Preppers Stuck In Cities: Elite Chartering “Getaway Boats in Case of Manhattan Emergency”

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    There is an inherent dilemma for most of the people living in cities.

    Even those who are aware of the extremely fragile fabric of society are often stuck living urban lives. Perhaps they plan to retire to a country abode, or construct a hideaway to escape to if the need ever arises, but for now, they are stuck in the city making a living.

    This is true even for the rich, but now, they have a back-up plan.

    The biggest of American cities, and one of the most gridlocked, is New York City, with Manhattan and Long Island both isolated islands – trapped during emergencies from the rest of the world.

    That’s why those with means, and forethought, are now chartering emergency charters to get out of the city – probably a good idea, especially if the helicopter is out of your price range.

    via NY Post:

    “A lot of people don’t want to wait on a line to get on a ferry, and they don’t want to worry about walking off of Manhattan, as people had to do in the past,” [Chris Dowhie, co-owner of Plan B Marine] told The Post.“They know a boat is the fastest way, and we take the worry out of maintaining and preparing and always readying your vessel,” he added.

    Not only does the company promise a speedy getaway, it plans individual evacuation routes for each person, depending on their personal needs.


    “You don’t have a captain. You have to drive this boat yourself,” Dowhie told The Post, adding that in a crisis, people are more concerned with helping their own families than maneuvering someone else’s escape vehicle.


    The unique evacuation service costs an annual fee of $90,000 and is catered toward wealthy individuals and corporations who don’t have time to mastermind their own escape.

    Clients access the boats with an individual punch-in number, and should they need to abandon it at any time, Dowhie’s company will locate it.

    Interesting concept, and the fact that this has become a business model is also telling of the times.

    Estimates have placed evacuation from major coastal cities at more than 24 hours:

    Estimated evacuation times during major emergencies.

    For Long Island, where millions of New Yorkers live, it would be 20-29 hours to get off the island – during that time, people will lose their patience, run out of gas, become hungry, be denied access to medications and drugs, need emergency services, resort to crime, etc.

    The one percenters have long been serious about their prepping, for they know too well about the very real dangers being constructed, and the house of cards that is ever poised to collapse.

    There has been a steady rise in the upper class investment into underground bunker communities – typically decked out with furnishings and amenities that nearly compare with above-ground living.

    They have also been the high profile investors buying up getaway farms in places like New Zealand or South America, and hedging with mountain retreats and fortified safe rooms.

    While the amount of money they are spending remains mostly pocket change the biggest players, it represents a serious consideration of the high risk for social disruption, chaos and mega-disasters, such as the collapse of the power grid.


    The good news is that while the rich may indeed be living the high life, with escape hatches built in, there are many steps that the average, and more modest, individual can also take to increase your chances of survival during modest times.

    Todd Savage, who specializes in strategic relocation, says that finding balance is key. For some, a permanent move isn’t possible because of work, medical needs or family life:

    Not everyone will prepare for the same threats. It’s a personal choice. Some folks think that a nuclear exchange is imminent, others a socioeconomic collapse, maybe an EMP (solar or military), or a worldwide pandemic.

    Everyone who is concerned with a potential disaster should perform a personal threat assessment. It can help you decide to either relocate permanently to a rural homestead or acquire a bug-out survival property.

    (Survival Retreat Consulting)

    When it comes to elite prepping, you have to always ask yourself: ‘Do they know something that I don’t know?

    Considering their access to power, and their insider vision of human affairs, the chances are very good that they may.

    Boats and hideaway properties can be arranged at lower prices as well, or DIY. If you’re not on an island, there are likely some back roads that can save your life, and keep you out of the major chaos. Plan your escape route, with several alternate routes, that avoid the major intersections with highways, bridges and other points at which the majority of traffic is forced to flow, at a slow, grinding and dangerous pace.

    Safe rooms can been adapted to almost any space, and for relatively little money, and fortifications can be retrofitted where ever you need them. Just food for thought, better now than too late.

    Something big is coming.

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      1. Do like I did & retire early & beat the rush.

        Have not regretted it for 1 nano second.

        • “Estimates have placed evacuation from major coastal cities at more than 24 hours”

          In the event of a Tsunami generated by an earthquake triggering a landslide in the Canary islands, The East Coast will not have 24 hours notice. Not by a longshot.

          Be there to get there. 🙂

          • Smart Preppers have Detailed County Paper Maps, that will reflect all back roads and trails from one area to another. I would suggest taking the routes less traveled in a sudden evacuation than a main route. Those who are unprepared will all jump on their GPS’s and the GPS device will funnel the masses all onto the one and only highway it recommends to the masses. This is major problem in evacuations. And if you are driving in an evacuation, you better have massive backup gasoline storage to keep your gas tank full during an evacuation on the highway, as the gas stations will be bone dry. The problems with evacuations is many people in panic, will not have full tanks of gas and run out on the highways and will create road blocks and backups. Its a Bottle neck of abandoned vehicles. Then what, abandon 95% or all your cool prepper stuff and valuables in your vehicles, and go on foot to get out of the area? Stay and guard your stuff or leave and abandon it. More people who stay will die out of greed.

            I believe after hurricane Andrew in the early 1990’s a Florida Law was passed that said, that all Gas Stations located within a mile or some figure, off a highway or evacuation routes, are required to have a back up electrical generator to keeps the Gas Pumps pumping to help prevent log jams of abandoned cars out of gas. Either way, you need to leave the cities now while you still can, and still get some value or equity out of your property before a disaster or flood happens. Try selling your house after a flood, and you still have to pay the mortgage on it. That caused a lot of problems for those in New Orleans in Hurricane Katrina. People did not have proper insurance but still owed mortgages on a homes that was no longer there or fully destroyed. So make sure you have proper insurance to pay the mortgage loan off it there is a disaster. I bought a rider policy in 2004, that said if my house cannot be re-built within 2 years they would pay off the mortgage, and it also paid me like $1000 a month in extra living expense coverage if the house is not inhabitable. That costed me $20 on top of my regular Mtg payment. But I lived a block from the Gulf and only 8 Ft above sea level. And I was fully in the threat zone of storm surges

            Since then I moved and up to 45-47 Ft above sea level in more northern FL, and I’m fully self-insured since I own the entire property in full with no mortgage that requires buying Ins. Most home insurance is one huge ripoff.

