Policing For Profit: “I Absolutely Would Not Believe That This Could Happen In America”

by | May 18, 2012 | Headline News | 360 comments

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    You may think your biggest threat when carrying any amount of cash over $1000 is a thief or armed robber, but you’d be wrong.

    Your most immediate concern is not being robbed by a criminal, but rather, by the very people who are supposed to serve and protect the public.

    As one New Jersey man found out when he was on his way to pay for a car he purchased on Ebay, a new heavy handed trend called “policing for profit” is empowering law enforcement officers to ignore fundamental Constitutional safeguards against warrant-less searches.

    [Video report follows excerpts]

    George Reby was driving down Interstate 40, heading west through Putnam County, when he was stopped for speeding.

    A Monterey police officer wanted to know if he was carrying any large amounts of cash.

    “I said, ‘Around $20,000,'” he recalled. “Then, at the point, he said, ‘Do you mind if I search your vehicle?’ I said, ‘No, I don’t mind.’ I certainly didn’t feel I was doing anything wrong. It was my money.”

    That’s when Officer Larry Bates confiscated the cash based on his suspicion that it was drug money.

    Bates said the amount of money and the way it was packed gave him reason to be suspicious.

    “The safest place to put your money if it’s legitimate is in a bank account,” he explained. “He stated he had two. I would put it in a bank account. It draws interest and it’s safer.”

    “But it’s not illegal to carry cash,” we noted.

    “No, it’s not illegal to carry cash,” Bates said. “Again, it’s what the cash is being used for to facilitate or what it is being utilized for.”

    NewsChannel 5 Investigates noted, “But you had no proof that money was being used for drug trafficking, correct? No proof?”

    “And he couldn’t prove it was legitimate,” Bates insisted.

    In fact, Reby had proof on his computer. [The ebay evidence he showed the officer was not sufficient]

    Video Via The Daily Sheeple

    “On the street, a thousand-dollar bundle could approximately buy two ounces of cocaine,” Bates told NewsChannel 5 Investigates.

    “Or the money could have been used to buy a car,” we observed.

    “It’s possible,” he admitted.

    NewsChannel 5 Investigates asked Bates if Reby had told him that he was trying to buy a car?

    “He did,” the officer acknowledged.

    “But you did not include that in your report,” we noted.

    “If it’s not in there, I didn’t put it in there.”

    So why did he leave that out?

    “I don’t know,” the officer said.

    Source: News Channel 5

    We could venture a guess why Officer Bates failed to include this absolutely critical piece of evidence in his report… Maybe because if Mr. Reby can’t afford an attorney to prove his innocence(!) then the State of Tennessee, specifically Mr. Bates’ police department, gets to keep the money.

    Tennessee law legitimizes what amounts to armed robbery by police officers. Had Mr. Reby refused to give up his money and fought his attacker as any reasonable person might when threatened, he would no doubt have been charged with a host of crimes or worse.

    This is a clear cut Constitutional issue, but the police, government and judicial system will refute any such claims, or completely ignore them, showing once again that the protections laid out by the Constitution of the United States of America mean absolutely nothing to the sycophants and thieves who we have entrusted with preserving our most dearly held principles.


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      1. “”””NewsChannel 5 Investigates asked Bates if Reby had told him that he was trying to buy a car?

        “He did,” the officer acknowledged.

        “But you did not include that in your report,” we noted.

        “If it’s not in there, I didn’t put it in there.”””””

        the cop was doing what many LEO do, falsifying a report and leaveing out information.

        • First mistake

          admitting he was carrying a large amount of cash!!!

          wtf? business is it of any LE what you are carrying in cash?

          never been asked that ever

          nor would I answer that if asked..period

          simple solution..stfu!

          • Yeah there is no reason to disclose that.

            I think we’ll see more and more authorities taking liberties as things get tougher.

            • Interesting that it was even asked at all. Now ALL cops are this guy’s (and everyone he knows’) enemy.

          • Second mistake: Consenting to a search.

            Rule number one: Never ever consent to a search of your vehicle. Make the officer articulate reasonable probable cause for conducting a search. Invoke and preserve your fourth amendment rights.

            Remember these words: “I do not consent to a search.”

            • Also demand to see the signed search warrant, not the po po’s verbal confirmation of a radio’ed warrant.

            • Does this work with patdowns at school?

            • Trying to reply to “Does this work with patdowns at school?”

              A long time ago, we used to call school, “jail”.
              Now just look at it.

              And then they will be used to it as “adults” so it just continues.

          • Possee: I’m glad Mr. Reby got his money back. Several years back the state of La. was ripping people off on the highways giving out tickets, lying about people speeding, then taking cash. Reby should have kept his mouth shut; he’s not too bright, common sense says: I use a bank draft or write a check when I buy a car, made out to the dealership.

            • If you go to an auto auction to purchase a used car, often they don’t want to accept a “personal check”. There are auto auctions open to the public in many cities, including Lexington, KY.

              A list is printed of the vehicles included in each auction. The “lot of vehicles” in the auction are open for inspection a few hours beforehand.

              Whoever is the highest bidder for the vehicle, then pays the cashier. The new owner then takes the car home.

              There are “risks” purchasing a car this way, as you have limited time to check it over. But, there is an opportunity to save alot of money too.

            • The problem is that he was a trusting person who was not breaking the law so he thought the police officer was someone he could trust to do his job properly. So he told the truth when asked.
              But why would a police officer ever stop someone for speeding and then ask about cash? That is not a logical progression of thought. That shows a possible intent on the part of the office who then left out of his report the one pertinent fact that legitimized the cash in the car. Put together “Do you have cash” with the missing “car purchase” and it looks like intent on the part of the officer.

            • The only reason Reby didn’t even contemplate the suggestion that he “should have kept his mouth shut” is Mr. Reby was probably raised like a lot of people. He believes that he can trust and respect law enforcement officers. We are living in an existance under a code of morals pepetuated by Obamafia, aka Mexican, Russian, rules of the road, folks. It is getting to the point that you almost cannot trust anybody to say what they will do or do what they will say. Welcome to the steets, and the cops who patrol them.

            • it wouldn’t have mattered the magnetic strips in our money “allow” them to know EXACTLY how much we have. don’t fool yourself, and your justifying what was done by LE, while saying Mr. Reby is/was at fault is exactly the kind of sheeple they love. minimize what they are doing while making us feel guilty for going about our lives as honest hard working (should be able to carry ALL our cash if we so desire) taxpaying freedom loving americans…do you also feel it is their “right” to get the population on this planet to under 500 million?

          • No, that was not his first mistake.

            His first mistake was speeding. His second was opening his mouth. His third was saying OK to search.

            But it was his mistake all the same. If one Man joins the Common Law jurisdiction over this, his ignorance has served a valued purpose.

            • Any updates on your case?

            • I’m just helping out somebody so it is not my number one priority. Right now I am trying to scale down the number of pages for him. I hope to reduce 12 pages to about three, but provide the same information.

              Should take a month or so before anything is submitted.

          • Possee says: You are not required to answer questions like nor have the cops search your person and vehicle that under the 4th and 5th amendments. Now if you are stupid enough to wave those rights “because you’ve got nothing to hide”, then tough luck. The cops will try intimidate you to get you to wave your rights by threatening to call a drug dog and “tear up you car”. Say nothing to that, be polite, but insist that your rights are not going to be waved-period. There are a number of good books out by former cops and defense attorneys that detail how to effectively deal with LEOs. An firm, polite, and informed citizen is more than a match for any cop. Yeah, you still may get searched on a bogus hit if, and that’s a big if, the drug dog even shows up, but your case will be even stronger by not waving your rights by a weak (phony) probable cause search. Then it’s time to sue for violation of your civil rights as well as police misconduct. Bad cops are costing municipalities more than they are worth, so sue the hell out of them until they quit.

            • Exactly true. A few years back, I got pulled over because my license plate light was out. Unfortunately, I had just been in a place with heavy marijuana use. I had not been using it myself and was there to try and get a girl I worked with and her 3 year old daughter out of an abusive situation. I had been dealing with this situation for 24 hours straight and did not get any sleep so I was dead tired. Unfortunately, I got pulled over and had the cop accuse me of having drugs in my pickup. To speed things along, I consented to a physical search by the officer but told them that they may not have a dog go through the truck. They did not like that at all but they did comply. However, they did have the dog jump up on the doors and scratch the paint up. Of course, he found nothing either in the truck or on my person. Had I not been so tired and wanting to just get it over with I would not have let them do anything. However, they still would have called for a dog and had it scratch my paint anyhow. When I complained, they said it was just an old truck and they didn’t see why I was so worried. The truck was 3 or 4 years old at the time-hardly what I call an old vehicle. The moral of the story? The police are not on your side and do not care about you-especially if you look poor.

          • Its not new. It has happened to me 4 times 2 times by US Customs and 2 times by LAPD.
            With US customs you have no rights whatsoever. Unless you are very very lucky you will never see your money again. They are the masters at it and you cannot lie or refuse to answer their questions or they will charge you for that too. They have their own judge at their own facility staffed by their own people.

          • Simple Solution. NEVER talk to LEO. NEVER allow them onto your property or into you house. NEVER consent to a search.

          • @ possee. All day I thought about your wise advice and the other prudent comments, being “street smart”. Then I starting thinking about what we were taught as children to tell the truth and we were punished for not doing so. Then as adults when we are honest and truthful we get screwed. It is pathetic how the law has so often already convicted someone without obtaining all the facts. In a different time someone that offered information was looked upon as having nothing to hide.

            Now you have to honestly be suspecious of any police, with real good reason from all the jackasses that get a little power and totally abuse it. Let’s just hope none of us have to ever go through this.

            • Be informed..

              The fact that nearly all law enforcement now receive federal money in one form or another,they must adhere to federal guidelines..(thus stripping local decision making and local authority)..creates a local extended federal arm of the law..

              Even though we as local taxpayers directly fund their operations..they have been subsidized and thus corrupted by the PTB..

              Revenue enhancement is the driving force now.especially after the so called stimulus monies have dried up..and surely they will up the ante to keep their jobs.


          • No first mistake was speeding. Second mistake was trusting the pigs

          • Sorry but if you lie or refuse to answer then the cop can take the money based on our behaviour except now you will have NO defense in court since you lied.

            • What the cops are doing, is still theft.

        • There is case law now that can ruin a cops career. It’s called the Giglio rule, named after a U.S. Customs Agent (Miami). The agent had arrested a man for smuggling drugs but the defense attorney wasn’t giving up without a fight. The attorney got the personnel records of Agent Giglio and discovered that the agent had been disiplined for lying about expenses on a travel voucher. The defense attorney then put it to the jury that since Agent Giglio would lie about something so trivial as a few dollars on a travel voucher that he was also capable of lying about larger mattters. The clinet walked and Giglio and others who had been displined now find it nearly impossible to get a conviction based on their past lies. LEO misconduct must be persued with the utmost vigor. The cops should be fired and their departments sued. Hit them where it hurts: in the wallet and keep hitiing them until they stop or go broke. These bad cops are making it harder for the rest of them to do their jobs.

        • Part of the 95% who give cops a bad name.

          • Most cops would be crimnals if they were caught
            earlier in their lives. It is a thin line between cop and
            felon … takes one to know one.

            • Xactly right !!!

              If your a hammer — everything is a nail ! ! !

              To the LEO, everyone is a criminal ! !

              I live out in the country. Had a LEO stop at my house and knock on the door. Said he stopped cause he counted 20 turkeys in my yard. Asked what I was doing ! ! !

              He thought I was illegally baiting to hunt turkey !!

              I told him I have a fence around my property but Turkeys dont respect property lines.

            • Using the Leo’s logic; if you keep donuts in plain sight-are you baiting cops?

        • This should show DK and other corp worshipers why it is not only OK to drop out of the corp, but it is essential if you want to retain control over your property.

          What if the guy had remained silent and claimed Common Law jurisdiction? The cop may have looked at him funny, and he may have had to call his superiors, but he would not have stolen the money.

          Now, in the eyes of the corp the money was stolen from a fiction and he has almost no hope of getting it back without spending more than was stolen to do so. They will probably try to fine the poor slave for speeding on top of that.

          How many more instances of this will it take before people decide the corp, and it’s “police” are employed by the ENEMY of the people?

          There is a way out for those who seek it, and there are many more crooked cops waiting to steal on behalf of the corp from those who are too afraid to leave.

          Had this clown any knowledge of his rights, and any knowledge of the true identity of the corp, he would not have been victimized. Or at least if he was, he would have recourse by charging the crooked cops bond to recover the damages.

          Wake up folks. This bad cop is not the exception, he is the rule.

          • Just watched the video. While he did get his money back (after 4 months of headache), it was only because of News 5’s involvement and shining a bright light on the crime.

            The cop is obviously a power hungry moron, probably an ex soldier, who can see only what the corp puts in his mind.

            These corp cops have no sense of right or wrong. To them, if they can get away with it it is right. If they get caught, all they have to do is give the money back. And either way, the State will back the cop who is stealing on it’s behalf.

            The corp is a gang of organized criminals. This is only one case, but there are probably a thousand more you never heard of.

            Join the People in the Common Law. Form that jurisdiction all of this crap can be stopped.

            • GC speaks the truth, weather you like the message or not..
              it is what is going on here.

              this needs to be fought at every level…every time, in an effort to get them back on track of what and who they are to be serving..not the other way around.

              it is now , we have to protect ourselfs from them..not the way it used to be

            • GC…Have to agree…the only times in my life when I or a loved one have been hurt by someone we couldnt fight back against its been a cop…I know first hand of sexual assaults,battery, terroristic threats and more carried out against people I know and trust…including myself…no way to PROVE anything in the courts when theyre all covering each others backsides,the judges and DAs around these parts are crooks of the worst type…they are the ones who do the dope…assault the women and kids and help each other cover it up…I rest in the knowledge that what gos around comes around and a day of reckoning will come…but I admit my patience is worn thin……dont trust em folks they are not your friends anymore,IF they ever were… 🙁

          • GC, the U.S. Constitution already provides those protections. What is required, for it to work, is for every citizen to know their rights, jealously protect those rights, and then to enforce them when they are violated. Your Common Law ideology does not change that dynamic one little bit. Bad cops will be bad cops, and they will be that way even if everyone accepted your ideology, which, btw, I do not.

            I’m not ignorant about the system, especially the policing and judiciary components of it. Indeed, I fight in, around and against that system every day. I see folks like this motorist all the time. They believe that the system (corp.) is without flaws, and it takes something like this to reveal its true nature to them.

            Hopefully, this motorist will follow up and file a section 1983 action against that AH.

            • Interesting that you would not accept the Common Law (Natural Law) as a jurisdiction. For a Man there is no other Law.

              The fact that you are so dependent on the system as to work in it leads me to believe you have difficulty with the concepts of freedom and Law.

              You are correct, the people must know, assert, and fight for their rights at every turn. But that is not possible unless you first drag the violators into the peoples jurisdiction rather than the corps (where you sell yourself).

              Bad cops will be bad cops, and good cops will be bad peace officers. When they can be held personally accountable the corruption will cease.

