Pre-Collapse Ramp Up: Retailers Stock Up On Shutters, Organize Security Details Ahead of Financial Meltdown and Social Unrest

by | May 29, 2012 | Headline News | 145 comments

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    With hundreds of billions spent to save the ailing economy of Greece (and the rest of the continent), unemployment rates in excess of 50% among those in their twenties and a solution nowhere to be found, many in Europe and around the world are realizing that this entire system is about to come unhinged.

    And when it does, as we have noted on several occasions over the years, there will be riots in the streets.

    Retail business owners in Greece and greater Europe are now planning for the worst.

    This is not some alarmist overreaction. This is happening right here and now, and people are starting to understand that the consequences of a collapse in Europe, the United States and the world are going to be serious:

    The planning, says Dixons chief Sebastian James, may look alarmist but it’s good to be prepared.

    Company bosses around Europe agree. As the financial crisis in Greece worsens, companies are getting ready for everything from social unrest to a complete meltdown of the financial system.

    Those preparations include sweeping cash out of Greece every night, cutting debts, weeding out badly paying customers and readying for a switch to a new Greek drachma if the country is forced to abandon the euro.

    Chief Executive James says the company has contingency plans to shutter up its 69 wholly owned and 29 franchised Greek stores and close them in the short term to protect against any threat of civil unrest and prepare for a switch to a new drachma.

    Dixons, using its experience of dealing with riots in London and other British cities last summer – big flat-screen televisions were the looters’ booty of choice – has ordered enough shutters to protect its stores and is working with the Greek police and security groups.

    KPMG’s Bayly advises his clients to check the six Cs when preparing for a possible Greek euro exit: cash, contracts, continuity, counterparties, control and commercial. He believes that automotive companies, tour operators and pharmaceutical groups would see the biggest immediate disruption from an early euro exit by Greece.

    Bayly also warns companies to guard against the failure of key suppliers or counterparties, to tighten up on controls to avoid errors and fraud, and also to be clear on how they would be affected commercially by possible future changes in patterns of government and consumer spending.

    Source: Reuters via Zero Hedge

    As we highlighted in Just In Time: When the Trucks Stop, America Will Stop , the entire commerce infrastructure is one catastrophe away from seizing up.

    We’ve already seen an example of this in Greece when liquidity in the credit system dried up and caused shortages in live-saving medications because customers weren’t able to pay pharmacists, who weren’t able to pay distributors, who weren’t able to pay manufacturers and transporters – and none of them were able to acquire credit terms from banks to keep the cycle going.

    There is so much interdependence within the system that it is impossible to predict the exact sequence of events. However, astute readers understand that a breakdown in credit lending, or key manufacturers going belly-up because they can’t cover operating expenses, could lead to serious shortages down the line in businesses that include everything from medicine to food to fuel.

    Take a queue from the businesses that have direct relationships with large credit organizations and government insiders. They know something is amiss, and they are taking steps to prepare today, not hoping for a solution that will never come.

    It is critical that you reduce your personal counter-party risk as much as possible ahead of the economic destruction to come.

    You think 2007-2008 was bad?

    That was a private sector collapse. The taxpayers of the world were the backstop – and for the most part business continued as usual.

    We’re now to the point where entire nations are beginning to crumble under the weight of excessive spending and debt – and all of their backstops and emergency response plans have been exhausted.

    The end result will be a paradigm shift unlike any we have witnessed in our lifetimes. There will be riots. There will be starvation. There will be bloodshed.


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        • Nice set up but how much is it? The website provides no cost info. The website reads like it would only sale to Govt. Agencies.

          • They have a dealer list. You would probably have to contact one of them to get it. Just when you go to Century Arms, they only sell directly to FFL dealers. Also, I don’t even know if this ever made it to market, but it gives you a good working concept if you’re willing to machine one yourself. Doesn’t look too complicated. Just a modified Glock with attachments.

            • Hey thanks for the info JoeRepublic. I dont know how I hit the wrong reply button, but somehow I did. My original reply was to Libs says says. As far as MAGPUL goes excellent product, Ive been buying 2-3 M4 Mags each payday. I just ordered there new MBUS front and rear sight for the wifes new M4.

        • Whats the ticket for that?
          any idea of price?
          is there a solar charger for it?

        • Nice set up but how much is it? The website provides no cost info. The website reads like it would only sale to Govt. Agencies?

          • I could only guess that it is very expensive. I have more of a string with a bell tied to it type of budget.

      1. If you are not half way prepped, get going, think outside the box, do all for your family that you can….

      2. Sounds like a good reason to be ready for whatever comes down the pike. We are running out of tomorrows. People around here still think they will be able to whip out a credit card and buy themselves a can of instant survival.

        Keep on a-preppin’.

      3. HEY WAIT!!! There’s nothing wrong, the stock market is up 150 points, we don’t have anything to worry about!! That’s total sarcasm by the way…=)

        Keep prepping!!!!

        • dont worry about the stock market soccer mom. it will confuse most forever.

        • KY Mom
          Our labor minister here in Norway made a public statement that immigrants coming from Spain, Greece and Romania should go home because they could not expect any help in Norway.

          “If you have not found a job yet, you will be better of at home with your friends and your family. We will not support you.”

          This might sound weird for Americans but the Labor Party in Norway runs traditionally a “saving the world policy” by spending large funds on immigrants and immigration, wither this makes sense (sometimes it does) or not.

          Its coming closer.

          • Viking,

            I understand what you are saying. They are probably saying and doing this to protect the country. Imagine the possible response if it was, “Come here. We will support you.” The country would be overwhelmed in a short time.

            You have a beautiful country and most are very down to earth people. With my husband’s job, we spent a year in Norway in the late 80’s. The mountains and fiords are truly something to behold.

            BTW…your English is very good. Unfortunately, I have forgotten most of the Norwegian that I learned. But, I do remember some important words, like skoal! (English translation: cheers!)

            KY Mom

            • KY Mom

              thanks for your compliment. I hope my English is improving. Good that you have good memories from your time in Norway. And good to hear that you have kept the most important words of the Norwegian language. The skål can be helpfully for surviving Norway.

              It hasn`t gotten worse her, I think. Due to the oil boom the country is doing well but sadly there are not too many people caring about what is happening outside.

              But the down to earth thing is still there. Its a good combination of long time poverty and protestantism. I am a bit optimistic for us because even many urban freaks in our country know how to use a fishing rod and find berries in the woods and a lot of people in my generation have some knowledge about gardening.

              I am also very happy that even our socialist government seems to care about what happens. I was surprised because in my world they are the last people to say such things. But I think it shows that things are getting more serious.

              Allthe best to you and your loved ones.

              Be safe.