            • Q: What do you call a “Prepper” who lives in a major city on the East or West Coast ???

              A: A fool. 🙂

              • Durangokidd:

                That’s cute, and not without truth.

                People who live on the coast are there for many reasons. Some people are gypsies and think nothing of moving every time the wind blows in the wrong direction. Others are like an olive tree that withers the elements and stays rooted in the same place for a thousand years.

                People on the coast need to be prepared just as much, if not more, than those in other places. If I had the money, I’ld own a yacht, or boat of some kind. I would also like one of those bullet proof cars and a helicopter and jet airplane with my own airstrip like John Travolta. So far all I have is a fishing pole, some wealthy relatives, and a goldfish.


            • Actually smart preppers are already some place none of your plan even matters. And there are not really many actual smart so-called preppers that are in fact truly prepared. Most live in various fantasy and forms of denial.

              This boat thing is a good scam, I guess ? If you are into scams. Not much different than many of the adverts to preppers for all manner of junk on nearly every so-called prepper site. When most are not even close to healthy or fit or capable of any kind of action, be it self defense or other fight.

              • I live in my BOL……common, walking around sense “Trumps” getting caught w/your pants down….every time.

          • I say ya got two hours max to get out of the city.

        • John Boat now has two meanings in New York.












          • Racism provided a lot of great places to grow up in. It was freedom of association. I just read an article that was very politically incorrect, but was very correct on what that freedom of association created all over the world. Now they are the racists, calling you the racist, because you won’t give them what you have. And they claim that somehow you got what you have from them. It is nothing of the sort. Their racism wants to take from you and also eliminate you. Your racism just wanted you to be allowed to live where they didn’t. It’s in the Constitution. Freedom of association. That’s what they don’t want you to have today, so you can nevr live peacefully. It was always a plan by those who wished to divide and conquer. To keep everyone that is not comfortable around each other, at each other.

            • They are COMMUNISTS. We will never get along with them.

            • yeah right, damn good post. I agree wholeheartedly.

            • If you really think about it… it’s diabolical, isn’t it ?

          • When you say “white” do you mean “Aryan”?

            • I said “white”? What I said was freedom of association has been labeled racist. Though only whites can now be racist. There I said white.
              Nobody is looking to integrate black and Hispanic neighborhoods and schools. They have already achieved the standards that TPTB need for total control.

        • Don’t have to retire entirely… find a job/career that lets you work from home. Gauge your commute, and act accordingly (drive an econobox that sips gas, keep a get-home bag in it that allows you to literally walk home from work if you have to, etc.)

        • “When it comes to elite prepping, you have to always ask yourself: ‘Do they know something that I don’t know?”

          YES. THEY KNOW THAT EVENTUALLY THE NORTHEASTERN COASTAL AREAS WILL BE UNDER WATER!! (global warming is melting the arctic and eventually all hell is going to break loose– the eastern seaboard going under water).

          • But how far from ocean do ya have to be? Five miles or more? I read that ya gotta be about a thousand ft up. Is that true?

      2. Most will never make it out New York city and for those who do we’ll be wait for them with lots of hot lead.

        • I just read that Colt is in big trouble financially. I think that everyone should try and help them out.

          • All of the AR manufacturers have a serious over supply and that is why you can buy ARs all day long for $500 or less. In saw some about 2 moths ago brand new with aluminum lowers for $369.00 The company sold them all in one lot (almost 600 units) for $340 each, kept the cash and filed bankruptcy That was at cost after assembly from parts. All of the newer companies are in serious trouble and they all know it. Some of the older more established companies as well like Ruger and others. But many are not dependent on ARs as much as others. Good time to buy an AR, problem is everybody who wanted one has one or two or ? so the market has been completely saturated. I bought two for $600 each new, back before the prices went nuts because of BHO. Sold them both for $1200 within a few months. So timing is always everything and that is all about paying attention. Exactly like trading. As crazy as it sounds AKs and SKSs have held their price well and I just saw SKSs for about the same money as a new AR ? They were excellent YUGO type SKSs but used none the less and starting at $450. Most SKS run around that price and amazingly the AK Romanian WASR 10s are still just under $700 everywhere you look, new ? But you can get AKs for around $600 readily. It has all changed a bunch.

            • It’s kind of like the custom motorcycle builders. They had a business cycle downturn too. I don’t see them on TV anymore.
              I know that the mindset there for awhile was that firearms could be an investment. As was the ammunition for them. Just like gold and silver was an investment that was never going to go down either. Now an investment is a property away from any city. But it seems to me that there are really no investments. Just smart purchases. Because in the future I don’t think that anyone will be buying anything. They will just be trying to take what someone else bought, thus they get it for free. And that stuff they want is just what the good folks were allowed to invest in after they were fleeced beforehand. It may not be much, but it’s more than them other folks have. And that’s all the motivation that they need.

          • Interesting shooting profile in this video. The guy at the end of the video proves my point completely about most preppers being very slow and incapable under stress. And this guy was perhaps a LEO ? makes it even worse ?

            There is no replacement for health, fitness and various forms of training. Thanks for the excellent example !

        • But how far from ocean do ya have to be? Five miles or more? I read that ya gotta be about a thousand ft up. Is that true?

        • Hot lead AND hot cocoa! The cocoa is for us. Don’t forget to stock up on hot cocoa. A good pick me up. Used to be 99cents. Now is a bit more, still cheap.

      3. Joel Skousen in this article ruined it up to a point but otherwise a good article, Mac. He’s too biased on where people should have their BOL, etc. Fortunately, I have a place to go and can be there in about 6 hours. I know several different routes there and have used each one. April can’t get here soon enough when I have another trip scheduled to the BOL. And I’ll have FUN FUN FUN til’ Daddy takes the T-Bird away…..

