Prepare Your Homes And Neighborhoods For The Violence That Is Going To Sweep America

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End of The American Dream.

    violence-americaThe thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted on a daily basis is beginning to disappear, and a new era of chaos and anarchy is coming to our cities.  I don’t know if you have noticed, but violence is increasing on the streets of America.  Over Memorial Day weekend, 29 people were shot in Baltimore and 55 people were shot in Chicago.  But of course the trend that I am talking about is much broader than that.  According to the FBI, the number of police officers “feloniously killed” in the line of duty rose by an astounding 89 percent in 2014.  We live at a time when Americans are becoming extremely angry and extremely frustrated, and this is only going to intensify as economic conditions worsen.  But already we have seen some of this anger and frustration boil over into violence in Ferguson and in Baltimore.  And you know what?  The vast majority of Americans expect more of the same in the coming months.  According to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey that was recently released, 96 percent of all Americans believe that there will be more civil unrest in America this summer.  What we have seen up until now is just the warm up act.  The main event is still to come.

    If things are this bad already, how bad will they be when the next great economic crisis hits this nation and unemployment skyrockets and poverty is everywhere?

    That is why I am encouraging people that currently live in the heart of our major cities to consider moving.  Unfortunately, most Americans are completely dependent on the jobs that they currently have, so moving is not really a practical option for a lot of people.

    For those that cannot move, you are just going to have to get prepared right where you are.  That means making your home and your family as unattractive a target to potential criminals as you possibly can.  The goal should be to avoid a violent confrontation if at all possible.  So you will want multiple layers of security between you and those that would potentially harm you and your family.  You want to try to deter the bad guys from ever coming on to your property in the first place, but if they do come, you need to be ready to deal with them.

    At the moment, we are still in the midst of relatively stable economic times.  But even in these relatively stable times, violence is escalating.  Just consider what happened in Baltimore over the recent holiday weekend.  A grand total of 29 people were shot…

    Police say 29 people were shot, 9 of them killed over this weekend, adding to the  record-breaking violence.

    The shooting didn’t stop on Monday night after a 9-year-old boy and another man were both injured by gun fire in the 2900 block of Arunah Avenue. Police say the child was shot in the leg and another man suffered a graze wound to the head.

    Overall, this past month has been the deadliest month for Baltimore in 15 years.

    Things are even worse in the city of Chicago.  Over this past weekend, 55 peoplegot shot…

    Twelve people were killed and at least 43 — including a 4-year-old girl — were wounded in shootings across Chicago this Memorial Day weekend, police said.

    The 4-year-old, identified by her family as Jacele Johnson, was shot about 8 p.m. Friday in the West Englewood neighborhood. She and her 17-year-old cousin Romare Wilson were inside an SUV in the 7000 block of South Justine when another vehicle pulled up and someone inside opened fire, according to their family and Chicago Police.

    Early in April, I went on the record and specifically named Chicago and Baltimore as two of the cities where we would be seeing civil unrest.  Since that time we have seen horrible rioting in Baltimore and the violence in Chicago continues to spiral out of control.

    Other experts are issuing similar warnings.  For example, consider what an assistant professor at New Jersey City University recently had to say

    Urban unrest expert Dr. Max Herman says that the United Statesis on the “cusp” of a wave of domestic disorder and that the country will see more race riots.

    Herman, Assistant Professor of Sociology at New Jersey City University, told the New Republic’s Joel Gillin that the economic downturn, in addition to incidents of police brutality, have provided fertile conditions for civil unrest.

    He sees the re-emergence of a 60’s-style “protest ideology” amongst black communities which will lead to more disorder.

    “It’s very clear from studying history that these things tend to run in cycles,” said Herman, adding, “I think we are at the cusp of another cycle.”

    Author Chris Hedges is saying similar things.  The following comes from a recent article about him in the National Post

    The United States is primed for a rebellion. So argues Chris Hedges in his new book, Wages of Rebellion, in which the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and polemicist examines revolts from 1700s to the ending of apartheid in South Africa, as well as the “sublime madness” that drives the people at the centre of such rebellions.

    When asked by the National Post why he wrote his new book, this is what Hedges had to say

    I didn’t write it as a warning or a prediction. I wrote it more as an assessment. I covered disintegrating societies like Yugoslavia.I know how they break down; I know what the warning signs are, so it’s familiar. I don’t think at this point there’s much dispute. Even just the financial indicators in terms of wealth disparity and chronic unemployment. The fact that Congress has a nine-per-cent approval rating. Where I’m coming from, the book is an attempt to explain where we are in this particular historical period.

    But it isn’t just that we are entering a new cycle of unrest.  Our “leaders” have made things much worse by the decisions that they have made.  For instance, Barack Obama’s decision to leave our southern border virtually unguarded has resulted in a massive flood of illegal immigrants coming into this country.  As a result, violent gangs that have roots in Central America and South America have mushroomed in size.  So now major cities far from the border such as Charlotte, North Carolina are being absolutely terrorized by these gangs…

    Recent busts of murderous MS-13 gangsters put the lie to President Obama’s sympathetic amnesty narrative of illegal immigrants as “workers who mow our lawns, make our beds (and) clean out bedpans.”

    Authorities Wednesday rounded up 37 MS-13 gang members in Charlotte, N.C., on racketeering conspiracy charges, along with charges of murder, attempted murder and firearms violations. All of them are illegal aliens from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Several are round-trippers — illegals who broke in once, committed crimes, got deported and broke back into the U.S. — proving that our border is porous and unsecured.

    Charlotte police discovered the rat’s nest of foreign gangstersafter some of them started shooting up local nightclubs and bars.

    In 2015, it isn’t just our own citizens that we need to be concerned about.  At this point, many of our biggest cities are absolutely packed to the gills with gangs made up primarily of illegal immigrants.

    I discussed Chicago earlier.  Did you know that it is estimated that approximately 150,000 gang members now live there?

    When things start really breaking down in this country, those gangs are going to have a field day.

    America is changing, and not for the better.  And when violence starts sweeping this nation, don’t count on the government to come in and rescue you.  After watching what happened in Ferguson and in Baltimore, you should know better than that by now.

    It is time for the American people to prepare their own homes and their own neighborhoods for the chaos and the violence that is coming.

    For the moment, things are still relatively stable so we have a little bit of time to prepare, but it won’t last for long.

    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.



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      1. In the city you will be screwed.

        • Government moves to suspend disability payments to many in Eastern Kentucky, citing suspected fraud

          “The federal government has moved to suspend disability payments to some people in Eastern Kentucky whose cases were handled by Floyd County attorney Eric C. Conn, citing suspected fraud by Conn and doctors whom his clients often consulted.”

          “Prestonsburg attorney Ned Pillersdorf said his information is that more than 800 suspension letters went out last week.”

          The SSA will suspend people’s disability payments while “redetermining” their eligibility.

          Eric C. Conn was a crook. He also charged cheap rates to help people get social security and had a very high success rate. So, many people hired him.

          With all of the mines and businesses that have closed, many turned to “disability” to support their families.

          The unemployment numbers would be MUCH higher if the numbers of the MANY (here and around the country) of those who lost their jobs and signed up and now are on social security were included.

          How long will the social security funds last?

          • Whoa, whoa, whoa: Why are people in eastern Kentucky on any kind of government assistance? Only one county went blue, all the rest went red during the last election. They should refuse government handouts because Republicans say those are for shiftless bums, not real red blooded Americans. The folks in Kentucky, especially the eastern part of the state, should stand on their own two feet-proudly, and just say “NO” to government handouts!

            • Professor, I happen to be acquainted with at least one person who is doing just that. He is a young man in his mid 20s who has just found himself a nice open gash on the side of a mountain where a logging crew has recently come through and cut down the trees. He is busy as we speak preparing his own little trees (of the smokeable kind) to put out there in strategic locations to be harvested this fall. While seemingly a whole generation is crying about how tough it is, with no work, no prospects, no nothing, this young man is out there toiling in the hot sun to bring a much wanted ($350/oz retail) product to market; a product that makes people’s lives better, and the production of which also prepares him with the skills needed to feed and support his family when the time comes. Not all hope is lost.

            • Way to distort the truth.

              Republicans are against the people who live on welfare. People who have more kids to collect more welfare. People who instead of raising their kids to be responsible for themselves, teach their kids how to jack the system so they can collect welfare for their entire lifetime. Not someone who has lost their job and needs TEMPORARY assistance.

              • If you cant feed’em, don’t breed’em

                • DANG STRAIGHT!!

            • Professor Higgins,

              There are people on disability in Kentucky and every other state. MANY people (around the country) continue to sign up for disability after they lose their jobs.

              How long will these funds last?

              10,996,447: Disability Beneficiaries Hit New Record – May 2014

              “The 10,996,447 total disability beneficiaries includes 8,942,232 disabled workers, 153,475 spouses of disabled workers, and 1,900,740 children of disabled workers.”

              April 2014 – “the combination of all three was the highest it has ever been in the history of the disability program.”

              CNS News dot com

            • duuh professuh ?
              SSI is based on either your own work history and SSA theft/garnishing of YOUR waGES
              or the wages of the parents.
              there is no hand out. SSI is not a HAND OUT.
              AS for all these bs cases EASILY getting a dis based on FRAUD ? screw them to the highest extent of the law.
              NOW why not ask around to the disabled on HOW EASY was it for THEM TO GET THEIR SSI ?
              I don’t know one that had an easy time of it and no we did NOT run to shyster loiyuuhs.
              we submitted.. WERE DENIED resubmitted etc and received the legitimate designation.
              if they are DISABLED and CANNOT WORK they are to receive exactly what THEY PAID INTO.

        • “Unfortunately, most Americans are completely dependent on the jobs that they currently have, so moving is not really a practical option for a lot of people.”

          Unfortunately, count me among that demographic.

          “For those that cannot move, you are just going to have to get prepared right where you are. That means making your home and your family as unattractive a target to potential criminals as you possibly can.”

          I’ve been thinking of getting a red spray paint can and putting the graphic symbol on the exterior that our house has a toxic infectious disease inside.

          But I think it won’t take but several days for someone to call my bluff.

          • Deaths, gang activity surge as illegals flood border…

            30,000 expected…

            -Washington Examiner

            (posted on Drudge Report)

              • why constantly repost other peoples links? we are all familiar with drudge etc.

                • she does it for verification. In case you have not noticed, alot of people make shit up.

                • Marcus

                  Some people are not aware of Drudge and it is a heads up on the subject.

                  • I wonder if those same people are aware of google or other search engines?

                    • Marcus, I am aware of drudge but I have my personal sites I check daily for info and he aint on the list. If people have a good link to a story bless them for posting it. If you can’t understand that your a moron.

                    • I even wonder if some of the people commenting on here are even aware they’re using the internet.

                • Marcus, KY Mom provides us with links to articles we might otherwise miss. Not everyone is familiar with drudge or even goes to drudge on a regular basis. same for the other sites.

            • U.S. immigration policy has brought about the greatest demographic shift of any nation in world history.

              — America has already taken in one-fourth of Mexico’s entire population!

              — Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act was expressly designed to change the demographics of our country to be poorer and more inclined to vote Democratic.

              — Proponents of the 1965 immigration bill swore up and down that it would not alter this country’s demographic mix. In fact, Kennedy’s immigration policy has brought about the greatest demographic shift of any nation in world history.

              — It worked! Post-1970 immigrants vote 8-2 for the Democrats.

              — The government refuses to tell us how many prisoners in the United States are immigrants. That information is not available anywhere. But the ancillary facts suggest that the number is astronomical.

              — There are more foreign inmates in New York state prisons from Mexico than from the entire continent of Europe.

              — Post-1970 immigrants have re-introduced slavery to America. Indian immigrant Lakireddy Bali Reddy, for example, used the H1-B visa program, allegedly for “high-tech workers,” to bring in 12-year-old girls he had bought from their parents for sex.

              Ann Coulter dot com

          • Perhaps you should specify toxic “airborne lead” on your symbol…it would be interpreted as true, because it wouldn’t be a bluff if you have to start shooting at some point.

            • 😉

            • Nice.

            • Sixpack, damn good one. I would’ve said something similar.

            • This article must be wrong. After all Chi town and The whole state of Mary land have tight gun control, so this isn’t possible.

            • Hey sixpack …interesting note you put in there. The wife and I have rigged up a rather bothersome and extensive system of pipes/heads solely to release clouds of several kinds of premixed concoctions that will totally “fog out” the majority of the property. (Similar to fog machines used in old disco’s years ago ya know)? There are other headaches in place that would make accessing the home a tad difficult, no matter what you have to counter (gas masks won’t help you see thru zero-visibility for one). Being retired it’s been almost “a gas” assembling everything (no pun intended). 🙂 Of course, we would NEVER do anything like release anything harmful to animals or humans. That what the ARs and Glocks and Winchesters are for huh? Be safe with that lead …I’ve read it can kill you!!

          • thats when you use the the skulls of your trespassers on every fence post , that should get their attention

            • Good one Enemy ! Will keep that in mind for when SHTF

              • Yeah …Or perhaps use the whole danged body for scarecrows …to scare away humans versus big, black ravens (they’ll slowly eat them making it that much more “of a sight” not soon forgotten. (But the stench on warm days …hmmm). How about a tesla coil (large and well protected) throwing lightning bolts like crazy all over the property? I wouldn’t walk into anything like that (especially since the earth would be soggy). lol…. Would save on propane for cooking too! IF YOU CANT BEATEM EATEM!

            • Enemy,though a good idea was thinking of using said skulls as drinking mugs,WHEN it all falls apart my sobriety is really optional and probably off the table!

            • It’s going to be some really good hunting out there. I live in Hou and we have our blacks under control. There are some young bucks that want to get bad now and again, but after some CHL busts a few caps in their a*s, they get wright. Besides, they riot and burn their own neighborhoods, they try something on our street, they will find themselves in a crossfire. That reminds me, I need to get with Robert and Steve and establish some shooting lanes.

              • maybe Robert or Steve can help you spell correctly.

            • That is what Turkish fighters did early in Vietnam. Highly effective. Stinks, but it works.

            • That’s what the Chippewa Indians in the UP did to the attacking Iroquois from NY.

              • yep they did just like you said. However, if the French would not have armed them…they would not have been there either !
                Ya see, my people were here first…Santee Sioux. Were run off by the Ottawa/chips after they were well armed and only then when the French came in to teach the idiots how to fight in a group !

          • ‘They’ won’t know what the symbol means, nor will they care to find out.

            The sentence should read :

            “For those that cannot move, you are just going to have to get prepared right where you are. That means making your NEIGNBORHOOD, with all its homes and families as unattractive a target to potential criminals as you possibly can.”

            Remember the Alamo? Holing up in your house is a death sentence for you and everyone who depends on you. Get with the community around you and defend it. Deploy forward.

            • Didn’t you mean “Advance to the Rear” (like the Semper Fi boys have to do occasionally)? 🙂
              Find a large national forest and lose yourself in it far and away from ANY major city. Ammo will run out, so get a good bow and plenty of arrows (silence is golden ya know).

              • No, I don’t mean Cut and Run to a local National Forest. If you are not road bound, you can’t take enough stuff to live on, and the game will be hunted out in very short order. You’ll prey on the local farms and ranches bordering the Forest in a short time. Guess what happens to you then?

                Just to get to most National Forests involves a lot of driving in rural areas, small towns, etc., I’m willing to bet the people who live there are going to defend their neighborhoods against you, they’re not stupid enough to let armed men pass through to become local predators later on.

                • Wish there was a like button, Smokey!

          • I am sick and tired of articles putting the blame on only our current president for things presidents and congress have been doing for decades, ie open boarders. Blaming only this president is a red herring, no matter how bad he is, so I question the article.

            Both sides of the isle are corrupt with no thought for the sovereignty United States.

            Get righ with God and repent as we are being judged, make no mistake about it. There is not escaping God’s judgement.

            John 3:16

          • FS,

            Your biohazard symbol, spray paint idea is a good one.

            Black spray paint can pretend to be burn marks from window frames.

            Unwanted clothing can be stashed away instead of donating to charity, and can be strewn about your property amongst any old appliances, lawnmowers, furniture, etc. that you keep on hand instead of scrapping or throwing out.

