Preparing For Worst Case Scenarios: Using Pop Culture Media as a Forecasting and Training Tool

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    Jeremiah Johnson is a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne) and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape). You can contact JJ by using this form.

    i-am-legend(I Am Legend, 2007. Image courtesy Warners Bros.)

    Good Day, Readers!  This segment (Part 1 of a two-part series) entails how to use the resources of “pop-culture,” such as films/movies, reality television shows, books, and even video games as training tools to help you in a post-collapse world after the SHTF.  The second article will list specific citations that you can use to “game” scenarios and plan some things for yourselves and your families.  The cited “resources” will also include the locations of these scenes and how to access them/where they are located.

    This article (Part 1) is meant more as an overview for you, the reader, to consider the possibilities regarding what you may not have yet considered.  Please allow a personal, objective viewpoint to “leak” into the article to clear up any apprehensions or misgivings about the purpose of this article.  Here is the author’s viewpoint:

    Hollywood’s film monopoly and its subsidiary industries/complementary products (books, video games, etc) have been an ever so slowly denigrating, corrupting influence over decades.  Hollywood and her “handlers” have been conducting a withering direct assault stretched deeply over time upon the culture, morals, families, communities, and national sovereignty of the citizens of the United States.  The assault is being conducted in order to shape opinions of the population toward compliance and acceptance of globalism and totalitarianism through propaganda, disinformation, and cultural erosion.

    That being said, the author is well aware of many factors that have been mentioned in these alternative media forums that soundly (and roundly) cover the bases concerning pop-culture, and he agrees with them.  To ensure this is understood and accepted, some of these factors are listed and detailed here as follows:

    1. Pop culture “glorifies” a warrior-ethos and promotes militaristic thought within the population that can be “harnessed” toward the hard-end-state totalitarian structure: compliant, blindly patriotic soldiers working for the collective good of the state.
    2. Pop culture conditions the public “mind” to accept images of senseless violence and uphold such conduct as the newly acceptable “norm.”
    3. (When 1 and 2 are combined) it serves the promulgation of the military-industrial complex by:
      1. Upholding notions of American imperialism through force of conquest and forced integration (into the globalist “community”) that runs contrary to the true policy of American exceptionalism via leading by example without military intervention
      2. “Shaping the Shapers” – influencing members of the Congress through emotional channeling to pass legislation that favors the military industrial complex and the world government cabal
      3. Levying of funds from the consumers: an endless source of taxable revenues in the form of intellectual property that bilks the disposable income from the pockets of the people, while propagandizing them toward acceptance of a militaristic-governmental-totalitarian society
      4. Through “dramatic emotive configuring,” placing everyone on a “war-footing,” or (as with Orwell’s 1984) utilizing the precept of a “continuous threat” (even when there is none) to channel the people’s war-consciousness and have them blindly march into the battles subtly chosen by their handlers (it may be mentioned for other, nefarious purposes).
    4. The psychological conditioning of the people and the culture to accept the planned events for the future in an “Overton Window” manner (to change the existing paradigm of conduct and perception).

    All of that being mentioned, what can be done?  How can we use this to our advantage while not allowing it to influence character and morals?  This is the focus of concentration for the article.  The aforementioned factors were listed so that you, the reader, know that the author understands the true reasons behind the use of pop-culture as a tool of the establishment to force a mindset and behavior upon the people.

    So what can we do?  This is the suggestion: use what they give to us as a means of forecasting, as a training tool, and as a form or reverse psychology to know their minds.

    One of the most common complaints about “Zombie” movies that I have heard is based in legitimate concerns as outlined above: the use of such films to inure people to death on a large scale and thus “cheapen” human life, as well as condition the public to mass trauma/casualty scenarios.  But what of the movies themselves?  Let’s examine a series, such as “The Walking Dead,” dealing with a zombie-like virus that becomes extant throughout the world.  Just in case you don’t have any of the discs from the first four seasons, they’re available at if you’re interested.

