‘Prepare For The Worst’: Florence Strengthens To A Category 4 Hurricane

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 38 comments

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    As Hurricane Florence continues on its path toward the east coast, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster had some good advice. “Plan for the worst, pray for the best,” said the governor.

    Hurricane Florence has increased in strength quickly to a category 4 storm, with a potentially catastrophic outcome. “Now is the time for your family also to prepare and stay tuned for more updates,”  McMaster also said. According to USA Today, a coastal North Carolina county on Monday issued a mandatory evacuation order for its entire population as Hurricane Florence strengthened to a Category 4 storm and continued its slow but violent trek toward the East Coast of the United States.

    The National Hurricane Center said Florence is expected to slam into the coast around North and South Carolina as a Category 3 or 4 hurricane on Thursday or Friday. The storm’s winds had increased to 130 mph on Monday.  The governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper has already asked president Donald Trump to declare Florence a federal disaster ahead of the storm. Of course, that won’t help those in its destructive path.

    The hurricane center’s description of a Category 4 hurricane begins with “catastrophic damage will occur.” The center warns that such storms will snap or uproot most trees and down power poles and that power can be out in some areas for weeks or months.  Any Category 3, or higher hurricane is classified as a major hurricane.

    The hurricane center warned that the swells are likely to cause “life-threatening” surf and current conditions. Even before the evacuation order, Dare County emergency officials warned that rough seas and strong rip currents are already creating dangerous conditions. Florence is going to pose a very serious threat to those living on the East Coast later this week, according to AccuWeather. Florence could also increase in intensity and become a category 5 hurricane before it slams into the east coast later this week, warned AccuWeather. 

    For those in Florence’s path, now is the time to make preparations for the hurricane.


    AccuWeather meteorologist Brett Rossi said the ground in North and South Carolina and Virginia is already saturated from recent rains. Rivers are high, and the storm will be moving slowly when it arrives, exacerbating the situation, Rossi told USA Today.  “This is very scary rain event potentially setting up this week,” Rossi said. “Florence could dump a foot of rain in places that cannot handle it, making for a very scary flooding situation in some areas.”


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      1. Ready or Not, hold on to your hats. The US Navy out of VA already sent its ship fleets out to sea. There is no safe harbor in a storm surge.

        Hope nor pray is not a survival strategy. Its a lazy mans alternative to real prepping.

        • Here on the Delmarvalous Peninsula I stand as ready as I can be. I’m up on good ground but I’ve never seen 22-24 inches of rain here yet. Gas cans are all filled for the Genny, several 20 and 30 pound propane tanks are filled, plenty of food and bottled water plus the Berkey. Plan on filling the tub for toilet flushing if it comes to it. Filled up on chicken feed and filled a fifty gallon barrel for the animals. We’ve had quite a bit of rain here for the last three days and the ground is pretty saturated so my fear of tree loss is medium to high when the wind gets started.

          • Yep, so much rain it’s like we live in a swamp.

          • Looks like you’re as prepared as can be repr. One word of caution though – don’t be too complacent because you are on high ground. I live on the highest spot on the entire Gulf within a mile or two of the water. You would think there is no way I can flood. I have looked out my window at a lake as far as I can see with the water within six inches of my front door. It is shocking how rain can accumulate faster than it can run off.
            Good luck to you my friend and to all the others here who find themselves in harm’s way.

        • You know it’s serious when they send the ships out. Our son was stationed in Norfolk for 6 years. They never had to send the ships out in all that time. Our daughter in Hampton roads is ready. Two years ago they cut down 10 huge trees in their yard(it is an old subdivision) and have their preps ready. Prayers going out for those in the path. After Isabel hit us in Petersburg VA in 2003, I said no more. We moved to East Tn. We were prepped, but most of our neighbors weren’t. Two weeks no electricity. It was interesting.

      2. PaLEase 9 times out of 10 it will be a big nothing with a little rain . Good for grocery store sales though

        • Never experienced a Cat. 3+ first hand, eh?

      3. Seven years since the Twin Towers demolition by Mossad; Saudi Arabia and terrorist hyjackers flew planes into the buildings, and the CIA collaborated in the false flag operation that was used to justify going to war. Now, Al nusra, aka Al Qiaida, terrorists are in Syria trying to collapse the Syrian government for Israel. What a mess.

        I hear weather is being controlled by some kind of gigantic wind blower. TPTB missed by a few days if this hurricane is man made to coincide with the events on September eleventh, 2001. But I guess it would have been too obvious if the hurricane hit the East Coast on the exact same day.

        Chances are this is just a coincidence. The hurricane is just a natural event having nothing to do with any human activity. But the Global warmer-climate changers will be all over this if it slams New York and up and down the East Coast. Give them a shot of 9-11 conspiracy theory to shut them up.


        • B from CA

          Ever heard of HARRP ?

        • Correction Bfrom CA.


