Prepping: The “Gray Man” Survival Concept

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    The “gray man” survival concept isn’t new in preppers’ circles, but it’s also something a lot of questions are asked about. Becoming a “gray man” essentially means strategically not drawing attention to yourself to avoid conflict.

    Being a “gray man” is easier said than done.  Since it’s impossible to predict what the future will hold, especially the future of survivalism, we can only speculate how to best achieve “gray man” status.  That said, it is a skill that can be practiced now though, before the SHTF. Blending in, laying low, recognizing dangers, and situational awareness all play a role in this concept. Going unnoticed can keep you out of harm’s way.

    It’s been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So if you can avoid conflict or any need for self-defense, you’ll have an added advantage when the SHTF. This is one skill that actually costs nothing.  All it takes is some rational thought and heightened awareness.


    The first step is to observe others.  Start to notice things like attire and how people speak to each other.  Observe how people interact with each other and begin to recognize their mannerisms and inclinations.  This requires you to first has some decent situational awareness skill – which is also free.  After you’ve observed others, your goal is to fit in and avoid creating a stimulus (something that can be embedded in someone else’s memory and creates an impression).  Be like those around you. If you stick out, you could become a target. Be remarkably unremarkable and unmemorable.

    You want to be as invisible as possible, so while keeping with the general tone of attire others are wearing, you’ll want to make sure you wear muted colors, avoid prints (yes, even camouflage), and don’t accessorize. Avoid any military-style clothing.  That makes a statement and ensures you will not appear invisible to others. Hide any distinguishable markings such as a birthmark or tattoos.  These will make you easily identifiable.

    You also want to appear non-threatening and make sure your demeanor matches your attire. Don’t go all out and cover your face with a bandanna under a hood. That will suggest that you’re up to no good. Instead, wear a baseball cap and give off the “vibes” of someone who is not doing anything at all except existing. Be boring, but walk as though you have a purpose.

    Minimize interactions with all people, especially those you do not know.  Once the SHTF, you’ll have more enemies than friends especially if your friends have failed to effectively prepare for the bad times.

    Most importantly, you will want to learn to think like a “gray man.” Changing the way we think is difficult, and impossible for some. But if you want a chance at avoiding as many altercations as possible in dire situations, you’ll need to make the attempt. Watch the video below for some great advice:

    Learning to be a “gray man” could save your life.  Blending in while being forgettable and not leaving an impression on anyone will allow you to go about your business with very limited altercations. This is one skill that is ranked up there with situational awareness.

    Both situational awareness and being a “gray man” are essential to a proper prepping mentality.  Both are free, and in addition to this article, I suggest you read as much as you can about both and begin to use them in your everyday life as practice.

     Gray Man: Camouflage for Crowds, Cities, and Civil Crisis

    The Gray Man is the forgettable face, the ghost guy, the hidden human. Implementing the concepts is more than looking less tactical, less hostile, or less threatening. It is the willful abandonment of anything and everything that defines oneself as different. Using his unique “S” word conceptual approach featured in Appear to Vanish, camouflage and concealment expert Matthew Dermody discusses the concepts, tactics, and mindset necessary to assimilate into any urban environment. From the safety-conscious international traveler to the SERE contingencies of the deep cover foreign operative, GRAY MAN is the definitive urban concealment resource.


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      1. Jeffery Epistien is dead . supposed sucicide? Possibly they planted a look alike corpse? maby the klintons had him killed? One fact we will never know the actual truth.

        • Remarkably the first post of the day is about something practical instead of the hot button issue. Shall we practice the wisdom of the three wise monkeys for a day?

          • Anon- SOME of us here appreciate the practical posts. Others will focus on the ‘news’ distractions.
            Its not entertaining for me, I can get that on cnn

        • Arkancide. Anyone who can spill the beans on the Clintons seems to go away, like Vince Foster.

      2. Breitbart News is reporting that Universal Studios is not going to release the Deplorable Hunting film called ” The Hunt” after our President tweeted that it would inflame and cause chaos.