          • GC: I do not support theft, harassment, or intimidation by OUR police officers. On the contrary bad cops need to be punished and punished severely.

            Many LEO’s seek the power of the office.

            Sheriff’s and Oath Keepers, as well as other LEO organizations need to get all officers on board with Constitutional reality.

            Civilians need to organize and demand that local governments establish a training program to teach LEO’s respect for the taxpayers who fund their salaries.

            The Corp will not go away. It must be met with organized resistance. The American people must assert themselves or they will be enslaved by their employees.

            GC your response would not have changed anything in this scenario including the outcome.

            • “””GC: I do not support theft, harassment, or intimidation by OUR police officers. On the contrary bad cops need to be punished and punished severely.””

              They are YOUR officers, not mine. Claim them as yours if you will, but I DO NOT associate myself with criminals.

              Sheriffs and LEO organizations are paid for lock, stock and barrel with FRNs and other corp bribes. They do not care one bit about the Law or they would stop their friends from committing the crimes.

              If any stand against it, they are terminated or otherwise dismissed. They will not learn the Law, because they CAN NOT learn the Law and still keep their jobs.

              “”””The Corp will not go away. It must be met with organized resistance. The American people must assert themselves or they will be enslaved by their employees.”””

              That horse has long since left the barn. YOU are TOTALLY enslaved by them already, only you fail to realize it. Or maybe you do realize it and are paralyzed by the fear of being responsible for yourself without corp guidance and a paycheck.

              Civilians do not need to organize, per se. They need to, as individuals, reject the corp and it’s licenses and learn to live under Natural Law. If the individual can not protect his own rights, an organization of the same individuals will fare no better.

              Democracies protect groups. Republics protect individuals. You are intent on engaging the Democracy for individual protection. Another error in your backwards approach to the problem.

              At a minimum, you will need a group consisting of 51% of the fictional citizens of the Democracy to effect change. Good luck with that, and good luck getting the criminals to listen.

              Those of us who are in the common law Republics need only ourselves and the Law to effect change when the corp attacks us.

              “”””GC your response would not have changed anything in this scenario including the outcome.”””

              I can understand your conclusion because to you the corp is an all powerful master you must obey. Showing a written statement of identity, following up with total silence, and claiming common law jurisdiction would have stopped it cold. The victims license to drive is also a corp license to steal from him.

              The corp cops are looking for people like you, not like me. They want their victims to be ignorant, obedient and easy marks. It is only when they run up against someone who knows their rights, and strongly asserts them, do they think twice about violating them.

              Go ahead and work on organizing the mass of sheep. I will work on educating People on freedom and encourage them to enforce the Law on their own behalf, against YOUR officers.

              When there are enough of us, it will not matter how many of you there are.

            • GC: You are only fooling yourself if you think you can hide from the corp. They know who you are and where you are. You just aren’t worth their effort when there are bigger fish to fry.

              The DHS Cyber Squad in Chantilly VA has been monitoring your posts here for many months.

              Nappy has your name and address. Probably on the RED list like me. I am not only on the list. I have a dossier! 🙂

            • “”GC: You are only fooling yourself if you think you can hide from the corp. They know who you are and where you are. ”

              DK, the corp knows nothing. It is a fiction so there is no need to hide from it. The problem is not the fictions, but those men and women who have sold out to it. Yet, I don’t hide from them either. Or maybe I do hide, in plain sight right behind Natural Law and the Constitutions, the only shields they can not lawfully penetrate.

              “”The DHS Cyber Squad in Chantilly VA has been monitoring your posts here for many months.””

              So have you, and I am not afraid of you either.

              I don’t know who Nappy is, but I assure you he or it does not have my name and address. It may have a NAME and ADDRESS to associate with the posts, but not mine. Perhaps if it looked it would track the owners of the listed LLC, or the owners of it.

              Still, I choose to stand upon my Natural Rights in ALL matters. If I chose to hide, I would die of old age before the corp could find me based upon public information and it’s usual methods. Furthermore, because I am not contracted in any way, it would have no reason to look.

              It looks for victims within itself, and there are plenty.

            • God’s Creation, I’m glad you have said it.
              We The People are a self ruled people under God in heaven. We The People are The Powers That Be in this our Constitutional Republic. We recognize no presumptive kingly powers or any form of tyrrany as legitimate in our dominion, the United States of America. Check the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, if you please, as they testify of these truths.
              And to those that honor the Declaration and Constitution, consider also Romans 13: 1-2. “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: THE POWERS THAT BE are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall recieve to themselves damnation.” We The People are The Powers That Be. Any who resisteth the Lawful Constitutional Power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall recieve to themselves damnation.
              And especially to those that have given Oath to the Consitution. Remember the true higher powers. Forsake not your Oath. You beareth not the sword in vain: for you are the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon them that do evil. Romans 13: 4 “For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that deoth evil.”
              And to those usurpers who would overthrow our Lawful Constitutional Power. You have made a fatal error. By allowing us our Oaths to the Constitutional Republic, which is not rescinded at our term of service, Oathkeepers and WE THE PEOPLE are in authority to execute wrath on any unconstitutional evil no matter the guise. Therefore repent and WE THE PEOPLE should forgive. Romans 13: 5-7 “Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake. For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God’s ministers, attending continually upon this very thing. Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.”

              Fear God. For he is Righteous in Judgement and Grace.
              Standing by in Texas.

            • GC: You need not be afraid of me because I have not threatened you, nor am I a threat to you. I don’t disagree with your philosophy, only your approach.

              However, your posts here over the past couple of years has identified you as a person of interest; one of those “sovereign citizens” spewing anti-corp propaganda.

              The corp won’t tolerate that for long. They have identified you through your participation here, they know who you are and where you live.

              They are just waiting for you to refuse to pay that speeding ticket, fail to report your income, hunt without a license, or make some other mistake that brings you to their immediate attention. It is only a matter of time.

              Then they will read your internet history, download your telephone records, finger your fellow conspirators, round you up, and provide you with a one way ticket to a FEMA camp.

              Sad but true. 🙂

            • “””Then they will read your internet history, download your telephone records, finger your fellow conspirators, round you up, and provide you with a one way ticket to a FEMA camp.

              Sad but true. “””

              It is very unfortunate for you that you live under such fear of the corp.

              I prefer to not buy into the threats and cower in fear of the PAPER monster. The worst they can do is kill the body and send me home to God.

              One thing is for sure. He knows the difference documents made by me under His authority and a corp license. Which would show Him to identify you?

              The corp wants you to fear the fight as well as the outcome it promotes as s result of the fight. Because the Constitution still exists as Public Law, even the criminals will not violate those who stand upon it and their Natural Rights.

              You can not do that from within the corp, or by using it’s privilege by license.

              It’s not really that complicated lest you see it through the eyes of fear.

          • @GC
            Sure he would have been victimized.
            I never have allowed my car to be searched but usually they just call in the dog and he sits next to the door and the next thing you know you are being pulled out of the car and have a boot on the back of your neck because the dog sensed “something”. Then they search your car anyhow and in some cases seize it due to the made up dog trick.
            This has happened to me every time I have refused a search.

            • You probably handed them a “Drivers License”, which not only allows you to drive under a special corp privilege, but it is also a license for the “officers” to steal whatever they want because in Law you are a fiction.

              The Power is in the papers you carry and provide. You can claim it for yourself with your own papers, or defer it to the corp if you use it’s papers.

              If you make your own truthful documents establishing who you are and what jurisdiction you are from, verified and SIGNED BY TWO WITNESSES, you retain the power.

              If you provide corp papers on yourself like a “license”, the corp gains full power over everything you do as it is the source of authority for what you are doing, and you have given its officers proof as well as protection.

              If you show the officer your car is corp property by putting a “tag” on it, you should expect them to act like the owner because that is what they are trained to do.

              It is critical to realize and INFORM the “officers” that whatever you are travelling in is YOUR HOME when you are traveling the roads. ALWAYS keep your doors locked with only a small crack in the window to slide the documents through. NEVER speak, except the words “Am I free to go?” NEVER answer a question or command from an officer who is acting Unlawfully, either verbally or by act.

              If they want to break the window and drag you out, let them do it WITHOUT consent. Ever notice how cops will NEVER enter a home without consent from the owner?

              They will do and say anything, including telling outright lies and making threats to get you to consent and open it, but you NEVER have to. They DO recognize those limits of the Law. And they also recognize those limits travel with you and extend to all of your property, including your car and anything in or on it.

              Their job is to get as much revenue from corp citizens as they can.

              Your is to tell them who you are, where your rights come from, and to define the jurisdiction and Law you CHOOSE.

              When you show them a corp license, their brains are turned off. If you give them something to think about, maybe their brain will actually become involved.

              Living as a free man is risky in a world seemingly controlled by criminal men acting as unaccountable fictions in Law.

              The alternative is to be victimized with your own consent given to be the victim.

              I would rather be harassed as a free man than raped as a slave.

        • Similarities between the decline of Roman Empire and the undeclared decline of Western Civilization.
          Disclaimer: All the point here are facts, since this is only a comment I will not gather and post links supporting it all, however, I believe that most of you will see the known facts. It is also worth noting that though I’m using facts, one should be aware that the interpretation of said facts are my opinion and that is exactly that – opinion. I strongly urge everyone who reads the following lines to research every fact for himself and make up his/her own opinion.
          I do beg your pardon for all the grammar and spelling errors, I wrote this piece right out of my head because I had an inspiration. I’m bad at checking my own writings later because it’s so tedious. I just hope that you can excuse many failures of my writing skill.
          1. Debasement/inflation of currency
          This is one of the most glaring and well known factors of the death of an empire/country/civilization. Many have written about it, so let’s keep it short now. Since Caracalla, Roman currency declined in its worth. It is quite difficult to imagine how one can debase a precious metal coin currency, but it was done. Diminishing the weight of the coins, lowering the percentage of precious metal in coins left Roman world with useless brass money. So it is even easier to emphasize that we now have simple digital fiat money (since physical paper money constitutes only 3% of total circulating amount of dollars). One can argue that this kind of inflation is not happening in our esteemed Western civilization, but ask yourself (not even your parents!) – how much could you buy THEN and how much NOW?
          2. Illegal immigration/dilution of citizenry
          After the Crisis of the Third Century, Roman Empire was to weak in all areas and continued pressure from barbarians from across the borders increased. So the genius solution was to let them in! Roman government gave them lands and all the benefits of the civilized Roman world. However they failed to understand that this kind of citizen does not care about their new country. Especially when they live among themselves. They continue to practice their traditions and they are not to keen to die for their new country. This does wonders for existing citizenry too – they see how these new guys come in and get all they want, they see how those new compatriots live of the benefits and contribute nothing. True citizens then start to think – why should I risk my life in defense of those freakin’ barbarians. Does this ring a bell in current situation when US citizen status is flung about and given to anyone? Does this ring a bell for those who live in EU, when every person fleeing from Libya, Iran, Pakistan and the like are given rights to settle and live off the benefits, regardless of who they are and what they do? Has any of you wondered why your country is accepting everyone just for the sake of appearing benevolent? Has anyone wondered why there is no strong filter as to whom we want to greet as our compatriots?
          3. Professional army
          Yes this one is tricky, but I will not go into it very extensively. Basically it boils down to simple fact – professional soldier has less to fight for than a common farmer. Professional soldier has been a soldier for most of his life and usually has no other profession. Of course he has his family to defend, but this is semantics. We should look into the history to provide us with answers rather than to take this question emotionally. If we take Roman empire as an example (which we do in this comment) one would very soon discover that professional armies brought the Empire down. Those fearsome professional legionaries owed no allegiance to the state anymore, they owe it to their commanders, because in soldiers mind it is the commander who feeds them and gives them pay. Since the introduction of Marian military reforms it took only several decades for Gaivs Ivlivs Caesar to emerge and destroy republic once and for all. It was professional legions that plunged Empire into endless civil wars, every and each legion proclaiming their own commander as an emperor in waiting. And finally it was those professional legionaries who demanded to lax the discipline and lower the weight of armor (see next point).
          Also, one should read Machiavelli’s “On War”. There he states that professional soldiers (he mentions mercenaries which is much more destructive) were the undoing of many Italian city states of his age.
          After you have done all this reading, spool backwards to the times of Second Punic War. You will see that citizen draft legions enabled the Roman Republic to fight Hanibal the other day. If Rome would have had Marian legions at that time, it is much more probable that defeat at Cannae would have proved the final blow to the Romans. Professional armies are very good when they are winning, but when first setback hits them it is much harder to revert fortunes. Of course this is a huge generalization, and I am truly hyperbolizing this point, but much of it still applies.
          In USA case, defense forces would be quite adequate if one would have only National Guard units. Those units would be more than capable to defend country’s sovereignty. But they are inadequate to pursue world domination… and that’s it.
          4. Lax discipline in the army
          Professional soldiers in Rome’s legions very soon found out that it is they who wield the true power. Once they got the notion they never returned to what they should have been all the time – diligent defenders of Rome. They started to disregard the authority of SPQR (Senatvs et PopvlvsQve Romanum). They elected their own emperors. They mutinied continuously. They grumbled and made civil wars when long periods of peace made them restless. They finally demanded to lighten their armor (late 4th century). Naturally discipline in such units was nowhere to be had. Long gone were the days of dreaded disciplined legionaries who feared their centurions’ wine stick more than enemy. And when that happened, Roman Empire was open to all the barbarians who were beaten to submission by the ancients as Vegetivs describes Polybian and Marian legions.
          You’ll say, yeah, but what does that has to do with today? Well, those pictures of US soldiers urinating on dead enemies, torturing prisoners in AbuGraib and similar activities tell me, as a military officer, one thing – bad, lax discipline.
          5. Perversions, gluttony and the like
          The transition of Romans towards the well known (even somewhat debatable) image of gluttony, orgies and perversions began when they conquered Greece. Many Greeks were sold into slavery or even volunteered to slave in Rome and Italy and with them they brought not only poetry, good taste, arts etc. but also perversion and lax moral code. Gradually Romans took those things and adopted. They marveled Greek rhetoric, ease and gracefulness of language and unsuspected they decided that even homosexuality wasn’t so bad since such educated people would not adopt bad things. And as one of our fellow preppers aptly put it: Virtue was told to tolerate Vice, but Vice never tolerated Virtue. Thus strict Roman moral code was gradually replaced with sodomite infestation like those notable examples of Caligula, Nero, Heliogabalus and the rest.
          It appears needless to say that this relaxation of morality played vital role in deconstructing the hardy Romans. If you would have been a legionary and a sodomite Emperor indulging in travesties unspeakable by common man would have told you to go and die for him, what would you do? If that would have been a man who prostitutes his wife, daughter or even himself, a man who killed his own mother and brothers, a man who declares himself to the Iovis himself, a man who slaughters Roman citizens at his whim? Well, I guess you get the picture.
          I suppose that I don’t have to elaborate on how this point is reflected in today’s world. Do I?
          6. Poisons in the food
          There is a hot debate about the influence of lead in the decline of Roman Empire. In my view it is highly irrelevant if lead poisoning was the main culprit in the decline, because I hold the opinion that Roman Empire died because of cumulative effect off all its afflictions. Regardless of what you think about the matter of lead poisoning in Roman world, it is worth noting the stark similarity with today. It is well described that Romans KNEW that those lead pipes used for wine are poisonous, they KNEW that lead in their cosmetics were poisonous, yet they used it anyway. Doesn’t it strike you that we relive Roman decline when you hear that GMO, food additives and the like are poisonous or at least dangerous for your health and yet we witness lines at McDonalds? We see people who drink their CocaColas by the litres and by the gallons.
          7. Destruction of the citizen middle class/small farmers
          This point is strongly connected to the one describing the transition from citizen army to professional army and how that affected Empire’s health. Citizen middle class and small to medium farmers who work for their living are the one who make a country strong, proud and steadfast. However Roman aristocracy destroyed that class almost at the same time when Marivs introduced professional army. (ring-a-bell?) Because of aristocracy’s incompetence middle class and small farmers were slaughtered during Punic wars and later conflicts. Wealthy and rich removed the families of those killed soldiers from their lands and took it for themselves. Lo and behold, several decades later there was no middle class, there were no small farmers. All they had then was Capite Censi – Head Count rabble, chanting for free bread and free entertainment. (ring-a-bell?). Head Count was good for one thing only – raising turmoil at the whims of the politicians and dying in their thousands for the expansion of the empire and the aggrandizing of the aristocracy.
          While Rome had a foundation of middle class and small farmers, she could fight all enemies, she could recover from the most serious blows like those at Cannae or Vercellae. After the destruction of the said class Rome still carried strong for a couple of centuries, but the collapse was inevitable.
          How many times did the bell ring while reading this? And I have left out tons of things relevant to this topic.
          8. Death of republic = slave mentality
          Very similar to the above – strong middle class and independent small farmers were proud and demanded for their voice to be heard. They participated in all of the public affairs. Off course there were apathetic people even then, but general air was that of a strong citizen, willing to die for his rights. When head count Rabble displaced middle class and small farmers, Capite Censi rapidly exchanged the “contest of freedom” for the “comforts of the slavery”. Caesar and other populists came and took the power while promising the rabble a “happily ever after”. Even when one acknowledges that there were a series of “benevolent” caesars, one should also bear in mind that strong citizenry would have never let a tyrant, even a benevolent one, take all their freedom in exchange for “greater security”.
          Ask yourselves – how many times have we already failed this experience of the history?
          9. Overgrown bureaucracy
          Roman bureaucracy wasn’t that bad during early and middle Empire. It was actually better than that of the Republic. It was during and after Diocletianvs reforms that the bureaucracy shot through the roof. When things go bad government knows no other measure than to increase its bid for more control and taxation. And bureaucracy does only one thing – it strangles all the free endeavors, it favors the rich and corrupt. And it always starts the self perpetuating cycle – the more bureaucracy, the more deficit, the more taxation, the less money is gathered due to strangled free trade (true free trade), the more bureaucracy…and so ad infinitum…
          Remember the alphabetical lot (IRS, DHS, FEMA, FDA, EPA, CIA, FBI, NASA, NSA) of every Western country when reading the above.
          10. Change of religion
          With the turmoil of Third Century Crisis and the series of delirious Emperors proclaiming themselves “living gods” common populace of Roman Empire became more and more insecure of their spiritual allegiance. And during those times people needed their Gods above anything else – inflation, civil wars, foreign invasions, destruction of liberties. Old gods of Roman/Greek Olympus gradually lost their power and novel oriental Gods came. Mithraism was one of the last major religions reign in the Empire just prior the establishment of Christian faith as a ruling one. The most striking description of Mithraism is that it proclaimed the belief in God which was personification of light. It was especially popular among the Roman legions, because… because soldiers feared the dark and the barbarians that lurked in that darkness… Where had those fearless Romans of the ancient Republic gone, who could venture to the very edge of known world with nothing but their wits, arms and strong unshaken belief in proud and martial gods of the old? Religion shapes people… and the new religion of Mithras and even Christian faith shaped a frightened populace that was not capable of defending the civilization of once great Empire.
          Christian faith transformed during many years, new dogmas were introduced that allowed for the believer to engage in the bloodbaths of the wars once again. Christian faith took hold of the new emerging civilization. But now we face new religions and new quasi religions that threaten the population mindset yet again. New Age, Buddhism and the like are appealing to the progressive and tolerant masses who want to be on the forefront of globalization and be fashionable at all times. Muslim faith gains strong foothold in whole of the West by immigration and it is not as meek as our weakened congregation of Christians. This is truly a time of change. This is truly a time when West falls. Ignore it at your own peril!

