Prepare For Nuclear War: Here Are 5 Things You’ll Need To Survive If Trump And Putin Hit The Red Button

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    Tensions in Syria are rising at an alarming rate this week with President Trump having positioned U.S. military assets in the region. He has made it clear that he is readying a full-on strike at Syrian military targets:

    The situation is dire and we may well be closer to an all-out war than most are willing to admit.

    This is real. It’s happening. And we could be hours away from an event horizon, the result of which could be devastating.

    We encourage our readers to check and re-check preparations just in case.

    How this plays out is uncertain. What is certain, is that should things heat up further there will be widespread panic buying for preparedness supplies similar to what we saw play out during the height of North Korean tensions last summer. Within 48 hours preparedness supplies like emergency food, gas masks and radiation pills became unavailable to purchase.

    Here are five things we recommend you consider for your immediate preparedness needs in the event of nuclear war:

    Advanced Tactical Gas Mask (Rated For Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Emergencies)


    The Mestel SGE 400/3 BB Tactical Gas Mask provides unparalleled protection against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats.

    Originally developed for military, law enforcement, and civil defense applications, the SGE 400/3 BB is now commercially available for use in personal defense.

    Its game-changing introduction has created a whole new generation of “advanced” breathing protection devices the world over.


    How it protects you:

    • Effectively removes over 99.97% of poison gases, harmful vapors and radioactive solid particles from inhaled air when accompanied with a Multipurpose 40mm Standard A2B2E2K2P3/RD Threaded Filter
    • Innovative face seal design allows perfect sealing every time while maintaining an exceptional degree of comfort.
    • Transparent one piece visor face shield is made of heavy-duty polycarbonate material that protects the face and eyes against extreme-velocity impact forces
    • Three individual ports allow for customized positioning of the filter. From a personal defense standpoint, the left and right side port option allows for a more comfortable gun aiming position
    • Can be customized to include optional accessories that increase your personal protection factor. Add the built-in drinking system with canteen kit to provide you with a protected drinking source, upgrade to the integrated hood to protect your head neck and shoulders, or add the special lens frame adapter if you wear prescription eyewear.

    Learn more about this advanced tactical gas mask and available packages

    Anti-Radiation Pills: Potassium Iodide (KI) Thyroid-Blocking Agent for Radiation Protection

    No survival plan is complete without adequate protection against the harmful after-effects of a nuclear or other radiological event.

    Protect yourself and your loved ones with iOSAT — it’s the only thyroid blocking agent that’s approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to protect against nuclear radiation emergencies. Potassium Iodide (KI), the active ingredient in iOSAT™, is clinically proven to protect against up to 99% of all radiation-induced thyroid damage when used as directed.

    Learn more about Iosat and Stockpile Yours Now

    Head-To-Toe Total Body Protection Coveralls


    Shield your entire body from the after-effects of a hazardous nuclear, biological, or chemical (N/B/C) event with total protection coveralls.

    Head-to-toe protection begins with a multilayer film barrier constructed of tough 200-denier nylon. Specialized polyurethane laminate coatings reinforce the nylon fabric. Then several layers of this high-strength material are bonded together to create a non-porous, airtight seam structure throughout the bodysuit. Included Mil Spec Compliant Gloves offer superior hand protection.

    Designed and manufactured in the USA, this coverall is suitable for rigorous activities and rugged situations.

    The respirator-fit hood with cinched elastic opening allows for the integration of a tactical gas mask, providing complete coverage and protection.

    Click here for sizing chart and more details

    Multipurpose 40mm Standard A2B2E2K2P3/RD Threaded Filter

    The Mestel Multipurpose 40mm Standard A2B2E2K2P3/RD Threaded Filter fits all SGE 400 Series Tactical Gas Masks (also compatible with most NATO-compliant gas masks).

    This filter effectively removes over 99.97% of poison gases, harmful vapors and radioactive solid particles from inhaled air and provides respiratory protection that lasts an average of eight hours per filter, depending on particulate concentration and individual breathing rate.

