Prepare For What’s Coming: “The Largest Financial Collapse This Planet Has Ever Seen”

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Headline News | 491 comments

Global Collapse

Over the course of the last six weeks, since the disastrous launch of health care exchanges mandated under the new Patient Affordable Care Act, we have been made privy to something most Americans didn’t believe was possible: that the government of the United States of America is being represented by thieves, liars and sycophants.

Every promise made by the President and Congressional democrats who supported Obamacare legislation has turned out to be a complete falsehood.

But what’s critical to our future well-being is that we understand that the machinations and conjecture are not restricted solely to the health care debacle. They pervade every aspect of government on the federal, state and local level alike.

We have been lied to on every front, as evidenced by revelations just yesterday that the Bureau of Labor and Statistics completely fabricated unemployment numbers in an effort to sway the 2012 election results. This is supposed to be an impartial, non-partisan agency whose sole purpose is to calculate numbers, and even that has been hijacked by agenda-driven politicians and special interests.

Whether we’re talking about health care, the economy, personal privacy, or national security, we must assume, unless proven otherwise, that we are being lied to.

Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News explains the motivations behind this narrative that the majority of Americans simply don’t understand, or worse, avoid at all costs because it would destroy the very foundations of the  fantasy land in which they live.

The lies continue, non-stop. Govern by crisis, offer a lie for a solution, and continue to indebt this country.

Why? Because it isn’t about serving We the People. It is about serving financial special interests, plain and simple.

You’d better realize that and you better prepare for what’s coming, because inevitably, when this Ponzi scheme of stealing from our future in order to pay for fraudulence now comes to an end it is going to lead to the largest financial collapse this planet has ever seen… and most people are going to be absolutely blindsided by it. 

As Charlie notes, no matter how deep one attempts to bury their head in the sand, you’d better prepare for what’s coming because the collapse of our entire way of life is, at this point, inevitable.

Or, you can go on pretending it’s not happening, that government officials care about you, that you’re going to have platinum health care coverage next year, and that tens of millions of people in America are not actually living in a modern day depression.

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    1. KY Mom

      China announces that it is going to stop stockpiling U.S. dollars

      “According to Reuters, crude oil futures may soon be priced in yuan on the Shanghai futures exchange.”

      “And now China has apparently decided that there is not much gutting of our economy left to do and that it is time to let the dollar collapse.”

      “But of even more importance is what this latest move by China could mean for U.S. government debt. As most Americans have heard, we are heavily dependent on foreign nations such as China lending us money. Right now, China owns nearly 1.3 trillion dollars of our debt. Unfortunately, as CNBC is noting, if China is going to quit stockpiling our dollars than it is likely that they will stop stockpiling our debt as well…”

      The value of the U.S. dollar will go down.

      • slingshot

        KY Mom says:
        Comment ID: 2851425

        November 21, 2013 at 8:34 pm

        China announces that it is going to stop stockpiling U.S. dollars

        “According to Reuters, crude oil futures may soon be priced in yuan on the Shanghai futures exchange.”

        The value of the U.S. dollar will go down.

        Economic Collapse blog


        Had to bring it up. KY. Mom.

        • Be informed

          Just like so often throughout mankind’s past, WAR beats everyone to the punch. NO ONE can deny how history repeats itself over and over again, especially with the truly stupid and/or the truly evil. The better option with the wicked may be to start a war that just won’t end. A total collapse of the economy means total social disorder in the relam of billions that have to be controlled and corralled. This may be beyond what the sadistic elitists can handle. Answer for them start a war or release a deadly pathogen to curb the population. Remember to anyone doubting what an elitist can do. You are talking pure evil and pure evil is capable of anything and everything.

          • Mike

            Be informed

            I have wondered if we are about to see the one world government prophesied about in the bible. All that we are witnessing is truly historic. It is happening in all developed countries in the world.
            If it is not biblical then it will be the worst collapse the world has ever known in its history.

            • Be informed

              @ Mike. I tell people that don’t believe in prophesies that people can bring about just about anything written if they believe strong enough in it. What we all could be seeing now is something that is destined for humans, a mass die off. Just from a scientific point of view it happens to life from the plant to the animal kingdoms all the time.

              Humans have not achieved the level of technology to prevent Mother Nature from the simplest of disasters that could wipe out most people on the planet. A super volcano, a wayward comet or asteroid, The Sun with an EMP or a mass flare that hits the planet with cosmic radiation, a loose super virus, shifts in the climate, loss of magnetic stability, and the list goes on. Humans can’t even escape to other planet or other solar system if this planet became inhabitable.

              People, mostly the messes, I think I meant the masses, have this whacked out notion that people are so advanced that any problem can be solved with technology. I saw a classification once given by scientists to judge alien worlds and other civilizations. At the top was beings that could control what went on in their galaxy that was a 3. Those that could control the elements within their solar system were given a 2. Those that could at least govern the nature on their own planet were given an 1. Earth and humans got a big fat goose egg 0. In other words humans ain’t nothing yet.

              Human civilization is extremely frail and quite vulnerable. An EMP could throw people into the the late 19th century to the early 20th century. Anyone thinking that humans are advanced only have to see just how long it takes for people to get to Mars. An advanced civilization could at least easily travel their own solar system within a few days at most. Humans are not too far removed from outhouses and horse driven buggies. The only thing that has advanced is computers and that is because of money and control that comes from computers. Still I would imagine that an advanced civilization from another star system would make today’s computers look like an abacus.

              This is why people prepare, because mankind is hundreds of years away from any rapid recovery or invulnerablity to so much that can instantly happen and flatten everything.

              • OutWest

                Maybe this is why Maria Bartaromo is

                abandoning ship at CNBC for Fox News.

              • Facebook Page

                A lot of the world hasn’t even gotten to the level of horse buggy. Or the use of a in closed outhouse.

                • Outlaw

                  Well all you’d have to do is ask and I am sure that some kind folks here could help to bring you up to at least that level FBP.

              • Merree

                What do you think of the seven volcanoes erupting almost simultaneously?

              • Mike


                I do believe in prophesy. Some prophesies have already happened. Science has proved some of it. Some science cannot explain.
                I agree on your assessment of humanity. I told someone yesterday that there will be an adjustment of population on this planet. If absolutely nothing effects the planet then there is still the problem of population explosion. We will eventually run out of enough fresh water and food to provide for the population. That will also cause disease in my opinion.
                I always enjoy your post. Thanks for you wisdom and ideas. Your thoughts cause me to think and learn about things I have limited knowledge on. Much appreciated.

              • gone under

                @BI.. You dont believe in BIBLICAL Prophesis?

                • Be informed

                  @ Merree. I have seen volcanoes in the past go off together. If these were all volcanic explosive index of 5 or higher VEI, then I would say look out. Odds of 7 or more VEI of 5 or more is very low and would signal something. VEI of 4 or lower happen with more frequency and by pure chance many can simultaneously erupt. Has happened before, especilly in the early 1990’s after Pinatubo went off in the Philippines.

                  @ gone under. I do believe some of the Biblical prophesies have already come true, that is fact. Do I believe in absolutism, no I don’t even in science. I keep an open mind at all times because much is proven right and wrong as time goes along. It was those that kept the truth that the world was NOT flat that were theological driven to that absolute state of mind. Closed minds are as dangerous as minds that are too open. A good balance is always the best between faith and facts. Logic works. It is as bad to deny Biblical facts that are proven facts as it is to deny that something could be wrong or misinterpreted. Look at the 2012 “facts” about the Mayans that never panned out. Many can make prophesies come true which made the prophesy correct to begin with. I suggest this to ALL, always think what if and weigh in anything that it could be correct or wrong.

              • REB

                Youre correct…that’s how its ended up but in fairness Id wager you that IF govt hadn’t gotten out of its constitutional box and put we the people in one, that we would by now have reached throughout our solar system…simply by unchaining the freewill and the truly free commerce/market capabilities of the American people…we don’t need govt,we don’t need oversight …we need freedom and unfettered liberty…but alas the govicorp and its psyco peanut gallery of supporters couldnt allow that so they have interfered with and destroyed freedom till most people cant even dream much less do…reaching for the stars is childs play once youve tamed the demons of the controlfreaks and set mens hearts and minds free!Just sayin! 🙂

                • Be informed

                  @ REB. Did you see all the joyous idiots out there celebrating BO and helicopter ben for yet another stock market high breached? Just once when one or more of these mongoliods are praising what is helping to kill this country, on camera, I wish a seagull with diarrhea would dump a true glob right into the face of one of these pro-anti freedom, anti-gunner, debt the country into the grave jackasses. Looks like this has already happened a few times to feinsteinless as that face is a magnet to seagulls.

              • nosuchuser

                That is true. We are completely dependant of the natural systems that control our world. All of the power of the human race doesn’t amount to a hill of beans as compared to the power of our planet, let alone the universe.

                Our only hope to survive as a species, over the long time, is to expand far beyond our little blue marble and colonize the planets of our solar system (first) and the other solar systems (second). If we fail to expand beyond this planet, then our extinction is guaranteed.

              • level6

                @BI…I think the bs folks have been sold really boils down to this….All nature seeks an equilibrium with its surroundings, humans have been sold that technology can replace equilibrium. It cannot. The further we slide away from this equilibrium, the worse it will get. money, safety, power, control, perception that we are above our own natural world, all fake.

            • watching and waiting

              Mike In Ezekiel 7:19 it says that “They will cast their Silver in the streets and their Gold shall be removed:their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the Wrath of the Lord….etc there is more….

              According to belief in scriptures, the earth (mankind) will
              be subject to the wrath of God when The Anti-Christ, who marvels everyone on planet earth with his ability to stop earth changes,bring down fire from heaven and bring forth an answer to every economic social problem on earth steps into the rebuilt Jewish Temple on The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, stops the daily sacrifice and declares him self to be god and the world declares and worships him as god.

              So, in the collapse to come, and it should not be no surprise to any person who visits this site, Gold and Silver possession will only be a temporary fix. China
              is buying all the Gold they can so they can have the world’s reserve currency backed by Gold.
              It will be temporary.

              I do not care how much Gold and Silver you have, you cannot eat it. In the world to come, it will be worthless because no one is counting how long the collapse, racial and civil unrest will last. It could last a decade……..

              And again, people are discounting the upcoming earth changes that will interfere with national and global economies. People truly have no idea what is about to take place and really, no one is prepared.

              • messianicdruid

                The prophecy about tossing PMs in the street is a ways off yet.

                You trade with your enemies and give gifts to your friends. A gift economy {among kin/neighbors = community} does not require a medium of exchange.

                In the Kingdom all will know Him, thus all will be brothers and sisters = no money needed because no enemies.

              • Prepared Pastor

                Just because a lot of people agree on something does not make it correct. The same argument can be made for firearms. They will be of no use during the millennial rein so why should we own them today? Because they still have use today. Ferries only accepted gold coins after the Great San Francisco fire of 1906. If someone in the Philippines had invested only in food storage it might all be ruined now, but they could sift through the wreckage and retrieve a monster box of Silver Eagles. Those could grease the palms that can get one to the front of any bureaucratic line. They could purchase passage for their family on a cargo ship to somewhere unaffected. They could provide seed money for a new start.

                My wife is off for ten days and I have been using my extra time to better organize the basement. It is so packed with provision that all that is left is a path from the stairs past the washer/dryer to the circuit panel. I have so much food storage it is a fire hazard and insurance is not going to replace it if the house burns. I’m not going to apologize for borrowing against my retirement to buy silver when it was cheap because I believe silver will be valuable longer than my retirement plan.

                All complex societies collapse, and according The Collapse of Complex Societies, for the same reason. Historically collapse happens in stages and different assets will peak at different times. Cash first, then precious metals, then food. Those who consume all their food in the first phase may not make it to the third. There is a slight chance we could go directly to the final phase, but it is more likely something like the eruption of the Yellowstone caldera would kill most of the people in the West or an EMP bomb shutting off the Easter power grid with survivors walking out with what they could drag. In the center of chaos one can of beans might be priceless, but elsewhere the increase in food prices would be offset by the inflation hedge of precious metals and the same weight in silver would feed a family for a month.

              • Mike

                Watching and waiting

                I agree with all that you said. We just never know when the end will be. Could we be in the end of days. Yes I am sure we could. The question is are we and how does it play out. Could we go through a economic collapse and it not be the end of days. Yes we could do that too.
                I think one way or another we should prepare. There is nothing wrong with buying gold and silver to prepare. If it is the end of days and it becomes worthless then so be it. In that case money of any form does no one any good.
                I hope we are to be honest. Wouldn’t it be an honor to fight against evil in the end of days.

              • jonsin

                and somewhere in the bible; just as it was in the days of noah, people will be carrying on their normal life, eating, drinking, marrying etc, and then the end comes; or something like that. so most are always asleep to whats more obvious to the few that are awake..

            • Ugly


              You didn’t ask me, but I’ll give my opinion anyway. Yes, I believe revelation is unfolding now.

              It speaks of the Beast that arrives from a 10 Nation confederation, where three of them have fallen. Not exactly sure what that is yet, but we may know soon.

              • Mike


                I welcome anyone’s opinions on here. Whether I agree or not. I always get something from it.
                The 10 could possibly be the European Union. Only god knows. We do know for sure that some of Revelation has already taken place.
                Some in religion believe that we will be raptured by the time a lot of the pain takes place. I don’t think so. It really does not matter though. If I prepare and get raptured then who cares. Some other soul can use the preps.
                I just think if you are alive on this planet at that time you will be tested. Best be prepared.
                I always say ” Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best “

                • Jeff

                  Good advice, Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.

                  I am a firm believer in Biblical Prophecy. If the Bible states the a future event will happen, zero doubt in my mind that it will happen. BUT, yeah but and however: THE major problem is are we seeing what is there, or seeing what we want to see because we have our own idea of how it is “suppose” to happen (making the facts fit our pet idea). I do have my own ideas about it all, but I am willing to admit I could be wrong and need to rethink the matter.

                • Michael Mathews

                  Revelations Chapter 18 says: Babylon the Great is the “Nation” misleading the whole inhabited Earth! This is just one Nation. In recent decades all of the Nations formally opposing “Capitalism” such as Russia, China etc have embraced Capitalism to try to save their economies and their corrupt ruling class Elite and political establishments
                  Now the whole world has bowed down to the destructive nature of Capitalism which is in opposition to the teachings of our beloved Christ Jesus
                  Therefore all the nations of the world have combined and followed the corrupt principles of Capitalism instead of God’s Commandments of LOVE given to us by the perfect Love and sacrifice of our true King, Jesus Christ!!! As promised God will soon cut the times short

              • Yourdaddy

                You should view images of the former “Tower of Babel” when compared with the modern day EU Parliment building in Strasburg.


                …Unfolding before our eyes.

                If that is too coincidental, you might want to view the image on the $Euro and see if meets your requirement for a fulfillment of this prophecy in Revelation 17:-

                “Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns.”


                …Hidden in plain sight

                The 5 Kingdoms:
                Satan’s NWO

                The United States time is just about up, which will make way for the ushering in of the final chapter. Satan’s worldwide grab for power and dominance and full-on assault of the Lamb of God and all of his followers.

            • Anonymous

              The antichrist does not rise out of the one world government, but it does rise before he is revealed. The world government rises first, then it becomes quickly unsustainable, then divides into ten super states with ten rulers. It is from one of these ten supper-states that he rises, then they, the ten rulers, give him their power and he becomes the 11th, then he puts down 2 who begin to appose him…this happens during the first half of the tribulation. At the midpoint of the seven year trib, he establishes ‘his’ one world government, and everyone must then take his name, or the number of his name in order to buy or sell. But this will get very rough in order for any of this to happen…

          • Swinging on a star

            The stock market should be your warning signal, there is no valid reason for it to be so robust, it is going to POP!!!!

            People are being lulled into believing all is well and we are on the road to happiness, this could not be farther from the truth, just wait and see what happens during the Christmas season, the snake in hiding will rear it’s terrifying venomous head.

            Chaos, confusion, anger, frustration, ignorance and inhumanity against man will rule the coming days.

            I wish this wasn’t true but if this country continues on the path that it is on now then there can not be a good ending, it is impossible. Our military is being gutted, our freedom is being stolen, our children are being hijacked, our economy is on life support, our supposed leaders are all vile, corrupt, incompetent, psychopaths and the entitlement crowd is sitting back and living in lala land. Even an idiot should be able to see how this will end. God speed.

            • lastmanstanding

              There are at least 150+ millions morons in this country alone that have absolutely no fucking clue as to what is going on.

              Death will be violent, painful and deserving.

              to those that get it…well, there is no way of knowing our outcome. Please…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

              and hopefully our kids, grandkids will be saved.

              I will be standing with God to right this wrong.

            • PA farmer

              Swinging on a star: you have hit the nail on the head. Me and the dog worked in the rain all day all I want to do is sleep,but I’m gona get up an copy your comment in my note book. you are spot on. The sheeple arent gona know what hit them.

            • Anonymous

              Your military is the entire problem….killers of countless MILLIONS across this planet, all in the name of Truth, Justice and The American Way.
              Looking forward to KARMA wiping the USA off the map.
              Let it happen….for the good of the planet.

              • gone under

                @ Anon…All nations military and government does that, better look around you. small example is: britian in Ireland, France in Africa, Egypt in Egypt, Syria, Libya etc. You are a special kind of stupid.

              • M

                Stalin purge
                Chinese revolution
                Hey there were 10 million people murdered in the congo from 98 to 08 and not a white american man to be found with a machete.

                Anyways I could go on in this vein for multiple pages. So will shorten it up for you tardo.
                When america falls down around 6 billion of you useless hyper breeding monkeys are coming right along for the ride. )

          • Genius

            WAR the all time answer, concocted by the phycopathic rulers and fed by the blindly patriotic. Amazing how mind control works so well. The federal reserve “spreading death and debt since 1912” Here’s a good one for you BI,

          • lonelonmum


            I have a theory that the drones are to release the pathogen via nanotechnology. Even Afghan goat herders (cos lets face it, not the Soviets nor the US defeated those guys) are defenseless against that sort of weapon.

            It would map with Agenda 21 neatly and allow the criminals to escape blame as a mutated flu would be seen as a natural phenomenon by a population previously exposed to all the bird flu propaganda of the last few years.

            Has China bought up all the prime farmland now then?

          • Ian MacLeod

            “NO ONE can deny how history repeats itself over and over again, especially with the truly stupid and/or the truly evil.”

            You’ve hit the nail on the head, and you’d THINK people might just notice the similarity in patterns and wonder if maybe there aren’t some PEOPLE who are DELIBERATELY ENGINEERING IT. Now, wouldn’t you? Nope. “It’s a mystery!” they say. *sigh* Mystery my ass! What I do NOT get is that we KNOW WHO THEY ARE! We know WHERE THEY ARE! WHY are they STILL there – and in ONE COTTON PICKIN’ PIECE?? There was some genius on another blog a few minutes ago who posted, “These racists keep saying Obama has violated the Constitution (he hasn’t)…”

            ! ! ? ! I can hardly have any other reaction! I just don’t get it. At ALL. What planet is the guy ON? What planet are my countrymen and women on, for the luvva Mike? How is it this usurping foreign Islamic agent – ALL OF WHICH he has plainly revealed multiple times – whose goal is the utter destruction of America is still in office? Okay, it’s not REALLY our capital, and he’s not REALLY the President of the united States of America (it’s the “UNITED STATES, INC.” and the “UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, INC.” I think there’s one more, too. But it’s NOT OUR COUNTRY! So how come those military – GENERALS NO LESS – are packing up and heading out when he fires them? How does he get away with exercising so MANY POWERS he’d not have even if he WAS legitimate??

            And WHY is it so impossible to find ANY authority in the country to deal legally with this usurpation and the treason of those supporting him? He should have been in prison or accused, tried, sentenced and HUNG years ago! So why hasn’t he been? He’s committed more crimes in broad daylight than Bonnie and Clyde!

        • CaliPrepper

          The phony US economy is a bubble about to burst and this is the needle. Soon everything that comes from China (90% of the things we use everyday) will rise in price, the economy will stall even more as people will cut back spending, which will make the Fed crank up the printing presses faster and faster. The global economy will realize that the dollar is just worthless paper, and that we have no actual goods to trade for everyone else’s. The collapse is at the door, I think we got 2 years tops. Maybe Barry will have to be the one handling the collapse of America.

          If you don’t have a solid bugout group, start forming one. One way to look for quality people without putting yourself out there is to play a few rounds of this survivalist/prepper game with your prospects. Even SouthernPrepper1 from youtube/Practical Preppers endorses it.

          We are about to live through the greatest moment in human history, this will be bigger than the fall of Rome.