          • Viking, I am an American and it doesn’t sound weird at all. I believe it was sound advice and I would want to be with my friends and family.

            Thumbs up ! 🙂

            • EAGLEDOVE

              Thanks for your reply. I have to switch on my brains more. We are not so different 🙂

              Take care!

          • If only Obummer and the sleazy people that make up the House and Senate would get on tv and tell the immigrants to go home. That we can not take care of them. That would help some of our entitlement issues. As cruel as it sounds to all the bleeding hearts out there what we are going to face in the very near future will be much worse. Buy more food!

            • Anonymous

              Its not cruel. In the long run some of these immigrants would be grateful. Running from one place in economic decline to another is just a waste of time and energy.

          • Europe in general is feeling the effects of unrestrained immigration, especially when it involves Muslims. Wherever they go, they make no secret of the fact that they plan to take over as soon as possible. Their prolific breeding expidites this.

            • Lisa

              Sorry for the late reply. You absolutely made a point here.

              Our left wing politicians and world savers made a great mistake by letting these people in. They thought that the so called refugees were some kind of poor little pets who would be grateful and vote for them and help to erase all the bad conservative, capitalistic and other old things we had in Europe for a better future and their political correct multicultural society. These stupid lefties weren`t aware that they were inviting people in, who have their own agenda and that they are not stupid. Their agenda doesn`t match with the ideas of the Western society today.

              About the result of our dear lefties experiment you can read here. The institute might be more right wing but the Newspapers quoted are European mainstream media some of them are even known to be left wing or you would call it liberal.


              At the end of the day we might not only have to prepare ourselves for a collapse in Europe but also for a Yugoslavia style civil war.

              And just to be clear. I am not a kind of 2nd Anders Behring Breivik. Foreign people are welcome, all foreigners, Africans, Eskimo, Asian or Indians (if he was honest and doing a good job, I would even support a Kenya born prime minister), if they want to work, as long as they stick to the rules and as long as they contribute to the community.

      4. Yes, the governments are preparing, so should you. Prepare to become invisible for a while as well so you don’t end up in camp FEMA of whatever your local region is. FEMA region six here. The wankers just had a massive military drill over in Tampa last week. But, nothing to see here folks. Move along, move along.

        “We don’t need to see his identification. These aren’t the droid we’re looking for. You can go about your business. Move along, move along.”

        • Staying off the radar is a good idea. Read this in the NY Times this morning.

          Obama’s Ever-Expanding ‘Kill List’


          (Direct link on Drudge Report)

        • you make a great point. I will discuss the state of the economy with anyone, but I NEVER discuss any preps of anykind that I make, with others. Mum is the word. when it all comes down, these sheeple will remember who warned them about prepping. With each passing day, I seek to be like the lowly fly speck on the wall. I wish to draw no attention to myself. I have noticed more and more prep groups starting up in urban areas. This is a good idea on the surface, but these fine folks are broadcasting to the world–hey look what I’m doing.
          I will help my immediate neighbors, and my extended family, but to heck with the others. I’m sorry that the masses are too brainwashed to figure things out on their own. In nature, only the strong survive, and this principle will play out with the masses.
          Do as you wish, but if you try and save the world, you do so at the expense of your own safety, and that of the rest of your family. it’s just a cold hard fact. good luck to all.(luck favors the prepared)

      5. The current events in Greece and in Europe have been predictable to those of us who follow world economics and global politics. This isn’t hype and it sure ain’t a fire drill.

        But only a small minority, less than 5%, of North Americans are preparing for an economic collapse. Ironically, we’re getting the Euro-preview and most people won’t even watch. Until it hits home. Then it’s too late.

        Stack it high, folks.

        • what you say is so true. It amazes me that a concept so simple to understand will be ignored by the masses. what happens over there, will happen here. we are getting a free preview for now. and again, you’re right when you say, most won’t see anything untill it hits here—then , it’s too late.

      6. F.U.B.A.R BIGTIME!!!

        • Nice Tango & Cash reference!!

      7. A bit Off-Topic, but I was watching a movie on the Chill channel last week, and an Emergency Alert system recording came on, stating that a lethal biological agent had been released in south Texas, and that CDC said people were to stay indoors. It played twice, then no more. I checked the CDC website, but there was nothing on there about it. Very odd.

        “This is not a false alarm, this is not a test.” – Neil Peart

      8. What happens in Greece will be short-lived because they will be issuing a new currency after they leave the euro. What happens in America will be much longer lasting after the dollar collapses.

        • I dont know Barn Cat. WHen Greece goes back to the drachma, is any other country gonna want to deal with them considering their past history. If I knew someone was not reliable, I wouldnt deal with them

          • JAJ….I’m not going to loan them any money, but then I’m not Obama….and I only have my own money not everyone else s to spend.

      9. They can shutter up their doors all they want, but if they want to save their property they need to take a lesson from the Los Angel’s Koreans.

        Strength in large well armed numbers – otherwise the mob will win.

        • Jim, what a lesson that was (LA riots) and more to the point; it was here and without the devaluation of currency. I believe it’ll be worse here than Greece when the SHTF.

          • DRD: Greece is not America people. A Greek collapse is not going to affect America even a little bit.

            YOU will never know anything is different if you are watching DWTS, Idol, or Desperate Housewives.

            Europe is about to cut its losses in Greece, but the GB’s in Europe will not be able to escape the pain. The banking industry consolidates around the too big too fail.

            WE have seen that happen here to consolidate the deposits and eliminate the competition.

            Europe freed from a drag by the Greek economy, will stimulate its other economies and move forward.

            China is stimulating its economy and will refocus on consumption of American products. YOU will love Chinese money investing in America and stimulating OUR economy.

            Foreign investment is nothing new. There has been many waves of foreign investments over the years: Dutch, British, Arab, German, Canadian; and then their was the “Japanese invasion”.

            Remember the fear that huge Japanese banks were going to buy up ALL of America? LMAO!

            Greece freed of a death by a thousand cuts under the Euro will re-organize under a new, cheaper Dracma, and capitalists will move production to Greece to take advantage of the really cheap labor.

            Spain is a problem because it has a HUGE mortgage overhang, but hey! now is a good time for wealthy Europeans to buy a condo in Costa Bravo.

            Yawn. Pass the sun screen. 🙂

            • DK,
              As always you articulate your position well.
              We may not see a free-fall like Greece, but ultimately, this is not about money. It is about destroying Western Civilization.

              China is pretty well built up now, and thier attachment to the US economy is only a superficial temporary thing, that they will hang on to as long as it is expedient.

              This is about the installation of NWO tyranny, economies are only a means to an end in that regard. America will just wake up one day to live in a police state. Most ppl will not understand what happened, or the gravity of it. The only thing they next learn to care about is currying the favor of thier new masters.

