“Policing For Profit”: Cops Claimed Couple Had Drugs, But They Were Really Looking for Cash

by | Jan 20, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 116 comments

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    There’s no doubt that many abuses have become entrenched in the devastating war against drugs – in which rights have been tossed aside and police have been trained to become thugs.

    The most recent episode released via dashcam video proves the point.

    This couple were stopped while returning from a family members’ funeral by Tennessee cops  who were part of the 23rd Judicial District Drug Task Force, who badgered them to allow police to search their vehicle – despite the fact that they had done nothing to garner police attention other than having an out of state license plate.

    As Matt Agorist at the Free Thought Project reported:

    In May of 2014, Ronnie and Lisa Hankins were driving back from his grandfather’s funeral in Virginia when they were targeted by a gang of police officers in search of cash…. the 23rd Judicial District Drug Task Force, and Hankins [himself a military police officer] correctly predicted that they were about to be pulled over.


    The couple was then pulled over, and the officer quickly separated them before beginning his harassment of Lisa. In the video, the officer is heard badgering Lisa in an attempt to get her to consent to a search.

    “You say there’s not anything illegal in it. Do you mind if I search it today to make sure?” the officer asked.

    Lisa responded, “I’d have to talk to my husband.”

    The cop continued to intimidate and harass her, “I am asking you for permission to search your vehicle today — and you are well within your rights to say ‘no,’ and you can say ‘yes.’ It’s totally up to you as to whether you want to show cooperation or not.”


    “It seems like Nazi Germany,” said Ronnie. “You’ve got to have the paperwork and the proper authorities to come through Tennessee.”

    After the police failed to intimidate the couple into “consenting” to a search, the unit pulled out a K-9 dog, who unsurprisingly, gave a positive indication on the car – fitting with the training of a police dog, and the agenda of its drug war efforts.

    But there were no drugs in the car.

    After dismantling the dashboard and combing through the car, the police admitted they were really looking to seize cash – with the narrative that they ‘expected’ to find cash rather than drugs since they were bound for California on I-40 from the small Tennessee town.

    Watch the video:

    Again, the officer actually admitted on tape that they were really just looking for large amounts of cash:

    “Well, I’ll be honest with you,” the officer began, as he attempted to justify this outrageous violation of rights. “With you going this direction, I wouldn’t think you’d have drugs in the car — you would have a large amount of money,” he said.

    The couple told NewsChannel 5 that they believed the police led the dog to make a false alert, and used the K-9 as an excuse to search for cash – which could then be seized under asset forfeiture laws, and split between officers for personal gain.

    “You are lying about the dog hitting on the car. The dog didn’t hit on the car either. You guys are drug task force. You are out here harassing me and my wife when I am just coming back from a funeral,” he said.

    “Just like a child, you can make a child say anything you want. You can make a dog do whatever you want to if you train them the right way,” Ronnie explained to NewsChannel 5 Investigates.

    If true, it is the graft that keeps the drug war corruption going strong.

    Know your rights, and assert your rights, even if the cops don’t abide by them. They can always be sued after the fact.


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      1. Sounds like they got a reality check

        • Everybody knows drugs go north and money goes south.

          Funny how this story made no effort to verify if these people actually went to a funeral.

          • Last I checked
            We don’t have to tell them a fucking thing about where we go
            Check into that Bill of Rights your ignoring

          • does “innocent until proven guilty” sound familiar?

          • Maybe you should take a geography lesson as California and Tenn. are an East and West travel direction. Good to know a jack boot licker like you posts here. Anyone should be able to travel with as much cash as they want as long as they can stand losing it if robbed either by regular criminals or the real criminals the police.

            • John W., that’s right. People should be able to travel with cash without fear of being ripped off by any crooked cops or anyone else. Those people don’t even have to tell anyone what they’ve been doing.

              • i collect antique slot machines and went to the big show in chicago 2 times a year for a couple decades…i always had at least 10 grand on me, and i remember one year i took 40 k, you aint buying something that cost several thousand dollars with a check, when yer from opposite sides of the country…recently i was telling some friends i want to go back one more time, but with this shit to worry about, i DEFINITELY will be rethinking that.

          • Did you sleep through the part where Hankins showed the print out he’d made of the funeral announcement?

        • This is not news. It has been happening right out in the open for about two decades that I know of.

        • These people need to begin by filing suit against the individual officers for harassment and anything else available. But don’t stop there; sue the handler of the dog for incompetence which resulted in severe emotional trauma. Then sue the trainers of the dog for producing a “faulty product”. Finally sue them all for the PTSD the couple is now suffering from which results in them having uncontrollable panic attacks when they see police.

      2. I’m surprised they even admitted to only wanting to find a large amount of cash, which is true of them anyway. I’m in TN and hear stories about them all the time. I’m glad I don’t have to use I-40 to get to the BOL. It’s way south of that part of TN anyway. What has been called ‘civil asset forfeiture’ has been devastating to its victims. The ‘war on drugs’ is really a ‘war against the people’. It’s nothing but govt. thugs called cops, along with prosecutors and judges, who authorize this for personal gain. It would be interesting to see the bank accounts of the members of that ‘drug task force’. What they do is nothing more than police theft, another example of corruption in LE. The retired cops in my family have always been against ‘asset forfeiture’ and was reason they got out of police work. Too much of what passes for police work these days has no legitimate basis to it. All the so-called war on drugs has done is increase corruption in law enforcement. There’s even been some judges and prosecutors who have used stolen, i.e., ‘confiscated’ funds for their own personal use and it still happens today. If I find myself in such a situation, I WON’T be giving up anything to any crooked cop.