    Take away the zombies.  What remains is that the episodes are a whole bunch of situational outlines that bear real relevance to survival situations we may face as a whole.  Forget the zombies!  You can substitute anything in their place and turn the apocalyptic disaster into something with a different cause, and the situations the characters in have relevance.  In these post-apocalyptic scenarios, the characters face the complete gamut of all such situations as plague mankind: marauding refugees bent on taking over their food and supplies, injuries, sickness, two rival men competing for the affections of one woman, children forced to act as adults, theft, murder, and all of the ailments and horrors that humanity can undergo.

    Certainly many of you ascribe to the theory “a picture is worth a thousand words,” right?  Well, here is something that can be utilized as a training tool for your survival and preparedness plans: scenarios found within films that can be used for discussion among your family or group.  There are reality shows, some of which have excellent problem-solving opportunities for you to watch and discuss to use within the venues that your family has available to them.  The series, “The Colony,” was really groundbreaking for a situation involving a global viral pandemic.  The “colonists” were selected from a diverse group and placed into semi-controlled conditions with a host of different challenges to face in a grid-down societal collapse.

    These films can all be used as training aids and planning resources.  Books are out there that contain the whole gamut of things just mentioned, such as “The Road,” by McCarthy, or “Alas, Babylon” by Pat Frank.  They entail societal collapse and the hardships faced by the survivors in their day-to-day existences.  They present a window that allows you to “what if” situations and apply them to real life, as well as a “what if” regarding the overall disaster: could it happen, and what would we do to prepare for it?

    Many of these potential resources can be utilized very productively.  Many of them have a deep basis in scientific facts and have been written by some truly brilliant minds.  An example of this is “I Am Legend,” starring Will Smith, and one of the consultants for the film was none other than Nathan Wolfe, a brilliant virologist who runs a private “pandemic tracking” firm.  Who better to come up with a good apocalyptic film about a killer virus that decimates mankind?

    In the next installment a list of specific resources will be provided and the different usages in training and preparedness outlined so that you the reader can take advantage of them with your family.  In the meantime consider what has been written here and keep in mind that you must win in life with the weapons you have or can make.  Pop culture was intended to stultify and enslave you, reducing you to the level of beeves.  How much sweeter is it than the establishment providing you with graphic training aids waiting out there to take advantage of in the pursuit of preparation and survival.  Until next time, keep reading and gathering all of the information you can, because the pursuit of knowledge is ongoing and critical in all we do.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at

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      1. Since I seldom watch any of the modern movies, I dont know anything about them. I just want to say that what is really inspiring to me is when someone makes a comment loaded with positive determination. No matter what, I’ll get er done.

        • If you want to see how the enemy forces are being programmed to come after you, this 7 minute video says it all. Note that it has over 18 million hits in 5 days.

          You have been warned.

          • A better description is this is a training video for the FSA so they know who to target and what they look like.

          • That’s just sick and messed up….why someone would watch that filth…..I mean and you wonder why our society is due for the judgement underway

      2. Nothing beats a good zombie movie. 😀
        Another good show was Revolutions.
        I’m still waiting for a electronics to crap out,
        So I can sit back have a beer and watch the SHTF

        • Jericho was a very good one as well

          • Don’t forget “Jeremiah”

            Really got into that one and the “Black Death”.

      3. if rainbows and unicorns arent your thing..this is sound advice. hopefully rainbows and unicorns arent your thing…peace bro..:)

        • Here’s how I deal with mind-manipulating movies:

          1. I highlight the manipulative portions in my mind as I watch the movie. I notice where the idea they’re trying to implant is counter to freedom and what I believe to be right or wrong. Say for example, the star trek series. They all idealize the global, or in that case, universal cooperation and mono-polar govt ideologies. The “United Federation of Planets” is nothing more that a One World Order on a much larger scale.

          2. I notice when certain groups or casts are held out in the movie as different than the rest, or less than the others. My favorite example of that ideology is The Hunger Games.

          I consciously hold on to my beliefs and principles, even if that goes against the subtle details of the movie…and it often does run afoul of the message they hope to embed.

