Prepping For A Nuclear War: 10 Foods To Grow To Help Reduce Radiation Effects

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    With the threat from North Korea of a potential and possibly imminent nuclear war on the horizon, many preppers have taken to gathering items which protect them from the effects of radiation.  Food can do that as well, and here are ten things you can grow to reduce that damages done by radiation.

    It’s terrifying to think about, but there may come a day when the United States will be struck by one or more nuclear weapons.  Because of this, Natural News compiled a list of the ten best foods to grow in case this horrific scenario becomes a macabre reality.

    1. Potatoes

      In the event of a nuclear attack, one of the first organs that will be affected by the nuclear fallout and radiation is the thyroid gland. The reason the thyroid is affected first is primarily because radioactive iodine is absorbed by the gland extremely quickly. Unbeknownst to most people, though, potato skins contain high amounts of iodine, which can be used by the body to shield the cells from radioactive material, like nuclear fallout. Potatoes are also one of the easiest and heartiest crops to grow, making them a no-brainer for anyone who is serious about prepping for a nuclear attack.

    2. Strawberries

      Like potatoes, strawberries are extremely easy to grow. All you really need is some soil, some water and a spot on the windowsill, and in no time at all, you will be able to enjoy a plethora of fresh, juicy berries. Strawberries also contain several important nutrients and are a good source of iodine. It’s also been thought that eating strawberries can help prevent breast cancer.

    3. Cranberries

      The great thing about cranberries is that they contain Vitamin C and Vitamin E, both of which are capable of protecting cells from radiation. Most people are not aware that cranberries can be grown in raised beds, so long as the soil is acidic and the plants are given enough water.

    4. Navy Beans

      Red meat will likely become unavailable immediately following a nuclear strike. But, luckily, navy beans contain a significant amount of iron, which your body can use to make blood. They are also rich in iodine, which helps defend against radiation. As most farmers and gardeners will tell you, beans are an important staple in gardens because they help the soil absorb nitrogen. For these reasons, navy beans should be on the top of every survivalist’s list when it comes to the production of sustainable gardens and nutritious foods.

    5. Oranges

      Look no further than the orange for a healthy dose of Vitamin C, which can be a lifesaver. Research has shown that Vitamin C is capable of protecting healthy cells from radiation. As a matter of fact, it has been revealed that workers at the Fukushima plant in Japan were less likely to experience DNA mutations after receiving Vitamin C than those who did not. While there are many foods that contain Vitamin C, oranges are by far the best source.

    6. Red Peppers

      Like cranberries, red bell peppers contain a significant amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin E which help to protect the body from radiation. Red peppers have the ability to shield your cells from some of the effects of ionizing radiation.  They can be grown outdoors, in containers, as well as in hydroponic setups.

    7. Sunflower Seeds

      Just 1/4 of a cup of sunflower seeds is all you need to get your recommended daily amount of Vitamin E, so throw a handful on a salad.  They can give your cells protection against harmful radiation in the event of a nuclear attack. In addition, sunflower seeds contain other antioxidants and nutrients that will generally allow you to live a much healthier life.

    8. Pumpkin Seeds

      Pumpkin seeds are a good source of Vitamin E, and pumpkins themselves contain high levels of vitamins A, B, C, and Potassium. As long as the vines have enough room to spread, pumpkins are actually more than capable of growing in containers.

    9. Spirulina

      In addition to being packed with important nutrients, spirulina contains molecules that can bind to certain toxins such as heavy metals. Eating Spirulina can protect your body even if you are exposed to radioactive material such as dust or debris. To grow spirulina, all that you need is alkaline water, a source of light, and a bit of dry spirulina to initiate the growing process.

    10. Cocoa

      Chocolate, and its main ingredient, cocoa, contains resveratrol, which is a molecule that has the ability to protect chromosomes from radiation damage. Even though food products like Hershey bars and Milky Ways have very little nutritional value, cocoa beans themselves can help you survive a nuclear attack.

    One should consider prepping with at least a few of the above food items to help protect the body against the harsh effects of radiation.  In the event of a nuclear attack, food will become scarce, and having a basis for preparation could make all the difference.

