Prepare For The Coming War: “It’s Going To Obliterate The Global Financial System… Our Economy Will Not Survive”

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    You know what’s so tragic about America? Despite all of the wars our nation gets involved in, we’re secretly one of the most peaceful cultures on the planet. We voted for George Bush, because he promised us a non-interventionist foreign policy. We voted for Obama, because he promised to bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. We voted for Trump, because he promised to end the nation building policies of his predecessor.

    And that’s the real tragedy. We’ve been voting for peace for nearly 20 years now, and all we get is war.

    That should really tell you something. It should tell you that our system doesn’t care about what the president stands for, or what the voters want. The system is never held accountable for anything, so there is nothing stopping it. One way or another, the deep state always gets its way. So if our government wants a war, then you can bet that we’re going to war.

    That was made abundantly clear last week when President Trump ordered the bombing of an air base in Syria. The attack was so provocative, that the Kremlin went so far as to say that the US is now “only one step from war” with Russia. The man who was supposed to buck the system and drain the swamp; the man who promised to restore our relationship with Russia and pull back from brinkmanship, seems to have finally submitted to the warmongers in our government. The deep state’s plan to drag us into a horrible conflagration was only temporarily derailed by Trump, and now it appears that their plans are back on track.

    But there’s a silver lining in all of this. Once you know that war is inevitable, and you accept that fact, you can have a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen next. You can finally take steps to prepare for it.

    syria-tomahawk-attack1As for what to expect next, you can bet the farm that our economy is not going to survive the next major war, especially if it involves a conflict with Russia or China. Even if this war doesn’t turn into a nuclear slugfest, it’s going to obliterate the global economy and financial system.

    For years Russia and China have been building an alternative to the dollar dominated financial system. They’ve built the BRICS financial bloc, they’ve been stocking up on gold, and they’ve been establishing trade agreements that don’t involve the dollar. When war breaks out, there’s going to be another system waiting in the wings to replace the dollar, which has been the world’s reserve currency for decades. The war will motivate China, Russia, and their allies, to pull the rug out from under the current economic paradigm.

    Obviously that’s going to significantly weaken the value of the dollar, but it will be just the beginning. The cost of fighting this war will be astronomical. To give you an idea of how costly it will be, World War Two pushed our nation into the highest debt to GDP ratio that we’ve ever been in; a level we haven’t come close to again until very recently. Think about that. We have almost the same debt to GDP ratio as we had when we fought the most expensive and destructive war in our history. As the Wealth Research Group has already pointed out, the dollar is practically on life support. Our government is buried in debt and practically broke as it is, and the cost of fighting another world war would put us over the edge. We’d be bankrupt in no time at all.

    When you consider all of this, one thing is absolutely clear. If Trump drags us into another major war, regardless of whether or not it is global in scope, the dollar is going to crash. It may not even survive in its current form. And when that happens, people are going to flee toward safe haven assets. You can rest assured that gold is going to make a comeback, the likes of which none of us have seen in our lifetimes.

    The heavy hitters in the investment community have been predicting a dramatic change in the gold market for some time now. And unlike the general public, they weren’t persuaded into thinking that someone like Trump was going to save our country from collapse. For instance, Doug Casey of Casey Research; perhaps one of the most well-respected economic prognosticators, told Future Money Trends the following:

    The one thing I feel very confident of is we’re going to have financial chaos in years to come and that’s going to drive people into gold and to a lesser degree into silver.

    There’s absolutely  no reason from  fundamental point of view for bonds and stocks to be as high as they are right now… We’re in for a huge political, financial, demographic and military upset… these people might start World War III or seem like they’re trying to with the Russians… It’s a very dangerous situation.

    He said that back in December, after Trump was elected but before he took office. Though he was optimistic about Trump, he clearly wasn’t convinced that he’d be able to prevent an economic collapse. Neither was Amir Adnani, the CEO of GoldMining Inc. Without even considering the possibility of war, he predicted that Trump’s policies would lead to a gold market rally.

    So this is really an exceptional window and opportunity for us. We built a war chest with over $21 million of cash on hand, the very large resource base that we have, and that serves as a key point of drawing more companies to us who want to be part of the platform that we’re building. So this is a very interesting window for us; I believe this is a temporary window as well, because there’s no doubt in my mind that the policies of President Trump will prove to be very inflationary. And these very inflationary policies will drive real interest rates into the negative territory, and I really do believe that the stage is set for higher gold prices, but of course, these things take time to develop and manifest themselves.

    But when you add war to the mix, it’s obvious that the dollar isn’t going to be able to maintain its current value. Our financial system is both fragile and under enormous pressure. It was already headed toward collapse, and the costs associated with another major war are going to expedite that process. When it happens, only the folks with real assets will be above water. Assets like land, weapons, food, and of course gold, will be the only things separating the haves from the have nots.


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      1. I hope everyone got the memo: WE ARE ALREADY AT WAR.

        Economic, cyber, political. It’s all happening now.

        The only thing missing is the engagement of conventional military forces and the nukes.

        Look for this situation to intensify. We have Russia and Iran basically saying they will strike back if we do something in Syria again. Trump probably won’t back down very much, or if he does, may turn his attention to North Korea.

        So…… it’s just a matter of time.

        Best be prepped.

        • “The war will motivate China, Russia, and their allies, to pull the rug out from under the current economic paradigm.”

          Are memories sooo fucking short that no one remembers a time not so long ago when Russia, China, and their Allies (including Eastern Europe) did not belong to the world financial system ???

          The BRIC’S are in DISARRAY, again; still; as ALWAYS, historically speaking, due to the MASSIVE corruption which passes an an economy in South America. They have way too many problems to be a threat to the USA.

          And China ??? China is going broke a lot faster than the USA. Didn’t I just tell this community a few days ago that China would CAPITULATE and find accommodation with America under TRUMP, because they are too weak to do anything else ???

          Try reading the Chinese Press.

          Look for China to take out N KOREA or stand idly by while we do it. You can bet your bottom dollar that TRUMP and XI came to an understanding about N KOREA while Xi was in Florida last week.

          You can take that to the BANKS !!! 🙂

          • Better be armed to the teeth with the balls to kill to defend your ASSets also. War will happen here as well.

          • We shall see.

          • I think you are absolutely correct. China put 150000 troops on THEIR border with N Korea, I think, to stifle any attempts at NKoreans flooding into china. If they were gonna protect them, they’d be near the 38th. As far as economically, china will starve without our dollars and Russia ain’t gonna do shit except posture. There ain’t gonna be any war.

        • Mike Cernovich, who exposed Susan Rice as the White House spy/leaker, has just released his next big scoop. He claims that General McMaster wants to put 150,000 troops into Syria. I kind of doubt too many other people would take very kindly to that. But, who knows, maybe they will do nothing, and cooler heads will prevail…

          As for gold, if the dollar crashes, gold will probably be banned, like it was in the 1930’s…

          • Most reports posted regarding Syria do not mention the two oil pipe lines that Russia/Iran and The U.S./Turkey have to cross Syria and into Europe. The pipeline for The U.S. starts in Qatar on the border of The Persian Gulf.

            I don’t think they care about who is dying in Syria, they do care about moving the oil.

            By the way, an unexpected player is Israel and in the past five years, oil and gas deposits have been discovered that rivals The Saudi’s.

            The U.S. has had troops posted in Jordon for some time with building capabilities to such an invasion.

            I agree with your post.