            • JustMe: My comments were not political. They were economic.

              WE do not have to wake up to the NWO; it is here already and it is winning because WE have not been awake.

              America is awake now. America is aware. And Americans ARE responding to the threat to the nation. Alt media is proof of that. “A 1000 points of light” to coin a phrase. WE can reverse the NWO/PTB stranglehold upon US.

              The answer is simple. The answer is political.

              The answer is political because that is how a minority: the globalists and dual citizens who have infiltrated OUR institutions and control OUR two party system have taken control of OUR government

              90 million gun owners in America can organize, communicate, volunteer, donate and vote for a NEW political party that supports the US Constitution as the basis for governance once more.

              America is ready for a NEW political solution. Whether that political solution emerges is up to US.

              Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

            • I largely agree with DK, but with the qualifier of possible panic. The Greek economy is tiny and should be insignificant relative to USA, but as Carlin said, “A person can be smart, but people are stupid and panicy.” The depth of human stipidity is something to behold.

      10. For an example of how people will act when all falls, just go look-up something that just happened man eats face of another man… No joke a man in Miami was ripping of another mans face and the police had to shoot to kill. Are people not nuts??? And full of drugs, so when all crashes and there is no meth or ect… That is what we will have to deal with.

        • The man attacking the second man was naked too. Just another example of people really losing it.

          Keep stocking the ammo.

          • Not “losing it”……just a little LSD….

            • So you are saying this happens all the time..

        • These people, karen, are the zombies that the movies and cable channels are presenting as entertainment(?). No drugs, no food, and no shelter; this will be beyond shtf, it’ll be madness.

        • And so the zombie apocalypse begins

      11. So I’ve been coming to this site for a year or two now. How many more posts are we going to see like this? “OK folks it’s getting ready to happen now”. I hear that all the time on this site. Is it ever going to happen? Seems like everyone likes to go “OK, here we go now.” and then nothing happens. It happens over and over again. Seriously. WTF?

        • It has already happened. The tidal wave just didn’t reach you yet.When the FRNs you have in your pocket no longer will pay all your bills and put food on the table is when your personal SHTF moment will be.Death by a thousand cuts.

        • So, Dman, do you believe the published unemployment numbers? Are you better off now than you were 2 or 3 years ago? If you’ve been a reader here for 1-2 years, SOMETHING keeps bringing you back….

        • I’m glad you keep coming back Dman. Sure it can get old, and you just want to say “Oh, collapse already!” But I’ve been watching this since 1993. I was told BACK then our economy was collapsing. That warning and a bunch of other information gave me 19 years to prep in many ways.

          I got into the precious metals, got into firearms, learned other things, got myself completely out of debt (even the mortgage), and got food and water stored up. Am I done? Likely not, but that means there’s a few more tomorrows I can draw on to keep prepping for myself and perhaps family.

          So yeah, it gets old, but at the same time it’s an extended grace period to get other needed items in order. Meanwhile the indicators we have a chance to see before the next shoe drops are telling us the next shoe WILL drop. We already have precedence in the US for economic collapse – the Great Depression. It can and will happen again.

          You still have time, and it’s on the move. Please use it wisely.

        • You remind me of a guy who came on here and said he got all ready for the collapse 30 years ago and dang if he was gonna get ready again…

          Well, 30 years ago I realized it would be about 30 years later and didn’t waste my time like you did but I don’t think you’d be wasting your time this time…

          More like saving your time for more time later.

          If the fall is favorable it won’t be that bad in the US and we could even rise high but considering the limpness and cross-eyedness of our PTB… I would be surprised if this turns out to be a ‘picnic’.

          • The best thing that can happen to someone is them prepping for years and not needing it

            The worst thing that can happen to someone is not prepping at all and having needed to

        • You have a valid point. I was prepared for ‘The Great Depression of 1990’ and ‘Y2K’. The key is to develop a sustainable lifestyle and continuously build skills that make you more flexible.

          The book ‘The Collapse of Complex Societies’ can be summed up by one reason – failure to adapt. Food storage, defenses, alternative energy, etc. are stop gaps to give us time to adapt to a new paradigm.

          Get ready so you can sleep when the wind blows then live your life.

          • Prepared Pastor,

            Your post reminded me of this short story.

            Can You Sleep When the Wind Blows?

            Years ago a farmer owned land along the Atlantic seacoast. He constantly advertised for hired hands. Most people were reluctant to work on farms along the Atlantic.

            They dreaded the awful storms that raged across the Atlantic, wreaking havoc on the buildings and crops.

            As the farmer interviewed applicants for the job, he received a steady stream of refusals. Finally, a short, thin man, well past middle age, approached the farmer.

            “Are you a good farm hand?” the farmer asked him.

            “Well, I can sleep when the wind blows,” answered the little man.

            Although puzzled by this answer, the farmer, desperate for help, hired him. The little man worked well around the farm, busy from dawn to dusk, and the farmer felt satisfied with the man’s work.

            Then one night the wind howled loudly in from offshore. Jumping out of bed, the farmer grabbed a lantern and rushed next door to the hired hand’s sleeping quarters.

            He shook the little man and yelled, “Get up! A storm is coming! Tie things down before they blow away!”

            The little man rolled over in bed and said firmly, “No sir. I told you, I can sleep when the wind blows.”

            Enraged by the response, the farmer was tempted to fire him on the spot. Instead, he hurried outside to prepare for the storm.

            To his amazement, he discovered that all of the haystacks had been covered with tarpaulins.
            The cows were in the barn, the chickens were in the coops, and the doors were barred. The shutters were tightly secured. Everything was tied down. Nothing could blow away.

            The farmer then understood what his hired hand meant, so he returned to his bed to also sleep while the wind blew.

            MORAL: When you’re prepared, spiritually, mentally, and physically, you have nothing to fear. Can you sleep when the wind blows through your life?

            The hired hand in the story was able to sleep because he had secured the farm against the storm. We, as believers in Christ, secure ourselves against the storms of life by grounding ourselves in the Word of God.

            We don’t need to understand, we just need to hold His hand to have peace in the midst of the storms.

            I hope you sleep well! Enjoy the day! May God bless you and yours!

            Author Unknown

            Regardless of whether this is a real story, isn’t the “MORAL” reassuring? When the wind blows, sleep well, my friends.

            • KY
              excellent story,
              Reminds me of a story I heard about St. Thomas….
              As he was working in his garden a man came up to him and asked if he knew the end of the world was tomorrow what would he be doing..
              His reply… I would be working in my garden.
              He was ready for any storm.