      3. That’s good advice more people should learn to do. People have the right to wear whatever they want, but drawing attention to your self is unnecessary. Another point I would like to make is what you drive. Putting glock stickers all over your back glass with the stick people AR family’s are attention you don’t need. My goal is to protect my family, not announce to everyone how I plan to do it.
        Also don’t try to hard to blend in, the people that dress out of the casual section of a Blackhawk book stand out like a sore thumb

      4. Epstein became too toxic for a lot of people, especially the Clintons. I’d say they were behind it but we’ll never know for sure. The FBI still has that ‘black book’ full of names of high-profile people who were involved. Be interesting to see what happens to them now, if anything.

        • DR,
          Lot’s of conspiracy theories out there.
          It seems like it would be hard to hang yourself
          when there isn’t anything to tie to or tie with
          ( eg no sheets or blankets) in that kind of
          high security lockdown cell. Plus 24/7 video
          I like the Mossad conspiracy. He was a Mossad
          agent and they just bundled him off and he is in
          Gitmo or in Israel.
          Nobody is really sure how Epstein made his
          If they cremate him that will be the kicker. Even if
          they get a crooked Coroner, to forge a death certificate,
          the body can never be checked by another pathologist.

          • It is entirely possible Epstein did not die, maybe sedated and moved to temporary location to facilitate his relocation out of the country. But if he did die, how did he fail in his first attempt to commit suicide, then succeeded only after placed under a 24/7 suicide watch. As utterly corrupt as gov’t is it would be no problem creating a fake death certificate (as if he is the first one to do that for). Two things are for sure, a lot of people are breathing easier today, and the truth will not be known.

          • Rellik, the only problem with that ‘bundle him off’ theory is that Epstein had a lot of dirt on a lot of high-profile traitors. But even his death is not really no guarantee that they won’t fall. The feds still have his ‘black book’ full of names and other info. It all remains to be seen.

            • I don’t believe the man hung himself,
              but I don’t believe all the “conspiracy”
              theories out there either.
              Occam’s razor says to go with the simplest
              explanation. I don’t know what that is,
              I’d say murder and cover-up as a guess.

              • He got Arkancided

                • (NOTE: If any rich people reading need to know how to make more of yourselves, I will tell you how, but it will be very expensive.)

                  I don’t think it’s impossible, to make cordage or a weapon, under confinement, but, for all we know, he could be in the witness protection program. He could be nothing more than a piece of paper, with the names of your political opposition, considering the ridiculousness of this narrative.

      5. Mac, another good article. I’ve already practiced everything mentioned in an urban area. Now that I’m in a rural area it’s another story.

      6. The grey man would never post on shtfplan.

        The grey man would never write articles for shtfplan.

        The grey man would never wear pink and red together.

        The grey man would never wear a Tshirt from Lana’s Lama with an inscription like “they have to go back”.

        If the grey man bought a T-shirt made of organic cotton from RediceTV, he would wear it under a plain shirt, inside out; and he wouldn’t wear it into a no-go zone, during prayer time.

        The grey man never attracts attention.

        The grey man is Al Pacino not Keanu Reeves.

        The grey man is the devil you never see coming. He is a surprise.

        I am not grey. I’m chartreuse. I’m neon. I’m the rainbow. I am definitely not grey.

        But, it’s still OK to be white, only not if you’re trying to be grey.


        • h said, “The grey man would never post on shtfplan.”

          See, you’ve exposed yourself. Now, we know who has foil blankets and granola.

        • -censored comment-
          Not only would grey man not post on shtfplan.
          Grey man should NOT visit shtfplan, or sites like it.
          Yes the “theys” know Who and likely Where you are, if you post comment or Visit a web site.

          Even you wise guys that think you are Mr techie wizard guru. You Can and Will be found if you post, visit, or even use technology. There is ALWAYS someone better and smarter than you are.

          Technology is tool for the puppet masters for, Snitch, Snoop, Surveillance. That is the TRUE-REAL purpose of ALL technology.