          3. I try to correctly identify the true bad guys. Today’s movies often idealize the wrong parties and demonize the wrong parties. I make a mental note of that also. In other words, I identify and label the subliminal messages as I see them and decide whether they run afoul of my beliefs.

          The reason why these movies do not alter my beliefs or views, is because I don’t allow them to do so. I know right from wrong, and no movie will ever change that.

          In short, I’m never fooled by cinematography and story lines. I mentally examine even the most subtle ideologies that they embed in your average movie. It’s really not that hard to keep movies from adulterating your core values, as long as you have a firm grasp on those core values to begin with.

          I think these movies easily manipulate people who have no hard, fast core values to start with.

          My core values are steady and strong. I never waiver from them, no matter how great an alternative appears to be. The best part, is watching a movie with friends, and pointing out the manipulations as I see them. I can provoke thought from others on what was supposed to be subliminal.

          Does that make any sense?

          • Wow! You too?

            I realized about 15 years ago that I was immune to their manipulation. It was like I could see it coming a mile away when I was watching movies and stuff. I don’t know why. I think it must have been my rock solid raising by two Godly parents. No, not “religious” parents, “Godly”. Right was right and wrong was wrong and we always tried to do right even though we didn’t always and there was always another chance to do the right thing.

            It made the right and wrong very clear in my head. I almost always know whats right and whats wrong and I just don’t care what is said or done, it never changes whats right and wrong.

            • Me too. 🙂

      4. Gov brainwashing of military recruits is not news. Using Hollywood to do it is not news. Films are so sensationalized now it’s what people want. The movies like terminator that show cars flipping over and exploding being shot once really hypes up the power of firearms and shapes opinions of people who don’t have any sense. I remember the preppers show on discovery channel people based their whole survival plans on a zombie apocalypse because they saw a movie about it. Damn right pop culture is a propaganda tool. The producers of the show picked the most extreme people that were total idiots to make all survivalists look totally crazy and off their rocker. Adults who believe there are zombies are fucking whacked. Being adults they have the ability to influence young people to believe this nonsense. This is what the left does so well using colleges as a place to push ideas that fall flat but sound good in theory. Washington better change directions we are gonna be like Greece soon.

        • oh, there are zombies alright….and they are living 2 blocks from me. i see the walking brain-dead every day scoping out me and my vehicle when i go to walmart…i see them walk by my house, intently scanning to see what they will be picking up when we finally have that “night of the living brain-dead” event….it’s coming to a theatre near YOU,….and SOON! i remember saying something like that to my wife a few years ago, and her actually thinking i was serious, that there were REAL zombies walking the earth… there’s not REAL zombies, but you sure might WISH you were dealing with real zombies when the time comes, because THESE zombies will be MUCH faster on their feet than the make-believe ones on TV….THESE zombies will be THINKING(well, …kinda thinkin’), and able to RUN!

          • Well said. We have some poor lady who lives down the street from us. Really sweet and productive. Then her deadbeat kids moved in with their deadbeat kids. Cops have been there twice in the last month alone. When that zombie night comes, I don’t have to guess who’s trying to break down my door to get my stuff, it will be them and they will already have taken everything from their own mother including her life.

        • Sorry, you must not have studied general biology and virology – do you know what rabies is? We’ve had zombies for thousands of years, luckily it has taken bites to pass the virus along and the outbreaks have been localized.

          Think about it – rabies turns you insane, you drool and are violent, past a certain point death is imminent and the disease is untreatable. It travels by body fluid, affects all mammals and is unspeakably painful to die from. It eats the brains of it’s host. A large number of pets are vaccinated (not guaranteeing immunity) but how many people have taken a rabies vaccine? How many rabies vaccines for humans exist?

          I will agree there is no such thing as the ‘undead’ but a zombie-like disease? It’s already here.

          • true, true.

      5. What do you mean, “forget the zombies”. Have you spoken to an Obama supporter? They’re out there, my friend, believe me.

