Prepare For War: Trump Asks All 100 U.S. Senators To Attend Rare White House Briefing On North Korea

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Headline News | 164 comments

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    With a U.S. Naval Fleet set to fully arrive off the North Korean coast this week and the rogue state’s leader Kim Jong Un reportedly continuing to expand his nuclear program and missile testing, President Donald Trump told United Nations Security Council ambassadors that the status quo must change.  The President has asked that new sanctions be placed on North Korea, something his predecessors attempted to implement with little success.

    But unlike his predecessors, Trump’s latest moves suggest he is prepared to commit U.S. forces to North Korea should the state fail to comply with demands to stifle their nuclear program, and according to a new report from Reuters, the President is doubling down on his efforts, hinting that he is indeed preparing military action.

    Top Trump administration officials will hold a rare briefing on Wednesday at the White House for the entire U.S. Senate on the situation in North Korea.

    All 100 senators have been asked to the White House for the briefing by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said White House spokesman Sean Spicer on Monday.

    While administration officials routinely travel to Capitol Hill to address members of Congress on foreign policy matters, it is unusual for the entire Senate to go to the White House, and for all four of those officials to be involved.

    Wednesday’s briefing was originally scheduled for a secure room at the Capitol, but President Donald Trump suggested a shift to the White House, congressional aides said.

    Washington has expressed mounting concern over North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests, and its threats to attack the United States and its Asian allies.

    Having all 100 U.S. Senators attend what is essentially an intelligence briefing about a country that has repeatedly threatened the United States with nuclear attack suggests that the President is looking to convince Congressional members that we may need to declare war on North Korea if they refuse to comply with new and existing sanctions.

    Given that the United States now has a Naval strike group in the region, China has massed 150,000 troops on the border and Russia is quickly following suit, it appears that it is only a matter of time before a North Korea invasion becomes a reality. As we’ve witnessed in recent weeks, Kim Jong Un appears to be stepping up his rhetoric, as well as his military aspirations.

    While the state has been allowed to run freely for the last decade by ignoring sanctions, President Trump has made clear that he is ready and willing to take military action as evidenced by his missile strike on Syria and most recently, the dropping of the Mother of All Bombs on an Islamic State cave complex in Afghanistan.

    North Korea is a different animal altogether. They are reportedly nuclear capable, so there is a real possibility that they could launch a devastating attack on South Korea, Japan or even the West Coast of the United States, leading to hundreds of thousands of casualties and widespread geo-political and economic chaos. Thus, any attack initiated by President Trump will likely result in a response from North Korea, which could ultimately lead to a much wider conflict as we really don’t know which side Russia and China are on.

    President Trump likely understands the seriousness of the situation, which would explain why he has invited 100 Senators to the White House for an intelligence briefing. Per the Constitution, only Congress can declare war, and it appears this is exactly the direction we’re headed.


    Navy Deploys Anti-Submarine Aircraft Off California Coast: “Speculation That A Russian Or North Korean Sub Has Been Spotted”

    Tension Builds: Vladimir Putin Mobilizes Troops and Equipment To North Korean Border: “Fears U.S. Is Preparing To Attack”

    Report: 50 North Korean Submarines Vanish From Western Radar: Could They Be Armed With Nukes?

    The Threat Is Real And Imminent: The Next World War Will Be Initiated By A First Strike Utilizing An EMP Weapon


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      1. You know; the Show must go on.

        • You can’t buy more Cruise missels, MOAB, Blu82’s etc. until you use what’s already on the self.

          • Damn straight


            These numbers are deceptive when measured in DOLLARS, as Russia buys its arms domestically with the Rouble which is about 65 to 1 to the dollar.

            Same, same, for China.

            The percentage of military procurement to GDP is a much better indicator of military spending by Russia and others, to which I have been alerting this community for some time.

            Don’t believe the PROPAGANDA that the USA outspends it rivals on defense spending. Not true. 🙂

        • Everytime I see Trump’s face I always wonder how in the world his pretty wife could’ve married him… Money or no money, how could she bring herself to do it?? No amount of money in the world would convince me to marry and have to sleep with that ugly man!! ??:(

          • Have you looked in the mirror lately ?? Cherrio, Butch

          • What does his appearance have to do with anything? Such a shallow, snow flake analysis of a person.

            • Yea, shallow, he can probably straighten his reading glasses with his tongue,,,,,
              Sorry, just couldnt resist,

          • Eye of the Beholder.

            Here is something deep.

            On YouTube

            ARCODEAUS-Hidden Under the Water
            April 22, 2017




          • Would you rather be looking at Hellery’s face dumbass?

          • Answer:
            Melania is eastern European. Other cultures it is normal for younger women to mary older men. Some women prefer it. Mpst Older men cater to, and treat their women better.
            Looks are more important in some cultures than they are in others.
            Melania could have had any man she wanted. She chose Trump for her own reasons.

            What right do you have to tell someone who they should love-marry-be with?
            She married a man that became President. I would say she did well.

            She is easy on the eyes. Seems to adore her son. Good mother. Has class. Trump did well too. Trump got the better end of the deal.

            I personally will not date American women. I don’t like most western women in general. They have forgotten how to be women. Selfish. Self absorbed. Inked up. Low class. Feminist BS. They Sleep around with anyone. Unfaithful. No thank you. Not interested.

            I too am an ugly scarred up man with a beautiful younger woman.

            • I believe we need to import tens of thousands of beautiful, Christian, classy, university educated, Caucasian Ukrainian women “REFUGEES” to balance the influx of short, fat, squatty, ugly, third world women with asses as wide as Montana.

              It’s time to renew the gene pool in America after eight years of “Obama Girls”. 🙂

          • We are on the brink, due to 30 years of head in the sand syndrome. Voters such as ye, with such warped priorities are complicit in electing fools, who allowed this cancer to metastasize.

          • I’m homophobic and even I think daddy is sexy. Such a presence Trump is. :p

            I never ever thought that anyone would outdo Obama in 2008 in the way he captured the attention of the nation, yet Trump’s momentum and movement put Obama in 08 to shame.

            Now I get that many of you don’t like Trump and even I have turned on him to a large degree, but what he created the last year and a half was infectious.

