Power Outage Wreaks Havoc in NYC: “There Appears to Have Been No Plan for This Type of Catastrophic Failure”

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(Pictured: Thousands of commuters at Grand Central Station try to figure out how to get home amid power outage)

Outgoing Department of Homeland Security Head Janet Napolitano has repeatedly warned of the imminence of a widespread power outage originating from a rogue attack on the nation’s electricity grid.

They know such an event is coming, and in a couple of months they’ll be running a full-scale simulation involving hundreds of government agencies and businesses across North America to prepare for it.

The fact of the matter is that America is not ready for such an event – be it a man-made attack or a natural disaster.

Yesterday morning a massive power outage struck New York City’s metro rail system, stranding thousands of passengers and causing hours-long traffic delays in and out of the city.

This is just a taste of what we can expect if it were to happen nationwide all at once:

Tens of thousands of commuters scrambled Thursday for alternative transportation between the Connecticut suburbs and the city as a power failure disabled one of the nation’s busiest commuter rail lines for a second day.

Parts of Interstate 95 were backed up for hours as transit officials scrambled to find alternative power sources and avoid what they said could be weeks of snarled commutes.

Amtrak trips between New York and Boston are running as much as 90 minutes late because of congestion caused by the commuter line outage.

Marjorie Anders, a spokeswoman for Metro-North, said officials are working to accommodate riders after power was lost along an 8-mile stretch of track…  The line serves 125,000 daily passengers at 38 stations in 23 towns.

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy warned that repairs could take more than three weeks.


“This is not an act of God as we normally treat weather conditions,” he said standing in Grand Central Thursday night. “This is a failure, for one reason or another, of the system.”

The New York-based utility Consolidated Edison plans to set up three transformers to bring 13,000 volts to a line that failed Wednesday, but it is unclear how many trains could be served with the added power since the line normally requires 138,000 volts, Malloy said.

“There appears to have been little to no plan for this type of catastrophic failure,” he said, explaining that a two to three week repair time was unacceptable.

The source of a power failure has not yet been determined, said Allan Drury, spokesman for the utility Consolidated Edison.

Source: USA Today via Steve Quayle

After hundreds of billions of dollars spent by Homeland Security, FEMA and other emergency agencies, there was no plan!

It should be clear that, despite all of the rhetoric coming from emergency planners over the last decade, New York City (and the country as a whole) is totally exposed to a large-scale catastrophic emergency that brings down the power grid.

This isolated incident, like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, prove yet again that the system as a whole will break down rapidly should disaster strike on a mass scale.

Whether a grid-down event comes a as result of a cyber attack, super EMP weapon, or a solar flare from the sun, the consequences would be devastating and almost instantaneous.

Millions of people would be stranded with no way to get home. Grocery and convenience stores would empty of food and potable water within a matter of hours, perhaps even minutes. Transportation, communication and commerce systems would come to a standstill.

This would be nothing short of one of the most horrific scenarios imaginable.

What’s more, as evidenced by the events in New York, should the three major power grids across the country go down, there is no bringing them back in a timely fashion. Former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett has warned that the grid components required, such as transformers, are not easily available and could take as long as 18 months to bring online.

We could have events in the future where the power grid will go down and it’s not, in any reasonable time, coming back up. For instance, if when the power grid went down some of our large transformers were destroyed, damaged beyond use, we don’t make any of those in this country.

They’re made overseas and you order one and 18 months to two years later they will deliver it.

Our power grid is very vulnerable. It’s very much on edge. Our military knows that.

That’s a huge problem, and one that promises to lead to a widespread population “die-off”, as noted by a recent study from the Center for Security Policy:

Within a year of that attack, nine out of 10 Americans would be dead, because we can’t support a population of the present size in urban centers and the like without electricity,” said Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy.

That’s why Roscoe Bartlett and others have suggested that those with the ability to do so should move their families out of major cities and prepare an individual preparedness plan to ready themselves for the absence of government assistance for extended periods.

The threat is real and today’s events in New York should make it clear to everyone that we are not ready for it.

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    1. SmokinOkie

      Hundreds trapped on escalators during NYC power outage. Fema rushes aid to site but is blocked by inoperative electric doors. Thousands wander aimlessly when ‘Exit’ signs go dark….
      Is there no end to the madness?!!

      • wrong

        Smokin – There is an end to the madness. It’s coming soon to a city near you.

        And it won’t be pretty.

        • OutWest

          My Big town has 450 year around residents.
          Two drunks falling off a bar stool constitutes
          a riot here.

          You better get out of your metropolis now Wrong,
          while the getting is still good.
          Not investment advice, gamble at your own risk.

          • The Old Coach

            A quiet little drinking village with a severe hunting and fishing problem?

            • Be informed

              Those power stations and transformers are really very vulnerable to terrorism. It would not take very much explosive power for a muslim to plant something and take it down. Like the way arabs target gas stations and other explosive containment areas, a little bomb can make a much bigger bomb. You look at how a squirrel, owl, even a rat can cause a transforming station to blow, it does not take much imagnation to see what terrorists could do with minimum weapons.

              There is something else that would just destroy the electrical system and buildings alike, earthquake. New York City has a major fault nearby, even science fiction movies have been made about this because it is real. It has been estimated that a 6.5 to 7 is possible very near to New York City. With the old rock under the city like the Midwest under the New Madrid fault, the earthquake would be magnified one whole point up. A 6.5 would be just like a 7.5. This fault is the type that doesn’t go off for several hundred years at a time. The area to watch that could trigger the New York fault zone would the South American plate east of the coast of Brazil on the Mid Atlantic Ridge.

              Like most big cities, they are on life support from the outside world. Without this outside assistance a big city falls apart extremely rapidly. The real issue for everyone when the power goes black is the pumping stations for water. Anyone above about 5 stories up is going to be in serious world of hurt even if they can find a water source below. Hauling water upward gets awful heavy after the first few flights of stairs. If anyone can do it, get out of a big city as soon as possible, they are waiting death traps for everyone.

              • Realtime Prep

                @BI You are correct once SHTF in a major metropolitan area, things will go bad quickly. That being said, just up and moving before it does isn’t really a good plan. What little is left on our economy thrives on such cities to keep going. However, when it does hit the fan, it is best to have a plan in place. Mainly know exit routes that are off the known path. Have an off road type vehicle, like a jeep wrangler or a dirt bike, because any roads will be disasterous. A bug out bag, and bare essentials are always a must. As far as massive earthquakes go, yes it is important to know your fault lines, but lets face it, if the major inactives that are inland start becoming active, I really doubt there will be any safe place on the mainland.


                • Muddy

                  Your speculation is right on, as the facts of the article stated:
                  “Tens of thousands of commuters scrambled Thursday for alternative transportation between the Connecticut suburbs and the city as a power failure disabled one of the nation’s busiest commuter rail lines for a second day.
                  Parts of Interstate 95 were backed up for hours as transit officials scrambled to find alternative power sources and avoid what they said could be weeks of snarled commutes.”

                  The term linear parking lot comes to mind. Now why couldn’t this have happened in DC? The Republic would have been better off for at least a few days.

                • Ryback

                  Get a pen sized automatic center punch breaks glass in a hurry, that special glass also.

              • sixpack

                “t would not take very much explosive power for a muslim to plant something and take it down…”

                What makes you so sure it would be a muslim planting bombs? Must I remind you that our own CIA has probably had more of a hand in such planned disasters than muslims?

                …and let’s not forget WHO CONTROLS THE BROTHERHOOD…otherwise, a very nice post.

                • Be informed

                  @ sixpack. Sometimes I just get so fed up seeing that islam is again and again attacking innocent people that have done nothing to anyone. Kind of in the anti-muslim mood tonight. Blame it on an arab. 😉 This is true about terroism, it could be some higher than a cloud environmentalist who just lost their pet tree that was chopped down because it was interfering with power lines, and they are going to get those in the power companies. Yes, it could be anyone that attacks the grid.

                • MagenD

                  “What makes you so sure it would be a muslim planting bombs? Must I remind you that our own CIA has probably had more of a hand in such planned disasters than muslims?”

                  Uhhh – that’s just it. Even if it were a “PsyOp False Flag” – they’de more than likely use a Muslim to do it. The going rate for even a redneck – to fly a plane into a building – is to high. You might get a good-ole-boy to crash his cesna into a watermellon patch if you give him 3 cases of Old Milwaukees’ Best and 4 hrs to leave – and that during the spring Mellon Festival. But other than that – you’de damn near have to kill any true Blue Blooded American to get em on a perfectly good airplane — “And you want me to do fuk’n what?! – You must be out your Cotton Picken Mind!!!”

              • mike

                BI I have spoken to you before. I work in a power station. It is a small one. Maximum of 180 megawatts of power. We have no security. All it would take is some terrorist to come in the front gate and set a bomb off in the switch yard. There would be no easy way to repair that. Transformers are full of oil. When they burn they put off a tremendous amount of heat. Just blowing up one would damage breakers, lines, and possibly other transformers. There is also a great risk at sub stations. The only security they have is locked gates. Most power stations in general do not have security. Even the larger ones. The exceptions are the nuclear stations. They have a large security force. All a terrorist would have to do is hit a switch yard or two and sub stations and we would be out of power for months. Most people have no clue how vulnerable we really are. Thank god I live in the country.

                • Be informed

                  @ mike. You are so correct, as you work with power and the grid. It is extremely vulnerable to attack. I think you brought up the absolute key to everything else you have made people aware of, the transformers are loaded with oil. It only takes something small to ignite something much larger when the fuel to do it is there. Also that power stations have no security. Excellent points you brought up, lets hope the terrorists are too stupid to figure this one out.

                • Wilson

                  Did you hear that? The sound of several dark colored SUV’s pulling up outside. The shuffling noise outside your front door. Wait for it… here it comes… knock, knock, knock.

              • Mark

                Yep, BI, a raccoon did a suicide run against a transformer downtown a few years ago. Brought down several blocks. Our data center ran out of UPS power and we had to shut everything down.
                The little bastard was even wearing a mask when he did it. Or maybe it was a tiny little shemagh.

                • MagenD

                  Was he yelling “allahu-akbar” when he did it?!
                  Muslim Critter. Nothing worse than an Islamic (Jihadist) COON!!!

                • Samson

                  Now that’s not very nice of you. It’s so bigoted and intolerant of you to say such things in reference to a peaceful religon. It’s so racist of you to mention a “COON”. Sarcasm

                  Note to Feinstein: I am not a jo(urinal)ist, just a believer in free speech.

              • noway

                You shouldn’t demonize Muslims. If you leave them alone, there would be no enmity. As I recall, it was Americans who bombed and massacred a nation’s innocent people just for natural resources. And Americans willingly went along with their government

                • Anonymous

                  You my friend need a history lesson. Muslim nations have never in their history been able to live in peace with any neighboring country that was not muslin. It is the foundation of the Muslim faith to convert all to their faith. Failure to comply will result in death.

                  The only reason why there was peace after the Ottomon empire fell in 1924. Is because they, the Muslims, got their asses handed to them and were so soundly defeated militarily.

                  You want a peaceful existence with Muslims then you have to prove to them that you will crush them by force of arms. This and only this do they understand. You must deal with them in the same barbaric way they treat others for this is all they understand. To them all western and democratic thinking is nothing but weakness.

                  You want to stop Islamic terrorism. I could do it today. Tell them to stop or the world will treat every Muslim holy site like they treat the faith of others. When they try and test you. Level both Mecca and Medina. They do more – the dome of the rock. They still want to play. Take out their Imams. When they realize we are not going to put up with their crap. They will back down. Until that happens they will continue what they have always done throughout their history. Kill, murder and destroy.

                • John_Allen

                  noway, I agree with you.

                  The British and Americans have been exploiting and murdering Arabs and Muslims since about 1890.

                  One resource Michael Scheurer, until about 2006 a member of the CIA’s get-bin Laden detail. Wrote two books, Imperial Hubris and Through Our Enemies’ Eyes, What the Islamics least likely to suck up to imperialism say is their grievances.

                  Not one of you in 100 has the slightest idea what we’ve been doing TO them. But if they object they are terrorists?

                  If some other nation were doing to us here what we’ve been doing there the small fraction of the population with the brains and balls to resist … would.

                  Sorry brainwashed, sorry jingoists. Let’s toss in a few facts. Setting aside for a moment the arguments that September 11th was a false flag,

                  Of those 19 jihadis, FIFTEEN were Saudi. A few were Egyptian. One or two were Yemeni. I forget what the other was. They were Sunni, like Saudi Arabia. The critical fact is NONE OF THEM were Iraqi. Most iraqi are Shia. Love each other as much as Confederates and Yankees.

