Preparedness Critics Are History’s Cannon Fodder

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt Market.

    preparedness critics

    The world is entering a kind of no man’s land, in between the realms of insane denial and utterly obvious crisis. Europe is now destabilizing amid the Greek soap opera (an event that I predicted in January would occur in 2015); China’s stock market bubble is bursting; and the U.S. dollar’s world reserve status is about to be decimated by the global shift toward the International Monetary Fund’s basket currency reserve system. I’m afraid I’m going to have to say this because I don’t know if anyone else will admit it: Alternative economic analysts were right, and the mainstream choir was either terribly wrong or disgustingly dishonest. However, as most of us in the liberty movement are well aware, being right is not necessarily a solution to disaster.

    At the forefront of alternative economics and constitutional vigilance are the people doing thereal work in the movement: the preppers. These are the activists taking concrete action in the tangible world (as opposed to the ethereal laziness of the intellectual world) first to make themselves as independent as possible from the mainstream grid, thereby removing themselves as a potential refugee or looter in the event of national crisis. Second, they are the people mastering valuable and necessary skills that will allow them to rebuild any collapsed social and financial system. Third, they are the people most capable of defending our inherent freedoms and the principles of our founding culture, and they are the only people organizing locally for mutual aid and security. The fact of the matter is preppers are free, and almost everyone else is a slave — a slave to dependency, a slave to doubt, a slave to ignorance, a slave to fear and, thus, a slave to petty establishment authority.

    During the Great Depression, the vast majority of American citizens were rural, farm-oriented people with survival skills far beyond the modern American. “Prepping” in those days was ingrained in our society, rather than marginalized and labeled “fringe.” Today, the numbers are reversed, with a dwindling number of farm-experienced Americans and a vast wasteland of urban and suburban citizens — many with few, if any, legitimate skill sets. During the Great Depression, millions of people died of starvation and general poverty, despite the incredible number of people with rural survival knowledge. What do you think would happen to our effeminate; metrosexual; iPhone-addicted; lisping; limp-wristed; self-obsessed; Twitter-, texting-, video game-addled; La-Z-Boy-riding; overgrown-child culture in the event that another economic crisis even remotely similar were to occur? Yes, most of them would die, probably in a horrible fashion.

    Think about it for a moment. An incredible subsection of Americans do not know how to feed themselves; they do not know how to hunt; they do not know how to grow crops; they do not know how to repair any necessary items used for subsistence; they do not know how to build anything useful; they do not know how to shoot; they do not know how to defend themselves; they don’t even know how to cook a pot of rice properly. Their only skills involve parroting snarky remarks from their favorite lowest-common-denominator television and Web shows, building ample karma points on Reddit, and avoiding any stance contrary to what they perceive to be the majority opinion (which they also derive from mainstream media and websites).

    It is decidedly ironic given the uselessness of such people that it is often the worst subsections of the blind, deaf and dumb that choose to “critique” the prepper lifestyle as “disturbed” or “dangerous.”

    In my view, they are absolutely damned pathetic and should be looked down upon with utter contempt as the most concentrated example of slithering human misery ever to smear across the pages of history.

    But, hey, that doesn’t mean I wish them harm.

    People who are unaware and unprepared are not necessarily our enemies. At one time or another, we all were unaware of the underlying truths to our system and our future, until we woke up one day. On the other hand, there are some people who have truly evolved from the sickly and bitter bile scraped from the lower intestine of the grotesquely ignorant. These people are the anti-preppers.

    Anti-preppers are well aware of the philosophies and fact-based arguments of prepper activism; but rather than ignoring or dismissing us outright and moving on with their vapid lives, they instead seek to destroy preppers and the prepping ideal. Why? To understand that, you have to understand the nature of statists and collectivists because that it where these people root themselves and their twisted worldview.

    I recently read an article by Joshua Krause over at The Daily Sheeple in which he countered a mainstream hit piece article against preppers titled “Be prepared For preppers.” The article is itself an immensely disturbed display, first using typical and unimaginative ad hominem arguments to marginalize preppers, then mutating into a treatise on why preppers should all be exterminated.

    Krause did a fine job of dismantling the substandard and journalistically challenged propaganda essay, but I would like to go beyond the typical arguments of anti-preppers and into the mindset that drives them. I recommend you read “Be prepared for preppers” for good measure, being that it is a perfect example of the psychopathic nature of the common statist. Then, I would like to perform a little brain surgery here and peel away some layers of psyche so that you can understand why these people hate us so much.

    The Prepper Stereotype

    The sad reality is most anti-preppers I’ve dealt with in person have never even talked to a prepper face to face until they had met me. They tend to enter into an immediate debate posture with multiple assumptions in terms of what a prepper believes and how a prepper lives. This posture begins with an incredulous and sarcastic demeanor. And as they begin to realize that the prepper they are dealing with is smarter than they are, their attitude devolves into conditioned talking points and generally indignant frothing.

    Anti-preppers do not know or associate with real preppers. Rather, they derive their opinions of us from popular media, which is in most cases openly biased; episodes of “Doomsday Preppers” and other shows designed to make us look ridiculous; and Southern Poverty Law Center-influenced news articles loaded with carefully crafted slander. They rarely, if ever, confront a prepper or preppers on neutral ground and address facts or figures honestly.

    The bulk of what makes up the prepper stereotype is utter nonsense. But it reinforces the anti-prepper’s hateful inclinations, so they eat it up without question.

    They Hate Us Because Of Our Freedom

    Are anti-preppers “terrorists?” Yes, they are. It might sound harsh, but consider the attitude of the anti-prepper for a moment. He hates you because you have chosen a lifestyle that is independent from the system and ideology of which he chooses to remain a part. He hates you because you have a measure of freedom he does not have, but could have if only he had the guts to do something about it. He hates you because you do not want to participate in the meaningless game of collectivism he has spent his whole life attempting to master. He hates you because you are walking away from his system and doing your own thing. How dare you do your own thing!

    Many of us who appreciate libertarian-oriented ideals are proponents of the “non-aggression principle,” which, to summarize, states that respect for individual freedom is the paramount value of any society that seeks to sustain itself peacefully and indefinitely. Human society is not a nexus; it is not a hive. Society, if it is anything at all, is a collection of individual minds and souls acting voluntarily for the advancement the community, but never at the cost of personal liberty. Contrary to popular mainstream belief, the individual does NOT owe society a thing.

    Non-aggression requires that society will not violate personal liberty for arbitrary collective gain and that individuals will not use violence or coercion to forcefully mandate the participation of others. That is to say, you leave me to my dream and I leave you to yours. But if you try to deliberately trample my dream in order to enrich your own, I am then within my rights to bring a mighty friggin’ hammer down on your skull until you leave me alone. Anti-preppers have no capacity to grasp this concept. To them, each human being is property of the larger group and defiance of the state is blasphemy.

