Police State Update: TSA Pat Downs, Bag Searches AFTER Passengers Get Off Trains *Video*

by | Feb 25, 2011 | Headline News | 90 comments

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    According to a first-hand video account from a train station in Savannah, Georgia the Transportation Security Administration is now performing security pat downs and bag searches AFTER passengers disembark from their trips.

    First Hand Account as Reported by the Videographer :

    The only bad thing on our trip was TSA was at the Savannah train station. There were about 14 agents pulling people inside the building and corralling everyone in a roped area AFTER you got OFF THE TRAIN! This made no sense!!! Poor family in front of us! 9 year old getting patted down and wanded. They groped our people too and were very unprofessional. I am all about security, but when have you ever been harassed and felt up getting OFF a plane? Shouldn’t they be doing that getting ON??? And they wonder why so many people are mad at them.

    We realize that this will fall on deaf ears at the TSA, but it’s worth pointing out that there’s this old Constitutional amendment that was designed to protect the American people from this exact type of violation of personal liberty:

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution

    At the onset of the backscatter and pat-down controversy in 2010 we opined that TSA airport security was just a stepping stone to the next level of government intrusion into our lives.

    Now that travelers are more or less used to getting groped and prodded, the TSA is stepping up efforts. All public transportation systems and venues are fair game, including trains, buses, planes, sporting events and shopping malls.

    This is to be expected in a country like China or the former Soviet Union, but there is simply no legitimate justification for such actions in the United States of America, unless our government is now attempting to mimic authoritarian regimes, which seems very much to be the case.

    Hat Tip Sherrie Questioning All


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      1. Sorry for the language, but this shit frickin pisses me off bad, and brings out the old me. I know it’s wrong but it makes me want to just rip the frickin head right off those bastards. This is why I would absolutely refuse to fly anywhere today…..if I can’t get there by car or not being violated I won’t get there, cause I would have a hard time not getting arrested, and I am not supposed to be that way anymnore, but dammit where do you draw the line…where is it going to end? Our founders were Godly men (anyone wanting to denate that, you won’t change my mind) and I think about what they did when they got sick of it….I don’t know it is so frustrating and wrong

      2. BJ, I feel your pain. I’m trying to process all of this to try to make sense of this madness. I get so upset just thinking about how we are being treated that I can’t get any sleep! Your thoughts are rational and coherent (and so are mine). I’ve stopped complaining about this kind of treatment to my friends and family because they just look at me like I’m crazy or something. I’m not getting on an airplane (or train for that matter) until this madness stops. Our country was NOT founded on this type of behavior. I do know this, if you and I and others stay true to our beliefs then someday this type of treatment will end and I believe that that someday will be soon.

        I think that we as Americans have gotten so lazy and comfortable with our way of life (even thought times are tough), that we have forgotten that our freedom from oppression is what makes us who we are!
        I’m hoping that there are more people that feel the way you feel about all of this nonsense than feel the way my “stuck up” community feels. I’m sick and tired of hearing “if it makes of safer, then “so what”.

        I’m on your side! I’m proud to be a father, a husband and an american! Keep expressing your feelings. I believe that we (as a country) will experience some very positive changes in the next year or so. I’m not sure how we are going to get there, but we will and our lives will be better than they are today. Take care and best of luck to you and your family. nyquil762

      3. WTF is going on in this country?

      4. TSA, ok! We’ll just stay home. See how that bides for your ‘recovery’.
        Back to Nature everyone! Wheeeeeeee!

      5. That is my line in the sand.  At this point the only choice we have is to boycott all forms of public transit.  Then again, they’ll just start putting this layer in at gas stations, malls, etc.  We are pathetic for letting this happen.  All of us.

      6. Comments…..Got to agree with you there BJ. I just couldn’t tolerate this without ending up arrested for assault and battery. What really broke my heart was watching the two youngsters having to be subjected to it and thats really what this is all about. These kids are having to go through this conditioning so that as time goes on it will be acceptable and unquestioned. Made me think of a lyric from Mike and the Mechanics song, “Silent Running”, “Teach the children quietly for some day sons and daughters will rise up and fight while we stood still.” Its up to us.

      7. I agree, this is completely NUTS.  I was thinking tho, since you are OFF the train, why not simply refuse?  What are they going to do, tell you that you can’t take the train?  I would recommend that we all go everywhere totally naked, but yep, the TSA idiots would then assume we were smuggling rockets in our anuses.  The best bet at this time is to just drop out, don’t fly, or use the train.  At some point, something has to give.

      8. We surrendered our 4th Amendment rights with the passage of the “patriot act”.  Seems we figured that we’d rather give up our freedoms trying to prevent the once in a million terrorist act than be free.

      9. I’ll take Al Qaeda terrorists over the U.S. Government terrorists any day.   Homeland Security can get on their knees and kiss my ass. 

      10. Three qoutes to put your story into a context:

        “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

        – Helen Keller

        “Sheep have two speeds: grazing and stampede.”

        – Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

        “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

        Benjamin Franklin

      11. it’s time to start taking this shit seriously folks…

        arm up with decent pistol , long rifle, shotgun…

        and buy your food now while you can still afford it…

        beware your neighbors.

      12. It wont matter after America falls apart in the next 6 to 12 months…nobody will be traveling. The only safe travel will be to get with like minded people and society will have to shoot their way to get there.

      13. What would happen if these people refused to be searched AFTER they finished their trip?
        Just say no.

      14. I watched this last night.  I stewed on it overnight. Then it hit me, isn’t the timing of this strange?  Don’t the two agents at the table look like they are staging their search.  I think there is a chance that this staged.  Folks remember that Obama has been working two years on building a Washington infrastructure to run a government in martial law… Well, he wants ML, IMO.  Power is intoxicating and he seems a drunkard.  He can get to ML only if people get violent.  ML would allow him to implement all of his plan for Socialism without the pesky Voters and the House.

        Well, a video like this seems a bit staged and a provocation.   Just be careful, then remember there may be a chess game occurring and, you and I are pawns.  Don’t get me wrong, this video blows my mind!  But, he or his minions WANT you to lose it!  This begs of it.

        I always remember one of the great things that our loving Philosopher said to his people, The Meek shall inherit the earth.

        Knight to King 4!