        • and some STILL say we are an honest people/nation…i say to you we may just be the MOST corrupt country on the PLANET!

          • What’s most disturbing is that we are not. As bad as it has gotten here, it is far worse in many other parts of the world.

            • I used to travel alot. It is worse in the states. Overseas you may be asked for a small bribe, But in the states they take everything you got. I had this happen to me in at the airport. The officer went thru all of my stuff adding up my money then when there wasent enough to put it above whatever limit there was, he added from his pocket. Left me stranded in the airport with nothing.

              • Ed,

                There was a time I use to travel a lot and got to see how life was in other countries. Crossing borders and going through customs was always stressful. One of the worse crossings was in Detroit where a US Customs agent was cussing out every one. When I asked him to be more civil it made him mad and he started picking on me and threatened to arrest me and kept me standing there for two hours while he searched through the car. The only thing he could come up with was my laptop which I had not declared cause I had it before I left the States. They try to intimidate and coerce people into saying and doing things that could be used against them. Their power comes from the end of the barrel of ahy gun so there is no point arguing with them. It is best to just say ‘Yes Sir’, ‘No Sir’ and get out of there unharmed. I remember hearing about the Thai police and how they would not take all your money.

                • Just last year I was going overseas and was waiting at the airport in Houston for a flight. I was talking to a man and his wife who were sitting next to me who had a furniture business in Alabama and were going on their first ever vacation in 20 years. Then a couple of plain closed Customs people walked up and started asking them about how much money they had on them. At first they refused to talk to them but then 2 uniformed agents showed up and made the couple go with them. They were taken off to be searched. The cops went thru everything and took all their money. about $15000 and their computer. They came back about an hour later grey faced and the woman was crying. Then they left the airport. I talked to him on the phone once and he was fighting to get his money and computer back.

                  • Why would anyone travel with that much cash knowing that the cops pull this kind of crap. Especially by air where TSA goes through your checked luggage. In the old days the baggage handlers would have stolen it. Now the cops do.

                    • They were going on vacation to south america for 3 months. Most of the places they were going dont accept credit cards. Hard to find a ATM in the middle of the Amazon.
                      They were just everyday normal people and did not realize that the Cops do things like this.

                    • John W., spot on. The last time I flew anywhere was 1997, pre 9/11. I wouldn’t fly anywhere these days for anything. If I can’t drive to get someplace then I don’t go.

              • In Mexico a hundred Pesos can get you out of a trivial delay. In India 500 Rupees. Both are about $10 US. Here, they’ll keep you for two hours and tear your car apart.

                Seems probable cause for a stop consists of some vague ‘profile’ definitions, meaning everyone fits the profile.

              • That’s quite frightening, actually. I have very few interactions with law enforcement, so perhaps that’s why my opinion is not as negative as it could be. However, I have learned not to appear poor or rich to cops, otherwise you become a target. Poor people are easy targets because they tend to be uneducated and many are engaged in criminal activities just to get by, and rich people have confiscatable wealth and can be the target of envy. I also try not to drive vehicles that stand out and choose paint colors that do not draw the eye. Messy or very dirty cars are another no no as disorganization is a sign of drug and alcohol abuse to cops as are any bulbs that are burned out on a vehicle. Simple things can minimize police contact and reduce the chance of getting hassled.

                • The saddest part about your whole comment is that I agree. In this country,avoiding cops at all costs is the surest way to not become ensnared in their web of corruption. If I pull up to a restaraunt and there are cops in the parking lot,I just go to another restaraunt. This is coming from someone who is the age and race that is least likely to get their attention. I feel sorry for young folks today. You got a long row to hoe, enduring cops that take more and more liberties with your freedoms and rights.

                  • Bctruck, you know there’s something wrong in this country when people have to go the extra mile to avoid today’s breed of cops. Considering what they were brainwashed with at the academy, they already give us all the reasons we need to avoid them.

        • I’m curious as to how many drug dealers were driving past that scene during that ridiculous circus show. I really don’t want to hate cops, but their conduct is so asinine nowadays that it’s hard not to.

          • In Florida cops can and will plant drugs on your car and then have a dog sniff it out. Heard of that a few times and saw it once. Most of it is done to kids who can be bribed to get ahold of some for them. Yes, some cops are crooked.
            In Texas, I know and have saw for myself some things. Do not ever smart mouth a cop or say much of anything. The car in front of me was stopped. Nothing wrong as far as I could tell. But the driver opened his mouth. Wrong thing to do. That led to the cop going arount the car and breaking a few tailights and some other stuff. He wrote them up a good ticket.
            It’s best to say no sir, yes sir sometimes.

        • Braveheart, I am proud to say that New Mexico no longer has civil asset forfeiture. I was one of a large group of people that pushed Susanna Martinez to roll that back. I seems like we are never heard, but in one instance we were. Fascism has run amuck in this country.

          • Now if you could just get the cops in Albequerque to stop killing the unarmed for contempt of cop.

            • Padre,

              Working on it. I don’t live in Bernalillo County, I live in Santa Fe County, so my opinion is not of interest to Mayor Berry. Did attend a breakfast with the esteemed Mayor and mentioned it to him. He got a bit huffy. If he doesn’t care about DOJ investigations, then outsiders like me mean less than dirt.