    Such collectivists are also predictably devout followers of the religion of resource management, and often argue that preppers are in fact “horders” of resources.  Under this ideology, resources do not belong to the people who actually worked to earn them.  Rather, resources somehow belong to EVERYONE no matter how lazy they are, and must be constantly redistributed so that all people (common people, not elites) have the same exact amount.  They can never seem to define what exactly a “fair share” actually is, and I believe this is because as long as a “fair share” remains ambiguously up to them, they retain the ultimate power to take what they want whenever they want always under the rationale that yesterday you and I had enough, but today we again have too much.  The anti-prepper argument that “hording” is harmful to the collective and that all resources, even your food storage, should be managed by the group (the state), is THE propaganda model of the future.  Do not forget this because you will be seeing this propaganda take center stage very soon.

    Anti-preppers are often the kinds of social justice circus clowns that preach unerring tolerance and claim disdain for any form of discrimination, yet they are at the same time violently discriminatory against anyone who will not preach their particular collectivist gospel. The social collectivist model is by every definition a form of cultism, and in most cases the god of this cult is the state. It treats the state as an infallible omnipotent presence: mother and father, caretaker and disciplinarian.

    To refuse participation is to deny the collectivist god, and the kinds of horrors we read about of the religious zealotry of medieval Christian inquisitions pale in comparison to the death and destruction dealt by modern collectivists.

    Their worship of the state is energized by their love of its collective power – the state is the ultimate weapon to those who think they can successfully wield it.  The state has the ability to “legally” imprison and/or kill, and it has the ability to threaten such consequences against anyone who refuses to conform to the ideological whims of the people who exploit it.  Unless, that is, the victims of the state become revolutionaries.  This is the great fear of collectivists in terms of the prepper movement; they see us as potential revolutionaries that could conceivably extinguish their mechanism of control, and they don’t like that one bit.

    The Psychotic Zealotry Of Anti-Preppers

    Many anti-preppers are not content only to attack the character of the prepper movement — at least, not anymore. You see, despite the rabid attempts to undermine the validity of prepping and dissuade the growth of the movement, preppers are now legion, with millions of active participants and effective alternative media experts who are dominating Web traffic and crushing traditional media into archaic bone meal. We have made the mainstream media a mainstream joke, and this does not sit well in the minds of statist adherents who once had the power to bottleneck all discussion. If we are so desperately fringe, there would be no need to write unprovoked hit pieces against us to begin with. Who are they trying to convince?

    Since they now know they cannot win the war of information, they increasingly foster fantasies of genocide. This quote (in reference to methods for solving the “prepper problem”) from the article linked above truly says it all:

    “Furthermore, consumed with the heady lust of their own unexpected survival (see any episode of The Walking Dead), and with only expired condoms at their disposal (not even Doom and Bloom stocks birth-control pills) these mouth-breathers will doubtless multiply rapidly, and, ergo, must be stopped before such an advent. That can mean only one thing: key preparation in any disaster for the rest of us (other than a map to all of Wal-Mart’s distribution warehouses) is this: be prepared to neuter preppers by any means available.

    … Not only will such noblesse oblige ensure a stronger gene pool going forward, but hey — those bastards have all the gear and food and fish antibiotics you’ll ever need.”

    And there you have it: the comic book delusion of the anti-prepper, so desperate to stop us from stockpiling food and essentials, so disturbed by our local organization and ability to defend ourselves, that they would prefer to see us all “neutered,” i.e., killed. Note also the obsession with the sterilization of the gene pool as socialists in their psychotic fury often harken back to their fascist and communist forefathers.

    It is perhaps not coincidental that the people most in love with the state are often the first ones to be annihilated by it.  Avid lower echelon and middlemen agents of tyranny are in many cases exterminated by the very system they helped to dominance. If they do not meet their demise at the hands of the establishment, then they invariably meet their demise at the hands of those fighting against the establishment.

    The problem for anti-preppers is that most of them are weaklings and cowards who are incapable of carrying out their vision of a final program. They have always needed a warrior class mandated by the state to implement the killing they desire. Hilariously, this particular anti-prepper spends 80% of his article shoveling poorly written character assassinations like so much manure as if our concerns of crisis are inconsequential, then goes on to describe his idea of wiping out all preppers and stealing our supplies in the event that the system does collapse. If we are all such “kooks” and paranoid hillbillies, then why even entertain the notion of having us snuffed out so that our stores can be redistributed? Surely, such a collapse will never occur in the midst of our invincible American economy; and, thus, preppers are nothing more than harmless eccentrics wasting our money on boxes of food we won’t touch for another 20 years. Right?

    History does not support the assumptions of anti-preppers. And throughout history, anti-preparedness people tend to be the first to meet an early demise in the wake of fiscal and social collapse because they have no utility and because, frankly, no one really likes them. They also aren’t the brightest bulbs around (the guy actually thinks he’s going to find food at a Wal-Mart distribution center after a breakdown in civil order).

    Anti-preppers today are promoting violent action against preparedness culture because in the far reaches of their sickly subconscious, they know we are right and that we will not be controlled when the system breaks. These people accuse us of lusting after collapse, when it is in fact they who salivate over mass die-off scenarios in which they fantasize that they will somehow be the survivors despite the fact that they are born victims. They imagine a time when, after the “gene pool has been cleansed,” they will rebuild society as a perfect socialist utopia in which every ideology contrary to their own has been erased from all memory, leaving their ultimate prize: a blank slate world to do with as they wish.

    The goal behind the prepper movement is simple, not sinister; we seek to defuse crisis before it occurs by providing our own necessities without the need for a mainstream grid that could easily malfunction and a government that is corrupt beyond repair. If your neighbor is a prepper, be thankful, for you have one less person on your street to worry about as a potential looter during an emergency. If your neighbor is an anti-prepper, beware, for this person sees you as a potential source of supply and thinks you owe him merely because you have something he does not. The bottom line is if the world were full of preppers, there would be no such thing as crisis because there would be no lack of necessity or individual ingenuity. In the land of preppers, disaster vanishes. When was the last time an anti-prepper did anything to improve anything for anyone other than himself? Ask yourself which you would rather be in the end: ready for anything or ready for nothing?

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      1. I just dont say anything,
        Have lots of popcorn

        • Tell them peppers are the ones stimulating the economy, what are they doing to help out the economy and country? Most of these “anti peppers” are prob on assisted money so their just a drain on it… I won’t feel sorry for these types I’ll just say “told you so, good luck and try not to eat your family or friends”.

        • Facebook Page will be signing off permanently. Doc can’t stop the leaks. And I am tired. Keep up the fight for me BH.