    The ultra-lightweight polypropylene filter housing is very durable and easy to carry in quantity

    Click here to order A2B2E2K2P3 / NBC filters

    Emergency Freeze Dried Food Kits

    If it hits the fan there is one class of items that are guaranteed to sell out within a few hours. We’ve seen it time and again in situations with earthquakes, hurricanes and snow storms.

    Imagine for a moment what your grocery store will look like when emergency declarations of war are announced across the United States.

    You’ll have about one hour to get there and chances are there will be complete pandemonium by the time you do.

    Preparing in advance of an emergency is critical.

    Mountain House is one of the most trusted names in long-term food storage.

    Click here to check out multi-day food kits for you and your family


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      1. Nice commercial.

        • These are the kinds of supplies one needs to have for such an emergency so we wanted to share. It’s what we stockpile in our own home for our family.

          Granted, we are linking directly to products. But please keep in mind that the literal thousands of articles we have published on this website over the last 10 years are 100% free to access.

          There are thousands of dollars in monthly costs associated with running this website, including server maintenance and staff, which is a huge chunk of our budget. Advertising, as opposed to forcing you to go through a paywall, keeps content and information free for users while also making it possible to maintain this website.

          We’re all ears if you have a better idea 🙂

          Thanks for your feedback.


          • You can’t fix stupid Mac, don’t sweat his bs.

            I’m a firm critic at times, but this is good info. CBRD is something that few understand, even fewer are prepared for, but what’s sad, most can survive with the right steps/simple preps.

            I need filters…..this reminded me.


            • Quit sucking Mac’s dick……

              • Classy stiner, does it bother you as read further and further down the thread and realize you are very much in a classless group of your own?

                I mean if it were me, realizing I’m considered a douche’ by just a few people would be tough, but by EVERYONE…, that’s just a deal breaker.

                Enjoy your sad life, do your chores or your mom will change the wifi password again……

                • good one, jim….and kudos for mac. i learned MUCH of what i know about shtf from right here in these comments, and we/i owe a huge debt of gratitude to mac, and ALL of the contributors on shtfplan….EVEN THE TROLLS. we learn from ALL of ’em. keep the stories coming, and i will keep commenting, and i hope y’all will too.

          • Never mind the trolls Mac, anyone who has an IQ above room temp knows these are suggestions and its up to them to heed them or not, nobody why has been around a while will fault you for making a buck if you can, thats life and thats reality, shit aint free and neither is life!

            • Nail,
              I second that!

              • I third that!

            • That’s it.

            • Lie on the bottom of unmanned boats with a nuclear bomb .If only trump would fire missiles, they will be undermined.There’s no time to be scared.

              • You must live in a legal dope state lol.

                • i think he was speaking twitter…..that’s SEEMS to be in english, and it don’t make sense neither!

            • You nailed it!

              Thanks Mac!

              Louisiana Eagle

          • Well rounded article and informative. If someone thinks it’s a commercial there’s not much you can do about that. I appreciate the links and they will save time looking and shopping between different sites. I can act accordingly. Thank you for the information.

          • Mac,
            This is not promote another site or how they run it, but they run on voluntary contributions and no advertising. They appear to burn through $350,000 per year to keep the operation going. People frequently post stuff from your site on theirs.
            My point is it costs a LOT of money to run a site like this. I don’t mind the advertising other it really burns up my data as I’m on metered Satellite data for now, but I’m probably the only guy on Satellite here.
            Keep up the good work!

          • If an actual atomic war broke out, none of that stuff will be needed, because the continental USA will be one giant smoldering pile of burned out radioactive cinders….

          • No complaints from me Mac. I enjoy the website and appreciate the hard work you have done to make it available to the public. Anyone that complains about the advertising is probably just a troll.

        • Agree. WTF??

          • Overpriced Gucci “survival” gear will not likely save your ass or your family. I thought this site was about helping people? Silly me.

            If you need Money then ask. Do you have a patreon account for donations?
            1. Gas up your vehicles. Tire ok? Hoses, belts, battery ok? Fresh oil?
            2. Load up gear you have. Be able to be on road in ten minutes.
            3. GET AWAY from major population centers and military targets. What is jet stream and dominant wind doing. Are you downwind from major targets?
            4. You need to get underground if you believe nuke threat inbound.
            5. Dig that hole. Trench. Cover. 2 feet of dirt above. Supply that hole with water-food-more water. prepare yourself mentally for hell on Earth. Brought to you by Politicians.

