Post-Doomsday Updated: “We Went Too Far”

by | May 23, 2011 | Headline News | 96 comments

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    Turns out the world didn’t end on Saturday. Thousands of Family Radio Network listeners and followers don’t understand what went wrong with the May 21, 2011 ‘End of Days’ prediction.

    Harold Camping , spiritual leader and Doomsday prophet had few words:

    “It has been a really tough weekend,” Camping said Sunday, after emerging from his Alameda, California home for the first time to talk to a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle. “I’m looking for answers … But now I have nothing else to say,” he said…

    Camping’s PR team also weighed in:

    Camping’s PR aide, Tom Evans, told the L.A. Times that the group is “disappointed” that 200 million true believers weren’t lifted up to heaven on Saturday while everyone else suffered and eventually died as a series of earthquakes and famine destroyed the Earth. “You can imagine we’re pretty disappointed, but the word of God is still true,” Evans said. “We obviously went too far, and that’s something we need to learn from.”


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      1. He went too far about 24 million dollars ago when he started is fraud

      2. I’ll go one farther, the whole thing is a fraud!
        There is no hell, no heaven, we’re just advanced primates that wear clothing and can barely get a man on the moon & back.
        We socialize like them, we mate like them, we fight, we defecate, we envy, we die, we rot & stink like them.
        We also share 98% of the genes of chimpanzees.
        Get over yourselves, we ‘aint nuthin but biological organisms with a short lifespan.,

        • thats a theory, good luck to you. although it seems very narrow minded after looking around at the natural world to believe that the magnificence and splendor around us was accidental.

          sometimes when people are hurt and they don’t understand how god could allow such things to happen they become bitter and act out like this.

          All life is a testing ground, rather a preparation for what’s to come. In fact since life does not end at death, this is more of an opportunity to pursue purification of the soul which would provide a head start in the next stage of evolution of the soul which would be beyond death.

          Otherwise the soul would “suffer” in the next stage of life after “death”

      3. Who cares, now to something important…..  It’s Opra’s W. last week & Britney’s Spears needs a spankin with a woodin ping pong paddle.

      4. Comments…..Hey Anon! Lets take turns holdin’ her. Swing for the left field bleachers!

      5. Dave, your on this list.  We’re watching you.  Neil Armstrong is my friend.  You wish you had a autographed picture.

      6. This is a perfect example of what private interpretation gets you. It was His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church that He used to canonize the Bible. The scriptures are to be interpreted by its authority the church which the scriptures say is the pillar and foundation of truth. Anything outside of that like Harold Campings Family Radio is another Joe Schmo who interprets scripture on his own authority.

        • upon cursory reading of the bible it becomes obvious that according to the bible’s reporting of “Jesus” (May gods peace be upon him} words, he stated that no one knew when the hour would come aside from Almighty God himself.

      7. That would be the right cheek.  She’s a catcher.

      8. Comments…..doggone it! got “left behind” again…

      9. Wouldn’t it be funny if there really was a rapture and it just happened quietly last weekend, instead of with all the earthquakes and so forth?

      10. I’ll give Brit a spanking….she has been a very naughty girl!
        Do I make you horny baby?? Yah!

      11. Have a Hebrew National hotdog Dave while I finish my tour.

      12. He is much smarter then me. He made $25 Million for a prediction.

        That’s a whole lot of people who don’t know what the Bible says about the day and hour. They also must have missed the part about false teachers too.

        Hey Tony, just curious.  Which day of the week do you keep holy?

      14. “Thousands of Family Radio Network listeners and followers don’t understand what went wrong”
        Oh look, another christian making a fool of himself. What a shock.

      15. All you Christian Bashers…. GET A LIFE…OR A SOUL.  I get sick of you freaks associating lone loonies with all Christians. If you opened your eyes and ears a little, you’d know that most Christians considered Camping’s “prophecies” garbage anyway.
        Sadly, if you opened your eyes and ears a little, you’d probably believe too!  God is made obvious by His creation, but you whiny cry-babies sit around with your hands over your eyes saying, “I don’t see no God.” You’re all crying because somewhere along the lines, somebody hurt your widdy biddy feewings, and now you blame God.  How best to hurt God, the way you were hurt? Refuse to believe in Him…no matter how much evidence stares you in the face.  Literally, for Jesus’ sake, grow a pair and WAKE UP!

      16. From Associate Press (AP): Doomsday prophet, followers ‘flabbergasted’ world didn’t end. 




        “Camping’s PR aide, Tom Evans, told the L.A. Times that the group is “disappointed” that 200 million true believers weren’t lifted up to heaven on Saturday while everyone else suffered and eventually died as a series of earthquakes and famine destroyed the Earth. “You can imagine we’re pretty disappointed, but the word of God is still true,”

        The group posted 2,000 billboards around the country warning of the rapture, while Camping–an uncertified fundamentalist minister — spread the word on his radio show…. Camping’s Family Radio, which airs on 66 U.S. stations, has apparently rebranded itself quickly.” 

      17. 1. “The Lord does nothing without telling his 
        servants the prophets”. This guy just is not one of them.

        2. The “day or the hour no man knows” actually refers to a specific day during the Jewish Feast of Trumpets, which always changes, is never the same, never starts at the same time, and is actually referred to as: the day and hour which know man knows.

        JonnyV: Don’t unpack your bags!

      18. Err, Tony? Last I checked, you’re more than free to study the Bible (and draw whatever sane conclusions you want from it) w/o anyone telling you what to think concerning it. The Holy See can only explain what’s in there, not “interpret” it. The missals are all scripture-centric. The homilies are all scripture-centric. You cannot get more central than that.

        Oh, and you have it exactly backwards – the Bible is the Vatican’s authority and authoritative guide – not the other way ’round. Canon Law is based in biblical authority. Papal bulls and publications all adhere to biblical authority. There’s a reason why the Council of Nicea was so long and careful about how the Bible was assembled back when Constantine asked them to do it – they knew that successive generations would have to abide by it.

        Long story short, Catholicism adheres to the word of God, not use it as something to hammer into political or ideological shape. Once it was collected and written down, that was it (this is why Bibles in languages other than Latin were originally banned for so long after the printing press was invented – they didn’t want the words polluted or muddied by translation).

        TBH, there isn’t even one particular type of English translation for the thing as far as Catholicism is concerned – I prefer and keep the NSRV translation myself. 


        All that said,  Camping was a scam artist – pure and simple. If he truly believed in hsi words, he would have divested himself of *all* assets as the day approached. Instead, he exhorted all others to do that, which raised a big, fat red flag in the logic department. 

        PS @ex-suburban kid: I know you didn’t ask me, but I like to think that I try to keep all of them holy. 🙂 I know what you were getting at though – Friday @ sunset until Saturday @ sunset constituted the original Sabbath. OTOH, the big reason the day shifted to Sunday revolves around the day of Christ’s resurrection – the day the perfect sacrifice was deemed complete. By Jesus’ time, the Sabbath had lost its original meaning anyway, having become a mire of petty rules and regulations, and not so much a day of celebrating God’s seventh day (this was illustrated nicely in the New Testament). 