          Sole survivor of the Coco Puff War. Signing Off

          Remember to survive its Death

          • Mac you will also need a 3.5 disc drive and a floppy for some of the data I said I would leave to SHTF. Lots and f paper and pics too. I or my executor will need a secure address to send it.

            Bring back Gun Porn. I missed it.

            • FP, I hate to see you go like that. Best wishes to you.

          • blessings.

          • FP.

            Hang in there.

          • God bless you and keep you Facebook Page.

            • FP,not sure what is going on,hope things work out well whatever the journey!

          • Hugs to you. We love you and have missed your posts! Be strong and of good courage…

        • Agreed Kula

          Quietly go about our business at hand..


          • Just an FYI … has been hacked by CaptSalkus48.

            • “What do you think would happen to our effeminate; metrosexual; iPhone-addicted; lisping; limp-wristed; self-obsessed; Twitter-, texting-, video game-addled; La-Z-Boy-riding; overgrown-child culture in the event that another economic crisis even remotely similar were to occur? Yes, most of them would die, probably in a horrible fashion.”

              YOU TELL ‘EM, BRANDON! You got that exactly right.

              • an excellent description of the current culture of twits and titheads!

                Those who are not prepared will be the first victims. But many who think they are prepared are only fooling themselves for two main reasons

                1. Many are not fit and healthy. In fact most preppers are over weight or obese ! That causes heart issues, and diabetic issues as well as a complete fail of performance. Most preppers could not run a mile nor could they last 1 minute in a real skirmish of any kind .

                2. Most preppers think they have their water issues solved with a Berkey or other expensive filtration device,and they don’t. Not even close because Berkeys and others with ceramic or hollow cell will plug up as soon as you don’t have your tap water to use. Which is in fact near pristine water as far as foreign matter is concerned. Simple gravity flow coconut charcoal is far superior in some ways and a combination of the two is even better ! Berkeys work fine now , but they won’t when a real emergency shows up. But there is some very cheap insurance to fix that issue!

                All the other issues come after good water readily available and your health and fitness. everything else comes after those priorities. Next would be your mindset and knowledge ! then all the other things talked about ad nauseum on so many sites !

            • Wonder what other companies and sites are going to be hacked today. Or next week. UAL/NYT/NYSE yesterday were probably just testing the waters…

            • Apparently Capt. Fascist can stand the truth being told.

          • New Department of Defense manual released in U.S. media last month announcing “journalists can be considered enemy combatants”.

            Next week Jade Helm ‘domestic troop training’ begins in several southern U.S. states with a press blackout.

            Jade Helm 15, heavily scrutinized military exercise, to open without media access
            “Jade Helm 15, the controversial Special Operations exercise that spawned a wave of conspiracy theories about a government takeover, will open next week without any media allowed to observe it, a military spokesman said.

            Embedded reporters won’t be permitted at any point during the exercise, in which military officials say that secretive Special Operations troops will maneuver through private and publicly owned land in several southern states.”

            New Pentagon manual declares journalists can be enemy combatants

            Department of Defense Announces New Law of War Manual
            June 12, 2015
            (link to 1204 page manual here)

            • Sad, isn’t it!

              • Very sad!

                • What’s even sadder is that no one, and I mean absolutely no one, I have talked to has ever heard anything about Jade Helm 15. I guess I should just stop mentioning it and let sheeple learn on their own.

        • There won’t be any more critics alive here in the ussa pretty soon.

        • I’ve stopped talking about prepping, or even state-of-the-world/nation stuff to any new acquaintance or other person who doesn’t already know my position on these issues.

          Two reasons:

          1. If they are too stupid to see it for themselves, then nothing I could possibly say would even begin to enlighten them. Most of them will expire very quickly when SHTF. I don’t want to disturb their dreamworld. Let ’em sleep.

          2. Op-sec I don’t want them coming to my house and forcing me to deal with them in a way that will be fatal for them, and disturbing for me.

          I’ll be blunt about this…. There are friends, and even family members, that I have spoken to about the need to prepare for what’s coming. A precious few have listened and taken steps to begin to prepare themselves. Most (while being polite and kind of nodding their heads in agreement to mollify me) have continued on their way and done absolutely nothing. It is obvious by their conversation and the look in their eyes that they are either incapable of understanding or wrapping their minds around the concept that things cannot continue on as they are. They have a terminal case of “normalcy bias”….An “It hasn’t happened here…so it CAN’T happen here” mentality. So they continue on in their world of “Bread and Circuses” I no longer have any patience for it. I look at it this way. These folks are not going to change. They don’t really want to know the truth. And ANYTHING I say to them is simply something that can be used to my disadvantage sometime down the road. So….I’m saying nothing. My goal is to become “the gray man”. ….keep as low a profile as possible….and do all I can to prepare for what’s coming.

          • It’s called normalcy bias.

            Worked out pretty poorly if you were Russian in 1918, anywhere in Europe in 1914, anywhere in the world outside of Papau New Guinea in the 1930s, anywhere affected by Jimmy Carter’s economy late 1970s or anywhere on planet Earth 2008 (N.B.: some of these leftists life on planet Zebulax, so they are affected by nada – and even better if they are leftist cronies or Hollywierd Learjet leftists)

          • Quote..” What do you think would happen to our effeminate; metrosexual; iPhone-addicted; lisping; limp-wristed; self-obsessed; Twitter-, texting-, video game-addled; La-Z-Boy-riding; overgrown-child culture in the event that another economic crisis even remotely similar were to occur?”
            Best line Brandon has ever written. Not only is it quite poignant, it made me laugh out loud for real. Gotta take a little comic relief when we can find it.

          • EXACTLY!!! I have pleaded with family members, tried to open their eyes, sent them things to read, and yet nothing has taken hold. I hate to say it but I will if the time comes turn away family that refused to listen and prepare. I hate the thought, and it saddens me deeply. But in no way will I put my wife’s life or mine in peril because of others stupidity!!!

            • I’m the same way…stupid family that didn’t listen. Too bad for them. My grandmother at 97 has seen the other side and knows how bad it will get.She lives with us now so I can protect her last years. We are ready and will weather the storm. Grandma probably won’t get to see the other side of this one.

              We will.

        • I actually don’t undestand this? I’m supposed to be afraid of a bunch of people because they are stupid and have made no preps? Sounds like the Polock who found his wife in bed with another man, pulled out a gun and put it to his head and she started to laugh, He said: “What are you laughing at? Your next”

          • Just displaying your own ignorance Paranoid….

            Ever notice the crowds on Black Friday? Or how about when some shoe mfg. releases their newest “must have” athletic shoe? People kill each other over “stuff” they don’t even need.