            Also….Trump is 70 now….didnt him an Melania get together like 17 years ago? I mean Trump was surely looked better when he was in his early 50’s than when he is 70 just like anyone else. Yet Trump does look great for 70…so much energy too.

            And I m sure Melania doesn’t like banging him anymore just because they have been together so long and I’m sure he feels the same way about her even though she is a 10. I get bored banging chicks after the 3rd or 4th time I bang them.

            Doesn’t everyone get bored banging their long time girlfriend or wife? Isn’t that why everyone cheats? Or why divorces are so prevalent?

            • Sure. The automatic cash and prizes have nothing to do with why the divorce rate is so high.

              *Mumble 70% initiated by the wife…*

          • PFFT!….MON-EEEE tends to be a very powerful aphrodisiac…..the question SHOULD be, why would HE marry HER, with all the choices he has?

            • Butt:

              My guess: she speaks five languages, propelled herself to success as a model in Europe, and is (in spite of her obvious beauty) a traditionalist, a devoted mother, and a loyal wife. Incidentally, Europeans have a much different attitude toward age than Americans. Older women are considered more sexy than young women. And women routinely marry older men or vice versa. A famous French woman in her sixties or seventies married a seventeen year old young man. The odd thing about it, he adored her and devotedly took care of her for many years. Here in America he would be considered a victim of sexual abuse and she a criminal pervert. Is it no wonder smart men who have their pick often prefer to marry European beauties. The divorce potential is greatly reduced. In some European Countries, divorce is almost non-existent. Often marriages are arranged and performed at an early age, but last decades.

              What Americans do is to project onto these relationships American, rather than European, values. Besides, money is not a bad thing. Most of the people who scream the loudest against using money as a positive reason for marriage are either foolish or lying in order to lessen competition.

              As the old saying goes, “It is just as easy to love a rich man as it is to love a poor man”.


              • i preach to my teenage boys….why marry a poor woman, when there so many “rich” ones out there…rich being, “able to pay her own way”, stand on her own 2 feet. i never found a “good” wife, because in america women are all after that white knight…good lookin’, trim, makes ’em laugh….and the gubmint pays ’em to have kids and not work….mostly democrat/liberals….don’t talk conservative politics, or how bad times are comin’, or they think yer crazy… within our means?…PFFT! my last dee-vorce i decided i could never even LOOK at another woman unless she agreed with me on politics…so, i’m OUT….most will never be happy, there’s the lesson. me, i’m doin’ ok without one, but if you aint lovin’, you aint LIVIN…..signed: lookin’ for a black cat, in a dark room, that aint THERE.

        • Yep dog and pony, dog and pony, dog and pony.

          Trump has flipped on 90% of his campaign promises. Traitor to his voters. The US is SO frigging bankrupt but they got plenty of money for war weapons and genocide to keep the Fascist US Corporations flush with free 3rd world country resources to keep their monopolies running. Then they pay no taxes. And we the Citizens get the tab. No MORE, I refuse to work on their grid.

          And if you (3rd World Victims) try to defend your homeland from the invaders Rape and Pillage, you are deemed a Terrorist and have 59 Tomahawk missiles fired at you. ($90 Million shot of the wad) for what a false flag? The Shit is piled so high, we can’t see anything else. Turn off the Boob Tube and cut the cable cord for starters. 2 years here now with no LIE TV and I don’t miss any of it. Its a nice start on the cleansing of the brain propaganda.

        • Right you are about using the stuff on the shelf, so more can be bought. Makes me wonder how deep Trump is in with the NWO types who want to keep wars and tension going all the time. If the Donald isn’t in on the game, he may soon find himself in the history books beside JFK.
          The folks who genuinely want to rule the world don’t like outsiders messing up their plans. And how much of the latest ISIS/Syria/Iran crap is designed or funded by off-budget black ops from our own government? I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were the primary instigators.
          As for NK, maybe it is just more blustering. But if they have (or soon acquire) the ability to deliver ANY size nuke onto US soil then, No, we can’t wait to respond afterwards. We must take the fight to them. I just don’t know what to believe from the news anymore. Maybe it’s all fake. If so, I hope we wake up soon from this bad dream.
          Brief note about last nights comment- Most of it was my own opinion, not necessarily fact based analysis of true info. Some was simply a reflection of my own observations over the years. Again, mainly anecdotal. Still, there does seem to be a pattern with splinter groups constantly straying away, looking for new targets. As for the music comments, well, I kind of got carried away. Thanks for all your responses. 🙂
          My best to everybody here.

      2. Gettin closer by the day.

      3. Do the NK’s have rape rooms,too?

        • Maybe, Kim Jong for himself anyway, but they are definitely intent on developing nuclear weapons and ICBM’s to use against the United States and threatening to do so.

          And getting very close to accomplishing it.

          But I don’t suppose that matters much to you?

          • And if they have any active brain cells whatsoever, they’ve probably infiltrated much of our defense and power infrastructure by now, as “South Korean” immigrants. But I don’t suppose THAT matters much either…

            • Think about your brain cells which it seems are totally absent…

          • You’ll wake up to this globalist bull shit maybe when the draft will hit you or your kids otherwise is hopeless…

            • There won’t be a draft, by the time it starts and escalates this time, the draftees will already be dead or embroiled at home in a civil war.

      4. When all else fails, they take you to war.
        His journey to the dark side will be complete if he attacks.
        NK never attacked anyone, and I bet their leader is scared shit-less and actually wants to talk to the US. But the NeoCons have an agenda and the central banks want it done.

        I still bet that nothing will happen, and WWIII will actually be starting in Syria.

        Be well, be safe, and above all be prepared.

        • NK DID attack someone once. They INVADED SK on June 25, 1950.

          • Yep gotta keep the war economy going…it the America way!

        • Watchdog, actually NK has attacked SK multiple times, they attacked an island and a boat, just two off the top of my head.

          • …..and they actually captured one of our ships. Remember the USS Pueblo?

            Of course……we didn’t do jack about it. We should have declared war on those fishheads then, bombed the crap out of them and let the south take them over. But we didn’t. And now we have to deal with the little fat man with the huge ego.