        @Jonny: Remember that link I posted in the last rapture article? 200m people in a world of 6 billion would be pretty easy to miss, I suspect.

      19. The articles written by the  Associate Press (AP) about 200 million true believers weren’t lifted up to heaven on Saturday and were disappointed.

         That is a BIG LIE.

      20. 200 million true believers weren’t lifted up to heaven on Saturday and were disappointed.

        That is a BIG LIE, that would mean all the adults in the U.S. or 2/3 of the population not including the children and the disabled. Did they talk to you? They did not talk to me or anybody else I know, what a lie

        Camping was trying to persuade you that his prediction was God’s work from the bible, and that the media was leading you to believe he is a prophet.  This is another lie. 

        Any disaster that happens can be explained by science, don’t believe in propaganda.


      21. the group is “disappointed” that 200 million true believers weren’t lifted up to heaven on Saturday while everyone else suffered and eventually died as a series of earthquakes and famine destroyed the Earth.
        Interesting spin! Let’s just imagine for a minute if you will that Harold got it right…ignore for a moment all the arguments that comment invokes. The secular world is trying to paint Christians who have faith in Jesus and God’s word as being true as bad and mean…like we want to see people suffer and perish…what typical BS worldly spin. When it happens who’s fault will it be that some perish both in this physical life and again in the spiritual life….no ones’ fault but each individual what happens to them…..that really brings gnashing of teeth to mind and clarity

      22. I’m OK with the outcome.

      23. Comments….. “Interesting spin! Let’s just imagine for a minute if you will that Harold got it right…ignore for a moment all the arguments that comment invokes. The secular world is trying to paint Christians who have faith in Jesus and God’s word as being true as bad and mean…like we want to see people suffer and perish…what typical BS worldly spin. When it happens who’s fault will it be that some perish both in this physical life and again in the spiritual life….no ones’ fault but each individual what happens to them…..that really brings gnashing of teeth to mind and clarity”
        For the present moment how about we say you are a moron sheeple. Following Williy Nilly a soothsayer saying “The world is nigh.”  People like you is what brings thinking people to the conclusion that you doomsayers are truly wackos.  My mind is of clarity, forethought and of sound mind.

      24. Thank you Goldenfoxx, I hope someday you see the truth and are set free to know God vs continuing your life in your current state and then spending eternity in hell. Mans wisdom…what an joke that’s going to turn out to be. Ahhhh the foolishness of God vs mans wisdom.
        “For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength.”  (1 Corinthians 1:25, NIV)
        Sir your mind is twisted with yourself and that which twisted you.
        Hey SMOKEOKE…would this be vitriol in your opinion?

        John  15:20 Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also.


      25.    Beware of prophets seeking profit. 

           This guy is like all the Muslim leaders who tell the young and stupid of the 72 virgins and other delights they will receive as maryters. I suspect that when someone asks “If it is so great, why haven’t you done it?” that person gets a bullet in the head.

           I have heard that the Israelis have found evidence of remote detonators in the aftermath of suicide bombings. These people are on suicide missions whether they know it or not.

           I cannot recall any group that resorted to suicide missions that ever prevailed. Maybe someone else knows of a case where this tactic ultimately turned the tide of a conflict.

        • ironic then, isn’t it that the first people to use suicide strategically suicide come from the israeli tradition.

      26. It is estimated that Camping and Family Radio (FR) made much more than $25 million. CNN Money stated that FR received approximately $80 million in donations between ’05-’09 with peaks as high as $18 million per annual.
        FR also requested a four month extension to file their nonprofit paperwork in November. It is beginning to seem more and more like FR didn’t expect the world to end on May 22.

      27. All Christians are loonies. Nutters. Think about what they believe!
        Christians believe that a magical man, who is his own father, got born on earth so that he could atone for a curse the he himself put on mankind, a curse derived from a human eating a magical fruit from a magical tree, the result of following the instructions of an enchanted, talking snake. A snake that the magical man made in the first place.

        They believe that if they worship this magical man they can be forgiven the curse and will get to live in a magical fairyland after they die.

        They get this plan of action from an old book of stories of rape, violence and horrible things written by more than two dozen people over three hundred years, based on the folk tales and legends collected from many violently disagreeing desert tribes.

        They know the book is true because inside the book, the book itself says that the book is true.

        This is insanity, defined.

        • Amen and amen

      28. false prophet,, rumors of war…war quakes and other strong natural storms..etc..

        maybe its just the beginning of the end?..for some

      29. for some people on this earth…it was the end
        and for the rest of us, were still here suffering with the stupidity that is government

      30. Just another false profiteer claiming to “know the day and hour”.You betcha on that one,Jim Bob.The “broad path leading to destruction” is getting a little full as of late.The child-humping so-called Catholicism church and it’s clergy of perverts who burned those who disagreed was (and still is)such a FINE religion…Remember “Bloody Mary”?
        I REALLY doubt that number of 200 million has ANY basis in fact(except in the same mind what claimed to know the date).Will the end of man’s sinful world rule come to an end?Yep,and about time I’ll wager.ONLY when God himself decides and only then.Meantime,living by the “Golden Rule” applies even more today than when it was first written.Studying the scriptures and applying the wisdom there can’t hurt fact unless you’re a scam artist “anointment preacher” with “special knowledge” of times and dates no-one else can be hurt by what you learned.Moving along…..
        Best to All,

      31. Just don’t let people get in the way of you making it to heaven.  Jesus is the only way (John 14:6).  One day He is coming back.  It’s true whether we choose to believe the Bible or not.  Heaven and hell are both very real.  We need to keep our focus on Jesus and don’t let anyone lead you down the wrong path.  If it doesn’t agree with the Word, then it isn’t true.  The Bible is clear that no one knows when he is coming.  It will happen in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.  Our job is to be ready.
        The difference between us and the monkeys is simple.  God created people in His image and breathed the breath of life into us.  He loves us so much He sent Jesus to die for us – for you.  Will you let Him love you?

      32. Pack of idiots.

      33. All this talk of the end of the world this year is nonsense.. Everyone knows it’s ending next year in 2012..

      34. I’m more concerned about October 26th, 2011.  That’s the day that
        Comet C2010X1 (Elenin) will SUPPOSEDLY pass quietly in front of the
        earth about 33 million miles away (still between Earth and Sun).  For
        the Big Shots to figure all this out, they have to know EXACTLY how
        fast this thing is going, how big it is, what things along it’s path it
        might hit to deflect it, etc.  I’d say, right now, NO ONE can say the
        this thing WILL NOT hit the planet.  It’s WAY to close to call.  Even if
        it does pass directly in front of us, as we fly along through space, we
        will most likely encounter some part of it’s LOOOOONG tail, which may
        be loaded with debris, like big rocks, poison gases, who knows?  It’s
        possible this thing might ‘break up’ as it comes around the sun, and
        then several chunks can smack the earth.  Google sky is blacked out,
        do some research!  You will find that there is some BIG mystery
        surrounding this,  and I gotta tell you, it’s starting to keep me up at
        night.  Buy Guns, lead, Food, prepare a shelter….it may pass, a
        shelter may not help if it hits, but MAYBE you’ll stand a chance.