            What do you suppose they will do when they have no food and there is none to be had in the stores because the shelves are bare? How long do you think they will just sit around a wait for the “gubment” to come save them?

            • You are displaying your ignorance anon4. We preppers are armed to the fucking teeth and have the ability and enough ammo to protect ourselves from these people. A prepper doesn’t get in the middle of one of these crowds either. We know better.

              • @Zero…

                I think you missed my point.

                Paranoid seems to think we have nothing to fear from the unprepared.

                We actually have two things to fear when SHTF.

                1. Those who have not prepared who now think that they have the right to take what those who have prepared have.

                2. An out of control government that will likely declare martial law when it all goes down (or will actually bring about the collapse as a means to further tyranny) and makes it their mission to disarm us and “redistribute” what we have to those “more deserving”.

                Read some of the articles by Selco on See what happens when it all falls apart and you no longer have rule of law.

                You can be totally prepared…in every way…but when SHTF you are going to need some good old fashioned luck as well. It will be a war. And in war..even the best soldiers end up with a bullet with their name on it.

                • Your post reminded me of the story about the ant and the grasshopper.


                  This one is a little different.
                  Two Different Versions
                  Two Different Morals

                  OLD VERSION
                  The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

                  The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

                  Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed.

                  The grasshopper has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the cold.

                  MORAL OF THE OLD STORY:
                  Be responsible for yourself!

                  MODERN VERSION
                  The ant works hard in the withering heat and the rain all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.

                  The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

                  Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while he is cold and starving.

                  CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, and ABC show up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his comfortable home with a table filled with food.
                  America is stunned by the sharp contrast.

                  How can this be, that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper is allowed to suffer so?

                  Kermit the Frog appears on Oprah with the grasshopper and everybody cries when they sing, ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green…’

                  ACORN stages a demonstration in front of the ant’s house where the news stations film the SEIU group singing, We shall overcome.

                  Then Rev. Jeremiah Wright has the group kneel down to pray for the grasshopper’s sake, while he damns the ants.

                  President Obama condemns the ant and blames President Bush 43, President Bush 41, President Reagan, Christopher Columbus, and the Pope for the grasshopper’s plight.

                  Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid exclaim in an interview with Larry King that the ant has gotten rich off the back of the grasshopper, and both call for an immediate tax hike on the ant to make him pay his fair share.

                  Finally, the EEOC drafts the Economic Equity & Anti-Grasshopper Act retroactive to the beginning of the summer.

                  The ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate number of green bugs and, having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes, his home is confiscated by the Government Green Czar and given to the grasshopper.

                  The story ends as we see the grasshopper and his free-loading friends finishing up the last bits of the ant’s food while the government house he is in, which, as you recall, just happens to be the ant’s old house, crumbles around them because the grasshopper doesn’t maintain it.

                  The ant has disappeared in the snow, never to be seen again.

                  The grasshopper is found dead in a drug related incident, and the house, now abandoned, is taken over by a gang of spiders who terrorize the ramshackle, once prosperous and peaceful, neighborhood.

                  The entire nation collapses, bringing the rest of the free world with it.

                  MORAL OF THE STORY:
                  When the ethic and value of hard work and personal responsibility are removed from society, the result is not a good one.

                  Make sure that you pass this on to other ants.

                  Don’t bother sending it on to any grasshoppers because they wouldn’t understand it, anyway.

                  • KY Mom, outstanding post. couldn’t have said it any better.

                • Anon4, I agree with your points about Black Friday. I stay out of stores altogether on that day and I also have taken Selco’s course. Everyone should take that course. Very enlightening.

            • Anon4

              You said,

              “How long do you think they will just sit around a wait for the “gubment” to come save them?”

              Oh Anon4, I am laughing my ass off. Not at you. Really, these people will sit on their asses for a long time before they take any type of action. After all they BELIEVE in Government.
              From the time the supermarkets are emptied. Then the assistance from family draws down and the overwhelmed food banks and rescue missions close. Ninety days? Then watch the violence rise.

              Are you ready??

              • Three hours before looting begins when the money cannot be accessed. Three days maximum before rioting and general all-out anarchy. Within two weeks canabalism.

                If all one can do, have enough food, fuel, medicines, toiletries, water, or filtration system, on hand for three months. a good drop down bar lock on your heavy metal door of your safe-room. It’ll be all over soon.

                No need to shoot anyone if they can’t get to you.

            • I had a legal semi auto 1919 ground gun with 20K 30-06 Ammo. 2 cannon. And so damn much othr stuff I needed a truck to carry it. Then I found out I didn’t even have the average amount of stuff on my block. (The diabetic guy next door has 600 lbs of sugar in his garage., The guy across the street works with a guy that has a production lic for gov mini guns, buys ammo by the pallet, his ground gun isn’t semiauto; The cops borrow it for training. The more I learn the more envious I get, I don’t believe all the stuff aroun here) Send them my way; I should be able to sell the parts for something.

            • 3 Days. After 3 days, the unrest starts.

          • Para- the Free Shit Society is the gang you need to be prepared to encounter first when tshtf. They will be robbing/stealing/looting/rioting and trying to knock down your door even before the feds go door-to-door to steal your stuff.

            • The Free shit army is a lot smaller in Wyo, something about -20 below that convinces them Ca is the place to be. No good reason for the Feds to show up all the stuff is legal and if they keep loseing court cases about home grown stuff in the district, Montana will have more and better than they do.

          • As the old saying goes, never underestimate the power of very stupid people in large crowds…

        • Let them try to come for my savings account(preps). They will be greeted as a bank robber.

          Notice the mentality of how they think what is yours is theirs?

      2. Well, to start with, the vast majority of the people in the Great Depression were not rural. Only 35% farmed at all.

        • My family came from poor farmers so they didn’t even notice the Great Depression. I think my dads family didn’t even have lights till like in the 1950s same with my mom, I guess there some benefits to being poor.

          • I live on the same homestead my great-great-grandpa cleared,and lived on,during the great depression. They managed to live happily. I still can food in the some of the Mason jars they used. (The early ones had glass lids and are in our china cabinet as a keepsake.)

            I have spent a lifetime preparing for this moment. Hunted and fished with this Granpa and raised dairy cows with my other Granpa. It will be a bad day for any of those commies who think what’s mine is now their’s.

            They will die right where they stand and never hear the shot.Culling the herd will not take long.They’re stupid.

            Mother Nature is a cold hearted bitch.

        • Depends on the part of the country.

          In the Great Plains region something like 75% of the population was rural and farming was their way of life (which is why the Dust Bowl hit so hard).
          It would obviously be different in the industrialized North East regions where the majority of people were in cities.

          • Even in the northeast part of the country, if people had a yard by their house (even in towns and smaller cities), many had a vegetable garden.