              God’s Grace

          • Words of wisdom from someone who has been ahead of the impending situation coming upon us. From all that I have read from PP, he seems to be a wealth of knowledge we all can learn from. Anything that we can do ourselves to make the hardships we will endure easier in the future, that will determine who will be the winners/survivors that will maybe one day make the difference. I do believe that the knowledge we can gain now could make the world a better place in the future. PP, I enjoy the wisdom you impart, and hope that all that visit this site will listen and move in that direction.

        • Get what you are saying DMan, but the idea is to be ready for when and then you don’t have to anticipate it so hard. Now I admit for a long time I didn’t have my “preps” in order and because I lacked the resources I couldn’t. In that case I could only plan on where to go and what to get in that moment. Now I don’t have to worry about it as much as I wouldn’t be joining the crowds at any store for anything…the worst that could happen is everyone else figures out my bug out route at the same time I need to use it – and for that I have a back up plan.

        • Dman. I understand your concern over people crying wolf, but one thing is for sure about storing up food, when you buy it cheaper you make money on your investment. I don’t see too much out there that can say this. If nothing happens then you use the food you have stored up. You win almost all the time with this approach.

          I have seen also the idea that someone cannot afford to not prepare. The odds of something increase each day as basic statisitcs prove this with everything from disasters to even gambling. The longer something doesn’t happen, often the more severe it will be WHEN it happens. That 8.6 or 8.7 earthquake was definitely total prove of this. That earthquake was the largest strike slip EVER recorded. The longer it went without breaking the more energy and stress built up and the more of a monster it was. That sucker caused most of the plates around the world to shift as shown with all the rest of the earthquakes that followed.

          The longer something goes without happening usually the more catastrophic it will be. That reason is enough to prepare and be ready. I have seen weather systems like this, with long term drought later comes terrible flooding. This is something that happens in nature all the time, there is no reason that in the world of finance that this cannot happen just the same.

          World War 3 has a 74% chance of happening this year if world wars happen on a 50 year cycle. 49% chance if the cycle is 100 years, and even 29% if the cycles of world wars is every 200 years. Statistics and math prove that the odds of something happening just keep increasing each day something doesn’t happen.

          What scares me is a plague coming out of India or other humid area as nature has proven time and time again the disease rears its ugly head through all life forms on this planet. With the crowded slums that breed disease over there I think it is a miracle that some super virus as not popped out by now.

          Prepping for the future is so wise, it is tangible life insurance for you and your family and maybe friends.

        • Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I don’t believe the unemployment numbers. I think they are being fudged. The problem that I have for stocking up on food is that I have a really bad feeling that when the SHTF it’s going to force me to leave my house. If that happens I will only have my guns, ammo, and maybe a vehicle. I would love to be able to just go buy a piece of property to make my “backup location” . I struggle because I think that whatever happens will force many people from their homes. And I don’t mean that you could stay there you just don’t. I mean that you cannot stay there if you want to live.

          And yes, as far as I go, I’m doing better now than I was 3 years ago, and I’m making more money.

          As far as the people who have said they have been prepping for like 15 or 20 years, I feel like that would be a waste of a life. I would rather have spent much time with my family for those years than spending time preparing for something that may have never happened. It’s a catch 22 for sure.

          Do you think that if the SHTF that a U.S. Passport will get you in or out of the country? I was going to renew mine but I am thinking it may not help at all.

          • I should add, not just guns, ammo and vehicle. I would have a few BOB’s as well.

          • Dman, maybe it’s time to search out a like-minded community so that you have a retreat to go to. Able-bodied personnel w/ good skill sets are often sought after. Maybe you could make arrangements w/ a small group — or even start one?

          • I agree with your original point Dman.

            I’ve been following this blog and a few like it for awhile now, and I’m becoming convinced that the prepping scene is as much about being smart, preparing for the worst case scenario (clearly nothing wrong with that), as it is about living a macho Armageddon fantasy that is very unlikely to ever pan out. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a bit tantalizing to imagine a world turned upside down with all kinds of unpredictable events unfolding, with each man left to “defend” his property and band together with others, etc. It’s exciting and I’m not above admitting that it’s interesting to ponder, despite the horrible realities that underlie such a scenario. Yet that fantasy has sold billions in weapons and supplies, making many people very wealthy in the process. Just look at how often a product is being pimped within the context of preparedness. Even blogs! Think about how monetized these popular prepping blogs are. Many of these blogs generate gobs of cash for the folks posting “the collapse will happen in x months from now because y economist says z”
            This business about the government forming a police state, monitoring us with drones, rounding us up into camps? Yeah…..really? Let’s just say that I’m not converting my shares of Apple into additional silver bullion anytime soon. Everyone can go ahead and dislike my comment now… I just hope a few people can consider my point before flaming me.

        • Dman….I’ve been prepping for over 3 yrs now…and I’m now starting to see the things we’ve been warned about…can you HONESTLY say that you’re better off NOW than you were 3 yrs ago? I can’t! Just because the SHTF isn’t happening on a certain time schedule, doesn’t mean it’s not happening!

        • Dman, this site has been my regular coffee stop for a couple of years, too. I agree that sometimes it seems like we hear the sky is falling when it isn’t.

          However, I think that if you keep up with the economic news and watch the political patterns the inevitable conclusion is that we are already in the midst of a collapse. The trend is undeniable. I started to become aware of it around 2006. Moved my family out of an urban area, started stockpiling metals (gold, silver, S&W, Colt, etc.), bought high efficiency vehicles, eliminated debt, and started learning skills like gardening, canning, and hunting.

          Even if we elect politicians with the integrity to stop being prostitutes and turn things around, which I highly doubt will happen, our quality of life has improved as a result of the changes we have made. We live a healthier lifestyle, and the various metals we have accumulated appreciate in value. They are assets rather than expenses. We don’t work for the banks anymore, and we know that we could get by very well without Walmart or 911.

          I don’t think you are going to see a single day when it is announced that the S has HTF. The closest thing to that may be when the Fed holds a treasury auction and no one shows up. At that point the SNAP cards will have to lose their SNAP and the cities will erupt. From my location I will be able to just make some popcorn and watch the show. Knowing my family is safe is what it’s all about.

        • any delay of the chaos to come, is a gift for all of us. Even though I also wonder when things will actually totally fall apart, I absolutely believe it will happn in it’s own time. I don’t worry about it.
          But, as preppers, when “the” event actualy happens, we wil say, “what took so long’? And the rest of the brainwashed sheeple will say, “what do I do now”?

      12. When this big collapse happens, I’m expecting the first year to be nothing but security, forget about gardening, etc. We are going to be waiting for 80% of the sheeple to duke it out/die. Sheeple are so pathetic! We all have talked til we’re blue in the face with usually no luck.

        How is the average normal person going to deal with no drinkable water? That alone will take out 25% of the population.