          The other purpose is CONTROL programming, Direction, Distraction, Deception, that is also known as “Entertainment.”
          TelLieVision is prime example. Mass media propaganda brainwash machine for the clueless sheep.

          The “Feature” is only there to Lure you into bringing the “tech”
          into your life. A cell phone is NOT a phone. The phone feature is there ONLY so you will carry a sophisticated audio, video, tracking, tracing, Surviellance device with you everywhere.

          Ring/Amazon door bell cameras are NOT for your home security. They are for providing Law Enforcement a surveillance grid matrix to snoop on you that, YOU Volunteer into your neighborhood and that YOU pay for. Open your blind eyes sheep!

          Siri, Alexa, google spot, etc. Are you people really that stupid?
          Robots-AI what a nightmare to bring into your home.

          The Beast system is not the future. The Beast System is the present. It is here NOW. In China fully operational. All China electronics pose a SEVERE National Security threat. Many teams explained that to your government and Military, YEARS ago. They ignored for DECADES. You can’t fix Stupid.

          Open Borders immigrant flood
          Drug cartels controlling dirty Politicians and Police
          China Intel running around North Texas freely allowed by US government.
          Foriegners with H1b visas allowed to work in USA critical infrastructure and defense contractors
          China tech products used in military applications
          My opinion is that ALL of this is TREASON
          Those in Authority positions that Allow ANY of the above should be in PRISON.

          Censorship and non-critical thinking is your new “normal”
          Armed Sheep not allowed
          Thinking Sheep not allowed
          Conversation not allowed.
          Comments like this are not usually allowed

          • I’m the double reverse gray man. I post on shtfplan so you think I’m not grey, but I actually am. I may also actually be a normal person posting here so people think I’m a tactical prepper type, but instead I buy my grocery’s daily and love gun control and tofu. I may also be Batman, I’m not sure though.

      7. Why did they take him off of 24/7 observation. Where were the guards? I think either the deep state or the Mossad took him out. It sounds like a movie script! Who do you trust for the truth?

        • Jim in VA, no question this was a deep state operation. There was a report on hal turner’s site about the guards being removed from the area of his cell 3 hours before his body was found because of ‘maintenance’. Do I see a pig flying? Nope, didn’t think so. [SARCASM]

      8. Now it comes out that cameras were down for maintenance and those in lockup were supposed to be under surveilance during the process. We are now officially 3rd world!

      9. ” All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”

        Screw being a “gray man” how about a Red White and Blue man?

        The time is coming where you’ll either stand and fight evil, or be a coward and run and hide.

        • first ive heard in a while about standing ground. all the pussies are saying run from the city to the woods.

        • Grey man is just something you become, in order to get close to the bad guy on the list. You do have a list, right?

          • what Him said is dead on.

      10. Even though Pres. DT is not the president many of us voted for he sure beats all the Demo. candidates by far. Should a Demo. candidate win he/she: 1-seek ways to finally take away or severely limit private firearms once and for all, 2-resume a policy of allowing unchecked illegal immigration, 3-raise taxes – a lot (Bernie said the middle class would be delighted to pay more taxes), 4-rescind Pres. DT policies and bring in tons of new regulatory laws, 5-“cancel” student loans (in reality it cannot be cancelled, only transferred to the taxpayers who did not agree to those loans), 6-make a hardcore effort to nationalize healthcare, 7-pass an irrational “green” plan which will in reality only affect business people and homeowners in the way of more taxes, much higher energy costs, and much higher costs to maintain a decent standard of living, 8-pass laws that broadly define “whiteness” and what constitutes whiteness crimes, 9-pass laws that dramatically reduce freedom of speech by creating vast new categories of “hate” speech, 10-total gov’t subsidy for all abortions, 11-fill judges benches with hyper progressives, 12- give transgenders and the LGBQ bunch special official status, 13-mandatory national service for young people (we still have a 13th Amendment if anyone doesn’t know that), 14-provide guaranteed income – even to those who are able to work but will not, 15- an even more intrusive domestic spying state (for our safety of course), and 16-limit how much property/real estate one can own. These are only some the promises, proposals, and ideas stated.
        When are more Amer. going to see the light and understand that secession is their only remaining hope to keep their freedoms and liberties, their standard of living and quality of life, and their culture.