          • I LOVE it when someone proves that tghey actually KNOW Roman history in detail, not just the history bytes you get from TV. Congratulations Guirza, on what has to be one of the best posts this site has ever witnessed.

            • Thank you Old Coach! when I reread it I found bad places and I found some things that I should have included, and some things that should have been written differently, but as I wrote in disclaimer, this was just a spontaneous writing…
              Thank you OC yet again for your kind words, I’m very glad that you enjoyed it in some degree at least 🙂

            • Guirza

              What a great post, deffo worth cleaning up into a fully fledged article.

              Also shows what a damn shame it is that the classics & the triviurum have been removed from most state schools programmes.

              Critical thinking is a lost art. I really appreciated your taking the time to compose this post.

              Off topic but for any Mums who want to introduce their kids to Latin here’s a good potential homestudy course for younger children http://www.minimus-etc.co.uk/

            • Old Coach, I echo your thoughts. Guirza did a great job of highlighting the facts without over speaking. Guirza, your #3 is so spot on, I’ve been around the military my entire life. The sad fact (as you well know) is there are two types of soldiers: lifers and career soldiers that serve with honor and pride.

          • Chillingly accurate.. however I think the sodomite thing is a tad overblown.

          • Giurza,

            Very awesome and insightful observations and post! The only thing I would have added, is the tribe of parasites who are present and central to the demise of every Western civilization in recorded history.

            I still can’t help but imagine that it’s this way at the demise of every civilization. A relative few people are aware, and trying to sound the alarm to an otherwise apathetic, and/or frightened populace. All we can do is say (before even that becomes illegal) what needs be said.

        • Know your rights in this timeline we live in..

          TPTB prey on ignorance of the law
          what little of law is left

          Do not cower

          Be informed
          Be polite

          and if that that does not work

          stand your ground

          Do not be a sheep!

          Stand as a patriot as would the blue coats during the redcoats insurgence..

          Screw em all..stand proud!!

          Be vigilant!

          repeat..know your God given rights!


        • the thiefing cops here in colorado have be doing this shit for years,there nothing but highway robbers,no matter how small the offence YOU GO to jail and they take every DIME you have on you,plus fines,bail,court costs,fees,taxes and a long list of BS.If you come to colorado you can’t even step off the side of the road,its a crime if you don’t have a wildlife permit.I ain’t kidding about this!!!! all the tourist places are going broke from stupid shit like this and it is getting worse by the day!!!!

        • If you think it’s bad now with law enforcement..

          Just wait til the officers(trillions in unfunded pension liabilities)
          attempt cashing in their retirement

          This will be the norm..!


        • It’s really simple.
          You bring in revenue and you get promoted.
          The more revenue, the higher the promotion.
          How many tickets would you have to write out to make 20K?
          This cop’s thinking “I’m going straight to Captain on this one”.
          Is the department going to rein him in? Hell no! They want to PROMOTE this kind of behaviour. Not discourage it!

        • Policing For Profit: “I Absolutely Would Not Believe That This Could Happen In America”


          I believe it absolutely. This kind of crap happens every single day.

        • Mistake number one…Trusting ANY filthy cop…
          Back in the day you could, but those days are long gone.ANY cop these days are simply filling their quota,with threat of dismissal.Where I live the dirty cops are now stopping anyone for failing to come to a complete stop at the sign,as a way to further their searches…UPDATE: you can always tell a dirty cop by the uniform.The cops are NOT YOUR FRIEND, those days are long gone…..

        • I’m sorry officer all I have in my possession is leagally owned personal property. Excuse me, no you can’t search my vehicle. Are you detaining me? Am I under arrest? No, well then I must be on my way I have an appointment I must be getting to, have a nice day officer.

      2. first

        • lololol….just sayin

        • HA HA HA… welcome to the beginning of the Bloodlands… can’t help myself but laugh. this is exactly what’s been happening in Lithuania for 20 years now. Ironic to see it come into the heart of democracy.
          We learned to avoid police pigs just the same as we avoid dark alleys in indecent hours. so will you, so will you…
          didn’t I tell you the other day that this is coming?

          • @ Giurza:

            This isn’t the Heart of Democracy, it never has been, it’s just the same ol’ socialism, nazism, communism, with a slightly altered name. Beware of the Great “Ism” scam. He should have shot the cop and drove off. It’s what eventually is going to have to take place anyway. Most cops are modern day strongmen/thugs for big money anyway.
            In my life I have only met a very few honest policemen/deputies. Lock and load.

            • No, MOST cops are decent people, trying to do a thankless job. Cops like this are the minority, but they get all the publicity. If you hate cops so bad, STOP CALLING THEM!!

            • Law of averages. The gooberment system is bound to let a few good people slip through.

          • “Ironic to see it come into the heart of democracy.”

            Exactly the problem!!! We are NO LONGER a Republic, we ARE a democracy, and like all true democracies, there are no true rights!

            • Brodie, the problem is not the Democracy. The problem is that you include yourself (and everybody else) as being a part of it.

              DEMOCRACY is Unlawful under the Constitution. What more proof does one need to see to understand the corp government is not a Lawful body? It openly admits it is a Democracy, an Unlawful form of government.

              Yet people stay out of fear….

              Not me….

            • Democracy

              (uncountable) Rule by the people, especially as a form of government; either directly or through elected representatives (representative democracy).
              (countable, government) A government under the direct or representative rule of the people of its jurisdiction.
              (uncountable) Belief in political freedom and equality; the “spirit of democracy”.

            • Article 4 Section 4 US Constitution

              “SECTION 4. The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government,”

              Why would anyone look to a self proclaimed Democracy to provide a Republican form of government?

              Here’s the difference between the govern types in simple terms:

              Monarchy – Sovereignty rest in the King

              Democracy – Sovereignty is held by the people as a group

              Republic – Sovereignty is held by the People as individuals

              What government do you CHOOSE to live in?

          • Giurza, great use of a classical trained mind. How few are now taught critical thinking. History was kept for the express reason of not making the same mistakes. So sad to see the young who are taught diversity, revisionist nonsense, and dare I say Black History. An ignorant population is a population begging to be told what to do, or even worse what to think. Thanks for bringing history to life.

            • indeed, sir, indeed!

            • Giurza, I think your comment here is better than ANY of the researched humanities papers I read in three years of teaching at a state university…thank you for taking the time to write that. Now I have to feel guilty as my Machiavelli is gathering dust somewhere, and I have only skimmed gibbon’s decline and fall as my books are antiques. maybe I will re-tackle Ghosts of Cannae on my kindle though. Thanks for the inspiration!

            • Mama Bear, I’m so happy that my humble comment way above has prompted you to blow the dust from those books! I always hold fast at the idea that knowledge, history and books will be main deciding factors in any post SHTF rehab for humanity.
              post scriptvm: don’t forget to plant those apple trees either 🙂
              my very best wishes on the reading AND the planting

            • and what the heck are we all waiting for??? an official statement by His Grace Barry Huge Obummer that martial law is in effect and we are his serfs???

            • Giurza says

              “and what the heck are we all waiting for??? an official statement by His Grace Barry Huge Obummer that martial law is in effect and we are his serfs???”

              Unfortunately Mr. G, it will take far more than that for most. Obama has, in fact, already made the declaration of a state of emergency and invoked some earlier EO travesties.

              What it will take is RECOGNITION AND ACCEPTANCE of what is happening and a WILL to stop it. Given the total indoctrination of the vast majority of the sheeple, it is unlikely.

              The best that can happen is that enough of us will declare our own freedom, and fight to protect it when the need arises, that the corp can be defeated in Law enough times to stop harassing those of us who are in Law, as opposed to AT law in the fictional world.

              The few of us Men who are trying to live free HERE AND NOW are the last remaining beacons of freedom in the world. We have no government to protect us, only Law in a lawless corporate world.

              The more that leave the corp in favor of freedom, the brighter the light will be. Now is the time for all free men to shine.

      3. Wow. Just wow.

        Maybe my commenting skills are rusty…

        …but I don’t even know what to say about this one.

        • Has anyone looked into Obama’s latest Executive Order?

          Obama Declares “State of Emergency” through an Executive Order – May 16, 2012

          “This is a seizure of all Yemenis owned properties in the United States and the properties of any American with business ties to any interest in Yemen.” …

          “Everyone had better be advised. There now exists within the United States a declared State of Emergency. Under this State of Emergency, Obama can now issue orders that create law as the words are coming out of his mouth without so much as a “by your leave” from our Congress.”

          “One might be prudent to ask who that “other” is he refers to in the executive order.”



          Direct links below…

        • Outright DISCUSTING!!!!

          • “””Executive Order — Blocking Property of Persons Threatening the Peace, Security, or Stability of Yemen”””

            Sec. 8. For those persons whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order who might have a constitutional presence in the United States, I find that

            because of the ability to transfer funds or other assets instantaneously, prior notice to such persons of measures to be taken pursuant to this order would render those measures ineffectual. I therefore determine that for these measures to be effective in addressing the national emergency declared in this order, there need be no prior notice of a listing or determination made pursuant to section 1 of this order.


            It is almost comical that this order is intended to make it illegal for anyone to do what (Obama)the corp itself is doing to Yemen.

            Yet, note how a constitutional purpose is mentioned. That indicates that Obama is aware that his order does not affect those of us with a constitutional purpose while claiming that he can still seize their CORP ATTACHED property because of the emergency.

            Do you get it now. The corp creates laws that stop others from doing what it does to you. It is not trying to protect you. It is trying to protect itself from competition.

            Forget Executive Orders. Instead, join the Common Law so your constitutional presence must be recognized even by the Dictator of the corp.

            • G.C., You are the fourth person to mention joining the Common Law. If anyone can clue me in, I’d be grateful. W

            • Watchermax:

              This is an incredible resource that will probably answer all of your questions and then some. 🙂

              http: // sedm dot org /

              Remove the spaces and use the period key in place of “dot”

            • You must first understand who you are. you can start out by going to the sedm website. Search SEDM.org on google and it will lead you there.

              When you are ready to join the Men and Women in the Common Law, you will not need to ask how. You will do it because it is your RIGHT to be treated as a Man rather than a fiction, and in learning that you will know how.

              Once you have accepted Natural Law as the law that governs you and your activities, you will know that there are no restrictions on you so long as you are responsible and do not injure another.

              You can not go from a fully documented corp citizen to a free common law citizen over night. You can let all licenses expire, or return them to the issuer. End all contracts with any SSN you use. Create your own identification documents, that are truthful in every way and reserves and enumerates all of your rights as well as the responsibilities of any corp officer that sees it.

              Then all you have to do is quit asking for permission and live your life. If anyone impedes, your identity documents are all the evidence they can get from you, and all they prove conclusively is a lack of jurisdiction for a non-criminal charge.