          • nosuchuser

            A couple of flaws in your reasoning:

            1) The chinese economy is heavily dependent of experts. So much so that they artifically manipulate their currency to be ‘weak’ as compared to USD and UER.
            2) If their currency rises, as compared to USD and UER, their economy tanks ‘overnight’.
            3) The spectacular growth of the Chinese economy of the last couple of decades was fueled by their massive supply of surplus labor. That surplus has been exhausted (that’s why companies are moving to other countries now).
            4) The chinese are in the middle of a massive malinvestment boom (see ghost cities)
            5) They will go the same way as the Japanese who were going to ‘own us’ in the 80’s
            6) We’ll just keep doing what we do..

        • Peterson

          Guessing the Sheeple article about attention whoring was for people like herself

          • Peterson

            Guessing the attention whoring Sheeple article didn’t strike home with the fastfood people around here.

            • Peterson

              For those who might have missed it….. “A sheeple gathers his entire identity from the group….. All of his arguments and talking points are positions he heard from the media, or academia, and he has never formed an original opinion in his life. Without the group….”

              If that isn’t the truth! Same Liberal Sheeple mentality…. owned by a different fastfood chain.

              • Anonymous


                You offer NOTHING to the discussion. Most of us here are TIRED of your continuing stalking and comments only filled with HATEFUL CRITICiSM!!

                You focus on STALKING some individuals on this site.

                Time to get big boy pants and START acting like an adult.

                • braveheart

                  Anonymous, I’m with you about Peterson. He’s just a boy trying to play a man’s game.

          • KY Mom


            You are a pathetic, disgusting lowlife! You have no right to refer to me as “whoring”!

            Clean up your language or go play in the street!

            • Peterson

              Have you looked at the two top posts there KFC??? It’s gotten to the point that you are regurgitating your own old news stories, right? You posting your “breaking news story” that China is going to dump the dollar onto both current articles, little weird. We all know that shit already so unless your actually standing in china hearing it from there mouth, your not doing anyone any good around here. We have this place, Drudge and the Blaze. Ya gonna offer up any opinion ever or is this all back from your school teacher days where you were trained to read and poach from the textbooks?

              • wrong

                hey peterson. don’t you have some porn to go look at or something… quit being such a dick. if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything. what the fucks your problem anyway? didn’t you get your spanking today?

                • Peterson

                  I know, I need to do a better job around here. I should just let it go, we all know by now that KFC isn’t really an extreme rightwing type anyways.

              • Anonymous


                Read the article. It was written yesterday! You might even learn something.

                This decision by China was ignored by MSM.

                Also at Economic Collapse blog
                How China can cause the death of the dollar and the entire U.S. financial system

                • Peterson

                  So none of us knew that until yesterday then, right? I’m guessing she “broke” the story then didn’t she? None of us had any idea that the world is moving away from the US dollar, right?

                  Thanks KFC! ( because that’s what’s she’s lookin’ for right?)

              • braveheart

                Peterson, like someone else here just said, you don’t contribute anything useful or meaningful here. you keep attacking KY Mom [NOT KFC] for no good reason. And you called her a ‘whore’? You’re the whore, selling yourself to Obama for a paycheck to go trolling. Go back to your boss Obama and get on your knees. And go f#$% yourself too!

                • For Cryin Out Loud

                  Are you Boneing Daisy or KFC ???????I forgot, you can’t remember either because of alcoholism !

      • dshone

        is this the only thing you have to do all day the same people and the same talk wow !

        • Huh!

          I agree dshne! This used to be an interesting site – but now it is the same rehashed stories, with the exact same comments, coming from the same ole people. Over and Over and Over. I try to sift through most of the stuff, but I rarely learn anything new anymore. And the thumbs downer crowd don’t like to be called on that. (Which is really a juvenile system anyway.)
          I miss copperhead and Burt and Daisy here. This site has become a group think, you know, kind of like a herd of sheep agreeing and following the same discourse every day…
          Don’t worry yourselves now.
          I won’t stay and play the troll game.
          You don’t have to get all huffy and tell me to leave if I don’t like it here – Gone -Buh bye!

      • Gravlore

        The Feds have about 10X that of China on their balance sheet. The Fed would pick up the slack. The fed has to monetize the debt.

        • Facebook Page

          4 times. But yes they could create enough in one second to cover it all.

          • Are You Sure

            Are you guys sure about that?

        • Ian MacLeod

          Actually, no – it DOESN’T. They could easily just hop on their own jets and let the Fed tank – along with the remains of what WAS the greatest country on Earth. I wouldn’t put it past ’em. But I’d almost bet money that there are likely at least a FEW seriously pissed-off, well-trained old veterans who would spend the rest of their lives hunting for those people, too. Just like the Mossad spent decades hunting down old Nazi war criminals. I’ve known a few like that, and if their prey or targets or whatever aren’t a mile underground, at least a few are going to end up with their hides becoming dartboard or throwing knife targets on a South American clubhouse wall!


      • Man on the inside

        Just saw catching fire. Kinda reminded me of the world’s future complete with Bearcat MRAP urban assault vehicles. More and more you are even seeing movies depicting what is coming (Elysium, Catching fire, Divergent, and so on), TV shows also (Revolution, Jericho, The fallowing, Flash point) …. People just know… and many are whistling past the grave yard… but that will not change a thing… PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

      • Joanna

        I Have Been Wondering If This Isn’t All an Elaborate Illusion. Have You Ever Heard of CAFR? (Compenhensive Annual Financial Report or CFR/Comprehensive Financial Report) Info Link: Internet Search Clint Richardson on CAFR or CFR. If the link above doesn’t make it clear enough what CAFR/CFR Means Mr. Richardson Really Goes In To More Details. With That Said; If Ever Entity with in the United States is a Corporation Including the United States Government, States and on Down (Everything Including and Our Educational System) Couldn’t We The People Request an Independent Audit of ALL These Entities From the Government Down to the Smallest Government Entity and My Point to This Whole Reply, “Pay Back Every One the United States Owes Money To”? Through Research On These CAFR/CFR I Am Noticing the UNITED STATES and GOVERNMENT Entities (in UPPER CAPS) Are Very Much in the Green Even Though Government Keeps Saying the UNITED STATES (Upper Caps Meaning Corporation) is in a Deficit. Just Thinking. Thanks for Listening.

        • Genius

          shhhh your not supposed to talk about that 😉 I had forgotten about the cafr thanks for the reminder!

      • AnAngryJew

        We do not need China to buy our debt. There is no reason to think that just because China stops using our dollars and stops buying our debt that our economy will suffer or even collapse.

        This is a myth, not substantiated by evidence. The value of the dollar will not go down. It probably won’t change at all.

      • Grey Dog

        China is not in the best shape economically. They have propped up their economy more than we have. They have a growing middle class, their low class workers are demanding more pay and safer conditions, they have a real estate bubble that is going to expode soon, and there banking system has been giving out low interest loans to anyone who wants them. The crash is going to be epic!

        And local corruption of Party officials is an epidemic that the Central Party in Bejing cannot control even with the executions of those caught. Civil unrest at the local level is common place, but you will not hear about it outside of some rare internet posts.

      • HD74Man

        Millions upon millions of 3rd world immigrant trash flock in droves to buy cheap Chinese made shit sold by the Wal-Mart cabal in response to Democratic- aka Clinton’s NAFTA and GATT trade policies, that have allowed and faciliated American manufacturering to be completely decimated and destroyed. And now the yuan is going to replace the dollar as the oil currency peg, which will be the final nail in the US economic coffin. And any of this should be a surprise to anybody with half a brain?

      • IsonKnockout

        The Obamacare fail because it was suppose to FAIL…on purpose to save his Insurance buddies, banker friends and 0.01% elite….so that NO payouts or Co-pay for any medical claims will be made as 100 million people lose coverage just as the Nation faces the largest HEALTH EMERGENCY since AIDS …FUKUSHIMA RADIATION poisoning….bangs on our Western door….O~hitler has left created a vast deathcamp from sea to shining sea BUT SAVED TONS & VAST amount of CASH for hin bunker buddies……achooachoo we all die now….now for his coup de resistance A Nuclear false flag to cover-up his negligence in dealing with the Fuk-U-Shima blows and blame the radiation on some other patsy…….it is a tough one…even thou mainstream christianity in known as a creation of the Flavians & Herodians , even as we know Christmas is a remembrance of AstroArcheology of the Solstice……I still feel some intelligence saw Obama in Ephesians 6:12………we battle principalities……..

    2. TnAndy

      Yeah…I went to a meeting the other night put on by the local Tea Party. They had run an ad in the paper with about the same headline, and “Be Prepared”.

      So after being bored nearly to tears by this guy working his way thru one PowerPoint slide after another about how the govt was doing this, and Obama was doing that, he FINALLY gets to his last slide of suggestions for “Be Prepared”. Nearly every single one was right out of Dave Ramsey’s playbook.

      Get out of debt…..yeah, ok, good one.
      Have an emergency fund….Ok…fine
      Start a long term retirement fund….ahahahaaaaaa….why, so you can wipe your backside with the proceeds ?
      Gold is very RISKY…..( but apparently paper dollars aren’t )
      Have a little extra food and meds around…..

      That was pretty much it. Then it was on to how the Tea Party needs to organize better so they can “change things”. Those folks are delusional if they think the ballot box is gonna change anything past the local level.

      I got up and left in disgust.

      • eppe

        Short the market now?

        • slingshot


          I was wondering why the market is going so high in a bad economy. 17,500 tops? When Big Boys sell to Little Guys, all hell can break loose. Could mean a Dump is in the cards. Silver and gold low. Still good demand by foreign banks for metals.

          • eppe

            Because all this printing of currency is flooding the market, thus artificially making it rise. It is a giant ponzi scheme, and many are playing into it. Those same people will be crying in their beer soon. I guess I will crack another open…
            Kidding aside, the end game will not be pretty, I am all in cash, which scares me also….
            Knowing what is going on, what will be true worth in the end?

            • Archivist

              I would at least put a good bit of that cash into rolls of nickels and other change that won’t be touched if zeroes are dropped from the paper money.

              • Warchild

                Nickels only coin not screwed with yet metal wise,has actual value of .07 and even higher depending on metal markets.I also save pennies pre 1982 backwards,they are 90+ percent copper.I have by doing this on occasion actually gotten a few old silver coins/buffalo nickels/wheat backs ect.This is a short money way to be in metals!I do though own gold/silver that I have at hand.

                • Yourdaddy

                  VERY wise move. I too have been exchanging paper for Nickels & Pennies. At first, I would bring a few “bricks” of pennies home, let the kids sort out the Pre-1982’s and then return the rest to a Coinstar…However, there is a company in Oregon that handles this task for you with a high-volume, sorting machine. You can order 10,000 Pre 82’s for a small fee. WELL worth it IMO.


                  PS (I have no affiliation with this company other than I am a current, monthly customer).

          • braveheart

            Slingshot and Eppe, sounds like another crash is coming.

            • eppe

              glad I stocked up on ammo years ago, will probably be the currency of choice. Hope you are doing well, still have bad feelings on madrid though. I wish the best for all who visit here…

              • braveheart

                Howdy, Eppe. I’m hanging in there. Are you anywhere near Madrid? I’m in Memphis.

                • eppe

                  Gwinnett co Georgia, far enough away, but there are fault lines that radaite out this far. I have had a few dreams on this, scares the poo out of me when I wake up thinking it has happened. I hope you can make it to nm ha when it happens. I wish the best for all of us, it just seems that it keeps getting worse and worse…

                • Be informed

                  @ breaveheart and eppe. Watch the Mid Atlantic Ridge between about 14 to 20 degrees north. I trul believe that before the New Madrid is ready to break you will see much increased activity here OR the San Andreas going off like back in 1812 or a section of the Caribbean plate breaking again like back in 1812. Geology follows patterns, and the New Madrid is locked into what other sections of the plates do like you would not believe. Inner continent plates are more like this than plate to plate interactions. The New Madrid is bassically an ancient fuse together section of plates that were once seperate. Today other plates affect the New Madrid.

                • Eyesopenanddisgusted

                  There is a map out of all the states FEMA has completely occupied. It’s white and the FEMA occupied states are red. There is a big white gap in the entire New Madrid Fault Region, and another white gap on the West Coast. 25 or 26 states are Red, this map really gives you a scary
                  Feeling about these areas, why would FEMA not be there at all?


                • rabbt


                  It looks like the ones in red are the ones that had a disaster declared in 2013. If you click on the states in
                  white they don’t show anything for 2013. Thats probaly the reason for the coloring system.

              • old geezer

                Not trading my ammo to no one, I’ll keep it to use on them, not going to let them use my ammo on me.

            • For Cryin Out Loud

              Alcohol can do that BH !

      • Walt Kowalski

        I’ve always wondered about the “get out of debt” advice.

        Seriously…..when SHTF, what difference is it going to make how much debt you have anyway if we are in a WROL situation? Since virtually the entire population is in debt up to their eyeballs, who is going to collect the debt….and how will they do it?

        For instance….most of the population does not own a car out-right…..they have a huge loan against it. And in many cases, they are upside down in regard to what it’s worth and what’s owed against it. So what’s going to happen when virtually 90% of the population defaults on their car loans? They can’t people out of their houses when they default. And when they do, many of these houses sit vacant for months if not years.

        And I haven’t even touched on unsecured debt like credit cards.

        To my knowledge, no one has ever really touched on this subject. And I’d really like to hear some opinions on it.

        What do you think will happen with folks who owe a lot of money? And what are the real advantages of eliminating that debt before SHTF?

        • Shootit

          I am planning on paying off my debt with a Trillion Dollar Bill.

          • Ugly

            I am keeping all my IOUs with Mr Samsonite….

            • Justin DeArmond

              “Samsonite!….I was way off!”…

            • Lanny

              OK Dumb & Dumber 😉

          • sixpack

            I think the big banks will still pay mercenaries to go collect on their debts, rule of law or not. Th empty houses are still empty because the banks now own them, and they’re waiting for the roll-out of Agenda 21.

            Remember that in Agenda 21, they plan on doing away with private residences altogether, and the more houses that are already empty, the less the hassle of throwing people out and bulldozing them.

            The banks aren’t worried about making their money on them, in most cases the people had paid most, if not all of their loans before they lost the properties … trust me, the banksters will lose absolutely NOTHING, regardless of the collapse.

            • Outlaw

              You make an extremely valid point sixpack. I am very familiar with foreclosed property, I worked in the industry for awhile and still have many friends that do. There are literally hundreds of thousands of homes, if not millions, that the banks are just sitting on. They have no incentive to turn them over, they have already been paid for it AT LEAST 2-3 times over. Check out the MERS scandal. My own home was involved in that. They get paid in full when you sign the mortgage, get paid again and again every time the property title is traded on the MERS exchange, and then, finally, get paid a final time by Hud or Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc. when the foreclosure is complete.

            • Shootit

              I have this sneaking suspicion that the bankers will be taking it on the run and it will not turn out as planned.

            • JayJay

              I read the bank is holding the foreclosed houses to screw with the true liability on the balance sheets.

              • Outlaw

                The value on paper is more than the actual sale value. If they were to flood the market with all of the foreclosed homes it would drive home prices into the ground.

                • REB

                  Yes that’s true but then the housing prices would be somewhere near where they should be in a real and sane world/market…the prices of land/homes and such were so far detached from reality with all these speculators and others driving up some pie in the sky equity in their holding in an attempt to get rich at any cost including treachery and deceit…not to mention this then allowed the govts to jack the yearly tax extortion through the roof based on these inflated and fraudulent price increases…its time for a major crash/reset in land/house prices so real people who need a place can again afford one… 🙂

                • nopittypartyhere

                  you got it

                • sixpack

                  Yes REB, I was just going to say that they can’t allow anyone the opportunity to buy and own a house, by letting the prices fall, can they? Then they couldn’t force people out of their homes right before they paid the home off (after decades of huge payments).

                • chad

                  I believe homes have overpriced for years. Remember when a one income family, dad worked at a factory, mom may not worked maybe was a part time sitter, these families could afford homes in the 60 and 70′ s.
                  Even here in ky, values are still rising, homes that u could get for $95000 are now $125 or $130000. Many are vinyl, not the brick homes of better times.
                  Middle class income being stagnant for years hasn’t help home affordablility or much else except make the rich richer.

        • The Old Coach

          The “get out of debt” rule is valid, except for unsecured debt like credit cards. As long as law enforcement remains, they will find themselves believing that they must possess the chattel (your house/car) as the paper they have issued on that value becomes worthless. Foreclosing will not help them, but they will think that it will. So they will screw you anyway.

          • Walt Kowalski

            But coach, if we’re in a REAL SHTF situation, I’m thinking that law enforcement is going to have bigger fish to fry than trying to repo someone’s Toyota.

            And if we had a grid down event with a worst case scenario, it is estimated that 90% of the population will be dead within 2 years.

            Looks like a lot of vacant housing opportunities for the survivors.

            I guess my point is….that when we are thinking through the possible scenarios of the coming days, we sometimes forget that the situation is NOT going to be normal. And this lack of normality is going to apply across the board. I think the rules of the game will change a lot.

            And I’ve just been wondering if anyone has taken this line of thinking to its logical conclusion…..or if anyone knows what has happened in other SHTF situations throughout history…and what happens with people’s debt in such situations.

            • braveheart

              Walt, that was the point I was making earlier. I doubt if cops will be out trying to fry any fish at all in post-SHTF. I think they’ll be at home protecting their own families just like the rest of us would do. Old Coach, your points are valid only under ‘normal’ circumstances. once the balloon goes up, everything changes, and not for the better. braveheart

              • Facebook Page

                But paid repo men will have a field day. They are protected by law and then now law would be around.

                • guero

                  Think Sherwood Forest. What were the sheriff’s men doing?

                • old guy

                  If you buy on credit its not yours. Until you make the very last payment your nothing more than a glorified renter.

                • Facebook Page

                  And you have all the paperwork to prove it completely.

                • CWinOR

                  @FBP- If they’re protected by the law, then what happens to them when we’re in a WROL/SHTF scenario and there is NO Law/LEO to protect them? What happens is their blood will be running down my driveway. As for me- getting out of debt is not just not in the cards- it’s not even on my radar of concerns. WROL, the banksters and their henchmen will simply be treated as any other would be zombie/raider/marauder. They all bleed red.

                • Walt Kowalski

                  Read some of Selco’s accounts of a real SHTF situation and see if there is any indication that there was any kind of legitimate law being enforced…..other than law of the jungle.


            • Survivor in waiting

              @ Walt, “Looks like a lot of vacant housing opportunities for the survivors.”

              Ive kinda have my eye on George Clooneys place in the Mediterranean. Hands off.

            • SilverSax

              Walt, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “reset” being tossed around. What that means for debt is that supposedly, all debts will be cancelled and the economy (and currency) will be “reset”. In theory, our $17T national debt will magically disappear. So will house payments, car payments and credit card payments.

              Unfortunately, any money that’s owed to you/me – pension, 401k, IRA, savings account, CDs, etc – will also “magically” disappear.

              To some it’s a dream come true. To others it’s a nightmare. Imagine if you were holding millions in US Govt debt, or if you’d been saving your whole life and you’re close to retirement. One day it’s gone, just…gone.

              • Calgacus

                To me, this is how itll all play out. Those in debt are forgiven but those w/ the cash lose out. Used to be it paid to save but not anymore. Now it pays to sit home and be a mooch and smoke weed.
                The eagle flies today and were turning it into turkey meat. Got 2 frozen butterballs yesterday for 99cents a pound. Going back to get 2 more and well put up jars of turkey next week.
                Thanks to the person who said Walmart had some soup for 67cents a can. Loaded up on that bargain and got 10pounds butter since its always cheaper this time of year.
                Found myself a hidey hole in the house but we got to do a bit of camo redesign.
                Think we need a sit down this weekend to move cash out of paper and into glittering coins. The hell if we let more of our cash go to the moochers.
                We need to get smarter and start businesses that do door delivery like the old days then those fatass dopers wont have to even go out to the store. Delivery comes in pairs with one as armed guard and the other does the delivery. Charge more than the stores. What do those moochers care they didnt earn that its free to them. Call it the sit smoke and shop drop and get rich off the dumbasses.

                • JayJay

                  Calgagus–I was just discussing the horse and cart delivery of milk from the Mennonites’ farms in this community!!!

              • 10% Off

                I have a feeling that the crooks gave up something to China as collateral for all this “borrowing”. What if all govt owned real estate/property was waged on the US paying it back? Could be our oil fields? Could be anything. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

                We all may owe China our mortgage payment when it all falls apart….

            • Lake Monster

              If we have a complete grid down, we’ll have nuclear power plants melting down all over the country, then it’s game over for everyone. At least I’ll eat good to the bloody end.

              • JayJay

                I have vac sealed chocolate bars, mason jars full of finger sized peanut butter cups, and chocolate cookies.
                I will go out satisfied, Lake Monster!! 🙂

            • Yankee Doodle

              Anybody out in the streets or driving around in a Toyota will immediately become a target by those who don’t have.Better to sit home and hunker down and play stupid then to get your head shot off!

            • JayJay

              And those ‘law enforcement’ you speak of will be too busy worrying about their own foreclosures and repos to be working for the department, esp. when the payment checks stop coming in.