            Those several days you save with your infectious disease ruse, or other disguising efforts, might be enough to get through the looting phase of SHTF in your AO.

            • There is wisdom in this–the ploy of making your home look “pre-looted” from the outside can be a very effective means to have it get passed over.

              At the very least, if anyone does come for a closer look, the discarded detritus and items strewn about on the lawn can be an added distraction for the extra moment to sight in—if they stoop to pick up some fake jewelry scattered in the grass, then make sure that they never stand erect again…….

            • “Those several days you save with your infectious disease ruse, or other disguising efforts, might be enough to get through the looting phase of SHTF in your AO.”

              Thanks Ben. Every battle that’s avoided is a win.

              Gotta do my graffiti spraying at night, hoping that my neighbors don’t see me. 😉

          • There are many that are so stupid they wouldn’t recognize what your warning meant and would consider it just more meaningless graffiti.

          • You might be good to stay in the city and save save save, but be planning a country bug out because it hits the fan, very likely your job will gone too, so you wont be a slave tied to an inner city. Then you can light out to your cabin in the woods, far from the mad crown.

        • Everywhere,not just the city; you will be screwed if, and when the EMP is unleashed over the center of back slidden USSAG.

          The cities will definitely be the worst possible places to be living/surviving/dying, especially near Nuclear Power Plants.
          Downwind cities will see fires from the rioting and feel the heat from the radioactive winds.

          Will there be an immediate warning? I believe the only warning is what we are seeing, reading, and hearing now. Some escalation of events ahead will further the expectations.

          When and what year, is, I believe, before the Obominable one has a chance to leave office. According to the alignment of the prophetic word, he, the obominator in charge, fits the position of that King of the South.

          His dictatorial foe is King of the North, Pukin. The stage is being set, by TPTB with their power struggles with Russia/China/Iran. World stage dominance is the goal.

          If there is martial law declared here in USSAG, that lends the Obominable one to more time than 2016, then there is a chance that an EMP explosion will be delayed further. Either way, it is almost inevitable that such an event, or one just as catastrophic, will take place to render America defenseless, militarily, for the King of the North to make his move.

          The question is not “if”, but “when”.

          Rev 18:8
          Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

          Zec 13:9
          And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God.


          • I say we are still in Revelation 6
            Plenty of time.

            • people at my church keep saying that we are in the end times, but I think people living during WWII were far more likely to believe that than now.

              • If these aren’t the latter days, they’ll do until the latter days come around.

          • I don’t think America is Babylon though it has some of its characteristics. Jeremiah 30 is prophetic about the fall of Israel’s decendants in the latter days (Jacob’s trouble). Either way, America is doomed at some point since it is unlikely to repent. Will it be EMP or disease epidemic or ??? Time will tell.

        • I call city’s, the new “Killing Fields”.
          From various service jobs and talking to people.I have figured out that most people have almost no extra food in their home. It’s really going to be worse than anyone can imagine.

        • Glad I got out of the city. Right down in the belly of the beast. Now far out in the country, just kicked up 2 deer on the BOL property. One side of my property I will install a barbed wire fence, the other 3 sides guarded by water filled with Gators. I need to get some night vision goggles. The IR cams and motion dectors will be installed soon. Security is about layers of protection. Keep adding and keep stacking.

        • And outside the city? will it be different in suburbia? I’ve read where folks say only 1% (who really knows how many) are even trying to prepare. So where is “better”? Where there’s no people- (how about Alaska) you can’t grow food. Where you can grow food- it’s wall-to-wall people (thinking South east or Pac. NW). So, battle the elements or hungry ppl? Opinions for a new guy?

          • 1% of whom?

            Not 1% of Alabama country boys, I’d wager….

            Down here we have been living in hard times for 150+ years. We’re ready for whatever.

          • that guy/girl needs to start by offing themselves.

        • The new “game” in L.A., at the moment, is called “#100 dead 100 percent” or some such crap. In a section of L.A. for now…but coming to a neighborhood near you. Brought to you by: A group of the Bloods L.A. Thug Club!

      2. Anyone unwilling to defend themselves has no right to live. Cleanse the neighborhood at the first sign of trouble.

        • No doubt. The gangs of sheeple that fight over the cheap chinese crap at walfart will surely kill you for a meal or whatever else they want. The scoffers that have proclaimed all they need is a box of bullets better use the last bullet in the box on themselves.

          • Zero, spot on. Watch any youtube video of people on ‘Black Friday’ fighting over junk I won’t even think about having. If they’ll beat the shit out of each other over stupid things, just imagine what they’ll do over food, water, etc. I hope to get out of the city and to the BOL early before TSHTF. If not, then I’ll have to deal with the free shit army the best I can. Let anyone try their BS with me if they’re stupid enough. As long as I can keep them out of the house and get them to leave ALIVE, I’m satisfied. At least that’s the result I always get on normal break-in attempts. But post-SHTF is going to be deadly serious; I do recognize that. I think its a safe bet that I will have to take one, maybe more, human lives in self-defense. I do expect that to happen. Everyone remember, in any and all post-SHTF scenarios, there will be NO law and order. LEOs will most likely be at home protecting their families. All the rules we live by at this time will go out the window. It will be no holds barred and anything goes. The only rule that will matter is ‘STAY ALIVE’.

            • May our traitor politicians, the banksters, dirty pigs, and islamic savages all burn in hell for what they have done to this country. I sincerely hope I get to send some of them there.

            • Brave, the videos of when the EBT ( food stamps) quit working for a few hours last year should have been enough to wake anyone up. It was a real eye opener for me about how fast things can go bad in this society. K

              • And you weren’t the only one who learned from that incident, MommaD, it was undoubtedly a test. “They” wanted to see what would happen, and how long it would take.
                I was in a really bad snowstorm years ago in DC, and the big grocery-store trucks couldn’t get into the city for 6 days. A couple of days before they finally got in, there was a fist-fight in the local Giant over the last loaf of bread. In a very nice neighborhood, too.
                THAT’s how fast things will deteriorate.

                • Nice neighborhoods could be worst. Just look at Hurricane Sandy. most poor people are more generous than “paper” rich. How many millenniums have skills beyond technology. the generation after them is “loaded for bear”. Because the TEA Party parents are scared, and trying to remember skills that their grandparents showed them. A lot of their parents bought into the supply chain lie, and now their kids are seeing how fragile the whole thing is. Stop blaming the current regime, Bush, and Clinton were probably worst. Our last president was Reagan, and he got saddled with “Prescott’s” son so the “powers” to be would support him.


              • MommaD, I agree. If a video like that won’t wake them up, then they might as well hang it up.

            • Zero,a box of bullets may do fine,shoot one evil person,and long pig,it’s whats for dinner!Or,long pig,the other white meat!My folks gave me the book Alive to read when I was very young,perhaps they should have thought it thru!

          • Zero-Right you are!

        • Now that is a troubling comment. Would that include the little old lady who lives next door? The young single mother down the street? It seems obvious to me where the “cleansing” needs to begin.

          • I don’t now about anyone else, but I certainly will not be going to kill little of ladies or any other non-threat. However, I would go rid the world of a threat to my family if I saw the need. Everyone will be forced to deal with someone at some point.

        • Contracept the girls, stop paying them for making babies, and offer free abortion services.

          Problem (mostly) solved.

          • The killing of nearly 60 million innocent unborns is what has partially brought all this judgment upon the united socialist states of abortion and gaymorrah.

            Abortion and forcibly shoving gay pride and marriage down the peoples throats has solved nothing; however, it has piled on more punishment, which is soon to be revealed.

            • I don’t believe God is even considering punishing me for the sins of homosexuals and murderous whores. I believe I’ll stand in judgment for MY OWN sins, when my time comes. just my .02

              • agree

                my God doesnt punish me for acts of another .. because if he did, I’d swear he would be working for the government then

                • Sixpack and EOTS, agreed. God will only hold me accountable for my own sins, not someone else’s.

                  • God does judge nations. Read your bible.

                  • Does that mean Gods not holding me responsible for the garbage can of snow and slush they pored on my naked sleeping roommate while I was in school? He seemed to think I was.

                • Are you joking? God killed David’s baby and 70,000 men for David’s sins. He also killed all the first born in egypt for the pharoah’s sins. God also killed Achan’s whole family when he stole some gold and silver and a robe. He’s quite the unjust bloodthirsty monster. He makes abusive earthly fathers look like Danny Thomas.

                • There is “personal” sin and “collective” sin.

                  Sometimes when a person is so ‘holier than thou’, they, in their self righteousness, don’t even realize they are, n some ways, just as sinful as the next (passenger on the Titanic)

                  • I doubt anyone familiar with Scripture would deny there is was collective judgment for Israel. Similarly, I doubt anyone would deny there is individual judgment. The question is about collective judgment, which was certainly a hot topic after 9/11. You will also note that Israel did not take possession of it’s land until the Amorites had filled up the measure of their sin (Gen. 15:16). That is, national judgment was not just reserved for Israel alone.

                    I can tell you this: Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a good man. Yet he died due to the collective sins of Nazi Germany. Similarly, I live in the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois. I would LOVE to get out, but I need to support a very elderly mother and mentally handicapped brother, which some utterly lazy and self absorbed semi-retired siblings will not do, while I work full time. I pay horrific property taxes on top of the other insults. You might well say that I am paying the collective price in this situation – a corrupt state, corrupt siblings, etc.

                    I realize there is debate on this topic. IMHO, there is a bit of a continuum between the two poles, and there IS debate on the issue, but unfortunately, there are times good people get swept away due to the evil of others. The Dresden fire bombings are just one of a million examples.

              • Thank you! I believe in the good lord but I’m tired of everyone and there saying our country is somehow going down the tubes because of abortion and gay marriage. Yes there has been a rapid decline in morals but everyone will stand judgement for there own sins. Stop Making excuses passininwiththewind. smh.

                • If you believe the Babble then you are all going to Hell, since you are all sinners. I’m sneaking my AR15 into hell and let the HellFire pour out of my muzzle. 100 rounds in 8 seconds bumpfiring it. Watch that on Ytube. Keltec PLR16 100 rounds in 8 seconds.

                • No excuses, just facts.

                  Fact # 1. The only survivors of God’s punishment on Sodom and Gomorrah, was Lot and two of his daughters. Were there no innocent children in those cities? How about innocent animals.
                  God calls it a “cleansing”.

                  Fact # 2. The ten commandments are as valid and important today as they were 7000 years ago. Thou shalt not kill, means commit no homicide. Taking a life, without defending one’s self, or in a crime of passion and/or, temporary insanity, is just that….murder.

                  Life begins upon conception, so taking that life is murder/homicide/killing.
                  Taking one’s own life is killing also. Non repentance for those deeds leads to punishment.

                  The pain of judgement upon a nation will be felt by all. The punishment directly, will be felt by the the individuals that are not covered by the blood of the lamb, by repentance.

                  When the “cleansing” begins, all living in that nation will be affected. One’s personal judgement only occurs on an individual basis, after the Millennium. Many think they will just pass thru the “cleansing by fire”, of USSAG and not be affected, but they will. It will just affect the lost and evil, worse.

                  You can ride the PC train NikoBellick, and feel all warm and fuzzy about your self, while accusing me of “making excuses”; but, when that train derails, and it will, who ya gonna blame?

                  I don’t feel holier than thou, nor am I without sin, I just know what my Father says is coming upon Mystery Babylon, by His Holy Word. Some may need some help with that understanding.
                  If you are not one, than have a good trip, cause the message is not for you.


                  • and, btw…they are called birth pangs for a reason.

                    Anyone that wants to believe they just “stop”, and God has a change of heart of something He foresaw coming, and warned us about, thousands of years ago; then maybe they are living like Leave it To Beaver. This ain’t no nirvana state.

                    Sadly, it don’t get better while we are still in flesh bodies.
                    It only gets worse from here. You want warm and fuzzy and a re-start….then go to someplace like a Joel Olsteen site, or his church, and he will be glad to pump sunshine up your ass all day as long as you feed him your benjamins.

                    But, that ain’t gonna help you prepare for the Shit that is about to HTF. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

                  • When young (yeah I was once upon a time), I remember a minister saying God would destroy the world “next time” by fire. Anyone notice what our Sun has been doing lately? Or “The ring of fire” (around the Pacific basin)? Or, ALL the other major volcanoes that are slowly but surely building their calderas plus evidence of extreme (off scale) coming ever closer to earth’s surface (worldwide)? Don’t forget to cut some green twigs and prep away a few bags of hot dogs and marsh-mellows perhaps? Seems to be a heap of rocks barely missing us lately too. History shows this is something ‘very’ odd that is on the increase as well, with respect to frequency I mean. It is so very complex and remember that NO MAN is capable of foretelling what is to come nor when …so don’t worry with it. Do what you CAN and be thankful for it …this will have to suffice for everyone (but I love the ideas listed above so my place is about to become a total disaster of ‘epidemic’ proportions. EXTREME BIO-HAZARD GROUND ZERO AREA!! DEADLY CONTAMINANTS! LEVEL-20LEAX-Z INSA-WEAR AUTHORIZED ONLY!!! MILITARY BIOHAZ-RAD AREA!!!

              • Sixpack: You alone will be held responsible for only your own actions …nothing more. The country is basically screwed for allowing God to be systematically thrown out of everything (Ten Commandments now sitting in a basement of a federal building), Army personnel who are Christians being court-martialed for (gasp!) having a Bible verse on their computer screen (and given a dishonorable discharge to boot)…that tends to ‘t’ The Man off, but the ones who brought those things to bear will be answering for them, and we will watch across “the vastness” …as is written.
                Guess some have forgotten that nobody outside of Gommorah (sp?) got fried …only those that involved themselves with ‘it’. One would think this lesson would have been learned fully the first time huh?

              • Just a quick FYI;

                No man will enter heaven because all have sinned. Only through Jesus Christ can you come before the Father.

                In the eyes of the Lord all sin looks the same. If you are expecting to “balance the scales” between good and bad and earn your way to heaven, you will spend an eternity in Hell.

                This is the Gospel in a nutshell. If you don’t believe this, then what heaven, what God, what afterlife are your referring to? Because there is only one way.

            • I won’t defend gay marriage. I understand the importance of proper family formation and the need for society to regard specially and to give special privileges to couples that might have children. Civilization depends on strong, healthy families.

              But it’s that very reverence for proper family formation and for civilization that argues for contracepting girls and boys that are too young to responsibly raise children and it argues for the abortion of children that might be born into impossible situations.

              If God is sending a message then that message comes to us through the children born to immature girls and boys.

              And what does that message say when those children are shooting up neighborhoods? When those children go seeking out random victims to beat to death? When those children riot and destroy communities?

              The only problem is that the message stays mostly confined to the interior of big cities where you don’t live so you don’t hear it.

              Maybe God needs to send a message through your window at 3am. Or maybe a message that comes from behind as you’re walking down what should be a safe street in what should be a peaceful community. Then maybe you’ll open your eyes and see how serious the problem is and how reckless you are in suggesting that it’s “God’s will” to fill the Earth with monsters.

              I’ve seen what happens when a kid is born into a disaster. I’ve sat across the table from him as he recounted, proudly, his glory days of beating people to the point of near death for money.

              Yeah, God is speaking alright. But you’re afraid to listen. Your conscience can’t handle the truth.

            • Ahhhh bible thumpers read Geniisus 2:7. A fetus is not a living being until your God breaths air through the nostrils. So yanking a few unwanted suckers out of a crack addicts woom has not put a dent on the population explosion. Hey bible thumpers how many crack babies did you adopt this year? I believe you have Cult Control issues.

              • thump yer momma–
                you think any and all babies are simply tossed over for adoptions ?
                addicted whatever ?
                learn the story,policies and procedures.

                and acknowLedge that ABORTION was never condoned by God or an acceptable practice.

        • Some years back an apparent drug dealer moved into our neighborhood, cars coming and going at all hours, short visits, the usual druggie drill. Cops didn’t work fast enough, I guess, because one night the place burned down.

          • I’m sure many of us have asked ourselves…when is it good and righteous to go all Charlie MotherF*****G Bronson on all these gangbanging thugs and gangsta illegal trash? I’d say we’ll have to find the answer to that question before too long…

          • obviously the perp was not identified.