    *This is for educational purposes only, and not intended as medical advice.*


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      1. You’ll never get enough iodine from these foods to adequately saturate your thyroid, which have only trace amounts. You will need to take iodine in as a liquid or tabs. A great product comes from InfoWars ‘survival shield’….better yet, you want potassium iodide tablets. The closer you are to the source of radiation, the more saturation you’ll need for your thyroid. If your really close to a nuclear burst, then forget the iodine and Pray.!!!!

        • you need to grow food high in lead content to shield from radiation.

      2. Cilantro is important, too.
        I read years ago that dried seaweed removes radiation from the body.
        Unfortunately most of it comes from Japan or South Korea, so it’s probably been Fukushima’d. I’d make seaweed rolls with left over brown rice and fish or chicken. Spread it on a flat sheet of seaweed, cover with grated cheddar cheese, roll up and bake on a cookie sheet for 25 min. at 350. Killer.

        • one word: twinkies

          • what does pussy have to do with radiation?

            • “B”
              what does pussy have to do with radiation?
              Answer: They both can kill you!!!


              • aint THAT the truth…..i been killed a FEW times by ONE of those.

        • Hows the recovery going in your neck o the woods KonD

          • No recovery at all on this end.

      3. Grow bean stalks and climb up to Heaven and escape it all. We’re doomed.

      4. When law and order is gone the only ones to survive a year won’t be those that stockpiled, survivors won’t be the gardeners; the ones that will survive will hunt in small groups (15 to 300 men) that go out on raiding parties taking all that is available, preferable those skilled in using primitive weaponry. I suggest forgetting about growing your own food and stockpiling, there will be no law to protect your rights, and as a bonus, your local new-faux-government will confiscate it all anyway. As always, those people that think they did things right by prepping [working] get penalized by the greater good that don’t [work] and you’ll lose all your cocoa and likely hang for not willfully giving up your preps, wahhh.

        • Bert:
          There is some truth in what you say. There will be scumbags who band together and prey on innocents. We see that phenomenon being played out during the aftermath of this hurricane. But not every house has been struck. Many people who prepared for this event are able to live in relative peace with their guns and canned food and such.

          The negativity of your trolling and foolish attitude is that you fail to get the whole concept of the philosophy of preparedness.

          The first prep is to be clear headed, not addicted to alcohol, drugs (legal or otherwise), to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

          The second prep is building your skills. The knowledge tucked safely in your head.

          The third prep is imagination and that you have. You have imagined a senario where men of bad will band together to raid. Let me assure you. That is something that will happen. Only problem for the bad guys is that good guys can play that game, too.

          The raiders will be shot on site. I’m sure there are plenty of good men who will band together to fight. When the gloves come off, these gangs will be history. Americans have put up with criminal bs for a long time. Watch out when the SHTF, your “hunters” will be the prey.


          • Bend your mind around the idea of eating human flesh – Remember the Donners.

      5. Guess i better get some chocolate!
        Good morale booster too!
        We grow these pumpkins called Kakai, seeds from Johnnys, are great, they are primarily for producing pumpkin seeds, produce a large green hulless seed, so you just scoop em out, rinse them real good then roast them, are a great snack

        • Nailbanger:

          Chocolate is soooo gooood !!!! It does make a person happier !!

          Stock up on cocoa, but also buy some 70%, 85%, 95% Chocolate Bars.
          There are some really delicious and healthy chocolates.

          A whole orange at the end of a meal followed by a small piece of chocolate.

          It is a custom in some cultures.


      6. Bob’s Red Mill sells some fantastic pumpkin seeds. They are good for a man’s prostate as are avocados.

        Iodine is used by the thyroid gland. Without sufficient iodine in the diet, the thyroid stops functioning properly. This causes breast cysts and can lead to breast Cancer. The thyroid is in the neck. If you feel just to the left of the wind pipe. If it is swollen, you call that a goiter. The minimum daily requirement for iodine protects the body from goiter, but the minimum is not enough to protect from other things like obesity from slow metabolism or ovarian cysts, etc.

        Keeping the thyroid flushed with plenty of iodine at all times is essential to good health. When there is an insufficient iodine in the body, the thyroid will mistake radioactive iodine for regular iodine and it will suck it up. Radioactive iodine kills the thyroid, causes an ugly bulge in the neck, and Causes Cancer in all the sex organs.

