POPULATION CONTROL ALERT: Ibuprofen Is A Tool Of Agenda 21!

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 48 comments

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    A study published Monday detailed the effects of the drug Ibuprofen on male fertility. The drug was shown to cause a hormonal condition in young men that is linked to infertility.

    According to CNN, study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that when taking ibuprofen in doses commonly used by athletes, a small sample of young men developed a hormonal condition that typically begins, if at all, during middle age. This condition is linked to reduced fertility, which some say makes ibuprofen perfect for Agenda 21’s population control.

    Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple says he’s been vindicated. “I feel vindicated today! A couple months back I put out a video about how ibuprofen could be a tool for Agenda 21,” said Joseph.

    Joseph’s take on Agenda 21 is accurate. According to the United Nations website, Agenda 21 is meant to be “sustainable development.” But of course, it’s dictated by the elites, and one goal is to concentrate the population into megacities. People crammed together in tight quarters are easier to control and manipulate than those living more rurally.

    “We’ve seen a lot of issues with this class of drugs known as NSAIDs,” says Joseph. “Sold under brands such as Advil or Motrin to help reduce swelling; to help reduce pain in people, you know, an over the counter drug. And the Consumer Health Product Association, a trade group that represents manufacturers of over the counter medications,  says that [they] ‘support and encourage continued research and promotes ongoing consumer education to help safe use of over the counter medicines.’ And they say the safety of active ingredients in these products has been well documented and supported for decades by scientific studies and real-world use.”

    But what about all of those who die using NSAIDs? Is that the “real-world use” that is being referred to? NSAIDs were actually responsible for more deaths in 2012 than opioid overdoses, according to numbers gathered on Practical Pain Management’s website.

    It’s also concerning that this research is simply a continuation of that which began with pregnant women. “A team of French and Danish researchers began exploring the health effects when a mother-to-be took any one of three mild pain reliever found in medicine chests. And that was Aspirin, Acetaminophen, and Ibuprofen,” said Joseph. “What they found was that…all three drugs are anti-androgenic. Meaning they disrupt male hormones and the three drugs even increase the likelihood that male babies would be born with congenital malformation [when a woman who is pregnant with a male baby takes the drugs.]” This lead to the study on adult males who have taken these three drugs, and it was discovered that ibuprofen had the strongest infertility effects.

    This is not to say one shouldn’t take ibuprofen. But perhaps look into these side effects a little further and evaluate for yourself how harmful a drug could be on the body before taking it.


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      1. Ibuprofen is totally useless for headaches IMHO. I use BC powders for headaches. They work like a charm and are faster than any aspirin.

        • Ibuprofen is the only thing that works on bad tooth pain

          • JimB, any brand of bourbon or scotch whiskey also works on bad tooth pain, especially an abcessed tooth.

            • Jim B, etc: I would call the dentist say it’s emergency, pain is excruciating, get xray, antibiotics and appt for root canal asap. take Tylenol.

              • BAD ADVICE! Tylenol is the #1 cause of liver failure, more than ALL other causes combined! I can’t believe they still allow that shit…

                • Genius, damn right about Tylenol. I NEVER touch that shit.

                • Agreed about Tylenol. Acetaminophin is very toxic to the liver, even more so when mixed with alcohol. Although ibuprofen is bad, acetaminophen is worse, much worse.

                  You find acetaminophen in nearly all OTC cold “remedies”, not ibuprofen.

                  I might believe this article if it were more focused on the dangers of acetaminophen, not ibuprofen.

                  Another tabloid article?

          • Try clove oil on a piece of cotton!

            • “The drug was shown to cause a hormonal condition in young men that is linked to infertility.”

              Like that is bad news? Thats GREAT NEWS! Let the culling begin….

              • I couldn’t have said it better. Give it out by the hands full.

            • Clove oil has been used for 100’s of years for tooth pain, just make sure you don’t get it on your gums, it burns like a bitch if you do.

        • Ibuprofen is not for headaches. It is an anti-imflamatory muscle relaxer. To help muscles recooperate that were under stress. And pain reliever. Your comment is ignorant DepBH

          • TSB, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the heads-up.