          • The biggest mistake in the past 50 years with respect to community planning was granting easy access by automobile to every neighborhood.

            Strangers can come a go as they please and multi-ton chunks of metal are driven recklessly through places where children used to play.

          • Fire…. there is something that you need to also prepare for….. you may find some water filled mason jars (water ballons) tossed onto your roof is your only choice…. its a game changer

        • “Anyone unwilling to defend themselves has no right to live”

          so says the ‘prophet’

          Well now, how nice of you to the “judge”

          What about: the little old lady, the little old man, the doctor, the lawyer, the candle stick maker, the children, babies, the sick and mentally ill, etc.

          shtf may not be the EMP–you just want to kill everybody off.

          That sounds like the elite we all decry so much.

          • Sorry, but no one has the RIGHT to live. The right to: “Life, Liberty and, Persuit of happieness” Just means you have the right to fight for them. If you are not willing to; I am not obligated to fight for you, I can, If I wish to. Ask anyone with Cancer or a thousand other things, if God, or the world cares a bit about their rights.

      3. Democrats gone wild.

        • Dem it. The country’s been Demmed to Hell.

      4. Thank You Mr. Snyder for an excellent article.

        • HEY RON if you don’t like our flag, figure out who’s flag you do like and go bother them! Trekker Out.

          • Old man,

            I could take a shit on the American flag, but never the Gadsden flag.

      5. While all this violence is erupting the COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIE fascist boot licking trash of collapsing Murica will still be flying that filthy evil vile disgusting Murican flag representing the most evil fascist shithole the world has ever seen, controlled by the most evil criminal psychopathic shit stains of Corporatist Fascist Globalist GENOCIDAL filth the human race has ever faced.

        • LOL, tell us how you really feel, Ron…

          • Sixpack, Ron sounds like acid on steroids.

            • Nina is that you?

        • If its that bad….move. Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

          • How about I stay and wake up COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIE FASCIST BOOT LICKING trash like you still stuck in the insanity and ignorance of a fascist filthy evil shithole going down the tubes. I am not leaving COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIE because I actually care about rebuilding this fascist evil filthy shithole after the planned collapse.

            • If you are going to rebuild I sugest you find someone else to help with good maners, speach, and all the sccial graces.

              • Well it certainly will not be you, we will need people who can actually spell.

                • my spell ck went back to where it came from and I’m still looking for it, have to agree with you. On the other hand I’ve always felt anyone that only knows one way to spell a word is limited.

                  • LMAO you’re terrible at English. Leave Ron alone.

              • It is the typical insanity of a COWARD ZOMBIE SLAVE to be concerned about manners, speech, and social graces when they live in a collapsing evil fascist FEUDAL SYSTEM shithole controlled by criminal psychopathic GENOCIDAL monsters who want them disease ridden, dumbed down, and dead. You really do not give a shit about our children’s future do you coward???

                • Not at all. I fully intend to be polite and kindly as I stick a knife into people who don’t understand the savage never wins. As to your kind, that thinks the asility to be profane equals survivability, It’s gonna be fun fun fun until daddy takes the T Bird away.

              • I’ll second that. Might I suggest starting with a few classics from western literature, including one explaining expectations for a gentleman.

                If you really care about rebuilding our society, you should consider behaving now as you would in the future. Set a good example.

                • Once again a COWARD comes forward who is more concerned about being a “gentlemen” in a collapsing Orwellian Fascist Police State shithole controlled by the most evil vile criminal GENOCIDAL globalist fascist elite filth the world has ever known. Wake up COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIE-the time for being “gentle” with these evil GENOCIDAL fascist monsters controlling the complete fascist shithole of collapsing Murica is OVER fascist boot licking COWARD ZOMBIES.

            • Ron, if you don’t like it here, why do you still come?

              • Are you drunk??? or are you just too chemically altered and dumbed down from consuming poisonous toxic GMO filled processed fake food to understand what you are even asking me Braveheart???

                • Laura M., good to see you back. I thought Ron might be acid on steroids.

                • Ron, no I don’t drink; just don’t see why you still come to this site. You gave me the impression that you don’t like what you see at this site. Just asking a simple question.

              • B’heart: Ron is a freakin’ troll. He needs to ditch this website. He’s an example (like many bully-idiot types that post in patriot blogs) as to why I will never join/sign up for emails from any site. I prefer to just read the sites casually because I may not agree 100% with all the articles or posts by trolls like Ron the jerk brain and others that don’t fully understand how the gov. is run, etc.

                • Good grief, I have fell into a nest of drunks or chemically altered toxic dump Zombie boot lickers, I cannot figure out which. What gave you the impression that I do not like this site??? What gave you the impression that I do not agree with this article, which I do 100%, or most of the articles concerning our fall into the abyss of complete Orwellian Fascism and collapse on this site??? I simply point out the insane ignorance of a collapsing country of COWARD ZOMBIES, who still fly a flag representing the most dangerous criminal vile GENOCIDAL evil Corporatist Fascism the world has ever seen. There is NO debate anymore on the GENOCIDAL Corporatist Fascist evil controlling and collapsing this country for their NWO and FINAL SOLUTION of de-population…SO WHY WOULD ANYONE WHO BELIEVED IN FREEDOM, LIBERTY, AND JUSTICE FLY A FLAG REPRESENTING SUCH PURE EVIL LIKE THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN, EVIL THAT WANTS YOU DISEASE RIDDEN, DUMBED DOWN, AND DEAD???..I could write page after page here of evidence of the evil controlling this fascist Orwellian Police State nightmare. Every article on this site also lays out the fascist Orwellian Police State nightmare our country has become and now represents, but instead of directing your attention at the fascist genocidal Corporatist Fascist filth destroying your country…YOU ZOMBIES ARE ON HERE COMPLAINING ABOUT ME, THE MESSENGER, EXPLAINING WHAT A FASCIST BOOT LICKER YOU TRULY ARE WHEN YOU FLY THAT EVIL CORPORATIST FASCIST FLAG. Your country is gone, the illusion they sold you of what your Murica was is now being exposed for the lies and fantasy the illusion was all along. There is no more Constitution COWARD ZOMBIES. Just because there is an old ragged worn out piece of paper on display in the seat of all evil, Washington DC, that does not make the old rag valid, now that is has been shit on, spit on, and pissed on by the NSA and every other Corporatist Fascist controlled alphabet agency. You COWARD ZOMBIES had better wake up to reality fast, your children’s future depends on it. This is no game COWARD ZOMBIES: Corporatist Fascism is not on its way, tyranny is not on its way, GENOCIDE BY POISONOUS TOXIC CHEMICAL AND GMO FAKE FOOD IS NOT ON ITS WAY, robbing of the entire wealth of the Middle Class is not on its way, an Orwellian Fascist Police State is not on its way…IT IS HERE RIGHT NOW IN YOUR FACE AND YOU COWARD ZOMBIES ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT ME TELLING YOU ALL ABOUT IT…HOW DO YOU COWARDS LOOK YOURSELVES IN THE MIRROR AND YOUR CHILDREN IN THE FACE KNOWING WHAT COWARDS YOU TRULY ARE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT ME IN THE MIDDLE OF A FASCIST GENOCIDAL TAKEOVER OF YOUR COUNTRY????

                • Yes Laura I do know how governments work, including our own genocidal fascist Corporatist controlled government of evil filth SLAVEMASTERS. I learned all about the governments who have murdered over 290 million people in the last century alone during my decades of studying the history of the greedy violent human race. I know all about how more healthy aware REAL HUMANS are awakening everyday to the SOFTKILL GENOCIDE being carried out daily in Murica. This time the victims of the Murican GENOCIDE willing shove the poisonous toxic chemical and sugar filled GMO fake food in their fat unhealthy toxic waste dump bodies. It is not as quick as the poisonous gas chamber the fascists used in their last attempt at a FINAL SOLUTION, but the COWARD ZOMBIE boot lickers are more than willing to kill themselves and their children with the poisonous toxic fake food shit in Murica, so it makes it easy on the fascist this time around. I was also a COWARD ZOMBIE boot licker in our fascist Feudal System idiots still call “capitalism” for 32 years, I worked for local governments and the fascist filth Federal Government. I woke up to the COMPLETE horror and evil of this fascist shithole after the filth robbed the middle class of 7 Trillion in wealth in 2008, and of course I woke up because I was in the fascist horror for 32 years. I work in our so-called Justice System for 32 years Laura, so I know how that UN-JUST system for the wealthy elite works also…. Would you like a lesson and evidence of how you UN-JUST System works, I have years and years of stories and evidence. I was a COWARD ZOMBIE like you also Laura, as were the people of Germany in the 1930’s as they saw the Nazi horror unfold, but they did not want to give up their life and the comforts they had become accustomed to, so they just went along with the fascist horror while waving the evil Nazi flag, just as the boot lickers in fascist Corporatist controlled collapsing evil Murica do today. You probably benefit from this GENOCIDAL fascist government in some way Laura, you probably work for the fascists as I did, so of course you have to come up with the ignorance of ” I do no fully understand how the gov. is run”….Sorry COWARD ZOMBIE Laura, you simply refuse to understand and admit the fascist Corporatist controlled GENOCIDAL evil government you benefit from, because you know that makes you a boot licking supporter of this GENOCIDAL fascist government. You are never going to stop these evil psychopathic GENOCIDAL monsters controlling your collapsing fascist FEUDAL SYSTEM country, until you at least admit what is right in front of you and the rest of the COWARD ZOMBIES of fascist collapsing Murica.

        • You only used “boot licking” one time. Tired?

          • LOL.

          • Yes I am, fighting fascist shit stains wears you out

          • gg

      6. We lose our focus when we turn on each other.

        • And there are agitators on here doing just that. These agitators are trying to find anything they can use to shame others into silence, no matter how far back they have to dig.

          These people are creating an atmosphere of doubt, distrust and fear. They are trying to drive wedges to divide us, before we even get a chance to unite in our cause. They make us weaker.


          You know who they are, at least until they change their moniker again. Dog pile those govt agents and run them outta here, for our own sakes.

          We’ll never come together if we don’t. Divided we fall.

          • bingo sixpack!

          • Sixpack, I’ve been coming here for almost 3 years now and not a damned one of those trolls has ever run me away. That just ain’t gonna happen.

            • Up until at least the fight starts the people who disagree with you are more valuable than those who agree.

              • Paranoid thats right,I think! I’m just not sure if I agree or disagree with what your saying. Trekker Out. Man I’m Confused.

                • Sun Tzu says: Know yorself/know the enemy. You will find out little about either from your friends.

            • BH, YOU AIN’T ONE OF THEM.

              • Sixpack, thanks for that. You know I’ll take on the trolls anytime.

            • I am not trying to run you anywhere.The less you say the better off you will be.

          • Says the woman who just loves to contradict as many posts as possible!

            • I’m sorry you don’t understand the difference between debate and division.

              • Sounds like sickback is a new troll.

                • Cuz what is a troll? All I ever heard about trolls when we was growing up was that they lived under bridges. Now there is some people down here in Georgia that troll when they fish. And I heard that in Kansas they have troll roads. Come on home Cuz afore TSHTF.

          • Six, you mean like you hunkered down with all your cats? lol

          • Sorry six I have to somewhat disagree.People who get on sites such as this and bragg and boast before they even know what they are up against is the first to throw their rifles down and run like hell.

          • 6pack: exactly, which is why I never join anything, as in the 70’s there were infiltrators in the Birch soc. and parents and others quit. Ditto for LaRouch pac ’80’s scandals, etc. Some were gov. infiltrators or left wing types. Never ever join anything or attend meetings as they accomplish zero. Patriots have never really got together; have always nit pic’d over minor things. All groups & org are infiltrated (as in 1984 novel)and I learned form others involved in Tea Party groups (which I didn’t attend) that stupid people in the groups didn’t know both parties were hijacked decades ago. Folks, quit these groups don’t waste time or money-they produce zero.

          • Strange that you say that as we’ve already ‘picked out’ half a dozen or so that’ll have to ‘have an accident’ the very first moments after something goes askew …if we don’t we’ll just end up having to deal with them later, and either way would be equally unpleasant, but necessary. Doesn’t pay to be an ass-kissin’ traitor…

      7. this area had some gang activity starting up several years ago
        fortunately law enforcement around here is generally pretty good
        they managed to stamp it out before it took hold
        two small cities about a half hour away do have increasing problems with gangs
        its fairly low level compared to someplace like Chicago
        but it is there

        also the county next door is a freakin’ hot bed of drug activity
        meth labs constantly being discovered
        and recently a large drug bust mostly involving heroin
        and this is a fairly sparsely populated rural type area

        • Your last paragraph does make me concerned. My county sheriff, whom I happily count as a friend, has told me that the frequency with which they are finding meth operations is increasing in this very rural county. Upside is that population turnover in this county is very low, so strangers stand out among the general population. The “urbanites” don’t know that, so they keep coming.

          I fled from a suburb of Detroit, where 2-3 times a year I had “urbanites” on my place for no good reason. Many friends still there, and I fear for them. But they abuse me when I point to the signs, so what can I do? Not much.

        • Satori, my home state of TN has been having meth problems in the rural areas for years now. Only within the past 4 years have meth labs started popping up in my area. My mayor and police chief do their best to downplay the crime problem in my area, even claiming some reduction in serious crimes. BULLSHIT WITH CAPITAL BS! Conditions are steadily getting worse in my area and I’m carrying a pistol in the truck with me everywhere now. It’s possible I could be bugging out early. Going to be a long, hot summer.

          • a couple of good movies concerning the topic of drugs
            in rural areas

            WINTERS BONE
            OUT OF THE FURNACE

          • “…my home state of TN has been having meth problems in the rural areas for years now.”

            Nationwide Methamphetamine Incidents Through December 2013:
            Indiana = 1797
            Tenn = 1616
            Missouri = 1496
            Ohio = 1010

            *Methamphetamine production remains high throughout Tennessee…
            *Southeast Tennessee ranks high in lab seizures…
            1) Anderson County (130)

            2) Hamilton County (85)

            3) Shelby County (76)

            4) Putnam County (66)

            5) Warren County (63)

            6) McMinn County (62)

            7) Bradley County (61)

            8) Coffee County (60)

            9) Campbell County (52)

            10) Carter (50)

            11) Dyer County (47)

            12) Sullivan County (44)

            13) Meigs County (35)

            14) Morgan County (34)

            15) Rhea County (31)

            • It is coming in with those illegals from south of the border. They are just about the only ones who still have access to the raw ingredients. Just another effect of obungler’s open border policy.

            • Grandee, thanks for those figures.

          • Brave–I’m in rural Pennsylvania. I didn’t realize what a drug problem we have as well until (1) they started busting meth labs in the surrounding towns and (2) all my ex-tenants confessed to being pill heads. I blame it on the fact there are very few decent jobs to be had, people don’t know how to keep themselves entertained in other ways, and nobody has taught them about morality.

            You may be against abortion, but just about all the younger people here are not married and have kids by several different men and women (and they are all white). What do you think these kids will be like when they grow up? Do you think just continually popping out kids like the Duggars is going to help America?

            • Sharonsj, good points. Those kids will end up like their parents or worse. Screwing like rabbits producing kids will only bring the country down. The sorry excuses for parents won’t take responsibility for the kids and expect our tax dollars to provide for them. The day is coming when the welfare checks stop coming, the EBT cards stop working, etc. The freeloaders will be among the first casualties after TSHTF.

      8. …and then we have a counterfeit worldly Kenyan prez known as Obama ….who has a tag along wife named moooschelle. The US Congress is a joke …and has been for a decade or two. Grab the rug!