      15. Oh PO’d Patriot…..I haven’t heard that song in so long, but your so spot on……perfect lyrics. And watching the kids go through breaks my heart and enrages me….really stirs my heart. I just couldn’t let the twin girls or my son go through that……no way

      16. IMO….the Patriot act is as important to repeal as bocare. I also feel this congress even with the newly elected ones has failed with the renewal of this unconstitutional legislation.

        To all of the comments, We meaning ALL of us have become so compacent with what is going on around us daily. I am a lay minister at our church, I have spoken about the “mark of the beast”, I have given many examples of it presently in action. Examples, dependency on the use of credit cards, social security numbers, drivers lisc., when was the last time you applied for a job, many companies will not accept resumes unless they are submitted by computer, still disbeive?

        Most folks today do not have enough green money in their pocket to pay for gas, so, they use credit cards, true or not? What about purchasing groceries? How many are able to pull out $100.00-$150.00 cash? No many. Try writing a check, want to see either the cashier or customers behind you freak out? Write a check. You’ll see.

        Same as buying a car or any large ticket item. Cash or card? 

        I can continue to give many more example, if this isn’t the pefect frog in the pot syndrome nothing will ever match it.

        About the pat downs, unless we begin to fight back and assert our rights, before long, there will be none.

        I will go one step further, gas prices, every single day, prices are continuing to rise, who in crags of hell in government is doing anything about it? The jackadoo in the WH seems oblivious to the plights of the working stiff. Again, all of us should boycott the pums, purchase what is ONLY necessary. Not gas for the kiddies to be dropped off at the mall or movie house. Only what is necessary. I think before long, we will have a glut of gas, as reasonable prices.

        Many are supporting the folks in Wisc. I am not one of them. But, if we are to effectivly produce a change, we must take a stand!

        Sorry for the tirade, I am absolutely fed up with the corruption in this country in high offices of government, whether in local, state and federal. These politicians that have left the state of Wisc. and or now “hiding out” in another state, all of the should be removed from their positions, they swore an oath, to protect and defend the constitution and to preserve the union, they are in direct vio;ation of their oath. They should be removed from office, today. Mr. Gov., DO YOUR Job 

      18. Comments…..Did you notice, the gal sitting on the chairs watching all this happen? she is on the right side of the room, and smiling? i guess she thinks this is fun, she just finished her pat down.See, it not that bad!!!

      19. Stupid sheep.  That fat mom needs to be slapped around, no wonder her husband dumped her.  Letting the children be violated like that shows she has the character of a pig turd.


        We, and our children/grandchildren, are being “conditioned”.  Basic psychology.

        We were quiet for way too long, if we wait much longer to do something about these violations of our “Constitutional Rights” our children and grandchildren will think it is normal. 

        How very sad and shameful that “we the people” have allowed our great nation to come to this sorry state.  We once had the blessing and covering of God, as our founding fathers acknowledged Him when forming this nation.  This is historical fact:  Mayflower compact, State Constitutions, monuments; example: inside the Washington memorial there is scripture engraved in the walls all the way up along the stair case. There are many, many, more examples.

        In this last century we have allowed Him to be taken out of almost everything, and legalized things which are an “abomination to Him”  His Word not mine ….. I don’t believe we will have His help and protection as a nation much longer, if we indeed have not lost it already. 

        However, as one person stated.  The second we try to stop this behavior on thier part……. they will probably declaare marshall law and suspend all of our rights…….. although it seems sometimes that this  has been accomplished now in a very quiet manner, “they” just haven’t said it out loud …. yet.

      21. The middle class USED to be the ‘buffer’ standing between the elites and the lower class. As more and more of the former middle class is puched down into the lower/poor class there is less and less protection for the elites/upper class in this country.

        The layoffs presently being announced for teachers and other government/public sector employees are just the beginning, the proverbial ‘tip-of-the-iceburg’. 100,000 teachers and school employees could loose their jobs in Texas alone?

        And just what is going to happen to these soon to be unemployed government/public sector employees? The state unemployment funds are just about broke already. The only thing keeping them going are massive infusions of freshly printed cash from the Federal Government. I guess that ‘Beloved-Leader-Obama’ will have to instruct the ‘wise-bald-one’ running the Federal Reserve System to speed up the printing presses!

        It’s all coming to a head in the very near term! Soon boys & girls ….. very soon!!!

        God Bless & good luck to all. We’re for damn sure going to need all the help that we can get.

      22. OT, re Wisconsin. 

        Wisconsin is the third worst taxation state in the USA. The media doesn’t report this.  They do report the side of the unions and teachers.  To the media, the taxpayer is a bottomless source of free lunch monies to the union workers.

        The taxpayers can’t take it anymore.

        Wisconsin is in the bottom third in wages in the USA. People of Wisconsin don’t earn much money, but they pay nearly the highest taxes in the nation. 

        The previous Democrat governor ran the deficit to $4.3 billion. Everybody was fat and happy, just “kick the can” and the blame game over to the next Governor. 

        Wisconsin must slash the budget or declare bankruptcy.
        If they do the latter, then all agreements and contracts with the state employees become void.  The Governor, a man of principles and honor, will not increase taxes.  Bankruptcy — starting from scratch on new contracts these union employees will get no benefits, fewer employees and wages cut in some cases in half.   The unions want to bust the State.  It would be better for these employees to take the cuts now than to let the state become insolvent.

        Unions ensure inflation by demanding more and more and even more.   Inflation since 1900 was almost entirely caused by wage inflation!! Unions ensured the local factories could no longer compete worldwide, thus the factories moved away.  Unions ensure that the worst worker in the plant makes as much as the best worker.  In order for factories to stay in business, they must compete, be the biggest in sales, expand, devour and conquer… grow… Grow or die.  

        Unions made wages the #1 reason why the factories went away and ain’t coming back.  

        Taxation and government regulation were the #2 reason why they ain’t coming back.

        You don’t hear from the silent majority in Wisconsin that pay the 3rd highest taxation rate in the USA.

      23. Oops! Sorry for the typo; pushed, not puched.

      24. I already told my wife I (we) would never fly again. Now it appears that trains and perhaps automobiles will be off limits one day, once they institute scanners at all government buildings (including DMV offices). What’s next – public schools? Banks? Doctor visits, since healthcare is now being swallowed by the Federal government?

        We can’t stand for this anymore. Why do the people submit to this obvious infraction of their 4th amendment rights? What’s wrong with them?