            • gone under

              everyone assumes there will be a grid down situation with a economic collapse. Power plants that I worked at are able to route power to within its area. Some cities and towns can still produce power and as long as some pay thier bill. the grid may be up in areas.

          • Sgt. Dale

            L.E. doesn’t repo items. That is a civil matter that we don’t have anything to do with. As for me if they tell me I have to start REPO things I’ll tell them to F$$% off. I’m not going to the good peoples out there to take away things they have. I’m not putting my life on the line for objects. To save a life I will.

            • sixpack

              AMEN, Sgt. I think the main thing they’ll be worried about repossessing is real estate. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of hired hands to go steal back cars and the like (that is, the ones that didn’t get burned or tossed off a bridge).

              • Sgt. Dale

                My computer is telling me that there is a threat and won’t let it come up.

              • Sgt. Dale

                I got it to come up.
                If he is telling the truth which I believe he is. MAY GOD WATCH OVER HIM, AND THERE IS A PLACE IN HEAVEN WAITING FOR HIM!!!!!!
                Being a Sgt. I’ve handled these kind of things at my level, and they stopped. I always believe in giving someone one chance. If they screwed up again it was taken to the next level.
                He is no different than any one else. If they want any one of us taken out they will do it. They will make it look like an accident.
                I just hope and pray that they don’t hurt him or his family.
                We here on this site should pray for him. Please folks Pray for him.
                Brave thanks for the INFO.

                • braveheart

                  Good evening, Sarge, just now getting home and catching your response. he needs all the support he can get. anyone who targets him needs to pay dearly for harming him.

        • braveheart

          Walt, that’s a very interesting and important question. I’ve always suspected that when the economy finally collapses totally, if we have a pandemic, nuclear war, EMP, etc. the debt will be gone. If it’s not gone, how the hell will anyone collect on it? In any post-SHTF scenario, within the first week, the great dieoff will begin. People from all walks of life are going to die. That includes bill collectors. I can’t picture a repo man in any post-SHTF scenario driving around town looking for a certain car to recover because someone got behind on their payments. If we’re hit by an EMP, most likely, the electronics on that wrecker will be fried along with all of the other vehicles out here. Credit card companies won’t be able to call people trying to collect on past due bills since the phones will also be fried. Well, you get the picture. I think the debt will die along with the economy. Debt will be the last thing on anyone’s minds in post-SHTF. braveheart

          • Paranoid

            In 1933, after they stopped taking peoples farms for taxes, you are correct. But that fall took 4 years, The guy that was one day to early for the moratorium lost everything. You can BET YOUR LIFE the last thing a gov will do is collect taxes or steal your property if they can use it. Because that’s their paycheck. Yes when it’s absolutely SHTF debt won’t count. But until that day, they will do anything for your money. And the most likely thing will be to freeze your bank account and then demand payment of what you owe. That way they get everything.

            • Mr. T

              Paranoid when that day comes, robbing banks will be the most popular job description in America.

              • Paranoid

                Why do you think John Dillinger was a hero to a lot of people?

            • Facebook Page

              Dirt and the paper on it will not go away. I carry contract still from old rentals and farmland. I have a few that have not paid in a year plus. Right now it cheaper to let them take care of it. Til time it worth more profit to me. Dirt is not going anywhere.

              • sixpack

                Dirt doesn’t go anywhere—it just changes hands, from your hands to theirs…

              • Outlaw

                Cheaper to let them take care of it? LOL, people who cant afford their rent DO NOT take care of property that does not belong to them, more like trash it. You are obviously not a very wise/experienced landlord.
                What is the saying? If you don’t hold it then its not yours? Another one, possession is 9/10ths of the law? Good luck reclaiming your “dirt” when the time comes FBP.

                • Facebook Page

                  Matter of fact I was one of the best slumlord in western Washington.. rented full of roach and no one cared. They never paid their own rent anyways. Agencies always catches them up. Also if they were vacant more than 30 days insurance went Thur the roof. Have the time just waited til the power was shut off and they would just disappear. Always had a family that would ” do the work” so they could have a place. And a rental help agent with a fat check to help them get off the street.

                  Also the way to play it is always own it all free and clear. Then you can deal with it when you feel like it because it doesn’t matter.

                • Outlaw

                  You sound like a real winner FBP.
                  Sounds like if you own roach infested slum, that it isn’t worth much anyway. Think Detroit. By your past posts, I thought we were talking prime real estate / farmland.
                  Good luck with your plan.
                  In my eyes it seems as if you are a drunken wannabe, who plans to “survive its death” and then try to fill in for the scum we wish to rid ourselves of.
                  You will be treated accordingly.

                • Babycatcher55

                  Beg pardon, but there are people like me out there, who not only pay rent,cuz we have no credit to buy anything( because we never established any) but who also improve the property to the point that the landlord was able to sell the property for twice what he paid for it! Yes, we had to move, but I don’t regret all that hard work for a minute. The landlord also wrote us a very nice letter of recommendation, so we might be able to get something else further down the road. So I still got blessed, cuz now I have the farmstead others told me years ago to stop dreaming of…:)

              • Merree

                There are a few people in France who still own rental income contracts from before the French Revolution. They get paid a few dollars per year on what was a complete annual income for their ancestors. One guy reported, “I get my check and it buys me a cup of coffee.” It is a good illustration of inflation and what could happen with long term contracts.

          • NITRO

            I KNOW A GUY ON HAM LAKE THAT WAS WARNED HIS HOUSE WAS GOING TO BE REPO-ED AND THAT NIGHT HIS WHOLE HOUSE WENT UP IN FIRE. I wonder how the bank and the insurance company got along?

            • Outlaw

              They did just fine. Probably got paid the foreclosure insurance through Hud PLUS got the insurance money.

            • Slick One

              Nitro I am not a bit suprised,I AM suprised that more vacant forclosed homes havent been torched by angry homeless people across America.

              • gone under

                Why torch it? Strip it like a honda civic left overnight in Modesto Ca. All appliances, cabinets, doors, windows, wiring, plumbing, heating, etc. Put everything in storage under a relative or friend’s name, then buy a remote piece of land and build a small cabin. Remote land is Cheap because there is no infrastructure, roads, power, sewer, water etc. you can dig your own septic system, run off grid power, and build a sistern. Buy in the north where it is very cold and lots of snow and rainfall. Gather lots of firewood. There are people who live like this off grid and are happy.

        • TnAndy


          A good argument could be made for what you say…..unless the S-hits-the-fan at extremely low velocity……like it is right now…..and you are the one that gets bounced out of your house or car repo’ed, or the credit cards you’ve been using at the grocery store gets canceled. Then debt will bite you in the backside.

          And since this low velocity SHTF has been going on for a decade or more, there is nothing ( except internet headlines ) to say it can’t go on for another decade or more.

          One thing I’ve learned as a 30 year prepper…..inevitable does NOT mean imminent. The economy can stay irrational a lot longer than many people can stay solvent.

          • eppe

            agreed, but what is one to do?

          • braveheart

            TnAndy, I think Walt was asking what would become of debt in any post-SHTF scenario, when the REAL SHTF finally hits. for now, the things you mentioned can and will still take place, but in, say, a grid-down situation by EMP, debt will be the very last thing on anyone’s mind. I’m debt free, so I don’t have to worry about it. I put every spare dollar I can into preps and I can get more at one time than I would’ve been able to otherwise. If there’s any way you can get out of debt before MEGA SHTF, try to do so. You’ll love the feeling of being debt free. Every vehicle I’ve ever owned I paid for with cash and owned outright from the time I paid for it. never had a car loan with high interest rates to worry about. never had a credit card either and refuse to have one. As long as I can use cash to buy something, I’m just fine. If I can’t use cash, then to hell with it; I must not need that item that bad enough. there’s nothing I want or need bad enough to go into debt up to my eyeballs. to hell with credit. I don’t need it. braveheart

            • Facebook Page

              Also debt free mean you don’t have to deal with the be of the banks etc even trying. (

              • Outlaw

                Actually, you still risk dealing with the banks BS. They have been known to foreclose on property paid for in cash.

                www dot tampabay dot com/news/business/realestate/bank-of-america-forecloses-on-house-that-couple-had-paid-cash-for/1072632

                • Facebook Page

                  If the title wasn’t cleared it was there fault they didn’t clear it when they bought it. I know that case. They need better title ins rule there.

                • Outlaw

                  This is not a singular case. In the example given, the couple fought and actually foreclosed on BOA. Although they won, they still had to go through the legal BS. Even if you win and get legal fees reimbursed that’s money up front and stress, etc, etc.
                  You need to look at the MERS scandal. In this age, if a house has ever been in the MERS system, then there is no clear title, cash paid or not. There is a supreme court case pending on the issue now.

          • Walt Kowalski

            Good reply Andy…..I guess timing is everything. LOL!

            • Walt Kowalski

              Also… should prioritize their debt.

              In “normal” times, the advice is to eliminate credit card debt, since the interest rate is typically higher than secured debt.

              But in a collapsing economy, perhaps the best debt to eliminate first would be secured debt…like your car or home. That way, they can’t take that from you. And while the unsecured debt may have some negative consequences, there is not much they can really do about it. Also……the assumption would be in a collapse (even a gradual collapse), there will a lot of other people all in the same boat. Again…..there are limitations on just how much the courts could even handle…especially with budgetary cuts in police and public courts that would most assuredly occur as the economy implodes.

              I’m thinking that a person would be better off just keeping their head above water with the unsecured debt….never paying more on it than necessary and channeling their funds into acquiring essentials that will keep them going when it does finally collapse into a WROL situation.

              Just my thoughts. Again….the “normal” rules don’t apply when everything starts going south.

              • braveheart

                Once everything goes south, survival will be the only thing that matters.

                • Hammerun

                  I’m kind of with you on that one, but I’m going to go one step further.
                  If we flip and it goes shit the last thing I would be worried about is making some credit card payment or any payment for that matter.
                  But that entire video speak we just watched I thought was akin to sachsquach hunts and UFO sightings. Everybody knows they are there, few knows how to spot them, nobody knows how they work and nobody is ever right. And nobody but an idiot will ever make a prediction that will ever or can ever be verified.
                  All of this hoodoo wooki wooki we have been subjected to in the past five years little to none has came to fruition. Look at the European / PIGGS financial crises and what happened to that? Gold was to be at $5000 an oz. not that it can’t happen, but it hasn’t happens yet.
                  I think I’ll wait a little bit before I’ll get all whipped up and go dive in a hole.

                • Facebook Page

                  Once again it depend on how south they go. Mad max true. But say as in s america. All those countries are still fighting over debit.

                • Alphonse

                  Braveheart. You have a remarkably naive, juvenile or brittle alcoholic perspective. You seem to salivate at the thought of killing people during some worst case scenario.
                  I suspect you have never, in truth and in fact, been near a shot fired in anger. Simply put, you sir, are a fraud. The one thing absent from your ravings is combat engenders fear, fear and more fear. You gleefully anticipate the prospect of this combat hypothetical; to that extent you are uninformed or sick.

                • Peterson

                  LOL….. Ya Braveheart wants to be a stone cold killer alright!

              • sixpack

                It seems to me that what virtually everyone is saying is: The LAST thing to worry about, is our CREDIT RATING. Try not to let them take your home, but who gives a fuck if they ever extend another loan?

                • braveheart

                  Alphonse, allow me to enlighten you on some things. I’m not naive, nor juvenile, nor alcoholic. My perspective on everything is as realistic as can be. You haven’t read enough of my comments to make an accurate judgment of me, so now I’ll correct you on some things. I’ve said many, many times on this forum how I dread the ‘hell on earth’ that’s coming to this land and will affect all of us. I’ve also said many, many times how I dread the day when someone comes to my home with bad intentions toward me and what I’ll have to do to stop them. I’ve also said many, many times how I dread certain things I’ll have to do just to survive. I live in the real world and so do the rest of the regular members of this site. We all know what’s coming and prepping for it. Neither I nor anyone else is happy about what is coming. I don’t want a war to happen in this land, but I know it will and cannot be prevented. I don’t want to have to take human life in order to protect myself and home, but I know that it can happen and most likely will. I don’t glorify war or any other type of violence. I never go around having bad intentions toward other people. The fact is that we live under a government that proves through words and actions every day that they have some of the worst iintentions imaginable toward all of us. Only one part of your post I can agree with, that I’ve never fired any shots in anger. But I know that time is coming for me and I’m prepared for it. You say and I’m sick or uninformed. I would suggest you’re uninformed and naive, if not sick, to not see what TPTB have in store for this country. YOU are the one who needs to wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late. braveheart

                • braveheart

                  Peterson, you want to tangle with me, bring it on. we’ll see who’s standing when the dust settles.

          • JustMe

            Well said. If people were watching, they could have seen this mess 20 years ago, but it is in the form of long slow decline.

            Hearing and reading many headline stories about “immanent economic collapse” over the last 20 years has left me a bit jaded, kind of like crying wolf…

            The parasites could probably drag this mess out for another century if they really wanted to.

            As far as what would happen to all the debts, if there was a real SHTF? Most likely they will never be forgotten or forgiven, unless there is a catastrophic reset.

          • senormechanico

            TPTB will probably revalue your mortgage to pay the banks.
            For example, if the dollar is devalued 50%, all of a sudden they’ll say you owe twice as much as before.

            Molon Labe!

          • Tactical

            @TnAndy….Good QA’s by both you and Walt. I personally believe your version of low velocity SHTF would be the case. IMHO….what we are witnessing is a careful planning by the global powers. All of these satanic powers are 100% united from north to the south and east to the west and every regular folks all over the world and in all countries were screwed by these SOB’s. For many years we are being told tomorrow is the end or next week or next year…the fact is we all have faced the end point on slow motion…..just look at the inflation, degradation of purchasing power, etc.. at the same time the richest of the rich have increased their wealth by 275% since 2008. I want revenge from these SOB’s.

            To me SHTF is an absolute reality but we won’t face a Mad Max scenario. Again just my .2 cents.

        • mike


          I am no financial advisor by any means. I have thought about these same things. If the system collapses overnight it may not matter what you owe. There will be too many people in the same boat for banks to collect.

          If the system slowly goes it does matter. If we go through hyper inflation then tough choices have to be made. If we have to pay 20 dollars for a loaf of bread then how do we pay our mortgage. I have gotten myself out of debt except for the mortgage. If it were a car or credit card then fine take the car and garnish my wages. The mortgage to me is the real problem. If they take my house then I not only lose it but also lose my chickens, American guinea hogs, and garden space. Then I hope I could find a house or something to rent in the country. I think it all depends on how the collapse takes place. I am sure also that our banker friends have thought this through to some extent.

          • smokey

            If bread is $20 a loaf, I will bake bread and sell it for $15, and pay the mortgage.

            • Mike

              Good idea. Hope I have enough preps to pay the darn mortgage off.

            • TnAndy


              If you can’t bake bread now and compete with bakeries, then you won’t be able to at $20 either….because flour, energy, and everything else will go up along with bread.

              • Leslie Anne

                Why would Smokey buy flour? Smokey can just grind wheat from food storage to make the bread.

                • Outlaw

                  Food storage tends to run out faster if you are using it as raw materials to run a business. I hope Smokey planned for this as his after the shtf job and stored a silo full of wheat.

        • Lisa

          Somewhere recently I read that historically, what happens when hyperinflation occurs is that loans will be adjusted to account for the new value of the currency. In other words, you most likely will not be able to pay off your debt more easily during hyperinflation. In fact, wages often do not keep up sufficiently with the hyperinflation.

          Jim Sinclair responded personally to an email I sent him, and he said do not sell your stocks until August 2014.

          His “Get out of the System” advice on his website is a little confusing at first, at least to me it was. He’s saying to do it right now, without delay, and he’s referring to retirement accounts mainly because they are going to receive a “haircut” (theft) of a percentage of them. He advises getting Direct Registration of your stocks so supposedly they belong to you directly and can’t be confiscated under current laws. Instructions are on his website.

          • Mike

            Thanks for the information. Very helpful. I sure hope you are wrong about the adjustment of loans. I at least have a fixed loan.

            • Lisa

              You’re welcome. As you may know, Jim Sinclair is having Q&A meetings with his readers at different locations around the country and in a couple of other countries. He only charges $50 and doesn’t allow cameras or recording equipment in the meeting. In these meetings he tells the group information that for some reason he doesn’t want to put on his website. I wrote and told him we couldn’t go to a meeting so what could he tell us based on our household financial condition? And that’s mainly what he told us – don’t sell until August 2014.

              I believe in not putting all your eggs in one basket, although I do believe he knows what he’s talking about. We may sell half or most of our stocks around that time but not all of them.

              • Mike

                Thanks again Lisa

                I believe that knowledge is the key for the coming collapse. financial knowledge will be useful in the beginning. May be useful if there is a reset. Thanks again for the advice.

          • Smokey

            Every contract I’ve ever signed has not one word in it about indexing the amount to inflation.

            They all do say, however, payment is to be made in US dollars.

            So when I can trade something for thousands of inflated US dollars, that can be used to pay off a note.

            If they pass a law indexing existing contracts, or requiring payments in gold, that would engender a revolt.

        • California Girl

          I don’t know if this is for certain, but I have read from several sources that one of the functions of the FEMA camps will be to imprison those that can’t pay back their debts. Do a search for “FEMA debtor camps” and a number of articles will come up. I don’t think this would apply to a house mortgage since the bank would just take the house. But, having debt would give the PTB an excuse to send you to a camp if they saw you as a dissenter.

          • Mike

            California Girl

            Hope you are wrong. If they tried that then I probably would end up meeting my maker. Hope I could cause a meeting between the maker and a few of them too. I just will not go to a FEMA camp without a fight.

            • 10% Off

              Mike – the minute Obutthead was elected, he made it illegal for anyone but the gov to issue student loan debt. They want complete control of our lives so they will be able to go after those that don’t pay their debts.
              I never have been a gloom and doomer, but I started to see what these crooks were doing and how they were changing the laws in their favor. Yes, the talk of collapse has been going on for decades, but we aren’t playing by the same rules or under the same circumstances as even 10 years ago.
              If you listen to BHO, he will tell you what he wants to do to this country. A majority just aren’t listening. He and whoever controls him want to crash the system and they want to be sure it happens towards the end of his term. This man wants to be King! His narcissist arrogance makes me want to puke! These times are not anywhere close to the last few decades. This is a whole new game. The rules don’t apply any longer.
              Something big is going to happen and I still believe it will be a snowball effect from a smaller “crisis”.

          • JayJay

            There are not enough FEMA camps in the nation to hold this debtor nation.
            I, like many here, only have a mortgage –after clearing 3 credit cards by the discount method that ruined our credit :-(–but even with a mortgage, what happens when you can’t pay homeowners AND property taxes.
            This is not gonna end well.

            • California Girl

              Lindsey Williams says it is the goal of the PTB to have as many properties as possible in their possession, residential and commercial. Even if you’ve paid off your mortage they can still take your property through nonpayment of taxes. Lots of people wiil have a hard time making that bulk payment the first few years after the collapse, which is when the PTB intend to step in and clean up. Williams says to try to save 3 to 5 years worth of property tax money now in silver or gold and have it in your possession. Hard to do, I know.

        • John_Allen


          You raise a good point. In a grids down WROL no corporation of any kind will be functional for long. Sheriff and police departments will have bigger fish to fry than serving papers. There will be no courts.

          Just my unsubstantiated opinion but what if Otyrant has a secret deal with China that our debt to them is backed by privately “owned” real estate and personal property? Several of those Executive Orders give Otyrant control if not ownership of everything.

          Even if my conjecture happens to be the way it is, unless China invades they can pound sand.

          And to those infamous sub-prime credit card weasels, Capital One, and their question, “What’s in your wallet? I’d say my range card and various RKBA membership cards. But nothing of yours.

          I have no debt but you raise good questions.

          One question I have; suppose Citibank or Wells Fargo take a big hit gambling on derivatives. The FDIC and Bank of England paper last December gives them the right to help themselves to depositors’ accounts.

          What if you owe Citibank a quarter of a million on your mortgage? Suppose you are paying it off as agreed. Can they seize your home as part of seizing your accounts?

          That might be more likely than China invading.

        • Lanny

          Walt: Food, water & shelter, the rest is just an illusion created by society and everything beyond these three is a bonus that was Never guaranteed, yet seems to be expected by most nowadays… L

        • SheepishPlayer

          Paid for house with Credit card and have been rolling over the 1% interest rate for 8 years now. A week ago the offer came again at 1% and no fees till next October. Inflation is more than 1% so yeah, minimum payments till they call it in or everything falls apart. Either way the system allows it because of their greed and I am just playing the game. No guilt on my end for stupid idiots that run the system.