      9. i wonder if everything will calm down.. (the leo’s will get some kind of handle on it, or the goverment will try to buy everyone off) and what will happen is the pressure will build silently like a cauldron, then explode like a pot of grease…. i dont think its time for the massive unrest yet, but it is getting close… i will give it about 2 years before we can say this is it…

        i dont know of many people that are ready for the chaos thats coming, they say we are more civilized then ever before, i remind them of what happens when the food runs out… for those who have to stay where they are, fly under the radar buy making yourself look like you have nothing or that your place is abandoned… dont make your place look like your a bad ass, thats not going to work… this will never turn out to be like in the movies, that would be a mistake

        • It’s going to be a long, hot, summer. I don’t think we have to wait 2 years, given the racial animus right now, the illegal alien amnesty court cases, and the clear lack of any ability or desire to suppress lawlessness from the governing bodies involved, things could become a lot more widespread in short order.

          • i cant help but feel something isnt right, we know things are screwed up and many things are wrong… every time we think “this may happen or this will happen” it goes a different way… so that leads me to believe that something will happen, but not as expected… that is why i wonder if everything will calm down and then explode.. this would be a disarming so to speak of the concern the preppers and those who expect chaos, just to turn around and get broadsided by what is about to happen and not being ready to withstand the storm….

            like i said something isnt right

            • I’m one of those who hope things will calm down and perhaps even turn around, but I feel things are seriously wrong right now, as far as four large subsets of the populace, at risk from being radicalized and causing serious unrest or crime problems :

              1.) Large centralized populations of urban blacks.
              2.) Large centralized or dispersed populations of
              illegal aliens.
              3.) Rural populations of unemployed workers.
              4.) Dense urban populations of radical students.

              • To have real civil unrest and radical crime you have to have a lot of people. Which means urban centers.

                The crime and violence will take place in very populated metropolitan areas.

                The best solution for avoiding these problems is to stay away from crowds

            • I believe you are spot-on.

            • I ‘get’ those same vibes (literally) all the time. It’s something left over from 21yrs of Naval service …and there aren’t too many veterans out there that would say they didn’t “get a feeling” when something was amiss. imho I am closely watching JH-15 unfold, and I don’t at all like what I am finding. For one, why would thousands of APC’s, tanks and troops be making their way into states that are not listed as being as part of Jade Helm? There is enough ‘hard, cold evidence’ that pretty much demonstrates that Jade-Helm is the “official” commencement of everything the feds, NATO and The UN want to do with America. Obama, in exchange for being dictator (and of course making sure there will never be another president until he dies), is going to make it as easy for NATO and The UN to get their people in here to replace several of OUR people (in key places), and then try like hell to overwhelm the populace into giving in to their whims …which will only get you killed in the end. So, if you are a politician reading this know that when it hits the fan that YOU will also become a target …just as everyone that is non-federal will be. I am willing to bet that the millions of veterans we have that are more than willing to fight can easily stomp their asses to death …then we regroup and rebuild the nation …never, ever again allowing the government to have ANY power(s). (Keeping it Constitutional). Again, if we do not fight and kill them, then it is us who will be killed. Am I wrong? Hasn’t this gone on long enough? Also, just because a man says there will be Martial Law does not mean there WILL BE MARTIAL LAW. (This is called disobedience). “They” will try to appear “full of law” when in fact everything that is going to be brought upon us is 100% lawless. So, don’t worry about breaking any laws because there won’t be any laws (for quite some time) …somewhere I remember a statement made in prophecy that says, “and there shall be no law in the streets” …I think that’s Biblical, and I also think it is ‘dead on’ correct.

          • I agree, we do not have 2 years. It’s going to get ugly, REAL ugly in ways most Americans have never seen except some in the military. We have been sold out by both political parties, who sold their soul and their country for money, power and votes. Those who voted to have Obama “fundamentally transform” America,” they did not ask, transformed into WHAT ?

            • Rocky-I have to agree.

        • I don’t think we have two years. I’d like to be wrong on this but there are too many signs being read similarly by too many historians, politicians, financial experts, religious leaders and people like us who try to keep a finger on the pulse of civilization. We have the internet to help us see what is coming while the Romans had to rely on slower methods of spreading the word, yet the same sort of things are happening now that led to Rome’s downfall. It went pretty much the same for the ancient Hebrews and the more modern French, British, Germans (name a modern European country, it’ll fit.) It’s happened all over the world throughout history and prehistory. People get too well-fed, complacent and self-centered and someone comes along with an ax to grind and the people fall all over themselves to let him test his new ax on their necks. How else can we explain two terms of Obama?

          As Pogo famously said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

        • I don’t think we have two years. Too many people – financial experts, politicians, ex-military, religious leaders and folks like us who try to keep a finger on the pulse of the country who read the signs of the times and come up with similar predictions.

          Besides, other civilizations and societies have gone through times much like what we’re experiencing now and then gone on to terrible consequences. We are not immune. Like Rome, Britain, France, ancient Israel and a multitude of others, we have gotten too well-fed, too complacent and too self-centered to compete successfully in a life-and-death struggle. It stands to reason that most of us will not survive.

          Pray for the best but prepare for the worst. It’s all you can do.

          • i agree with the odds… but heres a question that i wonder about… HOW do we know its not a head game to get people to believe that something is wrong, thus making a self fulfilling prophecy… it stands to reason that this we need to be carefull not to fall into the BS TPTB want the people to believe.. most people i know dont believe the economy is good

            • Seeing what is going on is not a ‘head game’, this isn’t the Truman Show.

              It is going to have to be fixed from the bottom up, however, you have that right. Don’t fall for the idea that TPTB can solve much of anything.

              • nope not falling for anything the government says, just considering ALL POSSIBILITIES to get a clear view to confirm what is all ready know

        • “i wonder if everything will calm down.”

          Obama has been said to be the greatest gun and ammo salesman in history.

          I would also think that he’s the greatest prepper salesman in history too.

          Obama loves crisis and scandal.

          • and the more chaos the better for TPTB, if they can create a huge crisis over a large area instead of a splintered one then the will… that would only serve to enact martial law, that way they think they will have total control

      10. Even William Gibson couldn’t imagine what our reality is going to be.

      11. I could be wrong,but I personally think the PTB won’t let things unravel until they try to disarm the people. I don’t know that, but they keep trying to and the public gets riled up so “they” wait a year or two and try again. Seems like TPB are trying harder and harder lately though.

        Off topic I gotta rant…this morning on the local news I seen Indiana passed a new traffic law: if you are doing the speed limit in the fast lane and don’t move over for someone that is speeding you can be pulled over and fined 500$ for OBEYING the law and. Did I wake up to Idiocracy World this morning ? I was furious, I don’t live in Indiana. But that is crazy! Sorry I just still can’t believe it.
        Rant over, thanks all!

        • NOT crazy at all. the left lane is a passing lane and hanging out there next to another car impeads traffic and causes more problems as it “traps” folks in the left lane that need to get over and turn right…

          • Chip
            Your right about the safety part, I. Just don’t get the 500 fine for not speeding, but common courtesy is lost on the highway these days.

            • no one says you need to speed.. just get over

              • What about those of us who need to get in the left lane to make a left turn onto a another street???

                • We are talking about highway driving
                  Not boulevard or city driving

                  You passed the drivers Ed course right?
                  Well it does instruct slower drivers to move to the right
                  It is already a law tons of people ignore every day

                  Really as far as I’m concerned it’s one of their laws
                  Break it all you want , it really doesn’t matter to me

              • Yep, left lane assholes who just sit there piss me off to no end. ITS FOR PASSING DUMMASS NOT FOR YOUR PERSONAL CRUISING LANE! If I was a cop Thats all I would do is hand out tickets all day to assholes who impede traffic in the passing lane. I bet this is the #1 cause of road rage and these people are too stupid to realize it. GET OUT OF OTHER PEOPLES WAY IDIOTS!

        • The $500 is for the folks that think they can camp out in the passing lane at exactly the speed limit and tie up traffic for 2 miles behind them, and put others at risk of accident or road rage. A cop could pull them over and give them a warning every day of the week and it wouldn’t stop them, they’re just too self-important.

          In most states, it’s illegal to delay four or five vehicles behind you, you’re expected to pull over and let them pass, no matter how many lanes the road has.

          • I suppose ya’ll are right, I’ve seen it myself on the highway, folks are rude! I drive the slow lane, pass when I need too, get back over. I guess that’s minor compared to all the things going on in this world.

        • I’d like to see a “faster traffic keep left” rule.

          Several times I’ve been nearly rear-ended in the right lane as someone tried to pass a semi tractor trailer in the center lane that was passing me slowly.

          • You know who really pisses me off? The ones who go 45 in a 55 and when they reach a passing lane speed up to 70 mph. When the passing lane ends the fuukers go back to 35-40. I hate you people!



        Some South Africans are celebrating “Freedom Day” today.

        I am not one of them.

        There is a very strange irony in the fact that one should celebrate freedom from behind your burglar bars and electric fences with armed guards at your gates, activating and deactivating your alarms depending on the time of day.

        Celebrating freedom seems rather empty when your son or daughter are unemployed because they are white, the statues celebrating your history and culture are being destroyed and torn down, your taxes pay for nothing to your benefit and you end up paying double for the freedom of having your children educated, going to a hospital, using a road, safeguarding your life and your property.

        The word has such a hollow sound to it when you look at the white crosses covering a mountainside in commemoration of the countless farmers who are murdered here daily, when your president sings songs about shooting you with a machine gun, when politician, whose salaries you pay, call you a Settler, a Colonialist or a Thief.

        The word becomes an insult when you are confronted with slogans such as “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer”, “One Settler, One Bullet” or “The Honeymoon is over for white people”.

        For those who consider living under the most corrupt, inefficient, oversized and overpaid government in the world, who consider it “freedom” to live off the money of hard working, law abiding, tax paying citizens, claiming grants, running riot, burning, demanding, looting, destroying, defacing, murdering, raping, torturing…

        Your freedom comes at my expense and right now I am a little bit tired of all these “freedoms”.

        “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. Nothing is worth nothing but it’s free.”



        this is jewish Bolshevism MARXIST COMMUNISM CREATED GENOCIDE at it’s best AND will soon be coming to Amerika’s shores in force.

        IT’S ALREADY STARTED… white girls bleed alot, Ferguson, Baltimore, knock out game, and nazi joo george soros fanning the fires of BLACK ON WHITE HATE CRIMES with millions of dollars.

        AND NOW your own zog fedgov is sponsering it this summer with grants and social programs given to the inner city blacks.

        who are being organized by marxist joo’s from the shadow’s.



      14. We live in in area predominately composed of financially secure people with paid off homes that obey the law. The good news is that many in the area are military veterans, some with combat experience. The bad news is they got that training and experience in WWII and Korea.

        • It’s like riding a bicycle. Once you learn it, you’ve always got it.

      15. I have to say things are getting worse . I’ve spent a lifetime hardening peoples homes from unwanted intrusions . I say your starting off point is hardening the doors with a “tactical” door system I use the Gibraltdoor on entryways as well as safe rooms . secure the #1 point of entry first , then plan your defense/offense from there.

      16. Remember that for street gangs and homeless, violence and hardship, is an everyday occurrence. They are used to it. So it is easier to commit acts of violence. That 14 or 15 year old with his only allegiance is to the gang, will chop your head off just as good as an adult.
        MS-13 style, that is.

        • If confronted by a 40 year old and a 14 year old, shoot the 14 year old first, he’s stupid enogh to try something.

        • A cop told me once, “Maybe someone did go through combat training in the Marine Corps back in 1966 and three tours in Vietnam, but that punk kid that wants your wallet had his last experience of violence yesterday.”

          Be prepared for that.

          • That is a good ass point smokey. I used to work nights for many years doing what I will not say only that it involved confrontational situations. My street senses were very high at that time. Now, 15 years later I am aware but not on high alert.


      17. This is already here.

        Here in Houston, almost anyone can be attacked while filling their as tank for whatever is in your wallet.

        • WOW.

      18. We will end up being our own best security.

      19. All that we are seeing now is planned. I live in MN where this bird flu is going crazy. These poultry producers run a pretty good operation. The bird flu was likely brought in as a Bio Weapon.The drought in Calif. and the flooding in OK. and TX are all done on purpose. When TX defied the Fed. and told them to stay out with their Jade Helm crap. The next day the skys were being sprayed with chemicals to start the heavy rainfall. By Sept. food shelves will be bare, and people will give up their guns for the GOV. to feed them. Jade Helm is a gun confiscation operation. Everything is coming together now for the globalists to get control and dictate to the masses. This sucks to sit here watching and knowing that our GOV. is behind all of this crap. Its all for total control and enslavement. I will probably die a free man though. I am ready to go home(heaven) pretty soon. I hope everyone has talked to the Lord Jesus and prepared to see Him pretty soon. From here on out its going to get REAL UGLY.

        • Toolmaker- t’ain’t no way Texans are going to surrender their firearms.
          I agree, get right with God and stand at the ready.
          I grew up in the greatest country the world has ever known and refuse to
          surrender so as to live as a slave for a couple extra years.

      20. It is apparent that they Prog-Marxist-Socialist Enclaves referred to as “inner cities” are an abject failure in leadership, economic, ideological and political belief structure that make up the core demographic of those who lay claim to membership in that demographic.
        One merely needs to witness the countless videos of Black Friday, which does live up to its name, to see the behavior of those participating. Animalistic attacks for personal gain, are indeed what is coming shortly to metropolitan areas around this country. Those engaging in such despicable public behavior are well chronicled in the most recent videos of so-called “civil unrest” in Ferguson Missouri, St.Louis, Baltimore and elsewhere. Of course these “protestors” are being paid to whip the sheeple crowds into a blood lust frenzy to get back at the “man” who has kept them done.(and paid for their entitlements with our tax dollars)
        This is straight out of the Prog-Marxist-Socialist-Anarchist play book that so many Democrats now worship and espouse. I would not be shocked at all, to find the next Presidential swearing in, being done with the hand on the Saul Alinsky treatise, Rules for Radicals, (dedicated to Lucifer/Satan), than a Holy Bible, which most of them have never even actually read any part of. It will be interesting times ahead. There is NO “cavalry” riding to our rescue, WE, are it.

        • Well put, TP.

      21. What’s with all the PC? … let’s call a spade a spade

        Don’t know about Baltimore but all the Chicago shootings were all black on black in a small area of the Southside …. it actually has had a positive side – too damn buzy to bitch & march like the other cities ….

        As long as they keep it to themselves and want to continue the violence – let them live the lives they create for themselves ….

      22. When chaos breaks out, who am I waging war upon.

        Is it a fellow American breaking the law or an Illegal Alien. Gang members or drug addicts.

        Lots will depend on appearance. Facial/Gang Tattoos would give me caution. Gang colors or hand gesture’s is another form to consider.

        • I won’t be basing my actions on appearance, as much as aggressiveness and other body language. A tattoo doesn’t make a person tend towards aggressive behavior, but a clenched fist and teeth just might. I try to judge people by their actions, not their appearance, unless they appear to be outrageous and threatening towards ME.

          • Sixpack: “I try to judge people by their actions, not their appearance,”

            Amen brother. And appearance includes skin color and ethnicity.

            • Sixpack and FreeSlave.

              What is the STATE going to do with all those people in prison if we have an EMP or they can not be fed. You know they will let them out into the population. The Majority have Tattoo’s and you are going to et your guard down because you want to be Politically Correct in Judging others? Especially when there is No Rule Of Law.

              • I know a Sheriff who says “no one’s getting out except maybe the shoplifters and drunks. We’ve got their whole criminal history to look at, and we’ll look at it.” The rest of them will get shot in their cells, they are NOT going to be released into society to return to predator status.

                It’s going to suck being a criminal in jail when SHTF.

                • Sounds more like it’s going to suck to be a violent, predatory criminal, at least… Can’t say as I disagree with the sheriff on that premise.

                  • IN WWII the plan in the Western US was to lock down the prisons and just go, in the event of Jap attack. That ment the inmates would just die in their cells

              • You’re a douche.

                That is all.

            • Black people know by now that white people shoot first and ask questions later.

      23. Prepper Tip of the Day

        An Introduction to Gangs – Part 1
        ht tp://

        An Introduction to Gangs – Part 2
        ht tp://

        An Introduction to Gangs – Part 3
        ht tp://

      24. I said a couple of articles back that there would be around 45 shooting in Chiraq. I missed it by 10. There is a war going on in chiraq. When TSHTF this will spread into the outskirts. These will be the survivors of the a war between all the gangs. We will have to face them when they run out of food and water, and start leaving the city.