              It is a long journey with a lot of danger, but so is life itself. There are some here who can help, but you have to build the foundation of knowledge yourself.

              I, nor anyone else, can tell you who you are. When you have that figured out, the rest is easy.

        • Money not in the BANK bad sheep iall take your feed away! TIME to BITE BACK!

      4. In the police state,everything is illegal.

        No proof necessary,hand it over.

        Innocent until proven guilty, yeah right,….just spread ’em for you cavity search during booking.

        LEO’s are so used to taking out the trash, that they usually end up being the trash. They see the corruption in their own blue house, they want some.

        All uniforms will be targets SHTF, and post-SHTF.

        ……….be safe……..

        • somebody once told me that being a police officer was a legal lic. to steal how true that statement is…they are full of hate and anger no longer compassionate with the want to help people, how sad

      5. I love OBAMA and will die for HIM.

        • You will.

        • Soon.

        • Then die.

        • Hey Black Pussy Kitty Kat , didn’t I see you in FOREST GUMP!!!

          “Sorry I broke up your black panther pussy kitty kat party!” duh…

          “You and the kenyan born british citizen cross dressing mass murdering u.n. traitor homo pot crack heroine druggy sausage smoker muslim false zionist cia commie puppet prez deserve each other!” Shalom Mutha Pucker!!!

          Eventually everyone will choose a side , eventually some will die!

          It is only a matter of time!!!


        • @Black Panther

          “Then the traitor threw down the silver into the temple and went out and hanged himself” Matt 27:5….(just a suggestion)

          (The New Prepper’s Bible)

        • Black Panther,

          Your statement is quite startling and yet bizarre. Why would you die for him? Is he your God? You are either a troublemaker, or a mentally sick individual. You state that you will die for him, or did you mean you would die for him, which one is it? I you will die for him, then when will you die? You are a sad individual. I do not believe for one minute, that you would die for anyone.

          • He can’t die for anyone. His brain is already dead.

            He is just a trouble maker. It is interesting to note that the more “Executive Orders” come out, the more trolls we seem to see around here.

            Executive Orders are PURE corp law. Something so sinister and vague that they will not even attempt to follow the process of Law.

            Get your Common Law papers in order. Or, you can continue to carry around your “license” to exist and subject yourself to these kinds of things.

            • When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

        • Yes, you will.

        • @Black Panther
          Obama is nothing more than a black George Bush, following the same type of policies…nothing new, no hope, no change…just more of the same! Yeah, I’m sure that is something for you to really proud about! But since you loons obviously don’t pay much attention to the details I suppose Obama could easily pull the wool over your eyes.

          • No Sir! The president is nothing but the rich mans puppet, and actor playing his role. We the public are merely the audience, the surfs, watching the show, hoping that the ending will be great. It’s all one big show for the generations that have past, this generation, and generations to come. The Power(Elite) are the directors, the controllers, and the manipulators of the population. That is the way it has always been, and will always be, until Yeshua returns and the Armegeddon is underway. All we do is piss and moan, whilst the rich man conquers, and history just repeats itself. What is happening now, was happening then, and will happen tomorrow. The only thing we surfs have control of is our own soul. That my friend is the finality of it all. Eternity in Peace, or Eternity in Hell.

        • Your choice.

        • Black Panther- I need a little clarification. You said “I love Obama and will die for him.” Is that a statment of your strong support for him…or is it a dreaded prophecy of what you fear may happen? just wondering.

        • you may have to, it’s a long time till the election and we have no idea what is going on behind our backs..lol

        • And there are many willing to help you die panther.

        • I’d love to be of some assistance Black Panther. Always wanted one stuffed for my trophy room.

          • A real black panther would look really nice in a natural pose for your trophy room…this aint a real black panther just a puss who likes to hear himself meow(imagining its a fearsome growl)….wouldnt be worth your time PO’ed…just sayin 🙂

            • Reb, you’re probably right…… I know! I’ll set him out in the front yard and put a lantern in his hand.

        • Black Panther

          As you wish

        • Grow a brain, already.

        • Godspeed

      6. the police stopped being public servants and started focusing on bringing in ‘revenue’ a long time ago…

        Now your money is guilty till proven innocent.

        • You are so right. They WILL “protect and serve” their corp masters.

      7. The new GLOBAL class system for ameriKans:


        2.) the bilderbergers illuminati’s managers administrators – bankers politicians captains of industry

        3.) their enforcers – cops military security forces mercenaries

        … and then there is YOU!

        Their global banker autocrat run FASCIST government vat TAX carbon credit TAX irs TAX debt slaves!!!

        *** The only thing below you is a Gestapo owned run private State Slave Labor Prisoner forced to work in a private run for profit prison factories as Imprisoned Industrial Slaves!!!

        this is our , YOUR NWO GLOBALIST EUGENICS FUTURE … welcome to your reality!!! RFID CHIPS Sterilization One World Government Central Bank Control Global Taxation FOR EVERYONE!!!


      8. The only difference between NOW post 9/11 and how its ALWAYS BEEN in corrupt ameriKa !!! Is NOW it’s EVERYONE of every color race creed !!! ALL COLORS ARE HARASSED AND ROBBED BY THE COPS !!! Where before it was just the criminals , minorities , fresh off the boat meat imigrants , goyim , gentiles being victimized , robbed and exploited by the gestapo cops police law enforcement corrupt greed driven good ole’ boy insider club Freemason Fascist run local state federal governments !!!

        ya’ gotta love AFFIRMITIVE ACTION!!!

        NOW WE’RE ALL EQUALS in getting screwed by our governments corrupt Crime Enforcement for Profit!!!





        • Don’t Taze me bro.

      9. Police officers can’t violate rights, but they can ask. They are taught to ask – I know – I was taught to ask. Can I search, do you mind, is it ok and sadly many people think they are unable to refuse. Sadly this man shouldn’t have divulged is loot, and in fact he had no reason too and not doing so would not have been a criminal act. He also should have refused the search of his car and yes that makes a cop suspicious but then they have to generate cause.

        I asked once, can I search your car, person said yes and I found a nice Colt Gold Cup 1911 under the seat. I ran it, it was registered to the same guy, he was mad at himself for “concealing” it but it wasn’t right to take it. I told him to put it on the seat next to him, take it out when he got home, and I’ve seen the guy at the range a dozen times since. Nice guy. Not all cops are thieves.

        • I agree Jim. The idiots in the news business only report the sensational news for ratings. There are some very good cops out there. Nobody ever cares about the thousand good things that police officers do every day, they just want to hear how crooked and dirty they are. I think it has to do with how sick and twisted we have become as a nation. We have replaced God with money, and we are paying the price.
          He never should have told the cop he had that much money on him.

          • “he never should have told that cop he had that much money on him” – It’s the sensible thing to do I agree, but not the right thing to do.

            You should be able to tell a public servant (whose wages you help pay via your taxes!) that you are going about your legitimate daily business without fear of robbery. Why are honest law abiding people being forced to conceal their activities? The decent are being forced into a position of dishonesty here to avoid being robbed.

            This has been released to remind preppers and others that might take a look at the Greek situation, and so try to withdraw their wealth from banks that their hard-earned personal wealth can be taken from them at any time. It’s a very nasty message that’s being given here.

            “Resistance is futile” declare the ptb!

          • I wish you guys were right but personal experiences have proven otherwise. Whenever I start to think that cops aren’t all bad, I run into a real bad one. I have even known a few of them and most of them have bragged about things they’ve done that were wrong.

            I have a lawyer friend who who told me back in the early eighties when he went to his first class at law school. It was taught by a retired judge. The judge walked into the classroom and wrote two sentences on the chalk board. 1) All cops lie. 2) All judges believe the cops lies.

            IMHO the only difference between an outlaw biker and a cop is one has a badge.

            • When you start thinking they’re not so bad, one proves you wrong.

            • …having known both outlaw bikers and cops the difference is the outlaw bikers never crossed me,never hurt me,treated me with respect…the cops?…you guess!

          • I have worked with police officers my entire career and have yet to meet one that has not been corrupted. They ignore the same laws they get paid to enforce. Don’t take my word for it. Compare the speeding tickets paid by law enforcement officers to the general population or simply ask one you know when was the last time he paid a ticket and you will find they do whatever they want without consequences.

            • Normally cop killings are BIG news and the perpetrators hunted down ruthlessly, with the full support of all the resource of tpb. I’m sure you all know about our fairly restrictive gun laws here in the UK?

              A police officer was shot dead at a London police station, was there has been virtually NO media coverage here.

              Now this story turns up a few days later http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2144543/Firearms-officer-shot-killed-police-station-duty-named.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

              I just don’t buy the idea that he topped himself as London police look out for each other really well, so his colleagues would have taken action if he was depressed.

              Trained officers in a nation with such restrictive gun control laws as the UK, don’t make errors like this. They have to be very good technically to make it into the gun squad iyswim.

              I’m always the first to proclaim how intellectually challenged I think London’s police are but even then I have trouble believing one could be this dumb iykwim?

              I find the whole thing odd, very odd and it sets my tin hat anntenae tingling.

          • The Other Jim

            “There are some very good cops out there.”

            Very true….lets continue the thought process.

            “Nobody ever cares about the thousand good things that police officers do every day”

            No one cares when I do a good job either. I’m expected to to a good job to stay employed.

            “He never should have told the cop he had that much money on him.”

            So even though there are many good cops out there one should lie to protect them self from cops.

            Convoluted logic.

        • Police Beat ‘Gentle’ Homeless, Mentally Ill Man to Death

          “”Listen to how this Wimpy Homeless Cripple guy “CRIES FOR HIS DADDY” DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY as 6 SIX ARMED STEROID JACKED Cali Cops (Professional Israeli trained Police Officers) BEAT KICK KNEE CHOKE TAZER CRUSH the homeless nut case retard to “DEATH” for 12 minutes continuously TILL HE FINALLY DIED ON THEM!!!”

          What A Wimp! Crying for his DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY LIKE THAT!!!

          GOTTA LOVE COPS!!! ;0)


          GAWD BLESS GESTAPO FASCIST ZIONIST AMERIKA and All the Steroid Juiced DHS Cops every where!!!


          • Fullerton, California, ostensibly features the sounds of 37-year-old Kelly Thomas crying for his father while being Tased by police officers after he supposedly resisted arrest. Thomas was also beaten so badly that he was placed on life support. He died several days later.


            r i p Kelly Thomas

          • “They kept beating him and Tasering him. I could hear zapping, and he wasn’t even moving,” said Turgeon. “He had one arm in front of him like this, he wasn’t resisting. And they kept telling him, ‘He’s resisting, quit resisting,’ and he wasn’t resisting.”

        • The problem I have with you guys is this…

          Don’t you use any kind of a filter when you are “asked” to do things that go contrary to the very Constitution that you swore an oath to uphold and defend?

          So, you are “asked” to question people and request that they “voluntarily” waive their rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

          Has it ever occurred to you people that maybe, just maybe you shouldn’t just walk in lockstep with what your superiors as telling you to do?

          What kind of peer pressure is there within your department to respect the rights of the people you are supposed to be working for? Or is it rather, “let’s see how we can trick, intimidate or pressure people into letting us climb up their ass with a microscope”?

          Don’t you understand that a lot of people are not stupid? We understand that our rights are being violated. But we’ve seen too many cases where refusal to let the cop do what he wants results in an arrest on a trumped up charge….or even worse…being tazed or beaten half to death for “resisting”. So…..they just lay back, spread there legs and do whatever the nice officer tells them to do.

          Seriously…the police are bringing the disrespect, and what is developing into outright hatred on yourselves. And I’ll tell you something, if TSHTF and we go to a WROL situation, the people whose rights have been violated by the police are going to remember the officers who did it. That’s not intended as threat, it’s just a fact that has been proven true by history.

          I understand that not all cops are bad. And you are probably not the kind of cop I’m talking about here. Not all cops violate people’s rights. But just how much do you guys police yourselves? When you see one of your fellow officers do what you KNOW to be not only immoral…but downright illegal….Do you go after them with the same effort you would go after just another Joe citizen? I bet not. Nope. You guys got that “code”. Solidarity…..the “Us against them” mentality that makes you protect your own, even when you KNOW that some of the guys behind that badge belong behind bars as much if not more than most of the people that they arrest.

          Most of us WANT to respect and support the police. But the direction that police are going today is making it very difficult to do so.

          You people need to do some real soul searching and start tossing out your bad apples. And stop just “following orders”. Use your freaking minds for Pete’s sake. Pull out a copy of the Constitution….read it carefully and understand that it’s not just some relic from the dustbin of history. It’s supposed to be followed.

          You people need to man up and start taking a stand for what is really right. You should be at the forefront of fighting the tyranny that is enveloping this country…..Not adding to it.

          Sorry for the rant. But I detest what is happening in this country.

          • I guess with cell phones everywhere now, we better start pushing the video camera button?? Even with the picture obscured, it’ll pick up sound.

          • Can Walt Kowalski , get an Amen?

          • + 1000 But unfortunately. the Guilty Badge Monkeys, will follow their Paymasters, and make all LEO a target of retribution PSHTF.They have turned in JBT ad revenue agents Period!NEVER tell a COP anything, Take control right of the Bat..Admit to Nothing.Ask if your Under arrest,Ask fora Supervisor, Record if possible any interaction with LEO…

        • Jim

          The problem is good cops protect bad cops by “seeing” nothing. They have a code similar to the street code of criminals where you don’t “rat”. All organizations protect them self from bad elements within their ranks. To name a couple the Catholic Church and the AMA which allows Physicians to loose a license to practice in one state and obtain a license to practice in another. The difference between the groups is governmental groups have the power of the state and “law” behind them with significant shielding to protect them once illegality is exposed. Filing a false report is criminal as is perjury. The DA does not effectively police the police in most cases.

          Quis custodiet ipsos custodes.

          Unfortunately many cops believe there are three groups, cops, family of cops and everyone else.

          • The “thin blue line” brotherhood NEVER EVER breaks ranks or testifies against a fellow police brother. I found this out when digging shit up on a dirty cop.

            • H. Nelson

              We’re back to,” Most cops are good”, however they don’t testify against the smaller number that are bad.

              From that perspective one must re-define what is good. Because someone has authority and power we lower the acceptable morality bar. When the ultra wealthy get away with crimes we shrug and say, “What do you expect” while we tolerate putting a kid in jail for possession of marijuana.

              Society expects the top to break the law because they have the opportunity and the bottom because they have little choice. The middle are expected to toe an ever increasing narrow line where everything is illegal. We’re the majority too. What is wrong with this picture?

        • Searches are OK if the pig “thinks he smells pot”. How hard is THAT to “bend to fit and paint to suit”?

        • Jim – The officer in the article definitly violated his rights, and I think that officer should do time for that. Also why can he not conceal the gun? And exactly how did you run it? I guess in some states you must have to register your guns. Not in my state. I agree that not all cops are thieves but the majority of them do not know the constitution or care about it and they have forgotten that they work for us to protect and server. The majority beleive they are our superiors, and for that they deserver ZERO respect.