                  But not one in 100 of you knew that, or would have cared if you did. So what the fuck were we doing attacking Iraq? They had nothing to do with Sept 11. They had no
                  WMD. And Sodom Insane might have been a terrible guy but we have no ethical right to change their regime.

                  It IS about oil.

                  What if India for example sent two-thirds of its army to remove our ruling class? Do you think any of you might object? Guess what, that would make you terrorists to the occupiers.

                  The more brainwashed you are the more eagerly you buy the Bankster’s Lies about who did what to whom. They get over again and again for a number of reasons.

                  The media being controlled. All one hears a thousand times a day is what they want you to believe.

                  Equally important, and I don’t care if you are 19 or 77, few of you know anything other than the brainwashing, the propaganda, about your own history. And not one damn thing about anyone else’s.

                  So you fall for it again and again.

                  45 years ago the tyrant’s storm troopers had a boner go go to Vietnam and kill a commie for Christ.

                  Never mind that Vietnam was about Vietnamese expelling foreign occupiers so they could run their own country. Does “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” apply only to Americans or is that true for everyone?

                  If you object to foreigners occupying your land, let’s see now. You are either a communist or a terrorist.

                  Flash forward two generations and their grandsons have a boner to go to the Middle East and kill a terrorist for Christ.

                  You can’t plunder and murder people in foreign lands indefinitely and expect there won’t be blowback.

                  I refer to my posts two threads ago … your ignorance feeds into militarism.
                  Sir, yessir. Tell me who you want murdered and I’ll go murder them.”

                  In general, the average Amerikan has no reason to feel smug about World War Two’s “Good Germans” because we are just as bloodthirsty a bunch of brainwashed sheep, who blindly go along with what the suits say, as they were.

                  Flame away. The liberty folk will get it. The statists won’t.

                • Milo Mindbender

                  At this time on the planet there is about 300 armed conflicts going on. Of those 300 290 involve muslim agression against their neighbor. Just like the former soviet union peace is defined as an absence of resistance to their beliefs. Any non islamic areas left mean that peace has not been secured, and they have no problem with settling this arguement with violence, or lying to a non believer in fact their religion allows for deceipt in the pursuit of peace.
                  My problem is the Khoran actually forbids talking against a fellow beliver with a infediel, so no voice of dissent is allowed. This explains why we do not hear from ” Non-Radicalized Muslims” disa vowing attrocities comitted in the name of peace. No religion can exsist in a vaccumm and any beliefs that can not be debated, can not be supported.

              • John Langdon

                Good, sound advice and still you get 10 thumbs down. Wow…the LIBERAL whackos are out in full force on our forums.

                • MagenD

                  There ARE valid arguments/points to all sides – ESPECIALLY with Iraq. I mean – “Hey, we only came to LIBERATE you, sorry we accidentally KILLED 500,000 of your civilians!!!”.

                  Needs to get his facts straight though – says “The critical fact is NONE OF THEM were Iraqi. Most iraqi are Shia.”

                  This statement is about as factual as CNN! Truth is – less than a 3rd are Shia. The great Majority are Sunni with a good number of “Sunni Kurds” in the North. Iran is “Shia (98%)” and is why the Iraq/Iran War of the 80’s.

                • MagenD

                  P.S. – I stand corrected. According to Wikipedia – Iraq is 65% Shia, 35% Sunni. But that’s only the best going guestament. My point was that it is an extremely mixed Muslim Population.

                • Them Guys

                  Milo: I agree on most what you said. Especially of religions in a vacume that can’t be debated etc. I assume that to you includs Talmudic Judaisim too eh.

                  Incase you have not as yet researched that, Talmudic Judasisn religion, if you do, you will find that almost every issue you stated on muslims and koran beliefs or mandates etc is the EXACT same as the jews talmudic religion. So logic would dictate america make’s a vastly Huge mistake in support of israel and jews while considering islamics as enemys. Since the two both have so much More in common as compared to the usa and european nations based upon Christianity.

                  One other issue here. If Israel in 1967 was able to attempt a suprize attack on the USS Liberty Navy ship totally ileagally, unprovoked, and solely in order to Sink the ship, kill all 200+ us naval men on board and Then, blame egypt to get americans to carpet bomb attack an innocent nation(egypt), just so israel and jews can bennift from Another scam swindle.

                  Then Again Logic dictates or should dictate that after such openly hostile, Brazen actions by what is “supposed” to be usa’s Top Main “Best friends and allies” in mid east regions, an even remotly half educated person in the usa must consider that, for todays israeli mossad agents, along with God alone knows how many “sleeper” agents aka “Hasbara” jews here in usa.

                  To do more surpize attacks or dress up to act like an arab muslim so to blow up another 9/11 event etc is definatly something alert citizens in usa should watch for. In Fact, scamming israeli or usa jew agents doing such costumed attacks to get us to again exterminate more folks jews hate. Should be Expected and likly to continue unabted untill american people awaken to the sham propaganda from msm and fed govnt that israel/jews are somehow even remotely friends or allies let alone “Best” of in both catagories, no?

                  Milo, Thank you for pointing these issues out as it caused me to think very hard about our supposed best pals and allies in mid east regions, the Khazar Jewish State of Israel. Or as todays terrified and hounded Palestinian citizens who also reside there since before Jesus was born call it…”The Apartide Jewish State of Israel”

                  Damn! That brings up another very ironic issue! That being as I recall it, back when South African White folk kept being non stop accused of “Apartide” actions against the 90+% of Black Africans dwellers.

                  It was back Then, much akin to Todays antigun agendas etc, the very Same folks in america who so shouted down whites of africa for terrible abuses of apartide…

                  The very Same jewish group who Today and ever since 1948, has been doing all that Apartide terrible anti palestinian actions in that, Khazar Jewish State of Israel aka usa’s bestest pals and allies in mid east regions!

                  I rekon I will set aside any further ranting about jew apartide against unarmed innocent palestinian women, children, Babies, Old folks etc. For the Next great article here at SHTF website! One of the Best sites bar none eh!

              • ann b

                It would take much explosives for a “muslim”?? How much for a jew christian or hindu? would they need more? How ridiculous! as if all attacks have been by muslims. I find ur comment offensive

            • two2wisper

              Quoting .That’s a huge problem, and one that promises to lead to a widespread population “die-off”, as noted by a recent study… Is it saying that all these freeloaders and libtards would be at each others throats Seeing how they are so dependent on a system they helped create by supporting the Tyrants, that in turn has destroyed this country. Well I see this as a blessing . Hope I am not being teased here. Bring on the blackouts.The big towns will see the worse and the military will see many of there own taken out , not by force but by well planned tactics by ex military and others.I have lived long enough that conforming will not work for me.

          • Gods Creation

            “””The fact of the matter is that America is not ready for such an event – be it a man-made attack or a natural disaster.””

            Or the banksters literally pulling the plug.

          • wrong


            Not to worry. Here in the beautiful north woods I feel pretty safe. When the power goes off here I have other plans as well. We actually have steps in our home too.
            When the elevator stops running I’ll be forced to walk.

            Hey! I flew by arts the other day on my way through town. I saw those two drunks. I’ll be back over next week.


            • OutWest

              There really wasn’t two drunks, Wrong…..
              I was just seeing double when I fell off the bar stool

              • OutWest

                Old Coach — sorry this is so far down the page,
                but that’s the funniest thing I ever heard, and
                so true.

                • The Old Coach

                  Wish I could take credit, but I cribbed it from a guy on a site where I go to read gun pron.

        • Soldierb

          When the food runs out these sheeple are going to eat eachother ><

      • Paranoid

        And the problem is? OLD JOKE. Man puts a hytothetical problem to three babes; a Blonde, Brunette, and a Redhead. “Suppose you ae out sailing and you come up on a boat full of sex starved sailers: What do you do?” The first says: “I’ll use my sailing skill to sail out of trouble, the Redhead says: “My knife will keep me safe.” The Blonde says: “I understand the situation; But what’s the problem?” Any one here can tell me what’s the problem? I don’t care if they eat each other.

        • Anonymous

          Did the sailors have a watch?

        • The Old Coach

          They won’t eat each other because there won’t be enough arugula for the side salad.

        • Walt Kowalski

          When it comes to NY I kind of feel the same way.

          These east coast snobs are the ones who have given us politicians like Obama, Schumer, Kerry, et.al., and no matter how the stupidity of their choices impacts them, they continue to elect them.

          Let them suffer the consequences of their own foolishness.

          May sound callous…but I’m sick of leftists (actually they are just communists, but are too stupid to understand that).

        • MagenD

          A Blonde, Brunette and Redhead trying to Navigate a sailboat in the open ocean?! Sex Starved sailors would be the least of their problems – probably be Overjoyed they came across ANYONE:):):)

          Hey, here’s one –
          What do you call a Blonde, Brunette and Red Head on a sailboat in the open ocean?!

          Fuk’n LOST!!!

      • Ted Kennedy

        FBI Special Agent Johnson: Authorization? How about the United States FUCKING government? Lose the grid, or you lose your job.

        [after the FBI cuts the power to the building] Well, what are we gonna do now? Arrest them for not paying their electric bill?

        FBI Agent Johnson (The other Johnson): We’ve shut them down. We let ’em sweat for a while, then… we give ’em helicopters.

        FBI Special Agent Johnson(The other other Johnson): Right up the ass.

      • y99

        I could not think of a better petri dish to grow the shit storm of pain that’s coming our way due to the sycophants in DC along with the elitist scum around the world who work daily on new ways to destroy the world, and deprive us of what little freedom we have left.

      • Anonymous

        Can you get trapped on an escalator?

        • SWFL

          Not again I won’t. I take the stairs.

        • sixpack

          of course you can…if you’re really really stupid…

        • MagenD

          A Blonde can!

          Or if you’re stuck between 2 big’uns!

      • sixpack

        “Hundreds trapped on escalators…”

        That just about sums up the intelligence level of the masses.

      • John Langdon

        So true about LibTards! So true! Ever see the video of the two people “Trapped on an escalator”? I’m sure it’s still on youtube somewhere. Two LibTards are on an escalator when the power goes off…they stand there only a few steps from the top and yell for help….sad but that is about half of the U.S. today. Helpless people with no thought processes.

      • Bond

        Sounds like a blast to me!
        Yeeee haaaa
        Take off your clothes and run in the dark

        • Them Guys

          Off Topic: WOW! Bob Dylan Fans…Just heard on sirius radio that Bob Dylan is going to release a 35-Albums Boxed Set of his greatest hits in November. Man wonder how much that will cost?! 35 albums in a single boxed set!

          • Thinker

            Them Guys !! I was just listening to a Jeff Rense radio program where he and the guest was showing different clips about Dylan,Richards,West,Gaga,and others selling their soul to the devil! I have always been a fan of Dylan, Stones,and others from back in the day as I was a part of a pretty good band back then, so it doesn’t suprise me! (Probably why we never went very for lol?) They talked about CIA,LSD, and other topics ,Some different views i thought ,worth checking out! Let me know your views?


    2. Outlaw

      but, but, but… I thought they planned for this? Fema and such?

      • sixpack

        They did, it’s just that WE WEREN’T INCLUDED.

      • Oldfart

        All those billions of dollars that have been tossed away by FEMA and HSA weren’t intended to keep the American people alive and well, they were used to build bunkers, hoard beans, band-aids and bullets (remember the 6 billion?) to keep the government up and running.
        Does anybody know how much money went into building that new bunker under the West Wing? Yeah, the one that was explained away as merely a bit of repair work on the plumbing.

    3. Jonny V

      Not really surprised at the pandemonium, mildly surprised that there is not more reporting of it in the media…

      Mac, did you seriously think that these government stooges were actually going to come up with a “plan” after spending all that money ??? C’mon man…..They’re just covering their own asses and trying to look busy for the boss….

      • braveheart

        We’ll never know how many govt. people get how much money under the table.

        • NGAR239

          The possibilities of a Mass Ejection from the Sun is always out there. The same outcome can happen with or without the so called terrorists. I would not be surprised if the government will make this happen.

          • The Old Coach

            Government won’t make it happen, anymore than a battery egg farmer would cut off the feed conveyors in the henhouse. They need us working to feed their greed.

            • John Q. Public

              The tribe knows that they have tax farmed us to penury. There is little blood left in these turnips.

              They have been quite clear that depopulation and control are their agenda.

              You can BANK on that!