          • Mix ibuprofen with meth and you get ibpokin.

        • BC powders are just aspirin with added caffeine.

          You can just take aspirin with your favorite caffeinated beverage, such as coffee, tea, soft drink, or yaupon tea.

        • That’s because it’s an anti inflammatory medicine. On a lighter note, this article is full of shit like usual. I have had two back surgeries and been taking NSAID’s for a decade and am about to have my second child, so much for making me sterile……..x

      2. No wonder the ‘ex’ old lady used to offer me that stuff rather than aspirin. Took it one time – made my stomach clench like I was expecting Rocky Marciano to be punching me in a moment. I stuck with aspirin on the rare occasion I needed a fever reduced or one heck of a headache (and now that I recall…. most of which she also gave me). Guess I don’t blame her – we’d 4 kids as was, and would’ve most likely had more had she not sought greener pastures with a drunk.

        • Heartless, not everyone can take BC. No two people have the exact same body chemistry.

          • B’heart: exactly, some can take buffered aspirin, or some take
            tylenol, why the H would they put caffeine in BC, etc?

            • Tylenol is the #1 cause of liver failure! Especially if you drink with it it is ULTRA TOXIC!

      3. Never mind that all of the OTC NSAIDS all erode the stomach lining causing GERD and ulcers. (gotta read the small print) the 21st centuries “miracle” drugs….ahem …candy…

      4. Arnica gel sold in stores for bruises, helps circulation, reduces swelling and pain, and helps healing without discoloration. Works great for kids, seniors, everyone.

        I have learned it is better to live with pain than deal with the side effects of drugs. I will submit to anesthesia during surgery and morphine directly afterwords, but then I’m good to go. I keep drugs like vicadin around in case I walk in front of a tank and get rolled over. Otherwise, I am like a Christian Scientist. It’s against my religion to use drugs. I think both legal and illegal, over-the-counter or prescription, drugs are a god damned sin. (With the exception of antibiotics for meningitis or some other truly horrible disease. In which case, drugs are a godsend.


      5. The USA military industrial complex is much behind agenda 21. The military actually runs foreign policy. and pulls the strings on really importiant things. The politics is a dog and pony show. No nations government is any stronger than it military. and the military in the USA is much stronger than the politicians. Even if every member of congress led by the president and his cabinet wanted. They would not be allowed to inspect area 51 or Fort Knox. Politics is a dog and pony show. If voting really mattered they would not allow us to vote. The military can imprision anyone at GITMO. and hold them there without charges for as long as they want. Gen Dunsford is the man in charge at this time. Mad Dog Mattis is his Henchman.

      6. You can’t even trust your drinking water. There have been reports on the news that the urine from women on birth control pills has not been fully filtered out. Female hormones have been getting in the drinking water and have reduced male sperm count. I drink distilled water.

      7. Brian, I also take distilled water. It’s good for cleaning out your system.

      8. I’m really having a hard time connecting a pain reliever to male sterility — and an agenda by the gubment to control the population. I’m all about NOT trusting the gubment and calling for political reform, but ibuprofen to control the population? Really?

        • Let’s hope so. The population needs to be reduced a LOT!

        • Exactly ColoradoGrayMan since the population according to a quick google search is growing more than the rate of deaths each year:

          Each year there are approximately 4 million births in the U.S. and 2.4 million deaths. The growth due to natural increase (total births minus deaths) is therefore 1.6 million per year. Yet according to the Census Bureau’s decennial census, U.S. population is growing by approximately 3.3 million per year.

          • Gee, I wonder where they are all coming from?

      9. I only take three drugs.
        and a drug that is commonly
        used by Surgeons to control
        tremors( it dramatically
        improves my shooting!)

        The crap they peddle on TV
        is amazing. I guess I’m lucky
        to be relatively healthy.

      10. totally agree with you rellik, 10 seconds about how great 20 to say how much it could f u up – laughable, but whats the thing that improves shooting ?

        • This is probably too personal,
          My family is subject to tremors when we get older.
          It seems to be congenital. The drug is
          Propranolol. It is cheap, on the
          WHO list of essential medicines,
          is also used for blood pressure
          control, and it works!
          The non-VA Dr. that initially
          prescribed it to me said a lot
          of surgeons use it before surgery.
          Today my VA doctor is more than
          happy to keep me supplied as he
          worries about my blood pressure.
          I’m normally 116/72, but when I deal
          with the VA I’m 150/95 or higher.