        • Jay. I believe in zombies. I saw a bunch of ’em at a Walmart store. It was 2 am and I had to pick up some dog food and cat litter.
          I usually go to Atwoods or some other store to do the shopping; walking across a Walmart parking lot at that hour is risky. Especially if I’m carrying a substantial amount of cash.
          I read the novel “The Road”, and watched the movie version a few years ago. Scary scenario. Interesting scene in the movie where Robert Duvall’s character told the guy and his son that “we knew this was coming”…

        • YES WE CAN,YES WE CAN…;)

      6. Good points by the author. There won’t be Zombies, but you can bet that concealed carry laws will go the way of the dinosaur. Instead of Zombies you will get hungry, desperate people and groups of people that will be smarter than Zombies, and able to shoot back at you.

      7. For me it was ‘The Road Warrior’.

        “You want to get out of here? You talk to me.”

        But the sooner you get off the couch and put it all into practice the better. I reckon paintball would be excellent training: planning, teamwork, stealth and tactics, exercise, etc….
        Backpack camping.
        Walking a lot.
        And such.

        TV? Shoot your TV.

      8. Train with video games. Of course *facepalm*

        The Infinite Shotgun(tm) and perpetual sprinting non-stop.

        Reality: 6 rounds and you get tired as fuck after half a block of jogging for it.

      9. A virus that decimates mankind? Bad, but not a terminal disaster, because decimates means it only kills one in ten. (Oh, the curse of actually being literate.)

        • That video is right on as far as it goes but still remains a short term solution. Revolutions have been many yet the tyrants always return to enslave the people once again. Just as important as revolution is what we do afterward, more accurately what we don’t do. Don’t form another government. Actually, don’t form any organizations. It is out of organization that power will centralize allowing the few to enslave the many. And it will always centralize in any organization. To be free and remain free a nation must be one of sovereign individuals who shun the organization minded people and stop them in their tracks when they try to organize anything. Few people want to spend their life trying to keep a government in check. And it is always a futile attemp in the long run. In a nation of sovereign individuals the technology is developed by the individual for individuals, not by organizations for organizations. Also, the right to violence is given to the individual only allowing punishment to be swift and sure. Respect, integrity, and safety grow out of that making violence a rarity. However, an organized military must be maintained to protect the people against nations of organization minded people. Organization is always stronger than the individual. But that military must be kept in check after it is an organization and always potentially dangerous to all freedom.

      10. I found World War Z to be very accurate as far as Hollywood films goes. It got the social breakdown in urban areas right. Also the continuity of government posture was accurate (government retreats to navy vessels offshore and governs remotely from there).

        The planned use of Canada as a safety zone was also accurate.

      11. People stick to serious realistic scenarios Marshall law curfews bank problems natural and man made disasters war. Infinite shotgun ammo silly this is exactly what I mean about Hollywood sensationalism. The idiots in Wally’s at 2 am are like zombies though.

      12. Movie’s as training aids? Once seen a zombie movies and the were drinking water from a car radiator. That will knock your dick in the dirt.

        As Asshat states, This is what the left does so well using colleges as a place to push ideas that fall flat but sound good in theory. In my book you either have it or you don’t and that is the smarts to survive. Relying on information without performing/ proving/researching it to be correct can due you in.
        Watching the videos of the news from past disasters can give you factual info as to how people will react. Don’t we have enough footage of what disease, hunger, War does to people. How about your local six o’clock news.
        Have we not formed our own views by reading and commenting here at SHTF? Who needs the movies.

        • If you are dumb enough to run only straight water (not antifreeze mix) in your radiator, you still have lead and all sorts of nasties to filter out. Distill/boil out the water? Sure. But straight? Not a chance.

      13. A good one to learn things from (both what the people in the movie did and DIDNT do) is Panic in year zero. its an older movie but worth the watch.

      14. The best was Jericho! hands down. Walking dead Falling skies Revolution. They all have people coming together fighting TPTB, or the Leaches that this guberment has made.