            • John Langdon

              I don’t know…I think that ObaMao and his ilk want most of us dead and out of the way for their Utopia…The New World Order. Remember “The Georgia Guidestones”? A lot of weird stuff has happened that by itself has little meaning…but when you put all the puzzle pieces together it paints a very dark picture. EMP weapons would be the best way to wipe out the people. Just launch em all over the planet and let em go “Bang”. Wait a year or so and 90% of the civilized world’s population will be gone. Then the ObaMaonites and other New World Order loons will come out of their bunkers paid for by us slaves and take over the world with superior weaponry that was protected from EMP’s. Will it happen? You betcha!

        • RICH98

          Ya mean the table you spend your night under, Brave?

          • braveheart

            Rich turd, I don’t sleep under any f#$%in table. what do you do with a table?

            • RICH98

              Bravehart I wasnt talking about SLEEPING under a table… and you know that!
              was talking about other tings that are done when there are other guys SITTIING at the table and you are under it.

              • braveheart


                • BoDidley

                  Braveheart and Rich sound so tough when they talk like that. I love boys when they get mad.

              • John Langdon

                Spoken like a true LibTard degenerate! Now go back to your god ObaMao and tell him you’ve done his bidding.

        • MagenD

          No! But we know what Billy Clinton got under the table!:)

    4. 4 year prepper

      4 year prepper says:
      Even spreading the word on this will not do any good for all the people I have tried to stress of being prepared. Now I am going to get me another can of fuel for my camp stove. Since we are getting into colder weather, heating will take up the LP gas for heat. Although I cook on that LP, I have a back up cooking source.
      The preppers cookbook has really helped me a lot. I have it in my hands constantly. It is the best book on my shelf.
      I will try one more time to see if I can reach the people now that this has happened. At least they now know it can happen and does happen.
      Thanks for the warning.


      • John Langdon

        Been thinking along those same lines. Today I went to my local Walmart and bought a bunch of ISO-Heet in yellow bottles (Methyl alcohol for camp stoves) and some in red bottles for backup (99% Isopropyl alcohol). It’s cheap and available all over the country. Plus, when winter is over the stores knock the price down to around 50 cents a bottle. That is about 1/3rd the normal cost.

    5. SmokinOkie

      The popcorn left un-microwaved
      The cell phones left uncharged
      The Barry Manilow CDs never played
      The websites left unsearched, the pop-ups never clicked, the cookies not installed…
      There were SO MANY things I’d hoped to accomplish in life. Then the grid went down. And, with it, my hopes, my dreams, my every aspiration. Ohhh! To be young again and have just one more chance….

      • Tom Thatcher

        My ice melted and Fridge won’t work, How am I going to drink warm beer…

        • The Old Coach

          Buy British beer. It’s made to be drunk warm.

          (There’s a punch line to that joke, but only doddering old Brit-bike owners would get it.)

          • gone under

            Do you know why the Brits drink thier beer warm? because Lucas makes the refridgerators.. Old brit MC joke.

            • Legion7

              Made me remember another brit joke I heard while stationed in Vermany.

              Why don’t the brits make TV’s?

              Can’t get em to leak oil…

              • Mark

                That there’s funny…

          • old radio nut

            Old BSA’s never die. They just sit quietly, dripping oil, waiting for the owner to put oversize big end bearings in that bloody twin. Meanwhile said owner is down at the pub trying to sell his “classic” marvel of English engineering to some gullible fool.

            Old Triumph’s aren’t quite as bad.

            Norton’s? The question was always: “Are they still in business?”

            Vincents, Ariels, Velocettes many more. Moral to the story? The British motorcycle industry was once the biggest in the world…

            • Them Guys

              Then we all discovered Harleys!!! If I need to explain it, you wouldn’t undertand it. Harley Davidson even got a Patent for the Sound the exhaust pipes emit!!!!!

              Fit-Finish-Sound, and the….Awsome RIDE!!! A true work of Art!

              PS I have a very swell harley soft tail heritage dripping with chrome and a 6-color custom paint that is nice enough to be in any major biker magazine center spread photo/article. 1996 under 15,000 miles as New!

              Want to sell to buy 5th wheel and disel hauler truck. Will consider trades but ONLY for a peterbilt or kenworth Mid size truck, T-300 kenworth or Pete 330-335. Trade even or trade plus cash up or down…If interested let me know. Them Guys

              • bobean

                that 5th wheeler won’t get you over the river and through the woods…best to keep the Harley…until you’re clear…

        • wildman

          Tom i had that problem once but i took care of it good. what i did was run a pipe from the creek to the basement , then put in an old milkcan cooler that fills with water , cold water. the overflow goes out the drain into a tank that i use to water the garden. Now i got 48 cold beers on hand all the time, plus a bottle of single malt. party on preppers. wildman out

          • The Old Coach

            You just re-invented the spring house !

          • MagenD

            Hey! I ran my sewage line into that creek! No wonder they call ya “Wildman” and your gardens always so perty!!!
            Party on Wildman!!!

      • Archivist

        I’ll send you a Barry Manilow CD if you want. Or I can run you a copy on cassette tape. It’ll cost you to get it on 8-track, as I only have one blank 8-track left.

        • IL woman

          I have Barry Manilow on 8 track!!! Him and Neil diamond hahaha

      • Kindle

        Don’t have any Barry Manilow but do have a working 8 track player and about 25 8 tracks…your pick…Beatles Abbey Road, Zed Zepplin, Bob Dylan, Grand Funk, Boston, Nazareth, etc..

        Talk about taking you back.

        • lastmanstanding

          Good to see you back K…if i recall, you were/are in Colorado…hope you were nowhere near the flooding…events like that are going to be commonplace from here on out.

          We’re…just street corner people…waitin for the maaaann…old Nazareth tune from my high school days…

          boomp, ba, ba, boompa bam…

          then when he (the man)shows up…we fuckin bury him.

          Everyday, something vile happens in our country, just a game to them.

          No who they are in your community and show them no mercy.

          • Kindle

            Hey LastMan,
            Yes, I am in Colorado. The flooding was north of me. I did get hit by a flash flood in my area and had 30 inches of scuz water in my unfinished basement. My old sump pump must have gotten overwhelmed and gave up the ghost.

            Had to put in a whole new heating system in the house and reconfigured the sump pump system…now have 2..one with an alarm. A lot of my preps were drowned and I spent 2-3 weeks going through them all. Slowly replacing stuff that was lost….serious bummer.

            One of my fondest memories is playing Nazareth, Hair of the Dog, on a loud PA system on my boyfriends grand torino while cruzzing downtown at quitting time. Talk about people freaking out and trying to figure out where it was coming from. I think we played one of Ted Nuggents songs…can’t remember the name of it.

            “Now you’re messin’ with a son of a bitch”…name that song…memory fails me.

            • sixpack

              “Hair of the dog”.

              Ted Nugent might’ve been “Stranglehold” or “Cat scratch Fever”?

              • Kindle

                OK, I did get the Nazareth part right…I think it was Cat Scratch Fever.


            • JayJay


              https://www. in front

              Now you’re messing with a SOB–oh, I loved that tune.

              You must be old like me!!

                • Kindle

                  Thanks for the memory…loved the video that went with it. Kinda fits my mood…ya know.

                  Not everyone is asleep and I think TPTB are in for a serious surprise. I had 11 GGGGGG-Great GrandFathers that fought in the American Revolution. Our blood runs deep. There are a lot of old Southern rednecks still out there even if some are no longer from the south or a redneck .

        • braveheart

          Howdy, Kindle, good to see you back. man, you bring back some memories mentioning 8-tracks.

          • Kindle

            Hey Braveheart,
            Had to take a pause if ya know what I mean.

            Through all the years I just couldn’t part with the old 8 track player. Amazing it still works. Some of the very best memories have an old 8 track playing in the background.

            • mike

              Kindle. Liked your post about old southern rednecks. I am one. Remember the Waltons tv show. I live close to Waltons mountain.

              • Glacialhills

                I loved that area…but the roads and the curves will test your patience… saw Gettysburg and Appomatox courthouse in same trip. was neat to see The Ikes general store too.

                • RICH98

                  The school they went to was actually right across street from the house.
                  IT aint like it used ot be. But what is>?

              • Kindle

                Slightly embarrassed to admit it… but I’ve got the whole Walton’s series on DVD.

                My ancestors landed and helped settle Virginia in the mid 1600’s to the early 1700’s…multiple branches. About 90% pure Scot-Irish…with a few English thrown in from my mom’s side.

                • braveheart

                  Kindle, my ancestors landed with the first group of settlers under Captain John Smith and founded Jamestown in 1607. That’s where our country’s story TRULY began, NOT at Plymouth Rock with Pilgrims. they didn’t arrive until 1620.

              • RICH98

                Schuyler VA. Deadsville USA. I played with “jim bob” when we were young. Shame he died young. Smoked a lot. Smart kid. Lived and died in that house… well, not like it was on TV…

                • MagenD

                  Thanks for listening to 98.3 FM (AKA BITCH98) – Next up – “Now you’re mess’n with-a – Son-of-a-Bitch, now your mess’n with a son-of-bitch”!!!

        • warchild

          Kindle,need to add some Jethro Tull/Bad Co./T-Rex/Bowie/Yes and countless other 70’s classics to the list!

          • Kindle

            Got them on vinyl and lots more…and yep I still got a working record player.

            • warchild

              Awesome,Tull my favorite(seen over a 100 times since the mid 70’s),hence handle name.I too have 100’s of albums,couple turntables ect.,hope your stuff survived the flood,how did Estes Park make out?Have a lot of friends in Boulder area and a few in the Springs areas,nice country out that way.

              • Kindle

                Boulder & Estes got hit hard. They hope to have the roads at least passable by the first of Dec. It will take a long time to really “fix” things.

                I just hope the greenies don’t get on the bandwagon and say something like, “see this is why everyone needs to live in cities and not in the rural areas. Don’t allow them to rebuild along the rivers or canyons.”

                • Warchild

                  Hope all works out for you folks that way,been a couple years since I have been out there.I was in Boulder one time when folks kept coming up to me asking me to sign some anti firearm petition of some sort.I got so sick of it had a t-shirt made up at local shop(wasn’t sure owner would do it)that says on it”Guns Don’t Kill People,I Kill People”I got a lot of laughs but also a lot of dirty looks,no more petitioners came up to me though!I really like Boulder,just not it’s politics.That said,wish no ill will on that town and others there and hope things get up and running as soon as possible.I really also love Red Rocks,saw a few Tull shows there including 40th Anniversary show of the Red Rock riots at Tull concert in 1971!

      • John Langdon

        LOL! I’m looking FORWARD to a world without electricity and electronics. Everyone will be on an even playing field and we can take out the trash! Think of all the dirty politicians you know are evil….smile!

    6. TG

      Maybe they got the grid testing day wrong and though it was supposed to be on 9/26 instead of 11/13…

      • Me here

        Sounds “GovernMENTAL” to me!


      I would lead to believe this is just a TEST from big brother. Wait till the real thing happens……keep prepping!

      • braveheart

        Everyone watch out for this Grid Ex drill Nov.11-13. I smell false-flag. I won’t be TOO surprised if we’re grid-down past that time frame.

        • RICH98

          Whats this Bravefart—– the 195th false flag you smelled this year?

          • Kindle

            At least his (Braveheart) eyes are open. If they would stop with all the false flags the stock on nose spray would probably crash….can’t have that now can we?

            • braveheart

              Kindle, thanks for that. these trolls are so useless. they have no clue as to what is coming.

              • Kindle

                I see some things never change. One of the reason I had to take a pause was because of trolls like Rich98. Really tainted the site.

                • braveheart

                  Kindle, this site is still my home and no troll is going to run me off from it. the trolls are still few and far-between. good people are still in the majority here.

                • RICH98

                  Ya well go take another time out then, troll. Hit your pause button again. Troll.

              • Legion7

                I smell it on the wind too. Don’t know what or when, but feels soonish. We’re fools now, and visionaries after…

                I like to read about the people laughing about Noah, until they weren’t.

                There was an old DI that retired in Southern California, up in the hills. Every 6 months or so he would go out to his pool with a gasoline trash pump (water pump). He would hook it up to a sprinkler system on his roof and run it for a while. The neighbors would come out and laugh at him. One day a huge conflagration torched several square miles, burning everything save one house. The news helicopters circled sarges untouched house and empty pool, marveling at the miracle house that had survived unscathed.

                To all the preppers out there, remember. It comes down to who laughs last!

              • Kindle

                Even though I was quiet for months I still visited the site everyday. Can’t start the day without my SHTF fix..ya know.

                And yes, you are right, good people are still in the majority here.