            Morons have dictated our foreign policy for the last 70 years.

        • W.D.
          With all due respect Sir.
          N.K. attacked S.K. in 1950 or 51. The UN stepped in and the war was on. I know because the Chinese and N.K. almost killed my Father. So yes they did attack the south. N.K. shelled a small island a couple years back that belongs to S.K. they also planted land mines on the South side of the DMZ a couple years ago wounding several.

          I don’t want war any more that any one else, but if talk and sanctions won’t stop him what else can be done?


          • Sgt, I know about the war in 1950 and few years ago when NK attacked. Recently though, all they do is huff and puff and “maybe” without tangibles. I think they are a threat and they know it, but I also think they want to negotiate their way back to normalcy, using the nuclear card. It won’t play with the big boys, but NK also knows that negotiating back to diplomacy means giving up their rights to the neocons, and be ruled by the west. That is why they’re threatening now. They want to keep the upper hand and be accepted at the same time. For the US and the west, that’s not a deal. Thus, for TPTB, it is time to change regimes.

            I do believe the NeoCons are instigating this as well as a deterrent from China and the south China sea problems, by moving all the HW to the Chinese borders using the NK card. It worked before in the Middle East, now we see it play out on the Chinese and Russian borders.

            Something big is afoot. The system is rapidly collapsing and all of this is theater and a distraction for when the real SHTF.

            • @watchdog….

              “I also think they want to negotiate their way back to normalcy, using the nuclear card. ”

              That’s a contradiction in terms if there ever was one.

              They have NEVER been normal. NEVER will be normal as long as they are governed by the madmen.

              They have nukes now. If they get a delivery system, they will hold the entire West hostage.

              I was not happy about the cruise missile attack on Syria. But something has to be done about that little creep or he’ll put the whole world into nuclear winter.

              • anonymous5 NO,they do not have nukes,THAT’S THE BIG LIE.They want everyone to believe.

              • NK’s shitty little nukes aren’t large enough to cause a “nuclear winter” which in itself is an oxy-moron.

                • But they could probably hurt a lot of people if they hit in a major city with a high population density.

          • Sarge, good points. I’ve got 3 uncles who fought over there.

          • It was an unjust war 65 years ago and will once again. Over 38,000 Americans gave their lives. For what? Nine out of 10 Americans couldn’t even find NK on a map.

            I challenge you to show us exactly where the Constitution supports your argument for defending other sovereign foreign nations of Japan and North Korea.

            I agree with Bill Buffert retired career Army officer, “The only just war is one fought on your soil to defend your own soil.”

            • Nice 18th century defence policy..BTW how do you combat a viable ICBM threat by a lunatic?
              BTW AGAIN if you’re fighting on your soil you’ve already lost…..
              Einstein! !!!

            • @Roger D….

              Yeah….that’s EXACTLY what we want….a war on our own soil.

              Do you realize how stupid that is?

              Makes about as much sense as aspiring to die for your country. (The object is to make the other guy die for HIS country)

              By all means…..let’s wait until the little inbred bastard puts a mushroom cloud over Los Angeles or Houston.

            • “I agree with Bill Buffert retired career Army officer, “The only just war is one fought on your soil to defend your own soil.””

              I also agree with this statement of truth.

          • Yessiree sarge, its time to shit or get off the pot as my aunt used to say,,,

          • Kim Jong-un is a psychopath, a megalomaniac, and an immature brat to boot. Psychopaths tend to be self centered, having no empathy or tolerance for any one else.

            They are known for their aggressive behavior, they’re manipulative, and overly competitive, needing to constantly feed their egos and prove themselves to their world.

            Psychopaths are braggadocious, but they mean exactly what they say. The nitwit dictator of NK is a threat to the world and has to be stopped.

            • Man we got so lucky to dodge the Clinton election….

              • They both wear the same pant suits even.

        • If a dog has rabies, do you wait for him to bite someone or do you put him down?

          Kim Jong Un is a sick man who has shown he will kill for no other reason that he thinks someone might oppose him. Should we just wait for him to be more nuclear capable? Should we wait until he has aligned himself with more of our enemies (ISIS, Iran, etc)?

          The dog has rabies.

          • @kynase…….

            Kim Jong Un is not sick. He is evil.

        • I will bet you they are not scared. NK are masters of brinkmanship. If a US attack is carried out, US bases and the country of South Korea become a smoking crater. It is that simple. More than likely Asian countries are reassessing the logic of having the USA as an ally

        • Never attacked anyone, you are delusional and very misinformed. NK has been attacking South Korea for decades, shelling its citizens, indiscriminately sinking civilian vessels, kidnapping citizens. They have seized a US navy ship on at least one occasion and THEY not us invaded South Korea to start the Korean War, which once again THEY refused to end with any peace Greene that. Watchdog you are either ignorant or a coward or both.some times you have to grow a pair and FIGHT you enemies.

        • You must be sorta young,,,
          What you never study the Korean war? Technically we are still at war with those stupid commy bassturds. I for one know a few dozen South Koreans who would love to be reunited with their family that is stuck in the north, for some reason the fat little dick tater wont let anyone leave,,,

        • we HAVE to have war to cover our defaulting of the debt that can’t be paid back….mite as well be there.

      5. Both sides are really bad at reading the intent of the other – a good opportunity for conflict by mistake!

      6. Wow, I thought Mac Slavo wasn’t a war junkie. He sure as hell hates North Korea, a country that has never attacked the territory of the US but has had 90% of its cities obliterated by the US Air Force.
        Here’s a hint to Donald Trump: Leave NorKor alone and they will implode on their own. Why does the US even remain in South Korea? They have a GDP 8,100% higher than the North. But I guess Trump wants to win a dick measuring contest with a stubby Korean dude.

        • NK and China teamed up and invaded South Korea with the Soviets supplying armaments, training and strategic support killing something like 70 or so thousand S Korean soldiers out of less than a hundred thousand they had in the initial fighting.

          The UN authorized action against them to force them back N of the 38th parallel. The US reluctantly joined in, at first with air power to fight the N Korean air force than later with ground troops as well. Eventually, almost 20 nations were involved with the South Korean side and three with the North Korean.