        • You are so right. You better have 2 1/2 years food and water put back or start that garden.
          Live Free

      13. It’s going to get interesting in Greece. There’ll be a time when Greece can’t import anything because sellers will want to see the value of the drachma so they know how to price things.

        Greeks will see everything double in price. The nation that has 10% of its workforce as federal employees will no longer be able to retire at 50.

        • I hear some pharma companies are cutting off Spain because of non-payment.

      14. Zombie attack in Florida

        one naked man eating the face off another naked man..

        K2 rage?
        Bath salts? same?
        zombie or drugs?

        if this isnt a good argument for packing heat on your hip 24-7 than I dont know what is

        look it up..Reports: Miami ‘zombie’ attacker may have been using ‘bath salts’

        they dont know waht he was on.

        and now more on Trayvon Martin doing a cocktail of cold medicine,ice tea, and skittles for a high..for over a year..and being a drug dealer..

        these drugged up nut cases have the strength of pcp’ed the strength of 4 to 5 men all wrapped up in a freaked out 160# person.

        doubble tap might not be enough

        • I knew eventually some asshole would turn this into a zombie thing

        • triple tap at least…

        • I live 1 hour from the incident.. Its a real cesspool area.. I travel with my doors locked and .40 glock on my lap when in that area… The Natives are always restless down there!!

          As for the 2 naked guys.. My take is that they are human Lab Rats that escaped..or a part of the Voodoo that went wrong.. Its ramped in Miami.

          The world sure has become a strange place!!

          We may see Zombies walking the earth sooner than expected

      15. The DOW is up 145 points as I write. So, the Wall Street/Government propaganda continues that all is well, or soon will be. These unsophisticated scum, actually believe that we do not know, they are prepping for war on us. Or, perhaps they are so arrogant that they believe they can act in-your-face with impunity. Bad news this way comes.

        • @ SWIFT. I look at the DOW and it really irritates me deeply. They “say” that the stocks are a barometer of how the economy is doing, oh brother! The DOW could be at 30,000 and gold could be at $5000 an ounce or more and these politicians and the idiot media would be in jublilation over it. That it would matter that a loaf of bread would be at $10 and gas at $15 a gallon, that would not matter, after all the DOW is at 30,000 and everything in lollipop land is sunny and happy. It amazes me that some of these people are able to function everyday tasks.

          The those in the media have the unmitigated gall to condemn, ridicule, and make bad humour about people that choose the intelligent approach of buying their food and other needs while the prices are still reasonable and store them up for later. Who is the smarter in economics? The prepper that has food and other supplies that have doubled or tripled in value since when they bought it? Or the stock brokers that have given advice on investments that have actually decreased in value when compare to “REAL” money, hard currencies such as gold and silver? I wonder what the stock experts and those in the media that give such praise to the stock “wizards” are going to eat and drink if and when times go to the crapper and their “reliable” sources of subsistence are more bare and picked clean than Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboards.

          • The return on a food/supply investment has proven itself in our household. Keeping cash to stay as fluid as possible gives us less than 1% return. So let ’em call us crazy. They’ll be eating those words instead of food supply before long.

            • Keeping cash in the house would be smart regardless of “investment” possibilities. When the PTB decide it’s time for a bank holiday, or a greater restriction on withdrawls of cash, he who has a stash of cash in the house won’t even blink.

              Get your cash in hand. If it’s the bank, it’s not yours.

      16. Having trouble sending in a comment, here goes again. People need to have their assets where they can reach for them 24 hours a day within short walking distance, in other words in their home. Their assets of course are food, water, supplies, but not to be forgotten is money. Hard currency of course is wonderful to have, but don’t forget about cash money.

        Merchants often after a true crisis will still accept their country’s currency because they feel times will return to “normal” like it “always” has before. There is a mind set out there that someone selling food or whatever can take advantage of the hysteria and make a killing. Depending on plastic to do the purchasing is not a good idea at all because the communications that link credit will likely be crashed. Checks might work, but then again there is no way of really verifying that there are funds to back up those checks. Cash money, “at first” many will still accept and this works to the preppers’ advantages. If someone needs fuel for their car cash money and of course hard currency may be the ONLY way to purcahse it.

        It is of course better to not have to go on a food and supply run after something like this happens, and much of this can be made easier if the prepper beforehand has a list of what they need and check it off accordingly. It seems like no matter what every prepper will forget something unless they really give thought to EVERYTHING that they will need after the world collapses. Lists like this are nice also because the prepper when they are out shopping can see deals and take advantage of them.

        It is coming, could be from multiple facets all at once. The area around Toyko is overdue for another 8+ earthquake. A collapse in Japan will ripple all over the world and hurt the world economy very badly. Fukushima is teetering on total disaster for Japan and perhaps the world. There is some real movement going on towards the north magnetic pole and this usually is a harbinger of more earthquakes around the world. That 6.2 in the Norwegian sea, one of the largest ones in that area ever recorded, sure enough a 6.7 earthquake followed in Argentina about 3 and 1/2 days later. WATCH for earthquakes at 70 degrees north to the north pole and about 60 degrees south to the south pole, bigger earthquakes in the world follow about 85-90% of the time.

      17. All the while the MSM is saying, “Meh, it’s all good. No worries here. It’ll all be worked out/bailed out.” When the headlines get passive, I start worrying. I need to scan through the posts again, but has Manos posted lately? He’s got a birds eyes view.

        • Don’t remember seeing him post for awhile. Wonder if he is having problems?

          • Daisy is in contact with him..Hey Daisy..heard from Manos lately?

            • Hi, SML. No, I haven’t heard from him for a few days. I’ll send him an email and let him know folks here are asking about him. I’ll let you know! 😀


        • The market is “climbing the wall of worry”, plus absorbing hot money. The EUro just broke $1.25. Silver is down another quarter or so. USD highest its been in years.

          There are fewer and fewer risk-free assets for investors. Likely everyone _will_ be bailed out, again. You can always extend the bankruptcy with another credit card, right?

        • I’ve wondered the same thing…

      18. Baltic Dry Index dropping faster and faster everyday. China manufacturing falling, too. Not a good time to be in a country on the “enemies list’ of the globalist empire. When economies tank, the empire invades!

      19. i was in Academy sporting goods yesterday looking at the price of ammo and is it just me or did prices on it increase in the last 2 weeks.

        • Picked up some 22LR this weekend and it seemed higher. It’s slowly creeping up. Just wait until November.

        • Yup, prices are up. Ordered ammo for a new 300 Blackout/Whisper upper I picked up and it has been on backorder for about a month and counting. Now is the time to buy, though, because if BHO gets reelected availability will get tight again. Maybe permanently.