      35. Really shows you how weak we are spiritually as human beings. so desperate to know where you came from, why your here and where you’ll be going when it’s over. Sad thing is there are tons of these false prophets the world over.

      36. Comments….. This is worth repeating:
        I’ll go one farther, the whole thing is a fraud!
        There is no hell, no heaven, we’re just advanced primates that wear clothing and can barely get a man on the moon & back.
        We socialize like them, we mate like them, we fight, we defecate, we envy, we die, we rot & stink like them.
        We also share 98% of the genes of chimpanzees.
        Get over yourselves, we ‘aint nuthin but biological organisms with a short lifespan.,

      37. I’ll bet you’ll do anything for a banana.

      38. Dave, you were right when you said:

        “I’ll go one farther…” You did. His kookisms are only slightly less obvious then yours. First, you likewise have no trouble speaking of things you cannot know or are uncertain of. Then, you preach to us the religion of your teachers (evolution); all the while the fear of an end similar to them (Chimps) reeks in your every word.


        Do you honestly believe that the Catholic church is necessary to establish the Word of God? Answer these questions (feel free to ask your church leaders): When Jesus broke the bread at the Last Supper, which one was the body of Christ: the hands that broke it or the bread in the hands? Was the bread another Christ? How was the Sacrifice of the Mass (that the Catholic Church believes He was instituting), sufficient prior to His actual death? If the bread was “miraculously” but really his body (and was broken in a sacrifice to God), then why was it necessary for Him to actually die; couldn’t He just have just continued breaking bread? “And almost all things, according to the law, are cleansed with blood: and without shedding of blood there is no remission.” Hebrews 9:22 Douay-Rheims Bible (Catholic Version) You need to begin examining what you are being told, because you will face God alone.

      39. I am a Christian. I know that even Jesus Christ that He Himself didn’t know neither the time nor the date. Our nation needs to be obedient to God and to love our neighbor. It is that simple. When God calls us home then that it is His decision not ours.

      40. Harold Camping was duped into making his prediction by the Jesuit inspired prophetic interpretive model known as Futurism (Rapture theory) It was developed by the Jesuits during the time of counter Reformation period of history in the 16th century to deflect the heat away from the Papacy as the Antichrist.  Protestant Reformers were thundering their message at the Pope of Rome as fulfilling prophetic passages of the Bible that ID’d the Antichrist as identified in II Thessalonians, and in the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation.
        The Protestants were used a long view of history and prophecy as wise known as Historicists.  They took a long view of history past, present, and compared that information to Scripture to ID the Antichrist.  And the Papacy with its long history of exalting it self with pompous claims  such as Pontifex Maximus and its persecution of hundreds of thousands of professed Christians was by every Reformer from Wycliff to Spurgeon (500 years) labeled the Antichrist.

      41. This “Camping Drama” is a continuing massive Psy Ops experiment formulated (as a distraction event) by those who own MSM; Zionist Jews.

        “Ignorant, superstitious Christian minds easy to manipulate based on the Christian’s self destructive belief system.”

        Recently, an anonymous person claiming to be a covert agent within the US intelligence community posted an article online called Psychological Operations Is My Specialty. He said:
        PsyOps have evolved to the point, thanks to the all pervasive mass media, where we can make you believe, or at least passively accept, whatever we want you to. I secretly worked with the world’s most powerful media companies to get you to believe what “they” want you to believe. The media is the most efficient weapon of tyranny and oppression ever created. No need to physically control populations anymore when you can do it mentally – program it in, internalize the rules.”

        “Christianity is the most basic Zionist Jewish mind control and behavior modification program of all time.”

      42. You need to eat a Hebrew National hot dog also.

      43. This is outrageous.

        Mr Camping, decide please. We have jobs to do, cows to milk, and wives to  ……
        We cannot live like that anymore. Verify with your sources, and notify us about the exact date and time.
        Back in 1994 i lost a football match, last Sunday we postponed the barbeque and we ate beans.
        This October, i’m invited to attend Mrs Merckel’s October-fest in Munich. All Greeks are VIP guests.
        Mr Mac Slavo has my e-mail, so please send more details asap.
        I promise you, we Greeks will do as you say.

        Mr Manos, Crete, Greece.

      44. ImaChristian – Right ON and I’d like to add my two cents! I am not the most “religious” person, but I am sick and tired of these athiests and God haters constantly trying to provoke. Whats really funny is a lot of athiests consider themselves “free thinkers”, yet they are not open (or humble) enough to consider a being or creator higher than themselves! And yet, they call Christians “arrogant”…..Bunch of two-faced losers.

        There. I said it. And I’ll say one more thing: “Christian does not mean “doormat”!

        If you don’t believe – thats fine. Most of us won’t go shoving our beliefs down anyones throat – come to think of it, neither did Jesus. So stop the sniping and live and let live, athiests!

        • Agreed. You and yours go and do your thing, preferably quietly. Leave us to here to deify the INVISIBLE PINK UNICORN in peace. Hallowed be her name.

      45. These religious people(kook) are a hoot, they never got anything right and they never will, religion is a method of control, nothing more, and you kooks are keeping this country from making a comeback by your sheepish views and brainwashing that is working on 80percent of this country.

      46. Goldenfoxx, you are not humble and neither am I.  Blow me.

      47. Oddquestioner:

        Interesting that you would attempt to wrap things up so tidily with this comment: 
        “Long story short, Catholicism adheres to the word of God, not use it as something to hammer into political or ideological shape. Once it was collected and written down, that was it (this is why Bibles in languages other than Latin were originally banned for so long after the printing press was invented – they didn’t want the words polluted or muddied by translation).

        Hmmm…So I guess the Protestent Reformation/Great Schism never happened?  As you might recall, Martin Luther removed 7 books from the then, “collected and written down and that was it” Bible.  In fact, he was trying to remove 9 of the books (went after Hebrews & James: called James an “Epistle of straw.”), but the other reformers/shismists strongly advised him to leave those books intact. 

        So…Now we have a Billion or Catholics whose Bible contains the original 73 books and nearly a Billion Protestants whose Bible contains only 66.  (There are many thoughtful and intellectual writings on this subject, but here’s a quick overview of what happened in the 16th century when one man “interprepted” what he thought was the inspired writings of God…)  

        If you knew all of this history, then I am surprised by your contradictory summation of “Once it was collected and written down, that was it.”  If you weren’t previously aware of this HUGE schism in the Christian faith, I am equally surprised at how authoritatively you summized the same…

        In any event, you should be more careful before posting inaccurate information in public forums…Especially when it relates to the Word of God.
        My best,

      48. Comments…..Wrong date again? Now its October! It was learned last week that Camper’s aide told of how he (Camper) got up one mourning and stuck a suppository in his ear and his hearing aide up his arse. Everytime somebody spoke to him he’d lift his leg and say, Huh”?

