Prepare Now: There Is “No End” In Sight For Skyrocketing Food Prices

by | Aug 19, 2021 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 20 comments

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    The cost of most items is soaring, but the most noticeable jump is in the cost of food. Since everyone has to eat to survive, people are now being forced to skimp on or buy lower-quality food in order to get enough.

    Healthier foods have always carried a higher price tag.  But now that the cost of eating has risen dramatically, people are resorting to cheaper processed foods during a time when they should (because the mainstream media keeps telling us there’s a pandemic raging) be concerned about their health.

    Groceries have been on an upward trend all year, and these steady price increases may be the new reality. “We’re going to continue to see price increases, probably for the next two years or so,” said Phil Lempert, an analyst and food trends expert known as the Supermarket Guru. According to Forbes, food prices rose again last month by 0.7%, according to the latest consumer price index, released yesterday. That may not sound like a lot, but it adds up. Over the past year, prices for groceries and other food prepared at home increased 2.6%.

    And it is a lot considering what that static takes into account. In May 2021, food prices were 39.7% higher than they were in May 2020, says the Food and Agriculture Organization. That is if they can even find the same foods. Shortages are becoming noticeable as well and that is also expected to worsen throughout the year. Did anyone get a 39.7% raise this year?

    Stock up now. Prices will not be lower than they are at this point and we all need to brace for the ugly truth: shortages are getting worse too.

    This issue will compound the problem of food scarcity and people will become rabid if they cannot eat, especially in the United States. 

    Prepping: Nutritional Canned & Frozen Foods To Stock Up On

    The failing crops and unique weather situations have also played a role in this crisis that could end up in utter chaos.

    Stay aware and take notice at your store. Stock up a few extra items when you can.



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      1. GH

        • Do you want to stay alive?
          Do you want to know what is going on?
          Find the following info Before censored:
          Go to this web site that is a YouTube alternative:
          – Brighteon dot com
          Search for this video Title:
          “Covid shots, DNA&Transhumanism, with Dr. Carrie Madej”

          Or do you choose to believe Liar commie ccp controlled Media, thieves/ccp controlled, bought off, compromised, Amerikka Politicians?

          1. Australia Media just inserted into their mainstream TV broadcast that said “Hail Satan” and showed evil rituals being performed. Australia is locked down by TYRANTS.
          2. US media has story that DHS has now labeled:
          – Trump supporters, Those that question election integrity.
          – Those that question false vax narrative.
          As terrorist.
          To question the False narrative makes you an enemy of the state.

          What you can do:
          Buy Food. Store water, Garden seeds. Ammo.
          Pray to God. Be ready to Die to defend home/family.
          I don’t like or enjoy firearms, Many vets feel the same way.
          I don’t like to kill or hunt game. I raise livestock/garden.
          My Rifle is to Protect my family Against being forcibly vaccinated or hauled off to reeducation UN/FEMA/NWO/Agenda 2030, death camp. Imagine if the Jews in Germany, were armed and defended their lives against deadly evil tyrants.

          This comment likely censored. You can censor, ban, arrest, jail. But the truth will Always come out.
          “Do not get the clot shot death jab. Trust in God.”

          Jesus Christ will Return. Jesus Christ is Lord and King.
          Be of Good Cheer. God Bless America. Long Live the republic.
          Jesus will return and win in the end.
          Glory to the son of God, Jesus Christ.
          Be of good cheer.

      2. When you control the food, Sheeple obey when they are hungry, then some will become rebels. This is just the early stages of what is planned for us and it is not pretty!

      3. Shrinkflation rears it’s ugly head:

        Thousand Island dressing ===>Hundred Island dressing
        Three Musketeers =========> Two Musketeers
        Pumpernickel bread ========> Pumperpenny bread


        But the good news. I bought 15 lbs of 80/20 burger last weekend for $2.88/lb. And the butcher says they are having a sale on Porterhouse/T-bone @ $2.00/lb end of next week. So meat is way beyond cheap here…for now.

        I can’t recall anytime steak was this cheap. Hope It’s not BS.

        • Saaaayyy…come to think of it, meat’s been getting cheaper and cheaper ever since I quit tagging along to the store. And I didn’t think the butcher was open after midnight.