        • I stopped informing and warning friends and family a year ago and set out on my own BOL adventure. Most will never get it as they are too dependent on the grid and conveniences, way too lazy and set in their comfort zones. You are not a true prepper if all you do us stockpile food and ammo. Sell that POS house you sleep in, in the city and get some rural land that can be self suataining. You will have a full year just getting set up and functioning properly, power, water, security, tools, trailers, chain saws. You will use every muacle in your body and find you are becoming much healthier living in the country away from the stress of city noise and air pollution. Get a few goats, buy and practice with a bow and bolt. Observe and be curious about nature. In my opinion, anybody still living in any major city when SHTF regardless if you have a stock pile of food is going to be screwed.

          • WWTI, I too have given up warning friends, co-workers, and family members and discussing preps especially because all they say is “I know where I’m gonna go if something bad happens, your place”. I simply respond “Don’t count on me letting you in unless you bring something I need”. That’s when the conversation always ends.

            Some friends are on-board, trustworthy, and prepping though.

        • You are correct; But we have family records, that show a lot of family came back home during the bad times and a lot got regular food from the farm. My grand parents took in a hired hand they really didn’t need and just fed him for pay for seveal years.

        • @Old Coach…

          Well….my mother’s family weren’t farmers per se…but they had a garden. And they would have starved if they hadn’t had it. And the boys used to hunt rabbits to supplement their diet. They had chickens as well.

          I think the point is….on a percentage basis, there were probably far more people during the Great Depression who were capable of independently taking care of themselves than there are today. MANY needed assistance. Back then, they had bread and soup lines. Today they have EBT cards. What will interesting is what will happen when those EBT cards no longer work….or when the price of just a few basic food items requires the entire balance on the card.

          • My family came from farmers, ranch hands and rural workers. I spent my youth doing farm work, gardening and school. I’ve probably forgotten more about farming, than most people nowadays ever knew.

            • sixpack I’m with you. Now that I’ve got old, I’ve forgotten more about just about everything.Trekker Out.

      3. It’s hard for those of us stuck in “suburban hell hole” USA. I’ve been screaming out loud for awhile now, but it seems nobody listens. Most of my closest friends think I’m crazy or delusional and I’m too damn paranoid to reach out to total strangers to try and find those kindred spirits because it’s literally a crapshoot. Might find someone who would be a blessing and a partner, or might find some one that would literally stab me in the back as soon as I turn around. Find it best to keep to myself because there sure as hell seems to be a lot of “stupidity” and “laziness” ingrained in society now a days. But therein lies my problem, despite the finest indoctrination I received while in service to our “government” as a member of the Army, no man is an army unto himself and no man can go it alone. It’s gonna be one hell of a ride though!

        • Vegas, I have been listening, but your right, I can’t hear you screaming. I even turned my speakers up and still not a sound. Trekker Out.

        • Go to the gun shows and stores. Go to WallMart watch those who buy the N-Pack food, just say Hi. Go to auctions, see who is stocking up on survival stuff. Get a CCW or two, see who takes the classes. Buy a .22, go to the range, Join the Gun Club, Join the NRA. Visit the Mormon pantry, TALK to people; you don’t have to tell the who you are. There are people who are doing something. Quickly enough you will find who is what.

        • Vegas Jim – I have the same problems that you describe as well. Though, I do have contact with others that know what’s going on in this country and abroad. I have a problem with them too, and that is a trust issue.

          Unfortunately, I do not trust any of them because they have shown me their devious, sneaky, back stabbing ways in the past with other people and I wouldn’t put it past them to do the same to me someday.

          It’s hard enough to find good, reliable friends. I find it even harder to find honest, trustworthy preppers in my area. In essence – I’m on my own and I’ll stay incognito until the day I’m truly needed.

          • Very True. Thanks for all the great advice. Hopefully I’ll find a way to make it to out to the Great Redoubt up north and put this hell hole firmly in my rear view mirror.

      4. Brandon Smith is perplexing. So much of what he speaks of, such as the Non Aggression Principle, statism, etc, is straight out of the anarcho-capitalist philosophy (aka principled libertarianism), yet he is an avid supporter of the Constitution and the authoritarianism it creates. He insults statists (good!), but he IS a statist himself. I’ve tried having him clarify his position a number of times but he either dismisses anarchism as a junk philosophy or he just outright deletes my comments. It’s too bad; he could be even more effective than he is if he were able to confront his own logical inconsistencies.

        • One can oppose globalist crimes against humanity and not be an anarchist or libertarian, but there are those who will treat Christians who oppose abortion and usury precisely as they would treat “globalists.” Who has not seen frothing rage and bloodlust expressed on many sites? Excepting the intervention of God Himself, I am not optimistic that good will arise from the “reset.”

        • I don’t read this article and think that Brandon is a statist. And I also believe that you can believe in the non-aggression principle and also believe in the constitution, as I do. The Government as we know it now is a bastardized version almost unrecognizable to what the founders set up originally. If we followed the constitution then we would be alright. In and of itself, it does NOT promote authoritarianism but rather a means of the people to limit the scope of their own government. I believe that people do need some sort of government to protect and provide basic services for the public at large, which seems to be Brandon’s position as well. It’s when that same government turns into the all powerful state organ that wants to run everyones lives; that’s when it gets ugly. Total anarchy is undesirable. but total totalitarianism isnt exactly peachy either.

          • Good Post Phil, somewhere along the lines we lost this country when the Republic became a Democracy.
            I haven’t given much research about it, but I’m curious to know the time frame of when the Government stopped referring to America as a Republic and started to call it a Democracy.
            What I do know is, that it started sometime before any of us were born.

            • A good starting point would be post-War Between the States America. It has been pointed out numerous times where the language shifted from “these United States” to “the United States” which is a pretty significant viewpoint change.
              My personal opinion is the shift from Republic to Democracy started happening with the passage of the 17th Amendment. At that point the underlying structure of the Republic was undercut.

            • Hamilton, agent for the Rothschild Bank, started the slide of these United States.

      5. The anti-preppers will one day wish they had prepped when all their people have nothing or are unwilling to share their goods.

        The anti-preppers are usually liberal metropolitan types that love multi-culturalism and gay rights.

        we all know who they are and what they are like!!!!

      6. I read that ” Be prepared for preppers ” article at The Daily Sheeple. I actually know a few folks like the author of that piece. I listen to them ramble on and just shake my head and walk away. Thier superior attitude will get them dead quick if SHTF really happens. They make me laugh!

        • When SHTF, those in theCitiea will quickly turn on each other and massive death will occur. Just look at how angry and frustrated people get if they have ro wait in line for a burger and coke. Niw xompound that 10 timea a week later and no foodis around. Protect your pets, as they resort to eating Rat Tar Tar. The walking Dead is a fair representation of the dullusional walkers, drug addicts, psychotics, gangs, vigilanties, satists and other cults that will be crawling around on your city neighborhood block. Lots of lies and trickery will be out there trying to steal everything you got.