        • I used to live in the City, Damn right I prepped. Weapons and Ammo was first & Top priority. Always get the hardest to get items, and survival gear first. Then Food and gear like water purification. Then prepare to get the hell out of the cities into the boonies and get your homestead up and running. Solar is Key. Lock in your electrical energy rates for the next 20 to 25 years with Solar. My ROI is 4-5 years. Get off the grid ASAP.

          • Pool bleach is the best to purify water. The powder will last a super long time but can NOT get wet or damp. Seal in a jar. Summer is coming so get some pool shock i think it’s called. Liquid bleach will turn to water in 6-12 months.

      4. There’s no plan to let us out of cities – we are to STAY locked up in cities. Look up the creepy agenda of Agenda 21.

        I’ve been doing a lot of research and it scares me.

        Here’s a good video on the plan for Megacities across the US:

        If you can get out of a city…….do it now as it’ll soon be too late for you, if you can’t afford it then you’ll just have to find some ‘safe’ places to live within on.

        Please watch the video.

        • FYI- Here is a Message /Warning to all YOU City Dwellers, who thinks you all are going to just go Bug out into the countryside and live off our land. It is all private land, and we own it, and if you wander off the beaten path thinking you are go to go camp on someone’s wooded land on some back road, prepare to die instantly for trespassing. We know who lives here, and what cars our local’s drive, and who passes by daily and waves or stops and says hello.

          You better own your own slice of BOL Property if you want to survive. Squatters and Trespassers will be quickly eliminated and we will take all of your stuff. We Carry Daily and many out here shoot our guns daily on our property. And in my area of FL, our demographics are about 95% ALL White Meat, 3% Dark Meat, and 2% Remanufactures who knows what kind of meat. In fact, you better not even stop for gas or food and just keep on driving to your relatives houses in some other city up north. Some that live out here in the Country, have talked about blocking bridges to keep the Golden Hungry Hoards out. SO just turn your Unwanted asses around and go back to where you came from. The Countryside in my area, will not turn into a sanctuary country refuge for those who did not buy their own property and prepare a head of time. You have all been warned for at least 10 years to prepare for this. Some get it, and some,….will learn the hard way and will die trying.

          Just a friendly reminder to ya City Dwellers. The rules all change when you leave your sanctuary of the city limits. Calling 911 out in the boonies may take hours. Just saying..

          • You have no idea how many millions of people are coming for your house, your food and your guns. You dumb rednecks won’t last a week.

            • Bone-head……anything tastes good, w/enough BBQ sauce.

        • True. They will block people in. I read a long time ago that they will put up those big concrete dividers on the main rds to block people leaving. I read that you have 1-3 hrs to get out of the city before it’s locked down.

      5. Darwin tells us life is a struggle for survival and those most fit for it survive while those less fit die off.

        This leaves the species stronger and advances it to higher states of development.

        The coming troubles are going to get rid of most of the less fit leaving only the more fit and advanced ones alive to carry on.

        • Darwin? So tell me… which came first, the eye or the optic nerve? Might I suggest you learn what the term “irreducible complexity” is, or read Dr. Michael Behe Darwin’s Black Box.

          There are a number of ways to look at creation, though I like Dr. John Lennox, math professor at Oxford Univ., and his take.

          For your reference: Behe points out that, similar to malaria, the HIV microbe occurs in astronomical numbers, with a mutation rate 10,000 times greater than most organisms. So, in just the time since it was first discovered in the 1980s, for certain types of mutations, HIV is estimated to have undergone more of these than all cells have undergone since the world began. However, the way the virus functions has changed very little, and still has the same number of genes that work the same way (cited from World, July 21, 2007, p 16). Notice no archyeopterexes, platypuses, wooly mammoths have evolved from these mutations, or, for that matter even any significant changes in ultimate function or form of the HIV virus has occurred. Why ?
          “We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinism should be encouraged.”
          500 Scientists Speak Out,

          “Can you tell me anything you know about evolution, any one thing that is true?” Colin Patterson of the British Museum of Natural History tried this question on the geology staff at the Field Museum of Natural History, and noted the only response he got was silence. Trying again with members of the Evolutionary Morphology seminar at Univ. of Chicago, he got the same response – except that after a long period of time, someone spoke up and said “I do know one thing: It ought not be taught in high school.” From Darwin on Trial, p. 10, Phillip E. Johnson, former law professor at UC Berkeley

          “Mutations appear to be overwhelmingly deleterious, and even when one may be classified as beneficial in some specific sense, it is still usually part of an over-all breakdown and erosion of information… Mutations are the basis for the aging of individuals, and right now they are leading to our death – both yours and mine” John Sanford, Genetic Entropy, p. 27

          • I just saw most of the movie “Lucy”. She just kept getting smarter and smarter. It was because of a drug that she ingested. The movie is basically about A.I., and how that will make you a super smart….bi-human. To later not even need a body and be everywhere. You remind me of Lucy. Like there is no way that you have all this information at your disposal if you didn’t have help from some….other form of information spewing device. You’re like half human, half bot. And it’s the human part that show all the flaws. I guess that can be fixed.

          • So … you just keep that response on hand so you can copy and past any reference to Darwin? Must be a damn arrogantly-ignorant millenial that feels spouting off a couple of phd names on a subject reflects your intelligence when in truth it only reflects your reluctance to read any information or research that may contradict that which you WANT to believe.

            Darwin wasnt entirely correct, but he wasnt entirely incorrect either.
            Your point, however, is entirely off base and jumps right to the intelligent design theory of the eye meaning you are most likely an earth was created in 6 days type. Unfortunately, the eye was one of the most ass-backward and inefficient sight mechanisms that couldve been designed, limiting human capability to only an extremely narrow spectrum of detectable wavelengths.
            As far as bacterium and viri,it has been shown that certain strains seem to continuously mutate, generation to generation, not just the HIV virus, though seemingly this is the book you read so it is of course the authority even though your citation is a decade old. Not to mention is reckless to assume that this virus has undergone more mutations than all combined since the start of the world… what kind of researcher would make that claim? And who would believe someone that would make that statement… Any idiot can spout off notes and citations from a book or wikipedia, actually combing through several supporting documents and opposing documents and surmising a rational and fully understood opinion is intelligence.