        STOP FLYING!! It will bankrupt the airlines, and they will be forced to pressure TSA to remove the scanners if they want their customers back. Free market ideology folks, plain and simple.

        We have to stop submitting to their power. By doing this we give up our own. Ghandi succeeded where so many others failed because he recognized this. I can only hope we do the same.

        The Constitution has been violated so many times since its inception that it now appears to be a cruel joke. I found out too late in life that all these so called “necessary evils” in life weren’t really that necessary, for instance entering the social security system. It’s voluntary! But did anyone bother to tell your parents that? No! Little by little we submit and accept what at one time would have been considered inconceivable by our ancestors. All for our “security”.

        “People who trade their privacy for security deserve neither.” – Ben Frankin

        sorry for the rant

      25. Tthe TSA is not about security; it’s about enforcing the existing tyrannical policies of the other “security” agencies, such as the DEA.

        Do we honestly think they’re looking for explosives, even after leaving the plane? How about illegal substances, or contraband? After all, illegal drug posession is far more common than Jihadist terrorists, and far more lucrative to the Prison State. Hell, roughly half of our nation’s prison population is there for drug-related offenses; not for some violent crime or another.

      26. I hope I’m with the majority when I say, I also will not travel anywhere that requires me to fly these days. Unfortunately, my family doesn’t understand it one bit. They’d like me to meet up with them when they travel each year, and they are still of the mindset, “If you didn’t do anything wrong, then what’s to worry about?”

        I love them, but I cringe when I hear that. If I can drive to see them, I will. They go overseas, sorry. Can’t and WON’T do that anymore. It is an absolute insult to our personal privacy to stand for that.

        So rather than place myself in a position that will leave me reaction to said agents in question, I’ll lay low, and keep my junk to myself.

        Maybe this is also what they want. Whether they are given the go ahead to institute ML, or whether we are relegated to hiding from the SS, I think they will feel equally satisfied.

        Now Chicago has implemented their boy Rahm into the machine, once again, and have given Chicago-based Boeing the most recent contract. Coincidence? Doubt that.

        Good luck to those that choose to travel, but I’d like to think you’d all go the extra distance in making a stand, and driving to your destination instead. Break the airlines, and take back your dignity to boot.

      27. p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }
        Everyone wants to blame someone else for the mess in which we now find ourselves. This has become the Amerikan way over the last fifty years. Most everyone will tell you that it couldn’t be their fault…and I would bet that most people smugly think to themselves – I didn’t do it! Most people claim there isn’t anything we can do about it, or worse yet it isn’t our responsibility to do anything about it. I’m here to tell you that it is my fault. I’m also here to tell you that it is your fault too. Together we have all contributed our fair share to this situation and have let it happen by either not doing what we could have done to prevent it or by simply ignoring what was happening and pretending that someone else would take care of it and make things right.
        Worse still, we continue to perpetuate the problem by not doing what we can do right now, believing that the government or someone else will somehow magically fix the problem, only to find it gets worse each day. Most of the population unfortunately learned these attitudes unknowingly, however. This is what has been passed off as education in the country today. The last forty years or more the National Education Association, the government and the teachers have taught a social agenda instead of the three R’s. A curriculum of compliance, complacency and an attitude of non-responsibility were taught to our children and to most of us who were at one-time students. And now we find ourselves living in a country with a population that is so dumbed down they can’t pass a high school reading exam – let alone discern what is happening around them.
        All in the name of a lie that they deserve the good life, that they’re somehow entitled to it after all! You don’t have to work, Uncle Obama (or pick any previous President) will just whip out the national checkbook and pay your mortgage and buy your Budweiser, Big Macs and Camels. The education system has taught that everyone should go to college and be doctors and lawyers and such, but yet they can’t graduate more than 50% of the students and even that half can’t read or write or even do simple math without a calculator. God forbid, don’t ask them to balance a checkbook and be thankful the cash register at McDonald’s tells them how much change to return to you when you hand them that worthless crisp $10 Fraudulent Reserve Note. Is it any wonder the politicians can’t balance a budget? Then again it’s always easier to spend someone else’s money, but like all good socialists, they eventually run out of other people’s money.
        Worse yet the majority of the sheep are hoodwinked by those that have the money, power and ability to create and disseminate the propaganda needed to manipulate the system to achieve their goals. I am here to tell you that it is my fault — it is our fault, not their’s. We let them do it to us. We let it happen, and we continue to let it happen and let them get away with whatever they want to do. And finally, when the Governor of Wisconsin or the Governor of New Jersey has the testicular fortitude to stand up and say we can’t afford it anymore, the unions and the teachers and those benefiting from the graft, corruption and greed throw a hissy fit and demand that you that you must – they’re entitled to it and you must pay! After all, that’s what democracy is all about isn’t it? I contend that democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding on what’s for lunch.
        While the media would have the sheep throughout the world believe that Egypt had a revolution, I would submit they had a military coup d’état pretending to be a revolution. They have won nothing. They did, however, demonstrate what can be done to shut down a government. I’m not talking about the demonstrations or the riots although they were certainly a strong contributing factor. I’m talking about the fact they shut the economy of the country down by simply not participating in the economy. If you want to change a government then take away the checkbook and cancel the credit card. Money is the life blood of the beast.
        I’ve grown weary of reading this blog and the others like it. Every day is groundhog day…same shit, new day. The arm chair patriots, preppers, revolutionaries and shills that post on them all tell you how tired they are of having their rights taken away, their money ripped off, their kids being groped at airports and now at the train stations, and what they would do if they ever came to their door. I’ve been preparing for years and I stopped telling people to prepare long ago. My own family didn’t want to hear it, my neighbors don’t believe it and apparently the rest of the country is going to be herded to the slaughter like the Jews were herded onto the trains to Aushwitz. There were thousands of them being herded onto the trains and far fewer soldiers doing the herding. What would have happened if they had overpowered the soldiers? Sure, many would have died, the soldiers would have died too, but many may have lived and not met their end in a pile of bodies waiting to be cremated.

        The time is now.  The end is here.

        What are you willing to do? 

        Live standing on your own two feet or die on your knees wishing you had done something?

        GMAFB – no apologies…


      28. Boycott all forms of public transport…soon the TSA bastards will be unemployeed too..problem in this country anymore..No fucking unity.

        way too many people are taking it up the ass, figuratively and litterally

        this government could be stopped.., but there are way too dam many pussies anymore..if we dont stand united we fall people..all this 2 sided government crap is their plan to devide us, and its working..

        scew the dems, the repubs..were AMERICANS..i do not have a “party affiliation” because i am my own man..this is their design and you are playing into it.