            My 5 ideas might help you live another 24 hours. More if you are Lucky. I’ll take my 5 over your gucci gear reccomends.

            Flash. EMP. Blast wave. Then radiation. Destruction. Death. A new stone age. Thanks Mr. Trump.

            Syria is no threat to America. Syria has not made war with America. Syria has not threatened America.
            Trump is More of a THREAT with his “Twitter” War threats than Syria. Wake up.

            Insanity. I have seen war. No thank you.

            • Anonymous, You are right about Syria. I thought Trump would be smarter than this. Assad had no reason to gas his own people. His enemies are on the run, Trump recently announced he seeks to withdraw American assets. (Assad never asked for them to begin with) Assad with the help of the Russians and the Iranians have won the battle in Syria and all of a sudden you have gas attack and now Trump is tweeting to Russia to get ready because new and smart missiles are coming!!!!!!!!! Seems foolish to me. I don’t think our Country, economy, and our military can handle a Middle Eastern war involving, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, China, and I am willing to bet North Korea will be looking for some payback as well. Won’t end good for them, and will definitely not end good for us.

              • Doesn’t matter how smart he is, what matters is he is isrealhells little beech yes man.

                On another survival note: If nuke attacks happen all your masks etc. won’t do sheet if you freeze to death in nuke winter. A cheap and lifesaving thing to have is a portable woodstove. I think it was last xmas or the one before Daisy posted some cool items for gift ideas. One of them was a portable woodstove from sportsmans guide for 80 bux. I bought one and it is probably one of the best prep items I ever aquired! One certainty with nukes, there will be no sun for a long time and you are gonna freeze yer ass off. Unless you are in Kansas wood will still be around and you will have fuel. Sure it won’t heat a house but if you shelter in a smaller dwelling (garage, shed, Tee Pee, Tent, it will keep you warm and alive! Hot food, hot water, moral booster, it is truly one of the best preps to have! 🙂

        • The blonde in the re-finance add is a knock out. Just sayin

          • You can have her for a sandwich when shtf lol.

            • Would that be a tuna sandwich?

        • Don’t forget to enter the PCH $7K for life sweeps!

      2. Not really; If it’s bad enough to need that stuff you are toast. Stay inside for two weeks and avoid the cities. Forget the gas mask, If you are anywhere anyone would even consider gas, move. If the radiation is high enough you have hot particles raining down, what in hell are you doing outside? If you don’t have Iodine Tablets just put some Iodine antiseptic (Drop or two in the water you drink for a few days.) Read the directions for disinfecting the water, in SHTF issues you are more likely to die from bad water than most other things. I very much doubt any Nuc problems but just remember the old rule of thumb; after an hour, as time goes goes up by a factor of 7 radiation goes down by a factor of 10. So after two weeks it’s down by a 1000; so if you didn’t have a bunker and it’s still bad you are already finished.

        • it’s important to remember, paranoid, that there ARE places BETWEEN the scenario you describe, and hell……if i find myself between the two, i hope all i have learned here, and all my assets, and my training…..just may help me to survive……there WILL BE places that will survive.

      3. Hawthorn is a plant with long thorns, leaves, and berries. It can be used as a tea or taken as a supplement.

        Studies show that it aids the heart; can prevent heart failure, irregular heart beat, and high blood pressure as well or better than Big Pharma drugs.

        Maybe I should get some. Nuclear war might be just a tad stressful.


        • If you are worried about stress suggest a good supply of Jose Gold and orange juice.