          We didn’t start that war, didn’t want to get involved in it, and simply responded to the North Korean/Chinese/Soviet attack on South Korea under United Nations authorization and with Congressional approval. There has never been a peace declaration in Korea, we are still at war with them with an uneasy armistice. frequently broken by the North, in place for the last six and a half decades.

          • General Douglas MacArthur would have won that war, had not the idiot Harry Truman sabotaged his every move. We would not have this problem today.

            • So true.

              You either win a war or you leave an enemy behind you that will jump up and bayonet you in the back as soon as he has the chance.

              Something we seem to have forgotten since our last win, WWII.

            • Not true. McArthur spread out his forces as they advanced up the peninsula and also ignored warnings of Chinese intervention. Yes he could have won if not for his poor tactics.

        • Doug- I don’t see anything here to condemn Mac as a war junkie. He is only stating the
          obvious. Presently North Korea is more of a threat to its neighbors. A few years from now
          they may be a more serious threat to everyone if left unchecked. The biggest problem
          with NK is the rhetoric. Other countries that have nuclear weapons are not threatening to
          obliterate potential rivals. If NK did not have a leader with a Napoleon-Little Man Complex,
          I’m sure the nuke thing would not be at the forefront. TPTB want regime change.
          Something’s gotta give. War should always be the last option.

        • Doug you sir are a pajama boy and a fool,

        • @DougDiggler……

          History is not your strong suit, is it?

          • Not yours either given the obvious genocide of the Korean population during the last Korean war. Mind you the genocide of different peoples is something the US does on a regular basis.


        • So if i park my ass by one of your relatives homes and shout threats at them every other day and lob a few M80s over the fence every few weeks, and then tell you im gonna turn you to ash every other week,,, your ok with that and will just ignore it?

          • good one, kula!

      7. DD, Mac is NOT a war junkie. NONE of us here are. NK DID INVADE SK on June 25, 1950. They lost but ONLY after we lost 50000 men and the SKs lost a lot more in military and civilian deaths combined. Here’s a hint for YOU: Do plenty of research before you say anything about anything or anyone, DICKHEAD.

        • Years back was stationed in SK. There were still foxholes it seems. And the place smelled. Road marching thru villages the odor was sickening.
          Even then NK had propaganda along the DMZ.

        • Thats why i like ya bud,,,
          Man i miss Eppster

          • maybe we could send that basketball player back to sort things out. what was his name????Korean Abdul Jabbar, i think? “tommorrow’s headline” might say trump responded by giving Kim Jong a wedgie and then taking his lunch money.
            i miss eppe too!..oh, and the U.S. says North Korea launched a long-range missile, but it failed thirty-five seconds after take-off. North Korea says it was a successful launch of an extremely-short-range missile.

            • Q: How does every Korean joke start?
              A: By looking over your shoulder.

              • Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
                A: Because North Korean Long-Range missiles can’t reach that far.

                • Q: Whats the difference between a smart Korean and a unicorn?
                  A: Nothing, they’re both fictional characters

                  Q: Did you hear about the winner of the Korean beauty contest?
                  A: Me neither.
                  So I asked my North Korean friend how his life was going. He said “Can’t Complain.”

        • So someone that comments on the genocide of a defenseless people is a dickhead it just shows how low the US has sunk a nation given your comments.

          • You know not that of which you speak.

            Educate yourself.

          • Nexus… don’t even know what a genocide is.

            Don’t believe everything your college prof. tells you.

        • Here’s a hint for you Craven heart. Do your research silly man! North Korea did not lose. No one won. America is still technically at war with NK.

          America hasn’t got a very good record at beating undernourished, poorly armed, little Asiatic people even when they (the USA) have the best of everything. Only way they can beat them is to drop nuclear weapons on them.

          Fortunately, America had a sensible president in Truman who sacked McArthur after he (McArthur) threatened to nuke NK.

          Will your fallen hero (Dump) have that same sense?

          • It isn’t the ” undernourished, poorly armed, little Asiatic people” that we have a problem defeating, it’s the Congress that seems to want them to win and stops us from it.

            Something I learned back as a teenager while fighting in Vietnam.

      8. This story comes from the main stream news media. So the government wants us to hear it. The meeting is some what unusual. It seems that the government wants us or NoKo to believe a war is imminent. Play acting or real stuff? I would say that the answer will be known soon enough.

        • Him, the meeting is very unusual. I’ve never heard of any other POTUS having such a meeting before. It’s unprecedented.

      9. One of the problem the hawks and warmongers are not considering is the fact that N. Korea shares its border with Russia and China. If the USA unilaterally attacks Korea it is likely to go nuclear. This would contaminate parts of Russia, China, and Japan with radioactive substances.
        This would then likely anger those countries considerably!

        Exceptionalistan cannot take that chance of killing millions–some completely away from Korea!
        If it does, I would imagine this would cause conflict with Russia and China!
        The risk of starting WW3 isn’t worth it for the chance of acting like mister big balls of Wash DC.

        That fat little asshole Kim Jung Un won’t do shit unless directly provoked.
        The USA cannot even end the intervention in Afghanistan with the “mother of all bombs”, they cannot win a war against muzzie goatherders therefore!
        And we think that we can fight N. Korea, China, Russia, and probably Iran? This is insane and preposterous.

        • All this makes sure that no-one will challenge the $50billion increase in the millitary budget.

        • I like to compare these types of global situations with more local events.

          In my mind, this is much like the situation we had in Orlando, FL when the terrorist murdered all those people in the club. At some point, you come to the realization that even though you may do something that puts the lives of more innocents at risk, you nevertheless HAVE to do it or the murderer will kill even more people.

          Put another way…….if you had a neighbor who had demonstrated a penchant for violence…..and he threatened to kill you and your family…..would you stand idly by while e constructed a cannon in his front yard?

          • Nope, id make sure the fire looked like an accident

        • U.S. wins, china wont stand for it. russia wins, china wont stand for it. china wins, U.S wont allow it…..NOBODY can be allowed to beat NK…they must remain independent…end of story…these simps aren’t thinkin’ long-term. any other outcome means WWIII.