        • NoRegretVet

          Ref To: Walt Kowalski

          I,as all of you folks here feel like we are truly near the end….The gut feelings I have had for a while seem to be telling me ” It’s Here…It will soon be over “…

          I have also wondered “What” will happen when the Big Ole Cow Patty hits the Fan …. and our entire society turns upside down…Will it matter if your in debt or not ? I owe very little on my home…no car payments….no credit card debt….BUT….If I feel like it is at the door….I am going to run out and just buy up/charge up any and everything I see !!!!!!!!! I figure I have about $ 75,000.000 + or so of credit lines on my cards….So, everyone put in your request now !!! Get that “Christ”mas wish list ready….The drinks may be on the house !!!

          Here is hoping that each and everyone of you/us survive what is headed our way……

          I am through talking now….

          • Walt Kowalski

            It’s one way we could “stick it to the banks”, is it not?

        • Nimrod Hunter

          It depends on how big the SHTF situation is. It could be that we have a depression in which there is still a functional banking industry, many people still own houses and have jobs, etc. There is a continuum along which slides a glass bead of gravity; it could be surprisingly tolerable for many people, or it could be WW III and Mad Max rolled into one, or somewhere in between.
          Rawles advises homeowners to prepare to pay several years’ worth of taxes in advance in case the State retains the capability to seize your house for non-payment of taxes.
          Personally, I’d rather have no debt at all going into this.
          Ensure that you can at least continue to control that which is most important to you.
          Most people will need a defensible shelter, but a good FICO score might not make a rat’s ass.

        • Ugly


          This is how I look at debt.

          If you have debt and too much of it, then your monies goes that way (paying debt). If you pay debt down now, then that extra monies can be spent where you want it to go.

          I think having money in hand for purchasing power will help more now than later.

          • Walt Kowalski

            But some people may have so much debt it will be nearly impossible for them to eliminate it. And because of that debt they are having a hard time applying funds toward prepping now….if they are trying to pay it down.

            In such a situation, they might be much better off spending all available funds on prepping with a view to simply walking away from the debt if there is a catastrophic economic collapse (i.e. sudden).

            Let’s take for example, someone who had say….$30,000 in credit card debt. So….he takes the advice of the “get out of debt” crowd and spends the next three years paying down that debt to $0. Now…..if the economy continues on as “normal”, then he made a smart move. On the other hand….if a week after he made the final payment on his debt, the dollar collapses, of what use was it to him to pay down that debt? He paid it down in pre-collapse dollars that could have been used to purchase stuff he will need to survive the hyper-inflation that will most assuredly accompany a dollar collapse.

            Do you see my point?

            So let’s say that instead of paying that debt down to $0 over the next three years, he instead makes minimum payments on the debt and uses the rest of the money he would have used to pay down debt, to purchase what he is going to need when TSHTF. Personally…I think he will be in a much better position. Because there are going to be countless thousands of people who are going to be carrying a lot of debt when the collapse occurs and they WILL default. And there is no way the creditors will ever be able to collect that debt…for reasons that we have already discussed.

            Again….I am referring to unsecured debt. Because really…….if a loaf of bread costs $20.00, are you really going to be concerned about not making your Visa card payment?

        • Estrella

          Here are my thoughts your question of “Why should I get out of debt if things collapse…” it has to do with a bit of difference of opinion I have with a friend of mine. My friend plans for and expects the worst case. Certainly a possibility. I on the other hand think that it is far more likely that it will not be the worst case. Things will be pretty darn bad, but, there will still be lawyers presenting claims to governments that you owe them money and they want to take your possessions because you have not paid. There are a lot of shades of gray between where we are now and where some think we are going to go. It is very possible that for a very long time, perhaps longer then I will be alive, things will be worse not the absolute worse. Getting out of debt removes the possibility of a sheriff’s deputy tacking a notice on your door. You may have to walk into town to argue the case, the court room may only have a few bulbs operating by a generator out doors, you may have to check your arms at the door, but, I guarantee you, as long as there is air in their lungs, the banks and lawyers are going to use the government and their monopoly on the use of force, to get what they think is theirs.

          Do not assume that a collapse will stop the banks and their lawyers from asking the king and his thugs from taking the shirt off your back. They are all evil crooks (banks, lawyers, kings, cops) but, they really do play by the rules (that they decree, and change constantly, but…).

        • ENFP

          You want to pay off a mortgage debt if you can because when US defaults, China may own those mortgages and evict those living in homes they will then occupy.

        • lonelonmum

          Read Charles Dickens. debtors prisons will return.

          Many of the original white immigrants to the US were indentured servants paying off debt. Do you want to be forced to work in a FEMA camp?

          I don’t so have busted a gut to get free of the mortgage. (literal translation = little death!).

          History already gives you the answers you seek.

          I may not have the acreage or pms some people here do, but neither will my kid be sold into slavery to service the bill on a flashy motor, designer clothes, holidays or igadgets I foolishly bought on tne never never.

          Stage one of freedom from the banksters is freedom from debt.

          • KY Mom


            There have been recent articles about jailing those who could not pay fines. Most were younger people who said they could not pay the fines because they could not get a full time job. Working a part time job left little left over.

        • VRF

          Walt, I think it will all come down to the spoils of war.. as far as debt goes, no one will be able to collect, secured or otherwise, especially if this country goes financially flat.

          there will be only one way to keep whats yours, superior fire power and the will to kick ass


        • durango kidd

          Walt: Corporations have infinite lives. Time is on the side of the financial corporations and the Gangster Banksters. There are millions of quality homes under water now, where the owners have defaulted, yet continue to live in the home without rent or mortgage payment.

          This will accumulate additional paper losses for the banks eventually, but in the meantime, the property is inhabited and protected by the occupant; and its physical condition is preserved.

          The banks and the courts can only process so many foreclosures at a time. As the backlog is processed additional foreclosures will be added tom the docket.

          The mills of the gods grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine. 🙁

          • Walt Kowalski

            Just curious…..I wonder if people who owed money to banks under the Nazi regime had to pay it back?

            Do you see my point?

            What you are saying applies IF…..there is not a major change in the over-all rule of law and financial paradigm.

            What if the collapse is so severe that the United States of America and its financial institutions no longer exist, or are relevant?

            Let’s take for example, a massive grid down situation as has been discussed, where virtually the entire country goes dark for an extended period of time.

            I just don’t see American Express being able to collect from the people who owe them money. Because I seriously doubt that American Express will exist.

            • durango kidd

              Walt: I see where you are going with this, interestingly SHTF Economics discusses a scenario where the NWO sells the North American Union to the Sheeple, prior to a Referendum not unlike the EU; where all debt would be forgiven if Americans accept and agree to the NAU and a New Constitution under UN auspices, replacing OUR God given rights, which were annotated by OUR Founding Fathers in OUR founding documents.

              The US Constitution remains in force and effect until such time as three quarters of the population vote to change OUR status; which is why the NWO PTB are flooding the USA with ILLEGALS who have no allegiance to America and no appreciation of OUR history.

              Kill the FED, Death to the New World Order. 🙂

              • durango kidd

                I say, require the FED to buy back ALL debt, then kill the FED and hang the Bankers. 🙂

        • justin

          All of banker created debt is fraud and fraud viciates all contracts. We need to send all the banks a picture of our backsides. Live privately through LLC’s and dont let their gangster attorneys find you to sue you for the bogus debt. If thats not possible for you, have your assets protected and then move into a private lifestyle. Its the best way to beat them and is safer for your family. Stay out of their jurisdiction.

      • Econman

        That wasn’t any Tea Party/Ron Paul-types. They’d have told U to buy all the gold & silver U could get your scurvy hands on matey. Arr, they be lyin’ to the skalliwags & ya shoulda made them walk the plank & swab the deck! Arrrrr.

      • OffTheGrid

        Been there done that.
        For a while I got much from my 9.12 project who are supposedly not political but I was already so far ahead of these people that when I stood up to ask and question then offer some suggestions, I ended up at the microphone answering their questions. It was only a few weeks later we bought our farm and put our money and beliefs where our mouth is and moved.
        I am and will always be a Beck fan. Sometimes he grates on me like anything, but for the most part, he’s been right since I’ve been listening even when he was a drunk in ’95.
        Still, I morph often these days and quicker with each passing event.
        I don’t need any group to guide me or mine.
        I have my intuition which we women have in spades! I NEVER ignore it. It’s my God given alarm.

        • Mike

          Off the Grid

          I read the book the Gift Of Fear. It is a book Beck suggested. I don’t agree with everything he says but most humans rarely do. I find that most preppers are independent thinkers who follow there knowledge and intuition.
          The book the Gift Of Fear talks about that little voice in your head. I think everyone has it. It is Gods gift that allows us to avoid trouble. Preppers in my opinion have become good at listening to the voice. Most of society has not though. You can just feel that something is wrong. Something very bad is coming. That is what my little voice says. Even before I look at all the stats and bad things taking place in this world.

      • Tucker

        You’re right about these Tea Party types. Sure, I will agree that most of them have their hearts in the right place – and I do not doubt their sincerity, or their patriotism & desire to restore what’s left of our Communist contaminated and infected ‘Republic’.

        But, these Tea Party people are delusional and chronically naive if they believe that they can salvage this nation in its entirety. Why do I believe this?

        Simple – these nitwits refuse to embrace race realism and fail to understand that the ‘Republic’ that they long to rescue is the by-product of White European, Anglo-Saxon-Celtic and Germanic based thinking. Our system of government did not hatch out of the brains of Nigerians or Bantus or Mestizos or Chinese or Filipinos or from the brains of any other non-European race of people from the countless third world hell holes around the world. As a direct consequence of our anti-White, hate filled Cultural Marxist enemies being allowed to import millions of these aliens into our nation, there is zero chance of our ever being able to restore the old Constitutional Republic. Non-whites, as shown by the election results of 2012 – are hardwired to vote for the political party that panders to the parasite class.

        Noble and patriotic concepts such as fiscal restraint, smaller and less intrusive, less expensive government and a reduction of the welfare state do not appeal to non-white voters. Desires on the part of the Tea Party crowd to get the government out of our lives and to dismantle the Police State and to restore our entire US Constitution and Bill of Rights and to terminate the illegal NSA spying on our citizens – these are the desires and longings of White European people, and they are racially based. Whites people, more so than any other race of people – seem to have the strongest and most passionate love for liberty and freedom. Non-whites, on the other hand, could care less about freedom and liberty and would be willing to trade both if it meant they could get something for ‘free’.

        I remember a quote that came from Ronald Reagan, who I think borrowed it from someone else. It went something like this: “A government that is big enough to give you everything you want is a government that is big enough and powerful enough to take everything you’ve got.”

        White European people, by and large, seem to grasp this all important point. And, except for a 5 or 6% segment of defective White liberals – the vast majority of White Americans prefer self-reliance and individual liberty over allowing a government to become tyrannical and they are intelligent enough to realize that they can’t have both.

        America is a dying nation, folks. The rot and the stench gets more difficult to ignore with each passing day.

        • MXLord327

          Best post I’ve seen here in a long time, thank you Tucker!

      • Skinny Moose

        I went to a Tea Party meeting years ago. Nice well meaning people but they just don’t get it. For the most part they`re hopelessly caught up in the false left/right paradigm and are easily controlled. I told them that they are part of the problem with this country….not what they wanted to hear since they`re convinced its all Barry`s fault.

        • Anonymous

          Mike, Skinny and Tucker,

          It’s no coincidence we agree. We are of a fervor and stock most people will never have the opportunity to experience. Are we chosen? Hell no.

          Are we the resistance that when the score needs to be settled…there will be HELL TO PAY?

          You bet.

          And we’re growing. The fury of strangers I meet is…palpable. They may be rednecks like me but know far more than any communist core state scholar!!!!

          I stay angry.

          • Phoenix1960

            Anon, the fury of strangers is something I’ve run into lately. That more are seemingly waking up is encouraging as I felt only voice in the woods for a loooong time.

            Formerly where eye rolls were common now I am seeing listeners are responding.

          • Nimrod Hunter

            I started seeing the anger a little more than a year ago. White middle-aged guys, all. Trouble is, they don’t know how to direct their anger. Since October 2012 I’ve had five minor tiffs with guys who didn’t know how how to pick their battles, or how to find the right targets. They probably don’t even realize consciously what they’re really mad at.
            People should learn how to direct their passion in order to make good any effort put forth, instead of frittering it all away on scatter-shot fits of frustration.

      • Genius

        The teaparty like so many other organizations has been co opted by neocons and who knows what else. I know a man that belongs to it and trying to explain anything to him is like talking to a rock. Good intentions but stuck in his thinking believing we can just vote our way out of this shit. Playing the left right game clinging to his branch of the tree. Sad to see so many people clinging to the problem thinking it has the answers…

    3. jim in Va.

      You only have yourself to rely on! Nobody else will have the resources to pull your butt out of the fire,state,local or federal.

    4. slingshot


      The end of the Petrol Dollar.
      The end of the World Reserve Currency.
      The end of Derivatives.
      The end of Banks.
      The end of Societal Order.

      War on the Horizon

      Beautiful. Simply Beautiful.

      • braveheart

        Slingshot, what will be beautiful will be taking back our country and getting back to our original founding principles so we can have the kind of country God intended for us to have. What won’t be beautiful is the price we’ll have to pay in order to achieve it. braveheart

        • slingshot


          Not going to be that simple for sure, I have been thinking about third world countries and what their people encounter in everyday life. With the fracture of the family and the upturn in gangs. “Children Soldiers on drugs”. Can not say it will not happen for we have stooped to some very hideous crimes in our country.

          • braveheart

            Slingshot, it ain’t gonna be nice or easy, no doubt. I suspect that in some ways, some sections, if not all of the country will become like the third world. I’ve always suspected ‘UN peacekeepers’ from the third world will try to impose such conditions on us. Russia and China will supply the bulk of the troops and who knows how many other countries will jump on that bandwagon. Our country is in for some times that will rival the bloody history of Europe. braveheart

            • Facebook Page

              Andet hope who ever wins do want it to go that way. Just because we want to win doesn’t mean we will.

      • The Old Coach

        At this point, I can’ help but agree. Only out of spite. Armageddon will probably kill me by cutting off the high tech medication that keeps me alive, but I will have the satisfaction of knowing that many of the bastards who did it will also die. I’m in a foul mood tonight. Can you tell?

        • braveheart

          Howdy, Old Coach. My mood ain’t so hot, either, but I’m still alive and kickin.

        • Walt Kowalski

          Old, pissed-off guys are going to be their worst nightmare.

          • Christian Man

            That’s one thing that can end most any fight a group of old, pissed off, tired, broke and armed old veterans.

            We hate to get up in the morning or have our morning cup of coffee messed with! Or our morning constitutional interrupted.

            We’ll fix all those bastards fast even if we have to steal some deuces and show them, up close and comfortable how that 50 cal can talk!

            Don’t fuck with old guys cause we aren’t going to take shit off anyone, and we sure don’t need to text to do it..

            Enuf said, locked and loaded. BTW don’t have very much in those dam banks anyway!

            • DaisyK

              Christian Man,

              Don’t forget the old gals. Some of us who are old and won’t survive long in a true SHTF situation, anyway, don’t have much to lose. We will be the most dangerous enemies they have.

              • sixpack

                DaisyK, I represent that remark!

                • Babycatcher55

                  Me too, ‘cept I’m not old, yet. When I’m 80 we will talk about it…

              • LSB

                Agree to that. I don’t mind living at the edge of the Redoubt. Expect to go down eventually. My best days are gone and I don’t mind giving my spot in this world to someone younger. I just hope I can get my licks in before the end comes.

                • Walt Kowalski

                  I’ve often said that I just want to live long enough to become a problem for them.

              • Just Me


              • Plum Tuckered Out

                I’m right with you, Daisy. Don’t forget the old, pissed off women – who know how to take care of themselves. I didn’t take any $hit when I was younger and I’m not about to now. It pays to be stubborn.

            • maven

              Amen brother!

            • slingshot

              Christian Man.

              I live for the day to shoot a 50 cal. A mini gun or two.
              The destructive power one man can inflict. Belt fed weapons are awesome. I have shot a few. String a few belts together and pull the trigger. Oh, you can look at the movies but until you have one in your hands you have no idea. You don’t want to be on the receiving end.
              Those of you who go to the gun range. Lets say you have a full firing line. The line is cleared to fire and what you have is a bunch of semi automatic shots. Take your sound muffs off. A machine gun with a cyclic rate of 600 rounds per minute will be sustained fire. You will quickly realize you are running around the woods with Pop Guns. The noise, muzzle flash, smell of burnt powder, feeling the recoil, the cycle of the bolt and bullet casings clinking and the belts links pile up on the ground. Your target disintegrates before your eyes.
              You will all have to get use to gunfire. Identify the guns by their report.

            • JayJay

              Especially those vets with inoperable aneurysms and seizures thinking ‘is this my last day’???–they don’t give a s**t.
              Stay out of their way when TSHTF, folks.
              Don’t be trying to take their homes with that little warrant or court order–like Clint said, you feel lucky??

          • Warchild

            Cool thing is I am old enuff to know and be pissed off yet young enuff to fight like hell in the end!That said will do my best to enjoy the day and friends/family and yet prep for tougher times tomorrow best I can.My buddy back from Afghan and now out of service and I gonna do a bit of rifle hunting when that season kicks in,be nice if SHTF to hold off a bit longer till the hunt done!Needless to say,as we will be armed will not be partying like we did when he first got home!

          • VRF

            You got that Right Walt Kowalski

            Stay Off MY Lawn!

        • mike

          Coach and Braveheart.

          My son had a real good day today. He is stronger and healthier. I am in a good mood. Never know what tomorrow may bring. May as well enjoy today.

          • Are You Sure?

            One day at a time, sweet Jesus, that’s all I’m asking from you! I feel for all of you who are suffering and enduring hardships. The suffering at the present time will be forgotten on that great day when ‘all tears will be wiped away!”

            On another note, will we be able to pay off our mortgage with inflated dollars in a hyperinflationary scenario or will they jack up the loans to account for inflation? Money in retirement accounts will not be worth much, even as they keep losing value in today’s inflationary situation. Really, not a very good situation. I would be happy to bail but there is no good way to bail out of the economy unless you have lots of cash and land and don’t have children or old folks to care for. There will be no time to think about alternatives when ‘the time comes’, that is why it is important to think about them now and plan for them now. There are times when I wish I had the fortune to be with JOG in some far off remote place but I am not!

            • Cat

              My house is paid for; but so what? If they jack up property taxes and insurances, it doesn’t matter. That is my fear.

        • Eyesopenanddisgusted

          Old coach and to all of us with health problems, and everybody for that matter, with pollution, CHEMTRAILS, GMO ‘s, toxic drugs, the list is endless. We know big pharma, the FDA are all about money and not people’s health.
          We have been lied to AGAIN, Food grade hydrogen peroxide is a nature made, and our bodies desperately need it. It works wonders and cost little. Food grade hydrogen peroxide H2O2, water, with 2 parts oxygen. To our bodies it’s like flushing out all the junk, while cleaning naturally.

          Food grade not to be confused with the drug store brown bottle type, those are full of stabilizers and other non-natural bad stuff. To find it search for you area and try to pick it up because shipping is expensive. It is around $25 to $40 a gallon if you pick up yourself. Real health Stores carry this (not GNC) but independent stores that really have healthy products.

          I’m on day 4, of drinking you start out real slow and only mix with distilled water. I have Hashimotos disease with terrible pain. Last night, I slept pretty good, less pain. Food grade hydrogen peroxide has been used in the 1800’s and first part of the 1900’s and works miracles,
          But it is a natural product made from nature (a gift from God) so it can’t be patented and big pharma can’t make their billions off of poisoning our bodies. So the FDA demonizes H2O2, so we can’t cure ourselves naturally.

          This doctor wrote this 85 page free E-book and asks that you print it, share it, read it, and save lives.

          Please share with everyone you know, It seems everyday I hear of another person with Cancer.

          Also another all natural product that is kept hidden is DMSO, ( Dimethyl Sulfoxide ) a natural product from Lumber, I get mine at Tractor Supply it about $8.00 for a 16oz. Jar of gel.
          It is great for pain, and for Tumors and much more. I have been putting this on my Bloodhound’s
          Inner back leg, he has a very large tumor (small football, like Nerf football size) in 1 month applying the gel & rubbing it in, every other day, the tumor is about the size of lemon, I took pics. When I started, it was very large and stuck out causing him pain and making it harder to walk. I think it has shrunk around 2/3’s in size, a very noticeable difference.

          • Genius

            Good advice! Over oxygenation kills many bad things in your body as does lowering your PH. Try taking baking soda twice a day also, I like the bob’s red mill aluminum free soda. Vitamin B-17 also is good for cancer and tumeric. I am currently experimenting with diametrious (or however you spell it)earth. There are hundreds of very good reviews and testimonials about it. It also kills pests in your home and garden, do a search and check it out. Heres one link..

      • NoRegretVet

        Ref Slingshot…







        And yes…..Ain’t it going to be a Beaut !!!

    5. Shootit

      I am burying everything but my head.

      • Gravlore

        Midnight gardening.

