Prepping For Two Week Quarantine: Emergency Food Supply

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 11 comments

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    With the increase in people looking to take a more prepared lifestyle, we’ve decided to put together a more beginner guide for a two-week emergency food supply. This is not a “quarantine specific” guide, although it definitely could apply for our current situation.

    We all started somewhere, and as preppers, our goal is to help others establish a means to not only survive, but get through an emergency with less stress, panic, and fear. If you are prepared, those basic response emotions to crises tend to abate and that’s the goal.  The fewer people who panic, the less the government’s response and less we all experience a loss of our basic human rights and dignity.

    Even though the chances of getting the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19 are small, the government’s response is huge. Schools are shut down.  The shelves have been wiped out at grocery stores.  Basic essentials are in short supply. Try getting toilet paper right now!  The panic has set in and people are scared.  But you can be prepared, instead of scared, and it’s a much more calming feeling.

    The video below is an excellent resource, but you’ll also probably want some explanation in the form of writing, especially for those who are just beginning. This video simply lists 20 foods you can store for a two-week emergency supply kit.

    The first thing you will need to do is take into account your family’s dietary needs. For example, if someone is lactose intolerant, buying 3 gallons of milk is not only a waste of money, but it’s a waste of food. You won’t use it and it’ll go bad.  You want to purchase things that are shelf-stable and will last you two weeks.  You should also take health into account when it’s only a two-week emergency supply, and especially if you are specifically preparing for a pandemic.  Your immune system cannot function if you eat too much sugar and don’t get enough healthy nutrients.

    What You Should Store

    Rice – can be used as a filler in soups or as a side.  It’s inexpensive and will last forever! That means, if you don’t need it right away, you can chuck it in with your long-term preparedness food storage. White, wild, jasmine and basmati rice are among the many that can last forever. Purchase at least 20 lbs.

    Canned Vegetables – canned vegetables don’t last forever, but they do have a shelf life of 5 years. If you are limited on fresh produce, however, these could be essential. For two weeks, assume you’ll eat a can per day per person if there is no fresh produce. Use that to figure out how many cans you will need for a two-week emergency. You can obviously get more, and once they approach their shelf life, replace them and eat them during normal times.

    Bulk Nuts – a simple snack full of healthy fats.

    Protein Pancake Mix – the reason you want to get a pancake mix with a higher protein, is because generally, it contains less sugar than the standard mixes.  They also make more hearty pancakes and will keep people fuller for longer. My family likes the Lakanto Keto pancake mix however, there are others available if it’s not your thing.

    Canned Beans & Dried Beans – for a family of four, get 24 cans of canned beans and 20 lbs of dried beans.  Beans will provide protein if meat is in short supply.

    Canned meat – as mentioned in the video, canned chicken is a good choice and is universally liked.  Some members of my family don’t like tuna or spam, but we all like chicken.

    Canned Soup – this is a simple meal and can fill up people quickly.

    Peanut Butter – a few large jars of peanut butter can be eaten by the spoonful as a snack.  Peanut butter is full of healthy fats.

    Nut Milk (such as oak milk or almond milk) – these milks generally last longer than cow’s milk and they don’t taste bad.  If you like coffee creamer, these can scratch the itch.

    Oils – for the short term, you’ll want quality here.  Cold-pressed olive oil or avocado oil are excellent options.

    Pasta & Canned Tomato sauces – these will be pretty quick and easy to make into a dinner. If you run out of pasta, the sauce can be used to make tomato soup.

    You could also consider reading resources about preparedness, such as Tess Pennington’s The Prepper’s Blueprint

    If we have learned one thing studying the history of disasters, it is this: those who are prepared have a better chance at survival than those who are not. –Tess Pennington

    Use your own critical thinking skills here, and store things for both the long-term and short term.  More advanced preppers could take this time in isolated quarantine to perform an audit of their supplies to make sure food is still edible and everything is in working order.

    Share with our readers in the comments the foods that you like to store for a short term emergency.

    *This guide is focused on foods.  Please note, you should have some water stored and filtration devices on hand.  If you still have trouble getting your hands on some toilet paper, consider a bidet.  It’ll be a change, but even if you have toilet paper, you’ll have a pretty powerful bartering item if the S hits the fan. 


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      1. there u go pound that salt yer blood pressure will respond buy raw and cook quit with the processo canned salt

      2. I’m omnivorous, but consider a vegan bodybuilding diet to be one possible means of making-do, in a Dervaes family kind-of situation.