          • If they weren’t developing nukes and long range missiles as well as threatening to use them on the rest of the world they would have no trouble remaining “independent”.

            No one wants them and everyone would be quite happy just letting them stay isolated while they ignore them.

      10. “we may need to declare war on North Korea if they refuse to comply with new and existing sanctions.”
        We already are at a state of war….its been an armistice since the fifties. Either side could break the armistice agreement and resume the war. Its gone too far, and too late to stop NK from creating immense loss of lives w/ nuclear & conventional weapons….not only in SK, but likely Japan also. If war breaks out, we’re going to see the worst humanitarian crisis the world has ever seen. I hope they understand that.!!!!

        • @J……

          But it was never a declared war. Technically……it was a “police action” by the United Nations in which the United States took part.

          Yeah…..I know, I know……it was a stupid way to do it.

          We haven’t declared war since December 1941.

          What we are dealing with now can be blamed on every administration since Truman. But Bill Clinton is responsible for letting them get their nuclear ball rolling. They should have been smacked down hard right then and there.

          • And most of these assholes have been in congress through a bunch of these administrations so they are complicit,,, buncha dickless pricks

      11. Sabre rattling everywhere, but there is one war-like place that is keeping suspiciously quiet. Europe is keeping its war preparations under the radar – it’s the silent ones you need to watch! “With last Saturday’s “Rome Declaration”, the EU has declared its commitment to an offensive global policy, including an intensified militarization, as was demanded by Berlin.”

        Dutch women military draft: (Parts of the Dutch military are under German command)

        The ECB has added a hidden symbol of war to the new Euro note: the mythical figure of Europa now sits in a window, which is a ritual position for the goddess of war:

        Watch the silent ones.

      12. And while NK was busy increasing their military, our Congress was debating the validity of gender neutral bathrooms. Stop the world, I want to get off!

        • K-Dog is that you? Alabama? Illesheim? Ring a bell?

      13. The bathrooms at the white house better have lots of toilet paper ready for the liberal response .

      14. Oh boy, here we go. Here is a thought: Take all 100 of those assholes and lock them all up in the basement and feed them cat food and soiled water.

        • Is there a wall on the WH grounds they could be lined up against??

          • No need, collateral damage is acceptible in this case

      15. Putting all those turds ion one spot??????

        Sounds to me like shit waiting to happen.

        Thinking back when Obullshit was in office we here B@#CHING, because he did nothing, and kissed this little bastards ass, and his muslime brothers asses. We now have Trump kicks ass, and takes name later, and we are now B@#ching about that.

        Please some one enlighten me. We are going to go one way or the other. For me I’m tired of watch my Great Country kissing the ass of these scum bags!


        • Turn their shithole to ashes,,, ill work 2 shifts a day in a bomb plant if they will finally just kick the shit outa these dirtballs,,,,

      16. North Korea has been saber rattling for the past three administration, maybe more. It goes like this.

        1. The US attention is primarily occupied elsewhere.
        2. North Korea does something very provocative and makes it very public seeking attention.
        3. Harsh words are exchanged.
        4. North Korea threatens to attack.
        5. Behind the scenes emissaries discuss a resolution privately.
        6. North Korea is promised food, oil and IMF “loans” but for the US to save face its not made public.
        7. The crisis fizzles and ends
        8. A few months later North Korea receives the promised “tribute” in #6.

        The problem now is North Korea isn’t getting #6.

        • Kevin2, spot on. If Obama was still in office, he would have made sure NK received the ‘tribute’.

          • Bush 43 and Bill Clinton too.

      17. I revisited stormcloudsgathering video titled, “Trump Wont be Cancelling WW3 After All” (great video!) and tried to copy it (transcript) but the computer wouldn’t let me! I asked the librarian about it and she said that certain websites are blocked. I inquired further and she said the government does it. And I said, “so basically, we don’t have our constitutional rights”? And she said, “yeah, that’s right.” I said, “that’s really sad!” and she didn’t reply.

        So, a lot of us know what is happening but no one challenges the Police State at this time… really sickening!!

      18. Putting all those turds in one spot??????

        Sounds to me like shit waiting to happen.

        Thinking back when Obullshit was in office we here B@#CHING, because he did nothing, and kissed this little bastards ass, and his muslime brothers asses. We now have Trump kicks ass, and takes name later, and we are now B@#ching about that.

        Please some one enlighten me. We are going to go one way or the other. For me I’m tired of watch my Great Country kissing the ass of these scum bags!


      19. Clearly the U.S. will be biting off more that they can chew should they make the mistake of taking on North Korea. Make no mistake China and Russia both have borders on North Korea and they dislike American infusions and they will step in militarily if necessary .

        • North Korea is rogue. I believe that Kim Jung Un will be disposed on in an internal coup with Chinese influence. China has way too much to lose if this escalates into a war as the refugee problem would be enormous. The US won’t set foot in North Korea with any conventional forces with the intent of holding any ground as South Korea would be saddled with an enormous refugee problem. Russia will not get into WWIII over North Korea and neither will China. They’ll both save that position for a direct threat upon themselves.

          I don’t give Kim Jung Un longer than September 1st.

      20. In reality, despite all the bellicose talk from both sides, NK in no threat to the US. Furthermore, they are 8,000 miles across the Pacific. Why in the hell is it our problem? Let the countries around that shithole deal with them. I say pull out our troops and equipment now. SK has twice the population and 33 times the economy than NK, they can defend themselves. Enough Americans have died already in a variety of far-flung shitholes around the world in the last 50 years, it has gotten us absolutely and I mean absolutely nothing. The people that live in those places are hell-bent their countries remain shitholes. They don’t even like us, and that includes our bases in Europe.
        Besides, we CANNOT afford it. We are more than broke, the fed. gov’t alone has more than 20 trillion in debt. Every day the debt increases more than 3 billion, it is simply not sustainable. It takes all the money collected in taxes to pay Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security alone, everything else exists on borrowed money. The gov’t is insolvent even with the assets it controls.
        George Washington said in a famous address that America should stay clear of foreign entanglements. We have nothing to gain from this conflict even if we win quickly. Things happen the way they do because in secret someone is benefiting from it with everyone else picking up the bill. I read tha 70% of Americans could not raise $500 in two weeks even if it was an emergency. The gov’t can’t seem to get us a break from taxes and high medical insurance rates and costs, but it seems we have tons of money to throw in for Syria and NK. It’s obvious the gov’t doesn’t serve the interests of the people, it is only tool for TPTB to carry out their vile schemes.