                Take care

                • John Langdon

                  The ObaMaonite trolls paid for with our stolen tax dollars are hitting all the conservative and prepper sites. Rich98 is one of thousands of paid ObaMaonites who sits around all day attacking conservatives and preppers. When the SHTF….he’ll be discovered and put down.

              • RICH98

                Bravehart- you have no idea what I know.

                That is you though. Jump to conclusions and rush to judgement.

                You know jack shit about me or what I do, and never will.

                • braveheart

                  Rich, I take a lot more time to reach conclusions and judgement than you think. The way you conduct yourself here gives me the impression of being a troll. If I’m wrong, you’ll have to prove it to me. I know how to play fair. every time you come on here is your opportunity to prove to me and everyone else here that you’re not a troll. I hope you take advantage of one of those opportunities for your sake.

                • Facebook Page

                  You are correct we are force to base our opinions on the BS and stupid shit you say here at SHIF. And based on that you are a dipshit in drag.

          • braveheart

            Troll, why don’t you go back to the MSM fantasy world you came from?

            • Paranoid

              Dear Brave: You sure you haven’t confused Troll with just a class one A-hole?

              • braveheart

                Paranoid, is there really a difference between the two nowadays. If Rich98 would just start acting like a decent human being, it’s possible my approach to him will change. unless and until that happens,………

            • braveheart

              FBP, who were you talking about?

        • Anonymous

          Brave, what you’re smelling is your underwear, try changing it once a month.

          • Dear Mom

            Lol !

          • braveheart

            Anonymous, BITE ME, MF!

            • MagenD

              Anonymous is to busy “Biteing” Bitch98 who is to busy swapping spit with his “Dear Mom”. Pansy Trolls. See, you can blame a tardy Abortion Doctor for “Peeps” like them. He was about 10 minutes late and arrived only in time to find Bitch98 rolling around on the floor still tied to “Dear Moms” umbilical. Anonymous is Bitch98’s Siamese Twin. They were joined at the testicles at birth and are always pissed off because they have to stare at one another 24/7.

          • John Langdon

            Another ObaMaonite stooge. Back to your hole worm!

          • MagenD

            Actually, what’s smelling is YOUR PANTIES. Try changing THAT once a month.

            And get your own pair – quit swapping out with your “DEAR MOM”.

            LOL! SNICKER! SNICKER!

        • Dear Mom

          Please STFU Brave……….

          • braveheart

            Dear Mom, f#$% you!

          • John Langdon

            The trolls are out in force today! ObaMao is putting out all the Trolls!

            • Anonymous

              Hey Johnnny, rumor has it you and maggotd is a gittin’ hitched. Shotgun weddin’ is it? Heeyuk,heeyuk.

          • MagenD

            Alahu Akbar Dear Mom!!!

    8. Nutbag

      I lived in NYC for a year after college. I would rather live with Nancy Pilosi naked in the country than live with a super model in the city…….maybe……with a lot of beer

      • wrong

        Nutbag, you can withdraw this statement anytime you want and we will all forget you ever said that.

        • Nutbag

          Wrong. Nothing bad will happen. When I stop vomiting, i’ll gouge my eyes out and jamb nails in my ears

        • braveheart

          I was in NYC once back in the late 70s for 3 days. the worst 3 days of my life. It’s another world there.

          • Merree

            Oh, yes, I have a great fondness for NYC (sarcasm). I spent a month there. Five year old children selling drugs on streets that smell like pee. Dirt every where. People jammed together and not being able to see the sky. Subways filled with very creepy characters. About the only thing I really liked were the corner stores that had little restaurants or salad bars. My hotel room was broken into while I slept one night and everyone treated it as routine. (Except me. And, I suppose the would be thief, I scared the daylights out of him.) I was never so glad to leave a place.

          • RICH98

            Yeah, The shitholes of a city in TN right near you are soooooooooooooooooooo wonderful.

            NYC would spit your coward ass out and chew you up.

            • Unreconstructed Southron

              Speaking from experience?

            • braveheart

              Rich98turd, you back you stupid ass off from Merree. You must speaking from experience about the Big Apple. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were from there; you sound like a native of the place. I’ll take almost anyplace over NYC any day.

              • RICH98

                Why, Is Meree your new boyfriend?

                • Dear Mom

                  I thought it was BI…….!

                • braveheart

                  Merree is a woman, dickhead!

                • Anonymous

                  Hey now! Brave is betrothed to Sgt.Dale!

            • MagenD

              AID’s hasn’t killed you yet, Bitch98?!!!

              Saved by the drugs, hunh?!
              NYC?! Hah! Fug’n Rat Infested fag hole!!! Where folks like you come from.
              Your momma have any kids that lived?! Or just you?!

              • bobean

                I think Steve Quayle was right ,some one left the gates of HELL open and all the perverts,and sickos and deviants got out and came on this page…never heard so much hate ..I’m out of here,sorry to say no intelligent life form found on this page..piss on folks,piss on….

          • mike

            Braveheart you are right. I used to have to go up there on business. The people are just different. They think you are crazy if you say hi. I guess when you act nice up there they think you want something from them. The ladies up there did like my southern accent though.

          • eeder

            I went to NYC area once for about 3 or 4 days in the fall of 1999. I agree. What a hole!

          • John Langdon

            I visited NYC about 14 years ago. Never again. What a freaking DUMP! Plus…the cops there are gigantic ass holes on steroids. One street cop told me if I touched his car (I was crossing the street in a crosswalk and almost fell onto his car) he would arrest me for battery on a police officer. Fuck NYC! I hope it gets EMP’d and those scumbags have fun with themselves!

            • Anonymous

              Who gives a fuck about your NYC sob story john-boy?

        • OutWest

          Nutbag — there isn’t that much beer
          in the whole country.
          Maybe a lot of beer, and just hang up her picture?

          • sixpack

            I guess that’s better than pasting her photo on the back of the bathroom door…

            • sixpack

              …apparently, at least one person has a little experience with this…uh, phenomenon…

          • Them Guys

            1/2 of NY citizenery has been trained from birth to be Paranoid Schizophrenics who believe there is a Nazi behind every tree-car-corner-allyway, all waiting to Pounce and “Victimize” them.

      • swampratt

        Nutbag not even with beer you need help

      • PenCRNA

        Nut bag, I see a straight jacket in your future…..

        • MagenD

          I see a straight jacket in his past! He put Nancy, Pelosi and naked all in the same sentence. Should be shot for treason to mankind. Course – if he was talking about putting her out in a cornfield to keep the Aliens Away (From Earth)- hey, Nutbag might have been on to something!!!

      • Gregory8

        Nutbag: Lots of beer!

      • y99

        Nut bag, I recommend you take a gimp mask and a gag ball to the country with you, could make thigs more bearable.

    9. Quantum Bubbler

      If yall don’t mind

      I could book a big hotel

      as a ruse ala governmento contracto

      minority bad woman good too sign here!

      and give out awards to _______ agency

      and everybody can feel like wow!

      Look at that trophy!

      Oh, you do mind.

      Never mind.

      P.S. Well-written summation with added emphasis on Truth

    10. ponomo

      Looks as though the sheet is starting to hit the proverbial fan.

    11. Dave

      THIS is just one isolated incident. Can you imagine this type of event on a national level? And instead of 3 weeks; it lasts an entire year? It WOULD BE BEYOND UGLY. Estimated 90% of the American population dead. There is NO government on Earth that could prepare for that. HHHMMMMM. Come to think on it; maybe that’s exactly what TPTB want?

    12. Jim (Another Jim)

      I think that as a society we are in no way ready for life without electricity. Even those of us that prep and plan for the possibility of life without electricity haven’t a clue on what long term loss of power would do to us. I think 9 out of ten dead is a fairly accurate guess. The mental shock alone will probably kill 9 out of ten of anyone below 25

      • Ancient Echoes

        We can only hope you are wrong and instead of everyone turning into animals we pretend we are on a camping trip and turn it into one huge party. When the power went out in NYC for a few days a while back they had block BBQ’s and shared all the meat in their freezers that was going to spoil anyway. If we are all going to “die off” why not do it with love in our hearts for each other?

        • Glacialhills

          What a wonderful sentiment…naive as hell, but wonderful.I too hope and wish for that. But not counting on it.

          • Ancient Echoes

            Naïve is my middle name: And it only takes a few enlightened beings with a stanch belief in human nature to turn this whole thing around. Glad to know I am not alone.

          • Them Guys

            The Meek shall inherit the earth. Indeed, exactly 2X6 Feet of it.

            • Paranoid

              Or as J. Paul Getty said: The meek may inherit the earth; but they won’t get the mineral rights.

            • Ancient Echoes

              Perhaps the meek will inherit the Earth by becoming part of it and staying, I for one, want to explore the stars and work towards going back home.

        • Jim (Another Jim)

          Ancient, I would love for it to happen that way. However, there is too much evil out there for that to happen. I believe there will be groups of people who help each other survive, and these little pockets of good people may survive. There are just too many people who don’t want too work and are moochers for it to work. I hate this word when it deals with my fellow man, but the herd needs to be culled a little, ok a lot

          • Ancient Echoes

            Jim,Comet Ison may just give you your wish! Enjoy the Government shutdown everyone. I for one, think we will not miss them. Wonder if they will lower our taxes now that there will not be all the overhead to pay for?

        • John Langdon

          LOL! Too funny! Only in ObamaLand!

    13. Slack

      Assad says he has weapons able to “blind” Israel

      DEBKAfile September 26, 2013, 4:39 PM (GMT+02:00)
      If we are attacked by foreign armies, Moscow has promised to send Russian troops, said the Syria ruler in news interviews September 26. Large Russian arms shipments are arriving in and more are on the way, Bashar Assad, warning that Syria possesses weapons which are far more powerful than chemical arms and capable of “blinding Israel” within minutes.


      • eeder

        Why wait. I say blind those Israelis.

    14. eppe

      > Last night, my friend and I were sitting in the living room and I said
      > to
      > her, “I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some
      > machine
      > and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug.”
      > She got up, unplugged the computer, and threw out my wine.
      > She’s such a bitch….

      • braveheart

        Eppe, if that had been my friend, there’s no f#$%in way she would’ve touched MY computer.

        • warchild

          No worries Braveheart,you can have my computer,just don’t touch my beer!

          • braveheart

            Warchild, I definitely don’t want ANYONE’S beer. I’ve stayed away from it since 1982.

      • redwolf


      • Gregory8

        eppe: With women, a lot of specificity is necessary.

        • eppe

          Amen on that, I cannot be vague with mine, details, details details…

      • SmokinOkie

        I don’t care who you are, THAT’S funny!

        • eppe

          I hope everyone related pulling the plug to electrical disconnection….

    15. braveheart

      This is only one of many reasons why we prep. It’s still amazing sometimes about the shortsightedness of government agencies. All the tax money they receive every fiscal year and they can’t even come up with a contingency plan for situations like this? In all of my years as a prepper, I have NEVER been without a plan for adverse situations, regardless of what that situation was. My plans have worked each and every time without fail and I SURVIVED. When EMP/CME hits, multiply the above scene times the whole nation. Post-grid down will be horrific and like nothing any of us have been through before. Our power grid is antiquated and in dire need of upgrading. The same goes for the rest of our infrastructure such as transportation, oil and gas pipelines, etc. The money that has been spent over the last 4 decades on the so-called entitlement programs, defense, etc. should have been spent on upgrading all aspects of our infrastructure, but oh no, everything else are “sacred cow” programs. This incident in NYC is only ONE EXAMPLE of what we’re faced with and there was no EMP/CME causing it. At this late stage, it’s too late to upgrade anything. When the entire system goes, it will be gone and it will probably never be revived. That’s what all my prepping is geared for now; total grid-down situation back to 19th century. In the last chapter of “One Second After”, it was estimated that 9 out of every 10 Americans died within 1 year of the EMP event; total estimate of people still alive at 30,000,000 out of a pre-EMP population of 310,000,000 and that was only an ESTIMATE. I would be surprised if 30,000,000 of us survive 1 year after an EMP. I think the true figure will be lower. Everyone get everything you can now while there’s still time. braveheart

      • JayJay

        Yeah, and he didn’t even address grid down at nuclear plants!!

        • M

          What about all the oil/gas extraction machinery that is not shut down ? On and off shore

      • mike

        Braveheart I replied to BI’s comment earlier and told him I work at a power station. I too prep for the grid down scenario. Best to prep for the worst and hope for the best. One other thing I read that made sense to me. The grid will most likely go down in an economic collapse. Why would I or anyone else go to the plant when they are paying me in worthless paper. Also if I go to the plant who will protect my family. I think the grid will go down one way or the other.