        Engage your government..send them the message loud and clear they are all done…ALL OF THEM!! ALL!

        its time for this corruption to end and a fresh start to begin , but with out unity..it aint gonna happen, being infulenced by this regime is why were letting them sell us all down the river..complaining amongst ourselfs isnt getting ti done..we need action not words.

        No one wants to be the lone loud mouth, because that will get them jailed..or killed..’
        we need to it be lager and more powerful than thay have any idea of, and it needs to start yesterday!

        and any monies they pilfered , mis appropreated, or squandered..it needs to come out of thier collective ass..no IOU’s no promises..no more ponzi scams..they blew it it needs to come back to the american people or off with thier heads..if you dont give them a very direct order with a consiquence of force..they wont do shit, but laugh it off, as they always have..

        as i and you have seen..where 1 person is being mistreated by the system,, be it tsa or any other government gangster..and no one stands up to them..i bet if everyone in that station stood up against this violation of our human rights..EVERY one..those fuck sticks would tuck tail, and run.
        Im talking a public force..no violence, no guns..none of that..just public refusal and everyone ther united against the intrusion…
        if this is repeated..over and over every where this crap takes place..we will gain our respect back and our freedoms back and send them packing..

        Either we as a public force grows a back bone in support of our fellow wronged man, or were toast.

        we own them..lets start showing them who signs their check!

      29. I remember seeing old news reels and movie clips like this circa 1939, it was filmed in black and white, and everybody spoke German.The irony of it all is ,the uniformed men are searching Departing passengers at a train station! Hmmm, “those who do not study history are certainly bound to repeat it”

      30. Now I recall why I haven’t travelled in two years.
        I honestly am taking this story with disbelief as it is SO far out there. I’ll be interested to see how the MSM spinds this crap.

        I would most certainly be willing to refuse a pat down getting off a train or plane knowing they can’t kick me off the vehicle. I’ll tackle the fines and arrest potential with some rabid overpaid lawyer…as opposed to the preferred 9mm method that would get me in real trouble.

      31. Notice how at the end of the video the woman talks about being dismayed that they are doing this after getting off the train. She states “they should be doing this before you get on the train”  this is a perfect example of two things…1. How sheeple we as a nation have become aqnd dumbed down…..no they should not be doing this before we get on anything!
        2. Overton Window……….if people raise enough of a fit then they could just move it back to only searching before boarding and not after gettitng off and then people think it’s fine. They mpove to an extreme on one side, further than they even wanted to take it and when the roar starts up they move it back a few nothces, to the point whereh tehy really wanted it all along and now they are happy and U.S wimps are ok with it too
        Boy have we become stupid, dooping us was easy!

      32. About the Germans herding people into railroad cars…
        The Germans were the first to put fluoride in the water system. At high enough levels, it has a calming effect. Those herded had been drinking that water, making it easier to herd them to their deaths.
        Oh, and fluoride is one of the ingredients in Prozac…

      33. Let the next news report be..
        200 people stand in defiance of this terrany..better unite people.

        1 question..if someone in a train , bus, airlines terminal was being mistreated (happens every day evidently)and someone came up to you and asked if you would Man up with them..would you strap on your cajones? or would you think “this guys nuts”?

        would you move to the next guy and say ” hey you american? are we going to stand for this?”..or would you stay in your seat or place in line and shake your head?

        anyone who says they would stay in line and not move to end this isnt An American..and can just pack up and leave now. oh and while yer at it,, find a politician to go along with you, i hear they are easy to swade..and it might only take a few dollars for them to see things your way.

        The thing people dont understand is this can be done non violently..make them the bully (they are anyways)..stand firm and all united say NO..and than dont..
        they want compliance, but when its only one guy, its easy for them to take it down..not so when its the entire group saying NO!..and standing your ground
        what? they going to arrest all 200 of us? I would like to see it happen..

      34. I have withdrawn my consent to be governed by this system of corruption. Go thou and do likewise. Resist.

      35. the problem with unity is getting everyone on the same page, same time and same place with out you know who finding out. Remember they are corrupt and will in the end do what ever it takes to stay the way things are. The whole internet is a spy dragnet…my words here probably have some infragard of FBI jerk reading them. And I believe 100% that they have lied and set Americans up for trial imprisonment and even had some killed. Their lies the problem…the 1776 shebang only had 3% to start with…..3% of the population is all. Today that would roughly be what? 9 million………….that’s alot!!!
        And for the prying eyes, I am referring to a peaceful revolution……you however are the violent ones that break laws and draw first

      36. What GMAFB said.
        I have met the enemy and it is us. Pogo
        And then “Atlas Shrugged.” Ayn Rand
        Given the current and future economic environment, perhaps there is a method to the madness. Not sure about it being a power struggle, but it might be reasonable to consider that the PTB understands the scenario. And just maybe this is all part of a needed and therefore engineered meltdown?
        Consider transportation costs in pound miles/time. Reduce the more expensive. Condition the people to avoid traveling. New and improved normalcy bias. Let’s be serious, most travel is for pleasure. The internet is the future of commerce and face-to-face smoozing is rapidly vanishing. Less fuel imports ergo lower demand in the world market. The world is all in this together. With less travel, more money for food. And not to be overlooked, lower maintenance costs for transportation infrastructure.
        Perhaps it is the folks like those on this forum that are the only one’s that sense change? Maybe we recognize resets in the normalcy bias? Perhaps this is why we avoid strong personal interactions with the masses?
        Analogy: Sheep. Large herd in the mountain meadow protected and managed by shepherd and his dogs. Wild sheep in crags above the meadow. Shepherd gets drunk and depends on dogs to take up the slack. Enter wolves. Who is watching and wary? Dogs are pack animals that depend on the alpha. In man/dog relationships, man is the alpha.
        As someone else pointed out, “Sheep have 2 speeds, grazing and stampede.”
        Perhaps the moral of the story is, tis better to be on the outside looking in, than to be on the inside and unaware that there is an outside.

        But many say I’m just a crazy old man living out the last days of his adventure in the Alaska wilds. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

      37. I remember when I was in school they had started bringing in drug sniffing dogs “85-88”. They would come into each class and walk between the rows of desks. If the dog hit on you, another cop would come over and take your arm and escort you out into the hall, where you would have to take off your shoes and be searched. The other kids would laugh, not all, but most.