          • Paranoid, Agreed! I just want to repost what a great bugout vehicle a 4-wheeler is. You can get a 2 wheel drive older model for 700 bux or so if you shop around. Honda is by far the best! If you can score a 4×4 even better (4×4 comes with extra maintenance such as cv boots and drivelines). I can pack enough gear on one small 4-wheeler to last 2 weeks of dry camping and 2 months with a water supply. No road or trail needed. No car or truck can follow you offroad. Get a smaller engine unit (200-350cc) because they get great gas mileage. Smaller units also fit in tight places a lot better and can leave larger units stuck because you squeezed through and they couldn’t. Be sure to add slime to the tires and have a good plug kit and 12v compressor. No cop or agent has a chance of catching me without a helicopter (I doubt they would go through all that shit anyway). Some of them have large 4-wheelers and razors which like I said can be outmanuevered easily in thick trees. You can also lay traps for vehicles chasing you that will put them out of commission. You can cross water 18 inches deep with a good unit. Easy to hide/camo too. At our cabin there is one road in and out. No way to drive the truck out any other way BUT the 4-wheelers will fly out of there and no one can follow. Food for thought 🙂

            • hope you got MAPS of your area of operations, and have been doing some research on what’s out there….

      4. President Trump is also trying to direct the attention away from this latest sex scandal/extramarital affair (and the silencing pay-off money) that happened early in his marriage to Melania, where he actually had a habit of NOT honoring his vows.

        He really would have made a great Playboy. The only people who think nothing of the affairs and cheating are other cheaters.

        He has openly admitted to these affairs. FOX News withheld it, but he was on camera and I saw and heard him admit it. I urge you to stop insulating yourself from the truth, from what’s really going on.

        The latest scandal of all of the seemingly wildly insane and endless drama coming from the White House, like we’ve never before seen, ***an FBI Raid*** where they knocked down the office door of his personal attorney, shady Michael Cohen, and took files along with his computer, is something that has never happened before during any other presidency. Okay, Watergate was right up there with this, but this is worse.

        Yes, disgusting Bill Clinton and others caused drama too. But for DJT this is routine, every day. People are getting tired of it. How does he get any really work done? And his people are getting fired left and right and replaced with more swamp people. A revolving door. It’s endless.

        He also chanted “LOCK HER UP” and promised he’d do just that. But did he? No, he did not.

        He turned around and instead said “No, I’m not going to do that, the Clinton’s are good people.” His exact words. On camera. FOX News didn’t air that piece but I saw and heard him say that on a Dem station shortly after he took office.

        They could not have made that up because he said it, live, on-the-air, on camera. I saw it myself.

        He did NOTHING about crooked Hitlery or her emails. NOTHING! We know that for a fact. Now, oh yes, now, he’s suddenly wondering why nothing bad happened to her, and all this awful chaos and accusations are happening to him. “What about crooked Hillary’s emails” he’s crying. Unbelievable. Crazy is as crazy does.

        He talks out of two sides of his mouth–that’s never a good thing. People who do that are not honest and trustworthy. He’s blaming her, Hitlery, as a distraction for whatever he is hiding and doesn’t want us to know. It really is mind-boggling and frightening.

        As awful as the Hitlery is, she had nothing to do with the FBI Raid the other day. Yet he’s wondering why nothing happened to her, why she was never held accountable instead of fessing up to his crimes. He doesn’t want to be held accountable all because she wasn’t. Huh? Claiming it’s a witch hunt is ridiculous. They obviously had compelling reason and solid evidence for that many PTB to sign off.

        But you can bet the farm he’s going to do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what he promised he would do, and GET US INTO A WAR, as a distraction. All of that is a huge red flag right there.

        The FBI had to have some solid evidence, and know something really bad is going on and that he is hiding something critical, before they would get the approval and the 20 signature sign-offs it took to carry out the raid; some of the sign-offs for the raid were from Republicans.

        It’s not the Dum-Dems doing this. It is not the witch hunt he’s claiming and that you’ve been misled to believe. DJT brought it on all by himself with his endless lies and broken promises. He has something BIG to hide and is looking for a distraction, aside from lacking the skills and temperament to prevent a war.

        No, he wants a war, without a doubt, especially now that he’s in the hot seat and he knows something embarrassing or illegal, that will change how we look at him, is going to surface soon, and that is not something we can blame on the Dum-Dems. Or on Hitlery.

        If you still think he is honest and trustworthy and “all for the people”, I have a bridge to sell you that costs a lot less than the Wall he will never complete.