        • braveheart

          Mike, I’ve always suspected MEGA SHTF will be a combination of significant events. None of us will know HOW it will play out until it happens. regardless of how it happens, the grid WILL go down and I’ll be surprised IF it gets restored in our lifetimes. Life will change for all of us. braveheart

          • mike

            Braveheart I agree. Life will change. Some of the changes will be good ones though. People will have to start working together and helping each other. Maybe the nation will return to God and it’s roots. I hate that people will have to go through so much pain to get there though. But it is our own faults. So be it. I will just continue to prepare for me and my family. My neighbors too. Wish a few more would wake up.

            • Canada Canuk

              Morning Mike…Our power grid was shut down yesterday for 7 hrs (for maintenance) Unfortunatly, for me I had been out of town for a week and did not get the notification that others got. Did ok though as I was able to cook a great breakfast and coffee for all on the bar b que. (:

              I am in a very small village in Ont. Canada and all is ok, but can’t imagine going through something even so small as 7 hrs of power outage in large city!take care CC.

      • Oldfart

        “When the entire system goes, it will be gone and it will probably never be revived.”

        Oh, it WILL be revived… but not in our lifetime. Maybe not even in that of our children but there’s too much laying around for future generations to ignore completely. I would expect something along the lines of the dystopic novel “Anthem”, by Heinlein in which people are herded together in settlements and ruled by some sort of a supreme panel of “experts.” Even under the most severe restraints there is always someone who is willing to buck the system and strike out on his/her own. Enough of those and eventually the wilderness will be settled again.

    16. The Old Coach

      It’ll all be back to normal in a day or two, and the sheeple will go back to sleep, secure in the faith that Almighty Government is looking after them.

      • Legion7

        We had a huge power outage here many years back. You couldn’t even dream of getting a generator within 100 miles. A week after the power came on, all the generators were returned.We had a second weather related power outage a month later. Most of the stores now had a “no returns” policy…people never learn.

        • eeder

          Ha Ha, they just sold them back the one they returned! Brilliant strategy.

    17. The Bulletproof Patriot

      Interesting story, Mac, and I hadn’t yet heard about the NYC outage.

      I do, however, need to take issue with the common mischaracterization of American transformer manufacturing and the threat against the power grid. I’m an expert in few things, but this is one of them – I make a living as an electrical engineer in the utility power generation industry and I have first hand experience with both EMP mitigation research and large power transformers.

      First, the threat of widespread failure of the grid and the numerous problems of bringing it back online are very much real. However, the threat is more one of EMP or terrorism than coronal mass ejection (CME) simply due to the fast rise-time E1 transient which leads an EMP burst and induces a high voltage transient on long conductors (power lines). This E1 transient has a rise-time faster than modern surge arresters can act, so by the time your power strip shunts the transient to neutral, the damage has been done.

      CME is less problematic because it is a slow-moving pulse which can be prepared for (we can observe X-class flares). We also would not expect a major problem with protecting against CME-induced transients because their rise-time is well within the capability of typical station class arresters and circuit breakers to intercept. (This is not the entire story on the matter and there are remaining concerns and questions about the impact of CMEs, but this covers most of the commonly misunderstood basics.)

      As far as the comment that “if when the power grid went down some of our large transformers were destroyed, damaged beyond use, we don’t make any of those in this country” goes, it’s absolutely false. There are several American manufacturers of large power transformers within the borders of the United States – ABB/Kuhlman, PA Transformer, VA Transformer, Delta Star, Waukesha, WEG and others all have large plants in the U.S. Even larger scale manufacturers – GE and Siemens – have plants in Mexico. Canada also has a very large scale plant owned by Crompton Greaves.

      (It should also be noted that Rep. Bartlett, who this comment was attributed to, is a biologist and has no experience with power generation or transformers, so it’s no surprise that his comment is wrong.)

      So, the fear that we have no domestic access to large power transformers in the event of a grid collapse is false, but the threat and possible implications to society (as observed in NYC) are very real.

      M.A. Weimer


      • Merree

        Bullet proof Patriot
        What do you think about the risks of terrorism taking out part of the utility grid? I seem to have heard things about disgruntled farmers and eco terrorists taking out some areas as part of various protests but my understanding was that it was mostly a tiny threat that was contained. I’d be interested in what realistic concerns there might be (that are safe to be mentioned in public)?

        • The Bulletproof Patriot


          Utility plants, substations, and the like are externally controlled by a SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). Most SCADA systems utilize widely available networking equipment similar to that used in home networks, although obviously more adapted for the specific type of environment they are installed in and more fit for purpose than the average Walmart router.

          Never the less, for a terror attack to be successful in damaging the power grid I think you’d be looking at an electronic attack of the SCADA systems rather than a physical attack of substations, simply because the resources required are much less and the risk of being caught is far more remote, particularly if the attack is based overseas.

          That said, SCADA equipment manufacturers and utilities are well aware of this threat and modern systems have implemented strong security protocols and encryption to avoid their equipment being compromised.

          The power grid is not as old and unmaintained as many people seem to believe, because poor maintenance is a risk and a business liability for the utility (or ISO) that owns/operates it. Old equipment is still out there, to be sure, but we’re not running on a 19th century power infrastructure here.

          If I had to put money on it, I’d say the threat to the power grid is real but remote. There are plenty of other reasons to fathom a SHTF scenario emerging without a CME or terrorist strike on the grid.

          M.A. Weimer


          • Archivist

            Everywhere I go, I see old wooden electric poles, leaning every which way. And many of them are bowed in the middle. If you were to string one of them, the center might be 2 or 3 feet from the string. Vines are hanging all over the lines. There’s no telling what percentage of the electricity is leaking to ground.

            My electricity goes out a lot. Most of the time it flickers just enough to kill the TV and computer. It was a little breezy here last night, and sure enough, the power flickered and stopped my computer from downloading files.

            Nothing has been replaced on my road in over 30 years except for a couple of poles down the road that had to be moved for a project.

            A while back, a tree fell on the power lines down the road. They turned off our electricity, removed the tree, and turned the electricity back on. As far as I can tell, they didn’t replace the wire, which had been stretched almost halfway to the ground.

        • mike

          Merree I commented to a few post earlier. The threat of a terrorist doing damage to our power grid is very real. It would take a highly coordinated attack to knock out power to a large portion of the country. That is if all the fail safes work properly. Most power stations and sub stations have no security. They are just surrounded by fences. Nuclear stations are the exception. They have large security forces. Hitting sub stations and most power stations would be easy. When those were damaged there would be no path for the nuclear stations to get electricity out if the right lines and sub stations were hit. I work at a power station and have discussed this with my fellow employee’s. It would knock out power in certain areas for weeks if not months.
          I also stated earlier that I think the grid could go down in an economic collapse. Why would I go to work if I were being paid with worthless paper. Also who would protect my family at that time.
          Hope this helps any questions you have.

    18. CrackerJack

      Be Informed: What is your take on all these warnings that I am seeing for a massive earthquake on the West Coast/SF area popping up on several sites?

    19. Sgt. Dale

      Being an outdoors man and love to live in the woods I can’t wait for the shut down. Folks you know its coming! Why else would they be preparing for it.
      It is just the start of TPTB trying to pull off OWO.
      A little some thing for you info. Solar Yard lights. Light up the house at night and charge AA and AAA batteries. This will help you thru the first stage of the CRASH. My the Lord watch over you and yours!!!
      Bravehear. Your answer you are looking for is on citizen 2354188.
      Sgt. Dale

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for the recommendation. I’m learning from others.

      • braveheart

        Good evening, Sarge. I found your answers last night. exactly what I was hoping to hear. If I was in your area, I’d be glad to stand with you. I’m going to a gun show this weekend for some “goodies”. one of them being some shells for “Bertha”, a 12-ga. I just recently bought. stay safe and watch your 6. braveheart

    20. Steve

      At the end of the video the lady talked about getting her wood in, that got me thinking about Obama and Larry Sinclair, seems Obama too is obsessed with wood.

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        Is that why he likes golf so much?

        • Steve

          No, he’s a man lover.

    21. Ordinary Average Guy

      If you live in the human equivalent of a feedlot, do you really think you going to find an exit that does not end with a bullet between the eyes? Simple math…too many people, not enough space or supplies. Get out now.

    22. Northern Cousin

      I guess it’s time to get that tree down and make another cord of wood for the wood stove and then order a couple more for back up. I was rightly chastised on this site last year when I stated I had two cords of wood as part of my preps. Well, this Grid Ex 2 drill is reason enough to up the ante and get a s**t load more to cover at least a full winter’s worth of heating; it gets cold up here in the winter! This year I’ll have 5 full cords…now that’s more like it!! I can sit by the fire and reflect on those stuck in the subways of urban nightmares and be glad I was the prudent ant.

      • JayJay

        Cousin, I sure hope you have a place to secure that wood–or several to guard it as you sleep.

        • SWFL

          One partial solution is to store that tree as a log; much harder to walk off with unnoticed. Cut it as you need it in the winter. That way it warms you twice in the Winter instead of one in the Summer and once in the Winter, and you only have to keep a really close watch on your chain saw and supplies.

      • eeder

        5 cords is a decent amount. try and double it at least before winter though.

      • warchild

        Northern,am with you on the firewood.The real rule of thumb is cutting and splitting next years firewood now once stocked for season.My stove is a dragon and in a pinch will burn fresh cut but not getting the best bang for the buck,still,better then nothing.I am researching some home made solar heat,just enuff to at least keep the edge off.I believe in a long term power down scenario would rather not advertise having a fire,some would rightly think I have other things that they might like.I am ready I believe to deal with poachers but would rather be hunkered down in a none visual way as much as possible.

    23. JoeRepublic

      This could be a dry run test. The grid has been neglected for at least a solid decade. Some will argue that it has been longer, but I used to work for a power company back in the 90s. I started on transformer maintenance and the company spent a small fortune keeping those transformers clean. The UG transformers would get opened, repaired on site, cleared of any insect activity and sometimes lifted and re-leveled depending on the situation. There also used to be a tree clearing contract that kept all limbs away from lines. So at least in my area, there was a considerable amount of upkeep.

      Fast forward to today. The company has changed hands twice. My job ended with the first transfer of ownership. The transformers I see in my area are rotting away. The tree limbs don’t get trimmed anymore until a major line is downed. In neighborhood areas, I know of several active line down situations right now on properties that friends own. These are rentals, some occupied, some not. One place is an apartment complex and has a live line less than two feet from the ground from a limb that came down a few days ago, dangerous. Another place had a limb snap the line, power company disconnected at the transformer and took six months to come back to clear the downed line and reconnect.

      This does not look like the company I once worked for and I don’t know how wide spread this is. Yet, from my personal experiences, this neglect looks deliberate. Whether it is caused by greed or something else, I don’t know. Either way, the grid in my area is in pretty sad shape. You should see some of the antiquated substations here. They look to be from the 60s and 70s. I’ve heard NYC has shit from the 30s still in operation. It’s a no brainer that this shit is going to fail.

    24. SmokinOkie

      So there I stood in the Wal Mart music department, absentmindedly licking the cover of a Shania Twain’s Greatest Hits album. Mrs okie came up behind me, slapping my shoulder, “Knock it off! You’re gonna get us thrown out of here again.”
      I came back to my senses, grinned sheepishly and said, “Oh, sorry. I was, uh, just checking for lead paint on the album covers. Can’t be too careful, you know.”
      She wasn’t fooled, “Yeah right. Like you were checking for lead paint on that magazine scratch and sniff for strawberry sunscreen the other day.”
      “I have to admit, it smelled a lot better than it tasted. Now, what’s up Dear?”
      She frowned, “I’m looking for a wedding gift for Cheryl and Jimmy. Don’t you remember, that was the whole reason for this shopping trip?” She tapped the side of my head, almost knocking off my hat. “Is anything connecting up there? Or are you still in dreamland with Shania?”
      I tried to look offended (and at the same time, was amazed at her mind-reading ability), “No, it’s just that, when you get to be my age, the memory tends to fade a bit, that’s all.”
      She looked surprised, “Memory loss, huh? Yet you can quote the exact price on every caliber of ammunition from every sporting goods store in the county.”
      “So, what’s your point, Sugarbritches?”
      She gave me that look again, “Don’t call me that! At least not in public, it’s embarrassing. And the point is- you have a selective memory. You only recall the things that are important to you. Just like your selective hearing only picks up the stuff you want to hear. It’s downright frustrating sometimes.”
      I smiled, condescendingly. “As it happens, I have already picked out the perfect gift for the newlyweds.”
      She looked suspicious, “It better not be another universal remote and a subscription to Sports Illustrated. Those are NOT the kind of gifts a young wife appreciates. You almost got me disowned by my last three nieces-in-law.”
      I smiled, “Maybe so, but all your nephews think I’m one hell of a guy!.”
      She pushed the shopping cart away in a huff. I made a mental note to get extra batteries for Jimmy’s new remote…. and went back to checking for lead paint….