      7. The problem isn’t people who don’t prep.
        The problem is people who don’t vote. They’re giving their approval for every step downward this country takes.

        • So…tell me exactly what voting has done for us in the last 20 years or so.

          We vote for people who promise to change things…and they don’t.

          We vote for laws that we want, and elite activist judges nullify them.

          In the words of George Carlin…..”they give us politicians to make us think that we have a choice”.

        • So tell me, who you gonna vote for?

          Seriously, who and why.

          Ya’ think Jeb! is gonna save the country? Or Hillary? Or any other candidate the power behind the powers will allow us to vote on?

        • bleed are you really that stupid? There hasn’t been and likely never will be any viable political or ballot box solution. Voting is a exercise in futility. Both partys caused the problems. And they did it on purpose .

        • Bleed, I’ll try to be civil with you. You have it backwards. I’ve NEVER been a registered voter so I NEVER gave any approval for the things happening now. When you cast a ballot, and I don’t care who or what party you vote for, that is when you give approval for the politicians’ agenda. I hope you’ll ‘get it’.

      8. Keep your delusions. The population is to high for subsistence living. There is only so much land to cultivate. There is only so much game to kill. If a total collapse comes, preppers will turn on each because of competition for scarce resources. Many will die, including many preppers. People, including preppers, will die from relatively minor medical issues due to the lack of modern medical attention. Perhaps a greater percentage of preppers will die because they tend to be arrogant sacks of crap. Either way, you are better off trying to prevent a total societal collapse because the results will be death to many, including preppers, and will lead to years, if not generations of tribal warfare. Is that the legacy you want to bequeath to your offspring?

        • What? There is a continuum of preparedenss, so in that sense you are right, but otherwise totally off base. The very point of prepping is to have stored resources to begin with. Subsistene living? How many know which end of a deer is front or back? How many know the difference between a pumpkin and a tomato unless the store tells them. Most people have fish antibiotics for their “fish,” addressing another need. So much land to cultivate? 1/3 of America is obese. They would have a heart attack after one hour of work; the rest wont’ make it out of the cities.

          And you don’t know, and neither do I, the extent of any collapse.

          Finally, generations of warfare? Really? How long did the Civil War last? Most of us are pacifists, and only use force in the preservation of life or self-defense.

          Finally, “arrogant sacks of crap?” No doubt some are, some aren’t. Your assertion is useless, other than saying preppers are fallen human beings like anyone else, and imperfect. (In fact, that is WHY we prep, because we know the system is created by imperfect human beings… and also that the checks and balances built in to deal with imperfect human beings by the Founders is now being destroyed, which will bring on the real disaster.

          This post was sad, and more a reflection, it seems to me, of your own psychological projection of arrogance. The rest of us here are here to learn, share info, and try to rescue a society dropping into a cess pool.

          • Test, outstanding post.

        • Skeptical.

          ” Lunatic fringe, we all know you’re out there”

          The Dumbasses and Morons would not know what a societal collapse would be like. They are lucky if they can put a full comprehensive statement together in any debate. Tribal warfare is a nice note. In the end we will find out who is going to stand on their feet or crawl on their bellies.

          As far as Offspring is concerned and what type of world they would be living in.

          A world where government controls your life.
          Or one with freedom. Societal Collapse is a way of getting rid of the Dead Weight.

      9. I try to think of prepping as a form of self insurance. I try to keep it quiet and low key. I am not interested in listening to others put down the mentality of the prepper. I did not care for the way National Geographic portrayed the prepper, but they were looking for ratings and little else. We might be a little crazy but we won’t be eating air pudding if things do go bad.

      10. I thought this was a good article from Brandon.
        It is shows like Doomsday Preppers that does and has given the real prepper movement a bad image.
        Any real, serious prepper would not involve themselves on a trumped up reality show for money.
        It’ like when that fat bastard Alex Jones whet on CNN Peirs Morgan Show and went into his hysterical outrage on the 2nd Amendment.
        He gave any legal gun owner a bad image in this country because of it. I don’t know, maybe these talking heads are right about cleansing the earth, but they are targeting the wrong people (preppers).

      11. I don’t waste time on morons I stick with my agenda. People’s heads are so far up their asses it’s just pissing in the wind to try to convince them to take action.

      12. meanwhile in other news

        H5N2 in the US: ‘Largest animal health emergency’ in history

        ht tp://

        “The chief veterinary officer of the United States laid out a dire picture Wednesday of the devastating spread of highly contagious bird flu this year through some 232 poultry facilities, forcing the killing of 7.5 million turkeys and 42 million chickens, including roughly 10 percent of the nation’s egg-laying population. “

        • Peteron says to Satori about the loss of 7.5 million turkeys and 42 million chickens, including roughly 10 percent of the nation’s egg-laying population. “Due to devastating spread of highly contagious bird flu this year. Sounds REALLY SUS. Meaning that very little noise has been made by the farmers due to lost sales. Im hearing quiet small sounds in the background that this excuse is a cover up to starve the population when SHTF so to keep FIMA the only option. Something smells FOWL.
          One question how many breeders went BANKRUPT? due to losses? and if they didn’t how much were they payed.

      13. hey mac just went to alt market and it is hacked

      14. “Be prepared for preppers.” What an absurd joke by the frantic leftists. Wonder what Henry David Thoreau would have said (cf his work called “Self Reliance). Of course these Einsteins would only know Das Kapital and Rules for Radicals, not Thoreau. Or Jefferson, von Mises, or, for that matter, Einstein. It’s all ignorance leftism.

        In terms of readiness, they carry over their same ignorance from economics, where Bastiat wrote over a century and a half ago that socialism (and by extension, anti-self reliance) is the great fiction whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.

        These are the same type of people who wrote, as journalism Lincoln Steffens did in the 1930s about the USSR “I have seen the future, and it works.”

        Yes, they really ARE that stupid. Quod erat demonstrandum.

      15. Obama said recently that the Middle east problems will not be solved with war, as he continues bombs away program like spreading seed corn. Feel the Love!!

        Obama also said that the war with ISIS will take years. The MICM – Military Industrial Complex Mafia gloated with uncontrollable applause.

        Honestly, our Government is destroying our Country every move. Stop feeding the beast, cut the cables and cords and unleash the shackles of the fascist slavery.

      16. Let them say what they want to say. I am sure we know we will have to deal with these types of people. That is why I would be very concerned with helping anyone during the reset. They will turn aggressive, smile in your face and stab you in the back. Want to know how to tell who has the grit to stay alive. Give it six months and see who is still alive.
        The everyday things.