              It does make me uncomfortable to shop in Albuquerque, which I rarely do now I am retired. I was once driving home in a snow storm after dark. Got stopped for having snow on my rear license plate. Got body searched. The young officer scared me he was so weird and hyper. He searched my truck (I had stopped for groceries). I order more online and buy groceries in Santa Fe County. Lord have mercy, what a way to treat a grandmother.

              I have helped put pressure on Mayor Law Enforcement, but haven’t noticed a crack in his facade that citizens should be executed before trial. Rule by law, folks. Give it up for one group you dislike and it is gone for everyone.

              • Rebecca, now if LE in your state could be cleaned up, that would solve some problems. But don’t be surprised if they had to be disbanded altogether. I think I’d rather do with out an LE agency altogether than to tolerate a corrupt one.

                • Braveheart, DOJ is looking at disbanding them. Mayor Berry makes it worse, he’s very makes it worse. We had a few demonstrations, I did not go but some of the young people I worked with did. It was quite controversial at work. Living under rule by law and the Constitution is very important to me. I will continue fighting within the system.

                  • The DOJ has only one goal: to replace a local police force with Federales. Which is worse? I don’t know. Something to think about. Where is your local sheriff?

                    • Philosopher,

                      I don’t live in Bernalillo County, got involved through the protest against civil asset seizure foe the state. DOJ was already involved. They kill a lot of unarmed people here. They are one of the worst in the nation. They took away a tank. I was at a political breakfast with Albuquerque Mayor Berry and mentioned it to him, he refused dialog about it, and was annoyed. I did work in ABQ at the time. This summer I had two retired police officers come in to buy carpet. I sold it to them, and they were pretty hyper and joked and flirted kind of manically with me. The carpet did not come from the mill on time. They seemed okay but came in threatening and scary acting. My boss, 84, offered a discount, they got even more threatening. He sent the sales ladies to the back. In the end, my boss gave them someone else’s order and installed it same day. Free. He took a choke on the second order, had to reorder from the mill and gave them a discount. Seriously, it was like being in a mafia movie. I did not handle this, the owner saw them coming and got in the middle. Talking to my son about it, he suggested I retire, too dangerous. That is when he started talking a family compound and he and BIL are looking at acreage. My first career already died (IP) and while self-studying for litigation I fell into sales. Made better money at it and it is easy work. DOJ replacement may be worse, but these policemen think they can take what they want.

                • Braveheart, I don’t think any of these incidents were related, but it is possible. I have never had police hassle me before. Not the type that usually catches their attention. Still, we have to fight against these problems through the system.

              • The modern police state in the USSA: get a body search coming home from grocery shopping. You cannot make this stuff up. Thanks for the report!

                • Philosopher, I hardly go into Albuquerque anymore. I took early retirement.

        • Braveheart, that’s not true, you might give up something, you might give them some hot lead! The more i read these stories, the more i think it’s only a matter of time before i read about a guy getting pulled over, that finely says enough is enough, and lets them have both barrels.

          • Colt M4, you don’t know how much I wish something like that could be avoided. But I agree it will happen to someone somewhere. These cops need to quit drinking that federal Kool-Aid and get their minds deprogrammed and straightened out. I know, I’m just dreaming.

      3. Cops need money to invest in the Stock Market.

        Buy the dips. Buy the dips. Hahaha!

      4. Someday their badge or job title or employer wont protect these gov trash,,,,

        • Folks, don’t fall for someone baiting you here to make threats against government employees, like the comment above.
          We apologize for the infestation at SHTFplan.

          • All I see are promises from patriots. Anyone that defends government scum here is, well, government scum themselves.

            • I’m certainly not going to defend this kind of theft by the cops, but if there was no Civil Asset Forfeiture Law in your state, it would not be happening.

              Register to vote, and vote the people who pass these laws out. Get your representative on the hook for repeal. Any state-level representative getting a dozen letters or calls a week is going to start paying attention.

              Or, just bluster about it on forums.

              • Everybody who aspires to political office agrees with this kind of thing. It will stop when there is a personal price paid.

              • Vote? laugh out loud man. Unless you can buy a politician you are nowhere.

          • Kilroy, the government employees, as you call them, need to change their attitude toward the public and stop committing crimes against them if they want to stay alive. The day is coming when they start facing retribution for their actions. As I said earlier, too much of what is called ‘police work’ these days has no legitimate basis to it. For the most part, cops have lost their legitimacy.

            • 3 comments from the same poster, he’s been degrading the comments section here for a long time.
              New people here are advised not to respond to comments calling for the murder of people.

              Once again- we apologize for the ongoing infestation at SHTFplan and are working to eradicate it.

              • Self defense from scum is not murder. It’s more of a public service, you fuckhead stooge.

              • I’m nowhere near as vocal as Kula.
                But as this is a site that is
                devoted to survival when
                TPTB fail to be ethical or
                nature takes a turn for the worse,
                I suggest that defending yourself
                from an un-ethical government agents
                is not murder. It is self defense.

                • Rellik, HEAR HEAR! I confess I’ve lost my touch on my comments but only temporary. Yours and apache54’s posts are better than mine.

                • Yup,,,

                • Rellik, if you look at it from the constitutional side its our duty!
                  Enemies, foreign and domestic.