        He is going to get us into a war and possibly order Martial Law too, because he is an incompetent moron with closets full of skeletons. If a war breaks out, and there’s a real good chance of that now, it will mostly be his doing. Can’t blame it all on the Dum-Dems.

        Start listening to what the enemy is saying, instead of only what you want to hear. You don’t have to believe it, just once in awhile listen to news other than FOX. You’ll see that although MSN lies/distorts, unless you’re close-minded and dense, you’ll see that there’s also some truth in there. You’ll see what DJT is saying live-on-the-air, on camera, and that FOX News suppresses and doesn’t air.

        Keep your Fox friends close, but keep your enemies closer.

        • What a Hillary Troll you are.

          • blame-e I know firsthand what a horrible person she is. I met her in the 90’s, when her husband was POTUS. She’s even worse than you can imagine. When the cameras were off she morphed into Satan. But Donald Trump isn’t the answer. At all. He has no ability to run the country and keep us safe. None. He isn’t as smart as you think. Smart people know that. Not you perhaps, but smart people. Keep reading. Maybe you’ll wise up and come to your senses.

            • The Founding Fathers (Yes, those white supremacists, racists, raping, slave owners, and Democrats all BTW), envisioned a government run by citizens who came off the farm, did their term of service (not terms, not careers, not lifetime employment), and returned to the farm.

              The main basis for the claim of these professional politicians, the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, and that chimpanzee Barack Obama, for why Trump isn’t fit to be president is because he has no experience. You have to be an expert. F*ck them.

              That is just BS. If their thesis is true it’s only because the government is so corrupted by greed, avarice, wanton criminality, that nobody but an entrenched establishment knows where all the bodies are buried, and has been trained to stand the stench.

              We live in an Evil Empire. It needs to come down.

            • “They obviously had compelling reason and solid evidence . . . .”

              What evidence? You sound just like these witch hunters. What evidence?

              Or are we, the American not good enough, not smart enough, not qualified enough, not fit enough, to know WTF is going on.

              You sound just like them. Just like evil.

          • Anonymous, you make a lot of sense. I am rethinking things.

            • Thank you Marie.

              Many shtf members are brainwashed and close-minded. Nice to know there are some open-minded posters here with critical thinking skills who can see deceit staring them in the face.

              • Ugh. Stop sucking Marie’s clit, Hillary


      5. Took them one entire year to get over their pee-pee fit and turn him into Hillary huh?

        Surprisingly long. I’m guessing if they’d simply skipped their pee-pee fit…

      6. What you really need is 2-3 weeks of water to stay underground until the fallout decreases.

        I personally dont have to worry about this because every city with an airport with a long runway will be direct hit.

      7. You need only one thing guys and gals. NOT to be anywhere near ground-zero of a nuke strike. You do that, the rest will be a cake-walk by comparison. Won’t be easy, that’s for sure; but, distance from the initial hits are what will determine those who live and die for the most part. Be smart – if you were those who wish this to happen (as they most certainly do), what areas would you want not to be hit? Go to those places boys and girls.

      8. No diplomacy or ability to compromise and negotiate. Now Trump has threatened war via Twitter. On Twitter. Hard to believe. Diplomacy by Tweet. SMH. Shame on him.

        • Psst…Election’s over, Hillary. You lost…

          • anonymouth always has such intelligent things to say, don’t he….

      9. Everyone please take note: We spend $Billion$ per year on Department of Homeland Security.
        Have you heard ONE WORD from those P.O.S. about preparing for possible nuclear war? Have they made ANY preparations for CIVILIAN(YOU & YOURS) casualties? Any public service announcements of supplies and preparations you should be making?
        The DHS should have sealed our borders 16 years ago. The DHS does SQUAT about NARCOTerrorists inside America. The DHS should have banned ALL muslums 16 years ago until they stopped ALL terror activities.

      10. I wonder what the chances are that the Russians or the Chinese, have a satellite in orbit with a nuke on it already, that they could direct to fly over the center of the USA and detonate 300 miles up and create a super EMP? That would ruin everyone’s day.