    6. braveheart

      TnAndy, the Tea Party was originally started as an independent movement to support Ron Paul. somehow it was hijacked by the neocons and is now no better than the organizations that support Obama. Working within the system won’t change anything even at local level. the system is totally corrupted and ruined beyond repair or reform. the system will eventually collapse under its own weight and we’ll have to start over from scratch. That’s the only way to save this nation. Nothing else will do it. the ballot box has failed us. Now it’s on to the cartridge box, sorry to say. To everyone, continue your prepping at the fastest possible rate. get everything you can now while there’s still time. braveheart

      • Facebook Page

        Survive Its death.

      • Genius

        I vote for .338 Lapua magnum! That is until I can take something better off a dead agent of the evil ones. Yes BH voting has been a joke for a long time now I don’t understand how so many people can’t see it. Keep up the good work my man!

    7. Chris45

      It’s over, folks. Better get ready for some serious times.

      • Ugly

        It is over.

        But before we are done, can we please have–

        one more skit from Monty Python….and
        one more movie by Mel Brooks.

        Then I’ll go….

        • jeepboy1991

          I heard, or saw on the internet, I forget which, that Monty Python is having a reunion. I didn’t follow up on the story. You may get at least half of your wish. Itssss…..(cue the liberty bell march)!

          • Warchild

            Jeep,I saw that,could be a blast!I would love to see T-Rex get back together but unless we can raise Bolin from the dead ain’t gonna happen!I missed seeing them by a few years and had tickets for Skynard when the plane went down,bad day in school for the child!

        • California Girl

          @ Ugly, regarding Monty Python:

          “Is there anyone else up there we could talk to?”

          That’s the phrase that runs through my head when conversing with Sheeple.

        • Basstard

          And 1 more Superbowl for the Patriots???? Yes, I’m a conservative in a disgustingly liberal state. Yes, my quarterback is a model and wears Uggs and turtlenecks. But we’re Title Town baby!!!!! (not that it matters)

        • ready down under

          Hey Ugly, you aint going noplace until we knock off those couple of cold Fosters you promised me 🙂


          • Ugly


            I have 6 of them in my BOB. We might be in the trenches sooner than being able to toss darts in Boise. An Aussie in Pocatello tells me Fosters is great warm, thus we are safe.

    8. KY Mom


      You posted a link a couple days ago about banks planning for worst case scenarios. JP Morgan ALONE has spent over $100 million on contingency planning.

      They would not spend like this, unless they believed the threat was real.

      • mike

        KY Mom

        They have to know it is over. They just have too. I think they have known for years. It makes me nervous when it is publicly known that they have spent that kind of money on planning for the end. I am surprised they let that out.

        • ed

          Can someone repost that link. I’ve been seeing the big banks sell off a lot of their financing assets in the past six months or so. I was thinking they are getting out while the gettin is good. Thanks in advance. Peace.

        • BlueH20

          Mike & KY Mom:

          Reading this thread, I also recalled the JPM contingencies.

          Perhaps the banksters are positioning themselves to become the perceived government? In truth, the gimmedats will simply follow any leader who can pass out the goodies. SO: the top 5 banks take over welfare and commitments such as SS, stock up the ATMs to forestall monetary panic, grant waivers on credit card debt consequences and _they_ become the de facto *government*. Probably manipulate someone into the Presidency, keep Congress, et al, all for appearances, while negotiating new terms with China/Russia/Europe. Everyone in the world is going to be pooping their pants, so anyone who can keep their head amid the panic will be automatically accepted as a leader. The large TBTF banks and connected hedge funds have the most to lose, so it makes sense that they would seize control. They can contract for security from whatever Blackwater is calling itself, these days. Most folks don’t care who is at the helm, as long as the system keeps tottering along.

          Not of the historical corollary. We have some historians here, so I would welcome any examples. 1700s in Europe? A New Enlightenment and the end of monarchy, but without the revolutions?

          Some disruptions, the facades continue in a new New Normal, and meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Big money continues as before. Management just switches employment and continues as before. Punters keep their dole and the PTB need the technocratic middle class and working trades to keep it all running. It will be important to stabilize commerce just to keep things functioning. No need for a petro dollar if the US is self sufficient, which we are and, besides, the entire world either is fracking or soon will be and I am pretty sure the US owns that technology and it is for sale. My hunch is that dollars outlast PMs just because it is so much easier and familiar. The big banks can push PMs down and support the USD. There will be no time, resources or will, at least at first, to worry about the small guy who has bought himself a job.

          Some dislocations, but nothing major that the banks can’t cover for the short term, while they reconfigure the long term. Not even the elites want to go live in a bunker if they could come up with any other solution. For one thing, their spoiled wives and kids would make their lives hell for the duration.

          None of this includes a major natural disaster, though.

          Camping Survival has a good price on the white Bega Cheese, BTW and a promo on some of the Wise freeze dried. Very quick delivery, in my experience. Gasoline is at lows for the moment, so if you have any empty gas cans, this is a good time to fill. Just got my house propane tank filled and I expect to have to whine a little to get the shop tank filled before it reaches their limit of 20-25%.

          • Mike


            Thanks great post. I have wondered for some time what the end game might be. The elites have to know this is coming. They have to have a plan in place for it. They are not stupid. All plans can go wrong too.

        • Genius

          It’s all been planned mike, they are planning for theyre continuity not ours. The worst thing I think could happen is they roll out a new global currency backed by the resources of each nation. That would give them absolute power over the earth. They arent stupid and they have a plan, a plan to be on top of it all when the smoke clears.

      • JayJay

        No worries Ky Mom; they probably spend that much on a company picnic!! 😉

    9. JoeKan

      Ok so all I’ve been hearing about is being prepared. Can we start looking at “hands on” and what needs to be done to being prepared? What would be..say the top 3 things an average guy should do in being prepared? I know to get food/water, but what else?

      • eppe

        Guns, ammo, medical, water filters, toiletries, seeds, mostly knowledge on how to use them all. Just go and research on this web site. Pretend you are going camping for a long while, what would you need?

        • KY Mom


          eppe lists some important items to become prepared.

          Here is a list of some additional things.

          37 Things You Should Stock but Probably Aren’t

          1. Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
          2. Gun Cleaning Supplies -cotton pads, Hoppe’s, Rem Oil, etc.
          3. Duct Tape
          4. Cooking Oil
          5. Shampoo
          6. Deodorant
          7. Laundry Detergent
          8. Books or other reading for enjoyment materials
          9. WD-40
          10. Sewing Supplies
          11. Bolts, Nails Screws
          12. Games
          13. Paper and Pencils
          14. Spare Parts for any and all gear
          15. Musical Instruments
          16. Lantern Mantles
          17. Hand Tools
          18. Broken window fix/replacement/cover (plywood or plastic panes)
          19. Bleach
          20. Household Cleaning Supplies
          21. Sponges
          22. Towels and Wash clothes
          23. Gold Bond or Baby Powder
          24. Baby Supplies – diapers etc.
          25. Aloe
          26. Sunscreen
          27. Bug Spray (wearing kind)
          28. Bug Spray (killing kind)
          29. Comfort Foods – for morale
          30. Chains and Locks
          31. Isoprophyl (rubbing) alcohol
          32. Mouse Traps
          33. Lamp Wicks – for Oil and Alcohol Lamps
          34. Lice Shampoo
          35. Salt
          35. Liquor
          37. Glasses – Prescription and OTC


          38. Alcohol Wipes
          39. Eyedrops
          40. Pet Food
          41. Fertilizer
          42. Coolers
          43. Buckets
          44. Clothes Pins
          45. Children’s clothes in sizes larger than they wear
          46. Superglue
          47. Wash board
          48. Spray paint in black, white, green, brown and black.
          49. Zippers, buttons, snaps, knee patches, velcro
          50. Patches for tents and tarps
          51. Garbage bags
          52. Lime
          53. Charcoal/lighter fluid
          54. Birth control
          55. Vitamins
          56. Razor blades
          57. Saw blades
          58. Garden tools
          59. Spark plugs
          60. Motor oil
          61. Manuel Air/Tire pump
          62. Bird seed to attract wild birds (food source)
          63. Fire extinguishers
          64. Wire
          65. Q-tips
          66. Cotton balls
          67. Corn Starch
          68. Thermal Wear

          Survival Cache

          • Warchild

            For gun cleaning supplies,look up eds red,site has great homemade gun cleaning/care formulas simple to put together and inexpensive,some have been used in our military armories with excellent results.This saves a few bucks to get more things you may want/need.

        • KY Mom


          There are many lists available. Here are a couple good lists that were posted here at SHTFplan in 2010.

          Just type the titles in the search bar at the top of the page.

          20 Things You Will Need To Survive When The Economy Collapses And The Next Great Depression Begins

          When SHTF These 100 Items Will Disappear First

          Hope this helps! Good luck!

        • Ian MacLeod

          LOTS more money than anyone on Social Sec. Disability is EVER going to have. That’s been the problem here all along. Sure, with a working man’s income. On disability? Right.

      • KansasJohn

        Water food shelter bullets bad aids. In that order friend. Its a tough road but prioritize from each of these as its own category. . nd yourself someone in their 70-80s that lived without power and running water.
        KansasJohn tip for the evening:
        When the tap stops flowing and you know its for good, cut the drain pipe below your sink about 4-5 inches from the basin attachment. Place an empty five gallong bucket below that. this will allow you to wash utensils and capture the water for plants and garden. Use an 8-12 quart pot to boil your water so you don’t over fill your bucket.

        • Gravlore

          KansasJohn. We do that now. Shower and all sinks go into a 20 gallon bucket. We use 13 gallons a day for 4 people currently *we do shower every day* (compared to the so called average of 200-400 gallons per person per day in the USA).

        • HisArmsWide

          Full agreement on your priority there. Water, food and shelter first.

          You WILL die of lack of water.
          You WILL die of lack of food.
          You WILL die of lack of shelter.
          You MAY die of lack of defense.
          You MAY die of lack of first aid.

          Take care of the absolutes before you work on the maybes.

          That’s not to say we’re not prepared for things if they turn hostile. But those things came after we were prepared for dying of hunger, thirst and exposure.

      • braveheart

        JoeKan, another site to check is they are a gold mine of information on survival-related subjects. Good luck and get cracking, as the Brits would say. braveheart

      • mike

        @ Joe

        One top of what Kansas and eppe said. Once you get the major things like food, water, guns, ammo, and medical supplies. Things like tools, toilet paper, alchohol, female sanitary supplies, extra gasoline, alternate power sources, candles, wood for heating, and reloading equipment would be nice. That’s just off the top of my head.
        Some of these are great for bartering as well. It can be overwhelming at times. just plug along at it. Stockpiles really grow over time.

        • Anonymous

          Also, extra parts for everything you can. ALL of my stoves, firearms etc. have extra parts. I have springs by the dozens for every rifle and handgun. Extra mantles for lanterns etc. I can rebuild my .45 and its magzines three times over. Remember, two is one, and one is none. What if your favorite pistol gives up a firing pin sor a spring Got another one? If not, I guess you can throw it!!

      • RickInOregon

        A plan would be a third item. The plan would be tailored to where you live and who’s in your life. Urban, suburban, rural, married, your age, young children, teens, adults, grand children, pets, transportation, health and wellness.

        For myself, I don’t prepper plan, I homestead plan. My thinking goes along the line of that I’m closer to retirement than I am to getting started with life. I live semi rural on one and a half acres. I’m setting up my home with solar, backup generator and improved insolation. We are already on well water with septic and a wood stove. I’m setting up my property as a backyard farm with chickens, goats and turkeys. I have a couple of gardens, some fruit trees, culinary and medicinal herbs. I’ve been setting up myself with knowledge and skills. Soon I will be digging a shallow well and picking up a couple of bee hives.

        My goal is before I retire to be set up with a frugal home and property that can supplement us with home grown and raised food. A homestead that is an enjoyable year around hobby. If this plan leaves us prepared for tough economic times then that’s the bonus.

        Having little or no debt is part of that planning, we’re not there yet, we still have a mortgage. I can’t change my plan based upon a prediction of doom but I will keep my eyes and ears open and make adjustments as needed.

        • sixpack

          “Rural”. That’s one of those words that, no matter how carefully you try to pronounce it, it comes out sounding like you have a mouthful of marbles…

          • RickInOregon

            That’s why I don’t say “Rural” I spell it out and let you say it.

            • sixpack


        • lastmanstanding

          You and I are on the same page. Start looking for those in your community that can provide you with some type of healthcare. Many people that specialize in certain medical professions are just as knowledgable as doctors.

          you are a scavenger of the earth’s bounty’s as well…most of the bs that big pharma shoves down our throats came from her. Lots of good (OLD) books out there on natural medicine.


        • REB

          Good plan the RIO….that’s how I do it…just got in a couple extra cords of firewood and got another hog hanging up to age a bit…lifes good!… 🙂

          • REB

            “there” not “the” 😉

      • Paranoid

        One kind of strange thing. In WW II, they asked people in survival situations what was the most useful item in the survival kits. Answer was, the Deck of Cards It, Occupied time and kept people from doing stupid things because they were bored.

        • sixpack

          kinda hard to get bored if you’re looking for food, water sources and better shelter and watching out for bad guys, and animals that are bigger than you…

      • figment

        you might want to work on your library and honing your skills of useful things to know.

      • Lake Monster

        Think of how you’ll cook food without electricity and how you’ll keep warm.

        First aid, and medicines. Prep herbs and alternative medicines that are natural antibiotic. Garlic, oil of oregano, grapefruit seed extract, silver, powdered ascorbic acid (vit c), etc. I keep antibiotics back for serious situations.

      • Genius

        GAS or DIESEL with pri-g stabilizer! Fuel will be better than gold just think about it. Virtually everyone needs fuel. Propane is good too. A security system will go a long way as a force multiplier alerting you to approachers. You can make your own system with components from ebay video cameras and monitors are cheap there. Good thing is most of them run off 12 volts so you can power it from a variety of sources. If there is some way to do searches here on my old posts I posted a list of things to make your own system and many other good opsec ideas.

      • Babycatcher55

        Go see Tess Penningtons 52 weeks to preparedness…gives a step by step…there are also articles here and on survivorblog that give hands on details….

    10. Ugly

      Going, going, going….Gone !!!!

      We need an auctioneer from China to auction all of our items to the new monarch.

      Lets see.

      I have a house, 4 trucks, shovel, and useless plates that say China.

      Maybe we should teach Chinese to the Mexicans?

      Now I am confuse. I want to learn a new language, since English will be a third language. Maybe Chinanish?

      • The Old Coach


      • braveheart

        Ugly, ain’t no way i’m learning any second language. If some foreigner approaches me speaking bad English, I just don’t need to talk to him.

        • ready down under

          Probably be a UN “Peacekeeper” Brave, so shoot him !!!


        • Ugly


          I was using sarcasm. Remember, I inherited the ‘smart-ass’ gene located on chromosome 2, near the fusion.

          But you are correct, broken English is a clue that they are not in our favor. Also, we should learn our own code, much like the Basque or the Navajo.

          I just don’t think central bankers will fall for the code ‘fat bastard coming’ anymore….

        • KY Mom


          Having spent some time in other countries, I will vouch that speaking other languages is always a valuable asset. If you have the opportunity to learn another language, take it.

          You don’t have to talk, but be sure to listen. You will be surprised what you learn. Many foreigners assume that Americans don’t know any other languages besides English.

          • sixpack

            KY Mom, that’s one of my favorite things to do! I speak Russian, spanish, a little bit of french and a very few words of mandarin chinese. It’s pretty easy to correlate meanings between the various languages.

            It’s fun to sit quietly while they speak unabashedly in their own tongue, then tell them in their own language that you understood what they said, even if you didn’t get it all.

            The looks on their faces is priceless.

            Of course you might hang back on letting them know this if the info you’re getting is useful…

        • Genius

          utway idday ouyay aysay? 😛

    11. Mal Reynolds

      …and with the dip in PMs, I’m going to go ahead and buy myself some silver rounds for Christmas. Thanks market manipulators!!!


      • sixpack

        I’m gettin’ me some while the prices are low, too.

    12. braveheart

      Howdy, KY Mom. Wall St. and the government know all too well what’s coming; they’ve been ‘prepping’ for it since 2008. Continue your prepping as best you can. I’ve got a big shopping trip planned this weekend myself and it’s NOT for Christmas, either.

      • KY Mom


        Hi! Hope you find what you are looking for on your shopping trip.

        We know many businesses have special sales on black Friday and in December. Check your local gun stores and preparedness supply websites for special sales too.

        If you are on their email list, many businesses will send you a preview of their sale items beforehand.

        Hope you have a great weekend!

    13. eppe

      how long can this charade last? I know, I know as long as tptb want it to last. Would it not be nice to think a brain anerism on these certain people and start over fresh?

      • me

        I know who would be first.

    14. sean

      i have been hearing this since 2007…blah blah blah! i am prepared but moving on.

      • Ugly


        Let us know how you are doing with the ‘shits’ because you forgot filters for your Berkey. Glad you are fully prepared and can now relax. Good luck.

        • Genius

          Sorry Ugly but of the 4 berkey black filters I own 3 of them have failed and developed leaks around the seals! Amazon and survival blog and youtube have even more stories about the same failures! I switched to aquarain but Im looking into a propur too. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself!

        • KY Mom

          Prepper tip…

          Having clean water to drink is very important. A good filtration system will remove bacteria and other chemicals from your water.

          How to Find Water and How to Make Water Safe to Drink

          (About 2/3 of the way down in the article, he compares the Berkey and AquaRain.)

          October 2012 – “I no longer recommend the purchase of the Berkefeld water filters because their quality does not appear to be as good as it was in the past. However, their stainless steel water containers are extremely nice. Therefore if you have one of their stainless steel containers then I recommend that you consider purchasing some AquaRain replacement water filters for that unit when your current supply of Berkefeld water filters have been used up.”

          All models & replacement elements (filters, etc.) are on sale (20% off) now at Aquarain.

          Note: I have NO links to this company and am just passing along information. I have a AquaRain water filtration and it works great.

      • mike


        Then why may I ask would you post here if you feel that way. I wish you the best.

      • RickInOregon

        @ Sean, You’ve been prepping for seven years, I understand the burnout. It takes it toll on the mind and spirit to maintain a readiness for doom. I suggest that you shift your focus away from doom and onto something else that still allows you to maintain what you have and at the same time it adds to the quality of your life.

        A few that come to mind, setting a goal to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. This goal will lead to outdoor skills, knowledge and supplies.

        Joining a Civil War reenactment troop. This year we went and visited a reenactment, we went through the civilian camps and we were asking questions about their camps. I was amazed at the collective knowledge that was present. Their goal is to be as authentic as possible. They all had wood burning camp stoves, open pit cooking grate, cast iron pots and pans, canned goods, salted pork and such. They had era games for the kids to play. They had spinning and weaving, quilt making from rags. Blacksmiths, gunsmiths, furriers, butchers, doctors, moonshiners, merchants, musicians…….all the elements to make a community.

        I once worked with a guy that was into the Mountain Man reenactment, he would go to their rendezvous. They had tomahawk and knife throws, firearm challenges with flintlocks. They tanned their own hides and made their own clothing.

        I know a guy that’s into wildlife photography and he spends a lot of time in the Olympic Mountains of Washington. He has some amazing photos and he hikes off trail, into no mans land and his outdoorsman’ s skills are second to none.

        These people are all prepped without being preppers.

        • J. Roy

          Hey, Rick.

          I grew up in Oregon and went to some of those Frontier events. I even competed in the tomahawk throw. I think my dad may have competed in the black powder shoot. I can’t remember. There was also a buffalo chip throwing contest and all the kids competed in that.

          • sixpack

            Maybe you should invite congress, they seem to be good at slinging shit as a rule…

            • KY Mom


            • gone under

              congressmembers can hold my target for me in the black powder shoot.

          • Ugly

            Then came the spotted owl and no more lumber jacks. My uncle was a lumberman in the Medford area in the 1960s. I remember some of those games in the Chemult and Gilchrest areas.

    15. GulfVET1970

      Mac, we all know it’s coming…….someday. But many of my personal friends, and indeed myself, have been hearing this for years and years and years now. Many of us cashed out of the stock market because we were warned by numerous experts that the market was near collapse and the whole thing was about to emplode. Well, it didn’t. The “experts” told us to buy gold/silver. We did…….and lost our shirts.

      Our “investment” has brought negative returns. IF we had stayed in the stock market, we would have reaped some hefty returns in our investments. DO NOT GET ME WRONG. We all know it’s coming, but the fact is many have lost there shirts “preparing” for the collapse that never came. Meanwhile the leftards who stayed in the market have made thousands on their investments. I take full responsibility for making my own investments, but seriously you have to understand how many feel now when we keep seeing these articles that say “prepare for the massive collapse that’s coming”. They’ve been kicking that can down the road for so long i’m beginning to think that they’ll be able to KEEP DOING IT for years while they kill the value of precious metals until we lose everything. At least we prepared for the collapse by also investing in the three “B’s” so all is not lost……….yet.