          • GETTING REAL..Check out Stealth Terror II: Hurricanes, 9-11 and Geoengineering, today at Memoryholeblog. This goes into weather modification by HAARP controlling hurricanes to manipulate events and chemtrails to do the same. Florence headed for Carolina may be to cover for the start of greater war in Syria.

        • Even people on this site are freakin out. Unreal

          • Read the syllabus. That’s what we do here. You did get a syllabus?

        • “I here weather is being controlled by some kind of wind blower. Yeah, they brought it out of hiding last week, “The Obammy Fan”.

      4. Several computer models for this storm see it stalling off the coast, and simply pumping huge rainfall onto land much like the storm that hit Houston.

        Be ready for an extended loss of drinking water, and power failures. This storm is huge and even pointed at Cape Hatteras, it will pump rain inland even up beyond Connecticut.

        Have fuel for generators, full tank in the cars, charged phones and tablets, have bottled water and fully charged batteries, portable radio, cash in your pocket along with banking info for remote access. If you are living on the coast or barrier islands, be ready to run, you should be packed tomorrow and ready to evacuate.

        My tip on banking info. I have multiple financial accounts, banks to 401K’s. Have the info to access all accounts in a form no one else can exploit if it’s discovered. It could be on an encrypted thumb drive, with a long secure password you will always remember. Take it with you if you must evacuate, or have it already prepositioned with a safe relative in another region.

        Time for folks on the east coast to check their preps now. Tick tock three days to the storm peak.

        • Spent an hour tonight topping off fuel, water and food.

          The storm is not expected to hit here, even if it did its days away, but I’m very ready.

          I hit a local grocery store and walked into a great sale on bottled water.

          Chatting with the lady behind me about the storm, and she walked back for a second case of water. She’s good. OK I had several cases.

          I have created another prepper…….. God Bless America. And she was an Indian imagrant. Her family will be ready. It’s stil warm here, not like hurricane sandy when it was in the 30’s and fourties.

          Dang it was cold during Sandy.

      5. Cash is king in a grid down disaster. Credit Cards and Debit Cards will be useless.

      6. If you haven’t seen the movie Take Shelter. With Micheal Shanon. About a preper husband who’s wife thinks he’s crazy , until it starts. He gets fired for using company equipment to dig a shelter . Good movie.

        • It was a great movie.

      7. It would seem , That in the worse situations humans faced in the past, only the most extreme prepers would survive. Doesn’t matter too much the sword ,with a bad harvest , and too starved to swing it. Food is the greatest weapon.? Weakness from starvation takes how long? Some are talking about Chinese numbers defeating us in war. What, were not allowed to nuke them on the way here? As so many times before , the domestic enemy opens the gates. For a cut. The Muslims destroyed Rome . Regardless of what you were told. Post WW2 Europe still ruled by the (((victors)))!. Not done its total destruction. What kind of mentality does this? The children of Satan. Revalation 2:9 , 3:9 John 8:44

      8. It’s about to get real up here in Northern Virginia. I’ll be heading out tomorrow to top off the gas tank and add a bit to my cash reserves. Maybe some extra charcoal too; don’t need much reason to cook over fire. 😀

        There’s a couple days to do things so I’ll be picking stuff in the yard tomorrow and/or the day after.

        • I hope you can pair up with someone. Traveling alone with 1.5 million bugging out implies risk. Then issues with carrying firearms and reciprocity.

          • Maranatha, thanks for your concern. The forecast has taken just enough of a jog south that my area will have mostly rain to deal with and power will likely hang on. I don’t plan to bug out since it doesn’t seem to be a need. It would have to be a direct hit on DC area before a concern of flooding. If that ever happens, I’d head up to family up in MI for a while.

            As for traveling alone, done that many times as I’m on my own. Of course, that was when I had a guard cat. No joke, Kootie would pace like dog asking to go out and growl because she was determined to protect her “clan”. It was the same when traveling. She’s gone to the Rainbow Bridge now and her sister who was also a guard cat though not quite so obviously.

            No problem with being armed. Know the rules.

            • In my youth I went backpacking and primitive camping in remote places. Sometimes it wasn’t wise. Once I had an issue but it resolved itself. Accidents can happen. I was rock climbing alone and I got in a tight spot that could have been fatal.

              I am not so boisterous anymore. Even a guy should take a buddy as these are not innocent safe times anymore. Not with 25% of Millennials being declared by physicians as having a mental issue.

              Scared desperate people do dang fool things as they poorly cope. Violence breaks out. Among 1.5 million, using statistics…1-3% could be criminally minded. That’s a lot.

              Y’all be careful and ARMED if possible based on reciprocity laws. Know if the area you are traveling is a stand your ground and or castle doctrine state.

      9. If you live in suburbia or in an urban city, the street grates become clogged with debris causing the street to flood up onto your lawn and into your house. Be sure to have the streets and grates clean and free of yard clippings, leaves, and litter. Don’t depend on the city to do it. Go out, check for yourself before it starts to rain. Then continue to monitor the situation and keep the water flowing into the storm drains nearby. I learned this lesson the hard way when my neighbor across the street had a clogged storm drain. Good Luck to all.