        Can you say Mad Max? The advantage we will have is that we live in the country and know how to fight in the country where they don’t. Just remember you can’t show them mercy, because they are sick animals that will act like ISIS.

        I would get some practice in now, while the weather is good and you have time to do so.
        #1 Sniper Rifle (300 Win mag, 338, 50 Cal Long range will rule)
        #2 Long range Semi Autos. (M-14, M4/308’s FN LAR’s just to name a few) (again Long range will rule.)
        #3 AR’s and Mini 14 (Mid range.)
        #4 Combat style Shotguns 12Ga. 00 buck or Slugs.
        #5 Short range carbines (PPS43, Tec9, Kel Tec, ECT.)
        #6 Handguns. Autos, and revolvers
        #7 Cross Bows
        #8 Compound Bows,
        #9 Knifes, Swords, Ect.
        #10 Booby Traps, and signal devices.

        Don’t forget to have your Food and Water, and Medical supplies, while under siege.

        We all on this site needs to work together. We may not like or trust each other,(I know that there is some that don’t like me, but have I ever said something here that would steer someone wrong?) but we still have to work together so that we can make it through the hell that is coming!!!!

        • Hopefully Sgt. They will get thirsty on their way out of the city and drink water from the river. Let’s hope.

          Every time the power goes off I find myself thinking EMP. The first thing I always do is check my electronics. You guys are all probably doin the same thing.

          • Buck
            Can you just see a bunch of Gang Bangers shitting them self to death.
            What a hoot that would be!

            • Sgt: I have been wondering If any significant number of gang types will come out of the big cities. The inner city people have an odd mind set. I know in NYC there are lots of people who never go 100 blocks from where they are born, half do not have drivers lic. By the time they loot out the city will they have clear roads or gas? None of them have a pair of boots. I doubt they could read a map if they had one. Winter skills, none. Don’t know, wish I did.

              • “P”
                What I learned seveal years ago at a Gang Crimes Conf. was that they will leave as many that is left to go to the Gang Bangers in other arera.
                Out of Chiraq we could get as many as 100,000 meeting up with the members outside of the Big city.
                So If they are showing Gang colors or signs time to take action.

        • Sarge, I agree except the ar and mini14. I had a mini and it was the biggest piece of shit ever, jammed with high cap mags, very unaccurate, hard to clean, etc. I would go with an ak or sks because they are 100 times more reliable than an ar or mini. Ammo is cheap and everywhere too. They have more power and easy to clean. Just my 2 cents 🙂

          • “G”
            You are not the first person to tell me this.
            I have two Mini’s and they are very accurate and I have not had any major problems with them jamming.
            Believe me when I tell you I have AR’s Mini’s, SKS’, And AK’s. Just to cover all the bases. Just incase something goes to hell, and I can’t depend on it.
            I have been collecting Military style rifles for 40 years. So just use your imagination!

            • Almost all problem of the Mini’s I’ve troubleshooted have been with aftermarket magazines, and mostly when Ruger original magazines in higher capacities were almost unavailable so people were buying the junk stuff offered on the aftermarket. (this may have changed over the years, I haven’t been active in quite a while)

              Their accuracy is not notable, but far better than most of the shooters using them.

              Still, I’d go with an SKS before an AR or Mini 14 if I had only one rifle as a choice for a number of reasons. I always recommend the SKS for anyone on a budget and not having a lot of firearms maintenance experience and they, like the Mini, are more accurate than the average person shooting them.

            • Sarge, I have 2 min 14’s (both built 1997) and have never had a jam no matter the ammo.
              Open sights on one and a 2 power Leopold on the other.
              Mini’s- people either love ’em or they don’t.
              I have provisions for ranges of 250 yds or more but my mini’s have proven themselves
              to me on many a coyote.

          • Amen on sks

      25. SGT. Dale

        Does the State have a plan on how they would handle the Prison Population in a disaster? World wide like disease, Famine, Nuclear war.
        Transfer to other Prisons.
        Leave them locked in cells.
        Execute them in cells
        Leave them for the Military to Execute.
        Fed or Contractors to do the job.

        • Slingshot
          I know that it would be a very bad thing to let them all go.

          Saying that there are some folks in jail that should not be. Those I wouldn’t worry about.
          The ones I would worry about are the ones that are Gang Bangers and those that can’t tell the difference between right and wrong.

          I have a friend that works for the Prison system and I will ask him if he knows.
          I will get back to you folks when I find out.


          • A girl I used to know,(long sad story, broken heart and all that) anyway, her dad was an officer here at norad, he said that the orders were during a nuke attack on the state’s, the guards were to lock all prisoners in their cells. Then they were to abandon the facilities. This guy was not one to Jack around with the truth, so I believe him. I imagine that’s still the plan.

        • KY, I have a shitload of all those. Another thing is yeast. For baking and booze! Have a lot of whole wheat (not ground) its cheap. And a good grinder for grains, wheat lasts indef, when packed right. One thing preppers fail at is spices and spice seeds. Got to have a lot of them! Git er done!

          • Genius,

            Very good point about stocking lots of spices and spice seeds. Spices have numerous uses.

            Some spices are easy to grow, like oregano, basil, chives, parsley, and cilantro. Others, I have never grown.

            A mixture of 40% sunflower and pumpkin seeds, 30% tobacco leaves, and the rest parsley flakes and garlic can be used to safely deworm horses, cows and goats.

            Coffee is something I would miss when the SHTF.

            My husband (already has the materials and) will soon put up a greenhouse. Hopefully, I will grow a few coffee trees.

      26. No man has the right to kill another man under any circumstance. You have the right to defend and preserve life. Have the mentality that “you shall not kill.” But put on righteousness to bear the sword to dispatch justice, a knight of Christiandom.
        For those who shall kill by the sword whether by act or intent, by the sword he shall be killed. In them are unrighteousness, all wickedness and hatred in their heart for thier countrymen and shall bear their own blood upon their own heads for such acts in mind and body. They shall be accountable for not only killing their fellow man by act or intent, but the kill themselves as a double portion of judgment. Be patient O’ Saints of the Most High, the Master and Commander of the Universe of both seen and unseen for you are the power and who bear the sword that shall slay them who have loved darkness and would not come into the Light, therefore they bare their own blood upon themselves.
        Train well in all matters of defense physically, mentally and spiritually dispatching justice for your fellow countrymen, the weak, the elder woman and orphans.

        • Ok quadra, Im going to kill you first you moron!

          • You lack much understanding and wisdom, by those words if truly in your heart are a killer/murderer whether in thought or action, your very own blood would be on your head. God grant me the speed in my hands with my weapon or in my deliverers hands who will dispatch you to hell before such a wicked thing be executed by you. Change your mentality and you shall be forgiven.

            • Don’t mind him QT, he’s just our resident freak. The only thing he’s good at killing is ‘time’.

            • QT, that’s a point well-made. You said that with a lot more tact and civility than I would have. Acid is a sodomite.

              • LOL!!!

            • QT. while you are quoting all that religious bible crap, I would have emptied my 20 round 9 mm mag into you.

          • Acid, go suck an egg.

            • God only knows that I hate to admit this but I agree with Acid on this. QuadraTactical you just may be a whack job. Ageed in that no one has the right to kill a person for the heck of it but in a survival situation there are some who just need killing. Who says you are not acting as the hand of God?


        • Quadra
          First off, you are using a very bad translation of Scripture, try the New King James, NIV or ESV.

          In Hebrew, God commands “You shall not Murder, not kill”. Big difference brother.

          You are right as no man has the right to destroy a human, who is made in the Image and Likeness of God. However, we are also called to defend ourselves/innocent others, for the same reason.

          If you haven’t read it, you might want to read Augustine’s thoughts on “Just War”.

          Now watch out fur them hogs, will ya?

          • I am fully knowledgable what you are trying to say with the differenation of kill and murder.
            It is of the greatest hope to engage the mentalities to whom it has been given understanding that we (Disciples of Christ) do not kill. Only killers kill. We preserve and defend life! If this be the case and someone draws down on me or my family unjustifibly and God grants my the speed and quickness of thought to engage my weapon dispatching the killer, I have not killed him, but he has killed himself for in his heart was the malice and by God’s nature HE gave me the ability to preserve life. The judgment lies upon the head of the perpetrator who has not only murdered in his heart against me and my family, but has murdered (killed) himself by doing such and act for the inalienable right of self defense has God put in HIS order. Understand and open your ears to what is being said. I or you should never have it in our hearts to kill, but seek righteousness, order, courage and above all love. Be a brave Knight for Christ, protect the weak and innocent. Train well!

            • I am fully knowledgable what you are trying to say with the differentiation of kill and murder.
              It is of the greatest hope to engage the mentalities to whom it has been given understanding that we (Disciples of Christ) do not kill. Only killers kill. We preserve and defend life! If this be the case and someone draws down on me or my family unjustifibly and God grants my the speed and quickness of thought to engage my weapon dispatching the killer, I have not killed him, but he has killed himself for in his heart was the malice and by God’s nature HE gave me the ability to preserve life. The judgment lies upon the head of the perpetrator who has not only murdered in his heart against me and my family, but has murdered (killed) himself by doing such and act for the inalienable right of self defense has God put in HIS order. Understand and open your ears to what is being said. I or you should never have it in our hearts to kill, but seek righteousness, order, courage and above all love. Be a brave Knight for Christ, protect the weak and innocent. Train well!

              • Religion is a misguided Train wreck on crack. Why choose to be a dope sheep, riding the train to nowhere?

              • Quad,
                In plain English would you or would you not blow somebody away if they were trying to kill you or your family? I have a masters degree but missed that part.

              • “QT”
                I look at it this way. If a person puts himself into a position where I have to defend myself or someone else and I put a bullet in him, and he dies from that bullet it was God taking him home. It was Gods choice on whether he lives or dies. I pray I never have to be in that position!

            • Whatever, parsing words, Oh he killed himself by threatening my family. We would all do the same. We would KILL the motherfucker.

          • Them Hogs:
            You ARE CORRECT!!!!!. QT. is looking at it wrong, when there is no laws or government to protect you, you have the obligation to protect you and yours.
            If someone was trying to rape my granddaughter, my wife, my daughter in-laws. They are no better than a wild animal and I’ll let the GOD judge me not any man. Do I want to harm anyone “NO”!!!!, but if they are trying to or are harming me or mine they will have to answer to the GOOD LORD and so will I.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • You should re read the scriptures you seem to be basing you philosophy on.

          I believe you are in scriptural error.

          The Biblical prohibition is against slaying another man which is the killing of others without justifiable reason or to gain power or to find pleasure. This does not prohibit self defense or penalty for the crimes it is proscribed for in the Bible.

          It is those who live by the sword -that means using the sword (violence and threat of violence) to promote, gain, and hold their position over others- that will end up killed (defeated) by the sword of others, not those who stay alive by using a sword to defend against attack.

        • QT
          Thank You for your words of encouragement. I am not a practicer of religion, but do believe in Christ, the Son of God.
          This is a huge difficulty for me. I have considered the consequences of helping others for a couple of years now. Intellectually I’m well aware of the seriousness of helping those I don’t know (or perhaps even trust), and the dangers possibly awaiting me around the conner. But my heart just won’t comply, @ least not yet.
          I believe our only hope is believe in something good but don’t be a fool.
          I’m quite positive we’re all in for a SHITF world, and sooner than later. Praying for later. Be well.

          • Be at peace. Trust or verity is difficult. Trust in HIM and He shall lead. Let no man decieve you. Put all confidence in HIM. Do good even unto those who are evil. Be watchful. Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. Observe dilegently. Be aware of your surrondings. Study people and judge their spirit. Test the spirit. Put on a mentality of love for God, your countryman and yourself. Pray that HE sends you who are worthy for help. HE will send them.
            Meditate on these things without ceasing and you shall find rest.

      27. Bravehearth, That is exactly what i am talking about when i was told by the scientist about what will happen when food, water and resources run out. These gansters people are very violent thugs. Thats why you have to have so many cops on our cities. If cops werent around, you would f….k….g belive what life would be like. Now, that the rat bastard elites, out of nowwhere, you are caught liteally in the middle of the SHTF EVENT, the grid goes down, me, you, us, all of us posters suddenly realize, that we are now in the middle of SHTF, but you see we have provisions, but we are away at work, miles down the fricking street, some of us are 3 miles, 5 miles, 15 miles, 25 miles-your f….ked, nice walk, hopefully you are not shot, captured, and eaten by then.

        When i met the scientist, he looked at me and friends, because i asked him to meet up with us. He told us in our shtf meeting, that he had some stats to discuss, that another scientist who works for the space program told him some stuff about the next 3 yrs and that we are dead as f…..k. Yes, i have posted on this many a times. The food production on the planet is going to be non existent in the next few years, if not sooner. 3 billion people eat half he fish of the oceans, this is a fact of life. If these people cant get to eat fish, they will begin to hunt and eat animals and people, then the animals run out. Now, add the thuggery, and violent gangs on all the major cities. Gangs do not follow local laws and break them daily, they shoot, deal drugs, rape, murderor, assault, rob banks, store, and people daily.


        Cut off the food and water on these people, take down the grid, its literally a World War Z, type of senerio, literally people runing into the streets raising hell on the earth, it will go on non stop, they only survirors will be left to simply position thier rifles, and guns in the direction and literally stop the attack, and get out of the cities as fast as possible.

        All you arrogant attractive women running around the city acting like your sh…. dosen’t stink, being rude and disrespectfull to your husbands, boyfriends, and men in general, mother nature to unleash it’s hell and fury as you become the target for these roaming thugs and starving violent people. Your rude hollywood personalities will go away within a few hrs of shtf. I am literally laughing at you. My scientist friend have told me and we preppers know this already, that women stand no chance in hell in surviving such and event. In fact, only the ones who are with preppers who are militaristic such as people like us on this board who will actually survive.

        Alot of people even some of the agency azz clowns who post on here have even called me a joke, telling me that i am a coward, that they can bet that i will be the first one to run and panic, yes ofcourse, they are right to a certain degree. I can tell you as a martial artist who works out with heavy azz weights who managed to build a very strong muscular physique. I can tell you that athletic males are the ones who are the strongest, and most agile who can fight urban and suburban warfare against murdering rapist thugs, who will rob, kill rapes, attack, massacre the civilians to get all the food, water, girls, women, gasoline, energy, and all other supplies that will be needed. The scientist told us that only 3-5 million will survive this event in America. That if its world wide that only 250,000,000 will survive the globe, less than the 500M, that the elites want.

        Preppers really look at this and think it out constructively. I believe that we have lots of bullets and guns, but our food supply need to quadruble up bigtime, without that, once shtf commenses, will have to roll with others with food, to pool resources together and roll out to the outskirts, re group, save our bullets, and prepare for invasion from the soldeirs and merceneries via Jade Helm. They will be busy trying to fight off the 340,000,000 million plus people all going balastic. Watch World War Z, that is what a calapse will look like according to my friend. Womem, i really feel sorry for all of you. If you live with red necks, veterans and preppers, i recomend that your support your man, be responsible and help him prep and quit the damn whining, because that man is going to literally save your azzes in the litterally sense, you and your children. Preppers who are loan preppers, some of us are. I am one of them, and i have allied with others in my area now, because we have come to the conclusion that me must work together. Its pisses me off how so many everyday people have no idea what getting ready to happen, and this is why we have to worry.