          • In CA it is illegal to conceal a weapon in your car without a concealed weapons permit. This was also nearly 20 years ago and the only way, at the time, you were permitted to have a firearm in a vehicle was if you were moving it to the range, gunsmith, or for a transfer (show for instance). The gun had to be in plain view, unloaded, and no ammo readily available (at hand) to make it loaded or it was a violation of the laws – putting it under his seat was a crime at the time – and I’m out of that now but I think it still is here in CA. We ran serial numbers at the time against a database or registered weapons. All we really looked for in that was a serial number showing it was stolen or not but if registered the persons name attached would come up – this one did for him. If not – at the time – it wasn’t a crime unless it came back stolen of course.

            I can tell you in my few years in LE (13) that I never heard the world “constitution” much. You are right, most cops don’t consider it, but then I disagree with many comments here about LE because other than two bad apples I ran into – the others were all guys you’d be happy to have as LE in your town. One of those two bad apples we put in prison by the way.

            • @Jim–

              current guns laws in Cali:

              Handguns can not be carried open at all. If in a vehicle,the handgun must be in a lockable case (unloaded), or locked in the trunk (unloaded). If by chance you have a CCP, then and only then can the handgun be loaded and must be concealed.

              Long guns can be carried open or concealed in a vehicle, but they must be unloaded.

        • Jim, not all Mobsters are hit men either.

          Yes, the guy did not know his rights and therefore had none. But the cop should serve no purpose other than to protect this rights, whether he knew he had them or not.

          The problem is, the cops are trained to believe that the People have no rights. Only the state has rights, in the eyes of the cops. That goes for the bad cops and the so-called good cops.

          A good man serving evil is not less evil than a bad man serving it.

          • Well said.

          • A good man serving evil is not less evil than a bad man serving it.

            And there you have it

      10. Sadly this has been going on for years. It’s all a part of the “war on drugs”. This is why I support legalization. It’s not that I like drugs or want to take them but rather that the cure is worse than the disease. The things we have to do to even make a dent in drugs (or terrorism for that matter) leave us less free and give the state too much power and authority over us. Sorry, but I am sick and tired of politicians telling us they know what is best for us or that it is “all for the children”. Any time I hear a politician telling me something has to be done “for the children” I brace myself for the inevitable loss of liberty that comes along with it.

        • All done in the name of revenue. The CIA and some of the biggest banks are directly involved in the drug trade.There is no “war on drugs”. There is only a war on the common man to extract wealth.

          • back in the early 90’s I read a really great book ( i have been trying to recall the title and author for years and can not , to my dismay) it was written under a pen name from a man who was at one time with the FBI. He told how there was NO DRUG WAR and how the US goverment actually worked with these drug lords and how they made millions of dollars off the drug trade. It was amazing how the goverment tracks our money, and how they control the circulation of it as it somehow ( my memory does not recall all of the details) ties in with the drug money and trafficking of the drugs. It is a huge industry that most people are not aware of. The police are pawns in the fake war on drugs, and somehow it helps to hide the real dealings. The police are being put into harms way for no reason. The other thing is that you NEVER here of the drug lords in other countries anymore like you did in the 80’s, it all has fallen to the wayside except for Mexico is now in the limelight, strange that it seems like that is the ONLY place in the world that drugs are coming from now.

        • The war on drugs is an abject failure, but will never stop (as long as tne present corrupt system exists). Look at all of the industries it supports..lawyers, judges, court employees, police (Stasi) equipment suppliers, the list goes on and on.

      11. Not all cops are mindless insects. The few that are make life a real bitch ! Be careful…know your rights.

      12. Dear Lord I ask that you watch over my Gun … guide my gun-hand center mass … make sure it is within reach when I run into NWO NAZI GESTAPO ZIONIST TRAINED Police … Amen!!!

        “PUCK! The NWO DHS Poo Poo Piggies!”



        Crooked Kansas cops profile drivers who are alone in passenger cars. The cop will pull over a driver, always a male, always the only person in the car. The charge is often “crossing the fog line”. (Anyone know what the fog line is?) There is never any proof of this alleged traffic “violation”.

        The ensuing questions by the cop are the same as outlined in this piece and the cop always asks about drugs and about cash.

        Kansas is able to make money for the State and for the County where these illegal seizures take place. Anyone caught with cash that is over $400 or so is arrested on the possibility that it’s drug money. Cops call in the dogs and sometimes there is a scent “detected” and sometimes there isn’t.

        The driver is always alone, there are never 2 people in the car — that would provide a witness to this alleged “traffic violation” that turned into an illegal search and seizure. The driver is always arrested if cash is found. At that point, his car, his personal possessions, and all of his cash is seized. The driver is hauled to jail.

        This scenario happens in Kansas and is well documented. And I know it happens because it happened to one of my sons. My son was traveling alone, moving to the West to finish college. He had his personal belongings (clothing, household property, computer, stereo, cell phone). He also had all of his money with him and against my pleas, he carried in in the form of cash. He was profiled on I-70 just over the east Kansas line on morning. The cop found his money and declared that he was a drug dealer. The cop called in a search dog but no “scent” was discovered. My son was arrested anyway because he had cash, implying he HAD to be a drug dealer. He went to jail. Think about it: he went to jail because he had cash.

        His money had a proven ‘money trail’ — that cash came from a settlement for a car injury that left him disabled. Proof was provided by the settlement attorney, but that didn’t matter. He had to make bond and then he had to defend himself in court. The legal system in this part of Kansas was in collusion with the police. It took 2 1/2 years and $13,000 to defend his legal rights and to clear his name. And THEN, in order that he get back his illegally seized money and property, he had to go back to court and sue the County in Kansas where he was arrested.

        The money that was seized illegally from him wound up being used in the State of Kansas for his own defense. So in the end, Kansas got that money. It is a scam and the State gets away with it over and over again.

        There are articles online about these illegal, strong-arm search & seizure methodologies. Generally, they are done on the Interstates. NEVER TRAVEL ALONE. While defending your Constitutional rights, you will spend your own money to do so. You might clear your name, but the scam-game will cost YOU time and money and for the most part, these arrests are out-of-state, and you will be forced to hire an attorney who can practice in that state.

        Highway robbery is right!

        • fog line (the white line)

        • the corp is starving..this is how it gets fed.

          the courts, and cops run on our money ..either it be from taxes or extotion or both. (always both)

      14. Never..and I mean NEVER consent to a search.

        “officer I have been around and seen somethings in my life my concience will not allow me to concent to a search, am I free to go?”

        than after that STFU.

        if you know an officer of the law, carry his card, and your lawyers card, hand it to him..and leave it at that. period

        never say anything, do not answer their questions, you are not required to do so.

        a simple traffic stop should always be aa simple traffic stop..if it goes beyond that assert your right to remain silent…force them into a paper work nightmare..may will back down because they are lazy..

        if they dont..you have already protected yourself, deal with them accordingly..let your mouth piece do your talking, dont incriminate yourself

        I dont agree that they sshould be able to do this sort of thing..but the fact remains they are, and they do..you can also do what you have to do.

        • I’ve had a police officer get down right frustrated when I refused to let him search my vehicle. The factory rear privacy glass and overcast sky prevented him from seeing in so he asked to search it. I was completely respectful during the entire conversation and it went something like this:

          Officer: Do you mind if I search your vehicle?
          Me: Officer, I understand why you pulled me over (speeding) and I respect that you’re doing your job but I personally feel that I have done nothing to warrant a search of my vehicle so according to my rights, I must decline.

          O: You’re not going to let me? Are you hiding something? (the tone was increasing)
          M: No sir, not at all. I’m simply exercising my rights and informing you that I have nothing to hide, however I do not wish to let you search my vehicle.

          O: You realize I could make you wait here until I called in a warrant and then search your vehicle, right? If I have to do that, we’ll bring the K9 in too.
          M: Yes sir, I understand that and if that’s what you feel you need to do then please do it, however, I will tell you that there is nothing illegal in my vehicle and that I don’t have anywhere to be today, so I don’t mind waiting for you to produce a warrant.

          At this point it became a matter of principle. He called for his warrant, about 40 minutes later and two additional patrol cars the warrant showed up. I thanked him for it and they opened my vehicle to search it. Two officers went over my vehicle bumper to bumper while I acted like I didn’t have a care in the world. Meanwhile a third officer started interrogating me about where I was headed. (none of his business btw) I remained polite but gave him general answers. There was a discussion about impounding my vehicle because they couldn’t get access to some parts of the undercarriage. (It’s a Jeep Grand Cherokee and it has the factory skid plate package over many of the vital parts for skid protection.) They stated that typical drug trafficking uses the fuel tank and with the steel skid plate covering the tank they couldn’t determine if it was tampered with. The quorum of officers decided that would be too much paperwork.

          Another 30 minutes later, frustrated that they found absolutely nothing, after crawling around on the ground he completed my speeding ticket told me that my car was clear and I was free to go. I smiled with that “I told you so” look and after almost 2 hours of wasting their time, I drove away.

          Here’s the kicker – the officer, still convinced that I was hiding something (I wasn’t) followed me for 50 miles and I don’t just mean he was behind me, I mean he was RIGHT behind me. He passed when I passed. I set the cruise control at the speed limit and most of the traffic was going about 5mph faster but he stayed right on my bumper all the way to the exit for my town. I have a spotless driving record (until that ticket) and a spotless background check. I even hold secret clearance for my job and they still wasted more than 2 hours of my day.

          What was clear to me was that someone (me) didn’t just give in to their demands for power and intimidation and that frustrated them. How dare someone exercise their rights! I remained respectful but clearly set limits for them, making them go the extra mile. If you’re going to waste my time, I’m going to waste yours. I’m not the one crawling around in the dirt on my hands and knees. Knock yourself out buddy.

          • Arkaden, in your case, no matter what the cost, I would have hired a lawyer to find out the probable cause used to get the warrant. The judge involved might start getting a little nervous when a lawyer starts snooping and demand a higher standard on future warrants. I don’t and won’t let ANYONE take a hike on me for free.

            • Definetly

              what was the probable cause?

              and the oath and afermation for the search?

              it has to be listed, the cop has to wite it out for the judge..its part of the search warrent

              also has to say what they are looking for, and where.

              also to Arkaden..you talked too much..lol

              after saying I dont consent to a search, you sahould have also excersized your right to remain silent..they also hate that..but it IS your right to do so

              all you had to do was be tripped up by one of the cops to say something to incriminate yourself

              stand your ground, and say nothing..answer no questions

              just keep saying you will not talk with out your lawyer present, and keep asking if you are being detained, or are free to go

          • Good for you for making them work for it. What a crock! If more people would make it this difficult perhaps they’d think twice about throwing their weight around.

          • Excellent post btw
            (and words/acts of wisdom..)

            stay calm

            don’t react

            be proactive and know your rights

            potential problem..supposed they “planted” some contraband in their dubious search..then what?


            • right..

              always be polite.
              let them get all bent..but dont you react to it.

              also..you have the right to record this, use your cell phone to do so..

              they also hate this..because it can back fire on them once you get your lawyer involved, as you should after a deal like this..

              its woth every dime to push the issue after that stop

              find out what was their probable cause, what did the cop swear to under oath to the judge..or did that even happen..if not..sue the fuckers!…civil..not us the tax payers..make it hurt the individuals that didnt follow the rules..not the city

      15. And obozo wants to give the TSA more jurisdiction. Yeah, that’ll work out well.

      16. Isn’t Tennessee the same place that let the TSA experiment with the highway checkpoints? It looks like TN just jumped up to the top of my “places I’ll never live in” list.

        • Yes it is..and after seeing THAT video, I”m going to be making some phone calls on Monday!

          • ditto. we’ve had some luck getting rid of a few bad ones around here. most of the ones we know are decent.

      17. This is OLD OLD OLD news, but it makes me wonder. After the mass arrests Obama, the Bushes, the Clintons, Bernanke, and the rest of them, who is going to arrest and/or punish the 10s or 100s of thousands of cops, judges, and lawyers, etc who knowingly disobeyed the Constitution by profiting from grossly Unconstitutional stuff like this, the War on Drugs, etc. It may get pretty ugly if the average citizen, emboldened by the mass arrests of the scum at the top, decide to impose justice on the scum in the middle and bottom ranks.

        • Hmm… how about starting from the smaller guys? Would make the pants of the bigger guys shake?

        • What mass arrests? You actually believe that silly thing on the internet? Just who is going to arrest them. Hell they cannot even get an original of Obamas BC or his college records. Keep dreaming.

      18. as i see it, when the SHTF, LEO in uniform, will be in the cross hairs. and one by one, the LEO population will dwindle down to a point, they’ll join our side. they have families too and their home addresses are public record. but i suspect they’ll be assigned to protecting downtown business district from being burnt to the ground versus in suburbia. gas by then will be so high, cars will be parked.

        while they’ll bully innocent law abiding people, they avoid organized street gangs whom carry as much cash, drugs and guns on their persons.

        Can you imagine the major city scene when LEO faces off against the well armed street gangs? payback will be a mutha

      19. Vehicle laws are a corp gov scam.Why should I have to pay for a license renewal every year? I passed my test years ago. Revenue scam.Why should I have to pay for registration yearly? One time per vehicle should be sufficent.Revenue scam.Why must I get my vehicle inspected yearly? I know when something is wrong with it and I fix it.Revenue scam. The biggest revenue scam is DUI.While I never was arrested for this,I know people that were.This is ruinous to your life. When I got my license, there were no DUI laws. There was a citation that amounted to around $50. No court appearance needed.There were no DUI laws for around 80 years and we survived. What about vehicle insurance? I remember when it was not required. Another revenue scam. The whole point of these onerous laws is to extract wealth from the common man.

        • So true. I fight every ticket to the maximum extent possible and since I have no credit, no bank account, and no documented assets, they have no choice but to give me community service for $10/hour… so I push wheelchairs at the local VA hospital and chat with lonely disabled vets in order to pay my [bullshit] debt to society.

        • Even worse than having to renew a vehicle registration yearly is having to renew your flat bed trailer or pop-up camper yearly that isn’t used nearly as much as your vehicle. Revenue scams abound. Everytime the voter votes for a party that wants to create more laws, they are voting for more revenue scams that will affect THEM! Not just the rich. You can’t fix stupid.

      20. i agree, make LEO jump legal hoops for auto searches. most times, in most instances, they’ll release you on the spot. there are some excellent legal guidance youtube videos advising of your rights and how you should handle this situation. Officer, am i being arrested? If so, whats the charge? if not, am i free to go?…that’s all you are advised to say.

        • Never ever ever consent to any search. There are “copwatch” type voicemail numbers you can call to record the incident. Tell the officer he is being audio recorded if you feel safe doing so.

      21. It doesn’t take too many incidents like this article states about; and people will wise up and shut up. Even for a random license check, people should say “yes” to the obvious questions, and “no” to a vehicle search without having a written warrant for such. Less conversation when confronted by any law enforcement is best. Anything you say “will be used against you”! If any LE Officer gets smart with you, just say “Am I being charged with something? If the answer is “yes”, don’t argue; just ask for your ticket/arrest and request that it be “prompt”, so you can contact your attorney. Most officers will back off if they see you “won’t” be bullied or harrassed and that you are bringing an attorney into the mix , first thing.