          Ah well, as long as he’s taking care of her she’s leaving me alone…

          • I worked in a paint warehouse in the mid 1990’s. My boss, a great guy, said to us, “Today is my wife’s birthday.” We asked him if he was going to take her out somewhere for dinner. He said, “Yeah, I’m taking her out for a steak, I want her to have at least one big piece of meat for her birthday.” …… and the way he said it made us laugh about it the rest of the day….. I still remember to use the line when friends ask me what I’m going to do for my wife’s birthday and anniversary……

      4. Better hurry, many items are running out for long term storage, including vitamins and medicines. You want long term because millions of people will die this winter and the next few years. Supply chain will break down for everything–food, soaps, gas, heating oil and LP & propane gas.

        Everything will be affected with a million dead. Power outages, water supply, phone service, travel, hospitals will close because they mandated death vacs for all employees, there will be riots and gangs of robbers and ammo will be gone, police dead or gone, garbage service gone, And a few Brain Dead Zombies will still try to jab you with the death shot.

        Cities will be a Biohazard with all the dead still transmitting spike proteins, and morgues abandoned.

        This is our future, so stock up with long term food and get out of the city before they ban travel.

        • Yep been getting all the small items and a few big ones too. Backups for my backups. More solar and batteries, freezer, backup/backup inverter and controllers, another 1550gal. water tank, more radios/comms, vehicles all fully serviced, I’m out of room for all this shit lol.

          • I want to get another conex container but DAMM! A 20 foot is over 5k and a 40 is 6K+. Just a few years ago a 40 foot was 2800.

      5. Food as a percentage of income has been historically cheap for some time now to the extent that overweight that used to be a sign of prosperity is now so common among the lower income groups that it presents a major health problem for them.

        So increasing food prices could actually be a good thing for most of the population as they can no longer afford to be several hundred pounds overweight.

        A silver lining in every dark cloud, or something like that.

      6. Don’t forget to stock up for your pets too! I used to buy a 3 pound bag of boneless chicken breasts for my dog for 7 bucks (way cheaper than dog treats and REAL food). Now they are 10 bucks but now they have a 6 pound bag for 12 bucks so thats an even better deal. Human grade chicken jerkey treats are 13 bucks for 1 pound. The store seems stocked pretty good so I buy extra long storing stuff when I go. I should get another 200lbs. of sugar for wheesky though lol.

      7. Better learn which bugs and weeds are edible.

        • Grasshoppers are good, and dandelions are a good source of vitamins and minerals.

          And don’t overlook algae.

          • Wild horse meat is a good resource too. Thats why BLM is doing a massive roundup in the west. They sell them to mexico for food. Much better and healthier than commercial pork.

            • I served in the US Coast Guard and watched many sides of horse loaded onto ships bound for Europe and Asia, especially the USSR.

      8. We throw away enough to feed the world. The problem is actually, artificial scarcity.

        • The soviet union did the same thing. Manufactured food shortages to control the population.

        • Very true. We are fed by global supply chains, and anyone disrupting those flows can create scarcity amongst plenty.

          The old time survivalists were determined to thrive and ultimately helped stop Cold War I from ending in unsurvivable nuclear Armageddon under Reagan.

          Today’s prepper prep-schoolers don’t get, stockpiled goods eventually run out and not alays replaced. The government, if not captured back from financial oligarchs, can seize whatever they have left or force them to sell out. How many have convinced themselves to get vaxxed, as true beleivers or just to get along?

          Simple changes to the tax or insurance codes can drive rates up such that landed preppers can be forced off their retreats. Or their goods can be arbitrarily declared ‘hoarding’ as easily as a cold declared a pandemic, seized to feed ‘the poor’ as easily as their rights for ‘the greater good’.

          Big government is here; vote against it realistically from the grassroots and stop pretending voting doesn’t matter or third parties can win.

      9. Guess the “food shortage” explains the nationwide OBESITY EPIDEMIC..

      10. It should matter not to you idiots that food prices are increasing. None of you are going to make it out of this pandemic alive anyway. Darwin is knocking at your door…PLEASE LET HIM IN! I cannot wipe the smile from my face knowing that the “hoax” is going to rid the rest of us of you morons. Ya get what ya deserve…enjoy ?

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