        We preppers know, the govenMental bastards now it. They are the biggest preppers in the world, these rat bastard elites. Then they spend time on TV having he Media call us conspiracy nuts, when they have already prepped out to he max, and have been at this since the 1970’s. Take a look at that, so we need to continue to Prep, prep, prep, prep, and damn prep some more. In the end game EMP event which is where is see us heading, that if the cabal looses the window to attack the people with Jade Helm 15, then they will use the EMP option, the Bio Weapon option. The chicken genocide i belive was the beta test thats planned for our deer, elk, and other wild life to counter our survival. When this event hits, we will not be able to use our cells, we will know right away, that they posters on this site are in the middle of it. We must follow our plans, implement them, and move foward. Get the wife, the kids, at the house to safe areas right away, approach the Red necks or suspected Red necks in your area. Ask them if they were ready, let them know that you have preps, offer them help, form a group immediatly, Build up your group right way, find out who knows what, where and how? implement it and move and get the f…k out of the area. You must act fast, you have only 3 days max, before people start to get really hungry and thirsty. If you give your food to the people in your surdivision, you will be starving and getting killed by those same people. When blacks get desperate, they get very violent, you will need to get the hell away from them. believe me when i tell you this if its just you, your wife, daughter, kids, etc. You will have to deal with something that your mind is not prepared for, belive me. When the scientist told me how many people survived that area of 3000 people. The strongest athletic youth, killed off, raped off, massacred off the entire village in just one month, out of the 3000, only 12 of them survived. The rest of the people raped other, killed others, robbed other, then the one attacking ran out of water, began to starve, then they died. 340,000,000 will mean that only 4,000,000 of us in and estimate will survive. THIS IS VERY SCARY CRAP. These are the strongest, smartest, the most healthiest, the most athelic, the most prepared, the ones with the most food, guns, bullets, skills.

        Yet most of the people in Houston, Doctors, etc, highly educated people are living in big houses with only a 4 days supply of food and drinking water from Ozarka and gets water delivery every month. To survive, most are not even looking the fact, that we need surgions, real doctors with medical supplies to ferform operations, to fix wounds, gun shot wounds, and bone fractors and other serious injuries. When i talk to doctors, they laught at me and yawn, what a waste of a person. When shtf commenses, if me and my group ever here these words, ” i am a doctor of surgeon” Your azz will ambushed and kidnaped and taken to a safe area for your own good and our very survival. You university idoets will be glad to meet us, because we will be entering the city to come to find medical supplies and resourses to bring to the new civilization 100 miles away from the city. Your new clothing with be lots of leather, cammo and chains, like in mad max. We will be looking to grab you when shtf commenses. I am probably going to get my azz chewed out over my oversight and outlook on life in the future. Remember is was me that was homeless for 1 1/2 years in my city with now where to live, running my business, to suddenly do a searh found some site named started ready to article and comments to tell my friend that i am in the middle of shtf. What? shtf. See this site. I have been reading your alls crap and opinions for years. I must say, this is the baddest site of them all. It really bothers me to know that i will be eating people 2 yrs from now, and the fact that i may get eaten by other people. This was not the future i had in mind, so decided to prep. When i was recovering from my homelessness, i began to prep. I ran out of money alot of times and still had to eat really well. I had provisions, and busted open my first MRE in 2013. They have constipate your azz for a day or two, but they work really well. A nice hot meal under a over pass can be very comforting, expecially when you car is in the shop, and your now on foot. I saw they, the homeless were eating the turtles and roasting them under over passes and living off the land, pan handling during the day, and were more adapted and self sufficient that the people driving down the road in 750 bmw’s. Go figure. Everytime i post these facts i start to come under attack by these new name people, this is why in know that what i was told is going to happen. As soon as this goes up, watch and see how they come at me.

        • You say many true things: World War Z was the most accurate cinematic portrayal I have seen.

          Having been through a long-term shtf, I can vouch women are very vulnerable. All the niceties of civilization disappear and women are judged in the most basic way: as a source of sexual pleasure and for reproduction. Thugs and bullies will hone in on the prettiest women and girls and rape them and take them as sex slaves. You can see this happening right now across the Middle East.

          Only the most well-trained and backed up women (a circle of loyal men) will survive. Even the most bull-dyke woman is no match for an aggressive man with lots of muscles and a weapon.

          • Frank,read wwz,the movie sucked and much better prep/survival ideas in all the different stories in the book,highly recommend book for entertainment and some good ideas!

        • “H”
          All I can say is AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!
          The problem is that you are preaching to the Choir.
          I wish this could be put on main stream TV stations around the USA.
          Just maybe it would wake some folks UP!
          Really believe they would just sleep through it.

          My wife is now 57 years young and still a good looking women. She looks like she is in her early 40’s.
          She knows where I stand and she is working hard to help.
          I just have to get her on the range more with her AK and Her 9mm.

          Two of my three daughters have good men around them and will help them I just wish Dad was there. My third daughter has no frigging clue what is going on. You try to tell her, but it doesn’t stick. She does know that Dad is there to protect her I just hope she gets here fast enough. My son knows whats up and working along with Dad.

          • Sgt: You deal with lots of people, you say; “you wish they would wake up. Think about that. Do you really? Because just a few woke up there is no 22 ammo, I submit; the second a significant number of people wake up; That is the instant the SHTF. IMHO We only last until they wake up.
            that is the end.

            • “P”
              I’m hoping they wake up so we DON’T go into TSHTF!

        • Hout, you need to take a break from the crack pipe. I’m beginning to think you’re AE’s long lost pappy.

          • PO’d Patriot, whoa there. HCKS may not be the best with grammar, but he makes some damned good points that I understand. I agree his post was a huge one but I’m not complaining. HCKS makes a helluva lot more sense than acid/eisenkreuz ever will.

            • Well, he must be well connected for all the inside sources he touts. And World War Z scenario…..spare me please. Now I’d believe it if he likened it to a Zelco scenario.

        • HCKS, you said almost a page full with that post and I agree with everything in it.

        • HCKS:
          Well said my friend, I agree 100%. I have been taking the wife out to the range and she is doing great. My boys are in lock step with me but are having trouble with there wives. So Dad is getting the food stocked for them and the boys are getting ammo and camping equipment(lol). Plus they are helping with firewood, Water and propane.
          So stick to your guns and let your computer cool off catch you later.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • HCKS- Ditto!!!

        • Hey Hout/ Try changing out the bong water ocassionally. LoL. .

      28. Hmm, I don’t know. Right now the sun is out, birds are singing and I’m doing yard work. I’m beginning to wonder if violence is really sweeping towards my house.

        • I believe that would be “the calm before the STORM”

        • thats exactly how it sneaks up on you

          ” everything is fine” whamo!

          • Great article at nomorefakenews .com with a huge dose of truth.

            Rappoport article titled the TPP, Monsanto, Rockefeller, Trilateral Commission, Brzezinski.

            Should be the lead article everywhere today….

            The TPP is a treaty that will be very fluid; POTUS can change terms on a whim.

      29. IF you think things are BAD now, just wait until these gags are roving neighborhoods for food, water, medical supplies, Gold, Silver etc. They wont waste time, they will just kill & take and move on to the next house. As every house is like a bank, some have little, some have a lot, just kill & take, kill & take.
        The choice is yours to be a victim or a survivor?

        • Tractor, I will be a survivor and I have the means and will to defend what I have.

          • A slingshot against a tank.You bet.

      30. I say get to cities and countries that DO NOT have majority black populations. As individuals, many black people are great but there is a price to be paid when in a majority black community: they are all lower down the economic ladder and all have higher crime rates during normal times. You do not want to be around when things go bad.

        Communities to be around should be either majority European in origin or Asian. The facts are sad but indisputable: there is not a single black-majority city or country that is not without high rates of poverty and crime. There is no ‘black Switzerland’.

        Keep your liberalism for the good times but when things get bad, self-preservation has to be foremost. Just ask white South Africans what things are like.

        Look for countries and communities with strong social habits: for example, this can include in a crisis turning to funky farmer’s markets rather than welfare and EBT cards; it can include a strong desire to work and be inventive and setting up ‘hipster’ craft businesses etc. These places will have enough social capital and smarts to get through the bad times. Places that will just cook off with vicious rioting will be those where most people are dependent on the government for everything and who lack initiative and have been trained by politicians, in order to get what they want, they need to be violent. Also stay away from places with out-of-control low-skill immigration. These places will also quickly come under the control of street gangs and will be very violent.

        The police will just walk away from these places and let them burn. As much as you can expect from the authorities is over-watch: drones and helicopters keeping an eye on things from the sky but no foot patrols on the ground. In such an environment, you will be ‘chicken’ to the street wolves.

        • Frank Thoughts

          I would add that if the community had both food production, natural gas / oil and a relatively low population with not too harsh of a climate then thats the place to be.

          I think a “rule of thumb” is, if you think you might need police there don’t live there.

          • Good point! We are always told people are the strength but not all people are equal to the challenge. Generally, if you have a large population of useless or poor people then you are at a disadvantage. There is no evidence from history that it is great to be in a poor, black area in a crisis. Not one example. Better to be in a resource-rich place with a low population that is highly educated and share a common culture. Norway for example.

          • The worse the climate the better. Come to Wyo; bet any amount of money no mob lasts past November. For that matter no welfare mob lasts past dark. If for no other reason; you see four people with guns it’s just as likely to be a ladies bridge club as a bunch of guys.

            • Paranoid what are you saying? No,No,No,don’t come to Wyoming! Are you trying for one of those new Liquor license? I just heard on the News tonight that Casper broke the 60,000 mark for the first time ever, and they said the best part was that they get to issue 2 new liquor licenses. Oh it’s still soooo cold and snowy, why would anyone want to come to Wyoming. Trekker Out. Grizzlies Are Everywhere!

              • I’m not worried about the bears, they just eat the bodies from the Indian attacke and the Plagues. I was getting tired of having to clean up the yard in the mornings. As far as the 60K goes; not to worry, the oil colapse will take care of them by winter.

      31. oh dear God
        are these idiots trying to make Stephen King’s THE STAND a reality ?

        U.S. military mistakenly transfers live anthrax to laboratory

        ht tp://

        • Ah anthrax,one of the key phrases that in theory catches nsa’s eye!I thing I will Prep dinner while listening to the melodious sounds of Anthrax!

      32. Gen. George Smith Patton used to say, “There is not an obstacle/defense on earth that a determined group of men cannot overcome”.

        Sitting in you basement with a 870 and some #10 cans is not the answer. If you are expecting a mob to come your way, TAKE THE FIGHT TO THEM!!!!!

        #1 Gather up a group of strong/well armed people.
        #2. A mob will most likely not have forward scouts
        #3. Lure them into an ambush, even a sniper ambush and make it so painful that they head the other way.
        #4. Be prepared to move to a new position. As Brad Pitt said in WWZ, ” Movement is life”.

        #5 Watch out fur them hogs!

        • “TH”
          Very good advise.
          I like the idea of long range sniping. Even if you don’t hit them it well scare the hell out of them.
          The group I’m a member of has already set down plans to just that. Take the fight to them.
          We are going to have patrols out all the time, and if a gang or a crowd is coming we have way to address it.

        • Good point: movement is better than trying to hunker down and waiting out a siege. In a siege, the advantage is to the sieger. They can plan, plot and test your defenses and weaknesses. While you are quaking in your panic room eating beans, the thugs are dreaming up ways to wedge you out of there.

          You need momentum and to outwit the thugs. If you really want to hang on to your house, why not abandon it – and booby trap it – and let the thugs go room to room and blow themselves up? Or, let them feel safe and occupy the house but you have a secret tunnel and come back at night and waste them in their sleep. Think outside of the box.

        • Hog,the movie wwz was a horrible take on a excellent book,suggest reading the book for entertainment but actually some of the stories offer good prep/survival ideas.

      33. Bull SHIT.

        Felonious deaths increased by 89%??

        2015 Line of Duty Deaths: 51
        9/11 related illness: 2
        Accidental: 1
        Assault: 1
        Automobile accident: 14
        Gunfire: 14
        Gunfire (Accidental): 2
        Heart attack: 11
        Motorcycle accident: 1
        Struck by vehicle: 2
        Vehicle pursuit: 2
        Vehicular assault: 1

        2014 Line of Duty Deaths: 133
        9/11 related illness: 7
        Assault: 2
        Automobile accident: 26
        Drowned: 2
        Duty related illness: 3
        Fire: 1
        Gunfire: 47
        Gunfire (Accidental): 2
        Heart attack: 19
        Motorcycle accident: 4
        Struck by vehicle: 5
        Vehicle pursuit: 5
        Vehicular assault: 10

        • Bill,
          Good call, I hit that link also, it’s 89% bullsh*t

      34. Why don’t we look at the number of citizen deaths by the police and their increase year after year?

        • It will show an increase because of the influx of those greasy Mexicans and smelly nigers

      35. I have a place in the city and country,the city will be safer in the beginning .on the last holiday weekend I had a chance to see the Hugh traffic jams filled with campers, then watched these campers start fires on a windy day, leave fires unattended and fight with their temperory neighbors .the bad part is that they think that they can live in the country. I was raised in the country if you think it’s just a family camping trip your wrong. These people will head out and set up camp where ever they see fit. I’m staying in the city to do some ethnic cleansing ..

        • “W”
          I have a sign that states.
          “If you can see this sign. Our Snipers can see you!
          I’m going to add to the sign. If you hear a shot you were lucky so get your ass out of hear, because you won’t hear the second shot. The people around will hear your body go THUMP!

          You are right there are several camp site in the area, and these people think they can come out of the city and they will be OK. When TSHTF

          I hope they bring goodies, that we can use.

          • In Wyo we have two special names for a warning shot. It’s called either, a miss, or your second shot.

          • signs just give the court system something to hang on your sentence of a premeditated act

            something that in the past most cops wouldnt have to worry about (maybe not so today)but definitely a bad move for joe 6 pack , not only that, it gives your trespassers a heads up why would you do that?

            its like racking a 12 gauge after the assailant has entered your home.. too much fair warning and it gives your position away , the only thing they should hear is the Boom!

            i even took down all my “dont worry about the dog beware of owner signs”

            and when that word “premeditated” gets thrown around in court its not pretty

            • Enemy,
              I took off all my bumper stickers that might give someone a clue as to how I think. I want to blend in.

      36. Greetings,

        I hate to say it but most of you have it wrong. Things will probably play out in the following manner:

        The rule of 3:

        You can survive three minutes without air.
        You can survive three hours without shelter. If I expose you to the elements and it happens to be winter or a blazing mid-day sun and you do not have protection then you will quickly die.
        You can survive 3 days without water.
        You can survive ~3 weeks without food.

        In so far as I can tell, water will be the thing that drives the collapse. Once the power is off and sanitation fails then the clock starts ticking for everyone – 3 days.

        Some of you may be thinking that the local river, creek or lake will provide for everyone but you would be wrong as most are too polluted to drink from. Others may believe that a well will suffice provided that it doesn’t need a powered pump but a well here and there will not serve thousands.

        Nope, water will be what shuts it all down and does so fast. If you can put away, say, 50 gallons of water and you can protect it then you’ll do just fine because within two weeks of a collapse, 90% of the population will be dead.

        I know there was a lot of talk about gangs and such but large numbers will be a problem because of the logistics necessary to sustain 30-50 people. Worse still, the moment sanitation breaks down, large groups of people will quickly make each other sick. After all, right up to the 20th Century, sickness killed more soldiers than the fighting.

        Also, having worked with gangs, I can tell you that most are borderline retarded. Frankly, if they had any marketable skills then they wouldn’t need to be in a gang. They will flail around and make a mess of things but small groups of well armed men will neutralize that threat fast.

        Put away some water. Buy a few walkie talkies. Get to know your neighbors. Make a plan. You’ll do just fine.

        • Nickel:
          You have touched on a very good point.
          Water!!!!! no clean water your dead. In our group each family has no less than two ways to purify water. The group will meet in the country with a river 1/4 mile from us plus we have 10-55 gallon barrels full of water, plus 8-30 gallon barrels full. On top of that in the fruit cellar there are 100 gallons of purified drinking water at all times. In my supply alone we have over 50 gallons of bleach. It only takes about 4 to 6 drops to purify a gallon of water, and I lost count on how many tablets I have.
          As Far as food goes, I have enough to feed me and my wife and my two sons their wives and my 4 grandkids for at lest one year with out adding anything to it. It might get boring with the same meals but we will not starve.
          You better believe me when I or we have the fire power to protect are supplies. I even have stuff for barter and to help out if there is need from someone in the group.
          I keep preparing every week, I add to our survival stash something different all the time because of reading this site and others. I don’t go crazy with prepping I just try to do a little at a time. I’m a working man and I have to pay my bills and a few other peoples that I don’t even know!;-{
          Please keep your thoughts coming that is what this site is for.
          It does have some very wise people on it with a lot of good information.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • keep in mind that liquid bleach loses 50% of its strength
            at about 6 months or so

            • Does Chlorine Bleach Ever Expire or Go Bad? Important in emergency situations

              ht tp://

              • I use pool shock (concentrated bleach). It costs $3.44 for a small bag at Home depot. Two table spoons mixed with one gallon of water makes the same quantity and quality as bleach used for the washing machine.