        My dad told me it was just training, so in the future you would do as you were told without question.

        So the dog hits on me, the cop takes my arm and I look him in the eye and tell him to remove his hand or else, he does. I walk out into the hall and as loud as I could stated that I feed the chickens and goats every morning and I believe your dog has a hankering for S**t. I raise h*ll and anytime he goes to touch me I give him my best impression of a rabid animal.

        I was a small skinny kid, he out weighed me by at least 150 lbs and I backed him down, kicked my shoes off and when the dog came out of the room he went right after my shoes and started chewing on them.

        For four year, every three or four months I was pulled from a class for a repeat performance. I never gave in and I always took it as a personal attack.

      38. You can certainly influence train stations and airports to use some other means of security. Israel has one of the best security systems in the world and they primarily use observation, not manhandling. They do not have to use the TSA. They can hire private contractors.
        Reports that terrorists are now planning to use body cavities and surgical implants makes the highly invasive searches meaningless. There are many other, much more effective means to conduct security. Bomb-sniffing dogs, the “puffer” already used in many airports and what about “enhanced” observation.  The TV show “Lie To Me” was developed by an expert in behavioral science, Paul Eckman using applied psychology, interpretation of microexpressions, the use of the Facial Action Coding System and body language. I took a business class once with someone who had a background in body language, there are a lot of things you can tell about a person by his movements. Why are we not doing this, instead of instituting an expensive, perverted, nearly useless protocol? Not to mention passing on diseases like HPV, scabies, MRSA, impetigo and more which even the CDC admits can happen. Their suggestion? Ask the TSA to change gloves. In a non-sterile environment that is nearly meaningless.
        The government seems to be trying to destroy the travel industry, the insurance industry and the health industry all in one blow.

      39. /* Style Definitions */
        {mso-style-name:”Table Normal”;
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        font-family:”Times New Roman”;}

        A brief essay from Band of the White Rose, just launched iPad mag.
        For Freedom’s Sake

        “It is for freedom,” Galatians 5:1(NIV) tells us, “that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”
        Perhaps some believe this verse concerns only our spiritual selves. In that case, should we willingly submit to actual, physical slavery imposed upon us by a tyrannical outside force? Emphatically not.
        In this present day, are we not surrounded by “sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies and the like”? (Gal. 5: 19-21) Simply pay attention. Eyes wide open.
        We have been enslaved by monstrous Greed in high places and the selfish ambition of the mega-banks. Not just billionaires, but multi-billionaires! How many billions does a man need? And these multi-billionaires are revered, considered geniuses, as if society, capitalism cannot survive without them. Nonsense. A lie.
        But they finance others, you say. They are needed for entrepreneurs. They create wealth! Exactly how do they do that? Through credits swaps and derivatives and hedge funds and shadow/black box markets? In truth, they produce nothing. They do not build nor sow nor reap nor create – except more wealth for themselves. They do not manufacture. They bribe and they steal. Steal not only from the individual, but also from the people and the resources of entire nations. In truth, they do no work.
        This is their will – a one world government – a New World Order. The “dissensions, and factions” among us are induced, financed, encouraged by them and their worshipers and minions – factions crafted to separate, keeping us at each other’s throats – ethnic background, skin color, class envy – while they compel us toward a World Currency; necessary, they tell us, to “solve” the financial disaster they fostered in the first place – a Currency they will control and by controlling it will control us.
        What do they worship, other than power, control, money?
        Molech. They worship Molech.
        “You, my brothers, were called to be free.” (Gal. 5: 13) You were called to be free. Will you resist? Will you “non-comply”? Will you fight to be free? Will you demand justice?

      40. This may seem off-topic, but I think it really ties in to the information now coming forth, and the power of the internet to share these thoughts.

        Moments ago, I just heard a radio news update. Google has done it again! They are (for our convenience, no doubt) restructuring their searches to eliminate the ‘junk’ many such searches bring up. That’s right. Google is taking it upon themselves to organize their searches to list what THEY FEEL contains worthy information, that THEY THINK you are most interested in!

        The news report stated that it would affect about ‘1-in-8 searches’.

        First thing that came to mind? Max Keiser and Alex Jones and their ‘Google Bombs’ that flood Google with pre-selected search terms. Or simply, they would just prefer that sites like this, Alex’s, Max’s, etc. etc. just not get in the way of what they are sure you are more interested in viewing.

        Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

        So when we discuss and share videos and info like the one above, will it be pushed to the bottom of the list? Or removed altogether, as You Tube is so proficient at doing?

        Just thought I’d share. For those of you that care to watch this, maybe you can keep an eye out for any changes, and share it with the rest of us.

      41. I posted this earlier today on one of these threads here @shtfplan, can’t remember which one. But I herd this two weeks ago on the AJ show. They are doing away with news farms…….that’s Drudge

      42. @ RebelYell; My hat’s off to you sir. THIS REEKS OF BEING *STAGED*. The steadiness of the camera, the fact that no TSA asshat is getting pissed-off for being openly filmed like that, the seemingly inexperienced manner with which the TSA asshats use their wands, the lack of natural background noise, the lighting; I say FAKE. 

        Then again, I lived in a Third World country for many years and have ample experience with identifying POLITICAL PROPAGANDA, the rest of you American asshats on the other hand will have to start learning AS OF NOW!

        Welcome to the fucking CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN. 

      43. It’s stuff like this that turns me passive-aggressive.  There is no reasonable method to work with the system anymore.  Here are my solutions for feeling some personal control in a pat down situation:

        1.  Poop your pants, so they have to feel a warm soft object and try to figure out what it is.
        2.  Wear very heavy maxi pads (soaked ones). 
        3.  Projectile vomit.
        4.  Drool on them during the search.  Include large blobs of phlegm in the saliva.
        5.  Moaning, or squeals of delight.

      44. The only place you will be searched is getting on a plane. The police do not bother you. Of course, if you are preaching anarchy, you will get attention. That happens in the US.

      45. Comments…..This is a bullshit video. Its a fake. Its BULLSHIT, just like most of the posts on this blog hosted by one self hating part Jew. Shicklegruber would be proud of you Mr Slavo. One part self hating Jew just like you.