        • To some degree those with more cunning and stealth may have a good shot as well,

          • Those well armed will also have the best chances for survival. As Clint Eastwood said. “There are 2 kinds of people; those with loaded guns, and those who dig, Now dig!” Pretty much summed it up for me Clint. Got it!!!


        • I read a short character description of the director who made the Spaghetti Westerns in the 70’s. In that description, he was said to believe that surviving the Old West was just a matter of luck or chance. Yeah, could be the same in the future. You don’t really know who is going to win with all the deceit and betrayal you will be facing. You know, who will win out? The Good, The Bad, or The Ugly.

          • I guess if you make movies about the gunslingers and such of the old west, you’re going to think of the old west as being a completely anarchical place and time. I prefer to think most of the people in the old west were decent, hard working sorts who survived on hard work, community, and adherence to the moral code of the era, even in the absence of law.

            Those were the people who hired Wyatt Earp, funded the Texas Rangers, built the courts, towns, railroads, all of it. The lawless built nothing and were hanged for it.

            • You should write the the rewriting History Channel. They like to use phrases like “I prefer to think” too.

          • Yea right:

            I knew a fella who lectured on the subject of luck. Apparently there is a strategy to becoming lucky. Lecturers are the highest paid people, at least that is what I’ve heard. When President Trump was just Mr. Trump, he was paid one million dollars to lecture, at least that is what one of his employees at Trump University told an audience of interested prospects who showed up to find out about what it was all about. Somewhere I read some things Trump said about luck. He said he would rather be lucky than smart, and he said that people call things luck which in reality it is smarts and hard work.

            • Yeah, given a million dollars in the 1980’s by his father to start his own business was luck. His father’s criminal associations were just luck too. He was right, he would surely want to be “lucky” than smart when he saw how business was really done. And he was lucky to be born into that luck, and is now just lucky to be president too right?

        • I totally agree: just look at the general population: all the obese women and the pot-bellied men. I see people who just look like they ate half the planet for most of their lives and then let a truck run over their face a couple times.

          It is such a shock when I compare these people to healthy Europeans or Asians.

          The coming Darwin struggle will go like this:


          – aggressive Muslim and African males are physically stronger specimens than the average American. They are like giant erections looking for a women to park it in. Their pro-creation abilities will compete with their violent self-destruction abilities but their numbers will grow.
          – whites are going to bifurcate between the genetically inferior whites – the obese, lazy, balding, dumb – whites and the uber whites: physically powerful, immensely clever, beautiful.


          – Asians will prosper because of their cleverness and hive-like behaviour. Asians quickly embrace new technologies and science and thus will be far advanced from Africans, for example.
          – bifurcated whites will also do very well but they will need to cut off the rotting appendage that is the welfare state and the obese, lazy whites.
          – Muslims and Africans will not mentally prosper because they are held back by backward faith and organisational systems. They will mostly serve as cannon fodder for the military industrial complex.

      6. One thing the elite are forgotting, in the event of a coup, or police state clamp down, the same forces patrolling the waters for drug traffickers, can be turned inward to prevent anyone from leaving.

        Take a look at the Matt Brakken trilogy for a discussion.

        Unless you’re one of the global elite, part of the cabal, you’re not going anywhere.

        And why would you. I intend to stand and fight. Molon Labe.

      7. ‘Never get out of the boat, unless you plan on goin all the way”

      8. When so much wealth has moved up the income brackets the discretionary income allows the .1% to spend money where they normally wouldn’t. They, “Don’t Know”, but having open eyes and ears with the ability to add they sense the possibility, maybe probability of social upset and mayhem. The people who really know are in the .001% or .0001%

      9. One word for BOL: Nova Scotia, particularly Cape Breton.

        And no, it is not super cold. Besides, there is no poor weather, only poor clothing. Prices still low there, no one will go north in a disaster, Americans can buy property no problem with NO reporting requirements like a bank acct, well watered, ocean all around to either get there or fish, the Canadian dollar right now around 75 cents or so, etc. I used to get my property – felt I got a reasonable deal.

        • I thought about Nova Scotia for retirement as well as a BOL. It seems to have a lot to recommend it.

        • @TEST I know Canadian citizenship isn’t required to buy a home/property in Canada, BUT don’t you have to have citizenship to live there more than 3 months or 6 months, whatever. Wouldn’t we be deported after over-staying our allowed time period, even with a Visa? Thanks, NYG

          PS: After all, I only have one citizenship, US citizenship, and don’t want to be an illegal immigrant in Canada.

      10. To some preppers I would give the following advice: “Get a life first! Then prepare to save it in SHTF!” It is way too easy to get so absorbed in current events that you don’t enjoy life. It is considerably easier to prep if you have a life worth saving even in the worst of times. A lot of the money and time I have spent in prepping would have been better spent on everyday life. I try to focus my prepping on things that help me with everyday life.

        • Brian

          I’m with ya. Being three heart attacks down, two with VFib. This experience gives one a perspective of now. As an inlaw uncle says, “Enjoy life because your going to be dead a long time”. Hurricanes, civil unrest, ok thats something you can prepare for. I’m not moving into a cave.

          I like having some, abet little understanding of the economics giving me a bit of a heads up.

          • Sorry to hear about those heart attacks, Kev. The world needs more smart people like you! Take care of your health… want to see more of your posts!

            • Family history, three decades of smoking, high stress job with boo coo responsibility, rotating shift work cheating sleep and a few too many beers with a very questionable diet, it collectively catches up with you. Ceased all of the above almost 15 years ago and I still picked up a half dozen additional stints.

              I’m alive because so far I got to the hospital before the MI hit. I don’t recommend heart attacks for anyone but by all means, if your going to have one do it in a hospital, in the cardio ward with a cardiologist over top of you. The cemetery is filled with people still waiting for the numbness/tingling in their left arm as a symptom. There are a host of symptoms that are far more indicative.

              • Glad you are still here. Your work (purpose) is not done yet. Enjoy life, as well as prep. ?