      • jerrytbg

        Ah Okie…Shania…oh man…how about Alice…
        What a voice!!! ‘)

        www youtube.com/watch?v=5orTDabgXGE

        • SmokinOkie

          Fantastic voice! And from such a beautiful young woman. If she isn’t making her own greatest hits album some day, then nothing’s right in the world.
          Thanks for the tip, jerrytbg.

          • jerrytbg

            I’d agree with that!!

          • Kindle

            Hey SmokinOkie,
            Have you ever watched “Alaska the Last Frontier” about the Kilcher’s? Atz Kilcher is Jewell’s father…talk about interesting.

      • eppe

        Kinda like a piggy back ride? Funny because they have a corkscrew tool, makes one jealous…

        • sixpack

          funny you should mention a corkscrew—the other day I discovered I don’t have one…so I used a potato peeler and just pushed the cork down into the bottle…problem solved.

          • Kindle

            I cleaned out my junk drawer the other day and discovered I had about 10 corkscrews…priorities ya know.

            • Norse Prepper

              Sheetrock screw and a pliers works in a pinch!

              • sixpack

                Sheetrock screws—now that’s something I always have in abundance! LOL

    25. jerrytbg

      “Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy warned that repairs could take more than three weeks.”

      Oh my…timing IS everything… did they really do this…nah

    26. ben bernanke

      maybe someday I’ll get to utilize my “Get Home Bag” that I’ve toting everywhere I go for the past 4 years.

    27. S T

      The resulting confusion/chaos of the breakdown of the Metro North train should not surprise anyone who is familiar with NYC and its surrounding areas to the north. If (when) electrical power goes down in this area again possibly for weeks: Can you visualize the populace without potable water, infrequent or no trash collection, and RAW SEWAGE backing up into their apartments/homes because of failure of treatment facilities? (Just to name a few difficulties to contend with.) Not only is this scenario possible, it’s almost assured.

      • Night breaker

        S T says ,
        Sounds like a typical day in NJ, power goes out here on a daily basis I don’t think since Super Storm Sandy one week has gone by without at least 1 hour of power failure on a consistent basis.

        Semper Fi 8541

    28. CMR

      This is a time when we should all work together to advance OUR nation. Wake up people and lets work together.

      • Paranoid

        OK, I’ll shootem you gut them out. We’ll both make jerky

    29. VRF

      You know that TPAB are watching us all and laughing their selfish asses off.. and why you say.. because we are allowing them to fuck us like this without repercussions , wonder how and when the reset is coming? don’t you?

      • sixpack

        It could change their attitudes, if a couple of “them” were to fall and mysteriously break their necks one day.

    30. Be informed

      Remember what I was mentioning about Iran using drones to one day attack Israel in the future on top of the missiles they have? Well:


      This drone can go for 1060 miles for 24 hours non-stop and carry 8 bombs or missiles. Using that tool to calculate distance that I linked last week, you will see that Tel Aviv to Tehran is 988 miles, and western Iran is much closer to Israel. A fleet of these drones could destroy most of Israel’s important targets. Israel is hardly stupid, they know that one day a nuke can be fitted on to one of those drones that are very stealthy. The U.S. is talking with Iran, Israel will have to act alone.

      That window for Israel is approching again that the moon will be dark enough. Sept.29 to Oct.9 this Sunday for the next 10 days is a danger period for Israel to act and attack to safe their country while they still can. I know each month I bring this up, but now is even more important people are ready, because Israel is ready to tell BO to shove this diplomacy up his back side. Israel has acted before without notice, the bombing of a future Syrian nuke plant during a dark moon is one of many examples. Between about 4-9 PM eastern time on the day of an Israeli attack is when you will hear about it.

      • Pissed Off Granny

        From Blacklisted News:

        51 UN Countries Vote to Keep Israels Nuclear Arsenal Hidden from the Public View

        With all the 24/7 righteous indignation about weapons of mass destruction in Syria and calls for ‘compliance with international norms’, the main stream media barely mentioned this weeks vote on whether or not Israel should enter the International Community by allowing nuclear weapons inspections to see what it has been hiding for decades now– a full blown nuclear weapons program.

        Hiding a military nuclear arsenal is no small feat. What this latest US led lobbying effort in the UN demonstrates clearly is that the state of Israel shielded by its chief backers, the US, Great Britain, and France maintains its own set of rules outside of international laws and norms.

        One might ask the question, does Israel plan to use its nukes on any other country? If not, why the secrecy?

        Along with the US, Israel has already threatened to attack Iran. Iran, unlike Israel, has no history of aggression against its neighbors. In fact the state of Israel was founded upon unwarranted aggression, terrorist bombings and ethnic cleansing programs targeting native Palestinian Arabs who previously lived within its ever expanding borders.

        Of 94 countries that voted on the resolution to force Israel to join the nuclear non-proliferation treaty 51 voted against it. All the middle eastern states were in favor of Israel joining.

        The US, Britain and European nations formed the majority against it.

        My note:

        I probably don’t have to point out who controls the US, Britain and European votes in the UN. It is the same international Zionists that control Israel and are bent on the one world order and Irael’s aggression in the middle east is a big part of their world war 3 plan.

      • braveheart

        BI, I agree that a lone Israeli strike on Iran appears more likely than ever now. The monkey [BO] is selling Israel straight down the Muslim river and I fear what God will do to this nation for turning its back on Israel, especially with all of the earthquake activity you so expertly advise us all about. The last quarter of this year is shaping up to become extremely interesting. braveheart

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Sorry to disagree with you friend. You must not have read my post that the US through the UN supports Israel’s nuclear arms.

          Israeli Zionists control Obama and his administration. Selling Israel down the muslim river is not in their cards.

          • braveheart

            Granny, that WAS true up until recently. I’m not sure what’s bringing about the change, but it is coming. If I’m wrong, then why all of a sudden is Obama even talking to the Iranians and even talking about lifting the economic sanctions? Why all the cozying up? Something smells.

          • lonelonmum

            Muslim river?????

            Please don’t confuse the Zionist funded Saudi “rebels” & Al-CIA-DUH etc for Muslims. They aren’t, they are mere tools of the sick Zionists in the same way that TV evangelist happy clappy Kumbuya singing “Xtians” are ignorant minions of the Zionist cult. Mindf&*king is what these barstewards specialise in, and many of these deluded young men are vulnerable and exploited as a result in the same way that our young are controlled by mass consumerism and the MSM.

            I’m so sick the way these psycho’s have corrupted creed after creed. Genuine Jews in Germany paid a high price for their habit of hiding behind the skirts of the faithful last century. Genuine Christians died in their millions under Stalin. Now whole Islamic nations suffer under their taint thanks to US/Saudi funding.

            NOT all jews support Satan – take a look at this site for evidence of what I’m trying to say:-

            Not all Muslims support Satan – there are MANY english language translations of the Koran around now. Talk to a few Muslims, read their holy book and you’ll be shocked at how many similarities there are between that and the life of a good Christian. Basically they are told to avoid Usery, be kind and live a humble, honest life just the same as most of us Christians endeavor to do.(those of us not yet corrupted by the TV, happy clappy mob, but who have actually read the good book).

            The Zionist method:-

            1. Hide behind someone else’s skirt so that they can be the fall guy when ordinary Joe comes looking for retribution from Zionist wickedness.

            2. Using that skirt – create an enemy known as “the other”. This could be dem v.rep or Muslim v Christian, or Black v white , or man v woman, or gay v. straight. It matters not who against who so long as noone is looking at the hidden hand of the 3rd party the Zionist.

            Divide and conquer.

            3. Rob anyone who is not a Zionist blind using Usery, treachery, deceit. If you can cause maximum human suffering pain, hunger, pestilence, war, disease while doing so, so much the better.

            4. If caught blame one of the 2 groups you hid behind, while you run to another nation to repeat the pattern.

            The history of Western Europe shows these nasty beasts being chased out of nation after nation once the citizenry got wise to their antics, yet still they continue to amass stolen land, power, and humanities wealth.

            Right now the US is being run by a bunch of openly card carrying dual citizens yet we still hear the cry of “unfair” every time someone points the finger. If genuine Judaism does not support the creation of Zion, then who does? (it’s my belief Satan is who these so & so’s actually “worship”)

            I’d be really grateful if we could start making a clear distinction between Jews and Zionists on this site. One is a very spiritual, non-violent genetically Semitic group emanating from the middle-east, currently in danger of extinction and of no threat to anyone. The other is the single most dangerous enemy mankind has ever faced, and growing more powerful by the day.

            Zionists do not want Is- real- Hell as their homeland, they want Global control. We humanity are to be turned into the slaves for a Global plantation. Once you understand this, you start to understand that it matters not to them, other than for sentimental reasons whther their “Headqaurters” be based in London, Washington or Shanghai.

            The Muslim world, with a majority population under 25, & a close geographical proximity to Is-real-hell woke up to all this far sooner than the average spoilt Western baby boomer did. Thus at the moment these are the nations paying the highest price in terms of human pain and suffering. Study the whole wahabi movement funded by the house of Saud, then study the Saud dynasty itself to take a look at the source of the “Islamic threat”.

            Once you’ve done that, go back through your archives on MK Ultra – you’ll see these poor suicide bombers in a different light. If you really feel you have a strong enough stomach then take a look at the activities of the WWF and note where exactly geographically some of humanities biggest monsters have emerged from in recent decades. If after that you feel bored, play a game of “follow the money” in relation to any piece of recent gubberment legislation that got your goat. Take a look at who exactly benefited from that legislation.

            • Pissed Off Granny


              You nailed it!!!!!

              • Them Guys

                Lonly Mum: With all due respect, I think you have a dose of wishfull thinking going on regarding the zionists verses jews issues. What jews call Torah IS the Talmud, zionisim springs forth FROM Talmud master race theology etc. And this quote from and BY a jew proves me right.

                Yes not all jews are evil or bad, same goes for every group or race. But some groups do tend to have huge portions that are bad just as others have a vast majority that are good and way less bad.

                This says it all..

                Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”).

                “Some call it Marxism (Communism), I call it Judaism.” – Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise – The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. (Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism) !!!

                “The Jews are terribly afraid that the world will discover that their impersonation of Israel is nothing but a gigantic charade. Hence, this knowledge must be suppressed at all costs, even to the point of demonizing anyone who dares to bring up the subject. Yours truly has been so demonized by the Jews for the mere fact that I expose these truths about them, even though I mainly quote Jewish sources for this information.” ~ William Norman Saxon, in his booklet entitled “The Mask of Edom”

                Lonly Mum Read Facts are Facts By,A jew man who became a true Christian, benjamin Freedman..His couple of books are free online. He describes what You said and exposes the Khazar factors. another book is The 13th Tribe by Arthur Koestler, also a jew man(I think he too converted to christian)

                There are tons of jew written sources that admit the truths about this issue very well.

                There are a jewish group with a website Jews against zionisim..They reject those zios being in israel etc, BUT they still adhere to Talmud. Read some talmud and see why the real God they worship is Lucifer and several rabbis has admited to that also. We can wish or hope for it to be otherwise but it Is what it Is. We aint going to wish or hope it different.

                Its the same as blacks. Yes many are wonderfull nice folks…Same for many jewish folks. Yet whenever the need arrises both blacks and more so with jews 99% stick like Glue to their tribe or group even if its about evils or wrongs being done. In My book, enablers are those who stick like glue when they Know its flat out wrong.

                Thats how they are and its not Our fault. They have worn out their welcome in every nation on earth due to this attitude and racial master race supremisist ways and ideas. Yet scream like a stuck pig when folks finally get fed up and Boot em out.

                Much Truth in: The jew crys out in Pain as he Slaps Your face!

        • Sgt. Dale

          Hey Buddy!
          Look at the big picture here. These guys have been fighting with each other for 5K. years. They were not even Muslims back in the Old Testament times. The whole area hates Israel because they are closer to God than they are. The only group that doesn’t fight with Israel is Christians. The idea is for TPTB is turn our attention toward the middle east so that we don’t see them stealing all the money.
          Will there be a war? More than likely. Will one side us Nukes? More than likely. Will the Radical Muslims Screw with the Power Grid, You can bet your life on it. They know that use Good Old Boys with our Deer rifles would kick there ASSES in a one on one fight. Hell we beat the SNOTT out England with squirrel guns in 1776 and 1812, Deer rifles are lot bigger!!!
          I’m working on Solar and wind for my group for own power grid. I have been using a small solar power panel on a deep cycle battery and a 700 watt converter to run my lights in my reloading room.
          As far as the wind just get a car altenator or generator. put blades on it and let wind do her stuff.
          There are all sorts of plans on the Enter Net. You might want to look them up while we still can.
          The power is still on!!!! Have fun at the gun show I wish I was going!!!!