            • As the US fiddles with bogus wars fighting over Old energy sources, other part of the world are investing in Massive Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) Farms to be energy independent. The US Energy policy is such a Old thinking archaic dinosaur bankrupting us daily. Trumpanzi a MORON when it comes to understanding Solar. Pathetic really.

              Just 20% of the Money wasted in the IRAQ War could have put solar panels on every roof in America. What a waste of resources. (Our Tax Dollars)

              The worlds Biggest Solar Farms:
              ht tp://

              • Herm,s your a idiot you know nothing about how our power grid works!Personal solar okay,but as a major player at this time,forget about it!
                Second thought,were poisoning the planet producing the batteries now!!!Check out China,plants killing everything around them.
                Maniac –out

              • Hermes..the oil industry keeps America’s financial institutions alive.
                That and drugs.

                • And pussy. Can’t live without it.

              • Solar will never be able to replace fossil fuel without a way to store enough of the electricity it produces to provide for the periods the solar panels are not producing much or any electricity. Even now, it is a big problem adding the electricity from solar farms and wind generator farms to the electrical grid. Neither produce a constant enough supply of electricity to be easily used. Fossil fuel generators and hydro electric sources can be adjusted to the need of the grid. Living id a dream world and hope does not makes things work and some things are not easy to solve until the right technology comes along. That technology may never come. Atomic fusion is a technology that may or may not come someday.

          • JustMe, uh, they’ll have to pull totally out from Iraq, Afghanistan, and from other places for that number, and it will probably be more Marines than Army. Army went through some serious personnel cutbacks under Obola. Susan Rice is a POS anyway just for being associated with Obola.

          • Im all for it you send the illegal immigrants the feminazis and the homos to the front line lol.

          • Im all for it if the homos , the illegal immigrants and the feminazis go to the front line LOL.

            • The front line may well be coming to US in this one.

          • Just me, the US has 4 air bases inside of Syria. They are building another huge one just north of Aleppo, in Syria. According to the Israelis, the US is moving out of Turkey right now. The Germans are also moving out, probably to Cypress or Jordan. This does count the number of bases the US has in Iraq. Does not count the naval assets in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. War is imminent. Actually, more war is imminent. The Globalists just don’t stop.

          • Gold was not banned. The gov offered to buy it.And there is not enough gold and silver in public hands to put a dent in our debt obligations. JP Morgan may have to worry as they have billions in gold and silver .

        • ht tp://

          Cook County Chicago Judge Just got murdered

        • Not even considering the growing tensions around the world with Russia, Syria, etc. Economic indicators why we need to be prepared.

          Great Debt Unwind: Personal And Commercial Bankruptcies Surge In March
          “The Fed’s monetary policies have purposefully encouraged businesses and consumers to borrow. But debt doesn’t just go away. It accumulates.

          By now, an increasing number of businesses and consumers are suffocating under this debt overhang in an economy that never developed the “escape velocity” needed – and hyped by Wall Street for years – to outgrow this debt.

          Rising bankruptcies are a turning point in the “credit cycle.”

          Atlanta Fed GDPNow Forecast Spirals Toward Zero

          These Eight Retailers Will File For Bankruptcy Next, According To Fitch
          “Sears Holdings Corp (roughly $2.5 billion); 99 Cents Only Stores LLC; Charming Charlie LLC; Gymboree Corp.; Nine West Holdings Inc.; NYDJ Apparel LLC; rue21, Inc.; and True Religion Apparel Inc.”

          “The situation is rapidly deteriorating for America’s “bricks and mortar” retailers. As discussed earlier this week, some 9 retail outlets have already filed for bankruptcy protection in 1Q 2017 alone according to Alix Partners.

          That volume of filings (for 1Q 2017) matches the total number of retail bankruptcies for all of 2016 and puts the industry on pace to exceed even the ‘great recession’ highs.”

          US Credit Card Debt Rises Above $1 Trillion For The First Time In A Decade
          “in February, following modest prior revisions, total revolving/credit card debt, has once again risen above the “nice round number” of $1 trillion for the first time since January 2007…”

          • KY Mom, I enjoy your posts. You do a great job researching.

            One item you should take into consideration is the lesson I learned in a temp job as a broker in the 1970s “…follow the demographics…”. The current demographics have the baby boom generation retiring at 10k a day for years to come. Retired baby boomers are not going to be shopping at the malls like they used to.

            Retiring baby boomers are the major reason our over build retail environment (peaked in the late 1990s) is imploding. Though I am sure a case be made for Amazon and the internet being the destruction of main street retailing. This trend is not new. I saw it when I worked K-mart headquarters as a DB2 database administrator in the 1990s. As the boomers aged their spending habits changed. I never forgot the chart of diaper sales that were straight down for 20 years.

            I fully expect many areas of our economy, like retailing, will have to go through a big shake out as boomer retirees start to spend different. The one area I see that will prosper for years to come is health care.

            • rabbitone,

              I agree the retirement of baby boomers are a big reason our retail environment is imploding.

              As this trend continues, I see major problems with Social Security and other retirement programs (underfunded already). The numbers of people working be saddled with supporting the rising numbers of retired folks.

              My maternal grandfather retired in the spring and died six months later.

              A relative recently died. He retired in his mid fifties, after he got a stroke working at GM. He lived on retirement for over 30 years.

              Healthcare is already unaffordable for many people. Only the wealthy and the poor (it’s FREE) can afford to get healthcare.



          HOW CAN THIS BE?








          • You must be related to the greek transgender deity that keeps changing his name.
            Same kind of rants.

            • Nah, he’s just your friendly neighborhood anti-Semitic Nazi lover.

              But it’s probable that imbecile does have multiple accounts.



          • most “evidence” against hitler was fabrication by zionist khazarian propagandists . look on y.t. for a video of a speech by a man named Friedman made in ny . also look into the balfour pact/agreement .

            • Another Holocaust denying anti-Semitic moron.

          • Eisenkrautz:

            I agree that if people actually listen to him, Hitler, in his own words, they will find a man not anything like the madman of the media. Read his autobiography. “My Struggle”. Let him speak to you directly, and judge him based on facts.

            I know he was a very brave soldier during ww1. He was horrified when he found that German women were being trafficked by Chews. That was the seed of his resentment toward them.

            I know that there was speculation about his private parts. His medical records are open. He had no problems. He was perfectly normal down below. His vocal cords were healthy enough to become one of the greatest public speakers of all time. His eyes were severely effected by the gas but I believe that it was temporary but exceedingly painful at the time.

            Stalin planned to invade Germany. Hitler had spies and knew Stalin’s plan. He beat Stalin by a mere 17 days. Stalin’s plan was named “Thunderstorm”. Hitler was up against the same enemies as we are today: Global Marxist Communists. Patton realized too late that the United States had been duped into fighting on the wrong side. Patton was silenced permanently. He wanted to finish what Hitler had tried to do, defeat Communism.


            • Yes, his medical records from his doctor were made public. He was missing a testicle. Your beefcake was indeed missing one of his balls, and it was not shot off during the war. Between failing to get into art school, and missing one of his balls, he was one very pissed off individual and destroyed an entire country because of it.

            • ” Patton realized too late that the United States had been duped into fighting on the wrong side.”

              LOL, I love that this page has so many lunatics.

          • In case you hadn’t noticed, all of Hitler’s speeches are in German. We speak English. They could translate, but we wouldn’t know if it was any more accurate than those funny Hitler videos on Youtube.

            I have his speeches from radio recordings, and every single one sounds like he is spitting angry.