              • Kilroy,
                you are evidently a schill or you just don’t get it, I am going out on a limb here to SET my point, lets just say I was taught to (remove) people that did not co-operate with the black-ops people running the money in a distant land. of course i was sanctioned by our government to do this and until i woke up to what the scums were doing i did and so the corruption is EVERY WHERE!! the lure of MONEY has taken its toll and we the citizens are now paying the price here in the states, so MISTER kilroy? where do you sit or stand are YOU a part of this corruption or are YOU just defending the scum as well? we the peole who see this are MORE than justified in OUR feeling and HOW we choose to deal with it, soon the time will come and YOU will have to make a choice of what side are you on? either way it will not be pretty , BUT the good IS going to take over and we will win!

                • Apache54, I wiah I had read your response to Kilroy before I posted. Your post is better than mine.

              • Kilroy, I’m not calling for murder of anyone. If anyone is infesting this site, it’s you. Apparently you had some trouble understanding my previous post. Maybe you should move on to some MSM sites. they have the same mentality as you.

              • Kilroy is an ass. The pigs were so arrogant they had no problem admitting they were looking for large sums of cash. They thought these people were just embarking on a long car trip, and probably had a lot of cash with them. Even if they were carrying $1M, its none of the pigs’ business.

                The fact that they separated the man and woman shows this was not a legitimate traffic stop, but purely a fishing expedition trolling for something to steal. If the police were truly the good guys, they wouldn’t try to make it impossible to drug test them and wouldn’t have a problem with having successful lawsuits for misconduct paid out of the police retirement fund.

                I have a relative who was in a county jail and was told by a jailer “There are better people on your side of the bars that the ones I work with”

                • 100% agree with 100% of your post Lynda Sue

                • Lynda Sue, welcome, and I have to agree. Again welcome.

              • Kilroy, i see you’ll have no problem letting the chains of tyranny rest on you. As you can clearly see, other MEN here have no intention of letting the chains of tyranny rest on them.

            • Brave,
              Gov employees and statist shills like kilroy have no intention of changing their attitude,
              Retribution cant come fast enough, i for one will applaud any that get taken out. One less POS to clutter our areas.

              • Kula, yeah it’s sad but true.

          • Funny how whenever theres a piece critical of cops or gov theres these same trolls that show up, rest of the time its just the family

            • Yup
              Noticed that too

            • Kula, BTW I wish I could give Kilroy to acid…..WOOHOO!

        • I am hoping we can roll this back peacefully by changing the laws that allow this level of corruption. However, I don’t know how much hope I place in trying to change the laws when it seems that no one who is either in power or seeking it is calling this out as a major problem.

      5. Just another one of our communist states that I avoid at all costs. I have heard too much about them targeting out of state travelers and confiscating money. I don’t care how far I have to drive, I go around and would never even consider going to Nashville or Memphis on vacation. They can go F themselves.

        • JAS, I’ll grant you that we have some commie enclaves in TN, especially in my area and I do avoid today’s breed of cops like they were HIV. But not the entire state is like that.

          • Brave:

            I just got through reading some articles and comments at SBPDL BlogSpot. I know you will find that blog very interesting indeed.

            Because JAS said he would never vacation in Tennessee it reminded me of this about a blogger that said he had to go into BALTIMORE for “business reasons”.

            Following his post was this reply by another poster:

            “Jesus Keerist, what kind of “business reasons” would one actually need to think of entering Baltimore except perhaps if you were one of Obamas money bagmen dropping off a $100K bribe to the dumbest fucking mayor on the planet?

            For my part I wouldn’t go into that black shit hole of a city to pick up a billion dollar lottery payoff without being accompanied by a division of Marines.”


            I think there are a lot of cities in America that now fit the description of Baltimore, and if you value your hide, they should be avoided at all costs. How did American cities, which at one time were the pride of the world, sink so low. Go to SPDPL BlogSpot. Good explanation there. Comment sections are a riot!

            • SBPDL BlogSpot. Typo…Sorry.

              • Makemyday, thanks. I’ll check it out.

            • Albuquerque is known for cops killing citizens without provocation, on the line of 2 dozen a year. That is only unprovoked murders.

        • I would rather jump the fence into the lion exhibit than vacation in Memphis.

          • I like lions much better than gorillas and apes too.

          • Didndonuffin, LOL. I don’t blame you and I live in it but not for much longer if events keep going like I think they will.

      6. A highwayman is a robber who steals from travelers.

        They used to be hanged.

      7. There is a reason why the local Leo’s want to get cash and let the drugs go to the State Attorney office and then to the Feds/DEA.

        With the cash that is found on a drug bust it stays with the arresting agency, and the rest goes up the ladder. This lets the S.A. and the Feds figure out what it is worth, and then the S.A. get the cash for the amount that the FED thinks it is worth.

        My question is where does the Fed get the money to give to the S.A. (Like I didn’t already know!) For those who don’t know. It ends up back on the streets. to be used to try to get people to buy the drugs and then they get busted.

        What a STUPID vicious circle.


        • Agreed
          They are perpetuating what they say they are working against

          It creates , Job security
          Who attached themselves to law enforcement work ?
          Unions !
          I let the rest figure it out from there , we are running out of time talking about this
          For all parties involved , this shit needs to be made right
          Before the SDoes hit the fan

      8. Now imagine if or when the entire population be disarmed. At such point they won’t be satisfy with your cash only. Very similar to what the CIA created monsters named ISIS. First they still people’s money and then their wives, daughters and on and on.