    31. maddog

      “After hundreds of billions of dollars spent by Homeland Security, FEMA and other emergency agencies, there was no plan!”

      There’s a plan, it just doesn’t include helping the sheeple. As you may recall, uncle sam has been purchasing weapons, 1.5b bullets and 2700 tanks. Your help will be in the form of a bullet to the head after you’ve been used as slave labor in a fema camp.

      • Night breaker

        Maddog ,
        I keep hearing about all that ammo at DHS and the tons of money if that was true why have we been trying to scrounge our ammo to meet qualifications? The last 5.56 rounds that I used were headstamped LC 67 . I have no idea where all this stuff is, its not in our facilities or being stored
        In regular Goverment facilities . Quite puzzling may be our fearless leader is BUILDING HIS OWN PRIVATE PRETORIAN GUARD?

        There has been a lot of concern in my unit we have been told NOT to report if the Goverment shuts down on Tuesday October 1, 2013.

        I really feel something vile is coming , like I said before if something was coming I would share it here, you guys deserve a ” Heads Up”, stay alert , stay frosty .

        If man on the inside is reading this please post what is going on in your AO.




        Semper Fi 8541

        • maddog

          Will be looking for that heads up. Not sure what the facility to the east of me is for, but I do know it has become very active in the last 2 days. Southeast of Carson City. No roads in so 4 wheel and then hiking is the weekend plan. Bin told there is some sort of fema camp in the area.

          • Night breaker

            Maddog ,
            Exercise extreme caution setting up your OP, use your Judgement if it looks too ” Spookie”
            Di Di out of there. Could be a black OPS .


            Semper Fi 8541

    32. Sick of it all

      remember the outage of aug 2003 something like 50 million without power Never seen somany stars in the sky. I think a crew trimming trees had a limb fall on a line in Eastlake Ohio thus causing the domino grid to fail. It was close to NFL preseason and the stadium was shining like a jewel in the dark night. I drove around that evening in the dark ,even though authorities didn’t want you to
      Now if it happens I amsure they will just unleash the drones upon us

    33. jerrytbg

      ” I know each month I bring this up, but now is even more important people are ready,”

      No buts about it BI… agreed!

    34. InsanityISContagious

      New Yorkers left without power?…how…..ahhhhhh….sad. Just a minute, now where did I leave that sympathy card?

    35. Slack

      Let It Go

      Some of the first things to go during a disaster situation or survival scenario, aren’t necessarily life-threatening or even physically harming at all, but they can make survival an even steeper uphill battle.
      Power grids may be unreliable or fail all together, causing the convenience of cell phones, GPS units, refrigerators, microwaves, the internet and more to vanish in the blink of an eye. Water and sewer works may be temporarily or permanently shutdown, causing many to fend for themselves when it comes to the collection and treatment of water… not to mention the disposal of their waste. Services like trash pick up, mail delivery and banking will likely be unavailable for long periods of time. And even things like basic road maintenance and emergency response will be hard to come by.
      So what does it all mean? It’s time to let go of luxury. While we know that many individuals don’t see some or even any of the before mentioned utilities and services as a luxury, that’s exactly what they are. As it stands now, electricity provides light at the flick of a switch and living conditions that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Water runs to your home so you don’t have to transport and treat it or even manage your own waste. People in trucks take care of the trash, carting it off and out of sight (though not out of existence). Men and women deliver packages, letters, and important communications daily… and so on and so forth.
      Those that do not take the time to prepare themselves for a sudden lack of services and luxury in life will have a harder time of it should a disaster like a major earthquake, viral outbreak, hurricane, flood or more occur in their neck of the woods. Without these assumed available resources and services, many individuals may not last long when and if things take a turn for the worse.
      Prepare yourself now (as in today) by letting go of some of the literal luxuries in life and losing your reliance on them. Start small by take a step back from your phone, computer, and candy bars. Give up vices like soda, smoking, and credit cards. Wean yourself off of commercially bought dependance like fast food, prepacked meals, and little plastic gadgets and you’ll be one step closer to survival.

    36. Slack

      Utilities What To Do In Times Of Disaster

      Major disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes can leave behind some serious damage to buildings and utilities… and that can be serious cause for concern. Knowing the location of your utility shut-offs (gas, power, water) is one of the most important steps you can take to preparing for disasters.
      Electrical: With non-standardized locations, electrical panels can be difficult to locate at best and nearly impossible at worst. These important power-panels can be found anywhere from basements, closets, kitchens, garages, hallways and more. Whether you’re away from home for the night or somewhere for the long-term, take the time to locate the power-panel and familiarize yourself with the layout… you may have to access in it the dark.
      With dangers ranging from electrocution, blown circuits, power surges and power outages, always approach power panels with caution and awareness.
      Water: Broken, leaky or damaged water pipes can cause a number of potential dangers from mold, sewage overflow, damaged foundations and structures and ruining potentially life-saving gear and supplies.
      Fixture Shutoff- Most homes built after the mid-70′s have stop valves located near the back or base of all water-based fixtures like washing machines, toilets, sinks, etc. Typically made of chromed piping or flexible hosing with an oval-shaped valve handle, fixture shutoffs are easy to spot and easy to operate.
      These valves only shut off the water to the immediate fixture and nothing more. Because of their fairly light duty abilities, these valves are primarily used for quick fixes, emergencies and minor repairs rather than major work like long-term plumbing projects or primary valve work. DO NOT use a wrench or over-tighten a fixture shutoff valve, it can lead to serious damage and the inability for the unit to work properly.
      Primary Shutoff – Every building has at least one primary shutoff valve located outside and occasionally an additional valve located within the building. These valves control the overall water flow into a building and are extremely important when dealing with major repairs, emergency situations and many types of disasters.
      Indoor – Found in basements and crawlspaces near the point that water enters a building, these internalized primary shutoff valves are only one of two steps for total water shutoff to a building.
      Outdoor – Sometimes the one and only shutoff, these primary valves are the be-all-end-all when it comes to readily accessible water control for everyday individuals. These valves are located near the point where the pipe branches off from the main utility line to a building. Often located within an underground plastic or concrete box (commonly known as a Buffalo Box) these can be both easy to spot and easy to operate… as long as you have the tools needed to do it.
      Some outdoor shutoffs require the use of a key for access and/or a long-handled wrench to turn the water off. While this could present a problem for some, it does provide a slightly higher level of security as well.
      Gas: Poorly fitted, under serviced and faulty gas appliances can put you at a number of risks including gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning… all of which could lead to major structural damage and/or your ultimate demise. If you smell gas or start feeling ill when gas appliances are in use, it is important to act quickly and take care of the problem as soon as possible.
      Immediately open all doors and windows to ventilate the area.
      Switch off the appliance and do not use it again until it is safe to do so.
      Turn off the gas supply at the mains.
      Contact emergency health services if needed.
      Usually located on or near the front of a building, the location of a gas valve can vary depending on the type of building involved and when the valve was installed. In some cases, the shutoff valve is located in an enclosure built into the side of the building. Look for the gas-line service pipe next to the building to located these types of valves. Buildings with multiple lines and/or units may have both a primary shutoff valve and secondary valves for each individual unit. These are most often located along the base of the front or side of a building and/or within a marked, locked outdoor cabinet.
      Fixture Shutoff: Most gas appliances are required to have a gas shutoff valve located nearby. These allow you to isolate individual appliances rather than closing the primary valve. This valve should be used when a leak is contained to a single appliance and nothing more. Turn off the gas by rotating the valve 1/4 turn.
      Primary Shutoff: Normally located near the gas meter, the primary valve should be pretty easy to spot, but you’ll want to locate it BEFORE a disaster or emergency situation. To turn off a primary gas valve you will need an adjustable pipe wrench or other similar tool. Apply the wrench to the valve and give it 1/4 turn in either direction. The valve is closed when it is crosswise to the pipe.
      Knowing the location of your electrical box and the shutoff switches and effectively reducing the risk of power surges, blown circuits and electrocution is just as important as knowing where and how to quickly shut off both the water and gas flow to a building. Properly securing and maintaining your utilities is a high priority, no matter the disaster you may be facing. Familiarize yourself with the location of your power junction box and the water and gas cutoff valves today.

      • Archivist

        Everyone who has a water shutoff in the ground next to the street needs to find their t-handle and put it where they can always find it. There are other names for the t-handle, but you can find them for sale on the internet if you can’t find one in your house.

    37. laeagle

      Thanks for the timely article. I was with my son on our way to see a show in New York, just yards away, when the Broadway bomber tried to ignite his car bomb and can feel for the people of New York and all the visitors and tourists who visit that great city during this current crisis. I was also in New Orleans when Katrina hit. We were not prepared for a prolonged power outage. I worked at Charity Hospital and it was interesting to witness the transformation that occurred, it was rapid and decisive. A modern hospital quickly became a battlefield triage unit with no labs, ventilators, dialysis machines, running water, flushable toilets, elevators, etc. There were a few land lines that still worked but the cell phones were useless. The backup generators were on the ground level and could not be switched on once the flooding started. It was a mess. Patients on ventilators were manually ventilated and other equipment requiring electricity had to be abandoned. We quickly descended into a third world condition. We had to adapt quickly and depended on old fashion nursing care, paying attention to details, depending on physical signs and symptoms to make diagnoses and care for patients.

      They say that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. This was certainly true of all the staff who volunteered to stay on and take care of the patients at Charity hospital and all the hospitals in New Orleans. They will forever remain the unsung heros and heroines of Katrina. Katrina was a real eye-opener for all of us, and demonstrated how dependent we are on electricity, communications, and running water, for our modern way of living. Just prior to the storm, I did witness how quickly the stores ran out of supplies and food. There was nothing after the storm hit.

      I feel for everyone who will be stranded in such places. I can see that many people will die without help. There needs to be a shadow organization to plan for such events to help our fellow countrymen and women. The needs will be great. We will best survive if we band together as communities and develop networks that span the continent. Government is unreliable and should not be relied upon, even our American government. The dependence on FEMA for bailing us out in such situations is a mistake. I am convinced that private citizens can do better and move faster if we organize and prepare. I heard amazing stories of how the local people responded almost immediately during the Joplin Tornado crisis.

      Depending on gigantic organizations and the government is not going to help when you need help right away. Representative Roscoe Bartlette’s admonition and advice needs to be heeded by all who can do so. He is absolutely right. We need to move to the country where possible, but most importantly, we need to learn to live the old fashion way.

      Our survival will depend on how well we remember/learn the “old ways of living”. Individual preparations and the learning of survival skills and the ‘old ways’ should be everyone’s top priority. Then, we need to network and organize, much like what is being done now to dissiminate information on the blogs. Knowledge is power.

      • sixpack

        I agree that private citizens can do better than .gov in an emergency, but what you don’t realize is that DURING such emergency, private citizens will be trumped by the military and police. They will not be allowed to be out and about, no matter what the reason.

        If you truly were at katrina. then you should know that the gov turned away CONVOYS OF FOOD AND WATER pouring in from across the nation. People, ordinary citizens, loaded buses, vans and work trucks with help for katrina victims…the Nat’l guard turned them away, refusing to allow those volunteers or the supplies into New Orleans. The gov refused to take the supplies and deliver them themselves.

        People from west Texas took their own private boats around the cape, trying to get to stranded victims…again, the gov threw in a wrench while people died.

        What you suggest is a nice thought, but anyone who actually TRIED to assist katrina victims actually knows—there is something big and evil that stands in the way of common people coming to the aid of their fellow citizens…


        This is not opinion, it is fact. You just have to look harder for the info now that time had buried it deeper into history. I WAS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO TRIED TO HELP.