          All good on .45, 9mm, .357, .223/5.56, and 30.06. A box or two a month adds up over time. I knew if I added a new caliber firearm to the mix I would have new ammo expenses, but couldn’t resist a lightweight AR that fires a 220 grain bullet and doubles as a deer rifle. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

      20. Don’t forget to sandbag the walls in the room you sleep in. A driveby shooting will ruin the best laid plan to weather the rioting/looting that may visit your area.
        Gear Up & Good Luck

      21. The end of the debt based fractional reserve banking fiat monetary system is underway, it was never a sustainable model.

        I have done another animated cartoon link to illustrate the problem.

      22. something to remember AmeriKa … they FREEMASON ZIONIST LUCIFERIAN JESUIT TPTB and their “black pope” , plan to attack kill you with bio weapons disease , nuke bombs and control you with food water.

        buy your air filter masks + extra filters , eye protection , gloves , rain gear with hoods , pure bleach , plastic sheeting , duck tape , store stock treated water now. make colloidal silver water.

        TPTB are deadly serious of this summers false-flag attacks globally to celebrate the anti-christs prince william of england coming of age 30 on SUMMER SOLSTICE 2012 June 20, 7:09 P.M. EDT

        it’s a pagan luciferian holiday … they are planning something equal to Armageddon for the useless breathers lil’ people goyim gentiles debt slaves.

        they’ve come to far too stop now.

        talk to your church leaders of it , your families , your drinking golf tennis shooting buddies.

        the shit is about to hit the fan in 23 days!

        Puck God!


        • The first day of summer—the summer solstice—is the longest day of the year, the Sun reaches its most northern point in the sky at local noon. After this date, the days start getting shorter.

            • 6/21/2012

            • You do realize this link leads to a video posted in 2011, talking about 2011 and NOT 2012 right? Let me guess, that was also an illuminati trick to throw us off and make us feel safe for the 2012 solstice where the ‘real’ danger lies…correct?

          • Let me ask you something.. “Do you need a Hug”?

            If so.. Come on over to the USA and Hug Dezz Nutz!

        • Get sober. Where do you come up with this shit? Too funny.

          • I think he/she needs to go back to his/her doctor to reassess his/her meds.

          • John W., nina comes from Miami, home of the naked cannibals.

        • And I’m F’ing off my rocker BTW! Forgot to take my meds every day, in case you were wondering why I’m so F’ing CRAZY!

          • Could ya remind us again?

      23. It wouldn’t hurt to fetch a couple of rolls of razor wire. That will really throw a monkey wrench in anybody’s plans storm the place. 🙂

      24. See the problem is that we are still many years removed from such a situation .
        And for all those who will click the thumbs down button I say this …..for each and every day that’s passes and the situation doesn’t unfold ….I am correct and your thumbs down becomes ignorance !!!!!

        • I said it before and I’ll say it again. I agree with you on the time frame. I’m prepping as if it were to happen tomorrow but I think the US can sustain the “circus’ for a few more years. As it gets bad here you’ll see a strong clamp down on liberty to the point where no one will even bother to stand up for what was taken away in the night. As much as I don’t like to admit it, it’s what happens during Obama’s 2nd term should he get one. At the tail end of that all bets are off.

          • what you dont understand is the dollar will collapse before that. china using gold to buy oil starting next month.

            • and I’ll bet you an ounce of gold the dollar won’t collapse before then

        • It may happen sooner in some areas, though, like cities, ring suburbs, collar counties. Places where the jobs are gone, the bank branches close, the ATMs are all empty due to crime. Or cities, counties that can no longer add to the benefits, even with Federal assistance or because they can’t take the strings attached to the Federal grants and aid. Places with reduced policing and reduced educational standards.

          The rural areas have been seeing an influx of economic refugees from the cities for 15 years or so. These refugees mostly have assets and so, people are happy because it adds to the tax base and means they can sell their property. That could change. It could become the jobless looking for non-existent employment or easier assistance.

          That said, I tend to think we will stumble along living on our capital as a nation and individuals for another 2-5 years. But it will still mean a decline of business as well as living standard.

          I read recently that first Europe will go down, then Japan. After that, all that is left is Canada, Australia, NZ, and the USA. Only the present Canadian & NZ government of that list are being responsible and both have had their share of Marxist leaders. Asia will feel the pain before that, as their markets contract.

          People in Europe are protecting themselves from chaos. With every defunct retailer, another couple of factories go down. The top US retailers are selling their shelf pulls and overstocks on line for cheap, instead of going to liquidators and the liquidators have overflowing warehouses. Drop shipment is the new get-rich-while-you-can niche. I wonder how much empty warehouse space is presently available? At some point, Asian production will have to slow considerably.

          It all depends on the tipping point, the fatal blow at some foundation of our (or others’) economy. No way to predict that. Everything is just drip, drip, drip, at the moment. That can change.

      25. I’ll add this – it seems as though quite a few manufacturers (e.g., Noveske, Bravo Company, Palmetto State) are having a heck of a time keeping any of their major components for .223/5.56 rifles in stock.

        • Rick, if this is against the rules, I apologize in advance. That said, I was finding the same thing. Major backorders at places like Rock River Arms. I have purchased a couple uppers and other toys from PK Firearms online. They only list what’s in stock and the orders were received inside a week. Prices were below retail.

      26. That’s what I don’t get about people who frequent this site. Regardless of whether “IT” happens tomorrow or 4 years from now. NOONE knows, so who cares WHEN “IT” happens. Freaking prepare, stock up with as much as you can, learn to garden, learn to shoot, get in better shape, find BOL, put together your BOB… DO SOMETHING!!!

        • PSM…I sent my older sister the URL for this site, and several others..also the info for what happens to your body if you run out of thyroid meds, which she is on…and she never responded…but I did hear about the latest guy she is dating, how great her tan looks, and did I know that Joe Boxer also sells bikinis??
          Yes, I DID feel like hitting my head against the wall…instead I refilled MY thyroid meds, took 60 of them and put them with the others I have stashed away, I now have a four mo supply. Makes me sad that my fam won’t listen…but what can I do? I’m competing with American Idol…and I lose! : /

          • SmokyMtnLady – how true!
            Hawaiian Tropic and Joe Boxer are not going to put food and water on her table or anyone else’s. Neither are Coach, Vera Bradley, Dooney & Burke nor the hundreds of other “upscale” companies whose marketing depts. cater to the keeping-up-with-the-Kardashians mentality so prevalent in our country today. Better to wear consignment store clothing and have a full pantry than to sport expensive brand-name duds and eat out every single day. And some of the younger ones have NO CLUE. Last week at the grocery store a 20-something near me picked up a boxed dinner, looked at the label and then put it back on the shelf. I heard her tell her friend, “Nah – you have to COOK it.” I kid you not!!!

        • Better to have and not need, then need and not have. Period.