        Garbage pickup.
        Food/Gasoline distribution.
        Sewage treatment.
        Water treatment.
        Electrical power.
        Going to work.
        Disrupt a few of those and see what you get.

        Most of all the disasters we all have had to deal with have been isolated or regional. There was always help from somewhere else. Imagine if it affects the Whole Country at once. Or Global.
        Fukushima. A major volcanic eruption. Solar Flare. Global Financial collapse. War. Disease.
        Floods. Hurricanes, Tornado’s Earthquakes, Snow Storms although destructive are small potato’s.
        All of these are happening now and more frequent.
        It is good to listen to what others say about us and remember what they have said. You can choose later if you want to help them.

        • Excellent post, Slingshot. One error, however: Hurricanes are lowest since the Civil War; tornadoes – while making the news – in terms of actual frequency or severity (F1 – F5) show absolutely nothing. A few quotes from meteorologists below FYI. Please do NOT buy into the Global Warming scam. It is one of the lead, lying issues behind the whole leftist scam, as if you control energy, you control everything it touches, which is… well, EVERYTHING. A socialist’s dream


          Dr. Chris Walcek is a professor at the University at Albany in NY and a Senior Research Associate at the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center who studies the relationship of pollutants within the atmosphere. Walcek is also a skeptic of man-made global warming fears. “10,000 years ago we were sitting under 2,000 feet of ice right here. It looked like Antarctica right here. And then over a one to two thousand year period, we went into today’s climate and the cause of that change is not, well, nobody has a definitive theory about why that happened,” Walcek said according to an article. In a separate interview, Walcek expanded on his climate skepticism and accused former Vice President Al Gore of having “exaggerated” part of his film. “A lot of the imagery like hurricanes and tornados. And as far as tornados go, there is no evidence at all that tornados are affected. And a recent committee of scientists concluded that there isn’t a strong correlation between climate change and hurricane intensity. A lot of people are saying we’re going to see more Katrina’s and there’s just not much evidence of that. We have had strong hurricanes throughout the last hundred years and we’re probably going to have strong hurricanes once in a while,” Walcek said. “We are over-due for an ice-age if you look at the geological records, we have had a period of not having a thousand feet of ice sitting here in Albany” New York, he added.

          Atmospheric scientist and hurricane expert Dr. Christopher W. Landsea NOAA’s National Hurricane Center who served as a UN IPCC as both an author and a reviewer and has published numerous peer-reviewed research noted that recent hurricane activity is not linked to man-made factors. According to an article in Myrtle Beach Online, Landsea explained that “the 1926-1935 period was worse for hurricanes than the past 10 years and 1900-1905 was almost as bad.” Landsea asserted that it is therefore not true that there is a current trend of more and stronger hurricanes. “It’s not a trend, it’s a cycle: 20-45 years quiet, 20-45 years busy,” Landsea said. He did say that a warming world would only make hurricanes “5 percent stronger 100 years from now. We can’t measure it if it’s that small.” The article said Landsea blamed Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, for “persuad[ing] some people that global warming is contributing to hurricane frequency and strength.” Landsea, who was both an author and a reviewer for the IPCC’s 2nd Assessment Report in 1995 and the 3rd Assessment Report in 2001, resigned from the 4th Assessment Report after becoming charging the UN with playing politics with Hurricane science. “I am withdrawing because I have come to view the part of the IPCC to which my expertise is relevant as having become politicized.

      17. One other point about prepping: Until this unwise generation, every fall people prepared for winter. They, like the winter we are preparing form, may be mild, it may be severe. They didn’t know. But you always made preparations, insofar as you could, for a more severe winter. No, people didn’t have unlimited time or money back then either, so they did as much as they could with what they had (time, resources, money).

        Similarly, we see the $222 TRILLION in total outstanding unfunded liabilities (google Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff+unfunded liabilities for verification; about three years ago USA Today said ~$70 trillion, but really who’s counting at that point?); we see certain lying, despicable frauds in black robes force gay marriage on the states; we see 2 out of 3 black kids born with no father around, then are shocked – SHOCKED! – to see so many young blacks in jail – with whites gaining quite rapidly in family dissolution (and yes, no fathers around DOES lead to horrible outcomes – see Dr. Ruth Dafoe Whitehead’s article Dan Quayle Was Right (google it). We see now $20 freaking TRILLION spent in the War on Poverty to date (done a great job, hasn’t it!, with its sister programme, the Model Cities Prog., having as its first adoptee that wonderfully successful city of Detroit.

        Now tell me some form of winter isn’t coming. Maybe winter will be delayed. Maybe it will be in the form of something like an EMP, Yellowstone blowing (unlikely, of course) of some other black swan; more likely, it will be the inevitable crack up boom the Austrian economists like von Mises and Hayek write about. The point is, is history is replete with black – of even gray swans. Heck, everyone KNEW saner heads would prevail in 1914. Yet, 4 years laters, millions were dead, borders redrawn, dynasties and royalties deposed.

        Preparedness is NOT living in fear. Rather, it is Thoreau’s self-reliance; it is the fact that if you are prepared, and self-reliant – insofar as possible – you have much less to fear than the ignorant unprepared. You can also help those who truly cannot help themselves – such as the elderly, the mentally or physically handicapped, etc. The truth it, the left doesn’t give a flying rat’s derriere about the weak. How many Hollywood Learjet leftists are putting up the indigent in their zillion room mansions? E.g. uber leftist Tom Hanks Limousine liberal Tom Hanks who purchased a 14,500-square-foot mega mansion in Pacific Palisades for $26 million. It was the largest transaction for a single-family home in Los Angeles County in 2010. Or check out Mikey Moore’s mansions and wealth, exposed during his recent divorce proceedings). Pick up Dr. Arthur Brooks’ highly acclaimed Who Really Cares if you want the details about the leftist hypocrisy, or else Do As I Say, Not as I Do by Peter Schweizer. They hypocrisy of the left is staggering.

        Then there is the winter caused by the eclipse of ethics. Can anyone say Obama crony Jon “I lost your $1.6 billion” Corzine?

      18. got hacked this morning. The loser hacker wrote freedom is overrated. How about mommy’s basement is over rated.

        • Freedom is overrated.

          Sounds like something Lavrentiy Beria might have wrote in Stalin’s USSR as he led their secret police.

          Except, when he was finally pushed out of power an summarily executed, he probably changed his mind pretty quickly.

          I remain amazed how utterly ignorant some of these techies are.

      19. got hacked this morning. The loser hacker wrote freedom is overrated. How about mommy’s basement is over rated.