            • Archivist:

              You don’t understand German? German, Spanish, and Latin should be required. At one time, people did have that type education. It is high time we stopped indoctrinating and started educating.


          • He was also a raving maniac druggy for the last decade of his life. He was on massive doses of serious uppers, downers and opiouds and was basically completely insane and mentally and physically dysfunctional by 1942. One of the worse sociopaths and psychopaths ever to walk on this planet. in other words one sick MOFO. Interestingly Goebbel’s propaganda machine was used to create PRAVDA/MSM here in USA today.


          • Of course they don’t want to hear what he said!

        • Idiot Politicians, patsies like Mr. Trump are trying to Start a Nuclear War.
          **Do you understand that? These people are mentally ill.

          Neurotic self serving psychopaths are in charge of governments WORLD wide.
          This is not just USSA. Their seems to be a war on caucasian bloodlines. The “they’s” want us to intermingle and water down our genetics. Why? Any ideas?

          Cattle are domesticated. Dogs are domesticated. Stallions are gelded. Bulls turned to steers. (FYI City Person: Balls cut off.) all are made Docile and Manageable for cultivation, relocation, and FINAL Harvest. DEATH. Easy to kill.

          Is that what they are doing to human beings now? What other explanation for the CONSTANT CONTINUOS attack on marriage-families-strong men-the white race-the jewish race-straight/normal people-Christians. The LEFTIST and those in power have declared ALL of the previous listed as threats to be neutered and destroyed. Why?

          These governments WANT violence and chaos. It is Intentional.
          **Do you understand that? Divide. Distract.

          Here are your enemies. Not Syria. Right here at home. And YOU ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE. Politicians ALLOW this. Politicians WANT this. They want you afraid and docile.

          —–Link. Remove spaces between ht tp: cut and paste in your browser search.
          ht tp://

          Welcome to USSA. Sure makes me want to fly. To be treated as a felon. Groped Grabbed Abused, thugs bullying you, strangers groping your wife and daughter. Strangers going through their underwear and fondling them. Being treated as criminals while trying to get to GrandMothers for Christmas.

          “It is for Security.” My ass. Go fly Israel airline. That is real security. Not theatre.

          To hell with flying. To hell with EVERYONE here for allowing this garbage in USSA.
          You blind Trump followers. Leading you to NUCLEAR destruction and end of civilization. Trump has shown how WEAK and Pathetic of a follower he is by his recent idiocy.

          Same as before. Just different name. Makes me sick.
          Morons supported Hitler too. Followed Hitler to War. How did that work out?

          Look at the video of the link I posted. THIS IS YOUR USSA.
          I’m gone. Leaving. Good bye. Enjoy the chickens coming home to roost.
          Follow your Trump right into Nuclear Hell. But Hillary would have already been at full scale war. There are no choices with these ONE SAME PARTY. Now you know what a normal person felt like as Hitler led his nation towards Destruction with a two front war. Sound familiar?

          Russia-China-North Korea-Iran-Syria all hitting USSA at same time. More than two fronts by my estimation. What about the Mexicans? Drug cartels? MS 13 and other gangs ALLOWED to take over cities by idiot obummer? What about the unknowns within the USSA ALLOWED in by politicians? Drug Cartels heavily armed? Rag heads heavily armed? Chinese troops heavily armed? ALL INSIDE USSA. Politicians allowed it.
          YOU allowed a traitor to hold office for eight years. TRAITOR obummer as president.

          Now Trump playing the fool. America was NOT attacked. So stay out of it.

          Do you think Russia will do nothing? Anyone pushed will fight back. Russian doctrine has NO distinction between Biological-Nuclear-Conventional, they fight to win. If it costs MILLIONS of their lives they absorb the losses and fight back until victory or defeat using EVERYTHING.
          **Do you understand that?

          Blind ass people. Sheeple. Following these morons into nuclear war.
          You idiots who have never seen war think war is “patriotic”.
          War is hell. War is INSANITY. WTF?

          God bless Smedley Butler book “War is a Racket”
          —————————–Semper Fi

          • Chemical castration with endocrine disruptors to make the paraben boys

        • Heard about the California “school shooting” today? I wonder if our last Great White Hope (Trump) will do as his predecessors and call for us to give up our guns… He has already showed us he is a traitor to the American people.

          • Well, it seems like California hasn’t instituted a new gun law in several months now, maybe that is why this happened?

        • But the average person cannot afford gold. I can’t even afford silver. In 1929 crash the banks closed and people lost whatever valuable was in their safe deposit boxes. They never got it back even after the banks re opened. Never trust the banks!!

      2. Ive been saying the same thing. However Silver will have a better common buying power than gold. Gold will be used for large purchases like land or vehicles. Silver will be used for food ammo guns tools and services and everyday items. You either got it or tuff luck suckers. Preppers plan ahead. This is were dopey anon chimes in and says there you go again about Silver. Duh hell ya!!

        • Gold for buying your way out of serious trouble. Silver for trading for everyday necessities just like you said.

          • Gold is intended to preserve a portion of your wealth for AFTER the CHANGES, when we emerge on the other side of SHTF. Even SHTF will not last forever in an economic crash / collapse.

            Silver should be used to purchase items or equipment that you can use to MAKE MONEY; or for survival purposes, ONLY, during SHTF.

            Cash or barter or services are the medium for everyday transactions during SHTF and US Coins will have value as well as currency. Save your nickels, dimes, and quarters into a jar every night. You will be surprised how quickly they multiply.

            The RECESSION/DEPRESSION will be deflationary in character. Those with cash out of the banks will have a distinct advantage. 🙂

          • Lead is for serious trouble.

        • The book, “Surviving Economic Collapse” about Argentina the best currency was gold chain. Individual links were severed for small purchases. Gold coin was not good because merchants used 14K as the standard so you only got the 14K value for pure 24K gold.

          Cars, land, homes will not be purchased in gold as Uncle Sam will guaranteed forbid it as it competes with their monopoly money. Gold always has value but then again so does cocaine.

          • The problem with Gold is that it is much easier to counterfeit like electro-Plated gold chain etc. Unlike silver 1 ounce rounds that are stamped .999 pure. Gold is also stamped but is more commonly faked. Had a coin shop get a customer in who had a fake gold Kugerand. It looked real but did not weigh out properly. If you accept metals you better have the tools to measure it etc. But tangible metals are money unlike paper IOU’s called Federal Reserve Currency which looses value daily. People today are still fooled into thinking if it has “In God We Trust” printed on it it is real. First of all who is “God” and who’s this “We” shit?

            • Pay very close attention to what is going on right now in the PM market. The Powers manipulating and depressing Gold and Silver pricing are doing this for several reasons.
              1. They are depressing the prices to shake out all the weak players.
              2. This is the same pattern that the US did when they froze the price of Gold at $35 before they confiscated all of the gold, then after they got it, they let the price climb big time. So never giver up your Gold or Silver right now, just keep on accumulating more and more. You will be greatly rewarded.
              3. They know their control of Phony paper IOU’s is coming to a close, game over, so they will try to get everybody on board with digital money. However digital money has no value either and they can wipe out your entire wealth with a punch of a delete button. So stay away from digital money as much as possible.
              4. The worlds debt is massive and the house of cards is going to fall, and the ripple effect will destroy economies and Nations putting the masses into instant poverty. So all you got in real wealth, is what you have in your possession and your hands. Anything else is an illusion. So they are accumulating massive amounts of Gold and Silver for themselves at these low prices right now. That’s why they are trying to corner the market as they try to own it all for themselves.
              5. The only way many countries will be able to prop up their phony currencies is to back it with Gold or Silver. China is moving towards this, and Russia and China are now trading Oil for Gold as well. The hand writing is on the wall, are you getting this?