        • I see prepping as a lifestyle. I tend to buy bulk and on sale for the discount. Buy bulk and you need to become good at repackaging when needed, preserving quality, rotating for freshness. Having months worth of food on hand bought in quantity is a prepping plan, it also saves me a lot of money. So, what to do with the money prepping saved me?

          A personal protection plan is usually part of prepping, which is cool because I like shooting as a sport. I take my Daisy Red Ryder out whenever I can. Ammo is something I use. Again, if you buy in bulk, you’ll always have some on hand, and you’ll save money doing it. So, what to do with the money prepping saved me?

          I’ve hardened security on my home, I think it’s good insurance, it makes me feel secure.
          I stay healthy, trim and fit, I think is good insurance, and it feels great.
          I try to be situationally aware, no matter where I go. It can be entertaining to observe, size up people, spot hidden weapons, and nefarious people. Enter a store, restaurant etc, spot the exits, size up the people, what in the room can be a weapon for self defense, watch your back. This could save your life and costs nothing. Bad intentioned people are often situationally aware, they will sense you and usually avoid you.

          I have bought a few unusual items like some long term freeze dried foods. I may never need these, but part of my plan is to donate them a couple years before they expire, to an appropriate disaster relief effort. Any precious metals, art work, firearms etc can be bequeathed to children. An untraceable item of value that can avoid death taxes.

          I have fun prepping, coming here listening to people, gaming various scenarios, creating plans to deal with those, figuring out the least expensive way to be prepared or how to repurpose or extend items in your supplies to cover more scenarios. It is a chess game of sorts.

          • PTPO

            Now you got it. Read the info and take what you can use for prepping. I have finished my communications update. Working on home defense update. Things change and you get new ideas and better tactics arise. Labeled, color coded and pre-staged. Check Lists. Ready to go.

            Do the small things that will make the difference later.

            Seven major categories for survival.

            Fire. Forest/building to campfire.
            Shelter. Home and camping.
            Water. To consume and flood water.
            Food. Buy and Grow your own.
            Communication. Gathering and sharing.
            Medical. Common cold to epidemics.
            Defense. Home/self to community organized.

            • Home defense trick.
              My wife worked at a company and was given the task of laying off 20 people. Cowards!

              One name on the list was a guy who loved guns……. To an extreme. He talked extensively at work on the subject, even to outside contractors. To the point some people were afraid of him. (This is a tip off to preppers out there, opsec).

              Because some in high management were freaked out by this guy, some special security consultants were hired for this layoff. One former FBI, and one former CIA. I got a personal two hour consult on home security along with a walk through of my house with the ex-CIA dude.

              We spoke of many security options. I listed them and said, if you were me, which would you do first?

              The top choice was an 8 mil hurricane film on Windows. To have a contractor do this is huge expensive, but can be done DIY really cheap, there are lots of YouTubes on the subject. I have three sliding doors on my first floor, and anyone smashing the glass on two of those would instantly be in the core of my house, and I would be totally surprised and outflanked. As well I said I don’t think this guy is the big risk, but this same film would protect against any home invader or the more likely storm. He absolutely agreed. The smallest roll that would do my oversized sliding doors, also did every window on the first floor. It cost about $400. Any thief trying to break in through a window would be mighty surprised when the windows and door don’t give way even to a sledge hammer.

              The threat from this employee never materialized, but a couple years later superstorm Sandy rolled up the coast. I’ve never seen glass bend so much in the wind and not break. I was so glad I had that window film installed.

              One other odd benefit, this window film filters UV light, which means carpets and furniture stopped being bleached by the sun and last longer, so it actually saves money. It also adds slightly to the insulating quality of the windows and doors, saving heat and AC costs. I actually think in a ten year period is pays for itself.

              Two Install tips not seen on the Internet. I took a 4′ x 8′ sheet of MDF on saw horses, and cut an 1/8″ deep slot dead across it, about a foot from one end, with a circular saw following a guide, then tacked a 1/4″ X 2″ X 8′ guide perpendicular to that. Now I could unroll and measure off a section of film to do a door or window and run a utility knife along the slot and have an incredibly accurate no waste cut.

              Adhesive is not required for normal windows, but is absolutely required for tempered glass like is found on sliding doors and screen doors. It is a special high strength silicone adhesive that was pretty expensive, but it is scary strong. It was like $20 a tube, but I needed only one. The trick here is to apply painters tape to the glass, 3/8″ from the door/ window frame. Apply the adhesive around the perimeter like you were caulking a tub, the hurricane film being about an 1/8th inch smaller than the window, due to differential expansion issues. Smooth the adhesive with a gloved hand hand. Peel the painters tape, while the adhesive is wet, and don’t touch the adhesive, Let it cure.

              There are ballistic window films available that are rated for stopping bullets. They work the same way, but I’m good with what I have and I can afford it.

              One extra thought, this window film is supposed to be abl to stop a 2×4 fired at point blank range at 60 MPH. Your job to assess your risk and solutions.

              • PTPO

                Thought about that window film. I figure if it starts to get that bad I will install wire fencing over openings. The sliding glass door is a problem in home defense. Will inside plywood one side and sand bang the other. Will become a rear firing position for I can see the whole back yard.

                I did some window tinting with reflective film. Have to do it right the first time. First time installers should try a small practice to get the idea of how it is done.

                Know why they all say it is easy to install? It is only after they went through all the crap that happens when they did the job and learned the tricks of the trade.

              • If all you got is some security film between you and public street threats. You got way more problems than you realize. People are delusional. Try moving out of the city for starters. You think that security film is gonna stop someone from torching your house on fire, shooting you as you leave your house, or running you over in a parking lot? There is a thousand ways to die. I net I could kick your front door in with about 3 kicks.

                You need to go live where nobody can even see your house from and road. And layers of fence security to even get to your windows or doors. Go shop for rural property for starters.

          • Yeah, if you can see their underwear, beware.

        • 100% agree
          That prepping shit can get old, especially obsessing over minutia you have no control over, better to just deal with that witch you can control,

          • Re: prepping for things beyond your control, i.e. Like living between two major cities likely first strike targets for a nuclear attack, or worrying about an asteroid from space hitting your house?

