Portugal Wildfires: Tourists Evacuated As Fires Cause Major Devastation

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 13 comments

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    The MacDonald Monchique Resort and Spa, near to the town of Monchique, was evacuated in the early hours of yesterday morning when the fires started to become dangerously close to the resort. The five-star hotel on Portugal’s Algarve coast is threatened by the ongoing wildfires caused by the extreme heatwave in the south of Europe.

    The MacDonald Monchique Resort and Spa is often frequented by British tourists on vacation. More than 100 people were evacuated from villages near Monchique, in Faro district, on Saturday as two blazes raged close by. According to LAD Bible, the resort is only 20 miles from the holiday “hotspot” of  Portimão. About 700 firefighters have been dispatched to battle the blaze in the 113-degree heat of summer.

    According to The Independent, nine emergency workers have been injured since the fire broke out on Friday, although none are thought to be seriously hurt. Vaz Pino, who is the commander of relief operations in Faro, told the media outlet Jornal de Notícias that residents in rural areas were being moved “long before the fire hits” and can cause any bodily harm.  “The fire continues with two active fronts, one of them totally under control and close to extinction and another which continues to burn in an area inaccessible from the ground,” he said.

    Pino added that so far, the water drops from aircraft have been ineffective at slowing the spread of the devastating wildfires. Portugal’s president, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, said on Friday that relief workers were prepared for wildfires despite the record-breaking heatwave conditions and could deploy around 11,000 firefighters if needed.

    “Fortunately in this abnormal situation we have not had many other incidents like the one in Monchique,” he told Publico. “The country has shown that everything is prepared, people have had the good sense and judgment to take precautions and to prevent fires.”


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      1. Perhaps it will burn down whoredonna’s new mansion since she turned tail and ran from the USA pouting over President Trump

        • One could only hope…

      2. Some parts of the world are on fire or having horrible droughts while the rest of the world has been receiving torrential downpours of rain. Western US has been experiencing wild fires all summer– thousands evacuating.(I think they said 240,000 so far?). Germany is on fire. Australian farmers are in a tizzy because the government won’t let them irrigate their crops because of extreme water shortages.

        In the far North, the Arctic circle has been on fire– first time Sweden ever had a heat wave!! 90 degrees!!! (Where the polar bears are!! Arctic circle!!) People are shipping water to them to help out– and to Norway, as well. Russian crop yields are down… Lets hope its not as bad as 2010 when they lost 45% of their crops because of drought and didn’t export any of their wheat and rice. Europe is experiencing drought. Basically, the bread baskets of the world have gone per-plunk!!

      3. Climate hell.

      4. Real funny video!! ; ) Go to:

        “Guy McPherson– the white stuff– video”.

      5. Web results:

        Videos for Guy McPherson– Losing The White Stuff– Youtube

        Guy McPherson – Losing the White Stuff

        Guy McPherson – Losing the White Stuff


        Guy McPherson Interview – Human Extinction Complete by 2026

        Guy McPherson Interview – Human Extinction Complete by 2026


        Indicators of Ecological Collapse – Dahr Jamail, Guy McPherson, Diane Wilson, Richard Manning

        Indicators of Ecological Collapse – Dahr Jamail, Guy McPherson, Diane Wilson, Richard Manning


        Hambone & Guy – If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the Globe

        Hambone & Guy – If We Lose the Arctic, We Lose the Globe


        See more videos for Guy McPherson– Losing The White Stuff– Youtube

      6. Crap! was trying to get the video here– “Losing the White stuff”– REAL FUNNY!!!!

      7. Web results:

        Guy McPherson – Losing the White Stuff – YouTube


        Video: Abrupt Climate Change – Conversation with Guy McPherson, interviewed by Francis Briére

      8. paulbeckwith.net:

        Abrupt climate change is hitting humanity over the head with a big mallet this summer. The root cause is Arctic warming at much faster rates than equatorial warming, and the result is a mangled jet stream.

        With a slower, wavy, fractured jet stream losing its domination of weather patterns, topography like elevation changes and land/water borders are taking over, making our global weather patterns more monsoonal-like, even in the Arctic as I describe in detail in previous videos.

        Human health, vegetation, including crops, and everything else is severely being degraded by rapid climate change, necessitating declaration of a global climate emergency with a proportionate, global response, as if our survival depends on it. Because it does.
        ———- ———-

      9. Web results:

        Paul Beckwith, Climate System Scientist | Abrupt Climate …


        Abrupt Climate Change from Arctic to Antarctic: Facts, Opinions, and Analysis


        As is well known, I am very active on Social Media. This…

      10. I have read that the “Grand Solar Minimum” is the root cause of these horrid climate disasters in Europe. They had a brutal cold winter which delayed early planting, now their crops are baking in record heat. Pray and prep in case this spreads to the USA.

      11. Arctic Blue Ocean Event Consequences: Air and Ocean Circulation Changes // Jul 28, 2018

        It is becoming common knowledge that we are rapidly heading to complete loss of Arctic sea-ice. Without a course reversal, one eventually gets where one is headed. What will the consequences be, to the Arctic and to the rest of the planet?

        Using my three cats as willing(?) helpers, I attempt to explain how the Beaufort Gyre and TransArctic Drift will reverse, monsoonal torrential rains will attack permafrost on land along Arctic coastlines, with severe increases in methane and carbon dioxide releases from this big thaw.

        Our world will rapidly change for the worse as Arctic feedbacks accelerate and the jet streams stall out. We will have to relearn how to grow food in new ways and regions as existing farmland becomes subject to droughts and/or switches to torrential rains. Buckle your seatbelts.

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