              **So just keep on stacking your own piles of Gold and Silver in ALL Physical Form on these price dips, and NEVER store any of your PM’s in anybody else’s Vault or Safe or a Bank’s UN-Safety Deposit Box.

              If it is not in your hand, you don’t own it. And surely don’t keep any great amount of your wealth or assets in any Bank period. And Never keep your wealth in any same bank which you also owe debt to. Like if you have a car loan, or credit card debt which is debt at one bank, then go to a separate credit Union and have your savings and job paychecks deposited in a separately owned institution. If you should ever default on your debt, like in a sudden economic crash, then they cannot steal your assets from one account to cover the other debt account. Oh yes they can read the fine print on your accounts you signed up for. Know the game folks. So always separate your debts from your assets in 2 totally different banks or credit unions. Trust me on this. Do not delay on this tactic of getting multiple bank accounts, and get your assets and debts separate ASAP. An economic collapse of a nuke could instantly freeze everything. Then what are you going to do?

              Be glad you are a Prepper have a year of food supply on hand and PM’s to barter and trade for needed goods, and you are smart and live away from mass population who are not prepare one lick to deal with any of this. Oh the humanity and smell of death that will take over the cities over in just a few days in a sudden collapse. To survive you will need to abandon everything you own and flee to the country side to escape the death, rape and pillage.

              • Oh, society would go to absolute hell in no time at all…so many people are already 1/2 way there for one reason or another. Sever Moral Decay of society about sums it up my friends – be ready or die quickly, it’s all up to you.

              • well, i hope it comes soon cuz i am tired of waiting. Been waiting 17 yrs now ever since y2k and here i sit still waiting. I am old in my 60’s i am afraid i won’t make it to doom day and my preps will be thrown in the trash…..

            • It’s not as bad as you might think. Look up the Fisch coin tester( It’s a simple weight/size tester. Due to the differences among metals, it’s very hard to make a fake gold or silver coin that is the exact size and weight of a genuine coin. You can get fakes from for comparison purposes. They look great, but they’re not the same weight.
              Also, gold can be tested. That’s how cash4gold businesses survive. You weigh the piece, examine for marks, and do a scratch test with acid. Fakes will be obvious very quickly.

      3. I hope we have more time. This is getting crazy.

        • Anonymous, we have more time. In a real war you don’t talk to the enemy. In this attack the pentagon called the Russian’s and warned them to get their personnel off of the airbase. All this was is a one of kind saber rattling to show that Trump is not an Obama type of whimp.

          • Why weren’t the runways cratered?
            I hate to admit it but maybe McCain is on to something.
            I’ve already heard all the antidotes … cruise misses aren’t designed to crater runways blah blah blah….

            One thing I do know is that all the media chatter about Russia influencing the elections in favor of Trump has pretty much come to a screeching halt. As one SHTF commentator observed in the past …. They don’t call them TPTB for nothing.

            • *missiles

          • no u do not have more
            time. prepare now. Donald trump is gonna get us in a war with north kore
            a and they have a nuclear bomb that can and will hit the United States. most likely san Diego to take out aircraft carrier

        • I have no pity at all for the sheeple, but i feel bad about all the dogs and cats who will starve cuz the stupid sheep did not store up food for them.

      4. Yep it took just a few mths and Trump flipped like a drug addict to be a traitor to his support base. He is either being blackmailed or conned by his zionist daughter and son inlaw or just a frigging liar to his base. Take your pick. Drain the swamp my ass.

        • Hermes, I agree. If Trump has been co-opted by the neocons, then all bets are off. I hear a certain BOL calling me…..

        • PHASE ONE: TRUMP is creating “safe spaces)” in Syria, just as he said he would for the snowflakes that do not want to defend their homeland but are cowards running to Europe. Most of these “immigrants” and “refugees” are men.

          There can be no safe places in Syria unless ASSAD is placed on a very short leash, understanding that there could be terminal consequences for him if he does not quit using chemical weapons and targeting Syrian women and children.

          PHASE TWO is a political settlement, limiting ASSAD’S military and political power; while PARTITIONING Syria. All Russia wants is access to the Mediterranean port. Russia does not care who is in power as long as their port authority is guaranteed by TREATY. 🙂

        • My thought is, the Deep State threatened him with loss of family members if he didn’t color inside the lines. That’s why I think this (Syria) is occurring.

          • The Deep State has run our government for about 40 years now and the Financial Elite, who are part of the Deep State, are desperate to stop the financial collapse that they started unknowingly. War is their way of getting things moving again. The bigger problem is the invisible hand that also controls things like the stock markets and the world economies. There are 5 waves that control things and they each have a different frequency and at this time they have all converged at this time. The last time this happened they caused the Great Depression that lasted 10 years and it took World War II to get us fully out of it. No one can control these waves. The only thing anyone can do is to prepare for what they bring. There will be a lot of civil discontent with riots in the streets and a severe shortage of food and necessities. It is going to be a very hard time. This is also lining up with the solar minimum that lasts 30 years with the global temperature dropping very low as it did a little over 200 years ago with the Little Ice Age. Maybe billions of people will die from starvation and freezing. I know this sounds very grim but the cycles are hitting us all at the same time. May God save you one way or another.

        • It is a fascinating dynamic, is it not? It was predicted that if by some miracle he was elected, that it would’nt be long before it was business as usual.

          We can probably kiss infrastructure rebuild, and border defense goodbye, as well. And who knows what after that.

        • Well its Official; JUST IN: Trump Son in-law Jared Kushner Bought off by George Soros for $250 Million.

          EXPOSED: George Soros’s “Long And Productive Relationship” With Jared Kushner….
          04-10-2017 •
          The Real Deal has uncovered the fact that George Soros was the man who provided Cadre with a $259 million line of credit. A source told the publication, “Soros has had a long and productive relationship with the Kushner family.”

          The financing was provided; even though, Soros has called President Trump a “would-be dictator.”

          Cadre is an online marketplace that connects investors and operators of real estate. The company states that it enables investors to sell their interest on the secondary marketplace, thereby introducing liquidity into an antiquated industry. Cadre was founded by Ryan Williams, and Josh and Jared Kushner, and was launched in 2014.

          While George Soros has provided the venture with credit, the company has so far raised $68.3 million in 2 rounds from 8 different investors, including $50 million in a series B closed just last month.
          Link: ht tp://

          • And this Chew Shill Parasite Jared Kushner tries to pass himself off as some financial genius. All he is, is a typical comon parasite with $259 Million backing from a fellow Enemy of the State and cousin tribal Parasite Gorge Soros.

            Donald Trump is one ignorant POS if he lets this cockroach Son In-law dictate any American Policy. The Cancer has taken over America. Trump Supporters were Tricked this last election. We had no choice in this last election. Just shows what a sham our country is these days.

            • Hermes, unless Trump overcomes the neocons, I’m finished with him. Trump is another stinkin’ BUSH.

          • Soros backing Trump’s SIL???
            1) I don’t believe this.
            2) Why was this not exposed BEFORE the election?
            3) If needed, Trump would have loaned before he let anyone else fund this project.