      3. Does anyone actually beleive that if there was going to be or has bern a total supply chain breakdown that the governments, corporations, and media would warn the public and employees in advance?

        If so, people will learn the truth about how little the governments, corporations, and media doesn’t give a damn about the public.

        Many employees now veiw customers as an inconvenience, and so does top level management.

        I wonder what the problem with that corporate or instutional philosophy might be? Do you think that it may have anything to do with the money drying up?

      4. Does anyone actually beleive that if there was going to be or has been a total supply chain breakdown that the governments, corporations, and media would warn the public and employees in advance?

        If so, people will learn the truth about how the governments, corporations, and media doesn’t give a damn about the public.

        Many employees now veiw customers as an inconvenience, and so does top level management. 

        I wonder what the problem with that corporate or instutional philosophy might be? Do you think that it may have anything to do with the money drying up? 

      5. Howdy Y’all,

        Well, the big rally today went straight down the toilet…accompanied by significant wailing and gnashing of teeth all along Wall Street. Get out the Popcorn and Beverages, you’ll shortly be seeing tenants along that famous street defenestrating themselves over the next several days on the Evening News. Please make sure the kiddies get to see that so that you can explain to them what is actually going on; that way you can assuage their anxiety by simply explaining that ‘Bad, Evil people’ are removing themselves from the greater population as a courtesy to everyone else as a measure of restitution for thier Titanic swindling of a once Great Nation…nuff said there.
        Next up, the CME has begun suspending Brokerage accounts due to failed margin calls. The upshot there? THAT will result in a cascade of Derivative Contract vaporizations which will most likely during the next two weeks result a Systemic Failure in same wiping out around 2.5 Quadrillion dollars (notional) in what is otherwise known as “The Banker’s Casino”. Think here, Lehman Brothers on Steroids.

        So, welcome to TEOTWAKI Folks…coming to a theater near you VERY soon…too soon for most I’m sure.
        Be well, be SAFE and be Blessed…everyone of you.
        In time to come, TEACH your children this great lesson: ALL Bankers – the entire profession in fact – are EVIL as are are centralizations of Authority. Stand on your OWN feet and do it YOURSELVES. The Fed will not save you, the President will not save you….in fact, you will NOT be saved, by anyone OTHER than yourselves. Amen.


      6. One blessing in a pandemic, it’s unlikely we will have any unusual or extensive power failures. I’ve been packing my freezer all through January before the world thought this would be a pandemic, I also exited stocks, I’m in a great position to buy back in slowly. Should it be an issue, I do have a generator, so I don’t lose that food in the freezer.

        It was all so obvious what was coming down.

        Mac, did I say “thank you” for your years of service here, educating fools like me! Thank you, really thank you.

        Warm weather is nearly here. I have lots of seed. The garden will be bigger than ever this year.

        Note to other preppers. The world may not yet realize the value of plants and seeds yet. Buy early, build a kick butt garden this spring.

        Hello to all the regulars.

      7. To you non prepped idiots: Thanks for taking all the toilet paper you knuckledraggers. I hope you can eat it after you use it. What a great example of how stupid people really are! The vitamin/herb isle is totally full! Do you think TP is going to save you? I will just wipe my ass with your face when you come begging lol. I guess dingleberries are better than nothing huh? What a prime example of why humanity needs a giant culling…..

      8. The big problem with supplies will come from civil unrest. The scientists and advisors do not understand how different the population is today compared to the WWII generation. Then, most people were white, lived in strong family structures, had strong patriotism and church obligations.

        Today’s population is 40% non-white, do not share patriotism or any like for the institutions and the law. Many Muslims actually view themselves as at war with Western society, seeing themselves as a latent guerrilla force waiting to sabotage and take over Western nations. Chinese on the other hand see themselves as a agents of the Chinese Communist Party. And blacks are full of black power rhetoric and hatred for ‘whitey’.

        None of these people will behave well when the lockdowns cause the food supply system to buckle.

      9. People can always wear a paper bag over their head with a space cut out for eyes and glasses. It would probably be more effective than a mask, since it would cover the entire face and neck. People can breath though paper bags, it is in fact recommended for releiving hyperventilation.

        Throw the surveillance state into a sense of panic!

      10. Whut? No hillbilly vittles?

        We make Redneck Casserole at our trailer trash hoedowns but just as good for quarantine.

        Hot dawgs, tater tots, can bake beans, and greated government cheez.

        mm mm good. Get sum PBR to wash it down with yer sistah.

      11. Web guy sensationalism…..pitiful

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