      49. 2Peter 3:3-17
        3 Above all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires. 4 They will say, “Where is this ‘coming’ he promised? Ever since our ancestors died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation.” 5 But they deliberately forget that long ago by God’s word the heavens came into being and the earth was formed out of water and by water. 6 By these waters also the world of that time was deluged and destroyed. 7 By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly.
        8 But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. 9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.
        10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.[a]
        11 Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives 12 as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.[b] That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat. 13 But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.
        14 So then, dear friends, since you are looking forward to this, make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with him. 15 Bear in mind that our Lord’s patience means salvation, just as our dear brother Paul also wrote you with the wisdom that God gave him. 16 He writes the same way in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction.
        17 Therefore, dear friends, since you have been forewarned, be on your guard so that you may not be carried away by the error of the lawless and fall from your secure position. 18 But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.

      50. Max Hardwood…don’t forget Honda and 2005 YU55, both those two are coming as well at the SAME TIME!
        I find the JPL site to be the best, assuming N(ever) A  S(triaght) A(nswer) is not manipulating things

      51. @ Imachristian and nonjobuziness

        same troll, but clearly a reflection of the self righteous, holier than thou, all pervasive, egotistical attitude that overshadows the minds ability to think for itself.

        Why would anybody, in their right mind, think that because they don’t buy in to the middleman, e.g. priest, minister, Jesus, to get to God, that they are an atheist? You represent everything that has gone wrong with religion. You want to believe that to have any connection to God there has to be a go-between. It’s a perfect example of how you give your inner power away to someone who you believe is more qualified than you, because you aren’t very well grounded in your own Self. You are full of guilt and shame and “sin” so you look to someone else to rid you of your issues. You avoid taking responsibility for who and what you are. If for some reason your middle man were to show you the “light” you would be terrified of what you would see and most definitely turn on them.

        If the Jesus Consciousness in human form were to come back to purge this world of evil doers, you and your kind would be the first to go (which is happening anyway). However, and unfortunately, if the Jesus Consciousness in human form were to return, the Christians would be the first to try and crucify him/her out of fear of parting with their egos and inner demons (that possess their minds).

        It just so happens that God, the Creative Intelligence, the Source at the basis where all life manifests from, gives everyone easy access to ItSelf, without the necessity for some person needing a special pass, purchased from some supposedly “authorized” and all knowing guard at the doorway. God gives everyone the opportunity to experience that Oneness, the Unity of What God is. No Bull Shit, a direct line to the Source.

        Their are millions who see through the vail of ignorance created by religions, and choose the Direct Connection, the only true way to circumvent biblical theory, and experience God in person. I suspect that route might be a bit scary for those insecure with themselves and need some “daddy” to hold their hand.

        Nobody said life in ignorance would be comfortable.  

        God helps those who help themSelves. 

        Truth alone Triumphs!

      52. Harry Bawls

        Goldenfoxx, you are not humble and neither am I.  Blow me.
        Blow yourself and blow the preacher while you’re at it.

      53. I think I’m in love.  IMHO

      54. To EuroAmerican at 12:24pm…

        An interesting, yet troubled rant by you above.  

        Clearly, you don’t purport to be a Christian…In fact, it looks as if you hold true to no rknown eligious Dogmas…Just you and God.  Right? 

        How many are in your clan?  What book/set of guidelines do you hold as sacred to help form your moral/ethical fiber?  On whose authority can you make these claims?  God’s?  Where/how/when/to whom did he say so??  

        Sorry EuroAmerican, your attempt to “strip it all down” to just a rosy “God & Me” doesn’t fly, as you have no basis of authority to share that “religion” as the proper one.  

        Don’t you find it funny how you stand up on an anti-religion soapbox all the while barking your own form of religion from the pulpit?  The only difference between the Catholic faith and your own is Jesus handed Peter the Keys to the Kingdom who in turn handed them down 265 times keeping intact the One, True Apostolic lineage as a basis for authority…and your religion is simply You telling anyone who will listen that they don’t need Jesus as an intermediary to atone for our sins, but rather just pick up the cell phone and dial G-O-D.  

        Since you’ve shared the foundational truths of your religion, don’t you think it should have a name?  

        I vote for: GODandMEism.  What say you?

      55. @yourdaddy: It’s the best I could do in order to explain it with brevity.

        The somewhat longer story is a bit more complex, but it basically boils down to early church fathers scouring the Mediterranean for texts and copied accounts from surviving disciples and early scribes. Then they had to weed out the obvious fakes, the versions that took more than a few liberties (and tended to stand way the heck out from what the rest said), and do all of this centuries after most of these writings were written down.

        Not an easy task.

        Many of the books/Gospels in the NT were widely recognized to be authoritative – those were the easy parts. The hard part was sorting the real letters (from Paul, Timothy, John, etc) from the fakes. The only book in the NT that one wonders at is Revelations. I’m assuming it got included because it was/is likely the only known account of a known early Christian that details what he saw as fulfillment of Christ’s final return.

        The OT books were already written by (and were already well-known in) the Jewish community, both with the Torah (the first five books of Moses), and beyond. Adding the Torah was the easy part. The hard part was picking which ones would both describe Judaic tradition, detail the important doings and happenings of man and God, encapsulate the beauty of the shared Abrahamistic/Judaic tradition, and all at the same time follow the lineage of Jesus from Adam -> Moses -> David -> etc. 

        Note that in all of this, the Council of Nicaea did *not* make up anything from whole cloth (or even part cloth). They had to deal with works that already existed, translate them into Latin (from Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, etc), and present it as an an authoritative tome. 

        Of course there were bits that were tossed out. You can read them now. Having read through a lot of the Apocrypha (those writings which were not included), it’s fairly easy to spot the obvious inventions, fakes, and things which quite literally do not fit in at all with what Christ would have said or done – some of them would have been outright  blasphemous.

        Funny thing is, even Judaism has/had this problem (see also a chick named “Lilith” for a start), in spite of strict controls over how scripts are copied, and near-unbreakable rules over what is and is not accepted as Judaic liturgical text.  

        See? told you it would take time to explain it properly 🙂

        The protestant reformation was, IMHO, actually needed at the time, given the corruption that was blatantly taking place. Problem is, Luther decided that while he was at it, he’d make a few additional changes along the way (including removing books from the bible…) After that, it was a free-for-all.

        The Great Schism was an argument over who got to be Pope. (see for yourself: ) It also has bupkis to do with the way the church is ordered, since even during the Schism, *both* popes adhered to the same rites, the same canon law, etc. There was no real theological disagreement (that is, it was purely political). 

        Notice how nobody here is saying that the Vatican, Holy See, or Pope is perfect. History has plenty of examples showing otherwise. Oh, and before anyone brings it up, I need to put a myth out of its misery here:  It is a (very) common misconception that Catholicism means that you somehow have to think that all popes were perfect beings and everything they said was somehow unbreakable law (err, no, they’re not – in both cases). However, the concept of Papal infallibility only hinges on proclamations and decisions concerning theological questions and matters of dogma that are not otherwise already covered by the Bible, and can only be invoked under *very* specific circumstances. 