        • So true, it’s mostly idiots that consent to searches that get busted.

      22. Looks like a fair number of the real criminals are on the wrong side of the bars.

        Ya’ll had enough of this yet?

      23. so your not guilty by a crime any longer your guilty by SUSPICION now !!! i say that everybody in that area should flood that police station and demand his firing !
        criminal bates silence when asked why he didnt include the fact that the man told him he was going to purchase a car with that money in his report tells the motive and everything else that criminal bastard says to justify his actions are mute

      24. (The Lord said to Moses) “You should not steal” and “You should not even plan ways to take what belongs to another person”. (these acts are wrong in God’s eyes)Ex:20:15&17

        (The New Preppers Bible)

      25. It is incidents like this that cause average Americans to no longer trust the police. Some might say that it is only a rogue element within the department. Wrong! Too many times we see the Chief get in lock-step and defend his officers, even when all evidence points to wrong-doing. The Police Department is part of government. Why would anyone expect that they would avoid the cancer of corruption in the executive branch? Truth is, they wouldn’t.

        • What corrupt cops that pocket cash and drugs when they think nobodu is looking? I’m shocked. No wonder they beat the shit out of people with cameras on a regular basis. Most cell phones have voice recorders built in. Use them!

      26. NEVER allow your vehicle to be searched. Tell your teen drivers to make the police get a search warrant and to not to be intimidated by the police. There’s a great video on youtube about your rights: What to do when you get pulled over FLEX YOUR RIGHTS


        Sorry couldn’t get the link to work.
        Please watch it and get your family to watch it. I have told my son over and over to make them get a search warrant. Put anything you have out of sight. Protect Yourself.

      27. Perhaps you have not met one that has not been corrupted, however I have met many who are decent honorable people. One saved my dog’s life and a year later he drowned trying to save a kid. Sure there are some who are bad, but there are more that are decent and put their lives on the line, every time they go out to a call. The things that they see, you would never want to know about.

        • It has nothing to do with decent honorable people. It’s about knowing your constitutional rights. Period!

        • Unfortunately, it takes 10 good things done by a good cop, to offset the 1 bad thing done by a bad cop.

          The problem is, the good cops need to be more proactive in making sure that the bad cops have short careers.

          Don’t tell me this can’t be done. It can. But it will just require courage on the part of the good cops to police their own.

          • Serpico

        • Perhaps 5%-10% are decent human beings. Ever since hiring practices changed to favor ex-military/gung-ho types over intelligent, educated, civilians, the quality of policing has gone downhill severely.

          • So true… short fuses, suicide, alcohol are the norm… just like the lower ranks of the military. I’m a vet and have been there. Gangs and wife beaters are a majority in the lower ranks and combat jobs.

          • Well done, AJ! Why do they like ex-military? And by ex-military we are not talking elite Navy SEAL types. We are talking cannon fodder, follow the orders, non-critical thinking types. So, for those who think the military or local LEO will not round up or shoot US civilians in a martial law or SHTF scenario, you are not being honest with yourself. What does history show?? In the riots in Greece, who are the rioters facing off against?

            • Well, all I know is that official policy in just about every PD in the US is compliance. Unquestioning, grovelling compliance. Or face the consequences. Intelligent, properly trained, non (military) indoctrinated men can keep the great majority of situations under control without resorting to force. Today’s cops (most)lack the intelligence, presence of mind, and training to do so. This is evidenced by the “us and them” mentality, that is common (and often necessary)in soldiers.
              Thanks to giving preference to ex-soldiers over intelligent, educated civilians, PDs have had to implement total compliance policies, “for officer safety”, backed by the threat of ever-escalating force.
              Personally, I think that prior military service should disqualify someone from a job as a police officer.

        • 95$%

      28. I think soon enough, LEOs and the military will have ALOT more going on than bothering the average citizen.

        Til than, no letting cops inspect my car, check.

      29. Repeat after me-

        Po officer: “Do you mind if I take a look inside your vehicel?”

        You: “YES! I do not authorize nor consent to any search of my self or property without a warrant.”

        Of course the way things are headed this may only work for the next 6 months…

      30. I hate commies.

        • ‘To be a member of the Communist Party is to have a taste of the police state. It is a diluted taste but is bitter and unforgettable.”-Elia Kazan

      31. Events like this are the reason I go out of my way to keep a low profile with law enforcement. I don’t speed and I carefully follow the rules of the road. The fewer interactions I am forced to have with law enforcement officers, the better.

        The breadth of the officers’ discretion is staggering, and as soon as you trigger their egotism or question their authority, you’re screwed.

        Even reporting a crime can end up with the cops turning the whole thing around. I learned my lesson years ago when I was the victim of an assault that it’s all in the perspective of the first officer on the scene. Even with physical injuries and the front door broken right off the hinges, the cop can use his own “judgement” to decide if the call has merit. If I hadn’t raised high holy hell and gotten a legal advocate from a women’s center there right away, while the officer was still present, the entire incident would have been swept under the rug, charges would not have been filed and the property damage to my home would have been all on my dime.

        The side of the car should no longer say “To Serve and Protect” – it should say “To Steal and Persecute”.

        • Drive faster… slow divers are assumed to be drunk drivers.

        • Or maybe: “To Harass and Incarcerate”

      32. Did I understand this correctly?

        Bloody hell.

        Take care

      33. Comrade AmeriKan Commie,

        Had a god laugh on that one,

        Sad thing is there ARE laws for JAY WALKING.
        Thanks NinaO.

        Y’all Beware!

        • @yb … honestly i was very stone cold serious when i wrote that post. it wasn’t meant to be funny. that is the current state of the law enforcement gestapo enforcer frame of mind conscious sweeping all of amerika!

      34. If you will drive with a lot of cash, put it in foil & place it in the air filter area.
        Cops are like cats, they don’t like getting their hands or uniforms dirty.


      35. I wounder if he will get negative feedback on Ebay?

        20k for a lesson on what cops are? He got off lucky. It cost a few their lives. Post Catrina bridge shooting and the crying for Daddy homeless man come to mind. Welcome to the new USA Mr. Reby.

      36. When dealing with government officials, there is absolutely no reward for honesty, only punishment. When dealing with police, STFU!

      37. Oh, this is Tennessee’s hubris…they are also the first state to allow TSA to stop truck drivers.

        Don’t believe???Ixquick it–as Gertie said in E.T….what’s happening??

      38. Having 3 teenagers, a large amount of cash is $40.00, I might be OK?

        I doubt it though in the Soviet State of California

      39. The “law” doesn’t want to mess with me, as I pay for much with cash, but I keep all the bank reciepts. This means if some “KGB” fed should falsely accuse me I have proof of the money I possess, and then it is called a big fat false accusation law suit. I also write down all the serial numbers of each bill so no one can “say” that I passed a bad bill to pay a bill or something. I also check each bill to make sure it is not counterfeit before I spend them. Nothing makes me more angry than someone accuses me of something I didn’t do. It is not fair and it is just pure evil and those that do this eventually get it back from the universe and God, then when it happens to them they ask, “what did I do to deserve this?”.

        The mere fact that I or anyone else has to feel so paranoid to have to take extra measures to protect themselves against those that are “suppose to” be protecting us, really shows how terrible it has become. The mere fact that someone that is honest and believes in telling the truth and always tries to do what is right has to have any fear of being falsely accused, really shows just how dog manure bad the system has become. Stories like this really make you totally hate the system with bile.

        • The lawsuits must exeed any insurance coverage.

        • It must be a pain to document the serial numbers. I suppose you could use a cell phone camera, many of which can hold over 10,000 pictures when set to a lower resolution like 640×480. Time stamped/GPS stamped images and serial numbers that are backed up online are awfully solid evidence when combined with the receipts.

          • @ toomanyfakeconservatives. That’s a really good idea. I have become so paranoid about the way the world has become that I shred everything that can be used for any criminal activity. I use money orders or pay cash for bills and going to purchase anything. I just don’t trust anything anymore, there are so much “evil” out there. I guess people have to go that extra mile to protect themselves, even from those that get people’s tax dollars to protect you. I still have met some very nice police that just do their job to the best of their ability, I guess will can be thankful for them.

      40. test test…

        Oh boy! I got a load going to Chicago and it delivers Monday. I’ll be right on time for the Nay-Toe summit. Tell Merkel and Kissinger and the gang that I may be a bit late for the breakfast meeting and the opening prayer service though. I have to stop in Iowa and see the old hermit. He’s gonna remove my soul and store it in a mason jar. Just for my own protection till the summit is over…

        • “never rode shotgun on a hearse before”

      41. Obama is allowing Russian troops to train in Colorado because it is centrally located between Canada and Mexico.NWO is the objective.They are planning for the invasion!!Get your scatter shields ready.

      42. Suggestions for practical jokes-

        Send a truck load of barbeque sauce to PETA headquarters.

        Start an ongoing trend by telling every foreign tourist in DC that American custom requires visitors to the Capital building to leave an offering of one roll of Charmin as appeasement to the crap gods.

        Call the White House and ask which half of Barak Obama is in today. Tell them you’ll call back when his white side is in.

        Call Monsanto and ask when they’re gonna genetically modify their stock price.

        Go to Wal-Mart to the service desk. Tell them the doctor says you’re allergic to cellulite and when would be the best time to shop so that only skinny people are there. Then ask which aisle are the American made products on.

        Next time you buy gas, tell the store clerk that you’re from Canada, you’re on a business trip with a company expense account and insist that you need a receipt showing how many liters of gasoline. Be persistent. Then ask how many kilometers to the next town, and how long is the driving time in Canadian minutes.

        Place a classified ad in your local paper, offering a 7CD box set of Gary Busey’s greatest hits, INCLUDING the ‘Unplugged’ album.

        Call the tire shop and ask if they work on Tonka trucks. Sound worried and tell them your grandson is frantic.

        Use your best computer skills and make a genuine looking “Monthly Statement” from a Nevada brothel. Send a copy every month to Harry Reids office. On the 4th month, threaten to turn him over to a collection agency.

        • @Okie
          “A merry heart makes for a cheerful life” Proverbs 15:13A

          (The New Preppers Bible)

        • Go to the bank and ask to have your Federal Reserve Notes exchanged for gold.

          • yeah, see how well that works out for ya!

      43. “I don’t know.”

        I do.

      44. Best way to avoid problems with cops, besides not doing stupid illegal things, is to become a fully trained/certified reserve deputy if your county has them. (Training and then later patrolling is usually evenings part-time riding shotgun with regular full timer, except for events or disaster response.)

        You’ll rarely ever have any cops that exceed their Constitutional authority screw with you then anywhere you travel, even out of state, also you’ll discover who the good/bad/ugly cops are in your own jurisdiction and be a voice for exposing/routing them, too. Most LEO in our rural area here are great and know quick when a bad apple surfaces that could tarnish reputation of dept.

        • Who would want to be associated with a bunch of ego maniacs on a power trip on steroids?

          unless you were going to be an insider and bust the bad apples..than you would have to be an under cover I.A guy..good luck getting that gig.( and im sure there are dirty I.A. guys too)

          and as it is , if you havent been paying attention..they are laying off trained cops..what makes you think they would take on an un-trained civilian to spend time and money on getting him up to speed to be a professional prick?

          • I went through the program, with two dozen others, back in 80’s and have another friend doing so now, graduating next month. Some depts do it, some don’t. Those in a financial bind are especially eager, or should be, to have additional trained un-paid volunteer deputies for events and disaster response. Did not cost our dept anything but trainer time in evenings for 8 weeks of 4 hours a night. All of us later, after commissioning, bought our own badges, uniform shirts and brought our own weapons and gear.

            There’s good cops and bad cops, like in any group. And, it’s lazy and foolish to think and say they are all one or the other.

            Some of the most strident liberty loving Ron Paul supporters are to found amongst their ranks. But, you’d likely never get to discover that lumping them all together with comments like “…bunch of ego maniacs on a power trip on steroids” and “…to be a professional prick”, which serves only to further the “us against them” mentality where you might otherwise have found some useful LEO allies on the same side as you all along.

            • trust me, they started it with this ” above the law” mantality..not us law abiding citizens just going about our daily lives.

              The reason I wouldnt want to be associated with them or be seen as one of them, is when the hammer falls..its not going to be a good thing to stick out with a badge and a uniform telling desperate people that they are here to help, especially after the awake group sees it otherwise by the LEO’ club actions. (not to mention they never say ” were here to help”..its usually a lot more violent than that.

              and dont fool yourself that steroid use in the Force, isnt a huge problem..it is.

              who needs a 250 pound roid raging cop that knows he can do what ever he wants with impunity

              The thin blue line is nothing but a unionised mafia..or gang

              I see they got you well washed

              good luck with your barney fife gig

          • You remind me of this story awhile back about an unusually friendly town out west and the history of how it came to have an abundance of positive friendly inhabitants and helpful neighbors.

            The story went that back in the early days when many families were wagon migrating west their first stop into a new town was usually to the blacksmith & livery stables where they’d inquire about the town in trying to decide whether to stick around awhile and explore settling down there or to keep heading further west at the first opportunity.

            The blacksmith in this particular town would always first ask the people inquiring about the town and it’s people where they’d come from and what they thought about the people and their neighbors there in the town they’d just moved out from.

            Some would brag on about what great friends & neighbors they had had, and how hard it was to of left them all, while others would go on about how bad and mean spirited everybody always was in theirs and that they could not get out of that town quick enough to suit them.

            The blacksmith would then respond the same to both; that it was exactly like that here in this town, too, and it eventually filled up with friendly positive people giving and expecting the same, while the rest would usually move on elsewhere as quick as they could.

            Moral of the story; it’s not solely all about your surroundings and other people that determines the good or bad of it, but what baggage you bring into it, too, attitude wise.

            You see all cops as “professional pricks”, I guarantee you’ll be a magnet for those that are, and fail to ever recognize or encourage those that are not to use their discretion in not being picky about minor stuff.

            • Nice fairy tale.

            • Sounds like the “space cadets” in most of the local Volunteer Fire Depts. They get a certificate of CPR training, and learn how to operate a pumper unit; then, it’s cover the ole pick-em-up truck with lights and a siren. The attitude follows with idiots on power trips who have illusions of grandeur. Next thing you know they are doing more investigative/undercover probing into peoples personal lives and causing more harm than good. There is more gossip and spreading of lies around the FD meetings than a half dozen ole maids at a quilt bee. I “was” a volunteer for many years until the new generation took over and used the “volunteer” part to mean they have a right to become informants nad busybodies.

      45. It is obvious that Obama and Putin have something up their sleeve .The live mike insident proves that.”After my election I will “……..

        • Anon….Not too sure that Putin thinks much of Obama.He declined to attend the G8 summit because he was “too busy”.Sounds like he gave him the “figurative” finger.

          • Remember when none of the Russians would shake Obama’s hand? He went down the line and finally stopped putting extending his hand. You can probably find it on You Tube.
            Obama was jelous of Dangerfield.

      46. This is typical in small town TN. Yea, the cops love it when they spot an out of state plate. They know if they write the driver a ticked the driver more than likely will not return to fight it. And just pay the fine. Same thing with the cash. A lot of small town cops are as crooked as the day is long.. And I don’t know about other places, but I know for a fact that a lot of the small town cops here in TN are on the take.. I can say this because I live in TN…

      47. they started taking sums of cash under the drug laws since the 80’s. this is nothing new. known about this for years.

