Preparing For the Next Attack: How To Survive a Nuclear Meltdown

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Headline News | 52 comments

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    nuclear-meltdown2 nuclear-meltdown

    Over the years, the public’s perception of nuclear power has gone from being viewed as the most economical source of energy in the world, to being an existential threat to humanity. Most recently, the Fukushima disaster has provided the perfect example of how dangerous nuclear power really is. Despite the assurances of scientists and governments, it’s clear now that even in a developed nation, these facilities can melt down under the right conditions.

    And when they do, the damage they can cause to civilization and the environment would rival the destructive capacity of a nuclear weapon, and perhaps even surpass it. The former Prime Minister of Japan recently admitted that if the Fukushima Power Plant had completely melted down (which it almost did), the government would have had to evacuate 50 million people, including the entire city of Tokyo.

    And it’s frightening when you realize that there are so many ways to destroy these power plants. There are of course natural disasters that we have to worry about like earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes, and unfortunately many of America’s power plants are incredibly old and decrepit, and may not withstand these threats. There is also the possibility that these facilities could be hacked or otherwise sabotaged, which the citizens of Belgium are unfortunately all too aware of after the recent terrorist attack in Brussels. And finally, there is the ever looming threat of an EMP knocking out dozens of our power plants en masse, and causing them to melt down.

    So if you happen to live in the Eastern United States or Europe, where you’re most likely to be living downwind from one of these nuclear power plants, at this point you might be asking yourself about what you need to do to survive such a disaster.

    In this scenario, bugging out is going to be your best bet, even more so than if you were dealing with a nuclear blast. Many of the same rules apply for surviving a nuclear meltdown and surviving a nuclear attack, but at least with the latter of those two, the radiation levels would significantly diminish after about 2 weeks. But nuclear power plants often contain radioactive materials with a half-life that lasts for decades or more.

    In other words, hunkering down in your home is more feasible during a nuclear holocaust (depending many different circumstances of course) than it is if you’re downwind from a nuclear meltdown. You can’t really hunker down if there are going to be dangerous levels of radiation outside your home for a few years. And before you leave, pay close attention to weather alerts, which should be able to give you an idea of where the wind is going to take that radioactive cloud. Its direction could vary depending on what time of year it is, so make sure you have more than one bug out location in mind before any of this happens.

    On the other hand, if you’re not in the direct path of the fallout, your home may receive much lower levels of radiation. In that case you can survive by staying, though it would still be a good idea to leave at some point since any amount of radiation can be harmful. If you must stay then it would be prudent to seal off all of your doors and windows, and perhaps try to build a kearny air pump, which will keep air circulating throughout your room while still keeping radioactive particles outside.

    Regardless of whether you decide to stay or bug out, there are a few items you should strongly consider adding to your prepping supplies. Aside from the usual stuff like food, water, tools, weapons, and medical supplies, you’ll probably need the following:

    You’ll find that everything on this list will also be useful for other scenarios like nuclear war and dirty bomb attacks. Truth be told there are countless ways that you or family could face a radioactive threat, but with the right mindset, gear, and supplies, you can survive even the worst nuclear disasters.


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      1. Christ.
        I don’t have money or space to prepare for every damn boogeyman. If I get cancer, so be it. I’ll ultimately end up dying of high velocity lead poisoning. I almost welcome a SHTF senario, just to get the reset done. Note the word “almost”. It wouldn’t be fun, nor pleasant. I prefer to go to my grave with my 25 year food getting ready to expire.

        • Same here,,,
          Get it over with

          • Kula,
            I am ready and waiting and getting DAMN tired of waiting, always been a doooeeeerrrr and a movvvvveeeerrr and it has been long enough. i would rather deal with what ever crap it is dealt than wait and wait and wait!

            • We have been warned for a reason? Why would we be warned if not for a reason?stay the course? The devils greatest weapon is the lie. Don’t forget that

        • It’s written that many say come we know how bad it will be but still come to start the new beginning

        • It’s says that those who pay attention to the last book will be helped. We have no idea of our situation . We think we know everything ? But Mabey were wrong?

      2. Building an underground cabin and have a mountain between me and a nuclear attack. Not close to a nuclear plant. Best I can do under current circumstances.

        • Rebecca,
          your issue like mine (but different part of the state) is the military bases are targets if it goes down that way. all we can really do is think about how it might go down and prep for it in that manner.

        • If “they” have to use nukes to get our guns away from us, by killing us outright, then they’d prefer to nuke everything rather than wait for their Fairy Tale New World Order! Obama the King, Hillary the Queen, some other Kenyan the Czar of Black Lives Matter and The Treasury Printing Machine. That’s about right…
          Won’t be any nukes since the idea is to take over The USA, as it IS the best piece of real estate on the planet, imho …they won’t wish to destroy it either, they need it or so they think.