        Anyrate, gonna ease off before this thing gets too long… holler if you have specific questions, though. 🙂

      56. Is it too late to put a border around Kalifornia to keep the inmates in?

      57. *facepalm*…

        …I forgot to address what you had originally asked.

        (yes, I feel way dumb. feel free to laugh.)

        In the original post, what I meant was “…and that was it” insofar as the Catholic Church was concerned. The Protestants I cannot possibly do any apologia for, since I’m not a member, nor do I adhere to any specific dogma they have which differs from my (our?) own.

      58. BJ:  Thanks, I recall Honda was mentioned somewhere but I have
        been totally fixated on Elenin. The Christians are confusing ‘GOD’
        with E.T.’s.  The ‘creation’ of humans was done by splicing our genes,
        indeed turning monkeys into man.  The evidence is available online
        for anyone who has ‘critical thinking skills’ and an hour or so to do
        research.  The ‘creator’ of the Universe, and all that is, on the other
        hand, may well have been a machine.  See: Nick Bostrom.  Yes, we
        ARE living in a computer simulation.  And from what I can tell, the
        computer has an agenda, but it’s NOT the welfare of ‘mankind’.  I
        think the computer uses the electromagnetic spectrum of color to
        monitor us, when we feel ‘blue’ (depressed) it feeds off of us, when
        we’re ‘happy’ (yellow) it feeds off of us. It needs us to provide it
        with emotions, or maybe morals?  I dunno, but one thing is for sure:
        the old guy with the beard on the throne in the sky is gonna get
        smacked by Santa Claus next Christmas, provided our planet is in
        any condition to celebrate it!

        • regarding e.t’s

          Remember when people used to see fairies, gnomes and goblins?

          Throughout history the sightings have been consistent but the form of the entities have changed. Shapeshifters?

          Well, yes. There are two basic creations aside from Angels. Humans and Jinn (A.K.A demons)

          Unlike humans who are from clay The Jinn are creatures made from smokeless fire ( closest description). They are shapeshifters and can appear in different forms. They have free will and some are “good” whilst some are “evil”. The evil one are followers of Satan and and known as demons (like in the bible). T

          Perhaps the most famous of them is Satan himself who used to be the most knowledgable of Almighty Gods creatures, even higher in status than the Angels, until he rebelled against God’s Command.

          Much of the unexplained phenomena can be attributed to actions of these demons. Talking to dead spirits is usually actually conversing with these demons who fool people into believing that the communication is with their dearly departed. Also many new age authors who claim contact with “spirits” are usually communicating with these demons.

          Unfortunately many satanist intentionally communicate with the demons in order to further their cause in setting the stage for their messiah a.k.a The Antichrist.

      59. @ not my daddy
        “An interesting, yet troubled rant by you above.”
        Obviously troubling for you. I found it quite in line with the topic and the need of the times.
        “Clearly, you don’t purport to be a Christian…In fact, it looks as if you hold true to no rknown eligious Dogmas…Just you and God.  Right?”
        Clearly not brainwashed, into the Jewish Zionist Program, you are correct.
        Not sure what a “rknown eligious” is so I can’t answer that. Is that Hebrew?
        “How many are in your clan?”
        Hmm, do you mean, How many align themselves with my perspective? Is that what you mean? What do you mean? Do I need to be in a clan? Is that the way the game works for you? There is safety in numbers?
        “What book/set of guidelines do you hold as sacred to help form your moral/ethical fiber?”
        The Five Thousand year old Vedas
        “On whose authority can you make these claims?”
        My Direct Experience. (Really though, do I actually need some ones authority? Isn’t that your progammed/brainwashed mind/ego making that comment? As if one needs to have someone else to tell them what their experience is or should be or can be or can’t be. Isn’t that designed into your dogma, i.e. what gets your blood pressure up, as a christian?)
        What do you mean, “God’s”? Do you mean the omnipresence of Creative Intelligence that runs the show? That keeps all the Laws of Nature in perfect balance, at all times? Is that what you mean? THAT which is everywhere, always? Next to you? Next to me? Inside of me? Inside of you? As you read these lines, in both of us, simultaneously?
        “Where/how/when/to whom did he say so??”
        Say what so? You mean, so what? Do you really believe that God would not make himself available to anyone who asks for his audience? Do you think “He” is that busy not to find time to talk to you or me or anyone who truly want’s to converse with his Holiness? Why would one need to go through someone else’s (possibly distorted or perverted) perspective to connect with that Creative Intelligence. I mean, I certainly would not want you to be the mediator between me and God. You would hog the stage and wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise. Besides, I would want to experience the Truth without your eloquent Ego jamming up the circuits.
        “Sorry EuroAmerican, your attempt to “trip it all down” to just a rosy “God & Me” doesn’t fly, as you have no basis of authority to share that “religion” as the proper one.”
        Of course it doesn’t “fly” with your selfish attitude, it’s not your Experience. It’s exactly why you are a mind controlled duped Christian and I am not. I don’t need someone to give me permission to experience God Directly. I don’t need for someone to tell me what is ‘proper’ and what is not. Surely you haven’t a clue in that department. Your self serving attitude is clearly not one I would ever care to fashion a spiritual lifestyle around. You, not my daddy, have classified my beliefs as a “religion”, not me. That’s your hang up, not mine. I’m not interested in religion. It creates self righteous, arrogant, know it all people like you. You (your Ego) and religion were made for each other.
        “Don’t you find it funny how you stand up on an anti-religion soapbox all the while barking your own form of religion from the pulpit?”
        No, not my daddy, it’s you who comes to this site, always strategically positioning yourself on the pulpit, preaching your religious beliefs, worshipping yourself so eloqountly through the name you project “YOUR DADDY” Give me a break. No, give me a fucking break. I mean, Whose Daddy? Why YOUR DADDY. As if you have some great cosmically prophetic handle on the world’s family problems so you bless us with your fatherly presence.  Might you be a Catholic, a Jesuit, or maybe a Baptist? Or do you have your own personal cult, I mean clan, somewhere in the mountains, far from the hedonistic world, and heretics like me?
        “The only difference between the Catholic faith and your own is Jesus handed Peter the Keys to the Kingdom who in turn handed them down 265 times keeping intact the One, True Apostolic lineage as a basis for authority…and your religion is simply You telling anyone who will listen that they don’t need Jesus as an intermediary to atone for our sins, but rather just pick up the cell phone and dial G-O-D.”
        You still don’t get it, not your daddy, a cell phone is not needed. But maybe for you it is. However in you case, it might go something like this when you dial it…”Hello, I’m sorry, that number has been disconnected and is no longer in service. Please check the number and call you operator for further assistance.”
        Since you’ve shared the foundational truths of your religion, don’t you think it should have a name?
        I vote for: GODandMEism.  What say you?
        I really like it. That works for me. Two thumbs up! 
        It’s been a pleasure.