        • It was exactly this scenario, in Richmond VA several years ago, that caused massive flooding and loss of life in Shockoe Bottom. We call it the Shockoe Bottom Bathtub for a reason. Trees had grown up and debris had filled the storm drains going to the James river. City maintenance hadn’t noticed it, so when more debris from the hurricane(I forget which one) came up, there was no place for the water to go. It backed up into Shockoe Bottom and many businesses were badly damaged or destroyed. Several people were killed in the floodwaters. Maintenance didn’t figure out what happened til several weeks later. It was sad.

      10. GOOD LUCK Archivist, looks like you might be In for a rough ride.

      11. For the folks who might go to the attic when the water is high, be sure to have at least two ax with you when you go into the attic. 8 feet of water in your house is not fun…

      12. To all in the Carolinas,

        We here in Louisiana will be hoping and praying for you. The best thing would be to evacuate now to a relatively safe distance and location. Get your children and pets out of harm’s way. Trying to ride out a Cat 4 and 5 is not a wise proposition.

        Good luck and may God bless and keep you all,

        Louisiana Eagle

      13. I have never understood living on the coast. I like the seashore and the beach as much as anyone. The ocean is vast and magnificent as is sealife. But there ain’t a lick of sense in living there in a hurricane zone.

        I really liked visiting North Carolina. Great people. Magnificent land and history. I sure wouldn’t live on the coast though.

        Only a handful of hurricanes ever hit landfall as a Cat 5. This one could. It would be devasting.

        They say 1.5 million are fleeing. I reckon the smart ones are heading to Orlando which has plenty of inexpensive motels due to Disney World. Otherwise if they just head inland, it’s going to be nearly.impossible to finda motel. I hope they brought camping gear and go a hundred miles further than they think they need to everyone and their German brother will be right on top of them.

        Sometimes you have to bug out due to mandatory evacs. The only way that would happen here is a chemical spill.

        I’m glad to live where I do.

        • I wouldn’t live in Northern Virginia except for employment opportunities. I need one more job and then that’s it. Meanwhile I’m searching for a good spot to move for retirement. Grandkids are in the area so hate to go too far; they will need someplace to when the SHTF

          No one moves here for the nice climate.

          • It can be hot here and humid but not the crazy kind of heat in the tropics. You know the kind of heat where you feel faint and stuporous. Never the kind where the sand is scorching hot.

            I’ve lived lots of places. Places where you got so much snow that the plows buried the mailboxes and the snow kept falling and accumulated and formed huge drifts that nearly touched the eaves. Swam in icy cold water like a polar bear.

            I would hate the desert. That would be my last choice.

            I like a place with lots of wild critters. It ain’t home without chipmunks,birds, great blue herons, foxes, raccoons, squirrels opposums, deer, a feral hog grunting around thinking nobody hears, maybe even a wildcat whose eyes you feel rather than see or the soft pad of paws on autumn leaves.

        • Mara,
          “But there ain’t a lick of sense in living there in a hurricane zone”. I live in a hurricane zone, but you have pick the right location, the right home construction, and prep for hurricanes and flooding because they will happen.

          • I know. And you do just about anything for grandbabies. You move Heaven and Earth to be near them.

            There are no ideal prepper locations. They all have problems of one kind or another.

      14. The Cajun Navy are awesome. They already have boots on the ground in SC. YHWH bless them! Heroes to a man.

      15. Morganfield and Murray are very fine tiny towns in Western Kentucky and like Mayberry on the Andy Griffith show. Leitchfield is in central Kentucky as is situated near the Rough River (which is silly as it is ideal for water skiing as it’s like glass). Paducah is a fine town and if you look at the near population density, might be ideal if things got dure. It’s a river town. Bardstown is Bourbon country and lovely.

        There are lots of tiny villages where if you blink, you miss them. But they are spread out rural places.

        I ordinarily think Illinois is terrible but due to the large cities in the north. In the far south, that is Shawnee National Forest and the Confederates hid there in safety. It’s so beautiful it hurts. Everyone should go to Garden of the Gods at least once. It will heal your soul.

      16. Gas stations out of fuel. Fighting breaking out over food.

        Not good. People wait too long despite preppers being on the ball and trying to convert the masses. They are waiting as they are broke and using credit cards to stock up…when they can find goods.

        They’re touting a study that the median middle class household income hit $61,000 but that is worth $30,500 in 1990 dollars. That is abysmal. That is why people are struggling. I mean, at least it’s getting better as thelast time it was this high was 1999!

        An older person thinks,”$61,000 is decent!” But not due to crippling inflation. Now it’s so bad, they don’t raise prices…just give you less.

        Let that sink in. Obummer is largely responsible for making things dire, but George W. Bush set us up for the decline. It generally began in 2000 under Clinton after NAFTA.

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