        I don’t have any guns but if I had it I wouldn’t let it go no matter what the ZOG is planning.

        • Got rid of my guns too. We should fight like men, hands and blades only.

        • Stolz, are you serious about not being armed? Tell us you’re just joking. Nobody gets disarmed unless they just let someone disarm them. I know I’m not giving up anything.

          • Brave my buddy…..LOL. Only stupids in this world are unarmed.

            • Stolz, it’s a relief to hear that. I’ll accept jokes about a lot of things but being armed is one thing I can’t joke about and I have my reasons for it.

      9. Steal NOT still. Darned spellchecker.

      10. Got pulled and harassed by the S. Carolina Highway Patrol. Heard over the CB that they had wolf packs set up for the next ten miles so we were were taking it easy but got pulled anyway. They wanted me to sign a consent to search which I politely refused to do. They threatened to bring the dogs and hold up our travel for hours but we didn’t budge. After 30 minutes they let us go without ever stating a reason for the stop.

        The wolf packs are no joke. They pick a wide flat spot on the interstate median and line their cop cars up 8 abreast, 4 facing in each direction. Everywhere you looked the cops had travelers pulled over shaking them down.

        Modern day highwaymen. It sickens me to see what life in America had degenerated into. Honestly worry more about getting ripped off by government and the cops then the criminals. At least with the criminals you can fight back. Against the government and the cops you are unable to defend yourself. Sure you can sue but that takes time and money assuming you aren’t found suicided hanging from the bars of a jail.

        States and places we now avoid as much as possible when traveling: S. Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, east Texas and New Mexico.

      11. if I had a child who said “daddy when I grow up I want to be a policeman”

        I’d probably beat the crap out of him

        and then advise him to join the MAFIA
        at least they are honest about what they are

        • Satori, my family doesn’t let any of their kids become a cop or even join the military.

          • Satori and Braveheart, I kept my son out of the military. I am glad he agreed not to go, even though we have a lot of Veterans in our family.

            • Rebecca.. smart person keeping your son out of the clutches of the US warmongering demons.

      12. If you have not read any of the books by Matt Bracken, “Enemies Foreign and Domestic,” they are worth taking the time to read (although the are very violent and graphic and not for children or anyone that is easily offended). The first book starts off with a gun ban. I read the series last month in about a week. The series continues and it is like reading tomorrow’s headlines, today. The books explore how a gun ban leads to abuses of the population by every aspect of the government.

        If you do not have a dash cam, get one. That may be the only evidence you have if things go wrong.

        • Philosopher, I have the entire Bracken trilogy and also recommend them to people. it already feels like the first book is becoming real in some ways.

          • I agree. It is incredible when you think Matt Bracken wrote his first book more than 10 years ago. He is the real deal and is working hard to wake people up. I have a non-official Ph.D in dystopic ficiton. It was incredible to find Matt Bracken’s series. It was like a punch in the face and each day I log on and read the headlines his fiction is translated into reality.

            Fiction, Sci-Fi, and dystopic fiction enable people to write in a way that is not allowed in non-fiction. It is not merely escapism to read fiction novels. It is a genre which has allowed writers to warn the public with minimal repurcussions. The only place to speak freely, and openly, oftentimes is through the use of fiction.

            Thus novels like “1984” were written as warnings. Which is how I describe the books by Matt Bracken: warnings to those willing to listen to the message.

      13. I Have told you people a number of times. Cops are not your friends. They are no good. They are scum. All they know is hurt, maim, kill.

        They intimidate the weak. Because they are weak themselves. Next time the local PBA wants a contribution, throw a hollow point in the hat.

      14. The taking money for personal gain is vague. Did the cops take the money home and convert it to their personal use? I had a contract with the Feds in 2009 selling cars. They use money to buy equipment and not for their personal gain. If the money were seized the cities, counties aand Feds don’t give it to the officers. What personal gain. I made a ton of money on the contracts. Enough to retire at a very young age. This story stinks and I would be interested in the real story on this couple.

        • So since you made money off it you have no problem with legalized theft. If the assets were only taken after a trial and a guilty finding it would be different but all it takes is an accusation. maybe you need to lose some assets to smarten up.

          • John W., way to go. I think that guy never heard of the Bill Of Rights or “presumed innocent until proven guilty. I believe the story without any problem. I hear stories about that particular ‘drug task force’ all the time. yeah, that guy ought to lose some of his shit and let’s see what kind of song he sings afterward.

      15. This guy is a veteran of Iraq and an active-duty MP in the Marine Corps. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. The LEOs thought they could get away with this, obviously.

        I have trained large animals, professionally. Specifically I worked ground-training young quarter horses many years ago. I agree that police dogs are trained to respond to the handler and the handler can manipulate that response. Notice the way he is running around with the dog and getting it excited? That is intentional. Dogs are trained to respond to the handler. Why not handle the dog in a calm and professional manner? Certainly this is how the agriculture department trains the little beagle dogs I have seen in airports. There is no reason to use German Shepards for anything. They serve one purpose and one purpose only: to intimidate civilians. I find the use of German Shepards by LEOs disgusting. The breed is inbred in the US and unstable. German Shepards remind me of one thing: Nazi Germany.

        The police state is here in the US. Sickening.

