Post-COVID Society: Americans Might Be DONE Taking Orders

by | Jul 7, 2020 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    Americans are losing patience with the lies, propaganda, and destruction of their livelihoods since following the orders of the totalitarian government.  It looks like the government has overplayed its hand, and Americans are done obeying the ruling class.

    Have Americans finally reached their breaking point? Do they actually desire freedom over the false sense of security being promised by the government?  Maybe. It appears that a good number are simply unwilling to comply with orders anymore.

    On June 19, the mayor of Cottonwood, Arizona, unilaterally ordered city residents to wear face masks in public places. A week later, my family went downtown to grab some lunch at a favorite barbecue joint. The proclamation might as well have never been issued; we were among the very few people wearing masks on the street or in the stores. –Reason

    Compliance with orders from on-high is losing popularity rapidly across the country. More and more Americans are simply disobeying the commands in favor of living a life of freedom. One of the COVID-19 pandemic’s legacies may very well be an overwhelming public fatigue with being told what to do.

    Honestly, I tired of the rhetoric and commands early on when businesses began to shut down after being told to. All governments refuse to ask if the public even needs to be bossed around, but ordering the slaves to comply is what they do best. And they’re finally getting a lot of pushback.

    Even at the beginning of the pandemic, when fear and uncertainty were at their height, many Americans worried that they would lose more to economic stagnation and social isolation than they gained from society-wide lockdowns. Closing businesses and banning gatherings might slow the spread of disease, but it also chokes off commerce, kills jobs, and sends people to the brink of despair.

    “Frustrated small-business owners have turned to heavily armed, militia-style protesters … to serve as reopening security squads” to deter government officials from enforcing closure orders, The New York Timesreported in mid-May. Disobedience morphed into open rebellion as people chafed against draconian commands and the resulting dwindling bank accounts.

    It isn’t only a matter of dollars and cents, either. In New York City, parents sick of confinement at home and unable to legally let their children blow off steam in playgrounds “cut the locks and chains on gates that had kept them closed for months,” according to the New York Daily News. –Reason

    Civil disobedience is the only option left for those who want to live freely.  Petitions don’t work because the government doesn’t care. Protests don’t work because the government doesn’t care. Free people don’t ask permission anyway, they just live free.

    Civil Disobedience Is Here: People All Over Are Getting Off Their Knees & Disobeying Tyrants

    Granted, there are still a number of good slaves out there ready to obey, comply, and bow down to the incoming New World Order, the one world currency, and the one-world religion. But for many, it’s already gone too far, and they’ve said: “enough is enough.”

    We don’t need governments’ permission to be free, and it’s about time people begin to realize that. Americans’ unwillingness to be governed any further by officials who responded to the pandemic with a series of botched policy initiativespersonal exemptions, and seemingly arbitrary commands to the public is understandable. Why would you take orders from people who seem to have no idea what they’re doing and clearly don’t intend to follow the rules themselves?

    No one owns you, including the government of the United States. You own yourself, and with that, the responsibility of acting in your own free will, and not be at the whims of a ruling class. Your rights were given to you by the Creator and cannot be taken no matter what is voted for and no matter who writes a law otherwise. It’s good to see Americans finally realizing this.



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      1. Amen brother!! Speak the truth!! I loved reading your words. I couldn’t agree more with what you said.

      2. What I have witnessed currently taking place is an illegal CIA operation, which I happen to be a victim of, very similar to Nelson Rockefeller’s illegal spying and CIA infiltration into anti-war groups and illegal spying on 300,000 Americans, the Pentagon Papers and Daniel Ellsberg, and the Church Committee. Not sure what it is about the number 300,000 that the deep-state is so evidently fascinated with, with the 300,000 in the Panama Papers, and 300,000 with illegal surgical implantation of micro-chips, RFIDs, or sensors shown here:

        You will be able to identify those deep-fakes because they are ANTI-WAR, but are
        CORONAVIRUS CONSPIRATORS, because as we now have been told by them through their actions, but not through their words, EVERYONE IS THE ENEMY! Some may be calling for racial wars, or political civil wars. Their common characteristic is a disdain for harmony, liberty, justice, and an economy and system which would elevate the masses, which they have demonstrated through their actions, although their words say the opposite, because they have been trained to lie, according to their own admissions.

        I guess that you really can’t teach old dogs new tricks if the old dogs happen to be from the CIA.