                That is about $0.25 a gallon as opposed to buying it at the store at about $4 a gallon.

                It is important to have a stock pile of bleach for cleaning in case of pandemic.

            • Satori:
              You are correct, that’s why we rotate it out the oldest jug has a date on it 12-21-13. This bleach is used by 3 families. Plus mix it with old salt or baking soda it makes a great weed killer.

              • uSE POOL CHLORINATTOR i FORGET THE EXACT INGREDIENT BUT IT WILL CONTAIN LIKE 99.5% OF IT. oops caps lock. That shit will last for years.

                • Hypoclorite

                • To answer several questions above.
                  Yes, bottles of Clorox goes bad, the Chlorine in it will escape into the air and it will become unreliable for disinfecting. Nine months to a year tops. If my life depended on it, I’d say nine months.

                  You can buy “Pool Shock” in powdered form for purifying drinking water. Only buy the kind that contains “Calcium Hypochlorite” as the active ingredient. It must NOT contain any other algaecides, fungicides, stabilizers, or additives.

                  Directions for using pool shock to purify water.
                  Add one heaping teaspoon of granular calcium hypochlorite to two gallons of water, or 5 ml. to 7.5 l. of water. This mixture produces a solution similar to bleach. (Don’t drink this concentrate)
                  Use one part of the solution you just made to 100 parts of water to be treated. Allow the mixture to sit for at least 30 minutes before drinking. If the smell of chlorine is too strong, pour the pure water from one container into another several times to allow the chlorine to dissipate.

                  Pool shock is a seasonal item so buy it in the summer while it’s on the shelf, a small 1 pound bag goes for under ten bucks and can purify ten thousand of gallons of drinking water. Kept dry, and in a sealed container the powdered form will keep indefinitely. The concentrate you made in the first step will, like liquid Clorox, have a limited shelf life, about six months.

                  I bought mine and double bagged the package in freezer zip lock bags! Rinse and save a couple of empty Clorox bottles to store your concentrate in when needed, since it will eat through most other containers. Pool shock powder is very corrosive. Keep it well away from anything it could damage or contaminate. Wear gloves and goggles while mixing, and always add the powder to the water, not the other way around. Measure and mix using plastic utensils. Contaminating pool shock powder with certain organics like oil can spontaneously start a fire.

                • I believe this info came from JayJay some months earlier.

                  Water purification – small amounts

                  1 heaping teaspoon Calcium Hypochlorite to 2 liters clean water to make “bleach solution”.

                  Add 2 teaspoons of “bleach solution” to 1 gallon dirty water.

                • A second link that I believe came from JayJay.

                  Pool Shock Mixture:
                  Easy directions for small amounts:
                  To 1 cup of clean water, add 1/4 tsp. Calcium Hypochlorite to make bleach solution.

                  Add 1/2 tsp. of bleach solution to a 2 liter bottle of dirty water.

                  A 1 lb. bag of pool shock purifies thousands of gallons.
                  Keep the c.h. in a dry, cool place.

                  DO NOT pre-mix as it gets old like bleach.

                  • A better answer on purifying water with “pool shock”!

                    You can use granular calcium hypochlorite (Pool Shock) to disinfect water. Use standard HTH Pool Shock with no additives like fungicides or algaecides.

                    Add and dissolve one measured teaspoon of Pool Shock to one gallon of water. (Don’t drink this)

                    The goal is to produce a stock chlorine solution of 500 milligrams Calcium Hypochlorite per liter of water. This for anyone that wants to put on their high school science hat and look at the exact percent on the package, use a scale and make it super accurate can. Approximate works fine.

                    To disinfect water, add the chlorine solution previously made in the ratio of one part of chlorine solution to each 100 parts of water to be treated. To make one gallon drinkable water mix 2/3 ounces of stock chlorine solution to one gallon of water………. Wait at least 30 minutes before drinking or using.

                    To remove any objectionable chlorine odor, aerate the disinfected water by pouring it back and forth from one clean container to another.

        • “You can survive three hours without shelter. If I expose you to the elements and it happens to be winter or a blazing mid-day sun and you do not have protection then you will quickly die.”

          That’s not entirely accurate, at least as far as hot weather goes. I was outside in the hot sun for three hours on Tuesday doing yard work. It was almost 90 and humid. I wasn’t wearing a hat, and I was wearing a short-sleeve shirt. I don’t use sunscreen. I had no ill effects. My face had just a hint of pink from the sun. This was from about noon to 3PM.

          • Greetings,

            Having spent 8 years in the military, I can tell you for a fact that the elements will begin to take people out of the game and do so within a very short period of time. Heat stroke was the worse because the sick man’s gear had to be carried by the rest of the team who were just as hot and just as worn out. Also, it only takes one because, after all, are you going to abandon family & friends once they become a casualty?

            Finally, the only reason I go on and on about water is that those without it are the ones that will be going crazy in the streets. Crazy people, though, are not good at organizing which is why the homeless never form gangs in order to protect themselves. Crazy people cant plan.

            What you want is to be able to avoid having to run around outside in the initial chaos. You’ll want to do this with about 7 other people as 8 people is just the right amount to have 2 people awake and carrying arms at all times. More than that number would be difficult as it does take a lot of resources to keep 8 people alive for any length of time. People crazed with thirst can not organize themselves well enough to overpower 8 people with a plan.

      37. Same Shit different year I see!!!!!
        Violence is coming , collapse is coming blah blah blah

        • RICH99

          I see you can’t stay away. Hahahaha!

      38. Sgt Dale, your right. Everyday people have no clue what is about to happen. In the avearage day, i was stunned at the crap that the average cop deals with. All sorts fo crazy stupid things. Couple has argument with spouse, so calls the cops, and other stupid retarded crap, getting up to 20 stupid calls like this a day.

        Neighhours dog craps on his lawn, so he calls the police. The question is what are these people going to do what SHTF IS HERE.

        Frank, your right about Blacks, they are really a problem if shtf hits. I met one cop couple, man and women cop, both of them moved outside of the city out in the middle of nowhere. The are preppers now for over 4 yrs. Told me in person, that most cops they knew are busy writing tickets, etc, working containing the thuggery, and that alot of them will be getting off the streets when shtf hits, and that they will heading home to hunker down. One cop i know laughted his azz off telling me-what do you thing i am going to do, go out in the middle of the caos in my cruiser in uniform only to be attacked by roaming hoards of thugs, ha, ha, you all better get armed up, we wont be around.

        Yes folks, cops are dealing with crime, thuggery, and all sorts of crap daily, now they are seeing something that they went paying attention to and its what if something does happen. Sh….t is really getting over the top. All agree that its going to have a miltplying effect, the type of effect that they plan on not getting into..something is coming down the pipeline and it cant be good. I would like to just belive that all will be fine, but the evidence keeps showing its ugly face, so i am convinced 100%, its going to happen.

        • Also, for as long as any cops are still on the beat, after TSHTF, that does not mean you’ll ever see any coming to your aid as in past. What they do then, when things are goofy, is only travel in packs, to better back up each other. You’ll either see none around or 2-6 patrol cars all rushing together someplace else. If your county normally has a dozen patrol cars and even if all dozen came to work, which is unlikely, you’ll only have a presence of patrols on the street equal to 1 or 2, cause they are all bunched up together.

        • HCKS, some cops I know in my area have already told me the same thing; they’ll go home to protect their families and batten down the hatches. I’m planning to leave before anything hits.

          • Dont forget that Mad Max was a former cop: “The Bronze”.

      39. Any fortified home or BOL needs to both not look like it and your plans to repel attackers should never alert or engage them too far away that any are even there, where they can then easily escape to regroup and attack more effectively. If they didn’t pass you by and instead approach with obvious evil intent, you want to silently allow, and by ground preparation draw/direct them into, surprise ambush fire zone, in the open, that will best allow you to destroy them all.
        Any verbal warnings, signage, and warning shots beforehand only work against you to alert them to then regroup and attack your home/BOL in a manor both with less exposure to them and likely more deadly risks to you and yours.
        If you want to be more proactive, and the terrain allows for it, then go far enough down the road that you don’t put a bullseye on your home/BOL and snipe at them from a distance, if you think it’ll possibly dissuade them from even penetrating further into your AO.

      40. as long as thugs self-exterminate….foreigners head for the airports….gays man-up and people in the USA finally learn how much they have to lose…..then so be it.

      41. I will be willing to fight and defend the innocent who for whatever reason cannot defend themselves or are outnumbered,if I didn’t,see no point in survival for me.I will fight evil those in and out of uniforms to best of ability and probably die due to this attitude,which,have no wife/kids ect. so tis Ok to die doing the right thing.Sure,will be on the rock in hell drinking a beer and laughing at the evil ones coming in,they will ask why are you laughing?!Will tell em,I almost married Julie,satan has nothing to scare me/torture me with!Hell,(pun intended)they will offer me a cushy gig as might just rearrange the whole underworld otherwise!

        • Warchild, your post is both interesting and laudable. I, too, intend to help the less fortunate in a SHTF situation. It is the only society worth living – and dying for (and yes, I am aware I can’t help everyone!)

          Question for you: you desire to help the innocent, yet claim you will “be on a rock in hell.” Why? As a matter of fact, the reason you wish to help others bespeaks the image of God in you. Moreover, if there is no God – as the philosopher Francis Schaeffer says – “whatever is, is right.” I.e., there is no rational basis to say *anything* is wrong. Similarly, Dostoyevski wrote “If there is no God… everything is permissible.” The quote in the original Russian reads:
          Без бога всё позволено.

          Don’t sell yourself short. There is a God, and He is seeking for you. Pick up CS Lewis (of Oxford and Cambridge fame) short book on the subject Mere Christianity. And Hell will not be a party – rather it will be where only shells of people go (Lewis’ book The Great Divorce – about a bus trip from Hell to Heaven – is worth your look-see too)

          • Test,do not believe in organised religions/nature ect.are my gods,yes,have many,need em in my life.I do not believe hell just a rat hole anymore then believe heaven a perfect place.As I have slept with lots of women(who were more then willing)will not last minute accept any one as my savior/not baptised according to many religious folks am going to hell no matter what my other actions,that is were a lot of good friends have gone according to some religions.I have read a lot of Lewis and would loved to have drinks with him and Tolkien,must have been great conversations back in their day.I refuse to bow/submit to any religion,and any that requires it will not get my time.That said,have no problems with other folks religions as long as not shoved down my throat,believe in true freedom including religion.

      42. To complicate things, the smart attack gangs will have kidnapped a mother with a couple young kids and hold one kid back to motivate mother with the other to approach your door with excuse of asking for a handout, but really there to bring back intel of your numbers, weapons, supplies and apparent readiness to resist. If you had a forward observation post that had seen she’d come out from a group, they could advise those in home/BOL to stay silent, out of sight and not respond. Point is, if group is going to approach anyways, you don’t need/want them knowing it’s inhabited and likely defended, thus ruining maximizing your surprise ambush.

        • Just like deer hunting. Ambush

        • you make a lot of good points there NickelthroweR says


          and there is always a BUT

          what about “gangs” of cops?
          eg New Orleans during Katrina

          or how about gangs with members who have military training ?

          and in third world countries warlords move in quickly to fill
          the vacuum left by the absence of government

          psychopaths/sociopaths have a way of finding followers quickly

          Monsters of Anarchy

          • LOL… Heck of a comedy…

          • Satori:
            When things get bad you will always find some bad people out there just ready to jump on the weak with both feet and hurt them, I don’t care what they do for a living or not do for a living. There will always be evil and always be good.
            Remember one thing, I might be wrong or I might be right, but I believe that there are more good people out there that will help more than hurt.
            Most of the time all we hear is how evil or bad some people are, and the bad things that they have done. It is a shame that we don’t get to see or hear more about the good deed that were done.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Yep. A huge problem in a SHTF situation. There’s strength in numbers.

            That’s why I always suggest moving to an area with a somewhat small town of like-minded people. The good need to organize. The small town government should be the tool of that organization.

            From the father of political conservatism, Edmund Burke:

            “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

            Unfortunately the federal government seems intent on killing small town America.

          • Greetings,

            Both the police and those with military training will not be running around in the streets because, as many here have said, they will be home protecting their prep’s because that is what they were trained to do.

            Katrina was an unusual event as it featured an unusually corrupt police force that, more or less, ran away. I do not recall hearing about them banding together to attack the public.

            In the end, a few people barricaded in their home with high powered hunting rifles isn’t worth the trouble of whatever is inside when there are easier targets. By the time the easy targets are picked over, those rampaging about will have turned on each other.

      43. “If things are this bad already, how bad will they be when the next great economic crisis hits this nation and unemployment skyrockets and poverty is everywhere?”

        My hometown has been in a perpetual state of high unemployment and poverty ever since the greed of the union bastards drove the factory jobs away from here and no ones rioting or looting. I don’t think it’ll be as bad as all that when the economic crash happens. Well, maybe for the “rich prepper” type it will be, but for those of us who have just been barely surviving it’ll be business as usual.

      44. Podpatriot, no sure if you friend or foe, but to accuse me of being a crack user is very insulting..i. Avoid people who take drugs. Its obvious that you are attacking the credibility of my information, it’s not just coming from me. I know people in high places that you don’t know about. Our city has been under attack with weather warfare for the past week. I was told this was going to happen, people in Houston are now dead, missing etc. Over 35 cars were found In one bayou area with all the drivers all gone, drowned, dead missing.. they all share a commonality, they don’t pay attention and they went out and drove out there and not knowing that they are dead, one of my friends who is a shtf- effers, stayed out of the area that night is comfortable relaxing at home and just purchased more prepps. The rest if the un prepared people are underground stuck in manholes at the bottom of the bayou and hooked up underneath Debree. Those are the people who don’t notice the Chemtrials in the sky as the jets keep spraying and seeding the clouds and you see my source told me aT 4:00 pm that same day before the flood that Haarp was going to unleash hell on us tonight, it happened.. You are accusing me on being a crak user. Your a little mind control shill. Nice try.

        The question for all the dead un prepared people is this? Why are you dead, you are dead because you wee not responsible to read, to learn and to avoid danger.. so PO patriot don’t come in her accusing me of drug use and taking crap to me like I am so kind of are no patriot, you are one of the agency azz clowns posting on this thread. Read the last sentence of my post. Its Clearly said that I am going to get attacked once I post the are attacking the facts.. Mac post these articles to start discussions. We are a discussion site that has real life threatening discussions that will be affecting us in the very near future, so get a life fool..

        • HCKs:
          I do not know if PO’d was joking with you or not. It does not matter you have laid out your thoughts very well and I appreciate them.
          Please keep them coming Even if I don’t agree all the time, but I do agree with you 98% of the time. I still think you have the right to speak your piece as long as you are not trying to step on someone, and I know you are not. PLEASE keep your thoughts coming.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Houts, the comment of putting the crack pipe down was a metaphor. Maybe I should said that I have a hard time believing what you posted, i.e. World War Z movie crap.(if that would of made you feel better). A far as attacking you….meh, guess you need to have a tougher skin.

        • HCKS,

          I’ve lived in Hou all my years, the town is flat and we are still pouring concrete and developing land that held that rainfall. At one point Mon night, we had 10,000 lightning strikes in one hour, very cool. Please, gov doesn’t control the weather, the sun does.

      45. Prepare your safe room.

        Prepare your BOL.

        Prepare, prepare, prepare.

        Don’t matter to the statists and the badge lickers…they will pass more statute and code to make you a criminal…then the enforcers will come to kill you…all under the umbrella of “law”. Corporate .gov and their enforcers sneer at liberty and natural rights.

        You will be the next Ruby Ridge, Waco I, and now Waco II for non-compliance and the masses will cheer at your demise.

      46. HCKS, look at my comment #3393730 above defending you to Po’d Patriot. I’m not sure if he was even serious with his remark. But I do know that you speak the truth. Keep it coming.