      • eppe

        You gotta be 10 plus years ahead to not take losses…

      • The Old Coach

        Getting out of a market bubble early is the best strategy. As one of the old Rothschilds once said, when asked how they never failed to make money on the market cycles: “We always sell too soon.”

        Never NEVER try to time the market. My financial SIL has a saying: “Bulls make money, Bears make money, and PIGS get slaughtered. Don’t be a pig. I know a lady who waited three months too long to sell her house. Lost 40% from the top, although she still came out ahead of what she paid ten years earlier,and she was able to be “in cash” until the price on another house she wanted fell from 1.1 million to 370 thousand.

        I know of another couple who bought just before the top, on the mistaken faith that the boom would never end. Within a year they went underwater by 50% and declared bankruptcy.

        Do not trust financial “pros” who advertise. As my other financial SIL says, “their business model is to take what you have.” The good ones never advertise.

      • Archivist

        The value of gold doesn’t change. An ounce of gold will buy the same things now that it could 100 years ago. The only way you can lose with gold is if you trade it for nearly worthless dollars.

        My “investments” have kept their value. A can of corn still has the same nutrients as it did a year ago. A silver dime can still get you a loaf of bread, same as it did 50 years ago. Some other “investments,” such as tools, skills, and information, will soon be skyrocketing in value because they will keep my family alive.

        • eppe

          Amen brother, I am glad I bought gold in 99 at 270$. Wish I had bought more…

          • Facebook Page

            I have ammo cans mark. $300 gold and $5 silver. Feels good.

      • Ted Kennedy

        How can you take a loss in metals if you don’t unload or explode… $4/troy Make it go up or fall…

      • oUCH

        Good one Gulfvet.. I do concur. Sounds like we’re in the same boat for the same reasons. I’ve been wondering just how loosing reserve status for the dollar would yield the results that I read prognosticated. Britain was a reserve currency country and #1 on the planet for some time, same has been true for numerous countries in the past. There is still a Britain today. Fully functional, still prominent on the world stage and not a waste land of destruction. No, not a place I would willingly live; but no roving gangs decimating the populace either. It’s good to be prepared.. for what one can prepare for and as well as one can. But it’s also good to relax and enjoy life without looking at every headline for the “last straw” moment. I’m sort of done with that. Like you stated so well, many have lost their shirts… so far. We’ll see what tomorrow actually brings, rather than try to guess what it will be… some day, we might guess right.. but so far, my track record ain’t been too good.

      • mike


        I too got out of the market. Yes I would have made big gains. Better a year early then a day late. I made money by being in it.
        What is Mac supposed to do. He obviously believes that a collapse is coming. He tries to warn people. Is he just supposed to stop? I have also seen people on here complain about some of the different topics covered like E.M.P.’s or solar flairs. They may not happen but what is a prepper supposed to do? Not warn all of the potential threats. I know it gets frustrating but we all know it is coming. It has too. If it goes on for years then my children will benefit from my prepping. I will pass the metals on to them when I go. I guess you just have to ask yourself what you believe. You don’t have to listen to others.

      • PO'd Patriot

        GV1970, I hear what you’re sayin’. I too closed out my personal retirement account two years ago. Paid the penalties. But that account was lanquishing too (at the time). I put all of it in silver (rounds and junk.Even though silver has fallen in the last few weeks, I’m still more ahead than had I left my money where it was. Not only that, after seeing what took place in Greece and one of the other Slavic countries in Europe, I still feel I did the right thing by personally holding my wealth. I still think this intentional economic malaise can be drawn out until the Chinese decide that they had enough and the Saudi’s tire of this POS POTUS chicanery. Only until the dollar loses its world dominance will things collapse on a world wide scale. A new world order will then be touted along with a new currency. JM2CW.

        • TnAndy

          Po’ed P:

          I did the same thing in 2005/06. Pulled my IRA out of the crappy mutual funds that had done about nothing for 5 years ( now going on 12 ),paid the tax/penalty and put it in 90% US coin, at about 6 bucks/oz. Even with the pullback in silver, I’m up over 3x…..nobody it taking it away….and I sleep fine at night.

      • king krazy

        I cashed out too and am wondering if I made a big big mistake. 🙁

      • sixpack

        I’m sorry GulfVET1970, if you bought gold in the 70’s, at those prices, how could you have possibly lost a single penny at $1,300 an oz?

      • Eyesopenanddisgusted

        If you have those precious metals in your possesion, the you’ve lost nothing. Be patient, you will see a big return.

        • Genius

          One thing that people overlook as far as metals go is PRIVACY. Buy them in cash, sell them for cash, great for barter, internationally accepted, portable, no paper trail, no one can take them away, no taxes, easy to hide, out of the hands of govt. asswipes, the list goes on. Just be sure you have everythig else you need first!

    16. ArmedPatriot

      When this thing kicks off I’ll be good to go. As good as I can be. I’m tired of the fear mongering… let’s just get this party kicked off. Light the keg. Burn it down. Come on. I’m ready to get this party started. These jokers will either take us to war or China will finish us off. Whenever it is at the people on this board will be ready.

      • figment

        same here.

        every incident of roadside unConstitutional DNA collections, seizure of children under the guise of medical care, School officials dictating what parents have the right to do. and my blood pressure is getting higher every day.

        bring it, already.

    17. The Old Coach

      The Japanese are printing like made. The Europeans are printing like mad. The Chinese are printing like mad. Cheapening your national currency makes your exports sell better, and your imports more dear. In a world where consumers are not buying, (the velocity of money thing again), they all want to beggar their neighbors. Consumers in the US don’t dare buy because the “other shoes” of Obamacare haven’t dropped yet. This may be the key trigger for the collapse – lack of consumer demand.

      • Facebook Page

        Remember that is still only 8% of GDP. Service sector has to die. And with oshit care they will be a lot of min wage labor. That can sun stain this be for a good long time. When it breaks it will break fast well still be here afterward. But not everybody.

    18. Shooter

      Buy ammo and extra dog treats.

      • sixpack

        If you’ve got ammo, you’ll make your own dog treats.

        • Sigi

          Deer ears for one.

      • Nimrod Hunter

        I have about a year’s worth of dog food. I couldn’t stand to lose my dogs.
        If you ever read “One Second After” by Dr. William Forstchen, you know about what happens when your dogs run out of food. That’s all I’m saying…

        • sixpack

          I’ve got enough pet supplies to last at least a year…wouldn’t have it any other way. His supplies will last as long as my supplies, after that, we’ll both hopefully have something else lined up.

        • gone under

          libs become dog food?

          • Sigi

            Or you need to take them out looking for gophers, rabbits and other small game.

          • Warchild

            I would perhaps eat long pig but would never feed a pet liberals,have too much love for them!

    19. The Old Coach

      I’m thinking of the sign often seen in old-time bars: “Free beer tomorrow”.

      The sheeple have been seduced by every administration since FDR by this slogan.

    20. IL woman

      JoeKan…go to ready nutrition. There is a link on the left. Tess has some great lists and approaches. My opinion is you should prepare as quickly as financially possible. With China making moves against the dollar, and wall streets inflated stockmarket at record highs, the balloon can only be stretched so much before popping. Good luck and get busy!!

    21. Steve's World

      Here’s some videos on Hyperiflation I prepared for you.
      See link below.

      So here’s the skinny on Weimar German.
      The Treaty of Versailles basically punished German for war reparations.

      Here’s the long and show of what’s coming.
      We will continue to see inflation rage. Hey, remember when bacon was $2.79?
      Today over $6. Any questions?

      Inflation will continue. The elite have planned this. They are basically a bunch of commie elite bankers and their goal is to bring down the United States.
      But they cannot do that until they deindustrialize America and sell us “globalism”.
      Remember fat ass Al Gore all telling us how great NAFTA was?
      I believed the gent that looked and sounded like Popeye…Ross Perot….the guy already was sticking rich…so he was just telling the truth.

      So inflation will rage. Folks will stop eating out…the first to go in the economy
      will be high end restaurants. Then shops and even mall stores. In my own area…we have some “ghost malls”. I never thought I’d see that. Even churches are for sale.

      I don’t think we’ll have a flash collapse…it will just get worse and worse.

      Enjoy…I pulled the best videos from youtube.

      Book: Go read the 4th turning.


      Steve from Steve’s World.

      ps. Do us a favor and send a link of this site…
      to some friends.

      Mac did a great job of waking many up.

      Thanks Mac.

      • mqg25

        Your spot on Steve. After the collapse there is going to be a firesale in this country and guess who is coming in to buy up all the properties and land? My guess is the Chinese. The Government of China is encouraging the populace to buy Gold and they are buying as much as they can get thier hands on. I am thinking that millions of Chinese citizens and Corporations will be waiting to flood this country buying up our land and properties for pennies on the dollar. They will not be taking us by military might but by economic attrition. It was late Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev who “supposedly” stated “We will destroy America without wasting one bullet.” Will our people resist? We shall see.

        • Anonymous

          I believe the Chinese are already buying up real estate to the tune of one billion dollars. Anyone else remember anything about this?

    22. Justacowboy

      Just went by and talked to a guy that has a machine shop that makes parts for the military…. I usually don’t get into this much though I believe in being prepared.. most of it seems like a way for doom and gloomers to make a buck… but this guy says there is a war on the horizon .. lots of orders for bomber parts..not sure myself but he was convinced…

      Think I will go back up on the mountain and make sure everything is ready….

      • mike


        In all times of economic trouble nations have gone to war. At least that is past history. I hope it does not happen because my youngest son is in the military.
        I truly believe that is where we are heading though.

        • Ugly


          When wars break out, civilians are usually the highest casualities by far. In WWII over 130 million lives lost and I believe less than 5 million was the military.

          • Mike


            Point taken. Another thought I have is that this war may take place here in the U.S. I think we will become involved in a war overseas. But when our system crashes I can see a civil war taking place here.

            • Sigi

              Add invasion from every opportunist from around the globe if that happens.

      • mesquite

        Yes, I too believe a war is coming. If it does, it will not stay in another country. We will get hit here. Hope I’m wrong.

    23. Stew Pedaso

      Hell…I’m watchin this shit with my whole family and it’s still gonna hit like brick lobbed by my ex-wife.

    24. George Washington

      What’s absolutely amazing to me is how most people don’t really get what is happening to our Country. Obama supporters are so brainwashed nothing absolutely nothing this man does is wrong. Even if you site a story from the Times etc, they say “Oh they must be lying”. Or try to blame Bush. Then the Repubican supporters wish we had control of the Senate or the White house. I was hoping that more people would wake up after being blatantly lied to. But if they are covered under another plan then it’s not directly effecting them. What’s really going to be interesting is when the Corporate Plans are effected. If they don’t wake up then they never will. Very sad!

      • Cat

        I have this in our own family. I hope Thanksgiving is not ruined…

    25. Socrates

      A lot of good comments in this thread- much deep insight and questions pondered.

      Things to consider as well:

      Many Americans are still heavily armed. In a WROL scenario you can kiss those bankers and bill collectors goodbye. If they don’t bugout first, a lot of pissed off people will be looking for them and hunting them down. Remember what I said threads ago, about ‘know your neighbors’. Where do they work, what are their affiliations, etc…good stuff to know in WROL. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more!

      If and when a WROL scenario does occur, and bill collector or repo man stupid enough to think he’s going to take your stuff is a dead man. Period. Blood in the streets is an understatement. Again heavily armed American populace. I don’t care about how many sheep or zombies there are…they will be fodder for and of themselves as well as a target rich environment.

      When martial law fails, that’s when they will use the nukes or pandemic options. The elite *never* want to lose control and not be able to regain it, so they will sacrifice as many as possible to try and hold the line. Count on that.

      As far as being ‘debt-free’…it’s a nice dream…but I’m afraid it’s just that. All things are taxed, (some more than others) and it won’t matter in the end if you say you own your house or not. When they raise the taxes to the moon as a last resort to steal from those who still have, how long can you pay them off? Not very long If you are like most.

      In the end it will be just as it was in the early days of man- How many are in your clan and can you fight off the invasion from the neighboring clan.
      -History 101. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

    26. mike

      I just don’t have a good feeling about the upcoming year. I heard on the news that retailers are expecting there worst shopping season in years. Obama care is about to hurt a lot of people. It just may be that this is what we have been prepping for.
      To those who question there prepping because of how long they have been doing it. Here are some things to consider.

      1 If you have food stored and it does not happen then eat it. You still saved in the long run.
      2 If it does not happen then you still can sleep at night knowing you did it for your family. I would rather be prepared and not need it then not be prepared and need it.
      3 If a major collapse does not happen then you are still prepared for any storms that mother nature throws at you.
      4 The stock market will go down sooner or later. Collapse or not. If the fact you are out bothers you then get back in when it goes down.
      5 Pass your precius metals on to family when you pass. Gold and silver will go up again sooner or later just like the market.

      For me and my family I will still prepare. I will never get back into the market. There is just no way in my opinion that this system continues. No way. Too much money has been spent. The country has lost its morals. There are more takers than workers now. It just cannot be sustained.


      • Anonymous

        Mike , having food stored is really cheap insurance and this next year wil be beyond words with pain and suffering. their is coming a minor collapse Jan 10th -14th 2014 worse than 2008 but not the end and in may of 2017 our goverment as we know it is going to collapse . These dates are specific because of the dream my wife had 2 days in a row and whenever they are this specific they have come just as she dreamed . I feel your 1-5 are right on batton down the hatches

        • Mike


          Thanks much for the comment. I do believe that the good lord does warn people at times. Maybe that is why your wife had the dreams.
          Tell you wife if this is how its going to be then she should never go to sleep again. lol
          Hope you are having a great day.

          I hope to have 250 gallons of gasoline stored in a tank I purchased. Got the tank from an older gentleman who did not use it anymore. Has a pump as well. He wanted 25 dollars for it. Now I will have to pay 8 or 9 hundred to fill it.
          Here again I think I will come out ahead in the future one way or another. I don’t see gas prices going much lower from here. I think they will go way up in the future.

        • Buck

          @ anonymous

          Just curious, but what else has your wife predicted that you have seen happen? I am not trying to be a smart ass here…just really interested.

      • JayJay

        mike–the only market many of us invest in has crackers, canned goods, and Twinkies on the shelves. 🙂

    27. nw urban prepper

      So funny – I was telling a friend of mine that what was going on with Obamacare was essentially a giant ponzi scheme and now this article and several others have mentioned it- guess I wasn’t off track. I too personally work in the financial industry as a mortgage specialist, most people are clueless sadly. They think they can declare bankruptcy and be safe and keep their home and then BAM the repo man shows up from county auction to remove them from their home. Its sad, really but some have made piss poor choices with their money and their lives. Now is not the time to make bad choices, but to correct the ones we have made and make better moving forward. PREPARE PREPARE ,water, medicine , ammo and toilet paper. Have goods on hand and more important , obtain and practice your skill set to be employable when the current economy is no longer viable. Stay safe out there preppers!

    28. Kulafarmer


      • Kulafarmer

        Read The Harbinger!

        • Old Vet

          Kula: OH so right READ it as soon as possible.

        • Night breaker

          Good book, how did your make out with your range trip yesterday?
          .308 is great ! Recently went myself and zero’d the PTR91 before the weather gets to cold.
          Nothing like a good .308 battle rifle .

          Prices seem to be going down and more ammo is in stock take advantage of it.

          Getting the last preps in order for cold weather , gear changed out in doomsday ruck. LOL
          got some LRRP rations for the go bag from work. ( Test and Evaluation leftovers) GTG

          Watching and waiting,



          Semper Fi 8541

          • Night breaker

            Big exercise this weekend , get to test out 72 hour bag , simulated SHTF operations (72 hour
            Team weekend ) . Going to be cold this should be a good test of gear in a challenging environment.
            Simulated grid down perimeter protection .




            Semper Fi 8541

            • Kulafarmer

              Now THAT sounds like a fun weekend!

          • Kulafarmer

            Range was good,,, I made an amature mistake with some of my reloading and didnt use a case gauge on a bunch of military brass I refilled,, so guess Ill be practicing taking the things apart again! but otherwise it was good,, am amazed at the difference in ammo,, ie home rolled vs factory, my home rolled even with my trigger flinch and an older dillon progressive that isnt super tight, my home rolled 175 g SMKs is consistently at least 1″ groups at 100 yds or close to it if Im trying, the factory PMC is at best 2″ real interesting,, even worse with Federal premium hunting ammo
            Im getting old,, shot open sights for the first time in a long time,,
            can see the 12″ round shoot n see target but cant make out any of what is going on on it at 50 yds! damn that hurts! like my EOTech 512 on my AR,, can shoot with both eyes open easy, almost reflexively, must be one reason why they call it a reflex site eh..
            so all in all hot brass, lots of noise, some good conversation, Id say it was a good day at the range!

            • Night breaker

              Know what you mean with iron sights , peep sights good , open not so good.
              Have to use a spoting scope to check out the POI also.
              The first time I loaded spent mil brass ( 5.56 NATO ) I had to work the load back due to thicker brass case walls on mil brass reducing the case volume, once I got it dialed POI was consistent . I segregate each case before loading by weight and use after resizing a Wilson case gage. Do not have a progressive press ( dillon blue press is a great press! ) I use a lee hand press with forester dies ( bench rest micrometer ) and carefully weigh each load. Also weigh the FMJ and sort by weight for consistency.
              I am strictly a low volume hand loader 50- 100 rounds at a time. You can really tune those loads for a particular rifle for best accuracy.
              I use an ACOG on my 5.56 Colt Carbine it’s a lot easier to use than the irons at distance.
              Ageing eyes also . Bindon Concept aiming system is the cats ass!

              Now off for the 72 hour exercise. Predicting highs in the low 30’s on Sunday , lows in the upper 20’s will wind. Thank God for ECWCS Level 3 fleece! For some of you guys here this is probably balmy. I wil try to sneek my IPad into my ruck.



              Semper Fi 8541

      • VRF

        You know I was green K farmer

    29. oUCH

      All I know is Congress needs to either impeach Obama or apologize to Bill Clinton..

      • Ugly

        No. The apology needs to go to Nixon. We never got to hear those tapes. Wonder why?

    30. Logicrazy

      Folks it can’t keep going long. 101 million on food assistance, 78 million baby boomers about to retire, the disability dole has skyrocketed, as unemplyment stops at 99 weeks, 1 billion in student loans has been passed up, 1/3 of those are in default, the demander and thief healthcare scam, 85 billion a month to prop up bonds and banks (housing) and that is off the top of my head. The life support will fail, just not sure what month or hour……

      • Ugly


        Could you please email China and let them know that Ugly is smarter than them. You see, I quit stockpiling dollars sooner than them….

    31. VRF

      Aint nothing new to me, known this for years, probably decades..the lies are just stacking up, and more people are waking up.
      Had I said this out loud to people 4-10 and 15 years ago I was laughed at or called a conspiracy nut, well whos laughing now? No One!

      I don’t feel vindicated, or justified, I feel violated and distrustful and that’s how Ive felt more then half my life here.

      Any more when it comes to those in power or those who can influence power I distrust them almost immediately, and feel they have an agenda that is missing the point of this great countries goals.

      Ive said it before, were cooked, the fed reserve and this government are way way over their heads, and have been trying very hard to pull th wool over as many sheeples eyes as possible and if you point it out, you will be the outcast.

      I know in their actions alone that they arnt worth the shit on a bottom of a work boot, and have deemed them illegitimate , I don’t respect them, I loath them

      • REB

        Amen and ditto!

    32. Simplicity's Homestead

      I’ve been trying to help several of my friends, over the past four years, understand the need to get ready for the harsh times coming down on us all. The good thing is, in the last several weeks these people are starting to become very fearful about what they are seeing, suddenly. I am encouraging them to act fast, do what they can NOW, and pray for wisdom. It’s not too late to get some food, extra meds, and some silver and gold…but it’s late, very late…May God have mercy on all of those who are trying to do what’s right, though their efforts have been delayed by complacency. The luxury of laziness and carelessness in these matters is about to end!

    33. Buzzfix

      I believe history repeats itself. The anniversaries of major cataclysmic events from the last century are approaching. World war I, Communist revolution, Great depression and, Stock crash etc… Does any of this hold any significance I don’t know but it is interesting as we look around ourselves and see what we see. Guess time will only tell.

    34. Lake Monster

      I was talking with my in laws last night about the $500,000 they lost in stocks back in 2008. They were well to do for some time, but some health situations happened, and now they are wishing they never put that money into stocks. Lesson learned for me: do not put my money in stocks.

      At least their home is paid for.

    35. RICH99

      Another financial collapse article …….so many other things will happen before any financial collapse .
      Most on here probably forgot but I have been saying since 2010 that we won’t have a collapse for at least 5-8 years and we are already 3 years into it !!!
      Yea yea I know its mathematically inevitable and blah blah but there are so many more important threats facing us today like FUCKushima , global war possibly nuclear , obamacare , foreign troops on u.s. soil ( WTF ) but even a financial collapse would be a Sunday walk compared to the other threats facing us .