      46. This video made me scream every four letter word I have ever heard. I have nothing left to say.

      47. This is straight up illegal.

      48. ANYONE……..HAM radio operators in here anyone???

        This is something that I found to be interesting and tried looking into it 2 years ago and had no luck finding contact info for the clubs around here and I kind of forgot about it until here recently. Now I find it extremely interesting again for obvious reasons and waondered if anyone in here had experience with this?


      49. So the republicans don’t want government in business, but in it’s OK for it to be in OUR business.  This kind of action doesn’t prevent terrorists.. it is meant to intimidate the people.  I personally will refuse this regardless of the “Law” as the patriot act is unconstitutional.

      50. Internet chatter going on today about DHS “genetic patdowns” coming this summer.  This is just cover for the US/UN plan to create a world genetic database. Genetics collection has absolutely nothing to do with flight safety! And I am very skeptical that they will be able to come up with anything approaching a rationale for doing this. I hear they are going to frame it as something to do with “human trafficking”…weak. This MUST be protested if it really goes into operation. I have started to consider my response options. For many of us, this may end up meaning never returning to the US.

      51. @ BJ

        I’m not into HAM Radio personally, but I do have friends who are. Unless it is something that you are really sure that you want to get into, the cost of decent equipment is kind of high. There are clubs/groups most everywhere, the folk are friendly and more than willing to let you see their setups and give you the benefit of their experience.

        If all you are interested in is shortwave radio with the ability to listen to HAM Radio transmissions; the cost is a lot less. Since your best reception will be during the middle of the night, you might want to check out one of the better short wave systems that have a built in tape recorder, one that you can preset to tune into a particular station at a certain time and record the broadcast. You will need a radio with SSB (single side band) capability to pick up HAM traffic.

        Two very good entry level radios that you may wish to check out are 1) the Sony ICF SW 7600GR and 2) the Sangean ATS-505, You can find both at Amazon or J & R Electonics. The Sangean comes with an A/C adapter and an external antena for around $100 and the Sony will run you about $150. Either of these two systems will let you get your ‘feet-wet’ without putting you into the ‘poor-house’.

        Hope this helps.

      52. Seems pretty clear to me. Your not going to speak out and stop the criminals then your the criminal. Your guilty until proven innocent.

        It’s that or Americans are not allowed to own metal object while traveling.

        Either way your screwed.

      53. Cool thanks MadMarkie,
        I just want to be able to communicate with others in the country shouold the internet be shut down or a national emergency (which I feel we will have soon, either natural or man made disaster) shuts things down i.e. computers, phone
        I want to know what’s going on in other states, where are the free zones adn what not should martial law be enacted….heck maybe I have watched to many movies…but hey it sure does seem like peole in Hollywood either have ESP or awfull high contacts cause they sure are good at coming out with movies that resemble awful closely actual real life events.

      54. I am not trying to derail the conversation, but this is all about freaking Islam and communist long terms goals. instead of profiling muslims, we will punish EVERYONE else because of pcorrectness. this is exactly what communists want to bring america down thru the proxy of islam and the US enacting nausiating laws causing us to hate our own government while communist left keeps on its ultimate goal–the destruction of America.

        check out JR Nyquist and The Final Phase Forum for more details on communist long term goals.

      55. “CORRECTED”
        Arnie, how in the heck is this about Islam? Do you really think that our government is so sensitive to the needs of Islam that they (the government) would “terrorize” all of us just because they don’t won’t to insult Islam? Come on, you cannot be serious. We’ve killed millions (yes millions!) of Muslims and loss thousands of American lives fighting “fake” wars to support the “elites” who run our country. These same elites try to get you and I to “feed on each other” arguing over religion, race, social economic issues etc. The real war is between US (you and I) and them (the elites).
        I’m betting the we win in the end. Good luck either way. NYQUIL762

        I am assuming that you, Arnie, are NOT one of them?

      56. Is there any reason you have no social media tabs on your page? Things like this I try posting to facebook but I could find no tabs… I tried the contact us link to ask this but it will not load for me. Oh dear…

      57. John, thanks for your feedback. The site is migrating to a new server today, so this is why the contact area is not working.. minor glitch – working to resolve now. Social media tabs are coming in the next site update sometime in the next 2 – 3 days.




      58. Hey Nyquil
        as i stated, this article is really about islam because our gov refuses to deal with the real terrorists and call their religion out by name. They know this is a real war of religions but cant say this publically because of PC and the leftists in the country. its a war on “terror” but the President and military don’t even have the courage to publically say its because of Islam. There is a really large agenda afoot keeping the people in the dark. What a joke on the american people. no, I am not one of them–just one trying to see thru the smoke and mirrors and make sense out of the confusion. God bless

      59. “God bless”
        Was that irony or lack of self-awareness?

      60. I know I’m getting into this late, but maybe the TSA in the video was checking the exiting passangers for duds. Reminds me of a Bugs Bunney cartoon – he was in a WWII munitions factory on an assembly line hitting artillery shells with a hammer then stamping them “DUD” because they didn’t explode.

      61. The only ‘duds’ in America are the stupid asswipes who voted for GW Bush TWICE and then followed THAT up by voting for a corrupt negroe from Chicago.i

      62. Comments…..Watch for the next step: checkpoints along highways where they will not only check your alcohol level, but inspect you and your car and passengers’ IDs and for “illegal” guns and explosives. How do you like living under Nazi-ism?

      63. “I’m proud to be an American, at least I know I’m Free”
        Oh Really!
        We have more levels of law enforcement  in the U.S. than anywhere else I know of. Ten at my count, there may be more.  They range from game wardens to U.S Marshals with authority to arrest and detain you for most any infraction from traffic violations on up.
        I had a game warden in Florida pull a gun on me when I reached for my wallet for my Driver’s license he had asked for. He stopped me for allegedly speeding; the case was dismissed in court.
        We also have more citizens incarcerated in penal institutions than anywhere else in the industrialized world.
        I witnessed an off duty cop manhandle a creaky old man for letting his elderly wife out at a no parking zone at a mall grocery store. The old fellow was polite, explaining he would just be a minute. The cop threw him on the ground, cuffed him and called for back-up. Scary stuff.

