Prepare Now! Europe Locks Down AGAIN!

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 6 comments

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    In addition to Israel, Australia, and the United Kingdom, Europe is now going into a second lockdown.  If you think another one can’t or won’t happen in the United States, think again. There were plenty of people who said it wouldn’t happen here, and the U.S. is still on its knees from the first lockdown.

    According to a fear-mongering report by Time, even the countries that had largely avoided the first coronavirus wave (such as the Czech Republic) are now seeing surges. Stricter regulations to try and curb the spread of the virus could remain in place for the entire winter. In the United Kingdom, for example, where case rates are doubling by the week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new restrictions yesterday that could last six months, warning that the country is at “a perilous turning point.”

    People are beginning to figure out that this entire debacle is a scam, a hoax being perpetrated by governments and helped with the constant bombarding of the public with fear by the mainstream media.

    James Corbett: “The Pandemic Is A Test Run” For Your Enslavement

    New infection clusters appear to be linked to younger people, who are less likely to die of the virus making people unwilling to follow the totalitarian rules imposed back in the spring.  The result is that this latest surge of cases has so far been less deadly than the first back in March and less burdensome to healthcare services. However, they are really scrambling for an excuse to lock people down again.

    But the new restrictions could change if older people begin falling ill in greater numbers. Already, there has been a significant increase in the number of older people testing positive for the virus in France and Spain over the past two weeks, leading to upticks in hospital admissions. Rising case numbers threaten to overrun hospitals and health care services if not managed carefully. “We are not in the situation we were in March yet,” says Dominique Costalgliola, a member of the French Academy of Science and the vice-dean of research for the faculty of medicine at the Sorbonne University. –Time

    Mainstream media is now also saying that Australia’s complete  violent authoritarianism “worked,” which is the exact same predictive programming and brainwashing we saw used back in spring to manufacture consent of a global lockdown after China’s brutality was a “success.”

    This is all a test to see what and how much people are willing to put up with. So far, we’ve seen people in complete submission to the ruling class. Hopefully, that changes and soon because this is getting out of hand.


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      1. No one is getting locked down again. People have had enough and waking up in droves. Your fear porn is getting pretty pathetic. Just the right version of CNN.

      2. I struggle to find the words to describe how perverse the ideas of these evildoers are.They will not be happy until they control every single aspect of our lives.The fact that in their minds they actually believe they have the right to dehumanize us shows how sick they truly are.The human race is currently being attacked/experimented on from all sides by people who have absolutely no conscience or compassion.The ONLY lockdown I’d support is one which would lock down these evil bastards so they couldn’t hurt us anymore.It seems they have absolutely nothing better to do than think up new ways to make all of our lives a living hell.If it is true that karma is a bitch than I hope she pays these people a visit as soon as possible!

      3. People need to realize that covid19 is a real thing created in a Chinese lab! I’m personally beginning to believe (more data keeps pouring in) that China intentionally released the virus creating a wall of deception to make it appear to the world that it was an accidental release with China continually denying that covid19 started in China. The goal is the take down of the USA!

        Wake up people! The U.S. Govt got caught with their pants down, woefully unprepared to protect the public. It’s pure criminal incompetence!

      4. I could walk 100′ from my house and be in the forest. Good luck trying to make me sit in my house. Fresh air and sunshine,hiking, freedom not fear. Those commies can go F%$k themselves.So sick of hearing about all this crap, but I guess their not going away, are they….

        • Rock Roller, well done sir. You have accomplished the MOST important “prep” by residing in a good location. I also have tried to achieve that goal. Unfortunately, too many of our fellow Americans remain stuck in the “hives” (like bee hives) of the big cities. I pray for them.

          • Thank you Cranerigger. I live in Northern Arizona, it’s a nice place maybe a bit to close to Phoenix but peaceful here so far. Glad you are in a good location to, in the near future location could mean life or death. I also feel sorry for city folks, most are very disconnected from nature and have very little survival skills.

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