        • Red Leader…….I am sure you’re aware…..North Korea has not 1 but 2 Satellites that cross across the heartland of our Nation every day. Who is to say that they don’t have a warhead on those two satellites? Also, they are at the proper height for a perfect EMP attack on the U.S. Scary……………..

          • They are going to south to north which avoids the DEW Line radars. There will be less of a warning if these packages are really EMP weapons…..

        • Red Leader………I am sure you know about the 2 North Korean Satellites that cross over the heart of our Country every 24 hours? Who is to say they don’t have them both armed with a warhead. Interesting to note that both are at the proper EMP height for optimal effect. Just saying.

      11. Head for the hills, boys! This is the big one!!! 🙂

        • I think that is “head INTO the hills boys and girls.”

          • Kinda hard to head for the hills if you live in Kansas lol 😛

            • Ozarks???

            • Head for the cornhole lol 😛

            • The point being that these places were put out in the middle of nowhere for a reason.

              Your first advantage is the land is so flat that you can see your enemy coming for miles. And second, in an emergency, you want to get as far away from people as possible.

              This was good practical advice back in the day. Trouble is we’re not in Kansas anymore.

              The internet, smart phones, GPS, the NSA, the Department of Homeland Security (Der Homeland. Gezus. Who talks like this except for Nazis? Der Fatherland.), the Deep State, the CIA, the FBI and the other seventeen (17) security agencies just inside the U.S.

              They know who and where you are. They will be coming for the “preppers” first; mainly for the guns and all the other goodies.

      12. If it gets that bad I’m checking out screws this planet.

      13. guess who is tracing the shipments of all the freeze dries and prep food deliveries. they will be able secure much of them because they have your address.

        • No they won’t because in case of an all out nuclear war they will be dead. So will we, unfortunately, but hey.

        • Ha! Most of my preps were shipped to various other old addresses and a lot I bought on craigslist for cash. Only some are at my current address most are in a place with no address. Look up my address on my ID etc. and it is a maildrop that has another maildrop as my address. Visa versa, and other address is not even in my name. Why leave those fags an easy find?

          • My bank account address is an old address that a friend lived at and has no idea what my address is and has since moved. Bank statements are sent to one of the maildrops and picked up there.

            • Genius, for crying out loud. The way you shoot your mouth off.

              “You are master of the unspoken word. Slave to the spoken.”

          • Genius, once again you have proven yourself a complete idiot. The “preppers” are going to be the first ones they come for. Surely, you know that by now.


      15. anyone know the shelf life of Potassium Iodide ?

      16. Nobody is going to survive an all out nuclear exchange. Why doesn’t anyone understand that?

        The idea of bomb shelters and food stockpiles is based on the nuclear situation in the 1960’s. Today the weapons are way more powerful, numerous, and there is all kids of nuclear material sitting about in the spent fuel pools of the 400 or so nuclear reactors in the world which will all go atmospheric in the case of a nuclear war.

        Sure, go into your bomb shelter if you have one. You might live until your food and water runs out. After that there won’t be anywhere to go and you will die like everyone and everything else.

        • When the ball drops I’m going to be sitting on my roof with a mai tai, watching the beautiful mushroom cloud on the horizon even if it means the end of me.

      17. The article presented is really just a piece of fluff directing you to like 90% of the prepper sites do to get some cash. I don’t mind that but give me an article with some substance.

        For all you paranoid people worrying about NK Nuclear EMP satellites, get over it. No such animal up there yet!

        • stay here long enough and you’ll learn a LOT about survival…..but MOST of it will come from the comments section…………….

      18. 2nd amendment rally’s this weekend in every state. Get out of your homes and off your coach and come to your own state capital …be there 4/14

        or stay on here and whine over none sense

      19. I appreciate the article and links to buy the products. Thanks Mac Salvo.

      20. I have been telling my husband since 2010 we should start to stockpile but always got that weird look when I would talk about when the shit hits the fan.So now that time is almost here and we have no stockpile.When the shit hits the fan all I want is one good punch and a one time pill so I can lay down,go to sleep and never wake up again.What I just said might sound crazy and I will go to hell for saying what I just said.But I would choose hell over surviving a nuclear war and have radiation sickness which would be a slow painful death.