      3. I’m skeptical about articles like this because I don’t think I’ve ever read one by someone with the proper medical background.

        With any major radioactivity exposure you’re as good as dead. It’s that simple. Think Chernobyl for example.

        • Chernobyl hasent ended the Ukraine ? We detonated over a thousand bombs in the pacific . Not a good idea? And that’s a thousand . See William shatters nuke movie

      4. A little related.
        My mother in Law had a set of dishes that she left with us when she moved to florida. She would drive up and visit and take a few things back at a time. There were 2 plates left and she decided to fly to visit and fly back. Well apparently the glaze they used to make these orange plates is highly radioactive. It turned into a huge mess at the airport when it et off the detectors, They called out every agency they could get on their speed dial to dial over 2 plates.

        • Ed:

          That is a funny story. Hope your mother-in-law 86’d those radio active plates. Otherwise your family and friends could wind up picking up signals from Mars.

          • We ate on those plates for 40 years…..
            They took the plates.

        • Hey Ed,

          That’s really not all that uncommon. Those plates aren’t “highly” radioactive, they have uranium oxide in the glaze. It was mostly the Fiesta dinnerware, but all of the red/orange glazes back then used uranium oxide for the coloring. Weird tibdit I learned when I started my Geiger counter hobby. If you have one, wave it over bananas. They will start ticking as bananas have high amounts of Potassium-40. Its not harmful though. I am REALLY surprised that the fiestaware made the TSA and everyone go nuts though…

      5. I supplement my diet with minerals, vitamins, and herbs such as turmeric, spirulina, chlorella, and have been meaning to do a detox sooner rather than later. Waiting for nuclear seems a bit imprudent. We are already suffering from toxic levels of contaminants in our environment.

        My hero, Nichola Tesla warned that, Albert Einstein was going in the wrong direction, that splitting the atom in nuclear fission would unleash more horror than its benefits. With recent technological discoveries such as Stanley Meyer’s water fuel cell, our dependence on gasoline/oil, and nuclear are already unnecessary and obsolete. We could have a wonderful and safe world if only we had the will.

        • About on par with going through TSA with a cucumber strapped to your inner thigh. Probably be charged with smuggling veggies.

      6. I’ll smear myself with margarine and take the tin foil off my head and rap it around me. Should work.

        • Observer:
          Butter from grassfed cows is healthier than margarine.

          • I’m not looking to see which cows have green stains around their mouths.

            • Dont look at their mouths lokk at the other end.
              Its easy to tell a feed lot animal from grassfed by the manure . TMI ? haha

      7. Going through some paperwork to finish up taxes for the accountant, I came upon an article dated 4-12-2007. Entitled,”142 years ago…Lee issued his final order”.

        Less than 24 hours earlier, he had agreed to surrender terms, magnanimous provisions tendered by his theretofore unbending rival. The time had come for Robert E. Lee to bid farewell to the soldiers he had in battle, from the fabled “Seven Days” in heroic defense of Richmond in 1862 to the last harried march from Petersburg to Appomattox Court House.
        What he wrote on April 10 some 142 years ago, has never-and will never- receive the acclaim accorded Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. But it remains a marvel of expression, exemplary of a warriors conscience leavened by a heavy heart. For the edification of moderns, what follows is the full text of General Order No.9:
        “After four years of arduous service, marked by unsurpassed courage and fortitude, The Army of Northern Virginia has been compelled to yield to overwhelming numbers and resources. I need not tell the brave survivors of so many hard-fought battles, who have remained steadfast to the last, that I have consented to the result from no distrust of them. But, feeling that valor and devotion could accomplish nothing that could compensate for the loss that must have attended the continuance of the contest, I determined to avoid the useless sacrifice of those whose past services have endeared them to their countrymen
        By the terms of the agreement, officers and men can return to their homes and remain until exchanged. You will with you the satisfaction that proceeds from the consciousness of duty faithfully performed; and I earnestly pray that a merciful God will extend to you his blessing and protection.
        With an increasing admiration of your constancy and devotion to your country, and a grateful remembrance of your kind and generous considerations for myself, I bid you all an affectionate farewell.”

        R.E. Lee,

        • Lee should have told his men to form 5 to 14 man teams, go to every damn yankee town and burn them to the ground.

          It would have worked much better than Sherman’s burning of Atlanta.

          Lee was too much the gentleman, Lincoln the commie.

      8. I only live about 5 miles away from a nuke plant. We have set up to leave the area with in 2 days, 3 days max if there is a problem. BOL is south west of the plant about 40 miles.

        Iodine pills on the ready, NBC gas mask ready. It will take one day to pack and go with all the stuff.


        • SGT.
          I am sure you already thought of this but did you get a chart for the monthly average prevailing winds so you can see where the fallout would go at different times of the year? might help you be more safe and or alter your routes.