      48. if you use a p2p decentralized crypto-secured value transfer system, you dont have to worry about cops stealing it. they cannot. Bitcoin.

        • Do you carry your bitcoins in your virtual wallet?

      49. toomanyfakeconservatives…I found this to share..called Drake’s FAQ.
        Interesting for those following Drake’s discussions.


        The timeframe for this is 30-45 days from 8 April 2012.
        • The arrests, taking into custody, sweep, and housecleaning, whatever you want to call it, will not come much lower than governor level, if that.
        • President and Congress – 13th amendment will apply. If you areRRESTS
        • The timeframe for this is 30-45 days from 8 April 2012.
        • The arrests, taking into custody, sweep, and housecleaning, whatever you want to call it, will not come much lower than governor level, if that.
        • President and Congress – 13th amendment will apply. If you are an agent in any way, form or shape, holding allegiance or gratitude to a foreign power, not only can you not hold citizenship, you cannot hold any office. You are not allowed to be here.

        (I’d say that’s about fair)

        • Nope… it won’t plunge the nation into chaos. The disruptions and violence may be moderate, but nothing we can’t handle. I figured July, but would not be surpirised if it was next week. Thanks for the update!

          • Oh God- The NATO summit is Monday the 21st… two days before the end of the 30-45 day timetable for the mass arrests. I think the puppetmasters wanted another 9-11 in Chicago but the Patriots-Pentagon-Military-Federal Marshalls won’t allow it. The mass arrest may take place ANY DAY based on the Chicago NATO summit.

      50. All it’s going to take to plunge the entire nation into Revolution II, or Civil War II, is a pissed off Patriot (or nutcase, for that matter) to have enough of this police state or the racial tension, and fire that first shot that will be “heard around the world”. And then, game on!

        • V, standing by!

        • Yep….It’s what I have referred to as a “Lexington and Concord” moment.

        • Ladies,Gentlemen, and Patriots Among Us,

          Remember remember, when we’ve had all we can stand,
          the gunpowder treason will go hand in hand,
          when our “V”engeance rains upon their head,
          and all the traitors will all be ________ !

          The time draweth nigh my friends, it draweth nigh!!!

        • Sounds good to me, but there will be SO MUCH cleaning up to do at the state and local level. What is going to be done with all the slimy state level judges, prosecutors, and police who knowingly violated the Constitution for decades by enforcing the grossly unconstitutional War on Drugs? The WOD is just one of many grossly Unconstitutional programs that they enforced over the years. “I was just doing my job” is not a viable defense.

          Killing these assholes is not cool. They deserve a speedy public trial.

          • too many fake cons
            yes and even though i believe in rights and freedoms for all, i think a one day trial will be sufficient for these fools.i just wish i could be judge, jury, and in appropriate cases executioner and for those who havent commited treason but a lesser crime I will gladly take them to there cell and lock them up.

            • 1 day trials seem reasonable. The guilty all wrote their own evidence/documentation of their treasonous/unconstitutional acts with every court decision, indictment, and arrest report.

      51. This practice has been going on for a VERY LONG TIME. Nothing new… It’s wrong, but people, YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS… You DO NOT have to consent to a search AND SHOULD NOT. If the cops make up something to get a warrant, you have that much more against them for a civil rights case. KNOW THIS also, they will take your money with or without a warrant, so make em work for it and get a lawyer.

      52. “When your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you. . . you may know that your society is doomed.”

        -Ayn Rand, author, “Atlas Shrugged”

        • Ayn Rand was a jew drug addict and Psych Patient. She was also a sexual predator and abused her spouse to the point that he drank himself to death. Now there is someone to look up to!

          • Atlas Shruegged was a very good and presecient read. Ayn Rand may have been those things you mentioned, but the quote shows that even such people have moments of clarity.

          • Truth doesnt get tarnished by its professor,even satan himself cant hurt Truth…..in other words it doesnt matter who speaks the truth…its still truth!

      53. never carry more than 9,000 dollars on your person its illegal and considered drug money…

      54. The government does not want us to buy things or pay people with cash. Too much of it goes unreported as income. And they cannot track what we purchase.

        Other countries are banning cash and its just a matter of time before it is banned here too.

        So much for being able to store cash for an emergency.

        • Yep – if they don’t know about it they can’t tax it or regulate it. They aren’t going to tolerate any type of commerce that keeps them from getting a piece of the pie! A new law passed in Canada OUTLAWING the sale or donation of a huge list of second-hand goods.

          • daisy, it hasnt been passed yet. but it will be passed by the majority COMservative government, including my gutless, fat, stupid, hillbilly, NWO, zionist MP, Larry Miller.

            • Sorry to argue, Eeder, but it has been passed.

              It was passed last year, June 20, 2011, as the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. Health Canada just issued a press release to let people know that it includes hand-me-downs and secondhand goods.

            • ok daisy, i will take your word for it. i was under the impression this was one of there new laws. ok, so they are just warning us they might enforce this law.. or sue us.

            • Ridiculous, isn’t it?

              I don’t know how I would have clothed my kids when they were little without hand-me-downs and second hand stuff!

            • couple of notes to Daisy- About the hand me downs, I know just what you mean. My kids never seemed to mind and there’s no way we could have kept them in the latest fads/fashions when they were little.
              By the way, you got an awesome site there at Inalienably Yours! I haven’t logged in as a member yet, but I visit every day (just after Mac’s place). Nice work. 🙂

            • daisy im starting to believe what too many fake cons has been saying and i am bombarding yahoo comment boards with calls for us to round these people up and take them to prison. namely the politicians and banking cartel folks.

            • daisy.
              i would have nothing in my house or any posseions to speak of if it werent second hand stuff.

            • Okie ~

              Thank you very much – I’m very flattered to hear that coming from you! You have absolutely made my Saturday! 😀


            • Eeder ~

              I have to be honest, I think the “Drake” information is too good to be true. I think that if it was going to happen, it would’ve happened, they wouldn’t be sitting around talking about it and leaking it.

              I believe that this is disinformation being handed out to pacify the Patriots. It’s got to be very obvious to the PTB that there are a lot of disgruntled Patriots out there and revolt is imminent. They don’t want a revolution – they might get their $1000 suits mussed. I feel that they have a plan in the works that just needs a bit more time to come to fruition, and that they are trying to delay further resistance until they are in a better position to crush it.

              Don’t let your guard down. “Drake” is not on our side.

            • not sure who drake is, but that is a shame dais. i was hoping these twits would go willingly. at this point dasiy i find it all too good or bad to be true. i think all possibilities are possible. the nuclear possiblility means we are all doomed as in everyone on planet earth. so either tptb are stupid or they are aliens like some suggest.hmmm should be interesting to find out if we will be fighting aliens or retards!

            • because its one or the other dais… they are aliens or retards. i challenge anyone to tell me its something else.

            • Eeder ~

              “Drake” is the pseudonym for the source of the information about the alleged mass arrests of the bankers and politicians. If you want to listen to the interview, search up David Wilcock Drake Interview. It’s quite long but interesting.

              Unfortunately, as I said, I think it’s too good to be true.

            • ok daisy, but the other option is too bad to be true. so one has to be true.so they want death for themselves and all .. aliens it is i guess!

      55. Time for some dead cops, and soon.

        • Anon,

          A statement like yours, makes you lower than a snake in a hole.

          • no ouchigoochi, but yours makes you that.

          • @ Ohcumgache

            “Folly is joy to those who lack discernment,
            But a man with morals walks uprightly”. Proverb15:21 NPB

            (You honor this site with you posts)

        • ok, lets put it this way than
          time for some politicans and bankers to go to prison for the rest of their lives?

        • i mean lets be honest. either the cops will behave and join us or they will likely not have a good fate. and it wont be me that caused it.

      56. I live outside of a small town here in east central indiana. Every month they hire a private citizen to give tickets to speeders.
        If you are doing 1 mile an hour over the limit you will give up your money.
        This goes on for several days at a time.
        He is not even a real policeman they only give him the uniform and the car And a ticket pad.
        He hides in peoples driveways and if they complain he just moved to another.
        the city council meetings the police keep citing safety.
        They know they are doing it for revenue generation but no one can stop it so far.

        • wow, thats a huge liability..I have a way to stop this, but it involves someone who has time on their hands to watch him like a hawk

          i think you can figure it out from that

        • One way to stop it, is to throw a monkey wrench in the works.


          Everyone…and I mean EVERYONE must contest their ticket in court.

          Load up the docket and the city will get the message real quick.

          • The system would crash overnight if even 10 or 20 percent more people contested their charges- from speeding tickets to felonies. For decades the legal system has grown largely due to plea bargains and people just paying their fines. The legal system simply could not handle even a 10 or 20 percent increase in trials of any kind.

      57. Then you need to hide your money from the cop Nazis. Wake up.

      58. Words and music by Brian May.

        Here we stand or here we fall
        History won’t care at all
        Make the bed, light the light
        Lady Mercy won’t be home tonight yeah

        You don’t waste no time at all
        Don’t hear the bell but you answer the call
        It comes to you as to us all
        We’re just waiting
        For the hammer to fall

        Oh ev’ry night and every day
        A little piece of you is falling away
        But lift your face the Western Way
        Build your muscles as your body decays yeah

        Throw your line and play their game yeah
        Let the anaesthetic cover it all
        Till one day they call your name
        You know it’s time for the hammer to fall

        Rich or poor or famous
        For your truth it’s all the same (oh no oh no)
        Lock your door the rain is pouring
        Through your window pane (oh no)
        Baby now your struggle’s all in vain

        For we who grew up tall and proud
        In the shadow of the mushroom cloud
        Convinced our voices can’t be heard
        We just wanna scream it louder and louder louder

        What the hell we fighting for?
        Just surrender and it won’t hurt at all
        You just got time to say your prayers
        While your waiting for the hammer to hammer to fall

        It’s gonna fall
        Hammer..you know..hammer to fall
        While you’re waiting for the hammer to fall

        Give it to me one more time

        • Is he singing about Ron Paul’s chances of becoming President, or what?

      59. guilty until proven innocent

      60. Repeat after me, “I do not consent to warrantless searches as a matter of principle.”

        • “I do not consent to warrantless searches as a matter of principle.”

      61. And “I do not answer questions without a lawyer present”

        • “I do not answer questions without a lawyer present”

      62. See are things are going.

        Nice Tatoo Officer.
        Were you a gang member…prove you were not.

        The officer is a fucking retard.

        He’s a liar too.

      63. Ya, this Bates clown has no business working in law enforcement. He’s obviously dirty. Too bad we’re burying good cops that have been murdered, while dirty cops like Bates are still running around terrorizing the citizenry.

        I’ve actually worked with clowns like Bates. They don’t last long. They either get themselves fired or go away on their own. Until then, citizens of the good state of Tennessee should refer to him as Master Bates, not Officer Bates. He doesn’t deserve to be addressed as “Officer”.

      64. DK:
        What’s the alternative, buddy? Is this part of your miracle recovery you want to keep in place? Is this part of the great system you want to promote and uphold? is this just one more thing we have to overlook and bend over for?

        There is only one alternative left, and you know it.

        • JustMe: The alternative to theft, harassment, and intimidation is an active citizenry with their face in the face of government.

          In Arizona WE have the Goldwater Institute. call them and ask them for a franchise for your state.

          Engage your employees or be enslaved by them. Its up to you. The Corp is not going to go away unless you make it go away. You cannot escape the corp. You must resist it.


        • Yeah, after the mass arrests take place at the federal level, something like 80 or 90% of cops, judges, and prosecutors need to be fired and/or arrested for crimes against the Constitution.

      65. Arizona police officer executes man for telling him a warrant is needed

        Officer Cristman
        says..I dont need no warrent MotherF**Ker

        shot the man in the head point blank

        • And where is Officer Christman (LOL at the irony in the name) today? Is he still arbitrarily executing travelers?

      66. encript your cell phone people

        it can and will be used against you..and yes they can take it from you and down load every thing you have on it..
        voice messages

        way too many laws you can break out there today..without even knowing it
        and yes the blue mafia can take it and use it against you

        you were warned

      67. Reread the end of the Stand of Stephen King.

        A local cop ends up in the town after the heroes return, and install a police state.

        The heroes’ real enemy was not Randall Flagg, but the cop. Soon the cop will kill the heroes after one pretext or another, and install himself as the Emperor.

        (I myself come from 4 generation of law enforcement; I have a health condition which prevents me from carrying my family tradition).

      68. Everyone is prepping even the cops.

        • Yeah, cops (and judges and prosecutors) who have knowingly violated the Constitution by obeying unlawful orders, such as enforcing grossly Unconstitutional programs like asset forfeiture, the War on Drugs, etc will have some serious explaining to do to the public.

        • 15 years later and they are still sorting out the LA Crash cops murdering Biggie Smalls and killing gang members for profit.

      69. Friends, here is a website that will get their attention in Tennessee: http://www.tnvacation.com/

        Go on this site, get their 800 number and call and tell them why you will NOT be spending any money or time in Tennessee!

        Also, look under “Travel Tools” for a “Make Contact” option. On the left of that page you will find a list of e-mail contacts, all of whom will be delighted to hear from all of you about why Tennessee won’t be getting any of YOUR money! And you have lots of friends, too!!

        One of those contacts is in the Governor’s office. Sic ’em, boys and girls! And cut and paste this for others, too. Thanks!

      70. Here is the e-mail I sent to ALL the contacts on the Tennesse website: http://www.tnvacation.com/

        Hello, friends.

        Due to repeated unconstitutional actions by Tennessee Law Enforcement Officers, this family (and many more like us), will NOT be traveling to or through Tennessee any time soon. And we sure won’t be spending any MONEY in your state!

        The latest criminal action by a Nazi cop in Monterey is the last straw. Word is getting around, and we will help spread that word.

        Ordinarily, I sign my posts, but due to the Nazification of Tennessee (and other states), and the bent for retaliation, just know me as
        [email protected]

      71. All these typed words amount to nothing, they have a gun attached to their waist, all we have is a pair of nut sacks. They can blow them off.

        • Tell me if I’m wrong. Most folks on this site have no “need” for cops. If I were to dial 911, 30-45 min response time. 2 deputys on duty for the entire county. I have a duty to be prepared, and as such, I am. We are not without crime ( theft, etc.). But only a fool would try anything violent in these parts. ( and this is a blue,blue state!) The 911 call would be more along the line of “come get the body”, and the criminals KNOW IT!
          Our only real interaction with LEO is damn speeding tickets/revenue enhancment. So cops are more of a PITA that a nessecity for our personal saftey.
          The same is true for most government. We just don’t require what they are selling. Just leave me alone, please.

          • Let’s say my home is being invaded by armed thugs. Even if cops were available on 30 seconds notice I would not call them. I’d be more worried about them showing up with their adrenaline maxed out and shooting me. In my state the cops showed up and shot a suicidal guy holding a kitchen knife after his wife called 911. He was alone in his apartment (wife was outside by them). He did not approach them, they entered his apartment without an arrest warrant or even a good reason to enter and killed him. Slimy Attorney General cleared the cops of any wrongdoing.