          • Rellik, my blood pressure goes up when I deal with libturds.

            • DB, once you learn to not give a shit, like I have, your blood pressure will become lower. Also an aspirin helps too along with a glass of Syrah.

              One important thing about aspirin is, never swallow the pill. Always chew it or let it dissolve before swallowing it, or it will sit against the stomach lining and do damage.

      11. At 64 years young I don’t care!!!!

        • I use ibuprophen when I really need too, otherwise a few stiff drinks does the trick.

          • It has to be stiff to do the trick. 😀

          • Same here, ibuprofen only when aspirin won’t do it, and very rarely.

            And never fall for the big pharma drug cartel.

        • I have to give the nod to Ibuprofen. Nothing works better for me when I really need pain relief. For me, the other stuff doesn’t work. 🙂

      12. Cannabis is the best painkiller/muscle relaxant/anit-anxiety drug out there bar none. Opium works well for pain. I have 4 ruptured discs, had shoulder surgery, have bone spurs and arthritis in my neck and will in all likelihood rupture at least one more disc….opiates are the only thing that can efficenly kill that level of pain. This opiate “crisis” is wayyy overblown if you ask me. I have to piss in a cup, and get the stinkeye from my doctors when I even ask for a painkiller but yet florida and ohio have them by the truckload, what gives? bring that “problem” to Kansas where we like having people live in constant pain, and all solutions to end that pain be damned. its bullshit if you ask me. no one should be told that you cannot have x,y,or z to kill your pain because “we said so” or its “illegal”. as long as I’m not hurting anyone and am still a productive member of society who the hell cares what I am taking. I shouldn’t have to go beg my doctor for pain meds and then get the whole spiel about how opiates are dangerous and we can only give you so many and at a very low strength. horseshit. give me the good stuff at high doses and if its too much ill cut the pills in half or tell you that I need something less powerful. Cannabis and opiates (or opium for that matter) should be available just like Tylenol or asprin…on the shelf at your local convienence or grocery store

      13. aside from my other comments that I made with the flu topics that are on this website I thought I would pass on something that I noticed tonight while watching TV.

        the over-the-counter drug industry is heavily pushing the cold and flu remedies during this flu season but these remedies do not cure the flu it simply lessens the symptoms enough that people feel better and then go out spreading their flu to everybody else rather than staying at home resting up and getting over it.

        couple that with the fact that many private sector Industries offer little in the way of sick leave and you’ve got a recipe for disaster because now you’ll have people that are flu carriers rather than isolating themselves will be out at work especially in the e restaurant Industries and spreading their nasty flu to everyone else because they’re desperate for their paycheck.

        the over-the-counter flu remedies are being heavily heavily marketed this time of year. so in the additional problem that so many illegal immigrants that are trying to hide from everybody to prevent deportation work in the restaurant industry and are often sick otherwise with hepatitis tuberculosis and other similarly nasty infections.

      14. What’s BC?

      15. This is good news for the governments of France, Sweden and Germany, maybe they can make these mandatory doses for the more troublesome of their male immigrants. Other than that ibuprofen is the best remedy for back pain.

      16. Ibuprofen is strong stuff, Americans take way to much.

        It has a place in every preppers med kit, but if you are buying the big bottle at Sam’s Club and using it all before it expires, you are taking way too much. It’s hard on your stomach like aspirin is. Use too much or if you already have some stomach issues and it can cause bleeding, ulcers and perforations in your stomach or intestines.

        If you travel to foreign countries check their laws, ibuprofen is prescription only and a controlled substance in many countries.

        If you must take it, take the smallest dose that works for you, and avoid alcohol. Never cut the pills in half, ibuprofen is time released to minimize stomach issues. Cutting the pills in half defeats the slow release design.

      17. So now what is d solution for me that i am so deep in to dis drug? And i want a baby. What drug will i use to get my wife pregnant.

      18. Gee, I wonder where they are all coming from?

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