          • SGT,what if we get an EPM, from the japs or korea or china,or whomever is your auto going to run, if not , spend $1000.00 on a 1976 chevy van with point and condenser

            SGT USMC 1966-72

          • A 54

            Yes I did. And it looks like Shitcago and Gary Ind. will get the fall out. We have a prevailing S.W./N.W. winds. I have a bunch of routes planned, just incase.
            Thanks for asking.


        • All reactors are engineered for 20 years . They are now at 35 . Then we un fuel them seal them and let them sleep for 100 years hoping we have the tech to dispose of them . Wait till the people find out about that.

        • Many people say the worst rad are gone in two weaks ? But who knows what’s true?

      9. I have always been curious when a person has their thyroid out ( surgery or radiation) if it has the same effect?

        • Wendy:
          My mother had radiation treatment to slow down an overactive thyroid. As a result of radiation, she then had an under active thyroid. She took thyroid hormones until her death. No thyroid means taking thyroid hormones for the rest of your life.

          • Yes, had the surgery, the radaiation test was enough for me. And yes I have taken and will for the rest of my life, I guess my thought/question was; if it gone, same results ?

      10. Don’t forget to get your NukeAlert from; they also have much cheaper exposure cards for just a couple bucks. And don’t forget to download for free Cresson Kearney’s Nuclear War Survival Skills. A lot of places have it – just google it. It is free everywhere.

      11. I don’t think anyone will be keeping a mask and suit on constantly. Ever wore a chemical suit for even an hour? I have. It freaking ducks. Or how about poop time? You’ll get exposed. Our winds and weather will spread it across the entire USA. I’ll fight until the “sickness” gets so bad I have to suck lead out of the wrong end of a pistol.

      12. Most likely you will never know until too late.

        Chernobyl official death toll over 300k…unofficial half a million. And they evacuated 40,000 people.

        I was laying brick on a job two miles from 3 Mile Island in 1979 and they said no evacuation needed, just go indoors. We did but there were no windows installed in the building.

        One of the guys began scratching and said this was a sure sign of radiation. He took off in a rush. He later died…from a head-on truck driving accident.

        We stood around and drank beer until the foreman kicked us off the job site. Good times…sigh…

        • Radiation sickness is generally one of the nervous system. Especially the CNS (Central Nervous System). It just ‘disassociates’ from the brain and every muscle, neuron and synapse you have does whatever it feels like, and that includes all the stuff that normally does not need to be monitored in order to work, like breathing, heartbeat, breathing harder when expending more energy or telling your blood to pick up some more special fats to appease the digestive enzymes.
          In a nutshell, radiation kills you …especially when you are subjected to amounts such as would be released in any one of the aforementioned scenarios. Nobody truly knows the aftermath of such an event, yet I dare say it would trump any disaster ‘of the mind’ because it would be devastation that will easily surpass the imaginations of ‘the many’. I am not so sure that I’d want to survive for a moment of ‘it’. But, there’s little chance of one landing on my head so I’ve got work to do, or so it surely looks that way IF somebody gets stupid.

      13. Prepper Tip if the Day

        Nuclear War Survival Skills

        h ttp://

        or download at no cost

        h ttp://

      14. Everyone seems to be overwhelmed with the possibility of this catastrophic event. Were it or anything like it to happen we need to be ready to reach the next normal (state of life). Call it a reset if you may, if we are the prepared we are the ones who will be able to “reset” society. But, we gotta get there so do what you need to get there. “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

      15. One possibility left out is a coordinated physical attack on the power grid; there have already been attacks of this nature on substations that I suspect are “trial runs”. It’s what I’d call the poor man’s EMP because it would take hours for the full scope of the damage to materialize, rather than a millisecond.

        There are 30 critical 500 mw power substations across the country. There are also 3 grids comprising our power grid: Eastern, Western, and Texas. The math: 9 of these 30 (4 Eastern, 3 Western, and 2 Texas)taken out simultaneously would cause a complete cascading failure (think 2003 Eastern Blackout) of the power grid.

        Your preparation window for EMPs and coordinated physical attacks is the same. You’ll have up to 3 days of backup battery power at the nuke plant to keep pouring water on the core and fuel rods. After that, you’ll have one to as much as three weeks of backup diesel to keep the generators running and the water flowing. That means 10 to 24 days, post-grid down, is the danger zone. That’s when the water stops flowing to the core and fuel rods. That’s when meltdown begins.

        You don’t want to wait until day 10 to begin your bugout. You probably want to bug out late day 2, early day 3; there’s an opportunity to scavenge on the way out because the unprepared masses have yet to figure out what has happened. After that, things go downhill fast because the unprepared finally start to realize what has happened, and they start to do stupid things.