        • Central banks/ CIA/ Think Tanks (pick any)/ Military-Industrial Complex/ neocon scumbags.
          They have it all figured out. I don’t think they care about the debt anymore. All the financial
          heads seem to want war. Then collapse of some kind. Then a reset. Mathematically, there
          is no way the debt we now have could ever be paid down. There is not enough money in the
          world to pay off 20 trillion in fiscal operating debt. Add to that 200 trillion in future promises/ unfunded liabilities. The consensus seems to be lets cover up all the scandals.
          Financial and otherwise. Get peoples minds off failed economies. Have another monstrosity
          of a war. Convert a belligerent enemy into a new slave state that will serve us cheaply and
          benefit us economically. Nevermind that millions of lives may be snuffed out. Here we go
          again with more insanity. More God Bless America bumper stickers and whatever other
          gimmicks they can throw at us. Someone must have took Trump aside and said- look here
          Mr. BigTalker- we are going to have our war. If not Syria, then North Korea. You are going
          to rally all the flag wavers in mid-America that eat at Dairy Queen. You will sell this war to
          them because as President of the United States- you serve us.

        • Bill

          I agree with you 100%. My paragraph preceding yours is just what I believe is the current strategy.

        • @Bill….

          If N.Korea has nukes and a way to deliver them, then they are a threat.

          8000 miles was a significant distance in 1940. Today, it is nothing.

          If N. Korea can place a satellite into orbit over the U.S., then they can place a small nuke in orbit as well. Detonating such a warhead at 350 miles above the continental United States would deliver an EMP that could put us into the 19th century. This is not an insignificant threat.

          • An ICBM does not need the velocity needed for a satellite orbit. For low earth orbit you need a speed of about 10,000 mph. For an ICBM you just need enough speed for a long parabolic toss. Take that excess speed N. Korea has in their rocket that put those satellites in orbit and they can launch a substantially larger load than those satellite sat the US.

            I don’t know the game that’s is being played, but any American who took high school physics should realize NK already has what they need.

            Remember the US earliest Mercury manned rockets were nothing more than ICBM’s. Readily available technology, available to Korea lets them make much smaller bombs, that need smaller missiles. It was the Obama admin that for years played down N. Korea progress.

            Also remember that Iran works closely with North Korea. What NK has, Iran has. What’s going on with NK is much bigger than NK. Left unchecked the US could have missiles coming from more than one direction.

        • And then when one day theres a sudden explosion about a mile over denver, and another that also fell short and hits dead in the middle of LA, then what?

          • Nail,
            if what you describe happens, we’ll have
            a lot less Democrats.

            • Good point

      21. The sad part – seems the NK commom folk have been mentally programmed. To hate the US. I dunno, maybe like black folk here who swear alligence to the democratic party. The pro slavery party. Brain washed.

        • Let them find out how their cousins live in South Korea and that brain washing might get some new programing. As technology increases its increasingly difficult to keep people in the dark. In a decade or two they’ll be able to transmit a hologram from a satellite onto the street of North Korea showing how the South Koreans live. Like Pol Pot North Korea is on the losing side of this experiment.

          • It would take far more than that to convince them. The programming of their citizens is so complete, that they would have to be immersed in a developed western nation for a week to even make a dent. They would believe that everything is staged…….because that’s exactly what they do.

      22. Trump does not need a deceleration of war, because the Korean War never ended, there was no peace treaty just a cease fire. All Trump has to do is declare that the NorKs have violated the terms of the cease fire, and then he can order the military to take appropriate action.

        • People here aren’t going to understand this.

      23. The North Korean navy is mostly coastal. Its best submarines are cast-offs from the Chinese and Russians. Their best ships are missile launchers. They are a threat to the Naval Task Force. The American troops stationed in that area are at risk but it is South Korea and Japan that have every reason to be extremely nervous. It would be a good time for those folks to take a vacation far from home.

      24. Sump pump question.. How do you keep system running for extended periods in grid down? Natural gas will be down.. Battery back up (in place) only good for battery(s) life.. F generators.. On well system.. Solar? swimming pool? Move?


        • 12v sump pump on dedicated solar and batteries, or manual if needed, skip the pool or put in a 12v circulator, well can do a 12 or 24v on dedicated system, or one of those hand pumps,, cant remember what they are called but are basicly a pair of nested pvc pipes with a foot valve that can pump about 200′ if im not mistaken,,,,

          • Do you mean a RAM Pump or Glock Pump (Not the pistol)
            Rams are noisy and Glocks are quiet.
            Rams are cheap and easy to make.
            Look up Billabong Ram Pumps for commercial variety.

        • 15 amp. Solar panel . Unles the sun is as dark as sack cloth and hair? I says it won’t be easy? Cowboy up?wind generator with hand crank?

          • Smells like Hermes-Zeuss-Apollo.

      25. Funny how America only goes after little wimpy countries who can’t defend themselves

        • You must be a liberal

        • @greg…

          Learned that crap in college, didn’t you?

        • Ya greg, I remember, Germany was a wimpy helpless country, numbnut.

      26. I wonder if the bottom line is. North Korean government employees are holding millions of people in slavery. If you can’t leave your a captive slave?

      27. Well, I’m ready for the nuke tossed salad. I picked up an old school desk from the 50-60’s era and practiced my tuck and roll. Worked back then should work now…….very sturdy desk.

      28. North Korea is one of the few places left on earth unspoiled by jewish capitalism and degeneracy. It is one of the few countries left on earth without a Rothschild central bank. It is the closest thing to a true nation state which functions to serve the interests of its own people which is why the parasites running the Anglo American empire want to destroy it.

      29. Yawn.

      30. I find it really disturbing that the president is going to meet with all 100 senators in one place while there is a nuclear drill going on in D.C. How about a false flag that takes out all the senators, creates a COG “emergency” and plunges the country into martial law? Neocon Heaven…

      31. Didn’t someone ounce say. That government employees have murdered more people then any other group in history? Is payback a bitch?