        • Relax, give the man a damn fair chance already…

        • I still think Trump means well. I just think he is being forced to do what he’s doing. I think they got him backed into a corner and he didn’t realize it would be this hard to govern. After all look what happened to Pres. Kennedy. They can do it to anyone they like. I was 14 when Kennedy got killed by our own government. I remember the day well.

      5. Everyone, I’m having some difficulty trying to stay on the “Trump Train”. It appears that Steve Bannon’s days in the WH are numbered. I’m not sure if Trump has been co-opted by the neocons yet, bit it is clear to me that he’s getting some bad advice From his son-in-law Jared Kutchner and from both of his National Security Advisors, H. R. McMasters and Dina Habib Powell, BOTH of who are members of the CFR. THAT one fact alone sent up red flags to me. Now there is supposedly a report about Kutchner having ties to GEORGE SOROS? That really speaks volumes. My next trip to the BOL is scheduled for the first week of May but just might be coming sooner. If Bannon is kicked out of the WH, then all bets are off. Steve Bannon is the only moderating influence left in there. If Bannon goes, so does Trump’s support base. I’m so disgusted and disappointed right now. I saw Trump as our only hope for PEACEFUL CHANGE in this country. It’s tough for me to see peaceful change happen now. We may have another stinkin’ BUSH in the Oval Office.

        • Braveheart1776

          I feel the same way. My red flags went up with the repeated Establishment picks. He has Cabinet Members that are 180 degrees out from him.

          I think “they” just might be too big.

      6. I voted for Trump specifically because he ran on an non-interventionist foreign policy. Then, he did a 180 degree turn and we got the Hillary Clinton warmongering foreign policy.

        The people in Russia have to be thinking that they are either going to have to submit with an American boot on their throat, or fight for their existence.

        Donald Trump is either a liar, or he is dumb as a box of rocks. I don’t think he is as dumb as a box of rocks.

        I voted for a liar.

        • Hes both i think, a lying dumb ass box o rocks,,,

          • LMAO!

            • Pretty much reaffirms my opinion that
              1. Wealth means nothing with regards to integrity
              2. All government sucks
              3. Were fu cked no matter what

        • Brent H

          We’re all saddened. Hell the optimism didn’t last 100 days. Well, being realistic he would have been a first. The probability of it wasn’t great but hope tends to cloud reality.

          Now that we’re sobered up life goes on. He is still preferred over Hillary as we have a Constitutional Originalist replacing a Constitutional Originalist USSC Justice.

          Defense stocks will climb up until the mushroom cloud appears.

          • Don’t give up Hope, NEVER give up Hope! We didn’t come this far for nothing!

            President Trump has been outnumbered and surrounded by the enemy from the get-go, but has still prevailed. He is not getting good intel or advice because of the traitorous foes and seditionists that have ensconced themselves deep into the very fabric of our nation.

            At this point, he needs to not only nuke the swamp, but to eradicate, the snakes and slime that have slithered into the WH and want to worm their way back into power. They are still attempting a coup, but it is NOT going to go well for them! GOD Himself is the One who began this good work in and for America, and HE will see it through, and it won’t be stopped by all the demons in hell!

            That includes John Hanoi McCain, one crooked, despicable old man, whose sanity and allegiance to America are questionable – and all his fellow luciferians on the Left AND the Right. Add to that President Trump’s own family members, as in son-in-law Jared Kushner.

            President Trump is up against an almost insurmountable task, against incredible odds, and needs our prayer covering and intercession now more than ever.
            President Trump, America voted for YOU, NOT your relatives! Praying for Wisdom, Divine Revelation, good judgment, and sound discernment for you, President Trump!

            From the Commonsense Show:
            “It is not too late for Trump to pull back and let cooler heads prevail. But will he? Not as long as Soros’ operative, Kushner, is making White House policy.
            “Jared Kushner and the neocons have brought the US on the brink of a needless war.

            “I would say this Donald Trump: ‘Mr. President, we know that blood is thicker than water. However, is your son-in-law worth the head of your nation being served up as the New Babylon?'”

            h ttp://

            • BABYLON IS FALLEN, IS FALLEN. ( Double Emphasis ) -REVELATION

              • We really did not have a choice. Ms Clinton would have gotten us in a war with Russia and done nothing to get jobs generated. She was for a One World Government without borders and a central planning socialist government. The Deep State with their Elite would be running everything. The USA would just be a very minor player among the billions of people from around the world. Donald Trump was the only choice but not perfect. After the collapse, he will still be the best for our recovery.

        • We were ALL duped Brent H.
          How do we STOP these war mongers?
          How do we stop the ONE party system?
          How do we stop Nuclear INSANITY.
          How do we stop the Department of Offense control of the Media-News-Movie Scripts-TV. All are mouth pieces of DOD-US Government.

          There is no “news”. There is no free Media.
          There are NO POLITICAL choices. ONE PARTY system.

          And the intel agencies WANT a nuclear war.

          NO WAR. NO WAR.

        • He is a smart guy but I hate the halting way he speaks. The way. He. Pauses. When he. Makes. A. Statement. Makes a statement.

          Sounds like a rube. I hope he knows what he is doing

          • Would you rather hear Hellary speak? Didn’t think so.

      7. Cool,,, bring it already, lets get it on

      8. Well if he acts again, like he did in Syria, he’ll most likely be a ONE TERM President. We’ll see……

        • Liberty556

          “Well if he acts again, like he did in Syria, he’ll most likely be a ONE TERM President. We’ll see……”

          And how does that possibly effect us? We have a one party system but because we are wealthy America we have two of them. If Hillary was elected the exact same thing would have occurred and Bernie Sanders, and Rand Paul had zero chance of becoming President, the one party system prevents it.

          Its: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. We’re allowed to have some influence on social issues but none on the big money, foreign policy nor use of the military.

      9. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I hope that the unprovoked attack on Syria was just brinkmanship and it’s a “one and done” to show the Syrians and Russians that they better not drop any more bombs on munitions depots where there might be chemical weapons. He let the Russians know about it before hand, and of course they told the Syrians. Let’s hope it goes no further from here, but be prepared for WWIII.

        • “Let’s hope it goes no further from here, but be prepared for WWIII.”

          I made out my will. Oh, there will be no one to will it to. Oh, they’ll be nothing to will. Ok I’m as prepared as I can be.

          • See how easy that was.

      10. Did anyone notice when Trump stopped giving speeches during the campaign and started reading them. That is probably when the tide turned. I noticed but did not comment because I thought Trump and Melania, a European, would be better than the Clintons. My belief then was that both were surrounded by, dare I say it, Chews who, regardless how you feel about them, most definitely, rule the world. And that includes the actors residing at 1600. Everything changed after Trump spoke with Adelson. Putin is controlled by the same type of mafia billionaires.

        Our power lies in our personal choices. We have to face reality. Reality isn’t always pleasant.


        • Same as it ever was…

          • Pretty much my thoughts exactly

        • But but but…wait, weren’t you just singing Trump’s praises and bowing down to him just like 5 minutes ago ? Not as smart as you think you are.

          • DDT:

            I still support Trump. I am opposed to war with Syria, Assad is not our enemy. I have no delusions about chew power and I like it out in the open.


            • Good. I like President Kushner, too. Glad you do as well. Trump has always made it known he is favorable to Israel. You are a delusional hypocrite.

      11. Everyone needs to check out the following article: Especially check out the list of ‘dual citizens’ and gentiles with chewish wives involved in the Trump campaign and/or the Trump Organization. I didn’t realize he had so many chews working for him [or against him and this country, I should say]. That’s it. I’m finished. I have left the Trump Train.