        • Hey surfer girl, 🙂

          Just do a Lil’ each paycheck. Watch the sales where you shop and just pick up an extra can/pack. Every Lil’ bit helps.

          We have been at this game for almost 30 years. Yup… the world still has not ended all this time. BUT… it’s nice to have the things on the shelve when we want them.

          Yes, we eat things today that are many years past the “Best Buy” date. Does not matter to me. The can beef that I got on sale, 10 years ago, has a metalic taste now. I’ve learned to can my own now, and skip the over price beef in a metal can that I can do better with beef on and sale, and my own glass jars.

          It’s just steps. 😉
          One at a time. In another 30 years, you will look back and believe that you made the right choice.

          The world will not end, but our lives go on every day. Just prepare for the simple things… Like job loss or going back to school to get a better job. Trust me, it really does happen… Every day!

          y’all play nice and enjoy the evening. 🙂

        • surfer girl, well we now know who wears the pants in your house, and it’s not your wimpy husband. Good luck.

      21. “Prepare for nuclear war”. sure I,lol get right on that what a joke. If we use those damn things Everybody is toast, Mad Max time, if anybody is left. My guess is those that are left will not feel particularly fortunate. As any nuclear reactors not destroyed outright will melt down adding poisonous clouds of radiation to the already poisonous clouds of radiation from the war. Unclear winter, nothing will grow. On The Beach time fellas. Their is no way to prep for a nuclear war. If you survive a year it will be because of location and sheer luck with your chances of survival plummeting wi th each passing month.

      22. no plan needed,if nuclear war happens no one will survive

        • not true. many will survive. at least for a while. up your chances by prepping. do nothing, and down you go.

          • I believe my time is better spent 1) Living Life to fullest now with my loved one’s, and, 2) making my peace now with the Creator (as I see fit to believe). Mostly, pray that it NEVER comes to this horrible conclusion. Yes, prepping for OTHER scenarios does make sense, but not for Nukes…. Just MHO

            • SB it all boils down to what you might call actual preparedness doesn’t it ? Beyond that it would be a matter of surviving for what quality of life ? Most here have never actually been in any type of real “life or death” situations so they are seriously living in fantasy and an echo chamber of nonsense. True preparedness is not what is represented as being a so-called prepper. It goes well beyond that limited and contrived perception of marketing junk. It actually takes action and smarts with follow thru to an end goal that is tangible, not fantasy and words that appease or instill fear as a device or control mechanism.

              I think the prepper scenarios served a purpose and it is well past time to upgrade and expand those thinking processes and get much more realistic and sophisticated in preparedness for goods reasons. Everything is always about how we think and then act on it, always ! Being stuck in any false paradigm is not a good idea for anything, ever.

          • BCD, the problem with nukes is it would be hard to have a limited nuke war for many reasons. Beyond that we already live in massive additional background radiation from many sources and that has added to the cancer rate massively. So in a best case scenario a limited exchange would increase that matter more than it already is. In a worse case scenario even without a full on exchange, you would surely wish for death shortly. So there is no way to say it is survivable unless you are willing to suffer greatly beyond a preppers pea brain imagination.

            Most preppper types already live a very low quality life because they are not even close to fit and healthy and have many limits on the quality if their life. So the only valid question is surviving under what conditions and quality of life ? The only potential survivors of any such event would be healthy and strong people with excellent immune systems and far more knowledge than is present here in the land of pen names and mass marketing.

            What is really whacked is that most here in this echo chamber do not even consider or realize they are missing out on life everyday because they are NOT actually very well prepared at all. NOT with the things that actually matter and can be enjoyed daily right now, just the junk they are sold and the many false narratives created for them. That is the difference between actual intelligence and simply living in an echo chamber of like minded titheads, repeating the same crap for years, ad nauseum. Far better to actually live with few limits and enjoy every second of everyday with little if any fear of anything. There is a far better way to live and think !