        Andrea Iravani

      3. I fail to see the connection of a one world government, currency and the like with keeping your exhaled water droplets to yourself as much as reasonably possible. Regarding a mask, “Just because you have the right to do it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do”. Not wearing one says, “I don’t give a crap about you because it’s all about me”. That is a very millennial, “Me Me Me”, thought process. From Naples through Fort Myers there are only 8 ICU beds open right now.

        • You’re parroting the same tired BS tripe. If you’re afraid of the ‘virus’ then stay home and leave the rest of us alone. Freedom from oppression from Slaves like you has nothing to do with a “me first” mentality. GFY! SLAVE!

          • Interestingly my two physicians, cardiologist and family practice and my wife’s, pulmonary and family practice (separate from mine) along with our dentist MD (oral surgeon) all agree with mask wearing and distancing as much as practical / possible. I think I’ll follow their advice as opposed to yours. I am leaving you alone as I avoid groups of people especially W/O PPE like (no pun intended) the plague that even Sir Issac Neuton knew to social distance himself from.

            Oppression for deciding to wear a face mask to inhibit your liquid droplets from spreading to others in these times? OBTW my father died of COVID-19 as he was the 1st of 7 who dies out of of 21 (at that time) exposed by staff with no PPE. That for the mathematically challenged is 1/3 or 33%. This was in a 3 week period. No doubt it was more since.

            Good luck to your aged and those with diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary issues you come in contact with.

            May I say your articulation of the English language (GFY) is indicative of your cognitive reasoning abilities.

          • To further your command of the English language:

            Prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control:

            The showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behavior toward others:

        • WOW. YOU have certainly taken a FAR left turn somewhere. Fuck your masks, fuck your stay at home tyrannical orders, and fuck your fascist liberal bullshit. The ICU units are filling back up because people are FINALLY allowed to go back to the hospitals. The death rate has DROPPED 93%, and keeps dropping. People like you are the problem. If you really are Kevin2, which I suspect you aren’t, you need a lobotomy.

          • I’m him. If I need a lobotomy so do the physicians the wife and I have and come to think of it two nieces, one an ER Nurse (bless her) the other a Nurse Practitioner. They all agree 100% that if you have co-morbidities such as but not limited to diabetes, arterial hardening, above 65, pulmonary impairment COVID-19 mortality rate is high: That is us. Liquid droplets expended talking, coughing and sneezing do spread COVID-19; it’s the most efficient method of transmission which is why hospital staffs are so cautious. It’s not show, it’s survival. Wearing a mask isn’t tyranny, it’s courtesy.

            I’ll go out on a limb and assume that you didn’t go to medical school. I’m supposed to listen to you and not the aforementioned above? As my deceased father used to say, “You always listen to people that know more than you”. It’s too bad that we thought that he was buttoned up like Fort Knox in the assisted care facility he was in. We were prevented seeing him, ostensibly for his safety but the staff did not use PPE (this was in early April). I’ll give you three guesses how COVID-19 entered that facility and the first two don’t count. Seven out of twenty-one in three weeks. Do the math.

          • I never advocated lock downs or forced masked wearing from government, but it is common courtesy for people to keep as much of their expelled liquid to themselves as realistically possible for now. This COVID-19 bounces off the young and healthy. Thats great if you’re young and healthy. Mask wearing, a minor inconvenience for them is life threatening for others. This is likely the definitive example of the application of courtesy in practice. Hold the door for someones grandmother, then sneezing in front of them is hypocrisy. I agree, people have a right not to wear a mask, however it’s not right thing to do.

            “The death rate has DROPPED 93%”

            More people that are young and otherwise healthy are getting infected and have no issues HOWEVER (one more time) the people with co-morbidities, diabetes, heart, pulmonary, overweight, older have a high (19.5%) fatality rate. Simply put COVID-19 is a nuisance for some and life threatening for others.

      4. boss came out of office and said gotta wear the mask. he said someone complained. he could just be saying someone complained. the rona isnt going away. it needs to live if mandatory vaccinations are in their plan. we all know it is. dont take a genius see where this is going.

        • I have no faith in a viable (and safe) vaccine however I have a lot of faith in future developments in more effective treatments post exposure. AIDS (still no vaccine) was a death sentence in the mid 1980s, now people live with it for decades. With COVID-19 it’s doubtful that the majority will completely avoid exposure as more are infected; PPE limits but is not is not 100% as even the short supply N95 masks reduce inhaled exposure (if property worn) by 95%. You can limit your chances to make it more likely you get it later rather than sooner. The medical profession can learn from the preceding to more effectively treat it thus possibly saving your life if you in the high risk groups. You don’t want to be at the head of the line with this.

