firearm sales and CCW permits, is there any evidence that a significant number of Americans are waking up and taking action?

      8. The lessons of Venezuela are passed onto the globalist and will be used on our population ASAP. What Venezuelans should have done was recognize the danger in 1973 when a socialist was elected and hard preparation in 1998 when Chavez was elected. The BEST preparation would have been training and preparing SNIPER teams of men to prioritize and assassinate prized government officials. The complete lack of fear from government officials emboldened them to commit mass atrocities and they did. ONLY the fear of death would have changed the behavior of these bloodthirsty savages. The opposition in Venezuela thought they could TALK and thought there were RULES. Wrong on both counts. Assassination of government officials is their only option.

        • Mark Thompson

          If your checkbook was taken away from you, accounts frozen you would find it difficult to buy groceries. Economic Sanctions are an act of war. Much of Venezuela’s problems are self inflicted and much are intentional efforts at destabilizing and overthrowing their government. It’s the US policy of regime change.

          • If massive domestic spending with a “cradle to grave” welfare state is socialism then Saudi Arabia certainly comes under that description. The Saudi’s “play ball” with the globalists (actually to a great degree they are a star player) and they therefore function well while having a slightly lower population as Venezuela (less mouths to feed), less oil (although of higher quality).

      9. Hey, where did everybody go??? (Crickets chirping.)

      10. I’m not seeing any comments for the past several days. Need help. What am I doing wrong?

        • Mac has decided to change his business model?
          Everybody goes into moderation, he selects comments
          to post when he gets a chance.
          Frequent commenters aren’t as welcome anymore.
          That’s just my guess.
          No reason to think you’re doing anything wrong.

        • S.C.
          Everything I put on here gets moderated. Hell I been commenting on this site for years, up until now. I have no Idea what is going on.

        • My posts disappear.


      11. Our early muzzleloader for deer was this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Was fortunate enough to put two nice does on the ground.

      12. Nancy Pelosi “We must protect the Constitution” ….Yeah right.

      13. I just came back from Cuba. Yes Americans can visit for “humanitarian reasons”. Not by cruise ship. The country’s main problem is cheaply processed fuel. Fuel injected vehicles are sitting. Carburetor cars and naturally aspirated diesels are smoking along. Mopeds are the most important means of family transportation.
        Cooking oil is VERY desirable. Good shoes/boots and socks are nonexistent. Prostitution is rampant but no quality condoms for sale. Bad quality soap makes you itch and causes rashes. The absolute most important thing is positive attitude and second is skills/vocation. The people who prosper work well with others, in a group. Strangely, the Cubans are happier then the Americans.

      14. I have to say the VZ disaster is overwhelming.

        Many preppers plan for reasonable disasters, perhaps a year. The VZ disaster was 2015 to now, 4 plus years, and ongoing per this article. I’d argue it is way older.

        A natural disaster from God is kind, a year maybe two and it’s over. Hurricanes, Tornados etc come and go away, God is forgiving.

        Marxists taking control of any nation is a death sentence for its citizens, they aren’t forgiving, in the case of VZ it has taken a half decade to kill millions. These people, the government, are psychotic killers.

        I believe millions of more Venezuelians will die before the Marxists are brought down.

        God help us if Marxist ideology comes to America.

      15. California’s utilities service is going to turn off the grid for ten years inside the formerly great State. PG&E is owned by the richest family in the world, the original central bankers, the Rothschilds.

        So, there you go, you critics of this site’s comment section. Call it a conspiracy theory or paranoid stupid until it’s in your face reality. The elites can take away whatever comes from them. So get prepared fast. You can use camping equipment, buckets with a toilet seat and then compost human waste. Garbage can be burned. Sanitation is of the essence in avoiding disease if and when the grid is taken down.
        Organize your neighborhood. Keep it clean. Don’t rely on outside help. Get some batteries and flashlights. A woodburning stove will keep the house warm if you can put one in before the grid goes out, but California laws do not allow for burning except on certain days. Tents and sleeping bags indoors in winter. Good luck.


      16. The empire has declared economic war on Venezuela starting with Obama who signed an EO stating that Venezuela was a threat to national security (snort). The only threat they posed was the fact that they were sitting on empire oil resources. They no longer wanted to cooperate with the corporate ass raping they put up with for many decades before nationalizing their oil resources. The people were almost as bad off when the international oilcos were in charge of the oil as they are now. So the empire called up it’s lackeys and told them to recognize the usurper Guaido and not Maduro. None of empire’s toadies are permitted to do business with Venezuela and the US has stolen their oil money from their US Citgo refinery operations. Venezuela is no longer permitted to access the SWIFT system to facilitate international commerce and no country is allowed to trade with Venezuela using FRNs on penalty of they themselves being sanctioned. The Square Mile thieves have stolen Venezuela’s gold. Elliot Abrams wants an embargo to starve them out. The empire is doing the same to Syria whereby they have “retreated” back to Syria’s oil fields and have them “secured”. This is why Iran must deliver tankers of oil violating empire’s sanctions or the Syrian people will freeze this winter without heat. Empire claims sanctions only affect officials of these various governments but that is a lie. The people are always the first to suffer. And for no good reason, I will add.

        Stop blaming “sochulism” and start blaming the real culprits. Stop listening to fake news propaganda. It is meant to manufacture consent for intervention and/or war.


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