            That’s where I just trust in the Lord. The bible says we should be like the virgins who were prepared with oil and wicks for their lamps, for you know not what hour the bride groom will arrive. Trusting in the Lord is the ultimate prep, and covers all the holes in our worldly preps.

            Moses invests, but Jesus saves!

            I’d really hate to die a stupid death, prepping is just one way to avoid that, but my ultimate prep is always faith in the Lord.

            The serenity prayer goes like this:
            God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
            Courage to change the things I can,
            And wisdom to know the difference.

            Prepping is the “Courage to change the things I can” part!

            There is solace in this concept.

            Ok so let’s have some fun, and figure out how to prep against a “When Mars Attacks” the movie scenario! We get entirely too serious here sometimes.

            • I’m sure that’s exactly what the German women were thinking before their country was invaded and they were raped and murdered in the churches.

      11. Nice gig – collect big bucks every year on nothing but a promise – then when the SHTF use the boat to reach YOUR bug out location.

        In a real SHTF scenario any boat is going to be swamped by people wanting to leave. You can spot the boat coming from far away and track it. When it hits the shore you hop on (along with 75 others). So do you drive your boat into this mess, knowing that you will either be swamped or have a gunfight?

      12. Somehow I think leaving the city now would be prudent. After all, isn’t vacating the city in the top ten commandments of prepping? Many of these folks can run their affairs with an active internet, from their BOL, until the plug is pulled.

        Even if I were jobless, I’d still cut my losses and leave.

        I think the smart ones know this.

      13. So the first class is buying lifeboat seats to get safely off the Titanic. So what are they going to take with them? I hope they didn’t leave that diamond in the wrong jacket. I guess since they already knew that the Titanic hit an iceberg a long time ago they have their valuables on dry land, or just a safe place. With all the money they have and their connections, they are probably going to be boarding US nuclear powered submarines to take them to their BOL’s under the Arctic cap. That’s just those on the East Coast. Leaving from the other coast I don’t think that there’s any place for them to go without them thinking that they are on the Seaview.

      14. The elite will know ahead of time when another “event” occurs. No doubt, the Isrealies will be there to document it.


      15. I watch people. First impressions can be deceptive. But some things do tell. There are wooden chairs at this place. Today I saw a man with a backpack, a Bible, and a memory foam seat cushion. He was an older guy, tall and slender, and dressed neatly. I immediately thought he must be a “prepper”. My second thought was that he may just be a responsible member of society with enough sense to take care of himself. I bet there are a hundred people who sat in that hard assed wood chair, squirming because their butt hurt. And not a one of them thought to bring a cushion. I speak from experience.


        • Want to know what a person really thinks. Get him shit face drunk. See what happens. Hahahaha.

          • When I was in college the guy down the hall was bragging he had his last exam the next morning. I had three more exams over the next day and a half. He said he was going straight to the bar and getting so drunk he’d puke…. There is no justic in this world.

            I’m studying away and I hear him arrive, stumbling down the hall. I go to the men’s room and use a quarter and lock all the stalls shut. And go back to my room, and leave my door open to hear the fireworks. About 15 minutes later I hear him run from his room to the bathroom. There are four stalls, and I hear “oh damn”, then “oh shit”, then “mother F?cker”, finally blaahhh bahhhh, raaalllfff, earlllllll.

            I chuckle, and close my door. He was utterly confused as to who could do such a thing. I think he drank so much he shit himself too, that was just frosting, He just wasn’t a prepper at heart. ?

            • Hahahaha!

          • If he drinks you’ll have your answer already. Ask yourself why really intelligent people don’t drink, (I know a few, and it wasn’t based on religious beliefs but scientific fact). This was an observation I made early in life, as I used to drink, and I refuse to touch the stuff.

            If you drink during SHTF, you’re a sitting duck. I suggest folks start weaning off it now.

      16. After Oprah sold out & relocated her assets out of Chicago some of her prep plans were revealed – her personal security detail had multiple plans of leaving the city and escaping to her NW Indiana compound – equipped with a huge underground bunker …

        It included everything from helicopters and boats to snowmobiles skirting a winter Lake Michigan shoreline – they took it very seriously ….

        • I knew someone that got hired to work for her at Harpo studios. She had to sign all kinds
          of confidentiality agreements that said she could never talk to the media or speak about
          anything that happened in that place. Oprah rules her world with an iron fist.

          • Oprah sold off everything and ran off with the HUGE freaking profit – the old Harpo Studios is being turned in the new Chicago McDonald’s Corporate World Hdqtrs ….

            • She has political aspirations now. God help us. Think of the entertainment value of a
              presidential race between her and Trump. As Don King would say, ONLY IN AMERICA.

      17. What is the “Get Away” Company’s guarantee? $90,000 a year.

        Could leave them high and dry at the dock.

        • No kidding, what’s a guy going to do about it?

          They could even sell the same plan to fifty different people, one boat.

      18. with all this talk of bug out locations for those in major metro areas: why not simply move to a lesser populated city? a city or metro area with less than two-hundred-thousand people will have dependable internet, wide enough variety of companies to work at, decent stores, space for decent garden, etc. if one wants to live in a cabin or bunker in middle of nowhere, a fifteen minute drive from downtown takes care of that.

        some people never got the memo: the internet is a decentralizing technology. unless one has a very unique career or specialized personal needs, one no longer has to live in the new yorks, chicagos, miamis, hell-ays, seattles -unless they *want* to.

        maybe they’re afraid they’ll learn something being surrounded by us peasants?

      19. Manhattan. Not my kind of city.. I havent seven a post from Lolong in almost 1 year.. Lo long from NY use to post a lot on SHTF, what’s going on in your neck of the woods, unless your still living in NY.. ?..

        How in the hell can one strategically locate in NY much less form NY once SHTF commemses. Joel is right. You have to have an alternative plan to bug out..its a phucked up situation because down here in Texas we have options and lots land space. In NY your fucked. You can literally by land in the middle of Bum fuck nowhere, 1/4 acre in Texas. And you can build a house for less than 1500 Sq. Like the one I am currently building with, get this, built with wooden pallets and ply wood as .y sher rock for the walls and pallets and ply for the flooring with cement piles combined for strong reinforcing, and foundation..companies throw them out, people like me approach comps and pick them up on my buddies trailer.. Thid is what we do.. It’s great to do some bust ass construction work. I would rather lift weights bit I have to get his BOL ready so they I hav help with mone. Have to take off a week from training to do some part time building..