      20. I’m sure there are “anti-preppers” out there, although I’ve never bumped into one…Mostly, anyone who dissents to my prepper position just rolls their eyes and slaps me on the back like I’m nuts and keeps the conversation jovial. Can’t believe there are folks out there that carry such hostility to preppers…but if so…

        I encourage/challenge you not to blow them off. ALL of us at one point or another were not preppers (sure that may have been decades ago, but nonetheless). However we learned or by whomever spoke that truth into us, it had to be done somewhere. Much like the Bible talks about “the scales being removed from ones eyes” most people just don’t have the ability to see the truth for they are blinded by scales. It should be our collective jobs to help them remove the scales and see the same truth we’ve been so blessed to know.

        Digging in with “Op-sec” arguments can make one sound tough and fortified, but in reality you’re just making the anti-preppers argument for them. Rest assured, the “us vs them” mentality is the worst position to take as there are FAR more of them than us, and I’m talking multiples of 1000’s to 1.

        If it makes it easier, think of the non-preppring folks as a mentally challenged child who needs your patience and understanding…Not the threat of a 12 gauge to their head .

        Food for the thought.
        -Dad (One who used to be blind, but now can see).

        • The further society drifts from truth, the more society will hate those that speak it.”

          – George Orwell

          Quod erat demonstrandum

      21. Why is it when people know that they missed the boat on something like Prpping try to make us look like nuts. Or just say I’m coming to your house when TSHTF.

        I don’t talk about it much around people that don’t want to hear about it. I do talk around people that want to get their S#$T together and be prepped. I learn something every time and I know that they learn something.

        Cannon Fodder, and Bullets Stops. Just because they are in denial. What a shame.

        • I wonder how they plan on taking preps from those that are prepared?

        • People tell me that they just plan to come to my house when the SHTF. I tell them that it’s fine. I tell them that I am certain I can fit them in my smoker. I figure if the hordes get too large, I’ll just by their loyalty with a few “pork” sandwiches.

      22. The Press has created a stereotype of preppers and it stuck. Screw the Press.

      23. Why?

        Why can’t people just leave others alone. Also it seems normally that the minorities control the direction of all.
        Unless you are a prepper. Or a christian.

        Another major problem.

        • Because America is transitioning from a white western country to a non-white non-western country. By design. That’s why the attack on the “Redskins”, the Confederate Battle Flag, etc. Any symbols of western culture must fall. This is just the beginning. Gird your loins.

      24. It may perhaps, be a tactical advantage to have the sheeple consider preppers nothing more than a bunch of ignorant Hillbillies. Underestimating a potential adversary has lost many a battle…Let’s face it, there mindset is classic what not to do…According to Lao Tsu

      25. It may perhaps, be a tactical advantage to have the sheeple consider preppers nothing more than a bunch of ignorant Hillbillies. Underestimating a potential adversary has lost many a battle…Let’s face it, there mindset is classic what not to do…According to Sun Tsu…

      26. I’m often amazed to find that the biggest flaming liberals, who scream for gun control, often own a couple of firearms. They usually inherited them, and will be lucky if they have more than a few dozen rounds of very old ammo. They likely have never even fired them. I’ve even met one who still kept the firearm, but did something to disable it, so it was not usable. They thought it would be enough to threaten a burglar, but it couldn’t hurt anyone?

        When they get hungry enough and desperate enough, then they will see the value in their gun and they will try to use it to survive. Likely some of the most dangerous will be the EBT mothers with starving children in tow.

        For years the Soviet policy in South America was to find hungry people and give them guns. They kept most of South America in turmoil and revolution with this simple and inexpensive foreign policy. In a crash I wouldn’t be surprised to see this happen in America, where “The Powers that shouldn’t be” do the same thing here. Fast and furious was but a test!

      27. Sorry, wasn’t fast enough to stop the post… got my TSU’s mixed up…However both ancient masters say the same thing using different examples…If you like Sun, and the art of war, check out the Tao Te Ching. Lao is one of my favorites.

      28. It would have been a better article if he had spelled “hoarding” correctly.

        • I’m not going to let one typo negate the entire content.

      29. It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

      30. I can’t prep very much because my husband doesn’t approve. We live an hour away from Minneapolis… Not the best place but not the worst place either. I don’t talk about prepping with anyone because people just don’t recognize the state of which we live in. Most are in denial. One sister in law (during the 2008 crash) told me to turn the tv off and don’t watch that financial stuff. It’s too negative. This from a person who is flat busted broke with two adult liberal kids who are screwed up. There is no relationship anymore (although we are cordial) because we have different views of reality. Do I want to experience shtf? Nope. I want to see my grandkids grow up.

        • “It’s too negative.”

          I was dating a gal a couple years back. I had to stop talking about this stuff with her because she would comment how “it’s so depressing.” I got tired of that. It’s not why we broke up, but it’s just one more reason to not continue on as a couple.

        • My wife has stopped me from talking about it several times. You see I am a planner and my brain just won’t stop. It annoys me at times. If you ever need to talk about it or plans then feel free. I research and try to connect with sources of info all the time. My wife is on board. She does not want to hear it all the time. Same reason because it is depressing. To me the topic is depressing but the planning is not if that makes sense. People are starting to become more aware. I just fear it is too late.

      31. “What do you think would happen to our effeminate; metrosexual; iPhone-addicted; lisping; limp-wristed; self-obsessed; Twitter-, texting-, video game-addled; La-Z-Boy-riding; overgrown-child culture in the event that another economic crisis even remotely similar were to occur?”

        It is a disgrace what society has become, collapse or no collapse. The men of 100 years ago would be very angry at what Americans are today.

        “It is decidedly ironic given the uselessness of such people that it is often the worst subsections of the blind, deaf and dumb that choose to “critique” the prepper lifestyle as “disturbed” or “dangerous.””

        Sure. Preppers make them look useless and uninformed, and as such they are. So it’s no real wonder that they look upon us as (some negative lable of their choice). They are on their own.

      32. Another Gov’t Agency Is Buying Massive Amounts of Ammo

        “The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation says it plans to purchase 54,000 rounds of ammunition in a move that’s now raising eyebrows after at least one other federal government entity was recently accused of mysteriously stockpiling massive amounts of ammunition.”

        “As recently as last month, the bureau made bids for 41,600 rounds of hollow-point ammunition in addition to 10,400 rounds of shotgun ammunition. It would not say how many armed officers it employs or specify the number or magnitude of security threats it faces each year.”

        The Blaze

      33. Citizens buying way more ammo then govt.(hell,we are also buying theirs which sucks!).Will be a long road and envision a country divided into smaller countries with a mutual true self defence agreement(not a foreign intervention treaty),would be best for all.I do not subscribe to progressive libs nonsense,that said,do not want to force a agenda down their throats,a truly divided country best we can hope for.

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