        • Mac, why do my comments stay in moderation for 24 hours or more?

        • so sorry to hear that. your opinion is so valued here. don’t let the trailer door hit your ass on the way out to red lobster.

          • HB, who are you talking to?

            • Figure it out Bravetard!

      12. Prep supplies and survival food have been at a low for how many months now? Got a feeling things may soon change direction. It will be like Tyvec suits and the ebola outbreak

      13. It was another fine day. I slept like a rock and actually slept in for a change. The coffee and warm french toast was just a little better than usual.

        There was Mostly blue sky and warm sun. I did some yard work and some work on the Truck.

        I actually mowed the lawn, to the wife’s behest that it wasn’t needed. To wit I replied: “Hon. I’m a Dude. I gotta make loud noises and tear shit up.”

        The moon is full tonight, with no wind and made a good stroll. I am thankful for another day of peace.

        • Enjoy it while we can!

        • If you happen to have a good telescope, Jupiter is at one of those rare close points for viewing. With about a 4 inch or larger lens or mirror, you should be able to see some actual color, and a few of the larger moons.

      14. The great Ebola outbreak back in 2014. It was predicted to get so bad that Christmas shopping might come to a halt. Ok. Sure.

      15. I hate to break this to you younger people, but if war is brought to our shores, the US economy is not only toast, but Western society as we’ve known it will be over and all asset classes including PMs will be valueless. Food, water, seeds, guns & ammo, antibiotics & other necessary drugs (inulin, heart meds, etc), recreational drugs, alcohol, gasoline, etc. will have value. Gold? Not unless people start eating it. On the other hand, silver does have some industrial uses.

        • If you got a yacht and a passport, nows a good time.

      16. What happens here at home? Does society pull together, as they did during WWII, or pull apart along socioeconomic lines of division?

        For all of our sakes, I hope we can pull together, regardless of creed or color, a meritocracy.

        • The Divided States of Snowflakia…

        • Pulling together would be nice, but i doubt its going to happen, especially with the way the libtards have acted, im more likely to push them out as cannon fodder than to help them if needed.

        • The country will NOT come together. The country is now so chuck full of assholes, foreigners, muslims, queers, he/she’s and on and on. Normal, decent white people are few and far between anymore…

      17. People like to blame the president, whether it be Bush, Obama, or Trump for all the failings of their society. It just goes on, and on. The people sound like a bunch of mentally retarded spoiled children.

        America is a shopaholic warpig.


      18. If you have children between the ages of 18 and 30, I would advise them to start undergoing a significant excercise program. Their best chance of getting through this is to at least be in top shape when they are inducted and sent to boot camp. You do not want to be the kid who looks like Jonah Hill on that night when they kick you off the bus at Parris Island.

        As for society, it will not pull together like WWII. In fact, in WWII blacks rioted on a regular basis and were a source of disent. Now, fast-forward to today, and there are many more groups who will complain and feel entitled, so civil unrest will be wide-scale and every day.

        As for the US, it will economically get through this. Most of the debt is owed to – tah, dah! – the Chinese. And we are just going to hand them a laughing bag of devalued US dollars if they are even lucky; more than anything, they get nothing. The US can bring online its stored resources easily so that won’t be a problem. The big worry really is the crappy condition of the US population. Unhealthy, dumb, racially and ethnically inferior.

        A joke: you do not need a telescope to see Uranus!:)

        • “A joke: you do not need a telescope to see Uranus!:)”

          No. Your boss, the government and Dr. Ben Dover, can see it just fine.

        • The blacks have been nothing but absolute pains in the asses since day one. You free the apes and what do they do – riot and riot again and riot again and on and on and on. They are true waste of life if there ever was such a damn thing. All they do is rob, steal, murder, slack, mess around and cause chaos and trouble for decent society and decent white people and that is the God’s honest truth people – accept it and stop being a bunch of pussies scared to come out and finally admit it.

          • If they were educated properly things would be different. Plus there dancing and singing skills are unparalleled.

            • “Plus there dancing and singing skills are unparalleled.”


            • Can you educate a retard? The better you dance and sing the less human you are

          • CC, truer words were never spoken. Good post.

          • Concerned Citizen:

            Have you heard the hypothesis about alternate realities? It purports that whenever a decision is made, or a person comes to the crossroads in life, a universe is created along both possible destinations. So, in another universe, blacks stayed in Africa. Or, in another universe, the slave ship holding the blacks and chews outside Louisiana was sunk killing the occupants, including Monsanto, a chew, and the GMO seed pusher. In another universe white people are still in Europe. In yet another universe, Eve refused to eat the apple and we are living in the garden of Eden.


            • Yes. I believe very much in Alternative worlds. Quite fascinating! Did you ever see Sliders in the 80’s? They kept jumping from one Alternate world to another and each earth was very different from the last. Parts of the show may be on youtube.

          • Concerned-Citizen, lolong, grandee, Antieverything & Braveheart1776, I’m going to assume that all of you are educated, working & productive grown adults with families. For each one of you to have made it this far in your life indicates that you have common sense. That said, all of you are entitled to your OPINIONS which you’ve posted here. With all due respect, I’m asking all of you to please watch this video, the 100% true facts about people of African descent will change your opinions & going forward, change life as you know it. Concerned-Citizen, I’m going to pray for you.

      19. Economic collapse is imminenr. War just brings it more quickly. The FreestuffArmy will be starving in short order and subsequently make plans to eat your food. As will be readily apparent, going solo or a few at a time ringing your doorbell will not work out. At all.

        Therefore, if they are to have any chance at all will have to attempt plunder in hordes. With each passing hour they are weaker physically though growing more desperate.

        Best to hide and wait them out..4-5 days should be significant attrition.

      20. World Change comes from the people, we voted for change for last few presidents for change and we got the same policy’s, now real will be made by the people themselves and not puppet leader.

        Freedom is not free…We may need a regime change here.

      21. Suck it up, cupcakes!

      22. Draft? Large military formations doing battle?

        There is as much chance of that as horse calvary and swords. This thing would be started and finished in days at the longest. Regardless many parents won’t send their kids putting them in hiding first if a draft was called and I wouldn’t blame them. When globalist corporate interests are the driving force the US people have no responsibility to kill and die for them. This isn’t Pearl Harbor and WWII.

        Point out some kind of threat to the US? I looked around the home, town, state, country and hemisphere, can’t find any Russian military. The Russians can’t say the same so who is the aggressor?

        • I won’t let my kids go to war!… Not for them!!…

          • George

            Your idea will be quite common.

      23. don’t mater who is in the office, we the people decide our faith, slowly but surely there is less and less common sense, nuclear family values are going down the drain, need a purge to reset the system, just like the windows system, garbage, seeds reset once in a while to keep it going………

      24. Gold ain’t gonna buy you nothin but a hole in the ground

        If you think after the shit hits that someone is going to trade you something for gold , what they are going to trade you is your life for the rest of what you got
        Be it silver , gold , food or guns

        If you don’t take a full on defensive ,able to completely fend for yourself and that means not needing what ever it is they are selling
        Than likely you’ll end up dead trying to work a deal in precious metals
        People in desperate states will sell you their car for a chunk of gold , and than follow you back to where the rest of yer shits at

        • Thats why i get a laugh out of the people who scoff at those of us who say kill em all and let God sort it out, they think there will be some measure of civility, just look at our freakin society today, you might have civility amongst friends, but even that i would bet is a streatch,
          I would bet we end up dead anyway even being defensive, unless you live in a bunker that has everything needed to live for years without going into the light of day and even then wtf kinda life is that, theres always somebody better prepared to roll over you,

          • Exactly

            Gonna be a tuff Row to Hoe no doubt ,, regardless what you have

            • Times are good, and i already have people preaching how i need to do this or that because i have an obligation to my community,,,,,,
              Just wait till the barges stop coming every other day and the container ship makes one sail a month vs 6 a week because the supplies are needed for the troops and war supply, people are not like the folks back in the early 1900s, not by a long shot.