      27. “Zzzzzzz”. Listen. Can you hear it?! It’s the sound of the sheeple who are all still asleep. It’s deafening!

        “Gimme Dat”. Listen. Can you hear it?! It’s the sound of the lazies who have used their votes to put into office people who pillage & plunder in their honor from the American taxpayer.

        “Capitalism? What capitalism?”. Listen. Can you hear it?! It’s the sound of the big banks & corporations who bribe the government to steal OUR money through crony capitalism which is really statism.

        “We got em right where we want em”. Listen. Can you hear it?! It’s the sound of all our politicians & bureaucrats, snickering in their meetings about our coming demise & the power they will have over us when it happens.

        Wake up Media! Wake up America! Wake up Soccer Moms!

        Good Lord people. What is it going to take, no electricity to snap you out of it?!

      28. @be informed: A: careful on you logic, for it has sent many a Vegas bettor to the poor house. As I seem to remember being taught, no matter how many times you flip a penney, each successive flip has a 50-50 chance of coming up heads or tails (even if you flipped 50 heads in a row). B: Yes, India, has now developed Stage 5 TB: no known cure available, how long till that spreads? We had stage 1, 2, 3, and even 4 still treatable with the most exotic drugs/procedures. Now, due to people not taking the full dosage, following proper dosing procedures, it’s gone full tilt deadly/uncurable. TPTB didn’t have to do anything – FUBAR!
        @VRF: C’MON MAN, Head shots only for Zombies, you know the ROE!
        Anyone: please post the info on the 600 plus page document (name, where to find, etc) recently mentioned that discussed the paperwork that was filed that “stole our government from the American people”. TIA


      30. The whole world is going to hell and not a pep from CNN.
        They only talk about how good the unemployment numbers are and they stock market and who won “American Idol”.
        An 80 year old Greek man said it best.
        “Only God can save us now”.
        I fear one day this will become the montra for the whole world.
        And like my Grandfather clock says “TICK-TOCK, TICK-TOCK”
        See how to prepare a real and FREE plan at:

      31. It’ll never happen….

        Until, of course, it happens.

        But you fence sitters (and poo pooers, naysayers, and ostrich heads) out there know this: the old adage “Better late than never” doesn’t mean #### when it’s TOO late.

      32. To the – IMF NWO..
        I have a place for you here with me.. When you perish in the Next 5min..please Proceed to the Elevator marked .. “Hell Express”. Once here you will be greeted by Your fellow demons.. And they will shove a pinapple up your Ass..

        Thank you for all your support!!


      33. You won’t get any argument from me , Nina.

      34. durango kidd: You keep talking about a political way out, well I see no way of that happening, because a Third party is not going to win anything, to many on the dole for that. Again you talk about 90 million gun owners banding together to see the third party wins, well do you not think that VIOLENCE would erupt then? Oh well thats just me thinking! Hang in there things will surely change when the #4 building goes bye-bye, just follow the glow dancing ball. Have a good-day sir

        • CH: A political solution is the only viable solution. It won’t happen this year, and it won’t happen next year, but it will happen; and it can happen by 2016.

          Remember that it took patriots 12 years to win the American Revolution. Look at November 2010 as the real start of the renewal of Constitutional America.

          NDAA and other legislation like it can be likened to the battles that were lost at the beginning of the American Revolution.

          Progress is slow, but progress is being made.

          Americans are aroused everywhere. The PTB are on the defensive and scratching their heads, unsure of what they should do; paralyzed by the fear of how the American people will respond to their next action, or like of it.

          The actions that they have taken demonstrate their fear of US. An aroused electorate that is politically active is their greatest fear.

          There are few of them. There are many of US.

          They have managed to get control of OUR most cherished institutions. WE can take those institutions back and punish the Globalists and Dual citizens for their treason.


      35. I am so exhausted from the stress of this. I have been prepping for about a year. The first 6 months I had no clue on how to accumulate the sruff I needed with such a very tight budget. Now my money is shrinking more because of the cost of stuff and I may have 6 to 8 months worth of food, that is it. How am I to purhcase land for bol, i am in a good area but have a mortgage, this just sucks. i see so many people that have had time to prep and i am nowhere near where you people are. i feel like nothing but a target for looters. i feel like giving up but i have kids and have to keep trying. where and how in Gods name do all you people do the amount of stuff that you do> either alot of time years and years of this or alot of money. can somebody offer some help here on how to do this. i yard sale, craigslist, and started to really coupon hard the past 6 months, but where are you getting money for solar panels, wind mills, where do you get the spec on how to build your own etc. I have been floating around on the web with these questions for what seems like forever and can not get info on how to be economical about this…..can we maybe discuss how we prep and not so much of what may happen but actually how to do some stuff? I mean no disrespect, i love the political articles but we new preppers and mid preppers need some help HOW to do it. how much meds to have? What is the best site to order from etc. would save toher preppers time and help others who NEED this info. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER

        • Take a deep breath and relax. Literally God (IF ANY) only knows what enough is. But look at it this way: Worst case, 80-90% of the US drop dead, is that much different than 20%? Time wise, Practically none, Remember a fireman will tell you a house only takes about 90 minutes to burn to the ground because the biggest piece in it is a few 4×4 inch. There are a lot of people in this country but it makes no difference as they all start starving at about the same time and last about the same. Real issue is can you stay safe that long. Average person has about 3 days of food. IMHO the worse it is, the shorter. If the grid goes down in December it’s all over by spring. Dec

        • For what ever reason my response cannot exceed above limit on space. Without knowing your exact, issues much I cannot say, I have a year of meds, didn’t cost much got them from Canada. (oddly all of them are prescription here and not there, also a lot cheaper) Being a life long gun nut, I already had far more than required. Most on these sites seem to think they are going to have a 100 years war. But that’s not likely. look at it this way 300 M square off,150m survivors, then 75M then 40, then 20 then 10 after five you have population so low they cannot even find each other. Stay low, stay safe for a few months, it’s mostly over. Look at Mormon sites for Min needs

        • you said it all i’m in the same boat we need people that have done the prepping to speak up and explain how to get it together on a little every month! when you are living hand to mouth now its not easy to do exspecialy if your a woman.