      32. I’ve had a very recient understanding. As much as I would like I can’t bug in . If I go anywhere that has anything . The canibles will show. I have to have food fuel water in the worst place possible. Or they will show? If I can get my preps. To a place were no one can survive . They won’t show.? Isn’t it obvious?

      33. Who will take in a million N Korean refuges? China, Japan , ?

      34. We see Asian society. Do we want that here?

        • Stop hating, round eye.

      35. Read somewhere that a Korean soldier was sent by his father a shotgun . He stopped a human wave asult. But no awared. Because he wasent using an issued weapon. Gotta love a shotgun?

      36. Not to worry. Old Loose Cannon Trump is just going to have a barbeque and beer event. Actually Im liking this cluster fuck. I always knew there wasn’t any political solution. I hope the bomb the bejabbers out of everyone that needs it.

      37. Actually Trump is going to announce HICk,s NIBIRU and introduce the senators to the Extra Terrestial Aliens.

      38. Why does every dove snowflake keep regurgitate this narrative that they can’t reach the USA with a nuke missile? They don’t need to fire it from north Korea. They could sub launch with the tech they now have. But more likely will smuggle one or a dozen on the many container ships waiting outside our many ports. And then only have to launch a few hundred miles to reach DC, PHILLY, MIAMI, LA, SAN FRAN, Take your pick and with just their scuds which they have demonstrated that they most definitely CAN DO! Reliably.

        They also have satellites that go over the USA multiple times a day that already might have a small EMP device on board ready to black out our capability to detect the subsequent missile launches in a first strike scenario.

      39. I doubt there are now or that there ever have been aliens from outer space. I believe that the distance now and forever will make interstellar travel impossible.

        What I believe is that the government, using radio, movies, T.V., newspapers, magazines, and books; is now, and has been over the years, operating mind control to convince the masses that an apocalyptic event involving an attack coming from outer space will be unleashed upon all mankind. Everything including the Bible is part of the self Chosen’s conspiracy for world domination.

        The masses have been made dumb and ignorant.

        Two thousand years ago humans had the technological skill to build aqueducts. Hundreds of years before man took to air flight, DaVinci drew plans for constructing a helicopter. Thousands of years ago, we built the pyramids, and the collosus of Rhodes (of Hellios, the sun god).

        We have all the technology to dupe an unsuspecting earthling that they are beset by an alien invasion from outer space. We have bases under the ocean near Malibu, California. We are mining the ocean flood for gold, silver, etc. we have pillaged old sunken ships carrying valuables and antiques. Our tax money makes THEM richer and US poorer.

        Don’t come together to fight men from outer space. That is how we become slaves of the imposters.


      40. The powers of the US Senate would generally pertain to investigations, impeachments, the appointment of ambassadors, and treaties.

        Congress, not Senate, would traditionally declare war.

        Is he making a legal case for it, so as not to incur a liability.

        • continuity?

      41. I have a question for those of you that want war. How did there come to be a North Korea and a South Korea? What existed before the split?

        • Half an okole?

      42. It appears as if Trump is trying to build consensus and provide transparency. Will it work? Probably not, but I applaud his effort.

        All of our presidents should have been doing this with Congress and the Senate was the right place to start.

        By having them all take part (and sign or confirm non-disclosure) it puts THEM on the hot seat with him.

      43. Sarge, Brave, I commented on this topic on a previous post as to why I still support Donald Trump. I know a veteran who barely survived that war. I am telling all you preppers, Kim jung yang is a dangerous son of a bitch. The US cannot sit here and let them nuke us, EMP US, ETC. Remember the White Hats had Israel shoot down a satellite that was in the deployment phase lowering from upper orbit to EMP us last July 15th, 2016 to stop the election and plunge the US into SHTF. So before we start bashing Trump, we need to stop those fucks. We cannot have freedom unless we stop the rothchild banking families who run and control North Korea to keep using them as proxy to take down the US. We have to attack them.

        Real funny Old Guy. The not so funny thing is that Trump is the president who will be revealing a lot of that stuff you mentioned. I got news for you, aliens took over control of the US government since the 1930’s and all the major countries of the entire planet. You have no earthy clue what’s going in this country.


        • Satan controls all the worlds governments. After he was cast out of heaven, earth became
          his dominion. God hates governments. When messiah returns he will rule over all and every
          knee shall bow to him. Satan is consolidating his power on earth. He knows he has only a
          short time. Things are accelerating. We are witnessing this. Satan is putting all of his
          agents in place. Organizations like Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, Bilderbergs, Council
          On Foreign Relations, CIA, MI6, etc.- all serve Satan. Everything is connected and infected.
          You could say that Satan and his legions of angels are extra-terrestrials, because they are
          not of this world. Yet, they are in this world. They influence much of what happens in this

        • Then maybe the aliens should take care of NK for us?

      44. Trump is nothing more than a mercenary for the Deep State globalists, just like the US military.

        We abandoned God. We abandoned our Constitution. We the People have squandered our Founders’ Republic to the Deep State. We call ourselves ‘Christians’, yet we support continuous wars that Christ would surely reject. Who do we think we are? Even the church is complicit by their silence. Is any pastor crying out against these wars and shedding of innocent blood besides Chuck Baldwin? Payback will literally be hell.

        ‘Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.’ Proverbs 16:18

        • HICKS I enjoy playing Foghorn Leghorn. He was always yanking that Knot Head dogs chain. Im skeptical about everything.

      45. If I were in the North Korean government and heard about the President meeting with the entire Senate for the first time, I would figure that something major was about to happen. I would anticipate an invasion or some sort of attack. This is a precedent set by the President. At this point, it is a war of nerves and the US seems to be winning.

      46. I want an isolationist America.

        Let the rest of the world do whatever, as long as they don’t bring it here, I don’t care. No more foreign aid. No more foreign wars. Close down the Federal Reserve Bank. Disconnect from foreign entanglements with the Banking Cartel. Remove foreigners from our soil. Make America white again. Defend our Country and leave the rest alone.