      64. So, where is your line in the sand?
        This will not last much longer, they are drawing a line in the sand, you
        know the ones, the devils advocates, the ones that sold their souls for
        earth’s candy, money and power. Will you fight these advocates of the dark, or will you go into the dark with your hands tied and head down, afraid of them. Will you fight when they put you on a train? Will you fight when they put you in their camps? Will you fight them when they take your wife and children away? Or will you continue to hang your head, as if not being seen? Why are you here? To give your keepers a laugh as they rape your wife and children? Remember that vacation in 2011, when you went to get on the airplane, you let a worker of the advocates of the dark check out your wife and kids as you watched,
        watched them look at you eye to eye as you let the worker put his hands in their pants, and thought it’s OK, were on vacation and it’s not really hurting anybody, we have to do this to be safe, as you dropped your head for the first time. Now wishing you were back there, wishing you had the guts to speak out and stop the workers of the advocates of the dark. Now wishing you were back at your front door when they came, you watch them coming from your window, but didn’t have the guts to get the gun your father left you and fight for your family. Instead you open the door, hand them your gun, as they tell you your leaving for a camp for your own safety. Now, here you sit, remembering what your father had told you about the camps he saw during world war two. The camps filled with the Jews, left to die and you realize, you should have lifted your head a year ago in the airport, you should have spoken out while it was still allowed! You should have stood your ground when you had the chance! Now as you kneel on the cool floor of the men’s building they have put you in, as you claps your hands together, you raise your head up and look beyond the others, beyond the ceiling, and into the night sky, and at the top of your lungs you cry out, God forgive me, for I have sinned, I have forsaken my family, I didn’t raise my sword in their defense! I have allowed my family to wear the mark of the darkness on their heads and hands, so they my eat from the hand of evil, from the hand of the devil, from my hand of fear! Is this to be your fate, are you going to hang your head in fear as your family is taken away? Or are you going to raise your sword and stand your ground? Fight for what your father left you and his father before him? Will you be willing to spill your blood on the soil your father fought to keep safe for you as you should be willing to do now for your children? It’s your choice, it’s your fate! That day is coming, when you’ll see them coming from your window, you know, the armed slaves of the advocates of the dark, the devils demons!
        Lucky for us we live in America, and will never face something like this!
        You think? God Bless America!

      65. I’m really late to this but please don’t NOT travel …….. Travel and when they pull you aside quote the 4th Amendment at them and let them arrest you. Once they start arresting 1000s of innocent law abiding people Congress may get the message that enough is freakin enough and defund the perverts.
        They will NEVER search me getting OFF a plane or Train. I will go to jail first.
        It is time for good old Isreali profiling.

      66. Comments…..Hey! what’s wrong with all of us. Let’s do like the people of the middle east are doing. Let’s go and organize a mother of all protests in Washington D.C. and then every airports near you. Can somebody start a website like http://www.stoptsa.org or http://www.cancelhomelandsecurity.org or start a facebook on the same basic thought and see what come of it. If it did not fly that’s meant that we deserved what we’re getting. I for one if some mother f%&*cker try to hijack my plane I’ll jump on him so fast and hoping my fellow passengers will do same. We don’t need this garbarges at our airport.

      67. to Dboy
        to your question of “God bless”, its neither. thats how i like to sign off. We need God’s blessing, dont you think? after all we are in a war.
        Take care and God bless

      68. Sounds like “social engineering” at work.
        Keep acclimating people to more and more invasive and obtrusive forms of control until, at some point, they happily go along with ANYTHING the authorities tell them.
        Works well for most passive sheeple who’d far rather submit to anything than stand up for themselves and their own rights or the rights of others.
        “It’s for your safety” is the Velvet Glove part of the approach.
        The Iron Fist is bared for the less mutely submissive. Threats of loss of (remaining) personal freedom and incarceration are more effective.
        Hitler, Stalin & a whole host of other dictatorial regimes have been very successful at manipulating their countries with such tactics.
        Sadly, by the time enough people become sufficiently fed-up & outraged enough to do any “pushing back”, it’s often too late to avoid chaos & destruction.
        The history books are full of examples. Tunisia, Libya, Egypt are still in-process.
        You can bet that in any of those oppressed nations, there were many who held the belief “That could never happen here!”, only to be proven so wrong after the fact.
        Fact is that the USA is operating in an official “state of emergency” that was declared Sept 14, 2001 (retro to 9/11). It give the govt extraordinary powers to operate. And to crush anyone/anything that is a “threat”.
        This state of emergency has been renewed every year since it was implemented, including 2x now by Obama.
        Why does the US govt still need extraordinary powers to legitimize what it’s doing and what it’s hiding from you, the people for whom the government is supposed to work and supposed to serve?
        Do you feel like you have a government which is serving you? Or. do you feel like you have a government herding & manipulating you to serve them?
        Think about it.

      69. Comments…..Sooner or later one of these constitutional breeches will be the tipping point for American revolution #2


      71. Follow Paul Ron on Youtube.
        I am an Engineer with a MBA etc., from South Africa, a crappy country in Africa, but after what I have read and hear about the Federal inflictions on all walks of life in the USA, I have no more any desire to visit or emulate your country. Russia and China seems much safer.
        Louis, South Africa

      72. Comments….For those of us from outside of the USA, the acronym TSA stands for Tourists Stay Away.  Given that you have such a great country, coupled with a proud history of standing up for freedom across the globe, it is unfortunate that, in the eyes of common people around the world, your TSA is denigrating all of that proud heritage.  To quote an oft used phrase, it really looks like “the terrorists have won”.   

      73. Comments…..hey, this is peanuts compared to what’s coming for this world. You can’t blame an elite group of persons for this, because there are forces and personalities at work here whom you cannot see with the naked eye. Those ‘in the know’, are in the Light and those not, are in darkness, simply speaking. (I John)
        Satan is orchestrating all of this with God’s permission, to work out his plans for his Antichrist’s coming. And God is allowing it in order to test men and work out His own plan for the 2nd Coming. Just as Jesus was born from a virgin, so Antichrist will be born without a human father. The devil will be his father and you won’t be able to buy or sell without worshiping him.
        But there is a timeline that must take place:
        I. The Beast
        1. Roman Empire (did not conquer the world)
        2. east-west balance of power (present day)
        3. one world government
        4. 10 kingdom world gov’t
        5. absolute imperialism (7 year world rule of Antichrist)
        II. The Rule of God’s Messiah (1000 yrs)
        How doo we go from 1 to 2?
        http//:www.ariel.org > “come and see” (free)
        get the book “Footsteps of the Messiah” by Arnold Fruchtenbaum

      74. “Watch for the next step: checkpoints along highways where they will not only check your alcohol level, but inspect you and your car and passengers’ IDs and for “illegal” guns and explosives”

        Already happens in the southwest USA, and to some degree near the Canadian border.