        The terrain last weekend was brutal, I got more cuts and bruses from all those green prickled vines. Damn, Don tevr. Get tangled into those. Jesus, you know the ones that grow from th ground then up to the tree tops. I had to wear safety glasses to protect my eyes..

        Prepping is really a lifestyle. I have to agree. You have to reason why you do what you do.. Since the elites are getting ready for th culling to kill of lf over 265,000,000 by 2025. All I can say is. Don’t let me catche one of you eliteist bastards near my area..


        • New York is a toilet. You have next to zero chance of survival if anything big ever happened there. Just look at 9/11: the toxic cloud of dust that polluted much of lower Manhattan. Bucket loads of people have died from the fallout in the years since.

          Just with business experiences, by far the worst people I have ever encountered – the least ethical, the least trustworthy, the biggest liars and deceivers – have all been in the New York office. It is a toilet bowl where the worst of humanity swirls its way around the centre of Manhattan.

          • Frank:

            Rubbish. You are full of it. There is no place where people are all good or all bad. Your narrow minded judgmental mindset exposes your own shortcomings.

            I have worked in the fitness industry. I know some of the most fit people on the planet. I know the most beautiful people, and some of the most gifted geniuses.

            The truth is people alternate. Some of the skinniest dudes like Jack LaLane turn themselves into muscle and in the case of LaLane, he became a fitness guru. Likewise, I have known fat obese people transformed into physical gods and goddesses.

            People who are extremely intelligent often neglect their appearance because they are just so busy doing extraordinary things for the benefit of mankind. When you have the opportunity to help them lose weight and get in better shape, it is an honor.

            I’ll let you in on a secret. Beautiful gorgeous women who work as super models or executives are repulsed by men who are like you about fat people. Why? Because some slender people have loved ones who struggle to stay fit. Others, like me, have had friends who died or were made very sick as anorexics because they encountered ridicule for being plump, not even fat.

            The world is big enough for everybody. Spend more time working out yourself and less time being a jerk. I know an exquisitely beautiful woman. After having a few children she put on a few unflattering pounds. Where some stupid men harass and belittle their wives this man took a wiser and more successful approach. He told her every day how much he loved her and always told her she is beautiful. Never mentioning her extra pounds, he would literally take her by the hand and say, “let’s go for a walk”. Walking became running. Oops another baby. Repeat. That my friend, is how to get a beautiful woman, and keep her that way.


          • Gangs will likely take over very fast, not shunning extreme violence to get their hands on weapons, food, and anything else essential to survival. They will then make new laws and be the authority in place….and decide over life and death.

            Am I exaggerating? Is this a Mad Max fantasy ?

      20. People make all sorts of excuses why they would live in a concentrated Human sewer (modern city) and then be all bent when they can’t escape it when it falls in on itself…..and be jealous of those who have money enough to fund at least minor lifeline to marginal escape…

        Why put yourself in the middle of it if you don’t have too? Because the money and job REQUIRES you to be there…These are the kinds of rationalizations that predicate the sleepless nights of fear IF something bad were to happen…when it could be eliminated altogether…but such is the messed up state of modern mans mind.

      21. Social contracts such as police, military, first responders have always been notoriously inadequate. Too think that a private firm will honor a contract in the mist of chaos is a fools errand . Even if you had a boat , helicopter, or plane their is no guarantee that it will be there when needed.

      22. I used to work for a financial company in another life. Some people from work were in the
        building across the street from the twin towers when they went down. They had to take a
        taxi from Manhattan to Jersey. Then they rented a charter bus to take them back to
        Chicago. ( No domestic flights. Air travel shut down. ) There’s always more than one way
        to skin a cat. You find ways. If you work in NYC or downtown Chicago or wherever, you
        make contingency plans. Your primary weapon is your mind.

      23. Something big is coming and it’s not Nibiru is whats worrying the elites. It’s the American spring that will commense by Patriots.. If anything happens to Trump. It’s instant revolutionary war, and this time it’s a certainty the American soldiers will be fighting with the American Patriots, and it’s good to know that th soldiers have shown thier layality since Trump took the white house.. I don’t trust any president. But I think that Donald is the real deal because of the constant attacks on his character and his administration. So something big is coming and according to the opinion if the scientists is that the elite will use north korea as the proxi go drop the bomb in South Korea to force a Trump into ww3.. The elite already gave north Korea a sattelite last year to use to EMP us in July, and luckily the white hats navy got th tip and noticed that a sattelite had decended from orbit and was lowering and they had to contact Israel then Netanyahu launched the Agesis misscle and shot dowm the EMP weapon.. Isreal saved our asses and people talk shit about Israel.. This really happend guys and Dr James Garrow did a show on this event…the elite know that Trump and the white hats are coming for them so they are going to bail and have north Korea start the war to ge back at us Americans by plunging us into war to create the conditions for SHTF to commense over the entire US continent to reach the killoff goal of 265,000,000 people dead and only a mere 5,000 survivable females left on the surface and this is very bad. Very brutal. Following that EMp of they succeed will mean invasion from the borders all the war out to California from China and Russia from the Gulf attacking. Texas then followed by and amphibian invasion into a Texas Florida, and lousiana. Not good. You saw the Jade Helm Map. Showing Texas in complete Red. People need to get ready. It’s going to be a very bad. Bad, bad bad war..So the you guys in the White Hats navy need to get rid of those bastards and protect Trump.
        Jade Helm 15,16,17 will commense and from what I was told by marines. And ex military that the equipment is not here to take out isis. It’s hard for isis, China and the jihadist to have access to the equipment inland to use against the American citizens of Texas..and I believe them..I don’t think they are lying to me…i met a man who hair got out of afganistan. A friend that friends with him and he told me that China will stack Texas along with Russian soldiers. That all the southern states will be taken down and he kept being specific about the man power that China has. He goes we have not man power they China has man power then tells me that fire power from Texas is where th chinese are going to get into a lot of trouble this is where they are going to die. He said they California is easy. Florida is easy. Texas is not doable.. It’s too bad too hostile. Too heavily armed and not easy teKen over and that this is a no brainer..