      16. If cops catch you with drugs and cash they seize both. You can’t tell me they don’t keep the really nice rare guns too. Thing that pisses me off is if someone calls cops and says you did something that is not true the cops will show up and look for something to get you on. Bust your balls over nothing and treat you like a criminal. But it’s ok if illegals come over the border they don’t enforce those laws. Selective enforcement of laws. Crooked cops. Sgt. dale is right that is how they are building the police state. They want to get people to rat eachother out with their see something say something snitch program too. I don’t call them ever. If I am forced to deal with them I tell them as little as possible. I’m glad that the cops go after the niggers though they are no good. That’s the only thing they do right.

      17. And in time they will have their own Credit card machines, so if you don’t have that stash of cash handy, they will have you run your CC for a sizable limit. Gota keep up with the times, smirk…..

        • Yep, PayPal Accepted Here logos right on the traffic ticket.

        • They will have a chip reader that just adds it to your tab,
          Puuut it on my tab!

      18. Things are so out of complete control in this country, it is fucking disgusting!! All I can say is that the time will come and cocksuckers will have to pay the price!!

      19. The gangster stage of capitalism. Not even the Gestapo robbed people.

      20. the police are no different than anyone else in this country just because they wear a badge dont make them any better than anyone else, cops can be criminals just like any other criminal on the street the only thing is most of the time they got someone covering their azz for them.

      21. This happens all the time to honest people with cash, especially large amounts of cash. Cops can seize it d you are helpless. You must prove that you did not come across the cash illegally and, even then, it is a nightmare to get it back. Know your rights and do not consent to a search of your vehicle or property. Not too long ago consenting to a search meant you were cooperating and had nothing to hide. Nowadays, not consenting means you are rocking the boat. Hold on to what rights you have left before they are all eroded in the name of “safety” and “security”.

        My two cents.

      22. So,
        Wouldnt it be a kick in the pants if they suddenly discover this “planet 9” they supposedly just discovered is actually on some wierd elliptical orbit around something elsewhere, and it just happens to be headed into our path!
        That could get exciting,,,, and how come they only now discovered this thing?
        Just curious

      23. “You have the right to refuse the search”

        Sure, you can say NO, and then they will use that as “probable cause” and search anyway.

        So you DO have the right to say no, they just won’t care!


        Mac, please post and article on this, i cant wait to see the comments on this one.

        Capitalism at it finest. You all need to check this out. How bad is the situation. sorry agency ass clowns. You wont be talking your way of of this one.




        War is coming to America, and now its obvious why.

        • X2 mac, this is an outrage, and it helps to understand what the folks in burns Or are going through…bunch of gawddamn THIEVES…

      25. I’m actually afraid to attempt to drive out west from Florida. I want to relocate from this fascist police state, my place of birth. I’ve made many trips westward in the past, the last 8 years ago. No hassles whatsoever every trip. Now I have to worry about corrupt cops stopping me and fleecing me. This is freaking disgusting! The article states poor people are hit up also, I drive a 25 year old car with the paint burnt off from long sun exposure. Sitting duck, sounds like to me, they would not want the car. I can’t afford to lose the little I have, but I strongly want to leave. In the bigger picture the entire US justice system back these robberies. Attempts to curtail this practice nationwide are met with determined opposition from police forces. The thieves are winning most all of those battles, even in New Mexico after legislation to curb the abuse. I’ve read it still happens there. We have become the enemy of the establishment, all because the 9-11 inside job is unraveling. Remember, they think they own us.