        • laeagle

          Sixpack, thank you. Everything you said is correct. That is why I said, “Depending on FEMA to bail us out is a mistake”. Unfortunately, the authorities in charge feel that they cannot take responsibility for aid workers/volunteers that are not directly employed by them. This applies to Red Cross as well. To get into the area after the National Guard and FEMA took over, you needed to have special permission papers based on your need to be here. I knew fellow doctors who were turned away because they did not have the proper papers. I can tell all kinds of horror stories about the restrictions, fears, red-tape, paranoia, etc., that occurred under the emergency conditions. I am glad you spoke up. We were waiting for FEMA/the National Guard to come rescue us while we probably could have done it faster and more efficiently if we had done it ourselves. There were a lot of factors, one of the most important factors was funding. I am convinced that a lot of lives would have been saved if the government/authorities had allowed folks like yourself to organize a fleet of private boats to come help us. There was no reason for so many people to have been stranded in New Orleans without food or water as they were. Our local government and governor at the time is much to blame for the lame early response and the many snafus but the media gave them a pass while they took the opportunity to attack President Bush. American strength and exceptionalism comes from the American people, not from the Government. We must never forget this!

          • sixpack

            Well said laeagle, I failed to mention all of the MEDICAL assistance they turned away. It’s simply amazing, the difference between what everyone was told, and what actually happened.

            Let’s also not forget that other countries sent…or tried to send, loads of aid to the disaster effort, but the gov wouldn’t allow most of them to land on our soil…at least, not until many had already perished in New Orleans.

            Russia was one of the first countries to offer assistance. Up to four jets were placed on standby at the Ramenskoye Airport near Moscow as early as August 30, including heavy Ilyushin Il-76-TDs with special evacuation equipment, medical equipment, a water-cleansing system, a BK-117 rescue helicopter and two special cars; and a passenger IL-62, which brought 10 coordinators and 50 rescuers, as well as 6 tons of drinking water.

            • warchild

              One sheriff during Katrina noted that the first search and rescue he saw/worked with was teams from Canada.Actions like these give me a little hope,we as a country and the world have folks who will travel half way around it to help others or donate to countries hit by disaster they have never been to.

      • celadine poppy

        Thank you for sharing Laeagle and Sixpack. Knowledge truly is power. Your experiences have given you great insight. What you said about the many who will die alone in a situation in which there is no electricity and there is a breakdown in services is chilling! More important than food is prescription medications, I think.

        I fear that the vast majority will resort to violence and selfishness if disaster hits and lasts for an extended period of time. I hope that I will be near people who rise to the occasion and are helpful and ‘in community’ with their neighbors. Rather than thinking of living off the land, though, I think that people should stock up on canned foods and dry goods. Canned foods like the Progresso line of ready-to-eat non-concentrated soups, and any brand of canned vegetables and even fruit can all be eaten straight out of the can if there is no electricity or gas. Beans, tuna, sardines, etc. provide protein. Most have liquids to help with hydration in case water is scarce. Crackers, biscuits, even gingerbread cookies can be stored for extended periods of time. Peanut butter can be eaten with crackers or even alone by the tablespoon. Soft drinks may loose their fizz but in a crunch, something is better than nothing. Candles of all scents and colors can be used for lighting too. Get them on sale at seasonal clearances. We should all have plenty of warm clothes, socks, gloves, scarves and blankets for the winter months in the colder northern areas, too. Always keep cash on hand. Both small bills and coins.

        There are actually many things we can stock up on to prepare if we are willing and able.

        Again, thank you for sharing.

        • laeagle

          Hi Everyone,

          SixPack, Celadine Poppy, Warchild, Mac Slavo, Braveheart, Be Informed, Slack, and All,

          I have been reading the blogs for a while and only recently decided to join the conversation. It is great to see what is going on and many of you have provided fantastically useful and interesting information for the times ahead. I, too, feel that something terrible is imminent and time is short for preparing. I have had my share of living through troubled times both here in the States and Abroad. I just came across an article entitled “The Night I became a Community Organizer” by Sergeant Dad at http://www.survivalblog.com/2013/09/the-night-i-became-a-community-organizer-by-sergeant-dad.html . I send him my condolences on the loss of his son in Fallujah. He articulates an important point very movingly and well: that, we need to organize and build strong communities of like-minded people/preppers/survivalists so that when the SHTF we will be stronger, better prepared, and be in position to help others who will come to us for assistance. As much as it is appealing to some, we cannot live for ever in a fortress. This will be difficult but it can be done, must be done. Some of you have the skills for organizing and computer savvy and perhaps could come up with a way people can find and plug into local level prepper groups/chapters. It would be a great service. Social networking at its best.

    38. Slack

      The Real Life

      It’s about real-world preparedness for real-world situations like earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, civil unrest and even viral outbreaks. While no one can be ready for everything all the time, you truly need to take a look at the world around you and ask yourself: Am I ready?
      Every day, people throughout the world are suffering a lack of clean water, food, shelter, medical care, emergency services and the luxury of knowing what will happen tomorrow. These people are your neighbors, friends and family. They are your fellow country men and women and strangers overseas. These are the survivors and victims of disasters like hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, and earthquakes like those that devastated Japan, China, San Francisco and Seattle. These are survivors and victims of wildfires, war ravaged countries, viral pandemics, crashing economies and more, and there are bound to be more of them in the long-run.
      Understanding and accepting that truly anything could happen at any time is an important first step to preparing for any type of disaster or potentially dangerous situation. When it comes down to it, disasters are a part of everyday living for some and an occasional visit to hell for others. This is life and there is no escape from reality.
      Whether it’s having an extra flashlight on hand, learning how to defend yourself against attack, storing a few weeks’ worth of emergency rations or taking a course in basic first-aid, the importance of preparedness should not ignored, and if it is, well, we’ll see you on the other side MAYBE.

    39. Buzzfix

      Its not good. Its pure stupidity that we’re not ready. Critical electrical components should be stored/controlled by DHS for exactly these types of scenarios. Unless there in on it. How come they stock up on bullets but not electric “repair” parts? Kinda strange.

    40. Be informed

      @ Pissed Off Granny. It really doesn’t matter to me whom starts WW3, but the end results and that we are all at least somewhat prepared for it. I have had it with this nuclear weapon issue. Why is it that the 5 permanent members of the worthless un security council the ones that were the first countries to obtain nukes? Like someone that can own firearms for protection, one country being able to own nuclear weapons and another is totally hypocritical and not fair. What gives the U.S. or Russia the right to have nuclear protection and not someone like Brazil or Argentina?

      It is not fair for Israel to bitch about Iran having nukes yet they have several hundred. All I am trying to do is ready people for the coming probable war and point out where Israel or other countries are thinking and how they may or may not act. Kind of like earthquake prediction, it is actually just try to figure out what is going to happen next in the Middle East.

    41. Be informed

      @ CrackerJack. I have personally seen energy signatures from the past several plate boundary earthquakes aimed more in two arcs that favor more Japan, Algeria/Morocco, New Guinea to Somoa which includes Kermadec Islands/Fiji Islands and New Zealand in one arc, and the other Southern Alaska to British Columbia and far north Washington state, Japan, Indonesia, easterm Indonesia and northern Argentina in the other arc. More earthquakes are needed to determine which arc the next major quake follows.

      It could be the earthquakes from almost two weeks ago that DID favor a more southern turn for California. This state has an increase in quake activity around the autumn and spring equinox, around Sept.22, and March 20 each year. In 1987 on Oct 1. Southern california had that 6 pointer in the city of Whittier and the world series earthquake of 1989 in the Bay area are two examples of this.

    42. 4 year prepper

      Since so many of you are talking off subject about name that tune——- which I love incidentlly —— a thought entered my mind.
      I have gleaned so much wisdom from reading this site and all the material offered here. I also fret that we are educating the people that wish to do us harm. Ways to blow up nuclear plants with just common weapons, and many, many other ways to throw us into darkness.
      There is nothing so unsettling than to hear things that “go bump in the night” and can’t see.
      Each storm I have gone thru has shut down our power at night when I can not explain away the bumps and thumps I hear.
      All in all, this is a wonderful site. All I can say is (hopefully) God meant for good what you intended for evil.

      God Bless! Happy prepping.


    43. Hugh Mann

      A book “One Second After by William R. Forstchen” details in great length what would happen if the power grid were to collapse and the aftermath is absolutely horrifying. This book scared the shit out of me. I for one would not want to live through or witness such an event.

      • eeder

        It will be scary for many people. For most people really. But for a few blessed ones, life will not be so bad. It does not scare me. It does disappoint me though that so many people are going to have a terrible time before they die.

      • 4 year prepper

        @Hugh Mann:

        Yep! Me to. I would recommend it to anyone that is constipated. Better than a laxative. Keep one on hand for those (you know what) times.


    44. warchild

      Though I believe best to live in small town country not everyone can.Best they can do is have either thier own or family place way out in sticks and literally have say a mountain bike as backup to get out of large population areas quickly before they explode.I do believe even with a total grid down scenario full blown insanity will take a day at least to kick in(hopefully).The trick if you need to live in a major metro area is to have a plan well thought out ahead of time to get out.When I travel for work/pleasure still keep a fully loaded molle pack in car along with my best hiking boots,could live off of what is in pack for a week easily,more with some rationing.I view this as a spare tire,good to have,hope I never need it.Live for today,prep for tomorrow,and enjoy the weekend,beautiful one here in northern New England.

    45. BK

      Not to worry, Obama will send Bo the Wonder Dog (as a therapy dog) to calm the people and get them back into fantasy island mode.
      Perhaps Michelle will advise them to stay hydrated and drink more water, preferably with flouride added to it.

    46. Jasonn

      If it can happen there,
      It can happen… ANYWHERE

      ; )

    47. 7

      Hello folks. Everyone is invited to visit –
      t h e t r e a s u r e o f z i o n . c o m

    48. Harry

      Many do not know what will happen and will happen. During a cold wave that hit in the tristate area. OH/WV/KY the lights went out for a week. Temperatures below zero. We lived in the kitchen because the gas range was the only source of heat.

    49. Harry

      Many of the trolls need to take off their pampers and experience life.

    50. NMBC

      There is a subway underground in New York City, and it was told, Mayor Bloomberg (NY) is the only person who has the key to operate it and control where it goes.

      Almost all states and big cities in the world have an underground city, they can be very long. The tunnel can run up to over 100 miles.

      The “Power Outage Wreaks Havoc in NYC” will not affect who are allowed to have access to the UNDERWORLD.

      • JimB

        You’re not driving tonight? right?

    51. John_Allen

      The thieving weasels on Wall Street … shut down.

      The lying, tyrant compliant MSM … shut down.

      Now if the political scum in DC don’t come to an agreement and the biggest gang in the country goes on skeleton staffing …

      what’s not to like about that?

      One can hope that the institutions that have bribed, cronyied and coerced their way into hegemony over us suffer to the full limits of possibility.

      There has been natural disaster after natural disaster the past 50 years. There has been rebellion and war after war (thus far abroad, thankfully).

      it’s not like any competent adult hasn’t been served ample notice of what the dystopian possibilities might be. Those who have failed to look and think, or having looked, return to the football game unconcerned …

      does anyone deny they deserve what they get?

      I’m across the river from DC. From the WaPo to casual social conversation the prevailing viewpoint is the gubmint going to skeleton staff is a bad thing.

      I rejoice. Bring it. Think of all those micro-regulators, those people who want to yank your chain before giving YOU their permission to put in a garden etc … All those people who live to hear you practically beg for permission to do anything.

      idle tyrant minions would be doing the rest of us little harm.

      I petition whatever gods and goddesses there may be for a trifecta. That Wall Street, the MSM and the biggest gang in the world are shut down for a long, long time.

      Well fine, John_Allen, I hear you say. But what about the little people who will be hurt?

      They have two working eyes. Two working ears. A working brain. it’s not like the dystopian potential is a deep dark secret. Have they handed off to someone else their responsibility to see to their own needs?

      How many who would claim a specious innocence deep down feel, “I’m entitled … it’s your responsibility to take care of me.”

      That attitude is expected and proper in a child. We aren’t speaking of children here.

      Especially among people who are tuned in to every kind of media every waking minute, to claim “i didn’t know, this is such a nasty surprise …” just doesn’t fly.

      Children excepted, there are few innocents to what is coming.

    52. Ed

      Another social experiment.

    53. Joe

      “Catastrophic failure” is part of the plan. The only way the power will go out is if and when they pull the plug. If there is any such event, we’ll know immediately who to blame.

    54. Suzanne

      If I ever got stuck in some kind of scenario where you just couldn’t move…
      * the above instance where transportation isn’t moving…
      * flooding in Houston and stuck in another part of town until the water subsides…
      or whatever else…
      What one has to do is just find a place and stay put for a while until most of the cattle have fled. A bar, a restaurant, a hotel…
      In a real SHTF, panic doesn’t make anything move faster.

    55. Tammy

      This is why Solar Generators are a really good idea. We have one and it has gotten us through a couple of power outages. We got ours from http://www.BePreparedSolar.com

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