              • “people are not like the folks back in the early 1900s, not by a long shot.”

                Aint that the truth

              • NB
                You and I are prepared for that.
                PS don’t forget the power of air

      25. “Give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes the laws”, a quote from the Mentor of the deep state. Even the term Special Drawing Rights is repugnant. Everyone but people in the western world seem to have correctly identified the root cause. I had a professor once who inadvertently gave me a life lesson. Before any exam we were always directed to read the instructions first. One day while preparing to write what was expected to be a physics exam heavy on the math everyone was anticipating a grueling task. The instructions stated you do not have to write the exam, sign your name and hand it in. Only two of us in the class submitted our papers and left. Glancing back I noted most in the class gave us a quick glance and then busied to the supposed task at hand. Our collective instructions are stated in the Constitution but the deep state has locked the door. The Eastern world now picks the door lock while our attention is diverted. Thinking back on that event I realize that we were the two oldest students in the class that left the room with the knowledge to be passed. Read the instructions. The whole purpose of the course was to follow them.

      26. The swamp is deep…deep state swamp.
        Trumps latest speech: “Gurgle..gurgle..gurgle…”

      27. If everyone refused to participate in a war, what would our government do? Can’t fight a war without soldiers, are they going to lock everyone up? No, because then the Constitutional overthrow of our government begins. Every person in every country who doesn’t want to be annihilated by a war brought on by Global Elitist should stand up and tell their government an emphatic NO! Some will die for this, but it would be worth it to save our planet. Remember they, the Elitists, already have their hidey holes stocked and ready for your demise. Of course the nuclear missiles could still be released on their own people, but the Bible says that all would be killed if Jehovah God did not step in to stop it. Everyday Mystery Babylon is looking more like the USA.

      28. If TPTB were serious about Kill’m All and Let God Sort Them Out; they would unload the biggest guns we have. Do it BIG and Do it Once! The strategic crap just delays and costs lives.
        Too many rules associated with the WAR like rules of engagement CRAP. No doubt US Troops are Awesome but they are not given the Real Opportunity to settle the issues once and for all. The injured get treated worse than Dogs when they get back home. That should be against the LAW but its not.
        Look at the outcomes of this on going Middle East BS. Europe is over run because they are told to open their Hearts, Crap. This is about Multi-Culturalism/Cultural Marxism to bring in the lock down. Look at the outcome.
        I support Nationalism for every country on this earth. Everyone should be able to live in their country under the leadership that the culture/law dictates. I do not have to agree with what they do.
        I suspect for the next two weeks (congressional break) war will be the topic. They back to DC when the break is over.
        We will hear nothing about plans to improve the VA system when they return.
        PS: bare hands do not handle victims of sarin???? This is Nation Building and Arab Spring Part IV.

      29. Off subject but has anyone checked canned tuna fish with a geiger counter?

        • i grow my own fish now buy no more, too big of a seibert count…

        • ht tp://

        • Yep, I sure have. It ticks on some. Hard to say exactly where and when it was canned though, so its almost impossible to tell if its from Fukishima or not. Actually, you would be amazed at how many things are radioactive, if only just a small amount. I suggest investing in the CDV-700. Very nice unit that wont go dark after an EMP. And its just plain fun to toy around with!

          • I have heard tell of some New Zealanders who run a geiger counter over everything before it is let in the house. Things such as newly purchased plastic buckets made in China have been rejected. Remember that water salesmans face in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome when Max ran his geiger counter over the water he was peddling? Prophetic that was.

      30. Prepare For The Coming War: “It’s Going To Obliterate The Global Financial System… Our Economy Will Not Survive.
        Let us take a look at this.

        Why do they always end up telling us to buy Gold and Silver.

        If you are in the blast Zone it is going to melt, If you in the radiation Zone you can’t touch it. But then again you will be ash. Now if you aren’t in any of these then it will do you some good. You do realize that WW3 will put us almost back to the STONE AGE.

        How did we get into this mess. Easy 1913 or there in The Fed. 1917 WW1 we arrived as the war was grinding down but we were fresh and we kicked ass. WW2 Took some time but we kicked ass. After WW2 the NWO group wanted to reign us in. So Korea and Nam came along. Now with three super powers, YES 3 USA, Russia, and China. We keep have proxy wars. Yes after WW2 it has been the USA against Russia. Soon it will be the USA against not only Russia but also Chins. And don’t think for a moment that they might start a proxy war between Russia and China. Russia has already said that they might invade N.K. over their nukes, and China told them don’t even think about it.

        There is WW3 coming and there is nothing you or I can do but B–ch! So keep prepping and praying


        • As I have said before, make damn sure you save 1 round for YOURSELF and that is it, boom, life is done…life is really a god awful struggle if you really think about it. The Gov’t has allowed Corporate America to jerk us around and teat us and own our asses like clown car puppets chasing our tails for $10 an hour, etc, etc, etc….yeah, what an awesome fucking life boys & girls.

          • There are steps that can be taken by yourself in event of a nuclear attack

            1. Close all the windows and drapes / blinds
            2. Go to the lowest point of your home preferably the basement
            3. Go to the wall that is most likely to have the nuclear attack come from
            4. Bend over
            5. Pull your pants own
            6. Kiss your ass goodby

            • Check it out if your truly interested:
              ht tp://

            • Its kind of like the pilot of a plane in a nose dive to a crash. A thousand feet above the ground he looks at the co-pilot and says “here, you have control”.

      31. ht tp://

        Cook County Chicago Judge Just got murdered

        • Well, that’s a start.

        • Yep, just saw the headline……waiting to see if it was a hit.

        • Enemy, at 5 AM in a bad neighborhood. He was engaged in high risk activity.

          • All of South side Chi -town is a bad neighborhood ..

            really think this was a hit on him, so it wouldn’t matter if he was in a much better area

            His High risk activity was playing house with a much younger woman , and feeling like he is invincible because hes a Judge

            found out otherwise
            after a life time of shitting on people and their rights , he’s going to a much warmer place

      32. War makes us poor and all wars are Banker’s wars! Dec 8, 2016 Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Bill to Stop Arming Terrorists

        December 08, 2016 Bipartisan Bill Would Forbid US Funding ISIS, al-Qaeda Affiliates

        Gabbert-Rohrabacher Bill Would Effectively End CIA Program Arming Syrian Rebels. The Stop Arming Terrorists Act (SATA) has been introduced today in the House of Representatives by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D – HI).

        • Agent76

          Thanks for posting that. I have been posting it too. Rand Paul R Ky is a sponsor of the US Senate version. Its a moral, ethical, legal no brainer.