      26. The Scam of Policing and “Law Enforcement”, Worldwide

        Not many people are able to even confront, let alone actually DO anything about the fraud, the scam of “law enforcement” that has become a scourge upon the entire world. Those men and women in uniforms of whatever kind or color or any nation in which they may operate, despite their claims to the contrary, are simply NOT there to protect and serve the common man or woman in any society! This has been confirmed by the SCOTUS more than once when they have stated for the record that the police have no duty to protect you as that’s not their job! Their job is to enforce the laws and arrest code breakers. Their real purpose is to corral and control everyone that they can so they can be fed into the meat grinder we call a legal system so that they can then be turned inside out and robbed of everything that can be taken. This is not some idle speculations or diatribes against an imaginary enemy of society, it’s just the facts you can see once the thin veneer of lies have been removed.
        Various people have tried to sue these men and women who have supposedly sworn an oath of office (hence they are “Officers”) for not doing what is thought to be their job, protecting and serving the common man or woman, and the courts have rebuffed them soundly, telling the victims of crimes that it is not the job of the police to protect you, it is to enforce the laws and arrest code breakers! I repeated that line there because it is so vitally important to get out to the world. So think about that the next time you see one of these revenue collection officers (in reality armed and dangerous gang members!) out on the streets.
        Some people will balk at these truths here, but it is only because they go straight against the brainwashing that they have been forced to endure from various sources. Such as the churches, schools, friends and family members. The entertainment media such as television and the movies also serve to reinforce these lies, that Officer Friendly really does have your best interests at heart, even when he or she is gunning you down or robbing you of your property, even killing your fenced in pet who is merely barking at a stranger. But when enough people wake up to the scam of police “work”, they will jam up the system and it will stop running! The traffic court system is simply not set up to handle more than about 3% of the people who have been issued citations, so if more than that challenge the citation, it will clog up and stop working! If enough people read this expose’ on how “Officers of the Law” actually operate, they will demand real justice from a system that is not designed to ensure real justice and the system will clog up or run dry from too much non participation and stop working! That means that just like during the years of Prohibition, the numbers of jobs of corralling and arresting people will go into a decline because of a lack of revenue generation. It really is that simple; when the profits go out of policing, we will not have so much policing going on! It is a business, make no mistake about that Dear Reader. More cases than you’d ever like to know about are based upon how much revenue they can generate for the various police departments. Before a major operation is conducted, more often than not, someone does some research into the net worth of various kinds of properties to see how much profit there will be after the raid has been conducted and all assets have been seized.
        Back in the 1990s, there was a case in Ventura County, California, where an old man had a small ranch and his helper was found to be stealing from him. So the old man fired the ingrate he had taken in. The dirt bag then went to the Sheriff’s Department and made a false accusation that he was growing marijuana on his property! And since the VCSD was looking for a nice piece of property for a new training facility, they saw a golden opportunity there that was not to be passed up! Well before the bogus raid was to happen, according to public records, someone did some research on the value of the property and if the title was clear or not. When they performed their raid (more like a hit for hire!) they shot the old man in his bed as he was only trying to get up to see what was going on with his wife yelling and all the noise in his house so early in the morning. After he was shot multiple times in the chest and stomach, the VCSD refused to let the paramedics into the house who were already on scene until he was seen to be dead!! Now how is THAT for justice? It is more like a total miscarriage of justice, a travesty upon the land and its people wherever it occurs. It was basically a murder for hire, but not one of those so-called men that shot a totally innocent unarmed man to death in his bed without just cause, suffered any loss of pay or did any time in jail where they belonged! And we’re supposed to trust these goons when they come around?
        The VCSD could have simply sent someone around undercover to check things out to see if marijuana cultivation was actually going on or not, they could have sent someone in to try to make a purchase and see if he was really storing any illegal drugs there, they could have just flown their helicopter over the area to see if there was any pot growing there, but that would have meant that actual police work would have to be done instead of the easy pickings of just killing someone and seizing their property! Is it any wonder now why they are held in such contempt?

        • It is tyranny. There are groups of people fighting this. We won in New Mexico. This must be fought at the state level.

        • Ramdy, welcome and I totally agree.

        • you didn’t mention whether the muhfugguh that “reported” the crime was sent to jail for making a false report….of COARSE he didn’t…and it happens every day in america, across the looted plain…great commentary, randy, keep up the good work!!