          • @BAYOU MAMA THANX FOR POSTING I FEEL BETTER THAT I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS. i AM A LADY TOO(Sorry for the caps ooops)it gets so tiresome. I hioe ou have sowm stuff store. Some info that may help go to youtube abd watch videos from coupon diva (get past the perfect blond hait and designer clothes she is wearing LOL) she teaches ya how to extreeme coupon that has been mmy ONLY saving grace in this , wwe eat well now and have extra! Good luck and keep in touch girl…us woman need to stick together 🙂

        • Don’t fret dear lady. Prepping or getting prepared, for an event/something catastrophic, is different for people. Some see “being prepared” as nothing more than having 30 days worth of food stuffs in the pantry along with adequate water supplies for that time frame. Others see prepping as just keeping your heart pure and trusting in the Lord for whatever may come. Others see only a necessity for staying debt free as being prepped. Some must have a $30k +, bug-out retreat, with food stores to last a minimum of two years. My plan is staying as close to debt free as you possibly can, making sure I have at least enough food stores put up to last six monts for every family member in my unit, plus one. And last but definetely, not least is having my soul and mind preparred for anything that might happen.

        • Dear Justincase and Bayou Mama,

          I read your post, prayed for you and the other Moms and have been trying to think of suggestions.

          Prepare yourself spiritually. This will give you strength to face whatever storm heads our way.

          Don’t give up! Whatever knowledge you have gained and items you have saved will help you and your family. I understand your frustration – our money seems to buy less and less these days.

          Food storage doesn’t have to be fancy foods. Basic foods like dried beans, rice, oatmeal, canned vegetables & tomatoes, pasta, olive oil, etc. are least expensive and have a long shelf life.

          If you haven’t already and have the space, start a garden. This will help you in your building your food stock. (Note: You can also container garden. Fancy and expensive large containers aren’t necessary. Plants will grow in inexpensive 5 gallon containers. Add a few holes in the bottom for drainage.)

          Search out “pick your own” farms in your area. If you can pick your own strawberries, blackberries, apples, etc. and then preserve them…you will save money.

          Get some heirloom or non-hybrid seeds. These are sold as at a number of different places. For example, has a combo pack that is a good deal – enough seeds to plant a large garden for about $20. The seeds are “hermetically sealed in E-Z lock reusable triple-layered foil bags”. Store the seeds in the refrigerator to extend the life of your seeds.

          Can or dehydrate your food. I bought a couple dehydrators at an outlet store. They are just basic models, but work fine. I like to dehydrate food, as it takes up less space. Ziploc bags work well. If you use ziploc bags, store them in a sealed container. (You wouldn’t want a mouse to get your food.) I like to store dehydrated fruit and vegetables in empty and cleaned mayonnaise jars.

          I am not an expert in this by any means. Three years ago I planted my first garden. Then, I got the dehydrators and a canner. I am learning.

          Here is a very valuable book you might want to purchase: “The Encyclopedia of Country Living” by Carla Emery. It is the ‘original manual for living of the land & doing it yourself.’

 has volumes of free information on many topics.

          “LDS Preparedness Manual” – free download. This has lots of information about food storage and preparedness.

          Free medical reference book downloads at:

          “Where There is No Doctor” and “Where There is No Dentist” are both excellent references. These are written in plain language with lots of pictures. They cover first aide, common illnesses, nutrition and a number of medical problems – treatment and prevention.

          Here is another website that I like:

          They have information about lots of topics and “how to do things” yourself. Type in “medicinal use” in the search bar and you will find links of many common plants and their uses. I printed out these articles and added to a binder. I have been planting and growing these plants.

          Hope this helps!

          Take care!
          KY Mom

      36. More bullets, beans and bandaids please!!! Southern Europe is ripe for financial collapse and uncontained financial contagion. I’ve decided to use credit at a moments notice when Greece collapses and Spain starts to fall.

        In collapsing financial markets will it really make a difference if I max out my credit cards? Will there be anyone to repay? It seems that all my banks are lowering all my credit limits anyways so they are forcing me to use it or lose it. I think I would rather have a couple more POF M4’s and Springfield M1A’s in the closet then available credit at this point.

        I’m not talking about maxing out the CC and defaulting, but choosing to pay the interest and carrying cost for piece of mind. If we don’t collapse they get paid, if we do collapse I already have possession of the weapons. Its the old parachute analogy, you either have one when you need it or it’s too late.

        Good luck to all. It’s my hope that you are finishing up your preps. and not just starting!

      37. To all prepares in here who has read the BOOK OF ENOCH,if you guys haven’t I would suggest you guys might read this and see what wondering minds have in store for us all.WWW.the book of please read and understand it,as for this tells about these times of today and now.

        • I have read the “book of Enoch” and although not in it’s entirety, I did read enough to understand why it was not included in the original KJV. There are writings that have been gathered thru the early and latter years, compiled and translated which leaves some uncertainty as to the full truth. There is much that wasn’t understood about Enoch’s travel into the fourth dimension and his teachings/visions from there. This left scholars and translators shaking their heads over their findings. Even today most can’t understand much about Enoch’s teachings. The main reason I am commenting and offering my understanding is for “preparedness” for the end times concerning one of the things that “will” happen as we have been warned about. That thing I am referring to is the return of the Nephilim- the fallen angels. Their evil spirits and the spirits of their offspring (which are a result of their copulation with flesh woman), the giants/geber, are roaming the earth and affecting anyone that doesn’t have Christ in their heart and giving that protective covering over their heads. We have been warned that it will be just like in the days of Noah. The giving and taking in marriage, however; is referring to that which will be taking place again by the “evil angels” and their copulations with flesh woman, when they are cast to earth with their leader, Satan. If there are persons that want a more detailed and in-depth article on the Three Heaven and Earth Ages and it’s relevance to the return of the Nephilim, I have one that I have put together that can help with that understanding. It does help with preparing from a biblical stance, and is very interesting relating to historical events. You can email me at [email protected] and I’ll be glad to share. A good source for reading about the Book of Enoch is You will find more info than you will probably care to read about how his writings came to be and how they got to be translated into English. You will also find the books broken down into understandable and informative readings.

          • It’s not that I don’t understand it,I understand it very well.I have always since I was 24 years of age wondered how we became to be,the thought that day just popped in my head and every since that day I have tried to dig deep to find this theory out.My conclusion is that we were made from them that live on other planets in the universe,because I know we can’t be the only people on the planet and that there has to be other unknown race that live on those other planets.They mixed with us and we became a new race afterwards.I have had visions to about fireballs falling out of the sky and erthquakes causing havic after I saw what I saw 5 years ago and no one believes me.I get depressed about all this sometimes and I know I am not going crazy,that is why now I just keep it to myself and try to find others that understand me and find I am telling the truth about the craft I saw 5 years ago that looked nothing like the crafts that we have.It cloaked itself in two seconds after I saw the craft that was hovering about 200 yards in the sky that afternoon and I started having those dreams after that happened.I want to know what they meant and why me.

            • Earth man, I am with you on some of these things you speak of. I have some info that may be of help. If you are interested send me a note to the e-address I posted above and I’ll reply. Later….Tread

      38. The articles on WHY to prep are great on this site, but I think some articles on HOW to prep would be nice too.

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