Prepare: The UK COVID-19 Variant Has “Mutated Again”

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    Prepare for the mainstream media’s onslaught and push for the vaccine propaganda. The United Kingdom’s new COVID-19 variant has mutated yet again, say the medical tyrants.

    Tests on some samples show a mutation, called E484K, already seen in the South Africa and Brazil variants that are of concern, according to a report by the BBC.  Although this change may reduce vaccine effectiveness, the current ones in use should still work, say “experts.” Although this is an obvious ploy to gin up the fear and convince people to roll up their sleeves and take this vaccine, many are concerned.

    As I pondered yesterday, what will they (the ruling class) blame the vaccine deaths on:

    More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

    There has been a plan to introduce the COVID-21 strain as a more deadly and virulent mutation of COVID-19 in order to further enslave humanity.  We all need to keep an eye on what they are doing and under what pretexts. This doesn’t feel like it’ll end without at least some kind of oppressive reaction the “order followers” will attempt to force on the public.

    It’s not unexpected that variants are appearing or that they will continue to change – all viruses mutate as they make new copies of themselves to spread and thrive.

    Dr. Julian Tang, a virus expert at the University of Leicester, described the finding as “a worrying development, though not entirely unexpected”. –BBC

    There is no more “totalitarian tiptoe.” Those pushing humanity’s enslavement know exactly what they are doing. Tang said it was important that people follow the lockdown rules and get cases of coronavirus down to prevent opportunities for the virus to mutate further. So obey your master, and listen to those who claim the right to own you. “Otherwise not only can the virus continue to spread, it can also evolve.”

    It’s important to keep an eye on what mainstream media is pushing.  There’s always a reason it always comes back to controlling you through some kind of propaganda designed to get you to give up your basic human rights in exchange for nonexistent security.

    Stay alert and aware.  It’s hard to say how much longer we’ll be bombarded with the news reports of “mutant strains” until we are either under lockdown again involuntarily, or people willingly kneel to their masters and submit to their enslavement.  One way or another, those who think they own us will push this as far as they can. It’s now up to us.



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      1. What a surprise.?Yet,another mutation.Don’t these psychos ever stop? So,now we have a mutation of a mutation of a virus which has NEVER been isolated in the first place.All of these fuckin’ “experts”/liars are so full of ?. As you have mentioned often,these people trying to enslave us will come up with anything to keep the narrative going and keep everyone living in fear.Love how they named the new “mutation” E484K – is that like ultra 4K? ?

      2. Tang said it was important that people follow the lockdown rules and get coronavirus cases down to prevent opportunities for the virus to mutate further. Ugh,newsflash for Dr Tang viruses mutate THAT’S WHAT VIRUSES DO !! These tyrannical lockdowns and ridiculous rules are insane and designed to control us because no amount of lockdowns will stop this virus(if it even exists at all) from mutating,so,the rules are designed for other nefarious purposes – not to.contain a “virus”?

      3. The virus vaccination take of approx 60% is way too low for the masters. They need at least 80%.

        The new strains will give them leverage especially if the low death rate with covid-19 goes up significantly!

        Stay tuned and informed

      4. It is a virus, like the flu. It will never stop mutating. It is a excuse to dehumanize you with masks and keep you in eternal economic repression.

      5. Bullshit. It was a weaponized flu virus with a predictable lifespan that allowed them to steal the election. China got what they wanted and Democrats got what they wanted. The Plandemic.

        • Whatever caused the virus to escape from the lab we will probably never know. What we do know and is public record is this:

          1) The Wuhan lab was conducting gain-of-function research with Coronaviruses. It received funding and equipment to do this from Western countries including the US and research overseen by Dr Fauci.

          2) The virus was allowed to spread via flights as Chinese citizens from Wuhan arrived in Western countries (ironically) wearing masks.

          3) Flights continued until the virus was good and spread across the planet.

          The virus presented an awesome opportunity to get the whole population on a routine vaccine schedule, vast sums in bail-out cash to corporations, and to introduce movement control orders and real-time human tracking.

      6. This is tragic (so much of the population wearing cloth/paper diapers) over their suck hole. Comical. I have no more sympathy for my fellow citizens as we race towards the ‘true killer’ in the room that is about to make its presence known; FAMINE. MASS STARVATION (TO DEATH) for most. Keep wearing your face diapers dimwits. The abject absurdity! I have family that I can’t help. At this late stage – there is no helping most. Don’t waste valuable energy and resource trying. The real issue fueling the current state of affairs is – THE FUEL IS GONE. That’s right. Liquid energy for the masses is being CUT OFF. Your gasoline, diesel, etc. is going bye-bye. The TPTB know it’s now time to rid the world of billions of consumers in order that the remaining oil be held in reserve so that going forward, a small group of elites will continue to live luxurious lives, prosper. Two things are going to happen soon; a Black Swan that will be the cover to shut down fuel supply to the masses, and the LIGHTS ARE GOING OUT! keep those masks on good and tight boys and girls, after all, the life you save (as you starve to death) may be your own! Clever!

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