    36. Lake Monster

      How to protect your children:

      1. Do not vaccinate. You will be under pressure once they come out of the womb, even at the hospital to vaccinate. Refuse them.

      2. Do not get involved in govt programs like Head Start. Head Start used to be a good program, until it started being used for more sinister means of tracking parents and what goes on in your personal life.

      3. Do not send them to public school.

      4. Keep them healthy and out of the medical system if at all possible. A friend of mine took her 4 year old to the pediatrician for a sore throat. The little boy was playing guns by making a gun figure with his fingers and aiming at the toys. The nurse saw this and asked if “mommy and daddy had guns”.

      5. Don’t volunteer information and be careful who you share your personal business with. Be friends with like minded folks who also have kids and get it.

      6. Move out of town if you can. Privacy is essential.

      This is what I have done so far and it has worked well.

    37. JRS

      I think we will have a financial collapse within the next five years.

      My reasoning probably goes against the beliefs of most on here. I believe that it will be an energy collapse…worldwide. The dollar represents labor (energy) in the form of hydrocarbons, presently.

      Don’t buy into the hype of US energy independence and abundant cheap fuel. It is oil company propaganda to keep investment dollars flowing.

      Fracking is an EROEI money pit. Tar sands are the equivalent of scraping the bottom of the barrel. Sure, there may be trillions of BOE in the ground, but it will take too much energy to retrieve it so it will stay in the ground.

      The current monetary system requires constant growth to pay back loans. This requires a constant flow of CHEAP oil (low EROEI). That oil is mostly gone, the loans will never be paid back and soon the hard to get oil will stay in the ground.

      Even the military is planning “for serious shortages by 2015 with a significant economic and political impact.”

      • Satori

        US military warns oil output may dip causing massive shortages by 2015

        “The warning is the latest in a series from around the world that has turned peak oil – the moment when demand exceeds supply – from a distant threat to a more immediate risk.”

        • BlueH20


          The entire world is fracking, which means they are getting oil out of layers formerly too dense to drill. The Permian is replenishing as horizontal drilling releases the oil missed in direct drilling. The US has reserves of oil that surpass those of Saudi. Natural gas in the US is in glut quantities.

          The problem is not supply. it is the closure of Federally owned lands to extraction and the internecine fights between the producers who want pipelines and the cronies, like Buffet, who want to transport the oil on their rail lines.

          Our energy costs for heating and lighting are in a stranglehold caused by the administration making sure other cronies make bogus profits on nonviable wind and solar.

          Peak oil for Saudi light sweet crude close to the surface, maybe, but not for the world.

      • JRS

        edit: (high EROEI)

    38. caliber

      Im not sure where exactly I read it, but I read a few years back, that when the DOW starts setting records, we have a problem.
      …and the DOW is setting records.
      stay prepared friends.

    39. Joanna

      AND… It Doesn’t Stop There. Anyone Heard of Common Core? When Are the Citizens of the United States Going To Realize It Is NOT About the Curriculum. THE GOVERNMENT AND CORPORATE/PROFIT/NON-PROFIT/ORGANIZATIONS ARE IS TRYING TO STEAL A GENERATION OF OUR KIDS! I Want to Climb the Highest Mountain with the Biggest Blow Horn but I Have Come to Realize From My Own Family THEY DON’T CARE! Very Sad and Very True. Choice Words I Will With Hold But For Those Awake Know My Thoughts. I Am Doing What I Can at SpeakUpAndLoud. com What Are YOU Doing? LISTEN UP: Common Core: Based on UN Agenda 21, UNESCO Standards by Youtuber VisionLiberty …and… After You Get Done Listening to That Video Go To SpeakUpAndLoud. com and Listen to Clint Richardson and Help Start Getting His Information Out “PLEASE” {{{HUGS}}} to ALL and From My Heart to YOURS I Am Sending You MuchMuch Heart L.O.V.E.

    40. CrabbeNebulae

      Speaking of total SHTF, man made events are really nothing to worry about, it’s the natural physical events that worry me like a total cataclysmic event. I often wonder who owned all the artifacts and debris that has been discovered over the last several hundred years, especially during the 20th century, buried deep inside coal seams or other geologic formations, or sunk to the bottom of the sea, things that were located inside strata dated to hundreds of millions of years ago and even as far back as 2+ billion years. Anyway, it’s something to think about. We are nothing more than a parasitical cancerous blip in time, a time that has no beginning and no end, a time whose universal beginning and end has never been discovered definitively but rather only in the minds of the arrogant or through the conception and death of each and every one of us. We are totally insignificant to the higher power that controls everything, whatever or whomever it is if nothing more than pure physics working to keep the natural order. When things are not in order, the laws of nature seem to have a way of resetting the order back to normal. Our minds deceive us when our dreams and hallucinations become manifest through our arrogance and actions. Basically we are all fucked and no one will ever get out of here alive to tell about it. Our destiny will be recorded in the geologic book of time for other parasites to ponder as they dig through our trash, tens of thousands or even millions of years from now. No amount of learning or wishing or dreaming or killing or anything else one ponders will change this fact. So, go forth people, and continue eating, shitting and multiplying for that is our destiny in the present. Have a toke, if you can, and a sip of wine or take a couple shots of whiskey and try to brighten up your day and stop gnashing your teeth over all the horrible things that could or will happen. Now, ponder this and keep on prepping and hope you are lucky enough to live at the pivot point, wherever that is… unless of course both pivot points are in the middle of the ocean, then we are all screwed.

    41. slingshot

      So why is it that we never get ahead?

      First of all you have to have money to invest.
      Then find something to invest in. Plain and simple is TPTB move their money from one investment to another.
      From oil to real estate to currency to food sources to high tech and metals. They buy low, create demand, sell high, collapse the investment and start all over again.
      They have buy and sell points. Who gets to sell their investments first? How many have financial advisors. How good is your info on a product or stock? You are miles from the source which will cause you to sell early or late.

    42. GrandpaSpeaks

      Barbarians seeking barbaric relics. Never forget that the NSA is military, the purged one. When you hear National Security know that it exists to protect the politics that feed the military, not the people or the country. One definition of rogue is to defraud. I have been watching for this one.
      This is a red flag, not a false one. It tips their hand.

    43. Johnson

      Prepare now!
      Have a minimum of 3-6 months worth of food & water.
      Have a fully stocked medical kit & Meds.
      Buy a gun to protect your family.
      Keep about 3 weeks cash in your home if you are able to.
      Any savings that you have, take out of the bank, and put into “PHYSICAL” SILVER and Gold.
      Keep nothing in a bank safe deposit box,due to recent rule changes they can take your cash, silver, gold, weapons.
      The more you prepare now, that better chance your family has of getting through this mess!

    44. Satori

      off topic
      but of interest

      Lost Memories

      “I’ll never forget that day…”

      “an electro magnetic storm wiped out the entire digital data in the world”

      just a little something to think about

    45. Barn Cat

      The Obamacare disaster is another sign to the world that America is incompetent to solve any of its problems. Just the problems with the website alone should cause people to dump dollars and treasuries.

    46. Sgt. Dale

      I can’t get over how smart the people are on this site!!!!
      When the SHTF. I don’t believe that there is going to be anyone trying to Repo stuff. They will be at home taking care of their families from the Zombies and Leaches.
      For me as a LEO. I will only go so far, and then I will be at home with my family and friends trying to ride the storm out, and thinking about how to rebuild, and what to rebuild with.
      Folks just keep prepping, Food, Water, Medical stuff, Guns, Ammo, Power sources. Just to name a few.
      When it does go to HELL. May GOD watch over you and yours.

      • mesquite

        I hear a lot from my fellow LEO’s that many are preparing as well. No one is sure of what will happen and when, but they look at any extra time before SHTF as opportunities to prepare. We have had discussions about the recent movie,”Blackout” and like many on this site found imperfections with it….However, they telll me that Costco and Sam’s sold out of many essentials after the movie aired. So, it did help to wake up some people.

      • SilverSax

        Thank you, Sarge, and may God watch over you and yours too.
        I agree with you that the folks on this site are smarter and (generally) more polite than on the average website. I used to post a lot of comments on the Yahoo news boards, but those are mainly populated by a lot of ignorant, rude, Nintendo-playing jerks.
        I’m happy to have found this site.
        BY THE WAY, MAC, I found this site because a friend posted a link to an article on Facebook. In case you’re interested.

      • braveheart

        Howdy, Sarge. I’ve adopted the same strategy for myself. braveheart

      • Lurker

        Something like:
        Left ventricle, right ventricle, brain stem

        • Sgt. Dale

          I like that. It will work too.
          Nipple Nipple between the Eyes!!!!
          Aim Small miss small

    47. Barn Cat

      The obvious question from the article is what does an economic collapse look like? Initially, expect OPEC to stop selling oil for dollars. Two thirds of our oil is imported so we’ll have massive price increases in gas and/or rationing. Good luck getting to work. The coming devaluations of the dollar will make things very difficult for American industry since car companies assemble parts made elsewhere and so do many other kinds of companies. Eventually there will be massive price increases in food. People that don’t have the money will fill their carts and leave without paying. Stores will either have to hire a lot of security or close altogether. Eventually too many people won’t be able to pay their electric bills and the electric grids will go down. Massive increases in unemployment will cause federal, state, and local governments to go bankrupt. What’s the sign that the economic collapse is finally here? When the electricity goes off and stays off.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe you should give credit to Dave Hodges for that info barn cat!

        • Barn Cat

          I didn’t read it there. I’ve gathered bits and pieces from a number of websites over the last 2 1/2 years.

      • Kevin2

        Barn Cat

        Actually 35% or slightly more than one third of our oil is imported and Canada is a major contributor to that. The US fortunately has sufficient food too.

        The standard of living will drop greatly and anyone with significant savings will get taxed like there no tomorrow with their disposable income reducing by 50% or more.

        With few exceptions the entire developed world is in this mess.

        I see nations around the world in dire need attacking their neighbor to steal their food and energy with the “global cop” called home for domestic duties. In and of itself this will cause supply disruptions. Expect to see a new issuance of currency as those US dollars return home in an attempt to fight inflation leaving their foreign holders empty handed.

        Its a big poop sandwich and everyone is taking a bite.

      • Mike

        Barn Cat

        The electric industry is what I do. I am a supervisor of operations at a power station. I believe the power will go out. It will go out because we stop going to work. We have to protect our own families. Also why would anyone go to work if they were paid with worthless paper. Just a thought.

        • Kevin2


          We were in similar lines of work. I did three decades as a power operator / supervisor with a Gold Seal License.

          The only case study I can think of regarding how people react is when the USSR dissolved. My friend married a woman from Belarus and they were faced with a similar situation. Most people not knowing what else to do went to work. Pay came late and she in her own words “ate potatoes and beets” for a year.

          In vital services like power generation I think they will lock in two crews and see to it families are fed.

          • Mike in VA


            I changed my name to Mike in VA because there are a few mikes on this site.

            It is possible that they lock in crews. They most likely will at the nuke stations. The two stations I work at are within a mile of each other. One is brand new. The other is an old coal fired station that is being converted to gas. It would take an immense amount of government manpower to ensure that crews are locked in at all stations. Feeding my family is one thing but who is going to protect them. I guess they could put the families in the station with us.

          • Barn Cat

            The power will go out when enough people stop paying their electric bills. What’s the price point for that? $1,000 a month? $2,000 a month? When the utilities don’t have enough money to produce electricity they’ll have to shut down.

    48. flabbergasted

      Why is it that everyone confuses “then” and “than” in their sentences?

      • Nimrod Hunter

        Same reason people confuse “effect” and “affect”. Or “insure” and “ensure” They look alike.

        • MXLord327

          Or “lose” and “loose”

      • JayJay

        and their, there, and they’re and ….
        loose and lose

        • Anonymous

          I must admit that I do make those typos, especially when I’m rushed…but it does not mean I’m illiterate! Everyone makes those mistakes at times, but to grammar cops, it’s the unforgivable sin… LOL!

        • Buck

          To and too

      • Barn Cat

        Who cares? Someone’s spelling and grammar is extremely unimportant compared to what we’re discussing.

    49. Ancient Echoes

      I realize there are many x-military at this sight and I honor your sacrifices that you made for freedom. You fought the wars for the elite and your sacrifices made this world different for all those alive today. The decisions the elite made, including sending you to war, also made this world what we see today. What I hear is not very many of us are happy with what we see today. Maybe this time instead of fighting we embrace each other and send only love to the battlefield. What kind of world would we see in 50 years if we did that?

      • SilverSax

        If we did that, we’d see a very nice world indeed, but that’s not what’s foretold in the Bible. Instead, a time of war is prophesied for the end.

        • Ancient Echoes

          It is not written in stone that we can not change. Perhaps those writing prophesy believed they knew human nature so well that they believed humans could not change. Let’s prove them wrong and be good for once! A wise man suggested to me once “lets just skip the whole Armageddon thing and go straight to paradise, all it will take is love for our fellow man”. Love is contagious, really it is.

    50. SilverSax

      For what it’s worth, I believe a period of prolonged war may precede a financial collapse, and here’s why –

      In the Book of Revelation, in Chapter 6, Jesus opens the seven-sealed scroll which is the Beginning of Sorrows. As each seal is broken, an end-time occurrence takes place on earth.

      Seal #1 is opened –
      The White Horse and its rider go forth conquering. I personally believe that the White Horse represents the conquest of the earth by Liberalism, and that’s the period in which we live today.

      Seal #2 is opened –
      The Red Horse and its rider go forth, spreading great war on the earth. It’s likely that the invasion of Israel, foretold in Ezekiel 38 and 39, also corresponds to the opening of this seal.

      Seal #3 is opened –
      The Black Horse and its rider go forth, spreading economic collapse and famine. Note that this follows, not precedes, the Red Horse of war.

      Seal #4 is opened –
      The Pale Horse, ridden by Death and Hell, goes forth spreading death. Revelation 6:8 says that in the days of the Pale Horse, 1/4 of the people on earth will die. If it happened today, that would be over 1.5 billion people dead.

      Seal #5 is opened –
      These are the days of the martyrdom of Christians. In these days it will be worth your life to openly be a Christian. The Church will be hunted down and executed.

      Seal #6 is opened –
      These are the days of great natural disasters, including a massive earthquake.

      After the first six seals have been opened, God prepares to bring his Christian children home. He seals 144,000 Jewish believers, then a vast multitude of believers appears in heaven before the throne of God and before the Lamb.

      Seal #7 is opened –
      This seal begins the Great Tribulation. The wrath of God is poured out onto an unbelieving world. These are the days of the Antichrist.

      The point I originally wanted to make is that the Bible foretells a time of war before an economic collapse.

      • Emily

        @ Silver Sax ~ 40% of the United States population lives on the East Coast and the West Coast. If the East Coast and West Coast suffered natural disasters from nature, that would wipe out 2 Billion People.

        • SilverSax

          @Emily – True, if all were killed. The Bible says only, “…the fourth part of the earth” would be killed.

          • SilverSax

            @Emily, I should say that 2 billion can’t die from the East and West Coasts being wiped out since there are only 360 million in America. That’s not what you meant, is it?

        • Swinging on a star


          2 Billion? Your math is incorrect, that amount would be less than 300 Million.

          • Emily

            @ Silver Sax ~ Swinging on a Star ~ You two are probably right. I just remember reading that somewhere, or hearing that somewhere. I probably got the numbers wrong. Thank you for being gracious.

            • JayJay

              40% of 310,000,000 is only 124,000,000.

              • gone under

                factor in the illegals.

      • old guy

        And all that bible propecy in all probability & likelihood has nothing to do with what is happening here & now. For about the last 2000 years sincere folks have actually positively believed that they where indeed living in the end times mentioned in the bible. So far they have all been 100% wrong. Its an end of an age pole shift. The earth changing clatyclisms are not because God is somehow punishing man because of sin. These events are cyclic and would be happening even if man had never walked the planet. The UN NWO agenda 21 proponets are on purpose destroying the world economy and enabling the parasitic and punishing the productive. Its an agenda to maintain countinuity of government and control over the masses during the end of an age pole shift. The aim is to create as many dependent helpless sheeple as possible. Helpless sheeple are easier to control than armed self reliant individuals. They will cull the sheeple and pick out the ones to be used as slaves.
        the slave masters back in the early days tried to enslave the native americans it didn’t work those free spirited souls just died rather than be slaves. So they imported a species of human who made execellent slaves. The same ones that if you promise & give stuff to today will sing your praises and do your bidding.

      • Ann

        SilverSax, good post. I agree. I’m wondering though if there could be a national collapse in America that precedes these wars and seal 3 being a global collapse…

        • SilverSax

          Possibly, Ann, but I think an American collapse would trigger a worldwide collapse.

    51. Chip

      “Every promise made by the President and Congressional democrats who supported Obamacare legislation has turned out to be a complete LIE.” … there, fixed it for you.

    52. Anonymous

      Frankly, I’m getting tired of the “Sky is Falling” constant mentality. First it was 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,etc, etc, etc. I’m sure at some point you may be right but the government has proven that it has the ways and means to continue this lunacy for decades. Constantly crying wolf and seeing nothing come to fruition is not the way to change people’s hearts or minds much less change the direction of the United States. You are only preaching to the choir and the song is getting old. I have watched my precious metal worth plummet 30 to 40 percent this year while Jim Sinclair tells us that gold will be $5000! Really? The powers that control currency and precious metals throughout the world will NEVER let this happen. By believing the hype over the past five years that the markets and currencies were going to crash, I have lost thousands of dollars. I wish there was a reset button to change what has happened in the last 10 years but there isn’t. The people who are now in control of the world markets are master chess players. When they make a new policy or law, or change an old policy or law, they already know the next 10 plays going forward. Yes, we can sometimes delay their changes but ultimately the resisters of change with any power are either bought or moved aside. The old financial market ways are no longer revelent. When you have the power to control and print money and make the rules that control wealth and power, nothing else matters. The stock market is over 16,000. I do not believe at this point the machine can be stopped. The nuclear option was just made in the senate. That means Obama will now get his most liberal, communist-socialist appoinments into the courts. These folks cannot be removed. My focus going forward is going to look for the positives, take time to volunteer and help those that truly need help, and try to spend more time in the Word. Maybe I can change some hearts and minds that way.

      • Redneck

        And if you change one heart and one mind it will make a difference to that one heart and mind !

      • tx114

        Anonymous, why did you copy my comments word for word? Are you taking credit for it? If you are going to copy someone’s own words, then make it known that is what you are doing.

    53. tx114

      Frankly, I’m getting tired of the “Sky is Falling” constant mentality. First it was 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,etc, etc, etc. I’m sure at some point you may be right but the government has proven that it has the ways and means to continue this lunacy for decades. Constantly crying wolf and seeing nothing come to fruition is not the way to change people’s hearts or minds much less change the direction of the United States. You are only preaching to the choir and the song is getting old. I have watched my precious metal worth plummet 30 to 40 percent this year while Jim Sinclair tells us that gold will be $5000! Really? The powers that control currency and precious metals throughout the world will NEVER let this happen. By believing the hype over the past five years that the markets and currencies were going to crash, I have lost thousands of dollars. I wish there was a reset button to change what has happened in the last 10 years but there isn’t. The people who are now in control of the world markets are master chess players. When they make a new policy or law, or change an old policy or law, they already know the next 10 plays going forward. Yes, we can sometimes delay their changes but ultimately the resisters of change with any power are either bought or moved aside. The old financial market ways are no longer revelent. When you have the power to control and print money and make the rules that control wealth and power, nothing else matters. The stock market is over 16,000. I do not believe at this point the machine can be stopped. The nuclear option was just made in the senate. That means Obama will now get his most liberal, communist-socialist appointments into the courts. These folks cannot be removed. My focus going forward is going to look for the positives, take time to volunteer and help those that truly need help, and try to spend more time in the Word. Maybe I can change some hearts and minds that way.

      • old guy

        tx114 yes Im also tired of waiting for the predicted economic crash. However If it never happens for me personally that’s a good thing. ive never owned stocks or Pm,s. We always bought land. We paid cash bought & tax forfeited parcels. Im of the opinion that most things folks worry about never happen. No human can predict the future with 100% accuracy. Its like deer hunting. You read the sign,s pick a location set up a stand place your attractant ect. now you never know if or when the deer will come by. But If your info is good and you are consistant you will be successful. Myself im expecting both a huge clatyclismic earth changing event and a economic collapse. Its nyones guess which one happens first. Ive not stocked up on years & years worth of food and ammo ect. Nope Ive filled a dozen five gallon buckets with the same things . a 4 inch steel trap a 4 inch body grip trap. a snare. magnyfing glass and welding striker a knife, a axe head ,hammer head, arny shovel head and a small grubhoe head. seeds a large candle. a stainless tea kettle a coil of copper tubing and a needle & thread. Shure I have the normal freezer of food and some canned goods guns & ammo at my home and the home is where Ill stay as long as possible. having a Bol or bunker and years of food & ammo isn’t surviving its simply enduring. You will eventually run out of stored goods. Having Know How & Being able to grow & forage indefinitely and do well in whatever place & situation you happen to be is survival.