      5. Article Located at: thesmokinggun dot com
        Article title: ” Trump-Loving California Couple Charged With Hate Crime For Brazen Vandalism Of Black Lives Matter Mural”
        What do you think? Is this situation real or a setup by media? Looks to be set up? But I am suspicious of most anything from any media. Lieing is what they do.

        Here is actual video.
        Location: YouTube dot com
        Video Title: “Trump Supporters Deface Black Lives Matter Mural in Martinez CA”

        As always the media/press lies. It was not a “mural”. In reality some blm poser protestor vandals put yellow paint lettering on a public road. Same sort of vandals that deface, destroy, put our nations historical monuments into bodies of water. While Police do Nothing. While Politicians do Nothing to stop criminals vandalizing, rioting, looting, burning, murdering.

        The rioters have actually murdered children in Atlanta. Nothing is done, The protected class takes over city blocks of an American city. It is allowed by Seattle commie politicians.

        The yellow lettering was grafitti. It needed covering. I also cover graffitti in my area when “taggers” paint up things.

        But Police have time to arrest a couple of kooks for painting the street black as it should be. I thought black mattered?
        They charged them with a “hate” crime. Insane.

        too angry to write with civility

      6. Arizona is a red state whereas the blue states are a cult attempting to sabotage the 2020 elections. They are rabid and have unit integrity. They are not all stupid.

      7. Yes, you have the freedom to do anything you want. But, you also have the right to die because of your ignorance. Good Luck

        • If I were driving by the couple covering the grafiti. I’d have No problem offering security for them. So as they could return the street to it’s intended state. Roads are for driving on. Not protesting-standing-gathering-or grafiti writing.

          A mural is a work of art. Yellow lettering unauthorized by DOT is grafiti and vandalism. Roads should be black unless a yellow/white line for lane seperation. Grafiti on road way could confuse and cause accidents. The politicians have tried to murder elderly, but some elderly managed to escape the politicians genocide “stay in place”, family “not allowed” to move the elderly to safety policies. Some elderly survived and dive.

          The judges in USSA seem to be mostly communist AntiAmericans now.
          They are drunk with power. Do not have any fairness or common sense. Tyrants. Go watch the video of the judges words to Dallas lady Hairdresser that defied AntiAmerican AntiConstition “orders” to starve her children and become homeless. God Blessed her. So did her fund me page with over $500,000. So obviously someone agrees that a lady has the God given RIGHT to provide for her children.

          Stand up to Evil:
          Remove the AntiAmerican Communist judges from office.
          Remove Politicians from office. ALL of them.
          Take over the education system that has become a Communist brainwasing AntiAmerican cabal.
          China CCP has field offices on American Universities.

          Stop the Media. Turn off the TV. Return your cable box. Tell them you do not allow AntiAmerican propaganda broadcast to your family.

      8. “Your rights were given to you by the Creator…”
        “Why would you take orders from people who seem to have no idea what they’re doing and clearly don’t intend to follow the rules themselves?”

        Reminiscing of Zardoz and the Wizard of Oz, you can show the most deluded, superstitious collaborators videos, which they can’t explain — only, the first 1 or 2 minutes of the video.

        It would be instructional (for some of us) if you showed closed captions and a face with microexpressions. Before 5 factoids can sink in, they are visibly going into a trancelike state and experiencing derealization and sometimes blissing-out completely. Thinking themselves off, in an act of self-hypnosis.

        They will start to enter a trance and experience derealization.

        When you see the green curtain unfurling, they see the heavens roll up as a scroll.

        When you see the huckster from Kansas, operating the levers, they feel as though it is forbidden to look directly at God.

        Imho, there is no such thing as abreactive therapy.

        A Fugue State or Year Zero begins, after the breaking point.

      9. I refuse to comply with the stupidity

      10. One thing to watch out for is the scam of using all the phony COVID funny money to, rather than hire back all the white middle class people who had their jobs furloughed and businesses shut down, to hire the endless flood of third world migrants. Just watch the TV and you will see nothing but Muslim women in hijabs and blacks complaining about the ‘ Rona demanding to be given government guaranteed jobs.

        Remember this is all borrowed money that will be taxed back from anyone who has a home, some savings in the bank. You will be press ganged into paying for the hiring of people who are not even American while you, or your family members, will be told to stay home, not work and cough up extra tax in a year’s time. Don’t do it. The best thing you can do is to unplug, only buy from citizens, don’t go to their restaurants, their stores.

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