      11. I really like to dress funny and act belligerent, though.

        • So you must be a police chief?
          Just a little Saturday humor.

          • I knew the family of a police chief, so accepted a ride from him, to go shooting in unincorporated desert, wearing light, desert camo. I was deeply tanned, acclimated, so sweating minimally under the moving air. I know what is eaten, out there, and where to find it, in a coordinated, perfect state of clam. (20-30 basic items.)

            A white tweaker, working for the Indian casino was walking home, funny, stiff, twitching, in 100F, in a long sleeve white dress shirt, those elastic bands that old timey gamblers had on their arms, that visor, and a shimmering, metallic, emerald, green vest, melting, half dead of heat exhaustion.

            I immediately knew the meaning of it, shrugged my shoulders, and said he aint hurtin nobody.

            The police chief believed I was the strange-looking odd-man-out; the diabetic mission Indians, with a skyscraper, did the city financial favors.

            His nephew could hardly walk, had red hair, and did not tan — whatsoever.

            What is a gray man?

            • Clown, a grey man is someone who moves through the crowd unnoticed. Until it’s too late for the target.

              • “… Until it’s too late for the target.”

                Nope, that’s the easy part. Being the grey man is for getting away after it’s too late for the target.

              • People can take issue with you gray men, for no apparent reason.

                The whole country was built on this principle of politics for the sake of an argument.

                If they want war, they will wage it over milquetoast.

                Do your ears work well. Not everyone, but someone in every crowd is making a comment about you.

                • To use a childish analogy (don’t shoot me) Droopy Dog and Fog Horn Leg Horn will both attract negative attention, just for different reasons. Be smooth, somebody hates that. Be serious, you got an alter-ego.

                  When someone is singled-out, on public transport, and you keep your head down, it will not assure your safety, per se.

                  I’m not saying to be rowdy, during an occupation, necessarily.

                  But, cooperation will not make you any more likable.

      12. Epstein did NOT kill himself. He had some help.
        Did you really think that the sick pedopukepizzagatemonsters that are the puppet masters of your pretend made up Mass media brainwashed reality, were going to allow Epstein to take down princes, kings, politicians, corporate heads with his testimony?

        When it was reported Epstein arrested.
        Many stated that he would NEVER be allowed to make it to trial. Do you believe them now?

        The corporate heads/politicians that run this system are Demons/Monsters. Liars, thieves, murderers, disquised as politicians. They run your life and make up their pretend laws.
        I personally believe that they knowingly serve Satan/Demonic forces. Why else would abortion be allowed? There is a American political party that justifies murdering innocent children in their mothers womb. Then they call that murder “choice.” Sick. Just sick. Democrats, so called liberals.
        Are you going to allow these murdering monsters, diguised as politicians, to rule over you and take away your constitutional rights? To justify taking your firearms because of a few sick mentally ill patsies? To allow Muslim antiAmericans immigrants to make laws over you?

        If you do, then you are Cowards. You deserve every sick thing the mentally ill politicians dump on you? Why? Because you put up with babies being murdered in their mothers wombs.

        • Says the brave anonymous poster who hasn’t done any of the acts he chastises everyone else about.

          • Are we making this problem so big, so powerful, that noone can realistically solve it, in person.

            Or, are we well within our rights, to shun lots of small time enablers, several times a day?

      13. What this article is stupid. Stand out and let people know you will not take their BS! Be a wimp and be treated like one/ Never heard of a grey man…. how stupid.