        • SilverSax

          Good perspective, Old Guy. I myself have hunted, but never trapped, though I think if it all went down I might try to trap a breeding pair each of rabbits and squirrels.
          I have hunted, though, and I’m pretty sure I could do okay hunting deer and small game.
          Still, I have a fair amount of food put back, along with guns and lots of ammo. My ace-in-the-hole is a water purification system that would allow me to barter clean, good-tasting drinking water.
          I think the one thing I lack is a reliable method of cheap transportation. I wish I had a little gasoline scooter that got 80 – 90 mpg, but right now all I have is three bicycles.

          • old guy

            Silver a trap works 24x7even when your sleeping. the tea kettle and coil of copper tubing is for water purification and distilling spirits. squirrls and rabbits don’t do well in captivity. The best approach is to improve habitat and reduce predators. Deer are so plentiful around here I can kill one any time I desire. In the aftertime its likely all transportation will be by shoe sole express or beast of burden.

            • SilverSax

              Very nice. I agree that the best preps are “do-it-yourselfers”. Can’t run out of those. Besides, looters aren’t looking for anything that makes them have to work, they’re looking for instant gratification.

              • SilverSax

                And thanks for the heads-up about squirrels and rabbits. You probably saved me lots of frustrating effort.

        • tx114

          I agree with you Old Guy, I hope it never happens and yes I have also prepared for what ever happens. My concern is that this life style can almost become a religion in it self and people forget to live their lives. All of these people with their business web sights writing this stuff,creating videos, predicting the doom of the future have to keep this going because this is how they make a living. This is big business. Everyone needs to do their own research from a center perspective and then try to decide what is real and what is hype. I’m very conservative but I do not take everything that Ted Cruz says as gospel. Whether they are politicians, blog writers, or Web sight business’s, they are all trying to sell us something. It may be food, gold, or bullets, or it maybe a belief or movement. If you only look at one side then that is going to be your belief of the truth and frankly that is very dangerous.

    54. rider39

      Looking like we’re on the fast track now since obammy granted himself new power yesterday what with the “nuclear option”

    55. Redneck

      On the bubble and level. Good article.

    56. VRF

      In my first memories
      They shot Kennedy
      I went numb when I learned to see
      So I never fell for Vietnam
      We got the wall of D.C. to remind us all
      That you can’t trust freedom
      When it’s not in your hands
      When everybody’s fightin’
      For their promised land

      The way we’ve always done before
      It feeds the rich while it buries the poor
      The billions shift from side to side
      And the wars go on with brainwashed pride

      I cant seem to get that song out of my head

    57. maudy fricket

      Here’s some controversy for you. We should all know who voted us into this mess. The worst, most left wing voters are Irish Catholic Democrats. Next is a tie for second place. Episcopalians and secular Jews. Then Blacks. I thought I’s stir the pot with that info.

      • Redneck

        I hear banjo music. Dang your’e just gonna try to find blame ? How about accepting the responsibility that the true majority doesn’t care enough to get out and vote. Hell if the majority voted in large enough numbers we might not be in this mess. Then there’s the question of the electorisal College , voter fraud and rigged elections. Remember hate speech isn’t controversial. It’s ignorant.

        • VRF


          Bawahahaha don’t make me laugh you two

        • maudy fricket

          Actually, your handle is ignorant to rural white people. I wasn’t stating my opinion in the above article, I was repeating the results of voter surveys. From the voters themselves. After all, someone must have been voting for the Marxists. The article merely identifies who did.

          • VRF

            what Handle?
            I have a handle?

            keep your hands off my handle..

            what does it have to do with white rural people please enlighten me

            If your talking about my “Screen Name” its three letters representing something I have never disclosed here, and have absolutely nothing to do with race or even this whos ignorant now?

            • MXLord327

              I think maudy was referring to Redneck…

              • VRF

                Oh , that makes sense .. Look at my red face
                Apologies Maudy , fuse was short , to be honest I thought it was out of character for you , but still no excuse for my attitude
                My bad
                I guess you touched on a raw subject to me , the voting thing in this country has beenade purposely a joke by those seeking election , it no longer has any legitimacy to me , now getting everyone not to vote to prove its a scam , that would be something I would love to see

                • maudy fricket

                  Peace and love.

                • SWFL

                  […the voting thing in this country has been made purposely a joke by those seeking election]

                  Yes, it has, but if enough people turn out to vote it sends the message that people are watching. It will not change a rigged election but it may let the riggers in charge know they need to pay attention to public opinion; for their own welfare.

    58. M

      blend in , be quiet , be ready

    59. M

      blend in , be quiet , be ready

    60. Warchild

      Here is the site I mentioned earlier about firearm care/cleaning products,love authors comment on keeping kitty out of certain tumbling media as it seems to cat a litter box! ,hope a few find this useful.

    61. aljamo

      We now are 50 years past JFK’s murder carried out in front of all to see just who calls the shots in America. The years have passed quickly, to me it seems like a recent event. With JFK our country was also murdered on that day. JFK was not perfect, but his actions prior to his death were against criminals that were detrimental to our peace and justice. The warmongers, the CIA, the fed, organized crime and the oil bastards all wanted Kennedy dead. They pulled it off and all America got was more wars and more lies into the present day. Even in this 50th year past the hit, media pushes the lone gunman fairytale.

    62. markinaz

      5 years ago I took out a $60,000.00 (7% fixed 30 yr.) mortgage for my teams temp. base of operations. I realized I can refinance to a much lower percentage below that 7%. I was researching that just 2 weeks ago. I’d gotten several offers. Just as I was getting down to doing it I get a letter from CHASE (current loan holder) that they sold my loan to some small loan servicer here in my town. In the 5 years I’ve had this loan It has gone thru 3 financial institutions. I’ve never missed any payment nor have I ever been late.
      This just kind of gets my mind spinning a little as to why Chase would sell this loan. I’d like to hear some of your theories….thxs

      • Smokey

        They’ve received a return of some principal and 7% interest for 5 years. They sell the note off for a discount, and when you add it all up, they’ve made their $60,000 and interest back.

        It’s cash flow.

        They put good mortgages in with some bad ones and sell the package. They’ve cut a potential loss and gotten their money back. Just business.

        • Smokey

          Not to mean your mortgage was the potential loss, they put good ones like yours in the lot to sweeten the deal and reduce the discount.

          • markinaz

            Thanks for your insight Smokey.

    63. VRF

      *** WARNING***

      There are over 700 fake Obama Care websites, ready to swipe your personal information


      The REAL site is the one that DOESNT WORK!

    64. VRF

      Lets pass a law that when there is a deficit more than 3% GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election, same with the President

      also another law, anything they pass as a law onto us, is applied to them first for 3 years.

      • MXLord327

        Love it, best couple of ideas in a long time!!!

      • old geezer

        What good does passing laws do? Our pos prez just ignores them any way.

      • Ken

        And outlaw all lobby groups.

    65. AnAngryJew

      The economy is not going to collapse. Come down to earth for a bit. You have all allowed this myth to infect you and scare you to death. It isn’t going to happen any time soon, even with China dropping the dollar.

      Calm down, gather your senses and enjoy life. The chances are more likely that none of you will ever get to seriously use your preps other than for basic common natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes.

      • Smokey

        I hope you are correct.

    66. VRF

      Let me educate the few on here about the stock market. If you are using this as a barometer for great times in our country you are sadly mistaken. Its really easy to prop it up when the government is buying 75 billion in government securities per month, on borrowed money from China. It would be great news if unemployment was down to about 5.0% and the economy was humming but this is not happening. Its all smoke and mirrors, if you are a small investor and making money good for you, I highly doubt the few people on here who rave about the stock market have any idea how it works. The only people making money are the big money people.
      So when the federal spicket runs dry be careful, the market goes down a lot faster than it goes up ” hence’ stock market crash. This will happen before Obama leaves office so adding to his wonderful legacy of unaffordable health care, a dead economy, no job growth, we will have a major crash in the stock market. Just a gut feeling, or it will happen right after he leaves blaming it on the next candidate no doubt

    67. VRF

      Harry Reid just removed one of the most powerful parts of America’s Checks and Balances system. The founding fathers understood the need to have checks in our legislative system because not all people in power are safe for the public. One of those checks have been removed. This allows a very few to appoint people to powerful and potential life changing positions in America. The demorats versus the repuklicans game has been a distraction as the constitution is slowly be changed or ignored. Try not to be a cheer leader for bad people like Reid. Your life and mine can be greatly impacted by this change.

      Study some history and you will see what has happened in other nations when a very few became so very powerful. NOT GOOD.

      • Kulafarmer

        This is total bullshit and we need to bombard our representatives and start petitions demanding redress of our greivences.
        These pricks seem to be completely out of control and completely disrespectful of us as a people.
        Time for change even if it has to come from violent revolution this crap needs to end.

      • Kulafarmer

        You do realize that soon one or more of the conservative SC justices will take ill and replacements will be named from some of the most horrific left wing vermin available,
        I have no hope nor faith in our government, the beast is the out of control monster the founders warned of

        • JayJay

          With blackmail, threats, and photo shop, it doesn’t matter who is appointed to the Supreme Court.

    68. VRF

      Just a heads up to those who have a nice water source on their own property

      A river runs through it — and Uncle Sam isn’t far behind.

      That’s what several Republican lawmakers and even state farming groups and local governments are warning, after a draft rule from the Environmental Protection Agency proposed expanding which waterways are federally protected under the Clean Water Act.

      The concern is that the move could give the feds authority over virtually any stream or ditch, and hand environmentalists another way to sue property owners. In other words, critics say, the government might soon be able to declare jurisdiction over a seasonal stream in your backyard.

      If so, good luck getting a permit to expand building space on your property, or marketing your land to prospective developers.

    69. AnneMarie

      Nothing will stop this, we are about to meet our date with destiny. The United States of America is the second beast of Revelation 13:11ff. This former bastion of religious freedom will turn into a raging beast and join forces with the chapter’s first beast and lead the world into worshiping Antichrist/Satan. This is a fact and this is where everything is headed; Obama is doing a superb job in this regard just as planned. This is the unfortunate purpose and destiny of the United States of America.

      • REB

        Sorry it may be fact but it much more likely conjecture…it sure isn’t truth…the difference is that truth is eternal and unchanging…facts change all the time and freemen can and do cause facts to change…better we all stand up in our own lives,clean up our own messes and then focus on changing some of these godless things TPTB foist on us as facts…just sayin…

    70. aljamo

      The Marmalade summed it up nicely. ” The world is a bad place, a bad place, a horrible place to live, ah but I don’t want to die. “

    71. manich

      Those Dems lied to us about the employment numbers before the 2012 election. The Dems lied to us about ObamaCare. If only we had those “honest” Republicans back in charge, we could return to the good old days of 2008. They are the ones who really care about us on Main Street.

      • Calgacus

        Who do you consider to be honest republicans? Dont want a picking fight but would like to have some feedback here. There doesnt seem to be many who are in Congress who are honest or serving the citizens. Seems theyre serving themselves and communism more.
        Getting fed up, pissed, fired up and depressed all at the same time. How can that be?
        At least Im not alone. Saw that more of us are angrier now. Didnt need poll numbers to tell me that one.

    72. Snake Plisskin

      Greetings to All of my Fellow Americans and to non-Americans who embrace freedom and consider themselves friends to our nation and our people (your friendship is welcomed, and I offer you mine in return).

      I have been reading the articles on this site and especially the comments for some time, now.

      I am a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (ABN. My Grandfather and father served (WWII & Vietnam), and my son serves now. I am an American, a husband & father, and a practicing Jew who believes just as much in the preservation of your rights to worship as I do my own, and would fight beside you to protect those rights.

      The purpose of this letter is to commend your efforts, Sirs, Ma’ams, upon the comments you have shared. Among many others too numerous to list, I commend KY Mom (ladies first!), Satori, Braveheart, Be Informed, Kulafarmer…I could proceed all day.

      Such diverse backgrounds and so many insightful talents. I have always refrained from commenting. Now my ISP is shielded and I can remain essentially anonymous while contributing what I can.

      I am under no illusions as to the uphill battle that we face. G-d only knows how long it will be before this venue is blocked from us. In the meantime, we must continue to exchange ideas and information, because the true news (current events and world happenings) can only be found by sifting the major sites, and then acting as you all have. You have been contributors as well as editors.

      To summarize, you are my people, and my allegiance is to the United States only, and to my fellow Americans. When I comment I will try to maintain brevity and provide the maximum amount of information and cross-referencing I can to enable your verification as well as further study.

      We must all be researchers and students. If only we could all link up physically! I would love to meet you guys and gals in person. I feel your hearts and your pains. I take pleasure in your intelligence and sincerity.

      And those that decry your efforts? I stand, now, with you in your defense, in these pages. May G-d bless you and your loved ones with health and happiness in all you do. May He give us all strength to stand beside one another in the dark days to come.

      Long live the United States of America and the Republic for which it stands!
      Long live my fellow Americans, and all of America’s true friends!

      Respectfully Yours,
      Snake Plisskin
      United States Army Special Forces (ABN), Ret

      • SilverSax

        Thank you for your service and for your kind words. Welcome!

      • Mike in VA

        Thank you so much for your service. Welcome to the discussion. With your experience in life I am sure you can add valuable knowledge to this site.

      • Warchild

        Welcome snake,the country will need folks with training like yours in the coming days(unfortunetly).I though willing to die on my feet have realized if times get really tough I may end up adopting and to best of ability caring for orphans.As I have said before in a way seems patently unfair as I have no kids and went to great medical lengths to assure I didn’t but realize as a baby sitter/guard dog for friends kids may be the most productive thing I can do in bad times.Would be nice to know folks with your training out in the fields helping folks like me.My bud who did 3 tours in Afghan and now out of service partied hard for 3 days,the conversation was mostly light talking cars/music/fishing ect. but we did discuss hard times potentially,he said would be glad to watch over on the edges if I ended up taking in orphans,a guard dog for the guard dog as it were!Things get real tough hope you to will help those doing the right thing in trying times,we as a country need folks like you and my buddy.

    73. Anon

      ‘The Sheep Look Up’
      Another disaster book I just learned about.
      First published in 1972.
      Kinda pricey but looks interesting.

      An enduring classic, this book offers a dramatic and prophetic look at the potential consequences of the escalating destruction of Earth. In this nightmare society, air pollution is so bad that gas masks are commonplace. Infant mortality is up, and everyone seems to suffer from some form of ailment. The water is polluted, and only the poor drink from the tap. The government is ineffectual, and corporate interests scramble to make a profit from water purifiers, gas masks, and organic foods. Environmentalist Austin Train is on the run. The Trainites, environmental activists and sometime terrorists, want him to lead their movement. The government wants him in jail, or preferably, executed. The media wants a circus. Everyone has a plan for Train, but Train has a plan of his own. This suspenseful science fiction drama is now available to a new generation of enthusiasts. This replaces 0345347862.

      A customer review:

      am SO glad this book is available again! Years ago I found it in a second hand shop and since then I have been looking for it everywhere, in order to be able to give it to other readers.

      When you start reading, please be patient. The first 60 pages or so, you probably won’t understand what it’s all about. Then, suddenly, you will realize you are ‘in’ the story, and that the prime character is… humankind as a whole. This is rather shocking, because individuals you thought to be very important may die or vanish, and others may fill their niches, just as in real life. And, just as in real life, don’t expect a happy end. Although the details may be dated, the overall story is still as valid as ever.

      • SWFL

        Thank you for mentioning that. I still have the copy I bought new when it came out. I was not aware anyone else realized it existed. I was not aware it was available again.

    74. aljamo

      Why has’nt my earlier comment cleared moderation after multiple hours? Is free speech dead these 50 years after the event?

      • Warchild

        No,but moderated on many sites,no difference!

    75. Ugly

      Ugly’s Mobile Bunkers on the Shark Tank.

      I am seeking $500,000 for a 25% equity in my mobile bunker business.

      To the Sharks: Preppers spend millions to get themselves ready for the economic collapse. Many of them cannot afford a BOL. Thus, I have solved that problem. It is called Ugly’s Mobile Bunker. You take it anywhere you want, much like a 5th wheel or an RV.

      Ugly’s Mobile Bunker comes with all the things a prepper needs. Once you find your BOL, just punch the ‘punch’ button and your Ugly Mobile Bunker will inflate 4x its size. Once inflated, you can immediately find the Commie Radar and push it. The Commie Radar works much like a Fish-Finder that you use on your bass boat. The Commie Radar will let you know the exact location of all Drones, and also of all commies on the ground wearing either the blue or brown helmets.

      The Commie Radar works much like the Fish Finder, you can easily separate the bass from the carp.

      Ugly’s Mobile Bunker also comes with the bumper sticker ‘Go Bo Gritz !!!!’ This is used because when any central banker and or commie sees that, they will immediately follow you.

      What do you do?

      Go ahead and let them tailgate. When they are close enough, you punch brake and then push the button that says ‘spike’. Their front bumber will slam into spike and then spiral out-of-control. Damn the luck?

      Also, Ugly’s Mobile Bunker has a lifetime subscription to ‘Freedom TV’. You no longer have to hear anything but the truth. The truth will set you free.

      So Sharks.

      Who will join Ugly in the investment into Ugly’s Mobile Bunker?

    76. Steve's World

      Let me distill this all down for you.
      The deindustrialization of America…then the petro dollar thing… Arabs pump oil, we buy it…they take the cash and buy US Bonds and Tbills. They configured 401k to extract funds from folks and businesses with the “match”. Then they crank up the printing press..the market booms, folks rush in..they take their profits. What goes up comes down. Watch for a big crash in time. So many boomers all pouring money in…it goes up. Then so many boomers will die off or need to retire…out comes the money and down goes the price.

      They are engineering the next war. Seems China is gearing up for war.
      China is turning it’s back on the US dollar and will trade with Russia.

      All central banks are stocking up on gold for the unilateral currency default.
      This will be followed by a basket of currency and special drawing rights.
      The new currency will be electronic. Then once the global currency is in place they will crank up the UN green Nazis and ban your bbq grill, inspect your home so they can tax and sell you shit.

      I saw some web traffic that the elite are leaving America…or at least have a bugout location outside the US.

      Things will continue to get worse.

      The Germans want their gold from the Fed.

      More bad news…

      • Federalist45

        Possibly, but you need to understand the end game. It is about one-world govt with totalitarian control of all. Agenda21 is the blueprint and, while not a treaty or American law, it contains all you need to know about where we are headed.

        Any collapse, any wars, any assertions of UN or other international controls, any property taking, any expansion of CENTRALIZED power over individual liberty and local and state power (e.g., NSA, IRS, drones over America, this DOJ. . .), any media propaganda supporting the lies, thieves, and cowards in national leadership positions. . . is all about this ultimate goal. It is coming, it is not stoppable, it is merely a matter of survival–or not.

    77. nopittypartyhere

      right now on fox business…..can US citizens sue the federal govt over obamacare? one lawyer… “the law has been affirmed, so its been decided.” Other lawyer….”There are already dozens of lawsuits. I think lawsuits will come in over navigators, when untrained, un-vetted people are giving advice on how to sign up.” “maybe able to get through it by charging gross negligence.” If citizens can prove “cause of action” citizens can win their legal fees (if you win your case)

      posting this for the folks wanting to class action sue.

    78. Arius

      The war in Syria is the fault line upon which the mega trend shift of world power from West to East is pivoting. Unless you see the mega trend you will not see that the West just suffered an immense defeat.

      Saudi Arabia, frustrated with the West that will not take down the Syrian government for the sake of Saudi pipelines, is now in the process of shifting to the East and they are shifting to other currencies for their oil sales.

      The Petrodollar has been cycling dollars since the 1970’s from oil sales through Saudi Arabia into US treasuries and bonds which supports our debt fueled lifestyle. When the Petrodollar cycling drops off then Americans will see the bill for the debt fueled life they have been able to live since the 1970’s.

      The end is in sight. The East is rising. The West is digging itself into a debt hole that will be its grave.

    79. JoeKan

      This thread needs to continue in discussion. IMHO

    80. SWFL

      […most people are going to be absolutely blindsided by it.]
      I’m not impressed by the hype. This is what happens to people who choose to be blind.
      Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

    81. Marcus W

      Haha Charlie McGrath again. Constantly throwing disaster speculations in your face. You sit here and behind you is a history filled with ups and downs. Hah that’s earthly life! The present now is the reality and so will it be. Try to do the best of it. Fear and angst keeps the creativity low!

    82. polly

      Excuse me ….. but is this a surprise to ANYONE? This has been so obvious for so long i am surprised that anyone is really writing about it.

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