        • The 100 is pretty good, too.

      15. Have you ever seen a futuristic movie or show that portrays a good future for humanity????? Of course not, they all show a totalitarian dystopian future of pure evil fascist horror, which has already begun in the Orwellian Fascist Police State collapsing shithole of Murica. The NWO Corporatist Fascist slavemaster shit stains controlling the shithole of fascist Murica are laughing their asses off as they show the coward pussy Zombies of Murica exactly what their future is and what is already happening. The coward pussy Zombies just view the TRUTH they are showing them as fictional entertainment. These psychopathic genocidal monsters are now having a shitload of fun playing with the dumbed down chemically altered coward pussy Zombie boot lickers in the fascist collapsing shithole of Murica.

        • A futuristic movie that showed a free safe joyful people would not be realistic. Hopefully that will be the future but won’t be anytime soon. People are culturally mind controlled to believe that government is necessary. But government always leads to centralize power sooner or later and that always leads to enslavement. A big change is needed in out thinking about organization but mind control is a big obstacle .

      16. Great site and fabulous product line. Good post, no pulled punches, but no body is listening. Should have read for free if member, “Yankee Anti Zombie Survival Manual” from Amazon. Simple rules for complicated problems, 101ways to survive when, not if, TSHTF. You’re crazy if you think the government will be there to feed you when the banks go down. In about a week, you and your loved ones will become zombie-jerky, dehydrated meat for the preditors roaming the streets. You don’t have to be intelligent to leave the ship before it capsizes, just smart enough to follow the rats.

      17. Ever wonder how hollywood and all these shows and games already know these things way in advance? Then you look back years when they were made and think, Wow! How did they know that??? Odd.

      18. Someone is preparing for something.

        A couple of months ago I was at the Army/Navy surplus store and there was a pallet/box of flack jackets. All sizes and in very good shape. Seventy dollars a item. Must have been twenty five to thirty jackets.

        Today I went to check for some other gear and there was only one left.

      19. Nothing is as it seems. Back in the early 80’s I discovered that all ads in print media used one model to play all roles in the ad. Many years later l wondered if that was also true with tv commercials. Sure enough it is. Then I expanded my study to all of tv and movie land and found the same. Sometimes I can only break it down to 2 or 3 actors but suspect in those cases a better job was done to hide it. To see it you must train your eye with lots of time comparing facial features.
        Look at a facial feature such as a nose. Remember what it looks like. Then wait until you see a nose on another character viewed at the same angle as the first character. The same angle is a must. Faces look different at different angles. So do individual facial features.
        Compare distance between eyes, shape of ears, shape of face, chin, look deep into the eyes, cheeks, teeth (sometimes they are changed a bit), etc.
        Remember, hair, glasses, hats, make up, lighting, etc change the overall appearance of the face. Also, they change the size of the head or fatten it. They also age the face. I have seen a baby and a senior played by one actor.
        You will see this taking place all across tv and movie land and beyond. This includes news programs, reality and talent programs, poker games, audiences, it’s everywhere.
        Don’t compare bodies. They change them drastically.
        When you can’t make facial comparisons from the same angle they are doing a good job covering up what they are doing.
        Children’s tv and movies are the easiest. Apparently they believe kids aren’t as likely to see it.
        It takes time and practice to train the eye. Don’t give up. You Will be stunned.

        • I don’t watch tv anymore but I recall a good example of one person playing multiple roles on tv. Glen Beck has a very unique pair of ears and set of teeth. Occasionally I would see those same ears and teeth on different guests on his show.

      20. NYSE halted. Reports coming that it is to come back on line around 3:00 pm.

        Even if this isn’t a crash, it’s a wake up call for those who have not started prepping to start prepping.

        If this is a monumental crash, God help us all, even those who are locked and loaded, prepped to the gills.

      21. @charles king
        Yep. I win bets on who the person is…
        and we got reds here trying to act like local rednecks too. The women are the easiest to spot. They can’t seem to lose the accent.

        • Cinderella could you expand on that.

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