        • Article has tactical merit.
          However, you are playing to the enemies desires. political correctness used to marginalize, silence, control.
          AntiAmericanAntiFamilyAntiGodAntiFreedomAntiGunAntiMasculinity DemocratRepublicrat party wants you SILENCED.
          Their goal is to make the abnormal “accepted as normal”.
          Political correctness is leftist communist thoughtspeechsocial control. Mass Media owned by foreigners control-divide-cause chaos within the American people. Why would USA government allow foriegners to own Mass Media?

          My veiw is to STAND. Be who you are. Be counted as among the brave. Like the fore fathers of America in 1776. They put their life and liberty on the line. They were willing to die as men.
          I profess my love of the God of Jesus Christ.
          Love of my wife, children, family.
          Love of the great state of Texas.
          Belief in the American Constitution/Bill of Rights
          Belief in the freedom to earn, succeed, prosper in life, by your own merits. The traditional American way of life.
          Belief in a mans right to defend his home, family, community, nation against ALL that seek to destroy morally or physically.
          To defend the Nation against ALL enemies Foreign or Domestic.

          I will not take the mark of the beast. Neither should you.
          I will not be Political Correct mind controlled. Neither should you. My children will not be public school mind altered to be trained conformist to the abnormal transhumanist atheist world view.
          As a result. We will be persecuted, loose jobs, shunned by leftist, tracked down, maybe eventually murdered by state thugs. Communist/Tyrants always use famine and Genocide.

          My life is in the hands of the Lord God of Jesus Christ. He will allow or not allow my death. His call. But I won’t hide like a VC commie tunnel rat. I refuse to blend in to the non offensive political correct culture.

          I don’t care if I offend you.
          I don’t care if you think I’m a fool.
          I don’t care if you think I’m not trendy cool.
          I don’t seek to fit it.
          I don’t care to be grey.
          I am Red-White-Blue. Like it or not. No apollogies.

          Love God
          Love Family
          Love my Mother and Father
          Love Friends
          Love America. Yes we stand and remove covers for national anthem.
          I believe in all of them. I will STAND for all of them.

          Being grey is tactically sound but morally distastefull.
          We all have to die sometime. If a family can not be safe at a Garlic Festival then where is safe? The world is not safe. Has NEVER been safe. Accept that. Accept death. Accept we are all on borrowed time. Accept that Lord God of Jesus Christ decides. Not I. Prepare, Train, Pray, do your best each day.

          Don’t be scared grey sheep. Armed sheep can defend against wolves or murdering maniacs. There have always been wolves, there have always been crazies. That is why we need more sheep dogs. Not scared paranoid living in fear grey sheep. Sheepdogs willing to STAND up to murdering wolves.

          Be a Sheepdog.
          Train-Prepare-Plan-Pray, be ready for the day the hungry wolves come huffing and puffing at your door.


      14. I do not plan on being a Grey man.
        I plan on being invisible.
        How – being where other people are not. – Very remote
        Have most everything I and the family need.
        If I have to leave the sanctuary and I am spotted, I will not go back to the sanctuary for several days and ensure I am not being followed.

        There is no such thing as a Grey man

        • The key to being invisible is, simply, don’t be where *they* expect to find you (whoever *they* are). Once *they* have you in physical custody the game, for all practical purposes, is over for you. Movement is safety.

      15. It appears that some of you here are not capable of understanding the gray man concept. That’s ok. Not everyone can do it, anyway. Not all of you should do it. Be what you are and be happy.

      16. Speaking from a correctional officer’s view point: this DOES NOT pass the smell test. When we get an inmate who is suicidal,he/she is on 24/7 watch,which means : an officer is sitting in front of the cell in full view,if the officer needs a restroom break,another officer comes and sits in front of the cell until the officer comes back. There is also a camera on the inmate,which is also monitored. Also,the inmate is strip searched before entering the cell. The inmate’s clothes are taken,and given a ‘wrap’ to put on. No toilet paper,but a few sheets of tp.. No utensils to eat with,and food plastic wrap is taken away. The watch is 12 hours per officer. Everyone hates the post.

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