        • “How many are in your clan?”
          Well count me in. I number myself also as one who needs not be counted in a ‘clan’ to have personal beliefs.

          Primitive cave-dwelling tribalism is the emotion which powers the book that launched a billion murders.

      60. Camping’s church is now a non-PROPHET organization.


        Seriously, and I know many will jump on this comment, I actually felt sorry for Camping.  I never believed in his “prophecy” but Ithink he did, sincerely.  How humbling and humiliating to be proven wrong in front of the whole world.  As an empathetic person, I felt embarassed FOR him.

        As for the non-Christians, you certainly have every right to your beliefs.  The vitriolic tirades grouping every Christian in the entire world with Camping are rather simple-minded, though and the ignorance evident in those statements really undermines your credibility.  Debate 101: know something about the subject you are arguing AGAINST if you expect to look intelligent.

      61. ~~~~ GOOD OBSERVATION, DAISY ~~~

      62. “The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.”
        — George Bernard Shaw

        #1 Jesus preached to jews, not the non-jews.
        #2 The book of Acts is where the program abruptly changed.
        #3 It appears that the truly devout seem to think that god/jesus needs you to defend the religion. This implies that god/jesus is NOT omnipotent. Your posts are your testimony of such.
        #4 It appears the truly devout believe that non-belief is the same as athiesm. Athiesm is belief in non-existence of god. Non-belief is just agnosticism aka “I don’t know.”
        #5 The Judahists admit that the Torah/Pentateuch has been edited/revised, but the christians deny it.
        #6 Much of the christian dogma was an invention by Augustus of Hippo who left his wife and child to take up housekeeping with his mistress.
        #7 I am a cynic.
        #8 With all the strength of your convictions, why are you posting here? Have you no faith? Does not a sparrow fall from the air without the father’s knowledge?
        #9 I have no need of a book to worship nor do I need an intermediary.
        #10 I am ordained clergy and nobody will hire me due to my big mouth. I refuse to participate in the con. The so-called rapture of christians is a modern invention. You are responsible for your own mess. It is NOT god’s will. It is the law of causality aka cause and effect. Do the crime, do the time.
        #11 Are christians living under grace or law? The current teachings proclaim a state of grace. There are far more commandments than 10. Do you pick and choose? Yah, just as I though … hypocrits.

        “The Greatest Enemy Of Knowledge Is Not Ignorance… It Is The Illusion Of Knowledge”
        — Stephen Hawking

        It appears that the truly devout claim knowledge. Yet the bible makes it clear that nobody knows the hour or day but the father. (Mark 13:32) Why do all the tele-evangelists refuse to openly rebuke Camping? I take this as testimony on their part that it is a con-job. The bible makes it clear; 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes.

        Knowledge is testable by application. Can’t test it? Then it is philosophy. Believe what you will. Open your mouth and I have no problem pointing out your hipocracy.

        Lastly, religious beliefs are NOT required to be a moral person. Nor is there a need for compatibility of religious beliefs. I contend that those who would claim otherwise are fools and idiots. Oh that’s right. An idiot is incapable of learning. A strong belief system demands that any and all evidence that fails to support the belief is never acknowledged let alone analyzed.

      63. I just thought I’d respond to the guy that claimed that most Christians wouldn’t be trying to cram their religion down atheist’s throats and claims thats what atheists try to do to them…. Not trying to provoke a whose right battle, but pointing out a fallacy in his statement.

        I find it odd that it is stereotyped (correctly) quite often that many bible thumpers choose to go door to door in hopes of converting non believers into Christians.  Isn’t that how catholicism became such a large religion in the first place? During wars by way of force?

        I do know for one, that I’ve never had an atheist come knocking at my door trying to talk me into condemning god.  I cant say the same for the other side of the argument.

      64. Err, overtheedge? Some bits:

        #1: Actually, Jesus preached (and performed miracles for) non-Jews on multiple occasions. The Samaritan woman at the Well, The Roman soldier who asked that his servant be healed, etc.

        #2: Naturally… Acts picks up after Jesus left (what is now celebrated as Pentecost). It does describe some vital early events in the then-infant church, and begins to go towards the letters and travels of the disciples. After that, it’s letters, letters, letters… the early correspondences and revelations of the apostles (and Paul). These books provide more about dogma and interpretations by the disciples (note: not the Catholic church, but the disciples).

        #3: Apologia does four things: First, it helps clear misconceptions and rebukes the obvious trolls. Second, it helps third party readers/lurkers gain a better understanding. Third, it actually helps clarify and put into words things that one has in his/her mind, and forces the writer to do it in a way that is charitable, kind, and precise. Finally, it helps share information and insight. Overall, it helps everyone involved with an open mind actually *learn*.

        #4: Trust me – I know the diff between the agnostic and the atheist. I used to be both at various points in my younger life.

        #5: I’d love to see the evidence of these revisions. An authoritative URL would suffice. I do know that translations into various languages get revised, and even as Hebrew evolved, revisions followed to accommodate the new language changes (just like a modern English text would look radically different from an original Middle-English text). OTOH, there’s a huge difference between revision of language/translation and revision of actual content.

        #6: St. Augustine? You forget that he didn’t convert to Christianity until after he left *both* concubines (he never married formally). See for yourself (and note citations):

        #7: Me too. I can make a VAR cringe in mid-presentation, in less than twenty seconds flat. 😉 

        #8: I post for fun, and to share information on subjects both sacred and profane. Why are you posting here? 

        #9: The only intermediary I truly require is that of Christ Himself (“…no one can get to the Father but through me”, I believe the quote goes). Otherwise, Mass is a wonderful place to focus on God, and a perfect time and place to set aside all other topics and subjects so that one can freely concentrate on Him. Also, doing so in a group as opposed to solo gives good benefit – sometimes sharing and community is a good thing. I happen to happily pray alone and in a group. A good priest is a person in a wonderful role of witness, servant, and full-time devotee. It’s also a great way to serve the local community, and gain solidarity  among fellows (especially in regions where “papists” are frowned upon, and not too long ago even persecuted).

        #10: Under what authority are you ordained? Serious question.

        #11: Answer – both: Earthly law and Divine grace. As long as as one draws breath and is human, a constant state of grace is impossible. The first person to claim perfection as a human is essentially a blasphemer and a liar. 


        As for the rest? Can’t speak for the televangelists. I don’t do their gig nor follow it, nor support it. Anyone who gets in front of a camera and says (paraphrasing) ‘open your hearts and your pocketbooks, and take His hand’ is a con artist IMHO. 

        BTW – You mentioned knowledge and philosophy, but forgot faith. 🙂

        Finally, morality not based in faith is… what? IMHO, I’d say it’s arbitrary in that state. Belief based on evidence alone is too easy shifted if the evidence is doctored or falsified. See also Communism and Fascism as practiced in the 20th Century. See also what happened to prominent atheist activist Madeline O’Hair (look her up, seriously – she was killed by some of her fellows over, well, money).