      27. It wont be long and the police/government will be taking peoples blood and selling it to the blood bank.

      28. This is tyranny.

      29. The Scam of the Legal System

        The “legal system” is nothing other than a huge scam, fraud, artifice, which is set up solely for the impoverishment and control of its victims. And of course, it also has the intent of using any means at all at its disposal for keeping itself going on forever, and growing, at an ever increasing rate.
        But fear not, Dear Reader, as there is a most simple way out of that abyss, that labyrinth which we have been led into under the false idea that we can hire someone to help us in obtaining our justice when we are wronged. It is quite simply the serious and dedicated application of the Three Magic Questions. They are; What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANYONE has the right to commit? What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANYONE has an obligation to endure? What is the BASIC PREMISE that is being operated off of in the instant case? No lieyer who has ever been asked those first two questions has given a straight answer, the ONLY answer possible, which is none. For to do so would put an immediate end to the fraud which they depend upon for their daily bread!
        It is a given that no one who is dependent upon something will ever do much, if anything at all, to harm it. Hence, we see quite clearly now as to why the lieyers of the world do not like to look too closely at the origins of their “profession” and what has become of it. What had started out as a bona fide alternative to the thoroughly corrupted King’s Court, has now become that very thing which it was created in protest against; a totally corrupted system! Many may balk at what this Author says, but NONE of them can offer up even the slightest shred of anything to actually prove it wrong.
        If there was some amount of fraud that one had a right to commit or an obligation to endure, then how could it possibly be measured? Without that measuring stick or container or balance scale, how could anyone know for certain how much was not enough or how much was too much?
        What is the BASIC PREMISE that is being operated off of at any given time? Don’t we have the Right to know that? Aren’t we at a severe disadvantage if we do not? Who can say that we have no inherent right to know all of what goes on around us? Are we “persons” held as slaves to another in a democracy, or are we free men and women in a republic? Please heed these words here well, for they ARE the key to the chains around your ankles!
        If you print out the TMQs, either by hand or machine, and then post them all around your house and at work, after a short amount of time of thinking about them, they will become a part of your mind and way of thinking. Every time that you are interacting with others, you will think of it in terms of those TMQs!
        Look up the definitions of fraud and contract, and learn them as well as you know your own name. Make them such a part of your thinking that not a day goes by without contemplating them, and you will then begin to see a change in your life. In the way that others treat you, and you treat others as well. It can’t help but happen, unless you wish to keep on being cheated and cheating others too.
        The entire legal system is a den of thieves and vipers. Why should we continue to feed them anymore, when they bring us such unlimited amounts of misery? We need to use the TMQs and starve them all out of business as well as existence!! What would a so-called “judge” be able to say or do if asked those three simple questions? What could they say? What can ANYBODY say in response to them? It should be dawning upon you Dear Reader, just about now, that you are at the mercy of a corrupted system that has gone wild and is completely out of control. Who is going to rein it all back in? Can it ever be done? This Author says no, it cannot! It is like a hand or arm with gangrene in it. It cannot be saved, so it must be cut off as quickly as possible, before the body dies and there is nothing left to save.
        Make your OWN test of the TMQs as this Author has done. Ask as many lieyers as you can stomach, what the answers to those questions are. You won’t get one in a thousand to answer you honestly, for it would go straight against what they are all about! Just look up “Attorney and Client” in the Corpus Juris Secundum, Section 14 and see it for yourself!
        A thorough and careful study of any law dictionary will give you more knowledge of and insight into the criminal nature of the legal system than you could ever imagine. It is just FILLED with expose’ after expose’ of how corrupt the system is, if you are only daring enough to see it for what it is.
        Very few people will go into a fight that they completely KNOW they have no chance of winning. They would rather just let the fight come to them, and be killed, than to expend their last energy in that way. The lieyers of the world are the same way. They know that they cannot prevail against the TMQs, so they do all that they can to avoid them like the plague. To answer them correctly, is to commit suicide, both financially as well as “professionally”. Being as professional as an unwashed whore that is. What could a lieyer do for honest work then? Surely not much until retrained, as their whole career was all about lying, cheating and stealing. If anyone at all can prove this Author to be wrong to any degree, in any way, then let them do so at once! This is all born out of some facts as solid as a piece of granite stone, coupled with a bit of logic. True, some may like to ridicule these facts, thoughts and logic, but can they prove them to be wrong? Or have all of the differences between what is right and what is wrong been eliminated? If such is the case, then surely it must have been done by the lieyers themselves, for no one else would profit so handsomely from such a dastardly deed as they would. But to be fair, whores at least serve a useful, if maybe distasteful purpose in society. Lieyers on the other hand, do not. Maggots, jackals and vultures may feed off of dead bodies, but lieyers are the main cause of all those dead bodies.
        These elevated to the bench so-called “judges” (actually they’re just Executive Administrators sitting in Admiralty jurisdiction) are just more lieyers, and are far from being unbiased. Since they do not swear a proper oath of office, and also are members of the British Accredidation Registry who take bribes (cash payments in “income tax” cases and monies from civil judgments paid into their retirement funds), how can they be anything BUT biased??
        Justice must satisfy the appearance of justice. The USSC has ruled and reaffirmed so in Levine v. United States, 362 U.S. 610, 80 S. Ct 1038 (1960), citing Offutt v. United States, 348 U.S. 11,14, 75 S. Ct. 11,13 (1954). “A Judge receiving a bribe from an interested party over which he is presiding, does not give the appearance of justice”. How much plainer than that does it need to be?? For further proof of all this, just do a search for “Fraud upon the Court” or “Fraud on the Court” and see what you find. “It is axiomatic that fraud vitiates everything”. Those words are not those of this Author only, they come from many, many court cases. ANY officers committing fraud upon the court render the orders and judgments of that court void, of no legal force or effect. This is the reason why everyone needs to get the “judge” on record at the outset, BEFORE any kind of plea is entered into the record, a promise to not commit any kind of fraud to any degree in the proceedings nor to allow anyone else to commit any fraud either. What kind of “judge” would not gladly make such a promise? Would any honest judge have a valid reason for not doing so? Is there some kind of hidden premise that is being operated off of in the courtroom? As stated earlier, NO ONE who is benefiting from a fraud or scam can be counted upon to injure it. The legal system has become a plague upon the land, and like a plague, it will kill itself off after it destroys more hosts than are needed to keep itself going.
        No casino anywhere in the world forces people in off the street at gun point and makes them gamble with their life or property, so why should a court be able to do it? What is the basic premise of the courts? It’s certainly not to ensure that justice is done! The outcome of any so-called “trial” is no more guaranteed than whether black or red will come up on the spin of a wheel. In the subject of casinos, most everybody is aware to some degree that the games are all rigged up in favor of the house, but how many of us know that the courts are rigged up every bit as much, if not even WORSE?
        In the case of U.S. v. Robert C. Braun, Mr. Braun merely asked if the property he and his fellows had been protesting upon had ever been ceded to or bought by the federal government. It had not, so the silent judicial notice of federal legislation being in full force and effect there was negated. Braun, and his already convicted fellow protesters (all of whom had hired attorneys BTW) against abortion had not in fact violated the F.A.C.E. Act and were thus set free. Foley Bros. v. Filardo had been upheld, much to the chagrin of the prostituting attorney, who told the “judge” that if the legislative jurisdictional challenge from Braun was permitted to stand, “half the prison doors in America would fly open”. EXCUSE ME?!?! That filthy scum bag lieyer KNEW that fraud was being committed all along, and yet did nothing to stop it? Why wasn’t he put into jail for aiding and abetting a crime? Or is it his JOB to commit fraud upon everyone that he can get away with? It most certainly does seem so!
        So woe unto YOU, lieyers of the world! The people are beginning to wake up to your foul works and evil deeds, and soon we will be rid of you, one way or another!

      30. Lol I had this happen to me and my wife to this day she is still scared. The reason I was pulled over was he thought I was lost.Lol then asked if he could conduct a test. Tilt my head back close eyes and when I think 30 seconds pass to let him know well he said I was on marijuana lol I was thinking Wtf is he on. So they searched all of 3 seconds when he found my taxi cab license hanging from mirror. Abuse of power is not acceptable.

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