      16. Thoriummmmmmm

        Because it’s not the time of the fricking dinosaurs anymore…

      17. Don’t see any beef with getting some stuff to help you survive a nuke tragedy. Sister lives near a nuke plant she got the pills and gets fresh ones from time to time. Nearest plant to me is about 100 miles away and I’m up wind of it too. Not too worried myself will just evac if I need to. I wouldn’t be paranoid about meltdowns really however it’s possible. Get some plastic from the home store and duct tape. One of those cheap rad stickers or the card for a few bucks more.

      18. As in the past we fake vulnerability to get them to attack so we can get unconditional surrender and own them . Do you really thing we give anything back?

      19. I smoke ciggaretts drink beer and eat McDonald’s so its doubtful i need to be concerned with power plants

      20. Couple sheets of plywood, some cinder blocks, mattresses, some dirt, plastic sheeting, a basement or ground level room . . . next thing you know you’ve got yourself an expedient fallout shelter. Couple weeks worth of food and water and you’re good to go. Quick dash outside to do your “business” and brush off before reentering your expedient shelter.

        • Jay

          You have described a viable fallout shelter. Use 4×4 under the plywood so you can add more protection/shielding above you. You can stack things against each other on the floor but the trick is to cover you head too.
          Predetermine the spot. Precut shelter frame.

      21. we have a limited supply as far as we got but will gladly share we anyone here

      22. Ever since 9/11 we have been seeing one false flag after another and the best one is Turkey thats been buying oil from ISIS and giving them hospital treatment and weapons and now they want us to think that ISIS has attacked them.

        The flag of Israel is ye old false flag and there bankers own all the politicians so the mejia never asks questions.

      23. We hope we have prepared for everything, but who knows? Right now , the election seems to be a mess. Trump seems to be throwing the race to Cruz. Bernie has won 6 out of 7 races, but trails in delegates. They are going to force the witch on us.

      24. Might I interject?

        I have worked with nuclear power for years. I worked for NAVSEA Command and NNRO (Naval Nuclear Reactors and Oversight) as a civilian. I am qualified to work in the highest exposure areas you know the tents you see in movies that cover a hot spot. I have received at most 3.5-4 REM (a measure of radiation) a year by doing this. Now that we have covered my back ground I would like to give some facts.

        1. It takes about 3 feet of earth to shield against fallout.

        2. Plastic/rubber and duct tape are your best friends. Radiation can be wiped or washed off easily but high levels can still penetrate this.

        3. you must keep radioactive dust, rain and dirt out of your body meaning eyes, nose, ears, mouth and cuts/scrapes. It will cook you from the inside out.

        4. There is a difference between a blast, hot spot and fallout.

        Blast – forces radiation in all directions and it will penetrate most anything best bet is 3 feet of concrete or earth. Clay is the best at stopping radiation.

        Hot Spot – radiation has settled here either from fallout, a blast(ground zero), spill or a meltdown. these areas should be avoided at all cost. the radiation there is like a piece of straw in a tornado it will cut you deep. Imagine a shotgun blast at close range with 10 million dust particles that will slice and dice your organs. Your body cannot repair the damage fast enough.

        Fallout – this is the fun one you just don’t know if the rain is hiding radiation or the wind is carrying it. So you best bet is to stay out of rain showers and high wind situations. This is most important for the first two weeks give or take a day or two.

        Now about Nuclear plants, they are self sustain for the most part. Yes the spent fuel rods are an issue is the water levels expose them. they will super heat and go into a nuclear fire that is very difficult to put out. as for the reactors them selves if an event happens they will be shut down immediately (reactor scram fuel rods placed in a safe state). I am not sure of how long they can stay that way but I know it is a long time. I have worked shutdowns that lasted 6 plus months. I know the rods were changed out in that time. Most plants here in America can handle long term issues. They keep thousands of gallons of diesel on hand and lots of water. It is the people that will fail. They will not show up to do their job when the time comes. As for the rods they do not keep a lot on hand they are removed after a certain amount of time and buried. It is still an issue to be dealt with in the future.

        As for nuclear weapons as long as they are left alone they will be ok. the materials are kept separate and are fairly harmless by them selves. but when mix they go BOOM!

        There is so much more but I have ranted enough.

        • Thank you. You have done well on your rant,Deporter84.

        • @ Deporter84….Great Post. Its a shame most people here will read it and then slobber out MSM propaganda like it is the original ten commandments.

      25. Without EFFECTIVE or ENOUGH shielding to released Gamma radiation at the initial event, it won’t matter if you get a fatal dose of radiation that kills you in 3 hours or 72 hours. Dead is dead, the only saving grace is being a long way from the event, but Fukushima is proving that you can be a world away from the incident, but the radiation will last longer than the human race, and is ALWAYS lethal, even after accumulated dosages. the only thing that is different is the amount of agony you live with as it kills you later.

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