      47. I’ve been questioning stuff and have been a government antagonist since the Kennedy murders. Been reading about the flat Earth, the Earth has no curvature, no matter the elevation when observing. I now believe the Earth could very well be flat. Proving moon visits as completely false. There has never been a picture of Earth from space produced, only computer generated images which are false. There is no proof that the Earth is a ball. The Korean mess is just lying BS to keep the American people in their place, powerless.

        • Alijamo:

          It is round, alright. That flat earth nonsense is just disinformation to confuse people into not knowing what to believe. Look into the sky for your answer. You see the other planets and moons are round. Saturn is surrounded by ice and debris that look like rings. Go to a planetarium where a large telescope will be accessible. We are no different than the other planets. When you see the universe outside us, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that the earth is like those other planets and moons.

          Or just look at the moon and sun. They are round, not flat. It is because of the spin. Roll a glob of mud, or a glob of dough. The result is the same. You get a round ball.


      48. There is just so much going on right now it’s hard to say exactly what’s going to happen. Syria, Russia, China NK, all kinds of investigations on capitol hill, NAFTA, Federal judges knocking down another one of Trump’s executive order on funds to sanctuary cities, etc. It’s a blow to Trumps presidency at every turn. Looks like possible war on the home front.

      49. Reading the comments on this thread I am left with a very sad and depressing reaction to what most Americans have become.

        Most of you seem to have forgotten just how dishonest and manipulative the mainstream media really is.
        When ABCBSMSNBCNN reports on domestic issues some Americans rightly understand that ABCBSMSNBCNN is full of crap and lies.
        However when it comes to foreign policy issues most Americans gobble up the rhetoric and propaganda that America is the World’s Policeman.
        Did you people forget about the fake Syria gas attack of 2013?
        Is that too far ago that you can’t remember it?

        Fast forward to today and you have another fake Syrian gas attack and the US promptly launches cruise missiles into Syria.
        And now we have the propaganda with North Korea.
        And you Americans gobble it up again and again and again.
        There is very little critical reasoning (looking for mistakes in logic and facts) going on in American minds right now. Americans get their “logic” from mainstream news sources and thus they are completely dissillusioned.
        The irony of one of the posters here writing about how North Koreans are so brainwashed that they believe everything their government tells them.
        Talk about projection and irony, so very sad.

        So America, now Amerika, goes to war again. But no it isn’t war, it’s a surgical strike. Sure, sure it is. You people never seem to learn from the past of your government.

        Why is that?
        I keep asking myself that question and the answer is now clear.
        Most Americans don’t think for themselves, never have, never will.
        How do Americans make decisions then?
        Like all children do, they use their emotions and feelings to arrive at conclusions about the world. Emotional-based decision making, that is what Americans now export.
        If you can’t think for yourself (Neo-cortex subcomponent of the brain) then one must use the Limbic system (middle brain subcomponent of the brain) to make decisions.
        What is the Limbic system? It is also called the mammal brain or the midbrain. It is the heart of human emotions, no thinking goes on there.
        Understand this and you will instantly become a smarter more intelligent human being.
        Why? Because then you will be aware that you are being guided by emotions and not facts, reason nor logic.

        Will most Americans realize this in time and wake up from their emotionally-based decision making processes?

        I certainly hope so. America used to be a great country , one that I admired very much, I hope it can become that again.
        But it won’t if most Americans continue to use their emotions to make decisions.
        The emotion of fear is a powerful controller of human behaviour.
        You are not using the NeoCortex if you are in fear, thus the media constantly pushes the fear agenda (North Korean nukes, give me a break, they don’t even have much internet).
        When you are in fear, you cannnot reason, you cannot think clearly , that is why society is failing now.

        Stop using your emotions to make decisions.
        Start using your thoughts to make decisions.

        Emotions and Thoughts come from very different parts of the brain as I pointed out earlier.
        If you all did some reading you might learn this just as I have.

        Finally, will you Americans grow up and learn to stop emoting?
        Doubtful. Why do I say this?
        Just look at 9/11, any fool can see that it was an inside job.
        Just look at Sandy Hook, any fool can see that it was a false flag operation.
        Just look at the Boston Marathon Bombing, any fool can see that it was also a false flag operation and a very poorly executed one at that.
        But you still trust the media to report North Korean affairs accurately?

        Just look at the $10 Trillion that the Pentagon recently reported that has been lost. $10 Trillion with a “T”.
        How many Americans are now on food stamps? How many Americans can’t get adequate health care?
        But you all still support a ruinous barbaric diabolical military industry.
        Again, you use emotions to make conclusions and decisions and opinions.
        Americans have their personal self-esteem and self-respect tied up with having a Big and Tough take no prisoners Military.
        Thus they get emotional payoffs from such an organization (Pentagon) even though that very same organization continually works against the interests of the common American.

        Very sad.
        Please start thinking instead of feeling.
        Your own personal lives will greatly improve if you do that.

      50. We’ve been had. First Trump said China is manipulating the Chinese currency. Then the Chinese said that they would put sanctions on NoKo. So Trump said the Chinese no longer manipulate their currency. The meeting of the 100 Senators yesterday resulted in no new intelligence. The Senators claimed everything they were told, they could have gotten out of newspapers. This whole NoKo thing is being staged in order to let the Chinese pretend to be helping us. Watch the pattern develop. China will soon be getting more favorable trade agreements. Bend over, here it comes again.

      51. We do not have to regress to far to remember when baseball cards of Iraqis were made and a bounty put on their heads. So let us do the same with N. Korea and Syria. A 100 million for the fat boy and the same for Assad. Simple and the situation is done. We can have the minor thugs also targeted. This is relatively cheap and no Americans get hurt. There are plenty of mercenaries out there that can and will take on the job.

      52. Very sad again.
        American lives ?
        Hmmm, what about human lives ?
        Clearly they don’t matter.

        And money?
        $100 million ?

        All currency is a DEBT owed to European Jewish Families:
        Rothschild, Warburg, Schiff et al.
        Not until America, Canada, Western Europe regain control of their currency from these illegal criminally insane private central banking cartels, will we have peace.

        Peace will only come when these private central banking cartels can no longer drive all of us into FAKE WARS for FAKE MONEY.

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