        The sex organs rely on getting plenty of iodine. Kelp, a seaweed, is sold as a supplement. It is high in iodine.

        _ instead of peeling potatoes, scrub off the outer layer of the skin and eat potato skins

        __ if one eye bulges out, that is a symptom of thyroid dysfunction. Try consuming more iodine rich foods. Contact Dr. David Bronstein. He specializes in thyroid treatment, and has authored several books on the subject. “Iodine, You Can’t Live Without It”. He also sells supplements including Iodine/Iodide. His contact number is in his books.


        • “instead of peeling potatoes, scrub off the outer layer of the skin and eat potato skins”

          Be sure to get only ORGANICALLY GROWN potatoes — regular supermarket potatoes are treated with a toxic compound called ‘Sprout-nip’ to prevent “unattractive” sprouting before the potatoes are sold.

          You do NOT want to be eating this poison. Pay a couple extra dollars and get the organic potatoes.

      7. Defiant North Korea Blasts “Evil” UN Sanctions, Vows To Accelerate Nuclear Program

        ht tp://



        I believe this is happening because I saw the same thing with lightening flashing all over Houston just one week before the HAARP HAVEY storm hit us. I warned you all and told you all that my scientist friend warned me that a day would come on this site, that trolls would not be able to discredit me, and its still happening. My friend warned that Natural disasters and weather weapons would be used to attack the environment to cause environmental fallout, forcing people into the camps. ,that the martial law will be declared. A massive class action lawsuit just went down in Houston just a few days ago.


        They had it planned ahead of time. You saw jade helm 15, MASTER OF THE HUMAN DOMIAN. Did they not master us, with tow massive floods. They rolled in the UN equipment in 2015, positioned them in Houston, in Texas all over. Its a planned attack and take over of Texas. First they strike with the weather weapons, push you out of your house, you preps, guns and food is stuck their, your fucked, now if off to camps, then Soros brings in the military, 10,000+ marines, violates the constitution. Now carriers, personel and destroyers off our gulf and Florida waters. Military deployed again.

        They call me Hicks.


        1,000% right every time.

      9. If we have to be around for a nuclear war, I personally would rather die a quick death then to survive such an insanity. The world from that point on would literally be a terminator future of cyborgs and drones.

      10. These events is the Beginning of the end game. I warned months ago, months, that by October 2017, the country will be changed and go the next level. They are coming for us to kill us off in mass numbers. Womens extinction begins in October 2017-2025. Look at the those islands hit by the HAARP Hurricane. Who is going to help them. Watch from this point on. I just ordered some more emergency items and was told that my order wont be coming in anytime soon, and UPS, fedex and other shipping comps are up and running, and now I am being told that everything is and they take my money, and damn will know that they are out of stock then took my money.


        • The Carib Bean countries are a global waste of space population-wise. They have no industry and mostly live on international aid. They leftover slave population should have been repatriated to Africa decades ago. In fact, that would be a cheaper solution rather than trying to rebuild poverty and squalor again.

      11. New research showed in mice and rats exposed to lethal doses of radiation when fed cabbage and broccoli did much better in coping/recovery from high doses of radiation. The control group died. Eat more coleslaw and kraut!! Google it Georgetown Univ did the research.

      12. I guess tptb think the American people have it too good and want the population brought down to third world status. Inflation would help bring that about. $6.75 for two 8 pound bags of ice is gouging, no ifs ands or buts. Even the $2.69 gas price is gouging. Most prices are heavily inflated already.

        • i disagree on the “gouging”….who would make it and bring it to them under such conditions….it’s a LOT more expensive to MAKE when the SHHTF.

        • A,
          My gas price is $3.21
          My Diesel is $4.19.
          Most of the gouging is being done by government
          in the way of taxes and regulation.

      13. I was looking at the photo at the beginning
        of the post. I have most of that stuff growing
        on my property, plus Avocados, Bananas, and Persian
        limes. My pigs eat very well.
        I am going to add potatoes very soon.
        My farm guy keeps say potatoes won’t do well
        here, but I’m definitely putting them in.
        Now if I could figure how to keep insects from
        eating the watermelons.

      14. Growing potatoes in irradiated soil to protect me from radiation. hmmmm

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