      23. These lists are meaningless. According to many reports, most Americans don’t have $400 bucks for an emergency.

        A good Geiger Counter, like a Ludlum Model 3 with a Pancake 44-09, used, is going to run you $400.00; a $1,000 bucks new.

        If nuclear war breaks out, and even if the crisis is just a full-on systemic collapse, a real list is going to coast you millions. $10-million is a good start.

        These lists are a cruel joke, made-up by a capitalist system that is forever looking for a way to prey on people’s fear and bleed their last dollar out of us. Nuclear War would be worth it just to end this corrupt and evil system.

        • i’m pretty well prepared, and it didn’t even cost over a hundred grand.

          • BCD, you think you are well prepared , but can you run a mile with full field gear and then setup a good defensive position if need be ? Are you seriously fit and healthy with a very strong immune system ? When was the last time you had a cold or flu or any actual disease, not diabetese related maladies that are self inflicted ? Actual preparedness is only relative to what you think it is and many do not consider what real preparedness actually is. Just what they have bought into in an echo chamber ?

            • well, where do i start? how about boy scout leader. auto mechanic for over 35 years now. i ride a bicycle 15 to 30 miles, most days. i got little to no health problems, except for being 40 pounds overweight. i sell military gear. i got cars, 4wheel drives, and gas to power them for many hundreds of miles. two teen-age sons. hundreds of friends spread all over the country. auto-cross champion. been an off-roader all my adult life. i been a hunter for many years of my life. i shoot often. i got food for years. i got thousands of hours of reading comments section here, and many other sites. and that’s what i just spent 5 minutes thinking to write down. if that don’t move me way up the ladder, then you don’t know jack. i’m as prepared as i need to be…..and i’m AHEAD of anybody ELSE i know. your “any nukes get launched, and there’s no surviving it” crap is something i don’t care to hear. can i do better? probly so, but you don’t know me, and i don’t need to hear your sermon.

      24. In the event of a nuclear war, the nice thing is that the people that started it will be the first to be immolated.

      25. IF this were the 1950’s, I would agree, yea, that stuff could come in handy. But if the US and Russia went full Nuclear exchange today, that stuff is just gonna fry right along with you. Waste of money (if you are getting to protect against Nukes). And that was the point of article, was it not “5 Things You’ll Need To Survive If Trump And Putin Hit The Red Button”…

      26. Myth,”There are enough nuclear weapons to kill every man,woman and child 3times over” FACT: we’re not all in one spot, so a lot will survive. 1,000 REM/hour now, 7 hours later = 100, 49 hours later = 10, 343 hours later (1 week, 7 hours) = 1. Radiation is CUMULATIVE. 10 REM/hour today, 10 tomorrow = 20 REM total life dose. 50/50 lethal dose is 180/200 REM/hr in war situation. Nuclear winter has been debunked. “Fallout” falls out of the sky in a downwind footprint. Do NOT eat plants/vegetables dusted by fallout. See Strontium 90, Cesium 137/beta burn. Dust can be washed off and plants eaten IF no burns. 1foot damp soil will block 2,000 REM/hr. If 20 megaton weapon burst at 18,000 ft over Empire State building, everything from Battery Park to 125th Street will cease to exist. Fireball 2 miles in diameter, radiating thermal pulse for 18 seconds at 120,000°. If out in the open in Southern Rockland County NJ 35 miles away, you will be burned to death. Fortunately, everyone uses 200/330 kt warheads now due to accurate guidance systems, and means more MIRV’s. Our Trident D5 SLBM’s have 10 50kt warheads per missile. Four boomers normally out at a time, each with 24 missiles per boat. 960 Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicles @50kt each. Minuteman III ICBM has 3 MIRV’s at 330 kt each. 2-stage “hydrogen” weapons. 300 Minuteman missiles. Draw circle 80 miles in diameter around any major city and don’t be there! The NORK “satellites”, as established via SIGINT and optical examination do NOT act/look like recon/comm sats. 9 ft long × 4 ft diameter w/one 18sq/ft solar panel. Just enough juice to charge klytron capacitors to fire physics package of EMP weapon. Quiting is NOT an option! “The only limits are the laws of physics and the mission..

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