        And in that situation, as well as any other “law enforcement” encounter, remember these helpful phrases:
        “Why am I being detained?”
        ***if they say you’re not being detained, WALK AWAY!!!***
        ***if they try to stop you anyway, you’re being detained***
        ***shut up, make them provide a lawyer***
        “Of what crime do you suspect me?”
        “What gives you reasonable articulable suspicion of that crime?”
        “I do not consent to any searches or seizures.”
        “I will exercise my right to remain silent.”

        See the videos at http://www.flexyourrights.org  as well as the videos they’ve posted on YouTube.  Host a civics awareness movie night, show one or two of their DVDs, have a civil rights lawyer & a DA & maybe a cop to answer questions.

        In the USA, we’re not required to have, let alone carry, any identifying document. And we’re certainly not required to show papers to any gov’t agent. (Driving is a different issue.) We have the right to not talk with police… USE IT.


      76. Terry v. Ohio says you can continue walking if they attempt to stop you.  You don’t have to give them anything other than your name, rank and serial number.  If they attempt to stop you, it’s an assault.  And, if you’re inclined, kick them where it hurts, saying they jumped you first, and under Terry v. Ohio, they have no right to touch you–otherwise it’s an assault/sexual assault.

      77. Comments….. Let’s use smaller planes and have two lines – one with TSA security and one without.  Which line would you choose?   I think the cost would be less for the non-TSA line even with extra life insurance for the passengers and the plane. I am glad I have moved to the safer environment of Mexico where I don’t have to be part of the nannie state that the USA has become.  It is futile trying to protect against every possibility of terrorism.

      78. Wow !! I thought I was alone on having issues with the governments approach to security. I have also stopped talking to family and friends regarding my views about the government overstepping into our personal lives.   I wonder what everyone will say when the government decides to ride along with us in our personal vehicles (electronically of course).
        Some states now require an individual to identify themselves to the police if requested.  See the following link for more info.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stop_and_Identify_statutes
        The people of this country need to take a stand, for if not now, when?

      79. Rebel Yell, you are right on the MONEY! These guys want ML to go in to effect and they are instigating a provocation. People need to be aware of their intentions to better counter the desired effect.
        The thing is, they will arrive at their final destination – namely to strip the population of their liberties, either passively, if no one wants to fight them. Or forcibly, if the population engages them in combat by not seeing where they are trying to lead this to.
        The TSA is just a stick. They are nobody. And are being directed from higher up. Stop looking at the stick that is beating you, and start discovering who is really behind all this, if you want to really understand the true picture and gain better insight on how to act.
        Public ridicule however of the TSA and other bodies of power is the right way to go when it is backed by huge public support and strong legal representation to protect passive activists.
        I hope this gives the doer’s out there some food for thought.
        Local groups need to be created under a regional council. And regional councils need to be directed under their state council. And all need to be organized under a national organization that should be supported by the best lawyers who are willing to volunteer of themselves to protect the liberties of your country.
        Although I do not live in your country, I strongly support what your fight is all about.
        Do it wisely however, so that you are productive and successful in getting the true desired result your freedom loving people are about to lose, as a result of their complacent attitude and their unwillingness to sacrifice for the heavy price of freedom.

      80. CoAmments…..aim for the center of mass; empty the clip

      81.  This is why I am happy that I am no longer an American, as America has become a total police state, worse than Nazi Germany.  My father, WWII veteran would roll over in his grave knowing what America has turned out to be…

        Why would anyone want to live there…People have turned out to be in total fear of others, everyone sueing everyone else.  Not because of the law, but only for the money…Also, when Americans are abroad they act like arrogant, pompous, bastards.  You cannot trust an American as they do not care about others, regardless of what they say in Media, etc…Donations by them is only a joke..Only to exploit themselves and not others..

        Further, when males are in other countries, like latin America, they rape the women, get the women pregnant, and then run back to his country…Leaving the poor woman to raise her child…This happens so many many times and the poor woman is afraid to do anything, because if she does say anything then this would hurt the tourist industry of her country…Of course as from an American perspective..this is all total denial as usual….

        Maybe what other countries all over the world should do is bar any Amercian to enter their country….If the Americans have businesses in other countries then the country should take over that company and freeze all U.S. assets…


      82. I stopped flying cause of this shit but enough is enough! If I have to take a train/bus & they try this crap then I guess I’m going to jail!  I’ll have no choice but to respectfully tell them to KISS MY ASS!!!
        YOU SHOULD TOO!!! If Freedom is important to you!!!

      83. what everyone NEEDS to do is immediately take a train to that station and refuse their searches. The elite are few, we have numbers. If enough of us get mad enough, they WILL back down… but very few people stand up to this and it is solely through our numbers and tenacity that we can win.

      84. “No, if you’re getting ON you should get all this.” That sums it up!!! Now by doing this, we don’t have a problem so much with them doing it when we get on, because then at least it makes sense. Guess what?! I’d have a problem either way!! People need to start speaking up and making scenes!

      85. Who is John Galt?  Time to Strike.

      86. I can tell you that I would have made the news papers if they tried this garbage on me. Sorry, I would have made a scene, been arrested, and THEN used their own legal system against them.

        Bad enough we need to be strip searched to get ON a plane, but I will NEVER EVER submit to a search to get OFF a bus. Ever.

      87. next time you meet somebody that happens to work for the TSA, treat them like the lowlife scum that they are. If they’re scorned enough, maybe people won’t want to work for them.

      88. I just returned from a vacation in the Dominican Republic.I found the TSA personal were all friendly and did a notable job.However before getting on the airline going to Charlotte NC every passenger had to show his passport four times at different locations before we were allowed to get on the plane.This is not efficient especially when you are pulling suitcases.I wonder how much more time could be saved if somebody in authority did a time and motion analysis to avoid duplication without compromising safety.

      89. Bing the letters VIPR – it represents several different combinations of words, but it’s basically TSA everywhere else that’s not an airport.
        Couple this expansion of illegal (unconstitutional = illegal) search and seizure with the National Defense Authorization Act for F.Y.2012 (NDAA) sections 1021 and 1022, signed by Obama on 12/31/11, and recognise that you now live in a police state.

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