      33. First off, we are not one of the most peaceful cultures on the planet. It’s apparent this author hasn’t visited any of our major cities in the last decade:

        Los Angeles
        New Orleans etc…

        The author then goes on to say that our country would get crushed financially if world war III broke out (agreed), and how gold will be a safe haven for those who have bought (disagree). I find it interesting that the author thinks people are going to be worried about the price of gold in the middle of what I would consider the most dangerous war of all time. I would think food, water, shelter and safety would be priority, not ‘gold.” This article is very short on substance and long on advising bad ideas, due to lack of professional understanding of world events. I use to read this blog and never comment but todays article is so bad, i had to say something.

      34. What good is gold or silver? No one is going to want this, what they want is food and water, you can’t eat metal. Gold and silver becomes as useless as the paper money. People will want ammo for hunting, if there’s anything left that is edible; or for self defense to protect the food they have stored. They will want seeds to plant food. They will need filters for safe water. Gold or silver will have no value at all, since no one will care about buying houses or cars or paying their bills. Even if there were a state in which gold or silver were to be used for purchases, the feds would confiscate it, making it illegal to own. Your best bet is to buy food, water, ammo, seeds, medical supplies, clothing, etc. And the feds will probably be out to confiscate these as well. Pray that no one is stupid enough to set off a nuclear war. The financial collapse will be bad enough. My mother spoke of the Great Depression, saying there were plenty of goods but no one had any money to by them. The way they were able to live was because they lived on a farm, and her father was able to find some work now and then. This coming collapse will be worse, there will be no goods available. Any goods will go to the elite. They’re first, you’re last. In fact the elite will be confiscating your crops, animals, etc. You’re going to have to be on your toes to stay ahead of them, and protect your assets. You should always try to help yourself, but don’t forget to pray.

        • The feds and elites will be the first to die. If not then all of you deserve to die first.

      35. The ground invasion has already started. Coalition troops have started moving into Syria to surround Damascus. It is on!

      36. There is the public dog and pony show. I think its different behind the scenes. That attack was a message for everyone…keeps them wondering.

      37. Trump is in a real pickle. He has to try to sell a two front war to the American public to
        distract from the collapsing economy. The American public is sick of war. People have
        had enough of the neocons and the constant wars. You patriot rednecks better wise up
        and stop sending your kids overseas to be slaughtered. All that flag waving bullshit is
        not worth one more life. Let the rich pricks send their own damn kids over there.

      38. Good job hermes and your NSA troll buddy anonymous. How does it feel to have your asses handed to you. You taught that the Patriots weren’t paying attention to what’s going on all over Dallas with the land grab by the chi-com communist, buying up land and imminent domain. Nice try you troll dumb fucks. One of the White Hat intelligence boys got threatened by a chi-com solider in uniform in North Texas. You think coming on here changes that fact. Trying to steer thinking will not let SHTF pull the plug on me. Your president Donald Trump just sold out to the globalist talking crap about Assad used chemicals on his civilians. Trump supporters like and others felt that we were lied to, made and ass off, back stabbed, kicked in the gut, bitch slapped, and out right betrayed, and now look what has happened, death, and destruction and wars in our country is what we are facing now. You people who work for those agencies, are sick, sick, sick evil people, and my faith with God, the father in Heaven is what I have as my strength as my guide, and anyone who comes here into this country, city, and fire on me and other civilians, you will pay a heavy price with your life.

        What you two troll dumb fucks don’t know is that I promised my shtf-effers that things would get really bad in the near future, that by October 2017, that war, locally, civil war, martial law, fighters, and bombers running sorties all over the US continent would go down and our own military would be attacking us with other nationals all over the continent, and did Economist V not tell us about the 4 start general. And the cop that I met who approached me publically since he could tell by my apparel that I was bad company, then told me how he found out what was going on in panama, how the chi-coms have massed soldiers there by the hundreds of thousands, and are transferring them in plain clothes 30-40k at time for the last 5 years all over Mexico, then you dumb fucks are on here talking shit about water supply, logistics and other bullshit. Your lying you ass, your LYING YOU ASSSES OF, YOU ARE A FRAUD, YOUR LYING YOU ASS OFF, YOU ARE A TOTAL FRAUD AND YOU ARE TROLLS.

        Did the president remove the UN equipment, tanks etc. Did he. ? Now he did not. Did the president restore the Constitution, he did not. Did the president destroy the consentration camps, no he did not. Did the president deliver as promised, no he did not.

        All the preps and the food, the water, the things that I had to get and do. Now I know that I made the right decision, because this is what will prevent me from dying at the hands of the jihadist that you have brought into this country. I type on this website confidently, knowing that its all real, that war is coming, and nothing will save me from dying in this war. Scare tatics to scare off people like me from voicing publically on this blog will not change the outcome. I have had a lot of time for self examination, and self criticism, and I have come to the conclusion, that what I know, and what others have been saying about the current situation is real…Shutting my mouth and listening to bullshit and getting fearsome of threats will not make me exempt from a chinese soldiers pullet and my woman raped and murdered. You russian, lativian, Burkas, jihadist and others, I am going to kill you fuckers when you invade Texas. And the cops I know personally have told me, that if civilians get fired on, they will light your ass up. See, the cops on the side of the people.


        Molon Labe.

        • Your right there are camps all over the place keep up the good work.




        Lets hope its only to stop the refugees. It keeps getting uglier.

        • They must have had to pull them back from Mexico!

      40. Blah blah blah

      41. Not all of us voted for a prez as you suggested in the opening paragraph. For Bush & Trump only because it “might” mean a better supreme court nominee (but with great reluctance). But did you really vote for Obama ? You gotta be really F’ing stupid to have done that, let alone suggest your readers voted that way. Maybe you are way more naive than your site suggests.

        • I didn’t vote for Obama but I’m glad he beat McCain. Obama had the good sense not to get too deep in Syria, leaving it alone would have been preferred. McCain would have had us in WWIII as he is pushing for it now.

          The USSC picks were vital and at worst Trump’s foreign policy would be no worst, unfortunately no different than Establishment Hillary. I hope Trump keeps a non Establishment domestic policy.

          • Obama’s support of the “Arab spring” is what got all this current ME trouble with ISIS and such started in the first place.

      42. “Assets like land, weapons, food, and of course gold, will be the only things separating the haves from the have nots.”

        I think you forgot steel and lead.

      43. The US Empire is always at war somewhere. It has over 1000 bases on foreign soil as staging areas. It is the most dangerous, violent nation. It controls the world economy for the ruling elite. It that economy collapses, maybe the Empire will collapse also. If total destruction is necessary for a better world to be build on the ashes, then bring it on. But it is not. All we have to do is start boycotting the TPTB, the state, the mainstream economic system. We do that by silently seceding, one family at a time, becoming independent. They Empire needs our support to continue. Without our tribute (taxes & obedience) it is finished and we are free. But first we have to free our minds from the nationalism, from the idea that we are/should be part of the Empire. It is not our savior or protector. It exploits us and is dragging us down, with our help, if we continue to act like we owe it anything but our distain. Resistance is not futile, it is essential to our survival.

      44. Wait a minute…I didn’t vote for Obama…

      45. If the POWERS that be want to claim the economy will collapse it’s because they want to confiscate everything from the people!
        Even Adolf Hitler came up with his own monetary system when the Treaty of Versailles tried to starve the Germans out of house and home! That is why he was attacked. (And I am not a Hitler fan)
        The financial system could be fixed after a calamity but the elite want everything!

        • Yep

      46. BS. Whenever Amerika commences a genocide the Polls in Amerika rush pass 80% approval rating.

        You are indeed a nation in love with war.

      47. Another banker war courtesy of Americas “friends” hiding in Israel.

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