        • HCKS

          Florida is easy? Maybe the lower half. We have bugs they never seen before. Mosquitos so big they can suck all the blood out of you at one meal.

          Had a friend that past away that had a panel truck with a M60 mounted on cut down, bolted down slide out anti aircraft stand. First time he opened the rear doors I said to myself, This guy is for real. Florida has the stuff. We just have to get it together.

        • I wonder if something big is coming this summer. Last week on the radio here in Western NY they said that the police in Buffalo NY are soon going to be issured Rifles! They said they need to be trained to use them carefully. So why are they being given rifles? They never had rifles before. What’s coming?

          • It’s already there. That’s why they need rifles.

        • “But I think that Donald is the real deal because of the constant attacks on his character and his administration.”

          Maybe, but if this is true, then Obama was the real deal too. And maybe GWB was as well.

      24. Preppers can apparently charter boats and buy mansions, but would not know how to build a house or a boat.

        4 or 5 families have come to my attention, locally, who have some guns, no nameable, outdoor skills, no other prospects of survival — particularly, involving the production of anything physical, in objective reality.

        • Beaumont:

          Good point. Practical skills are the most important prep for life and for survival. White men with college educations should not be afraid of manual labor on a construction site. I guess they are afraid they might learn something.


      25. I currently work in the city and drive to my work secure location everyday. I keep in the back a full vehicle escape bag and along with some night vision a collapeable cart. As well as clothing and food for three days. My main house is 59 mikes upstate. I have a collapsible bicycle as well as a collapsible gas scooter to use once out of the city. Have traveled various routes home. I have a siphon to and small gas can. Even a cheap set of binos and nvgs all electronic are Faraday shielded. I also keep personal protection. So I have everything cable locked in the car. Is it possible my stuff can be stolen …yes but it’s worth the risk. I plan to leave via kit or car at dusk and travel then.

      26. Nov 24, 2015 The Deep State: The Unelected Shadow Government

        America’s next president will inherit more than a bitterly divided nation. He or she will also inherit a shadow government—a permanent, corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy that is fully operational and staffed by unelected officials who are, in essence, running the country. As John W. Whitehead warns in this week’s vodcast, all it will take is another terrorist attack or a natural disaster for such a regime to emerge from the shadows.

      27. If they escape NYC by boat where do they go to NJ? Thats traveling from the rectum to the colon.

      28. Hcks watch how the world ends on channel ahc. Good show on planet x

      29. I’m always amused how these guys pander to the 1% of society by offering multi-million dollar ‘bunkers’ and what not. Please realize the majority of Americans can’t afford any of these luxeries and will be waiting outside when the 1% come out. Eventually they will have to. That is when the REAL SHTF starts!

      30. exiting the cities in crisis mode will be difficult. the multitude will have the same idea. is there any way to know what to expect? if any has experienced the traffic backup that comes from an accident on the freeway then you can use this to gauge what you are up against. if you work in the intercity and commute using a car then we know that it doesn’t take much to foul things up. take people who don’t have a destination. people who had no plans to travel that day. people with a quarter tank of gas they will use up quickly as they sit waiting to move. now they start to enter the countryside. where do they go? the majority will have no plan and will soon clog the roads and with the false belief of security will squat on any piece of land rendering it unusable for producing food in the future. It will be the panic action of the multitude that will insure their deaths. it will be the people who live in the rural areas that will be the target of the multitude in their search for food and water. you will not have enough bullets to defend what you have set aside to survive.It will depend upon the type of crisis that will determine the density of the multitude. if it is perceived as a temporary problem it will be limited to the people who normally travel home. as the problem lingers and the food and water dwindles they will start to move. with a city like New York the countryside cannot handle the multitude and the violence will take them quickly as they look for food. It will be the ones who stay in place that can hide their food and water that will survive. it will be the gangs that form to search that you will encounter. most will wrongly assume that food and water will be obtained outside the city. their error comes from their ignorance on where their food comes from and how far it travels. the prediction of two thirds dieing in the first year of crisis is very close for we cannot feed our population unless everything works without fault. if the enemy wants to bring America down the grid will do it and quickly. I see it coming

      31. With all the collapsed buildings , they would be lucky to make it one block. Escape by boat ? lmao. It will be long gone.

      32. This topic is not idle speculation. A terrorist attack on the high voltage electric transmission grid supplying power to the distribution network in a major city could knock out power for weeks or months. Destroying the most critical and hardest to replace component of the grid, large power transformers, is well within the capabilities of even a lone wolf attacker. Knocking out a critical transmission line requires only one insulator, anywhere on the transmission line, be destroyed. Destroy three critical transformer or knocking out three critical high voltage transmission lines at the same time and the entire city will go black. The length of the city-wide black out depends on how long it takes to replace the destroyed equipment. Replacing line insulators is relatively easy. Replacing destroyed power transformers is much more involved, assuming a suitable spare transformer or three is available. Large power transformers are custom made, one at a time. The largest transformers takes years to build, though that time might be shortened a little in an emergency such as a city is without power. I’m glad I don’t live in a big city, particularly, in the NW corridor, Boston to DC. Even so if one of those cities goes black for even a few weeks the impact to the country will be devastating. The website discusses, in detail, how a terrorist could attack the city’s power supply. I’m afraid if the power goes out in a major city for an extended period of time unless you can flee life for those remaining is going to be hell.

      33. “For Long Island, where millions of New Yorkers live, it would be 20-29 hours to get off the island – during that time, people will lose their patience, run out of gas, become hungry, be denied access to medications and drugs, need emergency services, resort to crime, etc.”

        20-29 hours ? Really ?

        How did they figure this out, particularly the 29 figure ?

        I would say some people might need not more than a couple of hours. The pressure to save your life would be very high. And some might not even make it out, I guess.

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