      47. When SHTF watch out for ferel dog packs. Millions of pets will be turned loose and abandoned.

      48. I think 3 or so days after it falls apart, that you won’t recognize this world. Let alone all of the bad people in it, when your average father has no food to give to his child, your neighbor will become deadly. The cities will become death traps with only the most ruthless and lucky surviving. I would not wish that on anyone.
        I may die in the country but it will be on my terms.
        Time to get right with your maker.

      49. Socialism and its adherents. As Talleyrand said, they have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.


        Back in February, when the Venezuelan government introduced its official and complicated three-tier exchange rate, 190 bolivars bought you one U.S. dollar on the black market—which is where real people without government connections shop for hard currency in Caracas. Now, just a few months later, the bolivar is worth about half that much. This is a brilliant testimony to the innovative power of the government’s socialist policies: faced with a crushing shortage of toilet paper, the Bolivarian regime has converted its own currency into butt-wipe. Bloomberg notes:

        The stunning collapse of Venezuela’s bolivar in black market trading this month — it fell to as low as 423 bolivars per dollar from 279 at the start of the month — has left Venezuelans scratching their heads, with many wondering why it has sunk below the value of gold and hard currency the central bank has to back it.


      50. Liquid bleach is not for the long term. Get some powdered calcium hypochlorite (like HtH Shock ‘n Swim) Also get a test kit to see how well you are doing on the chlorination. The dry stuff will last a few years and is inexpensive. A pound will treat thousands of gallons. <bb

      51. Things do seem to be moving towards a societal breakdown. I agree that if you live in a bigger city no matter how you prepare, the odds are not in your favor.

        I also disagree that people are bound by their jobs. If you truly do believe that we are in for a collapse where your family is going to be put in harms way you need to move. If you are a reliable hard worker you will find something and it should be your second job to be applying for new jobs.

        Always remember we are all at a point that has come as a result of our cumulative decisions we have made. The past is the past, there isn’t any going back. Choose a safer area to live, then start applying yourself to finding what you need to do for a living and make the move.

        God Bless,

      52. The war against your faith. Even if you are not a person of faith, the fascism inherent in this should be frightening to anyone who believes in freedom.

        This is part of an article found at I think it is exactly spot-on

        During an interview with CBN, Marco Rubio put it perfectly: “If you think about it, we are at the water’s edge of the argument that mainstream Christian teaching is hate speech. Because today we’ve reached the point in our society where if you do not support same-sex marriage, you are labeled a homophobe and a hater… After they are done going after individuals, the next step is to argue that the teachings of mainstream Christianity, the catechism of the Catholic Church is hate speech, and there’s a real and present danger.” Rubio hits the nail on the head. At the moment, it’s not religions themselves that are under attack, but their practitioners. Faith is background noise. But at a certain point, the secularists will continue to walk upstream, locating the source of all the “hate.” First, churches will lose their 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, because the government must not be in the business of promoting hate speech. Then the secularists will demand that the government get involved in churches themselves, examining what’s going on inside.

        Hillary Clinton has already said, during a recent speech: “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will…And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed…” Clinton was referring to “women’s reproductive health,” which is the buzzphrase for tearing little arms off and draining tiny heads. That’s how it will go down. In the interest of “the greater good,” the government will first pressure religions to change their “deep-seated” beliefs to accommodate women’s reproductive health, and same-sex marriage, and whatever comes next, and eventually, churches will be forced to accommodate or be punished. It’ll begin with fines, and go from there. Probation, prison, torture, death.
        You may laugh, but look at what has happened in just the last ten years. Churches have been under attack in Texas, when preachers were asked for the content of their sermons by the Mayor of Houston, and participatory businesses in the wedding industry have been forced to accommodate something they believe is immoral or get sued out of existence.

        At the current point, we have the power and resources to fight back. Religious freedom laws, like the one passed in Indiana, and the ability of Christians across the country to contribute to a crowd-funding effort to keep a threatened business afloat give us the slight edge—but that will change.

        • @ TEST

          Interesting essay. It has been this non-theistic libertarian’s observation that, with individual exceptions in every direction, people tend to worship either deity or government. If they don’t worship one, they tend to worship the other.

          As annoying as fundy Rev. Bob may be, he doesn’t have the power to tax us. He isn’t going to kick our door in at 3 a.m. and murder us if we don’t hit the floor fast enough.

          Most libertarians tend to be Christian. Most fervent statists tend to be non-theistic.
          Puts me in an awkward place, I catch it from every corner.

          It has been my experience that in spite of pious protestations to the contrary, liberal “respect” for the individual means only in large groups. Statism just cannot abide the concept, “I own myself, and the fruit of my honest labor.” If widely applied, that would snatch the rug from under government.

          Because I have important values, such as individual worth and liberty, in common with theists, I take a lesson from people I’ve known. Decided that I’m culturally but not religiously Christian. Because government is the larger danger to liberty, I oppose its efforts to criminalize freedom of conscience.

          ‘An though you harm none, do what you will.

          Russia has been Eastern Orthodox Christian for at least 800 years. When the Reds were temporarily in charge, that went deep underground. But never died. Since 1991, it has returned with great vigor.

          Even as president HIllarious would be no Soviet communist party. If you recognize this allusion, good on you: Hillary … Piss Be Upon Her.

      53. 1vet.

        There are many ways this can all go down. I find you have to layer your tactics as everything will be fluid.
        Being able to recognize the danger then adapt to it correctly is what many will not be able to do. Lack of information, training, experience and exposure to adverse conditions.
        But what will surprise you, is how resilient people can be.

        Main Driving Force. The will to live.

        • Slingshot-

          I agree.

          I have networked with neighbors that are also retired military.
          We have a plan of action should a situation go south.
          I think realizing where you are at in the collapse continuum
          could catch someone unaware.

          For example- when to apply deadly force in a given situation?
          If you have never been under fire, it could prove overwhelming.

      54. Looking for suggestions here, I have often wondered if “staging” ones home to look burnt out/ransacked, etc, would deter would be bad guys. If caught in the city, prepare a hidden room to live in, stage the house as ransacked, maybe take some animal blood and splatter it around to simulate signs of a murder. It seems to me that if you can’t escape, if you make your hiding place look unappealing or void of loot-able goods, you will have fewer folks crossing your path. Thoughts?

      55. The author lost credibility when he said “The fact that Congress has a nine-per-cent approval rating”

        Everybody knows that this is a false poll number. If you ask people if they approve of their congressman the yes will be about 75%, not a 9% negative.

        So if he is promoting a fake poll number, the rest of the story is not credible.


      56. My portable radios can all run AA or AAA batteries. Besides regular batts I have eneloop rechargeables with a wall charger that does AA/AAA’s, & also a Goalzero solar panel into a Guide 10 solar AA/AAA charger- so I can recharge those batts without AC. Plug-in 12V cords also add options. All stored in faraday bags (throw those little desicant things in there too to help keep circuitry dry).

        • My radio doesn’t need batteries. I crank it up and it runs 30 minutes. I’ve had it for 16 or 17 years. It’s handy to have outside when I’m working in the garden and want some music. It also gets shortwave broadcasts. Stopping to crank the radio gives a little break from work.

        • REI has a GoalZero bundle pack on sale now- it has a nice crank/solar light as part of the deal. It also comes with a powered speaker box to play MP3s or what have you.
          With that getup I can charge batteries for my Baofeng, Uniden, and Grundig. And the walkies too, and headlamps etc.

      57. Wal mart. Granulated ph minus is sodium bisulphate has purple lid ph plus is just naking soda and does nothing the liquid chlorine for pools they sell is 10% chlorox bleach is only 8% strength. What ever you do do not mix ph minus with the liquid chlorine 10% it will violently react produceing extreamly thick heavy yellow chlorine gas that will kill everything plants animals bugs people the grass will instantly turn straw tan for the distance it travels @nd it stays low to the ground not dissapating upwards

      58. Bill Gates just described his biggest fear — and it could kill 330 million people in less than a year

        ht tp://

        ““I rate the chance of a widespread epidemic, far worse than ebola in my lifetime, as well over 50%.”

      59. From this day forward every day TSHTF doesn’t happen truly is a blessing, use them to finish and tie up your loose end in your preparations. If your not prepared you may just have run out of time to do so. The end could happen any day now. Pick up what you need before the prices go through the roof and they start a big push for gun control. My gut tells me big bad things will come our way soon. Those who are bugging out remember the bridges you my have to cross your worst choke points. Practice strong and weak side use of weapons.

      60. Since the start of the global economic crisis, the Greeks have been hammered hard. Their living standards plummeted and they have very high unemployment rates, especially for young people. But just as they try to crawl their way back from the crisis, this happens:

        And this is proof of how important border security is: the low-lifes will not only head your way, they will destroy the very successful economy you may have and drag it down to the level of the third world. And on top of that they will aggressively demand welfare and a free place to stay. Traditional welfare schemes are not appropriate for today’s third world refugees. They need to be placed in ‘discipline camps’ to teach them how to behave and the basics of hard work, sanitation and hygiene. If this is not done, they will soon bring the chaos and failure of where they came from to where they have arrived.

      61. We are hidden in the mountains here in Western North Carolina. You have to be looking for us or just lost.

      62. 2 years if we are lucky to make it that long. It seems with the hot summer heat the violence increases. More people are out of work with nothing to do. I think there will be blame for everything put on whites just look at the hostility of blacks on whites they have an agenda to destroy the police then it will be open season on whites.

      63. It is easier said, than done to pick up and move. But we did it by the grace of God and very little money, and got north into the mountains. I’m not saying we are untouchable here but hopefully we will have a chance. I lived for ten years in an urban hell hole and seen enough.

        Once they loot all the food, water, medicine and tee vees, they’ll burn up their cities and come running for what the country folk have. It’s going to be hell.

      64. I see that many here have taken the bait and blame all the blacks who all take money out the system but most of it goes back to the government in one form of tax or another.

        Rents are high because the government won’t let people build so that is a tax on the land and then they add more with land taxes that arive by post.

        Many blacks just won’t kiss bum and become debt slaves to feed a system in taxes that is bend and I don’t blame them in that respect.

        The USA is at war with it’s own people and they are counting on starting a race war at home just like they have done in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemem and people are falling for it already.

        Don’t worry they keep the borders open just so that both sides have a chance to win or wipe the other 50% out because they don’t want to have to pay any pensions.

        It’s the “White Trash” that keeps the doors open but you wanna pick on those that manage to cross the borders to force wages down instead of going after the gate-keepers !

        Thats just silly

        • You missed on everything. That’s hard to do.

      65. Agent Smith- I wish I had time to pick through your post because you’ve an interesting interweaving of fact and fiction…. but I have to go to work.

        • One out of six ain’t bad.

      66. Looking back on the earlier article about the hardships of trailer park living in today’s economic environment up against this article about protecting your dwelling from the attack of the rampaging marauders when the SHTF is concerning. It’s not like you can secure or strengthen such a dwelling. I think of all the old folks who will be wiped out in a collapse scenario. It’s pitiful, but this possibility also serves the treasonous monsters at the top. Life expectancy is definitely going down.

        • aljamo

          A very sober connection. Those people have very little chance of surviving marauding gangs. This summer might be a hot one where tempers boil over. I will pay close attention at what is going on in the cities for riots can start in one part of the nation, and spread all over.
          After all.
          I’m tired of all the bullshit.
          You can’t save them all.
          Don’t piss me off. ;0)

        • yep a round will whistle right thru those tin boxes , and breakin into those tin boxes is fairly simple

      67. I wonder if nation wide riots will constitute a “national emergency” ???

        Emergency Powers Give Barack Obama Authority Over Just About Everything During A Major National Crisis

        h ttp://

        • only works if he is allowed to rule ,, thats where civil disobedience comes into play
          hes also not taking into consideration that maybe some people wont recognize his rule, and refuse to recognize any of his so called power .. than what? game over punk , sure hope enough awake people can make that happen when he decides to play big man in the sandbox

        • only works if he is allowed to rule ,, thats where civil disobedience comes into play
          hes also not taking into consideration that maybe some people wont recognize his rule, and refuse to recognize any of his so called power .. than what? game over punk , sure hope enough awake people can make that happen when he decides to play big man in the sandbox

        • Satori

          He is the National Emergency.

      68. Until every member of the zio clan and its affiliates are dead, they will try to genocide whites and many others.

      69. one of the many bubbles about to burst financially speaking

        How Healthcare Is Dooming the U.S. Economy (Three Charts)

        ht tp://

      70. kids
        put on yer tin foil hats !!!

        Is ‘San Andreas’ A Cryptic Warning About What Is Going To Happen In America’s Future?

        ht tp://

        there is an increasing amount of volcanic and earthquake activity taking place,that is a fact
        whether or not it amounts to anything remains to be seen

        a guy named “Frank”,in the Netherlands is predicting the”big one”
        to hit Cali this afternoon

        stay tuned !!!

      71. Nickel, thanks for posting that stuff. No one really things about those type of details. We take advantage of the basic stuff not even realizing, that suddenly sh…t could cut off, rendering us, useless and dead.

        By the way POD Patriot, if your were just joking with me, i accept your recovery comment. I dont believe the zombies will attacking us, but how the movie showed it makes me thing. In the shtf event, people will be running around literlly going ape sh…..t. and acting like zombies. Zombies eat people. Then again, when the food supplies run out, do people begin to eat people. Think constructively, and think again. What does the elite mean when they call one event named by them:

        What is zombie protocol. Does it mean that they wanted to show us in World War Z, that they will fire on the morading sh…t loads of people gong ape sh……t in all the majore cites of Amererica. Oh, they just happen to rolling in Jade Helm 15 now all in a sudden? Things are really adding up. And to forment this event, they just attacked my state and city of Houston, flooding out the entire city and will do this again by weeks end possible as they warn us about more rain coming, to use this to calapse commerse in our city to flood out our down town areas to stop business completely, forcing compliance of our Governor to accept federal money and allow the soldiers to come out on the people to begin attacks. Or are my comments just a dissilusional man, what has nothing better to do on his time. I make type o’s all the time on my post. What you need to know, is that my BRAIN IS F…..KI….G WORKING 24/07.

        Thats why i referenced World War Z.

        My scientist friend told me that, that is what the first wave of the event will look like with the current population demographics. If 15,000,000 people starved to death during the great depression, and the population was a mere 35,000,000, and the fact that 25% of the people feed the 75%, since at time we were not dependent on food from 3 rd world countries. So people running aroud in th streets going balistic ape sh…..t is going to happed. That is the initial response, add a few more weeks, and look at the results. So for you all your agancy azz clowns, sitting in you fusion centers, let me talk you goons for a second.


        Yes You-

        Are you certain living the life of a techno serf, which is what you are, do you honestly believe that the elites will be calling you to report the local DUMBS entrance to run to you under ground bases.? You are working for them and you cannot honestly answer this, can you? Since you are basing us constantly, you may want to start storing up on food, water and preps and accept the fact that you mean nothing to these people. At some time everday, you have to go back to your little crappy apartment, and eat your food, j…k off the porn and the other crap you do daily. You honestly think that people will be running to your rescue. We at the are literally laughing at you ideots. Good luck to you useless idoets.

        Yours truly,

        And mentally constructively,


      72. You are sooo negative….

      73. if White Countries are so oppressive, why do the dark races continually flood into them (is it our beautiful women)?

        The right thing to do is ask their home country to come and pick them up or ship them back on our dime, so they will not have to hate and be angry about how oppressive The White Man is.

        There is no reason to have more than one race per country as permanent residents.

        It just causes chaos and confusion. Their half-breed creations are not kind after kind and are considered a new hybrid race with each birth by the medical world, since none have ever found or been eligible for organ transplants when their was a need for one as none exist for the newly created breed. Race-mixing is not only cruel & selfish to offspring of the newly created line forever.

        Neither are Mongrels allowed into the Temple of God. They will not have the choice or opportunity to be a born from above Christian nor will they ever receive any spiritual truth and guidance in this fallen world. The dream of escaping voodoo, witchcraft, ect…is now lost to them & all their progeny as well due to vanity, lust of the flesh, selfishness & ignorance of the weak that race-mixed.

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