        As for the incapacity for learning if one doesn’t abandon one’s faith? You’re kidding, right? That’s a pretty big logical fallacy, you know. 


      65. Here is the 7-step brainwashing process:
        1: Make all kinds of extravagant claims and promises, use ‘love’
        frequently, offer ‘forgiveness’, everlasting life, etc. (Offer them the
        sugar-coated pill, which dissolves to the bitter one once inside).
        2: Discredit the world; ‘fellowship’ required, wean yourself from
        ‘nonbelievers’, rituals, hymns, prayers, communion, encouraged
        to ‘withdraw’, ‘focus’ on god, discourage independent thinking.
        3: Logocide: killing of words-words are to mean what we SAY they
        mean, (afterlife, truth, wisdom, love) ie: ‘life=christ’, ‘wisdom=
        level of commitment to belief, ‘love’=unquestioning obedience.
        4: Relentless assault on integrity:  ‘are you being honest with
        yourself?’,  you should ‘accept’ faith, so as to deny any human
        intellectual conflicts with doctrine.
        5: Dissociation Induction: once integrity is compromised, intensify
        brain-washing-cause ‘believers’ to live in perpetual state of fear,
        all emotions frowned upon, ‘guilt’ is ok, needed for mind-control,
        guilt makes it difficult for neophyte to mobilize healthy human
        response to indoctrination, a ‘dissociated’ state of mind,  induce a
        ‘euphoric calm’, an absence of friction w/others, a ‘tepid joy’.
        6. Bridge Burning:  close off the mind completely from the
        believer’s own ‘human intelligence’, in order to ‘protect’ it from
        influences not keeping with the doctrine. Move beyond dissociation
        into psychosis, where genuine interaction between individual and
        reality is impossible since ‘real world’ is now perceived solely from
        ‘christian world view’. A psychological moat is built around believers,
        and god closes ‘other’s’ minds.
        7:  Holy Terror:  fear of punishment (see horrors in revelation)… the
        worst eventualities of the mind brought forth to keep followers ‘in line’.

      66. Okie sets new record! Offends masses of shtfplan readers in a single post!!

        @BJ- concerning your response to Goldenfoxx- No, that’s not vitriol. At least not enough to worry about! As we say when adding a few drops of kerosene to the moonshine…”it’s just a touch, for flavoring.”
        @Jennifer Reitz- imagine explaining cars, the internet and space shuttles to someone from the 1800’s. They’d think you were nutty too. The point is: just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it isn’t true. I’m perfectly at ease with your unbelief. Why does my faith get you so torqued up? You seem to be under a great deal of stress. Did hubby’s viagra prescription run out? You can get generic versions over the counter you know.
        @Goldenfoxx- you said we share 98% of the genes of apes. I belive the number is closer to 94%(but I’m too lazy to look it up, so I’ll take your word for it). We also share 90% of the genes of daffodils. Does that mean we’re all flower-children for real? I guess the hippies from the 60s were right after all!
        @overtheedge- you say you’re ordained clergy and you say that you’re a cynic and that nobody will hire you because of your big mouth. Isn’t that knida like me being a cerified welder but I refuse to use gas or electricity so nobody will hire me to weld? You quoted Stephen Hawking-“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance…it is the illusion of knowledge.” That’s true but so is this old quote (that I just made up): “The greatest enemy of faith is not doubt…it is the illusion of faith.” Do you honestly know WHAT you believe? Or do you focus most of your intellectual energy on defending, rather than defining and understanding, what you believe? Just asking.
        @EuropeanAmerican-I have a slight suspicion that you may be just a bit Hindu. If so, do you believe the spells and stuff in the atharvaveda? Do they really work? Can you teach me how to turn my landlord into a salamander or something? He gets on my nerves coming around asking for the rent. If you’re not Hindu then, judging by what you’ve written, I’d say you are a Deist. But if you prefer, GodandMeist is fine too. You can call yourself whatever you like. And, by the way, you didn’t ask me, but my blood pressure is fine, even with my kooky Christian beliefs. Thanks
        @anonymous- I love Hebrew National hot dogs! And I can’t speak a word of Hebrew…or National! But I know lots of dialects of dogs. Woof, bark, ruff etc.

      67. Oops, there’s one I forgot to offend.
        @Max Hardwood- everything you listed except for #7, is a sign of a cult. And many cults have operated under the false veil of Christianity, as well as other religions and philosophies. My version, which I call plain vanilla Christianity, is very similar to many, many denominations and none of us practice or promote the cultic things you listed. And we aint ALL fire and brimstone all the time either! My faith allows me to freely move in and out of social settings, doesn’t segregate me, invites logical inspection and stands up quite well to all the challenges thrown at it. Does that mean I’m just luke-warm as a believer? If I got real self-righteous, arrogant and smug would you then consider me a true Christian? I didn’t want to do that, but if you insist, I’ll try.

        Okay, class. Our next lesson will be bible-thumping 101… 

      68. Hiya Max!

        Nice stereotyping you got going there. 😉

        1:  Dunno about extravagant claims, since most of them require that whole death thing first. I do know that humility, service to others, kindness, and a continual process of self-improvement (both secular and spiritual) are required work while we’re here, though. 

        2: Err, what? Last I checked, I’m not required to discredit “the world”, though discrediting bad behavior and acts which harm others is encouraged. Can’t say that’s a bad thing. Also, you commit a logical paradox – in this section you say to “wean yourself from nonbelievers”, yet at the same time the core of Christianity is to help others come to Christ. Kind of hard to separate oneself from the folks you want to be spiritually with you, you know? Now, if you meant to say that one should wean oneself from certain immoral acts which non-believers happily participate in, that’s a whole different story, and perfectly true.

        3: Hard to destroy the semantics of words which have universally accepted definitions. You also completely remove context from the examples you do present. Love of God involves unquestioning obedience to Him, yes, but not unquestioning obedience to earthly authority (incl. errant clergy). Also, you insinuate that one must believe non-believers are somehow incapable of love, wisdom, etc… which is categorically not true. 

        4: If one’s integrity cannot withstand simple questioning, then one has no integrity worth speaking of. I daresay that standing up for one’s beliefs requires more integrity than simply going along with what may be considered ‘cool’ online, in a group, etc. I’m willing to wager that Christians in Iran and China have plenty of integrity, considering their respective environments. Do you assert otherwise? 

        5: Again, where is this integrity compromised? Honest request here – please define integrity for us, because I think you’re misusing the word. 

        6:  The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) would be happy to disagree with you, since most of its members/clergy are strict logicians and intellectuals, and are highly educated. You may also want to read some actual Catholic debate – start here: It’s a blog I regularly hit up *precisely* because of its intellectual content.

        7: Fear of punishment after you’re dead? If that’s the only reason one is a Christian (or Jew, or Muslim), then he or she is doing it for all the wrong reasons.