      72. police warlords : most socialist professors agree … in a shtf scenario in the long term “police” will become “warlords” … with stockade compounds and walled small towns as bases of operation in the new world birthed from the complete destruction of known civilization!!!

        food for thought … better hope the cops police in your counties towns are honest men and women , power corrupts most All eventually in some manner!

        In a shtf scenario abnormal circumstances will turn normally calm peaceful caring police into … ???

        We’ll soon see find out wont we!!!


        • This would definitely happen in shit and piss countries with low rates of gun ownership, but in the U.S., armed citizen outnumber the cops at least 100 to 1.

          • Operation Garden Plot

            The United States Civil Disturbance Plan 55-2

            The official name of this project is called “Operation Garden Plot.”

            Under this plan for the deployment of Operation Garden Plot, the use of CIDCON-1 will be mandatory. This direct support of civil disturbance control operations is to be used by the Army, USAF, Navy, and Marine Corp. with an airlift force to be comprised of MAC Organic Airlift Resources, airlift capable aircraft of all other USAF major commands, and all other aerial reconnaissance and Airborne Psychological Operations. This is to include control communications systems, aeromedical evacuation, helicopter and Weather Support Systems.

            If any civil disturbance by a resistance group, religious organization, or other persons considered to be non-conformist takes place, under Appendix 3 to Annex B of Plan 55-2 hereby gives all Federal forces total power over the situation if local and state authorities cannot put down said dissenters.

            Annex A, section B of Operation Garden Plot defines tax protesters, militia groups, religious cults, and general anti-government dissenters as Disruptive Elements. This calls for the deadly force to be used against any extremist or dissident perpetrating any and all forms of civil disorder.

            Under section D, a Presidential Executive Order will authorize and direct the Secretary of Defense to use the Armed Forces of the United States to restore order.

            • How many AmeriKans are willing to Kill a Fellow AmeriKan , for their own Freedom?!! You can have All the guns in the world in your garage … without your ability to organize and then attack KILL your oppressors you are nothing but an “annoyance” to a occupation force!!!

              AmeriKa is already Occupied Enslaved by a Foreign Power , you All pay for your own enslavement , you even help Enslave Control your fellow AmeriKans!!!

              Can you not see this?!!

              You have Already Lost , You Are All SLAVES to the NWO GLOBALISTS!!!



              Operation Garden Plot





            • FED GOV OPERATION REX 84

              We are dangerously close to a situation where ~ if the American people took to the streets in righteous indignation or if there were another 9/11 ~ a mechanism for martial law could be quickly implemented and carried out under REX 84.

              REX 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984. Through Rex-84 an undisclosed number of concentration camps were set in operation throughout the United States, for internment of dissidents and others potentially harmful to the state.

              ” These camps are to be operated by FEMA should martial law need to be implemented in the United States and all it would take is a presidential signature on a proclamation and the attorney general’s signature on a warrant to which a list of names is attached. ”


        • want to know what it would look like if the S (truly) HTF? Look at Somalia. Weapons shortage? National Guardsmen/Cops/Soldiers will sell you a bazooka for a price.

          The worst it will most likely get is like Argentina. Are cops a worry? Yes everyone is a worry. As things get worse people get desperate. People become hardened and cruel. It’s not us verses them it’s you verses everyone else. Corruption becomes normal everyday business.

      73. toomanyfakeconservatives….

        did you see this??? how ‘white knights’ began and NESARA explained..synopsis/ties in with the Drake interview.

        Bring it!!!

        • Rain on the scarecrow

      74. They don’t call it a ‘POLICE state’ for nuthin’.

        • Unbelievable… well actually not so unbelievable. I fully believe the puppetmasters wanted another 9-11 type event in Chicago this Sunday or Monday… but it ain’t happening. I’m investing every last penny I can scrounge up on preps today.

          An enlightened but relatively passive friend of mine is taking this situation quite seriously and finally buying a load of preps and a few guns this morning!

          • so is this why they’re looking for the “suicidal” agent?? he claimed to know about an event.

      75. Even the forest preserve police are acting in an intimidating way- twice when I’m walking the dog out of the woods, this female cop shows up on a bike and starts asking what I’m doing in the woods-shit-I’m walkin my dog(on a lease) whatta think?? I can walk anywhere I want in the woods, I don’t have to stay on the paved path- it’s like we’re guilty until proven innocent these days. Damn, just trying to enjoy all the freedom I can before the preserve is off limits bitch!

        • File a complaint on her! I did on a cop for pulling me over for no reason and he avoided me like the plague after that.

        • To 90% of cops, you are just a serf and they are the masters… but that is going to change radically in the very near future.

          • That’s a BIG 10-4!

      76. Geez people. NEVER consent to a search. Make them get a warrent.

        • Exactly… if they search or arrest you without a warrant, much more documentation is required for it to stand up in court. If you consent, especially in writing, documentation is minimal.

      77. is a fart considered disturbing the peace?

      78. WHERE IS THE “”RAGE”” AMERICA ?!!

        The reality of the Nation of AmeriKa is we have been Sold-Out by the u.s. congress , u.s. senate to wall street and international bankers. ACCESS CONTROL of capital hill AMERIKA is bought , bribed , SOLD to the highest bidder!!!

        AmeriKa is Sold-Out!!! Completely BETRAYED!!! IT’S OVER!!! GONE!!!

        Where is the RAGE?!! WHERE IS THE RAGE AMERICA?!!





      79. If my money was stolen like the I believe it would send me over the edge. Notice the cop has no guilt in doing this. When the SHTF this cop best hide because he has probably made so many enemies it ain’t funny.

      80. Sap enforcing garbage drug war,you know,the one that’s be going on for how long?

      81. In a SHTF situation I believe that the LEO’s will be a bigger danger we face. They aren’t preppers, they already have weapons and tactical training, they are already a gang, and they already have the mindset of feudal lords – they’ll turn to extortion and violence to feed themselves and their family’s and feel completely justified with fleecing John Q.

        • ABOVE the law. Drives the career choice. If you charged a fee to be a cop, they couldn’t handle the flood of apps.

      82. Time for today’s Pop Quiz

        The city of Chicago is hosting a gathering of prominent military and political leaders at the upcoming NATO summit. During this time, Chicago should be seen as:

        A- The most logical city for the Occupy movement to kick off the summer protest season.
        B- A dangerous place for anyone to try and excercise any of their rights.
        C- A perfect location for NWO Productions, Inc to debut Act2 of their new opera “Requiem For The Constitution.”
        D- A target rich environment.
        E- All of the above.

        The latest developments in the issue of Barak Obama’s birth certificate is proof that:

        A- Anyone, absolutely ANYONE, can grow up to be president.
        B- Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a firm beleiver in his mantra ‘Payback is a mother.’
        C- The ghost of Andrew Breitbart is not yet at rest.
        D- All of the above.

        Several organizations, representing motorists, hunters and others, have shocked the state of Colorado by banding together to demand the highway department go back to using regular salt for snow removal. The reasons they gave for this are:

        A- Salt is more cost effective and more efficient than the other chemicals currently being used.
        B- Salt does far less damage to vegetation and wildlife habitat than the environmental groups claim it does.
        C- Anything that pisses of environmental groups is a good thing, regardless if it helps the roads or not.
        D- Wildlife which feed on the salt-encrusted vegetation are much more tasty when you get them to your grill.
        E- All of the above.

        The latest polls show Mitt Romney expanding his lead over president Obama. Experts believe the main reason for this is:

        A: Only 30% of American males have ever supported Obama, and most of them are too busy planning their wedddings to each other to pay attention to politics.
        B- Romney is percieved as being twice as white as Obama.
        C- A 2% raise in welfare checks versus a 20% rise in the price of cocoapuffs just doesn’t pencil out.
        D- The backlash from having Nabisco anounce that Oreo’s would be on official sponsor of the Obama campaign.
        E- All of the above.

        Extra Credit Bonus Question-
        Oprah Winfrey recently returned from her tour of Africa. She said the most shocking thing to her was:

        A- Discovering more poverty than even she could eliminate.
        B- Discovering large numbers of blacks who don’t hate or blame whitey for their plight.
        C- Discovering large numbers of people who’d never heard of her.
        D- Discovering the Kinshasha Crown Plaza Hotel didn’t have a personal chef for her.
        E- All of the above.

      83. If you lie to the police, it is a crime. They will charge you. Politely advise them you are a constitutional activist and your lawyer will answer any non traffic related questions. They may still pull you out of the car and search everything. But they don’t have probable cause and a good lawyer can make the police pay YOU money before it is over.

        • yet they can and will lie..without repercussions

      84. Yes, the ignorant cop can do that if he wants and you can sue him and the county in front of a jury of your piers whom will side with you, as you sue them for illegal search and seizure and theft by taking. In the end the stupid cop will be the one dishing out the doe while you laugh all the way to the bank! Wake up people, stop putting up with this crap!

      85. This is genuinely F U C K E D U P. And the police wonder why people keep shooting them more and more these days. Hmm I couldn’t imagine why…. Maybe if they quit being worst than the criminals they wouldn’t have to worry about things like that. People are scared of what’s going to happen, so apparently they feel they’d rather take their chances taking the idiot cop out, rather than having the cop try and ruin their life or something. Now days nothing surprises me. There are no more decent people left in this world. Even if we do have a revolution, it wouldn’t matter, because of all the corruption, nobody would be fit to lead this country anymore, except for me, for some reason I still have empathy for people, and don’t screw people over to get ahead in life. But apparently I’m just old fashion. I’m completely sick of people, and keep to myself, I don’t want anything to do with anyone, and if anyone messes with me in my space, they’ll get what’s coming to them.

        • Anon, You appear to be confused.

      86. I am sorry, but the police state is coming.

        Most of the people here think they can outlast the police, but their arsenal is bigger.

        Plus, the entire LEO people are a caste now. If one department is threatened, the entire region’s LEO will assemble to make sure the rebellion is quashed.

        They will feel nothing about killin an innocent. Their children will feel the same way, and indeed join the organization of their father.
        They and their descedants will live, not you.

        • While the caste thing you mention is true, it’s soon to be a thing of the past. The police state has been here for years and has already peaked. When the coming mass arrests effectively destroy the federal government as we know it, the state and local scum are next in line to get chopped.

          • Sorry. People who were oppressed by Imperial Japanese policemen (most of them were actually Koreans who worked for their occupiers) in Korea thought so too.

            And, lo and behold, the Americans threw the Japs out but they appointed the collaborators to continue their jobs. Why? NObody knew the neighborhoods like existing cops.

            Same thing happened to Russia after USSR fell. The same people who arrested ordinary citizens at night are now in the highest echlons of power.

            They know where to flee, and where to get reinforcements. They win in the end.

            • What you say applies to shit-and-piss countries with low rates of gun ownership… not America.

      87. Who carries around $20,000?? With that much money, you deserve having it confiscated. Nobody needs to carry that much cash – unless – they are up to no good. If I was that officer, I would have escorted the suspect to the nearest children’s charity and made him watch me make the big donation. Goodbye $20,000!

        • Actually lots of Americans distrust banks and keep tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars at home. Taking $20,000 out of the safe to buy a used car is something that happens every day in America. You my friend, are a SKANK.

        • obviously the cops now…maybe someone should pull them over and arrest them for having so much money on them (someone elses cash)

        • Who are you to decide how much cash I “need”? Or that I make more than what I “need”? Or that you (or any gubermint thug)are empowered to steal it from me and “make a large donation”?

          • as long as they donate it to F.O.P. or the lodge they are protected!!!

        • Frank Thoughts


      88. Anything that IS profitable not only can happen [in America], but WILL happen [in America].

      89. You will see and the time you’ll dread,
        demand they disband or they are dead,
        evil takes control of all,
        taking joy, the land appalled,

        Darkness comes to steal your lives,
        making you beware the hives,
        of men in badges hiding their sin,
        pretending that they are your kin.

        For something wicked this way comes,
        and in the darkness hides their fun,
        and we the sheep do still pretend,
        that government, is still our friend.

      90. Don’t you just love the forfeiture laws?? This is nothing more than a strong armed robbery. It is none of anyone’s business what money you have with you!!! Next time a cop wants to search you or your vehicle just say NO!!!

      91. the poor thievin’ u.s. congress critters are scared of da’ Joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo’s!!!

        ;0P boo hoo

        J Street’s Ben-Ami: ‘U.S. Congressmen live in fear of pro-Israeli intimidation.”

      92. As has been noted this guy made alot of mistakes. He needs more SHTF and lewrockwell, less Katie Couric.

      93. I’ve noted several stories such as this one over the past couple of days…all involving cash snatched up by law enforcement….two because a drug sniffng dog indicated there were traces of cocaine on the bills. (Upwards of 90% of all american federal reserve notes are found to carry traces of drugs on them)
        I am highly suspicious of an agenda to frighten us….an agenda to stop us from using cash and steering us into the use of plastic…which is easily tracked.
        And controlled.

      94. What a load of paranoid retards.. the prediction of disater at the Chicago NATO meeting. Has not materialized… Can any of you paranoid, mormon, retard inbred asswipes account for that Stupid prediction. Or ignore accountability.. Dont worry about the Feds .. All of you are no threat . TOO STUPID.

        • It is good to let them know we are paying attention and watching them like hawks now. Pssst….those predictions ARE INTERVENTIONS.

          Vigilence….isn’t stupid at all.

      95. someday, it might be necessary to feed the hogs


      96. This doesnt surprise me at all. I watched a state cop cover up my sons accident, covered for the person who fled the scene and could have been driving and supplied alcohol to minors, along with not investigating the accident until 2 weeks later after pressure was applied however the police report was missing alot of known facts. then after My son passed away a year later. he was charged with supply of his own beer and 10 other charges post mortem even after the COP was aware of my sons death….Nice Cops. IGNORANT!!!!!COP!!!!DISFUNCTIONAL!

      97. After reading this article I am offically stupider.

      98. Get your CCW. Then the pigs will not dare fuck with you because they know you a law abiding citizen who knows their rights


      100. Cops aren’t interested in “revenue generation” for their agency, they are interested in personal revenue generation via court time. Police don’t want you to pay a ticket, they want you to fight it. Regardless if you win or lose, THEY get paid! Some cops will go to any lengths to make a case just for the court time.

        When the SHTF, the local LEO’s will not participate in a “police state”. They will be busy protecting their own families. Look at all the cops that left New Orleans when Katrina hit. About 100 of the cowards were hired by a city in Georgia. I remember seeing on TV 2 New Orleans cops (in uniform) participate in looting a store. I should also note that NO FOOD was in that buggy, but a big ass TV was.

        Time for advice:
        1. Don’t answer any questions, except your name and date of birth.
        2. Do not consent to any searches. If the cop searches, do not try to stop them. You will tote an ass kicking, take the ride to county, and give the cop loads of fun. You can always sue later.
        3. Don’t speed and you won’t get stopped.
        4. Make sure your vehicle is in top working order and you won’t get stopped.

        All of this comes from a 2 year prepper / 15 year deputy sheriff: ME.

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