      69. Small correction: the blog URL is (drop the “S” in https… SSL cert re-workings last night screwed up my muscle memory 🙂 )

      70. If you put ketchup on your dog, Clint Eastwood will kill you.  And we can’t be friends on facebutt either.

      71. Sorry for the confusion SmokeOke, I was referring to GF’s post directed towards me as the vitriol you referenced in an earlier post. I realized after posting my post that I did arrange it in a somewhat confusing manner…again appologies

      72. I’d never put ketchup on a dog. I don’t even put a leash on my dog. He’s free as a bird, well except for the flying part, I have to help him with that.

      73. BJ- no offense taken. Plus I didn’t consider your response to GF as vitriol at all. In fact it was suspiciously Christian in tone! 🙂

      74. Hey Janelle, what’s wrong with Wolfie? I can hear him barking.
        T-1000 impersonating Okie: Wolfie’s fine, honey, Wolfie’s just fine.  Where are you?
        Sperminator:  Your foster parents are dead & Wolfie got transported up.

      75. EuroAmerican:

        Not much worthy of rebuke in your last tirade.  Seems you’ve let emotion get the best of you as to negate anything of value in your last post (5:45pm).

        Through your scattered, sarcastic and illogical post you did happen to make one thing abundantly clear…The name of your “faith system” is one that has reared it’s ugly head for a long time, and it’s known as:


        Some pull-quotes from your post where you share your self-discovery and help us uncover your belief system:

        -“it’s not your Experience (it’s mine)”
        -“do I actually need some ones authority?”
        -“As if one needs to have someone else to tell them what their
           experience is or should be or can be or can’t be.”
        -“I don’t need for someone to tell me what is ‘proper’ and what is not.”
        -“I’m not interested in religion.”

        Yep, I think we’ve got it now.  Moral Relatism 101.  A least now we can call a spade a spade.

        Thanks for sharing.

      76. SmokinOkie

        @Goldenfoxx- you said we share 98% of the genes of apes. I belive the number is closer to 94%(but I’m too lazy to look it up, so I’ll take your word for it). We also share 90% of the genes of daffodils. Does that mean we’re all flower-children for real? I guess the hippies from the 60s were right after all!
        I didn’t say that, go back and look who said it.  I drew a line like above and my answer was to the poster below the line.  I have no idea where we came from, there’s too many theories for me to say exactly where we evolved from.  I don’t believe the Genesis depiction- the talking snake and all.

      77. Goldenfoxx- yep. My mistake. You were obviously referencing Dave. Sorry about that.

      78. @ not my daddy

        I guess I hit a little too close to home for you. Sorry, but it was long overdue and you had it coming. Maybe now, when you post, you’ll practice what you preach.

        Again, sorry for exposing your dark side, but in the long run, beyond this bump in the road for you, it will naturally and automatically help you to be a better person.

        Truth alone Triumphs!

        I rest my case

      79. Comments…..Dear Fools
        WELL, sorry but that is how you have defined yourselves, not I.
        I used to believe the Bible was a fairy tale.  BUT, several years of deep historical study convinced me otherwise.
        I’ll shorten this from the thousands of words I could write, cause I am getting ready for work.
        You do realize, don’t you that just a single “supernatural” event in the history of the universe weakens your case.  You should live my life, I usually have several a year.  ONE absolutely unexplainable [by a rational man] event means there may be an unseen universe of beings with powers we can’t imagine or explain or match.
        BUT, the fact is that we are in the middle of a universal war [war in the heavens] and because of your ignorance you have fallen for the propaganda of the wrong side.
        This universal war of the heavens explains everything in life.
        The ancient stories of “gods” the war of “religion’ [your god satan vs. my God El] the nations, fairy tales, science, etc. etc.
        Truth is the universe is much more complicated and UNSEEN than what we can see.  And the antagonists in this war make us look like ants.
        The New Testament is filled with eyewitness accounts which were not at the time contested.  The NT especially The Gospels is of undoubtable origin and age and history.  Even the enemies of Jesus admitted His existence.
        “even is someone were raised from the dead they wouldn’t believe.”
        Sorry but non-believers are going to be left out.  Hell of a choice!
        Oh if you want I can explain EVERYTHING since I’ve been on both sides, in about four hours! [smiley face goes here!]
        Gotta go to work!

      80. RD  1       RD 2
        YD  9       10 = 19
        EA   8       7  = 15

      81. Hi everyone!!
        One Crooked,so called religious nut cons people saying “HE IS NEAR!” .All he wants isto get them to “give” everything they have(to him) so HE can put up some billboards and pocket the rest of their wealth.I suspect HE is “A Sign”of what may be the “last days” as defined in the Bible.I DO go “person to person” to offer the hope and faith I believe to be real.I wouldn’t for a moment try to force someone accept what I believe.”faith is not a possession of all people”stills holds true today.I can understand and respect why someone would chose not to believe given the above example.If some one in my faith says:”Drink this deadly lemonade cuz we say you’ll go to heaven”,my reply would be:”I get back to ya on that one”and RUN!Early Christianity was looked at as a cult by most pagans(and those who were Godless back then) and non-believing Jews in the beginning….lest we forget.I just hope in the Kingdom as promised by J.C. and the Earth returned to a paradise as asked for in the “Lord’s Prayer”.I hope it comes soon.Things are getting rather dicey around here.Even Planet X is coming around again(or so it’s been said).
        Stay safe and warm everyone and keep the G.O.D. bags nearby.
        Best to All

      82. Carpetbagger: “Say, you’re an Indian aren’t you? You speak any English?”
        Lone Watie: (Nods)
        Carpetbagger: (Indicates tonic) “Well, sir, this is the very best thing for those who can’t handle their liquor!”
        Lone Watie: “What’s in it?”
        Carpetbagger: “I don’t know. Various things. I’m only the salesmen.”
        Lone Watie: “You drink it.”
        Carpetbagger: “What’s that?”
        Lone Watie: “You drink it.”
        Carpetbagger: (Taken back turns to the crowd) “What can you expect from a non-believer?”

      83. Carpetbagger(goldenfox): “Say, you’re an Okie aren’t you? You speak any English?”
        Lone Watie (Okie): (Nods)
        Carpetbagger(goldenfox): (Indicates tonic) “Well, sir, this is the very best thing for those who can’t handle their liquor!”
        Lone Watie(Okie): “What’s in it?”
        Carpetbagger(goldenfox): “I don’t know. Various things. I’m only the salesmen.”
        Lone Watie(Okie): “You drink it.”
        Carpetbagger(goldenfox): “What’s that?”
        Lone Watie(Okie): “You drink it.”
        Carpetbagger(goldenfox): (Taken back turns to the crowd) “What can you expect from a believer?”

      84. Oprah moved me to tears yesterday. She’s starting to look more and more like Darth Vader from the Planet of the Apes. Laura Ingraham is a hottie, but very bossy. I like that. Barney rides the rainbows? Is that some new pinkie code…. for Freddy & Fanny?

      85. did he not understand when God said it plain and clear that no one will know the day or hour! i mean come on1…he was getting a little too smart for his own good.

      86. lol Twitter has got to be killing other social sites

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